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Publishers Note Written by K Cannick

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the popular saying “The game is to be sold and not told”. Well for the past two years we at Makin’ It Magazine have gone against this conventional wisdom, working nonstop to educate, inform and assist anyone pursuing a career in the urban entertainment industry for free. We have been so successful at doing this, that in just over 2 years we have expanded our distribution network to include over 100 markets in 43 states and now boast an email list of over 67,000 Industry Professionals. When I first started this publication, my only goal was to help people realize their dreams. Never did I think it would grow so rapidly? I am grateful for all of our loyal readers who have been with us from the very beginning and all those who have jumped aboard along the way. With great regret and enthusiasm I must announce that Makin’ It Magazine has come to a major crossroads. With the recent upgrades to the publication and planned future expansion, I felt it necessary to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate our core business model. After much deliberation I came to a decision that this issue will be the LAST FREE issue of Makin’ it Magazine. In an effort to keep our advertising rates affordable for independent artists and small businesses while continuing to fund our expansion, we will be switching to a paid circulation tarting with the 4th Quarter 2009 issue. For those of you who want to guarantee you don’t miss an issue, we will be offering a year’s subscriptions for just $25.95 which includes a physical copy of each issue delivered to your door and access to tons of exclusive digital content including our Archive of FREE Beats, Sound Kits, Software, Contracts, Reports, Videos Tutorials, Interviews, membership to our Digital Record Pool and much more. Just visit

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Makin’ It Magazine is published by CJC Media 3939 Lavista Rd. Ste E-249 Tucker, GA 30084 Phone: (678) 528-6925 | Fax: (888) 812-9710 Email: Publisher: Kelby Cannick Content Manager: Chimere Norris Managing Editor: Lakisha Knight Design Consultant: Key Photography: Neka “Nekarazi” Yates & Big O Distribution: B. Davidson Jr.

“Kas Da God” Kas Da God is an innovative new artist carving out a unique niche market, combining rap with rock and heavy metal to form a totally unique genre. Kas is currently pushing his lead single “Heavy Metal Hip Hop” produced by Mike Blayz AKA Flames Bond. The guitar accompaniment on the record is played by Joe Quinde, Grammy nominated engineer and producer whose credits include artists such as Jay-Z. Kas is also working on his upcoming album, Metal Music, while putting the finishing touches on his mixtape, “Melting Pot”. You can check out the music at and, etc.

Flauce Delivering catchy hooks and hard lyrics over smooth crowdmoving beats, this South Jersey rapper commands a club with his signature melodic style. Each song is a true story straight from his life and heart, whether it’s the dissection of a relationship gone bad in his new single (featuring Poetic of T.R.E.A.L.) “What Can I Say,” the rigors of performing and club life with “Living in the Lights,” or the daily no-holdsbarred grit of player life in “When I Breathe.” Flauce has played notable shows like the Southern Entertainment Awards (S.E.A., 2009), Miami’s Ozone Awards (2007) and The Core DJ Retreat X (2009). Flauce has been performing since 2001 and has played with the likes of Jadakiss and Styles P, Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz, Mobb Deep, and Lil’ Scrappy among others. To check out Flauce’s music visit and www., etc.


South East Music Entertainment Summit Sept.25-27, 2009 Myrtle Beach, SC

One Stop Shop Producers Conference April 3-4, 2009 Phoenix, Arizona

North Carolina Urban Music Awards April 18, 2009 Winston-Salem, NC

Carolina Holy Hip Hop April 17-19, 2009 Charlotte, NC

Dynamic Producer Winter Conference (West Coast) April 22-24, 2009 Los Angeles, CA

ASCAP I Create Music Expo April 23-25 2009 Hollywood, CA

CORE DJ Retreat X Atlanta, GA April 24-27, 2009

A&R Power Summit May 2-3, 2009 New York City, NY

GeeChee Awards

2009 Texas Urban Music Summit II June 5-7 2009 Dallas, TX

May 2009

Texas Summer Music Conferrence

TJs DJs Conference

June 28-29, 2009 Houston, TX texassummermusicconference. com

May 20, 2009 Tallahassee, FL

Music & Advertising June 4-5, 2009 New York, NY

Milwaukee Industry Week-End June 4-6, 2009 Milwaukee, WI

Tim Sweeney’s Music Strategies June 4-7, 2009 Los Angelos, CA

2009 Power Networking Conference June 24-27, 2009 Atlanta, GA

International DJ Expo August 10-13 Atlantic City, NJ

2009 Southeast Urban Music Conference Aug 22-24, 2009 Decatur, GA

Core DJ Retreat XI September 2009 Indianpolis, IN

Dynamic Producer Conference (East Coast) September 2009 New York, NY

Got an industry related event that you want listed in this section call (678) 528-6925


Writing Sessions March 18, 2009 March 18, Tremyne Anchrum , Kim Smith, Lisa Phuaphes, Kevin Shine and Tish Taylor put together another great Writing Sessions at the SAE Institute Atlanta. There was a ton of great music and networking, as you can see from the pictures below provided by Neka of Some of Atlanta’s top songwriters, producers, A&Rs, Artists and managers were on hand scouting for records and fresh talent. As you can see from the picture to the right, provided by Big O (, this event is definitely bridging gaps and bringing a lot powerful people together. To be considered for the next Writing Sessions please email music to



While snitching may be hip-hop’s most publicized faux pas these days, biting is still rap’s original sin. So it should come as no surprise that as hip-hop gets wealthier, the quest for artists that can represent their region while maintaining a unique edge continues to be unabated. This keeps rapper / producer Terrance “T-Bone” Johnson consumed with cranking out catchy tunes you can ride to while producing the beats that make your head nod in the club. Hailing from New Orleans 10th Ward, T-Bone has been busting heads with his beats since his high school days. Like a number of today’s most influential rappers, T-Bone grew up in the projects. Making his way through the mean streets of New Orleans, he was surrounded by places like St Thomas Projects and the ever infamous 3rd Ward. Solidifying his start in the music industry during his days at Walter L. Cohen High, T-Bone would DJ local house parties before making his migration into beat production. The first act he produced were high school friends, Tech, Ya and Yealla Boy, who would later become U.N.L.V. His production of their 1991 hit song “Anotha B*t*h” led to the group being signed to Cash Money Records, and put T-Bone on the map locally. This notoriety would later resulting in a Gold Plaque for his production work on Silk Da Shocker’s debut album (No Limit Records) and eventually signing with Tuff Guy/Priority Records to produce tracks for Mr. Marcello, Ton- Toe and Currency.

