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2nd Qtr 2010

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Surviving Prison

Core DJ Retreat XII Power Lunch 3 Yearr Anniversary

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Repping 4 Carolina

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J. Harden 22

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Repping 4 Carolina

Surviving Prison

Producer Panel 8

Mile High

Repping 4 Carolina

Mitri 18

Surviving Prison

The Co-Sign 8

Drumma Boy 24

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Surviving Prison

Entrepreneur Panel 6

DJ Green Lantern 12

Repping 4 Carolina

Surviving Prison

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Yo Gotti 7

Surviving Prison

Networking Directory 808 Entertainment 27 AnnMarie Fox 6 AON 11 Cash Clay 27 CashDough 11 CJ 23 Deraj 27 DJ G.MAC! 28 F Millionaire 10 KuntryVerC 6 Lalo The Don 12 Liquid Radio 12 Low Key 27 South Maine 29 The Undergrads 29

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#Music101 With so many artists complaining about being stuck in bad deals the word contract has unfairly earned a negative connotation amongst independent artists. The fact of the matter is, a contract is nothing more than an agreement put on paper. Even though we all do it for the love of the music, at the end of the day, if money is to be made

by Kelby Cannick

or spent it’s going to be coming or going into somebody’s bank account. Putting a formal agreement together early on will give everyone involved the opportunity to address important issues regarding money, responsibilities and expectations. These are things much harder to negotiate and come to consensus on once work has been performed and

money has been made or lost. More than anything a contract should provide added security to all parties by clearly outlining everyone’s responsibilities. For those still leery about signing a contract here is a simple rule to make sure you never get screwed: If you don’t agree to the terms or conditions, DON’T sign. #ThatIsAll

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Core DJ Retreat XII May 7-10, 2010 | Orlando, FL played host to the 12th SemiAnnual Core DJ Retreat. With over 1,000 DJ’s, Producers, Artists, Label Reps, Radio and Media Outlets in attendance, this was definitely the place to be for anyone looking to network and build some serious relationships. Event highlights included an informative music business workshop put together by Industry Works, the Digiwax/Mizay Entertainment Pool Party, New Artist Showcase with a surprise guest appearance & performance from Mystical, and last but not least the Core Retreat DJ Battle. (S/O to DJ Scratch). For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to go make sure you make it to the next one. Not only is it a great opportunity to take your career to the next level but you will have a ton of fun -Kelby

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Industry Event Calendar Quarterly/Annual TJs Ds Tastemaker Conference Date: TBA The Moon Tallahassee, FL

Hittmenn DJ Reunion June 25 - 28, 2010 Various Locations Los Angeles, CA

BET Awards

June 27, 2010 Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, CA

Core DJ’s Bash at the Bay

July 21 - 26, 2010 Various Locations Toledo, Ohio

iDJ Awards & Trade Expo

Texas Urban Music Summit

All Access Music Conference


August 8 – 11, 2010 The Renaissance Atlanta, GA

August 14 –15, 2010 Miami Beach Resort Miami, FL

Coast 2 Coast Convention

August 27 – 29, 2010 Newport Beachside Resort Miami, FL

Southeast Music & Entertainment Summit September 24 - 25, 2010 Myrtle Beach, SC

August 5-8, 2010 Various Locations Dallas, TX

Ron White Record Pool

3rd Sunday The Palace Birmingham, AL

Time 2 Shine Showcase 2nd Thursday Apache, Café Atlanta, GA

Track Meet

4th Saturday The Warehouse Shreveport, LA

Ultimate Industry Showcase

Hustle & Flow

1st Mondays Club Libra Atlanta, GA

Last Thursday The Atrium Atlantta, GA 404-451-1343

The Sound Clash New Orleans, LA

ATL Beat Battle

2nd or 3rd Wednesday Djangos Atlanta, GA

Makin’ It Magazine Power Lunch

2nd Wednesday Copeland’s of New Orleans Atlanta, GA

Addicted to the Mic Showcase 1st Tuesday South Beach Bistro Atlanta, GA

The Formula FREE Music Industry Seminar 2nd Sunday 2:30PM-4:30PM Southest Library 2665 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA 30331

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Industry 2.0 Mixer Every 1st Tuesday Makin’ It Magazine presents the Industry 2.0 Networking Mixer. Come connect with ATL’s top talent and industry professionals. Enjoy great drink specials & a chance at over $1,500 worth of gifts and prizes each month. For more info or to register online visit

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Business Ettiquite


by That Retail Chick

In my position I speak to artist every day by phone, in emails, or in person during meetings and I think to myself, “Really, so you’re the CEO of We Ain’t Made No Hitz Yet Records...I see why.” In the music business, your hit single may get you in the door, but knowing some simple rules of business etiquette separates the “average rapper” from the next possible “music mogul.” I think there is a saying that says you can take a person out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of a person. Well, let’s take a look at your favorite drug dealer turned music mogul Jay Z, who turned himself into a “business”. It’s very possible to take your business to the next level, but you have to step up your business savvy. Take a few notes and think about how you may want to reconsider some things you do while conducting yourself in the music business. Business Phone Etiquette 101: Answer the phone and return calls! “Hello” is always a great way to start any conversation. I would rather that than “Who this?” Remember your personality shines through your voice in a telephone conversation. In addition to that clarity is very important. Make sure your words and thought are clear so can be understood and do not use words like “huh?” or “umm” during a business phone call. That is very unprofessional. You should treat business phone calls as if they are meetings. Have a purpose and an agenda before you make the call. You may even want to take notes while you are talking in case you have any questions or points of reference you need to add to the conversation. If by chance you call someone about their services and they do not answer leave a clear message. It would be very hard to return a call if the recipient cannot understand the name or number of the person that called. In addition to that state your reason for calling. Also remember to turn the music down. It does not impress anyone that you are at the stuKountryVerC is a female hip hop duo based out of Atlanta, GA comprised of rapper/songwriters, Li Da Dyme Diva and Sassy Te. Constantly networking, performing and working on new material, KountryVerC is looking to promote their neew mixtape, “Gateway Da Movement” hosted by DJ Farenheit and connect with a Booking Agent, DJs, Promoters and other artists to collaborate with musically. | 404-734-8009 |

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dio. Background noises during a business phone call can lead to a bad connection. It frustrates the person on the call and is not good for business. So be sure to walk out of a noisy room and if need be politely ask the person if you can call them back at a better time. Email Etiquette 101 The worst emails I receive from artists or members of their team are either in complete thoughts with the intentions of asking about my services or no words at all and a song attached to an email. If you remember anything, know this; it’s all about your introduction. In the music business, as in any other business, what you type in an email is a direct reflection of how you intend to conduct business in the future. Believe it or not, in an email, there are more than 140 characters available to you. It is always wise to start an email off with “Hello (recipients name),” and then follow with the reason that you are emailing them. You could say “I would like to inquire about your services” or “I would like for you to review my song”. Then always end it with “Thank you” or “Sincerely”. If there are any attachments in the email, be sure to add a few lines about what the attachment is. For songs, I would advise you to name the producer and any guest features. Also, if it is your first time emailing someone in the music industry, a little background information about yourself is always good. Not your full length bio, just a few lines about who are and where you are from would be great. Always remember that you are the face of your business and your brand. You set the tone for how you would like others to see you in the music business. If you sound unprofessional over the phone or in an email, you will not get the response you would like. Actually, you probably will not get any response at all. AnnMarie Fox is a beautiful, young talent from North Carolina by way of Brooklyn that is making an impression on Youtube and throughout the Southeast. Her self-penned single, “What It Is” (produced by Young Franciotti) and accompanying dance has been generating a buzz. Having opened for acts such as Lil Moe and a variety of events, she is currently seeking a booking agent, DJ support, and Management. |

