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The Picture Sale

Wednesday 9th March 2016 Oxford

The Picture Sale Wednesday 9th March 2016 at 11am Lots 1-472 Viewing: Saturday 5th March 9.00am to 1.00pm Monday 7th March 9.00am to 5.00pm Tuesday 8th March 9.00am to 5.00pm and the morning of the sale from 8.30am Auction: Bocardo House, 24a St. Michael’s Street, Oxford OX1 2EB Tel: 01865 241358 Fax: 01865 725483 Auction Enquiries: Tel: 01865 241358 or view the catalogue and leave bids online at Condition Reports: Commission/Phone Bids: Online catalogue: Online Bidding: To bid online please go to Front Cover: Lot 362 Back Cover: Lot 89

Important Notice: Please note that condition reports are not printed in the catalogue or on our website however we are happy to provide them when requested subject to our terms and conditions of sale. The absence of any reference to condition in any description does not imply the lot is without fault.


Order of Sale: Prints & Maps

Lot 1 – 83

Portrait Miniatures, Silhouettes & Ephemera

Lot 84 – 99

Oils and Watercolours

Lot 100 – 467


Lot 468 – 472

Conditions of Sale:The auction is subject to Important Notices, Conditions of Sale and to reserves. (See page 70) See Map at End of Catalogue for Directions to St Michael’s Street, Oxford.

IMPORTANT NOTICES: CHANGES TO THE DROITE DE SUITE OR ARTIST’S RESALE RIGHTS ***Pictures produced by European Artists can be subject to the Droite de Suite or Artist’s Resale Right which took effect in the United Kingdom on the 14th February 2006. Under this legislation Mallams is required to collect a royalty payment for works by living artists which sell for more than 1000 Euros. This now also applies to works by artists who have died within the last seventy years. It is calculated on the Rate of Exchange at the European Central Bank on the date of sale. It is charged to the buyer as a percentage of the hammer price and in addition to the buyer’s premium. The Artist’s Resale right is not subject to VAT. The charge for Works of Art sold at or above 1000 Euros and below 50,000 Euros is 4%. For items selling above this figure the fee is calculated on a sliding scale. These charges are paid to the Design and Artist’s Copyright Society (DACS). No additional fees or handling costs are retained by Mallams. For more information visit Please be aware of this extra charge and especially the recent changes if you intend to bid for any works which might fall into the above category.

EXPLANATION OF PICTURE CATALOGUING TERMS A work catalogued with the full name of the artist in our opinion, is or is probably a work by that artist, however intending buyers are respectfully reminded to fully satisfy themselves prior to bidding as the catalogue description does NOT represent a certificate of authenticity. Other wise the following terms are used: ‘Attributed to’ … in our opinion the work is probably by the artist named in whole or in part. ‘Circle of ’ … in our opinion the work is by an artist influenced by the named artist and of the period. ‘Follower of ’ … in our opinion the work is executed in the named artist’s style. ‘Manner of ’ … in our opinion the work is executed in the named artist’s style but is of a considerably later date. ‘School (together with place or country and date)’ … in our opinion the work was executed in that location at that time. ‘After’ … in our opinion the work is a copy of a known painting by the named artist. ‘Signed’ … in our opinion the signature is by the hand of the artist stated. ‘Bears signature’ … in our opinion there is an element of doubt over the signature or it has been added by another hand.


Prints & Maps Lot 1-83


1. AFTER JOHN NASH Landscape with corn stooks, print in colours, pencil signed by the artist and with FATG blind stamp, 48 x 53cm £100-200

2. WILLIAM WALKER AFTER ANTHONY VAN DYCK ‘Sir Balthazar Gerbier and his Family’, engraving, published by J Boydell c. 1766, 46 x 58cm £40-60

4. AFTER ANNA ZINKEISEN Harrogate, It’s Quicker By Rail, Railway Advertising Poster (trimmed under image) 72 x 113cm £200-300

5. RAINERI GRASSI ‘Veduta Generale Della Piazza del Duomo di Pisa’ and ‘Veduta dell’ Area Interna del Campo Santo di Pisa’, two engravings, hand-coloured in gouache, 21 x 32cm and 21 x 30.5cm (2) £100-200

3. AFTER JULIAN TREVELYAN ‘Harbour’, School Print No. 9, printed at the Baynard Press, 49 x 75cm; and two further from the same series to include: Timber Felling in Essex after Michael Rothenstein, School Print No. 5; and ‘Harlequinade’ after Tom Clarke Hutton, School Print No. 13 (3) £300-500


6.VICTOR MARIE PICOT AFTER THOMAS ROWLANDSON The misfortunes of a poor lady, a caricature stipple engraving, hand-coloured and now framed in five sections, 22 x 37cm (X1), 21.5 x 42.5cm (X2), 21.5 x 24cm (X1) and 21 x 23cm (X1) £200-400

8. AFTER ROSA BONHEUR A lion’s head, etching, 42 x 35cm; a lithograph after Honore Daumier printed with two gentlemen wearing top hats and conversing; and a pair of Calendar Girl prints (4) £50-80

7. F. BARTOLOZZI ‘Jane Seymour Queen’, engraving, handcoloured, 51 x 27cm; three further similar; a French botanical engraving after Prevost; a set of four botanical prints; another botanical engraving; a marine engraving; and one further engraving - an arcadian idyll (12) £50-150

9. JOHN MORLEY (b. 1942) ‘The Secret Garden - Souvenir’ (Auriculas), artist proof, wood engraving, pencil signed in the margin and dated ‘89, 6 x 6cm, Ex. The Piccadilly Gallery; and Howard Phipps (b. 1954) - ‘Rose’ and ‘Tulip’, two wood engravings, each pencil signed, dated 1989 and numbered 8/100, 5 x 5cm, and framed in one (2) £40-60

10. JOHN CARY ‘A New Map of Berkshire Divided into Hundreds’, engraving, hand-coloured, 49 x 55cm; and a small engraved map of Africa (2) £30-50

11. SAMUEL AND NATHANIEL BUCK ‘The South West Prospect of the University and City of Oxford’, double-page engraving, hand-coloured, 30 x 82cm £150-250

12. WILLIAM WILLIAMS The University Processes in front of the Sheldonian Theatre and Clarendon Printing House, hand-coloured engraving from Oxonia Depicta, 47 x 122cm £600-800

13. AFTER GEORGE MORLAND ‘Partridge Shooting’ and ‘Pheasant Shooting’, hand-coloured engravings, 35 x 40cm (2) £20-40


14. J FITLER AFTER H. L’EVEQUE ‘Passage of the Douro’, two monochrome engravings, 34 x 46cm; and an engraving after Westall - ‘Vimiera’; an engraved map of Portugal by Rizzi-Zannoni; and an engraved plan of Lisbon (5) £50-100

15. EDMUND HORT NEW ‘All Souls College, Oxford’, photo engraving by Emery Walker in colours, 36 x 43cm £30-50

16. F BARTALOZZI AFTER GUERCINO A classical maiden with cherub, sepia stipple engraving, 24 x 22cm; together with a pair of steeple chase aquatint engravings after J. Pollard; and a pair of fox hunting engravings (5) £40-60

17. GIOVANNI BATTISTA PIRANESI ‘Veduta della Plaza del Popolo; engraving, 41.5 x 55cm; and a further small Piranesi engraving - ‘Veduta d’uno de ‘circhi antichi car altri monumenti al dintorno’, 12.5 x 18.5cm (2) £100-200

18. WENCESLAUS HOLLAR ‘Navis Ecclesiae Cathedralis B. Mariae Virgins Lincolniae Prosp Interior’, etching, 30 x 34cm; and assorted further engravings, mainly topographical, all unframed £30-50

19. SYLVIA EDWARDS (b.1937) ‘The Writing on the House’, screen print, pencil signed in the margin, titled and numbered 35/225, 80 x 60cm £30-50

20. AFTER SIR THOMAS GAINSBOROUGH ‘Mrs Sheridan’, print in colours, 35 x 27cm oval; and companion print after Sir Henry Raeburn - ‘Mrs Lauzin’, a pair, each with Ruskin Gallery label verso; together with a pair of Bartalozzi engravings after Cipriani printed on silk, 32 x 31cm (4) £30-50

21.VALERIE THORNTON (1931-1991) ‘St Giles’, etching in colours with aquatint, pencil signed in the margin, dated ‘75, titled and numbered 36/70, 58 x 37cm £100-150

22. AN EARLY 19TH CENTURY MEZZOTINT ENGRAVING of two young girls, 42 x 35.5cm, in gilt verre eglomise frame £30-50


23. AFTER TOULOUSE LAUTREC Ambassadeurs - aristide Bruant dans son Cabaret, coloured reproduction, 90 x 60cm £20-30

24. MAURICE DE VLAMINCK (1876-1958) La Monteé de la Naze, signed in pencil, print, 23 x 34cm; another similar, signed and numbered 8/50 to the margin, 23.5 x 31cm and one other (3) £80-120

25. AUGUSTE RENOIR (1841-1919) Chapeau Epingle, etching (restrike), 12 x 8.5cm (pl) £30-50

26. JOHN COLLETTE (b. 1941) ‘Great Blue Heron’, signed, inscribed and No. 59/150 in pencil to the margin, coloured etching, 25 x 19.5cm (pl); Diana Veale - ‘Long Journey’, signed in pencil, artist’s proof edition No. 10/20, etching (unframed), and two further unframed (4) £40-60

27. AN 18TH CENTURY HAND-COLOURED ENGRAVING, Kings Weston, the seat of Edward Southwell Esq, 36 x 43.5cm; and an 18th Century hand-coloured map of St Olave and St Mary Magdalen, Bernandsey, 29.5 x 36cm (2)

28. INTERNATIONAL CHALCOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY ‘Engravings and Woodcuts by Jacopo de Barbari’, 1896, printed by the Reichsdruckerel Berlin, folio with decorative printed title to cover £200-300

29. ILANA RICHARDSON (20TH/21ST CENTURY) ‘The Fountain’, print in colours, pencil signed, titled, dated ‘88, artist proof, 55 x 75cm; and one further by the same hand - ‘Hot Afternoon’ (2) £50-100

30. ILANA RICHARDSON (20TH/21ST CENTURY) ‘Yaffo View’, screen print, pencil signed in the margin, titled, dated ‘83 and numbered 20/25, 36 x 52cm; and three further by or after the artist to include - ‘Crumbling Turquoise’, ‘Rapallo’ and ‘Hotel Olinda’, all pencil signed by the artist and one further (5) £50-100


31. DAVID AZUZ (b. 1942) The vegetable market, screen print, artist proof, pencil signed in the margin, 49.5 x 64cm; together with a figural abstract red on black (2) £30-50

33. AFTER PABLO PICASSO (18811973) Famille d’Arlequin, reproduction, 47 x 33cm £20-40

32. JOSEPH KOSSONOGI (1908-1981) The music recital, artist proof, print in colours, pencil signed in the margin, 22cm tondo; together with a lithograph, Adam and Eve in a field, indistinctly signed in pencil to the margin, 26 x 19cm; and a pair of Venetian etchings (4) £50-80

34. *** BLACK? Peacock, screenprint, indistinctly inscribed to the back of the frame, 72 x 72cm £30-50

35. JOHN HUBBARD (b. 1931) ‘Carol’s Garden’, signed, inscribed and numbered 22/35 in pencil to the margin, colour etching, 43 x 39.5cm (pl) £40-60 36.THETIS BLACKER (20TH CENTURY) ‘Healing Tree’, signed in pencil and numbered 14/30, Limited Edition, colour lithograph, 47 x 34.5cm £20-40

37. AN 18TH CENTURY ENGRAVING - ‘Titus Oates’, 20 x 8cm; Samuel and Nathaniel Buck ‘The North East View of Broughton - Castle in the County of Oxford’, 19 x 37cm; and E * Goodall after J.M.W. Turner - The Dreaming Spires of Oxford, engraving, hand-coloured, 41 x 54cm (3) £50-80


38. AN EARLY 18TH CENTURY MAP titled ‘A Map of the Holy Land according to it’s state in our Blessed Saviours Time sold by Jacob Tonson at Grays Inn Gate in Grays Inn Lane London 1702’, double-page engraving, hand-coloured with decorative foliate title cartouche, 32 x 40cm £60-100

39. LAURIE AND WHITTLE Plan of the Isle of Trinidad from actual surveys made in the year 1797, double-page engraving, hand-coloured, 50 x 65cm; John Cary - ‘A New Map of South America’, double-page engraving, hand-coloured, 52 x 59cm; and John Thomson - ‘Caraccas and Guiana’, double-page engraving, handcoloured, 52 x 62cm (3) £100-200

40. ERIC VERHAL (b. 1938) ‘4. Sloot’, etching, pencil signed, titled and dated 1964 in the margin, 8 x 19cm; Anne Parsons - Moonlit Composition, signed with initials and dated ‘91, watercolour, 3 x 6cm; and one further work - Window Design (3) £50-80

41. DAVID LOGGAN ‘Collegii Novi Prospectus Interior ad Boream’, double-page engraving, 31 x 48cm; and an engraved view of ‘New College Chapel etc and the Turrets of All Souls’ (2) £60-80

42. JOHN OGILBY ‘The Road from Oxford to Cambridge’, double-page engraving, hand-coloured with decorative figural title cartouche, 34 x 42cm £60-80

43. G & J BLAEU ‘Bercheria Vernacule Barkshire’, double-page engraving, hand-coloured with decorative title cartouche and coats of arms, 38 x 50cm £80-120

44. MICHAEL BURGHERS ‘The Map of Oxfordshire’ with decorative title cartouche and armorial to the borders, handcoloured engraving for Dr. Plot’s ‘Natural History of Oxfordshire’, 50 x 48cm £200-300