Having established himself as a producer, T-Bone realized that he wanted to be recognized for his lyrical talents as much as his work behind the scenes. Looking up to the pioneers of his city like Gregory D and Sporty T, which were the first artist to drop records from New Orleans, T-Bone dived into the artist side of things creating his first solo album. This project landed T-Bone the opportunity to secure his grip on the local scene and open up shows for U.N.L.V, Jubilee and PNC. He soon attracted the attention of other local artist and record companies, most notably, Popeye (TRU), Ricky B, Da Rangaz, Gregory D., Dolamite, Big Boy Records and Sporty-T. T-Bones first solo project saw moderate success but received heavy radio play. For the past eighteen years, T-Bone has been consistent with his grind. He is currently pushing his new record, “The Rim Shop”, which is the lead single from is 3rd solo effort co-produced by Red Bean and overseen by KLC. As CEO of his own label Platinum Soundz South, and primary investor T-Bone is already $7k into the project and looking to stay within the $20-25k budget that he has set for completing and promoting the project. He welcomes partnership or affiliation with established record companies that are looking to offer a distribution or record deal. T-Bone is adamant about expanding his fan base and selling his beats to other up and coming artist. Most importantly he wants DJ’s across the country to check out the single available at CONTACT: Most popularly known as a producer, T-Bone offers that down south club music with that a “Nawlins” twist. You can email him at or contact him directly at 985-710-4158. His beats start at $500. If you looking for a new song to ride to in your whip you need to get on his new single “The Rim Shop”, now available on Itunes, Napster and Amazon mp3. “The Rim Shop” along with his second single “The Goose” a club song is available on Words by L. Knight


Tiffany AKA T Diddy of Keep It Moving Records Written by K. Cannick One of the greatest things about doing this magazine is getting to watch the growth of a lot of talented artists, producers and entrepreneurs. Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to witness artists go from performing at open mics to premiering their videos on MTV. I’ve been there to see producers getting signed and young songwriters landing their first major placement. Reflecting on these successes, I can note that they all share a common thread, the presence of quality management. Having had the opportunity to watch Tiffany Martin in action during the past six months, I’m quite confident that it won’t be long before I will be adding the artists on her roster to our long list of success stories. As the CEO of Keeping It Moving Records Inc & Keep it Moving Ent Inc, Tiffany carries over a well developed since of business from years of running her own event planning company & label. She understands the necessities of marketing, which I’ve seen many other entertainment companies & Indy labels overlook. During the most recent Southern Entertainment Awards, while everyone was vying for attention distributing their posters, flyers and CDs, she took things a step further, setting out lighters and bowls of candies all branded with the Keep it Moving Records logo. It’s this type of out of the box thinking that has helped her rapidly expand the presence of her company and push her artists to the forefront. Speaking with Tiffany, you get a clear understanding of the importance she places on not just networking but actually taking the time to build relationships. Like any intelligent leader she acknowledges that to accomplish anything worthwhile it takes a team effort. At the core of the Keep It Moving Records team is Red, the company Chief Financial Officer,

and Desmond Perkins, who handles a lot of the company’s marketing. Focusing on her strengths, Tiffany has no reservations about seeking the experienced counsel of individuals like TJ Chapman, who have helped further expand her knowledge and understanding of the industry’s intricacies. The Keep It Moving Records artist roster is comprised of “Kas Da God” who is currently working on his solo Album, “Metal Music” with the new hit single “Heavy Metal Hip Hop”, and a joint mixtape with label mate Flauce, produced by DJ Chuck T. Flauce is also busy working on his solo album, “The Grind” with his new hit single “What Can I Say” featuring Poetic from TREAL and his new mixtape,” Take It Personal”. In addition to the artists signed to Keep It moving Records, Tiffany co-manages reggae artist Kabbalist and has been actively searching for a fresh new R&B act to add to the team. When asked what she looks for in an artist her top priority behind talent was work ethic and the ability to effectively communicate. Tiffany is looking forward to connecting with DJs, Magazines, and as many good promotional outlets as possible as they prepare to push two new singles from Flauce and “Kas Da God”. Keep It Moving Records is currently preparing for the Kas Da God’s Mixtape Release Party for “Da Meltn Pot” hosted by DJ Smallz also on the 1’s & 2’s going Down May 1st at REDS Night Club in Durham, NC. For more information and booking please call (919) 423-4613 or email In concluding our interview Tiffany Martin gave a special thanks to DJ Chuck T & Flames Bond “aka” Mike Blayz who have been very supportive of Keep It Moving Records

and spreading the whole Carolina hip hop movement and very special acknowledgements to her brother Samuel Martin for being the all around person that handles anything that needs to be done no matter how long (from technical support to performing on stage if needed), her personal assistant Rhochanda McAdams, models Britt Marie & Lanisha Rene (Model/ Radio Show Personality), Bionic, Joe Quinde, King James, Ill Phil and Young Fletcher for all of their work on past and upcoming projects.


The CORE DJs Written by C. Norris

Speaking with independent dependent artists about the upcoming issue azine I was shocked (yet not surprised) to of Makin’ It Magazine, hear how many independent artists were unfamiliar with the Core DJs & the Core DJ Retreat. This is what separates the serious artists from the hobbyists. Not familiarizing yourself with key organizations such as The Core DJs is a lot like going for radio play with a song that isn’t even BDS registered. In keeping with our editorial mission let us introduce you to The Core DJs. The Core DJ’s have become the nation’s preeminent network of individually qualified radio, club and mixtape DJs from major markets such as Atlanta, L.A. and NYC but spanning as far reaching as Lagos and Nigeria. What started as the simple vision of mix show DJ, Tony Neal is now comprised of over 400 of the world’s most influential tastemakers. The event has become an international music movement encompassing an international record pool, radio show, digital record label, and one of the most highly anticipated networking events in the urban music industry. Through strategic planning and a well devised business model this coalition has quickly evolved into a union for DJ’s, a sounding board for entertainers and a springboard for the careers of established and aspiring urban models with the ability to influence and shape the country’s musical tastes through a unified effort. The Core stamp of approval denotes quality in any project it is attached to. The Core DJ backing signifies that your project has been vetted by a


s system that filters out only the highest quality of records before filtering them q down through its network of strategically placed tastemakers. The Retreat is one of the special added components that reunite the Core DJ members for a weekend of networking, festivities, and honoring some of the past, present, and future innovators of the music industry. It serves as a reunion for all DJs by inviting them to join together, no matter what crew/DJ affiliations they have, to network while attending listening sessions, panels and seminars detailing new industry trends. New artists performances presented by many of today’s leading labels including Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Warner Brothers, Konvit Muzic, Interscope, J Records, Jive Records, So So Def, RapA-Lot Records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Capitol Records, DTP, Grand Hustle, CTE, and others allow for DJ’s and industry professionals to hear and mingle with today’s hottest acts and icons from Hip Hop, Rap and R&B. Tony Neal works closely with the members of his coalition including DJ Fi-

