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VOL. 6, NO. 41 - THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2020

A Sign of the Times

USNS Comfort Sails In To Help NY Hospitals

Photo by John Reinhardt


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The Rockaway Times

Vino By the Sea Hopes to Spark Domino Pay It Forward Effort By Katie McFadden

A true community effort of a business helping restaurants help those on the frontlines of the coronavirus, is in the works. Adam Linet, owner of Vino By The Sea, is hoping to start a domino effect of helping those who need it most. With alcohol becoming a popular purchase during these trying times of coronavirus craziness, why not use your purchase to help a good cause? On Monday, April 6, considering heading to Vino By The Sea (190 Beach 69th Street) for your wine and liquor fix. Linet has agreed to donate all profits made from purchases that day, toward purchasing food at local restaurants struggling to stay afloat amid shutdowns, to feed the hardworking healthcare workers of St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. “My wife is a social worker at the mental health clinic across the street from the hospital and we hear daily news through the

grapevine about the staff in the hospital that haven’t had any time for self-care or anything. At the same time, restaurants are really suffering right now as well. So it’s kind of a win, win, if we can support those deemed an essential business to keep staff on payroll, and help those fighting this,” Linet said. “If I’m able to donate and still pay my staff, I think that’s a good thing and I’m happy and able to do it.” Linet has already touched base with staff at St. John’s to arrange the logistics of possible food donations, and local restaurants that may be interested in participating. One such restaurant was Whit’s End, which Linet has teamed up with previously, but when Linet approached owner, Whitney Aycock, the chef agreed to take it one step further by bringing his mobile pizza oven right to St. John’s, to feed the hospital employees at no cost. In recent weeks, Aycock has been doing

similar efforts for first responders. The logistics of when and how to bring the pizza oven to St. John’s are still in the works. In the meantime, what other restaurants will be involved, will all depend on how much Linet is able to raise on Monday. “I just hope we’re able to get enough customers out to buy things that day,” Linet said. He hopes that if the effort is a success, he’ll be able to support multiple restaurants and help keep the St. John’s staff fed over the course of several days. However, he has started to float the idea by neighboring Arverne By the Sea eateries

such as Batesy’s and Cuisine By Claudette. Vino by the Sea offers easy ways to make purchases for those who want to support the effort but maintain social distancing. All items can be found on the website: VinoByTheSea. com, and orders can be placed online for free delivery or quick pick up. All profits from in-store and online purchases will go toward the cause. “We all worked really hard to build Rockaway up by bringing great restaurants and new businesses here. But now we’re at a time where we need to stay home to help prevent the spread of diseases. This is one way to help each other. We’re lucky enough to be open and we’re trying to keep our staff safe, so any online orders are appreciated,” Linet said. “If we can take the money raised and pay it forward to restaurants that need our help, and healthcare workers who I’m sure are working extreme overtime, we’ll do our part.”


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Shopper Beware


You know, it’s all downhill after kindergarten or as I like to say, look at the bright side — there is none. Have you seen Tiger King on Netflix? You can check out The Lazer’s column in this week’s paper, page 30, for a funny overview. Everybody thinks that woman killed her husband. There really is only one other option, he’s hiding from her. While I was watching Tiger King and learning to knit and make moonshine, I got a delivery from Peapod, which is now impossible to book. Word on the street, wait, I can’t use that expression, word online is, some food places have stuff but everybody is trying to get things delivered. I don’t know if that’s accurate. I have not been to the store. For one thing, I heard they’re asking

for ID at Stop and Shop to make sure you’re over 60 if you try and shop before 8 a.m. That’s kinda scary. It’s the kind of thing I want to get proofed for. It’ll be a bummer if they look at me and just wave me through. I drove through just to check out who was checking ID. It was like the old days standing outside a liquor store and asking an adult if they’d buy you a bottle of Tango or Boone’s Farm. There were people in their 50s asking 60-year-olds to borrow their birth certificates or baptismals. I saw one 50-something guy hand 20 bucks to an 80-yearold. He shouted, “Toilet paper!” The old timer must’ve been hard-of-hearing because he shouted back, “Tomatoes?” Failed communication is not limited to parking lots. Just a heads up, set your expectations low, because delivery has its challenges, too. Some hoarder must be disappointed because I did not order any pasta, but my delivery includ-

Substitute? Pasta party planned

ed 12 boxes of ziti and four boxes of bunny pasta. Though maybe it wasn’t meant for a hoarder. These delivery services sometimes do “substituting” and if your order item is not available, they swap it out and send you something similar. I was wondering if they swapped 12 ziti boxes for the 12 rolls of toilet paper I ordered. (I was ordering for a friend).


There’s another service, Instacart. I think the way it works is some guy goes up and down the aisle and shops for you. That’s hit or miss. If you like multi-grain chips and regular chips are easier for him to spot, you’re getting regular. I ordered ice cream cones. My guy brought the cones, but no ice cream. I’m not complaining. I’m looking at the bright side.

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Coronavirus Making You Feel Anxious or Stressed? HERE’S HOW TO COPE RT: How should we cope with age feelings and remain connected. The biggest takeaway? being cooped up at home? LEC: We’re at a time that we COVID-19 is all everyone is Know we’re all in this TOGETHare really blessed, because for talking about. The never-ending ER! Rockaway Strong! most people, there is access to deluge of news on TV and posts RT: What should people do the outside world, even if we are on social media paints a dark future that we never imagined, about the constant pounding of inside. Whether it’s through sosuspending us in this sci-fi uni- doom and gloom, whether it be cial media or using our smartverse where a cough or sneeze on TV or through social media? phone to contact someone you care about. So, it’s less isolating. from someone nearby makes Can we avoid it? LEC: Understand, nobody is Note social media could be a you want to run for the hills. Not to mention, the mandate immune to this, and we’re all double-edge sword. We have to of social distancing in a close- in this together. A lot of people monitor what we do. If you have knit community like Rockaway have become TV junkies. We an elderly neighbor, call them. just adds to the bleak canvas. need to turn the TV and social I make it a practice to text peoHowever, whatever you are go- media off for a while. Also, may- ple in my building, checking to ing through—know you are not be you shouldn’t check your see how they’re doing because alone, and there are ways to 401K every day. Yes, the eco- the regular rituals of meeting cope. In the following Q&A, lo- nomic component here is enor- around the mailbox or walking cal licensed social worker and mous, but if you are fortunate our dogs no longer exist. Also, therapist, also a former super- enough to have a 401K, looking bring some fresh air into your visor at the Far Rockaway Treat- at the stocks every day is not go- home by opening a window. Breathe. Open up your blinds. ment Center, Lois Ellen Cohen, ing to be helpful. Let the light in. Find a way to offers vital tips on how to manBy Kami-Leigh Agard

laugh. Share a joke. Use this time to learn a new skill like baking, cooking, or cleaning out a closet. All the things that we had no time for before. RT: What about social distancing and that awkward moment when you see someone you know outside? LEC: If you are going out, and note, for some people that’s really not a good idea, use that social distancing wisely by riding your bike or walking alone. We can nod at people all along the boardwalk and that in itself, even from a distance, makes social connections. RT: What about people who are trying to maintain their soContinued on page 13

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parking ·

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thank you! we want to sincerely thank our wonderful community for all of the support that you've shown us throughout these hard times


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WWW.BUNGALOW.MENU or call us at (718) 945-2100





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***** Attention: Small businesses. A $10,000 advance payment (it’s a grant—no repayment required) is being offered as part of the federal Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. The initial application for EIDL loans, which is where you apply for the Advance, has been dramatically streamlined, and takes under 10 minutes. Go to https://covid19relief.sba. gov/#/ and make sure you check the box stating you’d like to receive the grant. If you apply for more funds later, additional docs will be required. BUT we can’t stress enough that you should apply for this grant if you’ve been in business and now need quick monetary help. The turnaround, according to the SBA is 1-3 days! ***** We regret to pass along this news. Long-time Community Board member Steve Cooper died last Friday. We have no further details at this point. Also, Frank Scollo, owner of the Pizza D’Amore restaurants in Brooklyn and Rockaway, died on Monday, March 30. ***** Many people have been wondering about using the Neponsit Home on Beach 149th Street during the Covid19 crisis. We contacted the CEO of the NY Health and Hospital Corp (the owner on record). Dr. Mitchell Katz told us "At the moment, our critical needs are equipment (e.g., ventilators, ppe) and staff. I have room in existing hospitals where I already have functioning laboratory, pharmacy, morgue but I don’t have the equipment and staff I need. There may come a time when we also run out of space but space is no help without people and equipment." ***** Katie McFadden snapped a pic of the USNS Comfort as it passed the Rockaway peninsula on its way to Manhattan to help treat non-COVID-19 patients to lessen the burden on New York hospitals. The photos of the perfectly named ship were quite the hit on social media as good news is a comfort indeed. ***** We hope Assemblywoman Sta-

The Rockaway Times cey Amato and State Senators Addabbo and Sanders take note of the editorial on Page 19. Stuart Richner, a president of a Long Island-based media company, suggests allowing businesses to use sales tax dollars for advertising instead. It helps small companies get the word out that they’re still in business, it lets news outlets get some revenue, and the City and State get helped by fortifying a fragile small business environment. ***** Friends of Seaside Playground (FOSP) announced the launch of THE BIG YARD MURAL, an open call for artists. This initiative seeks to activate and beautify Seaside Playground in Rockaway Park as part of the advocacy efforts to reconstruct the playground. Artists are invited to submit proposals for a 3,000+ square feet temporary mural to be implemented in the Fall of 2020 with the community and Waterside Children’s Studio School students. All proposals must be submitted by midnight on May 4, 2020. The selected artist will be announced on May 25 and will be awarded an artist fee of $10,000 in addition to a materials budget of up to $4,500. Go to friendsofseasideplayground. blogspot.com/ for more information and to download the application. ***** The Mayor has announced that Alternate Side Parking has been suspended for another two weeks until Tuesday, April 14th. ***** A humpback whale washed ashore at Riis Park on Tuesday. As tempting as it may be to go have a look, Gateway asks you to stay away and remember social distancing. ***** The Queens Borough President Special Election has been rescheduled for June 23. ***** Another reminder, it’s Census time. Sadly, New York is often underrepresented and that costs big dollars. During the 2010 census, the response rate for New Yorkers was 62%, while the National Average was:76%. You can do it online at https://my2020census.gov/ ***** Please remember to add tips online if you’re ordering delivery. The drivers are crucial and rely on tips.

The Rockaway Times


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A Tail of Poor Timing On Tuesday afternoon, March 31, a humpback whale washed up dead on the beach in Riis Park. Multiple law enforcement agencies arrived on the scene to encourage people to keep their distance from the deceased animal. However, social distance may keep the appropriate agencies from being able to do anything about it.

Following the news of the whale washing ashore, the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMSEAS), the organization that responds to deceased marine animal calls and performs necropsies to determine the cause of death, took to social media to provide updates. Organizations in the area, such as the National Park Service, NYS

Department of Environmental Conservation, NOA Fisheries New England/ Mid-Atlantic and the U.S. Coast Guard are monitoring the animal, as AMSEAS determines how, and if, they can respond at a time when they are following social distancing mandates. “We are working with the organizations mentioned above

to determine what the response possibilities are under the Governor’s COVID-19 policies,” AMSEAS wrote. As we went to press, it was not clear what, if anything, would be done about the whale. AMSEAS advises all to retain a safe distance away from the whale when viewing it.

