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Welcome to YOUR Village Voice September


Well, this summer has felt more like being out on parole than the promised get-out-of-jailfree. The weather has been British (reliably unreliable, with just one week of somebody trotting out ‘bit warm for you?’) and going overseas was just too confusing for most of us to risk. If you were caught by the pingdemic, test and trace or worse, actually caught the virus, it was an immediate go to jail, do not collect £200. A lovely week with friends in Cloudy Kent for us Stuarts! Still, I’m sure most of us managed at some point to catch up with friends and family without sticking to the distant waves and virtual hugs that social distancing mandated – we had a teenager let loose on the nightclub scene for the first time and finally got our first

& Since ‘05

positive Covid case. Teenager no2 is residing in a tent at the Reading Festival this weekend so it won’t be a massive shock if case no2 is just around the corner… But – sanitised fingers crossed – let’s hope further incarceration is off the cards. I am just really grateful I’m still running my magazine business, mainly through the support of all you lovely readers for the advertisers, and look forward to be able to return to printing details of local clubs, events and news – so send them in! And if you’d like to find out more about advertising, just give me a call. Remember, we deliver to most homes every second month but if it’s not delivered to you, you can read it on your phone, tablet or PC or collect a copy from Waitrose, The Malden Centre, Suttles or New Malden library.

Jenny Since ‘08

Deadline for our October editions is 20th September

Published by Malden Media Ltd Editor Jenny Stuart 020 8336 2915 36 Rosebery Avenue KT3 4JS Please note that the opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor. All advertisements are commercial and not indicative of any endorsement by the editor who accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered directly or indirectly by any reader as a result of any advertisement or notice published in this magazine. All in-house artwork and editorial presented in this magazine remains the copyright of Malden Media Ltd. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored on any retieval system, or transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical. recording, photocopying, or otherwise without prior permission from the Publisher.


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New Malden History It’s for you two by Robin Gill Carrying on with the article which appeared in the July edition of the Village Voice concerning companies and residents who were first listed with telephone numbers for the Malden (MAL) exchange which was established in 1907. Telephones then were wall mounted and would not have a dial. They were operated by a crank hand at the side of the apparatus which connected you with the operator who got your number for you. Telephone dials were a much later invention and some phones still have them. I understand these will be phased out within the “next few years”. Dials started to be replaced by push button phones for the home market in the 1960s. The sixties also saw the invention of the answerphone which could also record messages if you were not available. The 1980s saw the arrival of the cordless phone enabling you to move around the house while carrying and talking through the receiver. The phones had a limited range but paved the way for the mobile phone so in use today. Hope For Malden 1907 saw the installation of a phone at one of the shops in Railway Approach (recently demolished) the business of George Sidney Bates an estate agent and auctioneer. MAL 21 changed to 2111 in the late 1930s but the agency remained in situ until after the Second World War, but suffered from bombing in the 1940s. Bates died in 1976 after the family had moved to 50 Westbury Road. They originally lived in Fairholm in Blagdon Road (no 62), before moving to Kings Avenue (No 77) a house called Esperanza which means “hope” when translated from the Spanish. On his books, £700 could buy a semi-detached villa in New Malden with four large bedrooms, two reception rooms, kitchen and scullery. The property came with a large garden planted with fruit trees. John George Bridgewater of Old Malden House (a large property formerly in Old Malden Lane) was the possessor of telephone MAL 22. Bridgewater was a grocer and manufacturer of Bridgewater Biscuits which was famous for the wafer biscuits it produced. He died in 1933 in Edenbridge in Kent and I quote from his obituary “He was very well known in Surrey circles. and bore a most charming personality and genial nature,


which made him beloved all that knew him, whilst his charitableness was proverbial, although always given unostentatiously.” A charming story is told of Bridgewater’s youngest son Thomas who was aged just 6½ in 1908. As has been mentioned in a previous article the Venture a stagecoach which journeyed between London and Brighton on regular basis in the summer months used to travel down the lane. The arrival of the coach and horses was heralded by the sound of the coach horn blown by Walter Godden the champion horn blower of England who was regularly onboard. This was answered by Thomas, (who had rushed out of the house) on his bugle, which in turn was acknowledged by the driver Mr Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt the owner of the stagecoach was so impressed by the boy’s enthusiasm, that on one occasion he stopped and Thomas was presented with a new coach horn by Godden on which was written “From an old guard to a little sportsman” Thomas was delighted, and used the horn to greet the coach on all subsequent arrivals. Bridgewater’s eldest son took a completely different career path and became an actor mainly at the Aldwych Theatre under the stage name Kenneth Cove. When film and television came more popular, he had minor parts in some Tony Hancock television shows, and a small role in the film “The Evil Of Frankenstein” with Peter Cushing in the 1960s. Prosperous undertaking? MAL 23 was the telephone number given to Charles Farebrother & Son Undertakers. An announcement in the Surrey Comet (20th June 1906) had stated that Farebrother was opening in New Malden at 27/29 Malden Road. This was opposite the Town Hall (now Waitrose) and not far from Fredk Paines who were in Coombe Road. This may have prompted Paine to open in Kingston at 24 London Road nearly opposite Farebrothers in October 1907. This property in Kingston had for over 40 years belonged to Edward Simpson an established greengrocer/fruiterer specialising in potatoes who had died in early 1907. Farebrother’s venture into Malden did not last long, but Paines are still in London Road. Paines acquired Farebrothers

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themselves in the 1990s. MAL 25. Benjamin (Hitchen) Bayliss lived for a short while (1907-1910) at the White House in Acacia Grove. He was an India Rubber Dealer but little else in known about him and his family who moved to Merton in 1911. Elwyn Russell Polden’s home was a large house called Cranleigh in Thetford Road. He began work on the railway system in 1878 aged just 13. When he was 20 years old, he added another 5 years to his “official” age to enable him to get the job of district traffic superintendent on the Manchester Bury Rochdale and Oldham Steam Tramways He was the first chairman of Maynards Ltd, and head of Gale and Polden printers best known for publishing books on military matters. His phone number at Thetford Road was MAL 26.