nessse (President), The Big DM (Vice President), DJ Rip (Head of Communications) and DJ Quest & DJ Impact (CoChairs of Core DJs Mixtape Masters) to make the necessary shifts and business choices to move them all ahead. When he saw an opportunity mainstream radio often overlooked he created a solution, Core DJ’s Radio whose mission is to break new music, giving up-and-coming artist, both in the US and abroad and opportunity to obtain commercial airplay in markets that may have overlooked them in the past because they didn’t have major label affiliation. Core Radio has now grown into one of the largest syndicated radio shows in the US and is well on its way making strides for Neal, the rest of the Core team and the artist they support on the station. A man who’s hustle, drive, and devotion have made him one of the top go-to guys for label execs, artist, promoters, program directors, media, producers, managers, DJ’s and artists. Neal has created new opportunities for artist to increase their net worth too. Like his new venture CORE Digital the record label

he partnered up with Gracie productions to establish. CORE Digital solves a lot of problems from an independent artist standpoint. CORE Digital will allow rising artists to distribute their music through internationally-recognized digital outlets in association with Gracie Productions and their distribution deal with Caroline/ EMI. The CORE Digital venture includes a vast amount of exposure of an artist’s music to radio and club DJ’s, as well as a solid support network for tour promotion and media campaigns. This is a truly unprecedented opportunity for independent artist to see more of each dollar, book more shows and attain maximum exposure without the restriction of exploring new opportunities that may come their way. The labels can still come calling, but now the artist will have a better bargaining tool to use during deal negotiations. No wonder why it’s rumored that Def Jam is trying to get their hands on Neal; he’s figured out in 10 years what they’ve been working on over a century. For more information about The Core DJs visit Words by C. Norris


CIRE Currently pushing “Cire Empire Vol. 1”, he is already back in the lab working on Vol. 2. No stranger to hustle, Cire grossed $20k All Star weekend pushing his CD. Outside of the music he is doing television & film work appearing on shows such as Entourage, Mind of Mencia & Mad Tv. Cire is currently looking to connect with DJ’s & a booking Agent. or Call (562) 413-6186

Every Body Eat’n Ent. Currently pushing the new single “Ball All Week” (from the new album “Almost Full”) they are looking to connect with Club Promoters, DJs and people who can provide them with solid promotional opportunities. The promotional budget for the project is between $5-10k. For more info call (870) 316-8390

D Money

New Dirty Entertainment is currently hard at work pushing the latest single from there lead group The 352 Boyz. The record “Shawty Wanna” is a collaborative effort featuring the group Treal. New dirty entertainment is highly focused on branding and interested in connecting with DJ’s and promotional outlets in the South East. For booking and more information call (407) 948-2909 or email Crack at

Written by K Cannick

D-Cash roductions

L Gin His current single, “My Table”, has been getting a warm reception on the mixtape circuit and is a two time winner of Battle of the Beats on Mont 97.9 Jamz (Montgomery, AL). Currently looking to build his team, L Gin is in need of good management. His quarterly budget for his project is $1,500. You can reach him at (334) 220-7002 or Lginmusic@

D Money, founder of D Cash Productions, relocated to Atlanta 7 years ago from Marshall, Texas. Together with his older brother, Lil C, they run Southern Creed Entertainment. With upcoming shows in Dallas and Ohio this Memorial Day Weekend they are staying busy pushing their new project, “Datz Whut Dat iz”. Outside of the record label D Money keeps busy with his production company producing Hip Hop, Pop and R&B music. Tracks start at $200 each but he is willing to work with an artist’s budget. D Money is open to collaborating with other producers and is looking

to connect with some good artists that have a strong work ethic and unique style. D Money is interested in doing music for films and commercials and is currently in need of a manager, entertainment attorney and promotional assistance. You can check out the music at SouthernCreedMuzik or give him a call at (678) 643-2527 or southerncreedent@


This Atlanta group is taking music in a brave new direction fusing house/ electronic music with hip hop to create their own genre. The current project “Midnight Music” has been receiving a great response with DJs and they are currently working with various companies to secure placements in commercial, video games and other mediums. Clearwater is looking to connect with DJs and Marketing professionals. You can check out their music at For booking & info call 770-713-2653 or email

Prince Jarmen is a young North Carolina artist now living in Atlanta that has recently joined forces with Fusion Funk Music . Currently pushing the high energy club record “Side 2 Side” they are preparing the streets for his follow up single featuring Flo-Rida. Fusion Funk is currently looking to connect with DJs and promotions professionals. You can preview his musc at myspace. com/JarmenMusic for booking and information contact Que P at (678) 4802926.


YUNG C , the youngest member of the Fusion Funk camp is currently going hard with his current mixtape project and staying busy in the studio preparing material for his full length project. He currently is receiving radio play from various stations around the country. Fusion Funk is looking to connect with DJs, Promoters, Producers & Booking Agents to get involved with the project. For more info contact (678) 480-2926 or Ya Boy R Money Preparing for the release of his new album, “Exposure”, which hits the streets June 15, 2009, R-Money is working hard to build up his fan base. Having already invested between $5-6k into the project he is looking to put together a strong management and promotional team. He is interested in connecting with DJs, Producers, collaborating with other artists and people serious about their business. For booking and more information call (404) 547-3569 or email

Killakool is a fresh young artist from Atlanta, GA that has been making a strong impact in the Southeast. Backed by a seasoned management team, he is currently pushing his single “Watch Me Fly” produced by BabyBoi95/Nappy Boi Digital and in the planning phase for the video. Killakool is looking to increase radio spins and get more DJs involved with the project. He is currently looking to add an experienced booking agent to the team. Contact Soopastar Management (404) 587-3504 or

K Diamondz Dia

is actively tive ti vely ly w wor working orki king ng on a new mixtape project which hi h hhe hhopes will ill hhelp l establish him in the Atlanta market and garner support for subsequent projects. He is looking to connect with Mixtape DJ’s, Booking Agency, Management and to collaborate with other artists. Outside of rapping and writing he has over 7 years experience doing marketing/ promo work and an established street team in dallas. (678) 4978783 |

Lil Bitty Written by C. Norris Corey Neidermann a.k.a. “LiL BITTY” out of La Crosse, Wisconsin wants you to know, that big things definitely come in small packages. This 5’3, 105lb, dreadlock wearing bartender, uses music as a form of escape and therapy as she reflects on the hard knocks that life has thrown her way. Though she may recount her turbulent street life, family woes, and wild hobbies in many of her lyrics, it’s her work with young girls at the shooting range that keeps her motivated. Not wanting to be categorized or grouped into any specific genre; her sound sways from Hip Hop to gangsta rap to pretty much whatever she’s feeling at the moment. You may need to run it back the first time you hear her fuse her unique story telling abilities with esoteric vocabulary but it’s that little twist of originality that she uses to engage her listeners.