Your Lock • Your Key


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ĞĂĐŚϴϲƚŚ^ƚƌĞĞƚ ϳϭϴͲϲϯϰͲϭϳϯϳ ϴϲͲϭϭZŽĐŬĂǁĂLJĞĂĐŚůǀĚ͘ ZŽĐŬĂǁĂLJĞĂĐŚ͕Ezϭϭϲϵϰ Si, Hablamos Espanol!! M/W/F 8:00AM-5:00PM T/TH 9:00AM-2:PM

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8:30AM-6:00PM 10:00-2:00PM

All ŶƐ ƟŽ ned Ă Đ Ž > y Ow Ě ll ƚĞ Loca KƉĞƌĂ ĂŶĚ

ĞĂĐŚϭϮϬƚŚ^ƚƌĞĞƚ ϳϭϴͲϲϯϰͲϯϮϭϭ dĞdžƚϳϭϴͲϱϬϬͲϬϰϬϵ ϭϭϵͲϭϱZŽĐŬĂǁĂLJĞĂĐŚůǀĚ͘ ZŽĐŬĂǁĂLJWĂƌŬ͕Ez͘ϭϭϲϵϰ M/W/F 7:30AM-7:45PM • T/TH 7:30AM-6:00PM Saturday 8:00AM-12:00PM ·

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AWARD WINNING HEALTH CARE IN QUEENS Providing Quality Medical Care for Over 110 Years SILVER PLUS

Best Hospital

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For more than a century, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital has been serving the medical needs of the public. For more than a century, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital has been you serving the medical needscare, of the public. Whether are in need of primary pediatric care, dermatology, surgery, and more, we are Whether you are in need of primary care, pediatric committed to ww quality health care within our care, dermatology, surgery, and more, we are hospital and at our outpatient community practices. committed to ww quality health care within our hospital at our outpatient community For moreand information and to schedule anpractices. appointment online today, visit ehs.org/sjmg. For more information and to schedule an appointment online today, visit ehs.org/sjmg.


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This Week in History APRIL 2 spelling "water" in the manual alDenise Neibel was born. phabet. MaryBeth "Chickie" Raphael was 1971 - Canadian Fran Phipps beborn. came the first woman to reach the North Pole. 1932 - Charles Lindbergh paid a $50,000 ransom for the return of his APRIL 6 kidnapped son. Glenn DiResto was born 2005 - Pope John Paul II died. Eileen Lennon was born. Kevin Dolan was born. APRIL 3

Gail McGuire Allen was born. Colleen Miley-Burke was born.

1830 - Joseph Smith and five others organized the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fay1936 - Bruno Hauptmann was ette, New York. electrocuted for the kidnapping 1917 - U.S. declared war on Germaand murder of the Lindbergh ny and entered World War I. baby. 1996 - Unabomber Theodore APRIL 7 Kaczynski was arrested. Cliff Shevlin was born. Alan Camhi was born. APRIL 4 Mike Charles was born. Rick Anthony was born. 1973 - The ribbon was cut to open the World Trade Center in New York City. 1983 - Sally Ride became the first U.S. woman in space aboard the space shuttle Challenger.





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1913 - 5,000 suffragists march to the Capitol in Washington, D.C., seeking the vote for women. APRIL 8

Jimmy Morgan was born.

1974 - Henry "Hank" Aaron hit the 715th home run of his career, breaking Babe Ruth's record. 1887 - Anne Sullivan makes the 1992 - Tennis ace Arthur Ashe anbreakthrough to Helen Keller by nounced that he had AIDS. APRIL 5

Mary Lacey Morgan was born.


As soon as it is safe to do so, we will open the studio. We are offering daily Zoom classes for our community! We are grateful for the haven we have to practice Open Flow, Gentle, All Levels, Yin and Restorative Yoga. We are grateful for our teachers, each bringing a piece of her heart to class. We are grateful for all who come to take a class, with you we form a circle of harmony and bliss. May you be safe and we look forward to seeing you soon in the yoga room! Check out our daily posts on Instagram: Ocean_Bliss Yoga and on Facebook. In love and light, Helen & Paulette

www.oceanblissyoga.net â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Belle Harbor Yacht Club, 3rd fl

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addiction, we talk about the Serenity Prayer. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the Continued from Page 6 things I cannot change, the briety and are still in substance courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know abuse recovery? LEC: The three magic words the difference.” are talk—talk—talk. We need RT: How should we educate to get out what we’re feeling. If you’re in groups like Alco- our children about what’s going holics Anonymous or Narcot- on without causing further anxics Anonymous, talk to your iety? LEC: Children are frightened sponsor. If you’re in treatment, call your therapist. Reach out now. They may not underto your peers you know from stand what is fully happening. the program. Form your own All they know is they’re not in mini group through Zoom or school and for the most part, FaceTime with one another they’re not allowed outside. and chat. And like with every- Keep it simple and help them body else, find a way to exer- to understand in the simplest cise. Look at the positive cop- of terms. Every child can relate ing mechanisms you used to to being sick, a cold, the flu, cope in recovery. Though we’re etc. So we can talk about peoisolated and that human con- ple getting very bad colds and tact might be missing, find the it’s catching, so we just want littlest things for which you’re to keep you safe. With the ritgrateful. For example, today I uals of handwashing, make up am grateful that I am healthy. songs, adding some fun. Let’s I have a roof over my head. I not allow them to create monhave people to talk with. I have sters under the bed. If you’re social connections. Anything baking cookies, let them help. at all that brings you a little bit Look for age-appropriate teleof peace is very important. In vision. A seven-year-old does

not need to be watching CNN all day. There’s plenty of age appropriate programming for children. Kids today are also very tech savvy and are constantly glued to their smart devices. Whether we are sheltering in place or not, it’s a good time to remember that we have to pay attention to what our kids are doing, watching, even purchasing without your knowledge. RT: How can we still support our community despite social distancing? LEC: Part of sheltering in place is the activities we do on a regular basis are less available. For example, going to the supermarket has become a real challenge. Look out for our local merchants and support them. Something key for us to all remember is that this is going to end at some point, and we want our local people to still be there when this ends. Find out who’s delivering and doing takeout. We’re a tightly knit community. Many of our merchants have been there forever.

Page 13 RT: Any additional ways of coping you would like to share? LEC: So how does one cope? There is no real answer, except our lives will go on. This is not forever. Think of 9/11, when our disease was fear. It was a universal mourning, and that by the way is what we are doing now. We are mourning the loss of normal day-to-day activities, a job and safety. Even our pets feel this. I go back to the simplest thing which is talk-talk-talk. This is not a good time for a stiff upper lip. Articulate what you’re feeling, what your fears are— say it out loud. It’s ok to cry. But if you find these strategies are not helping, please reach out to someone like a therapist. Again, be grateful for the small things. Laugh. Talk-talk-talk. Lois Ellen Cohen has a private practice and is available through FaceTime or Skype. Reach out to her via phone at 516-699-1456 or email: loisellencohen1@gmail.com (Check out the RT next week for more coping tips from NurtureU Wellness therapists).


Friends of Memorial P.O. Box 940174, Rockaway Park, NY 11694

Stay safe and be well. We can do this....


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Spreading the Love With Hopeful Hearts By Katie McFadden

After Hurricane Sandy, there were Stars of Hope. Now with the latest crisis, a local is hoping to spread the love with Hopeful Hearts. In the weeks following Hurricane Sandy, colorful stars with positive messages popped up around the neighborhood. It was hard to go a few blocks without seeing words like “Hope,” “Strength,” “Faith” and others on utility poles. The simple effort carried a lot of meaning for those struggling through some of the most difficult challenges in their life. Many of the Sandy stars still remain, nearly eight years later, serving as a reminder of what Rockaway overcame. The New York-based organization, Stars of HOPE, has brought these stars to communities going through their darkest times. However, with the latest crisis of coronavirus forcing people to stay home, their effort has become a digital one, with people simply sharing photos of stars online. However, one local is hoping to give that same sense of hope by doing what she can without people having to go too far from home. When retired teacher Suzanne Riggs heard from a neighbor that someone recently took down a star from a nearby telephone, they were shocked and questioned why someone would remove such a hopeful symbol during such a trying time. However, a few days later, the star reappeared, with evidence of a new coat of paint. And it gave Riggs an idea—why not replace more? Except, this time, she thought of a different symbol of hope with special meaning—a heart. “I have had two heart surgeries and I thought this is a good way to share the love with neighbors and to share messages to stay positive,” Riggs said. As an active member of the Rockaway Theatre Company, which is currently on pause due to coronavirus, Riggs floated the idea by another friend who works in theater and just so happens to be a carpenter.

Within a matter of days, Riggs’ friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, had spread the love by dropping off 50 wooden heart cut outs in front of her home. Riggs then started sending emails around to some of the teen members of the RTC, asking if they’d like to help share the love by painting hearts with encouraging messages like “believe, “keep calm,” and “hope,” and reminders that have become commonplace over the past few weeks, such as “Stay Safe” and “Stay Home.” With a few volunteers in place, Riggs dropped off the hearts and some paint at the homes of some of the local RTC volunteers, as well as with


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neighbors looking to keep their children busy with creative at-home projects. Over the weekend, kids across the neighborhood returned the freshly-painted hearts, which Riggs began hanging in Breezy Point, and making her way down the peninsula, while also encouraging neighbors to hang their hearts on their own blocks, so people don’t have to go too far from home. Encouraging families to hang the hearts near their home is just one way Riggs is trying to ensure this effort is done with safety in mind. In order to prevent the spread of germs, Riggs has been leaving newly-cut wooden hearts outside for at least three days to air them out. She’s also encouraging parents to be the ones to help hang the hearts around utility poles with a hammer and knife, so that kids don’t get hurt by trying to do so. “We just want everyone to be careful. We don’t want to spread the virus. We just want to spread positive messages,” Riggs said. As word spreads, Riggs says everyone is joining in the effort to spread a little love. Riggs shared her idea on social media last weekend and says many people have been reaching out to her, asking how they can help. “I have a bunch of people who

want to join in. Broad Channel now has a group doing it. My neighbor in the construction business, has been self-isolating in Brooklyn to keep his kids safe, and he decided to cut wood himself and make a stack of wooden boards and donated paint. He cut out squares, but we’re going to encourage people to paint hearts on the squares and get creative,” Riggs said. The response is just another example of Rockaway’s willingness to come together, even while apart. “I always think it’s amazing to see how willing this community is to come together and do something positive,” Riggs said. It also serves as a good way to break the monotony of stay-at-home routine. “Everyone is sitting around, watching tv, and looking for something else to do, so people are really excited about this,” Riggs said. In order to really get the message across, Riggs says she hopes to hang stars in places where they’ll be noticed most—Rockaway’s commercial corridors. “My goal is to get some up on Beach 129th and Beach 116th Street, where people are still going to the stores. They will see signs reminding them to stay home when possible and to stay safe

while they’re out,” Riggs said. At a time when not everyone can leave their homes, Riggs is making the effort visible to those in quarantine by encouraging those who make hearts to take selfies with their creations, or photos of them hanging around the neighborhood. Photos can be sent to Riggs at riggsysu@ gmail.com so she can keep track of them and share them on social media for all to see. Anyone who is interested in helping with the effort can also each Riggs by email.


