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3RD QTR 2010

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Death Row South

Hittmenn DJ Reunion ATL Beat Battle

Rick Ross 8

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Teflon Don

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Bigga Rakin 13 On Top & In Charge

Face Card 19


The Co-Sign 21

The New Live Crew

New Releases 25

Kelby Cannick29

BET Hip Hop Awards

Lyrical Preacher 18

Predictions 10

Turning Music Into Money

Walking By Faith

Swizz Beats 24

Networking Directory Ali Shabazz 28 Da Kennel 28 Da Laboratoury 12 David Wylen 14 DJ Dave 26

M. Jay 14 Sha Dixon 5 Smokehouse Thursdays 12 Tru Biz Records 5 Writing 4 My Life 5

Resource Directory 30 Market Rep Directory 30

Greatest of Atll Time?

Yung Koon 20

Taking it to the Next Level

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#Music101 One of the biggest mistakes I see independent labels make is trying to run their company like a democracy. While it may seem like a good Idea to have everyone contribute to the decision making process, it is more often the reason for flawed planning and missed opportunity. That is why this issue’s #Music101

by Kelby Cannick

tip is “Pick a leader and let them lead.” Democracy has its place in business when it comes to selecting leadership, but once that leadership is chosen it is important to give it the free range to lead. It is up to you as members in any organization to choose the right leadership. Imagine if instead of electing a presi-

dent everyone in the country had to vote on every law and piece of legislation that was introduced. Considering how difficult it is to get less than 50% of the country to come out once every four years for election day, I think you can see how this would be inefficient. Leadership is the key to success.

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New Market Reps Consuelo “Connie” Lodge San Diego, CA 6196025202

Keisha Wilson Atlanta, GA 4042965030

Sulaiman Mack Atlanta, GA 7703695376

Joshua Carter Indianapolis, IN 7182161258

Timo Dick James Columbia, SC 8034203004

Kelly James Houston, TX 2812017682

Derek Willingham Charleston, SC 8436096022

DeMonte’ Daniels Tulsa, OK 9184097958

Jeremy Sanderfer Huntsville, AL 2563458596

Devon Showell Norfolk, VA 7574074005

Adrian Parker Washington DC 7035873820

Frank Lewis Los Angeles, CA 9095287196

Lushy Lush Washington DC 2404682571

Sontonnya Baker Atlanta, GA 7706562673

Ibn Alston Newark, NJ 9088847219

Sheldon Hamilton Spartanburg, SC 8642792320

Karen Buckman Columbia, SC 8047479937

Vanessa Torres Queens, NY 5163003477

Devin Johnson Detroit, MI 5868197890

DON CLARK Sacramento, CA 5592688871

Jeremy Hodge Richmond, VA 8046557537

Dion “Bishop” Thornton Cincinnati, OH 5133483240

Mikey Flava Miami, FL 9548737927

Alvin Warren Oakland, CA 9163709725

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Tru Biz Records

Sha Dixon

Tru Biz Records is a Chicago Based record label comprised of 13 Artists (3 Groups and seven solo acts) founded by cousins Tommy Rice (CEO) and Zo Beats (Vice President). Blending a mixture of Old School Hip Hop, Rock & Reggae, they have dubbed their unique sound Conspiracy Murder Music. Current working on their next project, The Fall and Rise of Tru Biz Records a compilation album with accompanying DVD about hip hop in Chicago, they are aiming for a Christmas release. Having sold 5k units of there previous release they are now seeking a distribution deal. For more info contact trubizrecords@ or (847) 525RICE.

Sha Dixon, Host and Executive producer of one of Atlanta’s hottest new talk shows Tips and Tea, brings together a package of beauty and brains as she strives to not only be a success in television but also as a role model for a generation of young females. Taping at various high profile Restaurants and venues around Atlanta and Tips and Tea airs locally on Comcast 24 every Thursday at 9pm. Currently in talks with a national network she is optimistic about the prospects of expanding her audience to a wider base. For information on taping or being booked as a guest, contact or (404) 246-1451. Also visit as well as

by C. Mathews

by C. Mathews

Writing 4 My Life by C. Mathews

Writing4MyLife is a spoken word duo comprised of (writer/ artist) Archie the Messenger and (Novelist/Perform/Actor) Lyrical the Lyricist. Based out of Baltimore, the two have developed a unique style of poetry and performance that blends the best of improv, theater and spoken word into each piece. Having appeared on BET’s Lyric Café and been crowned champions of the NAACP Actso and Nuyorican Grand Slam, the two have been busy putting together a National tour of their two-man play, No Stage, which recently made a stop in Atlanta. Also lookout for their fourth CD, Writing4mylife Vol:3. For more information contact or (443) 418.6258 and visit

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Hittmenn DJ Reunion (June 25-28)

This summer the Hittmenn DJs once again invaded LA for their annual Hittmenn DJ Reunion the weekend of the BET Awards. It was a weekend full of networking, performances and partying that spotlighted the launch of Hittmenn West. If you’re an independent artist with a record that you’re trying to break and you missed this event you’re slipping. But don’t worry you still have an opportunity to get in on the Power Ball Mansion party at this years BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta.

