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2ND QTR 2011

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The Comeback Kid 9

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ATL Who’s Next?

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Murphy’s Law states that Anything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong and it was definitely in full effect as we wrapped up this latest issue of the Magazine. My desktop crashed and I lost a month worth of data; a couple of writers went MIA; we had to change printers last minute; production was held up waiting for photos and artwork from a couple of clients and as we closed in on the initial print deadline, my wife went into labor. With all that being said, you are still holding a new issue of Makin’ It Magazine in your hands, and if I might add, quite possibly one of our best issues to date.


As far back as I remember people would always ask me questions like, “How do you start a record label?” or “How do you start a magazine?” I would always stumble over my words looking for a great answer that would set them on the path to success, but would ultimately end up just answering with three simple words: “Just do it.” As clichéd as it sounds (thanks to Nike), I think the profoundness of this statement is lost on most. There is no middle ground between DO and DON’T. You’re either Makin’ It or making excuses. TRY should not be a part of our vocabulary. We don’t TRY… we

DO! Trying is for those that accept failure as a possibility. Trying is for those that will give up before the goal is reached or the task is completed. While everything that you attempt won’t end in success, your only real failure comes in giving up. When life throws you a curve ball, you don’t complain about the pitch, or the noise, or the sun being in your eyes because that’s all things beyond your control. But when that ball comes over your plate you swing at it with everything you have because that’s all you can DO. So just DO it! Now go forth and #HUSTLE!

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The Co-Sign The Co-Sign section is our way of supporting DJs that support independent music. All of the DJs featured below regularly spin at Clubs, on radio stations or release mixtapes. We highly encourage all artists and independent labels to reach out to them for any mixtape hosting, song placements and promotional needs. Don’t forget to check out the records they’ve cosigned and leave your feedback at DJs for this section are selected from a list of Makin’ It Magazine subscribers. If you would like to be included on this list please visit to purchase your subscription for just $25.95/year

DJ Inferno

DJ Schemes

Minneapolis (Midwest) Mixtape | Club (763) 381-7956 Song: “What Else” Artist:Fev-R Available at: Comment: “Hot club catchy club joint, not to hard core but still move the thugs & the ladies!”

Racine Green

Atlanta/Chicago Mixtape | Club (770) 317-9807 Song: “Put Me In Coach” Artist: Cheeto Gambine ft. B-lune Available at: Comment: I like the record because it brings Originality to the table FROM all angles.. video has been featured on Worldstarhiphop. com..AND other various social sites...

The DMV Mixtape | Club | Radio (347) 661-0769 Song: “Over 21” Artist: Over 21 Available at: Comment: This record is a great energy record. It has a strong potentional to impact the college scene and clubs across the nation

DJ Knight

Georgia Mixtape | Club (404) 784-5243 Song: “Get This Money” Artist: Tony Valli Available at: Comment: Ladies Dancing in the Club need to Get this Money!!!!

DJ Kamillion

DJ Pancake

Atlanta, GA Mixtape | Club (678) 768-1288 Song: “Juice” Artist: Cha’lie Yung Available at: Comment: juice record is a hot mid-tempo record that rocks any crowd. Thanks to cha’lie yung ft. Slim dunkin of bricksquad & da kid of arrogant music.

Atlanta, GA Mixtape | Club (770) 630-2259 Song: “Do IT” Artist: Mykko Montana Available at: Comment: I like the whole concept and production of this song. The song is on the style of what going in Atlanta BUT has real rapping along with it!

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

DJ Temp

Huntsville Mixtape | Club | Radio (256) 763-0437 Song: “What Ya Drankin On” Artist: Dynomite Kid ft Fly Boyz Available at: Comment: This record is and has a lot of buzz around my city and is spreading everywhere!!!!

DJ Qevlar

Atlanta/Alabama Mixtape | Club | Radio (404) 585-1738 Song: “Flight Music” Artist: Red Tailz Available at: Comment: Red Tailz are one of the few artist I see from AL that definitely have gone and stepped outside of the box with their music. Red Tailz will definitely fly high

DJ Scooby

Atlanta, GA Mixtape | Club (770) 873-6390 Song: “Teaza” Artist: Ya Boi Available at: Comment: I like this record because Its a hot song. The artist is doing shows in Atlanta, Miama, Savannah,Carolina.Ya Boi, Bounceville Productions!


Dirty South Ent. by Aleta Watson

Independent hip-hop label, Dirty South Entertainment is quickly gaining notoriety and prominence throughout the indie community. Spearheaded by Sid Johnson, the south Georgia-based label continues to sign the most noted up and coming artists while partnering with some of the industry’s biggest names. What more could a label with talented acts, coveted collaborations, great production and peer recognition ask for? As Johnson tells Makin’ It magazine, “The main thing for us is distribution.” He goes on to say, “Knowing about our brand is not the problem – it’s making sure the people can get our brand.” Recognizing that distribution is one of the biggest issues independent labels face, Johnson looks to partner with individuals who can, “take our horizons further than what we’re capable of doing. With independent labels there’s only so much we can do. We need people who can 6.

make sure our records are distributed wherever people want to get recordings from – sometimes small independent labels have difficulty getting that done.”

of their own musicians who have collaborated and shared the stage with the likes of Gucci Mane, Field Mob, T-Pain, Juvenile, Trina and more would be a perfect fit for their label.