45. JOHN SPEED ‘Oxfordshire’, double-page engraving, handcoloured with vignette aerial plan of the city, Bassett and Chiswell, 39 x 53cm £200-300

46. JOHN SPEED ‘The Kingdome of Great Britaine and Ireland’, double-page engraving with engraved vignette of London and Edinburgh, Roger Rea Ye Alder, 38 x 50cm £300-500

47. JOHN SPEED ‘Britain as it was devided in the tyme of the Englishe Saxons especially during their Heptarchy’, double-page engraving, the borders decorated with armed warriors representing the various counties, handcoloured, Roger Rea Ye Alder, 38 x 50cm £300-500


48. PHILIP OVERTON ‘Oxfordshire’, four fold engraving with vignette prospect of Oxford, Blenheim House and the public schools in Oxford, the map with hand-colouring, 58 x 90cm £300-500

49. JAMES WYLD (PUBS) ‘A New General Chart of the World Exhibiting the Whole of the Discoveries made by the late Captain James Cook FRS with the tracks of the ships under his command....’, double-page engraving, 43 x 59cm £80-120

50.VALERIE THORNTON (1931-1991) ‘St Mary’s, Oxford’, etching in colours, pencil signed, titled, dated ‘71 and numbered 17/25 in the margin, 45 x 39cm £100-200

51. ROWLAND LANGMAID (1897-1956) ‘Westminster’, etching, pencil signed and titled in the margin, 15 x 19.5cm; two etchings by M. Rudge; and one other - ‘The Approach to Cheltenham College from the North by E Burrow’ (4) £50-100

52. A FOLIO OF 18TH AND 19TH CENTURY ENGRAVINGS AND PRINTS TO INCLUDE: a Wencelas Hollar engraved portrait of Johannes van Balen, and other similar portraits etc., and an early 19th Century gilt tooled leather album, containing a few etchings by Benjamin Bell, dated 1827 £80-150

53. A COLLECTION OF ARTWORK from Byron Studio’s, London, for ‘In the African Forest’ and ‘Our Empire Explores’, ink on board, including ‘Captain John Smith saved by Pocahontas’, various lino and wood cuts by Guy Pearon, and assorted photographic advertising memorabilia and scraps £80-150

54. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) An exotic pheasant upon a branch, watercolour, 18.5 x 23cm; four further similar exotic bird and botanical watercolours; a late 19th Century French valentine; and a collection of assorted prints, postcards and ephemera (all unframed) £80-150

55. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Two sketches of Venetian subjects ‘Fruit Market, Venice’, ‘A Gondola Hook’, and another similar of Padua, each inscribed and dated 1882, pencil and watercolour, together with a collection of further watercolours, pencil drawings and prints, various subjects, all unframed, and one framed theatrical print £80-150

56. AN EARLY 19TH CENTURY ALBUM containing ink and watercolour studies of birds, shells and insects, by Harriet Lockwood 1814, after Dr Shaw’s Naturalist’s Miscellany, and a collection of assorted unframed prints, drawings and ephemera £80-150


57. A COLLECTION OF JAPANESE PRINTED BOOKS, and two further in English translation, together with a collection of botanical watercolours and prints and other printed ephemera (all unframed) £80-150

58.THOMAS WARNER AFTER S. EDWARDS ‘Hyacinths’, aquatint engraving, hand-coloured for Dr Robert Thornton’s ‘The Temple of Flora’, 51 x 38cm £150-250

59. JOHN SAMUEL AGAR AND JOHN BLUCK AFTER ADAM BUCK ‘Psyche at the Couch of Cupid’, aquatint engraving in colours, 23 x 27cm

60. ARTHUR BROOK AFTER THOMAS GAINSBOROUGH ‘The Linley Children’, mezzotint, pencil signed by the engraver and with FATG blind stamp, 36 x 31cm; two further after George Romney and John Hoppner; and one further oval print (4) £20-40

61. JOHN NASH (pubs) ‘The Royal Pavilion, Brighton’, aquatint engraving from ‘Views of the Royal Pavilion at Brighton’, hand-coloured, 18.5 x 30.5cm £80-120

62. A 16TH CENTURY WOODCUT illustrating a tournament from the end of Jacques Gohary’s Translation of Book Thirteen of the Medieval Romance ‘Amadis de Gaule’, 4.5 x 10.5cm £30-50

63. ROGER FRY (1866-1934) Still life - a wine glass and tazza with fruit, woodcut, 14 x 10cm

64.VALERIE THORNTON (1931-1991) ‘The Loire at Vendome’, aquatint engraving, pencil signed, titled, dated ‘86 and numbered 47/150, 23.5 x 36.5cm; together with an engraved view of New College after F.P. Baraud, pencil signed in the margin (2) £80-120

A typed label verso inscribed ‘One of a set of twelve woodcuts printed by Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, Richmond 1921’ £100-150

Thos. Agnew & Sons label verso £30-50


65. REMBRANDT VAN RIJN Begger man and begger woman conversing (New Hollstein 45) 2nd state of three, collector’s initials verso, 8 x 6.5cm, mounted but unframed £800-1200

66. AFTER P. HEARSEY ‘Mike Hailwood - 1979 Isle of Man Senior T.T.’, print in colours, pencil signed by the artist, numbered 249/250 and signed in pen ‘Mike Hailwood’, 32 x 48cm; and one further after D.E. Langford - ‘Mike Hailwood 297 Honda 6 Braddan Isle of Man’ (2) £80-120

67. A 17TH CENTURY PORTRAIT ENGRAVING of James I, 17 x 11.5cm; another - ‘Anna Friderici III’, 17 x 14cm; George Vertue - ‘Joannes Owen’, 27 x 18cm; and four further portrait engravings, the latter four unframed (7) £50-70

68. JACOB DE GHEYN Pike exercises, a group of three engravings from the ‘Exercise of Arms Plate’ Nos. 16, 19 and 29, 26 x 18.5cm (3) £150-200

69. MAURICE UTRILLO (1883-1958) ‘La Rue Norvins a Montmartre’, etching with aquatint in colours, signed in pencil to the margin, also numbered in pencil 71/150 to the mount, 20.5 x 25cm £1500-2000


70. CHARLES H. CLARK (b. 1890) Windmill, etching, pencil signed in the margin, 23 x 15cm; four further by the same hand, also signed in pencil; and one further, probably by the same hand but unsigned, two unframed (6) £30-50

71. R. PALMER ‘A Mapp of Lancashire with it’s hundreds’, engraving, hand-coloured, 25 x 20cm; and Jacob George Strutt (1790-1864) - ‘The Snilcar Lawn Oak’, etching, 31 x 38cm (2) £20-40

72. A FOLIO OF WORKS TO INCLUDE: an early 19th Century pen and ink view of Hirschora, 20 x 34cm; Gerard de Lairesse - ‘Nox et Amor Vinumq nibil moderabile Suadent...’ (Bacchanal with a naked woman in a drunken sleep) etching, 35 x 58cm (tear to corner); and further prints and engravings to include works by or after Honoré Daumier, Thomas Rowlandson (Dr Syntax) Rembrandt self portrait (late strike) etc £150-250

73. A FOLIO OF 20TH CENTURY WORKS, LITHOGRAPHS ETC TO INCLUDE WORKS BY OR AFTER: Laura Hsap; Jean Louis Forwin; Mary Brownlow; Harry Evans; Julian Bond; Mary Louise Coulouris; together with a quantity of reproduction posters and exhibition posters etc £400-600

74. AFTER HENRI MATISSE ‘Odalisque sur la Terrace’, aquatint in colours, signed by Matisse in the margin and numbered 52/200, 49.5 x 60cm, unframed £1500-2000

75. HENRY WILKINSON (1921-2011) ‘Hypnotized - A Setter Flushing Out Partridges’, etching, pencil signed in the margin and numbered 69..., 25 x 36cm £60-80

76. L * MAUD LUCAS ‘Black Bear Inn - Tewkesbury’, etching, pencil signed in the margin and dated ‘24, titled and numbered 5/50, 16 x 28.5cm; and one further by the same hand - ‘King John’s Bridge, Tewkesbury’, 16 x 27cm (2) £60-80

77. L * MAUD LUCAS ‘Rye Harbour, Sussex’, etching, pencil signed in the margin and titled, 12 x 27cm £30-50


78. WILLIAM WALCOT (1874-1943) Atrium of the house of a Patrician, signed in pencil, drypoint etching, 47 x 54cm £100-150

81. WILLIAM WALCOT (1874-1943) Anthony in Egypt No. 2, signed in pencil, drypoint etching, 49.5 x 49.5cm £100-150

79. WILLIAM WALCOT (1874-1943) Patricians House in Ancient Rome, signed in pencil, drypoint etching. 40 x 45cm £100-150

80. WILLIAM WALCOT (1874-1943) Interior of the Colosseum, signed in pencil, drypoint etching, 52 x 62cm £100-150

82. WILLIAM WALCOT (1874-1943) The Caldarium of the baths of Caracalla, signed in pencil, drypoint etching, 44 x 38cm £100-150

83. J PAYRAU AFTER MEISSONIER A pair of monochrome prints of military subjects, signed in pencil on the mount, 29 x 24cm; and a further print of a battle scene after Meissonier, 27 x 45cm (3) £30-50


Miniatures, Silhouettes and Ephemera Lot 84-99

84. FOLLOWER OF MABEL LEEHANKEY Miniature portrait of a young child, 4 x 3cm oval, unframed £80-120

85. CHARLES SHERRIFF (1750-1809) An oval miniature portrait of a young lady wearing a white dress with blue bodice, and turban with pink edged white feather plume, watercolour on ivory in gold (untested) frame with plaited hair work panel verso, 8 x 6.2cm £800-1200

86. GERVASE SPENCER (1715-1763) An oval miniature portrait of a young lady wearing an embroidered lace edged white dress and resting her right hand upon her cheek, watercolour on ivory, in gilt reeded edge frame, 5 x 4.3cm £300-500

87. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) An oval miniature portrait of a gentleman with grey hair wearing black coat with white cravat, watercolour on ivory, in gold (untested) brooch frame with glazed hair work, gilt thread and split seed pearl arrangement verso, 5.5 x 4.5cm £250-350

88. OZIAS HUMPHREY (1742-1810) An oval miniature portrait of a young lady wearing a purple fur trimmed dress, her upswept brown hair dressed with pearls, watercolour on ivory, in gilt brooch frame with glazed plaited hair work panel verso, 4.3 x 3.5cm £500-700

90. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) ‘Mrs Dorothy Christian (nee Callow Ballaglass) Widow of Robert Christian of Baldromma Maugholz and her grandchildren, sons and daughter of Edward Christian and Isobella, his wife (nee) Kermeez of Ballig Maughold. Robert Edward (Sea Captain) Daniel and Dorothy c.1828’, a family silhouette portrait, pen, ink and watercolour, 30.5 x 42cm £300-500

89.THOMAS HARGREAVES (1794-1846) An oval miniature portrait of Mary Lee (nee Ewart) (1772-1812) wearing a white dress with lace ruffle collar, coral bead necklace and bracelet, and holding a looking glass with gold chain, watercolour on ivory, in modern frame, 8.5 x 6.3cm £300-400

91. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) Miniature portrait of a gentleman side on with curly hair wearing white stock and navy blue overcoat, 9 x 7cm oval; another similar miniature portrait, 7 x 6cm; a miniature of a Victorian lady; two portrait silhouettes and an over painted portrait photograph (6) £100-150


92. CIRCLE OF ADAM BUCK (1759-1833) Portrait of a young lady seated and writing a letter at a small table, pastels, 22 x 19cm The letter on which the sitter is writing though difficult to read is possibly inscribed ‘Knowle House 1815...Dear Jenny’ £200-300

95. A * STUART Full length portrait of a gentleman with parted grey hair dressed in black and holding top hat, signed, watercolour, 30 x 21cm in maple frame £100-200

93. AFTER SIR GODFREY KNELLER ‘Anne Britannia Regina’, inscribed with initials ‘W.H. 1704’, oils on copper, 15 x 10cm £200-300

94. FOLLOWER OF ALBIN ROBERTS BURT Full length side profile of a gentleman wearing top hat and black jacket and holding a cane, watercolour, 23 x 14cm £100-150

96. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Full length portrait of a gentleman with one hand to his collar, the other holding a top hat, watercolour, 20 x 14.5cm; together with two silhouettes, a pair of miniatures, a miniature portrait of Queen Elizabeth I; and a pair of small oleographs (8) £100-200

97. AFTER PAUL DELAROCHE Napoleon in Fontainebleau, oils on copper, 7 x 6cm oval £60-80


99. EDWARD LEAR (1812-1888) A signed letter to the Hon. Augusta Bethell (Gussie), written in ink and with caricature self portrait sketch, and dated 1875. Gussie Bethell was a childhood friend of Lear’s, one who he remained close to and indeed almost proposed to several times throughout his life. For more information please see ‘The Jackdaws - a History of the Koe family’ by Wendy Short Koe (whose grandmother was first cousin to Gussie Bethill), ISBN 0 9507542 0 X, pub. 1981 £800-1200

98. CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (20TH CENTURY) A miniature portrait of a young lady wearing a gilt trimmed white dress, with pearl choker, watercolour, 8 x 6.5cm; two other miniatures, one depicting a young lady and the other a mother and daughter, and a gilt metal rococo style easel frame (4) £100-150



Oil paintings and Watercolours Lot 100-467

100. MANNER OF DAVID TENIERS The fiddle player, oils on metal panel, 29 x 24cm £80-120

101. ENGLISH SCHOOL A spaniel in a landscape, dated April 1773, gouache, 32 x 51cm £300-400

103. RALPH DODD (c.1756-1817) ‘No. 1 Rate Coming Out of Portsmouth Harbour’, pen, ink and grey wash drawing, 35 x 48cm Appleby Bros. label verso £200-300