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SFDS Parish Becomes an Epicenter for Virtual Spirituality By Marina Cregan

Once again, St. Francis de Sales (SFDS) Parish, is a place for peace and comfort during a crisis, even if the doors are closed. After 9/11, the crash of Flight 587, and in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, parishioners flocked to SFDS Church for comfort and solace. This time, the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens has locked the physical doors of all Catholic churches. However, SFDS Church is still â&#x20AC;&#x153;open for business.â&#x20AC;? After SFDS Church was forced to close its doors, local parishioner and member of the finance committee for SFDS Parish, Greg Bender, was approached by his neighbor, Max Hoat. Although Hoat is not a member of SFDS Parish, he told Bender that he works with a technology business, and that his business would like to donate equipment to the church so they would be able to live stream

was put in place, Hoat came through in other ways. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Max is an amazing person," Fr. Jim said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He called me to run through everything. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not really connected to SFDS, but because of Greg, he wanted to do this for the community.â&#x20AC;? This past Sunday, March 29, SFDS Parish live streamed Mass on Facebook at 10 a.m. and the people went to church, online. With more than 7,000 viewers, 716 com-

Masses for local parishioners. When Bender presented the idea to Rev. William (Bill) F. Sweeney and Rev. James (Jim) Cunningham, they were hesitant at first, because they knew they werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the best with technology, but Hoat selflessly came to the church every night after his own work day, to set up the cameras and teach the priests how to make technology work for them. Even when social distancing


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ments, and 80 shares, SFDS Parishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fifth Sunday of Lent Mass gained viewers from not only the SFDS Parish and the Rockaway peninsula, but from all over the globe. There were comments made from former parishioners and their families residing in Florida, as well as those across the pond in Ireland. Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim expressed that this platform is not just for locals, but it is for anyone who is seeking comfort. They told The Rockaway Times that they have heard from friends from their former parishes, who thoroughly enjoy watching SFDSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; live streamed Masses, because these priests make them feel a little more involved and even bring humor to the mix. As Fr. Jim said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t laugh, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to cry.â&#x20AC;? Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in hopes that they can serve





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SFDS Continued from Page 15 as a community outlet for anyone who is struggling during these challenging times. Not only do they take special prayer requests online, they have posted their personal cell phone numbers and will answer calls and texts all day and night. Each day, Mass is streamed on Facebook at noon. Additionally at 4 p.m., SFDS Church streams either the Stations of the Cross or the Rosary, alternating each day. On Wednesdays, all the students from St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy (SFDSCA) watch this Mass and the Mass’ homily is geared toward young people. Fr. Jim said that students’ attendance is great, and many of the students comment, making it a great opportunity to stay in touch with the children. Many groups of students, as well as adults, even create Facebook Live Watch Parties, so as to fully enjoy the community as-

pect of Mass. Catholics were concerned about the inability to receive the Body and Blood of Christ but were happy when Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim shared the importance of the Spiritual Communion prayer. Currently, live streaming of Masses are only available through Facebook, but SFDS is hoping to expand their live streams to another platform which will be available on the parish website. There is also a link on the SFDSCA webpage on the SFDS@HOME link. While the priests at SFDS are actively doing their part to keep the community connected spiritually, Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim are overwhelmed by the generosity they have received from Rockaway residents.

With the help of Pete Mullen, Tim Henning, and the finance committee of the SFDS Parish, they were able to set up Faith Direct and Venmo (@SFDSParish) for parishioners and non-parishioners to continue donations to the church. Faith Direct, which is geared more for parishioners, allows people to donate electronically what they would if they were to come to church on a regular Sunday. Now the church has extended this opportunity to Venmo, which allows visitors to donate, as well. Just last weekend, SFDS Parish raised almost $6,000 via Venmo. Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim are incredibly grateful to the Rockaway community for all they have done to make sure SFDS Parish remains as an epicenter for solace in this challenging time. Whether it’s monetary donations to the church, or dropping off meals/goodies, locals have truly shown their gratitude for the priests’ efforts. Fr. Jim said, “One of the great things is that people are so wonderful. Everyday

The Rockaway Times there’s something waiting on the doorstep of the rectory from parishioners.” With help from the community, Fr. Bill and Fr. Jim are able to “pay it forward” to support local businesses whenever they can. Fr. Jim even joked that although Maria’s Breezy Dogs Truck doesn’t normally do delivery services, they delivered to the rectory, so the two priests can still enjoy their favorite milkshakes! While everybody is trying to practice social distancing, SFDS’ live Masses have certainly brought comfort to thousands of people. As Fr. Jim said, “This gives people the opportunity to pray together in an environment with people they know. We’ve heard people feel consolation in seeing the two of us, as imperfect as we are. ‘Well, these are our two stooges and they are ours.’ If people are really suffering, this is the least we can do to help them during this time. We’re not physically with them, but we are still with them.”

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A Good Idea We Support GOV. CUOMO, MAIN STREET NEEDS A HAND By Stuart Richner

Covid-19 has completely changed the way we all live. But along with worrying about keeping themselves and their families healthy, thousands of small business owners across New York State are losing sleep over how to keep this virus from killing the businesses they have worked so hard to build. At the same time, lawmakers in Albany are trying to craft a budget in the face of plunging revenues. Sales taxes — much of them generated by small business — brought in a whopping $73.6 billion last year. Our schools, as well as other vital government services, rely on these funds. When a business fails — and too many are on the precipice of failure right now — that sales tax revenue goes, too. We believe a simple proposal could help restart local business and bolster sales tax revenues, but swift action is required by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the

State Legislature. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Everyone wants a thriving downtown where they can shop, eat or go to a movie. The good news is that small businesses have always been engines of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we are seeing that again today as they adapt to the new reality. Local gyms are streaming personal training sessions. Restaurants offer free delivery and online happy hours. Medical practices are expanding their telemedicine capabilities. Car mechanics are making house calls that require no personal contact at all. Of course, it’s vital that these businesses let potential customers know about their services. That’s the role of advertising in all its myriad forms. But advertising costs money, and the sad truth is that advertising is one of the first things small businesses cut when times are tough. Put yourself in the shoes of a local restaurateur with a stack of

bills and very little money coming in. By the time she finishes paying the most urgent bills — rent, food suppliers, payroll — there’s not much left for advertising. Whatever stimulus money she gets from Washington or Albany will most likely be needed to keep the door open and the lights on. Yet studies show that how well businesses survive a downturn is in large part determined by whether they continue to market and advertise during the hard times. Fortunately, there is a way for Albany to prime the sales-tax pump to keep revenue flowing to both small businesses and state coffers. Let businesses use some of the money they would have sent to Albany, as sales taxes, to market their new offerings. The formula would be simple: Every dollar a small business spends on advertising (up to some reasonable limit) would be a dollar saved off that business' sales tax bill. It would be a win-win-win. Local businesses would be healthier

because the increased advertising would jump-start sales. The state would get more sales tax revenue because local businesses would be selling more. And media companies (like ours) would benefit from the additional ad revenue. We’d like to think that we, too, are vital to the character and strength of our communities, not to mention our democracy. Think for a moment of the critical role that journalists have played in getting vital local information out to your community during this unprecedented crisis. The Legislature has a lot on its plate right now, and the temptation will be to bury this idea, or to take the shortsighted view that we can’t afford to do it right now. But right now, is when it’s needed. We’ve been impressed with Governor Cuomo’s levelheaded leadership in this crisis, and we call on him to back this innovative yet simple policy. Stuart Richner is the President of Richner Communications


STAY HOME TO STOP THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS New Yorkers working together and staying home can slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York City. When you go out for essential needs, work or to get fresh air, keep distance between yourself and others and take the following precautions.

PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS • Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others. • Wash your hands with soap and water often. • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or sleeve when sneezing or coughing. • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands. • Monitor your health more closely than usual for cold or flu symptoms.

IF YOU ARE SICK • Stay home. • If you have a cough, shortness of breath, fever, sore throat and do not feel better after 3-4 days, consult with your doctor. • If you need help getting medical care, call 311. • NYC will provide care regardless of immigration status or ability to pay.

PROTECT THE MOST VULNERABLE • Stay home if you have lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or a weakened immune system. • Stay home and call, video chat or text with family or friends who have one of these conditions.

REDUCE OVERCROWDING • Stay home. • Telecommute if possible. If you do go out: • Stagger work hours away from peak travel times. • Walk or bike. • Do not gather in crowds.

Text COVID to 692-692 for real-time updates or visit nyc.gov/coronavirus.

Bill de Blasio Mayor

Call 311 to report harassment or discrimination. Call 888-NYC-WELL, text "WELL" to 65173 or chat online at nyc.gov/nycwell to connect with a counselor.

Oxiris Barbot, MD Commissioner

*Messages and data rates may apply. Check your wireless provider plan for details.


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Kimo’s 92-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Kimoskitchen.com 347-926-4384 | 347-926-4534


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Make This Moment Vital This past Sunday, my business partner of Ocean Bliss Yoga and I started offering live Zoom classes to our very special community. We cotaught the first class because we wanted to greet our community together. On the first day, we had 58 beautiful beings. It felt uplifting to see all the familiar faces that come to our studio and support us. When we closed the studio on Monday, March 16, we knew it

was for the safety of the community. It broke our hearts but we prayed our students would be able to take the yoga off the mat, into their living spaces and remain calm in this time of crisis. We also chose not to rush into offering online classes because we felt strongly that the universe was asking us to slow down, pause and take care of our families and ourselves. It was the right decision

for us. Somehow we are always fully aligned in our decisions. I am grateful Paulette is my partner. She is strong, kind, compassionate and fair. Without her, there is no Ocean Bliss Yoga. During these times, I keep Mary Oliver’s poem close by to read and absorb. “I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, somewhere high up where one learns to live peacefully in the cold and the silence. It’s said that in such a place certain revelations may be discovered. That what the spirit reaches for may be eventually felt, if not exactly understood. Slowly, no doubt. I’m not talking about a vacation of course at the same time I mean to stay exactly where I am. Are you following me?” I believe during these times we can plant different seeds in our minds and see what grows. With our thoughts, we make our world. What we think is what we get. I wish you ease with the everyday changes. May you be willing to let go of any nega-

Page 21 tivity and be open, spacious and kind. Find peace and love yourself for who you are. Do not create your own suffering; we all seek happiness. Be the seed of joy in the world. Be willing to be present, just in this moment. Yes, we have so many moments these days! When you open your heart, your mind will be free. As we move forward with confidence, we repeat, “All is well in my life.” Send out your prayers to all those suffering. We will get through this and be a strong support team for one another. Talk to people. FaceTime to see your loved ones from far away. There are many ways to reach out and touch one another. These are very difficult times and we are all suffering but know it will pass one day. Don’t count the days, just be present with one day at a time, one breath at a time. We are all in this together. Thoreau says, “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.” Make this moment vital.

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   Susan Lavin â&#x20AC;˘ Kate Patterson â&#x20AC;˘ Peggy Moore â&#x20AC;˘ Ciji Stewart â&#x20AC;˘ Bronagh Rayder


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"% "     

""" !





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HOUSE RENTAL NEWLY RENOVATED 3 bed, 2bath 60x100 Garage, Lots of parking Pay all utilities. Call Susan 347 260 3891 $5000 SUMMER RENTAL CALL SUSAN 347 260 3891 FOR MORE DETAILS To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ¡ ads@RockawayTimes.com


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Lic. Broker-Owner: Lisa Jackson Lic. Associate Brokers: Barbara Ferguson • Nia Casilla Lic. RE Agents: Ariana David • Colleen Brady • Tanya Bass • Joseph Magiera • Zachary Plattner

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To Our Valued Clients and Friends As we struggle to come to terms with this rapidly changing public health crisis we want to express our deepest sympathies to the families who have suffered losses and hardships due to the Covid19 pandemic. We salute all the doctors, nurses, health care providers and first responders who put their lives on the line every day. Our gratitude goes out to all the grocery clerks, gas station attendants, truckers, food industry workers and all those who help to make life bearable for the rest of us. Where would we be without them? The safety of our clients, our friends and families is our top priority and we are diligently following the mandates of our Governor and the NY State Board of Realtors. All showings and open house events are postponed and all new listings will be handled via mail or email until further notice. Our Team of agents are working remotely to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, STAY ROCKAWAY STRONG! You are all in our thoughts.

