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Book of trees text and photography by

Malinka Persson

” I am deeply in love with analogue b/w photography. There’s NOTHING like the grain, the various shades of grays, and the way the light wraps itself around whatever’s in the photograph..

I mean.. LOOK at it... it’s beautiful..

Malinka Persson

from a Facebook status in august 2010

This book is dedicated to all who has ever believed in me. None named, none forgotten. Thank you.

All work in this book written and photographed by Malinka Persson. All rights reserved.

When I was a child, I believed. I believed in trolls and fairies, spirits and ghosts, everything that lives beyond that which we can see. Today, I’m a grown woman, and I still believe. Perhaps a bit different, but I believe there are things that we cannot see, that are still there. I believe that the spirits grow strong in the nature that surrounds us. This is what I see when I spend time with trees. I see the spirits inside, I see the wood nymphs, I see where they live, where they ski, where they sing songs... I hope that I made you see some of the magic that goes on in the corner of your eye.

With best wishes, Malinka P. photographer

Book of trees  

B/w photography by Swedish photographer Malinka Persson.