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THE HARRIERS HERALD No. 291, May 2017 Editor: Sue Francis

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Thursday night schedules for May and June Boundary Run & Walk 2017 – update Race results and brief reports – During April, the Harriers were well-represented in no less than four marathons along with our own very successful Compton 20, a local 10K and a local half marathon: Treehouse 10K, Compton 20, Brighton Marathon, White Horse Half, Paris Marathon, London Marathon, The Forts Marathon Challenge Handicap Race – Mo leads from start to finish Webmaster’s article – Mo features: Yoga moves to loosen tight muscles; tips to clean dirty smelly trainers; and forthcoming local and interesting races Thanks to Darren, Martin and Mo for this month’s articles

Thursday night schedule for May Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs

4th 11th 18th 25th

Richard D to lead Boundary Run & Walk (see details below) Jonathan to lead Aaron to lead

Thursday night schedule for June Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs Thurs

1st 8th 15th 22nd 27th

Kirsty to lead Run with Team Kennet (Colin & Nick leading) Handicap Race Susanne to lead Sue to lead

Boundary Run & Walk (Thursday 11th May) Sue Please let me know if you intend to come along, so we know roughly how many to expect for the run / walk and for the BBQ. ‘Race’ HQ: Parking, toilets and changing / showering will be at the Downland Sports Centre. Start times: Walkers start at 16:45, and runners at 17:45. Run & Walk route (7.7 miles, multi-terrain): The route will be as last year, starting near the main gate of the former Institute on Compton High Street then following the usual route (a scenic, undulating route on public footpaths and tracks, through fields and woods) to finish in the Downs School playing field. Post-run/walk refreshments and social (East Ilsley Swan): Richard and Kim at East Ilsley Swan will lay on a post-race barbecue in the pub garden - all competitors, supporters and helpers welcome. The trophies will be presented at the barbecue.

HH May 2017


Race Reports and Results Treehouse 10K, Cholsey, 2nd April Darren Having been off injured again over the last month or so with knee problems, this for me was the tester race for the upcoming Compton 20. I also entered it to get over the frustration of having to miss the Goring 10k. The event itself has been running a few years and is a fundraiser for a local school in Cholsey. A small event, but a very pleasant one. It was well organised, with ample parking, a canteen serving hot drinks and cakes etc. The race had proper timing chips, and I have to say all the staff and volunteers were very friendly. The route took us through Cholsey, and then out into the country. It was ideal running weather, dry, overcast, and not cold. The course was a mixture of road, farm tracks, footpaths, and was pretty much dry underfoot. Some undulation, though nothing too much to worry about. I had a cracking race, fighting pretty much the entire way with two ladies; I think it pushed us all on as none of us, try as we might, could break the others. After a sprint finish with the PA shouting out our names, and much cheering from the crowd, I finished between what turned out to be the 2nd and 3rd ladies, overall coming in 14th, 15th and 16th. So, for me, 15th place out of 169 finishers with a 43:10. This knocked off over two minutes from my previous 10k best of 45:24 set at the Bayer Newbury last year. So I was very pleased with that, and my various injuries seemed to stay away. So, to the Compton 20! I really enjoyed this race, so if you’re looking for a nice little local event, give it a go.

Mass pre-race warm-up, and Darren racing his lady rivals Photos: Barry Cornelius ( HH May 2017


Compton Downland Challenge 20, 8th April The 2017 Compton 20 was a great success. Well done to Martin and Lucy, who did a great job as event organisers, and to everyone who helped. We have two reports on this event. Firstly, Martin gives a raceorganiser’s report, then Darren reports on his first attempt at running the Compton 20.