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EVENT Listing

BET Hip Hop Awards Atlanta, GA October 2 Core DJ Retreat 13 Atlanta, GA November 12-15

Florida Entertainment Summit Miami, FL December 9-12

Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live! San Francisco, CA

October 5

Hustle & Flow 1st Monday Club Libra Atlanta, GA

Time To Shine 2nd Tuesday Apache Cafe Atlanta, GA

ATL Beat Battle 4th Wednesday Djangos Atlanta, GA Visit to find out how to promote your industry related events for FREE.

The ATL Beat Battle 3 Year Anniversary (Sept 22)

Wednesday, September 23 The ATL Beat Battle celebrated its 3 year anniversary with an All Star panel of judges including Fatboi, Tricky Stewart, Def Jam and more. Producers came from as far as France to compete with XI walking away with the win. For more information visit www.

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“I’m Going to F*ck Your Life Up!” These words echoed throughout hip-hop at the beginning of 2009 as G-Unit founder, 50 Cent, declared war on Rick Ross. While Ross is attributed with taking the first shot on the record “Mafia Music”, the true root of the beef between the two was never been fully understood. But with 50 Cent’s track record of killing rappers careers and an extra $100 million dollars in his pocket from the Coca Cola/Glacéau Vitamin Water deal, the consensus on the streets and internet was that Ross was clearly swinging out of his weight class. 50 went in like never before pulling out all the stops, launching an all out assault on wax, on the web, radio, magazines. There was nowhere to hide. A barrage of videos, photos, allegations of past careers, diplomas, check stubs and court documents that soon followed. Interviews and subsequent shopping sprees with baby’s mothers were put online for the world to see. Fifty was in rare form! And with all that, one would assume that there would be no rebounding from the

@LolaSims Lola Sims, ATL

“The mistake these other artist made when going against fifty is they paid him attention. Rick Ross to me pretty much used military silence which made some people feel like he was being picked on by fifty to much. Don’t get me wrong I’m guility of laughing at some of the outlandish things 50 did but Ross stayed working and at the end of the day didn’t feed into the picking. 50 I think eventually got bored and with twitter now in his life, he’s straight. Lol”

wreckage, but fast forward 18 months and Rick Ross is arguably one of the hottest names in Hip Hop. With one of the hottest projects of the summer and smash hits such as “Super High” and “Blowing Money Fast” (which has got to be one of the most heavily remixed records ever), Ross is sitting at the top of his game while 50 cent has been virtually silent on the mainstream music scene. With records like “Baby by Me” which failed to gain the same traction as 50 Cent’s previous efforts and the cancelation of shows due to low ticket sales, including one in Atlanta at the Tabernacle (a 2,600 person capacity venue) it seems that Ross has dealt 50 his first L. Which leaves the question, how was it that Ross, a rapper with only two albums under his belt and around 1.5 million in cumulative sales was able to withstand the full onslaught of Hurricane Fifty, when more well established artists such as Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Cam’ron and The Game were dealt such serious blows after having received far less of the rappers venom. In a word, Rope-A-Dope. While others

@SistaSypher Sypher, ATL

”I can’t lie, I didn’t think Rick Ross was going to be able to handle the constant barrage of below the belt harassment. In hip hop, once your street cred is taken away, it’s a hard feat to overcome. At least Mohammed Ali, although the underdog, had the love of the people. In this case, Rick Ross did the rope-adope without the cheers of support from the fans. It’s funny, because that very same thing not only destroyed Ja-Rule’s career, but personally broke him down. All the while, all 50 did was steal the poor man’s style. There is much to say about someone that has the personal conviction to not join in the competition of others, but focus on being the best they Zo Beats, ATL “50 is honestly just trying to get a niche to can be in solitude. Great article!” make a comeback in the industry...when he dropped “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” it went hard…i actually went out and bought 2 copEQ Philly, Philly ies because I broke one. The whole thing with Ross’ babymama was bogus but at the end of “When you war over nothing, your outcome the day she agreed to it. She knew what she will be nothing. 50 Cent really helped to make was doing. 50’s album was ok…. I wouldn’t “Rick Ross” career. Just like Jay Z said “I’m personally call it a classic but it will make about a Dollar, what the F%#$ is 50 Cent”, you nod your head. #ShoutOut to Ross for that statement helped to bring 50 Cent to the breaking the 50 curse!!” forfront. Now 50 did the same thing to Ross



jumped into the fray when baited by Fifty, it was Ross that took the first swing allowing him to assume a more defensive position and continue to focus on making music throughout the ordeal. He adhered to this lesson that I share with all of my clients who find themselves in a beef with other independent artists: “If someone’s diss record causes you to focus on making replies instead of good music, THEY win!” 18 Months later, the PR nightmare of a past career as a corrections officer and questions of financial stability which once fueled the hip hop blogosphere were now gone. Now managed by Diddy and rapidly becoming one of the most influential players in current hip hop, Ross has definitely earned the title of his latest release “The Teflon Don” LAW: Whether Rick Ross, Chris Brown, R. Kelly or whoever it seems the most important thing you can do in times of PR crisis is create records bigger than your scandal and remind the people why they love you. “Deuces!” by going at him. Ross should thank 50 cent for bringing him into the lime light.”

