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Cassius Jay

ATL’s Newest Hitman Sets the Sound of 2015





Colonel Loud

Lands Radio Smash with New Single, “California” Feat. Young Dolph & Ricco Barrino









Lavish Entertainment Group Set to Take Charge!



Colonel loud’s Song of the Summer “CAlIFoRnIA” Produced by Mr. Hanky featuring Young dolph and Rico Barrino sCAn to lIsten now! available on iTunes now


Colonel loud’s Song of the Summer “CAlIFoRnIA” Produced by Mr. Hanky featuring Young dolph and Rico Barrino sCAn to lIsten now! available on iTunes now


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THE COSIGN DJ Rico Banks, DJ Exquizit, DJ Pyrex, DJ Ill Will, DJ Tony H, DJ Fitted, DJ Woo, DJ Dre, DJ Duce












Da 1 Handed Bandit






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Colonel Loud Issue #25-26 Over the past few issues we’ve followed the career of Dirty North Entertainment’s own, Colonel Loud, as he made his way through the Southeast performing and promoting his latest mixtape efforts. While covering the Music Business Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, GA, we had the chance to witness the birth of his latest hit. Taking the stage to perform his new single, “California” produced by Mr Hanky (credits: Bobby V, Mystikal, Cap 1 etc) and featuring Young Dolph with Rico Barrino (credits: TI, BOB, etc), Colonel quickly won over a room full of top DJs, Radio Programmers and Executives. Receiving an immediate demand for the record from PDs at key radio stations, his team quickly got the paperwork in order to clear the track which features a sample from Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let Go”. Gearing up for a major radio push headed by the Queen of Radio herself, Ms Arlinda Garrett, expect to hear this soon-to-be summertime classic on your local airwaves. For booking and info contact the following: Booking: 919.344.8679 Radio Promo & Marketing: Arlinda Garret - 404.886.4650 Twitter, IG & Facebook: @ColonelLoud

DJ Johnny O Issue #17

Previously featured in our Face Card section, Nerve DJs President, Johnny O, has continued his mission to help independent artists “Break their tracks without breaking their stacks”. Launching, he’s established a mixtape hosting platform actually founded by 4 | Makin’ It Magazine

DJs for DJs. Already generating considerable monthly traffic, the site separates itself from competitors in the market by focusing on delivering quality music to its visitors and effective promotion at affordable rates for independent artists and DJs looking to expand their fanbase. Log on today and see for yourself.

LP/NELAC Issue #25

Since last featured in Makin’ It Magazine, Calen “Lyrical Preacher” Johnson, has continued to use music as a tool to inject healing and positivity into the world. His debut release Life Music Vol 1 is a collage of reflective lyricism and uplifting messages. Further developing his talents as a producer under the pseudonym Nelac, LP has grown greatly building a formidable reputation on the beat battle circuit in Atlanta. To contact for beats, bookings or collaborations contact him at the following: Twitter/IG: @LyricalPreacher

J HARDEN Issue #11

Turning one song into more than $250,000 of music based revenue, R&B Singer/ Songwriter, J Harden rode the success of his Work that Pole record all the way to Europe and Back. Reinvesting into his music, he’s built a strong core fanbase through the Gulf Coast region that enables him to generate consistent income from shows, features and promotion. With a steady stream of successful records he’s preparing for his I’m Da Man Mixtape release and tour. For features, bookings and inquiries contact his management at 404.502.8479 or

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

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As co-owner of strategic marketing firm, A Scratchy Throat, Tony Guidry, along with business partner Wendy Day, fill the gap between having social media accounts and having social media impact. Using the proven marketing methods mastered by Ms. Day over her 22 year career in the music industry, the two help build, grow and maintain online followings for independents and majors alike. Specifically targeting internet users most likely to engage and interact with the brand, music or product, they deliver digital campaigns that convert fans into customers. Effectively funneling traffic to the e-commerce sites via social media, they are able to connect offline efforts such as street promo into a steadily growing stream of traffic and income. Past & present clients include Young Buck, Cupid, Trouble of DTE, among others. Be sure to follow him on Facebook at Tony ThaConnect Guidry.

