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Paula Shoyer’s Chocolate Mousse Roll Cake

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Unexpected Guests

November 2002 Victoria’s career path into the field of journalism began as a writer for Community. Eight years later she would become the Managing Editor of Whisk.


After graduate school, Victoria further developed and enhanced her journalistic skills as the Managing Editor of The Angel News, the business and finance publication of the Sephardic Angel Fund. Under her leadership, the publication gained a sterling reputation for delivering quality journalism in an aesthetic package.

try there’s a new technique or flavor combination that becomes part of your culinary education,” she shares. Because she is a perpetual student, combing her resources in whatever form they come in, Victoria found her job and her hobby inevitably blending. “Once I became editor at Whisk I was interviewing tons of people, and learning something from each one,” she remarks. “I got to hang out in commercial kitchens and pick the brains of a lot of professional chefs. From writing about food, I learned about food.” Indeed, as a contributing writer for Whisk – she writes the weekly feature column in addition to managing the recipe columnists – she’s had some remarkable adventures on assignment. “Recently, I ate gluten-free for a couple of weeks just so I could write about the experience,” she begins. “I visited Kitchen Arts and Letters on the Upper East Side and went into their basement to explore old, out-of-print cookbooks from the last century. I’ve been behind the scenes at a wedding, watching how caterers prepare [for guests]. I’ve been in each one of Pomegranate’s kitchens to see how every product they sell is prepared.” She continues, “I’ve gone to the Union Square Farmer’s Market with Chef Jeffrey Nathan to learn culinary secrets about every fruit and veggie. I organized and covered a ‘Holiday Wars’ competition between Prime Grill chefs. I visited the Tofutti Lab to see how COMMUNITY MAGAZINE

Summer Salads

August 2010

When Victoria became the Managing Editor at Whisk, a popular kosher food magazine published weekly by Ami Magazine, she was able to combine her passions for good food and creative writing.

the non-dairy products are created. This month, I’m going to the kitchen of a Southern Jew to learn the kosher versions of Southern cooking. Her family has lived in Memphis for generations and as wealthy landowners, they used to trade recipes with the slaves. The slaves didn’t soak their chicken in buttermilk before frying; they couldn’t afford it. The Jews adopted their secrets for getting crispy fried chicken without using any dairy.”

“Made Easy” Victoria relishes her work as a food columnist and magazine editor. As a writer, she is more than just a scribe of experience – she forms deep relationships in the process. It’s no surprise, then, that she met her cookbook co-author, Leah Schapira, on the job. The founder of, Leah is also one of the recipe columnists for Whisk, and the two foodies spent hours on the phone together brainstorming ideas for the magazine. It helped that Victoria edited Leah’s first cookbook, Fresh and Easy Kosher Cooking. One a Sephardic Jew of Syrian descent, the other an Ashkenazic Jew of the Hungarian Chassidic tradition, they struck a rapport, in spite of their differences. “The Hungarian ladies are very shaatra too,” Victoria acknowledges. “We have very different backgrounds, but the culture clash is what makes our writing interesting.”

“I needed to prove to myself that I could cook and entertain just as well as people who weren’t working. I wasn’t going to be less of a homemaker because I worked.”


Zehava’s Easy

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