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Usher 16 With his new album’s

first week sales only totaling half that of his previous release’s, Usher still puts up another #1

Copy Editor Kimberly Cannick Contributing Writers B Walker C Mathews Circulation Manager B Davidson Published by the Cannick Media Group 3939 Lavista Rd.E-249 Tucker, GA 30084 Office: 678.528.6925 Fax: 888.812.9710

Frak Ocean 15

With high anticipation for his debut Def Jam Release, “Channel Orange”, Odds are his Future will remain solo.

Franc Dolla 10 From Alabama to Alaska and finaly to Atlanta. This Rapper/Writer’s credintials are rated “Tripple A”

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JoBee 8 Preparing for his


40West 23 impending return to the US, B-Eazy 22 Jobee sits down to talk about the Bigg Wurm 22 success of his most recent project Chiffon 24 Dante L Bacote 12 Dre Malik 12 Hot Cizzle 20 UGE 20 Lil Realist 18 Revenue 18 Sahri 24 Fly Boyz 20 The Nomineez 22 TJay501 12 UGO Crew 22 Blakkwood 14 Meet this budding entrepreneur who stepped from behind the desk and into the booth. Bruno Mars 21 This songwriter and Singing sensation proves there’s no such thing as a bad deal!

The Weeknd 13 Discover the untold story of this reclousive R&B phenomenon’s transition to the crooner we know. Lil St. Louis 6 With gritty street records and a growing fanbase this midwest rapper has come to Milq Da Game

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You too good for WHAT!? If I had a dollar for every time someone told me what they were “too good” to do while they were doing it or it sat undone, I’d probably be in Europe on vacation right now. Stating that something is beneath you is proof that it isn’t. Such a thing should be common knowledge. When you are “too good” for something, you won’t have to let others know. They will let YOU know. When you are above passing out flyers, someone on your team will stop you

and pass them out for you. When you boss walks right in or if there is a hicare above paying to perform, people cup at the door pays the cover or rolls will be calling to book you. out without making a scene. When you’re a true boss there is no task beneath you, only those that take priority. A true boss understands that he is responsible for the whole and will mop the floors, bus the tables and unclog toilets if need be, because it has to get done. A boss doesn’t stand in front of the club for an hour trying to call the promoter so he can get in for free. A

4 | Makin’ It Magazine -

I was raised with believing you don’t ask a man to do anything for you that you aren’t willing to do for yourself. That is why I make no qualms about passing out promo material or picking up the slack wherever needed. Why? because that’s what bosses do. Until next time, catch me in the streets, leading from the front! - Kelby #Music101

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Lil St. Louis Written by Kelby Cannick

With a distinctive voice that blends Midwestern slang with a southern drawl picked up while living in Huntsville, Alabama for 5 years, Lil St. Louis has been consistently churning out street Anthems. After pressing play on his CD, you are instantly transported to the underworld of St. Louis, MO. Tales of trap life and fast living set over hard hitting club beats makes for an irresistible combination which has earned him a considerable amount of radio play in the Lou. Lil St. Louis began to take music more seriously after seeing the business side up close and personal. Seeing people, first hand, living prosperously off music was all the motivation he needed to go hard. Always pushing the envelope, he feels its important to stay true to him-

6 | Makin’ It Magazine -

self and make records that reflect the situations and experiences of his life. Currently pushing his latest mixtape, M.D.G. (Milq Da Game), hosted by DJ Holiday, Lil STL has been receiving an overwhelming response from DJs throughout the South and Midwest regarding collaborations. While the project is only two months old, Lil STL is already back in the studio working on the second volume of his other mixtape series, “Can’t Spell Hustle w/o Da STL”. He’s currently aiming for a mid-summer release followed by a six month promotional push. A BMI registered artist and Co-founder of his own label, Milq Da Game Entertainment. Lil STL is all about his business. Having worked closely with

national artists including Nelly and the St Lunatics, he sees the bigger picture. Recently nominated for “Best New Artist” and “Street Album of the Year”, Lil STL’s star is only beginning to shine Currently pulling in $1,200 - $1,500 per show, he is looking to network with DJs and promoters in new markets to expand his fanbase. Still in the early stages of his career he is looking to build his core team of advisors and expand Milq Da Game Entertainment. For more information and booking call 314-625-4686

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Spotlighting DJs that Spotlight Independents!

DJ Bus | Atlanta, GA

DJ Desirez | Upstate NY

DJ Geeza | Atlanta, GA

DJBIGBUS@YAHOO.COM (516) 298-1340 Mixtape | Club (347) 746-5269 Mixtape | Club (404) 510-0390 Mixtape | Club | Radio @DjGezza


Song: Brochure Artist: Skye Online: Comment: “This song is a hot R&B/ Soul track that makes you think about love and letting go.”

Song: Bossed Up Artist: Triple 777 Online: N/A Comment: “Its a big record I play all over the us and a fresh of breath air on this track..”

DJ Homer D | Jackson, TN

DJ Kouture | Midwest

DJ Mr 262 | WI, IL, MIA & ATL (731) 300-1056 Mixtape | Club | Radio @DJHomerD (573) 823-8510 Mixtape | Radio @DJKouture

Song: Young And Bad Artist: Lil Perfekt Online: Comment: “It’s a movement people!!! #YNBB @ djhomerd @lilperfekt @_big_lou @TeamWastedNews @HittmennDjsPres #hubcitydjs”

Song: Ack A Fool Artist: Luney Tunez Online: Comment: “As soon as the baseline of this record hits, you know that it is an instant club banger. This record brings new energy to the club, that is hot and refreshing.”

DJ Shotime | ATL/CHI

DJTSAV | Columbia, MO

DJ Focus | NYC

(573) 234-4731 Mixtape | Radio @DJTSAV (646) 772-8810 Mixtape | Club | Radio @FocusTheDJ

Song: Faded Artist: Evi Da Prince Online: Comment: “I like the record because of its laid back feel yet ability to be played in club/party atmospheres. Also the subject matter is relevant to whats hots now.”

Song: I’m Lanin’ Artist: Jae Skeese Online: Comment: “I know this guy personally. When you listen to his music its refreshing to know that he’s talking from life experience & not putting words 2gether 2 sound good” (773) 319-3863 Mixtape | Club @Mr7Days7Nights Song: Just Wanna Party Artist: DarkSkiENT Online: Comment: “I Like the Record and the artist is going hard with the promo for it.”