@illaaMusicGroup K Butler, Mound Bayou

“At the end of the day it’s all about the music. I truly respect fif as well as Ross. Ross didn’t allow the energy circulating around him to knock him off of his square which in the end made him more of a final success story. They both made money so financially, they both WIN!!!”

@Apex305 UB, MIA

“Shoutout to The Boss; Ricky Rozay! The Teflon Don cannot be stopped! We need the negativity to STOP already! We’re makin’ solid records & timeless rap music! beleeeee dat!”

@NinaGerman Nina German, SC

“50 put his energy in the wrong place and its backfiring; Ricky Rozay kept his where it needs to be.“ Subscribe at | 9

The 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards are right around the corner, so we thought it would be a great idea to see who our readers preferred to win. We must say, some of the results were surprising but here they are below. BEST LIVE PERFORMER • Busta Rhymes (21%) • Drake (13%) • Jay-Z (30%) • Kanye West (19%) • Lil Wayne (17%)

TRACK OF THE YEAR • “Airplanes”, B.o.B (9%) • “All I Do Is Win”, DJ Khaled (32%) • “Bedrock”, Young Money (2%) • “BMF”, Rick Ross f. Styles (21%) • “Empire State of Mind”, Jay-Z (36%)

BEST HIP-HOP VIDEO • B.o.B. - “Nothin’ On You” (23%) • Drake - “Find Your Love” (8%) • Jay-Z - “Run This Town” (26%) • Jay-Z - “Empire State of Mind” (28%) • Jay-Z - “On To The Next One” (15%)

LYRICIST OF THE YEAR • Drake (28%) • Eminem (38%) • Jay-Z (17%) • Lil Wayne (9%) • Nicki Minaj (8%)

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR • Chiddy Bang (0%) • J. Cole (25%) • Nicki Minaj (62%) • Roscoe Dash (6%) • Waka Flocka Flame (8%)

VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR • Benny Boom (13%) • Chris Robinson (26%) • Gil Green (6%) • Hype Williams (26%) • Mr. Boomtown (28%)

VERIZON PEOPLE’S CHAMP AWARD • B.o.B. - “Nothin’ On You” (26%) • Nicki Minaj - “Your Love” (19%) • Eminem - “Not Afraid” (13%) • Gucci Mane - “Lemonade” (13%) • Cali Swag District - “Teach Me How To Dougie” (10%) • Drake - “Over” (19%)

HUSTLER OF THE YEAR • Diddy (21%) • Drake (28%) • Jay-Z (30%) • Nicki Minaj (8%) • T.I. (13%) MADE-YOU-LOOK AWARD • B.o.B. (30%) • Jay-Z (0%) • Nicki Minaj (57%) • T.I. (9%) • Kanye West (4%)

PRODUCER OF THE YEAR • Boy-1da (15%) • Drumma Boy (15%) • Lex Luger (13%) • Polow Da Don (11%) • Swizz Beatz (45%) DJ OF THE YEAR • DJ Drama (30%) • Funkmaster Flex (4%) • DJ Holliday (2%) • DJ Khaled (55%) • DJ Tony Neal (9%)

BEST CLUB BANGER • “Hello Good Morning”, Diddy (19%) • “All I Do Is Win” (11%) • “BMF” (11%) • “Lose My Mind” (25%) • “O Let’s Do It” (34%)

BEST HIP-HOP BLOG SITE • (62%) • (19%) • (8%) • (4%) • (8%)

REESE’S PERFECT COMBO AWARD • “Nothin’ On You” (13%) • “Hello Good Morning” Remix (6%) • “All I Do Is Win” (21%) • “Forever” (22%) • “Empire State of Mind” (38%) CD OF THE YEAR • B.o.B. - The Adventures Of Bobby Ray (6%) • Eminem - Recovery (28%) • Drake - Thank Me Later (34%) • Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3 (23%) • Rick Ross - Teflon Don (9%)

MVP OF THE YEAR • B.o.B. (6%) • Drake (45%) • Eminem (19%) • Jay-Z (19%) • Rick Ross (11%)

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Da Laboratoury by C Mathews Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn, NY and Milwaukee, WI, Da’ LaBoraToury (pronounced Labbor-ah-tor-ee) consists of Ray Wonka (20), Jocey (20), Rizzo Gun (21), and Scotty (16). Having a sound that seamlessly blends Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and Go Go with Electronica, there is no genre that Da’ LaB is afraid to draw from. “Our sound can’t be put into one

genre, we will do every and anything that comes to mind.” says Ray Wonka. With Scotty doing most of the groups production duties and Ray, Jocey, and Rizzo taking on the writing, a majority of Da’LaB’s music is done in house. For information contact Daren Hall at or (404)201-5918. Also follow @DaLaBoraToury on twitter.

Smokehouse Thursday by K Cannick Since last we talked with CEO & GFT of Smokehouse records, the two have had their hands full with promoting events. In addition to the hugely successful Southside Day joint Venture with Hot Block Magazine, the two have moved their wildly successful open-mic night to Thursday nights at The Gate, (6510 Tara blvd Jonesboro, GA 30238). With NO COST to

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perform, drink specials and a reasonable cover charge fueling a regular party atmosphere, this isn’t your typical Open Mic. To top it all off they’re helping artists really get discovered, bringing out Hot 107.9s DJ Redd Dred every last Thursday for the Battle Ground Edition. Doors open Thursdays at 9:30 with the show kicking off at 10PM. See you there!