Johnson also admits that Dirty South Entertainment is looking to attract the right DJs as well as artists with mainstream appeal. “Getting our music in the hands of great DJs is essential because they are the ones who play the music. Whether they play it on the radio, internet radio, satellite radio or cable television, DJs are equally important in this scenario.” Only the most diverse artists turn the heads of Johnson and the rest of the Dirty South Entertainment company. He comments that too many artists are focused only on one aspect of rap. The failure of broadening their horizons then limits their ability to sell records or reach people. Artists that can mirror the collective works

While there is much growth to be had at their record label, the tremendous strides the Dirty South Entertainment team has made have been monumental. “People will come to expect good things from Dirty South Entertainment,” Johnson anticipates. Inquiries related to distribution and radio promotion should be done through Dirty South Entertainment at (513)200-4856 or For more on one of the South’s hottest indie labels, follow them on Twitter at @DSE229 for updates on music, entertainment, promotion and drops.

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U.G.O. Crew by Francisco Garcia In the last issue of Makin’ It Magazine we introduced you to U.G.O. Crew, a band of independent super stars hailing from Toronto, Canada. Boasting collaborations with artists such as Drake, Sean Kingston and Canadian pop star Danny Fernandez, this group’s eclectic blend of hip hop, pop, rock and Latin influenced guitar riffs have been garnering much attention from fans and the industry alike. Having hosted the eleventh installment of Makin’ It Magazine’s On The Grind Mixtape series, the group’s single, Still Fly (featuring Drake, Page and District 5) has been well received by club DJs while their records, Sugar Daddy (featuring Danny Fernandez) and Change (featuring Sean Kingston) outperformed expectations netting them new fans and contributing toward them gaining rotation on Sirius XM’s The Heat. Never ones to rest on past successes, the crew has been back in the studio working on new material in between a dizzying tour schedule. We caught up U.G.O. Crew front man, Stevano, to see what the gang had been up to...

MIM: Hey Stevano! I hear you guys have been busy since our last interview. What have you been up to? STEVANO: Man, mostly touring across Canada with a few US dates in New York and out on the West Coast. MIM: I know that you guys were working pretty closely with Sean Kingston, what went through your head when you first heard what happened to him? STEVANO: I was damn near in tears and just kept praying for Sean to make it. The doctors said his injuries were life threatening, so it was serious days of sadness and wondering how I could represent him properly while he heals up. I went from sadness to hope, to pushing our song “Change” (the remix)

inking a deal with EMI? STEVANO: One of our producers, Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence (a former Badboy Hitman), got his own label called Millenium Men through EMI records and they had been following our progress in Canada. They called up one day asking about our situation with Universal Music in Canada and then put in their bid. MIM: What should we expect next from U.G.O. Crew? STEVANO: Now that we’re getting a worldwide deal, we’re excited to reach more people outside of Canada and France, where most of our fans are now. America is a huge deal for me so I’m very excited and optimistic about this next year.

MIM: How was the feedback from being featured on the cover of the last issue?

URGENT UPDATE: Friday August 5, 2011 U.G.O. Crew’s video for STEVANO: Everybody loved the Magazine “Change” featuring Sean Kingston and was impressed to see us on the cover. We made its American television degained a lot of new connects too. but on BET’s 106 & Park. Vote for MIM: So what is this I hear about you it by texting UGO to 79922

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag


All In Ent by Kelby Cannick Sr.

We were first introduced to All In Entertainment nearly a year ago at the Core DJ Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia, where the group had debuted their latest single, Fast Lane. After seeing the overwhelming buzz the record generated at the retreat, we decided to feature the group in our first quarter issue.

After recently catching up with Diesel, the group’s manager, we sat down to discuss how things had been going with the project. He explained that the group had been back in the studio hard at work on new material but that the Fast Lane single was still doing well; spreading to new markets organically and seeing

Cohorts by Kelby Cannick sr.

a surge in radio play. He further explained that after being featured in the magazine they saw a substantial increase in phone calls and booking requests, so many in fact that they had to turn many of the shows down. Currently looking for a reggae artist to feature on their new

record, All In Ent. is planning a big push in Atlanta and show dates at colleges in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Nebraska. For more information contact Diesel at (314) 216-0609 and visit them online at AllInEnt1. com

Representing Los Angelos, California, The Cohorts are an independent rap group making fun records with a traditional west coast vibe. Discovering their love for music in high school, C-Money(Chris Ross) and General (J. Patton) have been making records together ever since. With a unique attitude towards music that many independent artists could learn from, their primary goal is having fun making music they enjoy. Not trying to follow trends or set them, they just do what feels right to them in the studio. Currently pushing their single “Crack It Open” they are hoping to finish their forthcoming album, The West Coast Offense, by the end of this summer. For more information on contact RawNaked Entertainment at (818) 831-5516 or


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Revenue by Francisco Garcia

Revenue is a hip-hop recording artist born and raised in North Carolina. Co-founder of his record label, Apply Pressure Entertainment, he’s made a name for himself from the Carolinas to California. Managed by close friend and business partner, Gerah Wallace, the two have been busy building a strong grassroots movement throughout their region. It is actually Revenue’s reputation for perseverance and insatiable grind that earned him his stage name. “They started calling me Revenue because of how I manage to outweigh my competitors at all times,” he elaborates. Having already released 2 volumes of his Less Chat More Racks mixtape series, he is currently working on the third installment. Holding his own on tracks with artists such as Young Buck, Rocko and Slick Pulla of CTE, its hard to see Revenue as an independent artist. With the music video for his previous single, Bobby Bushay, having been featured on, Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

even the Source Magazine has acknowledged Revenue’s grind; naming him one of North Carolina’s Top MCs. With the impending release of Less Chat More Racks Vol. 3, Apply Pressure Entertainment (APE) is busy pushing Revenue’s two latest singles, Open Market and Goodbye. Both are already impacting radio in North Carolina and generating considerable buzz in clubs and on mixtapes. Planning to shoot music videos for both singles, they anticipate a fall release for the actual project. APE is looking to connect with DJs and Promoters as they seek to increase promotional exposure for Revenue. They are also interested in connecting with producers from different regions as they get started working on Revenues Album. For more information contact Gerah Wallace, at (919) 885-3174. To keep up with Revenue online just visit or follow him on twitter at @ Revenue_Mr704. 9.