Yo Gotti By K. Cannick

Mention the name Yo Gotti and the words “Independent Artist” would probably be the furthest thing from your mind. With a cult-like following, this Memphis rapper has established a huge regional movement consistently booking paid shows and generating over 24 Millions plays via Myspace, and all of this has been done without the aid of a major label. With his immense presence, significant street buzz and highly successful Cocaine Music mixtape series, it’s easy to see how the typical consumer might mistake Yo Gotti for having been signed to a Major Label for years. Ironically though, with a career spanning a decade Gotti is currently in the studio working on his first major label release, Live from the Kitchen. With production from Cool & Dre (Lil Wayne, The Game), Shawty Redd (Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg), DJ Toomp (T.I., Kanye West) and others, Gotti is expected to deliver a street classic. Yo Gotti’s success is the product of years of hard work and perseverance. Hustling out of Memphis’ rugged Ridge Crest Apartments instilled a work ethic to act instead of complaining. Gotti says, “Out here, nothing is given to you. Nobody helps you do anything. So if you’re going to get it, you’ve got to go get it. Literally! I think that’s why you don’t hear about that many rappers from Memphis like you do from other cities. But it helped me because I’m not the type of guy that complains. From where I come from, you could be dead or in jail. So I wasn’t expecting anyone to do anything for me.” Studying the success of predecessors like NWA, Cash Money, Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG, Gotti formulated a blueprint that lead to a massive street buzz and subsequent distribution deal with TVT Records (Lil Jon, Yin Yang Twins, Pitbull, etc). But when the imprint went bankrupt in 2008, he came up with the $500,000 he needed to buy out his contract in less than 3 days to latter sign a million dollar deal with Polo Grounds Music/J Records. Despite other offers with more up-front money, Yo Gotti chose to sign with Polo Grounds because of the relationship he had with the company’s owner, Bryan Leach, who had initially signed Yo Gotti to TVT. “I saw the work Yo Gotti was putting in in the streets of Memphis when I worked with TVT. I knew that his grind and the high quality of his music made him someone I wanted to continue to do business with. He’s a street artist with the potential for massive mainstream success, and he’s relentless. That’s why I signed him twice.” –Bryan Leach

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Young Coon

By K Cannick

Nestled in the mountainous regions of North Carolina, just 22 miles southeast of Asheville, sits the small town of Hendersonville, North Carolina. While probably not the first, second or even fiftieth place to spring to mind when rap or hip hop is mentioned, Hendersonville, just like many other small cities in America, has its own unique contributions to make. Carrying a moniker that has been passed down for three generations, from his grandfather to a father that he only got to know through the stories and anecdotes of others, Yung Koon represents for Hendersonville to the fullest. As he describes it, “The city is deeply segregated. It’s like all the black people live in the center and the wealthier white people live around the outskirts,” Koon states as he relays the demographics of his hometown. Growing up poor in a single parent household Koon began hanging with a rough crowd and running the streets at a very early age. A true fan of music, he would often freestyle and occasionally write to pass the time. Influenced by artists like Tupac, Jay-Z, Yo gotti, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, Koon draws

inspiration from their music. Though he never took rapping seriously or foresaw it as his potential future, it was always something that he enjoyed doing. It wasn’t until reconnecting with a high school friend that had relocated to Atlanta that Koon would began to see the potential in his music. “Coming down to Atlanta was an eye opening experience,” Koon Says, “It was the first time I really got to see beyond the limitations of Hendersonville. It was just like there are so many opportunities in the world.” Upon hearing Koon rap his friend introduced him to the owners of Solar Sound Studios. Shortly thereafter Young Koon began working on his first mixtape, driving down to Atlanta to do all of his recording at Solar Sound. Young Koon has done more in just eight months of seriously pursuing music than most independent artists due in years. With the release of his first mixtape, hosted by DJ Stickabush, Yung Koon has started growing a solid fan base, secured moderate radio play and been able to start booking a few paid shows. Growing up in a city so devoid of opportunity has made Koon a decisive busi-

ness man, taking action and seizing opportunity while others sit on the fence. Now looking to further expand his fanbase and reach 10 new markets by the end of the fourth quarter Young Koon is interested in connecting with DJs and Promoters throughout the Southeast and Midwest that have the power to break records and the drive to make money. Take a listen to Young Koon’s music at If you feel that the project can work well in your market please email foxcoonjr@ or call (404) 985-3610 and to arrange a trial promotional campaign. Yung Koon is also looking for beats for his next project. “I would never say that I’m a role model or trying to be one, because I’ve made some bad decisions but I just want to show that it’s possible to succeed coming from Hendersonville without having to turn to the streets. That was the only visible option when I was coming up and it’s like the same thing for this generation. I just want to be able to show them that there are other options. It’s not about a major deal for me; It’s about opening a door.” -Young Koon

F Millionaire By K Cannick

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, F Millionaire is a child of the hip hop culture. Reminiscing on days as a youth listening to his Uncle Reggie’s rap records; it was groups like BDP, Too Short and Public Enemy that fueled his fascination for music. Now, a long ways away from those childhood days of dressing up in his uncle’s fat gold rope and Kangol jumping around the house reciting every word to LL Cool J’s Bigger and Deffer album , F Millionaire is setting the stage to be the inspiration that fuels the next generation of hip hoppers. Currently working on the fifth installment of his increasingly popular mixtape series, F Millionaire anticipates an early August release for his latest effort entitled “The 4th Qaurter”. With his previous mixtape, “The 3rd Quarter”, receiving well over 6,500 downloads since mid February, his expectations for this newest project are high. Outside of his own music, F Million10 | Call 678.528.6925 to advertise in our next issue for as low as $50

aire has also been keeping busy writing records for a few notable R&B artists in the Chicago area. As artist and CEO of Legitimate Hustle Music, his own Independent Label, F Millionaire runs the company alongside Co-CEO, JYtheGOD, and President, B Chanel. Now Relocating to Atlanta, F Millionaire hopes to connect with producers, publicists, DJs, Artists, promoters and others involved in the entertainment industry. After getting the opportunity to speak with Amir Boyd (Grand Hustle VP) via a call into, F Millionaire has made it a personal goal to make Amir one of his mentors. For booking and further information call (773) 368.2178 or email:

10 Reasons U aint on

Artist Panel

by That Retail Chick

1. Myspace started out as a great tool for new artists trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry. But now there needs to be a new rule: All artists that sign up for myspace music must be approved by the Myspace A&R Department!