Martin Well it’s all done and dusted for another year, so let me thank everyone who took part or helped out with preparation and execution of this year’s Compton 20. I think it is fair to say the runners and supporters were treated to a grand day out on the Downs. Mo did a great job spreading the word across the twittersphere and managed to attract a total of 177 entrants, with 151 crossing the finishing line. Although we were hoping for ~200 entrants the race did not feel diminished in any way. In actual fact, having a larger field might have caused a few headaches for us on such a hot day but, as it was, everyone got around the course safely. Although a couple of people did manage to scrape a bit of skin off their knees on the way round. In typical fashion, once the runners have gathered themselves they do seem to go out of their way to compliment the Club on putting on such an enjoyable race. A sentiment that I hope is transmitted to helpers who support the event but may not be on the receiving end of the compliments liberally proffered by the runners. It does not stop there, it seems as soon as the runners get online the compliments continue to flood in. From Lucy’s and my perspective, the event went very well. Preparation starts with fixing a date with Downs School and booking SportSystems who take care of race entries, chip timing and sorting out the results on the day. Although moderately expensive for a small race like ours, they earn their crust and allow Lucy and I to spend our time arranging the marshals and other logistics. The work load does mount up as race day approaches but, for us, the key is doing a lot of forward planning. Something always crops up at the last minute. A big success this year was having more marshals out on the course thanks mainly to Sus and Darren pressganging friends to help out. However, we did have two entrants offer to marshal who just turned up to help because they were unable to run on the day. Rod Palmer, who is well known on the canal running circuit, and a chap called Paul Courtney from Tadley RC. On top of this, having able people on hand like Cliff from First Aid Matters, Jeremy Waite who was on hand to massage tired legs, and the guys from SportSystems, just means we have more people willing to lend a hand and keep a weather eye on what is going on. It does make a difference to the smooth running of the event. We were done and dusted (in The White Hart) by 6:00pm. Another success was that the race managed to generate a modest surplus (£485). The race account is quite flush at the moment so we are able to continue our tradition of making a donation (£1000 this year) to a good cause. Mo is currently in contact with the Beechcroft Memory Clinic, Thatcham, which is where Jan's late mother Daphne received some much-appreciated support. Will there be a CDC in 2018? I suspect so but we will have to work hard to top this year’s effort. We had three glorious Compton Harriers running this year: Tim: 2:55:56 (43rd), Giles: 2:34:07 (7th, 3rd MV40) Darren: 3:24:46 (70th) First lady was Lauren Draper (Bridgnorth RC) 2:40:33 First Man was Tom Sawyer (Tring RC) 2:19:06

HH May 2017


Darren Having done the practice run a few months ago, I knew how tough this was and, with my recent injuries, was very nervous about this one. It was by far the longest distance I have run in a race, so I took the view I would take it easy and just try to complete the distance. I arrived to a beaming smile and handshake from a traffic-directing Ryan, followed by another beaming smile and words of encouragement from parking attendant Sus. Followed by words of encouragement from every Harrier I then saw. No issues in getting my bib and chip, and doing the necessary. At the start, Martin did the course briefing, whilst standing on a table, to very enthusiastic and sun drenched competitors. So, off I plodded, determined not to do my usual and fly off as fast as possible. I stuck with it, chatting to some other runners and for the most part getting overtaken. As the miles went by, to my surprise, I started to overtake people, and realised this tactic might be working. I couldn't help myself giving it some stick through the Streatley Hill section, then regretted it for the following few miles. In the last 3 to 4 miles I seemed to get a bit of a third wind, and ended up finishing on a high, to Harriers cheers! 70th place with a 3:24:46. Very midfield, but I was happy with it. And seemed to have survived without any significant injury. The race pit stops had more than ample amount of water, squash, and no end of different snacks. The course was well marked, and all the marshals were friendly. I only made one very slight mistake, missing an arrow, but soon got back on track. The hot meal after the run was very much appreciated, served with a smile from Helen, and I also enjoyed a good massage on my tight hamstrings from Jeremy's healing hands. No trouble with the showers, all very hot. A cracking event, as always with such things so much work for just a few volunteers. So well done Martin, Lucy, Sue, Mo, Tom, Aaron, Sus, Ryan, Meena, Helen, Dick, Jan, George, and I don't want to miss anyone so all Harriers and volunteers who made it such an excellent event. Which leaves me feeling slightly guilty as all these people did so much work; all I did was jog round.