Bigga Rankin by K. Cannick

As one of the most respected DJs in the south, we did not choose to write this article about Bigga Rankin because of his 20+ years of experience as a pioneer, breaking records and touring with some of the biggest names in hip hop. We did not choose to write this article about him because his success as the #1 Club Promoter or Radio Personality in Jacksonville, FL or the countless awards presented to him by magazines and organization throughout urban music industry. We did not choose to write about Bigga Rankin because of his status as a Core DJ, Vice President of the Hittmen DJs, CEO of the Cool Runnings DJs or VP of A&R for CTE Records. We chose to write about Bigga Rankin because in spite of all of his many accomplishments, positions and influence he keeps it 100, staying in the streets with his ear to the ground listening for what’s to come. In a sea of DJs who’s club sets sound like the PM Drive, Bigga has never been scared to roll the dice on an artist he believes in and getting behind a project that he cosigns. My first time meeting Bigga Rankin was in 2006 at TJ’s DJ’s Tastemaker Conference in Tallahassee, FL. I remember because I received a copy of a mixtape that he had just released for an artist named Papa Duck. The next day I popped in the CD, as we hit the highway heading down to Miami. By the time we pulled up on South Beach I was a fan of Both Papa Duck & Bigga Rankin. Since that day any CD that I see with the RNR stamp approval gets an automatic listen. Though Bigga Rankin has a resume many would consider beyond complete, there is still one goal he has yet to attain: releasing a platinum artist. In 2008, Bigga Rankin was given the opportunity to achieve this dream when he was made the President of Big Spenda Entertainment, home to artists Papa Duck and Rarebreed. With a lifetime of achievements, experience and connections it won’t be long before he is crossing this goal off his to do list. Subscribe at | 13

M. Jay by C Mathews M Jay at age 26 has been placed in numerous detrimental situations that have greatly affected the direction of his life, but through it all M Jay pushed forward to follow his passion for music. More than an artist or casual fan, he considers himself a true student of great music. His current single “Girls Galore” has been receiving a lot of attention regionally

and was selected by a national panel of DJs to be featured on Vol. 10 of Makin’ It Magazine’s On the Grind Mixtape series. For more information contact Tre Stylz Entertainment at 813.495.9762 or email Follow @MJ813 on Twitter

David Wylen by C Mathews

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, David Wylen is an all around creative soul. Though most at home rapping or doing spoken word, at any time you might find him beat boxing, producing, mixing music or writing poetry. Simultaneously working on his first mixtape project, “The Few, The Proud, From The Bean” and first his first full length album, “Get on

14 | Call 678.528.6925 to advertise in our next issue for as low as $75

Track” the projects promise to offer a variety of collaborations with artists such as RHYTHMPACT, DomiNation, Fam 1st, and The Reaper Cussions. David is looking to connect with any individuals or companies interested in shining a more positive light on rap music and a hip hop culture in general. For more information contact David Wylen at (978) 423-7657 or email


Tha New Live Crew

by D. Murphy

Native Atlanta Hip-Hop trio EDUBB are trail-blazing a new movement brewing in the streets and clubs of Atlanta, Georgia. With a sound harkening back to the “heyday” of Atlanta’s early/mid-90’s bass music explosion, when artists like MC Shy-D, Raheem the Dream, and Kilo Ali were just as popular as any of today’s Young Jeezy, Gucci Manne, or T.I.; EDUBB introduces “RAIN BOOTS & A THONG”. From the very first 10 seconds, the listener is captivated by the shockingly, amusing content of the chorus as the thunderous soundscape creeps in, provided by The Package Store/Collipark Music producer “John Boy On Da Track”. Melodic verses, packed with enough sexually explicit lyrics to convert a nun into a Magic City stripper, EDUBB does so with a surprisingly comedic edge to make the verses just as enjoyable as the painstakingly vivid chorus.

Strip clubs and disc jockeys, “RAIN BOOTS” has quickly become one of the hottest records in major dance clubs and strip clubs across Atlanta, regular rotation on top Atlanta Urban Hot 1079 mix-show, and is starting to spread throughout the southeast region. “For the first time in our career we have one of the hottest records in the streets of Atlanta! The public is actually demanding it to be played on the radio and every major club!” says a confident Nem. The artists known as Almighty Dolla, Johnny BOI and Nem collectively make up the group EDUBB (pronounced E-Dubb). Trendsetters, music makers and nationwide party starters are all words to describe new rap trio, EDUBB. Gaining prior acclaim, with more than 4 million views on-line from their hugely popular inter-net buzz worthy single and video “Whooty,” the guys even garnered mentions of their work on TMZ.