Des “That Retail Chick” Williams is a 14 year veteran of the Atlanta Music Industry. In that time, she was a music retailer, independent distributor, and consultant. Her connections in the Atlanta music scene allowed her to break the hottest new artists through consignment within the Value Music Concepts 44 store chain. She has worked with artists to bring them to the attention of music consumers, DJ’s, and major record label A&R’s. Des also assisted major label distributors with implementing marketing plans that have directly impacted record sales for many new artists. She is the owner of Music Retail Marketing & Consulting, LLC where she consults artists and offers them structure in the music industry. Her brand, “That Retail Chick”, is a popular bi-weekly email newsletter and blog (www. that gives music industry professionals insight and advice on the music industry from a music retailer’s perspective.

2. “I gotta do a lot of mixtapes so I can be like Wayne!!!” Now, let’s do some research. Lil Wayne has been rapping since 1997. And after 9 CD’s, over a dozen HOT mixtapes, and 10+ years in the game he is where he should be. Wayne has laid his ground work. Remind me, what number mixtape were you on??? And why was the last one so whack??? 3. “I just need to get a distribution deal so I can get these records on the shelf.” Records on the shelf at every music retailer in the USA will not equal sales unless you have a GREAT marketing campaign, HUGE promotional budget, and GOOD Music. National distribution is no good without a national marketing campaign. Can you afford that? 4. “I paid DJ (fill in the blank) to host my mixtape and everybody knows him but nobody knows me!” It doesn’t matter who you pay to do your mixtape. If the music is whack, it’s whack. And there’s not a DJ in the world that can cosign it and make it sound better. 5.”Artist f--k that, I got SWAG!” For all of the artists out there, that have deals, songs on the radio, reality TV shows, or the ones that have no buzz at all; Swag is no good without PERSONALITY and media training is a must! Fans want to see a STAR! And grabbing your pants to hold them up while try to walk or acting stand-off-ish around fans will not work! You may have swag on a record or in a video, but your personality is at Level Zero in person! 6. “I just signed to this indie label with major distribution!!!!” Ok Cool, but do they know what a record label is supposed to do??? I see so many distribution deals that don’t work because the indie label didn’t re-

AON (Ambitious or Nothing) Born in Ghana and raised in Chicago by way of NYC, this young R&B/ Pop artist is currently working on mixtapes with Bigga Rankin and DJ Green Lantern while pushing his new single “Doin It Big”, the follow up to his first single “My Girl”. Signed to Steeze Records they are looking for opportunities to connect with DJ’s and promoters to further expand the fanbase. | | 773 469-1919

alize how much of the marketing costs was THEIR responsibility!!!! Don’t blame distribution because your CD didn’t sell...blame the team of people you hired to work at your indie record label. 7. “I’m going to give away 2500 promo cd’s for FREE!” Are you giving away 2500 cd’s with good music on it or 2500 cd’s with bad music on it? Because if the music on it is bad, then you just gave away 2500 Frisbees (some of which are creating clutter in my car). And now I don’t want to hear any more of your music. Remember first impressions last a lifetime. 8. “I’m Building My Brand” I meet more new artist interested in “branding” themselves before they drop an album. Jay Z didn’t become Jay Z overnight, he’s been doing this music thing for a LONG time. Your brand is no good without fans that trust that your music is always going to be on point. I suggest that you focus on your music first and your “brand” later. 9. No Networking SkillsI go to a good amount of industry functions only to find artist holding up the wall, and keeping the seats warm. Networking is key to making it in the music industry. Make it a point to meet 3 new people at every industry function that you go to otherwise don’t go because you’ve wasted your time. As a matter of fact you might be getting this email because I was “networking” at that last event and you were not. 10. BAD MANAGEMENT If I had a dollar for every bad manager I met inside the music store, I would own a condo in Buckhead, Manhattan, and LA. Although every manager does not start out knowing it all, they should at least know enough so the artist will not get screwed. To all the new artists out there, ask your manager if they have any books on how to manage an artist in the music industry. If not buy 2. One for them to learn what they are suppose to do, and one for you to make sure they are not messing up!

C-DOT (CashDough OffTop) is hip hop artist hailing from Cambridge, MD that has been hard at work in Atlanta wrapping up his latest mixtape and prepping for the release of his new singles. His current goals are to build a larger fanbase and garner some radio play. His current album, “Tha try Greenwood Story” can be found by searching for C-Dot on | 404-593-8699 | 678-993-9206

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Lalo The Don

By Lola Sims

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lalo The Don has cultivated a look and a sound that appeals to the world. As CEO of Thug Gentleman Entertainment, he plays an active role in all areas of his company. More than simply an artist, he also carries the titles of Executive Producer, Song/Script Writer, Director, Photographer and Actor. As committed as he is talented, his personal goals of gaining mainstream exposure are well within reach. Citing Inspiration from videos such as Kool G Rap’s “On The Run” and The Geto Boys’, ”Mind Playing Tricks On Me”, Lalo is looking to bridge the generational gap within hip hop culture. Now, currently promoting his, Love Life Lyrics album, Lalo has shot and released six music videos from the project that feature adult film stars such as Skyy Black and Aryana Starr. The project

itself boasts an impressive 18 tracks and features a variety of guest artists from across the musical spectrum including collaborations with Kool G Rap, Nicki Minaj, Ras Kass, Babs Bunny, Surreall from Swisha House, Nicky 2 States and many others. The project also includes a special guest appearance from Al Handfield (Lead singer of the legendary doowop group, The Limelites). Having already snagged features in Source Magazine and now Makin It Magazine, Lalo is seeking new promotional opportunities to expand his fanbase. For more information contact him at 718-724-4776 or lalomedia@ Also visit &

Liquid Radio Online radio-show host, promoter and manager, De’One, realized early on that the music industry would be his calling. As founder of Liquid Radio this native of Akron, Ohio, now living Atlanta, has been busy building a platform to help give independent artists exposure. An advocate of artists De’One has earned

Music available on Rhapsody iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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by Zakiya Davidson

his stripes putting together various major showcases bringing major label A&Rs to markets with little to no industry presence. Currently in the process of organizing a new showcase for the Ohio, he has reached out to A&Rs from DTP Records Outside of the events and radioshow, De’One has been busy promoting the new R&B/Pop artist LOVELY whose project is available online for download from iTunes, CDBaby and all other online retailers. De’One is looking to connect with talented artists looking for exposure, graphic designers, web developers, and promoters in other market interested in providing an outlet for their local talent. For more information please contact by web, phone or email. | | 678-468-9287