The name Wasim Khamlichi may not sound familiar but he is the man responsible for the platform that has put $7.8 Million in the pockets of independent producers around the globe. A little over seven years ago, as a producer himself, he leveraged his knowledge of technology to solve the universal problem of selling beats online. Soon developing an embedable music player specifically tailored to handle the ecommerce requirements of music producers, the first iteration of unshackled a wave of producers from the chains that bound them to platforms such as Empowering producers to more easily promote their own brands without sending potential customers to sites full of their competitors, producers are currently earning over $300,000 month from their music. What started as small personal project for one producer, has become the #1 platform for leasing beats and redefined the way that beats will forever be sold online.

Upgrade Your Timeline! Get familliar with a few of our readers making moves. Don’t just follow... ENGAGE! #DoubleTaps #MakinItMag #Networking









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Over the past 12 months, Lexington, Kentucky based K.O.A.T. Kreative has been building a strong reputation throughout the mid-south. With the successful single release of “Alright” by artist Flygo, the label was able to quickly spread it’s music into different markets garnering features on nearly 100 mixtapes in under 3 months time. With radio spins growing organically and beat inquiries coming in from across the country, the company decided to refocus Flygo’s attention on his first love of producing. Now predominantly working in the studio, Flygo has been helping to

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develop the sound of young label mate, with HYDROPOPS, The #1 manufacturer River Greene. and distributor of Cannabis Snacks, Foods and Beverages in the US. Half rap prodigy; half cannabis enthusiast, River’s love affair with music began at Gearing up for his next mixtape release, age six. As a boy, he used music as a way River is eager to get back in the streets to escape the day to day of his troubled selling CDs and connecting with fans one childhood. Now as a man, music has on one. For beat submissions, features and opened doors for him to travel across the general inquiries contact KoatCEO@gmail. country gracing stages with artists such as com or 859.684.4482. Tyga and TI. Blending his unique flair for lyricism with a laid back delivery, he exudes the stoner lifestyle. A poster child for the culture, he recently landed sponsorship deal

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by K Cannick

So… Before we dive into this list of why Tidal is destined to fail. I must start by saying that I’m a paying subscriber and as such I have every right to review and critique what I’m paying for. Now lets get started with WHY Tidal is going to fail. 1.Music Has Become a Commodity - Technology has allowed anyone with a dream of being a star the opportunity to pursue it. There are literally millions of Artists releasing singles, albums, EPs and mixtapes. iTunes now has over 25 Billion Tracks in its library. Even if only 1% of that was for genres that you liked and only 1% of that was music that matched your taste, that’s still 2.5 Million Songs vying for your attention. 2. People are cheap - Consumers are hooked on free music. The RIAA estimated that only 37% of music is consumed legally. We live in a paradigm of FREEMIUM. Give me what you got (Game, Service, Music) and I may spend money later to enhance the experience (Level Ups, Ad Free Version, Merchandise/Ticket Sales). 3. Nobody cares about audio quality - Contrary to the sales of Beats Audio, we are not a nation of audiophiles. We listen to music on the radio through factory installed speakers. We listen to MP3s encoded at as low as 96kbps on earbuds bought from Walmart. (I personally care more about how comfortable they are to wear than how great they sound). While we may know that higher bit depth and sample rates