Chris Brown

The Comeback Kid

Standing in the check out of Publix, I found myself browsing through a magazine with Chris Brown on the cover, while half-listening to the conversation of the girls behind me in line. Having picked up the same magazine, they were all talking about getting tickets to Chris’s upcoming show, when one of them made a statement that caught me off-guard and captured my full attention. Putting the magazine back on the rack, she said to the others, “I don’t know what it is, but [Chris Brown] just seems WAY sexier to me since he got out of jail.” While my initial response was simply a raised eyebrow, the statement got my gears spinning about Chris’ extraordinary comeback after such a huge blow to his career. 10.

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On February 9, 2009, we can all agree that it sucked to be Chris Brown. Surrendering to police on assault charges, the media quickly went to work painting him as public enemy #1. With Wrigley’s Chewing Gum and “Got Milk” ad campaigns all being pulled, stations across the country began dropping his records from their playlists. Many predicted that this was the end of Chris’s run, but fast forward two years and Breezy is quite arguably the hottest thing in R&B. With smash hits like “Deuces”, “Look at Me Now” and “Nothing on You” dominating the airwaves, everyone from the New Boys to Big Sean is tapping Brown for collaborations. So what made this comeback possible? In my opinion, realizing his target market.

had eroded. Though met with harsh criticism, the Graffiti LP was actually a dope project that was just released at the ENTIRELY wrong time. I’m confident that had the same material been released prior to the Grammy night incident, it would have been just as well received as previous albums. But with that not being the case, it was clearly time for a new strategy.

Up until his Grammy night debacle with Rhianna, Breezy maintained a squeaky clean (almost Disney-esque) image, giving him a crossover appeal that earned him a place among pop stars. But in the wake of his legal woes, I believe the commercial disappointment of his Graffiti LP signaled that much of his crossover (or shall I say fair-weather) fanbase

2. It was a Mixtape which gave him more creative license to try things and hop on whatever tracks he was feeling. Some of the remixes even rivaled the original records. In addition there was less concern for negative reviews as many of the mainstream media outlets which hadn’t been kind in their reviews of the Graffiti

Pure Heat Entertainment Atlanta, GA ”Good press, Bad press = Press... Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Chris, his Mom, and manager (Tina Davis) just before the first LP. He was pleasant, focused, handsome, and ultra talented. He had the full package and with Tina on his side he was destined for stardom. To me the Good Morning America tantrum seemed a well scripted PR campaign to divert attentions back to his music, and it worked big time! I would hope that Chris has learned from his mistakes, and has grown as a person. In one way his growth is obvious. One of the things that artists desire the most is creative freedom, and this whole debacle gave him just that. The mixtape was a very good look for C. Breezy.... and yes girls find that freedom sexy. ;)”

Arica “Lady AJ” Nears Atlanta, GA “Chris Brown made his mistakes like we all have but because of his musical talent and as mentioned in the article changing his target market he has been able to comeback. People like music, especially good music and as long as he keeps bringing that he will keep moving.”

Though I have my reservations about artists and mixtapes, I think whoever came up with the idea for Chris Brown to do a mixtape deserves a hell of a bonus. I believe “In My Zone” breathed life back into his career for these five reasons: 1.It was FREE so there were no concerns for headlines about poor sales figures.

DJ G-Money (Mr. Fo Stacks) Birmingham, AL ”Chris Brown like many artist before reinvented himself. In his case he took the negative press that came from the Rhianna incident and incorporated it into his act. It was like a rite of passage.”

DJ K. Gee Louisville, KY All Press is PRESS! I’m sure there are tons of people out there who never really listened to Chris Brown who suddenly found the urge to check him out after seeing him slammed in public. If you listen to his music he is super talented and has one of the best sounds in the game. Plus like you said EVERYONE loves a FREE Mixtape. #GENIUS! It’s just the way the world works. Misery loves company. No one other than Chris and Rihanna know what happened in that car that night. If Chris would have been a regular guy, you would have never heard of the incident. Just the same as the guy who gets caught in the club bathroom with a little coke and gets a smack on the hand, but “THEY” made Bruno Mars look like a junkie. As much as I enjoy keeping up with celebrities, I also feel for them. It must be hard having your whole life under a

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

project don’t cover mixtapes. 3. It exposed him to a more urban demographic that hadn’t been prone to purchasing an album from Chris Brown the pop artist. 4. It was a great venue for him to part ways with his old schoolboy image, introducing much edgier content (More sexually charged lyrics, coarser language and more hip hop features). 5. It was a dope-@$$ mixtape that reminded old and new fans how talented he was. With the success of this mixtape we watched Chris Brown become the shirtless, tatted-up, bad-boy of R&B that he is today, setting up the subsequent success of his latest album F.A.M.E. Getting back to the young lady in line at Publix, I’m assuming it’s not the wrapsheet that she finds sexy but this new bad boy image that Breezy is sporting, but then again I could be wrong. This is Atlanta and I’ve heard and seen much stranger things. microscope. When I make it (and notice I said WHEN) I’m going to take my money and buy an island and hide. LOL! And a special THANK YOU to Chris’ PR Team. They have done one hell of a job making sure this incident didn’t ruin their client.

