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If you’re an independent artist with hot music then you know the biggest obstacle standing between you and success is being heard by the right people. When I say the right people a lot of artists mistakenly assume I mean A&Rs and other industry insiders but the right person could be anybody. Anybody that enjoys your music is the right person to hear it because they will be most likely to spread the word. Whether they are adding your song


to their Myspace page or just playing it in the car for their friends they are helping to spread your music to new people.

dio stations are not in business to play music. They are in business to sell ads. The more people they have listening to their station; the more money they can charge for ads. Music is just a means to an ends. Stations play music that will make their target demographics listen. Listeners equal money!

Too many artists are obsessed with radio play and finding a short cut into the industry. Many artists have the assumption that if they get their music played on the radio that people will As an unknown artist fall in love with it and they’ll instantly get signed. trying to get your music Unfortunately this whole played on the radio the Continued on pg 5 concept is backwards. Ra-


There is no single path to follow for getting started. Different models have found success through different routes. If you want to become a doctor, for example, there is a set course of schooling, experience, and testing to follow. But for a career in modeling, there is no clear path. Some of the ways that I know models have gotten started in the past are listed below. Although it is by no means an exhaustive list, it might help you launch your career in modeling. Front Door - The bulk of the work in modeling is booked through modeling agencies. So, literally, go to the front door of the modeling agency. This is the

number one way for a wannabe model to start. You will have to do some research. First, find out where the modeling agency door is, whether locally or in some big city. Second, determine that it is not a scam agency. The Modeling Advice site has links to a list of modeling agencies and information on how to check out an agency (The Agency). You can also approach a modeling agency through their open call, by scheduling an interview, or by submitting a cover letter and photographs. Give them a call or email them and ask how they want new talent to contact them. There is no reason to try another way of getting started until

Know Someone - Some models get started because they have an in. You hear stories of someone who has a friend who models and goes to a photo shoot with them and is then “discovered” by the photographer. Or maybe someone has an aunt who modeled or runs an agency and helped him or her get started. Others might work in a related field and one day finds them working not beside the camera but in front of it. In smaller markets child models are most often used because they are an art director’s, buyer’s, or photographer’s child. Knowing someone in the business can help you get continued on page 5 1




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If you would like to see a location added email our distribution department at Athlete’s Foot

Balboa Menswear

Phat Gear

Sports City

Galaxy Music

Big Oomp’s Record Store

Hip Hop Barber Shop

3030 Headland Dr 30311 2685 Metropolitan Pkwy 30315 84 Upper Alabama St 30303 1620-C Dogwood Dr 30013 2788 Candler Road 30034 1978 Candler Road 30032 3553 Memorial Drive 30032 2545 Wesley Chapel Rd 30035 8100 Mall Parkway 30058 3605 Sandy Plains Rd 30066 1210 Southlake Mall 30260 1230 S. Hairston 30088

1000 Cumberland Mall 30339 2929 Turner Hill Rd 30038

17 Decatur St 30303 83 Peachtree St 30303

77 Peachtree St SW

5236 Stone Mountain Hwy SW

2120 Kingston Ct SE


Pro Music Outlet

1120 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd 821 Concord Road SE 2668 Campbellton Rd SW

65 Peachtree St

4727 Memorial Dr

Metro Fitness

Atlanta Pro Audio

1959 Metropolitan Pkwy SW

1776 NE Expwy Access Rd NE

Metro Lanes and Games

Sam Ash Music

1959 Metropolitan Pkwy SW

2999 Cobb Pkwy

Center Court Sports/Fitness

Dirt Cheap Music

5639 Memorial Dr

2415 S Cobb Dr


DBS Sounds

2776 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy

259 Peters St

5658 Riverdale Rd 4841 Jonesboro Rd

Vibes Music

Sports Element 3050 Martin L/ King Jr Dr SW 2457 Martin L King Jr Dr NW 1175 Moreland Ave SE 3054 Panola Road 3616 Marketplace Blvd 4920 Flat Shoals Pkwy

DTLR 20 Marietta Street 30303 5228 Memorial Drive 30083 7179 Georgia Highway 85 30274 2801 Candler Road 30034

USA Boutique

V.I.P. Sports

200 Upper Alabama St. 30303 2801 Candler Rd 30034

4602 Memorial Dr 30032

Skillz 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW 30331 2024 Northlake Mall 30345 1000 Southlake Mall 30260 4400 Ashford-Dunwoody Rd, 30346

