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VOL. 4, NO. 49 - THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Only In Rockaway

Locals Mourn Beach Closing

But Good News Too! -Irish Festival This Weekend -Rockaway Beach Gets a Hotel -Happy Jack's Brings Smiles

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The Rockaway Times

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Beach Closings Ain’t ‘Keeping the Beach Out Of Rockaway Beach’ By Kami-Leigh Agard

This past Memorial Weekend was a solemn one, with locals not just mourning our soldiers who died in service for this country, but also for the sudden closure of 11 blocks of the peninsula’s most popular beachfront due to “dangerous� beach erosion. However, folks were not just grieving, they were outraged, and came out full force in the bright sun at last Friday’s official beach opening and in pouring rain at a rally on Sunday morning to protest NYC Parks’ abrupt announcement last Monday, May 21, that the beach from 91st to 102nd Streets would be closed to swimmers. The official beach opening on Beach 108th and the boardwalk, strategically hosted by Parks, blocks away from the now fenced-in beach, became a circus with angry protestors

heckling Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver. Attendees kept shouting, “What Beach?� And in true Rockaway fashion, some creative locals went all out, interrupting the opening ceremony with a mock funeral as a group of men carrying a homemade coffin, followed by a bagpiper playing a somber tune, marched through the crowd of protestors who wore black and carried signs stating things such as “RIP B98.� People were even more incensed upon discovering that Mayor Bill de Blasio sidestepped Rockaway and instead attended Coney Island’s official beach opening. One local called into the Brian Lehrer Show on Friday asking the Mayor: “How come such a huge section of Rockaway Beach is closed this summer? The New York Times reports Parks knew it was eroding, but decided not to act. What gives?� The Mayor responded, “Yeah,

it’s a very tough situation and not one that I feel happy about to say the least. We all knew the beach was eroding and I was at a town hall meeting in the Rockaways about six months ago and this topic came up. I pledged to folks in the community that I would go to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). I went down to Washington to meet with the head of USACE to get a firm answer by this summer for the timeline for doing this work. “But the erosion, which was bad six months ago, got a lot worse in the last couple of months because of storms and then the question became Parks’, who talked to the lifeguards, who really have to be the final word here, and said, ‘Can we secure this area properly as this beach has gotten a lot thinner than it was a year ago?’ And they did not feel we could. So, the decision was late because the situation changed‌

Parks felt strongly this was a question of safety‌we had to make a safety-based decision,â€? de Blasio said. Judging from reactions at not just the “funeralâ€? on Friday, but also at the rally on Sunday, and from the immediate area’s business owners — not just safety, but resiliency is a prime concern, and folks refuse to wait any longer for what they have been demanding for decades — rock jetties. With local advocate, Eddy Pastore stating, “You don’t take the beach out of Rockaway Beach,â€? and Community Board 14’s Dan Ruscillo shouting, “Instead of groins we got kicked in the groin!â€? the anger resonated at Sunday’s rally, even in pouring rain. Activist John Cori, Councilman Eric Ulrich, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato, Senator Joseph Addab-










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The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

BEACH CLOSINGS Continued from Page 2 bo, former Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder and Rockaway native, Andy Cohen, who serves as a councilman in the Bronx, all came out along with residents and other leaders, to demand what Rockaway deserves. Scores of locals and supporters in attendance let their voices be heard as they chanted: “What do we want — JETTIES? When do we want them — NOW!” Addabbo said, “Enough of the finger-pointing, it’s enough that the city is saying it’s a federal problem, and the federal government saying it’s a city job. Enough! We need action. We need the Army Corps here. We need the city to cooperate. Let’s not mourn today. Let’s start action to get these beaches open this summer.” Community Board 14 Chairwoman Dolores Orr stated, “This has been a battle of 50 years. It’s not just five years ago, it’s not 10 years ago. Years ago, when they put the first rock jetty here, this community said to USACE, it’s not enough. After

