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Replenishment On the Way For Beach 92nd - 103rd

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The Rockaway Times

Army Corps to Lend a Helping Sand By Katie McFadden

Rockaway Beach will be open for beaching. At least, that’s the hope after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the City announced a plan to replenish the sand from Beach 92nd to Beach 103rd in time for the summer season. After last summer’s disaster with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation announcing right before the Memorial Day beach opening, that Beach 91st to Beach 102nd would be closed for the summer due to severe erosion, it looks like there won’t be a repeat. With $7 million in funding secured by U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer for the East Rockaway Inlet dredging project and an additional $2.7 million from the Parks Department to pump the sand west, USACE will be able to replenish the sand in an area that has seen extreme erosion over the past year.

“Let there be sand – on Rockaway Beach!” Schumer said. “Using the sand from the East Rockaway dredging is a win-win that will keep open BOTH a vital navigation channel and all of Rockaway Beach. I fought hard to secure the extra money Army Corps needed to dredge the inlet, and it makes perfect sense to use that sand to shore up the most eroded parts of Rockaway Beach that had to be closed last season. Kudos to Mayor de Blasio and the Army Corps for working together in a way that provides a critical positive fix for this situation. No one wanted to have another partial beach shutdown again this summer.” The East Rockaway Inlet is regularly dredged, with the last dredging taking place in FY2017, of approximately 250,000 cubic yards of sand that was removed and beneficially used to renourish the beach between Beach 27th Street and Beach 38th Street.

Prior to that was a mass replenishment project of 3.5 million cubic yards of sand throughout the beach after Hurricane Sandy. Now the funding for the new dredging project of the Inlet will allow for sand to be placed in a dangerously eroded area. USACE New York District has awarded a contract for $10.7M to Weeks Marine of Cranford, N.J. to perform needed maintenance dredging of the East Rockaway Inlet Federal Navigation Channel. With an additional $2.7 million from the Parks Department, this sand can be pumped from Beach 92nd to Beach 103rd Street, in the hopes that it will allow these beaches to be open this summer. “We’re grateful to the Army Corps for enabling us to use the sand they will be dredging to replenish Rockaway,” NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver said. “The City has always been exploring a way to reopen this section, and we’re


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very happy that the timing, cost and permitting processes aligned to enable this.” The dredging of the Inlet is expected to begin this spring and if all goes well, the sand will be replenished before the summer season begins. When the news dropped on Monday, it came as a surprise to some, especially to concession spokesperson and Caracas owner, Maribel Araujo. “We definitely see this as a great thing, but it’s a bit of a shocker. I know the Rockaway Business Alliance and our local elected officials and the whole community was pushing for this, but I was on the pessimistic side. I didn’t think this was going to happen because of a lack of funding. So when Parks called me to tell me, I was like, ‘I’m sorry, what?!” It’s a really great thing and it’s going to help with some of the damage that was done last year with the Continued on page 3

The Rockaway Times

ARMY CORPS TO LEND A HELPING SAND Continued from Page 2 last-minute closures,” Araujo said. While her business at Beach 106th did well, picking up the traffic from the beach areas that were closed and the new visitors off the ferry, Araujo explained that the largest concession at Beach 97th concession, took a huge hit last summer. “They had at least a 20 percent decrease in sales, which for a food operator is huge because only a small percentage goes toward profit. The concessions really struggled because of that,” she said. Araujo hopes that the sand replenishment will be a boost, but she still remains skeptical. “I’m just a little worried about the timing. They say before summer and even if it’s not ready by Memorial Day, but July 4 instead, it’s still a great thing because at the end of the day, we need sand. So we’re definitely excited, but still on

THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 2019 err the side of, ‘let’s see if it really happens,’” she said. For Steve Stathis, who owns the Boarders boardwalk concession at Beach 97th, and the Boarder’s Surf Shop on Beach 91st, the news was also welcome. “That’s great news! Of course, this should have been done last year, but better late than never,” Stathis said. However, he, like many, are still hoping for more to be done to protect the beach. “Now put in the jetties and I’ll be really happy,” he said. Getting this sand has been a collective effort between local elected officials that kept the pressure on and locals activists that wouldn’t let the issue fall on deaf ears, such as Rockaway Beach Civic Association president, John Cori, who helped organize several rallies relating to the issue. For Cori, the replenishment announcement comes as a victory. “It’s great that they heard us. It shows that the noisy wheel gets the sand. If you stay active and get involved, they hear you. If you

stay loud, you’ll be successful,” Cori said. However, even with this small victory, there’s no time to be quiet. With the announcement, many have pointed out the obvious need for jetties, more sand throughout the beach and other protective measures, which many vow to continue to fight for. “While this is great news for the upcoming beach season, I will continue urging the Army Corps to hurry up with their broader erosion and storm protection measures – like groins, jetties and dunes – which will protect beachgoers, businesses, schools and homeowners alike in Rockaway and Jamaica Bay for generations,” Schumer said. “This is a positive first step towards the complete re-nourishment and in order to fully protect our community we need permanent measures as soon as possible,” Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato said. “We’ve continuously rallied as a community to have our voices heard and

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Page 3 today is the first step in the right direction. Going forward we need to stay focused on ensuring the long-term projects stay on track. “While I am relieved the City is taking these important steps to protect our coastal communities, other areas of the beach remain vulnerable,” Councilman Eric Ulrich said. “The City must continuously replenish sand throughout the Rockaway Peninsula while we wait for the ACOE resiliency projects to begin.” Long-term solutions are on the way. USACE New York District is in the process of receiving final approval from USACE headquarters for its major plan to protect the rest of the beach. This includes a larger, reinforced dune from Beach 9th to Beach 149th Street, an extension of five existing groins, and the construction of 13 new groins, plus sand replenishment throughout the beach and more. USACE has set a goal of beginning the first elements of construction in late 2019.

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A brother who will remain nameless was thankful I didn’t include Vikings on my list of favorite bingeable series. He couldn’t get past Gabriel Byrne’s hairpiece in Episode 1 and bailed. A very un-Viking thing to do. I just took the hairpiece as another form of armor. Vikings was actually recommended to me by the son who will remain nameless and because I was trying to stay on his good side, I stuck with it. And then got hooked. I’ve finished six seasons and can’t wait for more. The show is an original from the History Channel, which makes it seem legit but that’s the same channel that has a guy on steroids chasing ghosts, so I dunno. In any case, all I knew about Vikings was they were the first


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Couch Surfing Continues real estate scammers. They named a huge block of ice, Greenland. And they hated DFDs so they named an amazing place, Iceland. I was warned the show had some mysticism sprinkled in the storyline that covered tribal politics, upheaval, invasion and general mayhem (these guys were the original pillagers and pilferers). But mysticism? Groan. Mysticism makes me roll my eyes and I’ve discovered it’s hard to watch the telly when you roll your eyes. We’re already in a make-believe world. We’re watching actors, probably in front of green screens, doing all sort of unbelievable stuff. Adding mysticism is overkill. Same thing with dreams in movies. I’m suspending belief already, now you’re gonna say it was all a dream? No. I’ll give you The Wizard of Oz was a great movie built on a dream. That’s

it. Total Recall was pretty cool, but I don’t know if that was a dream. Thankfully, in Vikings, the out-there stuff is pretty much limited to a seer, a disfigured dude who hints at the future. Though, six seasons in, and he hasn’t said jack about any homeless shelters. So, nameless brother is wrong; I’m right. Vikings is good. A friend recommended Fauda. It’s an Israeli – Palestine conflict thriller, along the lines of Homeland. Fauda is pretty good but I’m not putting my rep on the line. I will identify my friend if enough people tell me they hate it. Fauda is like Beach Channel Drive. There are some serious potholes to get past — the biggest one is that it’s dubbed. It’s not Godzilla Versus Mothra bad but it does take some getting used to. A couple of times characters seem to turn into

ventriloquists. Their lips and mouth stop moving but their voices keep going. I mentioned this to my friend who insisted it’s not dubbed. It’s dubbed, though technology seems to have helped. It’s not like you expect Raymond Burr to make an appearance. C’mon, you remember Raymond Burr in the Japanese monster movies, don’t you? Fauda is a decent fill-in while you wait for a great one. Not great, but pretty good is Russian Doll. I hated the first episode but I think it was only 28 minutes so I tried Episode 2 to see if my hatred was justified. Episode 2 was pretty good, so I had to go to Episode 3 for the rubber match. Three was good and I was in. It’s a cross between Groundhog Day and Sliding Doors. Oh, and True Detective, Season Three? It went from kind of a snore to a waste of time. Case closed.


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The Harbor Light Gives a Parade Day Sneak Peak its doors to the public for the Sandy, burned the original resfirst time on Saturday, March 2, taurant to the ground. nearly six and a half years after As one of the last places to a fi re on the night of Hurricane re-open since Hurricane Sandy Like a phoenix rising from tore through town, the Harbor the ashes, the Harbor Light Light’s soft opening was met stands again. Rockaway St. Patwith overwhelming joy. The rick’s Day Parade was made extra special this year with the beloved restaurant and bar’s doors open right at the beginning of the parade route. For one day, Rockway got a peak at the new Harbor Light. With a temporary permit, the Harbor Light was able to open Story and Photos by Katie McFadden

restaurant was jam-packed with smiling faces and happy tears as locals took in the view of the new place that somehow seemed familiar. As a somber reminder that Hurricane Sandy wasn’t the only hardship to face the Heeran family, a photo of Charlie Heeran, who died on September 11, 2001, hangs above the bar, toasting all who know that the road back has been anything but easy for the family. Locals still have to wait for the chicken in a basket, shepherd’s pie and other Harbor Light favorites. During the opening, Irish fare was supplied by the LocoRockapulco food truck, but the beer was flowing aplenty from the new taps at the wood-finished bar. An official opening is still up in the air as the Harbor Light awaits its Certificate of Occupancy, but rest assured, the Harbor Light will shine in Rockaway again. Stay tuned for information on the official opening.



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****** The next Community Board meeting is Tuesday, March 12 at Scholars’ Academy on Beach 104th Street. Reps from the Department of Homeless Services will be there. Attend if you can! ***** Schools were closed on Monday reminding many readers they walked to school in a foot of snow, uphill, both ways. ***** Probably not news, but it’s not every day Broad Channel gets a mention in Scientific American, a magazine that Albert Einstein once contributed to. In an article about how flood-prone areas have lagged in real estate appreciation rates, there’s a photo of a flooded street in the Channel. Analysts at First Street Foundation in Brooklyn found that

coastal property values in seventeen states were rising at a slower rate in flood-prone areas than in areas that did not flood. ***** The City Council approved two bills aimed at preventing sewer backups. We don’t know why legislation was necessary because you’d think such things were in place. ***** Out with the snow (we hope) and in with the sand. After last year’s debacle when the City abruptly announced right before the summer season that 11 blocks of beach would be closed, it was good to hear that a short-term fix will be underway shortly, allowing for merchants and beachgoers to enjoy all the beaches. The Army Corps has hired a contractor to pour 300,000 cubic yards of sand between Beach 92nd and Beach 103rd Streets. The big plan, which calls for groins and a reinforced dune (composite seawall) with a height of 17 feet from Beach 9th to Beach 149th Streets, is

expected to begin by the end of this year. At least that’s the hope. ***** There’s also whisperings that the jetties/groins might be placed all the way to Beach 149th Street (instead of just to Beach 121st Street). That would leave Riis Park out, but The National Park Service hasn’t shown all that much interest in beach protection. ***** Reports say that a nine-story 219-unit mixed-use development looks to be on its way to 13-38 Central Avenue in Far Rockaway. Plans for a 17-story building at 128 Beach 9th Street were filed late last summer. Pretty soon Far Rockaway will just be known as Under Construction. ***** A highlight of last week’s parade day was the pop-up opening of the Harbor Light. It was kept a pretty good secret that the place was going to be open with a one-day permit but the word got out (there was a parade forming

Page 7 outside!) and lucky patrons filled the place. You can get a look at some photos of inside by going to The Rockaway Times Facebook page. And you know we’ll let you know when we hear the place will open its doors once and for all. ***** City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is calling for the City to take control of transit from the MTA. In a report released this week, Johnson said ferries contribute to air pollution and require subsidies that are too steep for the city. He’s got his eye on City Hall and clearly wants to be mayor. He wants to “break the car culture.” His plan did not mention Rockaway’s specific challenges. ***** John Russo, a longtime contractor turned artist and art professor at Kingsborough, passed away this week. His work was often on display at the Rockaway Artists Alliance studios. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

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New Fashion Line Celebrates Amir Williams’ Warrior Spirit was diagnosed with autism and attends ACES Village School in North Haven Conn. I lived in Far Rockaway, but I made this move to Connecticut with my older son for Amir. And to see Amir’s progress every day, makes it all worth it. When you have support from family, friends and the community-at-large, it’s a huge help for parents trying to navigate the system and get the best services for their child.” Fast forward to the present, Amir loves listening to classical