Derrick Thompson Baton Rouge, LA “The entertainment industry has to be one of the craziest businesses to be involved in. The whole “bad boy image” may be working for him right now but it quickly becomes a double-edged sword. While I do wish Chris all the success he can manage, I also wish that he’d develop the character to balance his undeniable talent and his uncontrollable mouth. He’ll definitely be a force if he manages that. However, if he doesn’t do that all the succes he’s now enjoying will be able to pay his lawyers in the future. Think better, Chris! The benefits of better decision making will benefit you greatly in the future. Easy now, folk.”

These are just a few of the great comments received from our readers. To see the rest or join in on the conversation, visit us online at Also register on the site for your opportunity to contribute your point of view on our next Cover Story.


Face Card

The Face Card section is dedicated to spotlighting noteworthy people making a difference in the music industry. Some work behind the scenes or down in the trenches while others are just outside of the spotlight but on the verge of becoming household names themselves. As always, contact information is provided for each individual featured. We encourage all readers to take this opportunity to network or at the very least get familiar with these faces. If you are interested in being featured in this section, I suggest you start by subscribing to the magazine at

Janiro Hawkins is Co-Founder of the Southern Entertainment Awards & Conference. Together with DJ Infamous and DJ Outlaw, they began the SEAs in order to fill the void of acknowledgement for DJs, Artists and Promoters in the South. Janiro is currently working on the upcoming 9th & 10th Annual SEAs and Music Mondays, a quarterly networking event in Nashville.. For more information contact him at (615) 669-0012 or Also visit them online at and

Steve Raze, As the Executive VP of Multimedia at, oversees the production of various original content series, such as Next 48 Hours, Studio Exclusive Series and Breeding Ground Elite. He is also responsible for all music, videos and pictures added to the site and as editor of the Breeding Ground (’s unsigned artist area) has covered artists such as Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B., Nicki Minaj, Maino, Mac Miller, Future, Travis Porter, Fred The Godson and several others before inking deals. Contact him by email at

DJ Shuttle - Growing up in the 80’s he embraced every aspect of the hip hop culture learning to DJ, Tag, Breakdance and even landed a deal at Tommy Boy records as an MC. Consistently working to help independent artists, he hosts two weekly radio shows, “Monday Night Madness” online from 6PM-9PM at and “The Good Music Intl Show”, Wednesdays from 9PM-12AM on WCWP (College). He is currently working on Volume 2 of his Ready 2 Blow Vol.2 Mixtape. For info about being featured contact him at (917) 723-9229 or

Tia Culver is an Atlanta Publicist that works with clients to increase their media profiles. Specializing in gaining exposure for their artists, products, services, events and venues, she is currently working on the IDJ Awards & Convention as well as a new TV Sitcom. Owner of the ATL Events blast she has an email database of over 288,000 Consumers and Industry Professionals. For more information on projects, clients or services visit or contact her directly at (770) 896-5685 or

Antoine B. Watkins Sr. is CEO of Voltron Production Studios, a full service company specializing in Music Videos, Reality Shows, Documentaries, Event Planning, Marketing, Commercials and much more. With over 10 Years production experience in Hollywood, New York City, Atlanta and Miami, he has worked with OJ Da Juiceman, Mac Bre Z and many others. For more info contact (404) 482-7306 or voltronproduction00@ Sample videos available at

Money Jay has been making a lot of noise in the streets with his single, Death Row, picking up a considerable amount of spins at radio stations throughout the South and Midwest. Having been featured on Volume 5 of Makin’ It Magazine’s On The Grind Mixtape Series, Jay is now signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzic Group and set to make his mark in the industry. Bronx born and Atlanta raised, Jay brings a unique flavor to every track. I highly recommend getting in on the ground level. Start booking your features and shows now. For booking and information contact (678) 278-4700.


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JoBee by Francisco Garcia

JoBee is a talented R&B singer and songwriter born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mixing the New Orleans flavor with a bit of jazz, gospel, and soul, he delivers a unique blend of music that sets him apart from the pack. Whether it’s his music, his pictures or his music videos, everything about him screams superstar. His firm grasp on the fundamentals and overwhelming charisma project star quality. While his smile and swagger may catch your attention, it is his voice and passion that will hook your heart. With a good head on his shoulders and a positive self confidence he reveals, “I want to eventually brand myself and become a music mogul at some point. I want to write for major artists and make classic albums that go down in history.” JoBee is currently working on a new mixtape entitled “Irresistible Me” which will be available through his website ( beginning July 20th, 2011. Quite the studio

junkie, he is also working on his upcoming album entitled Vocal Stimulation at the same time. Always one to stay busy, he’s collaborated with international artists from France, Germany, Canada, and the UK. You can catch the videos for his two latest singles, After the Club and Speaking In Tongues on YouTube ( Both songs are also available for sale on iTunes and JoBee is currently overseas but focused on expanding his fan base in the states. He is interested in connecting with DJs, Producers and collaborating with other artists. For more information you may reach him via email at jaremvs01@gmail. com or contact him directly at (504) 208-2975. Also connect with him online at &