Her singles “Yeah Yeah” aand “Bump it Grind It” have been doing well oon myspace garnering over 6000 song plays and over 11,000 page hits. She is currently working on a Compilation project in which she is leveraging the internet to create a collaborative effort with artists from around the world. Artists that participate on the project will receive a percentage of each CD sale in exchange for cross promotion and she will also feature them on her website Lil Bitty is open to any and all networking opportunities and would like people to reach out to her if you are interested in knowing more about her music. If you’d like to be featured on the upcoming CD you can email her at or call 608-7908165. You can hear and see LiL BITTY at



HD... As Clear As It Gets! Written by L. Knight

What do you get when you combine the lyrical wittiness of Jay-Z & Nas, with the soulful southern draw of a T.I. and Lil Wayne? A new sound that is leading Hip Hop into a new and refreshing direction. That expedition in hip hop is being led by none other than 19 year old rapper, producer, singer and songwriter HD. A product of Reloaded Entertainment, HD was born in the Bay but was raised in the “A” which he accredits for the versatility in his rap style. The 19 year old phenom is also well traveled having had the opportunities to work with various producers even from other countries. HD’s focus is producing quality music so he likes to do it all himself. He prides his self on being a professional in the music game and is not afraid to let you know that he is also a student of the craft. HD, short for High Definition is upsetting the game with his debut album entitled “This is my Entry”. Best described as his diary on CD, “This is my Entry” is more than just a montage of 16 bars; the album is set to give some of the veterans in the game a run for their money. Already a quadruple threat, HD guarantees that he is the future of music with his well crafted beats, catchy hooks and skillful lyrics. The album promises everyone will have something to bob their heads to and when he says everybody he means everybody. HD states “It not gangsta rap or track music, it’s just all around good music”. His MySpace page alone builds anticipation for his forthcoming album with tracks like “Getcha Money” a track for the streets and “All I See” which lends his attention to the new era of SWAG. HD is sure to include his entire audience being sure to not forget about the ladies with tracks like “The Rain” which spits heartfelt bars about a painful breakup. HD boasts his best accomplishment was being dissed by Puffy on the Nicole Scherzinger track “Come to Me”. “Puffy decided to role with Young Dro and Joc for the remix but it was a cool opportunity to even have been considered”. HD’s remaining budget for the completion of his project is set at $25,000 which includes room for radio, online promotion and magazines. With a total investment thus far of $60K, HD has put a lot into this project and believes that it will be the one to put him on the map as best new artist of 2009. HD is hoping to attract the attention of publicist and club promoters. He’s also willing to collaborate with other artist. He doesn’t believe he needs a big name artist to make his

music hot because he believes in his project and wants to work with others that see the potential in what he already has going. Also be on the lookout for other Reloaded Entertainment developments in the near future including the upcoming release of Floridabased artists Duce Deep, and collaborations with trail-blazing indie companies like Art & Life Clothing Company and M.A.D.E. Entertainment. If you’re interested in being a part of a new wave area in music, you can connect with HD at (678) 228-7928. For booking, email: Also check him out on MySpace @ www.


Cassanova Written by L. Knight

Mr. Casanova Mr. Casa Ca sano nova va aaka ka M Mr. r. P Pat Patiently atie ient ntly ly W Wai Waiting aiti ting ng ttoo Blow iis th Bl the poster t bboy ffor what h t could ld bbe. Representing Tampa & Dade County to the fullest, Mr. Casanova was born and raised in Miami and is no stranger to overcoming adversity and hard work. His motto: “Real Niggaz are Manifested by Blood, Sweat &Tears”. With an upcoming mixtape entitled “I Came from Nothing” slated for a summer 09 release and his current single “U Better Know” playing in both North Carolina and Florida on underground radio, Mr. Casanova is well on his way and grinding hard to have his music speak for itself. Incarcerated at the age of 24 for doing what he knew best in the streets, Mr. Casanova decided upon his release to not let his past dictate his future. “It’s nothing else to do in Prison, so I wrote and wrote more, sometimes I’d be in the hole for 23 hours a day, so I got to work”. Facing 7 years in the Orlando Correctional Institution but only serving two of them, Mr. Casanova learned that the time you do for selling drugs really isn’t

worth money wort wo rthh the the mo mone neyy yo youu ma make ke in the streets. He’d the rap game since the age H ’d dappled d l d iin th of 19 as 1/3 of the Black Jack Boyz, a rap group out of Tampa, but never really took it serious because it wasn’t any immediate money in the craft. “Our group had notoriety in Central Florida but I was too busy getting to the money back then”. Deciding to take his gift seriously, Mr. Casanova came out swinging upon his release with his first single “Like A Movie”. His second single “U Better Know” a for sure club banger, offers fans insight into his hectic life as a street hustler and lets it be known that he’s been there and done the whole illegal narcotic thing. His second potential single “Death Trap” hammers his point that work in the streets is all a conspiracy with his hypnotic flow and sultry R&B hook he gets the hood’s attention informing his fans “A black president don’t change shit, cuz niggaz still killing each other over bullsh*t”. Though his music gives it to you raw from a street perspective, he wants his fans to know that it’s a lot of things that

come with being in the streets like jail and death. Mr. Casanova’s music is versatile, as he even incorporates his Haitian heritage in a few of his songs. Now co-owner of Bangkok Entertainment, Mr. Casanova is looking to shed his get money illegally image and ultimately touch the masses with a down south swagger that is just as rugged as the streets of MIA. His most noteworthy accomplishments to date include his 2009 performance in Arizona for All-Star Weekend. He’s is looking to gain more exposure outside of the southern region and welcomes any DJs that think they can break his record in the clubs. Mr. Casanova is looking to link with major labels for more opportunities including partnering for a distribution deal. Check out “Better Know” and “Death Trap” at www. For booking information contact Jacobi (JG) Guyton @ 813 506 7609.


