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Relma Godfrey  

(Singles Champion)

Margaret Ginns (Runner-up) 

Kay Gesch (Marker)  

Ian Chatterton   (Singles Champion)  Jim Wiedman  (Runner-up) 

Roy Gesch (Marker)  

2018 Club Championship Singles Winners            `

MEN’S SEMI FINALS Ian Chatterton v Curley Petersen  Our second Semi Final of the 2018 Men’s Singles Club Championship  saw Ian Chatterton taking on Curley Petersen. In the opening stages saw  both bowlers playing great bowls with Ian slightly ahead 3 shots to  Curley’s 2 after 4 ends. Scores continued to reflect the closeness of the  players and by the 6th end Ian was just ahead 6 shots to Curley’s 5. By  the 14th end Ian had extended his lead to be 14 shots to 8. The next 6  ends saw limited scoring and by the 20th end Ian was ahead 19 shots to  Curley’s 10 shots. This pattern continued and by end 27 Ian was 24 shots  to Curley’s 14 shots. On the 28th end Curley was holding 2 shots with  Ian having one bowl to play. Ian picked up the jack and moved it in close  proximity of another of his bowls. End result Ian Chatterton 26 shots to  Curley Petersen’s 14 shots in a terrific display of tight competition bowls.  Well done to both players.  MEN’S SINGLES FINAL  Ian Chatterton v Jim Wiedman  The Men’s Singles Final of the 2018 Club Championship was played  between Ian Chatterton and Jim Wiedman. Both players brought great  form into the contest after some terrific matches to make it into the final.  Ian was slightly ahead 5 shots to Jim’s 3 shots by end 4. The intensity  and closeness continued with Ian remaining ahead 9 shots to Jim’s 7  shots by end 9. On end 11 Ian was still just ahead 12 shots to Jim’s 10.  Despite Jim’s best efforts Ian’s consistency was proving it’s worth with  the next 6 ends going to Ian. The score wasn’t a true indicator of the  great contest with Ian winning 25 shots to Jim’s 10. Congratulations Ian  on a great win and well done Jim for your gallant efforts. Thanks to Roy  Gesch for marking the game.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Ian Chatterton def Curley Petersen

Ian Chatterton def Jim Wiedman

2018 Men’s Singles Competition

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

LADIES SINGLES FINAL Relma Godfrey v Margaret Ginns  The Ladies Singles Final in the 2018 Club Championship was contested  between Relma Godfrey and Margaret Ginns. After 3 ends scores were  locked up at 3 shots a piece. The close battle continued with scores  locked at 10 shots each by end 12 and 15 shots each on end 20. Relma  then took a narrow lead by end 25 to be 23 shots to Margaret’s 20.  Despite a valiant effort by Margaret, Relma won the next 2 ends to take  out the final 25 shots to  Margaret’s 20 shots. What a  spectacular display of  competition bowls with both  bowlers playing terrific shots  under pressure.  Congratulations Relma on  your win and well done  Margaret for putting up such a  great effort. Thanks to Kay  Gesch for marking the game.         