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag


F.L.Y. is a hip-hop artist from Austin, Texas who is currently taking the rap-game by storm with his new single “Kush & Pain” from his new mixtape, Cloud 9, due to drop august 20th. He has recently done several shows and has built an internet buzz of over 8,000+ fans. He is currently independent and working closely with manager Francisco Logan of Lo-Down Ent to secure his taste of fame. | | (512) 712-0595

Nubia Emmon was born in Austin, Texas and has been singing since the age of 3. Following in the footsteps of her parents who were both singers and performers, Nubia Emmon is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and dancer. Nubia Emmon has been working with songwriter, Latasha Lee and several producers such as Rob Strings, J. Dreams Productions, and Salih/Carnival Beats. Check out her hot new single “Burn”! | | (404) 314-9113

Slavebell is a talented producer and audio engineer from Croatia (Europe). Founder of a music production team AtomicBeats, he has established a strong presence in the music scene. Surrounded by other talented producers, AtomicBeats has created its own signature sound and quickly gained fans for their unique blend of live instrumentation. Slavebell has also notably worked with Ray William Johnson on the hit song Zombie Love Song. | | @TheAtomicBeats

Apollo Benjamins is an independent rapper from Lexington Park, Maryland (LP City). Having learned to rap from his cousin J.R. who sadly passed in 1999, he continues to make music in his memory. Apollo has since released several mixtapes and two albums entitled “The Millon Dollar” (2007) and “The Legal Hu$tle” (2010). Apollo is currently working on his new mixtape “You’re All Welcome” which he plans to release this year. | | (240) 434-9684

Consept Management by Matthew Washington

Terryl Bracey is the founder of Consept Management based in Ellenville, New York. While not a musician himself, he was bitten by the industry bug at an early age. During our interview, he recalled being just eight years old when he would spend whole days in the studio with his mother, then an aspiring singer. Now an adult and owner of a successful barbershop, Terryl has had the opportunity to revisit his passion managing his younger brother Kellz (rapper) and sister Bree(singer). Consept management has taken a true grass roots approach to ensuring the success of its artists. Creating a company mascott, Titto Loco, they do pre-emptive promotional campaigns in new markets to build


brand awareness. This strategy has paid off well, helping fuel the sales of their first compilation project, “Setting Up Shop!” With Kellz and Bree both busy working on solo projects, Terryl is focused on creating an environment that nurtures his talent’s creativity while allowing them to grow as artists. Terryl is interested in networking with other industry professionals and securing more shows for his artists. For more information on Consept Management visit them online at or contact Terryl Bracey directly at (845) 901-2786 or consept33@

Call to advertise (678) 528-6925

Dirt Dolla by Aleta Watson

“In today’s entertainment environment, information is so readily available that is doesn’t make sense not to know your business,” South Carolina native, Dirt Dolla tells Makin’ It Magazine. A Southern lyricist with a true entrepreneurial spirit, this businessman has found a way to fuse his passion for rapping with his expertise in the business of this genre. Born Derrick Ofori, he not only raps but produces and directs as well. Well aware of how uncommon his approach to music is, Dirt Dolla tells us, “My business sense sets me apart from other urban artists. I handle the bulk of all my non-legal activities, bookings, radio promotion, publishing, etc. Most artists today feel that they should just be able to record and do shows with someone else keeping track of their business.” Having prior experience in the promotion, marketing and advertising aspect of his career, Dirt

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

Dolla looks to build relationships with individuals who will invest in his brand by increasing his visibility. On the cusp of releasing his newest project ‘Diamonds in the Sky’ alongside a mini-documentary on South Carolina’s hip-hop subculture, Dirt Dolla anticipates networking with business-minded promoters and advertisers. At the core of it all, his biggest objective is getting his music in the hands, ears, eyes and hearts of the consumer. He tells us, “I would rather be blackballed than not known at all.” Parties with a background in promotion, advertising and distribution interested in connecting with Dirt Dolla should contact him through 2 Da Realness Entertainment LLC at (864) 266-3204 or at dirtdolla@gmail. com. For more on Dirt Dolla’s music visit his website at www. or on Twitter at @ DirtDolla and Facebook at Dirt Dolla.




“Who’s Next?” is a campaign that I personally started to spotlight the next generation of Artists, Producers and Industry Professionals in different markets across the US. While the goal is to give a voice to often overlooked markets such as Birmingham, Jackson, Tulsa, Richmond, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc… I felt it was only right for us to start in ATL, the city that has shown us so much love. Over the past four years we’ve had the privilege of introducing our readers to some truly great artists, producers, DJs and entrepreneurs from Atlanta, including Mitri Rice, J-Harden, Lyrical Preacher, E-Dubb, HD and AK Tha Razor Man. With the launch of this “Who’s Next?” campaign, I am proud to introduce our readers to five additional movements that are in position to make a serious impact on the industry. So, with no further delay, I give you ATL’s “Who’s Next?”

Jarrod by Francisco Garcia

Jarrod Young is an exceptional R&B singer/songwriting representing Atlanta, Georgia. Seriously committing himself to pursuing singing as a career at age 19, he quickly began writing and recording his own music. Now at just 25 years old, this young star has landed gigs opening for artists such as Wale, The Clipse, Boys II Men and more, all why earning a college degree. With tremendous talent and a universal appeal, it’s clear to see why he was tapped by the WNBA Atlanta Dream to record the official team roster song.

as well as a few original records, is slated for a mid-summer release. His sophomore effort entitled, Roadtrip, however is projected to be released in 2012 and, as he puts it, promises to be nothing short of epic.