By Kami-Leigh Agard

At just 11 years old, Amir Williams has fought and majestically conquered many health battles including traumatic brain injury and encephalitis, which left him in a coma for two weeks. Also after years of misdiagnoses, just two years ago, Amir was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. However, according to Amir’s dad, Curtis Williams, his son defied doctors’ dire forecasts that he would never walk or talk. So to honor their son’s warrior spirit, last fall, they launched fashion line, AmirWear. According to Williams, at the tender age of two, one day his son suddenly developed a common cold that would not go away. After back-and-forth trips to the doctor, and trying all kinds of over-thecounter cold medications, he just would not get better. In fact, his health increasingly declined. “Amir just was not himself. He was really lethargic and wouldn’t get up. So we took him to the emergency room, and the doctors were very alarmed, and immediately had him shipped to Yale New Haven Hospital in Conn. They kept him overnight and all of a sudden, he started having seizures and went into a coma for almost two weeks. These doctors ran every imaginable test to figure out what was going on with our little boy. Amir’s mom and I were devastated. I hated to see how the doctors were poking and prodding him. To see a little twoyear-old going through that was heartbreaking. The doctors didn’t give us any definitive answers. All they deduced was that Amir was suffering from encephalitis (inflammation of the brain, often caused by a viral infection). When Amir finally woke up, he was not the same kid anymore. I felt like he was looking straight through us. He did not make eye contact and was paralyzed on his left side. Every time I think back to those days my eyes tear,” Williams said. However, Amir did not give up on himself. In fact, he worked hard to bounce back, which is why his family wanted to celebrate his courage and resiliece in

a unique way. “To witness how our son rebounded is just so amazing and developing this t-shirt line in his honor was a way to share his story, build awareness and give other parents going through similar trauma —hope. “We are not trying to be the next Ralph Lauren. We started this t-shirt and sweatshirt line to celebrate our son and bring awareness to the public about our special-needs warriors. After Amir woke up from the coma, he was paralyzed completely on his left side. And though we were told that he would never walk, Amir shocked everyone, and walked. His resolve and determination despite all his setbacks is so inspiring, and we wanted to share his story. When folks buy a t-shirt, they are not just supporting Amir and us, but a bigger cause,” Williams said. Today Amir still suffers from seizures, and according to his mom, his behavior and speech more resembles a five-year-old, rather than an 11-year-old. However, there was another battle Amir and his parents had to fight—getting him the correct diagnosis. Tashawna Williams said, “Due to Amir’s health issues, he kept being continually misdiagnosed, and placed in school programs that obviously did not suit him. I completely stopped working and dedicated all my energy to making sure my son got the services he needed. Just two years ago, he


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music and watching ballets. “I’m planning to get him enrolled for lessons in dance and music. He definitely has an ear for it,” Tashawna Williams said. Amir’s dad, Curtis, who grew up in the Hammel Houses Development, said he reflects on his own rough start, and how he was able to turn it all around. “My first positive role model was Mr. Martin, Hammel’s then Youth Center director. He inspired me to turn away from the streets and instead invest my time uplifting not just myself, but others. It’s ironic that I ended up becoming the center director. However, when I reflect on the kids in our center, I sometimes wonder if some of them were on the autism spectrum. I was only introduced to the world of autism with my son. “I believe it’s tough for parents trying to get services and awareness. Like with Amir’s mom and I, we were completely in the dark,

and did everything we possibly could to help Amir be the best he can be. So as a family, launching AmirWear was a bright spot for the entire family. The receivership from friends and even total strangers has been amazing. One thing I take from everything Amir suffered, is that awareness is definitely something that everyone needs. When you see a child acting up in the supermarket or the mall, instead of judging the child or the parent, try to understand.” Last Friday, March 1, AmirWear launched its Spring/Summer collection. For more information, visit: amirwear.com or check them out on Instagram or Facebook. “I’m just so proud of our son. He is indeed a warrior, and with this fashion line, we just want to share his story and build awareness about our special-needs children one tee-shirt at a time,” Williams said.

The Rockaway Times


This Week in History

DO STUDY BEFORE PLACING HOMELESS As more and more homeless shelters are popping up in communities across the city, State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. and Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato have introduced a bill that would require the city to release a neighborhood impact statement prior to creating a homeless shelter in a community. “In order to deal with the city’s homelessness crisis, the mayor has decided to do away with cluster apartments and create large-scale homeless shelters in local communities,” Addabbo said. “While each community wants to do their part to help with the crisis, there needs to be a practice where the community is involved in the early stages of the selection process and the concerns of residents can be addressed before a site is finalized.” Bill S.3997 would require the city to conduct and release a

Page 9

neighborhood impact study for the area where a homeless shelter would be created. This study would document the number and locations of daycare centers, schools, parks, playgrounds, senior centers, infrastructure and other information that the City Council deems relevant. Pheffer-Amato introduced a similar bill in the State Assembly. “The Mayor’s proposal to address homelessness is misguided and irresponsible — placing vulnerable individuals in an area with no resources to support them,” she said. Addabbo also noted that in order to tackle the complex issue of homelessness, the government must put forth policies that address the long-term issues that sometimes lead to homelessness such as affordable housing, creating jobs, mental health treatment along with alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation.

MARCH 7 Joe Miller was born. Kathy Stathis was born. Anna Wolfe was born.

son, come here. I want to see you.”) was made by Alexander Graham Bell.

MARCH 11 Jeanne Ferriola was born. 1876 - Alexander Graham Bell re- Joe Miller Sr. was born. ceived a patent for the telephone. 1945 - During World War II, U.S. troops 1895 - Mikhail Gorbachev became head crossed the bridge at Remagen, the of the Soviet Union following the death first incursion into Germany by Allied of Konstantin Chernenko. 1942 - General Douglas MacArthur forces. leaves the Philippines saying, “I shall return.” MARCH 8 Gerry Casey was born. MARCH 12 1948 - The Supreme Court ruled that Peter Brady was born. religious instruction in public schools Brian Gillen was born. Mitch Coutu was born. violated the Constitution. 1965 - First U.S. combat troops arrived in 1930 - Mohandas Gandhi began his 200Vietnam. mile march to protest the British salt tax. 1933- President Franklin D. Roosevelt MARCH 9 gave the first of his nationwide “fireside Mary Boyle was born. chats” on radio. 1841 - The Supreme Court ruled that the MARCH 13 Amistad slaves were free. 1990 - Dr. Antonia Novello was sworn in Theresa Estes was born. as both the first Hispanic and woman to Argirios “Mister Softee” Kostaras was born. be U.S. surgeon general. Ray Otton was born. Casey Gallagher was born. MARCH 10 John Dwinell was born. 1868 - The Senate began President AnJo Anne Alessi was born. drew Johnson’s impeachment trial. 1864 - U. S. Grant became commander 2012 - The Encyclopedia Britannica of the Union armies during the Civil War. discontinued its print edition after 244 1876 - The first telephone call (“Mr. Wat- years.

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Art in Bloom Brings Spring to the RAA With cold still lingering, the flowers may not quite be in bloom yet, but art is! The Rockaway Artists Alliance’s latest exhibit, Art in Bloom, opens Saturday, March 9 at sTudio 6 Gallery in Fort Tilden. “Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil,” said Bishop Reginald Heber, and the flowers have been painted in RAA’s sTudio 6 Gallery. RAA’s Art in Bloom brings spring to life with an array of flowers portrayed in multiple mediums by various artists. Artworks range from paintings to paper sculptures, photography to sound installation. Art in Bloom is on view weekends from March 9 until March 31. Art in Bloom also marks the reawakening of RAA as it is the first exhibit of 2019. Art in Bloom was juried by Nansi Lent, a visual artist from Long Island currently residing in Rhinebeck, New York. Nansi Lent holds an MA in Visual Arts Administration from NYU and a BA in Studio Art from Boston College. She has been working as a productive and exhibiting artist since

dy, Susan Carlo, MJ Caselden, Margaret Daly, Dave Foss, Nancy Gesimondo, Linda Kelly, Joe Lupo, Jean Maiorino, Edward Mallon, Nic Moorman, Kathleen O’Rourke, Iram Padder, Ralph Petagna, Rose Saporite, David Schulman, Jessica Schulman, Laima Sprangauskaite, Patricia Tobin, Gina Todd and Natalie Williams. Although the exhibit opens Saturday, there will be an official opening reception on Sunday,

March 10 at 12 p.m. This will be an opportunity to not only see the art, but to meet and connect with the artists and other community members. There will also be live music and refreshments will be served. Art in Bloom will be on view on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., and by appointment. For additional information on scheduled events, check out www.rockawayartistsalliance.org

the 1970s. She is the founder of Womenswork.art, a small eventbased gallery in Poughkeepsie, New York, which features works from under-the-radar women artists. For this exhibit, Lent selected the works of artists that include Barbara Berger, Ronald Bourque, Alaiyo Bradshaw, Michele Bro-

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More Than Heroes Well done, officers! At February’s 100th Precinct Community Council meeting, Officers Anna Loboda and Felix Delon were recognized with Cop of the Month awards for helping save a newborn infant. At the meeting, 100th Precinct Captain Louron Hall told details of the event in which Officers Loboda and Delon were dispatched to assist a pregnant woman in labor. The woman was found on the floor of a bathroom with her newborn child. The family was in distress as the baby wasn’t breathing. Officer Laboda immediately performed lifesaving measures by stimulating the baby’s chest and removing fluid from its mouth. Because of their actions, the baby started to breathe and cry. EMS arrived and then took over. The officers escorted the mother and child to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and they followed up by returning to the hospital the next day to find that the

mother and baby were doing well. “These officers’ actions averted a potential tragic outcome. They exemplify what NYPD’s Finest is all about,� Hall said. Officer Loboda was given a plaque at the meeting at the Knights of Columbus on Wednesday, February 27. Officer Delon could not be there that evening.

The Rockaway Times

Aztec Two-Step Plays Saturday Aztec Two-Step 2.0 will be the next featured performer in the Bugalou Concert Series on Saturday, March 9 at St. Camillus Catholic Academy Auditorium. The legendary folk-rock group has now moved onto a new phase with the retirement of Neal Shulman after 47 years with his musical partner Rex Fowler. Lead singer, Fowler, is now joined by Dodie Pettit on guitars, keyboards and vocals. An accomplished songwriter and recording artist in her own right, Pettit first crossed paths with Aztec Two-Step as a session musician and vocalist on their 1980 album, “The Times of Our Lives.� She also brings experience on Broadway as an original cast member of Phantom of the Opera, as well as appearing in CATS and Titanic. Pettit is also a former principal dancer for the American Repertory Dance Company. Steven ‘Muddy’ Roues will handle the bass, and has recorded or performed with B.B. King, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Sam

and Dave, Wilson Pickett, John Hiatt, and David Bromberg. Longtime WNEW and WFUV DJ Pete Fornatale, host of the show, “Mixed Bag,� collaborated with Aztec Two-Step in creating a tribute show to Simon & Garfunkel, which the Rockaway resident narrated. Although Fornatale passed in 2012, Aztec Two-Step continues to perform the tribute to their predecessors, and it will form the core of their show at St. Camillus, along with a nod to the Everly Brothers. Rex and Friends will of course perform Aztec favorites such as “The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty,� “Going on Saturday,� “Living in America,� and others that have kept a strong following for the band for all these years. The BEasy Band will set the tone with some acoustic music of their own. Kevin Breen and Breen Electric are the evening’s sponsor. Tickets are available at www. bugaloumusic.com.

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THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 2019 McFadden for her beautiful, descriptive article, “A Soldier’s Send-Off.� She captured the essence of our commitment to continue to honor these veterans in their final journey. Mike Honan

Bravo Dear Editor: I have been a backstage tour guide at the Metropolitan Opera for the past 30 years, so it was with great delight that I read about the Lazer’s newfound enthusiasm for the opera. Yes, as convoluted as the stories can sometimes seem, they sometimes also mirror life with themes of greed, jealousy revenge, family strife, love and hope. Absolutely sit in parterre, open up to the soaring unamplified singing and maybe your own passionate feelings. Comfortable seats and elegant surroundings further contribute to a memorable experience. A good introduction and adjunct to the opera are the Met’s HD movie performances at theaters throughout the boroughs. Do not be reluctant to take your children to the opera. From my experience, children are impressed by this most visual and comprehensive form of the arts, as one middle student excitedly expressed to me during a full dress rehearsal, referring to the soprano: “She nailed it!� Ingrid Erber A Thank You Dear Editor: My personal thanks to Katie

Just To Be Clear Dear Editor: I’m Michael O’Kane, a past president and a member of the board of directors of Vietnam Veterans of America Queens Chapter 32. Your article on the American Legion’s Program of Burial of Indigent Veterans gives the reader the impression that Chapter 32 has ceased its Indigent Veteran Burial Program. Just to set the record straight, the Indigent Veteran Program was begun by Chapter 32 in 2008 by then President Pastor (Pat) Toro and the Martino Family of Hess-Miller Funeral Home. Since then, the Chapter has seen to the burial of more than 130 veterans without next of kin. We do this in partnership with Hess-Miller Funeral home of Middle Village. Our program is still a very active program. And we do it correctly. The Chapter accompanies the deceased to Calverton National Cemetery and ensures a proper interment with full military honors, including the playing of Taps, flowers and a final salute from Chapter members at the graveside. Vietnam Veterans of America’s founding principle is “Never Again Shall One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another.� If our Indigent Burial program isn’t an example of that principle, I don’t know what is. Michael O’Kane


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Doc’s Right Dear Editor: As a regular reader of Dr. Galvin’s essays, I wish to compliment him on last week’s commentary. As a physician practicing medicine for 51 years, Dr. Galvin’s message echoes much of what we oldtime docs believe in and that is to understand that our patients are our best teachers. To quote William Osler, the first physician over a hundred years ago to bring medical students out of the classroom for bedside clinical training, “To study the phenomenon of disease without books is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all.� It is unfortunate that today the practice of medicine is more removed from actual patient interaction. The physician of today relies on computers and advanced technologies to reach a diagnosis, and then a treatment plan. In many instances, we are better able to diagnose a disease, but the human element is frequent-

ly missing, and therefore the illness a patient suffers may not be well understood. Our technological advances have far outpaced our dayto-day management of disease. Many conditions call for speaking with and guiding our patients to understand the importance of lifestyle, as poor choices have led to the biggest health care problems e.g., the obesity epidemic and narcotic abuse, both of which have led to a decline in life expectancy. Dr. Galvin’s message needs to be taken seriously, otherwise we will continue to face a decline in our health care system. William Erber, MD Good Noise Dear Editor: Kudos to all the people who make noise, go to rallies, and work tirelessly to protect our beaches. The only reason Rockaway is getting sand this summer is because of all of our “squeaky wheels.� Keep it up! T. Albers

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The Rockaway Times

Locals Bring Iron Fist Down on St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s By Katie McFadden

Following an increasing crime spree involving some of the residents of the St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Home in Rockaway Park, locals made it clear that theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had enough. In a 100th Precinct Community Council Committee meeting on Wednesday, February 27, which one officer likened to â&#x20AC;&#x153;a crucifixionâ&#x20AC;? upon leaving, residents that have been impacted by the boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; crimes, and other neighbors, came out to the Knights of Columbus in droves to let the St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s directors have a piece of their mind and to demand answers. The increase in crime isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just in peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s minds. Before fully opening up the discussion to the â&#x20AC;&#x153;elephant in the room,â&#x20AC;? as he called it, 100th Precinct Captain Louron Hall spoke about a large crime in-

crease for the first two months of 2019, including some incidents that residents of St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s have been involved in. According to Hall, â&#x20AC;&#x153;St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is responsible for 25 criminal complaints over the last four months. Of them, 41 arrests were made in regard to those complaints since November 2018. Twelve kids were involved in these arrests, two of which are in custody right now,â&#x20AC;? Hall told the crowd, which was larger than usual for a 100th Precinct Community Council meeting. Among the criminal activity is criminal trespassing, burglaries, car break ins, grand larceny auto, shoplifting at local supermarkets and bodegas, and robberies. These crimes extend beyond Rockaway as the 105th and 113th Precincts have also reported crimes involving St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residents.