102. CIRCLE OF GEORGE WILLIAM RUSSELL (1867-1935) Beach scene with figures, oils on canvas, 69 x 109cm With printed label verso inscribed ‘D. Spence’, Print Seller, Fine Art Dealer, Artist Colorman Picture Frame Maker, 8 Westborne Street, Dublin £600-800

104. MISS EVELYN CAESAR (Exh. 1933-35) A pastoral idyll, signed and dated 1931, watercolour, 38 x 69.5cm £200-300

105. 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Above Grasmere, signed W.H. Cooper, watercolour, 24 x 34cm £200-300

106. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A desert scene with sphinx and pyramids at sunset with figure upon camel, signed ‘A. Nichol’, watercolour, 42 x 62cm £200-300

107. A * A * MANDER (19TH CENTURY) ‘Poona Horse’, signed with initials and dated 1891, watercolour, 44 x 34cm Inscribed verso ‘Painted by Mrs Mander, wife of Major General A. Mander 1891. Drawn in one sitting, camel very restless’ £150-250

108. CIRCLE OF GERALD COOPER (1898-1975) Still life - a vase of mixed flowers, oils on board, 35 x 29.5cm £80-120


109.VITTORIO RAINERI (1797-1869) Exotic Birds, a pair, each inscribed ‘Vittorio Raineri Disegno e Dipinses 1837’, watercolour and body-colour, 57 x 71.5cm (2) £4000-6000


110. SAMUEL J. CLARK (1834-c.1912) A busy farmyard scene with figures, horses, cattle, pigs, ducks and buildings, signed, oils on canvas, 68 x 89cm £400-600

111.THOMAS KINGSTON (1863-1929) A tree lined river landscape in summer with grazing cattle beyond, signed, oils on canvas, 42 x 52cm £150-250

112. No Lot

113. GEORGE CHARLES FRANCIS (b. 1860) ‘Regent’s Park’ (Soldiers gathered around a pail), signed, pastels, 34.5 x 47cm

114. MAX MACCABE (1917-2000) Still life - a jug of flowers with fruit alongside, signed, oils on board, 41 x 30cm £100-200

115. DONALD H. FLOYD (1892-1965) River landscape with arched stone bridge and distant mountains, possibly Wales, signed and dated 1927, oils on canvas, 60 x 73cm £100-200

The work has a further work painted verso by the same hand ‘The Old George Inn, Edgeware 1890’ £100-200

116. SYLVIA LEVINE (1911-1998) ‘Teazle’, signed, oils on board, 59 x 39cm Exh. Turtle Fine Art, Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham £80-120

117. G ERNEST HOWMAN ‘Naples from the South’, ‘Castle del Novo from S. Lucia Naples’, ‘Near Naples’, ‘Ruins of the Pons Sublicius and Aventine Hill Rome’, ‘The Ponte Sisto Rome’, and ‘The Ponte Nomentano in the Anio Rome’, a set of six watercolours, each titled and dated 1851 or 1852, 17 x 24cm (X4) and 17 x 25cm (X2) (6) £200-300


118. U * GIANNI The bay of Naples with Vesuvius erupting, signed, gouache, 9 x 21cm £60-80

119. DAVID GLUCK (1939-2007) ‘Santa Maria della Salute No. VI’, signed, watercolour, 19 x 26cm; and two further Venetian scenes by Patricia Greenwell and Dennis Harrison (3) £100-150

120. A * LAWRENCE Fishing boats off the Thames, signed, watercolour heightened in white, 12 x 25cm £40-60

121. ROBIN FENSON (act. 1889-1914) River landscape with thatched cottage and river landscape with figure by an open gate, a pair, each signed and dated 1908, oils on canvas, 24 x 34cm (2) £150-250

122. KEN MESSER (b. 1931) ‘Morning Near West Ilsley’, signed, watercolour, 22 x 30cm £40-60

123. GEORGE HILDITCH (1803-1857) ‘A View of the Thames at Petersham’, with old label verso printed initials ‘G.H. and J.B.H.’, oils on panel, 28 x 23cm

124. SIDNEY PIKE (1858-1923) ‘A Gathering Storm’ and ‘A River Landscape with Thatched Cottage’, a pair, signed, oils on canvas, 19.5 x 39.5cm (2)

125. HENRY CHARLES FOX (1860-1929) River landscape with wooden footbridge and distant cattle, Signed and dated 1887, watercolour, 37 cms x 53 cms £100-200

Each also with old label verso, hand written ‘Landscape? near Christchurch’ by Sidney Pike £300-400


Prov: Purchased Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox 1977 and sold together with purchase invoice £600-800

126. F * G * S * BEST (19TH CENTURY) ‘Olive Woods Above Mentone’, signed, watercolour, 33 x 47cm; a group of three watercolours each depicting views in the Transvaal and signed P.M.B., 8 x 10cm, framed in one; and a watercolour in the manner of Copley Fielding (3) £50-80

127.THOMAS HALE SANDERS (19TH/20TH CENTURY) A view of Venice, signed and dated 1890, watercolour, 53 x 94cm £200-300

128. WALTER ROBERT JENNINGS (b. 1927) ‘Elms on Elm’, signed and dated ‘99, oils on elm panel, 42 x 88cm £60-100

130. SHIRLEY FELTS (20TH CENTURY AMERICAN) Kurupukari Village, signed, watercolour, 55 x 37cm £100-200

131. BRYAN DE GRINEAU (1882-1957) ‘Shelsley Walsh’, signed, inscribed with title and dated ‘30, charcoals and grey wash heightened in white, 32 x 57cm Bears ‘The Motor’ copyright label £300-500

132. BRYAN DE GRINEAU (1882-1957) ‘Dublin’ (Motor Racing), signed, inscribed with title and dated ‘29, charcoals and grey wash heightened in white, 35 x 51.5cm Bears ‘The Motor’ copyright label £300-500

129. SEIJA WENTWORTH (20TH CENTURY) Flowering iris, signed, pastels, 52 x 37cm; and two further still lifes by the same hand (3) £50-100

133. WILLIAM JOHN WAINWRIGHT (1855-1931) A head study of a 17th Century gentleman wearing ruff, signed with monogram and dated 1886, watercolour, 17 x 11cm; a 19th Century portrait study of a lady wearing lace bonnet; and an oval painted study of a bearded gentleman (3) £80-120


134. C * C * Figures in a woodland with distant castle, signed with initials and indistinctly inscribed in pencil with name verso ?Charles Calls, oils on canvas, 19 x 25cm £100-150

135. GEORGE CRUIKSHANK II (act. c.1842-1910) The contented couple, signed and dated 1883, pen and ink illustration probably for the ending of a book, 25 x 18cm £100-150

137.THOMAS ROWLANDSON (1756-1827) Figure studies, pencil drawing, 12 x 23cm

136.WILLIAM JAMES YULE (1868-1900) Man in a suit standing, shaded, charcoal sketch with body colour on blind stamped paper, 19 x 9.5cm, Exh. Pyms Gallery Exhibition Spring 1983 No. 126; and three further works to include: - a pen and ink study of figures seated around a table and two small sketches, one inscribed ‘James Saul’ to label verso (4) £80-120

Ex. P & D Colnaghi & Co. Ltd £60-80

138. ATTRIBUTED TO ISAAC CRUIKSHANK (c. 1756-1811) A lady in a horse-drawn carriage with dogs alongside, pencil and brown wash drawing, 17 x 26cm £80-120

141. 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A seated mother with boy sailor holding toy boat upon a ship looking out to sea, mixed media, 92 x 67cm £200-300


139. FOLLOWER OF GEORGE CRUIKSHANK ‘The Proposal’ and ‘The Dispute’, a pair, pen, ink and watercolour, 15.5 x 11cm (2) £100-150

142. JOHN LAWRENCE (20TH CENTURY) Landscape with rolling hills, signed, acrylics, 78 x 78.5cm £80-120

140. 20TH CENTURY FRENCH SCHOOL A windy day with figures, oils on board, 16 x 24cm £40-60

143. JOHN LAWRENCE (20TH CENTURY) The coastal walk, signed diptych, oils on canvas, each 46 x 41cm (two framed as one) £100-200

144. SARGY MANN (b. 1937) The artist’s studio, signed, brown wash drawing, 65 x 82cm £100-200

145. KATE SMITH ‘Aerial Beach’, mixed media, 49 x 76cm £200-400

146. RICHARD ADAMS (20TH CENTURY) ‘Arc’, signed and indistinctly dated, mixed media, 53 x 72cm £200-300

147. 17TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Portrait of Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel and Surrey (1557-1595), the sitter portrayed wearing ruff and armour and within an oval cartouche, oils on canvas, 76 x 64cm, in carved giltwood and gesso frame Only son of Father:Thomas, Duke of Norfolk and Mother:Lady Mary Fitzalan. Philip was Canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970, as one of the ‘Forty Martyrs of England and Wales’. He was named after his godfather, Philip II of Spain. He married Anne Dacre at the age of 14 and graduated from Cambridge in 1574. He led a frivolous life at Cambridge and at Court, where he was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. His father Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, was arrested in 1569 for intriguing against the Queen. He was attainted and executed in 1572. Philip succeeded to his mother’s inheritance, becoming Earl of Arundel in 1580. In 1581, Philip experienced a conversion and renounced his previous frivolous life. Subsequently, he tried to leave England without Royal permission and was arrested and committed to the Tower of London. Charges of treason were never proven but he spent 10 years in the Tower. He refused clemency from the Queen that required he attend a Protestant service. He died in the Tower in October 1595, never having been allowed to see his wife or son. He was acclaimed a Catholic Martyr at his death. A portrait ‘Lord Arundel, aged 18’ by George Gower bears a close resemblance to this portrait, although the subject here is clearly older than 18 £1500-2000

148. HERBERT SIDNEY (1858-1923) ‘Mrs Stuart of Stonehurst’, Ardingly - Sussex, signed and dated 1913, also inscribed with title verso, oils on canvas, 90 x 69cm John Stuart made a fortune back in the 1880’s, as inventor of Camp Coffee, the blend of chicory and spices that substituted for instant coffee until Nescafe appeared in 1938. He built Stonehurst House in Ardingly in 1889 on the proceeds. He also had the good fortune to marry Mary Ann Rose, in about 1872. She was the widow of Thomas Ross, who owned Ross Optical in London, that traded through to 1949. Ross Optical Company were major manufacturers of precision optical instruments and early associates of Carl Zeiss. Ross was for example, a supplier of lenses and instruments to William H. Fox Talbot, the pioneer of photography. John Stuart became the managing director of Ross Optical after his marriage to Mary Ann and developed the company further. Mary was 73 when this portrait was painted at Ardingly in 1913 by Herbert Sidney, FSA. Herbert Sidney was a well established Victorian painter of portraits and historical subjects. He studied at the RA schools, in Antwerp, and in Paris under Gerome, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. He exhibited at the leading London galleries from 1876. £500-600


149. ALEXANDER GERHARDUS DIEPERINK (1901-1972) ‘Emmikhuizen Veenendaal’, signed, oils on canvas, 30 x 39cm, unframed £150-200

150. S * SMITS A tree lined avenue in summer time, signed, watercolour, 34 x 69cm £100-200

152. ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN VANDERBANK (1686-c.1739) Portrait of a gentleman with long curly wig and wearing a brown overcoat with white neck scarf, believed to be a councillor, in feigned oval, 74 x 62cm

153. 19TH CENTURY SCHOOL Head and shoulder study of Christ, pencil and sepia chalk drawing, 36 x 26cm £60-80

154. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) A figure seated in a river landscape with mound and a country cottage, two pencil and grey wash drawings, 9.5 x 12cm and 11 x 19cm, framed in one £40-60

156. A * A * PILSON Portrait of a 17th Century bearded gentleman wearing dark cap and cloak, pastels, 52 x 42cm £50-80

157. A PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY CORK PICTURES - ‘A Scene in Kent’ and ‘Conway Castle in 1750’, 17 x 22cm (2) £80-120

Exh. The Bohun Gallery £60-80

Inscribed in ink to old label verso with the above attribution £500-800

155. F VERVLOET JNR Piazza, Florence with cathedral and bell tower beyond, signed and inscribed ‘Florence’, watercolour, 31 x 14cm £80-120


151. PETER L’ESTRANGE (20TH CENTURY) ‘Radcliffe Camera’, signed and dated ‘76, oils on paper, 24 x 16cm

158. PIO ESCALERA (19TH CENTURY) Ships moored in a harbour, signed and dated ‘82, oils on canvas, 58 x 99cm £200-300

159. CIRCLE OF JOHN FREDERICK HERRING (1795-1865) A chestnut hunter in a landscape, oils on canvas, 55 x 75cm £500-800

160. GEORGE FREDERICK HUGHES (fl. 1859-1883) River landscape with seated fisherman, signed and dated 1880, oils on canvas, 42 x 65cm £500-700

161. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A mountain landscape with figure seated in the foreground with dog, oils on board, 19 x 29cm £30-50

162. WERNER (20TH CENTURY) Still life of fruit in a vase, signed, oils on canvas, 48.5 x 69cm; and a 20th Century Limited Edition print ‘Into the Blue’, signed indistinctly in pencil and numbered 89/175 (2) £100-200

163. 19TH CENTURY FLEMISH SCHOOL A river landscape with figures on a track approaching a church, oils on copper, 20 x 25cm £150-250

164. FOLLOWER OF JEANBAPTISTE-CAMILLE COROT A wooded pool, oils on panel, 18 x 11.5cm £100-200

165. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL River landscape with travellers and distant windmill, signed ‘David Cox’ and ‘dated 1841’, watercolour, 38 x 58cm £80-120


