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A Southern Lyricist with the Aptitude to Succeed!


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Is Reality TV Hip Hop’s New Hustle? 16 ALPHA 6

Published by Cannick Media Group 3939 Lavista Rd.E-249 Tucker, GA 30084

Ambitious and disciplined, this Atlanta rapper is preparing to take hip hop by storm!

Office: 678.528.6925 Fax: 888.812.9710 www.MakinItMag.com Myspace.com/MakinItMag FaceBook.com/MakinItMag Twitter.com/MakinItMag


Working with Atlanta’s top producers, this independent artist provides the blueprint to stay Legal And Hustling.

DJ Malone 24

Making an impact from the Midwest to the South, this Chicago entrepreneur is more than just your typical DJ!

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Makin’ It Magazine | 3


Photo courtesy of WhyCauseICan.com

It costs to be the BOSS!!! I was out at a showcase when I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Taking a few minutes to catch up, they told me about all the things they had been working on and then asked what I had been up to. I simply replied, “Working”. They looked at me a bit puzzled and then asked, “Oh... where do you work at?” I laughed and told them, “The same place I’ve been working at… The Magazine.” This exchange reminded me of an epiphany I had six years ago, when the magazine was still new and I had to work hard to sell ads. I would head into the office everyday around 9 AM to do sales calls, but somehow could never manage to make it home before 10 or 11 at night (This wasn’t flying with the wife… lol). Looking over my call logs, I noticed that while I would do all of my calls early in the day, nearly all of my conversations would be in the evening, when people got off from work and were able to call me back. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks! My business, this magazine, was my JOB, but for most of the people I talked to about

4 | Makin’ It Magazine

advertising, their job was something other than music (or whatever they were looking to promote). I then realized why I was having such a hard time selling ads.

(franchise fees, construction, licensing, payroll, etc) but when you get your check believe me it’s significantly larger than the guy’s working drive through.

Starting a business, you take on a lot of extra expenses and responsibilities (Office Rent, Additional Phone Lines, Internet, Web Servers, Accountants, Email Servers, Promo Services, Employees, etc) but you accept it as the cost of doing business because at the end of the day, your success will not be determined by how little you spend, but by how much MORE you bring in than you put out.

Printing some business cards with Vistaprint and calling yourself a CEO means nothing if you don’t accept the expenses and responsibilities required for your business to grow and make money. This is a concept lost on those who are stuck in the mindstate of an employee. An employee is accustomed to just walking into a situation created by a boss, doing their LIMITED part and walking away with a LIMITED sum of money.

A business is an entity designed solely for the purpose of making money. When you see yourself as a business, you understand that your purpose is to make money, and you accept the responsibility that you will have to invest in the resources to make that happen. It costs nothing to work at a McDonalds. Just show up, do your job and there’s a check waiting for you at the end of the week. If you want to own a McDonalds however, you have to accept all of the expenses that come along with ownership

The point of the story is, It costs to be the boss. So if you don’t have the resources or the stomach to go all in with your own business, save yourself the eventual heartache and play your position. Be an artist on someone else’s label; be a writer for someone else’s magazine; or be a promoter for someone else’s event because there’s nothing wrong with being what you are, the issue is being what you’re not. #BossesStandUp



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“Neutral State Of Mind” by King FrosT Booking: 563-929-1294

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“I Can Get Ratchet Too” by Young Rook Booking: 310-597-7178

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“Newland Vol. 3” Various Artist Booking: 773-357-5428

“Extreme Measures” by Yooda Booking: 305-979-8937

SxSW For ALL! More recently discovered and embraced by the urban side of the music industry, South by Southwest (SxSW) is the largest festival of its kind. With a huge array of performance opportunities for acts to build their fan base, the actual conference portion provides artists with the knowhow, resources and connections to leverage their fan bases into an actual check.

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

by C Mathews The 2014 calendar has already been set so don’t procrastinate. Register today for early bird discounts at SxSW.com/Attend.

Makin’ It Magazine | 5

6 | Makin’ It Magazine


ALPHA (All Lyricists Possess High Aptitude) is a cunning artist who will do everything it takes to solidify his career in the music industry. Honing his craft throughout his teenage years, Alpha credits Eminem with inspiring him to write; stating, “I felt the realness in his lyrics and was just in awe. He was the only artist I was listening to at that time, who made songs that I could relate to emotionally. It made me want to start writing.” With pen in hand, Alpha set out to create a project that would reflect himself inside and out, with the understanding that being commercial is a must. Alpha has been busy promoting his new project “Phenomenal Anomaly”, and it’s lead single “They Be Droppin” in the Atlanta area. This emcee is a firm believer that hard work brings results. Currently looking for a solid team to help strengthen his brand, Alpha seeks a manager who has strong connections in the music industry and can make things happen. With ambition a mile long, and lyrics to match, this GA resident is on his grind.

Find him at music events, open mics, and mixers through the metropolitan area. Be sure to check out Alpha’s current project “Phenomenal Anomaly” on Datpiff. Managers, if you are interested in working with an emcee who has a clear vision and realistic short and long term goals, contact him. He is ready to work. Add i t i o n a l l y, Alpha is currently looking for producers who have big commercial tracks. For more information on how to contact this emcee, general networking, or performing opportunities please use information provided below.

