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Shaare Torah Brings Fun and Excitement to Summer Learning This past summer, students of Yeshivat Shaare Torah were treated to a special incentive program which allowed them to hone their reading schools while earning exciting prizes, so they could keep up their scholastic progress without compromising the fun and excitement of summer.


he innovative Keriah ‘n Action project, run by Keriah Coordinator Mrs. S. Waldman, involved a series of special videos and messages sent to the students by email on a weekly basis. At the beginning of the summer, every child received an attractive Summer Homework booklet and a brochure with over 50 prizes to choose from. Every child received an email each week with a video of a rabbi explaining the rule that was reviewed that week. The boys practiced each week’s assignment three days – any three days during that week, thereby learning the law while also building their fluency skills. There was also a mystery number included each week, challenging the boys to figure out how many words in the text contained that week’s rule. Parents signed each assignment and recorded how many tickets were earned each week. A message was sent to Keriah ‘n Action after each assignment was completed, either by calling or texting the Keriah ‘n Action hotline, or emailing The organizers then responded with the amount of tickets earned that week. The teachers also contacted parents of boys who were not completing their assignments, or who did them incorrectly, to help them get back on track. 34


Every child was able to pick from over 50 exciting prizes based on the number of tickets he earned from Keriah ‘n Action over the summer. Prizes included a pen calculator for 250 tickets, a light up Frisbee for 500 tickets, a leather wallet for 750 tickets, and a remote controlled car for 1000 tickets. Every child who completed all the Keriah ‘n Action assignments was included in the Grand Prize Raffle for a chance to win one of the grand prizes, including a basketball set, a guitar and an above ground pool. All second and third graders were treated to a grand trip to Kids ‘n Action on Tuesday, October 1st as a reward for participating in the Keriah ‘n Action Summer Homework Program. Thanks to the fantastic cooperation of the students and their parents, the program was a resounding success. Eighty percent of the boys who participated in Keriah ‘n Action received 750 or more tickets toward their choice of prizes. More than half of the second and third grade students were part of the Grand Prize Raffle for completing all their assignments, reading every assignment on three different days for all nine weeks of the summer. Thanks to modern technology, a devoted staff, a touch of ingenuity, and the outstanding students and parents of Shaare Torah, the boys were able to keep up their reading over the summer in a fun and exciting way, giving them a running start to the 2013-4 academic year!

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