Hall then introduced Alissa Deakin, Chief Program Officer of Little Flower Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Services, an organization that is now officially affiliated with St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s after having some involvement over the years, and the new St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Executive Director, Jennifer Horsley. Deakin briefly explained Little Flowerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s involvement with St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s before touching upon the criminal activity. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This uptick weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re discussing, we take extremely seriously. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not acceptable,â&#x20AC;? Deakin said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to give an exact reason why. When weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had upticks in the past, it would attribute to a particular combination of boys as the main factor,â&#x20AC;? she added. Deakin then gave a breakdown of the residents at the home, explaining there are about 40 boys who are in foster care, and 12 kids in the Close to Home program,

Protect your world Auto â&#x20AC;˘ Home â&#x20AC;˘ Life â&#x20AC;˘ Retirement

which is made up of juvenile delinquents. She pointed out that those kids are not the ones causing problems, as they are detained, and that the boys in question are part of the foster care program. Deakin was later asked about the age breakdown of the residents, as a 19-yearold St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resident was recently arrested after breaking into several homes after 3 a.m. She explained that with the age limit being up to 21, and some even up to 23 with permission from the NYC Administration for Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Services (ACS), that at least 20 of the boys are over the age of 18. However, Captain Hall pointed out that the boys involved in 14 of the 41 arrests, are just 13 and 14. With some crimes taking place so late at night, some have wondered if the boys have Continued on page 15

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WĆ&#x152;ĆľÄ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻ/ĹśĆ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;ĹśÄ?Ç&#x2021;Í&#x2022;>>Í&#x2022;EÄ&#x17E;Ç Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŹÍ&#x2022;EĹ?Í&#x2022;/Ć?ŜŽĆ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;ĸůĹ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ç Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;>Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;DĆľĆ&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻÍ&#x2022;Ĺ˝Ć?Ć&#x161;ŽŜÍ&#x2022;DÍ&#x2DC; Î&#x17E;ĎŽĎŹĎ­Ď°>Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;DĆľĆ&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻ/ĹśĆ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ?Ä&#x17E;


The Rockaway Times

LOCALS BRING IRON FIST DOWN ON ST. JOHN’S Continued from Page 14 a curfew. Deakin touched upon this, but gave an unsatisfactory answer to the crowd. “We can’t lock them in,” she said. “In the foster care program, we can’t detain them. They have curfews like other teenagers and we do what we can to have them abide by curfew and we go out after them when we can. We can’t follow a child across town, but we try to intervene. We have a lot of supervision, but we can’t lock the kids in.” Horsley then expanded upon what is done to residents that may break curfew and other measures St. John’s is implementing to keep the boys out of trouble. “We take these concerns very seriously and we’ve noticed the uptick, so we’re trying to put intervention in place. As Hall said, it’s only a small percentage that are acting out and we’re trying to wrap services around them. If someone is outside, not doing

the right thing, we don’t want that. We’re working with the officers and we have a recreation department and we’re going to expand that more so children will have little idle time. All of the kids are involved in activities to keep them busy. If they don’t keep their curfew, there are consequences. We have incentives like allowances and recreational activities and if you don’t do the right thing, we take away incentives,” Horsley said. The crowd was not too pleased with the limited response from Deakin and Horsley and anger grew when Lew Simon asked them to break down curfew times by ages of the boys. “I want facts and figures,” Simon said. However, answers came up short. “We’re not prepared with all those figures,” Deakin said. The nonresponse sparked immediate anger from Simon and others in the audience. “If you’re coming to address this community, you should be able to answer these questions. You don’t live in Rockaway. I live here, I see

what goes on and I get calls from everyone in the room, complaining about St. John’s,” Simon said, adding that maybe it’s time for St. John’s to close. “The population there has changed and with all of the problems we’re hearing, why can’t we take these kids out of there and do something positive instead?” While Deakin and Horlsey came under attack by a majority of those in the room, a man who works for the Department of Education (DOE) said he could relate. “In the DOE, we have children running amok in the schools, assaulting teachers, and as employees, we’re limited and restricted in what we can do to prevent that. It sounds like you’re in a similar situation and you’re limited because of state laws that govern. It sounds like you’re doing what you can,” he said, suggesting that people should go after the laws in place in regards to how these children are handled. “Some attention may need to be given to the regulations,” the DOE employ-

Page 15 ee said. Some other solutions were presented. Deakin spoke of St. John’s resurrecting its advisory committee so that the community can be more informed about what’s going on at the home. The 100th Precinct is doing what it can to involve the boys in programs that will discourage criminal behavior. Others suggested contacting ACS directly. Local activist John Cori asked Deakin, “What is your record with ACS? Do they grade you? How do you do?” to which Deakin responded, “We do well.” Cori then pushed further asking about finances, “How lucrative is it for you to come and destroy our community? When you have men leaving the facility at 3 a.m., how are you getting a good grade from ACS?” Another resident added, “Everyone, call ACS. I think Little Flower is doing a horrible job and needs to be replaced by Big Flower. I suggest everyone call ACS and I guarantee they’ll be on Little Flower and you won’t have a job,” the resident told Deakin.



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Have you seen this guy? He’s wanted for robbery. According to the 100th Precinct, on February 28 at 9:27 a.m., this individual approached a 75-year-old female victim at the front of 201 Beach 121st Street and assaulted her, pushing her to the ground and stealing her purse. This crime is under investigation by the 100th Precinct Detective Squad. Anyone with information should contact the Detective Squad at 718-318-4223.

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PARKS NAMES MICHAEL DOCKETT QUEENS COMMISH NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver announced the appointment of Michael Dockett as Borough Commissioner of Queens Parks. Dockett will replace Dorothy Lewandowski who announced her retirement in January. Dockett has worked at NYC Parks for 33 years, and most recently served as Assistant Commissioner for the Urban Park Service. “I am confident that his background in environmental education, enforcement, and emergency management will be a benefit in his new role leading Queens’ beloved green space,” Silver said. Queens is home to more than 460 parks, with 7,740 acres of open space. Currently, Parks has approximately 250 active capital improvement projects underway in the borough. Dockett began his career with Parks in 1984 as an Urban Park Ranger in Queens. He rose through the ranks to become

a Ranger Supervisor and Borough Director in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Dockett then went on to become the Director of Central Communications, and was later promoted to Park & Recreation Manager of Brooklyn’s District 17 & 18, as well as being the borough’s Green Street Manager. Dockett became Brooklyn’s Chief of Recreation, prior to returning to the Urban Park Service as its Chief and eventual Assistant Commissioner. Dockett earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting from York College, CUNY and a master’s degree in Business Administration from St. John’s University. He lives in Laurelton, Queens, with his wife Anne-Marie, son and daughter Michael and Adrianna, mother-in-law Marie, and their dog, Titan. He enjoys camping, singing in his church choir, and is an Assistant Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America.

The Rockaway Times


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Teach me...Prepare me...Challenge me. CHALLENGE IS DIFFERENT FREE PUBLIC education that offers rigorous academic curriculum in a safe, supportive, technology-infused and data-enriched school environment

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE Join us at Open House! At our K-5 Learning Center at 710 Hartman Lane visit on ThursdayĘĺMarch 14th at 5:30-6:30PM At our Middle School Learning Center at 1279 Redfern Avenue visit on Thursday, March 7th at 5:30-6:30 PM

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Ain’t Snow Stopping Parade Day March came in like a lion with a snowy morning, but a little snow wouldn’t stop the 44th Annual Queens County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The Sanitation Department worked quick to clear the roads while neighbors cleared sidewalks. By step-off time, the snow was old news and it made for a great day for a parade. There were bagpipe bands galore, firetrucks, Irish dancers, local schools and organizations aplenty. There was no sign of Mayor Bill de Blasio, but there was an appearance by the Harbor Light, which opened its doors just for the occasion after rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy. Congratulations to the honorees, the parade committee and parade president Michael Benn for putting on yet another spectacular event that celebrates the community and Irish culture.

By Nicole Taylor-Lang

By John Reinhardt

By John Reinhardt

By Chris McHale

By Paul Lurrie

By Andrew Stangel

By John Reinhardt


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The Rockaway Times


Page 19

Ain’t Snow Stopping Parade Day By Nicole Taylor-Lang

By Nicole Taylor-Lang

By Janice Weinert

By John Reoinhardt

By John Reinhardt

By Nicole Taylor-Lang

By John Reinhardt

By Paul Lurrie

By Nicole Taylor-Lang


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The Rockaway Times

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4HIRÃ&#x203A;NOEMÃ&#x203A;à NNQÃ&#x203A;OKAMÃ&#x203A;HNLEÃ&#x203A;RISRÃ&#x203A;NMÃ&#x203A;AÃ&#x203A;WÃ&#x203A;KNS Ã&#x203A;NMKXÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;FEESÃ&#x203A;FQNLÃ&#x203A; NTQÃ&#x203A;BEACHERÃ&#x203A;,IUIMGÃ&#x203A;QNNLÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;DIMIMGÃ&#x203A;QNNLÃ&#x203A;RHAQEÃ&#x203A;AÃ&#x203A;DNTBKEÃ&#x203A;RIDEDÃ&#x203A;VNNDÃ&#x203A; BTQMIMGÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x;QEOKACEÃ&#x203A;,AQGEÃ&#x203A;%)+Ã&#x203A;,AQGEÃ&#x203A;KNVEQÃ&#x203A;FALIKXÃ&#x203A;QNNLÃ&#x203A;VISHÃ&#x203A;GTERSÃ&#x203A; PTAQSEQRÃ&#x203A;4VNÃ&#x203A;KAQGEÃ&#x203A;BQaR Ã&#x203A;SVNÃ&#x203A;FTKKÃ&#x203A;BASHR Ã&#x203A;NMEÃ&#x203A;HAKFÃ&#x203A;BASH Ã&#x203A;NMEÃ&#x203A;ONVDEQÃ&#x203A; 4/7.Ã&#x203A;(/53%Ã&#x203A;3%450Ã&#x203A;%ACHÃ&#x203A;TMISÃ&#x203A;CNMRIRSRÃ&#x203A;NFÃ&#x203A;SHQEEÃ&#x203A;àNNQRÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A; QNNLÃ&#x203A;VISHÃ&#x203A;RHNVEQÃ&#x203A;#NLEÃ&#x203A;BACJÃ&#x203A;FQNLÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A;DAXÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A;BEACHÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;EMSEQSAIMÃ&#x203A; BEDQNNLR Ã&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;FTKKÃ&#x203A;BASHÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;NMEÃ&#x203A;HAKFÃ&#x203A;BASHÃ&#x203A;,IUIMGÃ&#x203A;2NNL Ã&#x203A;%)+ Ã&#x203A;&TKKÃ&#x203A;"ARELEMS FQIEMDRÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;FALIKXÃ&#x203A;IMÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A;FTKKXÃ&#x203A;OAUEDÃ&#x203A;XAQDÃ&#x203A;VISHÃ&#x203A;HAQDKIMEÃ&#x203A;GARÃ&#x203A;GQIKK Ã&#x203A; 0EQFECSÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;AÃ&#x203A;LNSHEQDATGHSEQÃ&#x203A;RISTASINM Ã&#x203A;NQÃ&#x203A;RLAKKÃ&#x203A;BIYÃ&#x203A;NVMEQRÃ&#x203A;CAMÃ&#x203A; GARÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x;QEÃ&#x203A;OISÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;NTSDNNQÃ&#x203A;RHNVEQÃ&#x203A;CABAMAÃ&#x203A;-ASTQEÃ&#x203A;AQBNQUISAEÃ&#x203A;KIMEÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A; TREÃ&#x203A;NMEÃ&#x203A;TMISÃ&#x203A;ARÃ&#x203A;SHEIQÃ&#x203A;NáCEÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A;JEEOÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A;NSHEQÃ&#x203A;TMISÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;QEMSAKÃ&#x203A;IMCNLEÃ&#x203A; OQNOEQSXÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;OQIUACXÃ&#x203A;0QIUASEÃ&#x203A;OAQJIMGÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;CAQR 7AKJIMGÃ&#x203A;DIRSAMCEÃ&#x203A;SNÃ&#x203A;AKKÃ&#x203A;,AQGEÃ&#x203A;XAQD Ã&#x203A;OQIUASEÃ&#x203A;OAQJIMGÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;   /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;  Rockaway Park Legal Two Family PS 114 School District /MEÃ&#x203A; BKNCJÃ&#x203A; FQNLÃ&#x203A; SHEÃ&#x203A; BEACHÃ&#x203A;4VNÃ&#x203A;RSNQXÃ&#x203A;BQICJÃ&#x203A; HNLEÃ&#x203A;FTKKXÃ&#x203A;ONIMSEDÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A; XEAQRÃ&#x203A;AGNÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;"2Ã&#x203A;NUEQÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A; "2Ã&#x203A;/QIGIMAKÃ&#x203A;HAQDVNNDÃ&#x203A; FKNNQRÃ&#x203A; SHQNTGHNTSÃ&#x203A; )DEAKÃ&#x203A;RESÃ&#x203A;TOÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;DTOKEWÃ&#x203A; A O A Q S L E M S R    Q E A QÃ&#x203A; EMCKNREDÃ&#x203A;RSAIQCAREÃ&#x203A;KEADRÃ&#x203A; SNÃ&#x203A;FTKKÃ&#x203A;BARELEMSÃ&#x203A;FQNLÃ&#x203A; BNSHÃ&#x203A;AOAQSLEMSRÃ&#x203A;4HQEEÃ&#x203A; ONQCHERÃ&#x203A;NÃ&#x17E;EQÃ&#x203A;ALOKEÃ&#x203A;EWSEQINQÃ&#x203A;ACCERRÃ&#x203A;&TKKÃ&#x203A;OQIUASEÃ&#x203A;DQIUEVAXÃ&#x203A;4VNÃ&#x203A;CAQÃ&#x203A; GAQAGEÃ&#x203A;7AKJIMGÃ&#x203A;DIRSAMCEÃ&#x203A;SNÃ&#x203A;AKKÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A;  "The Seavon" Condo Modern Beachfront Living /MEÃ&#x203A;"EDQNNL Ã&#x203A;/MEÃ&#x203A;FTKKÃ&#x203A;BASHÃ&#x203A; OKTRÃ&#x203A;NáCEÃ&#x203A;ROACEÃ&#x203A;"QIGHSÃ&#x203A;AMDÃ&#x203A; AIQXÃ&#x203A;&KNNQÃ&#x203A;SNÃ&#x203A;CEIKIMGÃ&#x203A;VIMDNVRÃ&#x203A; NFFEQÃ&#x203A;DIQECSÃ&#x203A;NCEAMÃ&#x203A;UIEVRÃ&#x203A; , RHAOEDÃ&#x203A;SEQQACEÃ&#x203A;VISHÃ&#x203A;DIQECSÃ&#x203A; NCEAMÃ&#x203A;UIEVRÃ&#x203A;(AQDVNNDÃ&#x203A;àNNQR Ã&#x203A; DIMIMGÃ&#x203A;AQEAÃ&#x203A;$EEDEDÃ&#x203A;IMDNNQÃ&#x203A; OAQJIMGÃ&#x203A;ROACEÃ&#x203A;0QIUASEÃ&#x203A;VARHEQÃ&#x203A; Ã&#x203A;DQXEQÃ&#x203A;IMÃ&#x203A;SHEÃ&#x203A;TMISÃ&#x203A;"TIKDIMGÃ&#x203A; IRÃ&#x203A;Ã&#x203A;XEAQRÃ&#x203A;XNTMGÃ&#x203A;4HEÃ&#x203A;3EAUNMÃ&#x203A; IRÃ&#x203A;NMEÃ&#x203A;NFÃ&#x203A;NMKXÃ&#x203A;SVNÃ&#x203A;#/.$/Ã&#x203A; BTIKDIMGRÃ&#x203A;IMÃ&#x203A;2NCJAVAXÃ&#x203A;0AQJÃ&#x203A; 6IRISÃ&#x203A;NTQÃ&#x203A;VEBRISEÃ&#x203A;FNQÃ&#x203A;LTRSÃ&#x203A; REEÃ&#x203A;OHNSNRÃ&#x203A; /Ã&#x17E;EQEDÃ&#x203A;ASÃ&#x203A; 