8 | Makin’ It Magazine

are better, how many of us can Timberlake took an ownership perceivably tell the difference stake in the $35 Million acquisition of Myspace (Once valubetween 44.1k and 48k. ated at over $500 Million). I’m 4. Nobody cares about art- sure many of you never even ists making more money - heard of GhostTunes, that’s the We have a huge problem with iTunes competitor founded by homelessness in America and Garth Brooks. The point I’m a minimum wage that allows making is, Power preserves itpeople to subsist below the self. poverty line. To think people would pay double for a stream- So here’s the point…. Tidal is ing service behind the concept far from perfect but having of “Save the Artists” like they’re been a paying user of Google some kind of endangered spe- Music and Spotify, I ask you what streaming service is? They cies is ridiculous. all do nearly the same thing. 5. No Chromecast - With Some may tout a larger library over 10 Million units sold and of music but at the end of the 450+ apps supporting it, You day they just spin records [*in would think that a cutting edge my Bernie Mac voice*]. The streaming service such as TID- level of scrutiny that Tidal has AL would naturally support received is totally disproporChromecast. Unfortunately, tionate to its market position. it doesn’t. Having to stream Power preserves itself. With all Jay-Z’s B-Sides concert to my of the major labels having huge laptop then casting the win- stakes in competing streaming dow from Chrome to Chrome- services, there is no place for cast led to me just eventually a rogue (artist owned) alterwatching on my computer. native. Jay-Z is a good rapper 6. All this leads be to Jay-Z’s but a great business man. He is biggest oversight with launch- a threat to the status quo. He’s ing Tidal: He’s not white. All been mocked before for movthe previous points mentioned ing into new sectors and discould have been easily forgiven counted as just a rapper. Roc if only he had the complexion Nation Sports launched and of success. Less than a week was met with similar ridicule after the launch of Tidal, busi- from established agencies but ness and tech blogs eviscerated within two years accumulated the service as if silicon valley close to $1 Billion in Contracts itself wanted to pull Jay-Z aside and Endorsement deals, inand say “Ohh Shawn, you can’t cluding a historic $300 Million own a music streaming service. endorsement deal with Nike Our people will never trust for $300 Million. Who knows you and your people will never what Tidal has up its sleeves? support you.” Racism is alive and well in America and Silicon Valley is just as segregated as the South under Jim Crow. Before you cry foul, I seem to recall no backlash when Justin


For the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to attend SxSW. It’s an opportunity to check out some good music and make some great contacts. Since being media affords us access to a lot of events and people that the average artist doesn’t get, each year we do a promotional CD to promote and distribute while we’re in Austin enjoying the festivities. Over the past 5 years, I’ve unofficial events filling the void to give artists noticed that SxSW’s clout has grown considerably among urban artists. Even the opportunity to perform in Austin, even if if not fully aware of what it is, many are at least aware of its existence and think they’re not technically at SxSW. its something they should be involved with. For this reason we’ve decided to provide some OBJECTIVE answers to the questions we’re most commonly What’s the difference asked about SxSW. between official and

What is SxSW?

Calling SxSW a music festival would be notoriously under selling it. While the broader event does include a music festival, it also encompasses a Music Convention that brings out top thought leaders and executives from across the music industry. In addition to music there is also the Film Festival and Interactive portion which is essentially a huge Tech Convention bringing together some of the most innovative app developers, platforms and companies of the day. While most of this will have no bearing for fans just looking to check out some dope music, an enterprising artist, manager or aspiring industry professional should note that SxSW offers a huge opportunity to make great connections in industries aside from music.

When/Where is SxSW this year?

You would not believe how many times I hear this question every February. SxSW has been going on for nearly 30 years. It is always in Austin, TX and it is always in March.

How much is it to perform at SxSW?

IT’S FREE! Yes, it’s FREE! Not only is it FREE, but SxSW actually compensates artists

10 | Makin’ It Magazine

selected to perform. Now, before your head explodes because you’ve either been charged or heard you had to pay to perform, let me break things down. Putting on a festival of

unofficial events?

With SxSW drawing in so many fans and artists looking to perform in front of them, every year there are dozens of unofficial events that take advantage of this perfect storm. Though not officially part of SxSW, these events do provide last minute artists a platform to showcase their talents. The issues

this magnitude requires A LOT of planning. With literally THOUSANDS of performers selected each year (across multiple genres), there is a lengthy process of submissions, reviews and selection. This means performers need to be selected early, which means they need to submit music earlier. Which means A LOT of people don’t make the cut because they wait until 30 days before the event to ask about performing. Submissions for SxSW 2016 end OCTOBER 23, 2015. As much as

this is promoted, there will still be a million artists scrambling for stages around February/March. That means there will be a lot of

with the unofficial shows are: 1) They charge. In lieu of having major sponsors associated with the Official SxSW events, many unofficial shows cover cost by charging artists promotional fees for their platform. 2) Janky Promoters. As SxSW has become increasingly popular among urban artists, many of those unscrupulous business practices have began bleeding over too. It’s not uncommon to find a promoter charging exorbitant fees to perform at empty venues or even worse taking the money and dashing. 3) Wack Artists. Because it’s a Pay to Play situation and much of the talent is not thoroughly screened, it’s not uncommon to wind up on a roster full of mediocrity.