Da Look Designer Wear 4469 Glenwood Road

The Fashion Industry 898 Oak Street 30310 1360 Dogwood Drive 30012

Hatz & Teez 5856 Riverdale Rd

Navy Blu 493 Flat Shoals Ave SE

Fame Sports 3537 Memorial Drive 2801 Candler Road 78 Upper Alabama St

Trends Menswear 2801 Candler Rd 30034 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW 30331

Sports Profile


4800 Briarcliff Rd NE 2801 Candler Road 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW 2100 Pleasant Hill Rd

1107 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd

Area Menswear 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW

Mix 5 23218 Southlake Mall

Supreme Sports 76 Peachtree St

The Urban Wear Outlet 2740 Candler Rd

Head & Toe Apparel 4959 Memorial Dr

Oscar’s Fashion Creations Logic

82 Peachtree St


Jumpstreet Records 5133 Old National Hwy

Lady T’s Music 3897 Glenwood Rd

T J Entertainment

4800 Briarcliff Rd NE

The Indie Outlet

The Funk Shop

South Dekalb Mall Southlake Mall

The Gallery on the Plaza

Sound Shop

2929 Turner Hill Rd

2801 Candler Rd 850 Oak Street SW

4847 Old National Hwy

Muziksity Records

Wax N’ Facts

568 Lee St 82 Peachtree St

432 Moreland Ave NE


Eastside Records

356 W Ponce De Leon Ave

5123 Old National Hwy


1960 Candler Rd

Street Stuff

565 Spring Street NW

145-B Sycamore St

Peppermint Music

73 Peachtree Street SW

Southside Wheels

1120 Cumberland Mall

495 Peachtree St

1000 Southlake Mall

Decatur CD


1234 S Hairston Rd

5922 Memorial Dr 4975 Flat Shoals Pkwy

Super Sounds

2020 Eastside Dr

Fast Foward

WHTA - Hot 107.9


101 Marietta St 30303

79 Price Quarters Rd 4919 Flat Shoals Pkwy 2740 Greenbriar Pkwy

WVEE - V103

Sounds-N-Da Hood

Nubian Book Store

1201 Peachtree St 30361

7331 Stonecrest Concourse

2449 Southlake Mall

Guitar Center

Music Media

Kareem’s Barber Shop

1485 NE Expwy Access Rd NE 1901 Terrell Mill Rd SE 1455 Pleasant Hill Rd 186 Banks Crossing

2701 Candler Rd

447 N Indian Creek Dr

Sports Fame 832 B Hambrick Square

Georgio’s 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW

2100 Pleasant Hill Rd 2344 Southlake Mall


Fashion Land 2

2929 Turner Hill Rd

Accent Menswear

4903 Jonesboro Rd

832 Oak Street SW

KWY’s Fashions

5 Points Sports

1219 Columbia Dr

5 Edgewood Avenue


Graffitee Rod

4741 Jonesboro Rd

237 Peters Street SW

2801 Candler Rd

2014 Cambellton Rd

855 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd

Urban Fusion 2

Harold Pener

The Smoke Shop

Earwax Records

E Music

Mid South Music Lawrenceville Flea Markets

The Mall at 82 Peachtree Flea Mart Candler Old National Discount Mall 285 Flea Market Flea Market USA Avondale Square Discount Mall Greenbriar Discount Mall Value Mall Colleges

Georgia State University Georgia Tech Clark Atlanta University Georgia Perimeter College Omni Tech Institute AIU Atlanta Institute Of Music Art Institute Of Atlanta Atlanta Metro Atlanta Tech Clayton State University Dekalb Tech Emory University Chattahoochee Tech Bauder College Morehouse College Spelman College

2096 N Decatur Rd



As always I’d like to thank all of you feedback I hope that we are able to take for taking time to pick up the magazine. things to the next level in 2008. This has been an extremely long month for I know we got the whole TI situation but me and honestly I’m just glad the new is- let us not forget about The Jena situation, the West Virginia situation and to sue is finally done. Unfortunately this will top it off Don Imus is going be the last issue of Makin’ It Magazine, back on the radio at the beat least for 2007. We’re taking December off to get some things ready for our anginning of December. Remember it isn’t just about niversary issue in January. Its gonna be Makin’ It into the indushot so get ready for it. try its about us Makin’ As always I gotta give thanks to evIt as a people. Until erybody who has contributed to the mag2008 much azine. Not just the people helping with love. distribution and content but all of KC you who pick it up. I want to say thanks for all the support and most importantly the feed back that helps me to continually improve the publication. You guys keep me on my toes and with your continued support and

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We’ve got another great way to help artists break their records in the streets. Makin’ It Magazine will be giving away free video mp3 players at local area night clubs. Each player will be preloaded with the hottest music and a limited amount spots for independent artists. For just $65 you can get your song preloaded on 100 of these video mp3 players. Each one will also have a built in radio transmitter so that listeners will be able to play music wirelessly through there car stereo. There are a limited number of slots available. First come, first served. For more information call (678) 528-6925.



deck is stacked against you. The key to getting any kind of real radio play is by starting with the streets. If the streets embrace your record it will be a much easier sale to the music director (the person who typically decides what new music gets added to the stations play list). A strong street buzz will show that there is a demand for your record in the streets. Once you receive some initial airplay it will help validate you in the streets. The following that you built in the streets will also be helpful in moving your music up in rotation.