Upon initially “leaking” the record to

Judging by EDUBB’s penchant for

blatant conceptually crafted songs equipped with catchy hooks, coupled with “off the wall” humor and blaring party grooves, it seems as if EDUBB has carved out their own lane in today’s over-saturated world of Hip-Hop. The group has currently been touring throughout the southeast region with the likes of The Ying Yang Twins, and has opened for such artists as: Lil Wayne, Flo-Rida, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and get this, an after party for none other than PRINCE. Drawing stark comparisons from acts such as, The 2 Live Crew and even Outkast, due to their wild antics on stage, creative song concepts, and distinct appearance, “We aim to be hip-hop’s version of the Rolling Stones. Longevity and building a catalogue full of hits is our key,” says member Almighty Dolla. Welcome to the EDUBB EXPERIENCE Contact Johnathan Wright at 404.925.7572 or email at for more info. Subscribe at | 15

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Damien Vivona, better known as D’aveli is an astute business man that is carving a unique niche in the music industry. Son of legendary jazz saxophonist, Benedict Vivona, music has been a part of his life since age 3. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Kiss, Tesla, Guns & Roses, The Beastie Boys, MJG & Eightball, 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G., D’aveli has created his own unique blend of music which he has termed Italian Hop. Fusing live instrumentation and hip hop to relate the lifestyle and culture of Italian American street life, D’aveli is busy pushing his latest full length project, The Social Club, which was released in July of this year and has been doing well at radio in select markets across the US. A consummate entrepreneur, D’aveli acquired the rights to the Death Row Records South in an effort to resurrect a brand in a new light and lever-

age its goodwill value to multiply his promotional efforts. Considered a risky business move by some, it has paid off in the past with the acquisition of the trademark rights to the Casablanca Records, once a music industry power house that released hits from the likes of Kiss, Donna Summers, Cher, The Village People, and Parliament. At just 17 years old D’aveli played left handed guitar in the band Influence and published a monthly KISS fanzine which caught the attention of a customer at the Office Depot where he then worked. This chance meeting would become his doorway into the industry, netting him a job at New York based distributor, Leisure Time Music. Starting off packaging and shipping product, D’aveli quickly learned the business side of the industry and moved up through the ranks, later relocating with the company down to south Florida.

From there he furthered his understanding of the business and eventually moved on to run Casablanca records and its offshoot, Chocolate Street Records. With 15 years of experience at his back and a passion for the music that is only exceeded by his drive, D’aveli shares the same goals as many other independent artists; Going Platinum; Making Money; Being Famous. But what sets him apart, is his demand to do it on his own terms making the music that he loves to make and reintroducing authenticity back into the realm of entertainment. For more information and booking contact Death Row Records South by any of the following. Phone: (561) 966-1905

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Lyrical Preacher by K. Cannick

“We walk by faith, not by sight.” (Corinthians II 5:7) This brief passage speaks volumes of the spiritual life that Calen Johnson lives. Known by the stage name Lyrical Preacher and in production arenas as NELAC, Calen hails from the DMV area. Using music as his ministry, he is on a mission to change lives and save spirits around the world. An extremely creative and gifted individual his talents include acting, singing, rapping, producing, songwriting and composing music. All of which are being put to good use as he performs throughout the country under the management of MajorSmart Entertainment. A 2005 graduate of Morehouse College, Calen is currently working hard to increase the awareness of his music, while promoting his first independent release, a gospel album titled “Gods Time”, and developing other solo projects. He is an active member of the AFTRA, SAG, ASCAP, Dynamic Producers, and Urban Gospel Alliance. Now residing in Douglasville, Georgia, he is currently working on various artist collaborations and new projects, including his second fulllength album. Owner and CEO of Thief in the Night 152 Productions and Nelac Publishing, he has a bright future ahead of him. Be sure to stay tuned to the happenings of Lyrical Preacher, an artist that is drastically changing the music industry! Calen Johnson: 678-542-8415 Tony Waterford: 678-852-2489 18 | Call 678.528.6925 to advertise in our next issue for as low as $75

“Good People Doing Great Things!”

Face Card

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Keisha McCotry, the founder of Prominence Marketing Group is a public relations professional that is making a reputation for bridging the gap between Atlanta’s corporate and entertainment sectors. A graduate of Mississippi State University, she holds a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations and also a Masters in Business Administration from Strayer University. Follow her on twitter as she doles out FREE tips and advice for improving your public image. For more information contact Prominence PR At 866-620-1408 or

As A&R/Marketing Director for Block Entertainment/E1/Atlantic Records, Rip is probably most well known for his work as the Brand Manager for HoodRich Entertainment and helping catapult DJ Scream to the top of the mixtape game. Also a booking agent for the #1 booking agency in the south, HAH Enterprises, Rip sees himself as a young Quincy Jones or Barry Gordy in the making. An Atlanta native, he keeps his ear to the ground as he continues to climb through the ranks of the industry. For more information contact (404) 510-2502 or

Trever “T-Baby” Trahan is an up and coming music producer/artist out of Tampa, Florida who shut down the iStandard Producer Showcase in Atlanta, GA. Going second to last his tracks quickly incited a bidding frenzy amongst judges and special guest attendees, with many offers to put him in the studio immediately. Since the event he has be in heavy talks with the Justice League as he continues to work on music, perfecting his craft and networking with anyone that is serious about their art. For more information or to lease track contact (813) 735-5386 or