How can I get the most out of SxSW?

Plan ahead! Submit your music NOW through SonicBids for the chance to actually get booked on one of the official shows, and if you don’t get selected, consider the possibility that you’re not quite ready for prime time. Let that be motivation to tighten up your music, stage show and promo game (Your Buzz IS a Factor). Whether or not you get booked

to perform, you should register for the actual event. So many artists are caught up with the idea of performing that they would spend their entire SxSW budget on 10 minutes of stage time at an unofficial event before getting access to all of the great panels, contacts and mentoring sessions just 5 blocks away at the convention center. If you have money left over after purchasing passes and still want to perform, don’t break the bank trying to feel like a star for the weekend. Think beyond your performances and SxSW. Jumping around on stage with no promotional materials and

MakinItMag @ #SxSW by Kelby Cannick For SxSW 2015, we released our annual Promo CD to help promote a few artists who couldn’t make it out. We also helped book artists on some promotional shows with good promoters and even had the opportunity to do our first event in Austin. Collaborating with Hayes and Associates we kicked off our first Media Matters Industry Mixer. The goal was to provide a dedicated space for Artists to personally connect with a lot of the independent media outlets that were in town for SxSW. Our partners over at K100 Radio did a live broadcast of the event which was attended by over 50 different media outlets including, HipHopDX, WorldStarHipHop, HHS1987, Hip Hop Weekly, among many others. The event featured performances from Uncle Murda, Country Cousins, Shop Boyz, Syari Da Kid, Wave Chapelle, Hustle Gang’s Yung Booke, Renegade Hip Hop and more. The event went so well we decided to do another during the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend in Atlanta.

being unapproachable when surrounded by media, booking agents and professionals that can help enhance your career is counterproductive. If you don’t live in Austin, you likely have a fair amount of money invested in your SxSW experience (Travel, Hotel, Registration, Performances, Promo Materials, etc), don’t let it go to waste by being anti-social. Embrace the open atmosphere created by the event. Network with other Artists, Check out their shows and build relationships.

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

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“Celebrating the accomplishments of independents making moves.”

Over the past year, AMG Hip Hop duo, Cool Amerika has put out a string of successful street singles including “Middle Finger” and my personal favorite, “MVP”. Cultivating an organic following on the road, the group’s latest single “Make Sum Shake” (Produced by Cassius Jay) has catapulted them to that next level. (@1CoolAmerika) → → Perfectly in tune with the streets, Atlanta rapper, Lil Donald, has built a reputation for his high energy performances. With a consistent track record of hood anthems including “UAintHood”, “Free My Folk”, “Hey” and his current hit, “Juice”, the rapper stays grounded consistently giving back to the community and encouraging others to follow suite with his #HelpSomebodyChallenge. (@IAmLilDonald) → → TONE! (Formerly Young Tone of “No Cuffin” fame) recently returned from a hiatus to hit us with a new mixtape, “The Southside”. Significantly more introspective the project shows his growth as an artist and a man. While not actively releasing music as an artist he was busy behind the scenes writing, producing and building his video production company which boasts a client list of major players including Boosie, Shawty Lo and many others. (@ToneTheGreat) → → First catching our attention at The Campaign showcase presented by Karmen Rydem and Gambino of the Hot 107.9 Durtty Boyz, Chilly Chills’ substantive lyrics offer a stark contrast from what many have come to expect from Atlanta’s independent hip hop scene. Going on to later perform at Birthday Bash 20, he notably accomplished the most difficult task in all of hip hop, eliciting a smile from Kanye West. (@Chilly_Chills) → → Pandamonium Muzik Group has been bubbling in the street. With their records “Section Killa” and “You” both impact radio fairly quickly this is definitely one of the newer labels to keep an eye. (@PandamoniumBiz) → → DMV DJ, DJ Young Music just recently became an official member of the team at WPGC in DC and is also now spinning for one of the top radio stations in Jamaica, HOT 102 Jamaica. (@DJYoungMusic1) → → Akron, Ohio rapper, L-Dro has been creating a buzz with his latest mixtape effort, “In Us We Trust” hosted by DJ Drama. Holding a private listening session at Atlanta’s Hot Beats studios earlier this year, the tape was shortly released drawing in over 80,000 views on Livemixtapes. (@DrOhio330) → → Also be on the look out for Anthony C Hayes, an up and coming singer/songwriter who’s been making his presence felt on Atlanta’s independent music scene. His latest single, “Thug’s Cry”, is a soulful street anthem that garnered him R&B Artists of the Year at the 2015 Atlanta Urban Music Awards. (@ImAnthonyHayes)