Worcester Park Life / Maldon Village Voice Station estate Half page MAL 27 would have connected you to the office of FG 125 x 90mm Wheatly & Son. Wheatleys were responsible for the development of the “Station Estate” in New Malden. The sale of the first building plots was initially on May

1st 1901 at 7 o’clock in the evening. But this sale was subsequently postponed for a year taking place on 5th May 1902 at 2.30pm when some 90 plots were put up for sale. The sale was held in a marquee in a field on the estate, and the bidding went very well. It was very civilised, with lunch served beforehand. Plots in Dukes Avenue, Howard Road, and Kings Avenue were sold, though some others were reserved for shops. The close proximity of the railway station ensured the plots went for approximately £100 each with space for gardens in the rear. Most of the later sales were conducted at the Royal Oak. The advent of electric trains and a tram service to Kingston and Wimbledon proved a bonus to sales on the estate, and building was heavy throughout the early 1900s. The majority of the plots had been sold by August 1908 and Wheatly vacated the office at Station Approach leaving behind the surveyor Arthur Francis Timbs who also inherited the telephone. Mr Timbs died in 1919.

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Curtis & Co were fishmongers and poulterers with branches around the local area including the Market Place in New Malden where MAL 28 was based.

Milk and meetings MAL 29 was the Worcester Park Dairy was originally part of the North Surrey Dairy and Poultry Farms Group which supplied Milk, Cream, Butter, Eggs and Poultry, together with Hay Straw and Oats from Manor Farm, New House Farm, the Devonshire Dairy, and other outlets in Hampton Wick and Epsom. The shop which was at 3 Coombe Parade (recently demolished) rented out its first-floor room which was used as a

spacious tea room, to The Malden Young Men’s Bible Class originally run by Mr James Hurst of Chestnut Grove, together with Mr Hugh Cran, and later Mr Graham Spicer. In 1905 the class moved into a room above a shop owned by Mr Nicholas Pearce a draper, forerunner of Mr Tudor Williams the founder of the former High Street store. It wasn’t until September 1911 when the Holy Trinity Church closed down, that he (Spicer) was able to buy that building, and turn it into the institute which stood next to the Town Hall. The upstairs also paid host to Freemasons (Dobie Lodge) suppers, and meetings of one of the local football clubs Malden Wednesday. The shop also provided a convenient finishing point for the various walking races held in the area, it was also a place where walkers could change and store their clothes safely. It later became the home of the local Athletic Club Surrey AC. Later the business became part of Marshall’s dairy and changed their final address to 17 Coombe Road. Supplies later were from Potters Farm (Kingston Road) and Hoppingwood Farm (Hoppingwood Avenue). Illustrations 1) George Sidney Bates 2)Vanderbilt and Godden with the Venture stagecoach 3) Worcester Park Dairy in Coombe Road



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New Malden Rotary New beginnings for high streets With our shops and restaurants open again, a walk down New Malden High Street, with people talking and relaxing under pavement awnings, makes things look almost a return to the pre-Covid normality we all took for granted. Nevertheless, high streets up and down the country have been facing huge challenges as a result of the growth of online shopping and changing lifestyles. Talk of the ‘death’ of UK High Streets might be premature but it clear that things are beginning to change, and Covid has enormously added to those pressures. What’s happening in New Malden New Malden is not immune to these changes. But there are moves afoot. As part of their response Kingston Council with the GLA launched a high streets recovery fund. This offered the opportunity for businesses and community groups to put forward projects and bid for grants, all with the specific aim of helping the local economy. New Malden Rotary, working with other local community groups and individuals was successful in our own joint submissions. These aim to make the High Street a more vibrant and attractive location through the addition of banners and tree lighting which will extend the existing lighting in St George’s Square., making the High Street visually more attractive, and providing a more attractive environment for the night time economy.


Additionally, the Council is creating a new ‘town square’ on development land adjacent to Cocks Crescent. The work, which will also include a ‘pocket park’ and an enhanced link to Burlington Road, is just underway and should be completed in time for the Christmas festive celebrations. Although this will be a temporary affair until the main Cocks Crescent development is completed some years hence, it will provide space for events and stalls as well as an everyday meeting point. With St George’s Square as a location already in use, and with the High Street and Blagdon Road as a ‘thread’ between the two, the opportunity exists to make the centre of our town a genuine hub for community activities. If in turn this makes New Malden a more attractive destination for residents and visitors alike, the increased footfall should benefit our local shops and perhaps attract other businesses to take up residence in a ‘virtuous circle’.

Community involvement ‘Virtuous circles’ of course do not appear like magic. They require planning, development, volunteers, hard work and, above all, the enthusiasm of the community to use what is there. So it will be ‘acorns and oaks’; small beginnings leading to bigger opportunities. But St George’s Square, the High Street and the town square create linked environments our communities can use right at the heart of New Malden. Looking ahead With other actions also in development – the refurbishing the Fountain roundabout and New Malden Resident’s Association looking to adopt New Malden station – the creation of a more coherent and cohesive environment offers the opportunity for 2021 not only to take us away from the blight and isolation of the last two years but also into a new and community led environment. To refer to New Malden as ‘the Village’ is often rejected as being quaint, bizarre and perhaps even backward looking. With the ‘village’ as an idea of community, though, the term starts to have more resonance. And it is that sense of community, and pride in our communities – both commercial or cultural – that we want to keep strong and develop. For any information on the new High Street initiatives and on the new town square and how it can be used by groups, together with any ideas and thoughts you have as to how to improve New Malden to the benefit of its residents, you can contact For more information on New Malden Rotary go to,uk

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Could you be our next Glynne? Changing professions was the best thing I ever did. I joined Home Instead in June 2018. After my training I was introduced to my first client, whom I still visit. She is such an interesting person and has done so much in her 90 years. In September 2018, I met another client. The first time I met Jack I was very impressed. I could not believe this man was 100! This was the start of an amazing friendship and journey that has taught me so much about myself and what a difference I can make in someone else’s life. Through our time together, Jack has become a valued friend and a big part of my life. It is a great joy for me to see what a difference I have made and how appreciative he is. I help Jack with lots of his daily needs including help with his showering and dressing, to making him meals or simply reheating the heating pad to ease his back pain or accompanying him to his various appointments.