DJ Green LanDtern by K Cannick

World renown as a prolific DJ, Green Lantern’s focus, ironically enough, was never DJing. With a reputation for being adept at chopping samples and having some of the hottest beats around, production was the path he chose for himself. Borrowing crates from friends, he took his first DJing gig only because it paid $500. He instantly found a new calling and began building a reputation as the go-to party DJ in his area. With his creative background and producer pedigree still screaming for an outlet, Green began doing mixtapes. “Around ‘96, I made my first mixtape,” Green recalls. “I used four or eight-track recorders to do different [things]. I never did a normal blend tape ever. I understood you have to stand out and so I started putting hooks in and switching stuff up.” Green’s trademarks quickly became his self-produced remixes, and a cohesiveness that had many of his mixtapes sounding like albums. The overwhelming critical acclaim made him

a rising star with bookers requesting his presence on the tables everywhere From Connecticut and Japan to all over Europe. Catching the eye of Eminem Green was enlisted to produce, his now famous, Invasion mixtape series which provided a platform to showcase Shady Records’ impressive stable of artists. Eventually the synergy between the two led to Green becoming Eminem’s tour DJ on the “Anger Management” tour and an opportunity to once again pursue his initial goals of producing. “From 1993 to 2002, I was focusing on DJing,” says Green. “But producing was so much my passion. The Eminem thing was a great opportunity to get back into what I loved and use the name I had to propel a production career.” His discography quickly swelled to include D-Block’s “2 Guns Up,” Immortal Technique’s “Bin Laden,” and Ludacris’ hit single, “Number One Spot.”

Newly relocated to Atlanta DJ Green Lantern, has landed a mixer spot on the city’s #1 radio station ,V-103, and has also set up a studio to work on music and mixtape projects. Green says “I’ve been coming to ATL for years now and I’ve always said I love the vibe. I decided to get a house and a studio here and it’s been very fruitful for me in the short time I’ve been in the A.” DJ Green Lantern’s story serves as a great example to the millions of people pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It is often the things that you didn’t plan on doing that will open the door to the things that you only dreamed of. You can catch DJ Green Lantern spinning Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm on the Greg Street Show (V103) and Monday nights on Sirius Radio. For booking and production inquiries contact Stan Crum at 678.548.1318. Subscribe at | 13

Last time we spoke with Stephen “Duck” Williams he had just beat out close to 1,000 artists to win Makin’ It Magazine’s first ever Beat Game competition. In the two years since a lot has changed for this young rapper. Having created a decent buzz promoting his album, doing shows, club events and even securing radio play, Duck always felt something was missing. His whole life Duck was brought up in the church so even though he had been seeing success on the secular side of music, deep down inside he knew he had a greater calling. While on the road with major artists it was prophesized by three different people on totally seperate occasions that god wanted him to use his gift to help the younger generation. Duck wrestled with

these prophecies but finally decided to put his career in the hands of God. The first record he recorded as a gospel artist was for a rally against crime sponsored by his church, Mt Zion Baptist. This record was quickly adopted as the official anthem for the event and Darrell Walker, brother to Bishop Joseph Walker, soon tapped Duck to make another song for the upcoming “Mt. Zion Yes We Can! Youth Conference.” Pleased with the direction his career was going Duck asked God to bless him with a group member that could bring a unique flavor and perspective to his music. Little did he know that this group member would come in the form of his own brother, Turahn “Chyldish” Williams. Together the two formed The Boyz and have created quite a buzz over the last year

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traveling across the country performing in cities like Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, etc and promoting the word of god through music. Currently working on their second album, Living Testimony II - S.W.A.G.G. (Serving, Worshiping, And Glorifying God!), The Boyz are looking to release the new project sometime in August. Thankful for the love and support that they receive from their mother, Tanya Lynn Williams, manager, Patrice Starnes, their Mt. Zion Church Family, Bishop Joseph W. Walker III, and ALL of their fans and supporters. They look forward to connecting with other positive individuals that can help take their musical ministry to the next level. (615)668-0707

Face Card

Spotlighting Good people doing Great things!

Fort Knox With a hand shake that will dislocate your shoulder, This New York Native embodies the raw energy that is hip hop. A phenomenal and charismatic event host, he is also a savvy business man. Together with partner, Big Tah, their Strong Arm Management brand, which has managed such artists such as Willie Joe and Ms Brown, is now overseeing talented hip hop artist Stanza ( and promoting a variety of great events. Contact for more info 404.441.2059 | @Knox5000 #More FIYA!

DJ Silver Knight Originally from Detroit he has earned a reputation as one of Atlanta’s go-to club DJs. Having rocked crowds at some of the city’s hottest clubs (Visions, 112, Vegas Night, Primetime, etc.), he’s built a loyal following. In addition to DJing Silver Knight also produces and is a talented rapper. Definitely a good person to network with, Make sure you check him out at or reach out to him by phone (404)232-9978 or by email at

Haziq Originally from DC this Atlanta artist has been making tremendous strides over the past two years creating his own unique subgenre of hip hop that many have described as “UCanDoItMusic”. One part hustler; one part business man he continues to expand his brand through touring, videos on MTV Jams and grass roots promotion. For more information contact him at 404-539-1725 | | | Twiiter: @HaZiQ

Tracey Smith As General Manager of Chopper City Records (Owned by BG, formerly of Cash Money), Tracey is well known throughout the industry. As CEO of Star Status Consulting, she employs years of experience gathered from event planning, Promotions, Management and time served as executive assistant to Kevin Lyles (Former Def Jam President) to help clients leverage technology to capitalize on their resources. For more info on booking or consulting contact her at 504.427.0724 or

P Lewis As one of the few people who can see the big picture and remain detail oriented, P. Lewis puts 110% into make anything he’s involved with. Watching his growth and work ethic, I can safely say he is positioning his company to soon be a leader in its field. As the official brand Ambassador for Ciroc Vodka in the Atlanta Market, he is tapped into the pulse of the cities nightlife. For promotions and marketing assistance call him at 404.438.7831 or email

Mike Wills Imagine if you had the chance to buy a beat from a Drumma Boy, Focus, Polo Da Don, or Zaytoven before they blew up. Well that’s the opportunity you have staring you in the face right now. As one of Atlanta’s fastest rising producers, Mike Wills’ credits include records with such notable artists as Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, LiL Boosie, Titty Boy, etc. For more information or to purchase beats call (404) 932.0058 or email him at Subscribe at | 15

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In the song “You Aint Missin’ Nothin” from the T.I.’s Paper Trail Album, Tip drops this jewel, “Cuz, the game go on. You only do two days in the joint. The day you get locked up and the day you go home.” In two bars the self proclaimed King of the South relays a profound truth so simply that many listeners may have missed it. I’ve watched as over the past year hip hop blogs and fans across the country have buzzed with news about some of their favorite artists dealing with cases, probation violations and impending sentences. Over the past few months we’ve seen the releases of T.I., Gucci Mane and even Mystikal along with the incarcerations of Boosie and Lil Wayne. And while much of the barbershop conversation was about which artists WERE and WERE NOT built for prison, I would have to say the true test of surviving prison for any artist is what is waiting for them when they get out. Of course that’s all relative to what they had going on before they went in. Take T.I. for example. He comes out of prison and over the course of a few months has multiple records in rotation, a movie soon to hit theatres and an artist (B.O.B.) that has the #1 Song in the country (and several other continents). All of this was no mere coincidence because while T.I. may be the face, Grand Hustle is a machine composed of many parts. I say this to illustrate a point. Over my years of working with independent artists I have seen many movements come and go, espe-

@JuanSogutta Juan Sogutta, Gary, IN

So true! I must agree, only thing most true “movements” aren’t strategically planned, they just happen, and when they are you get a commercialized mess, that the public does not buy, ala Diddy’s Dirty Money. No one buys into it [because] it’s not genuine. I am glad to have read this movement blueprint and I hope up and coming future artist are out here reading this too!!


