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4TH QTR 2012

4TH QTR 2012

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Makin’ It Magazine Publisher Kelby Cannick


Bay Area Market Director Ms Dee

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San Diego Rep Connie Lodge Contributing Photographers Jay Wiggs SJ Photography J. Killens

Lil Wayne 16 We examine

whether or not Lil Wayne has truly dethrowned Jay-Z as the greatest rapper alive.

C-Neil 8 In between studio,

work and promoting, we caught up with this rising hip hop star for a one on one interview.

Copy Editor Kimberly Cannick Contributing Writers B Walker C Mathews

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Circulation Manager B Davidson Published by the Cannick Media Group 3939 Lavista Rd.E-249 Tucker, GA 30084

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Al Biggz 14

Back for the first time, this Techwood orginal is ready to serve the industry with his new mixtape, “Brunch”!

Chris Lighty 13 In the wake of the tragic loss of Hip Hop’s elite, we take time to reflect on the industry and the price of success

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DJ Shotime 6 This Chicago bred Core DJ has recently relocated to Atlanta and hit the ground running. All In 18 With a mixtape full of hit records, This Hip Hop trio is going ready to go All In!

Kay L 10 Well known as part of the Hip Hop Group, District 5, Kay-L now prepares for his solo Debut. Mike Will 19 We revisit this chart topping producer and recent Makin’ It Magazine Alumn

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99 Will Never Be Good Enough! It’s a scientific fact that at 100° C water boils. But what happens at 99° C? The exact same thing that happens at 50°, Absolutely NOTHING! When going part of the way is the equivalent of going nowhere at all, giving anything less than 100% won’t do. When one degree of change is the difference between boiling and simply having a pot of hot water sitting stagnant as it slowly evaporates, 99% is no longer good enough. I use this analogy to

underline that it doesn’t matter how much you do if its possible for you to do more. Its often that one extra contact or song that makes all the difference. It’s going out on the night that you wanted to stay in. It’s upgrading your equipment instead of going to Allstar Weekend. You can return the ball for 99 yards but if you fumble it on the 1 yard line, the officials aren’t going to award you a touchdown for good effort.

4 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Just close your eyes and think of the sound that a pot of boiling water makes. You can almost hear it bubbling, right? Now close your eyes and think of the sound that a pot of hot water makes. Exactly.... nothing! Sure it may be hot but its not getting heard. If that situation sounds familiar it’s time to turn up! -Kelby Cannick, CEO Makin’ It Magazine Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

DJ Shotime Written by Kelby Cannick

Dontae Ellis born, bred and cultivated in the sical instincts and play new songs first. Known city of Chicago, found his career in the same as breaking the record, DJ SHOTIME is an year he entered junior high school. At the early age of 11 he became the proud owner of his first set of turntables and shortly after given the opportunity to DJ at The Boys and Girls Club. Unbeknownst to Dontae, DJ SHOTIME was created that day, and set the tables turning towards a lucrative and accomplished career as one of the nations hottest and talented DJs. Influenced and inspired by street and radio DJs such as Mad Mixer Kelly, as well as the pioneers Kid Capri and Jazzy Jeff, DJ SHOTIME began crafting his skills by emulating their styles while playing house parties and dancehalls. He then teamed up with his brother, Super Promoter DoNskI, and became a force that the city has yet to see. After 10 years in the booth, DJ SHOTIME works magic behind the tables, forming dance floors everywhere he goes and moving any wall flower in the building. He has effortlessly taken over Chicago’s nightlife 7 nights a week, extending his alias to “MR. 7 DAYS 7 NIGHTS, THE OFFICIAL CLUB ROCKA DJ SHOTIME”; making DJ SHOTIME one of the hottest rising disc jockeys in his time zone. In 2009, The Chicago Truth Awards crowned his hard work awarding him the “Official Club DJ of The Year”. The massive following and respect from his peers is attributed to his ability to trust his mu-

6 | Makin’ It Magazine -

individual who prides himself on keeping the crowd current with future sounds. Consistently breaking new singles placed DJ SHOTIME in a realm of his own. DJ SHOTIME’S success in his hometown led to major opportunities nationwide. DJ SHOTIME became a CORE DJ, the largest DJ network organization in the world. He also became affiliated with Ludacris’ own DTP, an Atlantic Records Label. DJ SHOTIME was also featured in Midwest leak ,Ozone Magazine as one of the nation’s premier DJs making moves. DJ SHOTIME has rocked parties hosted by Rich Boy, MIMS, Twista, Flava Flav, Buckeey, Hurricane Chris, Cassidy, and AK of Do or Die. But not to mention, his personal invite to dj the private birthday party for Marcus Jordan, son of NBA Veteran Michael Jordan, hosted by LIL WAYNE and DRAKE. Exploring business ventures, DJ SHOTIME has negotiated deals with several night clubs in Chicago as an ambassador for a new brand of cognac called Conjure. He is currently working on Shotime Wasted mixtape. To date, DJ SHOTIME is the resident DJ at multiple night clubs around the city. A crowd favorite, the brand of DJ SHOTIME is ubiquitous, receiving national prominence city-wide. The SHOTIME Movement is on its way to worldwide recognition.