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Your property would look great here

Belle Harbor Rental - New Construction Custom 2 BR, 2 bath, open layout. Private washer/dryer. 3 private terraces. Private elevator. Walking distance to all. $3000 includes all. View photos on our website.

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NEPONSIT REALTY inc P 718.945.2411 www.neponsitrealty.com

Licensed Real Estate Broker Geri Lipsman

Licensed Sales Agents ONE BEDROOM



FULLY FURNISHED, LOVELY. Use of backyard and front



Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1700

Be on vacation every day in this lovely home by the Sea. Spacious and welcoming, this home offers 3 Bedrooms and 2 Full Bathrooms. Large living room, dining room, EIK, new washer and dryer. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets and ocean views from the second level balcony.

/2&$7(',11(3216,735,9$7( 75((/,1('%/2&.2:1(5+$6 $33529('%8,/',1*3/$16)25 $%($87,)8/+20(




PROFESSIONAL OFFICE VTIWODUJHRIĂ&#x20AC;FHVDQGUHFHSWLRQDUHDSOXV handicap accessible bathroom. Utilities included, parking available. Call Susan 347 260 3891.....................................$2500


porch. All utilities and cable are included. 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bungalow , pay all utilities, no pets, no smoking, no parking. Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1400 120â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s OCEAN FRONT THE PERFECT VIEW. FURNISHED and comfortable living space. Pay only electric Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1650

CALL SUSAN 347 260 3891â&#x20AC;Ś..$1,999,000

CALL KATE TO SCHEDULE APPT. 917 680ď&#x161;ş8051


120â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s TEMPORARY FROM 3/15/19 TO 7/1/19


TWO BEDROOM 130â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. EXTRA LARGE with Terrace, washer & dryer, no pets, no smoking, summer parking one car. Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$2100 130â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Large terrace, no pets, summer parking, heat included.


Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$2100

main level offers 3 bedrooms with a

120â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BEACH BLOCK , Newly renovated, walk in

master en suite bathroom, separate eat

unit, kitchen with island, washer and dryer, no pets, no

in kitchen, large living room and dining

smoking, heat included. Parking. Share use of yard .

room, 2 bathrooms, access to extra large



Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1600 100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Adorable, bungalow feels like your own home, new kitchen and bath, no pets, pay all utilities.



Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1600

offers a large living room, eat in kitchen,

100â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Small cottage with shared outdoor space. No


2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and private

pets, pay all utilities.

CALL SUSAN........................................................$3500



plenty of closets throughout and parking

ROCKAWAY PARK 875 SQ. FT............................$1800

for 5 cars! New heating system and hot

ROCKAWAY PARK 1375 SQ. FT..........................$2300

SANDS POINT PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SPACE PERFECT LOCATION -900 sq ft /$5*(2)),&(6$1'5(&(37,21$5($ 3/86+$1',&$3%$7+522087,/,7,(6,1&/8'('

CALL SUSAN 347 260 3891................................$2500 -1800 sq ft /$5*(2)),&(63$&(87,7,/,(6,1&/8'(' 3$5.,1*$9$,/$%/(

CALL SUSAN 347 260 3891................................$3500

Call Susan 347 260 3891.................................$1550 THREE BEDROOM 120â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s P.S. 114 School District, PRISTINE, totally newly renovated, GORGEOUS eat-in-kitchen, living room,

water heater were installed 6 years ago.

dining room, 2 bath, terrace, summer parking, pay all

Bring your designer and make this your

utilities. No pets.

dream home today!

Call Susan 347 260 3891............................... $2400

CALL KATE 917 680 8051..............$939,900


128th MINT, MINT, 2 bath, private entrance, open ďŹ&#x201A;oor plan, EIK with island, all amenities, ďŹ replace, huge terrace, radiate heat, washer & dryer, parking space. Pay all utilities. PRICE REDUCED Call Peggy 347 525-7176............................... $2400



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6 Year Member

Lic. Broker-Owner: Lisa Jackson Lic. Associate Brokers: Barbara Ferguson • Nia Casilla Lic. RE Agents: Ariana David • Colleen Brady

417 Beach 129th St • (718) 634-3134 • Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

The Rockaprop Team




Selling Fully FurnishedC T A This T RMediterranean 5 NBR home exudes COclassic beauty! Parking R for 7, ocean views, inDE ground pool, Jacuzzi N U and so much more. $2,900,000


Neponsit - Side Hall Colonial

Custom built 5 BR home with individual water front balconies, high ceilings and 3 marble baths. Parking for eight cars. A true one of a kind. MUST SEE! $2,500,000

This home has it all, 4BR (master suite with Juliet balcony), 4.5 baths, luminous kitchen, granite counters, family room, fireplace, FLR, DR, fin bsmt with high ceilings, in-ground pool, pool house, 2 car garage. $1,899,000


All Brick - 60’x 100’ Corner

Beach Block 60’X100’ vacant lot. We have the APPROVED PLANS to start building right away! Stop by our office we have the floor plans for your review. $1,500,000

Expansive newly renovated 6 BR home with open floor plan, w/b fireplace, radiant heat, CAC. Two car garage and private parking. $1,299,000


BELLE HARBOR High End Finishes

Bright 6BR, 3.5 bath located in the PS 114 School District. Hardwood flooring, full finished basement, garage and plenty of private parking for all! Low Taxes $849,000

Elegant 2BR, 2 bath, cathedral ceilings, skylights, Mahogany wood floors, Granite counters. Full fin bsmt w/ BR. Private garage plus a front porch and back patio. Easy parking for 3 cars. $649,000



Looking for a Turn Key Home?

60’ x 70 - Lot For Sale

Newly renovated 3 BR, 1 bath home. Great location with bay, ocean, restaurants and stores all at your fingertips. Sit on your front porch and catch the salty breeze. $549,000

Build your very own 2,100 sq. ft. custom dream home on a 4,200 sq. ft. lot, R-2 Zoned. FAR is .5. Close to all! $525,000

BELLE HARBOR Huge Multi-Family Home ATTENTION D INVESTORS! This O L Beach block S is a S T multi-family money maker. Give JU us a call for rent roll and more details. $1,900,000


T Penthouse with Ocean Views! AC2BR’s plus Gorgeous R anN Tincredible master COsuite with it’s own E R private terrace. Living D space offers skylights, UN HW floors and private parking. $720,000

ROCKAWAY PARK Oceanfront Building C T A Loaded Star T R with 5Ocean amenities, N O C Grande offers the E R luxury of easy condo D living, large 2BR, 2 UN baths. Won’t last!

ROCKAWAY PARK New To Market C T HereT RisA a great 2BR N ocean facing COapartment waiting for R your fresh decorating E ideas. Private terrace, ND



Legal Two Family - 46’x100’

T Gorgeous Block - 45’ x 100’CLot CozyT3BR, R A2 bath home with N Lush botanical COplantings of aromatic R lavender and sweet DE basil straight from your N U garden to your organic table! $779,000



Phenomenal Water Views

HW floors and laundry in building. $425,000


Supreme Legal 3 C T A 3 family Large T Rlegal used currently as N COa 1 family. 6 BR’s, R 4.5 baths, fireplace DE and all massive N U rooms. Priced to sell! $1,299,000


Investment Opportunity! CT ThisT1910 R Alarge MultiFamily N home has 2 COduplex apartments. R Amazing Bay Views, DE 4 bedrooms and 3 N U baths and low taxes. $499,000


Brand New to MarketC T A Beautiful T R Located1BRin apartment. N COan oceanfront building R with 24 hour concierge. E D Common area, party UN and computer room. $399,000

BELLE HARBOR Beach Block - Legal 2 D E 3 BR, P2 Tbaths, H/W E & terrace with floors C C views over a Aocean R 2BR rental. Newly F E paved yard & full F O private radiant heated driveway. $899,000


T Duplex Apartment with Parking ACBR’s , 2.5 Beautiful 2/3 R Tgranite kitchen, baths, O Nappliances, HW CSS E R floors and private D parking. Half a UN block to the beach. $499,000


Oceanfront Penthouse! CT FilledTwith R Asunlight and has N 3BR’s, 2.5 baths, 2 COpairs of sliders leading R out to a spectaular and DE spacious oceanfront N U balcony and private parking. $845,000


Brand New to MarketC T A Beautiful 1.5 T Rhome3BR, bath on the N O Entertain C canal. E R family and friends D on your beautiful UN back deck, updated kitchen. $475,000


Beach Block Condo C T R A 2 BRs, NewlyTrenovated kitchen with quartz N O and glass tile Ccounters, R E backsplash. Open floor D plan, W/D in unit and UN privacy paved back yard. $320,000


ROCKAWAY PARK Oceanfront BuildingC T Aright into Move T Rimmaculate this 2 N COBR apartment. No R elevator and no steps E in this aparment. Call ND

With Honesty Integrity and Trust our team of agents get the job done!