“I call myself Alpha for numerous reasons: 1. I’m from Alpharetta, GA. 2. Alpha represents being one of a kind. 3. I’m a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and put part of the name of my frat in my stage name” - ALPHA

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Phone: 678-467-1098 twitter: @officialalpha www.youtube.com/officialalphamusic www.reverbnation/officialalpha Datpif f.com/Alpha-The-Phenomenal-Anomaly-EP-mixtape.497054.html words by Shaunte Clarke Makin’ It Magazine | 7

Makin’ it Magazine’s


A few good faces worth Rememberiing

Christal Jordan is the principal behind Enchanted PR, whose client list includes individuals such as Towanda Braxton, The Academy (DJ Drama, Don Cannon and DJ Sense) and Chili of TLC. With a dedication to increasing the public awareness of her clients she is instrumental in securing radio or television interviews, placements on television shows and endorsement deals. For more information visit EnchantedPR.net or contact (678) 499-0297 or Christal@enchantedPR.com

Ray Daniels, although low key, has been making his presence felt in the industry for some time. His management company, Raydar Management, is home to a stable of talented Writers and Producers who’ve crafted hits for a list of artists including Akon, Usher, Janet Jackson, Justin Beiber and more. Recently promoted to VP of A&R for Epic Records, we wish to congratulate Ray on his accomplishments and wish him much success at his new post. Be sure to follow him at @RayDaniels

Amir Boyd has carved a unique career

J White, a true connoisseur of Atlanta mu-

Billy Bad Axx, most noted as the founder of Urban Fashion Week, has parlayed his extensive network of industry contacts into BBA Entertainment, a management company and label with distribution through Universal Music Group. Launching the Started From the Bottom promotional tour, Billy provides artists across the country with the opportunity to rock the stage during some of the biggest events of the year, like Allstar Weekend, The BET Awards, and more. For additional info about the company or upcoming tour dates visit StartedFromTheBottom.com

Isaac Hayes III has blazed his own path in the industry as a songwriter and producer. Catching his earliest big break with the placement of 8 records in the movie ATL, one being the soon to be gold single “Money in the Bank” which he produced for Lil Scrappy. Moving more into the executive side of the industry, he’s been working deals, manages producer Bobby Kritikal (Mykko Montana - “Do It”) and has taken over as CEO of Isaac Hayes Enterprises to oversee the estate of his late father. For business inquiries contact (404) 494-0111 or Isaachayes3@gmail.com (IG: @IsaacHayes3)

sic, launched WhyCauseICan.com purely out of the desire to find hot new music. Incorporating a mix of celebrity gossip and news, the site has quickly grown to be known as a great go-to source for the hottest new artists, music videos, and events in Atlanta. Currently working to close a deal that will expand the site’s event coverage to Los Angeles, Miami, Philly, New York and Toronto, J is positioning his brand to be a media powerhouse. For more information contact (404) 941-0271 or info.whycauseican@gmail.com

8 | Makin’ It Magazine

path that led him from Radio, to Retail Marketing, to Record Promotions. With each transition leading to larger opportunities, he’s worked on projects for TI, Ciara, Robin Thicke, Diddy, Cash Out and more, in addition to having served as Music Director for V103 (The largest radio station in the Southeast). Currently the National Mix show Director and FL Regional Promotions Manager at Epic Records, he’s definitely someone to watch. Follow him at @ AmirKBoyd and refer all business inquiries to AskPrAmir@gmail.com or 202.350.1441



Makin’ It is more than a magazine. It’s a movement built on the simple concept of supporting serious independent artists and entrepreneurs. In each issue, we like to take time out to introduce some of our newest members and spotlight existing members who’ve been making an impact in our community. The members we feature in this section are in here for a reason. They are serious about their careers, and they understand the need to invest in themselves. They are looking to network, connect and build with other serious individuals. We do not play the middle-man. All members have direct contact information included in their features. Don’t just read this magazine…. USE IT! Read up on each member, check out their music, and connect with them. That Artist, Manager, Client, Producer or Publicist you’ve been looking for may be only a page away. If you want to get featured in our next issue being distributed for Grammy Weekend, SxSW, WMC and More, visit MakinItMag.com/Subscribe and sign up for your Professional Membership. Until then… Let the Networking Begin! MEMBER SPOTLIGHT

Tara Bianco

As our longest running Premium Member, Tara is also quite possibly the youngest. Having had the privelege of watching her develop over the years and featuring several of her songs on projects, we wish to congratulate her on her recent graduation and the official release of her debut EP, “Dance Now” on iTunes.


Platinum Voice PR Holding us down in the Midwest, Carmen Pearson, the founder of Platinum Voice PR , has played an instrumental role in growing the Makin’ It Magazine audience in the Chicago Area. Be sure to network & follow @PlatinumVoicePR

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Rogizz a.k.a Black Blago by D Banks

After signing with DreamWorks Records prior to their 2005 collapse, RoGizz decided his path was to go independent. Since then, his mixtapes and music videos have been featured on Fader, WorldStar Hip-Hop, ThisIs50.com, Hip-Hop Weekly, and many other national outlets. With the introduction of his famed alter ego, Black Blago, he combines wit and creativity to explore the inner conflict of Good vs. Evil, Love vs. Hate, and Purity vs. Pimping. Recently gaining attention as a songwriter, he is looking for a manager with the connections to shop more of his music, as well as help securing more paid shows. For additional information contact via the following. (630) 272-0744 Rogame2001@yahoo.com www.RoGizz.com

Makin’ It Magazine | 9

Okolo the Don diva by B Walker Since releasing her debut solo album, “The Real Diamond in the Ruff ”, back in 2006, OKOLO has been on her grind. Featuring collaborations with Latoya London, Messy Marv and production from DJ Darryl (the producer of Tupac’s “Keep Your Head Up”), her first project helped solidify her title as the Bay Area’s best kept secret. Since then, she has release several successful records including “Money Bag$”, “Boss Chic” and “Hot N

Wet”. Currently on a big promotional push she has been busy performing all across California and is currently looking for opportunities to expand her brand beyond the West Coast and into the Southeast. For more information contact the following

Yung Petro

Mista Joe

Yung Petro, originally born Tavares Pope, doesn’t hide the fact that music has always been his first love. The same discipline he gained as a Drum Major in High School has fueled his passion for writing, recording and performing since he started over 10 years ago. Often compared to one of his favorite artists, TI, this Huntsville, Alabama native is focused on the release of his first single “53 to Tennessee” and is preparing for his solo debut. For more information contact:

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Mista Joe is looking to expand his horizons in the music industry beyond the Dirty South. Having received three record deals over the past five years, Mista Joe isn’t new to the industry and has graced the stage with many notable artists. Currently signed to Martyr Records, Mista Joe is looking for a fresh start while still he continues to feed his fans his signature street sound. Always looking to expand his fan base you can keep up with his journey on Twitter at @MistajoeMR. For more information contact the following

Twitter: @YungPetro11 yungpetro11@gmail.com (256) 348-7164

Www.Martyrrecs.com Mrjoe3100@gmail.com (478) 338-4246

by D Banks

Natty Nat by D Banks

IAmOkolo.com hereafterent@gmail.com (213) 986-5323

by D Gillespie

her two new singles “T. Town Hop” and “Wetter.” Eliciting praise from across the industry, even members of rival rap camps MMG and G-Unit, as well as Violator and Def Jam, have found common ground on her talent. Be on the look out for her follow-up project “Press Play: Club Control Volume I.” For more information and networking contact the following.

