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Trinidad James: Exposing Everything wrong with rap 13 Young Snead 8

Promotions Manager Jay Harris

Stepping into the drivers seat of his own career, this Atlanta Rapper/ Mogul is taking AMG to straight to the top!

Published by Cannick Media Group 3939 Lavista Rd.E-249 Tucker, GA 30084 Office: 678.528.6925 Fax: 888.812.9710


Extream Bling, Coach Cain, Duck Hunter, Paige, Music Monday Recap & New ATL Releases

Nashville Rep Big Kev

Copy Editor Kimberly Cannick

Publisher's Note

EJ (iiAmLEJend) 12 MALAKI The Beast 18 This musical prodigy might just be Jacksonville, Florida’s best kept secret....

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Baring his soul on every verse, this Nashville emcee is ready to bring the real back to rap.

AccRite Cash Moody Coach Cain DJ Fred Malone Duck Hunter Extream Bling FortyWest Homebwoi J City Lil Lyss Lil Trubblemakers Mike Bliss NateKodi Paige Rikk Reign Scar 6pac Sean Lyric Simba T.R.U.B Tiona D Torre Sanders WAR20 Young Haze Young Pro Young Rome Yung Sinner

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Everybody’s BRANDING... if you let them tell it! Today I had a parent teacher conference for my youngest son. He’s in kindergarten but already reading at a second grade level. It amazes me to hear him sometimes read emails or articles over my shoulder, especially when he comes to a big word that I know isn’t a part of his vocabulary. Unintimidated, he quickly sounds it out and 80% of the time pronounces it perfectly. While he’s a tremendous reader, he still has the comprehension of a 5 year old. I have no doubt that if I sat a novel in front of him, he could read it with no problem. But could he tell you the plot or explain the dynamics of the characters? Most likely not. He has the mechanics of reading down. He can translate the clusters of letters into the correct sounds, but he doesn’t know the definition of all the worlds. He doesn’t have a frame of reference for the plot. He doesn’t pick up on the subtext. What the hell does this have to do with music? A LOT! As a consultant, I always hear independent artists and managers throw around buzzwords that they’ve heard other people use, words that make them feel knowledgeable and productive but at the end of the day hold as much meaning to them as the words that my son recites when reading a book beyond his comprehension. Often people will

have a loose definition of the word based on the context that they’ve heard it used, but no real understanding of the deeper concepts and nuances. A perfect example is the word BRANDING. It seems that everyone is “branding” these days. When interviewing potential clients, 9 out of 10 will tell me they are focused on building their brand. Whenever I hear that, my next question is always, “Who are you?” After an awkward silence, I usually get a five minute rehash of their bio (where they’re from; the things that they’ve done, the people that they know; etc). While all of that is important information, it is NOT “who they are”. If I asked you what kind of car you drove, you would NOT start listing all the places you’ve driven or the service and repairs you’ve had done. You would tell me the make and/or model (the BRAND). Branding is the act of mentally linking something foreign and unfamiliar (a logo, name, person or product) to something your target audience is familiar with (an idea, an emotion, a concept). When you hear the name “BMW”, you think of luxury. When you hear the name “Honda”, you think of reliability. Thats what branding is. So when an artists tells me that he’s branding but can’t tell me who he is, he’s already losing.

4 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Think about it like this, your brand is not THE TREE, its the seed from which THE TREE grows. Your brand is the DNA of your career. It determines the clothes you wear, the beats you choose, the artists you work with and even the events you attend. It powers every decision that you make. I know a lot of you are thinking, “Man, I need to come up with my brand” but you don’t! You’ve already done that over the past 20+ years. Now its just time to identify what it is and start cultivating it. If you are in the process of branding and found this article helpful, I suggest that you get someone on your team (like @MakinItMag or @TheNewMaddog) that understands all of the nuances and can help you really get it done because this little article didn’t even scratch the surface of all you need to know. -Kelby Cannick NOTE: Keep this magazine in your car and the next time someone start talking to you about branding, ask them who they are. If they can’t answer that question in one or two sentences, share this article with them. #Each1Teach1

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Album & Mixtape Releases “Patiently Waiting” by FortyWest Booking: 678-901-9378

“Eagden” by H-Bar Booking: 504-453-0772

“Black Arab Money” by Black Swagga Booking: 901-279-2229

“New Land Vol.2” by DJ Malone Booking: 773-870-8019

“U Aint Heard This Yet? 3” by DJ Y3S5!R Booking: 610-679-4492

“Bringing HipHop Back” by Dorean Bey Booking: 808-469-2529

“Show And Prove” by Extream Bling Booking: 404-925-4673

“She Got That (Homicide)” by Homebwoi Booking: 404-201-9358

“Pop Off” by Iram Christ Booking: 647-404-7424

“Aftermath B4 Destruction” by iREY Booking: 312-450-4079

“I Got Swagga” by Isis Booking: 347-462-9033

“The Art Gallery” by Kaso Booking: 860-983-7757

“Mark Of The Beast” by Malaki Booking: 615-823-1091

“The Stylistic Dreamer” by Mike Mongo Booking: 770-235-9913

“The Kountdown” by Nemesis Da Mischief Booking: 904-322-2420

“Love Hip Hop Lyfe” by NTG & Yung Draw Booking: 610-679-4492

“The AQ Mixtape” by Scar 6pac Booking: 718-721-4453

“Molotov Cocktail” by Shif-T Booking: 240-501-9108

“Episode 1: Guerrilla Tactics” by The Agency Operative Booking: 609-858-3137

“TaylorOfficialTracks Vol.7” by Taylor Booking: 313-455-9091

“Blow Up” by Young Rome Booking: 404-396-9037

“Sunrise” by Marcus Norris Booking: 517-745-0301

“Deep Soul Chants & Hollers” by Mwalim Booking: 774-251-9021

“Soundtrack Life” by KT Productions Booking: 205-267-9031

“The Campaign” by Mr. Georgia Booking: 706-485-2360

Lil TrubbleMakers, brothers hailing from Dayton, Ohio are an exciting, high energy duo. At 10 and 11, Hank and Tali’s handsome looks along with their energetic stage presence has drawn comparisons to hit group Kris Kross, but with a new millennium swag. After honing their skills, Lil TrubbleMakers are now prepared to release their debut single titled, “I GOT MY BEATER ON” for their army of fans.