MODELING CORNER started in a modeling career. The Fates - Modeling agencies are constantly looking for new talent. This is especially true in fashion modeling. This segment of modeling is composed mostly of young models. By the time a model is 30, his or her career is over. There is always a need to find the next generation of models. Modeling agency personnel (owner, booker), photographers, art directors, and of course the “model scouts” are the ones who are out there looking. Some agencies are large enough to employ an individual whose sole job is to look for that next generation of new talent or to fill the new needs of a client. Unfortunately, rip-off organizations, web space salespeople, and scoundrels often use the term “model scout”, so you should be suspicious of those calling themselves model scouts. But there are many

Simply put most music directors will have no problem telling you no but it will be much harder for them to say that to thousands of people calling in and requesting your music. Focusing your efforts on the streets until you have a loyal following with the record will help you when its time to focus on radio play and it may also save you a great deal of money and time if you find out that you were pushing the wrong record.

without breaking the bank. If you’ve got a hot record that you would like to work on the streets you might want to check out our on the grind mixtape series. We will be giving away 5,000 copies of each volume in Atlanta area high schools, college campuses, malls, and nightclubs. Not only will artists have an opportunity to reach thousands of fans but they will also be able to receive objective feedback about their music from industry professionals. For more details or to One of our goals at Ma- submit your music just visit kin’ It Magazine is help- ing independent artists and labels break their records


ries of models being discovered at the mall, on the beach, or in some other public place. If you hope to start your career in modeling by waiting for the fates to smile on you, you must plan on spending a lot of time hanging in out in public places. Hard work - Some models do work their way into modeling (I have also heard models say that modeling is hard work and all models work their way into the business). These models track down test shoots and put together their comp cards and portfolios. They study and practice being a model by working on their expressions, posing, runway walking, hair styling, makeup, working in front of a camera, and learning how the business works. These models may work freelance or have nonexclusive contracts with a number of modeling agencies.

In smaller regional markets, where agencies do not have the resources to develop new talent, an agency might not work with a model until they have developed their skills and marketing materials. If you enjoy the process of modeling and doing good work, then all of the time and expense that go into this process can be its own reward. If you plan to earn a living at modeling, i.e. as a career, you should be sure you meet the basic physical and aptitude requirements for the type of model you want to become before you invest your time and money into the process. If you want to be a high fashion model but do not have the size or look requirements, no amount of hard work will make you a career model. Try to Buy Success - There is a whole industry built around this approach to getting started in

modeling. Very few career models, however, actually succeed through this avenue. This area includes many of the modeling schools, modeling camps, model searches, internet listing services, modeling contests, modeling conventions, and pageants. This is not to say that these activities can’t be interesting, educational, and fun. But most of these organizations will take on and take money from almost anyone who wants to be a model. This leads to a very low percentage of career models that actually come from these activities. Most of these organizations survive by playing on one’s dreams, ignorance, and pocket book and not by finding and developing top modeling talent. But in spite of this, sometimes someone does make it and this is what these organizations feature in their sales pitches and videos. 5


ATIST SPOTLIGHT Krushal has only been seriously rapping for two years but is heavy on his grind. He is currently working to finish his debut album “Fast Money” while working his single “Bubble Fat” one city at a time. I picked up a copy of his promo CD at a clothing store here in Atlanta. After I saw the 513 area code I naturally assumed he was another artist that had moved down to Atlanta to jump start his music career. After listening to the record I gave him a call and was surprised to find out he was still based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Krushal started rapping while serving a stint in the joint. After getting out he spent the next four years boxing. He was just messing around in the studio when he recorded the song bubble fat but after the response it got in the club he started looking at rap a little more seriously. Being from a small city he understands that


he has to reach out for bigger opportunities. That’s why he has been promoting the single in other markets like Atlanta, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi just to name a few. His current goal is to build up a management and promotional team. Until now he has been doing everything himself with the support of family. He is currently looking to network with anyone who is serious about what they do. His next step is booking more shows and securing radio play. Ultimately he would love to secure a distribution deal but he is taken it one step at a time.