(262) 620-3712 Mixtape | Club | Radio @DJMr262 Song: Act A Fool Artist: Luney Tunez Online: Comment: “Definitely a summer hit”

Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit and start networking with the DJs. For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

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JoBee Written by Kelby Cannick

8 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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We’ve been following your career for a couple of years now, from all the way back when you were still going by Jarem. For those just now learning about you, Who is JoBee and where did that name come from? Well the name JoBee is a childhood name given to me by my family. It wasn’t until about 2009 or 2010 when a songwriter friend of mines suggested I use my childhood name “JoBee” as my stage name. JoBee the person is a God Fearing, intelligent, passionate, innovative, diverse, and ambitious singer/songwriter with “Big Dreams”. I’m very family oriented, spiritual, humble and a very open minded individual. JoBee the artist is a mixture of various musical styles “Ingredients” mixed into one big pot like gumbo. The most important thing to me is the message I put out there to fans. Given your background, what are your thoughts on the state of R&B today? I think R&B has truly evolved but I think It’s become so trendy and less meaningful to say the least. Although it’s still alive and kicking because there are a few artists who still remains true to it. In due time I feel it will come back again in full force. What are your musical influences? I’ve been influenced by so many genres and artists. Stevie Wonder is one of the main reasons I wanted to be a singer/ songwriter. Of course I’ve been singing since I was a little kid but when I heard my first Stevie Song I knew I wanted to make music. I also was influenced by Whitney Houston, Charlie Wilson, Patti labelle, The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, Mary Mary, Denise Williams, Minnie Ripperton, Prince, Cold Play, SwitchFoot, etc. I could go on forever but those are just a few of my favorites. Now your current project is “Irresistible Me”, where can readers go to check that out? Yes it’s my current project and they can go and check it out on Itunes, Amazon,

and CdBaby. They could also log into my website and it will direct them to the download links and videos on youtube., How have things been going with that project? It has totally been a blessing and door opener for future projects. It’s definitely causing people to pay attention to what is going on in the JoBee Camp! What about the singles, “After The Club” and “I need Your Love”? My single “After The Club” was #1 on internet radio mediabase charts for 7 consecutive weeks. It’s been featured on countless mixtapes and compilations. “I need Your Love” also charted top 10 and is also featured in the recently released video trilogy. What is this “Knave Trilogy” we’ve been seeing all of these updates about? The “Knave Trilogy” was something that me and my team (RekLes Studios, Nandykraft) collectively came up with. It’s sort of like a mini Bollywood style music video trilogy. The trilogy is a love triangle that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with unexpected twists. I’m so proud of that body of work. It showcases a bit of my acting chops and depth as a artist. So are you back in the lab working on another project or taking some downtime? Yes Im currently working on two projects simultaneously and taking downtime at the same time if that makes any sense lol. “Vocal Stimulation” is the title of the next project which should be out sometimes next year. It will take you yet again on another emotional journey into the life of JoBee. Its another one of my babies (musical projects). This will be a very vulnerable and emotional project. Ill give you the ups and downs of life and relationships. It will most definitely show growth.

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Where do you want to go with this project musically? It will be a crossover album but of course core of it will be R&B. I want to push the envelope a bit more on this one and incorporate more genres and take more chances vocally. If money and access wasn’t an issue, who would you like to work with on this project? I’d love to work with Miguel, Brandy, Musiq Soulchild, Chris Breezy, Lalah Hathaway, JayZ, Beyonce, Kanye, and of course Stevie Wonder and India Arie just to name a few. As far as producers, Timbaland, Pharell, and Tricky Stewart etc. So later this year you’ll be moving back to the States, more specifically, Atlanta. What are you doing to prepare for that transition and for our Atlanta readers who are you looking to connect with. I’m prepping as much music as I can, getting finances in order and grinding out as much as I can before making that transition. I’d love to connect with anyone who’s innovative and passionate about their craft as much as I am. Im looking to write songs for the indies and majors and also collab vocally on some projects. I’m open to work with anyone on their “Grind Swag”! I’m looking to take this music thing to the next level and carve my own lane. Before we get out of here, I’m sure many of our readers are wondering what’s next for JoBee as your music and and your brand is concerned? Well of course working on two albums at once and will get more into the acting and dancing side. I want to hit every market and avenue I can to bring awareness to my music and brand.

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Franc Dolla Written by Kelby Cannick

All his life music surrounded him and he knew he wanted to make it his career. It wasn’t until he got older that he was able to dedicate himself to the music like he wanted. Working on his craft, he found himself musically while perfecting his stage presence. With a unique perspective, Franc relates that everyone isn’t going to like the same types of records but a good show is always a good show. That’s why he puts a 110% into every performance. The way he sees it, even if you don’t care for that particular record, he wants people to walk away saying, “Damn, that dude Franc Dolla Winning talent shows from the US to goes in!” Germany since a child, a passion for music is ingrained in Franc’s DNA. His As CEO of Soo Fresh the Movement, Grandfather, Willie Hightower, was a Franc has balanced the responsibilities member of the Drifters. Several of his of running a label since 2008 with the aunts we’re signed to Motown. His help of partners, Maurice “Mac Reese” Mother turned down a record deal to be Braggs (President) and Robert “SBaby” with his Father. Hell, he’s even cousins Anderson (VP/Producer) and Anton with Beyonce. Not that they actually “Twon Da Don” Currie (Beats by Tha talk but they have before when he was Block). In addition to those principals the the SFTM family also consists of younger. The music industry (and more specifically hip hop) is overrun with hustlers and rappers looking to hit a quick lick. So much so, that it’s gotten increasingly difficult to tell the passionate ones from those that are just thirsty for a quick check. For over three years, we’ve personally witnessed Franc Dolla grind streets of Atlanta all the way from Gadsden, Alabama and at times, from as far as Alaska. When we finally sat him down to talk we learned there was so much more to him than an incredible talent and hustle.

10 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Muny Mike, Taezar, Pit, OG Birthday, Spoonz, Roc and a ton of other artists and producers stretched across the US. With the impending release of Franc’s latest mixtape “I’m Da Shit” hosted by Loc’d N Loaded DJs own DJ Hershey, the company’s current goal is to replicate the initial success it had Anchorage, Alaska, developing a strong club/ street presence in the south and rolling that into some initial radio play. From there, they hope to further expand the brand and increase their fanbase. For information on features, bookings, beats, hooks or general business inquiries contact Mac Reese at (510) 5572492 or SBaby at (678) 508-6993. Also check out Franc Dolla online at the following. YOUTUBE.COM/FRANCDOLLA22 FACEBOOK.COM/FRANCDOLLA REVERBNATION.COM/FRANCDOLLA @FRANCDOLLA @BEATSBYTHABLOCK FRANCDOLLA2@GMAIL.COM

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A few good faces worth Rememberiing

Founder and President of the Nerve DJs, O.G. DJ Johnny O, runs a tight ship. Servicing records

A freelance journalist with more than 10 years experience in the urban entertainment industry, Jerry Doby is a music columnist for and newly signed contributor for Working with clients to develop an overall public relations strategy, He is a true PR Professional. Currently working with Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB; Converse Open Gym mixtape series and Wale’s new artist, Fatz Da Big Fella, he is experienced in Club Promotions, Tour Production and Media Buying. For more information call (323) 825-1584 or email Also visit

While many independents may know him as one of the prominent faces of Coast2Coast, Manny “Mad Dog” Ayala, has been working behind the scenes in the industry for over 17 years. With a firm background in Guerilla Marketing, Branding, Radio Promotion and Management he has contributed to the success of projects spanning for Notorious B.I.G and Jodeci to Converse, Jahiem and Hypnotiq. For more information on the services he provides as founding principal in the Collective Agency contact him at (888) 549-8854 or by email at

As Marketing director for one of Atlanta’s premiere Gentlemen’s clubs, a Cool Runnings DJS and Hittmenn DJ, Montana White is in a unique position to help break records and artist not only in Atlanta but throughout the south east. Specializing in introducing artists to the market through mixtape placements and club spins, he also sets up Parties and After Parties complete with eyecandy. When it comes to promotion, Montana is like a director, because if he’s involved its definitely going to be a MOVIE! For more information contact him directly at (404) 444-2144 or Also visit Kamals21. com