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Miles Allen & Graeme Glover v   Doug McGufficke & Brett Gillis  The 2018 Men’s Pairs Club Championship kicked off with Miles Allen and  Graeme Glover teaming up to take on Doug McGufficke and Brett Gillis.  The match started off evenly with scores locked at 2 a piece on end 2.  By the sixth end Miles and Graeme were ahead 7 shots to 5. On end 11  the scores were once again locked up at 12 shots a piece. The next 6  ends were low scoring with Miles and Graeme now ahead 18 shots to  Doug and Brett still on 12. On the 17th end now needing a high score to  get back into the match saw Doug and Brett take a few risks which didn’t  quite pay off going down by 3 shots. The final end saw Doug and Brett  finish on a winning note scoring 2 shots and finally getting of the  dreaded 12 shots. Final score Miles and Graeme 21 shots to Doug and  Brett’s 14 shots.    Joseph Walters & Jim Wiedman  v   Henry Harbutt & Dennis Kyling  The second match in this years Men’s Pairs Club Championship saw Joe  Walters & Jim Wiedman up against Henry Harbutt & Dennis Kyling.  Sticking to the theme of quality bowls and close competition saw scores  locked up at 3 shots a piece after 5 ends of play. Henry & Dennis were  slightly ahead 6 shots to 5 by end 9. On end 11 Joe & Jim scored 5 shots  taking them to the lead 12 shots to 6. By the 15th end Joe & Jim were  ahead 15 shots to 10. Needing 5 shots on the final end to draw level  Henry & Dennis came agonising close scoring 4 shots. Final score Joe &  Jim 16 shots to Henry & Dennis 15 shots.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Ian Chatterton & Tom Ukkola v   Dave Austin & Gary Darcy  Ian & Tom started the match on fire and despite the efforts of Dave &  Gary who were matching them except on the scoreboard saw scores Ian  & Tom 9 shots to Dave & Gary nil on end 4. By the 8th end Ian & Tom  were ahead 15 shots to 1. Despite some great bowls and tight heads Ian  & Tom were ruthless and were leading 20 shots to 3 by the 12th end.  Putting up some resistance saw scores Ian & Tom 25 shots to Dave &  Gary’s 6 shots by end 16. Final score Ian & Tom 27 shots to Dave & Gary  7 shots.    Joseph Walters & Jim Wiedman  v   Don Ginns & Ray Pantlin  The first of our semi finals was proving to be a see sawing match with  Don & Ray leading 7 shots to Joe & Jim’s 4 shots after 4 ends. Clawing  their way back into the match Joe & Jim were leading 10 shots to 8 by  the 8th end. In a tight section of play saw Joe & Jim just ahead 13 shots  to Don & Ray 11 shots by the 11th end. On the decisive 12th end saw Joe  & Jim score 7 shots and skip ahead with scores now 20 shots to 11.  Momentum continued with final score Joe & Jim 28 shots to Don & Ray  13 shots.    Ian Chatterton & Tom Ukkola  v   Miles Allen & Graeme Glover  The second of our semi finals saw Ian & Tom just ahead 4 shots to Miles  & Graeme’s 2 shots on the 3rd end. In a low scoring game saw Ian & Tom

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

6 shots to Miles & Graeme 3 shots on the 6th end. By end 10 Ian & Tom lead 11 shots to 4. On the 15th end Miles & Graeme scored 4 shots with  scores now Ian & Tom 16 to Miles & Graeme’s 8 shots. Final score Ian &  Tom 19 shots to Miles & Graeme 9 shots.    MEN’S PAIRS FINAL  Joe Walters & Jim Wiedman  v   Ian Chatterton & Tom Ukkola  In what promised to be a close match saw some terrific bowls played in  the final of the Men’s 2018 Pairs Club Championship. High quality bowls  was on display and as predicted the closeness of competition saw  scores locked up at 5 shots a piece after 5 ends of play. Joe & Jim were  slightly ahead 12 shots to 10 by end 11. On end 18 scores were locked up  at 16 shots each which required a play off end to decide the winners.  Final end saw Joe & Jim score 2 shots to win the match 18 shots to Ian &  Tom’s gallant 16 shots.   

Miles Allen & Graeme Glover def Doug McGufficke & Brett Gillis

Joe Walters & Jim Wiedman def Don Ginns & Ray Pantlin 

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Joe Walters & Jim Wiedman def Ian Chatterton & Tom Ukkola

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Mixed Pairs will be played in August 2018.  

Open Fours will be played in August 2018.  'Open' means men, ladies or mixed.   

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in 2018 Clu Cha n ip Ful Mem s el le to p a

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Ple su r o r lo Spo r an te t e yo ar f o Mal Bow Clu

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

It was terrific to see locals Luke, Dave, Mick, Peter, Lilly and Gail enjoying their first lawn bowls experience having noticed we were open on  Saturday afternoon and coming in and asking to have a roll. Bar  volunteer Judith was delighted to welcome the new bowlers on the  green with club member Gary Darcy obliging by setting up a rink and  offering instructions on how to play.  They all showed they had the skill to play, some being more competitive  than the others, but just as important was the laughter and enjoyment  coming from the rink. A fun time was had by all and we look forward to  seeing them again on Wednesday Twilight Bowls or next Saturday  afternoon from 2:30pm where new bowlers are always welcome. 