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C-Neil Written by Kelby Cannick

8 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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From all the music we’ve heard you definitely have a For everyone who’s not familiar with you, tell us a little and CdBaby. They could also log into How We’ve been following your career Where youyou want to go with music. this polished sound. longdo have been doing about yourself:

my website and it will direct them to for a couple of years now, from all project musically? started producing when I was 15, which was a year Well, St. Louis and raised in thebetween download links and Ivideos on youthe wayI was backborn wheninyou were still It will be a crossover album but of after I started taking piano lessons. I started writing Blytheville, Arkansas and just Eastnow St. Louis,tube. Illinois. I, going by Jarem. For those course core of it will be R&B. I want when I was like 16 to years but I didn’t get also lived in Atlanta for around 5 years. As far as the learning about you, Who is JoBee push old the envelope a bitreally more on this and where didI that name come and rapping when I serious about being an artist until I was like 21. I just music goes, started producing one and incorporate more genres and How have things been going with from? got to the point where waschances tired ofvocally. producing for was about 14. Back in High School, my friend takeImore thatbest project? people and putting money behind people that weren’t played piano. The first I saw him play, I knew I Well the name JoBee is a time childhood It has totally been a blessing and door name given to music. me by myI told family. serious. It made sense for me to be my own artists wanted to do myIt folks and they put me opener for future projects. It’s definitely If money and access wasn’t an wasn’t until about 2009 or 2010 when because know issue, I’m notwho going to letyou myself down. in piano lessons. I studied piano for about two years causing people to pay attention to Iwhat would like to work songwriter friend of mines suggested 2 awhile learning a lot about rapping fromismy cousins going on in the JoBee Camp! with on this project? I usehad my a childhood name “JoBee” as who group called Pretty Thugs. I’ve been mak- When did you realize music is what you would be doing I’d love to work with Miguel, Brandy, my stage name. JoBee the person is a ing music ever since. I feel like that’s what I was put for a “After living?The Musiq Soulchild, Chris Breezy, Lalah What about the singles, God Fearing, intelligent, passionate, here to do and I was always raised to be the best at Hathaway, Kanye, Club” and “I need YourWell, Love”? innovative, diverse, and ambitious I always wanted to the JayZ, best Beyonce, for myself andand whatever I do, sowith that’s what I’m determined to be. of course Stevie Wonder and India Arie singer/songwriter “Big Dreams”. morewas importantly for my mom. I never wanted her to My single “After The Club” #1 on just to name a few. As far as producers, I’m very family oriented, spiritual, have to for need internet radio mediabase charts 7 or ask for anything. So like a lot of my Timbaland, Pharell, and Tricky Stewart humble andwe a very open the minded indiSo when can expect mixtape? consecutive weeks. It’s peers been featured I turned to the streets and did what I had to etc. vidual. JoBee the artist is a mixture of on countless compilado to get it. Now, I never been a robber or jackboy. I It various shouldmusical be hitting streets Friday, October 5th. mixtapes and stylesthe “Ingredients” tions. “I with need Your Love” alsorespected charted never a man that takes from another man. We’ve hosting and I collabed mixed got into DJ one Scream big pot like gumbo.itThe top 10 and is also featured in the So later this year you’ll moving I was always taught to get it on my own.beBut when Yomost Gotti and Gucci The rest of important thing Mane to me ison thetwo mes-records. recently released video trilogy. back to the States, more specifiI was like 20 I started taking losses after losses. the production andtofeatures are in house. I wanted sage I put out there fans. cally, Atlanta. What are you doing

At the same time I still hadn’t purchased my music to showcase IAHWEH roster. We got Squat, who’s to prepare for that transition and What is this “Knave Trilogy” we’veeven though I kept telling myself that equipment a Producer/writer thats done records for artists such for our Atlanta readers who are you Given your background, what are been seeing all of these updates was the main thing I wastosupposed to be getting. All as Lil Wayne, Christina Aguilerra, Lil Scrappy, etc. I looking connect with. your thoughts on the state of R&B about? the while, my big brother Greg, who is my biggest produced some of the track too. I’ve done records for today? I’m prepping as much music as I can, The of “Knave Trilogy” was something supporter/motivator, kept trying to pull me back in Meek Mill, Jason Champion and members Three-6 getting finances in order and grinding I think R&B has truly evolved but I that me and my team (RekLes Studios, the studio. Finally one day it sunk in before and I making took my Mafia. Then we have Invi, Taylor, Taylor out as much as I can think It’s become so trendy andDJ, lessShakara Nandykraft) collectively came up with. last $30k and purchased my equipment started Drew and Ra. that transition. I’d love toand connect with meaningful to say the least. Although It’s sort of like a mini Bollywood style MVProductions. To this day I still feel that is the best anyone who’s innovative and passionit’s still alive and kicking because there music video trilogy. The trilogy is a investment I ever made. ate about their craft as much as I am. are the a fewoverall artists who remains true and how is it differWhat’s vibestill of the project love triangle that takes you on an emoIm looking to write songs for the indies tional rollercoaster with unexpected and majors and also collab vocally on back again in full force. what’s I’m so proudSo of that bodythe of story behind IAHWEH Entertainment? The mixtape definitely has a new soundtwists. that people some projects. I’m open to work with work. It showcases a bit of my acting After spending my last cash on equipment, I was haven’t heard before. It has a much wider variety of anyone on their “Grind Swag”! I’m chops and depth as a artist. What are your musical influences? looking to take music from thing to the making maybe $1,000 every twothis weeks selling songs than the sampler. I really think we came up I’ve been influenced by so many genres next level and carve my own lane. studio time. This was a complete change in lifestyle with something that everyone can gravitate to. No Soor are yourace back in thebut lab Iworking and artists. Wonder is one of the from was determined to make it work. I eventually matter who Stevie you are, where you’re what on another project or taking main reasons I wanted to be a singer/ endedsome up connecting andofSteve they you are, you will be able to relate to at least a few Beforewith we Rob get out here, after I’m sure downtime? songwriter. Of course I’ve been singing heard my music.many After of a few meetingare wewonderironed out songs on my mixtape. our readers since I was a little kid but when I heard Yes Im currently working two ing what’s nextEntertainment. for JoBee as your theondetails and started Iahweh my first Stevie Song I knew I wanted projects simultaneously and taking music and and your brand is conSo how longmusic. do you plan pushing this mixtape and to make I also wason influenced downtime at the same time if that cerned? whatby are your goals forCharlie it? Wilson, Whitney Houston, know you’re makes any sense lol.I “Vocal Stimula-busy in the studio so I just got one last Wellnow, of course on two albums Patti labelle, The itClark Kim question: 10 years from whenworking you look back on tion”lining is the title of the next project We plan to push for 4Sisters, to 6 months. We’re at once and will get more into thewant Burrell, Mary Mary, Denise Williams, your career, what accomplishments do you most which should be out sometimes next up 5 videos shoots during the month of november acting Minnie Ripperton, Prince, Cold Play, your belt ? and dancing side. I want to hit year. It will take youtoyethave againunder on onSwitchFoot, the records the best responses. every market and avenue I can to bring etc.that’s I couldgetting go on forever another emotional journey intofrom the life Aside buildingawareness up Iahweh Entertainment into a We’re alsoare doing major push that’s already to my music and brand. but those just aafew of myradio favorites. of JoBee. Its another one of my babies strong national brand I just want to make sure that in progress with the single “On Da Line”. Chicago, (musical projects). Thismy willfamily be a very is financially stable. St. Louis, Atlanta, Memphis and Alabama have been vulnerable and emotional project. Ill Now your current project is “Irrevery receptive to the record, so I’m very give excited. you theI’m ups and downs of life and sistible Me”, where can readers go just looking forward to using the release to further C-Neil booking and information contact (855) 342-4934 relationships. It willFor most definitely to check that out? strengthen the brand, reach new fans and and visit him online at or showcollabogrowth. Yeswith it’s my current project and they can rate new artists in different regions. go and check it out on Itunes, Amazon, to it. In time I feel it will come ent from thedue sampler?

