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Finding the Next Super Star

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URGENT ADVISORY Read Before Continuing: This magazine is filled with articles and advice columns for people pursuing careers in the urban music, fashion and film industries. I advise you to read every article regardless of the intended audience because much of the information is universal and can be applied to other areas. It is also recommended that you take the opportunity to network with the individuals featured in this issue. Contact information is provided in every story. If this is your first time reading Makin’ It Magazine you may catch up with us by downloading previous issues online for free at www.MakinItMag.com

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PUBLISHERS NOTE Well here we are. It’s the fourth quarter and as I write this we are six weeks away from Election Day. I know this magazine is about breaking into the entertainment industry but I must take a moment to remind everyone to get registered and vote. With any luck, next time you hear from me we’ll be swearing in Obama. Right now, the economy is messed up, there’s a gas shortage down here in GA, the banks are in trouble and they’re trying to use our tax dollars to bail them out. I know many of you are busy chasing that dream, but what good is a Bentley if you can’t find a gas station to fuel up… lol. With that being said we have a really good issue for you this quarter. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send them to feedback@makintimag.com. -Kelby Cannick Publisher

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In the world today, there are a growing number of people wanting to get in "the business." There are also a lot of people trying to transition out of the business because they've somehow realized that it really wasn't what they expected. With today's multi-billion dollar music and entertainment industries still being one of the few professions where your level of education doesn't limit your career opportunities, it could be easily understood why this situation exists. There are no better "from rags to riches" stories than the ones that are told in today's music. So I wonder: Why do many artists and professionals allow their dreams to get deferred and what exactly does it take to make it? This could be understood best when you realize that success on either side of the fence is 30 percent mind and 70 percent hustle. When discussing the key elements that determine success or failure, often, work ethic highly exceeds individual understanding of an interest. The music business is often referred to as "the game" and just like any game it consists of many players. These players all share the same love for the game, but the thing that separates the great players from all the rest is their work ethic. Before playing in any game the player has to devote a lot of time into practicing. As it relates to music, practice could include a lot of options. For the entry-level person, it's hard because most industry positions are unpaid, require a lot of time, most of which you might feel degraded and less than your worth. Although there is no cure for these symptoms, be advised that you're experiencing the most pivotal moments of your career. These are trying times where you must fight to establish a name for yourself while keeping your eyes on your prize. As you study the successful players such as Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Sean Combs, and Percy Miller just to name a few, the repeated pattern of being in control of your own destiny is obvious. When you are new to the game, there won't 4 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

be someone at the top dying to pull you up because they remember how hard they had to work to make a name for themselves. There won't be any handouts or freebies, so be prepared to work harder than the next guy, put in long hours, be persistent, and never allow anyone or anything detour you from your vision. You must change the way you think first and then your thoughts will become your results. Other key elements the successful player should have are ambition and self motivation. A person lacking ambition always end up working for someone that has it. Self-motivation is important because your differences from others are where your true strength lies. Creativity falls short when there is dependency on someone assigning you tasks. Instead, you must be innovative and bring some fresh ideas to the table. In the music business, there is always plenty of room at the top for more people, but there is no place to sit down. "Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines."~

Jimmie Howard Senior A&R, Taylord Entertainment Office: 404.685.8555 Cell: 678.603.4277 Jimmie.howard@gmail.com http://www.taylordentertainment.com http://www.myspace.com/mellowjim2

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Aerosoul the Ace is a hip hop artist born and raised in the city of Lagos located in western Nigeria. From birth, music has been a major part of his life. Now a marketing major in his third year at Virginia Tech he is working diligently to make an impact on not just the music industry but the world. Having relocated from Africa just three years ago he has a different world outlook from many hip hop artists in the states. His goals have less to do with making change ($$$) and more to do with creating change. He describes his music as more philosophical and revolutionary because he wants it to make people stand up



As a New Orleans fire fighter that also refuels jets on the side, Spyanage brings a true blue collar work ethic to the music industry. With a catalog of over 400 songs, he is hard at work putting the finishing touches on his latest solo project, Str8 2 Da Point. Juggling shows in between New Orleans and Lafatette while making a monthly commute to Atlanta to record, he jokes about being on the road like a trucker. During our interview he recounted one such trip just after a tropical storm when he totaled his car after hydroplaning off I-59 in the middle of the night. Stranded in Mississippi he still managed to make a way to get to Atlanta that night, finish his sessions and make it back to New Orleans. Currently Spyanage is looking to connect with a manager, marketing professionals and DJ’s to help pick songs. For more info contact 504-432-7331 or visit Myspace: www.myspace.com/spyanage

and take action. It is for this same reason that he does not curse or use verbal slander in any of his records. He feels his biggest challenge is being located in a college town because it’s a small market that lacks a developed hip hop scene. His current focus is upgrading his recording setup and getting as much exposure as possible through mixtapes, magazines, shows and any outlets that are available. If you are interested in connecting with Aerosoul The Ace contact him at (832) -964-5339 or visit Myspace.com/AerosoulTheAce to check out the music. All feedback is welcomed!