- The Rockaprop Team Lisa Jacksom

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Sean Fitzgerald Lic. Broker/Principal Direct 917-860-6701 Office 718-318-5030 CoastalFitz@gmail.com


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Mary Beth Meade 347-426-8002 Ellen May Esposito - Banks 646-209-2744 Lic. RE Salespersons

Rockaway Park â&#x20AC;&#x201C; New to Market Newly renovated legal 2 family on 60x100 lot Over 3500 square feet of living space. 3 bedroom apartment over a 4 bedroom apartment. Open layout with HAMDCQAãED Ã&#x203A;VIDEÃ&#x203A;OKAMJÃ&#x203A; HAQDVNNDÃ&#x203A;à NNQRÃ&#x203A;4VNÃ&#x203A; DQIUEVAXR Ã&#x203A;KAQGEÃ&#x203A;XAQD /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A; Ã&#x203A;LIKKINM 4/7.Ã&#x203A;(/53%Ã&#x203A;3%450Ã&#x203A; Each unit consists of three àNNQRÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;BEDQNNLR Ã&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;FTKKÃ&#x203A;BASHÃ&#x203A; and one half bath. Living 2NNL Ã&#x203A;%)+ Ã&#x203A;&TKKÃ&#x203A;"ARELEMS 0EQFECSÃ&#x203A; FNQÃ&#x203A; AÃ&#x203A; LNSHEQ DATGHSEQÃ&#x203A;RISTASINM Ã&#x203A;NQÃ&#x203A;RLAKKÃ&#x203A; biz owners can use one unit ARÃ&#x203A;SHEIQÃ&#x203A;NáCEÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;JEEOÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A; other unit for rental income. 7AKJIMGÃ&#x203A;DIRSAMCEÃ&#x203A;SNÃ&#x203A;AKKÃ&#x203A; ,AQGEÃ&#x203A;XAQD Ã&#x203A;OQIUASEÃ&#x203A;OAQJIMGÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A; 

"EKKEÃ&#x203A; (AQBNQ Newly Renovated /MEÃ&#x203A;"EDQNNL Ã&#x203A; One Bath. Hardwood &KNNQR Ã&#x203A;1TIESÃ&#x203A; Building. 0QIUASEÃ&#x203A; 4EQQACEÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A; J

Rockaway Park Beach 124th Street Oceanfront 2 bedroom unit. Brand new Kitchen and bath. Hardwood à NNQRÃ&#x203A;SHQNTGHNTSÃ&#x203A;0QIUASEÃ&#x203A; Oceanfront terrace. Ductless !#Ã&#x203A;0AQJIMG /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A; 


(NVAQDÃ&#x203A;"EACHÃ&#x203A; 7ASEQFQNMS Boaterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Retreat. ,AQGEÃ&#x203A;/MEÃ&#x203A;BEDQNNL Ã&#x203A; NMEÃ&#x203A;BASH Ã&#x203A;HAQDVNNDÃ&#x203A; Ã NNQR Ã&#x203A;DIMIMGÃ&#x203A;QNNL Ã&#x203A; SHQEEÃ&#x203A;REARNMÃ&#x203A;ONQCH Ã&#x203A; over one bedroom apartment. 0ASINÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;DECJÃ&#x203A; NUEQKNNJÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A; 3HEKKBAMJÃ&#x203A;"ARIMÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;  




IN Rockaway Park Legal Two Family 0QIUASEÃ&#x203A;$QIUEVAX /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;+

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Mill Basin ,EGAKÃ&#x203A;4VNÃ&#x203A;&ALIKXÃ&#x203A; on 30x100. 3 bedroom over 2 bedroom AOAQSLEMSRÃ&#x203A;&TKKÃ&#x203A; &IMIRHEDÃ&#x203A;"ARELEMSÃ&#x203A; 0QIUASEÃ&#x203A;$QIUEVAXÃ&#x203A; One Car Garage. /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;  


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 By Beth Hanning Thank You, Thank You Preface: I am completely 100% aware of how serious this pandemic is. I am just trying to make a few people laugh (if any). For those of you who do not watch Jimmy Fallon, one of the best things he does is his segment, “Thank you notes.” And for those of you who read my column, you know why: I love a nice thank you note. I especially love Jimmy’s acting out the handwriting onto a piece of stationery and sarcastically and/or seriously thanking someone or something from popular culture that week.

This week I would like to thank the following people (some seriously, some sarcastically, you decide on your own): Thank you to Erica and her entire staff at Stop and Shop Rockaway Park. They are working around the clock to keep our homes stocked with essentials. Or in our house, non-essentials like Cheez-Its and Oreos. Thank you to all of the people not listening to Erica and her staff (or the news) in not practicing social distancing. I was just clearly six feet behind someone and a man asked

me if I was on line and stood directly behind me…Thanks guy… Thank you to Liz Hanna for creating a great local Facebook page to support local businesses. Liz is working hard to make sure menus, hours and delivery information is available on one page. She is actively answering questions and assisting her neighbors. Keep up the good work, Liz! Thank you to the Facebook page, “Friends of Rockaway Beach.” This is not an insult to the administrators because I know they work diligently to try to keep it an informative page, but people just cannot help themselves. People think of it as their own diary or Google. Maybe try Googling something before you just throw a question onto a page. Again, John and the other administrators, it is not your fault. Thank you to my friends who are always there on our group text messages. If not for all of the jokes and sarcasm, what would I be doing? I mean who puts on the group chat they

Page 25 have re-recorded their daily remote learning lesson three times because they did not like their hair or their lip gloss wasn’t on point? Thank you to Google Classroom for reminding me how much of a dinosaur teacher I am. I swore this whole internet would pass by, but here I am learning all of this in a short time. PS: I am not doing Zoom or Google Meet, as of yet. I did have one video conference call and I hope it is not in a cloud somewhere because I broke my own rule of showering and dressing each day and, of course, that was the day I had to do one. Today, I have fancy leggings on and earrings, and of course, no video calls. Thank you to all of the parents out there who are appreciative of their teachers right now. I saw some great memes and videos apologizing to the teachers! And of course, a huge shout out to all of our essential workers. I do not want to list any and leave anyone out… you all know who you are!

Our office is in Brooklyn, but our homes are in Rockaway

Susan Natale

Lic. RE Salesperson

Alex Choi

Lic. RE Salesperson

ARVERNE BY THE SEA 188 White Sands Way (asking $899k) Tremendous opportunity to own a 2-family home in the newest section in Arverne By The Sea! This big Freeport model in the Dunes Section features a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath owner's duplex and a 2-bedroom tenant unit. There's also a large roof terrace and a bonus room on the top level that can be accessed from either the owner's or tenant unit. The 3-bedroom owner's unit includes a private driveway, built-in garage, large backyard and features a big master bedroom suite with tons of closet space. There is a terrific tenant in place but the property can also be delivered fully vacant if necessary. Tax-abated property for the next 10 years! Exclusively listed by Associate Broker Alice O'Connor.

443 Beach 139th St. Price Reduced $975k

Fully detached 1-family home in move-in-condition sitting on a 40'x100' lot in Upper Belle Harbor! Offered exclusively by Calemine & Co. Real Estate.


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incredible warm feeling. Who would relate to that today? But I survived. I was alone but still managed to get out texts on my phone when I could. Bottom line to everyone today. We are all together. Maybe now is the chance to learn Spanish or play guitar or maybe sit down with your kids without the electronics. To some this is a catastrophe, to others it is an opportunity. What can you make of it? Shaun Reen Make The Most of It Dear Editor: I went down to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma to check up on my house and my friend’s houses. I had little warning about Hurricane Maria. I went down for a two-day trip and wound up there for about two months. With no electric or water, and after my generator seized after three days, I was in total lock down. I prayed for rain so I could take a warm bath in my garbage can. Yes, you heard that right. I would align the can under the roof eave and afterwards bask in an

Praise For Workers Dear Editor: I would like to remind everyone to say thank you to the people who are risking their health to come to work and keep our lives running. Last Thursday, as my Rockaway Times was being delivered, almost like clockwork, the same woman no bigger than the wagon she was pushing, came to deliver the paper. Today, she was covered with a face mask and gloves. As she approached the house, I walked down the steps to greet her and get the paper.

Watching me come toward her, she seemed a little fearful, but I handed her five dollars and said thank you. I thought she was going to cry. She stopped for a moment to give me a blessing. I was never so humbled. It wasn’t so long ago after Hurricane Sandy that we had scores of people coming to help dig us out of the mess we were in. We didn’t ask where they were from. They came to work and help, and for minimal compensation. Today, we see corporations begging workers to come and help out offering them bumps in pay and bonuses, is this their reality check? Maybe now people will understand who really keeps this country running. Workers’ dedication and sacrifice is what is going to get us through this. Our healthcare workers, especially, need our thank yous and support. Their efforts go beyond money. While billionaires are whining that they don’t have enough, let them show up at a hospital, work a cash register, pick up garbage or deliver The

The Rockaway Times Rockaway Times every Thursday on time and see what it takes to earn a living. Mike Scandiffio KUDOS Dear Editor: As a mom to four little ones, three school-age, what our world is currently going through fills me with fear and anxiety. Explaining it to kids and putting on my “everything is fine” face has been hard, if not impossible. But thanks to their amazing school, SFDS, led by Dr. Chris Scharbach and Mrs. Megan Faughnan, it has been a bit easier and for that, I am truly grateful. The team at SFDS has worked tirelessly to make sure our kids stay on track academically and maintain some normalcy in their very confusing yet monotonous days. Day 1 of remote learning was Tuesday, March 17. St. Francis students from all over the peninsula got on their electronics at 8:30 a.m. to watch and listen to Principal ScharContinued on page 36

Luxury beachfront apartments with all the convenience of the city

Limited Studio, 1 and 3 bedroom apartments Only a handful of units available for immediate occupancy. Contact our Leasing Office today. The Tides offers modern, open living spaces and luxury finishes. Only 1 block from the boardwalk & mass transit.

Amenities Include: Concierge services • Covered parking available • Express bus to Manhattan Short walk to the subway • Free 1-year membership* to the new 44,000 sq ft YMCA Easy commute to JFK • New retail plaza, Stop & Shop On-site retail including Cuisine by Claudette, Local’s Collective cafe & Vino by the Sea

Leasing Office open daily 10am - 5pm 190 Beach 69th St., Arverne, NY 11692

Contact for pricing. Join Building 2 VIP list.

800-931-6140 | TidesNYC.com *Prices, terms & availability are subject to change without notice. Equal housing opportunity.