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Written by Kelby Cannick As a musician what makes you stand out from others that do the same thing? I feel what makes me stand out from the rest is the fact that I really try to create music that will uplift the listener. Every song or every verse is a chance for me to reach another person’s soul.

What are your goals for this project? My goals for this project, are to touch as many lives as possible, I guess we don’t get to chose how popular we become that’s in God’s hands. So i just hope that my music gets to reach as many peoples hearts as possible.

What do you feel is your biggest obstacle in reaching those goals? My biggest obstacle would have to be my anxiousness. I’m always in a rush to get my music to the people but luckily I have a manager around to ensure that we have a business plan before we release anything.

When did you Realize this is what you wanted to do as a career, explain how? I think I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to do music. But I think a defining moment for me was when I did a Michael Jackson Tribute in high school, and i witnessed the response and the buzz go around the whole city, and it was in those moments that I knew I wanted this.

What are your career goals? My goals for my career are mainly to be remembered as a great artist, who did his best to make the world a better place through music, that may sound cliche, but that’s where my heart lies.

Before we wrap up this interview is there anything that you want to mention? Just the fact that I’ve toured and opened for a ton of major artists like FloRida, Akon, Rihanna and even Snoop Dog. Besides that I just want people to know that I’m the type of artist that’s here to create change and make the kind of music that will resonate in both peoples minds and hearts. Also, I’m looking to network with producers and we’re getting ready to launch a major remix competition for the single “Born to Be”. We’re getting a lot of great sponsors involved, so its definitely going to be a good look for any producer looking for some major media exposure or national radio play.

What projects are you currently working on? I’m just getting some final records finished for my album, we are just starting to really push the first single “Born To Be” When are you looking to have this project completed? It looks like the project will be completed before the end of october. How long do you plan on promoting this project? I’m not sure exactly how long we will push the album, but there will be a huge press release and big industry push for at least 18 months. We’ll see where the buzz carries us.

What 5 accomplishments are you most proud of so far? Those would probably be.. Getting nominated for a Juno award; Being given the opportunity to tour an amazing country like Jamaica; Opening for Nas; The first time I heard my voice on the radio and of course being featured in Makin’ It Magazine... lol. What 5 accomplishments would you like to add to that list over the next year? That’s a tough one but I would say getting another Juno nomination; achieving national radio play (which is in the works right now); touring nationally, to genuinely touch 100,000 people and affect the way they view the world; and last but not least, be able to have my entire family quit their jobs.

10 | Makin’ It Magazine -


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MixShow Live ii Atlanta August 8-13 the Core DJs once again invaded the ATL for Mixshow Live, their newly rebranded music conference formerly known as the Core DJ Retreat. A week of Panels and Parties accented with great networking, Mixshow Live is a must attend event for any aspiring artist, producer or industry professional looking to get connected with industry tastemakers. Wanna stay in the loop on the hottest industry events? Just visit or Join our email list to have a calendar of the top music conferences delivered to your inbox each month.