Cavelle-Nell Romeo is talented singer/ songwriter born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised Quebec, Montral, that wowed audiences in Miami with an astonishing performance at the Dream Big Hustle Hard Showcase in Miami, Fl. Playing the piano while singing her single “Fight for Love”, she commanded the full attention of the room. Most impressively as the artist who traveled the furthest to attend the showcase she was still able to pull out supporters. Cavelle’s other endeavors include dance and fashion design. For more information, contact (514) 7146355 or

Though you may recognize him from BET appearances or Rocawear campaigns, DJ Aaries remains one of the humblest DJs you’ll ever come across. In an industry riffled with meaningless talk, he sits back and calculates every move for maximum effectiveness. Not just focused on breaking records, he helps artists cultivate and capitalize on their brand in new markets. When considering potential clients he looks for those who are willing to put in the necessary work to reach a common goal. For more information on Dj Aaries or the Hood Hard movement contact (803) 979-3155 or

Shanod Johnson, born in Jacksonville, FL and raised in Decatur, GA, is quickly becoming a dominant force on Atlanta’s nite life scene. CEO of HNIC Entertainment, he is also promotions director for Echelon 3000, Taboo 2 and Pearl Bistro & Bar. With years of experience under his belt he got his start at 13 working at Nikki Pavillion, a teen club owned by his uncle. He attributes his success in promotions to his belief in catering to his patrons. Making them feel welcome and making sure they are having a good time. For more info contact (770) 572-9366 or Subscribe at | 19

Yung Koon

by K. Cannick

Since being featured on the cover of Makin’ It Magazine Yung Koon has barely had time to sit still. With calls flooding in from DJs and promoters from across the country, he has been busy restructuring his Label, Hood Head Entertainment, to make sure that he is able to capitalize on the multitude of opportunities that have been coming his way. Having also hosted Volume 9 of the On The Grind mixtape series, Yung Koon has been receiving calls and inquiries from all across the country ranging from established artists and producers in the industry to NFL players. As we talk on the phone to conduct our follow up interview, our conversation is abruptly interrupted by a friend calling to let him know that his song has been getting spins all the way out in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Regionally, his status has been catapulted to a new level. Now receiving $1500 a show he has been connecting with DJs and Promoters in other Markets to expand his fan base and capitalize off the momentum that he’s built up throughout the second quarter. When not busy performing or promoting his current project, he is in the studio preparing to go back to work for his upcoming EP. Having received over 400 tracks submitted to him by producers from around the country looking to get involved with the project, he has been taking his time to carefully go through each producer’s music and is eagerly looking forward to working with many of them. As he prepares for the third quarter, Yung Koon has been reaching out to various DJs in different markets to help A&R the project. He understands that DJs are instrumental in breaking new records, but also believes that they are just as valuable in creating them. With their ear for music accompanied by market insight, he feels that the right DJs can help guide the creative process in the direction it needs to be going. If you’re a DJ with an established fanbase that regularly releases mixtapes, spins at a club, or on the radio and you’re interested in possibly working as an A&R on the next Yung Koon project visit For producers interested in submitting tracks please visit For booking and further information call (646) 543-3166 or email

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“DJs putting their reputations on the line for records that they believe in.”

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DJ J1 Atlanta, GA

Mixtape|Club|Radio Website Phone (404) 550-2476 Email

DJ Willie Shakes Milwaukee, WI

Radio | Mixtape | Club Website Phone (213) 915-4177 Email

DJ Arsenal New Orleans, LA Mixtape | Club Website Phone (504) 236-3892 Email

Cosigning “Make Her Mine” by Lil Play Boi available online at

Cosigning “I’m Horny” by The Cranberry Show available online at

Cosigning “Never Let Go” by Lil Dee Feat. Snipe available online at

“The Record Is Banger. Lil Playboi is the next big thing out of Atlanta”

“This is a really hot record it is deffinitely going to blow up something big and you heard it hear first. Church!”

“Street and Club record with a lot of energy. Lil Dee has a strong buzz in the N.O and bright future”

DJ Cri$tyle Atlanta, GA

Radio | Mixtape | Club Website Phone (404) 423-7080 Email DJCRISTYLE404@GMAIL.COM

DJ FredyReady Birmingham, AL

Mixtape | Club Website Phone (205) 983-2071 Email

DJ La Choc Atlanta, GA

Mixtape Website Phone N/A Email

Cosigning “Bouta Blow” by C-White Ft Mykel Myers available online at

Cosigning “Maybach Music 3” by Rick Ross available online at

Cosigning “Hot Pursuit” by Slick Pulla available online at

“Very hot record! I co-sign and stamp my approval on it! Very energetic and club ready!”

“This song is a laid back feeling grown in your big boy car, type of track. ”

“Slick Pulla has a unique delivery and his lyrics always seem to marry whatever beat he uses.”

DJ ProStar 7 Cities, Virginia Mixtape | Club Website Phone N/A Email

Cosigning “Wobble” by Yung Juan w/ Chuck Nyce available online at

“Im Co-Signing This Track Cuz the Streets of VA been Buzzing and bout to explode to the next level.”