Sandy, when they replenished the sand, they should have had a plan. Fifty years of sand had washed away. We have to keep the pressure on to build these jetties.” Some are taking action. Amato highlighted Senator Chuck Schumer’s letter, released on May 25. “Our Senator is calling out for emergency measures. He’s not sitting back saying, ‘We heard it’s going to happen in 2019.’ He’s demanding that they tell him (which is really telling us), what can be done on an emergency basis.” Amato also encouraged everyone to support local businesses and let everyone know that Rockaway is still open for business. Michael Powers, operating manager for the Beach 97th Street concession, Low Tide,


said, “It’s an honor and privilege to serve this community every day. No matter what goes on with these beaches, we’re letting you know we’re invested, the show will go on, we just want the government to let us know what is going on with our shoreline.” Surrounding business owners are not so optimistic. Beach 91st Street’s Rockaway Beach Express Deli’s Malik Shahbin, said, “I have been a business owner here for over 20 years. This stretch of beach closings will have a huge impact on year-round businesses like ours. We wait all winter to survive in the summertime. We look forward to making money during the summer to make up for the winter to pay for the bills. Though people will still come, it’s not going to be the same.” Phil Cicia of Beer House Beverages says he’s more concerned about the weather. “The media is not giving the right information, only 11 blocks of beaches are closed, not the entire beach. This erosion is just

part of what Mother Nature has delivered to us as a coastal community for decades. Pouring millions of dollars in sand is not going to save us, much less prevent the erosion. We need rock jetties. That being said, for me the biggest factor is the weather. Memorial Day to Labor Day is only 100 days to turn a profit and survive. This past Memorial Weekend was lousy because of the weather, not because of the beach closings. People are going to keep coming to Rockaway no matter what, as long as the weather is good,” Cicia said. That seemed to hold true for Brooklynite Harley Bosco as she stepped off the Q52 bus with beach bag in tow. “A lot of people who love and care for Rockaway Beach are going to keep coming. I am still going to go to all the concessions because they always have great food and entertainment. On a hot day, Rockaway is a great place to walk around and explore. When I want to jump in the water, I’ll just walk, definitely not a big deal.”

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018





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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Breaking Well, that backfired. Writers are a needy bunch and are desperate for feedback (as long as it’s standing ovation). After last week’s column, I got the exact kinda feedback I didn’t want. First, let me say, I usually forget what’s in my column until somebody reminds me on Thursday or Friday, well after the paper has hit the street. So last Friday, I woke with full amnesia about

what was in my column. The official beach opening was scheduled, so I went to the boardwalk to check out the protesters who were miffed about the last-minute decision by the Parks Department to close 11 blocks of beach. I barely got off my bike before I got a big, and very long, sustained, hug. He had dark shades on but I knew it was a Courtney. Those Courtneys will keep hugging until you’re sufficiently freaked out. I basically died. I still have the willies. As the hug dragged on, I

realized, this is Rockaway, where ball-busting is the favorite pastime. Yeah, volleyball and surfing are popular, but you’ve gotta be at least marginally athletic to try those. Busting them, is the real number one sport, and it’s open to all. And probably the one the Parks Department can’t put a damper on. And here I was, getting busted on by a true master. You see, my column was about hugging and how I have a hard time with it. So starting with Mike Courtney, I got feedback. Too much. I tried to high five and fist bump but huggers weren’t having it. A line started to form... I finally caught a break when a team of professional ball-breakers marched through the Opening Day ceremonies as a funeral procession, marking the death of eleven beaches.

See, there’s an art to breaking chops. There’s nothing wrong with yelling and holding up signs to protest but if you’re gonna get noticed, if you’re going to break chops and you want to make an impression, you go full Rockaway. You

dress the part and bring along a bagpiper. The Parks Commissioner tried ignoring the brouhaha, but the ball-breakers owned the day. The poor Commissioner, he looked like he needed a hug.