Sherrod Morgan AKA C.H.A.M.P.A.G.N.E, a 29 year old rapper born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan that has been rapping since his early child hood. Growing up on 80’s West Cast Rap, he would spend hours practicing his freestyle. At age 15, he relocated to Tennessee with his mother. It was there that he first started writing and recording locally. Though East Coast music is his favorite, Growing up in the Midwest listening to West Coast music and eventually relocating to the south has left an obvious impression on his style. The best way to describe Sherrod would be with the Acronym which is his stage name: Competetive, Humble, Ambitious Man Putting it down Against the Grain No Exceptions. myspace.com/sherrodmorgan loud.com/DCHAMP1

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Myspace.com/cattyfanpage Inhousemusicgroup@gmail.com catalyst@sprint.blackberry.net

You have people that make things happen, people that watch things happen, and people that things happen to. As I sat down to interview Catalyst, representing BX to the fullest, it was easy to tell which category he was in. From the beginning of conversation I sensed that I was talking to more than just another rapper. Cat is an artist, but more importantly he is a businessman. Not in the sense of the thousands of artists who run around calling themselves CEOs because it sounds good, but in the sense that he has a definite vision, purpose and plan to achieve his goals. Raised in single parent household, music ran in the family. His mother sang background for urban and gospel artists such as Karen ClarkSheard and Donald Lawrence. His grandfather was a member of the Four Arts and toured with Brook Benton. He felt it was only natural that he be involved in the industry. His first stab at music was as a member of a rap group. Though it was short lived he continued working around the industry doing street promotions and working for various labels. Though he still flirted with a career as an artist he resolved to go hard in 2006, shifting his plans and setting a new mission. Though a business man, he still has an appreciation for the art. He sees music as not just a way to make money, but a way to make history. He understands there are things you want to do artistically, but there are still those things that you have to do to reach your audience. He feels his music is a reflection of his life and he wants the album to show all facets of that. While he has records with Crooked I, Rell and Daron Jones of 112 he keeps his album

6 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

balanced with very personal records like the one dealing with the decision he and his girl made not to have their first child. Overall, the album is looking to be very promising. He’s been working with producers from Canada and Europe while working with artists from across the country. His underground release Perfect Timing was recently nominated for an Under Ground Music Award and his single “Get Rich, Get Fly” was featured on the On The Grind Mixtape Volume 3. His goal with this project is to do something ground breaking. He wants this project to define a period in time. Something you can come back to years from now and reminisce about what you were doing the first time you heard it. As far as the business goes, he feels that artists and businesses need to come together more often. He says “Companies like Makin’ It Magazine are a real good look.” He’s looking to connect with more than just people in the music industry. Referencing the deal between Jermaine Dupri and Proctor & Gamble to start a record label based around the Tag Body spray brand, he says there are opportunities everywhere. Having worked for Calvin Klein he knows the benefits of cross promotion and is open to working with people from all industries. If you are interested in getting more information or having Catalyst be the face of your new product or company please contact him at the following (917) 749-9143

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Originally from Pennsauken, New Jersey (Camden), this future hip hop superstar is holding it down in North Carolina. Working on his new album while finishing his current mixtape, he is hard at work pushing his latest single “What Can I Say” featuring Poetic of Treal. The song can be described as being hip hop with pop overtones and has definite crossover potential. The record has been received well in the streets and the clubs. His management, Keep It Moving Records, is seriously looking to connect with additional DJ’s, Producers and open to exploring crosspromotional opportunities that will give keepitmovingent@gmail.com them a chance www.Myspace.com/Flauce to brand or expand (919) 423-4613 into new markets.