Ebony Doll Oklahoma City, Las Vegas Age: 25 Height: 5’8” Weight: 132lbs Measurements: Chest / Bust: 34in / DD Waist: 25in / 63cm Hips: 38in / 97cm Available For: Fashion, Casual, Nude, Implied Nude, Topless, Import, GoGo,



“The Player�

Jackson Ringtones can be downloaded from the myspace site and from Music can be downloaded from different sites: Check out


“At the beginning of the year a chance phone call from an American artist now living in Germany sparked an interesting conversation. Having had the opportunity to speak in depth with Andre “The Player” Jackson about the difficulties he faced growing up, his view of the world and his passion to show people that all things are possible; I offered him a platform to share his story. What follows is the transcripts from an interview with Andre “The Player“ Jackson.” Where are you from? Well, I would say California. I grew up in Oakland, Alameda, Long Beach, San Diego and Los Angeles, where I was born. My father was in the United States Navy for 30 years. How would you describe your music? For everybody. You know I think we should get rid of titles. The music is very positive and if it gives hope to people, my goal is achieved. What made you start doing music? Because of different things that have happened in my life. I was trying to figure out the best way to prevent people from going through the same things that I had to go through. I also wanted to prove to a lot of teachers who said that I would never amount to nothing, I wanted to prove them wrong and I needed a big stage to do it. That is when music and sports combined came together and I knew this was the answer. I always wanted to help people and at the same time help myself and my family. Can you give us some examples of things you had to go through? I was a very bad student at school. When I was 26 they found out that I have ADD and dyslexia but that was way to late for an academic career. Because of this disability, I could not take advantage of a lot of scholarships that were offered because as I said, I was too bad of a student and did not have the right support at the time. So you basically want to help people with disabilities? I hope that my story can encourage people who suffer from the same or similar things. Not only people with disabilities but people in general. If you were ever told that you can’t achieve something, listen to the Player’s story and get the encouragement that everything is possible with hard work and determination. The will to succeed is a treasure that nobody can take from you. The Player as a messenger? Yes. My music has no cussing and fussing in it. It is positive and tells a story. I want to bring awareness to a lot of things

with the help of my music. For example, there was an incident that happened in Australia when I was there playing baseball and I was falsely accused and had to be in prison for a few days and slept on the street for another 6 months. I met so many people who the law forgot and since I have been there, I want to be a messenger for these people, too, for the outlaws of our society. I believe that you can help these people if you give them respect. Respect in general is the number one key to make our world a better place. I don’t want to be just in the music business but in the messenger business and music helps to translate the message that I have. What exactly is your message? Hope. Simply just hope. Most important for me is also that you show people that you really care. You have a deal with a management company in Germany. Why did you decide to come to Atlanta and work with Americans on your new album? Because I need some hot stuff and I thought that if I came to Atlanta, I would bump into Usher or Rihanna…laugh. You mentioned earlier that you played baseball in Australia. Sports seem to be another passion of yours, right? Well, I tried pretty much a little bit of everything. Kickboxing was my passion for quite a few years. I also did kickboxing in Australia. I had the opportunity to train under Bruce Lee for three months. Kickboxing helps me out even today. The discipline that you need helps me to stay focused. I also tried Football, and had most of my scholarship offers in that field, which I unfortunately could not accept any of them. But today, a sport that I really like is baseball. Why baseball? It all started in 1988, when I was out there in Arizona. I had the chance to be an extra in the movie Major League and Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes took a strong interest in me hitting the ball, and some Major League teams got interested. To make a long story short: I signed with the California Angels. Continued on pg 20

20 | COVER STORY Why did it not work out for you to become a pro player? Unfortunately they interviewed Stanley Burrell, or MC Hammer, whom I went to school with and he said that if Andre is 21, he was 21. Basically I was too old starting out. I wanted to play so badly that I changed my age, took a chance, but they found out that I was already 29.

How was it like to be at school with MC Hammer? It was like going to school with anyone else. We played baseball together, on the championship team in high school in 1978. We just hung out, went to the mall together. He would give me tickets for the Oakland A’s and I could sell these tickets. So that was a way for me to have some money in my pockets.

You travelled to quite a few countries. Yes. That is the reason why the title of the CD is the ‘international Player’. Let me explain briefly what Player means. It stands for a person who never gives up. Well, I travelled to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, America, Italy, Germany, and most of the time, I went there on a baseball contract. Which country do you like best? All of them. It is not a political answer. It is meant sincerely. I liked them all the best because they had something to offer- unlike the United States. How do you mean that? These countries gave me opportunities that I didn’t get in the United States. The United States don’t really do what they preach. Example: if you have certain health problems, in my opinion, you should not just check out one doctor’s opinion but check out other options, other countries and how they treat their people. You may be surprised.

We’ve heard that you did kickboxing underground in Australia. How was that? At the time, it was great because at the time, I had no place to stay at. I was sleeping outside, on the bus, on the train. Unfortunately, this made me wake up to how people can be. Again, here comes in the messenger in me. Anyway, they had kickboxing competitions every Saturday,

called underground. I went there because then I thought I’d have some money to eat. And I won 7 championships. Then I got the respect of a producer who helped me to get into some clubs. And since then, I have been trying to do music ever since.

What else would you like to tell to your fans? With three new albums coming out, the first single will be “International Player”, which should come out around May 1st. It will be on several download sites. Keep up with it on andretheplayerjackson. I would like to mention a few people that are very important in this whole process. None of this would be possible if it was not for Captain Hanks from the United States Navy. Without him, I would just be another player. None of this would be possible without my brother, Antonio Brown, who serves in the United States Army. None of this would be possible without my management and my baseball team in Germany. I want to thank everybody in baseball, especially the haters, and honestly that is most of the Americans over here in Germany. Hard work, and determination, and the will to succeed, and not taking “no” for an answer. To me this is the recipe for any success. But like any recipe, you can always use a few herbs to make it much better. What’s made is better for me is my girlfriend, Sonja Leutz. What I am really tired of seeing and hearing in the music business are people who take all the credit but there are nothing without the right people behind them. To be totally honest with you, it is not important to me if you like my music or not. You heard that right. It is not important to me if you like my music or not, but it is important to me that you take something away from it and have a closer look at yourself and what are you doing with your life. Without my girlfriend Sonja, without my brother Brown, there is no way you would be reading about me today. To be honest with you, in my life I failed more than I succeeded, but I can tell you I love my girlfriend, I love my life, and I love the opportunity that Germany has given me. Always keep family first. I wish you my success.


Kevin Shine - Music & Education Written by K. Cannick

Live Radio | An open networking forum giving artists, producer, labels & songwriters an opportunity to showcase their current work before a room full of peers and industry professionals for the opportunity to receive constructive feedback.