Jack keeps on saying how lucky he is that I came into his life, but it is me who is the lucky one.

Would you like a job like Glynne’s? Give our recruiter a call on 020 8942 4137 or email to see if CAREGiving is something you could do too! Each Home Instead® franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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Malden Wanderings Back in the game by Jim Hunter Malden Wanderers has enjoyed a very successful return to a full cricket season. At the time of writing, 31 teams have played more than 300 matches since April. That feels like some achievement given the changeable weather and ongoing challenges of isolation pings, reschedulings and cancellations. Such a volume of cricket is thanks to the hard work of a small army either side of the boundary rope who all enable it to happen, from ground staff and fixture organisers to players (and the much-appreciated support of their families). However, with only two home pitches we are somewhat challenged for space now! To that end, we’re very grateful for being able to host some home games on local grounds such as Richard Challoner School and Wimbledon Rugby Club. The club has had an exceptional return to form in results, too. The senior 1st team currently top the Surrey Championship first division - 14 wins in 16 games to date have left us close to a return to the top flight following a keenly felt absence of eight years. A little help from our overseas player, Zac Elkin, has played its part: 788 runs from 13 innings with four hundreds and two fifties. The 2nd XI are also top of their Division 1 by a massive 100 points, having secured promotion in mid-August. Incredibly, the 3rd XI currently top their division too, having experienced a similarly impressive promotionsecuring run. A strong senior showing is completed with the 4th XI third in their division and still in with a shout of elevation. Another cause for celebration this year is the launch of new teams. The senior 5th XI has entered a league for the first time; its solid showing reflecting the club’s growth and strength. It’s important to note that young women are now contributing to our senior teams, with women’s participation expected to grow with the addition of new sides, including Malden Robins. The Robins have had a hugely positive first year in the women’s Surrey Slam,


winning three of seven matches to date, all the while proudly sporting the first incarnation of our new coloured kit - which we hope to see other club teams wearing next year. Our younger teams have also performed well in junior cricket, with something like twice as many junior games compared with four or five years ago, and a record-breaking 280plus young cricketers signed up. A new Under-9s squad is fielding teams for matches, another first in 2021. Several of our junior teams have progressed well in their respective cup competitions, with many enjoying success in the first year of the newly formed Surrey Junior Cricket Championship League. We take great pride in our junior cricket supplying players for our senior teams. Don’t forget to come and see what we have to offer at the club. Maybe you - or someone you know fancies playing a part in our bright future. ‘im indoors is Communications Officer at Malden Wanderers PS It has been brought to the club’s attention that our previous article might have caused offence due to some of the wording – for which please accept an unreserved apology. The club hopes the spirit of the article was clear in conveying the need for greater diversity in sports like cricket - for the good of all.


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Clubs St James’s Players 2 one act comedies Have you missed going to live theatre? Local drama group, St James’s Players, are very happy to be able to meet again and are staging 2 one act comedies from Weds 6- Sat 9 October at 7.45pm at St James’s church hall, Bodley Road, New Malden KT3 5QD. They would love you to join the audience for “Womberang” by Sue Townsend, a comedy set in the waiting room of a hospital gynaecology clinic, when in breezes Rita Onions. She has a complete lack of respect for authority and her joyous anarchy spreads throughout her fellow patients. While waiting for her doctor’s appointment she manages to sort out everyone’s personal problems while demolishing the officious hospital staff. This will be followed by “Getting Away” – life is stressful so Claire decides she needs a relaxing break in the sun. She books a self-catering apartment to get away from it all. But unfortunately she cannot choose her fellow holidaymakers who she is forced to meet in the airport lounge whilst waiting for the

Baby 1.




According to the lyrics of the traditional lullaby Hush Little Baby, what is the first thing that “mama’s gonna buy you”? Joe Wicks is well known for a series of cookbooks called Lean In 15. What similar title did he use for a 2020 book that advised on how to take a baby from breastfeeding, through first foods, to enjoying family mealtimes? Before falling out to make way for adult teeth, most children develop a full set of how many baby teeth?

delayed flight. Both situations will make you laugh! Tickets cost £10 and can be booked via the St James’s Players website or by phoning 07747 818920 (open Mon-Fri 10am – 4pm; outside of these hours please leave a message). As far as possible, all performances follow Covid-19 Government guidelines. Seating is socially distanced with a gap of at least one seat between each booking. Masks are not mandatory but recommended. Contactless payments are preferred for ticket purchases on the door and interval refreshments.


Commonly known as “dummy” in the UK, what is the common name in the USA for an item that is used by a baby to suck on and consists of a teat, a mouth shield and a handle?


What number one hit single with “baby” in the title was due to have a six-word title before two words were dropped as record company executives were worried that it might be seen to condone domestic violence?


In which film did Arnold Swarzennegger famously say “Hasta la vista, baby”?


Is a bush baby?... a) a primate; b) a marsupial; or c) a rodent?


The song Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice samples the bassline of which 1981 number one hit single?


What name is given to a birth where the baby is born bottom first instead of head first?