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Growing up in Chicago, D.O.N. started writing and rapping at a very young age in attempts to impress her older brother. Though she would continue for years to come, it wasn’t until just 6 years ago that she decided to pursue it seriously. As a female MC, she feels she has to work twice as hard to get half as much as her male counter parts. Never the less, she’s hard at work finishing her new mixtape. She’s working to break the mold of the stereotyped female MCs of being either extremely hood or overly sexual and settling in to relate the life and struggles of the typical black woman. D.O.N., Who’s name stands for Dollars Over Ni**as is currently looking for management.

dgrldon@yahoo.com www.Myspace.com/DgDon (240) 460-4661

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8 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

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TAKE 5 WITH Hello Megan, how are you? I feel great. God is good. I can’t complain. Alright. You gained a huge following with your singles ‘Floatin’ and ‘The One You Need’ while with Def Jam but you’re currently independent. How has being on a major label and an independent, how has being on both impacted you as an artist? Well, it definitely taught me a lot. Being on a major label helped me to understand that just because you sign yourself to a major label doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to come out and I feel that being independent gives you more leverage to be independent as an artist and as a businessminded individual. It just really benefits you to be able to be in control over your own project. To each’s own. I don’t despise being signed to a major label but it’s all in compromise and I feel it’s better for me to have stepped out.


sentation of you and I felt that is was very hard for me to have accomplished the things that I wanted to accomplish because I had a manager that is an artist. That situation in and of itself is very stifling. It’s almost like your competing with your manager. It’s such a blessing to have stepped outside of the loyalty factor, walking on faith and saying ‘You know what? I’m going to transition. God will bless me. It will work out.’ It’s a blessing. Are you currently working on any new music? Do you have any singles you’re planning on pushing? Actually, I’ve got a single out called Caught Up and I am working on new records almost everyday. I feel that, as

a true musician, that shouldn’t stopped whether you’re signed or not. Music is a part of me and that part should never end. Okay. What can we look for as far as an album? Do you have a release date for your album. I don’t have a release date but see me in ‘09. So, ’09 is the year to look out for Megan Rochell? Yessir! Okay, well we definitely appreciate your time and we wish you much success with your upcoming music. Thank you so much and I appreciate you having this interview me. You have a blessed day.

Alright, and with that do you have any plans of going back to the major labels or do you plan on staying independent? Well, actually, I’m working on a situation right now. The contracts are in but they’re just not signed yet. It’s with a production company, a very highlyesteemed one might I add, and then obviously we want to secure distribution with a major label. So, the only difference is this time is going to be I’ll have a family prior to going in to the major situation. And with that family it just helps to build my creativeness as a writer and as an artist period. Okay. We’re aware that you’ve recently changed management. Did the management have anything to do with your situation at Def Jam? Yes, because your team is a repreWanna Advertise... Call (678) 528-6925 or visit www.MakinItMag.com

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Meet B.O.B.


Bob... though the name doesn’t exactly scream hip hop superstar when you first hear it... the music most definitely does. From the moment you press play on one of his records, the talent is undeniable. From massive club bangers like “Haterz” to soulful hip hop records like “I’ll Be in the Sky”, B.O.B. is able to deliver gems on all musical levels. He has devoted massive amounts of time to learning every aspect of the creative process. Rapping, writing, producing, arranging, recording and mixing many of his own records, he enjoys a since of independence that gives him the liberty to experiment and push the limits of his creativity. In this day of ringtone rappers and broke bitter MCs, the game has become increasingly polarized. Fortunately there are still artists like B.O.B. that refuse to be put into boxes. Currently touring heavily in the states and overseas, he is definitely an artist to look out for. For drops, mixtape hosting, freestyles, promo product, and press, media or booking inquiries for B.o.B, please contact B Rich @ 404-964-4964 or TJ Chapman of TJ’s DJ’s at 850.878.3634 or mailto:tj@tjsdjs.com.

Calen en Jounson, better known as Lyrical cal Preacher, has been burning up Atlanta’s Open Mic circuit. With win after win, he continues to stay humble and focuesed as he delivers a positive message through his music to some of the seediest hole-in-the-walls Atlanta has to offer. Good music knows no boundaries as hip hop heads and trappers alike sing along to his hit record Love Gets Me High. For more info email: tin152productions@gmail.com VICIOU$ (Atl, GA) has been getting his digital grind on. Whether its Myspace, Facebook, or any of the other popular social networking sites, his presence is undeniable. Raking in considerable sales online in the few short months since releasing his project, he has not neglected the streets. His single “Umma Make It Juicy 4 U” has already been getting a lot of love from the DJ’s. Now, in search of a skilled promotions expert his goal is to independently move 20-50k units of his latest release “The Chronicles”. For more info contact Viciou$ at: www.myspace.com/vicspits (678) 358-0302 | rtimerecords@gmail.com 10 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