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Raizin the Bar DJ Spotlight M-Squared

M-Squared is a native of Baltimore, MD. He began his career djing high school and college parties for students at Morgan State University and working as a radio personality at Baltimore’s own community radio station 88.9 on the Strictly Hip-Hop Show. M began to like working on the radio and aspired for more and applied to Radio-One for a position. He got hired at 93.9 WKYS and moved to his current station 97,9 The Beat in Dallas where he’s an on-air personality and mixes live. M-Squared is currently working on a pop reimix project and some of those mixes can be found on his soundcloud link. Matos Twitter @ItsMsquared Website www.ItsMSquared,com

Southern bred and raised, Will Gatez is on a steady path to prove that Dallas can and will deliver an artist talented enough to shake up the hip-hop industry. This is not a show available for just one night. Will Gatez, having gained the attention of his city in the past year, has no plans of a disappearing act any time soon. Line after line, bar after bar, verse after verse, Gatez delivers; consistently and continuously. Singles “Einstein” featuring Tony! (King Solomon: Megasonic Beats) and “Black Crown Vic” (ar1es) are just the beginning for this down-south versatile rapper. Trust and believe that Will Gatez is here to stay. Twitter: @WillGatezmusiq Facebook: /WillGatezmusiq Web: www.WILLGATEZMUSIQ.COM

Raizin the Bar BET Spotlight Yung Chill, Supa Chad & Miss Mykie

Yung Chill of iYovisuals (left) along with Supa Chad (middle) are both nominated for BET Hip Hop Awards for Supa Chads “I’m a Kid” music video that premiered on 106&Park earlier this year. Miss Mykie far left is a top contender for the 106&Park Search and has participated as a guest host on 3 different occasions. Miss Mykie has also gotten over 1 million youtube video views and has released over 5 mixtapes and EP’s combined. These three Texas natives are definitely Raizin the Bar!!

Raizin the Bar Artist Spotlight: Will Gatez

Every once in a while, a new artist breaks through the Hip-Hop Industry on just the basics of raw talent and talent alone. Ask around Dallas, and many will know the name; few will deny his skill. Dominating any and every beat placed in his path, Will Gatez is that artist.

12 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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Chris Lighty Written by Kelby Cannick

Even though at the time of his passing, your average music consumer had no idea who Chris Lighty was, there isn’t a true fan of hip hop that hasn’t benefited indirectly from his work. As co-founder of Violator Management, Lighty helped drive the careers of some of our favorite artists including Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Diddy and Mariah Carey.

Lighty died at the age of 44 from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. In the wake of such news, which seem tragically reminiscent of the passing of Def Jam Senior Vice President Shakir Stewart four years prior, the hip hop community mourned.

In effort to understand these events, conversations began to focus on his divorce, finances, and tax debts but as someone who’s Sadly on August 30, 2012, a career spanning been affected by suicide personally nothing more than 20 years came to an abrupt end as could ever bring that decision into focus.

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In this fast paced industry, appearances are everything. Even at their lowest people feel the need to “put on” and keep up the facade. There is no room to show weakness or waning. But at our lowest, in an effort to keep up appearances we rob those closest to us of the opportunity to be a true friend; to listen to our problems; to help lift us up and show us how loved and appreciated we are. Food for thought... In this hustle to be successful don’t forget to be human.

Makin’ It Magazine - | 13

Al Biggz Written by Kelby Cannick

With his new single “Wait For It” featuring Alley Boy making its rounds on the Atlanta mixtape circuit, Al Biggz is diving back into the game. As we set down to discuss the music industry, Al jokes that everyone at some point in time has aspired to become an entertainer. For the Techwood (Atlanta) rapper, this marks his second go in the industry. Sharing that he made a halfhearted pursuit some years back, he admits that he never gave it his all. Though not 100% dedicated to music, Al was still able to build an impressive resume of accomplishments that few artists (even those giving 100%) can claim. Packaging an African Rap trio with a completed album, video and marketing materials, he made his way through Africa and France promoting them until landing a $300k deal which he used to start his own label in the states. Releasing his first independent album, “THE REBIRTH 1271” with his brother K. Rich, he collaborated with notable artists such as Birdman, Jazze Pha, Bone Crusher, Rico Love, MJG, 8Ball, Nivea, Big Gee and even Jason Weaver. Looking to further expand his brand, he participated in major events and branched out into television. He would soon start a weekly music video program on WB 36 called HOT VIDS hosted by then Hot 97.5 radio personality Ramona Debreaux. Even to this day, people in Atlanta still talk about him giving away a 442 Chevy on stage at Birthday Bash 10. Having already accomplished so much, we were confused as to what Al considered giving it 100%. When asked, he explained, “Yeah... I invested time and money and did a lot of big [stuff] but I can honestly say I wasn’t really passionate about the music. It was just something I was good at and another way to make money. It wasn’t until last year that something sparked inside me and I began really writing again. It was different from before though. I didn’t want to just rap or make songs. It was more competitive. I wanted to be the best. I wanted to make classics. I developed a drive to outdo myself every time I wrote or recorded. Until then I probably would’ve said that I had gave it 100% because I didn’t know what 100% felt like. Now I do and thats where the name for my new mixtape came from. I called it ‘BRUNCH’ because I feel like a chef sent to “serve up these wack ass rappers over banging beats!”