Many may know Rahiem Shabbaz as the owner of, whose traffic boasts over 1.5M page views/month or from his writings appearing in The Source, Rolling Out, XXl and even Urban Enterprise magazine. He is also an award winning filmmaker whose latest project, “Elementary Genocide: From Primary To Penitentiary”, is a documentary that addresses the social, personal and political ramifications of how the federal government allots money to each state, to build prisons based on the failure rate of 4th and 5th graders. In America, where half of the 4th grade is reading below grade level and more African-American males are in jail than are in college, Elementary Genocide serves as a striking reminder of a flawed system in need of repair. For more information call (404) 484-2706 or email Rahiem@

For the past four years I’ve watched R&B singer/ songwriter, Tarvoria, blossom into an independent powerhouse. From visiting the ATL to network and perform at various open mics to finally making Atlanta her home and starter Feel Good Muzik Group, she has remained consistent. Currently signed to Mizay Entertainment/ Sony Records, she is busy in the studio working with the Trapaholics to finish her follow up mixtape to the wildly Successful Bedroom Bangas, which featured singles such as “Sex, No Romance” and “Roxy Reynolds”. For bookings, features, beat submissions and writing inquiries Call (786) 365-7349 or email FGMGBooking@ Also visit

to over 900 Members he prides his organization on the ability to help break artists records without breaking artists pockets. Hosting Bi-Weekly conference calls that bring together independent and National acts for instant feedback from the DJs, The Nerve DJs also produce Quarterly Conferences/Showcases to provide a platform for independents to be seen. Combine that with an E-Blast that reaches over 300k contacts and its easy to understand why he’s earned a spot in this section. For more information on the Nerve DJs call (216) 701-1214 or email WeBreakTrax@ Also Visit

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Makin’ It Magazine - | 11

Dante Bacote is an up & coming rapper, producer, singer, writer, actor, and model; the epitome of original new age Hip Hop. Born in San Diego, CA, but raised in Connecticut, he’s one of the hottest rising musical entities from CT. Find him any given day capitalizing on his success in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s acting, producing for himself or others, he’s in the fast lane to stardom | 203.848.4911 |

They call me T.JAY, I am an emcee, producer, and young entrepreneur with On The Map Music Group & HU2 Group. I made my debut into the game being featured in a XXL contest and soon after my video “Breakfast & Biggie” was aired on MTV’s Rap Fix Live. Since then I have been touring my latest project ‘Nothin’ Less’ which is available for download at | @TJay501 |

12 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Written by K Cannick Dre Malik is a rising rap artist and songwriter from Atlanta Ga. He has also been a featured actor on the USA networks seasonal drama Necessary Roughness. Beginning his career writing and recording with Platinum producer Zaytoven, He has worked with a number of major and indie artists. Best known for introducing Zaytoven to Gucci Mane, which later led to a long list of hits and collaborations, he has released two solo albums to date, “Guap-A-holic” and “Desire Burns”. Currently meeting with A&Rs and DJs as he works on his newest project feel free to contact him via twitter at @ dremalik56. For beat submissions, email badconscience56@ and for booking and all other inquiries.

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The Weeknd Written by Kelby Cannick

By now I’m sure many of you have heard of the underground R&B sensation, The Weeknd. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, many are billing him as the R&B version of Drake. Having risen to prominence through the online release of several successful FREE Album/ Mixtapes, it’s not hard to see where the comparison comes in. For all of his new found success little is actually known of him. Having only performed a limited number of shows for someone with his level buzz and shying away from major press interviews, he is what many would consider a recluse. For all those who are familiar with The Weeknd and his music, I doubt the name Jeremy “Zodiac” Rose rings a bell. Well according to Rose, he is somewhat responsible for The Weeknd

that we all know and love, down to the alternate spelling of his name. Having connected with The Weeknd, through mutual friends, he expressed an interest to work with him on R&B project that was decidedly darker than what The Weeknd had been recording as a member of the Noise. Together they recorded the first three songs that would form the basis for House of Balloons but would later part ways due to creative differences which Jeremy sites as The Weeknd feeling the need to abandon the formula and start doing more club records. Giving him copies of the masters Jeremy claims his only request was to be given proper credit for having produced “What You Need,” “Loft Music,” and “The Morning.” Not only was credit not given but press agents for The Weeknd contacted blogs that had

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

properly credited Rose for his work to request that he be removed. Whether Rose played an integral part in the creation of The Weeknd is debatable, especially since we only have one side of the story. The bigger issue here is the absence of credit to someone that produced on a project for no up-front money. With so much music being given away for free, often a producers only payment for a promotional record is the exposure it yields (is true for independent and majors). To not receive that which costs absolutely nothing to give, seems like the ultimate slight on behalf of the artists. As producers and artists, what is your take on this situation? Let us know at

Makin’ It Magazine - | 13

BLAkkwood Written by Kelby Cannick

Moving up to Atlanta from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida in 2005, Rapping was never in the cards for Blakkwood. Even today, he makes it very clear that while others may see him as an artist or songwriter, he is first and foremost a businessman. Co-owner of the independent label, Krymeworld Records, he always felt his position was behind the desk making sure business got handled. But after years of releasing albums and compilations from artists who’s talent outpaced their drive for success, Blakkwood and his businss

partner D. Stone came to the realization that many independent label owners do, all of the time, money and energy they were spending on these other artists would be better invested into themselves.

not only business leadership but also helping with some of the designs. Having come a long way from his humble beginnings in Gifford, Florida, Blakkwood is on a mission to becoming a household name in company with the likes of Diddy or JayZ. For more info or booking contact Also check him out online at the following sites.

Currently working on his first album, which he hopes to release this fall, Blakkwood is also preparing material for his second mixtape project. In between being both an artist and label CEO, Blakkwood also has his hands in fashion as Co-owner of P.A.L.S. clothing line, contributing

14 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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USHER Written by Kelby Cannick

16 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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As I sat down to write an article about Usher, there were a few different angles I was considering for the story. Maybe I would talk about this “Revolutionary Pop” genre that he was trying to coin. Maybe I would touch on the ability to strike lightening twice, as all the records I’d been hearing from his new project put me in the frame of mind reminiscent of his Confessions album. Looking over his sales figures and the timeline of his personal life, there was always the marriage factor. Seeing as how women make up the majority of music purchases and radio listenership, it begs the question “Does marital status affect an artist’s sales?” Would he possibly see a bump in sales now that he is once again “attainable” by his female audience? No doubt there were a lot of story angles swirling around in my head and as I always do before writing the cover story, I sat down to organize my thoughts by listening to the artist’s music. I didn’t feel like opening iTunes since I already had so many programs running (7 Chrome Tabs, InDesign, Photoshop, Word, Excel and a couple others). Instead, I jumped over to

TonyNailz Birmingham, AL

“...As for Usher, I don’t believe marriage would tarnish his fanbase. I only say that because good music is good music, people will buy it as long as its available. But diminishing sales are the direct results of widely used illegal file sharing.”