10. Who played the “three men” in the 1987 film Three Men And A Baby?

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We caught up with one of our new clients, Neil Dickins, to show him around his new property. Within three weeks of the house purchase we did all external work identified by the survey as needing attention and internal beautification to bring it up to spec before the first guests arrived. Tell us a little about yourself? “I fell in love with theatre whilst at McMaster Uni in Canada, and was told I must go to London. I duly came to study Shakespeare but became ensnared in the thorns of an English rose (the red of Lancashire version) and never left.” What do you do? “I founded Intellectual Capital Resources (IC Resources) 22 years ago to focus on ‘deep tech’ recruitment (all the tech that’s in your phone, or a satellite, or an electric car….ie everything except IT). The company is now 70 people with offices in Reading, London, Munich, China and the US.” What were you hoping to achieve when making an investment with BTLH? “I make very high risk, seed stage investments in tech companies, and wanted an investment to balance my portfolio. Like all assets, property values fluctuate but the likely downside compared to stocks (or early stage companies!!) is lower.” Why did you choose BTLH? “For me the most critical word in seeking success is ‘niche’. I loved the niche, under-represented ‘mid-term let’ idea as outlined by Adrian. My due diligence consisted of meeting his business partners Alex and Lucy, who also impressed me greatly and convinced me that the company was solid and would deliver on its promises. The great thing about the space that BTLH has carved out for itself is that it needs a particular kind of focus and attention, which I don’t think potential competitors

will understand even if they try to emulate BTLH. The other reason, of course, is that the ROI makes sense.” What has your experience been working with BTLH? “Excellent from the outset. I’m 100% confident that the outstanding service levels will continue. We’ve also rented the house out for an excellent mediumterm rental even before it has been listed, which I’m sure is a positive portent of things to come.” Any advice to someone else who might find themselves in your situation? “Call me to invest in some crazy risky early stage tech companies. Eschew sensible investments like BTLH!” So… if you find yourself looking for an investment all piquant with crazy risk and excitement, contact Neil Dickins direct to hand over your hard-earned cash for him to invest in some dodgy early stage tech companies – and if you feel more like Neil, then get in touch with BTLH and see if we can find you a little gem like his so you can make a sensible investment. Neil’s parting words to us were: “I might start thinking about my next project with you guys…” You heard it here first! Can BTLH help you find the perfect property? Get in touch and have a chat: 020 7550 9396 or For more information check out Quadrant Road, Richmond, London, TW9 1DH

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Folk Law from Pearson Hards Moving on... The housing market is very active at the moment. Estate Agents say that this is because people are looking for more space both inside and outside the property, so that they can work from home in more comfort. The agents expect the current boom to continue for at least another year. So, if you are thinking of moving, what are the top tips for a successful sale? Getting prepared for the move is important. Collecting up all the relevant documents and information at the start can save a lot of time and effort later. During the course of a transaction sellers’ solicitors have to provide all sorts of information to the buyers’ solicitors. If you have started to pack up your home because a sale has been agreed, it can be very frustrating to have to search through boxes to find that double glazing guarantee. It is even worse to find out that you have just turfed it out with a load of other papers that you thought were unnecessary! Your solicitor can advise you on what papers and information you will need to collect, and can even provide the forms that you will have to fill in when a buyer is found. It is definitely worth speaking with your solicitor at an early stage so the groundwork can be done ready. Choosing the right estate agent for you is essential. It is sensible to ask two or three agents around to value the property. It gives you a chance to get to know each agent’s style and personality. If one particular style doesn’t gel with you, it is better to know that straight away, rather than once you are committed to having to work with that firm. There is a wide range of choice of agents in any area. To create a shortlist think about how experienced the agents are in your area. Have friends or neighbours used a particular firm? What was their experience? These days it is possible to look at comparison websites to see how each agent performs in terms of speed of sale, accuracy of asking price and numbers of property listed in your area. Getting the right asking price is crucial. It is very easy to be swayed by an agent who values your property at a much higher price than others. If this means that the property is over-priced, it will take longer to sell and probably you will have to accept a reduction in


the asking price to attract a buyer anyway. Reputable estate agents are now willing to offer evidence as to other similar properties that have sold recently to support their valuation. Estate agents can also advise whether it is worthwhile carrying out repairs or redecoration to present a property in its best light. Very often redecoration is not necessary, as buyers will have their own ideas about the style of décor, and your tastes may not match theirs. It is definitely worth spending time de-cluttering and making your home look as presentable and attractive as possible. One of the first things that estate agents do is take photographs of your property. Pictures of a tidy, well-lit and presented home can be very important to the final outcome. Here are some things to bear in mind when preparing your home for sale: • To make the house light and airy keep the curtains and blinds open, so each room has the maximum amount of light • Make sure the bathroom is clean, tidy and clutter-free. Keep the shower screens clean and make sure that any mouldy grouting is dealt with. And gentlemen – keep the loo seat down! • The kitchen is often the focal point of the home. Declutter it as much as possible. Put away appliances that are not used very often. Make sure that the worktops and splashbacks are clean and tidy. • Make sure that the glass in windows and doors is kept clean. • Keep the garden neat and tidy. If the front garden looks attractive when a potential buyer arrives that is a great start to their viewing. The back garden is also important – keep the grass mown and hedges cut. It might also be worth mending a rickety fence and definitely get rid of rubbish that has accumulated over the years. At Pearson Hards we have an experienced and expert residential conveyancing team, with good relations with many of the local estate agents. If you are thinking of selling, please do call to chat with us and get the latest advice. Please call Hatice Mustafa or Natalie Goddard on 020 8949 9500. It will be time well spent

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Family law A5 Perforated Leaflet, Portrait

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Employment Residential Property Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney

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Bored of baking fairy cakes? Help your kids’ cooking skills reach the next level with our easy recipes. Top tips before you start This is a great time to start teaching your child about food hygiene and safety. Even toddlers can quickly learn that they need to wash their hands before cooking and not to touch the hob when it’s on. Older children can learn how to use an oven glove and knife, why it’s important to clean surfaces and so on. Do always supervise kids when they’re cooking though. All the recipes should feed four people for lunch or dinner.