166. A * C * LANGE? Coastal cliffs with figures paddling in the sea at low tide, indistinctly signed, oils on canvas, 59 x 74cm £200-300

167. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Landscape with figures walking through an open gate and church beyond, oils on board, 19.5 x 36cm £80-120

168. ALFRED AARON WOLMARK (1877-1961) A continental mountain landscape with figures and telegraph pole, signed, oils on canvas board, 39 x 29cm £150-250

169. 20TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL A Venetian side canal, indistinctly signed, oils on canvas, 39 x 32cm £100-150

170. MARION MCINTOSH (20TH/21ST CENTURY) ‘Bet’, mixed media, 29 x 16.5cm £150-250

171. 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Still life - two vases of flowers and other objects on a blue cloth covered table surface, oils on canvas, 82 x 66cm £80-120

172. BENJAMIN WILLIAMS LEADER (1831-1923) A wooded landscape with faggot gatherer, signed and dated ‘18...’, oils on panel, 16 x 19cm £300-500

173. JOSEPH THORS (act. 1863-1900) ‘At Coleshill, Warwicks’, signed, oils on canvas, 49 x 75cm £200-300

174. 18TH CENTURY DUTCH SCHOOL Landscape with cattle watering from a pool, figures collecting water and barn shrouded by trees, oils on canvas, 38 x 56.5cm £500-700


175. NORMAN SCOTT Fishing boats in a calm, signed, oils on board, 27 x 69cm £30-50

176. CIRCLE OF ANDREAS SCHELFHOUT (1787-1870) A Dutch frozen river landscape with figures, dog and snow covered building, oils on canvas, 35 x 43cm £200-300

177. RICHARD TEMPLE (19TH/20TH CENTURY) A Dutch frozen river landscape with skating figures and windmills, oils on panel, 39 x 49cm £150-250

178. CIRCLE OF JOHN BAGNOLD BURGESS (1829-1897) Bust length portrait of a female beauty with parted dark hair wearing white frock and with folded arms, oils on canvas laid onto board, 35 x 30cm £300-500

179. F.W. NEWMAN AFTER FRANK O. SALISBURY ‘The Wonders of the Sea’, signed, oils on board, 51cm tondo £100-200

180. EDGAR BUNDY (1862-1922) The armourer, signed, oils on canvas, 49 x 75cm £500-700

181. EMMA LOUISE OSMAN THOMAS (BRITISH 19TH CENTURY) ‘Come in to the Garden Fair...’, signed, inscribed verso, watercolour, 55.5 x 37cm £200-300


182. PEGGY TROTMAN (1915-1980) Interior with seated nude, signed, oils on board, 49 x 59cm £50-100

183. SIMON MARIS (1873-1935) A seated mother with child, signed, oils on canvas, 58 x 39cm £100-200

184. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Little Red Riding Hood, oils on canvas, 74 x 62cm £100-200

185. DERMONT JAMES HELLIER (b. 1916) ‘The Spit, Middle Harbour, Sydney NSW’, signed, oils on canvas board, 50 x 60cm £200-300

186. DERMONT JAMES HELLIER (b. 1916) ‘Northhead, Sydney Harbour, NSW’, and ‘Clontaff Beach and Spit NSW’, signed, a pair, oils on board, 29.5 x 39.5cm; and one further similar by the same hand - ‘Morning Chinaman’s Beach, Middle Harbour, Sydney (3) £200-300

187. GERALD ACKERMANN (1876-1960) Landscape with church tower, signed, watercolour, 17 x 24.5cm £100-150

188. ALFRED ASHDOWN BOX (Act. 1879-1927) The Thames near Oxford, signed, watercolour, 23.5 x 34cm £30-50

189. WILLIAM T. WOOD (1877-1958) Essex landscape, signed, watercolour, 27.5 x 38.5cm; another landscape by the same hand, watercolour, 38 x 47.5cm; and a floral collage by the artist’s wife, Berenice Wood (3) £100-200

190. 20TH CENTURY SCHOOL, POSSIBLY CANADIAN Winter view of a town, dated 1966, oil on canvas, 29.5 x 39.5cm £30-50


191. GIROLAMO GIANNI (1837-1895) Morning, Valletta Harbour, Malta, signed and dated 1888, oils on canvas, 28.5 x 61cm; and companion painting - Evening, Valletta Harbour, Malta, signed ‘G. Giania’, oils on canvas, 26 x 61cm (2) The latter painting with Aitken Dott & Son of Edinburgh label verso £3000-5000

193. FRANCESCA SHAKESPEARE (b. 1961) ‘Pots in Courtyard 1’, signed with initial, plaster and pigment on board, 34 x 34.5cm £100-200

196. CORNELIUS VARLEY (1781-1873) The Upper Lake, Killarney, inscribed ‘Upper Lake’, pencil and brown wash drawing on two conjoined sheets, 17.5 x 47cm Thomas Agnew & Sons Ltd label verso and also with old Cat No. 54 £300-500

194. JOSEPH FARQUHARSON (1846-1935) A cornfield with distant cottage, signed, oils on canvas, 45 x 29.5cm £500-700

197. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Portrait of Maria Cosway (1760-1838), pastels, 33 x 29cm oval £60-80

192. HENRY CHARLES BRYANT (1812-1890) Cattle and ducks by a barn in a landscape and a young farm girl with turkeys in a landscape, a pair, signed, oils on board, 24 x 34cm (2) £200-300

195.THOMAS SPINKS (act. 1872-1907) ‘On the Conway Near Triefew, N. Wales’, signed and dated 1874, oils on canvas, 29.5 x 50.5cm £200-300

198.THERESE OULTON (b. 1953) Abstract, signed in pencil and dated ‘90, mixed media, 14 x 8cm £80-120


199. 20TH CENTURY SCHOOL A mountain range, indistinctly signed ?Bobt, acrylics, 55 x 70cm; together with Lloyd van Pitterson (b. 1923) - Fairground horses, print in colours, pencil signed in the margin and No. 5/250, 47 x 60cm (2) £50-100

200. MARTIN HARDIE (1875-1952) ‘Langstone Mill, Hants’, signed, watercolour, 29 x 43cm; and one further by the same hand ‘Blakeney, Norfolk’, signed, watercolour, 22 x 31cm (2) £50-100

201. MAURICE ELVHAY (AUSTRALIAN) Mountain landscape with shepherd on horseback herding sheep, signed, pastels, 22 x 30cm; and five further by the same hand (6) £200-300

202. GEORGE TEUTE ‘Wreck on the Coast of Boulogne’ and ‘Wreck Boulogne’, a pair, each inscribed with title and dated Dec. 19, 1828, pencil drawings, 18 x 24.5cm and 18 x 25.5cm (note size difference); together with a pen, ink and grey wash study of a classical ruin and a small coastal scene (4) £30-50

203. 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A summer landscape, oils on panel, 31 x 39.5cm £60-100

204. MAUDE WALKER (act. 1887-1892) Still life - a stoneware vase of flowers and scissors upon a grey surface, signed and dated ‘92, oils on panel, 39 x 26cm £200-300

205. PIERRE EDOUARD FRERE (1819-1886) Artist’s palette with figure sketch, signed and dated ‘75, 27 x 34cm £200-300

206. 20TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL River landscape under a cloud filled sky, indistinctly signed, pastels, 22 x 30cm in silvered frame with ripple design and Rowley label verso £40-60


207. JOSEPH MAURICE HENDERSON (1863-1936) A mountainous river landscape with mother and children, signed, oils on board, 17 x 24cm £200-300

208. JOHN W. KING (act. 1893-1924) The Harvesters, signed, oils on canvas board, 18 x 27cm £80-120

209. HARALD GILS (20TH CENTURY) A jetty with moored sailing vessels under a blue sky, signed, oils on canvas, 101 x 121cm £100-200

210. ERNEST FREDERICK EDWARDS (20TH CENTURY) ‘St Ives Figure’, signed and dated 1968, pen, ink, watercolour and body-colour, 13.5 x 30.5cm £40-60

211. F * SLADE A country pathway with figure, signed, watercolour, 22 x 34cm £20-40

212. CIRCLE OF SIR EDWARD COLEY BURNE-JONES (1833-1898) A male head study, bears initials, pencil drawing, 14 x 12cm, unframed £80-120

213.THOMAS DOWNEY (19TH/20TH CENTURY) Sketch book and five others, each with various pencil drawings (6) £80-120

214. AFTER TAMARA DE LEMPICKA ‘Andromeda’, oils on board, 59 x 49cm £100-200

215. MRS DORA MOMBER WARREN (20TH CENTURY) ‘Mevagissey’, signed and dated 1949, oils on board, 46 x 57cm; together with a 19th Century watercolour - ‘Lake of Como’, 23 x 35cm (2) £50-100


216. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) A winter scene at Eton, oil on board, 12 x 21.5cm £70-90

217. CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Study of a woodsman holding a saw, watercolour, 39 x 22cm; and another similar study of a boy, 24 x 15.5cm (2) £100-150

218. AMÉDÉE ROSIER (1831-1898) Sunset on the Grand canal, Venice, signed, oil on board, 15.5 x 23.5cm £700-900

220. FERNAND BLONDIN (1887-1967) Nude in an interior, signed, oils on canvas, 48 x 35.5cm £400-600


221. LEON WILLIAM HANSEN (1918-2011) An Australian landscape with trees and distant mountains, signed, oils on panel, 44 x 55cm £150-250

219. HETZEL (20TH CENTURY) ‘Spring Landscape Motion 1961’, signed, oil on canvas, 51 x 60cm, and another abstract oil on board, indistinctly signed M Davis (?), 36 x 23cm (2) £30-50

222. CHINESE SCHOOL (20TH CENTURY) Figures in mountainous river landscapes, watercolour, a pair, 22.5 x 6cm; and an English School, watercolour of moorland with trees, 7.5 x 22cm (3) £20-40

223. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Study of a young girl seated on a door step, signed with initials E.W., watercolour, oval, 19 x 14cm £30-50

224. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Figures in the field at harvest time, watercolour heightened in white, 15 x 22cm £30-50

225. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Hay makers at rest before a distant village, watercolour heightened with white, 24.5 x 34.5cm £40-60

226. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) Figures by a stone cottage, indistinctly signed ‘Vawser’, watercolour, 24.5 x 31cm £30-50

227. CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY) Figures herding livestock in a mountainous river landscape, watercolour, 46 x 61cm £80-100

228. RICHARD SEBASTIAN BOND (1808-1886) Shipping and barges before a continental town port, signed, oil on canvas, 41 x 72cm £200-300

229. NICHOLAS MYNHEER (b. 1958) ‘Gawain and the Green Knight’, signed, inscribed and dated 1991 verso, oil on panel, (arched), 32.5 x 24.5cm £150-200

230. NICHOLAS MYNHEER (b. 1958) ‘The Return’, signed, inscribed and dated 2004 verso, oil on canvas, 23.5 x 16.5cm £150-200

231. NICHOLAS MYNHEER (b. 1958) ‘Abraham and the Angels’, signed, inscribed and dated 1998 verso, oil on panel, 38.5 x 17cm £150-200


232. WILLIAM MATTHISON (1853-1926) Evening light, Broad St, Oxford, signed, watercolour, 34 x 51.5cm £80-120

233. I.D.E. (20TH CENTURY) Study of a seated Arab, signed I.D.E. and dated 1964, ink and watercolour, 49 x 36cm £30-40

234. ARTHUR J.F. BOND (1888-1958) ‘The Refit’, signed, pencil and colour washes, 24 x 34cm, United Society of artist’s label verso; together with three further framed works by the same hand and assorted unframed pencil drawings and watercolours by the same hand £50-150

235. MARGARET W.TARRANT (1888-1959) ‘An Estuary, Isle of Wight’, signed, watercolour, 25 x 37cm; a street scene by the same hand, 23 x 38cm, Artist’s label verso; and Nepalese School (19th/20th Century) - ‘Kang Chen Junga from Sandakphu’, indistinctly signed and dated ‘02, gouache, 23 x 27cm (3) £50-100

236. G * B * W (20TH CENTURY) A rocky coastal bay looking towards the horizon at sunset, signed with initials, oils on canvas, 33 x 43cm

237. G * B * W * (20TH CENTURY) View from a rocky coast line looking towards a promontory, signed with initials, oils on canvas, 28 x 38cm

Kerlin Gallery, 134 University Avenue, Belfast label verso £200-300

Kerlin Gallery, 134 University Avenue, Belfast label verso £150-250

238. CHARLES J. MCAULEY (1910-1999) A meandering river shrouded by trees, signed, oils on board, 38 x 53cm

239. JEAN HARVEY Study of a girl, signed and dated 1975, charcoal and conte, 58 x 40cm £40-60

240. 20TH CENTURY IRISH SCHOOL Landscape under a cloud filled sky with distant cottage, oils on board, 37 x 48cm £40-60

Kerlin Gallery, 134 University Avenue, Belfast label verso £400-600


241. BARBARA LEIGH-SMITH BODICHON (1827-1891) Figures on the beach at low tide at dusk, a flotilla of fishing boats in the middle distance, signed and dated 1877, watercolour, 26 x 73cm £200-300 242. No Lot

243. PER GJEMRE (NORWEGIAN 1864-1928) A coastal view (Jaeren Stavanger) with tide pool and breaking waves beyond, signed and dated 1918, oils on canvas, 70 x 130cm Inscribed verso ‘Fra Kvelbei, Jeoeren, Pi. is Kr. 600,00 Per Gjemre, Stavanger, Norge’ £700-900

244. CIRCLE OF JAMES DUFFIELD HARDING (1798-1863) Cetara Fort, Bay of Salerno, Italy, with sailing boats amid choppy seas before a defensive headland, watercolour, 18.5 x 27.5cm Prov: With old label verso inscribed ‘....Bequeath to me with many others under the will of the late Frederick J. Battam of Campden Hill Square, Kensington’ and signed ‘Bea Boothby’