With goals of becoming a household name, Natty Nat, Da Rawest Female N Da Durty South, is grinding her music to the top while also shattering the conventional thoughts of what hip hop has to look like. Her self-proclaimed moniker is backed up with a hypnotic flow and sharp lyrical wit. Focused and determined, Natty Nat (born Natalie Flo- Youtube.com/813863NattyNat rance) is currently promoting her debut NattyNat813863@yahoo.com album, “Music Business” while pushing (863)205-7577

10 | Makin’ It Magazine



Velez on the Boards

by B Walker

by D Banks

19 year old Chris Velez has always been around or involved with music. Trying his hand as an emcee, he would soon be introduced to his true passions, Songwriting and Engineering. Currently the Manager of Frathouze Studios in Atlanta, he never forgets his roots as an artist. Giving every client’s project the detail oriented attention it deserves, his reputation for delivering quality recording at rates any independent artist can afford, has been rapidly spreading. Having learned under the wing of established engineers and producers his client base consists of a mix of new faces and industry heavy hitters. For more information contact SoxFrathouze@gmail.com FaceBook.com/ChrisVa (678) 755-8718 || @soxfrathouze

Brandon Rossi by C Mathews

A native of Decatur, GA, rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Brandon Rossi grew up in a musical household. Joking that everyone in his family is either a preacher or musician, he sat down with us to answer a few questions about music and his recent signing to RocNation.

As the self-proclaimed Prince of Chicago, Gerunimo, was born and raised on the City’s west side. Growing up in a single parent household, he has a story that many of his fans can relate to. With an unmatched grind, he has a hunger that, in his words, only a record deal will satisfy. With 24 mixtapes already under his belt, he has another 3 slated to be released between now and early 2014. Having opened for a multitude of artists including Crucial Conflict, Jadakiss, Cassidy, Bump Jay, Kanye West and B.O.B, he is building a reputation as an all-around entertainer. For more information on Gerunimo or his movement contact the following: @Chiraq_Gerunimo gerunimoprince@yahoo.com (773) 979-2470

When did you know that music was going to be your life? It was watching ‘The Wiz’ that got me interested in music. I started playing the trumpet when I was twelve and then joined the marching band in high school. I didn’t know I wanted this to be my career though, until I had the opportunity to be involved with the movie Drumline.” What are you currently working on? I’m working on a new album but I’m also doing music for RaVaughn, Casey Veggies, Jacob Latimore and Carl Thomas too. I’m trying to be the next Quincy Jones. How does it feel being signed to RocNation? I just feel really blessed to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I owe so much to my family and friends that believed in me and supported me and also my people over at Major Cosign for helping connect the dots. What advice would you give to Independent artists? Just to continue making good music, always stay working and build good relationships. Those were three most important things for me. Instagram.com/BrandonRossi

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 11


by B Walker

To make it in the music business it takes more than talent; it takes personality, tenacity and the will to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. At just 26 years old, Yng Rell embodies all of that. With a depth for writing that comes from personal experience and observation, he gives fans gritty yet fun records that anyone can relate to while never slacking with the wordplay or delivery. Born in Charlottevilles, VA, but raised in Danville, There’s no telling where you’ll catch Yng Rell. Making moves from New York to Cali, he’s caught the attention of several industry heavyweights. With his debut mixtapes, “I Ain’t Like Them” and “Shuttle Gang Pt.1: Shuttle life”, making noise on sites like Datpiff, MaffiaMixtapes and ThatCrack.com, he’s currently gearing up for the release of his album sometime in the 4th quarter. In the meantime, his latest mixtape project, “Rell’s Playground”, has been popping up all over the internet. With major performances scheduled in Atlanta during BET Hip Hop Awards weekend and A3C, he’s doing everything necessary to push his Space Cadet Academy (SCA) brand to the next level. Driven by his 2 year old daughter, London, and newborn son, Mason, his aspirations are only outpaced by his determination. Currently looking for management and to secure more shows as he prepares for the release of his album, you may contact him at the following: Phone: (202) 500-0084 yngrell14@gmail.com Twitter: @YngRell IG: @YngRell14

12 | Makin’ It Magazine


Redd Fidel by C Mathews

Hailing from Miami, Florida (via Opa-Locka), Redd Fidel has been feverishly on the grind for years creating songs that uplift, inspire, and speak to the minds and hearts of those who dare to listen. Having worked with Artists such as Ceelo Green, Dionne Farris, and Joe Black (RIP), he has built a discography that spans over ten years. Some have described his newest project, “Gang-sta Nerd,” as cerebral, introspective, and re-flective. His lead single, “God Flow,” underscores his passionate intensity for the music and sets the tone for what to expect from the album. For more information contact the following:

Sincere Grant by B Walker

artists ranging from Bobby Valentino to Yo Gotti, he’s eager to work with any artist that shares his same passion for music. For more information call (214) 395-2803 or contact the following:

ReverbNation.com/reddfidel reddfidel@gmail.com (678) 896-6730

R&B artist, Sincere Grant honed his vocal skills as a youth singing in Tulsa Oklahoma’s North Peoria Church of Christ. A true musician, he’s not only a masterful singer and songwriter but proficient at vocal arrangements, melody composition and dancing. Having opened for notable