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21 years old 34-25-41 5’7” Atlanta, GA

www.plphotography.com P L Photography Paul@plphotography.com

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ARTISTS’ CORNER FLYING SOLO BY J. JOHNSON Many solo artists have considered forming a group and many group members have contemplated going solo at some point or another. The reasons for one considering the other are numerous. While there are exclusive benefits to both solo artists and groups, which one do you feel will lead you to success? Beginning with being a one-man band, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each to help you make your decision.

members opting to go solo after reading this. Not to worry though, there may be just as many solo artists looking to join a group as well. I hope this bit of information helps lead you to success. As always, you can reach me via e-mail at JeremyJohnson@KeyNoteMP.com or on Tom’s space at MySpace. com/PhillysNycest. (www.KeyNoteMP.com)

Solo Artists In being a solo artist you don’t have to split profits earned the group members meaning you generally take home a larger piece of the pie. You also don’t have to share the spotlight with anyone else so feel free to relish in it. Additionally, you don’t have to share creative control regarding the direction of your album with group members and there is no one to slow up progress except you. However, with being a solo artist you must responsible for fully funding your music as opposed to sharing the bill amongst others. Also, with having more creative control of your album and not having any one to share the spotlight with, there is no one else to blame if you fail. The total weight of your music career rests firmly on your shoulders and it all lands on you if you don’t succeed. Groups/Bands In being part of a group the workload is distributed evenly (or at least it should be). There are more people to spread the word about your group’s music and more people to chip in to pay for music-related expenses. Some groups even go as far as living together to share living expenses. Sounds great, right? Not necessarily. With the addition of members often comes the struggle to keep everyone focused on the common goal. Keeping focus also includes sharing a common vision for your group’s image and the type of music you make. Also, being that your group is only as good as its weakest member, it can be difficult making sure everyone is progressing at a decent rate and not becoming dead weight. Even if all goes according to plan and you group becomes successful you’ll have to watch out for jealousy and envy amongst group members. We all remember David Ruffin and The Temptations, right? In the event that things don’t work out, you’ll have to situate who owns what- from the group name to any equipment purchased while the group was in existence. (Side note: There should be Band/Group Agreement in place that outlines that. Visit www. KeyNoteMP.com and fill out the Contact Us form to get more information on drafting a Band/Group Agreement for your group). Think you’re ready to decide which path will lead you to success? We hope so. There may be a lot of groups that’ll have 12 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

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In 2006 we had an Idea for competition that would give independent artists across the country access to quality produced beats and the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with artists from around the world. In 2007 we launched our first annual Beat Game competition and over a thousand artists registered to compete for the $5,000 grand prize. Our judges narrowed thousands of songs down to just 15 finalists then placed the final decision in the hands of the fans‌

14 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

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How did you first hear about the beat game? I was in Phat Kaps and I saw a flyer about getting 15 free beats and a $5,000 rap contest. When I got to the crib, I got online and checked them out. After I heard them beats I had to enter. Tell us the story behind your winning entry “Money Machine”. Honestly the song just fell out the sky… soon as I heard the beat I came up with the first part of the hook. “I rock the icy white tee Evizu jeans… Couple Chains, Couple Stacks I need a money machine.” After I had that I went straight to the studio to lay it down. My man B-Town, who does all my recording, said we need to put a money machine sound effect in the hook. We rounded the hook out and I added the “So fresh... So Clean part.” I didn’t want to loose my momentum so I just freestyled the second verse. Then I went back and wrote it latter, to tighten it up.

QUICK FACTS ABOUT DUCK Born in Dallas Texas. Raised on the southside of Nashville First Album title “Duckin Feds” Started rapping at age 13 H.N.I.C is Ducks fourth Solo Release Founder of Kinfolk Entertainment

hit the streets with advance copies of the album and would get people to buy the ringtone to get their free copy. I got a banner made up telling people to buy the ringtone and would take it out to the shows when I opened up for artists like Plies. I just really got out there and got on my grind and the response has been good. We’ve been getting love in the streets How did you feel when you found out you and the clubs. I go into Phat Kaps now, the same were one of the 15 finalists? I went crazy. store where I first saw the flyer for the Beat Game, When I got the call I was so excited. I went and told and the record is playing. my family. I decided i was going to do whatever it took to win. I had already come to far to not do ev- What does winning the Beat Game mean to you? It’s just a real good look. A lot of good exerything possible to be the grand prize winner. posure and opportunity but more than anything… Its You were up against some real thick com- extra cash to help me do the things I need to do petition. There were even finalists that had to take it to the next level. I mean I’m good on the major label artists featured on their songs money tip but I’m trying to do things the right way and you still won by a landslide. You had 4 and I got a son… So I still have to watch my budget. times as many votes as your closest run- But that extra 5 G’s is going to cover doing a video ner up. How did you pull it off? Like I said… and some much needed promotions… I’m already After I got the call I decided I was going to do what- going out here traveling and stuff but it helps me do ever I needed to win. I just hit the ground running. I a lot more a lot sooner. promoted at all my shows. I got flyers made up that I would pass out telling people to buy the ringtone. I