Jarrod’s soulful R&B vocals perfectly mesh with a hard hitting club track on his debut single, Sexpot, which features Shawna & Bohagon. The record is already performing well in clubs and making its way on to the mixtape circuit. His management team is currently looking to connect with DJs and Promoters as they Currently touring and promoting prepare for the release of the Sexpot his debut album, Confessions of video. Submit all inquiries for drops, a Parti Animal (available now on bookings,features and general inforiTunes and at, Jar- mation to rod is also working on his next two or (770) 403-9594. Also visit them releases. The first, a mixtape which online at MulletRocks.Net. will include some classic covers 18.

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Cloud Kapri

by Nina Long

CloudKapri is a super talented emerging artist, producer and entrepreneur coming straight out of Ellenwood, Georgia. In a sea full of rappers, CloudKapri’s thought provoking lyrics, unique production, and quick tongue is what sets him apart. After attending Atlanta’s Institute of Music for Audio Engineering, CloudKapri started up Sireiish Productions in 2010 to show off his musical talents and create a stepping stone for artists. CloudKapri is always one step ahead of the curve and his album “My Anthology”, which is available on ITunes, is a true example of that. After much success with his “Full Circle” mixtape hosted by DJ Bobby Black, CloudKapri is diligently working hard on his next move. He is currently working on his latest project “A Thin line between Love + Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

Fiction” which is slated to be released July 26th. “A Thin line between Love + Fiction” will embody everything that CloudKapri is and will be followed up by the “Insense” album. His first single “Nerds” showcases his melodic flow and witty metaphors. There are no breaks for CloudKapri; while working on his new projects he is actively looking for placements in movies, commercials and video games. With his eye on the XXL Freshman cover, CloudKapri has no plans of stopping. CloudKapri has proved that he can make it on his own and that he is a force to be reckoned with. For more information on CloudKapri you can contact You can follow CloudKapri on Twitter @cloudkapri and check out more of his music and videos at 19.

Swamp Dawg “Da Gator Man”

For those who wonder how an artist like Gucci Mane, who makes nothing but street records, gets tapped regularly to do feature for popular artists like Sean Garrett, Mariah Carey, Trey Songz, Nelly and Chris Brown; I give you one word. Authenticity! This is a quality that radiates from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana born artist, Swamp Dawg. Astonishing audiences with his high energy performance and dynamic stage presence; it’s clear that his music comes from an authentic place. In our initial interview, he explains that as far back as he can remember music has been a major factor in his life and this fact is evident in the delivery of every bar he spits. Whether it’s joy, pain or strife, the emotion behind every lyric is felt. Having relocated to Atlanta and signing a deal with 2B Entertainment, he is excited about his forth coming projects and happy to be working with a label that has created a real family situation for him. With the recent release of his Street Album, “The Independent Way” hosted by DJ Don Cannon, 2B Entertainment is gearing up for a strong promotional push to prepare the market for Swamp’s Album.

Download Now 20.

His labels current plans are to shoot a few new videos and connect with DJs and Promoters in other markets. Their primary goal is building momentum on and offline while reaching new fans. For business matters, booking and more information on Swamp Dawg contact Skifeet Entertainment at (404) 707-5422. For more info on 2B Entertainment call (678) 732-9308 or Also visit them online at -Kelby Cannick Sr. Call to advertise (678) 528-6925


“The Main Attraction”

Decatur rapper, Tight Da Main Attraction, epitomizes the grind mentality as he looks to be known as more than just a rapper, but a businessman and the architect behind a brand. Building his own record company, ATM Records from the ground up, Tight’s main focus is to promote his brand and increase visibility. Known throughout the Southern rap scene for his music, Tight is looking to market himself beyond the local level. His current project “I Am Tight the Movie” has since been released on and has been garnering a great amount of support within the rap community. As the buzz around Tight continues to grow, his aim is to seek the assistance of individuals proficient in promoting and marketing artists with an overall expertise in artist development. Boasting separate projects with R&B sensation, Bobby V and rapper, Tity Boi, Tight is already rising through the ranks of this industry thanks to his

music and songwriting abilities. While visibility and notoriety are his main focus, he is just as passionate about not committing to the first label that comes his way. Quality promotion and a professional company are in the forefront of his mind as he tells Makin’ It Magazine, “A lot of artists get deals just to say they got one and then they fall short, I don’t want to be like that!” Unphazed by the obstacles that go along with getting signed, Tight is sure that his music will speak for itself and that quality music begets a quality label. Inquiries related to promotion, advertising and marketing as well as all drops, features and bookings should be done through Cire Entertainment at 404-857-7866. For more on Tight and his music, visit and download the new mix tape on For more up to the minute updates follow him on Twitter at @tightzone6.