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Space Available

BELLE HARBOR PROFESSIONAL BUILDING 114-08 to 115-14 Beach Channel Drive SPACE AVAILABLE! Get the office space your company deserves! Call Walter today @ 917-710-6298 for immediate occupancy. At the top of bustling Beach 116th Street • Rear parking lot • Short walk from Q22, Q35, Q53 bus stops, A, S subway station, NYC Ferry • 20 minutes to JFK airport • Scenic view of Jamaica Bay • Short walk to ocean beach and boardwalk • Nearby dining, shopping and more! A & L PHARMACY 115-14 BCD 718-318-5000 belleharbordrugs@gmail.com

GASTROENTEROLOGIST - DR. MEHLMAN 114-12 BCD, Suite 10 718-318-0800 jkmehl@aol.com

NYC COUNCILMEMBER - ULRICH 114-12 BCD, Suite 1A 718-318-6411 eulrich@council.nyc.gov

ANIMAL HOSPITAL OF THE ROCKAWAYS 114-10 BCD 718-474-0500 animalhospitaloftherockaways@gmail.com

GENERAL PRACTITIONER - DR. MAMTORA 114-12 BCD, Su ite 3 718-318-3580 pkmamtora@gmail.com

ROCKAWAY BAGELS 114-08 BCD 718-474-1372

BAYVIEW URGENT CARE 115-06 BCD, Suite 101 718-474-7744 BayviewUrgentCare@yahoo.com


CONTRACTOR - MALBRO CONSTRUCTION 115-14 BCD, Rear 516-790-1441 malbroconstruction@gmail.com


PEDIATRICIAN - ISLAND PEDIATRICS 114-12 BCD, Suite 6 718-474-3375 Dr. Lashley - marclashley1@gmail.com

ELECTRICIAN - PEAK ELECTRIC 115-14 BCD, Rear 646-668-7113 peakelectricoffice@gmail.com


ELECTRICIAN - WTG ELECTRIC 115-10 BCD 718-393-5580 info@wtgelectric.com, wtgelectric@aol.com

115-06 BCD, 2nd Fl., 718-318-6021 Dr. Yashodhara Kirtane, Dr. Georges Labazee, Dr. James O’Connor, Dr. Susan Quinn-Torpey, Dr. Sanjay Kirtane

114-12 BCD, Suite 2 347-441-0364 drdebcirrincione@hotmail.com

CHIROPRACTOR - DR. KIERNAN 115-06 BCD, 3rd Fl. 718-945-0406 Dr.Kiernan@StressReliefMethod.com

FINANCIAL PLANNER - EDWARD JONES 115-10 BCD 347-733-5275 jane.donnelly@edwardjones.com

CHIROPRACTOR - DE SOUSA CHIROPRACTIC, PC 114-12 BCD, Suite 7, 929-254-2222 desousachiropractic@gmail.com

INSURANCE - PAT HANNING 114-12 BCD, Suite 1B 718-945-0444 patrick.hanning@prudential.com

DENTIST - DR. ROGOFF 115-08 BCD 718-318-3384 rogoffsdentaloffice@gmail.com

REAL ESTATE - CAROLE SILVERSTEIN 114-12 BCD 718-474-1414 carolesilversteinrealestate@gmail.com

DERMATOLOGIST - DR. SAINI 114-12 BCD, Suite 5 917-915-5106 ritu.saini.md@gmail.com

REAL ESTATE - LAURICE KEATING 114-12 BCD, Suite 9 718-945-9267 lauricekeatingrealty.com

PROPERTY MANAGER’S OFFICE BEACH CHANNEL DRIVE REALTY 114-12 BCD, Suite 12 917-710-6298, walter@wtgpepc.com

And You! SPACE AVAILABLE Get the office space your company deserves! Call Walter today @ 917-710-6298 for immediate occupancy.


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Ask the DOC

By Peter Galvin, MD

CRYPTO Cryptosporidiosis is an infection caused by the parasite, Cryptosporidium, often called crypto. It is spread by direct contact with infected people or animals or exposure to fecal contamination of water, soil, food, or the hands of contaminated individuals. The parasite has an outer shell which means it can survive outside of the body for long periods of time, plus the shell protects it from chlorine disinfection, making it difficult to eradicate. Crypto outbreaks occur around the world, but are more common in low income areas with poorer water

treatment and food sanitation. However, outbreaks of crypto from contaminated drinking water occurred in Texas in 1984 and Milwaukee in 1993. More recently, large-scale outbreaks have been linked to recreational water activities and childcare centers. As it usually causes an infection of the small intestine, the most common symptoms of crypto are watery diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps, fever, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. Some people have no symptoms. Those with compromised immune systems such as people with


The Rockaway Times

HIV/AIDS, immunosuppression from cancer chemotherapy and other medications, or malnutrition may have more severe symptoms up to and including death. It may take up to two weeks after infection for symptoms to appear. Symptoms typically last one to two weeks but may last up to 30 days. Most people with healthy immune systems usually recover on their own with rest and hydration. A new antiparasitic drug, nitazoxanide, recently approved by the FDA, is available for use in those with severe symptoms and/ or compromised immune systems. Prevention of infection is achieved by frequent hand washing with soap and water. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and chlorine-based disinfectants are not effective at killing the parasite because of its outer shell. Those at the highest risk for crypto include international travelers, children, workers in childcare facilities, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems.

Travelers, especially those traveling to poorer areas, should avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables, drinking tap water or ice made from tap water, consuming unpasteurized dairy products, and eating food from street vendors. Also, do not swallow water when in lakes, pools, rivers, and hot tubs. Because crypto can survive in saltwater, this includes oceans. Toys and other surfaces in childcare facilities should be cleaned regularly with soap and water, especially during outbreaks. Children with diarrhea should not swim, and if you have diarrhea, do not swim for at least two weeks after symptoms subside. Specialized filters that remove Cryptosporidium are available online or in retail stores for preparation of drinking water. For more information go to: w w w. c d c . g o v / p a r a s i t e s / crypto/general.html Questions and comments may be sent to editor@rockawaytimes.com.

Joseph F. Keenan Attorney At Law




     "$#  "#% $!   #&


WĆ&#x152;ĆľÄ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻ/ĹśĆ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;ĹśÄ?Ç&#x2021;Í&#x2022;>>Í&#x2022;EÄ&#x17E;Ç Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŹÍ&#x2022;EĹ?Í&#x2022;/Ć?ŜŽĆ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;ĸůĹ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ç Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;>Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;DĆľĆ&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻÍ&#x2022;Ĺ˝Ć?Ć&#x161;ŽŜÍ&#x2022;DÍ&#x2DC; Î&#x17E;ĎŽĎŹĎ­Ď°>Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;DĆľĆ&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻ/ĹśĆ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x17E;


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Phone: (718) 747 8850 jfkeenan@joekeenanlaw.com


114-04 Beach Channel Drive Suite 9 Rockaway Park, New York 11694

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FOR SALE BY OWNER! Unbelievable


 ! "#  ()!)* +")* ,!)- ,! 2)* ,03()!)*4 ,034 ,!,0

     $%& '   $'  ./01$/ . %# $.%. %   $

                : ;;()<7(<!))*!#<)!7()!)*=)8 ! !  )   >  "=< ; >      ?!!@A))1:)6)! )7<(7=<))))  =!")* ; >  (7=<   (> 7  B)* 0 !! > B) 1,7()!)*= !<*(#6)$1C>(()D( =)(7=<)!>E=)7()>(!)*!>7()!) ,F>))!) 1,7()!)*)/0/=)8 $1'/ 0/!1 ,( () !(!>!) ; )7!7 >(= !)> )*<=!!; G! ) 6) 1,8 !!!=>;")*>H  )<) "=< 1

         567 3$%$4$ #$. 869 (1  ·

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Lunacy Abounds: Tiger King By Lou Pastina

It’s at least week three of this madness, and we are all beginning to fray around the edges a bit. But there are rays of sunshine and hope, like all the great Facebook and Instagram posts with everyday people exhibiting tremendous creativity and kindness. I saw one recently where the residents of East 72nd Street

in Manhattan give an ovation each night from their windows to the healthcare workers leaving their shifts and heading home from the many East Side hospitals. How about the everyday courage of our local shop owners keeping the shelves filled for us, or the delivery people bringing take-out. These are heroes in my book. Filling the time can be chal-


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lenging, even if you are working from home. Sometimes you find yourself watching shows you never would have given a second look, such as Tiger King, the story of Joe Exotic. What’s that? You haven’t seen this docudrama/ comedy/horror/I don’t know what to call it show! If you don’t have Netflix, get it just for this show. Ok, here’s the background. Apparently, the United States has more tigers here than anywhere else in the world. There are at least three major players/ breeders who are or have been at war with each other here in the USA. These people breed and raise all sorts of exotic animals including every type of tiger imaginable. You think these animals are going extinct? No, they have all moved to the United States. And the characters that own these places are stark raving mad. They walk among these kings of the jungle as if they were walking through a kid’s nursery school. Many of them are missing arms and legs, but

The Rockaway Times

they don’t let that stop them. Most of them are toting guns and some are involved in some form of polygamy. At least one is accused of murdering their spouse and feeding them to the tigers! You can’t make this up. And when you see them, you’ll think they walked right out of central casting. Now maybe the virus got to these people early and they were never tested. Or mayContinued on page 31


The Rockaway Times

THE LAZER SPEAKS Continued from Page 30 be the virus has affected all of us in ways we could never imagine, like watching this show. One thing is for sure, you can’t take your eyes off these maniacs. I am not through with the series yet, and don’t know how it ends, but I am sure however it does, they have figured out how to do season two. I needed a break from the tigers, so I asked a friend for a recommendation and he supplied me with something right up my alley: The Valhalla Murders on Netflix. What I didn’t know was that this show was not only filmed in Iceland and about an Icelandic murderer, but that it was also in Icelandic. Now if you are not fully conversant in Icelandic, like me, you have a few options. You can watch it in its native language and try to get ready for that trip to Iceland you always wanted to take. You could opt for subtitles, and follow along,

reading as you go. Or you could opt for door number three which is the “English dubbed” version. I took door number three which had the effect of turning an Icelandic series into a poorly dubbed Bruce Lee movie. Two for the price of one. If this show is any indication of life in Iceland, you may want to reconsider your travel plans. Not only do the police seem to not have a clue, but the murderers are equally inept. Perhaps it is better to stay at home, inside your home for the next 30 days, watching the Tiger King, knowing that there are people in Iceland who are also watching the Tiger King who now think that people in America are completely, stark raving mad. Probably an element of truth in both views. Stay safe and healthy Rockaway, remember to be kind and keep smiling. With my luck, I'll survive the virus and get eaten by a tiger, or murdered watching the Aurora Borealis!

Page 31

Facts You Probably Don’t Need along the Scottish coast. Sean's Bar is the oldest known bar in Ireland, claiming to date back to Phobophobia is the fear 900 A.D. It is located in of having a phobia. Athlone and was officially named Europe's oldest In the 1984 film, Ghostbar by Guinness World busters, the voice of Zuul Records in 2004. is Director Ivan Reitman. The word "Jurassic," which we so often as- A "moment" was a medieval unit of time equal to sociate with dinosaurs, modern 90 seconds. comes from the Celtic word for "forest." Smithwicks' Brewery in John Jameson, the nameKilkenny is Ireland's oldsake of Jameson whisest brewery and has been key, was actually a Scotbrewing beer since 1710. tish lawyer. The family coat of arms, seen on the brand's label includes The University of Minnesota is older than Minne"Sine Metu," which sota the state itself. means "without fear." The family was granted Facts from Sean McVeigh, the coat of arms in honor factologist. of their pursuit of pirates

BAYVIEW URGENT CARE CENTER Walk-Ins Are Welcome - No Appointments Necessary! • EKG • Lab Work • Pulmonary Function Testing • Asthma Attacks • Ear Infections• Fractures • Minor Lacerations • Stitches • Vaccinations • Physicals • DOT Exams • X-Ray • And More

Doctors Sadhana Gupta, MD Zoya Koroleva, DO Stanislav Kaminyar, DO Alla Buzinover, DO

Proudly Serving the Rockaway Community for Over 7 Years Monday – Friday 9 am – 8 pm Saturday – Sunday 9 am – 6 pm Most Insurance Plans Accepted – Parking Available OPEN 7 Days:


115-06 Beach Channel Drive, Suite 101, Rockaway Park, NY - 718-474-7744 ·

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The Rockaway Times

grams, collect trash, operate or dia, consider following local elected officials on Facebook, provide restrooms, maintain Instagram and Twitter, as roads or walkways (including some have resorted to holding plowing and ice melting), or meetings virtually to dissemprovide visitor information inate important information. and services. However, at this Senator James Sanders and time, all parks, trails and open Normally this page would be Congressman Gregory Meeks spaces remain open to the full of events and happenings are just some of our local leadpublic. around town. With Coronavirus ers doing this. Updates will be posted to the causing most, if not all events park website at www.nps.gov/ and meetings to be cancelled, Places of Worship gate and social media chanwe can only list the events no Th e Diocese of Brooklyn nels (Facebook and Twitter: @ longer happening, or the ways (which includes Rockaway’s GatewayNPS). different places are adapting. churches) has called for all The good news? Most events are churches to be closed. FuCommunity Board only postponed and may go on neral and marriage services Th e Community Board 14 once we return to normalcy. So are also suspended. However, District Offi ce at 1931 Mott here are a few things that are not some churches are continuing Avenue is no longer open to happening now, but may resume Mass and holiday services by visitors. However, for the time hopefully sooner than later. being, the office remains open going virtual. For instance, St. Francis de Sales’ priests have and can be reached by callGateway National Recreation Center been streaming services live ing 718-471-7300 or emailing Due to coronavirus, all Nation- qn14@cb.nyc.gov. At this time, on Facebook and are now usal Park Service programs have it is not clear what will happen ing Zoom. St. Camillus is also been cancelled, including streaming Mass on Facebook. with the next monthly meetthose at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Local synagogues and temples ing scheduled for April 14 or Refuge, Fort Tilden, Floyd committee meetings. CB14 will are also giving it a try. Rabbi Bennett Field and others. AdSlome of West End Temple keep the community posted. ditionally, all Gateway Nationrecently streamed a Kabbalat Meetings al visitor centers are tempoShabbat service on the temple Most meetings at this time, rarily closed. Gateway will not Facebook page. Please check issue permits, conduct on-site are cancelled. However, if you with your local place of worhave access to social mepublic or educational proship for further information.