Cheat’s pizza

Ingredients • 2 part-baked baguettes • 4-5 tablespoons of passata (or just use ketchup mixed with a dollop of tomato puree) • Toppings, e.g. shredded ham, cooked sweetcorn, pineapple chunks, pepperoni • Approx. 250g of grated mozzarella or cheddar Method 1. Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. 2. Cut each baguette in half lengthways. Spread passata on the long cut sides. 3. Add your toppings, followed by cheese, and pop the pizzas in the oven for 10 minutes.


Cheesy egg muffins Ingredients • 8 eggs • 100ml of milk • 1-2 slices of ham • A handful of vegetables, e.g. sliced mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, tinned sweetcorn • Approx. 120g of cheddar cheese Method 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. Lightly grease a muffin tin with butter. 2. Whisk the eggs and milk together. 3. Tear the ham into small pieces. Add the vegetables and ham to each individual muffin cup. Pour in the eggs and top with grated cheese. 4. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes. (Use a skewer or sharp knife to check they’re cooked.) 5. Eat hot with fries or cold with salad.

Pepper and tomato pasta Ingredients • Half an onion • Three large red or yellow salad peppers • Two cloves of garlic • One tablespoon of olive oil • One carton of passata • One tin of chopped tomatoes • A pinch of dried basil • Approx. 400g of dried wholemeal spaghetti • Cheese to sprinkle on top Method 1. Chop the onion, peppers and garlic. Warm the olive oil on a medium heat in a large saucepan. Add the chopped vegetables and lightly sauté for a few minutes. Add the passata, tinned tomatoes and dried basil. Pop the lid on and leave to simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in a large pan of boiling water for 10 minutes (or as long as it says on the packet). 3. Blend the sauce until smooth and spoon it over the cooked pasta. Add grated cheese if required. If there’s any sauce left, freeze it for another day.

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Your Vehicle is in Safe Hands A REAL alterative to using a Main Dealer.

call us on:

020 8643 4313 email us at: see our website:

Volks Autos, 3 Kimpton Road Kimpton Industrial Estate Sutton, Surrey SM3 9QL


£69 per hour vs VW




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£118 £117 per hour vs BMW/Mini

per hour vs Mercedes

Volks Autos is a family run business, guaranteeing service & value for money. Main Dealer-trained technicians, diagnostics equipment and tooling - which will not affect your warranty.

German Car & Van Specialist

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Puzzle Time fairly easy

not so easy

Get relaxed about tax Local, expert tax and accountancy services you can trust. Book a Free Consultation Today

Call 020 3972 7217 75 High Street, New Malden, KT3 4BT

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Codeword Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.



Fro wi lov

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Low-maintenance gardening by Caroline Knight

Ask anyone who looks after a garden if they would like a high-maintenance outdoor space and the answer will almost definitely be no. The requirement for most is to have a garden that is easy to look after. So how do you go about achieving this? If your own garden is a maintenance nightmare, then now is the perfect time to start improving the situation.

soil! It’s inevitable that nature will send something to infiltrate any little patch of bare ground. So, if you would rather choose your own variety of species to grow in your garden, rather than whatever a passing bird decides to eject, ensure you plant densely. While new plants are establishing, spread mulch onto any bare soil to stop weeds taking hold.

Keep it Simple Start with simple things. Look around to see how potty you have gone over pots - you really don’t want too many. The content within pots and containers requires regular watering by the head gardener and nutrients within the compost depletes within just a few weeks and they require feeding. If there are annual plants in pots, these will need changing as the seasons progress. Plants also require gentle snipping to keep them looking neat and attractive and to encourage more flowers. If you have shrubs in pots, they are likely to need pruning as well as turning so that each side of the plant receives an equal amount of light. If all this is making you feel exhausted, just keep a few very large containers for certain specimens and make them into a feature. If, however, you aren’t ready to abandon your potaholic habits, group them together so that they can create their own microclimate. Each pot will provide a bit of shade for another and the air around them will enjoy increased humidity.

The More the Merrier Try not to plant just one of something, unless it’s a specimen. Use several of the same species to create a swathe that can form part of a tapestry of plants that knit together, thus crowding out any unwanted lodgers. There is always something that will grow in areas that might feel ‘difficult’ – that dark and shady corner where the bindweed always snakes up the fence, for example. These places are often perfect for ferns, an underused plant that is ideal within a low-maintenance garden. Plant a group of the same species that are suited to the position and their lush green fronds with wonderful textures will delight you.

No Mow Next, we come to the lawn, if there is one. Allow the grass sward to grow a little longer. You don’t need to mow every week. Welcome weeds and wildflowers into the lawn; it’s far better for wildlife and biodiversity than a monoculture of grass. Your garden isn’t Hampton Court and provided the lawn looks vaguely green, it really doesn’t matter if there are daisies, dandelions, moss or most other self-seeded delights sparkling amongst the grass. The gentle buzzing of bees is the reward you get for being more relaxed about your green carpet. Lawn edges can be defined by using some sort of edging system that will stop the grass spreading into the flowerbeds. There are dozens of options, from rustic and durable Corten weathering steel through to rubber, plastic, wood and brick. Keep Weeds in the Dark Ask a gardener about a job that always needs doing and weeds will be high on the agenda. There’s a very simple way to stop weeds growing: cover up your


JUST GARDENS & LAWNS Your local complete garden and specialist lawn care service

CALL US NOW! 10% DISCOUNT FOR OVER 60’s Please call us for a free quote: TEL: 0800 043 2454 or Email:

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Wildlife Workers Maybe you have a problem with aphids and leafnibbling pests, including slugs and snails? Before reaching for a chemical spray, try recruiting local wildlife to work on your behalf. Birds, frogs, toads, ladybirds and many different insects including beetles are ace at eating plant pests. Make sure you provide plenty of ground cover and shady nooks where creatures can hide. Think about positioning a bird table near plants that are prone to suffering from pests. Blue tits will enjoy a feast fit for a king once they find aphids. Create a garden where everything is welcome and it should find a natural balance.