J’sar, Virgina

With all due respect to aspiring artists, including being one myself, this article could be labeled “Building a Label for Dummies”. Movements are usually associated to a label. Many artists confuse just what a move-

cially dealing with hip hop artists who are so often caught in-between doing music and running the streets. I’ve watched independent labels that seemed to have everything going collapse when a key individual catches a case, gets shot or worse. Unfortunately too many people in the urban entertainment industry subscribe to the tenant of “Faking it till you Make it!” Often artists will spend more money and time on looking successful than actually becoming successful. They will spend thousands of dollars to make a scene in a strip club rather than spending it to make a profit on their CD. The difference between “Movement” and “A Movement” is direction. Movement is easy to create, all you have to do is spend some money and start doing things. “A Movement” on the other hand involves planning, gathering a team, motivating them toward a singular goal and executing. One of the biggest mistakes independents make is centralizing all of their resources and relying too heavily on one individual. Here are a couple of tips to help you organize your movement. 1) Structure your business. When it comes to paying for things too often I hear artists or managers say that they have to go talk to the “Money Man”. If one individual personally holds all the capital that will be going into the project you have a huge problem. Form an LLC or Corporation and Set up a business account, figure out the budget for the project and place money in that account. ment is and lack the basics fundamentals of starting a company with the proper foundation, thus making them dumb to the facts. For sake of argument, use of the word dumb should not be taken in the most literal sense. I add to this, don’t move forward until you have all the resources and people in place. In doing so, you may avoid many potholes on the road to success.


Lady Cam, Baton Rouge

I agree with the play your position part. Everybody wants to be the rapper. Why not be the CEO, producer or writer? As far as the money man thing goes I understand having a sponsor and all but I think for a team to be truly effective everyone has to bring in some sort of capital, it shouldn’t be all on one [person]. To also point out how artist try

2) Pick a leader and let them lead. A leader is needed to define the goal of the organization and to map a route to it. If everyone is moving toward different goals then there is no direction and if there is no direction, there is no “Movement”. Here’s a simple exercise you can use to gauge your company’s direction. Sit everyone down for a meeting. Ask them to write the goal of the company on a piece of paper. Gather the pieces of paper and read them. If everyone doesn’t come up with the same answer you have an issue. 3) Make sure everyone has a position to play. I often hear independent labels complain about people not playing their position but the biggest mistake I watch them make is not assigning people a position to play. If you bring someone on the team outline their role, what you need them to do and let them do it. Don’t micromanage them. If you feel the need to make them confer or get approval for every decision they make, you need to find someone else that you trust for that job or learn to play YOUR position. These are just a few tips for establishing the foundation of a solid movement. The future holds many unforeseen circumstances. It is up to you to prepare for them all. Remember true leadership is not gauged by your presence but rather the level of success that can be obtained in your absence. Until next time every stay blessed and continue Makin’ It. -Kelby Cannick Makin’ It Magazine to look the part instead of being the part or playing it. I see artist come to a show with a big chain and watches popping bottles all night, but no flyer, CD, website, MySpace, rented cars etc. It’s so important to know the business and study the game, looks only go so far.

@LolaSims Lola Sims, ATL

Its either the streets or its the music. You got to make a choice. Once you start progression and have to stop its more than hard to get going again! Also learn what a budget is and stick to it. Makes life in this biz so much easier! We would love to hear what your thoughts are. Join the coversation online at Subscribe at | 17


By Lola Sims

D’mitri “MITRI” Rice is an Atlanta based rapper and songwriter looking to bring his music and movement to the forefront. Currently signed to the independent label, GamePlan Music Icons, he is helping mold their foundation of success as their flagship artist. With a unique style that sets him apart from his contemporaries his catalog boasts a wide variety of records that clearly accent his deep, southern voice. Sporting light up shirts and the latest flash forward watch, he has developed a memorable image that stands out in any venue. Currently finishing up his first mixtape effort, he is anticipating a mid to late summer release for the project. In addition to the music, Mitri has also begun work on a feature film which he expects to wrap by the end of the 4th quarter. With a bright future ahead of him, Mitri admits he has come a long way from his troubled youth. Incarcerated as a juvenile he found his passion for music and with the help family, friends and Making A Difference in Our Community Inc. (an urban survival and mentoring program) he was able to move his life in a more positive direction. Having received his GED at age 16, he now takes great pride in being able to see his younger brother Graduate from high school. While he raps about street life, he feels it’s important to keep a balance in his music to deliver all sides of it, the good with the bad. For more information and booking call (404) 354 3178 or email Please send Fan Mail to:

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Producer Panel


What do you look for in a producers when choosing tracks for the projects you are over?

As Senior Vice President of Poe Boy Music Group, home to such artists as Rick Ross, Flo-rida, Billy Blue and Brisco, Fernando Watson is a decorated industry veteran. Having also served as Vice President of Slip N Slide Records, Director of Urban National Marketing with Virgin Records, Director of Northeast Sales for Island Def Jam Music Group and Field Marketing Representative with BMG Distribution, he understands the inner workings of the industry from a multitude of angles. His past positions lead him to taking a more personal interest in his artist and their projects. More hands on than most industry execs, his approach to bringing things together is one of both knowledge and skill. For more information on Poe Boy Music and their upcoming projects visit:

I look for a unique sound that will compliment the artist and bring the concept of the song to life. To me, music is an emotion. So a good song has to touch you. It has to make you feel a certain way. Whether a record makes you happy, sad, angry, rebellious or fall in love, music has to touch you. How do you find new producers? We stay in the streets at Poe Boy Music Group. We are constantly listening for the new, edgy sound that will make a record sound BIG! With our superstar artist like Flo Rida, we have to deliver BIG records. We also listen to everything that we come across. You never know where your next hit will come from. Lastly, we support independent artist & producers. it’s the fundamentals of how Poe Boy got started and we are not going to ever forget that. Plus, we nurture the development of our artists, producers & writers. What makes a producer stand out in your eyes?


F. Watson Words by Lola Sims

have your presentation CORRECT! Don’t give me a CD with handwriting on it and no contact information. Or else it will be “On to the Next One” just that quick. Lastly, have a track listing. You will make it easier to pick a beat and keep it in the mind of the person you doing business with. What are a couple of tips that you would give to new producers regarding submitting beats and just handling their business in general? Well, the first tip I’d give them is to just send in their best 4 or 5 tracks when submitting beats. Be direct and to the point. This is a fast paced industry and no one will have the time to go through 30 beats on a single CD. Besides, people will forget what the first beat sounded like by the time they make it to beat #15. When it comes to the business, [Producers] forget this is just that, a business! So, not being on time for sessions, having to chase down music files, bad communication, not submitting paperwork on time, will make me seek out someone else to work with. There is a HUGE number of producers out there... So, stay on your job!