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Some places are getting more creative. House on the Rock Church is hosting a “drive-in church.” On Sundays at 11 a.m., House on the Rock is inviting all to join at Beach 110th and Rockaway Beach Blvd Lot for live worship, messages of hope and family-friendly activities, all from the comfort of your car. Bars/Restaurants As ordered by Governor Cuomo, all restaurants and bars are now closed to public access, however, they are NOT closed. Restaurants and even bars are allowed to operate takeout and delivery orders. It is more important than ever to try to help our local businesses stay afloat, so if you are in a position to do so, consider calling your favorite restaurant or bar to place an order and check their websites for menus and online ordering options. Note that some restaurants have decided to temporarily shut down for the safety of their employees and customers, and some are now operating on delivery only.

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LEGAL NOTICES Minimax Tiny Homes LLC Articles of Org. filed with NY Sec. of State (SSNY) on 01/13/2020. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 25-15 Queens Plaza North Storefront #1, LIC, NY 11101. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. VGC CONTROLS, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on02/13/20. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, c/o Gennaro R. Zambrano, 147-18 17th Road, Whitestone, NY 11357. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. TSUAN DDS PLLC Articles of Org. filed with NY Sec. of State (SSNY) on 02/18/2020. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 48-15 11th Street Apt #1F Long Island City NY 11101. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

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Notice of Qualification of BAYBRIDGE PHARMACY, LLC Appl. for Auth. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 02/05/20. Office location: Queens County. LLC formed in Delaware (DE) on 11/25/19. Princ. office of LLC: 208-48 Cross Island Pkwy., Bayside, NY 11360. NYS fictitious name: BAYBRIDGE PHARMACY OF BAYSIDE, LLC. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to c/o Corporation Service Co., 80 State St., Albany, NY 12207-2543. DE addr. of LLC: 251 Little Falls Dr., Wilmington, DE 19808. Cert. of Form. filed with DE Secy. of State, John G. Townsend Bldg., 401 Federal St., Ste. 4, Dover, DE 19901. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

Notice of Formation: 82-03 172nd ST LLC, Art. Of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) on 11/26/2019. Office Loc.: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 137-08 31st Rd Apt #2C, Flushing, NY 11354 Purpose: Any lawful activity.

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VNBS PARTNERS LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 2/13/20. Office in Queens Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to 139-48 Queens Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11435 Purpose: Any lawful purpose. Principal business location: 139-03 Queens Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11435. Fresh Spring LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 2/5/2020. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 71-11 68th St., Glendale, NY 11385. General Purpose. GU’s Square, LLC Articles of Org. filed with NY Sec. of State (SSNY) on 01/22/2020. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 10 Halletts PT, Apt.1044, Astoria, NY, 11102. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

18 CAPITAL GROUP LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 12/26/2019. Office loc: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 147-39 72nd Avenue Apt 1A, Flushing, NY 11367. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose.

1245 PUTNAM LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 03/02/20. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 6004 77th Place, Middle Village, NY 11379. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

FOREST BROTHERS LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 03/04/20. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 467 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

FB 2186 White Plains Road LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 7/23/2019. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 52-55 74th Street, Elmhurst, NY 11373. General Purpose.

Notice of Formation of Middway LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 01/24/2020. Office location: Queens, NY. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Middway LLC, 35-02 150th Pl., Ste 104, Flushing, NY 11354. Any lawful purpose. Notice of Formation of GLS3085 LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 2/28/20. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 48-18 190th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365. Purpose: any lawful activity. Faith 247 LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 2/24/2020. Cty: Queens. SSNY designated as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 43-23 194th St., Flushing, NY 11358. General Purpose. 150 THEODORE CONRAD MEMBER LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 01/23/20. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 28-12 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY 11103. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. 145 5th AVENUE LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 01/17/20. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 104-17 44th Avenue, Queens, NY 11365. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. 86-63 77TH STREET LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 02/25/2020. Office loc: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 477 Madison Avenue, Ste 240, NY, NY 10022. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. Notice of Formation of Ken & Lan Realty LLC. Articles of Organization Filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 02/04/2020. Office location: Queens, NY. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Ken & Lan Realty LLC, 52-80 70th Street, Maspeth, NY 11378. Any lawful purpose.

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Khaleel Anderson Gets Working Families Party Endorsement The New York Working Families Party says Khaleel Anderson is the candidate for them. The organization recently endorsed the young candidate to represent New York’s 31st Assembly District, citing Anderson’s deep roots in local community organizing. Anderson, a longtime resident of Queens, is a community board member and activist. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York, Anderson has helped launch the Mutual Aid Network of Southeast Queens and the Rockaways. The 31st Assembly District, which spans parts of Arverne, Far Rockaway, South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, and Laurelton, is an open seat since former Assemblywoman Michele Titus left the position to be a civil court judge. “I grew up here in Far Rock-

away, so I know firsthand that we need a progressive fighter in Albany who will advocate for affordable housing, criminal justice reform, and better food access. Now I am excited to work to unite all of my neighbors across the entire district to build a new fight together. While many people have told me that I should wait my turn to run for office as a Black man from an impacted community, the Working Families Party has always stood with bold progressives — and I’m honored to have them with me in this fight,” said Assembly District 31 Candidate Khaleel Anderson. “The COVID-19 pandemic proves just how desperately we need leadership rooted in lived experience, and I look forward to having the WFP’s support as I keep fighting for Southeast Queens.” A primary is scheduled for June 23, 2020.

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WE GET EMAIL Continued from Page 26 bach start the day as he always does with prayers, Pledge and morning announcements. I’m not too proud to admit that I teared up watching my crew stand up in our dining room to recite their prayers and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Right after that, it was full steam ahead with their amazing teachers starting their days and keeping them busy with impressively put together lesson plans. I am just incredibly thankful our community has teachers and administrators that care so much for our kids. We are so lucky to have them and it’s times like these that make us realize it even more. I truly hope all of my family, friends and neighbors stay well and safe during these difficult times especially those who are medical professionals and first responders. God Bless, LISA HAYDEN FROM THE FRONT Dear Editor: As an Emergency Physician, I have been following this from the beginning and staying updated on developments. So, I’m jumping back into the internet communication world mid-stream. Here are some current thoughts, without specific order. 1. This is YOUR story. Behind the data are narratives and you are responsible for what story you plan on writing. We have two simple facts. A) You can spread disease before or without having symptoms. B) Everyone you interact with will interact with others. Next time you meet with someone, pretend you have pre-symptomatic virus. Now picture all the people they may choose or have to meet with and then all the people they meet. Take Fact A and now picture some of them sick. Picture a few of those people dying alone because there are no visitors allowed in hospitals. Picture the creases on the nurse’s face as he finally has time to

scrub his hands enough to take his N95 mask off for a moment. Picture their casket without anyone there because we can’t gather for funerals. Yeah, it’s sad, but picture it. This is what’s happening. Now picture that you FaceTimed your friend instead. Picture those people well, picture them waiting out the pandemic-cooking, cleaning, playing, planning the future-living and breathing. This disease is the sum of our stories. Be on the right side of this. As Cuomo said, “How long and how well we get through this is up to us.” 2. Take your chronic medications, especially your respiratory medications. For my asthmatic friends, there are three things that will make the hospital dangerous for you (I speak for my area but can assume similar is happening elsewhere). 1. The nebulized treatments we give people with wheezing and shortness of breath spread the virus more efficiently. Since there is a shortage/prolonged turnaround time on testing, we are treating all respiratory patients as possibly having COVID and are greatly limiting use of nebulizer medications. This limits our treatments to inhalers, which most of you already have. Which leads to 2. As we pivot to inhalers, this puts strains on hospital supplies. 3. The hospital is a place of viral spread and this disease is much more dangerous for people with underlying lung issues. If you are in respiratory distress, come to the hospital. But try hard to prevent the need by being diligent with maintenance medications. These principles also apply to stroke prevention, diabetic care, heart medications, etc. Use the free time afforded by quarantine to organize your medications and take them. 3. I have never been prouder of medicine and my place in it. Not only the medical personnel, but the vast network of support that allows us to see patients and save lives. I want to give special shoutout to the environmental


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service employees around the world. They are entering rooms that housed the ill and contagious and hustling to make them safe for the next patient. 4. In the vein of professional pride, I am on multiple listservs and forums of doctors and other healthcare/public health professionals and want you to know that incredibly up-to-the-minute discussion is ongoing on how best to fight this enemy. It’s a nerd convention in hyperdrive. Trouble-shooting and innovation is pouring out of these smart heads. I am not an epidemiologist but have the tools for sifting through the noise and at least offering context, framing and resources for further reading. All the love to people I usually see but can’t and also a little bit of thoughtfulness (regret?) about not making time to see more of you before this. I plan on rectifying this once we get through the coming trials. Love to everyone, and as is

The Rockaway Times the salutation of our trying time....stay home. Emergency Physician Thanks All Dear Editor: I hope you all join me in thanking all our first responders (police, firemen and our EMT workers), our sanitation workers, the grocery store workers, the pharmacists and their staff, all the medical community, the taxi/ livery drivers, those who are delivering our packages, food and newspapers, those who are volunteering at food banks and senior distribution centers, our buildings maintenance workers, porters and front desk, the elevator repair people, electricians, plumbers and of course, those who bring us our news. If I left anyone out, please forgive me. Thank you all for being their helping us to cope during a very scary and dangerous time in our lives. Thanking you all. H Brownstein

1 handful of Parmesan cheese 3 tablespoons olive oil

Minestrone Soup ala Sharon By Sharon Feldman

Serves: 6-8 Ingredients: 12-ounce plant-based protein (or use chopped meat, ground turkey or 6-8 slices cooked bacon or pancetta) 1 small onion, chopped small 1 cup carrots, chopped or thinly sliced 2/3 cup leaks, white part only 2/3 cup celery, cut into small pieces 3 quarts (12 cups) beef stock or vegetable stock 1 teaspoon Kosher salt ½ teaspoon ground pepper ½ cup of small dischi pasta ½ cup farfalle pasta (don’t use long thin pasta) 1 15-ounce can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained 2/3 cups of frozen peas, thawed Handful of fresh baby spinach

Directions: Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a heated pan. Add the protein (or meat) and sauté with salt and pepper until it browns. Remove from pan and set aside. Add another tablespoon of oil and add the onion, carrots, leaks, celery. Cook on medium until it softens. In a separate pot, cook pasta using box directions. Return meat to pan and add the beef stock. Toss in the kidney beans, peas and spinach. Turn heat to medium low. Add the pasta. Toss in Parmesan cheese. Stir to mix thoroughly.