HH May 2017


Darren and Tim cross the finish line; Giles at 4.5 miles; tail-runner Sus did a great job seeing all the runners safely home and collecting up route markers (photos: Mo) For the full set of Mo’s photos see:

Brighton Marathon, 9th April On an unseasonably hot April Sunday, where temperatures reached about 25oC, six Harriers excelled themselves in the Brighton Marathon. Special mention must go to Mike, who smashed his Marathon PB recording 3:23:43, and Philomena, who was first in the W55 category with 3:41:11. Cousins Mike and Ryan ran together for several miles, before Mike pushed ahead, and Ryan finished in 3:35:54. Terry, who had the Brighton Marathon Club Entry did well to finish in 3:50:07, closely followed by Rich B who surpassed expectation with 3:52:34 on minimal training. Emma did very well to clock 5:24:06 on such a hot day when she suffered with bad blood blisters. And former Harrier ‘Big’ Kev Wilkinson, who was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, recorded 6:19:39.

Rich, Terry, Meena, Mike and Ryan on Brighton Beach (photo: Sarah Li-Rouse) HH May 2017


White Horse Half, 9th April On a high from organising a successful Compton Challenge the previous day, Lucy and Martin took part in the White Horse Half. Martin was pleased to clock 1:31:56 (61st) and Lucy 1:58:40 (300th) in such warm conditions. The race winners were James Bolton (Woodstock Harriers) in 1:11:29, and Helen Mulhall (Bearbrook RC) in 1:26:42, and there were 498 finishers.

Martin at 3 miles, and Lucy at 9 miles (Photos by Barry Cornelius

Paris Marathon, 9th April Ben did very well in the first of his ‘two marathons in two weeks’ raising funds for Christian Aid. It was just as hot for Ben in Paris as it was for our Brighton Marathon runners. By halfway, he was close his 3-hour target pace, but he slowed slightly as the day got hotter. Despite needing to stop to stretch a few times, Ben clocked a very respectable 3:18:31, and surpassed his £2000 fundraising target.

London Marathon, 23rd April Five Compton Harriers did the Club proud in London. Second-claim member Ben clocked an excellent 3:13:14, 5 minutes faster than his Paris time, and less than 1 minute away from his PB. Martin had a great run, comfortably beating his 3:20 target (3:16:44), with Susanne next in 3:25:52. Kirsty clocked a good 3:40:08, as she builds up mileage towards her May attempt on the ‘Bob Graham Round’ (, and Lucy ran very well to finish in 4:07:46. With support from Philomena, Terry and Emma, a good day was had by all.

Pre-Marathon breakfast in a Blackheath café (photo: Philomena) HH May 2017


Handicap Race Sue We adopted a new summer route for April’s Handicap Race: starting on Burrell Road, running through the woods behind the Downs School, a nice descent on “Tom’s Lane”, then a loop of Shepherds Mount. It was very dry underfoot in the woods, and somebody had moved a shiny new ‘No Entry’ road sign from the Downs School car park to the middle of the woods. Fortunately, this did not deter any of the runners, and almost everybody beat their predicted time (probably because my conversion factor was slightly out, but also due to the good conditions, and everybody’s supreme fitness). This time, Mo set off first with his correct lead, determined that no one should catch him. This spurred him on to give 100% and he held a 40-second winning margin at the finish, prompting requests for drug testing! Richard T was next home, and 10 runners then followed in close succession, with George taking 3rd place overall. Tim clocked the evening’s fastest time, despite having completed the Compton 20 the previous weekend. Well done also to Darren, Philomena, Ben and Lucy who ran very well, while still recovering from long hot weekend races. Martin was still feeling the effects of his hard run at The White Horse Half, and was forced to take it easy this time. And a special mention to Dick, who ran a lap on his own before helping Jan with the timing – this was Dick’s first run since his knee operation, and he clocked a very respectable time. Thank you to Jan and Dick for doing a great job of the timekeeping, which is becoming increasingly challenging with the number of people who now take part, and the close finishes. We may have to consider ways to make this easier, such as setting people off in two ‘waves’ so that the racing element isn’t lost and I would still be able to calculate scores based on each person’s performance relative to their predicted time.