Obviously the music will always speak for itself, but, a producer that is willing to try something new and make it sound good will always get my attention. Another important element is good work ethic. What is the proper way for a producer to submit tracks for a project? Always be professional, even if you got a good relationship with someone. Business is business and friendship is friendship. Secondly,

808 Entertainment In the short 3 months since being featured in our last issue of Makin’ It Magazine, Big Yo and 808 Entertainment have been making major moves, connecting with such notable acts as Crime Mob, Bigga Rankin and Zaytoven. Currently working on 2 Mixtapes and a DVD, the 808 Family is looking forward to a late 3rd quarter release.

With their annual 808 Day (a music festival that showcases independent artists as well established acts) fast approaching, Big Yo has been busy reaching out to some of the most talented independent artists that the Southeast has to offer. Speaking about the event, Big Yo explained that 808 Day isn’t about his company, its just about good

by K. Cannick music in general, reminding me that the 808 is the signature Kick of hip hop. Big Yo is currently looking to connect with DJs, Producers, established and Independent artists interested in being booked in the Vidalia area as well as sponsors and vendors for 808 Day. Call 912.326.1701 or email

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Smoke House By K. Cannick

They say “Steel sharpens steel”. Well this is definitely true in the case of Smokehouse Records. Founded by GFT and CEO, these two cousins share a friendly competitiveness that pushes them to excel both musically and in business. As the 2010 Hotblock Magazine Award winners for Independent Movement of the Year, GFT and CEO are more than simply artists, they are all around entrepreneurs, consistently working to take Smokehouse Records to the next level. Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to witness their growth as they’ve expanded their network, connecting with DJ Ace ,The South’s Top Dawg, and DJ Redd Dred of Hot 107.9 to promote one of the city’s premiere Open Mics, Smokehouse Sundays, every Sunday at The Gate (6510 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA). Now that Smokehouse Sundays are running smoothly, the two are shifting more of their promotional focus toward

their new releases. With GFT’s new album “Rare Form” just hitting the streets and CEO’s album “Still on My Grind” Scheduled for a mid-summer release, they are looking to expand on their already established fanbase while connecting with new DJs and promoters. Expect to see a lot more from Smokehouse records in the near future. With a music video already completed for the single “I’m A G” and feature stories in numerous magazines, radio is their next step. For booking and info please contact: (404)732-2738 or (678)851-6888 Also Checkout Smokehouse Records online at:

DJ SouthPaw Austin, TX

DJ SKNO Dayton, OH

DJ Sha Houston, TX

Website Phone (512) 423-3155 Email Not Available

Website Phone 937-397-0870 Email

Website Phone (832) 921-0731 Email

Club | Radio

Co-Signing “Maybe” by Rocko available at Website: and... Co-Signing “Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollars)” by Chalie Boy available at Website:

Mixtape | Club | Radio

Co-Signing “OK Yeah” by Ray Rizzy ft. Lil Jon & Juvenile available at Website: “Very Hot artist out of Milwaukee, WI. Definitely a Hit song for the streets and clubs! Stay Payin’ Attention!”

Mixtape | Radio

Co-Signing “Bad 2 Bone” by Est’ee available at Website: “It has a message reaching the young people. This record needs to be heard world wide.”

DJ Heat Washington DC

DJ Roc Kansas City, MO

Website Phone Not Available Email

Website Phone 816.529.4634 Email

Mixtape | Club | Radio

Mixtape | Club

Co-Signing “She Hurtin’ Em” by Mullyman available at Website:

Co-Signing “Tatted Up” by Vistoso Bosses Ft. Waka Flocka

“People expect hard, gritty tracks from this Baltimore Artist, but this is a great high energy, female friendly, club record!”

“The song appeals to a younger crowd with a new age swing to it. The track focuses on the art of tatoos, which can incluence a whole different group of People into body art. Club BANGA!”

DJ Sir Thurl St. Louis, MO

DJ Wheezy Nashville, TN

Dj Dave Atlanta, GA

Website Phone Not Available Email

Website Phone 615-482-8778 Email

Website Phone 317.362.2139 Email

Mixtape | Club | Radio

Co-Signing “Shine” by Ray Da Kidd available at Website: “The record is amazing! The first time I ra it in the club they went crazy like ‘What is this!?’ Its not just a regional record its an area HIT!”

Mixtape | Club

Co-Signing “The City Paper” by Paper (Produced by Broadway) available at Website: “The next artist to blow from Nashville, TN. He already got over 25,000 views on youtube for this record.”

Mixtape | Club

Co-Signing “Clubbin” by MUG (Money United With Game) “This song “clubbin” is an upbeat club song that makes u wanna hit the dance floor. With a easy to remember hook you will be singing it without even knowing it. U probably heard it first on My mixtape “Swag Session 2. Get Wit It!”

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For the past 3 years Makin’ It Magazine has worked to bringing the music industry to you. Now we are bringing you to the music industry. In this new section we are spotlight markets with a strong independent music scene to give our Readers, DJs, A&Rs, Promoters and Labels a look at what’s going on in your city. The cities that we spotlight in the buzz section are determined by the number of subscribers we have in them. Any city that has at least 25 Subscribers will be added. The more subscribers there are in the city the larger your section we will dedicate to it. Subscribe to Makin’ It Magazine at www.MakinItMag. com/subscribe and put your city on the map.

Atlanta, GA Rico Love is a name that’s been buzzing heavy in a lot of industry circles these days. As the first artist signed to Usher’s US Records, he is starting to get a lot of mainstream attention for his penning of such huge hits as “Daddy’s Home” and “There Goes My Baby” by Usher, “Hello Good Morning” by Dirty Money, Boyfriend #2” by Pleasure P, “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce and a TON of other huge records. The ladies have been getting it in the ATL. Miss B AKA Ms. B-Havin (Bottle Action, Girl Fight, I Know U See It, etc.) has a new mixtape in the streets, “Ego Trippin” featuring the single “I’m So Pretty”. She got this whole #TeamISP movement going. Make sure you follow her on twitter (@MsBHavin). The homegirl CoCo is in the studio working on new material. Can’t wait to hear (and SEE! ) the follow up to the “Onion Booty” record. The 2nd annual Tupac Birthday Celebrationn went down REAL big at the Tupac Shakur center on Memorial Drive on June 16, 2010, Hosted by Mike Epps & Afeni Shakur. Special guests included Rick Ross, Bun B, Roscoe Dash, Too Short and Pill. Speaking of Rick Ross, He has one of the Hottest Mixtapes in the street right now. You damn near can’t pull up to a stoplight in Atlanta without one of the two cars next to you bumping it. Congratulations to the homie Ced L. Young (featured in out July 2007 issue) for his contribution to that Rick Ross