Tiona D. is a singer-songwriter, photographer and philanthropist that resides in NYC. Her music is a mixture of classic R&B with a new school twist. Tiona just released her mixtape, “Beautiful Suicide” on datpiff. com, and is currently back in the studio working on her EP which she hopes to release this Spring. Tiona also started the organization, Tuff Diamonds ( | | 347.552.0008 Trubblemakers | | 937.607.4667

Written by D Mathews In a culture where sex, drugs, money and politics are dominate forces in the music industry, T.R.U.B. has combined two parts raw talent with one part pop star charisma and a dash of gangsta rap bravado to deliver a unique sound that has generated a fast-exploding fan base which is quickly growing into a fully-fledged movement. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, T.R.U.B. now calls Atlanta his home as he navigates the industry establishing his foothold. Having

Written by D Mathews

With over a decade of experience spinning at every type of event from weddings to major club nights, DJ Fred Malone has been building a quiet empire. Owner of DJ Malone Productions (DMP), he has expanded his passion for music to hosting mixtapes, producing artists and making beats. Having been featured on WWS Magazine, DJ Malone is making big moves to expand his brand. With his own BlogTalk radio show (Malone’s Hype Line) airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30PM CT, his Hottest Indie set is also regularly featured on URBAN INDIE RADIO L.A. Though based in Chicago, Malone’s DMP brand has expanded well beyond its borders with DJ Willie T holding down Houston, TX and Hype Man LJ doing the same in Kansas City, KS. Also mentoring upcoming hip hop group F.O.E. out of Houston, Malone is looking forward to a prosperous 2013. Twitter:@DJMalonePro (877) 783-6175

6 | Makin’ It Magazine -

performed and collaborated with a list of industry heavyweights, including the likes of Waka Flocka, Juvenile, T-Pain, Three Six Mafia, Gorilla Zoe, Project Pat, Don Trip and Jacki-O, T.R.U.B has recently Joined forces with a crew of rising producers including Kustom Beatz, T-Lace, D-Black, B Wright & WB3 to release his latest mixtape effort “The Recipe”, hosted by DJ Kurupt. (678) 200-3867

Written by D Mathews

Having just relocated to the US from Kenya, South Africa less than 15 months ago, aspiring hiphop artist, Simba, is doing everything he needs to take his career to the next level. With a unique sound that fuses an international appeal with the current trends in rap music, he has caught the ear of some prominent industry players. When asked what he attributes his rapid progress through the industry to, he explains, “Growing up in Kenya, I’ve learned to never lose sight of my dreams. I’m self-made and I’ve been concentrating on my music since I was 14 years old and have yet to stop. I don’t give my haters any time to judge me. My music is my passion and I just continue to press forward each day.” Simba is looking to connect with additional producers and DJs as he prepares to get back in the studio. For more information contact the following: @Afrikan_Simba (774) 225-1468

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A few good faces worth Rememberiing

A gladiator in the game of promotions, Kingpin found his niche in Marketing while doing a promo run at the SEA Awards. Discovered by Chill and Stamped by Tony Neal, Kingpin was eventually signed on as President of Team Bigga Rankin. Helping to build the Real N---- Radio Brand, he also works closely with the individual DJs on the team to grow their brand and develop additional revenue streams. A Shrewd business man but also a good person, Kingpin gets the Makin’ It Magazine stamp of approval. For Marketing, Promo or Label Consultations contact (305) 707-4632, or @RapJuggernaut

A-Town Mike has become a fixture on Atlanta’s urban nightlife scene. From hosting mixtapes, parties and events to doing voice over work and commercials, Mike stays busy. Getting his start with Cloud 9 Promotions and AG Entertainment as a street team coordinator, he eventually landed a position as assistant with Grand Hustle President, Clay Evens. Currently helping to promote the Hustle & Flow Open Mic Networking Event, he is positioning himself to get into radio while developing new artists such as Mookie Mardi Gra. For more info contact (404) 917-5372, or

As an Artist, Producer and Entrepreneur, Blizm is quickly making a name for his K100 Radio show. A true artists himself, he prides his show on providing a real outlet for independent artists to get real feedback. With over 400 Live episodes, 100,000 total streams and podcasts downloads K100 sees a minimum of 2,000 listeners every week. The Show has caught the Attention of A105 for possible syndication and been nominated for an AUMA Award. With all this going on he still manages to find time for his personal music. His latest release, “The Cinema of Me” sold over 5,000 copies independently and he is hard at work on a 2013 follow up release, the “The Grown LP”. For more information contact (404) 388-7802, ChainlessEntertainment@gmail. com or

Atlanta natives know the name Playa Poncho as one of the original architects of ATL’s music scene. At just 15, Poncho got his start making mixtapes with King Edward J & the J-Team. Together with DJ Kizzy Rock & DJ Bonee’ they formed the group A-town Players and landed a major record deal for their single “ATown Drop”. Eventually going solo, Poncho signed to Jermaine Dupri and dropped his classic hit “Whatz Up Whatz Up” which opened the doors for the So So Def Bass All Stars. Poncho went on to form Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz & co-write the hit single “Who U Wit” in addition to writing and producing for other well known acts such as Too Short, Dorrough, Yo Gotti, etc. Now Back in front of the mic, Poncho is working his new single “Eastside Shake” (produced by the legendary Dj Man) and “Say Yea” from his artist King Corleone (produced by Phyngarelli the Boss of Beatz). For info contact (678) 698-2006 or

Five years ago most would have described Jay Wiggs as another talented rapper from North Carolina making his rounds on Atlanta’s open-mic circuit. Now a rising star in the world of photography, Jay Wiggs is sought for his golden eye. After landing an internship with a local production company, he spent nearly a year carrying bags and setting up lights before his interest in video and photography was officially peeked. He soon began to master the craft and landed his first paid gig, a month long assignment in Los Angeles shooting for a TV Pilot. Taking the money he earned from the Gig, he reinvested into his own equipment and has been growing ever since. For more information or to schedule a shoot 919.649.9857 |

As on air personality, Owner and PD for A105 Radio, Ray Daniels goes hard for the independent artists. Having pursued a career as a rapper in his youth and landing several deals only to be shelved, he returned to school. Funneling his passion for music into radio, he graduated with a BA in Broadcast. After several years honing his skills as a promoter and the publisher of Drahma Magazine in NYC, Ray’s resume includes work with Papoose, Fred Da Godson, Nicki Minaj, Maino, Jae Millz and more. After relocating to Atlanta, all of Ray’s past experience and connections culminated in the launch of A105 Radio, which has been ranked #1 in Atlanta according to Alexa. Now partnering with Mizay Entertainment, the next move looks to be going FM. Visit for more.