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The Rockaway Times

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Irish Festival Kicks Off This Weekend By Katie McFadden

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but you’re not going crazy if you hear the sound of bagpipes and Irish tunes in Rockaway Beach this weekend. AOH Division 21’s 6th Annual Rockaway Beach/ Breezy Point Irish Festival is June 2 and 3. One of the biggest summer kickoff events that is full of old Irish traditions, is back with a full lineup of Irish bands, bagpipers, Irish dancers, vendors selling Irish goods and plenty of corned beef and beer to wash it down. From 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, head to the St. Camillus parking lot on Beach 100th Street to get a taste and earful of Irish culture. Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 21 has planned an incredible weekend with some popular Irish performers. On Saturday, June 2, the

band, Bangers and Mash kicks off the music at 12:30 p.m., followed by the Breezy Point Pipes and Drums band. All female band Girsa starts at 2:30 p.m., followed by some jigs and reels by the O’Malley Irish Dance Academy. Shilelagh Law isn’t closing the evening, but they’ll be on at 4:30 p.m., while Unforgettable Fire U2 Tribute Band, starting at 6:30 p.m., ends the night. Sunday’s lineup is just

as great, with The Jeff Conlan Band kicking it off at 12:30 p.m., followed by Tara Pipes and Drums. Hair of the Dog starts at 2:30 p.m. followed by The Gobshites at 4:30 p.m., and longtime favorite, The Canny Brothers, closes the festival starting at 6:30 p.m. The weekend will kick off with a Mass led by Father Richard Ahlemeyer at St. Camillus, which generously allows the AOH to host

this event in its parking lot each year. In addition to the music, there will be plenty to do for the kids, including unlimited cotton candy and bouncy castle rides. Make sure to bring your wallet as dozens of vendors selling Irish and Rockaway goods will be available. There will also be a raffle for two for a trip to Ireland. If you forget cash, Ridgewood bank is providing ATMs on site. Feeling thirsty? All your favorite Irish beers plus others will be on tap, and even sangria is on the drink menu, which will be perfect to wash down those corned beef sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and other snacks. After Hurricane Sandy, the AOH revived the longtime tradition of the Irish festival that used to be held around Beach 109th Street, but has created a family-friendly event with a better reputation that aims Continued on page 9

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The Rockaway Times

***** The Thrilla In Camilla is returning to the St. Camillus schoolyard on July 13. The exhibition boxing matches between the boxing team of the FDNY and members of the London Metro Police Service is a great night out, so make plans to be there. The fun night includes annual “grudge matches” in which long-time friends have to settle old scores by getting in the ring. Huge props, as they say, to those who lace up for this event which raises money for Building Homes for Heroes, a nonprofit that builds mortgage-free, handicap-accessible homes for veterans returning home with severe injuries. Rumor has it, locals Danny Quinn and Ryan McNamara will square off in one of the grudge matches. Now,

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018 there are a couple of Danny Quinns (and probably a couple of Ryan McNamaras) so don’t worry until you see which is climbing into the ring. ***** Update on the photo contest. The Top 30 are up on the boardwalk (some photos don’t have the greatest resolution so they might lose something when they’re blown up, but what are you gonna do?) As a bonus, an additional eighteen photos (which we loved!) will also be on display. These won’t be eligible for the Grand Prize of $500, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless, having a photo made poster-sized and being displayed for the beach crowds. Congrats and get up there and have a look to see if one of yours is there. They are in groups of six. ***** We’re not yet planning next year’s Summer Guide, but attorney, Victor Re, called to reserve space, a little miffed that we didn’t ask him to ad-