Doing this magazine, I spend a lot of time in the streets at open mics, showcases and networking events in the Southeast. Around six months ago a new face emerged on the Atlanta music scene, quickly becoming a staple of knowledge in the community, serving on dozens of industry forums and judging panels, freely contributing his years of experience to aspiring artists, writers and producers. While covering The Premiere A&R Showcase for The Atlanta Grind, I learned a great deal about Kevin Shine, the man behind the event. A former Music Business professor at Columbia College in Chicago, Kevin has an extensive resume of accomplishments in the industry. After watching him work closely on the upcoming R. Kelly project with his boss Wayne Williams, the Senior VP of A&R at Jive re-

cords, it was quite apparent why Mr. Williams himself personally enlisted Kevin as his point person for the Atlanta market. Though no longer actively a professor, Kevin continues to teach and create new vehicles to educate through his company The F.I.R.M. (Foundation for Innovative Resource Management). This company is the actualization of his vision to redefine the way the music industry functions by creating an openness that encourages, educates and grooms talent through programs such as Writing sessions, The Premiere A&R Showcase and Live Radio. Currently in talks with Live Nation, V-103 and several other major entities, The Firm is not just opening doors it is creating them where there once were only walls.

The Premiere A&R Showcase | A true A&R Showcase serving as a filtering mechanism to find the best talent and grooming them to be presented for some of the biggest names and decision makers in the industry. Capitol Records & Jive Records have shown interest in past participants with Universal/Motown & DTP having signed acts.

Writing Sessions | An intimate invite only event giving songwriters and producers the opportunity to showcase their records for A&Rs and Artists currently seekiing records. Past guests include Wayne Williams (Sr. VP of A&R at Jive Records), Kawan “KP” Prathers (Sr. VP of A&R at Def Jam), No ID (GOOD Music), Mike Jackson (EMI) & many others.

Milticket Productions & Recording Studio Whether you’re from Atlanta or out of town, if you love music like we do then you need a comfortable professional place to lay down your sounds, We at Milticket Production offer you the ability to get your project done as quickly as you create it. No interruptions just you ,the engineer,security and the equipment everything you need to make music. We have the tools for all of your post production needs as well as the contacts to get your music mastered duplicated and heard by the right people! If your beats are in Reasons, Fruity Loops (FLStudio),DAW or still on your key board give us a call so we can tell you how to track them out so that when you come in to record you can have that professional sound. Ticket - (404) 734-5902


Ill Trill Neil Written by C. Norris ILL TRILL NEIL (I.T.N.) Is an independent artists out of Pensacola Florida currently building a buzz with his new single MERC. Though still putting the finishing touches on his new album, he is optimistic about the prospects of securing a label deal. Coming from a family of music professionals he has been working diligently to change the way people perceive hip hop music. Describing his sound as inimitable he feels it is that “something new” that people are just waiting to hear. ITN is very vocal about his take on the the amount of attention (or lack there of) that the Gulf Coast receives in the music industry. He is determined to show the world that there is a lot of good talent in the top of Florida too. Working closely with his producer

Kellniño, ITN is still open to collaborating with other artists and producers. Having performed at local venues, night clubs, fairgrounds and record pools throughout the Southeast including Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia, he feels that he is ready to take things to the next level. He has already received a lot of support for his music from DJ Co-Lock DJ Co-Lock, (Slip -N- Slide DJs), DJ 2Freaky and TJ’s DJ’s he would like to ad even more DJs to the list. ITN is currently looking for a strong promotions & marketing team to take his career to the next level and is also open to investors. You can check out his music at www. For Booking and more information contact Heezzi at (850) 501-0137 or

T -Trill LyriqNiel Written by K Cannick Ill Written by K Cannick Yungsta Entertainment is currently working the latest single “Burn It Down” from their premiere artist, T-Lyriq. Already receiving spins at various college and online radio stations, Yungsta

Ent. is preparing for a full radio promotion campaign beginning toward the end of April. A well organized group with internal production, management and promotions departments, the company is continually reinvesting profits from sales and shows back into the company. Already $5k into the project the goal is to establish a strong buzz beyond the Carolinas and secure a production deal while keeping within the $20-25k budget they’ve set for themselves. Yungsta Ent. Is looking to connect with DJs, promoters. and video production companies. For booking and more info call (919) 946-5858

Slimm-B the 23 year old rapper representing Montgomery, Alabama has been rapping since age 10. Currently working on his next mixtape release, “Jackin’ for Beats Radio: Street Samples Vol. 3.” He plans to push the project till the fall when he expects to drop his solo album and a project for his group Young Rich & Dangerous (Chink, D Gator, Big Ant, LIL Crucial, T Hond). He is currently seeking management and to connect with DJs and producers. You may contact Slimm-B at (334) 354-1095 or visit him at D-Neal As Hypeman to Tex James and the Kadalack Boyz, D-Neal has been a student of the game. Now busy pushing his new single, “Fly Guy Walk” (produced by DJ Krispy Kreme), he may be best known for his previous single, “Divine 9”, a high energy party anthem (produced by DJ Brad) celebrating Greek life. The record still has plenty of momentum on college campuses. D-Neal is currently seeking management and available for shows. Call (770) 298-2869 or


What it Takes to Be a Successful Producer Written by Nick “Fury” Where should I start with giving advice to up and coming producers? There is so much to know about the business of the music industry. Having been in it for so many years and having had so many experiences, both good and bad, I could give knowledge all day.

Nick “Fury”,CEO and founder of NewJeru Entertainment and Neje Publishing with offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia, is the Multi-Platinum Producer behind hits such as Lil Flip’s “Game Over”, Lil’ Kim’s “Custom Made”(The Notorious K.I.M.), T.I’s “I Still Love You”(Trap Musik),”Tha King”(Urban Legend), and “I’m Straight” from TI.’s current album “Tha King”, Fat Joe’s “Hustlin”(Fast & Furious Soundtrack), Miri Ben Ari’s “Sunshine In the Rain” featuring Anthony Hamilton and Scarface, and done tracks for artist such as Nas, B.O.B., E40, Wu Tang Clan, Nick Cannon, Eightball & MJG and many more! His impressive discography boasts 5 certified platinum hits which hasallowed this Producer the ability to diversify his productiontechniques/ talents to include live instruments and musicians, creative samples, and original fresh sounding blends and mixes by putting the artist and/or client first. This results in good music period. You can see and hear more from NewJeru Entertainment and Nick “Fury” in the months and years to come as he continues to branch out into R&B, Rock, Pop, Gospel, film scores, movie soundtracks, and advertising jingles.