Scooty Woot by D Banks

Fi Chief by C Mathews

ScootyWoot is a native of Chicago but has been residing in the south for quite some time. ScootyWoot is a businessman and has started several ventures since graduating from Grambling University. While managing his businesses, Scootywoot has released a solo album (The Stimulus Package) as well as several mixtapes. S.C.O.O.T Vol 1 and 2 featuring 2 Chainz and Drake. For more information contact at the following: Facebook.com/scootywootmusic


Twitter: @ScootyWoot (404) 604-0296 Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

RMIMusicGroup.com RMIAssociatesInfo@gmail.com

Hailing from Macon, GA, Fi CHiEF founded his own independent label, Meal Time Entertainment, in 2005 after coming off tour with Young Jeezy. Releasing several CDs since, he really began to gain traction in 2011 with the mixtape release, “DoYouCHiEF Vol. 1”, which featured collaborations with MJG, Project Pat and Boyz N da Hood’s own Big Gee. With much of the production being provided by CKP and the BeatMonsters, the project has amassed over 14,000 genuine views on LiveMixtapes and help solidify his name in the streets. Contact For more information.

www.twitter.com/fichief fihousemg@gmail.com (678) 837-9038

Makin’ It Magazine | 13

Kuntry Rap Tunes by D Banks

ANT ASH Originally born in the Bronx, Ant Ash now resides in Blacklick, Ohio (Columbus) where he has been building an impressive catalog of records. Having been involved with music since the age of six, he’s far from your typical rapper. Assisting other artists, he’s equally happy to be behind the scenes producing and writing for both hip-hop and R&B acts. Equally talented in basketball growing up, it was a chance meeting that would eventually lead to a record deal with Edel Records in France that would make music a top priority in his life. Currently promoting his latest mixtape effort, Ver-

14 | Makin’ It Magazine

by C Mathews

satility, he has been busy testing singles from the project to decide which he’ll shoot videos for. Focused on strengthening his negotiating position for a possible deal he is looking to increase his fanbase in New York City, Atlanta and Ohio. Also looking to expand his management team, Ant Ash is interested in networking with other talented artists from different markets. For more information contact him at the following: AshfordAnthony@ymail PHONE: (614) 806-3026 @AAshfordAnthony www.Antash.net

Super group Kuntry Rap Tunes Kartel of Nawd Entertainment are making waves from South Carolina onto the Independent music scene with their latest single, “You Know”. Blending Hip Hop with R&B, Mr BJ, L.B. and Da Heart’s unique styles complement each other to perfection. Selected to appear on Makin’ It

Magazine’s BET Hip Hop Awards Mixtape, NAWD Entertainment is looking for additional promotional outlets as they gear up for a regional radio push. For more information contact the following: www.nawdsc.com nawdsc@gmail.com (706) 998-6293

WerDoze by B Walker

With a bio that reads “They landed on planet Earth in 1993”, The WeRdoZe (pronounced weirdos) are carving their own unique niche in hip hop. Based in Oklahoma City, this rap duo has been making considerable noise with their recently released EP, “PoWWWeRRR”. Specifically selected by the President of South Eastern Concerts to be a

special guest performer, the WeRdoZe will be rocking the stage at the Welcome 2 Atlanta BET Hip Hop Awards Pre-Party. For more information contact the following: www.werdoze.com WeRdoZe@gmail.com (405) 816-0877


Young Thunda by B Walker

Tylen Fowlkes, better known as Young Thunder, was born March 21st in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he developed a passion for hip hop at an early age. Putting his skills to the test, he has entered into various talent shows and showcases around the Midwest. Not limited to just that region, Young Thunder has also

Loco111 by D Banks

traveled to many places such as Texas, California, and Las Vegas. Looking to further his music career, he’s currently looking for management. You can contact him at: www.youngthunder.com youngthunda@yahoo.com (832) 732-3605

Tamara Bubble

24 Year old rapper, Loco111 was born and raised in the Little Haiti area of Miami, Florida. Inspired by his surroundings, his music reflects the harsh realities of his environment. While he’s always had a passion for music, it was only a year ago that he started to seriously pursue it as a career. Currently building his catalog of music he is interested in connecting with Producers, DJs and possibly a manager. For more information contact him at:

by C Mathews Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul; Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, Tamara Bubble creates timeless hits that will be around for years to come. A Brooklyn native class act with an irresistible smile and style; we had no choice but to give her the warmest introduction: Bubble on Deck! For more information contact at the following:

reverbnation.com/Loco111 Loco111@icloud.com (786) 296-4955 @LocoMadeMan

TamaraBubble.com bookings@TamaraBubble.com (646) 730-8691 @TamaraBubble

Majestic by D Banks

With a keen ear and an appreciation for good music, Majestic is able to mesh with perfection, a Universal Swag with some of hottest combinations of Soulful and Contemporary Bass Tracks, and deliver superb results. This self-made grinder approaches with confidence Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

each track as though it’s his next hit. For more information contact: FaceBook.com/majeststarr1 starr1production@gmail.com (404) 625-6314 @majest_starr1

Makin’ It Magazine | 15

Reality check$ 16 | Makin’ It Magazine


“Hell... I would walk to Brooklyn for some cheesecake if it got me a record deal. I’ve walked longer than that selling my CD at events and didn’t have a contract waiting in my hotel room.” -Kelby Cannick (The Rapper), 2002 I think we can all remember that infamous scenario when hip hop and reality TV first officially collided. Diddy’s Making The Band 2, showed us just how far some rappers were willing to go for the validation of a record deal. I too was one of those artists, as you can tell from the opening quote, but as that first season played out, I quickly began to see that Reality TV and Hip Hop didn’t mix. It was too up close; too personal; too intrusive into the lives and shortcomings of the cast. It magnified their character flaws to an extent that it overshadowed their talents. The artists quickly became too ordinary, too commonplace, too REAL. This observation would later be proven with the eventual failure and disbanding of the Da Band. Fast forward 10 years and it seems that Hip Hop and Reality TV have found their rhythm, with rap veterans such as Snoop Dogg, Ice T, Luke Campbell and even Reverend Run

Waynemgmtco New York City, NY

“Basically, it’s another outlet to get your name and brand out to the people that matter... The Fans. However, it’s also a way into your personal lives. Your personal life almost always will impact your music career. You can be the best lyricist, creatively sound and skilled, but if you are a womanizer, a dead beat dad or a drug abuser, your actions will show because you allowed a venue into your personal life by living your daily activities in front of the camera for all to see.