vertise in the just-released 2018 Guide. Sorry, Victor! Next year, for sure. But the back page is taken: Bungalow Bar for life. ***** You like sports and a little pop culture mixed in? Sometimes-sportswriter Richie George has launched a new podcast, RG’s Podcast on SoundCloud.com. We listened, we liked! ***** Congrats to homegrown Katie Honan who has just been hired as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. She’ll be covering City Hall. Watch out Mr. Mayor. ***** If you hear a loud noise near the bay on Saturday, fear not. A cannon shot will commence “The Blessing of the Fleet” taking place at The Wharf as boats pass along in the bay. Dozens of boats from various area yacht clubs will cruise through Jamaica Bay as part of this annual tradition. It’s a great sight so maybe make plans to have a

bite at The Wharf. Things will kick off around 10:30 a.m. ***** Wow, she really exists. At the Beach Opening ceremony last Friday, there was an actual sighting of New York State Assemblywoman Michele Titus who has earned various nicknames including Missing Titus and Michele Absent-Titus. ***** And there’s more congrats to go around. Congrats to Joan Diehl, the longtime writing teacher at P.S. 114. The highly-esteemed teacher was selected to receive the first “Top Teacher” award as part of the Jimmy and Rosemary Breslin American Writer Awards. The Breslin family launched this writing competition to highlight the journalistic voices of NYC public school students. Rosemary and Jimmy Breslin believed that a young person would be the next great writer with a voice in this city. Joan Diehl is helping groom future writers.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

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The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018


This Week in History MAY 31 Alison Boyle was born. Lynn Olsen-Pagano was born.

Continued from Page 6

JUNE 4 Helen Timlin-Kilgallen was born. Victoria Barber was born. Jessica McCormick was born.

1962 - Former Gestapo official Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel. 1896 - Henry Ford took his first car out for a test drive. 2003 - Martha Stewart was indicted on JUNE 1 charges of insider trading. Alex Karinsky was born. 1938 - The first issue of Action Comics, featuring Superman, was published. 1968 - Helen Keller, blind and deaf author-lecturer, died. 1980 - Cable News Network (CNN) debuted. JUNE 2 1886 - Grover Cleveland became the first U.S. president to get married in the White House. 1941 - Baseball great, Lou Gehrig, died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, a rare type of paralysis now referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease. JUNE 3 Grace Miller was born. 1937 - The Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) married Wallis Simpson. 1989 - Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini died.

JUNE 5 Jen Hynes Sullivan was born. 1752 - Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time to demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity. 1968 - Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was shot by an assassin and died the next day. JUNE 6 Brian Mullen was born. 1944 - Thousands of Allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy, France, on D-Day. 1993- The Golden Venture, a 147-footlong cargo ship that smuggled nearly 300 illegal immigrants from China ran aground on the beach near Fort Tilden at around 2 a.m. 2002 - Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home.

to keep Irish culture alive and well. “Rockaway has a decent sized population of people of Irish descent, so we’re trying to keep the heritage alive. It’s also a family event. The old Irish festival was more of a drinking fest. We’ve never had a single incident at our event. This is the 6th year we’re doing it and people have a lot of fun, enjoy the music, do some shopping and keep it civilized,” Irish fest Chairperson John Moroney said. It’s also all done for a good cause. The Irish Festival is one of the AOH’s biggest events and it is used to raise money for local churches and other organizations. The AOH has been able to donate more than $200,000 back into the community from the event. “The charity aspect is our major motive. Our motto is Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity, so with this event, we’re doing something positive that

brings people together and is enjoyable to all, and at the same time, we’re able to donate the money from it and give back to the community,” Moroney said. The AOH works year-round on a voluntary basis to make sure this event is a success. They’re always looking for new members. Members must be male, of at least 16 years old, who are practicing Roman Catholics of Irish birth or descent, and who are citizens of United States of America or have declared their intentions to become citizens. For more information about the organization or joining, head to www.aohrbny21.org. There may be rain in the forecast for the weekend, but the show will go on, rain or shine, and there will be tents to keep people covered, and who knows, maybe even a rainbow will appear to shine over those Irish smiling eyes. Admission is $10 for adults and free for kids 12 and under.