I could tell you about having a hit track for an artist and him never answering your call so you can get the track to him then finally getting the music to the artist through his A&R and him refusing to record the record. Finally a month or so later the A&R gives the artist a pint of Hennessey and some green inspiration and the result is the biggest record of that artist’s career. True story, “Game Over”. I could tell you about another artist’s year-long search to find the producer of a track that he happened to record to and a chance visit to Atlanta by that producer in which someone asks about the track only to find out that he is the actual producer, thus beginning the series of collaborations between T.I. & Nick “FURY”. There is a saying I came up with years ago that best describes the music industry. The saying is, “Anything can and won’t happen”. What I mean by this is, do not get discouraged. Anything can happen, but not necessarily overnight. Most people think that

when you finally hear an artist/producer’s first hit record that they just got in the industry yesterday and today they are established. That’s not true. All of the industry is a plan and it’s a long process. It doesn’t happen overnight so be prepared for the long haul, especially if you want longevity. While molding your craft you also need to be networking and building relationships. When you find that key person (whether or not they are in power) that believes in you, you should stick with them. I wouldn’t suggest searching for people or managers. You need someone who believes in you like you believe in you. You’ll know that person when you find them, or better yet, when they find you. On your journey, you will be presented with many opportunities and not all will be conquered, hopefully not because of your talent. Out of 10 things that can happen, be happy if only a few solidify. So don’t spread yourself to thin and try to keep yourself busy with quality over quantity. Lastly, if I had given up on my journey due to disappointments and negative thinking, I wouldn’t be where I am today. With hard work, dedication, people skills, and a good team, you will definitely be on your way. Don’t forget that it is a business and all businesses thrive off a good network and good networking. It’s not what you know but who you know.


Dynasty Now partenered up with OS Management, this R&B songstress has been busy performing and pushing her current CD release while also filming a project to pitch to MTV called a “Day with Dynasty”. OS Management is interested in connecting with event promoters and sponsors (Not necessarily financial sponsors). For more information and booking contact Nate Bryant at OSManagement@mindspring. com or (770) 310-7546

J-Hustle Written by K Cannick J-Hustle is looking to expand outside of Naptown and currently pushing two singles “On My Mind” (ft. Cheezy) and

Precha SEVERE Preparing for the release of his next project, “Streets is Listening” which features Poetic Justice & Nyla Nikia, Precha overseas the Gotta Dream Foundation, a program dedicated to long term mentorship of our youth, (Co-founded by Isom Loman). Recently landing a partnership with Nike and currently in talks with Percy Miller, there are big things on the horizon. If you are interested in getting involved with this movement contact (404) 468-5683 or PrechaSEVERE@ | Special Acknowledgements to DRSB & Quiet Storm

Shella Written by C. Norris Shella a.k.a.”The Blasian,” is a multi-talented artist with originality lit and d iinternational t ti l appeal! l! Not only does she write her own lyrics, she does this fluently in English and Japanese. Along with her look, her melodic lines and catchy phrases undoubtedly let you know she has an exotic style of her own. She’s opened up for major acts that came to perform in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii including Sean Paul, Stylez P and Lauryn Hill. Her following grew far beyond the island and led her to the states. With hopes of reaching an international fan base, Shella went to Tokyo where she linked up with DJ Princess Cut and put

together her first EP: “Blasian Music.” The EP is available on Itunes and Flip and It d ffeatures t Lil Fli d Hawaii’s own, Fiji. In 2008 it landed on the Billboard top 100 R&B/Hip Hop album chart consecutively for 3 weeks. Right now she is working on a new project “Life in the Fab Lane” out in California with Baby Phat and would like to connect with DJ’s and a good publicist to gain exposure for the project. You can contact her at info@ or 808-989-4496 and check out her music and videos on

the upbeat club record “Shazam!” produced by Boss. J-Hustle is looking to connect with any and everybody he can from artists to producers & publicists. For booking and info contact him at (317) 471-9473 or


Star Gazer Written by K Cannick Star Gazer zer er was born in Queen Queens, returning to the states to live in New Jersey. Fluent in French & Creole he integrates his Caribbean roots into his music, rapping in both English and Creole. Now living in Atlanta, he is busy working on both his solo album and the solo project of A Digital, the first artist under his independent label, Astronomy Entertainment. Star Gazer has a serious work ethic performing at various venues and pushing major units out the trunk. He is looking to network with other artists, DJs and anyone who can provide additional avenues of getting his music into people’s hands. (908) 875-5347 | (678) 629-3235 |

J Harden

As one of the few artists I feel comfortable enough to cosign J harden continues to impress me with a steady catalog of records and the drive to get out and push them. Dropping his new 12 track mixtape “J Harden The King of hood & Blues” which boasts features from Jadakiss, Trickdaddy, Lil Hot & Bushwick Bill, he is currently seeking to connect w/ Management, DJs & Producers. Check out his new single “Work That Pole” at ATLSoulBoy. For More info 404-849-5630

Dayton’s Best Kept Secret Day Jason AKA Dayton’s Best kept Secret is cu currently promoting his latest mixtape, “Full Time Grind” hosted by DJ Chaos and his lead single “B$@# I’m Chao the Grind” which has been gaining on th momentum on the streets. So far he mom $2k into the project has invested i and his current focus is expanding hhis fan base and connecting with more DJs and promotional outlets. outle (937)) 554-8221 (937 554-

Zakben Written by K Cannick

J Coop Currently working on “Two Thousand & Coop” the follow up to his “Public Service Announcement” mixtape, which has been circulating thru Atlanta and edging toward 1,000 downloads on Datpiff. com, J Coop is seeking management, looking to connect with producers and collaborate with other talented artists. Having invested around $3k into his last project he is looking to build a street team and go even harder with the promotions this time around. For more information please contact (770) 298-9205 or

Describing his music as an “earthy, funky, rocking, spiritual, good time” Zakben developed his musical talents as an R&B and Rock recording artist. Now on a mission to spread a message of spiritual growth and cultural healing, he is busy pushing his first release “ZAKBEN...In the Beginning” which is available in both acoustic and a full band version. With the support of Boslique Entertainment ZAKBEN is looking to perform at more venues like The Apache, The Atlanta Icehouse and college campuses. For booking and information please contact Anita at 404-2851356 or

The Unknown The Unknown is a seasoned producer/ engineer that has built up a strong reputation in DMV area. Currently working on 6 projects, he has a raw sound that gives you the feel of a Primo or Jay Dilla. Having toured in Europe in 2007, he is working on landing future Television and commercial placements. The unknown also takes time to teach kids about production and engineering at his former highschool and various youth center. For more information or to purchase beats contact | (703) 200-9136 | Myspace. com/UnknownBeats


Tips to Being a Successful Artist Written by Ty Griffin

Ty Griffin co-founder of CREAM Marketing & Public Relations LLC and more recently the private 10Twenty PR Firm with the goal of building a communication bridge between the rapidly evolving world of music, the needs of consumers and businesses, and their channels for learning about new solutions. Ty believes that building market “presence” and “mind share” is the most important way to help clients grow and meet their own objectives. She maintains a high standard of excellence and always raises the bar for delivering results. Not driven by fame or large retainers, only impacting the bottomline for her clients, She has built valuable relationships with “in-the-know” analysts and journalists who cover the global music market.