Wednesday Twilight Bowls is social triples competition.  6:00pm BBQ 6:30pm start bowling 8:30pm games finish   followed by fun presentations - 9:00pm event completed  Cost is $13 includes BBQ Burger, Green Fees and Bowls supplied.   


s an New Bow s Wel

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

to Pla

It was terrific to host Sunnybank Church of Christ youth group on a Saturday afternoon when they enjoyed barefoot bowls at our club. 24  players had a ton of fun – thanks to our volunteers Joe & Gary for  making them feel so welcome. We cater for all types of groups including  bus tours, wedding parties, birthdays, work functions, youth groups,  visitors and locals alike – contact the club for bookings.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552


13 Jul 2018 6p to 8p  

Cli Her to Jo n Us  

We will be conducting a free wine tasting at Maleny Bowls Club with Members, Guest and Visitors welcome to attend.  Featured wines are from DeBortoli Willowglen and Vivo on premises  only range (not available from bottle shops) that are being considered for  our future wine list.  Bar will be operating for beer lovers and you can even have a game of  twilight bowls - no previous experience required.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Our monthly Board meeting was held on Monday 9 July 2018 with Graeme Glover, Jim Wiedman, Dennis Kyling, Judith Lees, Kay Gesch,  and Brett Gillis in attendance.  Apology: Bryan Fripp and Joe Walters. 

Items discussed and actioned include: ● Defibrillator  Club to acquire a defibrillator. Graeme to make enquiries about  possibility of obtaining funding through a grant otherwise club will  buy unit.    ● Stereo & PA System  Dennis to purchase new stereo unit within budget of $300.    ● Friday Scroungers  Moved: G.Glover and Seconded: D.Kyling that Scroungers: [a] has  unlimited scope for handicaps (no upper or lower levels) so as allow  for all abilities; [b] names in by 2.00pm for a 2.30 pm start; [c]  Members’ draw to occur at 5.00pm, and [d] introduction of [a], [b]  and [c] occurs on Friday 27th July so as to allow sufficient notice of  changes to participants. Agreed.    ● Keg Beer  Draught beer for sale in the club will be restricted to that purchased  through Malt Shovel. This is to ensure that our written commitment  in respect of purchases is honoured. The same process will occur  for wine purchases once current stocks, especially bottled wines,  have been exhausted.    ● Garden Maintenance  Big thanks to volunteers who care for our gardens with weeding of  garden on western edge recently undertaken. Gardens look great.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

● WorkPlace Health and Safety Issues Dennis covered first aid kit, workplace bullying and provided a chart  outlining Risk Assessment/Management.    ● New Wine Selection  In absence of Bryan (Provider), Treasurer Brett advised that a  representative of De Bortoli wines recently met with Chairman  Graeme, Deputy Chairman Jim and Secretary Joe on what wines  were available for purchase and prices of same. A tasting of a  range of various wines, that might well appeal to club wine drinkers,  will be provided free of charge for a wine tasting on Friday 13th July  after Scroungers.    ● Qld Caravanning Club Visit  Queensland Caravan Club will be using the club’s facilities on  Sunday 15th July for a game of bowls and a burger. Graeme and  Judith have volunteered to assist with this activity.    ● Plum Pudding Day  Moved G. Glover and Seconded by B. Gillis that a committee  comprising K. Gesch, J. Lees, R. Pantlin and B.Fripp will oversee  Plum Pudding Day to be held on Thursday 8th November.   Cost will be $100 per team of 4 players    ● Bradley Doneman, Charice Yap, Sam Price, Mick Dodwell, David  Whimp and Steve Ellett welcomed as new Social Members.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Friday 27th July 2018 the following changes will come into effect for Friday afternoon Scroungers:  Unlimited scope for handicaps (no upper or lower levels) so as allow for  all abilities.  Names in by 2.00pm for a 2.30 pm start.   

Due to changes to start time for Friday afternoon Scroungers (2.00pm for  a 2.30 pm start) our Members’ draw from 27 July will now be at 5.00pm.  We have a Cash

Jackpot as part of our members Friday night

draw - remember Full & Social Members receive free entry into all draws.