Shrubby Heroes GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE SERVICE Shrubs are generally the best low-maintenance plant of all. Replace annual planting schemes with' P U T Y O U•RGarden G A Rdesign D E N M•AHedge I N TTrimming ENANCE IN TH mowing • Borders shrub beds, but don’t inflict the hedge-cutter ‘blob H A N D S O •FLawn S O M Eand O N E •WLandscaping HO REALLY CARES • Treatment treatment’ on them. The secret lies in choosing your Turfing • Reliable, Friendly, plants wisely and thus not planting something that • Clearance - Fully TreeInsured surgery - One off Tidy grows larger than the space available. You can allow For a free quotation, please- Stump ring 07885 778429 Grinding them to grow into their natural form. - Garden Maintenance

- Strimming and Weeding - Decking and Lawns - Garden clearance - Hedge Trimming - Path and Patio Washing - Landscaping

‘PUT YOUR GARDEN MAINTENANCE INTel: THE020 8330 HANDS OF SOMEONE WHO REALLY CARES’ Mobile: 07958 - One off Tidy The Urban Gardeners are an experienced - Garden Maintenance local gardening company who are passionate - Decking and Lawns about plants and creating beautiful gardens. - Hedge Trimming - Landscaping • Seasonal Tidy-ups • Regular Maintenance - Tree surgery • Planting - Stump Grinding • Garden Design - Strimming & Weeding • Landscaping services - Garden clearance • Professional, friendly, reliable - Path & Patio Washing Contact us for a free consultation and transform your garden this year:

T: 07971 9000 64 E:

IN THE INTENANCE GARDEN MA RES' REALLY CA 'PUT YOUR EONE WHO M O S F O S HAND - Tree surgery g - One off Tidy - Stump Grindin nance Weeding - Garden Mainte - Strimming and ns - Decking and Law den clearance Gar g min shing Trim ge Wa o Hed - Path and Pati - Landscaping

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Care Speirs House, a Greensleeves Care home in New Malden, has been awarded the Top 20 Care Home in London accolade from the leading care directory The care home with nursing is also one of only three homes on the list that are operated by non-profit providers. The award is based on the home’s overall score out of 10, which is made up of its individual review scores. Speirs House currently has an overall score of 9.9. Reviews are submitted by residents and their families, and cannot be edited or removed by care organisations, and are therefore seen as an accurate and honest portrayal of UK care homes. This also ties in with one of Greensleeves Care’s core values of openness, whereby the charity strives to build trusting relationships by using words and actions that are sincere, not misleading. The fact that Speirs House was one of only 3 nonprofit care homes in this top 20 listing is certainly something to celebrate, as charity organisations are

often overlooked in favour of homes operated by private companies which saturate the market. The reviews are often heartfelt and personal from family members of residents, for example the below 5-star review was posted to in June 2021: “Speirs House is a very special place due to all the staff who work there in every capacity from the manager, nurses, carers, hospitality staff, office staff to the maintenance staff. Our family have the greatest admiration for them all, and we will always be in their debt for the care and love they gave [my mother-inlaw] and us throughout her time there.”

For more information about Speirs House, please visit: www.greensleeves. speirs-house-new-malden-surrey/

Speirs House Care Home with Nursing This excellent highly rated* care home in New Malden provides high quality Residential and Nursing Care. Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission. To arrange a safe visit call Nicki on

020 8016 2505 2 20



20 AWARD Top Quality Nursing Care You can Trust - on your doorstep *Speirs House was rated Top 20 care home in London in 2020 on


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This is such an easy recipe. Everything is simply placed in a roasting dish and slow-cooked in the oven, creating an amazing spicy lemony flavour. Serve leftovers for lunch the following day cold with salad. SERVES: 6 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 2 hours 30 minutes Ingredients • 1 tbsp smoked paprika • 1 tsp sumac • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 organic chicken, jointed • 1 bulb of garlic (separated into unpeeled cloves) • Sprig of thyme • 2 unwaxed lemons, cut into quarters • 150 ml chicken stock • Black pepper • 1 x 400g can artichoke hearts

1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C/150°C fan/gas mark 3. 2. Mix together the paprika, sumac and olive oil. Put the chicken pieces into a roasting tin and add the garlic cloves, thyme and lemon quarters. Pour over the paprika oil and rub all over the chicken pieces. 3. Drizzle over the stock and season with black pepper. Cover the dish with foil and cook in the oven for 2 hours. 4. Remove the foil from the roasting tin, add the artichoke hearts and turn the oven up to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. Cook for another 30 minutes or until the chicken is golden. Nutrition per serving: 387kcal, fat 27.8g (of which saturates 7g), carbohydrate 1.4g (of which sugars 0.6g), protein 33.2g.