Finish Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 -

HH May 2017

Position on handicap 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 New Runner

Name Mo Richard T George Kirsty Darren Aaron Tim Sue Philomena Susanne Ben Lucy Martin Dick


Start time 1:42 6:23 8:13 7:51 8:53 8:35 9:12 8:51 7:38 8:22 9:14 7:17 9:18 -

Finish time

Actual time

17:29 18:09 18:12 18:21 18:25 18:26 18:35 18:38 18:40 18:44 18:50 18:51 23:58 -

15:47 11:46 9:59 10:30 9:32 9:51 9:23 9:47 11:02 10:22 9:36 11:39 14:20 12:23

Handicap Beaten? -1:31 -0:51 -0:48 -0:39 -0:35 -0:34 -0:25 -0:22 -0:20 -0:16 -0:10 -0:09 New Runner

Handicap Championship Philomena has retained the lead at the top of the Championship table, but four consistent good scores from Darren have moved him up into second spot, ahead of Ryan, and George had climbed to fourth place. Pos.

1 2 3 4 5 6= 6= 6= 9= 9= 11

12 13 14 15= 15= 17 18 19= 19= 19= 19=


Philomena Darren Ryan George Sue Martin John Mo Tim Kirsty Aaron Ben Richard T Mike Susanne Colin Lucy Jonathan Kristie Richard D Dick Vanessa

Race 1 7 8 12 5 1 10 3 1 6 1 9 2 4 1 1 -

Race 2 9 6 12 8 7 5 1 10 2 3 4 1 1

Race 3 9 5 6 3 10 7 1 8 1 12 1 1 2 4 1 -

Race 4 3 7 9 4 1 12 5 8 6 1 10 2 1 1 -

Race points Race Race 5 6 -

Race 7 -

Race 8 -

Race 9 -

Total of best 5 28 26 24 23 19 17 17 17 16 16 15 14 11 9 8 8 5 4 1 1 1 1

Breaking news! Three Forts Challenge, 30th April Four Harriers completed the tough Three Forts Marathon Challenge in West Sussex. Ryan 75th 4:18:43; Susanne 99th 4:23:56; Philomena 140th 4:36:46; Jonathan (sorry I cannot find you in the results!). There were 352 finishers, the last finisher crossing the line in just under 7 hours.

HH May 2017


Website update… Mo It hardly seems a month ago when the pressure was building for the forthcoming Compton 20 ... now we can relax again for another year! With 177 entries (158 pre-entries and 19 onthe-day) we were short of our 'break-even' target of 200. However, we have still managed to make a small profit to go towards this year's charity donation, thanks mainly to the economies made on food ... well done Martin and Lucy. At the time of writing, we are awaiting information from the proposed charity recipients before confirming details of our donation.

Links of interest this month: If you fancy a full weekend of trail running activities in August in the Peak District National Park near the famous Chatsworth Estate, then visit this link: or download an info sheet at . The programme includes 3 trail races, similar to the IOW series. If you are suffering from tight muscles, especially after recent marathon exploits, then the following link will provide you with a means of loosening them up: .

Cleaning Tips & Tricks for those dirty trainers: If you want to return your favourite running shoes to that 'good as new' look, try the following tips: To remove stains and stale aroma, try soaking them for a few hours in a liquid mix made up of 1 cup of white vinegar to 4½ litres (1 gallon) of water. Wash and rinse them as normal afterwards and you should find that most stains have gone and they will smell fresh once more. o To whiten soles, sides and rims, clean with nail polish remover soaked in tissue or rag. To waterproof, rub with a candle (or anything with beeswax) to form a thin layer of wax, then blow dry o to create sealed, waterproof shoes! o

Thursday club run group selfie – Ben’s Greenham Common run (photo: Darren)

HH May 2017


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