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Lifelong Friendships - Betsy Morpurgo Kuhlmann and Kristin O’Grady Franchock By Marina Cregan

It has been said that, “Everyone has friends at various stages of their lives, but only the lucky ones have the same friends during ALL stages of their lives.” These words could not be more true than they are for Betsy Morpurgo Kuhlmann and Kristin O’Grady Franchock, who not only have been friends since they were just three years old, but now continue their friendship by watching their sixth grade twins form their own lifelong friendship with each other, keeping their families closer than ever. Morpurgo-Kuhlmann and O’Grady-Franchock’s friendship began at Mrs. Brackley’s Nursery School on Cronston Ave and Beach 137th Street. While most can’t remember specifics from their early childhood, both of these women say they’ll never forget the day they met each other. Morpurgo-Kuhlmann recalls, “I can remember vividly walking down the basement steps to the school room and seeing Kristin. She had the cutest little curls in her hair. She was sitting next to Marty McManus, and just waved to me in a very uninhibited manner...it’s safe to say I liked her right from the start!” O’Grady-Franchock laughed when reflecting on her first day meeting Morpurgo-Kuhlmann, exclaiming, “Betsy has always been my partner in crime, as much as Marty McManus tried to be the third wheel!” From that moment on, the two became inseparable, as they went on to graduate from St. Francis de Sales (‘83) and Stella Maris High School (‘87) together. The girls grew up around the corner from one another on Beach 133rd and Beach 134th Streets, and traveled to school together every day. And because O’Grady-Franchock never seemed to be ready on time, Morpurgo-Kuhlmann always found herself walking the opposite direction of school to wait for her best friend on the corner of Beach 134th Street. O’Grady-Franchock expressed how grateful she was

to have a friend like Morpurgo-Kuhlmann growing up, because she played the role of her “sista-friend.” Even when the girls weren’t together, they insisted on talking to each other on the phone as much as they could. During a time before cell

phones, Morpurgo-Kuhlmann said, “I remember being on the phone with Kristin in my house, where the phone was attached to the kitchen wall, and I stretched the phone wire to the dining room. The funniest part is that we had no clue what was going on around us...the phone wires obviously stretched from room to room getting in everyone’s way, but we didn’t really care. Just knowing my best friend was on the receiving end of the call made us content.” When it came time for college, the duo was forced to go their separate ways. Morpurgo-Kuhlmann attended Niagara University, and O’Grady-Franchock attended Fairfield University, but their friendship remained just as strong as when they were together on the peninsula. Later, both girls met their husbands, Mark Kuhlmann and Darren Franchock, and were eventually both each other’s Maids of Honor. Although their husbands were both “outsiders,” these Rockaway girls showed them how to love the “sand in their toes.” “They’ve both developed a love for corn-hole and Rockaway Beach! Our families have only grown closer and closer over the years,” O’Grady-Franchock said about their spouses. Now, both girls and their families live in Belle Harbor and spend almost every moment together. No matter what the occasion, both the Kuhlmann and Franchock families always cel-

ebrate together. Whether it be hosting barbecues, enjoying long beach days, family vacations, or bike-rides, the friendship Morpurgo-Kuhlmann and O’Grady-Franchock formed in nursery school continues to live on through the next generation. As if they didn’t already have enough in common, both girls even share the same birthday month. Last summer, Morpurgo-Kuhlmann and O’Grady-Franchock celebrated their 50th birthday together on Beach 132nd. In addition to both of their families in attendance for the birthday bash, the girls were able to gather many of their former classmates from SFDS Class of ‘83 to ring in the big 5-0. The bash had live music, where they remixed Rick Springfield’s classic, “I wish that I was Eggie’s girl,” in honor of their dear friend, Eddie Tolan, and they all sang, “Summer of 69,” in honor of the year they were born. In 2008, both family’s fun DOUBLED. The two besties were not only pregnant at the same time, but they were both pregnant with twins! When Morpurgo-Kuhlmann found out she was

pregnant with twins, the first person she called when she left her doctor’s office was not her husband, Mark, but O’Grady-Franchock. She said, “I remember saying something like, ‘I don’t know what voodoo you do, but I just found out I’m having twins.’” Both Morpurgo-Kuhlmann and O’Grady-Franchock’s twins are currently in the sixth grade at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy together. Watching their children grow up as such great friends, O’Grady-Franchock said, “Nothing makes me happier than knowing we have our children to now create the same memories we’ve created.” Morpurgo-Kuhlmann and O’Grady-Franchock both consider themselves incredibly blessed to not only still be best friends 48 years later, but to watch their children form their own friendships together. As Morpurgo-Kuhlmann said, “From beach days, to birthday parties, to proms and having children together, our friendship has stood the test of time. We’re both fortunate enough to have bought homes in our wonderful Belle Harbor community, which we will always call home!”


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Look For the Helpers By Katie McFadden

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” – Fred Rogers. As with any scary ordeal, the helpers, are helping. Despite the uncertainty and chaos, many in Rockaway are doing what they can to make this a little easier on those who may not have it so easy. In the hopes of spreading positivity, here are a few examples of how locals and businesses are helping each other. Rockaway is Rockaway Strong and Randi of Rockaway Gypsea is doing her part to make sure it’s not forgotten. She is making “Rockaway Strong” keychains that will benefit a good cause. The engraved brass keychains are available for $19.95 and $9 from each sale will go to Queens Feeds Hospitals, an organization that has formed to support area

hospitals and local businesses by providing food for healthcare workers from area restaurants. The organization uses donated money to pay for meals from local restaurants to help feed healthcare workers between their busy shifts and they have agreed to add St. John’s Episcopal Hospital to their list. So, by showing you’re “Rockaway Strong” and buying a keychain, your money also goes toward helping local businesses and those at St. John’s. To order a

keychain, check out RockawayGypsea.com. Use code: ROCKAWAYSTRONG for free shipping. For more info, check out RockawayGypsea on Instagram. TheMeatUp Grill, a locally-based catering company which had a winter spot in Riis Park, is running a Soup-4-Support effort to help keep first responders full. To help support the effort, donations can be made at TheMeatupGrill.com. So far, they have prepared and delivered more than 500 soups to healthcare workers and other first responders across the city. Charlie D’Ancano of Georgina’s Bakery has been helping locals by offering to pick up any supplies or groceries for those who can’t leave their homes. Now, he’s going further. Georgina’s Bakery on Beach 116th Street, now open between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m., is offering free coffee and a cookie to all first responders. “We’re here for you guys. We appreciate everything you’re doing,” D’Ancano wrote

on the Friends of Rockaway Beach Facebook page. Nursing facilities can be lonely places, and even more so now with most preventing visitors from meeting loved ones. Rockaway WISH is doing what they can to make sure nursing facility residents feel loved. They are asking local kids (or adults!) to create cards or draw pictures for the residents to help bring a smile to their faces. Helen Hanning Arena, who works in a nursing facility, will Lysol any items before bringing them to her facility, to give to the residents. All cards and drawings can be dropped off in the basket by the mailbox at the Belle Harbor Yacht club (533 Beach 126th Street) by April 10. We hope to share more instances of people and businesses doing what they can to help others through this crisis. If you know of any that are worth sharing, please email Katie@rockawaytimes.com

Paying it Forward with Fashion Forward Face Masks By Katie McFadden

Her stores shut down, but she got to work. Like many business owners across the state, Rockaway resident Jamie Stuart McLeod had to close the doors of her Beach 129th clothing store, Polly & Esther, due to coronavirus-related shutdowns. But she never stopped working. Instead, she decided to turn her material used for tops, into something that’s now in high demand—face masks. Healthcare workers to EMTs to NYPD employees and other essential workers are now sporting the latest lifesaving fashion by Polly & Esther. But these colorful, floral-print masks are doing much more than making a fashion statement. They’re potentially saving lives. And Stuart McLeod is doing it all for free. After closing her stores two weeks ago, Stuart McLeod started making face masks in her home at a time when

they’re hard to come by. The washable, reusable polyester fabric masks, which attach at the ears with elastic, were an instant hit among neighbors and demand grew. She eventually started making them out of a Brooklyn-based factory that normally manufactures wholesale clothing items for her stores and shared photos of the masks on local social media pages, saying anyone who wanted them, could have them, at no cost.


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However, the demand came in from near and far. “I’ve had people write me from Hawaii, Texas, California, and I just started shipping them out to healthcare workers across the country,” Stuart McLeod said. But her main priority is helping those at home. She has donated masks to local healthcare workers at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and their satellite office on Beach 129th Street. Last weekend, she had a line of cars outside her home, filled with neighbors waiting to pick up a few. And as we go to press, Stuart McLeod says she’s on her way to Stop & Stop to provide masks to the cashiers and other staff members who don’t have masks. So far, she’s made and donated 1,200 and Stuart McLeod is just getting started. Many have offered to pay Stuart McLeod and one neighbor even offered a bottle of whiskey

in exchange for the good deed, but she’s turned it all down. “I just feel like this is good karma. It doesn’t cost me a lot to make the masks and I just want to give back to a lot of people who are struggling. It’s a rough time right now,” Stuart McLeod said. “I just wanted to do this for my heart. They’re made with love.” While the masks aren’t medical grade, healthcare workers have been utilizing them as covers for surgical masks and as an extra barrier of protection against coronavirus germs. Essential workers across the state and country have shared photos of themselves wearing the masks, which Stuart McLeod has been sharing on her PollyAndEsther Instagram and Facebook pages. As we go to press, Stuart McLeod says she is low on supply, but expects to have 600 more by next week. If you’re in need of a mask, reach out to her on Facebook at Jamie Stuart McLeod or www.facebook. com/jamie.s.mcleod


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LOCAL COLOR: READERS SEND IN THEIR PIX We might be a little biased, but we think some of the best photographers in the world live in Rockaway. Here are some shots that readers shared with us this week. Send your photos (limit to 2 per week) to mail@rockawaytimes.com and we’ll do our best to print them (space permitting). We do receive more than we can print.