BLIZM Atlanta, GA

“The craziest thing about ‘Reality’ TV is that for the most part it isn’t ‘REALITY’. Whenever you put a camera in the mix, NOTH-

making the idea quite commonplace. And who do we owe it all to? Flavor Flav, the man who accidentally discovered the formula for a successful hip hop reality show. Just take Hip Hop with all of its swag, dysfunction, vices and culture then totally remove the element of music and Viola, a winner!

rection of the show and how you’re presented. But when you’re an artist looking to use a show as a springboard to start a career or regain a stalling one, the leverage is to the advantage of the production company whose only concern is ratings, ratings, ratings!

Love and Hip Hop is a perfect example. With an ensemble cast spanning from producers to rappers to singers, this Reality TV juggernaut can pull in as much as 630,000 tweets in a week. How many of which are about music? Just take a quick trip to Google and search for any cast member. You’re more likely to find out who’s single than who has a new single.

I’m sure Keyshia Cole, Bobby Brown, Juicy J and DJ Paul all had totally different visions for what their reality shows would be and how they would subsequently affect their lives and careers. There’s a good chance that “All My Babies’ Mamas” was the best thing to NEVER happen to Shawty Lo. If a talented artist like K. Michelle has a prominent role on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” (averaging 3.2+ million viewers per episode) and only sells 65,000 albums her first week, I believe thats a big indicator for how much (or little) reality TV shows actually affect an artist’s fan base. Meanwhile, someone somewhere is cashing a VERY nice check for consistently bringing in 3.2 million viewers that VH1 can sell to advertisers. So, while everyone is looking at Reality TV as the new hustle…. Many fail to see in most cases it’s hip hop that’s actually the one being hustled.

Is there anything wrong with that? No… But but lets call a spade a spade. Reality TV has become the rapper’s botox… A temporary solution to smooth out the wrinkles in their career. Providing an additional income stream, reality shows can serve as a 30 to 60 minute weekly vehicle (infomercial) for branding or rebranding. The biggest issue in most cases, is the production company producing the show has 100% control of how that brand is portrayed to the public. When you’re an established act like T.I., Chili or Snoop you have the leverage to negotiate for higher pay per episode; to control the di-

ING is going to go down the way it would if the camera wasn’t there. “First 48” that is “reality” TV to me. “Love & People You’ve Heard Of ” is a TV show. But let them get their money. When you can get 3Gs for a walk through just because you’re on a TV show, made up or not, you can’t hate that. I just wish they would make their own social site and release my news feed and timeline from the weekly nauseating posts I have to endure, especially from grown ass men!“

CurtCurt87 Huntsville, AL

“Reality Shows have been a way for artists to market themselves in a different light but let’s be honest though. These reality shows, like Love & Hip-Hop, R&B Divas and even Housewives of Atlanta, cater towards the African American female fanbase. I don’t know how many of them

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

P.S. For those of you who like numbers: 65,000 CD Sales divided 3.2 Million viewers equals an effective reach of 2%.

are rushing to buy Joe Budden’s CD cuz he was on Love & Hip Hop. At the end of the day you are either fans of these artists or you’re not. The foundation is music. Good Music. Being on a reality show will not drastically increase your record sales. K. Michelle didnt have the best record sales in her first week. I believe her music is great. At the same time, she’s not Rihanna either. She isnt in that Top 40 radio category. At least not yet. So at the end of the day, Music is what it all comes back to”

Jay Harris Atlanta, GA

“Music sales are down and TV views are up... Almost every week I post hip hop record sales and its the SAME artist selling records. The rest are just selling their souls. Reality TV is a good tool for creating visuals, but it doesn’t sell albums since ART-

IST’s music barely gets played due to licensing. I’m not against reality tv but at least get a good scripted scene where you can play your music.”

Schweinbeck Atlanta, GA

“I feel that reality TV is another lane to get noticed, but I wouldn’t consider it the “new” hustle. Everything in this industry to me is a hustle... whatever it takes to get noticed, Some choose reality TV and are never taken seriously.”

Contribute your voice to the conversation. Post a comment at


Makin’ It Magazine | 17

ZAYTOVEN: Music Producer to Movie Producer by D Banks Being a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award Winning producer would probably satisfy most musicians, but as one of Hip Hop’s most in-demand hit makers, Zaytoven is stretching his reach far beyond rap and into the film industry. With the recent release of his first full length feature, Birds of a Feather (Directed by Al Nuke), Zaytoven is taking his brand to the next level. Receiving a warm reception from audiences, the film is being referred to as this generation’s Bout It. Having already made its way into major distribution outlets like Redbox and Netflix, the film was recently picked up in Walmart Stores nationwide. Loosely based on Zaytoven’s own rise to stardom, the film tells a captivating story that anyone pursuing a career in the music industry can identify with and be inspired by. Featuring some of Atlanta’s hottest

18 | Makin’ It Magazine

artists, you’re sure to see your favorite rapper in there somewhere making a cameo. Catching up with Zaytoven during a listening session for the film’s soundtrack (available on Livemixtapes.com), we learned that he’s already begun work on a second film project which he reveals will be a comedy. Even with his hectic schedule working on film projects and music for The Migos, Gucci Mane, Yung LA, Chief Keef and more, Zaytoven still makes an effort to give back to the independents. Partnering with Makin’ It Magazine for the 6th installment of the Kill the Track competition, he’s providing serious artists the chance to make their next single a Zaytoven Production and win a $2,500 promo campaign (Details at MakinItMag.com/Ktt6). Follow: @Zaytoven_Beatz


The Buzz | Atlanta A lot has went on since our last issue. The Core DJs hosted another great Mixshow Live event in Atlanta which featured a true Salute to Female MCs. Although the open mic scene has died down some, Hustle & Flow remains one of the most consistent along with Tuesday Nights w/ Big Vic XL. Our fam over at MBK have also launched The Aurora Sessions, a monthly open mic the first Tuesday of each month at Cloud 9. Open to Rappers, Singers and Poets, it’s the event of

choice for artists whose music has more of a message. After a two month summer break Music Mondays started back at the iLounge with exclusive listening sessions for Luney Tunez, Zaytoven and Yung LA. Other great monthly events to check out include The Sessions and Schweinbeck Industry Mixer. Don’t forget to check www.MakinItMag.com/Events to stay up to date with all the top industry events in Atlanta and beyond. Music Monday (9/2/13) Every 1st Monday Makin It Magazine brings out Atlanta’s top Songwriters, DJs, Producers and Artists for a night of FREE Food, networking and new Music. This night featured an exclusive listening session w/ Super Producer Zaytoven and a special guest performance from Yung LA.