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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times

New Hotel Opens in Rockaway Beach By Katie McFadden

One motel closed, another one has opened, but the new local owners promise to do the job right by meeting the needs of both visitors and residents. The High Tide, a new boutique inn, took over the old Playland Motel and opened its doors over the holiday weekend. As locals anxiously await the opening of Rockaway Beach

Barbecue on the first floor of the building located at 97-20 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, something positive is also taking place on the second floor. On Memorial Day Weekend, partners Javed Rambaran, Adam Ecker, and Thomas McCloskey opened The High Tide and had a successful first weekend despite the not-so-ideal weather, with six out of its nine rooms being occupied by overnight guests.

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When Rambaran, a local, purchased the building, along with Ecker and McCloskey, they were surprised to find the old Playland Motel in a usable condition and made the decision to maintain the motel aspect, while making some much-needed improvements. “As we peeled back the layers, it made a lot of sense to keep much of it as is. We decided to touch it up and learn from the old owner’s mistakes. I live locally and saw what they were doing wrong with running the motel, and it just made sense for us to try our hands at what they started, but turn it into something that is efficiently run and beneficial to the community,” Rambaran said. The High Tide includes six studios and three suites, which all now have their own bathrooms, instead of a communal shower on the floor. There is also a full-time cleaning staff on site to make sure the accommodations are clean, comfortable and fully stocked for guests. Guests will be able to use third-party websites like Airbnb, VRBO, Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com, and HomeAway, to book their room, and upon booking, they’ll receive a key code that will give them access to the building and their room for the duration of their stay. Instead of the dark side alley entrance of Playland Motel, guests will enter through a revamped entrance through the back of the building on Beach 98th Street, where they’ll see a beautiful, welcoming

Rockaway mural created by local artist, Kiyan Hagan. The owners maintained most of the designs of the old Playland Motel rooms that were previously decorated by artists, and asked other local artists like Hagan and Jason Heuer to add their own touches to the entrance and other rooms. After seeing Heuer’s mural at last year’s BLVD Project on Beach 108th Street, the owners contacted him and gave him free reign to design one of the new rooms of The High Tide. “I got the best client direction ever when they told me to do whatever I want,” Heuer said. He approached it as his own gallery space and went with a gold theme, with a giant gold moon being the centerpiece of the room’s design. “I had been working on pseudo-mystical art and this tied into it. Everything is active art. The moon glows in the dark and when guests stay there, it will be like an experience,” he said. Hagan was also allowed to select the furniture and accessories to go along with the design. “It is wonderful to be a part of this project and know that a lot of people will be seeing it and they’ll have time to actually touch it and experience the art since they’ll have more time with it staying in the room as opposed to it being in a gallery. To contribute my art to the community in this way is an honor,” Heuer said. Many other locals also helped Continued on page 40

The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Historic Far Rock Buildings Given Landmark Status The Far Rockaway firehouse and police station are officially landmarks. On Tuesday, May 29, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) designated the Firehouse, Engine Companies 264 & 328/Hook and Ladder 134 at 16-15 Central Avenue, and the 53rd (now 101st) Precinct Police Station at 16-12 Mott Avenue, as individual landmarks. "Both the 101st Precinct and Far Rockaway Firehouse have been staples in our neighborhood for around a century, housing some of our most precious civil servants," Council Member Donovan Richards said. "The landmark designation of these sites will carry on the character of the neighborhood that was set when our community was first being shaped. These sites should be protected and celebrated and I thank the Landmarks Preservation Commission for their approval." In the decades following the consolidation of the five boroughs, the City commissioned

well-known architects to design government buildings such as police stations and firehouses that would distinguish themselves from private structures. These two buildings are great examples of this early 20th-century period and represent a period of significant growth in Far Rockaway Designed by the prominent architecture firm of Hoppin & Koen, the Far Rockaway Firehouse is a three-story Renaissance Revival style civic building that features three arched vehicle bays, rusticated limestone at the ground floor, and the upper stories are clad in red brick flanked by monumental columns. It is one of only three