IllaDelstyles Birmingham, AL

”As an Indie company and artist (Donta Deisel), Most all of the comments are on point. I will only add that major labels have gotten out of the habbit of street team promo. Connecting with the customer. In addition, no one has elevated the way grass root marketing can be achieved. If artist want to sell their music, they must be more accessible to the public. to purchase the CD for my CloudDrive. After updating my credit card information, and a quick 1-Click purchase, I got a confirmation page and a PayPal receipt in my inbox. What I didn’t get… was THE ALBUM. Instead, I received a link to download/listen to it, but it only led to an empty queue in my cloud drive. After over an hour of waiting, logging in and out, contacting technical support and pouring through Amazon’s FAQs, I finally broke down and went to the nearest torrent site to download the album (For FREE) and was listening to it in less than 15 minutes. Now once again looking over the sales figures, while finally listening to the CD, a question popped into my head, “How does an artist like Usher go from selling 20 Million CDs worldwide to topping out at just 1.3 Million copies domestically for his two subsequent releases?” Sure, it could easily be blamed on illegal downloads but when there are still people, such as I, who don’t mind buying good music, there has to be more to the equation. One factor could be the additional layers of complexity that the industry adds to legal

Too much swag has poluted the game. CHUBB ROCK said “Sign an autograph ya might make a new friend.”(Treat’em Right). Just because you spend millions to get your record spinned on radio, doesnt mean for you to ignore the fans who are buying the music. A good marketing campaign consists on the artist being mobile.”

IllBeast Orlando, FL

“...Of course proper promotion always plays a part in the awarness of any project, But when You dont feel the passion... Then we dont feel the artist!!”

Young Willie J Undisclosed

“My Opinion on this article about Usher is the marriage, also how he fired his Mom

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

purchases in an effort to regulate music consumption (Copy protected CDs, DRM file formats, etc). Another could be the artist’s public image. While it’s true that we sell music for a living the real product is actually the artist. It could definitely be argued that Usher saw a significant drop in support from his core female audience after his 2008 marriage. Whatever the reasons are, Usher has consistently debuted at #1 regardless of his diminishing first week sales and has continued to release single after single that chart on the Billboard Hot 100. But can we argue that lowered sales figures are merely a sign of this digital age when Adele’s sophomore album has sold over 22 Million copies in the past 18 months. Are diminishing sales in urban music a sign of the times or is the internet being increasingly used as an excuse for lack of artist development, poorly promoted projects and the waning of careers. Here’s what our readers had to say... Join the conversation at:

from management! That’s just something you should’nt do. That’s why he’s probably having problems with record sales from his women fans. No respect loss from me Usher keep doing your thang. On the flip side make good music and sales will follow.”

Next2Blow AllStars

Daytona Beach, FL

“I believe with the R&B artist trying to cross over to other markets they sometimes lose themselves. I feel that is what happened in this case. I understand he is not the same little boy that had that smooth young voice when he first came out, but you still have to realize as an artist [what made your fans like yo to star]. Stay true to yourself even when times change. R&B is dying off because Hip Hop and Pop are taking over the game... We need that soul back that Usher had females melting at the

sound of his voice. IDK, Me as an Usher fan lost a little respect for his music. And as far as the digital age, it does hurt because now we can listen to the whole CD and make our decisions on if we like it or not for free.”

Renor Nori Killeen, TX

“I still care alot for Usher. but I do feel that he had lost his audience when he was at his peak; He was at the top of the charts. He could’ve had any woman in the world. As for us ladies when Usher sung and danced, we were excited. We wanted him only because we couldn’t have him. The day he said, “I do” he lost us. I feel very sorry for him because with Drake,and Chris Brown in the picture the Thrill for Mr. Usher is gone. The only way we can show him how we feel is in poor sales.. But I still love my USHER.”

Makin’ It Magazine - | 17

RevenuE Written by Kelby Cannick

Written by K Cannick Ashon “Lil Realist” McCay, has a unique story that not many rappers share. Born in Atlanta, GA he has called Petersburg, Alaska home since being adopted. The seventh of 10 Siblings he has been fishing on the ocean since age five. Currently working on his first album and charting out a regional tour in major cities

along the west coast, he is looking to expand his network. Realizing that he just getting started on his journey in the music industry he is very appreciative all those who have helped him thus far, including the founders of, Dave Aron and Devante Swing. For more info connect with him online at the following or call (907) 518-0427. @AshonMcCay


The first half of 2012 has been extremely busy for North Carolina Rapper, Revenue (Apply Pressure Entertainment). Finally releasing the long awaited third installment of his Less Chat more Racks mixtape series, the A.P.E. Mob crew shut down the city of Charlotte for the 2012 CIAA week, with release parties and performances every single night. Celebrating the launch of his brand new website

,, Revenue was also tapped to host volume 13 of the On The Grind Mixtape series. Now, with his two latest singles, Options and Every Girl Featuring Stuey Rock, beginning to pick up club rotation and radio spins, his bookings are starting increase as anticipation for his first official video shoot grows. For more information, booking or to submit a music video treatment contact 919.885.3174

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Frank Ocean Written by Kelby Cannick

Frank Ocean is on a hell of a run having written records for Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy, and even producing several tracks on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” album. His debut mixtape was met with much critical acclaim and spawned a successful single in Novacane. As his fanbase grows with his latest single, “Thinking About You” many are anticipating the release of his debut album, “Channel

Orange”, currently scheduled to hit come into his own, this is a practice seldom seen anymore. shelves late July via Def Jam. With all of the success and attention that Ocean has gained, I’ve noticed one thing that has severely declined over the past six months… references to Odd Future. When I initially started hearing about Ocean, his introduction was almost always prefaced by a reference to his affiliation with Odd Future, but as he’s

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Looking at acts like Goodie Mob and The Fugees, how long do you think it will be before Frank Ocean completely distances himself from Odd Future as is often the practice with the singing member of a hip hop group. Share your thoughts online at

Makin’ It Magazine - | 19

Currently pushing their single “Yeah Yeah”, UGE (Trapp Banks, Kima, Dainjaruss and C.O) is soon becoming one of the hottest groups to watch out for. “Yeah Yeah” is currently heating up the streets on the Southside of Atlanta. They are currently looking to connect with Event Promoters, Djs and Club Owners interested in doing shows in the Atlanta market. Contact J.Prez

FolloW The FaM C.P. Da Boi Wonda @CPDaBoiWonda Rapper

Christopher Skye @christopherskye Dallas, TX

Martha M @M3PAServices Business

Zay @onlyzay Las Cruces,NM

J.Prez Online Radio Host

Mac b @mac4prezzi San Antonio, TX

The Agency Operative @AgencyOperative

DG™ @4bandz Tuscaloosa, AL




RTB Musik @RTBMusik Rapper LayziieLay @LayziieLay


Morgon Desean Gibson @_Desean95


Zach Hall @HtB_ZxHall_252 Morehead City, NC Tymeless Culture Clothing

@ThirdCoast1 Jackson, MS

Kovan Baldwin @kbmusic3 Minneapolis, MN

Jo’De B.O.Y. @JodeBoy Jackson, MS | 770.771.9161 |

Originally from Bermuda, the Fly Boys arrived in Atlanta earlier this year hitting the open mic scene looking to build their network and fanbase. Already receiving radio play on Hott 107.5 and Power 95 in Bermuda they look to duplicate some of that same success in the states. Check out the video to their lead single “I Do It Better” which has already accumulated and impressive 180k Views and 400 comments on Youtube. | (678) 668-6632 |

Goldie Rokks @grokks Lincoln, NE Nukem the Rejekt @The_Rejekt420 Alexandria, LA Crisis (KENT) @CrisisKENT St. Louis, MO Lee @MilesHighMajor Rockford, IL RAYMONEE @SSEATL COLLEGE PARK, GA Arlester Tate-El @1mrnetwork Cleveland, OH