To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.com

today for your private viewing. $299,000


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214 B 131st Street∙2:00 - 3:30pm

126 B 96th Street∙12:00 - 1:30pm

Large front porch, high ceilings, LR with fireplace, HW floors, 6BR's, 3 full baths. Large basement with high ceilings, 2 car garage, large private back yard and plenty of parking. $1,400,000

Only opportunity to own this income producing INCOMPARABLE OCEANFRONT! Both units have a 20’x10’ oceanfront patios, 3BR’s and 2 baths. Bonus walk in apt. Private parking. $1,279,000



6315 Ocean Avenue S∙12 - 1:30pm

6613 Ocean Avenue N∙12 - 1:30pm

BRAND NEW single family home in the Dunes. Custom built, never lived in, 5 BR's, 3 Baths, luxurious ocean view master suite with a spacious rooftop deck with ocean views. Tax abated until 2034! $998,000

Sun filled open floor plan, 3 BR's including huge master suite, 2.5 baths loads of upgrades and large ocean view roof top deck. Tenants unit has 2 BR's and 1 bath. $939,000

OPEN HOUSE  SUN 3/10 218 B 131st Street∙2:00 - 3:30pm

Main level has an open LR/DR room, EIK, office, full bath and high ceilings. Second level has 3 nicely sized BR's and a full bath. Full fin. bsmt, detached garage and great front porch. $875,000

OPEN HOUSE  SUN 3/10 101-04 Shore Front Pkwy∙2 - 3:30pm Two BR's two baths with HW floors, granite counters, breakfast bar and an abundance of cabinets. Full finished lower level with BR, half bath and laundry room. $575,000



130 B 92nd Street (3C) ∙2 - 3:30pm

Spacious 3BR duplex with HW floors, large master suite with amazing ocean views. Stunning curb appeal, comes with parking spot. Just a hop, skip and a jump to the beach! $649,000


130 B 62nd Street ∙12:00 - 2:00pm

Rarely available, turn key 3BR, 2 bath condo with open floor plan, master suite, 2 balconies, private back yard with in ground sprinklers, garage and private driveway! $529,000


125 B 124th Street (6E)∙1 - 2:30pm

129 B 118th Street∙11 - 12:30pm

Immaculate oceanfront apartment located on the 6th floor with phenomenal ocean views, private terrace & gorgeous HW floors. Common laundry room in the building. Won’t last! $460,000

Built in Murphy bed that turns your LR into a spare BR. Custom built in bunk beds, closets and desk. Custom kitchen with nook and hardwood floors throughout. $289,000

     Rentals     

     Rentals     

109th: 1BR, 1BA 2nd floor rental w/ HW floors and private terrace with ocean views(NC) . . . $1,300

116th: Newly renovated 3BR, 1BA apt with wood flooring and all new appliances (BF). . . .$2,300

117th: Spacious 1BR, 1BA apt on beach block in building with full time super (NC). . . . $1,675

98th: Beach block renovated 3BR, 2BA apt with master bedroom suite (NC) . . . . . . . . $2,300

125th: Beach block well maintained 1BR, 1BA apt with HW floors (AD) . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,700

Broad Channel: Newly renovated 3BR, 1BA home with SS appliances and W/D (CB) . . . $2,300

NTED 118th: Beach block 1BR, 1BA renovated aptUwith parking (BF) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,250 STRE

118th: Beach block 2BR, 1BA apt with extra office room, parking and backyard (CB) . . . $2,350


TED . 99th: Beach block 2BR, 1BA apt with 1 car parking R E N(NC) JUST

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,800

119th: Beach block 3BR, 2BA apt with 1 car parking space and W/D (BF). . . . . . . . . . . $2,400

79th: 2BR, 1BA condo with ocean views in elevator building (NC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,000

69th: Newly renovated 3BR, 2BA apt with HW floors and SS appliances (TB) . . . . . . . . $2,450

117th: Beach block 2BR, 2BA condo unit in doorman building (NC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,100

118th: Beach block 3BR, 2BA apt with HW floors, lemonade porch and parking (NC) . . $2,550

64th: Renovated 2BR, 1BA home with private driveway and backyard (NC) . . . . . . . . . $2,100

ABTS: Spacious 3BR, 2.5BA duplex with private backyard, CAC and garage parking (NC) . .$2,800

138th: Renovated 2BR, 2BA apt with private deck and HW floors (BF) . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,200

TE REN 127th: BEACH BLOCK 3BR, 2BA home with new kitchen and deck (BF) . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,200 JUST


T R yard (BF) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,200 127th: Brand new 2BR, 1BA beach block apt with JUS


140th: 3BR, 2.5BA house rental with HW floors and large backyard (AD) . . . . . . . . . . . $3,900

Highest sales volume in Rockaway...Visit our office and see what we do that's different!


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140-05 Newport Ave. $1.525M


(represented buyer) Susan Natale Lic. RE Salesperson

Our office is in Brooklyn, but our homes are in Rockaway

We first sold our client's house in Brooklyn for a record price and were then tasked with finding them their dream home in Rockaway. We negotiated a great price for our client in this purchase, and closed for $75K under the asking price on this very special and unique 80'x100' property in Belle Harbor.

6613 Surf Ave. · $949,000 Big 2-family with private roof deck located in The Dunes section of Arverne By The Sea. This Freeport model boasts a spacious and upgraded 3-Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom main unit that features a Master Suite, private backyard, built-in garage and private driveway. The second unit is a big and bright 2-bedroom apartment with a step-out balcony. Both units have their own washer/dryer and thermostat. The top floor offers a useful bonus room and a spacious roof deck with ocean views. Tax abated for 10 more years. Just a few steps to either the A Train or the famous Rockaway Boardwalk and beach. Listed exclusively by Associate Broker Alice O'Connor.

CO-OP FOR SALE ASKING $175,000 130 Beach 121st St, #2B

REDUCED Large studio apartment with an updated kitchen and a private balcony. This boutique building is sitting directly on the beach in Rockaway Park!

Neponsit 4 Bed, 1.5 Bath house rental one block from the ocean w/ central air, private driveway, backyard & deck – $4,000

Arverne by the Sea 2 Bed, 1 Bath w/ balcony, ocean views, wash/dryer & parking – $1,800

COMMERCIAL SPACE AVAILABLE MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING * Beautifully appointed suite 2500+ sf - owner to assist upgrade to 1st class * Parking included * Prime location in Rockaway Park * Train, Ferry and Bus - all nearby * Other smaller professional offices also available * Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist, Ob/Gyn, ENT doctor needed in the area

Call (917) 710-6298 for appointment ·

To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.com

GET SPOTTED! T-shirts available online www.rockawaytimes.com


The Rockaway Times

Ask the DOC

By Peter Galvin, MD

SBO The human small bowel is about 20 to 25 feet long and about one inch in diameter. The taller a person is, the longer his/her small bowel will be. The small bowel consists of three sections. The first and shortest segment is the duodenum, which is about eight to 10 inches long. The top of the duodenum connects to the stomach. The common bile duct, which starts in the liver and passes by the gallbladder and through the pancreas, empties into the mid duodenum via the sphincter of Oddo. The common bile duct supplies bile and digestive enzymes to the duodenum. The

duodenum absorbs nutrients from food including iron. The next section of the small bowel is the jejunum, which is about eight to 10 feet long. The jejunum absorbs products of digestion including sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids. The last section is the ileum, which is about 10 to 12 feet long. It absorbs more nutrients including vitamin B12 and bile acids. It connects to the large bowel, or colon, via the ileocecal valve. A small bowel obstruction (SBO) is a blockage in the small intestine. The most common causes of SBO are abdominal scar tissue, hernias, strictures

(internal narrowing caused by scar tissue), and cancers. In severe cases of SBO, the blood supply to the intestine may be compromised, causing bowel tissue to die. This is a life-threatening situation. Any abdominal surgery causes scar tissue to form. The scar tissues are called adhesions. The more abdominal surgeries a person has, the more adhesions form. An SBO caused by adhesions may occur as early as a few weeks after the surgery to as late as several years after without any obvious inciting event. The obstruction can cause the digestive materials in the intestines to back up, causing pain and vomiting of dark green bile or darker stool. The obstructed bowel becomes large, or dilated, with air and fluid that would normally move forward. This dilation and air/fluid may be seen on an abdominal X-Ray. Most obstructions will resolve by allowing the bowel to rest and shrink back to normal size. This is accomplished by passing a nasogastric, or NG, tube into the stomach to remove the backedup intestinal contents. The tube

Page 25 is connected to a vacuum. The patient will not be allowed to have anything by mouth (NPO, or nothing per oral) and will be kept hydrated via intravenous fluids. By this method, the obstruction will usually resolve in a few days. If the patient does not improve, then surgical correction will become necessary. The surgeon will cut the adhesions that are blocking the bowel. This is called lysis of adhesions. As mentioned above, hernias may also cause an SBO by entrapping a loop of bowel. Strictures, or narrowing of the bowel, may be caused by inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s disease. Cancers originating in the small bowel are quite rare. An SBO caused by cancer is usually caused by a cancer that originated outside of the small bowel. For more information, go to: www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/intestinal-obstruction/symptoms-causes/ syc-20351460 Questions and comments may be sent to editor@rockawaytimes.com.


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sickness, financial difficulties, loss of people in our lives, loss of meaningful things, and whatever else changes. The thing to think about is that everything changes. Everything is always in a state of change. The change may take a lot of time to manifest, but it is happening. Our minds, however, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always seem to get that. We sometimes hold on to some rigid thinking about what something should be, or someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behavior, or some injustice in our work life or personal life or family life, and lose sight of

ter feeling, a change in someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behavior, a better sense of well-being. When we can keep our spirits up â&#x20AC;&#x201D; being ok with what is going on even if very difficult â&#x20AC;&#x201D; we will be balanced and calm. And we can be. How to get there? Observing what we feel, think, say and do in each and every circumstance will bring about an understanding of where we are on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;contentmentâ&#x20AC;? scale. Accepting that this is here now, not forever, creates a space to think and feel more openly, more balanced, so as to bring about a change maybe a little easier. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Santoshaâ&#x20AC;? is one of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;codesâ&#x20AC;? to living soulfully and purposefully connected to our inner nature, the essence of who we are. Being at peace, in balance, and free evolves and becomes when we are present, thoughtful, mindful, body-ful, emotionally aware and inwardly reverent. May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.


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some basics about human existence. Everything is not perfect. Everything is constantly changing. Everything moves forward in time. So, if we use these three precepts of basic human existence, perhaps we can better observe ourselves as being accepting, satisfied and content. If I believe and accept that I am to be in this state at this moment in time â&#x20AC;&#x201D; even if it is heartbreaking or difficult or chaotic â&#x20AC;&#x201D; then, I can be content in the moment. Content that this is my existence at this moment in time. And it will change â&#x20AC;&#x201D; as everything does â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and I can affect a change if one needs to be for the better, but I am not wallowing in the unhappy state which will prevent me from moving forward positively. Accepting the present and when felt and thought of as satisfactory for this moment in time, there arises a feeling of hopefulness. Hopefulness then becomes an intention. And intention with positive energy behind it can bring about a bet-


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Recently, I spent some time reading about the eight parts of yoga and one of the second parts is something called, â&#x20AC;&#x153;santosha,â&#x20AC;? which means complete acceptance, satisfaction and contentment. This is not to mean contentment in the form of â&#x20AC;&#x153;bliss,â&#x20AC;? which is another subject altogether. What it refers to is the ability to feel satisfied and content within the immediate state of being and experience, accepting what is present. Easy to imagine within a very pleasant experience. Harder to imagine in the face of heartbreak,

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Out With The Old in Far Rock A new era has begun for downtown Far Rockaway. On Wednesday, March 6, demolition began on the Far Rockaway Shopping Center, also known as the Thriftway Mall, to make way for a new large-scale mixed-use affordable housing development with commercial space. The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer and New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) President Eric Enderlin joined City Council Member Donovan Richards and Development Partner Phipps Houses to observe and partake in Wednesday’s demolition start. “This project exemplifies so much of what we set out to achieve through the Mayor’s housing plan. It is not just about creating affordable housing, but investing in our communities to ensure that as the city grows, all areas of the city can thrive. The demolition of this largely-abandoned shopping center, long a

blight on the community, ushers in a new era for Downtown Far Rockaway. This first phase of Rockaway Village brings 457 affordable homes to the neighborhood, more than half of which will be permanently affordable through the administration’s bold Mandatory Inclusionary Housing policy,” HPD Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer said. Councilman Donovan Richards, who has spearheaded the revitalization of downtown Far Rockaway, got one of the first digs at the Food Dynasty supermarket with the demolition equipment. “The demolition of the Thriftway Mall site is the ultimate symbol of a new day coming to Rockaway,” Richards said. “For 40 years, the first thing people saw when they got off the A train at Mott Avenue was complete and utter blight. This site was the epicenter of the lack of investment in the Far Rockaway community, but now we are turning the page to deliver historic levels of opportunity for good jobs, affordable housing,

quality retail and necessary infrastructure. I’d like to thank the Downtown Far Rockaway Working Group, Mayor de Blasio, HPD Commissioner Torres-Springer, HDC President Enderlin and Phipps Houses for all of their work to bring this incredible opportunity to Far Rockaway.” Far Rockaway Village is being developed under HPD’s Mix and Match program. In the first phase, 207 units will be made affordable permanently thanks to the City’s trailblazing Mandatory Inclusionary Housing policy. The 457 newly-constructed units will be affordable to extremely low, very low, and low-income households, with 46 units set aside to house formerly homeless families. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in winter 2021. The defunct shopping plaza first opened in the 1930s and eventually fell into disrepair for a number of years. Plans to redevelop the site into affordable housing started in 2016, when Phipps Houses began working

with the land owner on a development plan. In 2017, the City Council approved the Mayor’s plan to rezone Downtown Far Rockaway, which helped to bring $288 million to the community and unlock new mixed-income housing, commercial space, open space, community facilities, and better connections to transportation. The $271 million development project includes more than $130,000,000 in financing from HPD and HDC. HDC provided in total a tax-exempt financing in the amount of $72.2 million. This includes $25.8 million in tax-exempt bonds. There are four phases in total for this project. Future phases are expected to start construction every six to 12 months.