ACCEPTED STUDENT OPEN HOUSE - June 19 Recognized in National Rankings


firehouses designed by this firm that included a wider, three-bay facade. Upon its completion in 1912, the fire companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name changed to Engine Company 264, and over time Hook & Ladder Company 134 and Engine Company 238 were established at the same location turning the building into the fire headquarters for Far Rockaway. The Police Station, which combines the Renaissance Revival and Colonial Revival styles, was designed by Thomas E. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, an architect and the Police Departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Superintendent of Buildings at the time. Completed by early 1929, it was the first police station built by the City of New York in the Rockaways. Three stories in height with two fully realized primary facades, its symmetrical facades and palazzo-like form are characteristic of the Renaissance Revival style. Complementing the buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Renaissance Revival style elements is the Colonial Revival style brickwork of its upper floors, which are faced in Har-

vard brick ranging in color from deep red to dark gray. Both buildings are remarkably well-preserved and continue to be Far Rockawayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prominent buildings. They also serve as a reminder of the growth and development of Far Rockaway as a permanent community after the consolidation of New York City. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As a Far Rockaway native I can tell you that our community is full of not only fond memories but deep rooted history,â&#x20AC;? Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Far Rockaway will continue to grow and develop and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important that we maintain our beginnings while also looking forward to what our future holds.â&#x20AC;?

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The Rockaway Times

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Happy Jack’s Brings Smiles & Full Bellies

By Katie McFadden

Did you miss Dalton’s, Rockaway? Well there’s a reason to smile again as Chef Mike Dalton is back behind the kitchen, serving up some of your old favorites, and mouthwatering new additions to the menu at his new restaurant—Happy Jack’s Burger Bar. Over Memorial Day Weekend, Rockaway was introduced to Happy Jack's at 10813 Rockaway Beach Drive. The new building offers a much

smaller space than the old Dalton’s Seaside Grill that was nearby, but good things come in small packages, and there’s certainly nothing small about the stacked burger options or the many appetizers that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Imagine a charbroiled, half-pound beef patty freshly ground on site, with your favorite toppings from cheese to bacon, lettuce, tomato, raw or sautéed onions or mushrooms, stuffed on a freshly baked Kaiser roll. This signature dish, the Happy Jack Burger, and all the other burger options, come pinned to a surfboard shaped platter, by a thick knife, ready to be used to cut up the massive meal, and if you still have room, each burger comes with a side of curly fries. Hungry yet? How about some classic Dalton’s wings or famous Dublin Egg Rolls to start? It’s no wonder the many who were lucky enough to test out

the new joint over the holiday weekend, left, well—happy. However, Chef Mike Dalton says there’s some irony behind the name of his new restaurant. “We named it Happy Jack’s after my father. But the name was more of a joke. He was Happy Jack because he was cranky. He was a cop for 23 years, protecting the city, and he had 12 kids—you’d be a little cranky too,” Dalton joked. Dalton’s father passed away a few years ago, but he believes he would’ve enjoyed the name. “He’d think it’s hysterical. He’d love the place,” Dalton said. Besides the name stemming from Dalton’s father, Happy Jack’s is a complete family affair with Chef Mike behind the kitchen with his son, Aidan, and his other son, Liam, behind the bar, plus his wife, Kerry being instrumental behind the scenes. Also, coming from a family of 12, many of Dalton’s nieces and nephews are the ones serving up those

delicious dishes to customers, and it was a job well done over the busy opening weekend. Why did Dalton choose to open a burger bar? Well, it’s what he does best. “I chose to open a burger bar because during my career as a chef, when I would come home from work at a country club, my dad would say, ‘what are you tired from? You’re a glorified hamburger flipper.’ So I named the place after him and after all, I am a glorified hamburger flipper,” Dalton said. But that’s not all that he’s known for. “I graduated from the Culinary Institute 34 years ago and I’m known for an egg roll,” Dalton joked, referencing his popular Dublin Egg Roll, stuffed with corned beef and sauerkraut. Throughout the soft opening, feedback started to pour in over social media and it seems the atmosphere, customer service and of course, the food, aimed to please. However, the food reviews were expected. Continued on page 13