20 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Written by K Cannick

Hailing from Sarasotta, Florida, Hot Cizzle’s gritty and soulful rhymes reminds us of artists like Big Krit and Pimp C. Not afraid to get personal with his rhymes, he will just as easily rap about his wins as he will his losses. Explaining that his music comes to his heart, the trials and the struggle of staying out of prison inspiring him to give every line all

that he has. Currently working on his album, “Day of Reckon”. Speaking true to his character, when asked about memorable accomplishments he made as an artist, winning showcases and traveling out of state to perform took a back seat to having a hater come shake his hand and apologize after hearing his music. For more informaiton on Hot Cizzle contact Ricco Jackson at (941) 306-6667 and follow him on twitter at @HotCizzle82

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

BRUNO Mars Written by Kelby Cannick

Rising to public notoriety following the 2010 success of B.O.B.’s “Nothing on You” and Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”, Bruno Mars struck out on his own successful career as a solo artists. His debut album coined two hugely successful singles and contributed to his 7 Grammy nominations. But what many may not know is that prior to his success as an artist, Mars was a member of the production team, The Smeezingtons, whose discography includes records written and produced for artists such as Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Chad Hugo, Cee Lo, The Sugababes and even Brandy Norwood. Signing to Motown records in 2004 in

what some would describe as “a deal that went nowhere”, It was there that Mars met fellow songwriter and producer Philip Lawrence and engineer Ari Levine and would later go on to form the Smeezingtons. It was through his relationship with Lawrence that Mars would be introduced to his future manager at Atlantic Records, Aaron Bay-Schuck. Though it would take 3 years for Bay-Schuck to be able to get Mars his deal with Atlantic Records, the time was well spent with Mars discovery himself as an artists through writing and working with other artists. Once he figured out who he was and the type of artist that he wanted to become the rest was as they say is history.

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

I relate this story to you because often I hear artists complain about being in a bad contract or “deal that’s going nowhere” and I have to wonder what are YOU doing. While Bruno Mars was nowhere near a priority at Motown, it can be argued that he took the initiative to become somebody’s priority by honing his skills, building his network and adding to what he had to offer. Log on to and share your story of a “Deal that went nowhere” and what you did to get out of it or capitalize on it. We look forward to hearing from you!

Makin’ It Magazine - | 21

Written by K Cannick Representing Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Bigg Wurm has been doing music since age 15, which isn’t hard to believe considering an impressive body of work consisting of 10 completed projects. Once discouraged by the lack of opportunities associated with being in a small market, it was the encouragement of family and friends that motivated him to invest into his on studio equipment and never look back. Currently working on his 11th project, “American Greed”, which drops this month He credits his producer, Gunna Da Composer, and fellow artists Merlot Maine and Featherweight for helping make the project a success. For general information contact (252) 557-5676 or Twitter: @BiggWurm82

The Nomineez Music Group specializes in music production and songwriting. The team is comprised of Joe Gus, Magic Notes, and Faith C. Having backgrounds in music dating to their childhood, the Nomineez can provide the right sound for just about any genre or situation. Whether it’s TV licensing or a hook for your next single, the Nomineez will deliver the creativity necessary to be a success. | 404.941.4563 | Representing East St. Louis, Illinois, B-Eazy Da King is amidst a heavy promo run for his latest single “Countin’ My Money.” off his mixtape, King Shit, which can be found at MidwestMixtape. com. Still in the studio working on his Street album, “Illegal”, he is looking to connect with Producers and DJs as he works to complete the project. Catch him on twitter at @EazyStayHigh & the cover of 24-7 Magazine. | 618.946.2320 |

UGO CREW Written by Kelby Cannick

Currently headquartered in Los Angeles, The UGO Crew continues to push forward with their music creating new opportunities and building bridges across genres. Recently tapped to feature on “Rock This Party”, the new single from Chad Kroeger of Nickelback’s band, Faber Drive, the group anticipates an officially release for the single this August. Meanwhile, The UGO Crew has settled comfortably into the groove of things record new music in between

22 | Makin’ It Magazine -

Toronto and LA for next project being released under G7/Geffen/Universal Records. This new label situation was struck after passing on an opportunity to join the EMI family. For more information on The UGO Crew or booking contact them online at the following: Twitter: @UGOCrew Phone: (310) 929.0091 Email:

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

FortyWest Written by Kelby Cannick

Pursuing a communications degree full time at Tennessee State University, this youthful 20 year old is also holding down a full time job while still pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Alex “FortyWest” Gibbs, exudes a maturity well beyond his years which can easily be heard in his music. Listening to tracks from his forthcoming EP, Patiently Waiting, you’ll notice a stark absence up-tempo club tracks that riddle so many young R&B artist’s projects. Instead he opts to stick to more emotional and introspective subject matter.

Pendergrass, and Al Green, Alex notes that he’s known what he wanted to do with his life since age 9 even though he did not develop a singing voice until he was 12 years old. By age 16 years old he began making a bit of a name for himself locally, eventually being invited to perform at the Apollo theatre in New York City. Since then he’s been featured on and BET winning 106 & Parks Male R&B Competition for Wild out Wednesdays.

A member of one of the oldest music fraternities, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, FortyWest has integrated his musical ambitions Growing up listening to artists like Whit- into every facet of his life building an orney Houston, Luther Vandross, Teddy ganic fanbase, performing on campus and

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

traveling to other nearby schools. Also working at the Marriott Hotel, he has taken on the role of coordinating talent and performances for various event nights, creating not only a platform for himself but also bands and performers. Currently preparing for his debut release, a performance at First Fridays in L.A. during the BET Awards weekend and an upcoming appearance on Apollo live, FortyWest is interested in working on new material with fresh Producers & Songwriters. He is also available for hooks, performances and demoing tracks. For more information visit contact him at FortyWestLive@gmail. com or (678) 901-WEST

Makin’ It Magazine - | 23

Written by K Cannick

Written by K Cannick

Chiffon is an artist that is about expressing music by any means necessary. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, an uncompromising hustle was embedded in her from birth. With a strong passion for true Hip Hop, its easy to tell she has what it takes to make it in the competitive business that we call music. Her days are con-

sumed with Performing, acting, recording, promoting music and taking care of business. In addition to her music she is working on a reality show for ItsAMovementTV. For more information check her out online at or contact her via twitter at @Chiffon111. For booking and business inquiries call (914) 316-3639 or email

Born and raised in Port-auPrince, Haiti until age 14, this 21 year old Singer/songwriter has had a passion for music and writing since the tender age of seven. Now a mature young woman, she has dedicated herself to making music her career. Having completed a catalog of over 30 records, her team is busy organizing listening parties in Florida, Atlanta and LA including VIP lists of noted industry professionals such as Grammy Award winning songwriter Rico Love. To learn more about this artist or get involved with the project contact Caleb Trotman at (954) 699-6911 or

24 | Makin’ It Magazine -

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#Magazine 101 When we decided to do an Independent Magazine directory, I envisioned us doing a huge listing of local and regional publications from across the country. I thought it would be a great opportunity to expose our readers to prominent publications in markets that they were unable to physically reach. I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase a diverse and thriving collection of print publications with unique editorial missions and content. At least that’s what I thought. When it came

time to compile the listing or initial version was riddled with defunct publications. Many phone numbers were disconnected and even more websites were offline. As I sat figuring our next play, it dawned on me to give our readers the fishing pole instead of the fish. So I decided, we would do a less comprehensive listing of magazines coupled with a tutorial to help our readers understand what to look for when purchasing advertising space in them. Enjoy!