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Finding the Key(s) So taking the mermaid’s advice, we decided to spend some time in Florida this year to ward off the winter blues. She was in favor of a prolonged stay in one spot, but I couldn’t do that due to my inability to stay in one place for too long. So, we agreed on three separate trips to three different parts of Florida. The first one was more work than pleasure. Hobe Sound was our destination and it is a little north of the Jupiter/West Palm area on the east coast of Florida. We flew into West Palm Beach Airport and stayed at the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa. We went with the job of cleaning up the condo in Hobe Sound and putting it up for sale. We never really got the use out of it we thought we would and decided it was time to move on. This part of the east coast is quiet, but built up. Driving through Tequesta toward Hobe Sound, we stopped at a bagel shop. When we walked in, we noticed that it was filled with older men talking sports. I didn’t recognize anyone until Bill Parcells walked in and joined his buddies in conversation. Then we realized this must be the morning meeting place for

old football guys to kibitz with each other. Now this was in a strip mall, but there was no sign of Bob Kraft! With our week of work done, we got to enjoy a trip to Jonathan Dickinson State Park that is right off Federal Highway. A desolate looking place, it has great walking trails and some history, too. The battle of the Loxahatchee River was fought here against the Seminole Indians. And if you mention this to people, they will think you are either really smart or kind of crazy to know that or accuse you of reading Lazer columns again! The next trip, a month later, was to Marco Island. We flew into Fort Meyers and drove past Naples to Marco. Situated on a beautiful three-mile stretch of beach, this island is very laid back but absolutely beautiful. We got to visit with snowbird friends in both Marco and Naples, and got to stroll the shores looking for amazing shells. Yes, shelling is a big thing here, and for good reason: there are many, they are varied, and they are fascinating. But be warned, “shellers” are serious about shelling. Don’t try to step in front of one, they get angry about that. We took an excursion on a boat through the mangroves and got to see dolphins and a wide assortment of birds: cormorants,


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egrets, herons, and pelicans. We stayed at the newly-renovated and re-opened Hilton and while the place is really nice, they are still working out some of the kinks. I would definitely go back there. Right next door is a JW Marriott that has a phenomenal rooftop bar that provides an unparalleled view of the sunset. In fact, you feel like you are sitting on an ocean liner looking out at the ocean, very cool. Our third and final voyage was to a part of Florida we have never been before: the Florida Keys. For this adventure, we flew into Miami and drove south. For those that know me, driving can take some time as I usually drive slow and make about three or four mistakes on the way. So for this trip, the mermaid set Waze and we just followed the instructions. Unbelievably, we arrived at our destination without any issues and settled into the Playa Largo Resort in Key Largo. This place was written up recently

The Rockaway Times in The New York Times, and for good reason, it is gorgeous. In fact, I think I could simply stare out at the Florida Bay all day long waiting for the sun to set below the silvery clouds and skyline. We drove as far south as Islamorada and visited John Pennekamp State Park, the Bird Rehabilitation Center, and Robbies Marina where they let you feed the five-foot long tarpons by hand. We saw manatees, more dolphins, more tarpons and loads of pelicans, both the brown and white variety. We did a sunset cruise here with Captain Lolly, who I swore was Laverne re-incarnated. But she did a splendid job navigating the Keys and bringing us closer to one of the patented sunsets. But truth be told, we did very little here except enjoy the perfect weather, sip some wine, eat some cheese, and read some books. And it was the perfect antidote to those winter blues. Yes, we had finally found the key; in you guessed it, the Florida Keys!

Spotted: The Sugrue Crew

So as we’re digging out and sloshing through the slush — what arrives in email? The Sugrue crew living it up in the sun in Antigua. Bobby, Debbie, Emily and Richie Sugrue were the best dressed family on the Norwegian Gem as they enjoyed winter break. We’re soooo jealous, but we do love the shirts!

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116TH STREET – 1944

Friday, March 22, 2019

Looking “Majestic” with no parking island in the middle. This infrastructure has changed many times in the last century. This is how it looked BEST! Today’s view is from the boulevard looking north towards the bay. Katie Lucev is the daughter of the late Rockaway Beach historian, Emil R. Lucev Sr. (1933-2018).

2 small sweet potatoes, peeled and quartered Directions: Brown the meatballs and chicken (don’t crowd the pan) and then add to the crock pot. Sprinkle salt, pepper and Italian seasoning over the meat. Slice the onion and put on top of the chicken and meatballs. Add the carrots. Sprinkle the Italian seasoning. Pour ¾ of the soup over the mixture. Add the tomato paste into the rest of the By Sharon Feldman soup, mix and pour the remainder over the mixture. Put in the Ingredients: 4 boneless, skinless chicken sweet potatoes. Add the minced garlic on top. Cover and cook on thighs low 5-6 hours. 1 package chicken wings ** You can use any chicken you 1 package fresh Italian meatlike … balls (or frozen) 3 large carrots, cut into chunks 1 large sweet onion, sliced 4-5 cloves garlic, diced 1-1/2 tablespoons Italian seasoning Salt and Pepper 1 cup chicken broth 1 tablespoon tomato paste (or you can use ketchup)

Slow Cooker Chicken and Meatballs

March 22nd Tuesday March 19th

March 15th each grade will receive TWO Tickets to a 2019/2020 St. John's Game.



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St. Camillus 185 Beach 99th Street Aztec Two-Step featuring Rex Friday, March 8, 6:30 p.m. Fowler and Friends will perform 100TH PCT BUILD THE BLOCK ATS fan favorites and forgotten Hammel Houses Community gems plus their tribute to Simon & Center Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers. 81-14 Rockaway Beach Blvd. The BEasy Band will create the Discuss issues around the Hammel mood to start the night in SpringHouses and Carleton Manor with man Hall. Tickets at bugaloumusic. local Neighborhood Coordination com Officers

Sunday, March 10, 11 a.m.

Friday, March 8, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. SFDS RADIO BINGO 219 Beach 129th Street Play radio bingo to raise money for the school. 21+. Includes soda and snacks on each table, BYOB. Coffee, tea and dessert. Radio bingo, plus lots of fun. $40. Tickets available in the SFDS Rectory or email: sfdsfundraisingcommittee@ gmail.com

Saturday, March 9, 1 p.m. COASTAL ECOLOGY EXPLORATION Beach 94th Street Plaza Join the NYC Urban Park Rangers on Rockaway Beach to explore the ecological diversity of our coastal shorelines. You never know what you may observe on this exploration of our waterfront.

Saturday, March 9, 7 p.m. BUGALOU: AZTEC TWO-STEP

HOMELESS SHELTER PREP MEETING Bungalow Bar 377 Beach 92nd Street In preparation of Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CB14 meeting with DHS, help organize and prep for a proper approach to tackle the proposed homeless shelter.

Sunday, March 10, 1 p.m. HARRY POTTER MOVIE DAY Christ Presbyterian Church 104 Noel Road, Broad Channel Join for a screening of Harry Potter and the Sorcererâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stone. $10 first child, $5 additional children, parents free. Proceeds benefit BC Pre-School. Wizard costumes welcome. Cotton candy, popcorn, soda and 50/50s. To reserve, call Desiree at 347-534-6693.

Sunday, March 10, 5 p.m. CROWN YOURSELF SPRING ART


The Rockaway Times

FLING Rockaway Brewing Company 415 Beach 72nd Street Children with adults welcome to make flower crowns to take home. Donations of wire welcome, all other materials provided. Food and beer available for purchase at the brewery.

333 Beach 90th Street Boys from K-5th grade are invited to join the Cub Scouts. Meets every Thursday that public schools are open. For more info, email: Trooppack147@gmail.com.

Tuesday, March 12, 7:15 p.m.

BOY SCOUTS MEETING Knights of Columbus 333 Beach 90th Street Boys from 6th grade through age 18 can join. For more info, email: Trooppack147@gmail.com.

COMMUNITY BOARD 14 Scholarsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Academy 320 Beach 104th Street Department of Homeless Services will be on hand to discuss the proposed homeless shelter.

Thursdays, 7:15 p.m.

Fridays, 3 p.m.

Wednesday, March 13, 7 p.m. ROCKAWAY CIVIC ASSOCIATION Knights of Columbus 333 Beach 90th Street Join RCA and discuss issues impacting the community such as recent crime, the homeless shelter and more.

BILINGUAL BIRDIES: SPEAKINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; SPANISH Peninsula Library 92-25 Rockaway Beach Blvd. For children from birth to 6 years old. The program is rooted in live music, movement, dance, and puppetry.

Tuesdays, 7 p.m. FREE ZUMBA WITH LISA G Far Rockaway HS Campus 8-21 Bay 25th Street Registration begins at 7 p.m., class begins at 7:30 p.m. Free Zumba workout with Lisa G.

Thursdays, 6 p.m. CUB SCOUTS MEETING Knights of Columbus

Fridays, 4 p.m. INSPIRING WOMEN IN SCIENCE Peninsula Library 92-25 Rockaway Beach Blvd. The library is celebrating women in their achievements in all fields of applied science and providing fun STEM activities. For children ages 6-12.

to Breezy Point, Roxbury & Broad Channel ($30 Minimum)


BELLE HARBOR DINER Steaks & Seafood 268 Beach 116th Street, Rockaway Park, NY


Tel: (718) 318-5100

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Classifieds • Yard Sales • Help Wanted • Apartments for rent/sale, etc. • Go to RockawayTimes.com and fill in the easy form or Contact us at

718-634-3030 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Pursuant to the lien granted by the New York Self-Storage Facility Act, notice is hereby given that the undersigned self-storage units will be sold at a public sale by competitive bidding, to satisfy the lien of the Lessor, with Metro Storage LLC as managing agent for Lessor, for rental and other charges due from the undersigned. The said property has been stored and is located at the respective address below. Units up for auction will be listed for public bidding on-line at www.StorageTreasures.com beginning five days prior to the scheduled auction date and time. The terms of the sale will be by lot to the highest bidder for cash only. A 10% buyer’s premium will be charged per unit. All sales are final. Metro Self Storage LLC reserves the right to withdraw any or all units, partial or entire, from the sale at any time before the sale or to refuse any bids. The property to be sold is described as “general household items” unless otherwise noted. All contents must be removed completely from the property within 48 hours or sooner or are deemed abandoned by bidder/buyer. Sale rules and regulations are available at the time of sale.

Metro Self Storage 2727 Knapp Street Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 769-9000

The bidding will close on the website StorageTreasures.com and a high bidder will be selected on 3/27/19 at 1:00pm.

Property includes the storage unit contents belonging to the following tenants at the following locations:

Occupant Name

Unit #

Property Description

1. Melanie O’Brien 2. Susan Muglia 3. Pamela Billig 4. Tracy Sheppard 5. John Rykala 6. John Rykala 7. John Rykala 8. John Rykala 9. Michael Shoulberg 10. Daniel Lapointe

2100 2235 2253 2286 3133 3204 3211 3218 4161 4184

Bags, Boxes, Collectibles Furniture, Bags, Boxes Bags, Baggage, Luggage Bags, Boxes, Clothing Boxes, Bags, Collectibles Boxes, Bags, Clothing, Collectibles Boxes, Clothing, Bags Bags, Boxes, Collectibles Bags, Clothing, Artwork Bags, Boxes, Furniture

LEGAL NOTICES Notice of Formation of BENCH FLOUR BAKERS LLC, Articles of Organization Filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY)on 11/30/2018. Office location: Queens, NY. Christine Yen designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Christine Yen, 3646 11th Street, Long Island City, NY 11106. Any lawful purpose. GenGric Design LLC Articles of Org. filed with NY Sec. of State (SSNY) on 08/21/2018. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 105-16 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill NY 11418. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. 8105 KNEELAND AVENUE LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 10/21/14. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 135-11 Northern Blvd, FL 1, Flushing, NY 11354. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. Allie Fuller Coaching LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 1/22/2019. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to Allie Fuller, 2807 Steinway St., Apt. 1, Astoria, NY 11103. General Purpose.

TJAJPCB LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 1/4/2019. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 23-15 121st St., College Point, NY 11356. General Purpose.

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LEGAL NOTICES JA Corona Realty LLC Articles of Org. filed with the NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 1/08/2019. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 96-43 Corona Ave, Corona, NY 11368. Purpose: any lawful activity. Notice of Formation of MKM Specialty Cleaning LLC, Articles of Organization Filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 11/27/18. Office location: Queens, NY. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to MKM Specialty Cleaning LLC, 11609 111th Avenue, South Ozone Park, NY 11420. Any lawful purpose. 35-34 29th Street Realty LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 1/3/2019. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 35-34 29th St., Astoria, NY 11106. General Purpose.

B.A.B.E Creative Services LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 8/8/2018. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 14-15 166th St., Whitestone, NY 11357. General Purpose.

Notice of formation of BAKMON 88 LLC. Arts of Org filed with Secy of State of NY (SSNY) on 2/20/19. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent upon whom process may be served and shall mail copy of process against LLC to: 40-06 Main St., Flushing, NY 11354. Purpose: any lawful act. Notice of Formation of MEOWS AND WHISKERS LLC, Articles of Organization Filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/06/2018. Office location: Queens, NY. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to MEOWS AND WHISKERS LLC, 6086 MYRTLE AVE APT B, RIDGEWOOD NY 11385. Any lawful purpose.

Notice of Formation of Alabama Avenue Developer LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/28/19. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o CB Emmanuel, 221-10 Jamaica Ave, Lower Level, Queens Village, NY 11428. Purpose: any lawful activity.

Notice of Formation of Nocelie LLC, Articles of Organization Filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 10/19/2018. Office location: Queens, NY. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Nocelie LLC,144-15 123 RD Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11436. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

G&M Partners LLC, Arts of Org. led with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 1/28/2019. Cty: Queens. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 314 Grant Ave., Cresskill, NJ 07626. General Purpose.

3225 FULTON LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 01/15/19. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 8565 116th Street, Floor 3, Richmond Hill, NY 11418. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

Notice of formation of 79-11 LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 2/14/2019. NY office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 79-11 LLC, 25659 Union Tpke #404566, Glen Oaks, NY, 11004. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose.

Notice of formation of Rosedale Realty Solutions, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 08/24/2018. Office located in Queens County. SSNY has been designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC located at 253-43 149 Drive, Rosedale, NY 11422. Purpose: any lawful purpose.


Juniper Travel, LLC. Art. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 12/05/18. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 2638 21st Street, Astoria, NY 11102. Purpose: General.

Notice of Formation of P & H Jung Holdings, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 1/17/19. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 3101 21st St., Astoria, NY 11106. Purpose: any lawful activity.