When I was first asked, what is it that you want to tell independent artists right now? First thing came to thought, STOP PAYING FOR GARBAGE! While working in the programming department at different radio stations, and currently as a publicist, I’ve noticed a lot of independent artists spending their hard earned money on unnecessary items. My suggestion, don’t go for glitz and glam right away. Instead focus on promotion. Some of the best things you can do as a beginning artist, attempting to launch your career are free! Here are a couple of pointers for that I hope will help you on your way. 1) Focus on your single. There are still DJs that are not afraid to play independent music if it’s hot. I recommend indie artists stop putting out albums with no single or advertising that will prolong your expansion. There are some artists that struggle with getting their single together. 2) If you don’t do beats yourself, network. Go to the local beat battles or producer hangouts. You’ll likely you discover a producer that you want to work with. 3) Networking is key. How do you expect anyone to know about your music, if they don’t know it exists? 4) Don’t send out the music if it can’t be used. Often I hear DJs complain about receiving music from artists and being told that the track isn’t mixed or mastered. First impressions are often the only impressions. 5) Once your single is complete, I advise you to sit with your manager to create a budget with the materials you want and stick to that budget.

6) Don’t neglect the studio. Yes, focusing on your first single plays a major role, but it is also very important to have a follow up records. 7) When booked for performances, be considerate. You can easily assist the promoter by arriving to the city you’re performing in early. You can help the promoters with the success of the show by visiting stores and doing street promotion. 8) When opening for an act do your single and leave the stage. There’s nothing worse than an extended stage performance no one expected or wants. 9) Use Technology to your advantage. Independent artists have struggled for years to gain the exposure they need to compete with national acts. Without the backing of a major label it can be very difficult and even after securing proper exposure, sustaining it can become a huge challenge in and of itself. Thankfully, much has changed due to the internet and advances in technology. Technology has opened many new promotional outlets and distribution channels for independent artists. Take advantage of all of them. I Hope that you have found these tips helpful and would like to leave you guys with a few words once told to me by one of the founders of Hardbody Music Group, “I’m not saying this is the way it has to be done; I’m just saying this is a good way I see it getting done.” Good luck.


Front Page Entertainment Written by K Cannick Since being featured in The March issue of The ATL Grind Newsletter, GP says the phone has been ringing off the hook. He has been receiving a lot of recognition and connecting with a lot of good producers and people who do music. I had an opportunity to catch up with him at a taping of DJ Bobby Blacks TV Show at UTM Studios where we talked about the future of Front Page Entertainment. The official Front Page Entertainment roster has grown considerably since its beginning in 2007. Now comprised of GP, Omar, Lil Vic, P, T-bone and K-love, the team is working hard to complete their latest project by May for a June release. In addition to their own project, the in house production team has been connecting with other artists and has beats available starting at $150. Front page entertainment is still looking to further expand its management team and connect with more producers. For booking and information please contact GP at (404) 553-5520

Truth Speaks Written by K Cannick Truth Speaks is a hip hop artist from Brockton, MA ,just outside of Boston. He found music at a young age, playing trumpet and participatin in his elementary school chorus. As he got older he began to focus his attention into hip hop and for the past 7 years he has been perfecting his craft. Doing hip hop in an area that isn’t exactly a prime breeding ground for emcees has helped him cultivate a style that appeals to a diverse group of people and carve a niche in his own market. He has been working to put together shows that incorporate Rock, Hip Hop and R&B.He’s been going hard with his online promotions landing songs on Coast 2 Coast Mixetapes Vol. 64 & 66. Truth Speaks is looking to connect with a solid manager and any promotions companies that can provide him with genuine opportunities for exposure. He is an artist that takes his craft very seriously and excited to network with other serious artists, producers and especially DJs. Phone (508) 333-1039


Wayne Williams Written by K. Cannick

Deejaying has been the launching pad for many of the industry’s most notable figures, from the likes of Rev Run and Lil John to DJ Khaled and Mr. Collipark himself, DJ Smurf. April 26th , 2009 the Core DJs Honor Wayne Williams for his 35 years of service in the DJ Community and Celebrate 20 years of growth at Jive Records. As Senior Vice President of A/R at Jive/BMG, Wayne is popularly known for the proliferation of the “house” music and his work with artist such as Joe, Syleena Johnson, Mystikal and most Notably R. Kelly. Though Wayne’s career evolved into many areas of the business, Deejaying is very much the cornerstone. Long before his days of working with some of the industry’s brightest stars, Wayne’s earlier years were spent on the north side of Chi-Town where he was introduced to disco and dance music. Though his initial attempts to infuse those foreign sounds into the urban market failed, he continued to experiment with these eclectic elements and soon found himself at the forefront of the “House” music movement seizing a job opportunity at the former Chicago dance label Trax Records, Wayne would eventually record his first track “Undercover” under the alias Dr. Derelict and begin his lifelong career in the music business. While at Trax, he would go on to release records like “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson and “No Way Back” by Adonis, which were hugely successful pop records overseas. Representatives from Jive,

which was then based in the UK, soon came to the US to find the man behind these sensational dance hits. This defining meeting in 1989 would prove to be the beginning of Wayne’s 20 year career with Jive Records. Looking back at what has become 35 years service in the industry, his ever expanding legacy includes work with Will Smith, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Wilson, Joe, Nivea, Eamon, Tony Sunshine, R Kelly, Raheem Devaughn and many others. Not being one to simply find content in past accomplishments, Wayne has firmly fixed his sights on expanding Jive’s presence in the Atlanta market. He is off to a resounding start, beginning with enlisting of Kevin Shine (A&R Consultant, Music Educator and Senior VP of the Soul Selector DJs) in addition to the recent work completed in Atlanta for the upcoming R Kelly project. Commenting on his accomplishments, Wayne acknowledges God, faith and belief as the preeminent forces in his life and adds, “I’ve been taught by the best: Clive Calder – The Vision, Barry Weiss – The Hope, and R. Kelly – The Truth.” Along with the Core DJ’s we at Makin’ It Magazine salute Wayne Williams for 35 years of service to the industry and an amazing 20 years of dedication at Jive records.