ARTST SPOTLIGHT I first saw Pimp Bo at Club Endenue’s open mic. Just being honest, it wasn’t much of a crowd so I had planned on getting in and out as quick as possible. While passing out magazines my ears perked up when I heard Bo performing his first song “A”. The joint was hot. So hot, I had to take a seat to watch his


whole performance. It was no more than 20 or so people in the club but the brother put it down like he was performing for a packed house. That is an admirable trait in any artist. Whether its one person or one million you should put it all out on the line and that’s definitely what he did. I spoke with Bo briefly about the magazine as he was passing out promo CDs. When we do a write up on an artist we take time to get to know them so that we can truly capture their personality in print. Bo is a work horse. His hustle is non-stop. Every time we met up he was on his grind. Whether it was at an open mic, a studio, or just picking up more promotional items he was on the clock. While most cats were out partying for the BET Hip Hop awards weekend, he was out there getting it in. Pimp Bo is currently in the studio working on his upcoming album and is looking to connect with additional producers and industry professionals. He is also looking to promote his project and do more shows so feel free to contact him at (404) 839-4653.



If you an independent artists looking for a place to showcase your talent, you need to hit Club Miami (3011 Bufford highway) Every Monday it goes down real big as the hottest underground Hip Hop and R&B artists battle it out for the Weekly Cash Prize. Come kick it with Mizz Shyneka from Hot 107.9 and the whole crew. The doors open at 10PM with a $10 cover charge. Signup fee for solo artists is only $10 and $15 for groups. Show starts at 11PM sharp and after its over Club Miami turns into the hottest after hours spot in the “A� with the party goin until 5AM.




We have gotten to a point in music where many people have forgotten the definition of the word producer, especially in the realm of hiphop. Many people have unfortunately adopted the notion that a producer is someone who makes beats, but his alone doesn’t qualify someone as a producer. Many beat makers discredit people like Puffy as producers because they don’t feel he isn’t hands on with the music (ie. actually making the beats). The truth is you could know how to work every piece of equipment and/ or software you find in a studio and still be a piss poor producer While a beat maker may have the ability to create melody and rhythm a producer

creates music. A producer has the ability to visualize an end product and bring it to life. This is the quality that separates producers from beat makers. To become a great producer you have to develop a certain level of objectivity. You need the ability to step back and look at the larger picture. A great producer knows that he is a part of a team, whether it’s just him and a single artist or a studio full of people. Any given song my be the sum work of someone who made the beat, another that played keys on it, two writers, a four member group, a vocal arranger, a recording engineer, a mix engineer and finally a mastering engineer. A great producer learns how to engineer, write and arrange vocals. Not for the sake of doing it himself but so that he understands what he is looking for and how to effectively communicate his vision with the people he works with. People are like notes. The right ones in the right place will make beautiful music while the wrong ones will just make noise. The first step to becoming a great producer is building your team. Find people that compliment your talents and learn from them. Be a student of music. Not just your particular genre but all music and work with as many talented artists as you can. Producing is less about knowing how to work with equipment and more about knowing how to work with people. A producer guides the creative process to its final destination.



time student he’s juggling a very full plate. Between music and work he has been keeping up an academic scholarship . His charismatic personality has been a huge asset in helping him meet the right people. Having worked with artists such as Young Dro, AK, J Millz, Nitti, Cannon, and many others he is currently studying under ATL legend DJ Toomp. With placements on over 30 mixtapes across the country he is slowly carving his own path. The brother has hot tracks at flexible rates for independent artists. He is always looking to work with good talent. His current focuses are R&B sensation, Jovan Dais, and rapper, Ancient Greco.

If you are familiar with Atlanta’s underground production scene you should be familiar with the name Ced L. Young. The Indianapolis (Naptown!!) native has been killing it as a two time reigning Atlantis Beat Battle Champion. Not to mention his recent back to back wins at the Apache Café’s monthly He knows his way around the hardware but his producer battle. Even with all his accomplishments and deals on the table the brother remains very hum- weapons of choice are a laptop running FL Studio and ble. Ced moved to the “A” to pursue music but has Protools. For more information or to check out the kept school equally important on his plans. As a full tracks please visit 10



Kimmi Kennedy

Las Vegas WWW,KIMMIKENNEDY.COM MYSPACE.COM/KIMMIKENNEDY Height 5’3” Weight: 115 LBS Measurements: 34D-23-37

Attention models please submit your photos to for your chance to be next months model spotlight.


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