Mixtape. He produced #13 “Nasty” and also has new records with Game, Shawty Lo, Pill and Gucci Mane. The open-mic scene has made a lot of changes. There’s like a million and one open mics going on every week. Most of them are on Monday. Our favorite Monday night spot is the Hustle & Flow Open Mic that goes down the 1st Friday of each month at Club Libra presented by Grand Hustle, Rubicon & KBD (S/O to Tracye!). Every other Monday, you’ll find us at Club Crucial with Greg Street or at Oceans 66 with the homie Magnem PI. On Tuesdays Makin’ It Magazine is at the Addicted to the Mic Open Mic at South Beach Bistro (2077 Northlake Parkway, 30084). This is the only spot to be at on a Tuesday night; always a good turn out and the opportunity for artists to make some real connections. Two other great spots are the Time 2 Shine Showcase presented by Urban Female Entertainment every 2nd Thursday at the Apache Café (Love their sound system) and the Flood Season openmic held every Thursday by DJ Racine Green at Tony’s Sports Bar (8610 Roswell Road, 30350). The homie Racine be going hard for the indies breaking a lot of new names on the North side, like that “Dog Hoes” by Cheeto Gambine. A lot of big events coming up in the A. Make sure you subscribe to the FREE Newsletter at Until next time... Stay safe and keep GRINDING! – Kelby Cannick

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Miami, FL

Miami has some talented blood rising out of the gun shine state. Independent Vet Mike West is steady pushing his smash single “I Gotta Get it” featuring Amil formerly of the Roc. You can check it out on the XXL Magazine website in the bangers section. A new comer by the name of Jap is makin some noise also, he was able to meet and freestyle for Lil Wayne before he was incarcerated so anything can happen for him when Wayne gets out. He also has a sick 40 minute nonstop freestyle on youtube!! Just type in jap954. did its first rock event with South Florida Radio Station 93 Rock on March 20 at Culture Room. For upcoming events check out and new online radio stations or - Sha-Ron

Indianpolis, IN

If you’re coming to Naptown the clubs to hit are Cloud 9 and 300 East. DJ Don Don has the streets on lock as far as the mixtape scene is concerned. G Fresh and the whole Monki Boy Ent. Family are running the independent music scene right now. The Indianpolis Black Expo is just around the corner so if you’re looking to break some records in this market. Now would be a good time to start pushing. When you get in town, just pick up a copy of Leak Magazine to find out whats going on in the city. -J Bronson

C.J. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, C.J. is the living definition of the word hustler. With his planned takeover in 2010, this young rapper is more than on his way to the big leagues. As his new hit single, Zone Money continues to climb the charts he is looking to network with producers, expand his fan base, and collaborate with other artists as he prepares for the upcoming Hushmoney compilation Mixtape Release of Pardon My Movement hosted by DJ Step-One. |

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

Burg Slim is working on his new album “The Conundrum” and just like the title implies the album will be a superior play on words. The top spots to hit up are the Bijou Lounge or Rack Daddy’s in Arlington and Club Chrome or Club Mystique in Ft Worth. The Definition Dj’s and Dj Wildhair are the go to DJs right now if you’re looking to break a record. Step Your Game Up Radio with Lico Mac is a must hear on Saturdays.

Richmond, VA

Richmond’s own Grand Hustle artist, Governor, says he has been enjoying touring and performing with 50 Cent for the new single “Do You Think About Me”. Rapper, Skillz, most known for his “Year End Wrap Ups” has been recently encouraging all the aspiring artist to stop looking for record deals and make the record deals come to them. We The Best Music Group CEO, DJ Khaled, has been spending time in Richmond VA lately. Heavy in the studio with one of his new artist named “Redrum” and production team, The Inkredibles. I’m sure they’re in there cooking up some hits! Subscribe at | 23

Drumma Boy By Lola Sims

With a mother who sang opera and father who is a tenured music professor at the University of Memphis and the first black man to hold the title of First Chair of the Memphis City Orchestra, you could sond music is in the DNA of super producer Drumma Boy. With a recorder in his hands at age three, he began playing the clarinet by six. Classically trained by his father, it was his mother that introduced him to the soulful sounds of artists like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. Having produced some of the biggest urban records over the past 2 years and production credits which include the likes of TI, Drake, Jeezy, R Kelly, Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Monica and many others, Drumma Boy still savors the opportunity to work with new and undiscovered talent. As CEO of both Drum Squad Productions and his own label he is excited by the prospect of cultivating new talent from beginning to end and moving some major units in the process. When it comes to the artists that he looks out for, Drumma denotes drive and consistency as a huge deciding factor for him. He recounts how at age 16 he first met TI outside of Noon Time studios where he played tracks for him and Jason Getter prior to the release of I’m Serious. A process that would be repeated again for every album producing no placements until Paper Trail, when he took 30 tracks out to TIs home and Tip chose 24 of them with 4 eventually making the Album. Drumma encourages independents to be diligent and remember that just because a door closes doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s locked. For information or to purchase tracks visit or contact Squeak at (678) 642-2050. 24 | Call 678.528.6925 to advertise in our next issue for as low as $50

New Releases Half Man, Half Kush * No Website Provided * (213) 58-8990


Product of Society (510) 541-6243

King of Hood & Blues (770) 655-2096

Who Don’t Know Cheeto? (423) 316-1629

Conspiracy Murder Music (824) 525-7423

Lites, Camara, Axtion Google: WantAxtionMusic (313) 673.6363

GUAP-A-HOLIC (404) 574-7552

Ca$hville Titans (615) 596.2600

J Styles: Black Friday (626) 219-6728

Uh Oh! (513) 687-0208

Its Time (678) 510-6816

Hood II Hood (330) 819-3810

Re”Kon”Structed Infrastructure (404) 645-1197

Blood Brothers: Jon Geezy & Parlae (859) 536-6886

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 127 Hosted By Joell Ortiz

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 126 Hosted By Fabolous

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 125 Hosted By Soula Boy

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 123 Hosted By DJ Kay Slay

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 122 Hosted By Trina

The Gun Show


The First 48 Miami

Diplomatic Immunity

Nappy Unniversity

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J. Harden

By K Cannick

King of Hood & Blues

The best part of this job is having the opportunity to watch the growth of some really amazing artists. I can recall getting my first CD from B.O.B. outside of the Atrium. But just as clearly as I remember my first meeting with B.O.B, I remember sitting in the Peacock as a young R&B artist named J. Harden took the stage with a virtual concubine of women to perform his first single Marching Band. I was impressed by the music but blown away the presentation of dancers and eye-candy twirling batons all choreographed to perfectly compliment an intense performance. Ironically J had just started performing but as a consummate perfectionist he understood the importance of presentation. Investing heavily into his craft, I watched over the next two years as he refined his image, music, stage show and understanding of the business. While what he had then was great, the artist that he has become today is truly something worthy of note. J Harden exemplifies the concept and principals that Makin’ It Magazine embodies. As an independent artist with no major investors behind him he commands an impressive $1,500 per performance while consistently average three shows per month through shear grind. Having been featured on the cover of Rocharder Magazine (Atlanta), Pole to Pole Magazine (Europe) and a third appearance here, in Makin’ It Magazine, J Harden has a lot coming down the pipeline. With the release of his debut Album King of Hood and Blues featuring Trick Daddy, Jadakiss and more, J. Harden is preparing to tackle markets abroad. In October he is already booked for two performances at the world’s largest pole dancing event held by Pole to Pole Magazine in London. Cutting his path through the industry J. Harden has carved his own unique brand of R&B known simply as Hood & Blues. As he expands his brand he looks forward to networking other great artists, producers, DJs, promoters and industry professionals. For music, booking and features please contact Big Rob at 770-655-2069 or Mr. Havior at 347-266-3418.