DJ Teknology Atlanta, GA

Radio | Mixtape | Club Website Phone (404) 494-0835 Email N/A Cosigning “Fit” by Regal ft. Untitled available online at

“I think its a hot record that will definitely be making a lot of noise in the streets and the clubs very soon!”

DJ Tony H Atlanta, GA

Radio | Mixtape | Club Website Phone (678) 480-8241 Email Cosigning “Go Hard ( I Do It )” by Young Legend available online at

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Virginia Beach, VA

Beatz and more. Hip Hop Weekly has re-launched or better yet reloaded. Crooked I, from Long Beach CA is back at it again, dropWelcome to VA, 757, Home of JetnoiseCardi, Bobby Capri, ping a new track each week that can be downloaded at www.planetThadd Williams, Neptunes, & Timbaland. Here in the 757, Check out and We have several outlets for Local artist, such as “Meeting in the follow @Advice503 on twitter. - Boardroom” on 11AM to 1PM Tues and Thurs, hosted by myself @BoardroomShow & @Divita757. Open Mics Nights that’s doing it real Husky : Weds at Club Vegas in Newport Gearing up for “The Makin It In Carolina” Artist Search: Winner news, Melodic Mondays at Entourage in Norfolk, Club Twist will recieve (1)single by: Major Indie Producer/Song on ITunes/Vidon Tuesdays in Hampton, and every other Thurs at Kapamilya in Va eo by: Limajh Films/Cover Article in Makin It Magazine by: Kelby Beach. - Cannick Editor/Chief c/o of Carolina Rep. Dick James/Internet & Satellite Radio support for single. The city is also buzzing about the “Conjure” Party in Appreciation of “So So Def” Representer I work within the DMV (DC, MD, VA) market. We have had a lot Dj Cleve (Sponsored by: Conjure, I’m On It Man Promotions/ going on recently with various artist coming into the area: Ludacris, Makin It Magazine) going down Friday, Oct 8th @ Spotlight. Wacka Flocka Flame, The Game, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, The #1 Club in Florence,SC. - Dick James just to name a few. School is back in session now so homecoming concerts are right around the corner. VSU’s homecoming concert will feature: Wale (DMV artist), Wacka Flocka Flame, & Cali Sept 17, 2010, Cincinnati represented at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Swag District. VUU’s homecoming concert will feature: Rick and brought home several awards, “BeatGang” for Best Group, Ross, Jadakiss, & BackYard Band (DMV group). - Adrian “Sylver Karatz” for Best Female Rap Artist, “DJ DimePiece” Parker for Best Club DJ. “Erica P” came in a close 2nd for Best Stage Performance. Several other Nati Reps were nominated as well. As Cincinnati continues to establish its presence in the entertainment inThe streets are anticipating the new mixtape release “Hotter than dustry, noteworthy artists beginning to emerge include FTDUBBB, Most Volume 1” from Nucclehead. This artist, hailing from RAN, Macho Means, DJ SkinnyFresh & more. Stay Tuned... Pomona, CA, has partnered with Ad-vice to drop his long awaited - Bishop mixtape with production from Dirty Work, Kajmir Royale, Swizz

Columbia, SC


Cincinatti, OH

Los Angeles, CA

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Swizz Beats by K. Cannick

With over a decade of hits under his belt, Swizz Beatz entered the game at just 20 years old, totally redefining the sounds cape of hip hop from sample heavy tracks to all out bangers laden with simple synth melodies. And while there were many producers at the time that hated on his production style, It was hard to argue with those hits or those check$. Although his production style has made a dramatic departure from those Ruff Ryder days beginning in 1998, he has remained one of the most consistent producers churning out massive hit records every year since. It’s no wonder that our readers chose him with a whopping 45% as the favorite to win the BET Hip Hop Award for producer of the year. Even Kanye has went on the record publicly stating on twitter that he believes Swizz Beatz is the greatest hip hop producer ever. “Listening to “Fancy” ... This is a big statement but Swizz Beats may be the best rap producer of all time... f*** that... he is. He’s original... He’s modern... he lives this s*** for real... he is rap... Yall gone see though... This Swizz year... Yall gone see” @KanyeWest

And though some may disagree with Mr. West’s comments, No matter what side of the fence you fall on there is no denyingwith Swizz’s track record which at the moment seems to be on an upward trend. Can’t wait to see what he has coming down the pipline!

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Trap Murda ITUNES 828-273-5289

Nightmare On Nev Street 404-734-2221

5 In 5 Out

D-Girl Music: Betty Crocker

Blocks & Glocks 404-408-7121

Hood II Hood w/ DJ Drama

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From My Perception 347-595-8586

Wait A Minute 256-652-0910

3 StuGez 678-641-8023

I Am The Future 225-302-1668

The Cam Effect

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DJ Dave by J. Wright

With an established fanbase throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, DJ Dave has been gearing up for a heavy promotional push in Atlanta, GA. As a member of the Marksman DJs, together with DJ Shaolin, DJ Ace, DJ Dex, DJ Neckbone, DJ AceE and DJ Wrek he has been instrumental in breaking new records throughout Atlanta’s club scene. With mixtape packages starting at just $500 and full promotional packages Starting at $1500, Dave is always looking for the next big artist and willing to go the extra mile for those who are serious about their craft. Check out his #TwitmixTues 30 minute mix Download series on twitter. For more information and booking contact (317) 362-2139 or