Notice of formation of ALI JANJUA LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 02/24/2016. Office located in Queens. SSNY has been designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC 150-24 6th Ave. Whitestone, New York 11357. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

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217 EAST 43RD STREET LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 1/30/19. Office in Queens Co. SSNY design. Agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the Registered Agent: Legalinc Corporate Services Inc 1967 Wehrle Drive Ste. 1 #086 Buffalo, NY 14221. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

BLOOD, BONE AND HONEY LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 02/05/2019. Office loc: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Sarah Elizabeth Borst, 41-42 42nd Street Apt 6R, Sunnyside, NY 11104. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. RKD2 LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 02/11/2019. Office loc: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 3745 62nd Street, Woodside, NY 11377. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. SMUG, LLC Articles of Org. filed with NY Sec. of State (SSNY) on 09/26/2018. Office in Queens Co. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 11522 210th Street, Cambria Heights, NY 11411. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

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LOCAL COLOR: READERS SEND IN THEIR PIX We might be a little biased, but we think some of the best photographers in the world live in Rockaway. Here are some shots that readers shared with us this week. Send your photos (limit to 2 per week) to mail@rockawaytimes.com and we’ll do our best to print them (space permitting). We do receive more than we can print. By Jacob Semel

By Dominique Charbonneau

By David Jefferson

By Janet Donohue

By Suzanne O’Rahilly

By Franklyn Brown




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With spring projects about to bloom, State Senator Joe Addabbo sent out a reminder that if you plan on digging on your property for any reason, such as planting a tree or installing an in-ground pool, property owners should contact New York 811 to inspect the ground for any contaminants or utility lines. By law, contractors and excavators that work within the five boroughs, and within Nassau and Suffolk Counties, are required to call 811 at least 48 hours and no more than 10 business days before beginning any mechanized digging or excavation work. This is to ensure that any underground lines are marked. Having utility lines marked before digging is free of charge. “Making sure that the ground of a dig site is free of any harmful contaminants or

important utility lines before any digging occurs is vital for a homeowner or contractor,” Addabbo said. “New York 811 has worked for nearly 30 years to make that process simple for homeowners and contractors. I encourage anyone who plans on digging on their property to reach out to New York 811 before starting.” Homeowners can contact New York 811 directly at 1-800272-4480 or by simply calling 811. For excavation work completed on personal property, it is the contractor’s responsibility, not the homeowner’s, to contact New York 811.

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Facts You Probably Don’t Need he’d like to be buried. His The largest physical movereply: “Surprise me.” ment of wealth in history was during WWII. Known as Operation Fish, the UK sent F. Scott Fitzgerald's full name is Francis Scott Key 186,332 gold bars and more Fitzgerald. He was named than eight million ounces after his distant relative, of gold coins to Canada for Francis Scott Key, who wrote safekeeping. the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner." Benjamin Franklin designed one of the first coins in the U.S. Instead of it say- The wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months. ing, "In God We Trust," like later currency, it said, "Mind Baby porcupines are known Your Business." as porcupettes. While in France, Benjamin Franklin was playing chess A single noodle of spaghetti is called 'spaghetto.' with a duchess. When he put her king in check and took it off the board she told A group of ferrets is called a business. him, "we don't take kings so." Franklin responded by saying, "we do in America." The opposite of warmth is technically 'coolth.' As comedian Bob Hope lay Facts from Sean McVeigh, on his deathbed in 2003, his factologist. wife Dolores asked where

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ENTERPRISE & HERTZ Rental Cars Available


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From The Writers’ Club at PS/MS 114 A POTPOURRI OF CREATIVE WRITING FROM THE WRITERS’ CLUB There is an old saying about The Rockaway Kids are my March, which reminds me of my crew writing students. Inversely, howevWe love to hang, play ball er, my students come in like lambs And things that are fun to do and go out like lions. It is a joy to Riding bikes and hangin’ on shepherd their early attempts at 1-2-9 creative writing; I watch proudly When we are together, as their nascent talents become the We’re doin’ just fine roaring voices of “literary lions.” LisTrampolines, are what we ten to them roar! – Joan Diehl jump If you can’t do a front flipPLANET ROCK You’re a chump! Infection, manhunt and strikBy Giovanna Diehl Milisic ing-back It’s what we do that makes Black holes blast music From the corners of the universe Rockaway phat It’s the place that makes me Aliens dance with it think of fun And, they don’t even rehearse Ocean breezes and lots of sun In the yard, my friendsAs the E.T.’s dance around we shoot hoops The swirling rings of Saturn Waiting for the ice-cream man I know I am bound to hand out the scoops To join the twisting pattern It’s a place that’s close yet far from the city The planet now a disco ball And, boy oh boy! It’s really Colors the black, velvet sky pretty I try to dance without falling Late at night, you can see the From that dance floor, so high moon and stars It gets so quiet, you don’t even I twirl and leap to the beat hear cars From bright star to bright star Life anywhere else, would not The universe’s rhythm I keep I’m so good, it’s really quite bi- be the same I’m so happy that my parents zarre came Rockaway, you are a part of I merengue with a meteorite me I samba with the sun No matter where I go Dancing through the night That’s how it will always be! My fun is never done The Big Dipper Dips And all the shooting stars shoot A crescent-moon smile on my lips I sure am having a hoot “Giovanna! Pay Attention!” My teacher suddenly snaps at me I guess my imagination Got the best of me Although I will always dream My fantasy realm was real Imagination is closer than it seems Reality is hand in hand with dreams ROCKAWAY RAP By Justin Landberg

Rockaway is my perfect home All the streets, I love to roam


I walk onto the field with a soccer ball in one hand and my water bottle in the other I put my water down on the sidelines and roll my ball onto the field I strike the ball with my right foot It looks like a bird soaring through the air My team takes their positions and the game starts The ball flies around the field like a ball in a pinball machine A taller player from the opposing team comes at me He looks like a skyscraper compared to me I hesitate and then I start to dribble He stalks me like a cat stalking its prey as he tries to take the ball I dribble around him with a handful of confidence I look over his shoulder for an open teammate It is hard for me because he is a giant No one is open; I take the shot The ball spins like a top when it leaves my foot The goalie jumps as if springs were attached to his cleats The onlookers gasp as the ball soars past the goalie like a bullet I AM A WRITER Swish! Into the net it goes! By Aydin Akcin My teammates cheer, the crowd goes wild— The ink runs smoothly across GOAL! the page The final whistle is blown by Setting the mood the referee The spot-lit stage My Teammates pick me up “Once upon a time...” so cliché Now, guess who’s the skyThat’s not how I write, not toscraper- it’s me! day It’s all in your choice of words... UGLY “The diving dragon dodged the soaring swords” By Rocco Duggan But, I’ll show you more, so you’ll see I’m purple, with a square face The image in my mind is now and my legs are covered in spots a reality My arms are skinny and have That’s imprinted on the paper weird polka-dots from my pen My toes do an odd pose and That shows the dragon is un- my fingers are made of knots leashed from its den I scare children because they look at my outside and gag


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When I run around the park, they never want to play tag If only they knew me for the kind person I am… Maybe it’s because of the way I walk Maybe it’s because of the way I talk Maybe it’s because of the way I trudge Maybe it’s because they like to judge But one thing’s for sure, I can’t change how I look Unless I can find a great plastic surgeon in the phone book DRAWINGS By William Walsh

Welcome to my magical land Where creative creatures come from my hand And mistakes are resolved with an eraser, you see This is a fantasy made by me Every scene made from lead All the details are from my head My drawings may seem like a myth through your eyes But imagination is my disguise MY DREAM By Vittorio Marino

I have a dream to become an NHL player Not the mayor, but a real player Not someone who plays just for fun I love the sport More than anyone Working hard, Is what I must do If I want to see this dream come true Practice and play Each and every day Hours and hours Skating away The stronger I get The better I’ll be This dream will come true Just wait and see Continued on page 37

The Rockaway Times

FROM THE WRITERS’ CLUB AT PS/MS 1148 Continued from Page 36 WRITING FEVER By Mary Ellenia McManus

Empty pages scare me Give me a migraine and a fever, too UGH! Then, the words pile in Like a rush to the last life raft on a sinking ship My hands can’t keep up My fingers get oh-so-numb Papers are filled with no room to add Books fill up next—go, go, go! I can’t stop— I’ve got writing fever! On and on and on, I go Words flow A neat and tidy current This is writing fever


Page 37

yelled, “Managia la miseria!!” I only heard these Italian words once before when she dropped an entire bowl of pasta on the …As I walked in the house, my floor…. eyes spotted something new, FEET (Excerpt) something round, something green, and also very big. It was By Rocco Duggan a huge, green bouncy ball, as big as an orb, the kind you use I have no ordinary feet, I have for exercise. I played with it all extraordinary feet. My mom alnight long. I was not bored, I ways says I have “man feet” probwas like a kid on Christmas. My ably because they have always Nonna asked me to be careful been so large. I walked at nine many times. When I woke up months, having never crawled. Saturday morning, it was calling My feet knew what to do and my name. I ran to it like I saw they were eager to start doing my long-lost friend. I hugged it their job. They were like flowlike it was my mom, and then ers waiting to bloom. What can played with it like it was a pup- I say, these feet had things to do py. After lunch, I was kicking the and they have been running ever big green orb against the stairs. since…Throughout my life I have My Nonna warned me a few done such great things with my times to play gently. Then a few feet and I will continue to do that moments later she yelled, “Vit- for the rest of my life. Abraham torio careful with the ball!” I did Lincoln once said, “Put your feet it one more time and it was like in the right spot, then stand firm.” my worst nightmare- the big- I see this as finding your position gest regret of my life. The ball and then standing your ground. hit her big glass vase that was I will use my extraordinary feet sitting on the first landing of the to stand my ground and do great stairs. As it crashed into a mil- things. Feet they just don’t stink, lion pieces, so did my heart. She they take you places.

MIA NONNA AND THE on my face Now my life was changed, not BOUNCY BALL (Excerpt) just for a day…FOREVER By Vittorio Marino AMBIVALENT By Ellen Zwerling

Ambivalent. That’s how I felt. Multiple emotions hit me like a slap to the face. Shock climbed up my spine like a spider. Nervousness swung in and punched my gut. Sadness flooded my eyes. More and more emotions crashed in like a tidal wave. Mom buried her face in Bailey’s mountain of fur. “She can’t be gone. No, No, No!” Bailey was my sixteen-year-old dog, who passed away suddenly. I remember the times when we would come home to garbage scattered all over the floor. I remember the times when we would go outside, and blow bubbles and she would leap up and pop them. I remember the IF I WERE A DINOSAUR look on Bailey’s face when we first brought home Eli, our new By Timothy Crowley puppy, or when she was curled up next to me and warmed me If I were a dinosaur up as I fell asleep. I remember I’d have a loud roar those days like it was yesterday. I’d have razor-sharp claws That you wish you never saw Now I regret spending more time with Eli than Bailey. I feel that I I’d have very sharp teeth That would make you scream need her now more than ever. and screech SNOWSTORM I’d be the scariest dino of them all By John Labianca The rest would turn white, and fall I was in the car when it hit. As If you were a dino, we were driving to pick up my What would you be? little brother, I saw little fluffs of Would you be as scary as me? cotton falling from the giant pillows above. I jumped out of the MY PUPPY car. Snow kissed my cheek, and Wind put me in my own personal By James Martuscelli ice box and screeched in my ear. I was as excited as a kid on Wooosh! Wisssh! I pushed myself through the mighty winds, Christmas morning, As the day rolled in like the and watched the snow grow like a tidal wave. Snow and Wind sunshine I was ready to jump out of my tag-teamed our neighborhood. At first, I was happy that it was skin snowing. I frolicked around waitREADY…I was ready My last hour of a family of four ing for my brother so I could play. But happiness turned into fear I thought… I thought about all the great as quick as lightening. Soon after my brother, with a cookie stuffed things we had done together I raced out of the car as fast as in his mouth, came out to witness the world turning white. The lightning The breeder placed the fluff cold swept in and out of me like a ghost. Wind pushed me around ball into my hands She was as soft as a marsh- like a rag doll, and Snow gave me my own blindfold. IT was hard mallow getting back to the car; the sight She was as light as a feather of it gave me a drop of happiness She jumped up to the sky And gave me a monstrous lick out of a river of despair.

Rockaway Times Photo Contest Start sending your photos now! Final Deadline is Friday, April 12. Participants can submit no more than 10 photos (2 per category)


5an0d P0rize!


Categories are: 1) Rockaway Parades (St Pat's, Poseidon, Holiday etc) 2) Rainbows / Lightning 3) Humor / Fun 4) Pets / Animals 5) Beach Life - ( that great Rockaway photo that you're not sure what category it fits but it should be on display or in the running for top prize)! All photos must be high resolution and must be submitted to PhotoExpo@RockawayTimes.com, along with your name and what category you’re entering. Photos submitted to other email addresses will not be considered. Photos will be displayed in poster-size along the boardwalk this summer. *The Rockaway Times may use any photos as they see fit, including for The Rockaway Times Summer Guide. Photo credit will be given.


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Life With Our “Artistic” Child By Kami-Leigh Agard

Let’s Celebrate Our Children’s Artistic Talents! My how time flies. Just last May, I introduced readers to the Lynx Project, a nonprofit art song initiative whose mission is to build community through innovative song programming and educational initiatives, and to provide a platform for every voice to be heard. One of those voices is

our autism community, and as promised, they will be here in Rockaway on Saturday, April 27 at the Rockaway Artists Alliance studio. Not only will they be performing, but our children on the autism spectrum will get to showcase their music, art and culinary skills. Details to come!

Spend a week participating in shore line restoration, citizen science initiatives, and have fun surfing and kayaking while you're at it! SALT takes place at our headquarters located at the RISE Center in Rockaway Queens, NY. Easily accessible to the A train station at Beach 60th St and one block from Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Beach!!