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

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8 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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Young Snead Written by cherrell Rene

Hailing from Atlanta’s west side, Alliance Music Group (AMG) recording artist Young Snead has established himself as a talent not to be ignored. Young Snead’s professional career began for him at the age of 17. Directly after high school, the emcee was signed to Atlanta’s Big Cat Records. Against the wishes of his family, the accomplished athlete (basketball & football) passed on a a full college scholarship to join the label and pursue his passion for music. Joining Big Cat Records was a chance for the new emcee to be apart of Atlanta Hip Hop History. He and his label mates, which included Gucci Mane, Rasheedah, and Khia, would make a name for both the label and themselves as forces in the music industry. The collective would go on to record a number of popular records. Young Snead would grab the spotlight for his work on the label’s most notable compilation “Street Certified Mixtape.” During his stint with Big Cat Records Young Snead would grow his brand and his underground following. After leaving the label and a brief hiatus For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Young Snead would resume pushing his brand and music. It was during this period that he would earn the title “Mr. 3 Club Shawty,” in honor of his grind and dedication to being heard in the streets. “Every night I go to three night clubs to promote my music and get my songs played,” he explains. Back on the scene with his new team, AMG, Young Snead is more focused than ever. His current single, “Mr. Strut A Lot,” is picking up steam in the Atlanta Nightclub Scene and radio. The emcee will release his next street album, “Instagram That Sh*t Vol 1,” in the summer of 2013. Not just a rapper, but an artist, Young Snead continues to paint pictures with his words. As the AMG Chapter of his career get underway, the sky is the limit. For Booking, Drops and Media Inquiries contact the following: AMG MUSIC (470) 202-8775

Makin’ It Magazine - | 9

Written by C. Myracks

Born in Haiti, raised in Danbury, CT and built in Brooklyn, this 23 year old is not waiting for a come up. Creating an empire built on confidence, he is designing his very own place in this hip-hop industry. With an unbreakable work ethic, lyrical finesse, and natural ability to shine on a stage, Sean Lyric is owning the title “NY’s finest artist on the Rise”. At over 230K downloads and counting, Sean Lyric’s debut Mixtape “The Takeoff ”, hosted by DJ Holiday,has earned rave reviews from fans and critics. With WSHH showcasing videos and performing on stages all over the eastcoast, singles like “Do What It Does” featuring Joe Budden and “Trapped” featuring Sammie are leaving people wanting more. Keep your eyes on Sean Lyric. He’s not just another rapper. Lyricgang is a movement.

Written by D Mathews (347) 615-9275

Young Pro AKA Teddy Primus is a phenomal young hip hop artist and engineer born and raised in the heart of Atlanta, GA. A passionate musician whose tenacity in the booth is only matched by his love of competitive sports, Young Pro manages to balance Music, Athletics and College life. When asked about his work ethic he explains, “Coming from Atlanta you’re exposed to different opportunities and environments which makes you grow up fast. Nothing is handed to you. You have to take it cause only the strong survive.” This work ethic has landed the 20 year production creditrs on a list of releases including Young Jeezy’s “American Dream” and Lil Wayne’s “The Leak 6”. Now focused on his latest mixtape release, “The Wazu” he is actively looking to connect with DJs and Promoters. For more information on Booking, Beats, Features other General Information contact him at: (404) 935-2012

Greensboro,NC and Atlanta,GA. He is taking the world by storm. Mike Written by D Mathews Bliss will be releasing his new Mixtape Michael Joseph, better known to most “Carolina Bliss” at the end of March. as Mike Bliss, is a true artist on the rise. He is a very talented and ambi- tious rap artist with great lyrical con- tent in his music and can also add a R&B flow. In addition to his killer (678) 939-4661 rap style, he is also a producer and @CarolantaBliss graphic developer. Although born in Lakeland,FL he was raised between

Written by D Mathews Some artists have it while others artists simply don’t. But when it comes to Georgia native, Homebwoi, it’s definitely clear which side of the fence he lands on. As an Artist, Producer, Engineer and master of Multimedia Design, Homebwoi continues to expand his knowledge in every facet of the industry and production. Virtually a self contained movement, many may know Homebwoi from his various music collaborations in movies and video games. Regularly booked for paid

shows, Homebwoi maintains a strong fanbase in Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas. A music mogul in the making, he is currently hard at work in the studio putting together his latest mixtape effort, “Tinted Windows & House Speakers.” For production, booking and features contact his management at the following:

10 | Makin’ It Magazine - (678) 906-3446

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The Buzz | Atlanta A lot has been going on in the ATL since last we spoke. A new player in radio, Streets 94.5, has been gaining a lot of momentum and slowly chipping away at some of Hot 107.9’s market share. The station is BDS registered and a good outlet for independent artists looking to get some exposure in the Atlanta market. Shawty-Lo recently had a private listening party for his “I’m Da Man 4” mixtape. Tastemakers such as DJ Smallz, Tight Da Main Attrac-

New Releases

tion, and DJ Scream came out to show support. Hip Hop artist Rich Homie Quan is buzzing heavy in the streets and is most likely the next artist to break. Raychel from A&R Management just celebrated the one year anniversary of “I Beat Daily” ATL. Music Monday alum, Luney Tunez, recently landed a HUGE placement on Rihana’s album which has so far earned him a Gold Plaque. S/o to the whole #BeatJugg movement. -Kelby

I’m Da Man 4 Shawty Lo 404.917.1270 @ThatsShawtyLo Applying Pressure Mykko Montana 404.590.7584 @MykkoMontana I’m Da Sh*t Franc Dolla 678.308.3738 @FrancDolla

Music Monday (FEB 4, 2013) Every 1st Monday of the Month Makin It Magazine brings out some of Atlanta’s top Songwriters, DJs, Producers and Artists for a night of FREE Food, networking and new Music. This night featured a special listening session and performance from FGM/SONY’s Tarvoria.

Extream Bling Boss Squad Ent’s franchise player, Extream Bling, closed out 2012 with a strong push for his latest mixtape release “Show and Prove: Words Mean Nothing” hosted Bigga Rankin. With an ever-growing fanbase spreading from the Southside of ATL, Extream has been locking in paid shows across the Southeast while preparing for his 1st quarter rerelease on PHONE: (404) 925-4673 @Extream_Bling

Coach Cain Coach Cain, of Atlanta, Georgia is a young hip-hop artist and owner of indie record label, “N.C.A.A. Records”. He is an amazing street lyricist who has the ability to create pictures with words. He creates gritty poetry that speaks to the heart & soul of every individual. Checkout his recently released mixtape “Building Of A Dynasty” which is available on Livemixtapes, Reverbnation and DatPiff. @coachcain62

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Duck Hunter

Sincerely LOT80 Lot 80 @Lot80 O.V.A Chill Will 404.399.6205 @1426ChillWill


Duck Hunter AKA Mr. “Make Way” is an up and coming Rap Artist out of Jonesboro, Georgia (Clayton County). Born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Los Angeles California, Duck relocated to Atlanta in January of 1990. Though Duck only started recording in 2008, he grew up around music. His two younger brothers both were artists. A High Energy Entertainer, many compare him to a new aged Lil Jon or Bone Crusher. His mixtape Duck Season is availible NOW and will soon be Hosted and Rereleased by Core DJ Shotime as “Duck Season Reloaded”. The project features the single “Club Rockin” (produced By DJ Plugg) which has won him many open mics in ATL. Duck is also currently working on his 2nd mixtape “Riot Muzik” which he hopes to have released by May. For info contact 678.490.1908 or