Look out for Al Biggz upcoming mixtape release, “BRUNCH” hosted by DJ Smallz. Scheduled to hit LiveMixtapes this Thanksgiving. For booking and information contact Never Fold Entertainment at

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L.A.H. Entertainment propelled into the music arena and quickly raised the bar with their music video [debut] “We Here Now.” L.A.H. Entertainment sought not only to show the world that we are here to stay, but we are an elite multimedia company. One of our major focal points is to provide quality music and visuals for our fans. | | 980.522.8015

Born as Le’ Andre Abraham, this South Carolina artist is known to the music and entertainment world as Bonz. He is a natural born singer that has worked with Keith Sweat, and Dave Hollister. Since arriving to Atlanta, Bonz has been able to give his fans the best of both R&B and HipHop music bringing a whole new vibe to the music industry. He is also the owner of Struggle and Strive Records. | | 678.927.5492

Written by K Cannick Producing music for those who crave something a little different, Kelo is able to satisfy event the most discerning Hip-Hop head. With the ability to stand out in a market overrun with cookie-cutter talent he explains, “In order to be successful, I do what most people don’t do.” “I’ve been doing this my whole life; since I was a baby really,” explains the multi-faceted entertainer/songwriter/producer. Having played the drums in his high school band, Kelo can also play the piano by ear. “I started out making beats at 12 using Fruity Loops 2, but after my friends and I got serious and setup a studio, they started making beats for me. I began rhyming words and realized I was supposed to be behind the mic instead of the boards.” Twitter: @KeloTheShow (954) 899-0084

Rashad Davis, a native of Baton Rouge, LA, is an Atlanta-based emcee that is taking the underground music scene by storm. Better known by his stage name IL Duce, a moniker reapplied from the historical Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, which means “the leader,” Rashad describes himself as a straight “spitta;” a lyricist with a southern melodic flow, creating meaningful, entertaining, ecstatic and energetic rhymes that complement any track. |

Martha of @M3PAServices

Social Media is the new frontier to establish an image and brand relationship with customers and fans. As more brands, artists, and businesses join the social media arena, posting is no longer enough. A complete strategy is necessary to stand above the crowd and keep consumers engaged. A properly organized and structured plan will enhance brand awareness and increase revenue. Let’s create a plan. | | 954.899.0084

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Makin’ It Magazine - | 15

Lil Wayne Better Than Jay-Z? 16 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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Over the past couple of years there has definitely been some jabs back and forth between Lil Wayne and Jay-Z regarding the title of “Best Rapper Alive”. This is an argument that has sparked many barbershop debates and highlighted the generational gap in Hip Hop. While I find myself on the side of the fence leaning more toward Hov, an objective look at the facts gives a clear and decisive win to Lil Wayne. 1. Lets start by giving credit where credit is do. Jay-Z wins hands down on raw lyricism. He’s been at it longer and unlike Wayne (who has been in the industry since age 15), Jay-Z has lived a fuller life which gives him a wider range of experiences to draw on. 2. The point can be made that Jay-Z’s stage show relies heavily on his personal brand, Unlike Wayne who gives a high energy Rock-and-Roll-esque performance. If you were to put the two in front of a crowd that had no Idea who they were, in the area of showmanship

Jay Harris Atlanta, GA

“Im a have 2 say Jay z is my favorite rapper with the likes of krs1 & da gawd Rakim so in my eye hov wins.. on the other note Wayne built a stronger brand & definitely is a bigger influence on the youth who will argue you to death Wayne is the best rapper alive .. I hear the rapper with the most money wins but I can’t walk in the bank with either one so I can’t agree with that notion ,I will say “ I can listen to 98% of Jay z’s catalog vs the 60% of Wayne” Jay z is the best in that case. Both are credible rappers & both are needed in this art form so like what you like an let’s keep the art alive.”

Wayne walks away with the win. 3. Some have made the argument that wayne is a more well rounded musician able to not just deliver a hot sixteen but a complete record, hook and all. From singing to playing guitar, he gives the impression that he is willing to go against convention for the sake of art. On the other hand, any such move from Jay-Z seems like a calculated move to strengthen market position or make money (Grey Album, Collision Course, etc) . 4. Andre 3000 said it best. Rap is a young man’s sport and I would have to say that Lil Wayne is directly in tune with the market unlike Jay-Z who maintains relevance via the artists and producers he works with. With all these points made every hardcore Jay-Z always takes it back to the point that Jay-Z has more money but if thats what we’re judging by then Diddy is a better MC than both. Jay-Z is a great artist and a strategic business man

Lil Lyss Los Angeles, CA

“Wayne now is a thousand times better than Jay-Z, at least he gets on some pretty nice beats. 10 years ago Jay Z had some great hits and he was in my top 10 rappers, but now he just raps over some random noises which I don’t like. Now many of you would say the lyrics are more important than the beat but guess that’s not true. Most people just want to listen to some catchy melody, nice bass, some good flow and Lil’ Wayne got all of that. Not saying that 100% of Wayne’s songs are bangers but most of them are. Well but nothing would ever compare to Dr. Dre’s or Scott Storch’s production, no matter who raps over it PERIOD.”

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but when it comes to running a Label I would have to give that to Lil Wayne as well. Never in the history of rap has the #1, 2 and 3 act been on a single label (Certainly not in the History of Rocafella). Looking at the Young Money roster, you have Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj all under one roof while artists like Lil Twist, Tyga and even Lil Chuckee that still get their respective shine. Even looking back on Rocafella records the top performing acts were all brought in by Dame (Beans, Cam, Kanye, etc). So when it comes to being a mogul or just plain lyrics I’m going to give it to Jay all day but when it comes to being an entertainer and building a strong camp Wayne can’t watch the throne because he’s sitting on it.

Do you agree with this article? Share your thoughts online and maybe we’ll feature it in our next issue. Just visit Tunechi


New Orleans, LA

“Well in my opinion they both have been in the game for a hot minute and individually bring their own unique styles. Hov brings that Eastcoast flavor and Weezy brings the Southern flavor. Why must we always put our artists (Black Artist) up against one another. There’s enough room for all good music. Lets just listen and enjoy!!!”