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DJ Rico Banks | Dallas, TX

DJ Exquizit | Nashville, TN

DJ Pyrex | Detroit|Nap|Midwest




Song: Off And On Artist: Eeze Fresh Online: Comment: “It’s a great record! He’s from Jackson, MS. It hasn’t even begin to bubble yet, but you know it’s a hit record when you hear it. It’s a great record for both men and women to just chill and enjoy.”

Song: So For Real Artist: Gambino ft. Looni & Kmajor Online: @looniism Comment: “This record So For Real is most definitely a club banger. I get a lot of requests to play it when I dj.”

Song: I’m Gucci Artist: Kuzzo Fly Online: Comment: “If you listen to this track u hear the truth of what Gucci Mane did & the beat is ridin as Kuzzo Fly spits the truth.”

DJ Ill Will | New York, NY

DJ Tony H. | Nashville, TN

DJ Fitted | Cleveland, OH




Song: Tonight Artist: Choo Biggz ft Fetty Wap, 50Cent &Tank Online: Comment: “Choo Biggz is a well know Independent Artist out of New York City with an excellent music chart.”

Song: Boot Up Artist: J. Harden Online: Comment: “This going to be a huge record for J. Harden, He’s been on the road performing this record and meeting with some key players in the industry. Once it get more rotation it has a potential to be a big record.”

Song: Phreak Artist: Noo iV ft. Bam Online: Comment: “I Love How The Ladies React When I Play This Song”

DJ Woo | Memphis, TN

DJ Dre | Baltimore, MD

DJ Duce | York, PA




Song: Bless Me Artist: Lil $tunna Online: Comment: “Lil $tunna is a 16 year old sensation from Memphis who has a message that everyone can relate to or understand. What people like the most is he can talk about anything and make you feel it in your soul.”

Song: Clutch Artist: Comrade Online: Comment: “This records is on Vevo and was on MTVJams In the Morning. This is a really great song. Artist from Baltimore, MD.”

Song: Hello (Prod By T3Hundredd) Artist: JayR Da Shootah Online: Comment: “This record is dope. This has what most artist lack today in the music game and that’s a hit.”


Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit and start networking with the DJs. Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

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TOP INDUSTRY EXECS MEET IN ATLANTA FOR FIRST ANNUAL by B Washington MUSIC BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE! This past spring, 10+ Year Radio Promotions veteran and Founder of Coming Attraction Promotions, Arlinda Garrett launched the Music Business Empowerment conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Tapping into over a decade of personal contacts, the event brought out some of the city’s top DJs and tastemakers while also drawing in top program directors, label executives and leading industry professionals from across the country. Partnering with Lester Pace’s, STP Entertainment, the 3 day event featured a selection of showcases, networking sessions and panel discussions allowing attendees to get up close and personal with industry decision makers. Currently in talks with promoters to bring the conference to several other cities throughout the year, you can find more information at

14 | Makin’ It Magazine

JAE’ZUS by C Mathews

Premium Member, Jae’zus, has had a very productive second quarter. Hitting us with two new visuals for his singles “Amygdala” and “Rolling Stones”, he also won the opportunity to open for TI, BOB, Kid Ink, E40 and more at KUBE Birthday Bash in Seattle, Washington. This FREE Performance opportunity also included Paid flight and hotel accommodations

courtesy of our partners at Artist Auditions. Originally put on our radar after winning Exposure Open Mic back in 2014, Jae’zus’ has been diligently grinding and honing his skills on the Atlanta scene, since relocating from Tennessee. With an energetic stage show and style all his own, Jae’zus is definitely someone you want to watch for. Connect with him online at