Originally from Detroit, this 20 year old rapper now resides in Atlanta as she finds her own path in the music industry. A jounralism major, her passion for writing extends beyond music. As a songwriter she writes for rappers and singers; male or female, equally well. Check her out on YouTube: BossedUp_Swagg and on Instagram: @ceo_paige


Makin’ It Magazine - | 11

EJ: IAmLejend Written by Kelby Cannick Singing since the tender age of four, there’s no question why the young singer/songwriter, EJ.(iiamlEJend), often draws comparisons to R&B superstars such as Usher, Chris Brown and even Trey Songz. Born Eric Jerome in the sunshine state of Florida, EJ can remember writing songs as early as five years old. Joining his church choir at 11 years old he was one of its youngest members. Always surrounded by music, EJ has

learned to play the piano, steel string guitar, acoustic guitar and to read sheet music. A talented musician and entertainer he Sings, Writes, Producers, Arranges and Engineers much of his own music. For more information on features, drops or getting involved with his upcoming project contact below: @iiamlEJend 904.318.8185

12 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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J City, Originally born Jamaree

Javon Thomas, is a 19 year old rapper born and raised in Jacksonville Fl. He has often been compared to TI and Lil Wayne, because of his lyrical abilities, and his stage presence. Jamaree has recently release his first official single “International Tour” which is now being played on the radio in Florida, Georgia and the Midwest.

There is no question that in Columbus, Ohio Rikk Reighn is the “Man of His City”. Debuting the video for his latest single, “Good & the Bad (Bad Bytch Anthem)” at the top of World Star Hip-Hop, he pulled in over 3.3 million views the first day and sparked a great deal of interest in his latest Album “Bytch I’m Lokal”. No stranger to the limelight, Rikk has charted multiple times on hitting #1 four times in six weeks with the record “Ass N Titties” | | 904.566.0168 | | (614) 783-0559

Scar 6pac Having majored in vocal music at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, this 23 year old hip-hop artist brings a unique spin on the classic New York sound. His demanding stage presence and contemporary flow often draws comparisons to that of the late great Harlem rapper, Big L. Check out his official debut release, “The AQ Mixtape” on DATPIFF and follow him on Twitter @Scar6pac.

NateKodi is a Congolese/American Producer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. that has spent the past five years perfecting his craft, making beats and producing artists (including himself). Having released over 10 mixtapes in the past three years his undeniable work ethic has landed him placements with Lil B the BasedGod and SODMG artists. Specializng in Electronic Hiphop and Chiptunes, Check out his latest instrumental mixtape, “Beats 2 Def ” hosted by DJ Louie Styles and his for 80+ free beats. | | (718) 721-4453

Diana D, born Feb 9, 1990, known better by her stage Written by D Mathews name, Lil’ Lyss, is an American hip hop producer based in the Bay Area, CA. She got inspired by producers like Scott Storch and Dr. Dre and started making music at the age of 18. Now she’s working on some pretty big projects with several up and coming artists. Her talent has already been spotted by some of the biggest names in the industry. To check out sample beats or get information on leasing tracks, contact using the information below: 415.548.3365 Twitter: @lillyss1

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925 | | (478) 542-4087

Written by D Mathews

Madison, Wisconsin may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the next generation of hip-hop super stars, but Cash Moody is putting in all the necessary work to change that. With a strong local following Cash has been gaining momentum throughout the region with notable singles “The team” and “No time”. As member of the rising rap group Bagz of Money, Cash Moody has been featured in both XXL Magazine and HIP HOP WEEKLY. Preparing for the release of his next mixtape project “The Cash Effect” he has been adding to his resume with features on World Star Hip-Hop. For more drops, booking, features, general information or to submit beats contact below: Phone: (608) 669-2596

Makin’ It Magazine - | 13

Trinidad James Exposes Everything wrong with rap!

“Game done changed. I been grindin in this music shit for years. Trying to get these industry niggas to listen to my shit, passing out mixtapes and hittin up open mics. Then I look up and some clown ass nigga wit a fucked up grill get $2 Mil from Def Jam. I’m just shit fiya and these niggas won’t even tweet me back. And you know that All Gold Everything song is wack as fuck. Nigga rap like he been on some bad shit. I been spittin since I was 12 nigga! He only been rapping 10 months and he got a deal, his shit on the radio, nigga video on MTV. Man, its real niggas outchea like me living this rap shit. I be in these streets erryday hustlin my nigga. Bruh need to go back to folding clothes and leave this rap shit for niggas who really do this. I’m 5 mixtapes in and they ALL on livemixtapes nigga! Front page nigga! This shit ain’t no joke! And I got a gang of mufuccas following my twitter nigga. I got dat shit done in like a week. These industry niggas got me fucked up! They betta pay attention and stop givin these wack niggas deals. That’s what’s wrong with this music shit now. They ain’t signin no real niggas like me!” - The Mad Rapper 14 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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Dear Mad Rapper, You are 100% right. They are NOT signing rappers like you. They are signing creative artist with real fans. Not cookie cutter rappers with store bought followers. You see Trinidad James’ Def Jam deal doesn’t expose what’s wrong with the music business, it exposes what’s wrong with “rappers”. The fact that the Gold Gang front runner went from folding clothes to signing a multi-million dollar, major label deal based on ONE single just might be proof that ANYBODY can get a deal. Now let me address the question most rappers are asking, which is “Why didn’t they sign me?” The first lesson that you need to learn about the majors is “Fans a Make em’ Dance” (in a Juicy J Voice) and creativity sparks interest. Most of the time it’s not about the most talented person in the bunch, or the one that has been grinding for years imitating their favorite artists. More often than not, it’s about the creative artist with the real fans that are not scared to be different. So to the army of bitter-ass wanna be rappers that take it upon themselves to bash folks for succeeding where they’ve clearly failed, only to later imitate their every move in a desperate attempt to succeed... the first things you should do is think outside the box and build a cult following of real fans. Remember when Soulja Boy came out and you all talked about how wack he was and then six months later every rapper had a new