Cory Mo Getting his start as an artist in 1999, Cory Mo’s career as a producer soon took off, affording him the opportunity to produce, record and mix records for artists such as UGK, Lil Wayne, Geto Boys, Mya, Talib Kweli, Killer Mike and more. Currently working on music for Slice 9, Scotty ATL, Lil Keke, Bun B and others, the MC in him never died. Consistently working on his own music he is prepared to release his latest full length project, “Take It or Leave It” on Talib Kweli’s new label. For more information on the project or production contact (678) 561-5444 or countryraptunez@gmail.com

DJ Lady B A dynamic individual, Lady B Graduated with a degree in Business and Communications which she’s used to build herself into one of Atlanta’s top Multi-media personalities. Hosting Radio Shows, Concerts, Web Series and Red Carpet Coverage for the BET Hip Hop Awards, she is also founder of The Session, a monthly event that goes beyond the music to tell an artist’s story. For more information contact thesessionatl@gmail.com or visit TheSessionATL.com

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Wyld Relocating to Atlanta in 2007 to seriously pursue his music, Wyld (Formerly known as Wyld Money) immediately made his presence felt in the streets. With his single “G-Spot” catching the attention of the industry veterans, it was his consistent grind and work ethic that put him on our radar at Makin’ It Magazine. Eliciting the attention of industry heavyweights such as fellow VA-residents Timbaland and Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, Wyld eventually landed a deal with and Grammy Award winning producer Nate “Danja” Hill’s NARS Records. For more information contact 770.557.5751 or TommyEaton@NarsRecords.com

New Releases to Check Out Day 2 Young Dro biz@defient.com @dropolo 10 Pc. Mild Trinidad James Peter@theagencygroup.com @TrinidadJamesGG Diary of A Trap God Gucci Mane @gucci1017 Young Rich Niggas Migos 404-583-0259 @MigosATL From The Cell Block To Your Block Young Scooter 404-599-2615 @1YoungScooter

Mike Upscale Founding Upscale Entertainment in 1998, Michael Taylor has specialized in event marketing, product distribution and branding for over a decade. Known throughout Atlanta, New York, D.C., Los Angeles & Miami for his ability to successfully market signature events, consistency has been the key to his success. Currently promoting 6 weekly events each reaching an estimated 4,000 potential consumers, he has the ability to connect your brand, music or product with top tastemakers, celebrities and early adopters. For more information visit MikeUpscale.com

Makin’ It Magazine | 19

The Writers Block by C Mathews

1. Netflix

2 Chainz feat. Fergie

2. Honest Future

3. Money Baby K Camp

4. Every Where We Go

A1 The SuperGroup feat. Blitz

5. All Me

Drake feat. Big Sean & 2 Chainz

6. Atlanta Lights Stuey Rock

7. T.G.T.W.Y.N.M. Johnny Cinco

8. No Pressure

Jeezy feat. Rich Homie Quan

9. Where U Been

2 Chainz feat Cap 1

10. FDB (Remix)

Young Dro feat. French Montana, T.I., Trinidad James & DJ Drama

11. Kemosabe (Remix)

Doe B feat Young Dro, T.I., B.O.B. & Birdman

12. Jumpin Like Jordan

Rich The Kid feat. Migos

13. F*** You

Yo Gotti feat Meek Mill

14. Miley [Twerk]

DJHoliday feat. Waka Flocka & Wiz Khalifa

15. 23

Mike Will Made It feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Miley Cyrus

16. Ready

B.O.B feat. Future

17. No Games

Rick Ross feat. Future

18. Reset


19. Bobby Johnson Que

20. Shimmer Bambi

Want to stay tapped into the pulse of Atlanta music? Visit ATLTop20.com to download service packs with the hottest songs on the streets of ATL (Drop FREE) plus exclusive bones tracks!

20 | Makin’ It Magazine

Tacoma, Washington probably wouldn’t be among the top ten cities you think of when considering urban music, but the work that Clem Rishad and Will Jordan are doing may soon add it to the list. Individually, the two are talented artists in their own right; Clem, a charismatic emcee that blends flavors from all coasts, and Will, a creative vocalist unafraid to cross genre lines in search of something new. Together however, the two form the Grammy Nominated, American Music Award winning writing and production team, The Writers Block. Rising from obscurity in Tacoma to work with some of the hottest artists in the game such as Rihanna, T.I., Nicki Minaj and Sean Kingston, they understand that great talent can come from anywhere. This is one of the attributes that made them the perfect partner for our 5th installment of the Kill the Track competition

(Details at MakinItMag.com/Ktt5). Providing independent artists with the opportunity to slay one of their beats, complete with hook, the two have been very interested in hearing the level of creativity they inspire in other artists. For more information on The Writers Block, contact RWilliams@VerseusEnt.com or follow them on twitter at @ WritersBlockNW (as well as individually at @ClemmRishad and @WillJordanMusic).