LAW G by D Banks

has plenty of both. A true team player, his musical silence finally came to an end with the release of Good Life’s “Family Ties” mixtape. With 8 appearances on the project his singles, “I Need That”, “Like a Bag” and “No More Mexico” have been gaining strong traction. As a featured guest at our #MusicMondayATL event, we had the chance to sit with Law and preview some unreleased material from his upcoming “Hannibal” project. Very well received by the DJs, Bloggers and all in attendance, It’s safe to say that Good Life’s sleeping giant has been awakened. For booking, features and general information contact the following:

Over the past 24 months Good Life Music has assembled an All-Star squad of independent artists, producers and DJs. Understanding the strategic value of not showing all their cards at once, Law G could definitely be considered one of their aces in the hole. Down since day one, the masses were first introduced to Law on the single “Ray Allen” from labelmate, Frontstreet. Since then, the Good Life lieutenant has remained virtually silent on the music. Though still working in the studio, Law publicly played the background while lending his Instagram: @Law_Goodlife support to the label’s other projects. In an indus- try where humility is more rare than talent, Law Phone: 678.654.2540

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 15

#NewReleases “Tha Coast Iz Clear” by Sammy Cain & MO G Booking: 601.347.4091

“Good, Bad & The Real” by Lil’ Z Booking: 843.446.1744

“Truth Be Told” by N’Lyss Booking: 563.650.5190

“Winner Circle” by Mr. Georgia Booking: 706.473.5546

“It’s All on Me” by Lil Duvy Booking: 904.483.1170

“No Mercy” by Du$k Bone-Z Booking: 804.451.0115

“Cartel Life” by Kevin Young Booking: 720.421.5279

“Noted” by Playya 1000 and The Deeksta Booking: 918.902.8753

“Shawty Bad ” by Mr.Smith/Inner New City Rec Booking: 302.897.9238

“Bestie” by Gizz/Inner New City Records Booking: 302.897.9238

“Who Got Dat Werk?” by Mroc Booking: 205.567.0725

“Whip Game” by Tru Akil Booking: 678.718.8193

“My Airline” by Capnzcrew Booking: 217.816.1695

“The ONE Remix ” by Slimdog Productions Booking: 719.232.3503

“With You” by Jekarra Booking: 678.643.0923

“Snowcaps(Icecapz)” by On Ice E / G Mega Booking: 510.776.9690

“Dont Cry” by Raina Booking: +44 740.500.1576

“The Weekend” by B.O.S.S. Ent. Group-Detroit Booking: 313.528.9677

“Fly Away” by Knoc Booking: 205.602.4774

“Script” by J-illa ft. Matti BayBee Booking: 708.971.3716

“Apply Pressure” by Kia Rap Princess Booking: 414.460.5490

“She Got It” by Ghetto Glory Family Booking: 215.303.6485

“New Truth ” by KiD

“In Us We Trust” L-Dro Hosted by DJ Drama Booking: @DroHio330

“Why They Envy Me 2015” by JK 808 Booking: 786.319.2722

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 17

$L!M 1

by D Banks

With 4 mixtapes already under his belt, Slim 1 is positioned to move into the national spotlight. A Dallas born and bred lyricist, he’s collaborated with everyone from local heavyweights to multi-platinum recording artist and producers. Having worked with the likes of Mr. Lee, Mike Jones, Treal Lee & Prince Rick, Fat Pimp, 3MG and others, Slim 1 has built a solid reputation for delivering quality music like his current single, “Thumb Thru Dem Racks”, which has immediate club appeal. Currently traveling and promoting his music, he’s eager to connect with DJs, Promoters and Artists in other markets to increase his fanbase and secure more shows. Connect with him online via social media and contact his management below.