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-Aleta Watson


Island Boy Entertainment by Francisco Garcia


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Amid the sea of talent in the music industry, founder and CEO of Island Boy Entertainment, Trevor James, differentiates his entertainment company from others by emphasizing on true artist development. In today’s industry climate, his commitment to this goal truly sets him apart. A consummate business man, his budding empire encompasses an independent record label, a publishing company, and a management firm that offers artists and All-Inclusive Solution. Currently under his guidance are two young acts, Imfamous and Q Machete. Being signed to both the label and the management company, Island Boy Entertainment can oversee every part of their respective careers. With this control, James believes he can take individuals that are not only musically talented, but coachable and driven to succeed and turn them into success stories. The professionalism of Island Boy Entertainment is apparent from its polished websites (the company and each artist has his own), crisp photography, and industry-ready music. It’s obvious that each artist’s image was carefully crafted; the instrumental selection, the collaborating artists, and artwork all fit perfectly with the artist’s lyrical content, and consequently, his message. Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

With such a calculated leader, the artists are free to solely focus on their craft while the business matters are handled by the man who prefers the backstage. “We are independent so it provides our artists more creativity and freedom to develop their talent. We also take pride in developing our artists and preparing them for a successful career in the music and entertainment industry,” James said about the structure of his growing company. Atlanta is home to, seemingly millions of artists, producers, engineers, photographers, managers, etc. And with so many choices of where to take your talent, the decision of who to trust with your slim chance at success can be a very stressful one. Trevor James and Island Boy Entertainment can put a young artist’s mind at ease by providing the best people at all fields and allowing the artist to focus solely on his/her craft. It’s with this game plan that they allow for the promise of success to come from the repeated actions and not repetitive words. For more information on Island Boy Entertainment call (770) 353-0706 or visit


Hybrid The Jackal

Paxton Caratti, AKA Carattikid, is a Producer, DJ & Engineer that has turned his talents into a career. Working as an Audio Engineer for the city of Gainesville, he runs light and sound for plays, concerts and council mettings by day while working with independent artists at night. A single of Father of two, he does an amazing job balancing his family and career with his dreams. Check out his unique brand of new school hip hop online at. soundclick.

by Aleta Watson

A natural chameleon, Balitmore’s own Hybrid the Jackal has been romancing his love affair with hip-hop for many years. With formal training in music and radio programming, he is preparing for the release of his latest project “Nerdcore Underground”. Looking to connect with DJs, Promoters and Other artists as passionate as himself, he is seeking performance opportunities to showcase and promote this new project. With various media outlets looking to feature him, a strong following and impressive local buzz, he is poised to be the next breakout artist. What makes him a “hybrid” is his uncanny ability to understand every facet of this industry from rapping, producing, video editing, radio programming and more. For drops, features, bookings and general information please contact Omniverse Sound at (410) 370-0670 or | | (404) 839-2550 Zay, originally born in San Bernardino, CA as Isaiah Foggs, is a 21 year old singer from Indianapolis with an infectious voice and stage presence that instantly draws comparisons to Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Having honed his skills in the church and competing across the US and Africa in his High School Choir, Zay has recently released his first official single, “Slow Song” in preparation for his solo debut. | 513.381.3948 |

Rickey Dillinger by Shallom Little

Speaking with Rickey Dillinger, you quickly realize he’s not just another rapper but a musical artist. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, he stands out amongst the crowd of crunk and swag by taking real life situations and painting vivid imagery through his lyrics.

markets who can provide effective promotional outlets in the Southeast region. His singles “Check Me Out”, produced by K.E., and “All They Want Is Money”, produced by Sonny Digital and featuring Tony Stacks, have been gaining a great deal of momentum.

With six projects already under his belt, Dillinger is currently gearing up for the release of his latest street album entitled “No Evidence”. Hosted by DJ Teknikz, he describes his latest effort as his best work to date. Working with The Hittmenn DJs and The Untouchable DJs (ATL), he feels this new project may very well be “the revitalization of Atlanta music”.

Speaking on his goals for this latest project Dillinger says, “My goal for this project is to give the people quality music to ride to while increasing my fan base and increasing the Street Smart Millionaire brand.”

With records for both the streets and radio, he is looking to network and build relationships with DJs, Promoters and those in other


For drops, booking or more information contact Rick Dunbar at (770) 990-5773 or Be sure to also follow the online movement via twitter at @RickeyDillinger, @TonyStacksYes and @StreetSmartEnt.

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2011 Internet RADIO Directory by Kelby Cannick

Mention internet radio to most independent artists and most will turn up their nose. It’s no secret that online radio doesn’t get the respect it deserves in comparison with broadcast or even satellite radio, but that fact has less to do with the power or viability of the platform than poor representation. I can’t count the number of times people have introduced themselves as on air personalities, radio DJs or program directors go to great lengths to avoid revealing that it’s for online radio. For too long many of the people involved in online radio have been victims of their own inferiority complexes. While online radio may not have the blanket coverage of a broadcast radio station, it has its own distinct

advantages which can make it as powerful and in some cases more effective than anything you can tune in on an FM dial. Unfortunately, many involved in online radio spend more time running from the word internet than educating and promoting its strengths. So here are five things to consider with online radio. 1) Active listeners - Online radio listeners have to make a conscious effort to go to a computer and logon to a specific station or show, which typically means they are more engaged and actively listening to content as opposed to having it just play in the background as they work or ride in the car. 2) No boundaries - Online radio is not limited by the wattage of a

God-Cipha-Radio (Show)

Tune in for all things hiphop related; The perfect place to discuss the entire artform and culture as well as the music. We discuss tough topics while playing the hottest artists we can find (Local or Universal. We also interview those artists. So come get ya shine on with us and #WelcomeToTheCipha! Talk / Hip Hop/ R&B (267) 978-3704 We Spin & Interview Indies

Swurv Radio! (Station) is a fully licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange Internet Radio Station. It is a featured station on iTunes; Nokia; and a four-time “Editor’s Pick” on Microsoft’s, “Windows Media” internet radio channel. Over a 6 year period, has grown to create an online home for both Independent and Major-label artists seeking to increase listener-ship and viral exposure. Hip Hop/Rap/R&B (323) 825-1584 | We Spin Indies

Makin’ It Magazine | | @MakinItMag

radio tower. Listeners can be as close as the same college campus or as far spread out as several different contents.

sic they are only one click away from iTunes or Your YouTube, Facebook, Website, Email List, Booking Information, etc.