245. 19TH CENTURY NAIVE SCHOOL A religious man amid a brackish pool beneath pollarded willow trees, holding aloft a flower and helped to dry land by two maids, signed with initial ‘H.R.’, oils on canvas, 36.5 x 53cm £100-200

Duffield Harding produced a series of paintings, drawings and engravings c.1830 in response to his tour of the Italian coastline. The composition of this painting is a match to one of those engravings £100-200

246. 19TH CENTURY SCHOOL AFTER ELIZABETH VIGEE-LEBRUN Self portrait in a straw hat, pastels, 62.5 x 48cm oval £100-200

247. 18TH CENTURY VENETIAN SCHOOL ‘SS Giovanni e Paolo’, oils on canvas, 49.5 x 73cm Exh. Simon Dickinson Ltd, 58 Jermyn St, London Prov: Formerly from the collection of the late Mr J.G. Links (1904-1997) world authority on Canaletto £800-1200


248. ROSE MAYNARD BARTON (1856-1929) Full length portrait of Miss Barbara Lutyens wearing a bonnet and matching dress and warming her hands in a muff, signed and dated 1901, artist label verso, watercolour, 20.5 x 13.5cm Barbara Lutyens (1890-1981), eldest child of the celebrated British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens Exh. Arts Council of Great Britain ‘Lutyens’ Exhibition 1981 Cat. No. 111 Prov: By family descent £500-700

249. HANNAH GLUCKSTEIN GLUCK (1895-1978) A hilltop view in Sussex, signed, oils on canvas, 30.5 x 46cm, unframed For a similar but smaller work by the same artist see Christies sale 20 Oct 2005 Lot 72 £600-800

250. BERT PUGH (1904-2001) Figures in a river landscape with arched stone bridge, signed and dated ‘47, oils on canvas, 15 x 22.5cm £100-150

251. CHARLES FISHER (19TH/20TH CENTURY) ‘Near Goring on Thames’, signed, oils on canvas, 31 x 41cm (paint flaking) £50-100

252. J * W * A figure on horseback in stable, signed with monogram, watercolour, 33 x 29cm; and a hunting scene, signed with monogram, pen and grey wash drawing, 19 x 23cm (2) £60-100

253. ILANA RICJARDSON (20TH/21ST CENTURY) Interior with chair, plants and arched windows, signed and dated ‘82, watercolour, 30 x 42cm £60-80

254.VALLONE (20TH CENTURY) Bust length portrait of a boy smoking, signed, oils on canvas board, 37 x 29cm £100-200

255. NILS SEVERIN ANDERSEN (1897-1972) ‘Winter, Northern Transvaal’, signed, oils on canvas board, 44 x 59.5cm £150-250


256. MOTKE BLUM (b. 1925) Still life - a vase of mixed flowers in an interior, signed, gouache, 25.5 x 22cm; and two further by the same hand (3) £100-200

257. 20TH CENTURY ISRAELI SCHOOL Untitled work in the manner of Auerbach, mixed media, 72 x 54cm £50-150

258. SONIA LAWSON ‘The Prisoner’, signed and titled, pencil and colour washes, 28 x 18cm £30-50

259. G * HEYWARD Portrait of an American sailing vessel at sea, signed and dated ‘95, watercolour, 43 x 53cm £20-40

260. CHARLES E. GORDON-FRAZER (1863-1899) Jungle clearing with crouching native hunter to the foreground, possibly Papua New Guinea or Solomon Islands, signed, oils on canvas, 59 x 90cm £1500-2500

261. HENRY BIRD (b. 1909) ‘Kristian Asleep’, signed, chalk drawing, 21cm tondo; together with a further work by the same hand - ‘Portrait with Hands’, 36 x 24.5cm oval (2) £80-120

262. AFTER ANTONIO DA CORREGGIO Jupiter and Io, oils on canvas, 138 x 78cm £1500-2500

263. AFTER JUSTUS SUSTERMANS Portrait of Galileo, oils on canvas, 65 x 52cm £800-1200


264. ARTHUR WARDLE (1864-1949) Study of a black panther, signed, inscribed ‘Malay Penisular’ and dated 1923, chalk on paper, 15 x 26cm £300-400

265. ARTHUR WARDLE (1864-1949) Reclining lioness, signed, charcoal on paper, 15 x 26cm £200-300

266. ARTHUR WARDLE (1864-1949) Study of a lion, signed, charcoal and coloured chalks on blue paper, 20 x 22.5cm £100-150

267. ARTHUR WARDLE (1864-1949) Study of a lioness, signed, pencil on blue paper, 22 x 30cm £100-150

268. GEN PAUL (1895-1975) The guitar player, signed, pastels, 28 x 20cm £400-600

269. 18TH CENTURY SCHOOL A lion attacking horse, oils on canvas, 56 x 84cm £100-200

270. ROBERT MICKLEWRIGHT (1923-2013) A harbour side town with chalk cliffs, signed, mixed media, 32 x 48cm £40-60

271. PHILIP OAKLEY ‘A Fly Van’ and ‘A Gig’, a pair, pen, ink and watercolours, 18 x 22cm oval (2)

272.VICTOR H.VOYSEY (20TH CENTURY) Portrait of a reclining female nude, signed and dated ‘73, oils on canvas, 84 x 134cm £600-800


Exh. Sabin Galleries Limited £50-100

273.VICTOR H.VOYSEY (20TH CENTURY) Portrait of a female nude seated upon a marble pillar, signed and dated ‘73, pastels, 98 x 78cm £400-600

274. 19TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL Florence looking across the river Arno, watercolour, 23 x 29.5cm; and 19th Century Continental School - a clump of trees with distant town, attributed to C Randolph, watercolour, 17 x 25cm (2) £80-120

275. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH/20TH CENTURY) Portrait of a gentleman dressed as a master of Ceremonies seated in a bow back chair, oils on canvas, 39 x 34cm; and a 19th Century landscape in the manner of Joseph Thors, oils on panel, 36 x 54cm (2) £50-100

276. CAPTAIN ROBERT STREATFIELD RN (1786-1852) ‘High Rock, Tunbridge Wells 1849’, watercolour, 13.5 x 18cm; a 19th Century pen and ink sketch of a gentleman preparing food, signed ‘I am Yours Very Sincerely Edw. Hull’, 8 x 10.5cm; and a pen and ink view of Christ’s Cambridge dated 3 Mount Pleasant, April 11 1888, 8 x 10.5cm (3) £80-120

277. ROBERT TAYLOR PRITCHETT (1828-1907) ‘Yorkshire Coble’, signed with monogram, pen, ink and grey wash drawing, 12 x 18cm

278. JOYCE CALDWELL Sailing vessels off the Cornish coast, oils on canvas, 60 x 91cm £100-200

279. ATTRIBUTED TO LIEUTENANT THOMAS YATES, R.N. (c.1760-1796) Shipping off the coast with sailor on the shore, watercolour, 14 x 23cm £200-300

280. FREDERICK VAN BLOEMART (b. 1919) Still life of mixed flowers in a glass vase, signed, oil on board, 59 x 49cm £100-150

Exh. William Drummond, 20 Russell Street, London £50-80


281. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Portrait of a young lady in a lace trimmed red dress with blue cloak, pastel, 69 x 57cm (oval) £200-300

282. G.C. BARRETT (LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY) The sailing ship ‘Prima Donna’, GY793, signed, gouache on brown paper, 56 x 90cm £100-150

283. EDWARD HARTINGS DURHAM (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) Portrait of John, Alice & William Anderson, aged, 3, 4 and 1, inscribed and dated 1828 to the remains of an old paper label verso, pastel, 60.5 x 75.5cm £200-300

284. NORMAN REID (b. 1915) ‘Carnations and Fresias against the Light’, signed with initials, inscribed verso, oil on board, 25.5 x 32.5cm £100-200

285. ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN SKINNER PROUT (1806-1876) Sailing boats by a quay, signed indistinctly, pencil and grey wash, 20.5 x 32.5cm £60-80

286. ATTRIBUTED TO JOSEPH BARKER (OF BATH) (1769-1847) Three children and a donkey by a stream, oil on board, 27.5 x 35.5cm £300-500

287. ITALIAN SCHOOL (LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY) Figure on the shore, Bay of Naples, a pair, signed ‘Galti’, gouaches, 30.5 x 25cm (oval) (2) £100-150

288. ITALIAN SCHOOL (18TH CENTURY) Figures amidst classical ruins and a fountain, signed with initial ‘R’, and with collector’s stamp, ink and watercolour, 35.5 x 23.5cm £200-400

289. ALAN HUNT (20TH CENTURY) ‘Dubrovnik II: from the Walls’, signed with monogram and dated ‘03, mixed media, 44 x 36cm £30-50


290. 20TH CENTURY SCHOOL Still life of pink roses in a glass vase, oil on board, 36.5 x 30cm; and another similar study of roses in a tall patterned vase, 29 x 18.5cm (2) £30-50

291. JOHN HUBBARD (b. 1931) Woodland undergrowth, signed in pencil and dated 1982/3, charcoal on paper, 72.5 x 55cm; and an artist’s proof etching by the same hand, inscribed and signed in pencil to the margin, 17.5 x 14cm (2) £60-80

293. ENGLISH SCHOOL (LATE 19TH CENTURY) Figure on horseback in a landscape, watercolour, 17 x 33cm; and an oil on board depicting a girl with sheep and lamb, 16.5 x 11.5cm (2) £20-40

295. CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (20TH CENTURY) Portrait of ‘Kaiser Bill’, pen and ink with wash, 74.5 x 54.5cm; and a German lithographic print of Elizabeth (2) £40-60

292. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Portrait of a young lady, pencil and coloured chalks, 32 x 24cm; and another similar portrait (2) £40-60

294. PENNY ALLEN (20TH CENTURY) Women in the bath, watercolour, 46.5 x 56cm; and another by the same hand, horse racing at Sienna (2) £30-40

296. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Portrait of a young child, standing beside a stool, pencil and watercolour, 45 x 33cm (arched mount) £100-150

297. EUPHEN ALEXANDER (20TH CENTURY) ‘Oslo Fiord’, signed and inscribed, ink and watercolour, 27.5 x 56cm £50-70


298. JOHN BURR (1831-1893) Two girls on a path with fisherman on the bank of a river, signed, oil on board, 23.5 x 34cm £300-500

299. K RUSSELL (20TH CENTURY) Still life of fruit and a jug of flowers, signed, oil on canvas, 44 x 50cm; and a gouache study by the same hand, figures on the shore, 23 x 29.5cm (2) £60-80

300. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Fisher girl on the shore, watercolour heightened with white, 19 x 33cm £40-60

301. JOHN HAMILTON GLASS (fl. 1890-1925) Figure on a track before shore side cottages, signed, watercolour heightened with white, 34 x 24cm £60-90

303. AUGUSTUS OSBORNE LAMPLOUGH (1877-1930) Figures and camels in an extensive desert landscape, signed, watercolour with body-colour, 22.5 x 61cm £250-350


302. ENGLISH SCHOOL (LATE 17TH CENTURY) Portrait of a gentleman wearing armour and a lace cravat, oil on canvas (oval), 70.5 x 58cm £600-800

304. RICCARDO MEACCI (1856-1938) A group of classical musicians and figures within a pillared alcove, signed, watercolour heightened with gilt, 11 x 25.5cm £400-600

305. JOHN HENRY CAMPBELL (1755-1828) Moonlit landscape with figures by a lake, signed, watercolour, 25 x 29cm £150-200

306. PETER LA CAVE (fl. 1769-1810) Woman and child with cattle and sheep resting beside a river, signed and dated 1804, watercolour, 25 x 40cm £200-300

307. OTTO EICHINGER (1922-2004) Portrait of old man, a pair, one signed ‘U.R.’, the other ‘C.L.’, oils on board, 26 x 19.5cm (2) £150-250

308. CAPTAIN THOMAS HASTINGS (fl. 1804-1831) ‘From Mt. Cornish, Sidmouth’ : ‘Part of the Beach at Sidmouth’, each signed, inscribed and dated 1805, pencil and watercolour, a pair, 21 x 31.5cm (2) £150-200

309. CHARLES CATTERMOLE (1832-1900) A Royal reception; Waiting in line, a pair, each signed, watercolour, 14.5 x 44cm (2) £300-400

310. CHARLES CATTERMOLE (1832-1900) Woman with two children on a bench in a parkland setting, signed, watercolour, 28.5 x 47cm £100-150

311. WILLIAM CALLOW (1812-1908) Street scene with figures outside a corner shop, signed, watercolour, 19.5 x 29cm £80-120

312. BENJAMIN BARKER OF BATH (1776-1838) Drover with cow in a river landscape, watercolour, bears collector’s stamp, believed to be from the collection of the Earl of Warwick, 26 x 33.5cm £200-300

313. ATTRIBUTED TO DAVID COX JNR (1809-1885) ‘Under Coniston Old Man’, watercolour, 36.5 x 54cm £100-200


314. JOHN VARLEY (1778-1842) Panoramic view of the Bay of Naples, with figures on a road to the foreground, inscribed to an old label verso, watercolour, 46 x 67.5cm £700-900

315. CHARLES CATTERMOLE (1832-1900) Interior scene with monks and other figures, signed, watercolour heightened with white, 30 x 60cm £100-200

316. CIRCLE OF THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842-1897) Beach scene with figures mending nets, bears signature, watercolour, 19.5 x 37.5cm £40-60

317. ENGLISH SCHOOL (19TH CENTURY) Extensive landscape with cattle and sheep before a country house, watercolour heightened with white, 15.5 x 52cm £30-50