CHICCEN by D Banks

Twitter: @3dofficialslim1 IG: @Slim1na Phone: 214.395.0208

Originally from Memphis, TN, Chiccen gained prominence as a member of the Sweat Da Trac production team alongside LC & Jit The Beast. Working with artists including Yo Gotti, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe and Snootie Wild, Chiccen was eventually inspired to step from behind the boards and also start recording to his own beats. Mentored by the legend, Teddy T, he learned the importance of the business and building a strong circle. Teaming up with Global Currency Ent, he’s been busy helping craft the sound of up and coming

Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, Tycie Burns AKA “Da 1 Handed Bandit” recently relocated to Atlanta to seriously pursue her music career. With emotionally charged lyrics and an aggressive delivery, she spits on real life situations. “Wildin Out”, the lead single from her upcoming album, God’s New Breed, is a shining example of her direct and in your face style. With a Music Video soon to follow, she is also busy completing her first book and a t-shirt line. Any artists, producers, managers or marketing teams looking to network feel free to connect using the information below. Twitter/IG: @DA1HB 470.222.9418

artist, Shawn Doe, while also putting the finishing touches on his own debut EP, “Hooks & Wine”. With his brother Mac Lo heading up his promotions, Chiccen is always eager to work on exciting new projects both as a producer and an artists. For beats, features, bookings and general business inquiries contact his team dirrectly using the contact information below. Twitter/IG: @Chiccen_SDT 646.294.8470


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kota Santez reps his city with great pride. With his stage name being an acronym for the phrase “Kid Out The A”, this Decatur native embodies the rich sound of Atlanta’s hip hop history. In 2013 he released “Bravery”, his self-produced debut mixtape, and quickly hit the scene performing at some of the city’s most prominent venues (Apache Cafe, BQE, The Department Store, Club Crucial, etc). Reminiscent of Outkast, his promising message of progression and hope is delivered in a style that is equally powerful and entertaining.

18 | Makin’ It Magazine


Hitting the road in an effort to expand his fan base, Kota has rocked stages in Miami (Grand Central), Austin (SXSW) and has even been tapped to open for Multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Lyfe Jennings. Excited to be working on his next project, Kota is looking to connect with other producers and always looking for performance opportunities. For more information or business inquiries contact at the following Twitter/IG: @KotaSantez

KOACHE by D Banks

While many of today’s aspiring rappers see music as a an outlet to escape the hood, Koache is motivated purely by a passion for the art. This non-reliance on the industry has afforded him the creative space to make records true to his brand without compromise. Through this approach he’s been building a truly organic fanbase, with records such as “Hood Love” featuring Cory Gunz and Originally from Mississippi, it was his “Ride Out” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid experiences growing up in Los Angeles performing well at college radio. that molded him into the man that he is today. Though the streets are a part of Personally and professionally grounded, his DNA, he graduated beyond them to Koache launched Lavish Entertainment become a successful businessman and Group (L.E.G.) alongside his wife and real estate investor. Noting Snoop Dogg’s business partner as a platform to release Doggy Style as the album that sparked his own music independently. Since his desire to do music, Koache began its inception the company’s mission rapping at age 15. More than an emcee, has expanded to include developing he also sings, writes and produces. new talent with the signing of rappers, Tatoodartist and Young Reefer J. Born in the South, raised on the West and now living in the East, Koache draws inspiration from the full tapestry of hip hop. His distinct West Coast swag mixed with an east coast lyricism and down south bounce make for a unique sound that has put him in the studio with some of the most talented producers and engineers in the game.

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Koache is currently gearing up for the release of his Album, which will feature collaborations with The Game, Nottz Raw, Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and many other notable talents. Expected to drop in early August, he plans to release a steady stream of high impact visuals leading up to the release date. Currently based out of Virginia, Koache is often on the road networking and performing. For more information, beat submissions, performance opportunities or general inquiries contact his team using the information below. Twitter/Instagram: @IAMKOACHE 757.740.0110

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Chicago & Texas rap veteran FlipSyde hooks up with Platinum Producer Mr. Lee & Yo Gotti for the infectious Street Single “White Castle”. Already bubbling in Texas the hard hitting single has started to migrate to other areas thanks to the hottest DJ’s in the streets like DJ Duce on his Cocaine Mentatality Mixtape as well as KD AKA Han D Man’s “Live Rounds II” thanks to Makin’ it Magazine. Check it out and see what the noise is about! CONNECT WITH HIM AT WWW.MAKINITMAG.COM/FLEAMARKETFLIP