Hollywood So Fly Cincinnati, OH

“In terms of lyricism, Lil Wayne wins hands down. He can beat any rapper in a freestyle battle because he has punch lines that most people wouldn’t even think of. I respect Jay Z because he raps about real life experiences, he’s original, and his flow is sick, but Lil Wayne would show him

who’s really boss if they ever went head-to-head.”

MERS3 Norfolk, VA

“I like them both. Jay-z was out there first but that doesn’t mean he is better than lil Wayne. They both have their on styles of rap. So I say I like lil Wayne & jay-Z ;)”

O-Fasho South Carolina

“Lil Wayne will be far better than Jay-Z when he becomes Jay-Z’s age. Lil wayne lyrics are untouchable and witty, he makes you think . Jay-Z’s flow is legendary he has the a control flow. LIL wayne has his business tie on with Trukfit,Deweezy (mountain dew),etc. And he just got out of jail not even a year yet.”

Makin’ It Magazine - | 17

ALL In ENT Written by Kelby Cannick

Its been almost two years since we were first introduced to All In Entertainment CEO, Young Meech, but after hearing his group’s latest single “Upside Down” we had to track him down for a follow up interview. With the label’s lead group, All In, spread out across the country they’ve been busy branding their unique sound which blends flavors from Alabama, Illinois and Atlanta to create an infectious style that has no regional boundaries. A point well illustrated by the recent collaboration with East Coast DJ Ron G to complete their latest mixtape project, “Playing The Cards We Were Dealt”. Since last we spoke, the group has been busy with Television and Radio campaigns while performing throughout the Southeast and Mid-

west. They’ve also managed to secure coverage in several major websites and magazines while also being featured on various major mixtape releases. Their latest single “Upside Down” was recently featured on volume 7 of our Who Got Hits mixtape series, which was released nationally online and distributed at Atlanta’s top strip clubs including Strokers, Magic City, Onyx, etc. The record has been receiving a good reception from the DJs and an even stronger one from the dancers. Over the next six months they plan to build on the momentum the record has produced organically and generate some national attention in hopes of securing, at the very least, a single deal which will allow them the platform to introduce the labels full roster. Aside from the

18 | Makin’ It Magazine -

group, All In, which is comprised of Mr. Haterproof (Rapper), Maserati (Rapper) and Bigg Breed (Rapper/ Producer) the All In Entertainment family also includes three additional acts, T.O.D. (Turnup Or Die), Yana, and Young Pro.

“There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ and our team is always working... So with that being said, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!” - Young Meech Twitter: @We_R_AllIn

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

Mike Will Written by Kelby Cannick

A little over two years ago we had the pleasure of introducing our readers to Mike Will, an independent producer who was making a lot of noise on Atlanta’s underground scene. Two years later, he now has two records on Billboard’s Top 20 Rap chart (#1 - No Lie by Drake Feat 2Chainz and #11 Bandz a Make Her Dance by Juicy J). When we first introduced you to him we included his direct phone number and email address and advised you all to network with him. For those of you who didn’t, thats just one in a long line of opportunities you’ve missed. Every issue of Makin’ It Magazine includes 100+ phone numbers and emails for artists and producers who have gone on to get signed, produce major records and even win Grammys. If this is your first issue, just think about this little fact as you skim over the many Artists, Producers and Industry Professionals featured in this issue. Only the most serious individuals make it to the pages of Makin’ It Magazine so when you see an email or phone number use it. Remember you’re either NETworking or you’re NOT working!

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Makin’ It Magazine - | 19

“Support those that support YOU!” At Makin’ It Magazine we firmly believe in the simple philosophy of supporting those that support you. I strongly believe it is this simple principle that has enabled five years of consistent growth while many other independent and even major publications have disappeared. We see every customer as a client and every client as a partner because their success equals our success. Thats one of the reasons that we started our

Premium Membership program, to provide further support and opportunities to those readers that have been supporting us. With all that being said, I thought it would be great to give away 10 pages worth of free ads to some of our Premium Members. So here we are. Be sure to connect with them. You never know what opportunities you might be holding in your hand.

Mista Griddy

Luis Hazlip CEO LueX Productions

Young Thug

28 years old, Been writing/producing my own music since 2001. From Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Aboriginal artist finally surfacing.

Music Director/Producer CREATING ART, Music for Up-Coming Artists. Also would like to work with Major Artist Productions email Pittsburgh PA Attend BET Awards yearly for Network

With catchy verses and raw lyrical talent, this Atlanta born rapper is has come to reclaim the throne of southern Hip Hop. While others may see it as a hobby, he views hip-hop as a lifestyle. To hear his music check out “I Came From Nothing” Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

LueX Productions 412.722.4871

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925


Makin’ It Magazine - | 21


1st LADY



A breath of fresh flow just what the game needs. One of the “Top 50 Indie Artists” on the rise. 1st Lady often immitated rarely duplicated a product of the Nations Capital 11/6 I’m dropping Presidential” it’s going to be historical!

21 year old hip hop artist from Nashville, TN currently attending MTSU. Look out for my debut EP “Long Hair Don’t Care.” Looking for exposure and performance opportunities to expand fanbase.

Lil Hines

Shadow Woodz


A Southern Rapper from Southeast Ga, 912 Area code Riceboro Ga to be exact. Lil Hines is here to make a statement in the game! His #1 hit single “Party No More” is buzzing in the streets. Visit him at

Shadow Woodz is an American hip hop artist. Shadows Woodz has gain fans from radio campaigns (105.1 fm,and jango airplay)coast2coast mixtape, and shows. Shadow Woodz is on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.