319. JAMES MACMASTER (1856-1913) Fishing boats at sea, each signed, monochrome watercolour, a pair, 15.5 x 13cm (2) £50-80

320. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 20TH CENTURY) Stalkers in a Highland landscape, signed with monogram AD, watercolour with body-colour, 15 x 21cm £40-60

318. ARTHUR TUCKER (1864-1929) Rocky coastal scene, signed, watercolour heightened in white, 45.5 x 29cm £50-80

321. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 19TH CENTURY) View of Nuneham Park, Oxfordshire, with deer to the foreground, sepia, watercolour, 15.5 x 23cm £50-80


322. WILLIAM ARCHIBALD GUNN (b. 1877) Beach side cottages, signed indistinctly, watercolour, 35.5 x 25cm; together with a late Victorian oleograph (2) £50-80

323. CHARLES JONES (1836-1892) Mountain landscape with sheep, signed with monogram and dated ‘88, inscribed verso ‘Charles Jones R.C.A. 1888’, oils on canvas, 39 x 60cm £600-800

324. EUGENE VERBOECKHOVEN (1798-1881) Sheep study, signed with initials, pencil sketch, 15 x 29cm; and one further attributed to the same hand (2) £50-100 325. CIRCLE OF JEAN-ANTOINE WATTEAU (1684-1721) ‘La Voltigeuse’, oils on canvas, 78 x 48cm Whilst the above work follows closely the known engraving “La Voltigeuse” after Watteau it is interesting to observe some subtle differences between the two £600-800

327. EDOUARD BOURGEOUS DEBOURG (1880-1939) ‘Carnations’ and ‘Azaleas’, signed, a pair, watercolours, 31 x 22cm (2) £40-60

326. RAJIB CHOWDHURY (20TH CENTURY) A port scene with domed mosque, signed and dated ‘96, watercolour, 53 x 74cm; and two further similar by the same hand, signed and dated ‘96 and ‘98 respectively (3) £200-400

328. HENRY GASTINEAU (1791-1876) ‘Oystermouth Bay and Castle, South Wales’, signed, watercolour, 26 x 37cm £150-250

329. EVELYN ABELSON (1886-1967) A street scene with trees in summer, signed, oils on board, 23 x 34cm Labelled ‘Leicester Square’ verso £100-150

331. A * A * ‘Morning Locks’, signed with monogram, watercolour, 22 x 15cm £60-80

330.T.A. BRIDGMAN (19TH/20TH CENTURY) Portraits of a lady and gentleman, signed and dated 1901, oil on canvas, 66 x 56cm, (unframed) (2) £30-50


332. SPANISH SCHOOL Trompe D’Oeil - Fan designs, figures dancing outside a cafe and with further figure subjects to the sides, inscribed ‘Goya 1796’ gouache on silk, approximately 37 x 73cm overall £80-120

333. * COSTA A welcome drink, signed, oils on canvas, 39 x 29cm £50-100

334. A DE POUSONES? A country road with cottages, indistinctly signed and dated ‘30, oils on board, 43 x 52cm £60-80

335.TOM NASH ‘Drift Blossom’, signed, acrylics, 35 x 48cm

336. D * G * AFTER HAROLD HARVEY Two ladies and a dog, signed with initials and dated ‘82, oil on canvas, 60 x 50cm £30-50

337. FREDERICK STRATTON (act. 1898-1932) A stroll on the hillside, signed and dated ‘23, watercolour, 26 x 36cm £40-60

339. ARTHUR UPTON (20TH CENTURY) The Offey, oils on canvas laid on board, 23cm x 33cm.

340. MANNER OF JOHN WILSON CARMICHAEL The packet boat moored off Cologne, watercolour heightened with body colour, 22.5 x 32.5cm; and Moses Kottler (18961977) - Figures and shacks, signed, pen, 19.5 x 26.5cm (2) £40-80

Prov: With Gallery 10 Ltd £80-120

338. GINO CATTANEO Side street in Rome, signed, pen, ink and watercolour, 26 x 34cm £30-50

Exhibited: The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, London. £30-50


341. LEONARD RICHMOND (1889-1965) River Valley 1919, signed and dated, watercolour heightened with body-colour, 29.5 x 44.5cm; and one further by the same hand (2) £50-100

342. MARGARET FISHER PROUT (1875-1963) A family gathering, signed and dated 1944, oils on board, 49 x 58.5cm £600-800

343. ALFRED DANIELS (b. 1924) Balestrand - Norway, signed and dated 1993, watercolour, 37 x 51cm £200-400

344. RICHARD PRICE (b. 1962) Winter fun, signed, oils on board, 24 x 29cm £200-300

345. RICHARD PRICE (b. 1962) Towards the Spire, signed, oils on board, 39 x 19cm £300-400

346. HUMPHREY WATERFIELD (1908-1971) ‘Le Jardin Clos du Peyronet, Menton, France’, signed and dated ‘49, oils on canvas, 54 x 45cm Le Clos Peyronet bought by the Waterfield family in 1912. The garden and house suffered severe damage during WWII and Humphrey Waterfield was instrumental in redesigning. £80-120

347. FREDERICK BECKETT (20TH/21ST CENTURY) ‘Cromer Beach, Norfolk’, signed, acrylics, 25 x 34.5cm £150-250

348. RALSTON GUDGEON (1910-1984) Snipe, signed, watercolour, 24 x 28.5cm £120-150

349. BERNARD CECIL GOTCH (1876-1964) Queen’s College, back Quad, signed, watercolour, 29 x 40cm, unframed £100-150


350. MARGARET GERE (1878-1965) ‘Flower Piece’, signed and dated ‘54, oils on canvas, 42 x 31.5cm Prov: Private collection Robert Payne (The artist’s nephew) Exh: Margaret Gere Exhibition, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museums 1984 Cat No. E7 The frame hand decorated and burnished by Edith Payne, the artist’s sister £2000-3000

351. MARGARET GERE (1878-1965) Portrait of the artist’s brother Robert Gere in his uniform of the Kings Own Scottish borderers (2nd Lieut), a further part study painted verso of an elderly woman and young man, tempera on board, 32 x 24cm Inscribed on label verso by Edward Payne, the artist’s nephew Prov: Private collection Edward Payne, the artist’s nephew and originally from Stamages, Painswick Glos, the home of Charles and Margaret Gere Exh: Arlington Mill Museum and Art Gallery Bibury (Glos) - Charles and Margaret Gere drawings and paintings March - Sept 1986 £300-500

352. MARGARET GERE (1878-1965) ‘St Mary’s, Warwick’, signed with initials, watercolour, 23.5 x 11cm Prov: Private collection The artist’s family The Fine Art Society London The collection of Mr Alan Fortunoff (New York) The Mathon Art Gallery, Malvern, Worcs. Exh: Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery Margaret Gere Exhibition 1984 Cat No. D5 Fine Art Society London 1969 Cat No. 75 £500-700

353. CHARLES MARCH GERE (1869-1957) ‘Notre Dame’, signed with monogram and dated 1934, oils on canvas, 28 x 35cm Prov: Private collection Edward Payne, the artist’s nephew Sale of the Estate of Robert Price, Wolverhampton by Walker Barnett & Hill Auctioneers £600-800


355. HENRY A. PAYNE (1868-1939) ‘Duntisbourne Rouse Church, Glos’, signed and dated 1932, watercolour, 35 x 23cm Prov: Private collection Edward R. Payne - the artist’s son £200-300 354. CHARLES MARCH GERE (1869-1957) The Castle at Sion, signed and dated 1945, watercolour, 24 x 34cm Prov: Private collection The Mathon Court Gallery, Malvern, Worcestershire £500-700

356. ALFRED DE BREANSKI (1852-1928) ‘Loch Tay’, oils on canvas, 49 x 75cm Prov: Formerly with Haynes Fine Art of Broadway £1000-1500

357. ROY BARLEY (b. 1935) ‘Peonies and Rose’, signed and dated 2001, oils on panel, 37 x 29cm Prov: Formerly with the Barry Keene Gallery £150-250

358. SAMUEL HENRY ALKEN II (1810-1894) Huntsmen with dogs, a pair, one signed, watercolours, 16 x 23cm (2) £300-400

359.THOMAS COLMAN DIBDIN (1810-1893) Figures in a French street, signed and dated 1867, watercolour and body-colour, 37 x 54cm £200-300


360. WILLIAM JOHN WAINWRIGHT (1855-1931) ‘An Old Servitor’, signed, watercolour, 27 x 19cm

361. CARLTON ALFRED SMITH (1853-1946) ‘The Home Lesson’, signed and dated 1895, watercolour, 30 x 45cm The Cotman Gallery, Birmingham, label verso £1500-2500

The Cotman Gallery, Birmingham, label verso £200-300

363. WALTER LANGLEY (1852-1922) ‘An Interesting Story’, signed, watercolour, 40 x 26cm

362. CHARLES EDWARD WILSON (1853-1941) ‘A Morning Call’, signed and dated 1901, watercolour, 48 x 34cm

The Cotman Gallery, Birmingham, label verso £2000-3000

The Cotman Gallery, Birmingham, label verso £1000-1500

364. LOUIS HAGHE (1806-1885) Belgian Market Scene, signed and dated 1869, watercolour and body-colour, 50 x 43cm £500-800


365. EDMUND GILL (1820-1894) ‘Rocky Scene with Waterfall’ and ‘Waterfall’, a pair, signed and dated 1892, inscribed with titles to labels verso, oils on panel, 30 x 25cm (2) £600-800

366. HENRY M.TERRY (act. 1879-1920) An old lady knitting at a table, signed and dated 1886, watercolour, 40 x 28cm The Conduit Street Gallery label verso ‘Summer Exhibition 1886’ £200-300

367. SAMUEL PHILLIPS JACKSON (1830-1904) River landscape with figures and hay cart, probably the Thames, signed, watercolour, 31 x 55cm £100-200

368. R * CADOGAN-ROTHERY (19TH CENTURY) ‘Tower St. Hospice in the Olden Time’, signed and dated 1870, watercolour and bodycolour, 34 x 49cm; and a further view of the same scene, signed with initials and dated 1875, watercolour, 33 x 49cm (2) £200-300

369. NINA CARROLL (1932-1990) Worcester College front quadrangle, signed, pen, ink and watercolour, 39 x 49cm £100-200

370. NEALE WORLEY (b. 1962) Two nudes on the beach, inscribed and dated 2010 verso, oils on canvas, 29 x 39cm £300-400

371. FREDERICK E.VALTER (c. 1860-c.1930) Cattle and sheep on a hillside, signed, watercolour, 21 x 32cm £150-250

372.THERESA NORAH COPNALL (1882-1972) ‘Tulips in a Mason’s jug’, signed with monogram, oils on canvas, 56 x 49cm £600-800

373. ERNEST ALBERT WATERLOW (1850-1919) A welcome break from the day’s labours, signed, watercolour, 16 x 24cm £80-120

374. GEOFFREY LEE Sunlight and Shadow, signed, pastels, 21 x 21cm

375. PETER KUHFELD (b. 1952) Side canal at Serola Grande, Venice, signed, oils on board, 66 x 36cm £600-800

Exh. Mall Galleries - Pastel Society 1989 £100-150


377. ALFRED DE BREANSKI JNR (1877-1957) ‘In a Surrey Village’. signed, inscribed with title verso, oils on canvas, 39 x 59cm £500-700

378. FRANK HIDER (1861-1933) ‘Autumn in the Trossacks’, signed, oils on canvas, 44 x 34cm £100-200

379. JOEL BOEL (Act c.1890-1915) A mountain landscape with arched stone bridge above a river, signed with monogram and dated ‘87, oils on board, 29 x 46cm £80-120

380. MANNER OF WILLIAM MCTAGGART A beach scene with mother and children, signed with initials, oils on canvas, 49 x 59cm £100-200

381. NORAH MOLLY CAMPBELL (19TH/20TH CENTURY) ‘The Rich Relation’ and ‘The Poor Relation’, a pair, oils on canvas, 34 x 49.5cm (2) £400-600

382. AFTER ELIZABETH LOUISE VIGEE LE BRUN Self portrait, oils on board, 21 x 16cm oval; and three further to include: works after Rembrandt, Sassoferrato and Guido Reni, all in giltwood frames, carved and pierced with buds and foliage, 40 x 36cm overall (4)

383. AN INTERESTING AND EARLY MAP FRAGMENT in pen and inks depicting the Isle of Wight and surrounding area, the named places also decorated with church sketches, windmills and trees, on laid paper now pasted to support, 20 x 30cm, mounted but unframed

376. WARNER GYSELMAN (b. 1827) Sailing vessels in a calm and a Dutch fishing smack at sea, a pair, the former signed with initials and dated ‘56, oils on panel, 11.5 x 18.5cm (2) £600-800

Inscribed ‘Lady A. Dawnay?’ verso £1000-1500


The work is accompanied by a photocopy letter detailing the provenance a little further together with a further photocopy letter from Dr David Tomalin, County Archeological Officer 1972-c.2003 noting his observations on the map and dating it to around c.1600 £200-300

384. AFTER TITIAN ‘Danae with Eros’, oils on canvas, 24 x 35.5cm After the Titian series ‘Danae and the Shower of Gold’ £400-600

385. G * F * REYNOLDS ‘Near Watford’, signed with monogram, watercolour, 30 x 25cm £50-80

386. WILLIAM LEIGHTON LEITCH (1804-1883) ‘St Bernard’s Well, Edinburgh’, signed, inscribed with title and dated 1846, watercolour and body-colour, 27.5 x 38cm James Bourlet & Sons label verso £200-300

387. J * MAY ‘The Chess Valley, Loudwater’, signed, watercolour, 49 x 32.5cm; and five further watercolours by J Graham May, circa 1950’s (6) £30-50