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Friday Night Cocktail Club A cocktail celebrating Autumn’s hedgerows The Blackberry Bramble by Ali Warner A few years ago The National Trust printed a booklet called 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4. Alongside making a mud pie, climbing a tree and rolling down a big hill - is number 21 - wild blackberry picking. I’m way past my twelfth birthday but I still love a forage (and rolling down a big hill if truth be told). The teens and I recently spent a brilliant hour with Irish forager Dermott Hughes wandering round the grounds of Hillsborough Castle, nibbling on sorrel and nettle berries - they ate more greens in those 60 minutes than they did the entire holiday. And the same applies to fruit when the hedgerow team with these glossy jewels. There are some great foraging talks and books out there. If you fancy dipping your toe Dermott’s book recommend was ‘Food for Free’ by Richard Mabley and Forage with Kids by Adele Nozedar is a great find too. For me blackberry picking (and eating) is one of the joys of the coming of Autumn. So long salad days here come lazy afternoons of jammy crumbles and custard topped off with a few hours on the sofa reading the papers or enjoying a cheeky little nap. And the good news is blackberries are great for Autumnal Friday night cocktail too. Who doesn’t love the gorgeous purple and syrupy sweetness of a bramble cocktail? This is a relative newbie to the cocktail world and one of the good things to come out of the 1980s alongside leg-warmers and Duran Duran. It was created by Dick Bradsell who was crowned ‘The Cocktail King by the Observer newspaper for his services to gin. And just like the foragers among us he named it after his fond memories of scrabbling through hedgerows to pick the fruit in his childhood. Here’s another fact about the famous Fred’s Club bartender is also known for his other famous cocktail creation - The Espresso Martini.


The Bramble cocktail is usually served in short glass and this recipe from professional chef and former restaurant owner Sylvia Fontaine from her blog is a gem. Here’s what you need to make 2-3 drinks 60-70 grams of fresh blackberries 2 oz (or 60 mls) of dry gin (optional) 1 oz (or 30 mls) of blackberry liqueur (undiluted ribena can work as can jam heated til runny) 1 oz (or 30 mls) of maple syrup or agave 1.5 oz (or 45 mls) or fresh lemon juice Top up with ginger ale/ soda or tonic water (optional) fresh blackberries, mint leaves and lemon rind to garnish How to make you bramble 1: Put your fresh blackberries, gin, (blackberry liqeur if using) maple syrup and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker and muddle with a spoon until the blackberries start to break down and release their juice 2: Stain the liquid through a sieve to get rid of the seeds 3: Fill 2-3 glasses with some nice big chunks of ice, divide the blackberry gin mix between the glasses and top up with soda or ginger ale 4: All fresh blackberries and lemon zest and mint if you are feeling fancy 5: Sit back and enjoy This could be turned into a great mocktail too. Leave out the gin or liqueur and add your blackberry mix to lemonade, soda or ginger ale. So there you have it, grab a container and get yourself down the Cut on a bramble hunt The fresh air will do you good and the blackberry rewards will be a great start to the shorter evenings and may make the first weeks of back to school a lot less stressful.

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1ST CALL GLAZING - CALL 020 8543 5656 · · · · ·

Misted Sealed Units Replaced Window Hinges and Handles Cat Flaps Fitted in Glass Sash Window Renovation Secondary Glazing

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Locks Replaced Privacy Film Mirrors Draught Proofing Leaded Glass

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Boarding Up Service 25 Years Experience Local Friendly Business No Job too Small

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Computer Solutions

For a complete Local, Professional, Reliable and Independent service. Home or Office, I come to you. 20+ years commercial IT experience. Fully Insured. Clive Lawrence M: 0772 5525840 T : 0845 8055231



Computer repairs Upgrades Virus Removal Windows 10 Training Memory Upgrades Email / Spam System clean-up ADSL / Broadband Wireless Networking Printer setup Setup / Data Transfers Tablets and Cameras Video transfers Lotus Notes /Domino

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A Photographer Dreams... by Hugh Griffiths

This time last year we were enjoying freedom from lockdown (for those of us who are clinically vulnerable, the lockdown finished at the end of July), sadly a happy experience that didn’t last … let’s hope that our current freedom lasts. I have written about how I took up still life photography during those long days with nothing better to do than sit in my garden with a cold drink and photograph the birds; I enjoyed creating these images and realised how much more practise I was going to need before I could enter any results in a competition. I wondered if the habit would stick, or sink: and fortunately, some of the fun of it has stuck with me. Outdoor photos still give me a lot more joy, but now there is another choice for me to practise my art. In general, it is always a good idea to be challenged to try new things, many of which may turn out to be not for you. But some may be and for me, still life is one of those. The big problem with still life – for me at any rate – is the need to create an artistic scene out of, possibly very ordinary, props from around the house or from my walks. There’s a lot to learn, and the only way to get it done is to practise a lot. So, this picture is made up of two bits of nature that I picked up while walking my dog, Poppy, one morning. They just seemed interesting, particularly the old driedup leaf. Making the design, the composition, came next, and I tried several combinations of these together with other bits of nature that I had. In the end, this simple layout seemed to be best. I like the way that the skeletal framework of the leaf is covering the acorn, but, obviously, showing the acorn through it. On reflection I might have photoshopped away the bit of twig at the top of the acorn, but apart from that, it leaves me with a comfortable feeling of late summer.


And now for something completely different (for Monty Python lovers!). I had a photo of the sea at Lancing, with two seagulls (herring gulls probably) flying in the distance towards the horizon. On its own it wasn’t a very catchy picture, so I played with the texture of the sky and the sea – separately – to get the more stylised image that you can see here. But it still wasn’t enough. There was too much space on the left – so I took a photo of Poppy on the beach with her frisbee. That frisbee is an essential part of her life when we’re down in Lancing. She doesn’t seem to mind not having it when we’re at home, but every morning in Lancing, when it’s time for her walk, she is pushing at the bag where it’s kept, trying to get it out and hang on to it. It’s even valuable enough for her to go into the sea when my throws go wrong, and it splashes down in the shallows. Cutting Poppy out of the photo was fairly easy, and I placed her on the surface of the water, on the horizon line. But it still wasn’t right. So, I took the cut-out of Poppy and her frisbee, turned it upside down and stuck it beneath her, like a reflection. Then I faded it slightly and added some waviness to the reflection so that it looked like it could be in water. Wow – a lot of work, but it was really worth it. It’s one of my favourite pictures and has won good scores in competition. Very different from a straight picture of what’s there, but the creative process and the photoshopping were very fulfilling. I love visiting cathedrals and churches. In fact, I enjoy attending services there: one of my fond memories is being at a Welsh/English Sunday service at St. David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire a couple of years ago. Putting my heart and lungs into the Welsh hymns was fantastic (for me at any rate)! A visit to Ely Cathedral was a highlight of August. I can’t describe it better than they can:

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“Worship has been offered to Almighty God on this site for nearly 1400 years and the Cathedral continues to be a dynamic witness to the presence of God in the world, and of his love and care for each and every one of us. The Cathedral was founded as a monastery in 673 by St. Etheldreda … Destroyed by the Danes in 870, the monastery was re-founded as a Benedictine community in 970. Work on the present building commenced in the early 1080’s under Abbot Simeon. The monks knew that only the best can ever be good enough to offer to God. They built this massive church as an offering to him, and the worship that has been offered here ever since is an echo in words and music of their practical work as builders.” So, it’s quite old! But very well looked after. And still a very active place of worship and centre for the community. I always like the views of the altar from the congregations’ perspective: the beautiful artwork around the altar, the stained glass windows, the wall coverings, the wooden wall carvings. All of it make a beautiful and peaceful whole.

But for me, the single candle burning on a table in front of the altar and the back of the church summed it up perfectly. A still flame, representing, maybe, the prayers of the saints, but certainly representing a peaceful and calm way to God. I loved my visit there! At the Malden Camera Club, we are hoping to have a real, physical annual exhibition in mid-September. If we are able to go ahead with it, then it will be at the Methodist Church in the High Street on the 17th / 18th of the month. If we don’t then there will be a virtual version of this available online – check out our website to see it. The Malden Camera Club has cancelled its physical meetings while coronavirus is around, but we still have virtual meetings using Zoom. We may be meeting in person at the Malden Library from September on Thursday evenings but will be keeping this under review. If you want to know more about us, then contact us via the details on our website … And you can, of course, contact me via my website:

INDUSTRY LEADING MOBILITY SHOWROOM WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: ■ Mobility Scooters ■ Wheelchairs ■ Rise and recline chairs ■ Beds ■ Powerchairs ■ Rollators ■ Stairlifts HOME DEMONSTRATIONS AVAILABLE

■ Product specialists on hand ■ On-site parking ■ Fully equipped service centre


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Solutions Quiz


1. A mockingbird 2. Wean In 15 3. 20 4. Pacifier 5. Baby One More Time (by Britney Spears; originally due to be called Hit Me Baby One More Time) 6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day 7. a) a primate 8. Under Pressure (by Queen and David Bowie) 9. Breech birth 10. Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg

Sudokus Pictograms

1. The Whole Wide World 2. X Marks The Spot 3. Paper Over The Cracks

Wordwheel BESIDE

Lake Thomas Cakes offers you bespoke hand made cakes for all occasions, from weddings to birthdays.

Tel: 0208 942 8782 (evenings and weekends)

07774483219 • 32

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Royal British Legion Malden & Coombe Branch Malden and Coombe Royal British Legion was 100 years old on 12th August! We were one of the first branches to be part of the British Legion and are very proud of that fact. Her Majesty the Queen has sent all branches a special message of support. Some of our members met at the Memorial at 11am and heard our President Alderman Ken Smith thank our past and present members of committees for their dedication. We would like to thank him for his continued support and time, both at branch level and Poppy Appeal Collecting. During the 1970’s the membership of our branch was so low that there was a fear of it closing. Thanks must be given to Tom MacKenzie and Major Ron Morris for their tireless endeavour to increase membership. However, once again by 2003, membership had decreased and the branch was struggling to recruit committee members. Happily this was resolved with Secretary Mary Gillet and with John and June

Tree Surgery • Tree Felling Stump Grinding Tree Surveys and Reports Planting• Hedge Maintenance Fruit tree management Fully qualified Arborists £5 Million Liability Insurance Local Authority Approved Free Quotations and Advice

020 8393 3222

Fairclough at the helm, the Poppy Appeal raised over £36,000 locally! The November Remembrance service and Parade ,which is organised solely by the branch, continued growing every year and we are always astonished by the support of New Malden Residents. As you know we also take part in Malden Fortnight Parade and Market to raise funds and awareness of the RBL. We hope that we can finally have our full Poppy Collection and Remembrance service THIS October and November Our injured veterans and their families are still needing our continued support. TO THE MEMORY OF THE FALLEN AND THE FUTURE OF THE LIVING

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about your business in your local magazines in 2021 from just £28 plus vat a month Be seen and heard by the your local market in the Village Voice and Worcester Park Life.

With competitive pricing, friendly efficient service and helpful advice it’s simple and effective... But then the best ideas always are.

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Andrew & Robert Lodge with their eco-friendly hybrid funeral fleet


Ranked No.1 Funeral Director in the UK “Wonderful empathetic service. Absolute kindness and professionalism, could not recommend highly enough.”

For over 240 years, seven generations of the Lodge Family have been proud to help local families in their time of need.

by Catherine

We provide all funerals, whether modern, traditional, green or alternative, with care and compassion.

NEW MALDEN 26 Coombe Road 020 8075 6112 FLORAL TRIBUTES



W I L L S & P R O B AT E

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Cosy up this Autumn, add a new carpet for that little extra comfort

Epsom based, friendly, Father & Daughter family run business with over 40 years’ experience. We bring 100’s of carpet samples to your home in a variety of colours all at competitive prices.



01372 632 118

www.carpets DISCOUNT

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Malden's Village Voice September 2021  

Malden's Village Voice September 2021  


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