Studdy Stu

by D Banks

Studdy Stu, born in Philadelphia, Mississippi as Joshua Stewart, is an up and coming rapper that recently relocated to Atlanta to seriously pursue a career in the music industry. With a very distinct rap voice he also produces his own music. With the release of his highly anticipated single “Back At It”, the dirty south rapper is preparing for a regional radio push. The video for the single has been generating attion on Worldstar Hip-Hop. Look out for his next single “Born Leader”. For more information contact: Studdystu1@gmail.com (601) 701-7099 | @Studdystu


Mixtape Atlas

is your one stop shop for all of your mixtape promotional needs. Purchase our directory of 1,000 websites to submit or post your project to or purchase one of our promo packages starting as low as $99 and put your capaign on Autopilot. for more information visit www.MixtapeAtlas.com


Jay Jones A young lyricist from New Orleans, La with talent beyond reproach - he’s the son of the legendary J-Dawg from Black Menace (Hip Hop group from New Orleans). He is a long-time client of MixtapeAtlas.com. We have promoted all three of his mixtapes the latest being “Kool Kalm & Kollected”, known on the streets as “KKK”. He has recorded over 400,000 downloads of his tapes worldwide. He is definitely an artist to look out for. Follow him on twitter at @JayJ0nes and on on instagram @KoolJones

TC Productions Indie Web Series Underground Sounds Season 1

Mic Barz Got Barz!

Jay Jones Kool Kalm & Kollected (KKK)

Aziz, The Substance Outside Looking In

Luney Tunez by D Banks

For a Multi-platinum producer who’s done records for a list of artists including Rick Ross, Rihanna, Gucci Mane, and Future among others, Luney Tunez remains surprisingly humble. With an intense work ethic, Luney is always ready to hop in the studio and create. Whether it’s working with an established artist or an independent one, the goal is always to deliver a hit. This dedication to consistency most likely stems from being and independent artist himself. Spawning several successful singles over the years, including “Powerful Draws” and “Acka Fool”, he knows firsthand what it’s like to have songs spinning in various markets and hitting the road to support them. His most recent single “Somebody 2 Luv” has been gaining steam online and getting picked up by DJs in markets throughout the Midwest and the Southeast.

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag


mixconnect.com Good site with a loyal audience. Highly Recommend posting here!

Richie Luna – Celebrate (One of the hottest EDM records out.)

Receiving another Platinum Plaque earlier this year for his production work on Rihanna’s latest album, Luney recently released his own Mixtape, “The Juug is Real” which showcases some of his most recent production work including a new single with Atlantic Record’s artist, Kevin Gates. Coming on board as a sponsor for Makin’ It Magazine’s 4th Kill The Track competition, he gave thousands of artists from across the country the opportunity to Have Beat Juug Produced single including a $2000 promo campaign. For more information on booking Luney Tunez performances, beats or features contact:

LuneyTunez.com BOOKLUNEY@GMAIL.COM Twitter & IG: @LuneyTunezBJ

Makin’ It Magazine | 21

As anyone from the area can tell you, cold Midwestern winters breed a special type of hustler. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ken Abner is just such a hustler. Caught up in the street life and gang bangin’ at an early age, the name Pimp’n reflects a mentality and lifestyle that Ken has outgrown, but still understands. Relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina in his late teens, Ken’s eyes were opened to a new way of living. Now a semi-professional bowler, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, those same eyes stay fixed on the bigger picture. Having always had a passion for music, he launched his own independent label, L.A.H. Entertainment (Legal And Hustling). With

22 | Makin’ It Magazine

the debut singles “Hood Starz” and “We Here Now”, L.A.H. solidified its presence regionally before releasing their 2011 debut. The album, “760 Musik” spawned two successful singles, “Work Out” and “Single 4 Da Night”.

top producers, including Sonny Digital, Mike Will, K.E. On The Track, Ensayne Wayne, D. Rich, Shawty Redd and more, for a project titled “ATL’s Finest: Producer Edition”. With a strong collection of single worthy songs, and guest features from artists like Gucci Mane and In 2012, L.A.H. Entertainment released 2 Chainz, the project would soon catch its second compilation project entitled the attention of many industry insiders. “Resurrection”. It showcased the label’s diversity with singles spanning from the Now back in the studio, Pimp’n is preradio-friendly crossover record “Move”, paring for the release of ATL’s Finto the successful R&B hit, “Worth It”. est Vol 2. For more information Not one to rest on past successes, Pimp’n about the project or getting involved soon began working on what would with L.A.H. Entertainment, contact be L.A.H.’s most successful project to LAHEntertainment@gmail.com or visit date. In a flash of marketing brilliance, LAHEntertainment.com he decided to enlist the aid of Atlanta’s IG: @1PimpNKen Twitter: @LAH_Ent



DJ Black Boy | Atlanta

DJ Warrez | Philly

DJ Johnny Focus| Houston

djblakboy@gmail.com (404) 399-3906 Club www.DjBlackboy.com

djwarrez26@gmail.com (904) 239-2454 Mixtape www.DjWarrez.com


Song: GahD*mn Artist: Rolls Royce Rizzy ft. AD Killa Online: www.RizzyMusic.com Comment: “A definite hit! Both delivered top notch verses with a bangin’ hook that will have you nodding your head and rapping along for sure.”

Song: Money Don’t Lie Artist: DPONE prod. by DJ Warrez Online: www.djwarrez.com Comment: “Westcoast Eastcoast collaboration that is BANANAS!!”

Song: Kandi Licker Artist: Classik (feat. Fat Pimp) Online: www.RealClassik.com Comment: “This song takes people to that next level of R&B music. I feel it’s the next to blow because of the raw talent portrayed.”

DJ Whizlam | Denver, CO

DJ Kurupt | Atlanta

DJ Sean Blu | Augusta, GA

DjWhizlam@gmail.com (720) 998-2782 Mixtape Twitter.com/DJWhizlam

djkurupt@djkurupt.com (678) 478-3742 Radio Twitter.com/djkurupt

StreetHymnsMixtapes@gmail. com (706) 250-2205 Mixtape Facebook.com/Sean.Blu

Song: Dump It Artist: Kris Baptiste Online: Twitter.com/KrisBaptiste Comment: “This record is absolutely redonkulous!!!! The artist told me he’s trying to get E-40 on the remix with him! I’m co-signing it all the way!”