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Lawrence Woodmere Academy’s Students Remain ‘Tiger Tough’ With Online Learning By Kami-Leigh Agard

Weeks before Nassau and Suffolk Counties shuttered public and private schools on Monday, March 16, due to the COVID-19 Crisis, the wheels were already turning in the head of Lawrence Woodmere Academy’s (LWA) Headmaster, Brian O’Connell. For O’Connell, it was not a matter of—if schools were closing, but—when, and he wanted to ensure LWA students, teachers and administration were well ahead of the game for a new virtual reality—online remote learning. The private nonsectarian school is in week three of its virtual mode of teaching and learning interaction, and judging from students and parents, LWA is definitely “Tiger Tough,” a leading example of when an exemplary captain is at the helm, steering his ship through stormy waters. And what’s even more forward-thinking of O’Connell and the LWA team, is their novel plan to extend their gained knowledge to families with children in other schools, who may be experiencing hardships or need supplemental support in adjusting to this new age of remote learning. O’Connell, fondly referred to as “Mr. O,” is a Rockaway native and resident, known for his stellar former role as principal of P.S. 114, and then for being the founding principal of Scholars’ Academy Middle and High School. It’s no surprise that, he was the winner of this year’s Blackboard Award for Excellence in Education Leadership from New York Family magazine. And on March 2, O’Connell stepped in as LWA’s Headmaster, and hit the ground running as COVID-19 was increasingly becoming a fierce worldwide pandemic. “I met with my several key teachers and administrators to create a cohesive plan to continue our students’ education. Since early January, I tracked what was happening with COVID-19. I knew school closures were coming and I wanted LWA to be ready. We started planning and preparing our lower, middle and upper school faculty to launch our online platform. Our students are

already in week three of remote learning. Students and their parents are beyond relieved and pleased,” O’Connell said. With LWA preparing weeks before, and because it is a nonsectarian private school, meaning they didn’t have to wait for the public Nassau County school closure mandate, LWA announced the closure of its physical doors to students on Thursday, March 12. The next day, teachers reported to work to iron out wrinkles, share ideas, and fine tune the LWAmazing Online Protocol. Without missing a day of teaching and learning, students and teachers were already practicing the remote online process through Google Hangouts and Google Meet and then, on Monday, March 16 at 10 a.m., teachers were teaching live from their homes! LWA Director of Admissions Luke Davis said, “Because our teachers and students were already trained and capable of completing the online learning tasks, it was a seamless integration to a remote access learning platform, and we’re happy to report that it’s going well.” As for how long this online learning platform will continue, Davis said, “It’s such an ever-changing climate, so we jumped the gun, which was a genius move on our part, because it helped integrate everyone, and we’ll continue this platform for as long as necessary. We’re servicing both international and domestic students from pre-K through grade 12. Besides academics, there are also athletic and physical education components. LWA is really at the forefront of remote access learning.


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We have that flexibility because we’re an independent private school. We do not require high pressure and stakes Regents testing so all of the students can earn their credits and still graduate.” Comments from students and their families on the LWA Facebook page exemplify the gratitude for the easy transition. “Bravo to LWA! You all are amazing. Your early preparations have made our transition to remote learning without any pauses in between a great relief for myself and my family. One less worry at this time. As I hear about other schools scrambling to set up. Thank you, Mr. O!!!” commented one parent. Now LWA is sharing what they’ve learned. LWA is in the process of inviting families with students from other schools who may be interested in getting supplemental support and tutoring on the online learning platform. “We’re interested in speaking with leaders of other schools in the community and letting them know there is an opportunity for families to benefit from our remote online learning model; almost like a tutoring/supplemental learning/instruction for their children,” Davis said. LWA plans to launch this supplemental program from April to June. O’Connell, a true education forward-thinker said, “We’re in a very dark and murky storm right now, where we’re able to maintain connection, a sense of comfort and normalcy with each other through technology. Online learning platforms are making me rethink how we can redefine teaching and learning going for-

ward, and not necessarily think only in terms of brick-and-mortar. Perhaps the turmoil created by this current crisis will cause the vested interests of the educational industry, including its ruling bureaucracy, to consider a shift of our paradigm and go deeper.” The online courses that will be offered for the Upper School include: AP English Language, Creative Writing, American Literature, Reading the World, Search for Self: Identity in Literature, AP Biology, Physics, Astronomy, General Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, Introduction to Statistics, Advanced Algebra, High School Calculus, Geometry, History of Women, Modern World History, U.S. History, U.S. History: WW1Present, American & Global Civics, World Languages taught in specific languages: Spanish 1, 2, 4, 5; Spanish Language & Culture, AP Spanish Language & Culture, French 2 & 3, Drawing & Painting, Fashion Design & Sewing, Integrated U.S. Lit and History. Keep in mind for security and legal reasons, LWA is offering a limited number of supportive access to their courses via the administrators of area schools, not via direct parent interaction, on an availability basis. If parents are interested in exploring the benefits of an independent school education, they must contact: admissions@ lawrencewoodmere.org or email the Director of Admissions Luke Davis at ldavis@lawrencewoodmere.org. LWA does have a financial aid review process. For general info about LWA, visit: www.lawrencewoodmere.org, email: info@ lawrencewoodmere.org or call: 516-374-9000.

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Movies, God, Vodka

Being stuck in the house provides me with ample opportunity to ponder those issues I would have otherwise never even thought about prior to this pandemic. For instance, I wonder how many divorce lawyers are salivating while waiting for their phone to ring as the number of days spouses are confined together keeps growing. Particular

Life With Our “Artistic” Child By Kami-Leigh Agard

Readers—no doubt about it. Our world has radically shifted because of COVID-19. Many of our everyday routines have been shaken—from how we gather as families, a once simple run to the supermarket to how our school children are being propelled into online learning. As local Laura O’Connor Leonard, a veteran special education administrator and founder of ABA Tree, stated, “In everything I ever planned for, never did I write—what to do in case of a pandemic?” And folks, Leonard hit the nail on the head. None of us ever expected, must less were prepared for such a surreal reality. However, as humans, yes we’re creatures of habit, but also, yes!—we’re resilient and able to adapt, especially when it comes to our family’s

attention should be paid to those couples who now find it amusing to write, "REDRUM" on the bedroom wall while their partner is showering. I also find that during this stressful time, I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time seeking out those world leaders who think outside the box for ways to combat this problem. Case in point, in the Eastern European country of Belarus, borders remain open, quarantines are non-existent, and President Alexander Lukashenko remains unmoved by the Coronavirus pandemic. Lukashenko has refused to implement a lockdown in the country of roughly 9.5 million people, reportedly suggesting that others have done so as an act of “frenzy and psychosis.” Instead, President Lukashenko is encouraging his citizens to drink vodka (unless working) and visit the sauna at least twice a week to stay healthy. In no way am I endorsing this politician's prophylaxis, but I do admire his socially conscious admonishment for imbibing while at work.

With the falling price of oil, the price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline in our area has also fallen almost 11% from where it was this time last year. Thus, we are faced with a glut of inexpensive gas for our cars which, unfortunately, all sit idly parked on empty streets due to the "stay at home" edict in place to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Adding insult to injury, we have also foolishly seen fit to allow the extinction of the grand American entertainment tradition of the drive-in movie theater. All I could think about was the old cliché: "all dressed up with nowhere to go." Now, I am not an overly religious individual but, as a veteran of a Catholic school education (the Sisters of Charity in elementary school and the Christian Brothers in high school), I find that I tend to leave all my options open regarding the actual presence of a Supreme Being (aka: Big Kahuna in the sky) who may be keeping a tally of all my misdeeds while engaged in this big reality show we call life. Speaking quite

frankly, I must admit that, if God really does exist, then He (or She) really does have a rather morbid sense of humor. My 70th birthday is fast approaching next week, and I have decided that I will spend the entire day watching those movies that reflect the uncertainty of our time. I have squirreled away copies of “The Shining,” “Contagion,” “The Seventh Seal,” “Outbreak,” “The Flu, Carriers,” “Panic in the Streets,” and finally, one of my favorites, Disney's “Chicken Little.” Everyone questions my last choice but if you really pay attention, the moral of the traditional Chicken Little story is to have courage, even when it feels like the sky is falling. Nevertheless, truth be told, on my birthday I may also borrow from the remedy proffered by President Alexander Lukashenko but, instead of vodka, I may substitute some real Irish potato whiskey or Poitin. Stay safe. Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

Creating New Routines In This New Normal survival and our children’s future. I reached out to Leonard for tips on how to navigate this new normal with our special children, especially in regard to keeping their learning and fun going, amidst keeping our sanity as caregivers. According to Leonard, first and foremost—establish an everyday routine. “That’s the most important, not just for your children, but for you as a parent. Write it out, follow it every day. Not that you have to be rigid but having a semblance of a routine is essential. For example, when we first get out of bed, we’re going to brush our teeth, wash our hands, have breakfast, then we’re going to get dressed. And in those routines, there’s so much you can teach. For example, when laying out their clothes in the morning, you can give them a choice of what they want. ‘Point to which shirt you want. Now get your socks and pants next.’ These are great moments to teach

your child language,” Leonard said. She also stressed that kids need to be able to have fun with things such as building a fort; sensory activities like filling up the bathtub with bubbles and shaving cream, or a bucket with raw oatmeal. “Use this time to discover your kids again,” Leonard said. “It’s also about your mental health. I recommend for parents to daily find a quiet space, where for a few minutes they can relax, breathe and have a time out. Tell the family, ‘When I’m in this spot that means nobody should talk or bother me,’” she said. Leonard also shared that the whole idea of life being completely different is causing anxiety not just for parents and their children, but teachers. “No one I spoke to was prepared. It’s on the job training for everyone. The Google Classroom teaching for special-needs children requires a parent to be there, who may

not really know what they should be doing. So there really is a huge parent training/ coaching component. However, to everyone’s defense, we weren’t prepared for this, so now we’re trying to figure it out. This is why I’m writing a training, focusing on more of a parent training/coaching kind of model for providers because not all my students can do telehealth.” As Leonard stated, “Maybe there is some bigger meaning to all of this. Maybe it’s a time when we all need to be staying home, reflecting and appreciating the things that we don’t get to appreciate often. When this is all over, you’re going to see people hugging everywhere.” Join Rockaway Beach Autism Families at our FREE interactive online support group, Thursday, April 23, 7 p.m. For more info, visit Facebook page: Rockaway Beach Autism Families or email: ourartisticchild@ outlook.com


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Rockaway Friends....

The Sun Will Rise Again And Our Sunset Will Be Here For You


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!






















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Unemployment, Isn’t Working By Marina Cregan

Although many New Yorkers are flooding social media with props for Governor Cuomo and the way New York State is handling this pandemic, frustration levels are extremely high due to some glitches in the system that the city and state have not yet been able to rectify. On Thursday, March 26, The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) released an updated amount of unemployment insurance weekly claims. In the week ending on March 21, the NYSDOL recorded an increase of over three million people applying for unemployment insurance. The NYSDOL will release unemployment rates for March 2020 on April 8. However, the tragic reality is that these statistics do not come close the number of people still attempting to apply for unemployment. In a frustrating example of irony, unemployment, isn’t

working. Social media is exploding with local residents expressing their frustration about their inability to apply for unemployment benefits. The website: labor.ny.gov/ui, has continuously crashed, causing people to not be able to apply. Additionally, the phones are busy as people attempt to call. In an effort to address this issue, NYSDOL has set up a system based on the applicants’ last name, instructing them when to call. This is an attempt to decrease the number of people applying at the same time. The system is based on the first letter of your last name, Monday A-F, Tuesday G-N, and Wednesday O-Z. NYSDOL has also extended their filing hours from Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The phone number to call is 1-888209-8124. Councilman Eric Ulrich responded almost immediately

when his office was emailed by people attempting to apply for unemployment. Ulrich stated, “As you know, the NYSDOL is receiving the highest number of online claims and requests for information...They are also extending telephone filing hours. My Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Ciara Dooley and Robby Schwach, are CC'd on this reply. They can assist if you need help with any other issue.” Community liaison, Michael Matteo, from Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato’s office, has also been available to provide assistance for those experiencing frustration getting in touch with the NYSDOL. Matteo provided additional information to help those out of work due to COVID-19 so they could apply for cash and food assistance through New York City’s Human Resource Administration (HRA). Their information line is 718-557-1399. Local, Tara Anderson, posted some advice on the Facebook

page, Friends of Rockaway Beach, in hopes to help others alleviate their frustrations. She posted, “Go to labor.ny.gov. Create an online account, within 3-4 days, they will send you a letter telling how much you will get and what days to claim your benefits...Hope this helps!” Many people responded to this post that they have not been as lucky. Perspective applicants have many questions, not only about the application process, but about the extra $600 that has been proposed in the stimulus bill and about retroactive pay for those who are unable to get through to apply. As we enter week three of stay at home orders, and frustration level continues to increase, clearly posts such as Anderson’s show that social media is once again serving as a forum for New Yorkers to realize that they are not alone, and to assist one another, much like after Superstorm Sandy.

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