388. CIRCLE OF LOUISE RAYNER (1832-1924) ‘Watergate Street, Chester’, inscribed with title, watercolour, 32 x 48cm £300-500

389. GEORGE JAMES KNOX (1810-1897) On the Brittany coast, signed and dated 1868, watercolour, 20 x 34cm £60-80

390. DONALD M. SHEARER (b. 1925) ‘Isle of Skye from Near Kyle’, signed, oils on canvas, 49 x 59cm £250-350

391. WILLIAM FOWLER (19TH CENTURY) Shepherd with sheep in a parkland setting with arched bridge, signed and dated 1831, watercolour, 18.5 x 27cm; and another by the same hand; figures in a wooded landscape, signed (2) £80-150


392. ENGLISH SCHOOL (LATE 19TH CENTURY) Primroses on a mossy bank, oil on board, 23cm diameter £40-60

393. CAPTAIN J.W. HEANE (19TH CENTURY) Study of an Indian dancing girl, signed, watercolour, 14 x 11cm; and a small collection of further topographical and other watercolours and drawings, including a study of a Native of the Rocky Isle of Saint Helena, Native figure studies, Agra 1881, three ink and watercolour studies of hunting, military and royal scenes, and three pencil sketches (all unframed) (9) £80-150

394. ALAN DAVIES A Cornish coastal path with wooden stile, signed, watercolour, 23 x 31cm; another similar by the same hand, 16.5 x 28.5cm; and Norman Charters - ‘Buttermere, Cumbria’, signed, watercolour, 28 x 39cm (3) £40-60

395. 18TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL The Madonna, oils on canvas, 26 x 21cm £80-100

396. SIR ERNEST GEORGE (1839-1922) ‘St. Pierre, Caen’, signed, inscribed with title and dated 1893, watercolour, 44 x 27cm £60-100

397. HUGH CARTER (1837-1903) A Dutch interior with figures working at a table and child alongside, signed, oils on canvas, 31 x 42cm £200-300

398. ARTHUR E.TOOPE (1884-1954) View of Corfe Castle, Dorset with shepherd driving sheep in the foreground, signed and dated ‘30, oils on canvas, 44 x 58cm £250-350

399. WILLIAM ERIC THORP (1901-1993) ‘Seascape’, signed, oils on board, 34.4 x 44.5cm

400. JONNY DE VINS (b. 1960) ‘Passing Time’, signed, oils on board, 49 x 39cm £200-300


Exh. Louise Kosman Modern British Art £150-250

401. RUPERT HORSLEY (20TH CENTURY) ‘Brasenose Lane’, signed and dated ‘71, watercolour, 34.5 x 25cm £50-80

402. ATTRIBUTED TO ALFRED STANNARD (1806-1889) Thatched cottage with figures conversing at a fence and a lady collecting water from a nearby pool, oils on panel, 21 x 27cm £400-600

403. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A grand country house with garden, inscribed ‘Brandsbury’ and dated 1834, watercolour, 16 x 23cm; and a view of a cornfield, watercolour, 16 x 23cm (2) £100-150

404. 19TH CENTURY VENETIAN SCHOOL Venice from the canal, watercolour, 27 x 50cm £50-70

405. 19TH CENTURY SCHOOL A minstrel with banjo, watercolour, 15 x 9.5cm; and three further similar, one with monogram ‘C.R.’, all unframed (4) £60-80

406. F * VARLEY Figures with camel in the desert with mosque in the background, signed, watercolour, 39 x 49cm, oval; and companion, a pair, (2) £50-80

407. ANNA MARIA SIMPSON (19TH CENTURY) Two children with blown bladder, oils on panel, 25.5 x 32cm The work bears typed label verso printed ‘Painted by Anna Maria Simpson Grand Daughter of Joseph Wright of Derby’ £800-1200

408. RALPH HEDLEY (1851-1913) ‘The Pipe of Peace’, signed with initials and dated ‘96, inscribed with title verso, oils on canvas, 34.5 x 24.5cm £300-500


409. JAN VAN COUVER (1836-1909) ‘Bloemendaal, Holland’, signed, inscribed in pencil with title verso, oils on panel, 23 x 17.5cm £200-300

410. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A wooded glade with cart, oils on canvas, 58 x 73cm £300-500

411. FOLLOWER OF JOHN FREDERICK HERRING Landscape with two horses by a wooden fence, oils on board, 24 x 31cm, unframed £80-120

412. ATTRIBUTED TO JAMES THOMAS LINNELL (1823-1905) ‘By the Road That Leads From Harlech to Tavy’, charcoals and white chalks, 23 x 19cm; and a hand study by Robert Anning Bell, signed with initials, pencil drawing, 20 x 28cm (2) £40-60

413. GEORGE OWEN WYNNE APPERLEY (1884-1960) An interior with washer woman, probably Spain, signed, watercolour, 24 x 35cm £300-400

414. OLIVER WARMAN (b. 1932) French landscape, The Loire, inscribed verso and also faintly inscribed with exact place name, oils on panel, 46 x 74cm £250-300

415. NORMAN THELWELL (1923-2004) ‘The Pierhead, Liverpool’, signed, titled and dated 1983, watercolour, 36 x 53cm Illustrated ‘Wrestling with a pencil’ published by Methuen, London 1986: Page 59 Prov: Chris Beetles Gallery Exh. Thelwell, 8-24 March 1989 No. 129 £2000-2500


416. LUDOVIC RODO PISSARRO (1878-1952) An artist at his easel, pen, ink and watercolour, 8.5 x 14cm Inscribed in ink verso ‘Monsieur Paul Pissarro, 19 Rue Veron, Paris 18e’ £40-60

417. AUGUSTUS JOHN (1878-1961) Buildings in a village, charcoal sketch, Folio Fine Art Ltd label to the backboard, 10.5 x 13.5cm (unframed) £40-60

418. 18TH/19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL AFTER RICHARD WILSON ‘Hadrian’s Villa’, oils on canvas, 35 x 30cm £200-300

419. ETHEL RAWLINS (19TH/20TH CENTURY) Reflections on the river, signed and dated 1901, watercolour, 31 x 37cm; together with Parker Hagarty (1859-1934) - Fishermen in a boat, signed, watercolour, 18 x 35.5cm (2) £50-150

420. STEPHEN W. WILLIAMS ‘Whitby’, signed, watercolour, 16 x 24cm £40-60

421. W * A * M * ‘Taormina, Sicily with Mount Etna in the Distance’, signed with initials, dated ‘Jany 1903’ and inscribed ‘Taormina’, watercolour, 17 x 25cm £30-50

422. ANTHONY DEVIS (1729-1817) A hillside landscape with travellers and sheep, pen ink and colour washes, 30 x 43cm £100-200

423. RENE DULIEU (act. c.1941) Street scene, Montmartre, signed, oils on canvas, 44 x 53cm £100-200

424. J * LEIGHTON Fishermen in a boat off the Bay of Naples, signed and dated 1891, oils on board, 34 x 55cm £60-100

425. AGATHA WALKER (1888-1980) Portrait of Lucy Zelie Durnford, head and shoulders length, the sitter turning to face the viewer and holding her right hand with dress to her upper body, pastels, 62 x 48cm; together with a watercolour - hillside landscape by the sitter Lucy Zelie Durnford, 29 x 44cm (2) £80-120


426. LEON DELBOS (19TH CENTURY) A Venetian side canal with gondola, signed and dated 1894, oils on canvas, 39 x 49cm £80-120

427. ARTHUR RACKHAM (1867-1939) ‘Oberommergau’, signed, inscribed with title and dated ‘96, watercolour heightened with white, 21 x 28.5cm £300-400

428. ARTHUR RACKHAM (1867-1939) ‘Tavistock’, signed, inscribed with title and dated ‘99, watercolour heightened in white, 16 x 24cm £300-400

429. ATTRIBUTED TO EDWIN HENRY LANDSEER (1802-1873) A fox with dead game bird, pencil drawing, 10.5 x 18cm

430. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Sailing vessels in full sail, oils on metal panel, 7.5 x 12.5cm in rosewood frame £60-80

431. MARJORIE MOSTYN (1893-1979) Still life - a terracotta pot of mixed flowers, signed, inscribed on label verso ‘Spring 1959’, oils on board, 51 x 44cm £100-150

433. 19TH CENTURY NAIVE SCHOOL A lady on a roadway passing a house in a country landscape, oils on canvas, 29 x 34cm £60-80

434. S * W * N * (19TH CENTURY) A barren and arid rocky landscape with flamingo, a stone wall nearby, signed with monogram, oils on canvas, 22 x 29.5cm £150-250

Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd label verso No. 23376 £300-500

432. WILL PRIOR (19TH/20TH CENTURY) Landscape with figures driving shire horses, signed and dated 1907, oils on board, 23 x 23cm, unframed £80-120


435. R * SPONER AFTER COURBET The harvesters, signed, oils on board, 47 x 38cm; together with two further works to include: a pencil sketch - ‘The Deaf Woman’, signed with initials ‘C.H.’ and dated 1927, 29 x 25cm; and a pastel portrait of a young man, 49 x 29cm (3) £100-200

436. * TRIER Admiring the baby, signed, watercolour, 31 x 23.5cm £50-70

437. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Still life - a basket of mixed flowers, oils on canvas laid onto glass from behind, 46 x 38cm oval £60-100

438. SAMUEL JOSEPH CLARK (1834- c.1912) Landscape with horse, dogs and dead game by a wooden fence, signed with monogram, oils on panel, 28.5 x 39cm £300-500

439. CIRCLE OF PATRICK NASMYTH (1787-1831) River landscape with trees and figure upon a rocky mound and country dwelling in the background, bears signature, oils on panel, 20 x 25cm £100-150

440. JOHN A.TRENCH (act.1882-1923) A mountain landscape with lake, signed, watercolour, 16.5 x 24cm; and a 19th Century watercolour - ‘Road Leading to....’, faintly inscribed on old label verso (2) £40-60

441. ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN VARLEY (1778-1842) Windsor from the Thames, watercolour, 29 x 38.5cm £200-300


442. EDWARD RICHARDSON (fl.1856-1875) Dunkeld on the river Tay, watercolour, 22 x 34cm Prov: Lord Dartmouth £300-400

443.THOMAS TUDOR (1785-1855) The gateway to Chepstow Castle, pencil drawing, 28.5 x 38cm Prov: Lord Dartmouth £150-250

444.THOMAS WILLIAMS A view of Greenwich Park with London beyond, watercolour, 24.5 x 34.5cm £150-250

445. 19TH CENTURY SCHOOL Lake scene with figures rowing in a boat at sunset, signed with monogram and dated ‘72, oils on canvas, 45 x 75cm £200-300

447. ATTRIBUTED TO GEORGE MORLAND (1763-1804) A calf and donkey, charcoal with colour wash drawing, 15.5 x 20cm, mounted but unframed Inscribed in pencil verso with details and ‘Confirmed Sotheby & Co Jan ‘70’ £100-150

446. FREDERICK VICTOR BAILEY (1919-1997) Still life - a glass vase of roses, blue bells, tulips and further flowers with butterflies, insects and drops of water upon a marbled ledge, signed with initials, oils on panel, 40 x 30cm £400-600

448. 18TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Portrait of a young lady with dark curly shoulder length hair wearing an earring, white dress and grey gloves seated against a landscape background, oils on canvas, 74 x 62cm £1000-1500


449. ENGLISH SCHOOL (EARLY 18TH CENTURY) Portrait of a young lady with shoulder length hair wearing necklace and blue dress decolette in feigned oval, 74 x 61cm £800-1000

450. 18TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Fisher folk and boats at the foot of a coastal fort with ruined tower and windmill, oils on canvas, 47 x 67cm unframed £300-400

451. CIRCLE OF GIOVANNI PAOLO PANINI (1691-1765) An Italianate pastoral scene with figure seated at the foot of a classical ruined column with onlooking cattle and sheep and further buildings yonder, oils on canvas, 60 x 75cm, unframed £400-600

452. FOLLOWER OF DAVID TENIERS A Dutch forecourt with peasants merry making and playing bowls, oils on panel, 48 x 68cm £600-800

453. ALEC CRYON? A courting couple on horseback, indistinctly signed and dated ‘07, watercolour and bodycolour ‘en grisaille’, 37 x 33.5cm £100-150

454. STANLEY B. CURZON (Exh. 1915) ‘Lime Street’ and ‘Winter in Liverpool’, a pair, one signed and dated 1936, oils on panel, 38 x 31.5cm (2) £80-120

455. JOSEPH SINTES (1829-1913) Arab figures with camel at the walls of a citadel, signed, watercolour, 36 x 55cm £200-300

456. GEORGE F. NICHOLLS (1885-1937) An Oxford Street scene with figures and motor vehicle, signed and dated Oct ‘32, watercolour, 27 x 36.5cm £80-120

457. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL A river landscape with statue reflecting in the water, shrouded by trees, signed with monogram, oils on canvas, 51 x 35.5cm, unframed £80-120


458. ATTRIBUTED TO MARTIN G. JOLLEY ‘Feeding the Chickens Co. Donegal’, oils on board, 32.5 x 48cm £60-100

460. 17TH CENTURY SCHOOL Portrait of Mrs Sambach, the mother of Mary, the wife of Humphrey Purefoy Esq, oils on canvas, 74 x 60cm, in carved giltwood and gesso frame 459. 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL Three cart horses standing in a field, indistinctly signed, pastels, 15.5 x 33.5cm £60-80

Inscribed in ink to label verso with details £250-300

462. C * S * TROUT ‘Vigilant of Banff T. Hughes Master in a Storm Jany 26 1884....’, signed and inscribed, oils on canvas, 36 x 47cm £180-220