Song: All Deez Artist: T.R.U.B. Online: Twitter.com/TrubGME Comment: “All Deez is a song that us dj’s can play in any city/state. East coast, deep in the south & in Memphis! That’s right... it’s picking up steam! #twfdjk”

Song: Yap Yap Artist: GS Online: www.ThisIsGS.com Comment: “Catchy Party Record!!”

DJ Scooby | Atlanta

DJ Dirty Rico | D.C.

DJ Mondo | Chicago

DjScooby.285@gmail.com (770) 873-6390 Club Facebook: D.J. Scooby Atl

Patrice.Mackey@gmail.com (240) 286-6610 Radio Twitter.com/DjDirtyRico

DJMondo3@gmail.om (773) 503-2583 Radio | Club | Mixtape Twitter.com/djmondo3

Song: Club Craazzyyy Artist: BJ Cash Online: www.BjCash.net Comment: “This Is A Hot Club Record, I Believe This Song Will Be The Next To Blow!! “Im Supporting This Record Heavy!!”

Song: Twerk Artist: Ace Spade Online: Rapgenius.com/BlackwoodDMV Comment: “This joint not only fits the craze of what’s going on but IT ROCKS! Tempo is PERFECT, you can understand everything in it!..A GREAT PARTY TRACK!”

Song: Throw It Up Artist: L Streetz Online: Twitter.com/LStreetz Comment: “She works hard and is definitely representing for Chicago’s female rap artists.”

(281) 978-1626 Club Twitter.com/JohnnyFocusVII

Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at www.MakinItMag.com If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit www.MakinItMag.com and start networking with the DJs. Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 23

DJ Malone Making Moves from Chicago to Houston

24 | Makin’ It Magazine


DJ’ing is not just his job..... it’s who he is. Fred Malone a.k.a DJ Malone has been rocking the streets with his crazy insane DJ’ing skills since the age of 15. Clubgoers throughout the Chicago area flock when they hear that DJ Malone will be on the turntables. Priding himself on the ability to hear and see things in a different light, DJ Malone brings a “musical experience to any event he touches”. Confessing, “ I’ve always liked the fact that I can impact how people feel through music or even, put them into a memory they once had,” he reveals that this is the driving force behind his passion for DJing. A jack of all trades, DJ Malone has expanded his brand from doing mixtapes to shooting videos and producing records for up and coming independent artists. His Newland mixtape series has been gaining ground from Chicago to Houston, and is growing as a platform for “Breaking Music” from Independent Artists. Recently partnering with Makin’ It Magazine to accept submissions for Volume 3 in the series, the project featured newcomers TenfLetta, B-Stacks and Torre Sanders alongside industry veterans such as 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Etc.

and music videos at a fraction of the cost for serious talent. Sticking to his gut, he works diligently to bring musical vision to reality. Be sure to check DJ Malone’s latest video projects on YouTube including “In the Game” by Houston rap group F.O.E., his recent mixtape “Baby Making Project” and his new single “Derriere”. For more information, services, mixtape placements, hostings or general networking opportunities contact at the information provided below. 1-877-783-6175 www.dmpproductions.net Facebook.com/djmalonepro Youtube.com/djmalonepro Twitter: @djmalonepro Instagram: @djmalonepro dj_malone88@live.com

With a dedication to helping unsigned artists, DJ Malone offers production, mixtape hosting Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 25

VIDEO PROMO DIRECTORY So you just shot a video for your hot new single. You’ve already posted it up on Youtube and you just realized you hadn’t really thought too much past that. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are 106 DVD Magazines and websites for you to submit your music video for promotional exposure. Be sure to visit contact or visit website first to check guidelines and make sure its a good fit for your brand. Good luck and Get to WORK!

RadioSEEN TV Show

New Haven, CT

DownSouthHits.com Webite Atlanta, GA

RadioSEEN.com is an online broadcasting company with a unique twist; We simultaneously stream a LIVE professional video production of our on-air internet radio broadcast.

DownSouthHits.com Your #1 Source for breaking news & music. We also feature a radio station, a community where you can interact, and a dj pool (DSH DJS) with promotional opportunities.

(203) 676-4848 radioseen@gmail.com RadioSEEN.com

Midwest Bump TV Show


(404) 981-2857 advertising@downsouthhits.com DownSouthHits.com

intice | Media Website Webite Toronto,ON

We’re a weekly TV show that’s about Midwest Hip Hop Culture. Airing raw and uncut music visual across the country.

Newest & Hottest Entertainment website,we bring visitors the latest in the worldwide mainstream and underground talent. the website is updated daily and we have our WorldWideiCandies Section

(260) 615-6594 show98@live.com MIDWESTBUMP.COM

HoustonHipHopFIx.com Webite Houston, TX

HoustonHipHopFix.com is Houston s number one online hiphop community promoting new entertainment: music, videos, trends, events, and fashion. (832) 436-3350 HoustonHipHopFix@yahoo.com HoustonHipHopFIx.com

26 | Makin’ It Magazine

(647) 201-1961 intice.online@gmail.com inticeonline.com/

HB RECORDS DVD DVD Mixtape Denver, co

HB Records Online is number one for the hottest dj mixes. (720) 271-3935 itsthenetworkmedia@gmail.com hbrecordsonline.com


To see full directory of sites purchase issue online at MakinItMag.com/Issue23

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 27

To see full directory of sites purchase issue online at MakinItMag.com/Issue23

28 | Makin’ It Magazine


To see full directory of sites purchase issue online at MakinItMag.com/Issue23

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 29

To see full directory of sites purchase issue online at MakinItMag.com/Issue23

30 | Makin’ It Magazine


Profile for Makin' It Magazine

Makin' it Magazine - Issue #23  

Is Reality TV Hip Hop's New Hustle? We examine the Pros and Cons in our latest cover story. Issue also includes our 2013 Video Promo Directo...

Makin' it Magazine - Issue #23  

Is Reality TV Hip Hop's New Hustle? We examine the Pros and Cons in our latest cover story. Issue also includes our 2013 Video Promo Directo...