“We live here, We work here”

Family Owned Since 1995


Ask abou daily t spec ials

Now Serving:

• Zucchini

(Any way you like it)

• “Zoodles”

(A gluten free/locarb alternative to lomein!)

• Duck • Fresh Ingredients

Business Hours: Monday - Thursday 11-9 Friday/Saturday 11-10 Sunday 12-9

Delivered Daily

(718) 474-5999 • Free Delivery 421 Beach 129th Street


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The Rockaway Times

Page 13

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

HAPPY JACKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BRINGS SMILES Continued from Page 12 â&#x20AC;&#x153;I could say the food is really good, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hamburgers. If I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make a hamburger after 40 years as a chef, I better give this s*** up,â&#x20AC;? Dalton said with a laugh. The Memorial Day Weekend soft opening served as a test and the menu was just a preview of whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to come. With a smaller kitchen to work with, Dalton is limited, but that wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop him from serving up a menu of various goodies. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to have different daily specials once we get our feet wet and get the swing of things. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have steak, fish, nice chops and even smoked baby back ribs, plus maybe Sunday breakfast with things like biscuits and gravy,â&#x20AC;? he teased. The scheduled hours are still in the works. Dalton said he expects to open on late afternoons, as a lot of time and effort is put into preparing meals for the day with freshly ground beef and fresh bread baked

on the premises. He also plans to be open at least five days a week, from Wednesday through Sunday, but may extend that as time goes on. As for whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to happen with the Shore Shack food truck that Dalton operated for the past few summers? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to have to sell it. I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t operate both, but I keep saying that and then I still wind up opening it. But you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see the Shore Shack

this summer. Happy Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is the Shore Shack without the wheels,â&#x20AC;? he said. Plus, this version of the Shore Shack has itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own bar. In addition to the roughly 10 tables and a booth, the bar serves as an extra seating area for customers grabbing some grub, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fully stocked with liquor, and wine and beer on tap to wash it all down. Happy Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is a nice addition to an up-and-coming

area, with Boardwalk Bagel, Healyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Coastal Frozen Yogurt on the strip, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s close to the new ferry landing. The area will also be joined by the highly-anticipated Rockaway Beach Hotel in 2020, which Dalton says heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s looking forward to seeing. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m 110 percent for the hotel. The more business, the better, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s being opened by neighborhood kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;The Tubridys. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get their overflow here and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really going to be a nice addition to the block,â&#x20AC;? he said. Dalton says heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happy to be back on the block as well and from last weekendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crowds, its clear that Rockaway is happy with Happy Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to be back in the kitchen and we had a great weekend with the neighborhood coming out in full support. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m very happy. You can tell the neighborhood misses Daltonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.â&#x20AC;? Happy Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will have its official opening at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 7, with an updated menu and full business hours.