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What’s your next move? The same as the last move… keep grinding. I’m already registered for the 2008 competition and coming for that $10,000 this year. Outside of that, I’m just hitting these streets, traveling and building my buzz in other markets. I’m getting this H.N.I.C. movement growing. I’m working on a new project called Feel Good Music with my group Tha Boyz which consists of me, Beef, Young City, & Chyldish. We’re looking forward to getting that project done by December and I’m also working on a project with Fine$$ titled “Certified!” so keep your ears open.

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PRODUCER’S CORNER HOW TO GET YOUR BEATS IN THE RIGHT HANDS BY E. UNGER Many people have asked how do I get my beats in the right hands, how do I meet big time producers, how do I get a manager, how do I get on radio, what’s the best way to get signed and many other similar questions…. All of these questions can be aligned with one simple and crazy answer…

tract the right people that can help you. People will naturally become interested in what you’re doing when you are genuinely concerned for their well being. This applies to professional networking events, clubbing, live performances or any independent event.

The best way to get your beats in the right hands is to not say anything… Sound crazy yet?

Regarding people you meet, just befriend them. ‘Industry’ connects take time, patience, sincerity, and just being a good friend. Find common ground. Great relationships and friendships take time and the same applies to business connections and client relationships. Always treat everyone like they are important. Everyone is important and successful no matter what stage they are at. If they are as committed as you are, it’s just a matter of time before their outward circumstances of success show the results of their inner success and integrity. People who are without integrity and are in it for themselves naturally fall to the way side.

Here’s how it works. First, make yourself a valuable producer, artist, engineer, etc. Take your time perfecting your craft to the next level. Second, know what you want to do and where you want to be. Afterwards, get your business together. Invest time and money in yourself. Have a creative business card, website, myspace page, professional CD demo and most importantly great material. It’s time to retire the writing on scratched CDs. If the package doesn’t have any effort in it, chances are the music will be judged in the same manner. No one will take interest in your career as much as you will so it is very important to have great material AND great looking CD graphics, pictures and business cards. Next, create different sounding beats, say something different in both the music and lyrics – just be you! People don’t want what is already out there. Always push yourself to your own cutting edge. Have outstanding material that ‘wows’ people. Always have business cards and CDs on hand so it’s easy to hear your work. Keep your integrity with perseverance and the best clients will come to you. You won’t need to seek them. Let who you are do the talking. Now while you are being you, do what you like doing. If you like networking events, have fun at them. If you like to perform, go to where people perform. Go to the music events that you enjoy and be yourself. Then become friends with everyone you meet. Keep it honest and see how you can help others. After the events, make the connections. Just take an hour once a month to start. Contact every person who gave you a card or CD. Listen to their material. Offer your services free to someone you really like. Or, find out how you can help them in conversation. By being valuable and serving others, you will naturally at16 / Makin’ It Magazine / 4th Qtr 08

In summary, just be you and have fun doing what you love. Help others however you can – no stress. Just lend a helping hand when you can. Within a short time, watch your friends and connections grow while you are having fun… If you would like more information on this article, contact me at http://www.computerproducer. com/contact.html

Ed Unger www.computerproducer.com www.gotchanoddin.com www.bluesoundstudios.com www.ungerrose.com

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October 31 - November 2 - Miami, FL National Talent Search Showcase (Mall Auditions) for more info visit www.NationalTalentSearch.info or call (888) 863-9553 October 10-13, 2008 Myrtle Beach, SC Core DJ Retreat IX

4th Quarter 2008 Street Talk Newspaper presents Maximum Exposure Mondays One of the cities hottest open mic’s hosted by V-103s Lil Bankhead and 107.9s DJ Holiday. Compete for monthly grand prize including $500 Cash and 1/2 page feature in Street Talk Newspaper. For more information call (678) 444-2442 Event Code: 831 DoATL.com Presents Smash or Trah Tuesdays at the office Sports Bar & Grille 1241 Indian Trail-Lilburn Rd. in Norcross, GA Next to (Sunny’s Bar B Q) V-103s Lil Bankhead. Compete for monthly grand prize including $500 Cash and 1/2 page feature in Street Talk Newspaper. For more information call