706-473-3796, mr.georgia202@yahoo.



22 | Makin’ It Magazine -

@TheReal2Four / 615.218.2620


Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

The Agency Operative

C.P. Da Boi Wonda

Coach Cain

Agency Operative is the CEO of the Agency Headquarters. Dropped debut album, Episode 1: Guerrilla Tactics on December, 23 2011. Check out the website at www.theagencyheadquarters. com.

24 Year Old ,MC / Entrepreneur, I was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. I work hard at what I Do and just want people to hear #LearnListenLove “Heir to the Throne” is the mixtape Dropping soon. #Lgit

32 Year old hip-hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is in the process of promoting his recently released mixtape, Building Of A Dynasty . Lookout for Doin Numbers on I-tunes & Google Play.

Maintainurbrainz Music

Sam D.


Charles “Feedthadogg” Goodwin, Bass player, Promoter, Producer, Recording Engineer. Maintainurbrainz Music is located in Nellysford Va. These artists on this site are working hard to give the world great music & art.

Im Sam D. Im A Rising Hip Hop/ Rap Artist Out Of Atlanta Ga, By Way Of Philadelphia Pa. Im On The Verge Of Droping My New Mixtape Tilted “The Rise” Droping In November. user/sammyde15

After suffering depression which nearly took his life, Foley fought back to become one of the most talked about new artists. 2x S.E.A. nominee Foley has worked with many Major & Indie labels. Contact Foley or his P/R @Whispher via twitter.



For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Makin’ It Magazine - | 23


Iram Christ

On Ice E

I’m an independent rap artist from Maywood/Chicago IL. Currently I’m finishing my mix-tape titled After Tha Drought. I’m seeking service from PR agents, and/or independent music consultants to help with developing a marketing strategy.

A disciplined, dedicated, determined artist with something for everyone. Versatile and agile on a beat. http://www.iramchrist. com

Producer/Artist/Actor: Rap, Hiphop, NeoSoul, R&B 5 CD Album Credits by On Ice E most recent “Autobahn” on sale now Featured on 3 Mix tapes also ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Game, Ludacris

Lil’ Lyss

Oscar “Dino” Domino


Diana D, born on Feb 9, 1990, better known as Lil’ Lyss is a Bay Area based producer. Inspired by legendary producers like Scott Storch and Dr. Dre, she’s now working at some major projects. You will hear about Lil’ Lyss very soon!

Far from a typical rapper from Louisiana Dino has created a new standard for indie artists. He’s worked with E.A.R.S. Talent Showcase, NAACP, Coast2Coast Mixtapes and more. His upcoming album “Long Live The South” will drop in Spring 2013.

Rapper from Atlanta GA I released a few singles on itunes & started my indie label PlayTime Ent. You can listen to my music at & see my videos. My first prodject Rapper-Biker-Business Man coming soon.



24 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

Clemson “SlimRedd” Polite


LTC Records, Tracy Woody

17 year old producer,songwriter,and artist from Beaufort,SC.I write music for the glory of God and any genre of music.I also market and promote artist so if your looking for new fans hit me up.Look out for my new mix tape “Cross Dreams”

Clip! Upcoming artist out of Buford, Ga. Artist/engineer/graphic designer.Signed to MonStar Records. Be on the look out! Mixtape soon

Tracy Woody an Independent Record Label Executive, Electronic/Pop/Dance Singer, Songwriter, Hollywood Music in Media Assn Showcase Coordinator for Raleigh, NC, Band It O Wordwide Band member for Shows of Headliners up to 10,000+




Visible Lyrics Record Company Recording Artist from Cleveland,Ohio. Just won 1st place at the Coast2Coast Industry mixer in Toronto Canada. Promo Tour and new mixtape called “The Road to theRISING” coming soon!

Name is “Franchi$e” (Mr.NoDayzOFF)! I am 23 years old and my Hometown is Franklin,Louisiana. I recently Released my Second Official Mixtape: “NoDayzOFF Vol.2” on Live Mixtapes. i’m Looking to bethe Next Big Thing on the Market!

Greetings! This is Randolph aka Propane. I’m a music producer from Florida now residing in the Atlanta looking to network with artist at all levels. Check out some of my music at

@Slimredd8/ 18435935012


404-492-4079, @tracy-


For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

@pro4president 4049817222

Makin’ It Magazine - | 25

Trubz N’ Matlock

Lady Magyver

Big Tim

Trubz (23) N Matlock (25) are Hip Hop artist from the state of KY. We have appeared locally at many different bars and clubs and have 3 cds available for download. Check out “Feelings on Paper”

Lady M developed her business for Indie Music Artist. Problem solving and managerial skills,acquired in corporate retail,aided her ability to create opportunities through comprehensive strategies.

Christian rapper from Augusta, GA currently working in administering the gospel. My style is original and closes the gap between Christian and mainstream markets. Visit my website and download my latest mixtape Behind Bars.

Sincere The Prodigal Son

Amari Mar


I have been considered the Next to Blow by Music is Life magazine. And I want to show you why with my upcoming LP release 6.2.5 Featuring my Smash Single “IPhone”

Born on New Year’s Eve 1985 from Brooklyn NY. As and up and coming rap lyricist I released my first mixtape late April titled “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth Hosted by the Legendary Kool G Rap. Looking to keep promoting my music and work on new material.