Sheila James Not Available

“I think people need to get an education. Everybody wants to be a rapper. You should go to school on the side cause not everybody is gonna make it. I like James and yeah he had a plan. Guys need to stop paying worldstar 5k for them to play there video for 1 day thats just stupidity. No James didnt get famous off worldstar. He did other things that helped make that song a hit. You can invest that money on hitting the road and making fans like rock artist do instead of sitting in front of a computer all day with your bought twitter followers and your fake youtube views waiting for feed back which most of the time will probably be negative. Hip Hop is the only genra thats really internet driven but thats cause guys like Q from Worldstar Hip Hop, Livemixtapes and

dance to teach us on Youtube (#Lame). Then when Drake came out you said he was soft and that wasn’t “real” hip-hop. Six months later, you were all doing emo records and singing your own hooks (#SMH). I’m sure by mid-summer all of you rappers will have a Tumblr and Bandcamp page setup, wearing funny clothes and believing you’re going to land a million dollar deal after you put your video on Worldstar and music on Livemixtapes (#GoodLuckWithThat). What’s wrong with the rap game isn’t payola, nepotism, critics or major labels. It’s the attitude and thought process of rappers. You know, the noncreative types that breed this culture of hating. If you’ve ever uttered the words that somebody else doesn’t deserve a deal because you haven’t figured out how to get one your damn self, YOU are what’s wrong with the rap game. If someone steps up to the plate and accomplishes in 10 months what you haven’t been able to do in 10 years, the only person you can really be mad at is yourself. Spare me the pitty party, negative tweets, and heartache about your grind. I’m not interested in hearing about how nobody supports your music, everybody just wants some money, and folks don’t want to hear “real hip hop”. Regardless of what you say about Trinidad James, his success was the product of a well executed plan and a budget. Rappers normally fail to plan, which means you planned to FAIL! And if you got a freeze

Coast2Coast are making money off that naive desperate artist. Go outside and grind!”

Big Tah

on your funds, or lack thereof, please remember it takes money to make money. Personally, I think he’s cool. Now he’s not some prolific lyricist, and his live show is not the greatest thing I’ve seen, but he played the game well and won. Of course none of that matters to the rapper that’s hating on the sidelines, because Trinidad’s success proves that anyone can be next. Anyone can land a #1 song on Urban radio, anyone can hit the stage with Rick Ross, anyone can party down in Miami in VIP with Jay and Bey. And anyone can sign a deal with Def Jam. Trinidad’s success forces rappers to evaluate their own careers, albeit with jealous envy, and try to figure out where their grind went wrong. They wonder what kind of results they would have gotten if instead of merely dreaming about success, they started planning for it and putting together a team to help achieve it. When the club closes, and all the open mic contestants have left, and you failed to win the free video or $100 cash prize, maybe then you will realize that it’s not your music that’s flawed, it’s your thought process. In that moment, maybe you’ll understand that your no budget ideas, lack of planning, and failure to execute landed you in that cold lonely dark place; hating on the winner and still waiting on your chance to shine. (#Brrrrrr)

Tae Money Richmond, VA

“I feel as they are picking random “acts” off of the street/internet because of how they look Atlanta, GA to the public. Sure, some of the “I read this earlier today when rappers getting signed are not it hit my email. On point read. as talented as most un-signed Most Musicians just have ART artists. One thing for sure is that they don’t have a BUSINESS. their entire image is marketable Most so called “Business” people and it is what is catching fans in music don’t know how to attention nowadays. Most of build a business they just know the rappers getting deals are not how to take advantage of a lyrical, but they sure can make a situation (Hustle). So you have catchy song! Also most of them the most creative people in the are not reading between the dotworld running around following ted lines and selling themselves instead of creating. We need new over to the majors. Even us business models that make sense “mad rappers” have our morals to the current environment. and know that royalties should We need artists that actually belong to the songwriter, which understand that a fan is as real as is also another reason why we a stock. They’re not an imaginary remain un-signed. I will connumber online. Salute to Makin tinue to grind, build my fanbase It Mag for speaking that truth. and eventually my time will #DontAskMeAboutYourSong come! My debut album “Global #AskMeAboutYourBusinessPlan” WARning” is available on itunes,

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925


cdbaby, amazon and etc. - TA3$”

Mr Georgia Middle Georgia

“I really agree with @ThatRetailChick & everything she said. Me speaking as an artist myself I look at Trinidad James situation with Def Jam as inspiration. Dude went with a different sound and look and look what happen. The rap game needs more people to think outside the box, but the problem is that everybody wants to be somebody else and not themselves. Trinidad James is just being him and not trying to be anybody elese... I look at it like this. People are not going to get where they wanna get in life with hating on other people. Find your own lane, style, swagg or whatever and just do you. It takes more time and energy to hate on someone than it takes to just congradulate them on there success.”

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FortyWest Written by K. Cannick

For the past 4 years Alex “FortyWest” Gibbs has been balancing school, full time employment and his musical ambitions. Now having recently graduated from Tennessee State University, FortyWest is excited to dive head first into his music for the first time in his life. Gearing up to relocate to Los Angeles, California, FortyWest is looking forward to working with new producers and songwriters on the West Coast. Having had the opportunity to perform at First Friday’s last summer during the BET Awards weekend, Forty received a very warm reception and made a lot of connections that he looks forward to building on. Since then, Alex has appeared on Centric’s Showtime at the Apollo and released his debut

16 | Makin’ It Magazine -

album, Patiently Waiting. Alex has also been nominated for R&B Male Indie Artist of the year at the Indie Artist International Network first award show. For more information on FortyWest please contact using the information below:

Facebook: FortyWestLiveMusic Twitter: @FortyWestLive 678.901.WEST Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

Young Rome has been on a serious hot streak, including an undefeated rap battle record and slew of videos from his latest project “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day”. Now a student at Augusta State University and Team Basketball Player, this versatile lyricist’s new single “Blow Up” is spinning on all 3 stations in Augusta and being picked up on numerous others throughout the state of Georgia.

Yung Sinner (born Maurice Carter in Blytheville, AK) is an independent artist bringing a new sound to the south. Currently on the road promoting his latest mixtape release, “Sin City 3” Hosted by Fear Factor Music, the project has been generating a lot of attention receiving over 28,000 views in its 1st week on Datpiff. @YungSinner | | (870) 824-9944 | (404) 386-9037 |

Take a strong R&B base, mix a dash of Pop, a sprinkle of Rock, a pinch of Hip Hop and you’ll get a taste of what St.Louis’ own Torre Sanders is serving up on his debut Ep “The Next Man” with the hit single “Party Mode”. This singer, songwriter and producer plays guitar and blends Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B beats with rock riffs like a master. His lyrics speaks of love, living it up and enjoying life. | | 314.884.0864

Devaughn Wilson, better known by his stage name Young Haze, is an American rapper/ song writer. Young Haze was born & raised on the westside of St.Louis by his single mother along with his four brothers. Long story short, he got his big break on former radio station Q 95.5 in (2004) with J Nicks aka Stuey Rock. He attended Sumner High School and graduated with a 3.0 GPA. @YoungHaze314 | | 314.267.7587

Written by D Mathews

release in late 2013 after returning from active duty. The video for the project’s first single, “Biggest Fan” which features fellow Chicago rapper Mpulse, is already making its rounds on the internet. ACCrite is currently looking to connect with DJs and Promoters who can help spread his current project to new markets as well as producers to begin submitting beats for his next project. For more information contact the following:

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Andrew Charles AKA ACCrite, is a 21 year old rapper whose passion for hip hop began at the early age of 13. While only in seventh grade, ACCrite began penning his first verses and ever since has hungered to become a successful recording artist. Releasing his first mixtape project independently in 2011, he is nearly complete with sophomore effort, “Living Up to the Standards”, which he plans to (708) 743-0674 God” Alston, WAR20 took the reins of K.O.T.A Media Group (Knock’em On They Ass). WAR20 is now preparing to drop his Written by D Mathews second album entitled “GhostWriter4Hire When it comes to Hip hop, the music indus- the EP” which is a collection of club records try is littered with ghostwriters that never and radio friendly singles such as, “#GetIt quite found their footing as an artist. But “#ItsOn” “#BeenOn” “#NoChiefs” “#Shutin the case of Rod Harris, aka War20, noth- tinItDown” “#StillNIt” and “#PaperUp”. For ing could be further from the truth. Having booking, features, drops or to submit beats always had an exceptional gift for painting contact at the following: powerful visuals with his words, Rod was given the name WAR20, which stands for @WARCHILD919 Wildin’ And Rhymin’, from fellow soldiers WWW.KOTAMEDIAGROUP.COM stationed with him at 2nd I.D in TDC KoINFO@KOTAMEDIAGROUP.COM rea. After spending a year under the men(469) 328-6086 torship of Queens Bridge MC, Heath “The

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

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Malaki The Beast Written by J Cox

A HUMBLE, RAW, WISE YOUNG MAN from Nashville, TN (aka Music City, aka Cashville) that has been in the rap game long enough to know that he is DEFINITELY the piece of the puzzle that is missing. One who lays it on the line EACH & EVERY TIME & holds nothing back, “No Matter What YOU Think, or YOU Think, or even YOU over there think!” His lyrics are melodies while at the same time cutting edge when its time to speak knowledge. Malaki’s mission right now at this time in his life is to finally feed the people (his sheep if you might say) because he is the Sheppard & YES his Music is his MINISTRY. “I don’t go for the trendy commercial approach. What I do is for the streets, for the real, nothing watered down.” ~Malaki Destined & determined this time to do it the right way & make sure that he handles his business & not allow this (music) business to

handle him, Malaki has seen his share of trials, but he attributes his growth, current success and talent to God. As a child, Malaki admired entertainers such as Whitney Houston, Beastie Boys, UTFO and all the artists in the movie Krush Groove. Hip-hop icons such as Tupac, Scarface, Notorious BIG and Nas have influenced his style and lyrical delivery. Inspired by the feedback from his community and his love for music, Malaki has yet to drop the microphone. Driven by passion, Malaki continues to paint portraits of better days through lyrics that are filled with experience & wisdom that encourages, uplifts and teaches of survival and a better day. Malaki made a name for himself in the underground hip-hop community--under the moniker Black-as one half of “Black and Jay”, a group that heated up the South in the mid to late 1990’s. He has performed & worked with

18 | Makin’ It Magazine -

tribute world wide scale projects through his label Benzarelli & Associates. With Malaki’s humility, strength, wisdom & passion to excel & enhance in this industry instead of tearing down, He is DEFINITLEY destined to reach his fullest potential that God has destined for him & since he is being lead by the spirit, FEAR Malaki is currently working on IS NOWHERE IN THE EQUAhis latest Project “Malaki 3D”. TION!! Previous projects include “All I Know”, “Mark of the Beast” Stay Connected with Malaki “Tha Movement”, “40 Days / 40 Nights”, “More Than Just Rappin” “Night Shift, “Child Of Cashville” & “Black Hugh Hefner”. Malaki 615.900.0876 also has a collection of videos that include “Flamin Hot”, “Take 615-500-8617 You Home” feat: Rio & “You Don’t Want It” feat: Rio. Tune Youtube: MalakiBlackTV into Facebook: MalakiBlack Black to hear a sample of his full Twitter: MalakiTheBeast collection. In the future, he plans to continue to dedicate more time to the community by mentoring at risk youth. Malaki’s immediate goal is to align himself & disC-Lo from Concentration Camp, Livin Legend, Boo Rossini, Young Bleed, Rollow B, Juvenile, Yung Buck, Pimpin Ken, 2Chainz, Producer Ko Chease (Yung Joc) and many others. In addition, Malaki has also appeared and performed at the SEA Awards & Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Conventions.

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

Networking Directory Producers Charles Feedthadogg Goodwin 434.566.1163 @feedthadogg Nellysford, VA DJ Warrez 904.239.2454 @DJWARREZ_247 Philly, PA DJ Y3S5!R 678.727.3322 @officialY3S Augusta, GA Hip Hop Vocal Samples 404.981.2857 @HipHopVocalSamples Atlanta, GA Hybrid The Jackal 410.370.0670 @HybridTheJackal Baltimore, MD Iambrahms 770.364.4789 @iambrahms Atlanta, GA KTgotBeats 205.267.9031 @KTgotBeats Birmingham, AL Lil’ Lyss 415.548.3365 @lillyss1 San Francisco, CA

LueX Porductions 412.722.4871 @luexproductions Pittsburgh, PA

AR$ 678.522.0587 @ars2cold Atlanta, GA

Mitri Rice 229.669.0656 @ytgmitririce Atlanta, GA

Marcus Norris 517.745.0301 @MarcusNorris Chicago, IL

C Dot Bush 713.885.2528 @cdotBUSH Houston, TX

Mr Georgia 706.485.2360 @mr_georgia86 Eatonton, GA

On Ice E 510.776.9690 @OnIceE Oakland, CA

Chamberlain 252.314.5462 @_Chamberlain Atlanta, GA

PureComp 404.914.1360 @PureCompofTTE Clayton County, GA

Randolph “Propane” Harris II 404.981.7222 @pro4president Atlanta, GA

Coach Cain 404.664.9293 @coachcain62 Atlanta, GA

TA3$ 434.228.0882 @therealtaemoney Danville, VA

Dino 832.304.3466 @uknodino Fort Hood, TX

Trapp Banks 770.771.9161 @TrappBanks College Park, GA

Foley 901.314.4638 @FoleyDLife Memphis, TN

Trubz 502.648.1547 @TrubzKY Murray, KY

King FrosT 563.923.2170 @kingfrost30 Waterloo, IA

Wideframe 770.330.3388 @WIDEFRAME Dallas, TX

Lil Hines 912.373.8718 @lilhines Riceboro, GA


ReUp Tha Boss 210.878.5317 @ReUpThaBoss Atlanta, GA Stand Out Musik Production 716.316.4337 @standoutmusik Buffalo, NY

RAPPERS Trillion Kutz 317.629.1372 @TrillionKutz317 Indianapolis, IN 2Four 615.218.2620 @TheReal2Four Nashville, TN

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Lucchi 256.874.8774 @lucchi4k Athens, AL

Brandon Trevon 612.570.2143 @TEAMB_TREV Minneapolis, MN

H Bar 504.453.0772 Atlanta, GA Hollywood 513.227.6186 @Hollywood_SoFly Cincinnati, OH Torre Sanders 314.884.0864 @musicbytorre St.Louis, MO

Songwriters Syari Da Kid Kenakia 205-601-0240 @Kenakia Birmingham, AL B Eazy 678-741-4130 @EasyStayHigh East St Louis, IL

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#’s Don’t Lie ************* DJ EDITION *************

While preparing this issue we conducted a survey of over 100 Club, Mixtape and Radio DJs from across the country. The information collected was used to create the following infographic. See where you fall on the scale.