When choosing a publication to spend your advertising dollars with there are four main things your want to consider: Format, Frequency, Reach and Cost. In this beginner’s tutorial we outline what to look f or in each of these categories and some basic tips not getting screwed and getting the most out of your money.

All that being said here are a few good

Format – The format of the magazine you choose to advertise in will have a big affect on your campaign. Whether it’s a digital or an actual print publication will determine the ad content, budget, goals and metrics.


Digtial - Digital publications Are a low cost entry into getting some mass media exposure. I is important to note that some digital publications are known for grossly misquoting their reach. Because there are millions of people on the internet, does not necessarily mean that millions of people will see that publication. While some digital publications may not have the guaranteed reach of a physical publication there are those that actually reach more than traditional print magazines. Here are a few benefits of choosing a digital format. 1. Not having the huge added expenses of printing, shipping and distribution, digital publications are generally much cheaper than their print counterparts.

1. It’s a REAL Magazine. Not to take anything away from digital publications but people still want to be able touch something. There are no batteries to charge, no networks to connect to, and no flash plug-ins to download; just ink and paper. It goes where you go, whether on an airplane or in a bathroom stall. A physical publication lends a larger degree or credibility to whatever is printed in it. Being in print subconsciously says to the reader that thousands of dollars were spent editing, designing, printing and distributing this publication to bring you this information. It MUST be important!

3. A print publication is more likely to have the reader’s undivided attention. The readers with each hand holding a page the readers eyes are fixed on the open page. There are no tabs, no pop-ups and no applications vying to be checked. 4. Print publications are collectibles. If a magazine has good content a reader will hold on to it. This means it is more likely to get looked at again and seen by other people. Ask yourself, how often have you gone back to an old blog post to read again? Now ask yourself, how often have you flipped through a magazine that you have previously looked at?

2. While they may not reach everyone on the internet, anyone on the internet can easily access them, giving digital publications a broader geographic reach when promoted well.

Frequency - How often a magazine comes out plays a huge role in what you will actually use it to promote and how effective it will be promoting it. Here are a few tips and guidelines when considering magazine a magazines frequency.

3. Depending on the format of the digital publication there is the ability to include more than words and pictures, such as Video, Music, Links to a website or iTunes

Weekly (52x/Year) and Bi-Weekly (26x/Year) publications tend to have a high circulation concentrated on a specific area such as a local entertainment guide. They are typically good for promoting last minute events but are not the best use of a small budget if the goal of your campaign is branding. The disposable nature of the publication means you may have to pay for 2 to 4 separate ad insertion to get a full months worth of promotion.

Monthly (12x/Year) and Bi-Monthly (6x/Year) Publications are more likely to be saved and archived than those that come

Print – Print publications are typically much more expensive than their digital counterparts. Print publications are known for fudging the numbers too. Be wary of publications that have numbers that are too good to be true. A 24 page magazine that is selling full page ads for only $100 and tells you they are printing 50,000 copies is probably misrepresenting their numbers and who knows what else.

For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Makin’ It Magazine - | 25

out more frequently. They are published regularly enough to effectively promote events like listening parties and album releases, while not so frequently that your promotional message has a limited time to reach its intended target. •

Quarterly (4x Year) Publications are great for branding purposes because each issue is essentially new for at least 3 months. When choosing a quarterly publication to advertise in, look for great content that is not time sensitive. It’s impossible for a magazine that is printed once every 3 months to stay fresh with the latest current events. Once the content is stale so is the publication.

Annual (1x Year) and Semi-Annual (2x Year) publications are usually promotional publication used to promote a larger event, organization or cause. These publications can be great because they allow you to cross-brand with more established entities (i.e. Award Shows, Music Festival, etc)

Digital Publications – Have fewer restrictions when it comes to frequency. With the ability to push content directly to the users as it comes in, they are great last minute promotions, announcements and getting your message out immediately. The downside to this is that there is always more content coming down the pipes meaning your message will quickly become old news or expensive to keep at the top of the front page.

Reach – Reach is about more than how many people see it, it’s about who is seeing it. When choosing a publication to advertise in, it’s important to consider its target audience. Are they even interested in what you have to say? You don’t want to spend your hard earned money reaching a million people, if they end up being a million of the wrong people. Don’t run Tampax ads during the Super Bowl. Once you’ve determined who the publication reaches you want to consider how many people it reaches. When figuring out how many people actually read a magazine, first ask what the magazine’s readership is. This is how many people they estimate read each issue. Afterwards ask what the magazine’s circulation is. This is how many actual copies of the magazine they print. Divide the readership by the circulation and you have the average number of people they think read each copy of their magazine. If a magazine says they reach over 100,000 people (Readership) and they only print 2,500 copies (Circulation), they want you to believe that on average 40 people pick up every copy of their magazine. If the numbers don’t sound right to you, ask questions. When considering the publications reach it’s also important to consider your goals. Are you advertising to increase exposure or to build press clippings? If exposure is the goal, I recommend choosing the publications with the biggest circulations within your budget. If the goal is just generating press clippings for your website or EPK, I recommend spreading your budget thin over several cheaper outlets with lighter circulation numbers. It may not yield a lot of exposure but it will definitely add more meat to your press kit. Cost - We chose price as the last factor discuss because it is often the first and only factor considered and even then its usually done wrong. Comparing ad pricing is difficult because every magazine

26 | Makin’ It Magazine -

has a different reach. This means you can’t get a true comparison of what’s the best deal just by looking at the ad rates. You need to calculate the pulication’s CPM. The CPM is how much it Costs Per every 1,000 people reached. To calculate CPM of a magazine simply divide the price of a full page ad by how many thousands of people would see it. For example: if Magazine A reaches 100k people and charges $100 for a full page ad, its CPM would be $1 ($100/100k Readers). That means for every dollar you spend on that ad you could expect to reach 1,000 people. On the other hand if Magazine B reaches 50k people and charges only $75 for a full page ad its CPM is $1.50 ($75/50k Readers). So while an ad in Magazine B may be cheaper advertsing in Magazine A is a better value.

Now that we’ve covered all that, go sign up for our newsletter at to receive Part II of this tutorial and learn 10 tips on how to get the cheapest possible ad price and tons of FREE publicity.

INDIE Magazine Directory African Voices Magazine (Print) - 7500 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $150 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: African Voices targets business professionals, college students, artists and writers. Editorial Mission: African Voices is dedicated to publishing literature and art by artists from the African Diaspora. (212) 865-2982 @africanvoices B.O.S.S. E-Magazine (Online) Monthly | Ads starting at $100 Audience: Be your Own Success Story (B.O.S.S.) is an emag that aims to motivate minority youth to Become their Own Success Stories...16-22 Editorial Mission: B.O.S.S. E-magazine is the premier educational and motivating resource for Young Minorities. (678) 995-5863 @boss_emag

BE Entertained Magazine (Print|Online) - 1000 copies Monthly | Ads starting at $250 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: BE Entertained Magazine is more than a lifestyle magazine, it’s actually everything ENTERTAINMENT! Our content covers a wide variety . Editorial Mission: BE Entertained Magazine is a one of a kind digital magazine which infuses traditional print techniques with the new wave of internet media.The EVOLUTION of Ente (404) 997-3887 @BEMagazine Chicago Hustles Magazine (Online) - Monthly Ads starting at $20 Audience: We reach out to artist ,musicians, fashionistas & indie businesses in the local Chicago area. We look for creatives. Editorial Mission: Chicago Hustles Magazine was established to showcase the amazing artist,trend setters, talented musicians & indie businesses that make this city