I’m a Hip Hop/ Rap musician who lives in Columbus, OH. I’ve performed for several records labels and in several showcases. My music can be heard @Khaos2gud4u.

26 | Makin’ It Magazine -

SMP Management/ (614) 535-7365

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag


Brian “King” Mitchell

Y.B.G (young,Black & Gifted)

23 Year old rapper from DANVILLE, VA. Started writing between the ages of 12-13. Appeared at Coast2Coast industry mixer in Charlotte, NC on 5/8/12. New street album coming in October!

Brian “King” Mitchell is 22 years old and was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He is a member of Royal Family Music Group and is currently working on his debut mixtape titled, Swishers N’ Expensive Glass that will be released this Winter.

2 young Rap Artists from the South Side of Atlanta,Ga We have won many open mic showcases all over the atlanta area hosted by 107.9 etc.Currently we are working on a new mixtape. Watch for our new single called “Get it,stack it, Flip it”

Vailvit Row

PureBread Productions

Clever Elements Media Group

I’m a north GA born artist with the fire of Lisa “ Left Eye” Lopes. I’m a pop mc/model/actress that is working a numerous project with artist from Atlanta, Memphis, Cali, and over seas. Look out for my single “Throw It Up”.

High quality dirty south commercial music production at affordable rates. Over 10 years in the industry. Opportunities and ability to make and break major records with signed or unsigned artists.

Clever Elements Media Group, based in ATL that offers production, songwriting, and copy writing services (print ads, video ads, etc). Clever Elements and our affiliates have done work for Yung Berg, Red Cafe, C-Rok, and others.

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Makin’ It Magazine - | 27

Hybrid The Jackal

CTL Media Services

Krown Kings Radio

Self-Contained,Hip-Hop SuperNova hailing from the far-out reaches of MD. A Jack-of-All trades, Hybrid has Beats,Verses,and Video Editing for hire. Latest EP “Nerdcore Underground” on all digital outlets.

Let CTL handle your CD/DVD project. No project is too small or too large! 1 or 100,000 units, we can fit a package to ANY budget! We offer free UPC barcodes, excellent customer service, professional & quality packaged merchandise.

KrownKings is an online based radio station playing a variety of new hiphop music. We promote new artists and giving them the opportunity to have their music on our station. You can be one of them. Visit us @ KrownKings. com for more info.

Casso Beats



music producer and audio engineer from Buffalo,NY production credits: Laws, Taj Mahal, Billionaire Bonny, SODMG, WiiUs, Knightron, SirWine, Dramills, Judah Priest

Rising artist coming out of Kansas. Time is spent standing next to my son battling cancer. Check his FB Kicken Kancer with Kiandon. Keep your ears open for me once we get thru this.

25 year old rapper on the southside of Atlanta GA and CEO of T.R.U. T.H.U.G.Z. Ent. Originally from Mount Vernon NY with a blended East Coast and Southern style. Download the mixtape “Rated PC” on datpiff or

28 | Makin’ It Magazine -

@KrownKingsRadio, Radio@KrownK-

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag


Just Zay

KC Jockey

Music Production Team located in Atlanta, GA. We’re looking to work with artists and film/TV producers. Our work has been featured on MTV and Fox Sports as well as albums for numerous local artists.

25 year old Versatile music producer from North Carolina. Produces anything you can think of from hip hop to trance. After only a little over a year of work he’s made an impact and is starting to be the go to producer.

KC Jockey is an artist hard to define. His style is part R&B with a dash of dance hall reggae.KC Jockey is a one of a kind artist and he is destined to be on top of the entertainment world now and for years to come!

Truly SaxyB


E. Love - Mix Engineer

Owner of TSB Productions,LLC providing Promotions/PR services. Nominated as 2011 Atl’s Hottest Host I moonlight as a Stage Radio/TV personality. Look out for my new mixtape for ladies “Bou’jh Sex Appeal”.

New Generation Clothing Line Inc. Is a clothing line that will leave a mark in the clothing business.We are looking forward to making you apart of the New Generation Clothing Line Inc Family.

Atlanta recording, and mix studio. R&B, Pop, Gospel, Rap, Dance. No gutter rap. Mix - 24 tracks $100/$5 each additional track. FREE PREVIEW. You LOVE it, or you we nothing! Some restrictions apply. Producer\Writer, and Mixtape specials!

770.871.5955 @SaxyButler|

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Call/Text (917) 547-9886

Makin’ It Magazine - | 29

Young Dame



Its ya boy Young Dame giving y’all a lil piece of me.Born and raised in Louisville,Ky. Im goofy as hell, I rap,kick it wit my folks, work to get these bills paid and keeps it real at all times.

Indie Hip Hop Recording Artist from South Florida.With a versatile style & passion for greatness looking to take the industry by storm. Currently promoting mixtapes, singles? like “Certified” & “Daily Grind”, at the same-time establishing & expanding my brand.

Besides being an accomplished artist & producer selling thousands of records independently, BLIZM helps other artist gain exposure on his hit broadcast K-100 Radio. Go to for more info.




LR AKA Living Reality from Illinois! A cornerstone in Midwest Hip Hop, a complete artist ready to make his mark in the game. Album “ RENAISSANCE “ (A NEW ERA) comming soon!

im from rocky mount north carolina and im a independent rapper trying to make it big im on the new ROCHARDER mixtape “YOUNG&EPIC which was a big thang and im looking forward to working with all producers and artists



252 557-5676

30 | Makin’ It Magazine - /


Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

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