(678) 444-2442 Event Code: 837 Akini the Black Mac presents ATL’s Talent Showcase jumps off every wednesday at Throbacks (4847 Old National Highway in College Park, GA) A great Open mic and networking event bringing the city’s best talent out to compete for $1,000 Cash. The night also includes model casting for major video projects and. For more information call (678) 444-2442 Event Code: 843 Hustle University & Strong Arm Management present The Producers Swap Meet the last Thursday of every month at the Apache Cafe. Tons of Producers, artists and

industry insiders come through to relax, mingle and watch the hottest beat makers in Atlanta go at track for track. For artists it’s a great place to find your next single. For producers it’s a great place to find your big break. For more information call (678) 444-2442 Event Code: 801 Patchwerk Studios presents the I Do Music networking event Every first Thursday of the Month at the Apache Cafe. For more information call (678) 444-2442 Event Code: 802

If you have an Industry related event that you need to promote contact us at (678) 528-6925

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November 7 – 9, Atlanta, GA National Talent Search Showcase (Mall Auditions) for more info visit www.NationalTalentSearch.info or call (888) 863-9553 MidAtlantic Music Conference Nov. 7-9, 2008 For more info: www.midatlanticmusic.com December 5 – 7, Miami, FL National Talent Search Showcase (Mall Auditions) for more info visit www.NationalTalentSearch.info or call (888) 863-9553 Dec 11 - 14, 2008, Miami, FL 4th Annual Florida Entertainment Summit For more info: www.FloridaEntertainmentSummit. com December 12 – 14, Ft. Lauderdale, FL National Talent Search Showcase (Mall Auditions) for more info visit www.NationalTalentSearch.info or call (888) 863-9553 January 9 – 11, Charlotte, NC National Talent Search Showcase (Mall Auditions) for more info visit www.NationalTalentSearch.info or call (888) 863-9553 SEA 2009 Tunica, MS Jan. 23-25, 2009. For more info: www. southernentawards.com TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Conference - Oct 30 Tallahassee, FL - www.TJsDJs.com

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EVENT SPOTLIGHT NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH BY K. CANNICK National Talent Search Showcase offers Singers, Emcees, Music Groups, Spokes Models, Bands, Comedians, Choirs and Dance Crews the chance to compete for prizes, get television exposure and launch their career. The 20 city national audition tour kicks off at Simon Malls across the nation on October 31st and it’s coming to a city near you. Show Producers are looking for the best unsigned talent in the nation. Performers age 13 - 45 can audition at select Simon Malls across the nation starting October 31st. Audition Finalists perform for the taping of the live showcase, which will be broadcast on a local TV network at a later date. Eligible contestants vie for a spot to compete at the National Talent Search Finals being filmed live

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in Miami, Florida this spring and scheduled to air nationally in late spring / summer. National Showcase Winners receive $25,000 plus an Artist Development / Management contract and a host of other opportunities including touring. Auditionees also get to participate in the NTS Industry Insiders Power Session. This private session gives them the opportunity to network & ask questions about breaking into the entertainment business. The panel consists of A& R Execs, Talent Scouts, Producers, Managers, and more.

The $25.00 network registration fee allows registrants to receive a pair of tickets for the NTS Industry Insiders Power Session and he/she has the choice of free gift offer. All registered members of our talent network remain active on our database for one year, allowing them to receive updates on new auditions, casting calls, movie projects and future projects. For More Information, Visit http://NationalTalentSearch.info or call 888.863.9553

Everyone who registers with our talent network can audition for the showcase slots. Early Registration for Atlanta and Miami auditions ends September 25th.

Wanna Advertise... Call (678) 528-6925 or visit www.MakinItMag.com

Wanna Advertise... Call (678) 528-6925 or visit www.MakinItMag.com

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Wanna Advertise... Call (678) 528-6925 or visit www.MakinItMag.com

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Makin' It Magazine - Issue #11  

In this issue we announce the winner of The Beat Game, our $5,000 Rap Competition, and spotlight a lot of great up and coming talent includi...

Makin' It Magazine - Issue #11  

In this issue we announce the winner of The Beat Game, our $5,000 Rap Competition, and spotlight a lot of great up and coming talent includi...