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A native of Miami, Florida, Lazaro Reutilio “Tilo” Dominguez began rapping at only six years of age. Though always passionate about music, as he grew up the streets managed to consume his life taking attention away from his talents. Eventually maturing and learning to use his life experiences as inspiration for his music, he refocused on pursuing a career as an artist and songwriter having also penned records for other rappers and R&B singers. Having recorded projects in both English and Spanish, he has international ambitions. He is currently working on shooting a video in Cuba and collaborating with some of the artists down there. For more information on his movement or to find out how you can get involved, contact him at the following:

It’s been a little more than year since the latest collaboration between producer Lil’ Lyss and Shady Records affiliated producer Rikanatti. The newest song produced by the two westcoast producers is called “A-Rod”, performed by Ca$his featuring Emilio Rojas and it is the first single from Ca$his’ upcoming Twitter/IG: @Tilo305 album County Hound 3. Justin Dingman also known as “Minus” is a San Antonio bred 786.715.0314 -raised in Omaha Nebraska, lyrical genius! His writing & rapping has been molded around the Midwest style yet he also has a down south drawl and confidence which contributes to making his own sound unique and “Infamous”. He released the hard hitting “Infamous Ep” and is currently promoting the hit single and Music Video “SO GIFTED”.


SUBMITTED BY URBAN STARZ MEDIA | MAKINITMAG.COM/URBANSTARZMEDIA It’s been a few months since the Executively Produced New Nawf project that Roe released along side his fellow members of Open Eyes Music Group. Now this time around he’s back with his first single off of his solo EP ‘Trust & Belief ’ titled “Focused”. The track is written, produced even engineered by the man himself. Give it a serious listen and give us your feedback. It’s also available for sale on iTunes as well as every other online store! CONNECT WITH HIM AT WWW.MAKINITMAG.COM/ROEBOTBOY

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With a large and powerful voice juxtaposed to her petite size, Shari’s gospel roots explain her soulful sound. First singing at age four, this musical prodigy was writing songs and composing piano arrangements by the age of eight. After graduating college with a degree in Philosophy & Rhetoric Communications, it was her decision to pursue music professionally that put her in circles with some of the industry’s elite, including Grammy Award winning engineer Mike Wilson (credits: Beyonce, Whitney Houston,etc). Now settled in Atlanta, her debut single “We Can Have It All” is a shining example of her unique style which blends Pop, R&B, and Soul with a hint of Jazz, Blues, and Rock & Roll influences. Listen to her music online and contact below for business inquiries. Twitter/IG: Shari_Clarke GAPS1230@MSN.COM 850.321.3869


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In any field, those who achieve greatness understand the value of building on a foundation laid by those before them. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Cassius Jay’s religious upbringing may be one of the greatest contributors to him becoming Hip Hop’s next “it” producer. Honing his skills in the church as an organist, his love of music and humility afforded him the opportunity and openness to learn from his predecessors. Professionally beginning his production career in 2009, Cassius worked under veteran producer Don Vito (credits: Nelly, Ciara, Lil Scrappy, Lloyd), where he developed his signature kick. Later working with multi-platinum producer Nitti (credits: Gucci Mane, Yung Joc, TI), Cassius greatly expanded his understanding of the business. Currently working closely with Grammy Award winning producer Zaytoven, Cassius continues to expand his talents and business acumen. With a production style as versatile as it is distinct, here are just a few of the artists that have been heard on Cassius Jay beat: Migos, Que, Boys II Men, Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber, Snootie Wild, Kandi Burress, Wale, Lloyd, Chief Keef, Curren$y, August Alsina and Young Scooter. Even with a Platinum Plaque and lengthy track record of working with established artists, Cassius remains firmly grounded and always looking for great new talent to work with. Delivering breakout records for artists such as Bankroll Fresh (“Hotboy”), Lil Donald (“Hey”) and Cool Amerika (“Make Sum Shake”), Cassius has quickly become one of Hip Hop’s most sought after producers among independents and the industry alike. For more information on Cassius Jay visit and for booking and production requests contact or call (404) 667-5191. Instagram/Twitter: CassiusJay07

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

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