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Ali Shabazz by K Cannick

Being from Indianapolis, I never really gave much thought to what kind of music scene there was in Alabama but at the same time I’m quite sure there was nobody in Alabama contemplating on the music scene in Indianapolis. In the realm of Hip Hop, when you’re not from a market like New York, Atlanta, or Miami,

nobody is checking for you. Worse yet, nobody is even considering you. The music scene in most small markets could easily be described as a barrel of crabs with everyone pulling each other down in an effort to be the first out. That’s why it is so important that we take time out to celebrate the life of individuals like Ali Shabazz, who even in failing health maintained high spirits while continuing

to do what he loved to do. As founder of Bamahiphop, Ali did more than bring attention to the Alabama music scene, he helped young brothers and sisters get one step closer to their dreams and for this small yet immensely significant gift we pay tribute. Ali Shabazz, not just Alabama, but everyone that you’ve touched and the entire hip hop community thanks you for your service You will be missed dearly.

Da Kennel by Lola Sims

With the success of their first single “Model” under their belts, Da Kennel is definitely taking off. Hailing from Akron, Ohio and backed by ELITE Music they are determined to put their city on map. With members Unknown, Mage, Gram Citi, Skillz McNeilla, Kuntry, and Leland Ray showcasing the bark and the bite

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that makes them Da Kennel, they are currently seeking to link with DJs, Producers, and other Artists going hard like them. With the video for “Model” just hitting MTV Jamz, their new single “Dat’s What I Do” featuring Travis Porter impacting radio, and the release of the highly anticipated DJ Drama Mixtape, they’re on the move. Catch up to them at or on

Kelby Cannick by C. Mathews

In the brief six years that I’ve been living in Atlanta, I’ve seen a lot of movements come and go. I’ve seen Artists, Record Labels, Promoters and Magazine’s hit the scene with immeasurable force only to slowly fizzle out and disappear, often in less than 18 months time. I’ve watched as other individuals rose to prominence only to hit a glass ceiling, ending up stuck in the rut of routine doing the same events, networking with the same people and somehow expecting different results. I can honestly say, when I first saw my first copy of Makin’ It Magazine, almost four years ago I expected no different of it. Printed in black and white and weighing in at a mere four pages, it was hardly what I would consider a magazine, however the cover story, “How The South Killed Hip Hop” did peak my interest. After actually taking the time to read through it as I sat in Club Crucial, I thought to myself, “They might have something here.” Though I followed the magazine, picking up a copy every chance I got, it wasn’t until years later when I actually met Kelby Cannick, the company founder, that I felt the need to get involved in the movement. In a city riffled with Bull Sh**ers (for lack of a better word), I found his straight forward approach to succeeding in the music industry refreshing. Preaching his belief that anybody can make a comfortable living doing music, if only they followed the right path, I’ve witnessed first had the actual results of his work. While so many others sell artists dreams of stardom, he sells viable plans for success. He States, “The #1 reason many independent artists fail is they’re bleeding money. They spend all their cash making records, doing videos, and attending events when no money is coming back from the music. So the first thing I do when I step into the picture is structure a plan to make the music at least pay for itself. Once that’s accomplished, we develop a marketing plan for the individual based on their music, their goals and their resources (budget). Afterwards, we put together a system to help grow the brand while making money. Making $60k+ a year rapping, singing or doing whatever is not that complicated. Hell, I used to do it when I was much younger and I sucked as an artist!” Though unconventional in his thinking, approach and implementation, it’s hard to argue with the results. His tactics have helped garner offers of production deals, distribution deals, secured radio play, mixtape placements, notoriety and most importantly paid shows, features and increased sales. If interested in securing marketing, promotions or consulting services contact Kelby Cannick at (404) 9973806. Recommended minimum budget is $1,500.

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DJ Dave One of Atlant’s Fastest Up and Coming DJS follow him @ Mixtape Hosting & Events 317-362-2139

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Marketing & Promotions Lola Sims PR Public Relations company based in Atlanta, GA, specializing in Bio Construction, Building Internet presence, & Representation. LolaSims@gmail. com/404-408-7121 Boss Chick Status Entertainment We Have Everything You Need to Make Big Moves! Management, Public Relations, Graphic Design, and more! Visit as at or call 678/641-5133. Jen-Gerbread Marketing Event Planning | Street Promotions Bios | Press Releases | Etc. 214.801.0674 Hot Block Magazine One of Atlanta’s Top Urban Publications Magen It Happen Marketing Promotions | Consultation | Management 678.508.7947 Omen Agency 770.899.2430 ASCO Entertainment Concert/Event Planning Artist Management & Development 770.980.1897 Street Presence Street Promotions & Marketing 404.438.7831

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Devious Photography For quality photography at affordable prices contact us by email. Commercial | Entertainment | Events Allwyn Forrestor Photography 404.502.0745 678.925.1919 Sope Productions Indie Heat Video Magazine 404-537-9437 AAL Photography Abraham Aaron Lafleur 347.723.4955

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