$50   Vouchers 


$20 Vouchers 

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Tuesday 12 June 2018 was a day where luck was to play a major part for any real win. Some thought it could never happen. Some say they never  have enough luck, others think it’s a myth. But no, who should we see  have a change in fortunes and have some luck, you may have guessed it  , no not Joe Walters but as some might say that lucky John Kapetanic.  Relma Godfrey and John played the correct amount of good and bad  shots to have the exact margin as required plus 6 to win $200 in the  lucky jackpot. That is absolute skill mixed with correct amount of luck  and not often achieved. Congratulations to Relma and John on your  winnings and see you both back next week to repeat the performance.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

What an outstanding first half the year for our club. So much has been achieved by so many for the betterment of all at the club. To give for the  good of all members can never be overstated.   I take this time to acknowledge those who have passed. They will be  missed but never forgotten. Always a valued member of the MBC family  they will be.   As we just complete the end of financial year I would like to report to all  the members on our strong financial position and continued forward  thinking plans and governance that will certainly future proof our club for  many years to come.   It is great to be cash positive as well as having made so many  improvements. As a board we have promised and delivered on being  very open in all our areas of governance and I thank each of my board  members for their robust debate in achieving this aim for our members.  Thus making the club the place it is for all where every opinion is valued  and all people welcome.   We as a board have worked hard at making the club the place you would  all want it to be. We thank you for your support and continued  contribution both on the green or in the clubhouse.  The board has signed off on all the acquittal for our bar redevelopment  and the grants won to assist in this wonderful development for all of our  community. This wonderful facility sets us apart as a venue now and one  we can all be proud of as a member.  The feature of our club that pleases me as Chairman most is the  development of our volunteer skill set. We are now a truly self managing  group capable of running this small business very efficiently with a truly  viable future. A real achievement for bowls clubs as we look around in

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

the current climate.   No club can remain viable without a wonderful set of volunteers and we  at MBC are no exception. To all who give in any way a big thank you for  your contribution in so many ways at the club.   As a club the culture of being the best we can within our budget guided  by good governance depicted by clarity of purpose and open  communication has enabled this position for us at MBC.   To all members we as a board appreciate your support and input and I  make the promise that you communicate any concerns in writing and we  will acknowledge such contributions to the good governance of the club.  What we have all achieved and continue to do with such a small but  vibrant group is something we can all be proud of in meeting our own  commitments as well as those with our fellow hinterland bowls clubs  .That is what makes us number one for so many.  Thank you all for being who you are as it is those differences, strengths  and weaknesses that makes our club such a great community facility  used by so many. MBC members....a big well done, onward and upward.  Keep rolling up.  Graeme Glover  Chairman Maleny Bowls Club   

We we m al ne me bo es


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al t o w o vo


8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Fabulous start to wearing our new club shirts with our team of Jim Wiedman, Graeme Glover, Miles Allen and Joe Walters being first round  winners at Kilcoy Fours on Wednesday. Looking great team and well  done in representing Maleny Bowls Club at our neighbouring clubs on a  regular basis – these relationships are terrific for our club.   New shirts  available at the  club for $40 which  includes your  name embroidery.  Contact Secretary  Joe Walters to  place an order.   

Since the re-introduction of keg beer 4 weeks ago we have finished our  first full keg of XXXX Gold. We have sold the equivalent of 2 kegs (XXXX  Gold, XXXX Bitter, Hahn Super Dry,  Hahn Premium Light) during the first  month of operation which is a great  start. As well as proving very popular  keg beer has seen a huge 63%  reduction in refuse (empty stubby  beers) as well as savings for our  volunteer bar staff in stocking fridges  and carting refuse to the bins.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Club Championship Singles - Ian Chatterton, Jim Wiedman, Margaret Ginns & Relma Godfrey. 

Jim Wiedman, Graeme Glover, Miles Allen &   Joe Walters wearing new club shirts. 

Men’s Club Championship Singles players   Gary Darcy congratulating Ian Chatterton on his win. 

Monthly Monday Jackpot Pairs includes visiting teams from Kilcoy, Woodford & Mapleton.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Maleny Bowls Clubs FREE Mobile App is now available. We encourage members to make use of our free mobile app to interact in club activity.  Home, Bookings, Calendar, Club Championships, Latest News,  Twilight Bowls, Newsletter, Member Activity, Sponsors, Messages,  Blog, Videos, Record Message, Send Photo, Gallery, Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter, Website, Subscribe, Pay Membership, Contact Us,  About, How It Works 

Dow d Fre Mal Bow Clu Mob Ap   b c i k on li be    



8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Please contact our events director Chairman Graeme Glover by email with details including availability,  requirements and cost.   