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When I received the email from Caitleen Kahn, co-founder of Lynx Project, I was shocked. She wrote, “My name is Caitleen Kahn and I am the executive director of a nonprofit called Lynx Project. Our main project currently is one in which we take words written by children who have autism and are primarily nonverbal, and commission professional composers to set their words to music for voice and piano. It has been such a powerful project and we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to share the words and abilities of these young writers. I am writing because David Russ, a resident of Rockaway Park, recommended we reach out to you. He mentioned you write a column, ‘Life With Our ‘Artistic’ Child,’ and that you might be interested in our project. I just started reading your column online and wanted to say how much I’m enjoying it. I wish I had found it sooner!” What also keeps resonating is when Lynx co-founder, Megan Moore said, “I was especially inspired to work with autistic children because of my sister who works in special education in Cincinnati, Ohio. I saw the kids my sister worked with and realized how terribly wrong I was about nonverbal children with autism. They have a lot to say, and when we gave their text to professional composers and heard the results, we were shocked. It became a ripple effect. Art song inspired by deep songwriters, matched with our amazingly sensitive music composers and performers was so awesome and breathtaking.” Here’s a snapshot of a poem-song written by 16-yearold nonverbal Lynx Project’s songwriter, Sameer Dahar: “Your music emerges sound and feeling. Autism emerges senses with silence. Marriage too beautiful to describe. Make my poem opera manifest a hurricane of sound and madness.” Readers, I write poetry, spoken word and prose, but even at my best, I could never match the unabashed soul emanated in Dahar’s words. I started to think about my daughter,

The Rockaway Times and how she loves music, and could capture and retain a tune only after hearing it once. But could she actually tap her own words to a song? After speaking with both Kahn, a formerly NYC-based soprano opera singer; and co-founder, Megan Moore, a mezzo-soprano performer, who are both accomplished violinists, I learned that these children practice Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). RPM was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay, a native of India, who developed RPM to instruct her son, Tito, who is now a published writer and poet, in spite of his severe autism. Soma and Tito have been featured on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Scientific American, The New York Times, National Geographic and numerous other media. She has instructed hundreds of students (youth to adult) with autism and similar disorders at schools and organizations across the U.S. as well as at her clinic in Austin, Texas. She uses RPM to teach academics and communication by eliciting responses through intensive verbal, auditory, visual and/or tactile prompts. Kahn and Moore are bringing the Lynx Project to Rockaway next month. Readers, come out and support our artistic community. Also join the Rockaway Beach Autism Families support group at our monthly meeting next Thursday, March 14, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Knights of Columbus (333 Beach 90th Street). So much to share! Refreshments will be provided. For further information, email: ourartisticchild@outlook.com or visit Rockaway Beach Autism Families on Facebook

Want To Get In Touch? Send Email to Mail@RockawayTimes.com

The Rockaway Times

By Kami-Leigh Agard

Brighten up! The days are getting longer, injecting light and vitality in Rockaway’s always-fun happenings around town. So, no need to leave the peninsula, as the Rock is always teeming with fabulous live music, theater and arts. LIVE MUSIC: Thursday, March 7 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Why not add a barrel of laughs to your Thursday evening at Community House’s Karaoke Night! Bring your mates, grab the mike and belt out what you got! 101-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd Friday, March 8 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Locals Rule band rules Community House with your favorite oldies and classic rock acoustics. If artists like Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Neil Diamond are on your playlist, this is one night you don’t want to miss! 101-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd Friday, March 8 8 p.m. Forget the cold! Make a beeline to RBQ as the Rock-A-Wades fires up the popular boulevard spot with their infectious lineup of classic rock n’ roll hits. 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd Friday, March 8 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. This evening, Kennedy’s serves up a special treat featuring the Linda Lorenzo Duo. Be prepared to be dazzled as Linda and Paddy Lorenzo offer an unforgettable experience with blues, classic rock and soul. Plus, the Duo will be slipping in some of their original songs. 406 Bayside Walk, Breezy Point Saturday, March 9 8 p.m. Dance your way down to RBQ as Friends in Sound unfurls their high-energy covers of all your favorite classic rock and blues. Plus with RBQ’s finger lickin’ food and refreshing drinks on the menu — why go anywhere else? 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd Saturday, March 9 9 p.m.


Rogers will be booming as The lively Acoustic Fridays on the bay. 377 Beach 92nd Street Boomer Brothers take the stage playing all your classic rock faSPECIAL MENTION — IT’S vorites, but take note —these BOUGALOU TIME! brothers add a refreshing twist Saturday, March 9 that will have you encoring for 7 p.m. more! BUGALOU PRODUCTIONS 203 Beach 116th Street presents Aztec Two-Step (ATS) 2.0 featuring Rex Fowler & Friends Saturday, March 9 playing ATS fans’ favorites, plus a 9 p.m. Lou Thunder Road Gerrero & tribute to Simon & Garfunkel and The Downtown Daddy-O’s come the Everly Brothers. Joining Fowlout blazing with performances of er is wizard guitarist, Dodie Pettit, classic hits by The Rolling Stones, known for her work on Broadway The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bruce and previous collaborations with Springsteen and more! Share the ATS. On bass is Steven ‘Muddy’ Roues, who has quite a resume experience at Thai Rock. performing and recording with 375 Beach 92nd Street legendary greats, B.B. King, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Sam and Saturday, March 9 Dave, Wilson Pickett, John Hiatt 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Local speakeasy, Rustwoods and David Bromberg. Local fagoes deep blue with Simon Char- vorite The BEasy Band opens the diet and The Rooftoppers fea- show with a set of eclectic acousturing Mike Severino on drums, tic music. For tickets, email: www. Tim Givens on bass and Chardiet bugaloumusic.com. St. Camillus Academy, on guitar and vocals. Plus special 185 Beach 99th Street menu a la Whit’s! 97-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd OTHER MUSES AROUND TOWN Sunday, March 10 Sunday, March 10 4 p.m. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Rockaway’s Irish son, Walter Calling all muggles, squibs and Ensor is back at Rogers performing his signature moving folk wizards! Grab the chance to see tunes and melodies. Sláinte! a special matinee of Harry Potter 203 Beach 116th Street and the Sorcerer’s Stone at Christ Presbyterian Church By the Sea. Sunday, March 10 Tickets are $10 for the first child, $5 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for additional children, and parWhat better way to spend a re- ents are free. All proceeds benefit laxing Sunday afternoon than by the Broad Channel Pre-K school. watching Ireland’s Cork-born, in- Feel free to come dressed as your ternationally-known folk singer favorite wizard. Plus cotton canand songwriter, Niall Connolly, dy, popcorn, soda and 50/50s. To perform at RBQ. Connolly’s depth reserve, call Desiree at 347-534and sincerity powerfully emoted 6693 or email: desireetrudden@ in his songs will give you goose gmail.com or ddoubled27@aol. bumps! com 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd 104 Noel Road, Broad Channel ARTS Sunday, March 10 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Spring lovers — join the opening reception of the Rockaway Artists Alliance’s Art in Bloom exhibit, which kicks off RAA’s 2019 season of bringing art to the peninsula. You’ll be in awe at how these artists bring to life a world of Fridays flowers in all their colorful forms. 6 p.m. Artworks range from paintings to Tunefully glide into your week- paper sculptures, photography end at Bungalow Bar’s always to sound installation. Live music Wednesdays 8 p.m. It’s Karaoke Wednesdays at the Rockaway Brewing Company! All you need is some pluck and of course your voice to belt out your favorite tunes amongst good company. 415 Beach 72nd Street

Page 39

and refreshments will be provided at the reception. Art in Bloom is on view weekends from March 9 until March 31. For additional information on RAA events, visit: www.rockawayartistsalliance.org sTudio 6 Gallery, Fort Tilden Sunday, March 10 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Warm weather is slowly, but surely approaching — so why not start celebrating now at the Crown Yourself Spring Art Fling hosted by Rockaway Times columnist Enchantress Shane Kulman at the Rockaway Brewing Company! At this craft-making activity, attendees will make flower crowns. All craft supplies will be provided, with the exception of wire. Please bring! Adults and children welcome, (all children must be accompanied by an adult). Food and drinks will be available for purchase. This community art event is happening once a month until June. 415 Beach 72nd Street THEATER Sunday, March 10 5 p.m. Want to spend your evening enjoying your favorite Tony Award-Winning songs? Well, no need to leave the peninsula, as local theater company, The Bayswater Players will perform all your Tony favorites through the decades. 2355 Healy Avenue Upcoming Rockaway Theater Company presents Ken Ludwig’s A Comedy of Tenors, a sidesplitting comedy featuring a bevy of characters who will have you weeping with laughter. One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? Show dates are March 29, 30, 31, and April 5, 6, 7,12,13, 14. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Ticket prices: Adults $20.00 / Seniors $15.00. For more info and tickets, visit: www.rockawaytheatrecompany. org. T4 Post Theatre Building, Fort Tilden Got info on local live music and art? Email: kami@rockawaytimes.com


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St. Camillus / St. Virgilius Basketball Program Ends Another Great Year The Mini league is further sep- This is a fantastic program that arated into two divisions: K -1 is tremendous fun for everyone Another successful basket- and second- and third-graders. involved. You cannot help but ball season has come to an end. Let’s start with the K-1 division. have a great time if you come The league runs from November through mid-February. The program is actually divided into two main leagues: the Mini league, which plays all their games on Saturday mornings and is comprised of kids from kindergarten through the third grade; and the older leagues that play their games on weeknights. These leagues include several divisions with girls and boys ranging from fourth to eighth grade. All together this year, we had more than 350 children and young adults participating in the two leagues. Mini Champions- Joe Courtney (coach), McKenzie Doyle, Timothy Nichtern, By Bill Swensen

Taylor Grosseto, Kinley Hearn, Peyton Bishop, and Hughie Courtney

Anthony Capek - Kindergarten High Scorer (Boys)

Girl’s Champions Back Row- Allison Chavanne (coach), Kendal Grey, Jojo Tatum, Noelle Polanco, Maryanne Polanco, Ed Cashen (coach), and Summer Duffy Front Row- Niamh Tubridy, Ashley Chavanne, Emily Healy, and Maddie Theis

Molly Grace -1st Grade High Scorer (Girls)

Aiden Aviles- 1st Grade High Scorer (Boys)

Junior Boy’s Champions. Front Row- Brendan Rudolf, Matt Belford, Mike Tritchler, and Mickey O’Brien. Back Row- Rob McKnight (coach), Jimmy McMahon, Thomas Porcello, Matt McKnight, Isiah Tawil, and Brett Tawil (coach)


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and watch these kids play. The crowds are loud, the kids are having fun, and it seems like all the parents get involved somehow to help out. The year ends with the Mini Olympics. This is without question the best day of the year. Several games are set up at different stations throughout the gym. The games incorporate shooting, dribbling, and passing skills. At the end of the day, everyone is a winner, and all the children receive trophies to commemorate their achievements for the year. However, just like the regular Olympics, special awards are given out to the top performers. This year we included the third-graders in this league for the first time. We set up a division where the second- and third-graders played games against each other. In this division, we set up actual playoffs, and they couldn’t have turned out better. The semi-final was exciting as it gets. It was the Gold team coached by Carrie Long and Bill Kelly vs. the Lime Green team coached by Skippy Long. The game ended up going into overtime with the Gold team pulling out a narrow four-point win. The championship game was just as great, with the Gold team vs. the Red team coached by Joe Courtney. The two teams really battled, and stayed within three points of each other the entire game. Finally, with about five minutes to go, the Red team pulled ahead and earned a well-deserved victory. I said earlier that we decided to incorporate the third grade into the Mini league this year, but as usual I’m taking credit for someone else’s great idea (how do you think I keep this job), but this time, this idea was completely the brainchild of Jill Palisi. Jill runs the Mini league and is constantly thinking of ways to make the program better. Well, she did it again this year because this idea worked out great. Jill is completely dedicated to this program. She is there every Saturday for over five hours running it. She does an unbelievable job and we are so lucky to have her. Now on to the older leagues. Again in these leagues we ended Continued on page 43

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ST. CAMILLUS Continued from Page 40 up being extremely lucky with our championship games. Every game was close and could have gone either way. On championship night, we held three games. The Girl’s championship featured the undefeated Lime Green Team coached by Allison Chavanne and Ed Cashen vs. the Blue team coached by Pat Palmese; the Junior Boy’s championship included the Green team, coached by Rob McKnight and Brett Tawil vs. the Blue team, coached by Roderick Fordham; and the Senior Boys game had the Orange team, coached by Javed Rambarian vs. the Blue team, coached by Greg Grosseto. The similarity between all three games was amazing. In all three games, one team started off extremely hot. Making just about everything they put up. Whereas the other team just couldn’t get it going and ended up falling way behind. To the credit of all of the teams that fell behind, not one of them gave up. Each one slowly battled their way back into the game. All of them cut the leads

way down, and all of them were well within striking distance in the closing minutes. Kudos have to be given to all the teams who grabbed the lead early, because although they may have bent a little during the game, they all had the talent and composure to hold on to their leads and go on to victory. Special thanks need to go out to Calvin Stanley. He is really the glue that holds the older leagues together. He is there two nights a week for about five hours a night. Without Mr. Stanley this league would not be possible. Finally, the last thank you always goes to Father Ahlemeyer. He is the foundation of the program and without his consistent enthusiastic support, we would not be able to provide this wonderful experience to all of these children and young adults. If you weren’t part of the fun this year, we hope you come down and join in next year. Please call the St. Camillus rectory for details about registration for next year, or simply keep your eye on The Rockaway Times for the information.

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Mini Olympics Champions- Bottom Row- Patrick Palmese, Mallaidh Williams, Kiera Feeney, and Madeline Egan. Top Row- Kim Palmese (coach), David Ahlemeyer, Eirnan Williams, Mackenzie Capek, and Anthony Capek

Senior Boy’s Champions- Front Row- Patrick Fitzgerald, Kevin Watters, Johnny Fitzgerald, Josiah Rodriguez, and Malachi Tummings. Back Row- Javed Rambarian (coach), Brendan O’Sullivan, Joe O’Sullivan, and Brian Rudolf

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