463. JAN MATHIAS COK (1720-1771) AFTER JAN TEN COMPE Dutch town scape with canal and windmill, watercolour, 101⁄4” x 13”

465. SOREN EDSBERG (b. 1945) A mountain lakeside with farm dwelling, indistinctly signed, oils on canvas, 22.5 x 28.5cm £100-150


Ex. Gilbey Collection of Angling pictures, Brodie Castle £200-300

466. FOLLOWER OF LORENZO SABATINI The Holy Family with the Sleeping Christ Child, oils on copper, 24 x 17cm £200-300

461. CONTINENTAL SCHOOL (18TH/19TH CENTURY) Portrait of a hermit, his right hand resting upon a horn handled walking stick, indistinctly inscribed verso, oils on panel, 38 x 27cm £60-80

464. DANIEL SHERRIN (1868-1940) A mother and child strolling in a river landscape with silver birch trees, harvesters in the distance, signed, oils on canvas, 24” x 36” (unframed) £100-200

467. FOLLOWER OF GUERCINO ‘Caliope’, (Muse of Epic Poetry), pencil, grey wash and sepia drawing, 28 x 20cm; and seven further muses by the same hand, all unframed (8) £80-120

Frames 468. AN 18TH CENTURY GILTWOOD FRAME with carved gadrooned borders and oval aperture, site size approximately 56 x 41cm oval £100-150

469. A PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY MAPLE FRAMES with gilt inner slips, rebate size 11 x 13.5cm (2) £20-40

470. AN ANTIQUE OAK FRAME extensively carved with flowering and leafy foliage, the cresting with armorial and inscribed ‘Dum Spiro Spero’, the apron with further crest and inscribed ‘Pro Rege et Lege’ and with gilt inner slip, rebate size 74 x 53cm, sight size 70 x 49cm ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ (While I breathe I hope) ‘Pro Rege et Lege’ (For King and the law) The Coat of Arms for Leeds City Council £300-400

471. A PAIR OF LATE 19TH CENTURY BURNISHED GESSO FRAMES each moulded with intertwined serpents, rebate size 23 x 18cm (2) £20-30

472. A 19TH CENTURY GILT GESSO FRAME with foliate moulded and fluted border, gilt inner slip, rebate size 13.5 x 22.5cm; and two further 19th Century frames with plain cushion moulded concave borders, rebate sizes 14 x 20cm and 25.5 x 36cm (3) £80-120


SALE RESULTS Bocardo House – 24/2/16










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CONDITIONS OF SALE Mallams carries on business with bidders, buyers and all those present in the auction room prior to or in connection with a sale on the following General Conditions and on such other terms, conditions and notices as may be referred to herein. 1. DEFINITIONS In these Conditions: (a) “auctioneer” means the firm of Mallams or its authorised auctioneer, as appropriate; (b) “deliberate forgery” means an imitation made with the intention of deceiving as to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source but which is unequivocally described in the catalogue as being the work of a particular creator and which at the date of the sale had a value materially less than it would have had if it had been in accordance with the description; (c) “hammer price” means the level of bidding reached (at or above any reserve) when the auctioneer brings down the hammer; (d) “terms of consignment” means the stipulated terms and rates of commission on which Mallams accepts instructions from sellers or their agents; (e) “total amount due” means the hammer price in respect of the lot sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax chargeable and any additional charges payable by a defaulting buyer under these Conditions; (f) “sale proceeds” means the net amount due to the seller, being the hammer price of the lot sold less commission at the stated rate, Value Added Tax chargeable and any other amounts due to us by the seller in whatever capacity and however arising; (g) “You”, “Your”, etc. refer to the buyer as identified in Condition 2. (h) The singular includes the plural and vice versa as appropriate. 2. BIDDING PROCEDURES AND THE BUYER (a) Bidders are required to register their particulars before bidding and to satisfy any security arrangements before entering the auction room to view or bid; (b) the maker of the highest bid accepted by the auctioneer conducting the sale shall be the buyer at the hammer price and any dispute about a bid shall be settled at the auctioneer’s absolute discretion by reoffering the Lot during the course of the auction or otherwise. The auctioneer shall act reasonably in exercising this discretion. (c) Bidders shall be deemed to act as principals. (2) Our right to bid on behalf of the seller is expressly reserved up to the amount of any reserve and the right to refuse any bid is also reserved. (3)The Auctioneers reserve the right to charge a deposit for certain lots. These will be indicated before the sale. 3. INCREMENTS Bidding increments shall be at the auctioneer’s sole discretion. 4. THE PURCHASE PRICE The buyer shall pay the hammer price together with a premium thereon of 20%. This premium is subject to VAT at the rate imposed by law. 5. VALUE ADDED TAX Value Added Tax on the hammer price is imposed by law on all items affixed with an asterisk or double asterisk. Value Added Tax is charged at the appropriate rate prevailing by law at the date of sale and is payable by buyers of relevant Lots. (Please refer to “Information for Buyers” for a brief explanation of the VAT position). 6. PAYMENT (1) Immediately a Lot is sold you will: (a) give to us, if requested, proof of identity, and (b) pay to us the total amount due in cash or in such other way as is agreed by us. (2) Any payments by you to us may be applied by us towards any sums owing from you to us on any account whatever without regard to any directions of you or your agent, whether express or implied. 7. TITLE AND COLLECTION OF PURCHASES (1) The ownership of any Lots purchased shall not pass to you until you have made payment in full to us of the total amount due. (2) You shall at your own risk and expense take away any lots that you have purchased and paid for not later than 3 working days following the day of the auction or upon the clearance of any cheque used for payment after which you shall be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance charges. (3) No purchase can be claimed or removed until it has been paid for. 8. REMEDIES FOR NON-PAYMENT OR FAILURE TO COLLECT PURCHASES (1) If any Lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance with these Conditions or if there is any other breach of these Conditions, we, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf, shall at our absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights we may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies: (a) to proceed against you for damages for breach of contract; (b) to rescind the sale of that Lot and/or any other Lots sold by us to you; (c) to resell the Lot (by auction or private treaty) in which case you shall be responsible for any resulting deficiency in the total amount due (after crediting any part payment and adding any resale costs). Any surplus so arising shall belong to the seller; (d) to remove, store and insure the Lot at your expense and, in the case of storage, either at our premises or elsewhere; (e) to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 1.5% per month on the total amount due to the extent it remains unpaid for more than 3 working days after the sale; (f) to retain that or any other Lot sold to you until you pay the total amount due; (g) to reject or ignore bids from you or your agent at future auctions or to impose conditions before any such bids shall be accepted; (h) to apply any proceeds of sale of other Lots due or in future becoming due to you towards the settlement of the total amount due and to exercise a lien (that is a right to retain possession of) any of your property in our possession for any purpose until the debt due is satisfied. (2) We shall, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf pursue these rights and remedies only so far as is reasonable to make appropriate recovery in respect of breach of these conditions 9. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY All members of the public on our premises are there at their own risk and must note the lay-out of the accommodation and security arrangements. Accordingly neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall incur liability for death or personal injury (except as required by law by reason of our negligence) or similarly for the safety of the property of persons visiting prior to or at a sale.


10. COMMISSION AND TELEPHONE BIDS Whilst prospective buyers are strongly advised to attend the auction and are always responsible for any decision to bid for a particular Lot and shall be assumed to have carefully inspected and satisfied themselves as to its condition we will if so instructed clearly and in writing execute bids on their behalf or by telephone. Neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall be responsible for any failure to do so save where such failure is unreasonable. Where two or more commission bids at the same level are recorded we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to prefer the first bid so made. 11. WARRANTY OF TITLE AND AVAILABILITY The seller warrants to the auctioneer and you that the seller is the true owner of the property consigned or is properly authorised by the true owner to consign it for sale and is able to transfer good and marketable title to the property free from any third party claims. 12. AGENCY The auctioneer normally acts as agent only and disclaims any responsibility for default by sellers or buyers. 13. TERMS OF SALE The seller acknowledges that Lots are sold subject to the stipulations of these Conditions in their entirety and on the Terms of Consignment as notified to the consignor at the time of the entry of the Lot. 14. DESCRIPTIONS AND CONDITION (1) Whilst we seek to describe lots accurately, it may be impractical for us to carry out exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Prospective buyers are given ample opportunities to view and inspect before any sale and they (and any independent experts on their behalf) must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any description applied to a lot. Prospective buyers also bid on the understanding that, inevitably, representations or statements by us as to authorship, genuineness, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price involve matters of opinion. We undertake that any such opinion shall be honestly and reasonably held and accept liability for opinions given negligently or fraudulently. Subject to the foregoing neither we the auctioneer nor our employees or agents nor the seller accept liability for the correctness of such opinions and all conditions and warranties, whether relating to description, condition or quality of lots, express, implied or statutory, are hereby excluded. This Condition is subject to the next following Condition concerning deliberate forgeries and applies save as provided for in paragraph 6 “information to buyers”. (2) Private treaty sales made under these Conditions are deemed to be sales by auction for purposes of consumer legislation. 15. FORGERIES Notwithstanding the preceding Condition, any Lot which proves to be a deliberate forgery (as defined) may be returned to us by you within 21 days of the auction provided it is in the same condition as when bought, and is accompanied by particulars identifying it from the relevant catalogue description and a written statement of defects. If we are satisfied from the evidence presented that the Lot is a deliberate forgery we shall refund the money paid by you for the Lot including any buyer’s premium provided that (1) if the catalogue description reflected the accepted view of scholars and experts as at the date of sale or (2) you personally are not able to transfer a good and marketable title to us, you shall have no rights under this condition. The right of return provided by this Condition is additional to any right or remedy provided by law or by these Conditions of Sale. GENERAL 16. We shall have the right at our discretion, to refuse admission to our premises or attendance at our auctions by any person. 17 (1) any right to compensation for losses liabilities and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of these Conditions and any exclusions provided by them shall be available to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate. (2). Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to be for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or the auctioneer who may themselves enforce them. 18. Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may be given by first class mail or Swiftmail in which case it shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee 48 hours after posting. 19. Special terms may be used in catalogue descriptions of particular classes of items in which case the descriptions must be interpreted in accordance with any glossary appearing at the commencement of the catalogue. 20. Any indulgence extended to bidders buyers or sellers by us notwithstanding the strict terms of these Conditions or of the Terms of Consignment shall affect the position at the relevant time only and in respect of that particular concession only; in all other respects these Conditions shall be construed as having full force and effect. 21. English law applies to the interpretation of these Conditions. ENDANGERED SPECIES LAWS Due to international laws, any item on the Endangered species list (i.e. Ivory, Rhino horn etc.), whether it dates from the 18th/19th Century or the 1930s, requires re-export permits for bidders outside the EU (CITES). Some countries also require import permits as well and all permits must be in place prior to shipment. Mallams cannot be held liable if a purchaser buys a lot that comes within this field and then import/export licences cannot be arranged. Certain countries, particularly the USA, have their own Endangered Species Act (USESA) and possession or being involved in a commercial transaction with any item on this list can be an offence for a US resident. Therefore, it is the potential buyers responsibility to check Federal regulations before bidding for a lot, which comes under these or similar regulations. Please note no license is required to sell or advertise within the EU if items are pre-1947. ONLINE BIDDING Mallams Fine Art Auctioneers offer an online bidding service via for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing the bidder registration on and providing your credit card details and unless alternative arrangements are agreed with Mallams Fine Art Auctioneers, you: 1. authorise Mallams Fine Art auctioneers, if they so wish, to charge the credit card given in part or full payment, including all fees, for items successfully purchased in the auction via, and 2. confirm that you are authorised to provide these credit card details to Mallams Fine Art Auctioneers through and agree that Mallams Fine art Auctioneers are entitled to ship the goods to the card holder name and card holder address provided in fulfilment of the sale. Please note that any lots purchased via live auction service will be subject to an additional 3% commission charge + VAT at the rate imposed on the hammer price.

Absentee Bid Form


Sale Date: .................................................................................................... Name: .......................................................................................................... Address: ....................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................................... ...................................................................

Postcode ..................................

Telephone: 1............................................. 2 ............................................... Email: ...........................................................................................................



Brief Description

Price Limit

I hereby request Mallams to bid for the lots listed herewith up to the hammer price stated. The auctioneers, on my behalf, will try to purchase lots for the lowest possible price, in accordance with the usual bidding increments and taking into account the reserve and other bids. I understand that if any bid is successful the total price payable by me is the sum of the final bid and the buyer’s premium (plus VAT). I agree that the bids are made in accordance with the Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue.


I understand that absentee bids should be with the auctioneers at least one hour before the commencement of the auction.



Date: ................................


DIRECTIONS TO ST. MICHAEL’S STREET Contrary to current thinking it is still possible to approach Mallams, St. Michael’s Street office by car Follow these simple instructions, ideally with a map to hand:





Buses only


















Eastern Zone Entry/Exit Point


Southern Zone Entry/Exit Point









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Western Zone Entry/Exit Point













Northern Zone Entry/Exit Point






From the North or East travel down Beaumont Street or Walton Street into Hythe Bridge Street and at The Royal Oxford Hotel and a complicated set of lights turn left into Park End Street (access only). Bear left into Worcester Street and right at the next set of lights into George Street - 1st right into New Inn Hall Street - 1st left into St. Michael’s Street. From the South turn right from Oxpens Road into Park End Street and from the West via Botley Road dog leg right. One small problem between 10am - 6pm there is no access into Cornmarket and vehicles over 5m in length are not permitted. We recommend that vans reverse into the street and others practice three point turns! Welcome.

The Picture Sale - 9th March 2016 (Mallams Oxford)  

A varied Antique Auction to include: Fine Painting, Prints, Maps and Miniatures.

The Picture Sale - 9th March 2016 (Mallams Oxford)  

A varied Antique Auction to include: Fine Painting, Prints, Maps and Miniatures.