26 | Call 678.528.6925 to advertise in our next issue for as low as $50

LoW-Key By K Cannick

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Angelo “Low-Key” Ray has been making his impact felt on the Atlanta music scene. As a Singer, Songwriter and Producer, this extraordinary artist plays a major part in the entire creative process of each song. Singing since age four, music has always been a part of his life. Inspired by great entertainers like Michael Jackson, LowKey’s goal is to bring back the true essence of R&B. Currently working on his debut album, I Am Low-Key, he hopes to have the project completed by mid June. With a mixture of solid club records and soulful ballads, his plan is to deliver something for everyone. With song placements on a variety


of regionally successful mixtapes such as DJ Chain’s Industry Report, R&B Jamz and On The Grind Vol. 6, his premiere single “Tip Her” has taken on a life of its own. As a member of the 1 Boss Entertainment family, Low key is surrounded by a team of equally dedicated talent. Having had the opportunity to open for Akon on more than one occasion, Low Key has caught the eye of several key industry players and major labels. Low-Key is interested in connecting with other artists, Producers, publicists and people srious about their music. 678-809-1858

aka Teddy Bear

by K Cannick

Originally from New Orleans, Deraj (aka Teddy Bear) found his calling at young age playing drums and keys in the church. Now a member of the 1Boss Ent. family, Deraj carries the titles of Rapper, Producer, Engineer, Singer and Songwriter. Currently working on his latest solo effort, “The Ladies’ Teddy Bear,” he is anticipating a late summer release. Outside of his work on 1Boss projects, Deraj has worked with artists such as Lil’ Scrappy and members of the Young Money camp. As a skilled musician, Deraj produces Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and Neo-Soul and is always looking to work with talented new artists and songwriters. For more information on track leasing, features or booking email or call 678-608-2399. Also visit him on

Cash Clay

by K Cannick

Cash Clay is an up and coming producer, songwriter and engineer originally from St. Louis. Now, relocated to Atlanta, GA he has teamed up with 1Boss Entertainment and has been hard at work on projects from Low-Key and Deraj. Constantly working to elevate his production his ever growing list of production credits now include records with N.A.M, Bone Crusher, TI, Allie (Drummsquad), Yung Ralph, Arab, Calico Jonez, Hot Rod (GUnit), Ya Boy (Konvict), 2Pistols and even Cash Money Records. In addition to his production company Cash Clay is looking to start a management company to assist other producers. For more information visit Cash Clay online at, email or call (314) 255 7774

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DJ G.Mac! By Zakiya Davidson

Spinning since 1980 and obtaining his first gig at the tender age of 15, “Brooklyn’s own” DJ G.MAC! has been DJing for well over 15 years with no sign of stopping. From New York to Georgia, DJ G.MAC! has done numerous parties and clubs, including Black-Tie, Limelight, Reflections, The Edge, Club Benjamins, and Club 7112 to name a few. He has rocked parties and provided the music for shows with some of the biggest dj’s and crowd movers in the business including DJ Sixth Sense, DJ Nabs, Big Tigger, Fat Joe and the Terror Squad and the legendary Biz Markie. These days you can find DJ G.MAC! spinning at clubs in the Triangle area of NC (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). You can tune into his mix show on Duke University’s radio station, WXDU 88.7FM (, called Live At Union Square. The show airs Tuesdays from 12AM-2AM and is available for download as podcast via Podomatic ( DJ G.MAC! is currently working to get Live At Union Square syndicated on terrestrial or satellite radio. As a member of the Shadyville DJ’s, Derrty DJ’s, Future Star DJ’s, and Fleet DJ’s, he looks forward to expanding his brand internationally, spinning in Europe and Japan where the golden era of Hip-Hop is still appreciated. Winner of the first ever Core DJ Retreat DJ Battle in Orlando his top priority is obtaining future bookings, finding an agent to assist in the development of his projects, and moving his career to the next level. You can find DJ G.MAC! Online at Email: Phone: 919-201-3228

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By K. Cannick

Pressing play on their debut album, Orientation, the first thing you notice about the Undergrads isn’t the quality of recording, versatile production, eclectic sound or creative songwriting, it’s the FUN. Listening to the project you get a true sense of four artists (3 rappers and 1 singer) who truly love music. You can hear the diverse influences in each record anchored by the in house production of the Varsity Squad. Having been making music together for just two years E. Credit, JV, Ro and RonVe have come up with a winning formula that they describe simply as “Alternative Hip-Pop“. Having opened for groups like Travis Porter, been featured on, toured outside of Georgia and performed in front of crowds as large as 1,000 people, they are putting in the necessary footwork to build a strong and long lasting fanbase.

With in-house production, great music, an ever increasing online presence and solid image, it’s no wonder that they are already getting offers from investors to help take the project to the next level. When discussing the prospect of signing a deal, they made it clear that they are in no rush. With each member contributing to the project and income coming in from beat saless, they’re not just looking for money; they’re looking for the RIGHT situation. The Undergrads are currently recruiting promo reps across various campuses and looking to connect with DJ’s, Promoters, Serious Investors and anyone interested in participating in their ever-growing movement. For booking, info or to purchase beats call 770.375.7953 or email Download the Album Orientation FREE from their website at

South Maine By K. Cannick

Born in Hope, Arkansas (Birth Place of President Clinton), South Maine is hip hop artists looking to bring attention to his region. Rapping since age 12, he continues to perfect his craft as he stays busy working on his next album and a mixtape with DJ Koast of Orange County. With his current album, “Maine Attraction” available online thru Amazon, Rhapsody, iTunes, Napster, and many other digital platforms, he has recently teamed with Coast 2 Coast mixtapes to release a new project titled “The Showcase volume 107” hosted by DJ Cannon Banyon. Represented by Mickey Bentson of Payup

Management (Melle Melle, Ice T, etc), he is looking to expand his fanbase into new markets and possibly do some writing for other artists. Together with the help of T-Jones, Marsha Brown and the motivation he receives from his two beautiful children, Za’Nautica and Tre’Dayvion Barker, South Maine continues to diligently push forward making the most of every opportunity god affords him. For info and booking contact 646-542-8644. Phone: 870-826-0122

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