Let your voice be heard!

Register at for the opportunity to give YOUR opinion in our next survey.





What Genres of music do you spin?




47.71% 35.78% 23.85%

20% 0

Hip Hop




by DJ Affiliation (Based on Survey) Coast2Coast DJs



Fleet DJs



Nerve DJs



Core DJs



Xsquad DJs



Blok Club DJs



Heatspinner DJs



Team Bigga Rankin



Future Star DJs


10 Rocharder DJs


11 Hittmenn DJs






20.00% 22.35%


Every two months

Every two weeks

Every three months


A couple of times a year

Average quantity of Mixtapes pressed per release:

1,216.6 Copies Average Cost of Mixtape Placement

Average Cost to

HOST A mixtape

$53 $344 61


Where do What Site Do You Prefer you Spin? to Post your mixtapes?

Coalition Ranking



How Often do you release Mixtapes?

5.88% 7.06%



Broadcast/Satellite Radio




Online Radio

10% 72.9%


Clubs 0



Mixtapes 85% 0








I Prefer to Network on...




How Do You Distribute your mixtapes? Physical Only Digital Only Both

57% 36.4% 1.9% 1.9% 1.9% 0.9% Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ SoundCloud OTHER 20 | Makin’ It Magazine -


4.4% Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

How do you prefer to receive new Music?

75.7% 23.36% Link to music

Email W/ Attachment

Average Charge for ONE Test Spin


an event:

$94.75 * 28% of DJs surveyed would either NOT spin your record or NOT charge you if they did.

How many nights per week are you spinning at a club/Event?

ie. Soundcloud, Hulkshare, etc



WHat Email Blast

are you most

WHat Email Blast

are you LEAST

likely to open?

likely to open?




1 Greenhitz (9.35%)


Fleet DJs






ATL Top 20





2 Digiwax (2.8%) 3 IDJ MP3 BLAST (1.87%) 4 MP3Waxx (1.87%)


Bottom Feeder









Rapstar Promo


10 Team Bigga Rankin


Ranked by % of DJs that named A specific blast

2.56% No Weekly Events

32.05% 1 Night per Week

The list above is compiled of companies that received multiple mentions in response to this question and ranked by % of DJs that named that specific blast. The OVERALL #1 response to this question was any email blasts from an unfamiliar company and those that send blasts too often (everyday). The #2 response was that many DJs try to open EVERY email blast in search of new music.

16.67% 2 Nights per Week 28.21% 3 Nights per Week 6.41% 4 Nights per Week 8.97% 5 Nights per Week 2.56% 6 Nights per Week 2.56% 7 Nights per Week

When is the best time for an artist to introduce themselves when you’re DJing an event?

for new music on? 13.08%


song YOU DON’T

LIKE if people want to hear it?

49.53% 37.38%

Green Hitz Other

YES 92.52%

no 7.48%

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925


before it starts

What Site Will you play a Do you Prefer to look


Come early

until end

of the night

Find a break during a song and keep introduction short


when people



I feel most

artists.... Genuinely support & respect the DJs



Just care about

getting their

song played

Makin’ It Magazine - | 21

The Cosign CO-SIGN Makin’ it Magazine’s

Spotlighting DJs that Spotlight Independents!

Dj UnieQ | Los Angeles

DJ Shuttle | NYC

DJ Kurupt | NYC/ATL (909) 484-4807 Club (917) 723-9229 Mixtape | Club | Radio (678) 478-3742 Mixtape | Club | Radio

Song: “Dial Tone” Artist: Danni Brasco / Steady Grind Comment: “Hot record, impressed by 1 take free style! The track is fire, great energy.”

Song: Still Gon Stunt Artist: Worldwide L.A. featuring Jim Jones Online: Comment: “Strong Track, great hook, perfect feature that does not over shadow the Indy artis.”

Song: She Wanna Rock Artist: Bonz Online: Comment: “This Song works in the Clubs/Strip Clubs And has a catchy hook ladies relate to.”

DJ Nez | ATL/Int’l

DJ Trapper Jon | Southeast

DJ Farenheit | Worldwide Mixtape | Club | Radio (404) 514-4259 Mixtape | Club | Radio (404) 585-1430 Mixtape | Club

Song: Take It Low Artist: Myko Online: Comment: “A certified anthem for the ladies. Take It Low has been in constant rotation on The Presidential Preview and numerous shows across the Southeast. Team Myko!!”

Song: Alright Alright Artist: Magnem P.I Online: Comment: “Great energy and concept. Lyrics and production all there.”

Song: She Like That Artist: Yung Bless Online: Comment: “She Like That is a song that everybody will relate to. All I say is give it a chance!! BTE will B next, just watch!!!”

Dj Drizzle | Cincinnati

DJ 007 | Memphis

DJ Brad L.O.D | ATL/Charlotte,NC (404) 386-9037 Mixtape | Club | Radio

(901) 654-8618 Mixtape | Club | Radio (404) 732-2756 Mixtape | Club

Song: Blow Up Artist: Young Rome Online: Comment: “Hot Club And Radio Record!!! Its Gonna Blow Because I Been Seeing The Mixshow and Mixtape Dj’s Picking Up On It!!!”

Song: Married to The Game Artist: 2deep The Southern President ft Devin Hill Online: Comment: “This record is a breath of fresh air . The hook is infectious & the production is perfect . this record stands out from any other record on radio right now.”

Song: He Say She Say Artist: Dat Boi Cocky/Gadsen, AL Online: Comment: “In my opinion, it’s a straight up,’Pastor Troy Type’ Club banger, and the artist can also back up this record with powerful performances. The recipe for success”

Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit and start networking with the DJs. 22 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag


DJ Dtec | Columbia, SC

DJ Rated X | Houston (706) 307-1539 Mixtape | Club | Radio (803) 269-6895 Mixtape | Club @djdtectwitter (713) 387-9953 Radio

Song: Differences Artist: Rich Homie Quan Online: Comment: “The next artist to blow going out of the Atl. Turnt Up Style Swag and more Hot!!!! Club,Radio,Banger”

Song: Yes God Artist: Country C feat Billy Blue Online: Comment: “This is definetly for the streets..Hood Anthem!!”