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

amazing. (773) 253-4773 @chicagohustles (Online) Bi-Monthly (6x Year) | Ads starting at $100 Reach: Audience: Our focus in the past was to entertain men but because we have an all female staff of writers, its just as appealing to women of all ages. Editorial Mission: Enfluenz Magazine is a site that brings you women of all shapes, sizes and colors. Our goal is to change the way pop culture views beauty. (770) 572-8144 @enfluenz GRIND -N- HUSTLE (Print) 5000 copies Bi-Monthly (6x Year) | Ads starting at $25 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: URBAN

Editorial Mission: To keep our readers informed on current events including; Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Entrepreneurs, News etc.... (804) 937-3488 @msgrindnhustle GrindTIME Magazine (Print|Online) - 3000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $50 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: We have readers all over this great nation (USA). All ages and race. Editorial Mission: To represent the GRIND! No matter what the circumstance. Everyone has a Grind...what cha grind like? (813) 244-2153 @grindtimeonline @kuntree_p H.E.M.P HOP MAGAZINE (Print) - 20000 copies BiMonthly (6x Year) Ads starting at $375

Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: ALL COLLEGE CAMPUS Editorial Mission: HELPING EVERY MUSICIAN PROGRESS (770) 374-1016 @hemphopmag Hood Illustrated Magazine (Print|Online) - 5000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $50 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: Our target audience is based in the Midwest Region. Supporters of independent urban music is the basis of the readership. Age 1740 yrs old. Editorial Mission: Our primary focus is to provide an affordable outlet for all artists and business owners. We concentrate on content that directly effects our target market.

(517) 410-0500 @HOODILLUSTRATED Juice Magazine (Print|Online) 20000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $200 Reach: International (Multiple Countries) Audience: Our audience is one that doesn’t like to be spoonfed. Our two largest groups are Males 24-54 (48%) and Women 35-45 (26%). Editorial Mission: We are an interview based magazine that focuses on the lifestyles associated with Skateboarding, Surfing and Music. Reader intensive. (310) 399-5336 @JUICEMAGAZINE Kore Magazine (Print|Online) 10000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $500 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: Young Professionals and Socialites |21-35 yr. 58% female, 46%

NOW AVAILABLE For Advertising or Promo call (678)-528-6925

Makin’ It Magazine - | 27

male Editorial Mission: Urban/ Multicultural Lifestyle Magazine. We focus on Entertainment, Style and Philanthropy. (678) 368-2097 @KoreMagazine Midwest Leak Magazine (Print|Online) - 10000 copies Monthly | Ads starting at $25 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: Young urban men and women interested in Midwest entertainment and hiphop lifestyle. Editorial Mission: Highlighting the finest in urban entertainment lifestyle in the Midwest. (317) 454-2656 @MidwestLeak Pound Magazine (Print|Online) 20000 copies Quarterly (4x

Year) | Ads starting at $500 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: Our demographic consists of fans of hip-hop music and culture. A mix of males and females age 15-35 is what our main readership is. Editorial Mission: Pound is a Toronto-based national music, culture and politics magazine with a focus on hip-hop. (416) 555-5555 @poundmagazine Show Off! The Magazine (Print|Online) - 50000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $150 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: 18-35 year old male and female Editorial Mission: Rated #1 free entertainment magazine. Where we showcase your lifestyle.

28 | Makin’ It Magazine -

(323) 906-7469 @showoffthemag Six Twelve Magazine (Online) - copies Bi-Monthly (6x Year) | Ads starting at $160 Reach: Audience: Six Twelve Magazine demographics include those from late teen to mid 30s who are trend setters themselves and diverse in their lifestyles. Editorial Mission: Six Twelve Magazine Entertaining, Informative, Trendy & Inspiring.....| (404) 828-0612 @sixtwelvemag Strapp Magazine (Print|Online) - 30000 copies Bi-Monthly (6x Year) Ads starting at $15 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: HipHop inellectuals from the ages of 14 and up Editorial Mission: To Connect the Streets to the industry (404) 822-4738 @mindoffirerizzy TRIBES Magazine (Print|Online) - 4000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) Ads starting at $250 Reach: International (Multiple Countries) Audience: REACH A DIVERSE AUDIENCE OF LOYAL READERS WITH BUYING POWER! TARGET AUDIENCE: Creative men and women 18-50+, living in urban |communitie Editorial Mission: TRIBES Magazine travels the Indie scene, spotlighting artists generating the next trends in music, visual arts and the printed word. (919) 218-8620 @tribesmagazine Tender Magazine (Print|Online) - 5000 copies

Follow us on twitter: @MakinItMag

Monthly | Ads starting at $125 Reach: Local (City) Audience: Our audience is the urban young professional between the ages of 16-25, with a large base of our audience being college students. Editorial Mission: Tender is a business and lifestlye magazine for young professionals. Our mission is to encourage our readers to go after their dreams. (404) 590-7754 @tendermagazine The Mixx Magazine (Print|Online) - 1000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $35 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: The Mixx Magazine is an inventive publication that caters to the taste-makers of all trendy communities bringing awareness and exposure to companies, artists and individuals with the use of new media strategies. | Editorial Mission: The Mixx Magazine:Online magazine that prints quarterly provideing promotion,duplication, marketing and distribution services to small businesses, artists and musicians (859) 913-0521 @themixxmagazine The Resource Magazine (Print|Online) - 500 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $60 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: We cater to students and hip hop enthusiasts, they are looking for industry connections, models, artists and alternative media topics. Editorial Mission: We focus on advice and guidance from industry professionals to independent models and artists. Along with informative topics on with in alternative media. (619) 866-4792 @Imperial_Hustle UGSMAG (Online) - copies Weekly | Ads starting at $50 Reach: Audience: 20-35 Editorial Mission: UGSMAG is an independent hip hop magazine focusing is on indie / underground hip hop from all around the world. @ugsmag

VERSED Magazine (Online) Monthly | Ads starting at $350 Reach: Audience: Music artists, entrepreneurs, music lovers and supporters, artist managers, publicist, and more. Editorial Mission: VERSED Magazine is an exposure platform focusing on up&coming music artists and entrepreneurs. (857) 222-2222 @VERSEDonline Vocab Magazine (Online) Monthly | Ads starting at $150 Reach: Audience: |Our audience are fashion lovers and people in entertainment industry. We keep our audience updated on the latest. Editorial Mission: Vocab Magazine is a online fashion/ entertainment magazine. Every month we feature up and coming and establish individuals in the fashion and entertainment induS (347) 280-4825 @vocabmagazine

prick magazine (Print|Online) 10000 copies Bi-Monthly (6x Year) Ads starting at $150 Reach: National (Multiple Regions) Audience: People interested in body modifications Editorial Mission: We reach out to the tattoo community as well as the tattoo enthusiasts. Our goal is to educate on the tattoo industry. (678) 457-5878 real talk urban magazine (Print|Online) - 10000 copies Quarterly (4x Year) | Ads starting at $150 Reach: Regional (Multiple States) Audience: AGES 13 TO 49 ALL OVER THE WORLD BECAUSE WE EMAIL BLASTS THE ONLINE VERSHION AND WE SHIP TO LABELS, DJS, PROMOTERS & 1000’S OF SUBSCRIBERS Editorial Mission: To showcase talent, models, cars, djs, bussinessmen & real life subjects to the southern states of florida, Ga, LA, FL, MS, ALABAMA & TENNESSE (251) 753-6368 @realtalkmag