Weekly Tuesday morning bowls 8.00 for an 8.30 start. The format will  generally be 2-4-2 if playing pairs.   Members and visiting bowlers welcome.    Monthly 4th Monday afternoon bowls 12:00pm for 12:30pm start.

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552


2:30pm for 3:00pm start 27 July 2pm for 2:30pm start   

Singles play - 4 bowls

Winning shot 3pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1pt  

$12 includes rink winner prizes

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552




9 Mapleton Pairs  12:30pm     

10 Members  Jackpot Pairs  8:00am     

11 Kilcoy Fours  10:30am    Twilight Bowls  6:00pm 


13 Scroungers  Challenge  2:30pm  Members  Draw 5:30pm  Wine Tasting  6:00pm 


15 Qld  Caravan  Club visit 


17 Members  Jackpot Pairs  8:00am 

18 Woodford  Triples  10:30am    Twilight Bowls  6:00pm 


20 Scroungers  Challenge  2:30pm    Members  Draw 5:30pm 



23 Monthly  Jackpot Pairs 

24 Members  Jackpot Pairs  8:00am 

25 Twilight Bowls  6:00pm 


27 Scroungers  Challenge  2:00pm    Members  Draw 5:00pm 



30 Mapleton Pairs  12:30pm     

31 Members  Jackpot Pairs  8:00am 



3 Scroungers  Challenge  2:00pm    Members  Draw 5:00pm 



6 Mapleton Pairs  12:30pm     

7 Members  Jackpot Pairs  8:00am     

8 Kilcoy Fours  10:30am    Twilight Bowls  6:00pm 


10 Scroungers  Challenge  2:00pm    Members  Draw 5:00pm 





Twilight Bowls 6:00pm   




AWAY GAMES IN JULY/AUGUST 2018  Mapleton Pairs, Monday 6th August 12.30 for 1.00 pm, 2 x 12 ends.  Kilcoy Fours, Wednesday 8th August 10.30 for 11.00 am, 2 x 13 ends.  Woodford Triples, Wed 18th July 10.30 for 11.00 am, 2 x 13 ends.  Bowlers interested to either write their names on the list at the club or preferable  call Joe on 0401 987 900 or email him at

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

You must be present at the club at 5.30 pm on Fridays to win great prizes if your number is drawn out. From 27 July draw will be 5:00pm.    We have a Cash

Jackpot as part of our members Friday night

draw - remember Full & Social Members receive free entry into all draws.               

$50 Vouchers  

$20 Vouchers   

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Maple Street  Meats 

15/06  Simon Moore  $20  22/06  Lucy Oldfield  Voucher  29/06  Margaret Ginns  6/07  Ben Fawns 

  15/06  Kay Gesch  Brouhaha  $50  22/06  Gary Darcy  Brewery  Voucher  29/06  David Burgess  6/07  Alan Lange 

Watsons  Garage 

15/06  Mo Lawrence  $20  22/06  Curley Petersen  Voucher  29/06  Joe Walters  6/07  David Coffey 

Daylily  Nursery 

15/06  Beth Glover  $50  22/06  Don Ginns  Voucher  29/06  Lucy Oldfield  6/07  David Burgess 

Purple  Palate 

15/06  Ken Smith  $20  22/06  Gail Turner  Voucher  29/06  Harold Hopper  6/07  John Kapatenic 

Maleny  Bowls Club  Money    Board 

$25   $25  $25  $25 

15/06 22/06  29/06  6/07 

Relma Godfrey Jim Wiedman  Margaret Ginns  David Burgess 

Maleny Bowls Club  Cash    Jackpot 

$70 $10  $20  $30 

15/06 22/06  29/06  6/07 

Bryan Fripp Ron Wiskar  Ian Dickson  Ray Ellmore

8 Bunya Street, Maleny, 4552

Newsletter2018 07  

Maleny Bowls Club's July 2018 Newsletter with latest news, activities and calendar of events.

Newsletter2018 07  

Maleny Bowls Club's July 2018 Newsletter with latest news, activities and calendar of events.