Song: She Got A Big Booty Artist: TMC BOYZ Online: Comment: “This song is blazin in da strip clubs out here in TX/ATL/CHI/DC.Wont be surprised that this group be the next to blow out of Houston..”

DJ Lomaxx | Memphis


DJ $uch N $uch | Atlanta (901) 340-6275 Mixtape | Club | Radio (770) 778-0194 Radio @djtriplej (678) 933-5046 Mixtape | Club | Radio

Song: We Winnin Artist: Reezy Ree Online: Comment: “I think this record brings a different spin on Chicago Music! It’s not your typical Bang Bang, It’s has a message that needs to be heard.”

Song: Ack A Fool Artist: Luney Tunez Online: Comment: “As soon as the baseline of this record hits, you know that it is an instant club banger. This record brings new energy to the club, that is hot and refreshing.”

Song: Numbers Twerk Artist: Yakko & Cuzo Online: Comment: “Great motivational money record, with great vocals & lyrics. Excellent track .... #iTsAgO!!!!”

DJ Goldrush | AL/GA/FL/TN/MS

DJ Pyper | South Carolina

Dj D Nyce | Indianapolis

DALEKIRKSEY142@GMAIL.COM (256) 481-2065 Mixtape | Club | Radio FACEBOOK/dalekirksey (317) 443-8926 Mixtape | Club

Song: Loud Artist: Franc Dolla Online: Comment: “A SUPER CLUB BANGER WITH A GOOD CRUNK VIBE TO IT.”

Song: Say What’s On Your Mind Artist: Mykko Montana Online: Comment: “This is a record that’s gonna sneak up on the scene. It’s got a great feature from Syari the Kid and production by Imperial Music.”

(803) 240-9442 Mixtape | Club | Radio

Song: Kill Me Artist: Drew Illy Online: N/A Comment: “Don’t judge a song by its title!”

Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit and start networking with the DJs. For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

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Makin’ it Magazine’s


A few good faces worth Rememberiing

DJing since age 9, Benny-Demus’ grind took him from the small clubs of the Virgin Islands to sold-out stages in Germany, LA, NY, Paris, Uganda, Liberia and all around the world. The official DJ for R&B superstar Akon, Benny is also prolific producer whose contributions to Akon’s first two albums aided in sells of over 8 Million records collectively. Never one to limit himself, Benny has recently been branching into a few Television & Film projects as he continues to work on his upcoming album, Red Sands 2. For more information on BennyDemus contact the following: (404) 590-1547 | |

With officially label sanctioned mixtape releases from Yo Gotti, Zed Zilla & Eldorado Red, Big Steve Gee is making a his impact across the states. Representing Toronto (Canada), you can find him spinning in clubs from NY to Miami and all across the Southeast. Big Steve is all about the numbers. Just recently wrapping up a 10,100 mile tour, he got together with FGM/Sony artist Tarvoria to drop “Bedroom Bangers: Reloaded” and is now set to release 112 mixtapes over the next 108 weeks. With a tremendous work ethic, he pounds the streets with physical distribution for each release while also adding to his more than 19,000,000 hits online. All this has NOT gone unnoticed as you will soon be hearing him on Sirius/XM. For more information on BigSteveGee contact the following: (403) 8054664 | | @BigSteveGee

Getting his start in music back in 98’ as a rapper, Bobby Hustle recalls it as an attempt to fit in with the older kids until realizing his passion for making beats. He soon put all his energy into production, purchasing equipment and forming a group which would go on to release 3 CD’s from 1999 to 2002. After attending engineering school and running his own studio, Hustle soon moved to Atlanta to work with Dallas Austin, where he would meet Dj Ruckus and Felix The House Cat, who introduced him to DJing. Connecting with a brand manager, Hustle received sponsorship from Ed Hardy Clothing and On Tequila and landed a few tours. Now back in the studio, Hustle is busy finishing up mixtapes from his two artists Ish (Hip Hop) and Raniesha (R&B). For more info contact (404) 482-2112, or

Whether you choose to address him as the “Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes” or simply the “Carolina King”, DJ Chuck T’s larger than life personality is backed up with a long list of achievements. Transitioning from rapper to DJ, Chuck T sought to open doors for talented independent artists. Landing a weekend slot on Hot 98.9 (WWBZ) in Charleston, SC, his weekend radio show “The Kings Court” gave listeners variety while providing a real outlet for local talent. After leaving radio DJ ChuckT’s career as a mixtape DJ took off with the unprecedented success of his Down South Slangin’ series which has seen him nominated for more than 60 awards. In 2008, Chuck T launched Publicity Stunt, LLC – a marketing, management, and consulting firm – and the United Carolina Record Pool. Both organizations are dedicated to educating Carolina entertainers and helping catapult their careers to the next level. For more information contact DJCHUCKT.COM | DJCHUCKT@GMAIL.COM | @DJCHUCKT

A DMV native currently residing in Atlanta, DJ Nina 9 is making her presence felt throughout hip hop as both a DJ and Radio Personality. Broadcasting weekdays from 12 – 5PM on Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation, Nina 9’s authentic love of music and 13 years of radio experience come together for a 5 hour show that by itself is worth a satellite radio subscription. Between major mixtape projects and consulting on albums of established acts, she is always looking to shine a light on new up and coming talent with her “Target Practice” segment. For more information on DJ Nina 9 , tune in on Sirius XM or contact the following: | |

A member of the Fleet DJs, Coast2Coast DJs, Nerve DJs and Elite DJs, SL Jamz is holding it down in Jacksonville, Florida. In between club dates and special events, he works hands on with artists to help build their buzz and expand their brand. Currently working with independent artists such as J City, Kev and Yola Gurl, SL also has upcoming projects set with Kia Shine, Gudda Gudda and Mystikal (YMCMB). For more information on DJ SL Jamz please contact using the following (773) 357-5428 | | www.djsljamz.

24 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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Virdiko - This is one of those lists I think every DJ should be on. They won’t blow up your inbox; They send a good mix of hot records from national and indie acts; And email contains good info you can use. (Tempo, Contact Info, Artist Details, etc)

Salute The DJs Awards

“Must Attend” annual Award Show that really seeks to give back to the Southeast DJ Community. - Has

earned the title of our Favorite new place to find new music (Legally). The site is clean, well organized, easy to navigate and most importantly functional. If you haven’t paid the site a visit, I suggest you check it out TODAY.

30 | Makin’ It Magazine -

MIX - Detroit native, DJ Laa Choc is using her passion for DJing to give back to the city’s youth. Together with the YMCA, her afterschool program is passing the art and business of DJing to a new generation. In addition to teaching the kids the skills to Mix and Cut, they learn self-esteem and how to turn their love of music into income. #Salute!

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Ads starting at $25 (Online Only. Visit Articles Starting at $325 W/ payment plans available.

Call 678.528.6925 Ext 3 to reserve YOUR space TODAY! For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

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