3) Freedom in Programming Unlike broadcast radio, which is forced to play music that appeals to the broadest audience in order to generate enough ratings that translate into ad dollars, online radio has the freedom to play whatever they like be it independent or even unedited music.

6) Money - Online radio play is less expensive to secure than broadcast radio and unlike broadcast radio Artist receive performance royalties (Sound Exchange) as well as publishing royalties (Ascap, BMI, Sesac) for spins.

4) Niche market - because online radio has so much freedom with their programming, you have a huge number of outlets to choose from, each with its own unique audience. And while there may not be 3 Million people listening, if you’ve selected your outlet wisely, the 3,000 people that are tuned in will be more likely to become fans. 5) Point of purchase - The biggest upside to online radio is that your listener is at the computer or should I say the point of purchase. If they like your mu-

I hope this information has opened a few eyes and ears to the possibilities that online radio can have in your marketing and promotional campaigns. In addition here are a few additional tips for securing spins or interviews. Listen to the station/show first and make sure it’s a good fit; Support the station or show, whether its through purchase, promotion or donation; Work to build a long lasting relationship. Don’t let your support end after your record is played or your interview has aired. Now go forth and #network!

Dirty South Radio Online (Station) We are the number one dirty south rap internet station in the world. Banging hit music 24 hours a day, 7 days week w/ live shows and interview, we have won 6 Southern Entertainment Awards (5 for Internet/Satellite radio and 1 for web site the year). Hip Hop/Rap (954) 404-3805 We Spin Indies

Chop Shop Radio! (Station) Chop Shop Radio is your source for the hottest music from major and underground artists, great interviews, and more. Chop Shop is on 24/7 and you can tune in live and watch during shows. Hip Hop/Pop/R&B/Talk (917) 204-9063 | We Interview Indies


Lush Radio Online (Station) Lush Radio Online is a station that caters to the people. We deal with mainstream, independents and more. Our goal is to entertain and educate at the same time. Check us out online and follow us on twitter at @LUSHRADIOONLINE Hip Hop / Pop / R&B / Talk (202) 527-9176 | We Spin & Interview Indies

Bottom Up Radio! (Station) Here at BottomUpRadio we are focused on providing a gateway from the underground hip-hip realm to the world at a global standpoint. We provide a chance for the independent artists and record companies to easily promote themselves at a level beyond local possibilities. With 24 hours of non stop underground Hip Hop music.We also provide professional studio time and promotional services. Hip Hop / Rap / R&B (678) 922-9532 |

Redd Angel Radio! (Show) Redd Angel Radio is an online radio show that airs on 2 networks and features independent and industry music of all genres. Redd Angel Radio is entertaining and informative. We have expert guests to offer direction for aspiring hopefuls as well as interview up and coming and established talent. Redd Angel Radio also features entertainment news from around the world. Hip Hop / Pop / R&B / Talk

(404) 513-8728 |

Go Live! (Show)

The Urban Hollywood experience airs every Thursday from 3pm-6pm on featuring hosts FoxyLady,Gemini and multi-platinum producer Nick “FURY”. We feature music of upcoming artists and interviews.We also record our show on site and different locations I.e. (Ours or Your studio, party, event etc). We also except advertising commercials. Hip Hop / Pop / R&B / Talk (724) 484-3879 |

Dust Radio 479! (Station) Dust Radio 479 Is The Hottest One Stop Shop For Indie/Underground Artist Period. Need To Get Your Single Or Album Promoted, Come To Dust Radio 479! Originally started in 2009 On Blog Talk Radio, we have expanded into a 24/7 Online Radio Station. Hip Hop / Rap / R&B (479) 226-8707 |

Dirty South Hip Hop Radio! (Show) Internet Radio show with topics ranging from music, the hip hop culture, women, men and even religion. Uncut, raw, open and honest conversation with industry veteran, Shadi Powers, Rapper Jazzy V, fashion/makeup stylist, Marshaya Nicole and many friends, celebrity guests and family in the Dirty South, ATL and beyond. Dirty Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop (404) 482-3744 |

I Need A Hitz Radio! (Show) Go Live Radio is an online show that caters to the hip hop culture. The show was created by Ahmed “Lil Roc” Rahman & Jeff “Dj Jeff C.” Carson. Go Live Radio launched on July 31st, 2010 and received a huge response. Go Live Radio has interviewed many artists including the legendary GrandMaster Caz of Cold Crush Bros. The show broadcasts every Saturday from 6-8pm on Hip Hop (757) 986-0128 |


The Urban Hollywood Experience! (Show)

Slip N Slide DJs, Bo Jack & J-Roc present I Need A Hitz Radio every Thursday & Saturday night from 7PM to 10PM eastern standard time. Spinning the hottest in new and independent music each show also includes special in studio guests, live call-ins and receives over 7,000 Listeners. Hip Hop / Rap / R&B (678) 330-5373 |

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2ND QTR 2011

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