July 2012

Unique Quality Marketing

July 22,2012 - Famous Street DJ/ Producer & Artists Record Pool (Atlanta, GA)

Sponsored by 4E Entertainment |

Every 2nd Sunday’s (Atlanta, GA)

Unique Quality Marketing, Inc or better known to the independent artist community as UQM Inc is a non-profit organization registered with the Secretary of State in the state of TN. Although UQM Inc is based out of Nashville, TN their presence resonates throughout the southeast. The President/CEO of UQM Inc is Jamese Cox aka JCox check out the youtube interview with JCox http://youtu. be/_J_ykIdsEEk She started out as an independent artists herself in the 90’s grinding the Atlanta club scene, going to Jack the Rapper and perfoming at the Birmingham Heritage Festival opening up for acts such as Patty Labelle & Frankie Beverly & Maze in Birmingham, AL. She initially started a Marketing Corporation in Georgia in 2005 that concentrated on marketing products, printing & graphic designs but her move to Nashville in 2009 changed her outlook on marketing. UQM Inc has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary offering services in Marketing, Management, Booking and Promotions for the independent artist. After realizing the many services that the independent artist needed along with realizing the lack of integrity in the entertainment business, JCox decided to start a non-profit in December 2011 to help enhance the needs of the artists. UQM Inc began its journey by first offering the Grind To Ya Shine Tour with BayD the president of Midwest division of iMG/Universal Music Group offering the artists an opportunity at winning a distribution deal with iMG along with giving away studio time with Swagg Siti, mixing & mastering services offered by Nyce Productions, cd cover shoot with Victor Hugo, Interview/music on FM radio, opening artist slot with Urban Soul Cafe & a showcase slot on the 2012 SEA Awards. UQM Inc then followed up with Bang Your Way to the SEA offering a 3 city tour to Atlanta, Nashville & Huntsville giving away 3 showcase slots & 3 after party slots to perform at the 2012 SEA Awards. There were actually 3 artists that represented UQM Inc and performed on the SEA Awards ceremony (Chico Bailey, Ashthon Jones & Mike Traylor & the Loud Pack).

There are certain expectations that come from any artist that is booked on any show by UQM Inc, from maintaining professionalism in their behavior to signing a performances agreement that ensures that the artists agrees to show up to any and all performances sober or risk forfeiting any compensation due their intoxication. It is important that the artists understands that when they step on any stage that has been booked by UQM Inc there is a certain expectation & quality that comes along with representing UQM Inc. When JCox receives a call from a promoter or organization that is expecting to present a family oriented show that consists of entertainment that is minus vulgarity & profanity, it is important that the artist raises their professionalism & create a radio ready, clean show. An example of the latest family friendly show that UQM Inc recently partnered to do was with WMGJ 1240 AM Radio in Gadsden, AL. UQM Inc Presents: WMGJ JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM that consisted of over 20 + independent artists to include GRIZ of 4E Entertainment (Birmingham, AL). Jawz of Life (Los Angeles, CA), Monica Monet (Jacksonville, FL), Charlie D & Chico Bailey (Atlanta, GA), I Am Kross, Crooklyn Beatz & Nova Supreme (Nashville, TN), just to name a few. One of the next upcoming family events will be for a great cause on 8/11/2012, FALLING EAGLE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: BENEFIT FOR RAINBOW OF HOPE WOMENS CENTER CONCERT & CAR SHOW. This event is to raise money for the Rainbow of Hope Women Shelter in Gadsden, AL. They will feature UQM Inc artists, Felicia Fee Fee Payne (New Orleans, LA), Charlie D (Atlanta, GA) & PLB Da Great (Huntsville, AL). Felicia Fee Fee Payne will also represent UQM Inc in Nashville on September 14 at the 2012 African Street Festival. She was invited to participate in the festival after gaining exposure from being booked by UQM Inc at private gala for the CMA Awards weekly festivities in Nashville, TN.

UQM Inc | 2201 Murfreesboro Pike Ste 101B Nashville, TN 37217 615-953-3304 Office | 615-900-0876 Text | | | | |

UQM Inc has also partnered with 4E Entertainment ( to do events & also booking on The Mix Show ( in Decatur, AL once a month. Congratulation to GRIZ, PLB Da Great, Gas Mask Gang & Chico Bailey for being apart of the first 4E & UQM Inc, Mix Show Invasion on June 22, 2012.

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Every 4th Thursday (Atlanta, GA) Various Dates (Birmingham, AL) Various Dates (Memphis, TN) Various Dates (Lexington, KY) Various Dates (Huntsville, AL) Various Dates (Nashville, TN) Various Dates (Gadsden, AL)

August 2012 August 2, 2012 - Ink Slinga (Nashville, TN)

August 4, 2012 - The Main Event: (Rock Edition) featuring Lee Lane & Stoney Creek Ramblers (Nashville, TN) August 23, 2012 - Showtime in Music City Hosted by Ms. Dia of 89.3 FM Atlanta (Nashville, TN) Every 2nd Sunday’s (Atlanta, GA) Every 3rd Thursday (Atlanta, GA) Every 4th Thursday (Atlanta, GA) Various Dates (Birmingham, AL) Various Dates (Memphis, TN) Various Dates (Lexington, KY) Various Dates (Huntsville, AL) Various Dates (Nashville, TN) Various Dates (Gadsden, AL)

September 2012

September 1, 2012 - The Main Event (Blues Edition) featuring Burnside Reunion & Members of Northside MS Allstars (Nashville, TN) September 6, 2012 - Ink Slinga (Nashville, TN) September 16, 2012 - Famous Street DJ/Producer & Artists Record Pool (Nashville, TN)

UQM NEWS FEED UQM Inc would like to say congratulations to Jaz Wilson (Miami, FL) & Lil Fly (Lanett, AL). 2 of their artists that were selected to be on the JAY T PRESENTS: “I CAN MAKE YOU HOT IN THE STREETS VOL2.” Check out Vol 1 online at profiles/blogs/jay-t-presents-i-can-make-u-hot-inthe-street-free-download to see what to expect from Vol 2.

Every 3rd Thursday (Atlanta, GA)

UQM Inc has opened their doors to help enhance the independent artist community by helping the independent artists gain exposure outside of their home market along with helping promoters, charities, organizations & private parties & galas entertain their guests by offering quality entertainment no matter the age, sex of the artist or genre of music. If you are trying to make your event POP!! contact UQM Inc. If you are an independent artist and would like to gain exposure outside of your market or gain more exposure doing private galas, charity events, opening for major artists & more that will place you outside of the box of your own dedicated genre, register as an artist with UQM Inc by emailing . Please note these upcoming dates.

September 27, 2012 - Showtime in Music City Hosted by Ms. Dia of 89.3 FM Atlanta (Nashville, TN) Every 2nd Sunday’s (Atlanta, GA) Every 3rd Thursday (Atlanta, GA) Every 4th Thursday (Atlanta, GA) Various Dates (Birmingham, AL) Various Dates (Memphis, TN) Various Dates (Lexington, KY) Various Dates (Huntsville, AL) Various Dates (Nashville, TN) Various Dates (Gadsden. AL)

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