Mark J. Gelwan Certified, American Board of Ophthalmology â&#x20AC;˘ Certified, American College of Surgeons Certified, International College of Surgeons Listed, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Top Ophthalmologistsâ&#x20AC;&#x153; for Cataract & Refractive Surgery, Consumer Directory,Washington, D.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2002, 2010 CATARACT SURGERY â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TAKEN TO THE NEXT LEVEL "%7"/$&%3&5*/"-53&"5.&/5$&/5&3 OF SAFE VISION CORRECTION SURGERY t Macular Degeneration injections for Wet Form Degeneration t4ZNGPOZBOE4ZNGPOZ5PSJD-FOT*NQMBOU t#FTU5FDIOPMPHZBOE2VBMJUZPG7JTJPO1SFNJVN-FOT t"MMPXT(SFBU%JTUBODF *OUFSNFEJBUFBOE/FBS7JTJPOXJUIPVUHMBTTFT "MTP DPSSFDUT"TUJHNBUJTN t%S(FMXBOJTPOFPGUIFNPTUFYQFSJFODFE4VSHFPOTJOUIJT5FDIOPMPHZJO/FX:PSL t"MTP#FOFĂśUGSPN#&4513*$&CFDBVTFPG%S(FMXBOhT)*()70-6.&463(&0/%*4$06/5

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Page 14

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times

Sum Summ mmerr & Comm C Com om mmunity u ity uni ty Guide G Guid uiide

2018 Summer

Agewell Alexander Capital All American Bagel &Barista II Allstate American Princess Amstel Auto ANG Carpet & Flooring Animal Hospital of the Rockaways Arverne by the Sea Aviator Golf Center Bayview Urgent Care Beach Concessions Beara Hardware BearaBins.com Belle Harbor Chemist Belle Harbor Foods Belle Harbor Steak House Boarders Boardwalk Bagel Boardwalk Pizza Breezy Wine & Liquors Breezy Lumber Brothers

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just published our fourth Rockaway Summer/Community Guide. We will be distributing them between now and the Fourth of July. The 116 page magazine-style book full of facts and information is free – just like our weekly paper. Our wonderful advertisers made it happen. Please tell them you saw their ad in The Rockaway Times!

Brooklyn Window Bungalow Bar Caracas/Concessions Map Casino Auto Body Center For Specialty Eye Care %GTVKƁGF%JKOPG[ Ciro’s Pizza Classic Tile Community House Connolly’s CROM Cuisine By Claudette Curran’s Superior Meats Deirdre Maeve’s Supermarket Dream Vacations Elegante Restaurant & Pizzeria Elizabeth Murphy, MD Fat Cardinal Bakery Feel At Home Vacations Fino Ristorante Fit Food Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Supreme Goody’s Harbor Optics


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Hot Yoga Joe Addabbo Joe Mure Kennedy’s Kids ‘N Shape King’s Material Lana’s Loft LaQuinta Inns & Suites Last Stop Laurice Keating Realty Lima Restaurants Madelaine Chocolate Margaret Wagner Real Estate Margert Corp Mazzone Hardware Mill Basin Day Camp MTA Nacmias & Sons Neinast Team New York Medical Skin Nick’s Lobster Nicole Frontera Beauty NurtureU Wellness NYC Parks Dept NYC Ferry Ocean Bliss One On One Phys Therapy O’Sake Japanese Restaurant Paper Panda Patrick Clark Peter Galvin, MD Pickles and Pies Pico Queens County Bank RBCA RBNY Physical Therapy Ridgewood Savings Bank Riis Park Beach Bazaar Riis Park Beach Café Rocco’s Unisex Salon Rockaway Artists Alliance Rockaway Auto Bath

Rockaway Beach Bakery Rockaway Beach Craft Fairs Rockaway Beach Golf Club Rockaway Beach Surf Shop Rockaway Business Alliance Rockaway Gliders Rockaway Properties Rockaway Tees Rockaway Theatre Company Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Rogoff’s Sal’s Transmissions Sands Point Physical Therapy South Nassau Communities Hospital Spa Rockaway Stacey Pheffer Amato St. Camillus Academy St. Francis de Sales Academy St. Francis de Sales Church St. John’s Hospital St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy Station RBNY Strands Hair Salon Swell Thai Rock The Graybeards The Wharf Uma’s Uncle Louie G Under The Tent Catering Vino by the Sea Verizon Walsh Properties Waterview Car Care Whit’s End World Champion Karate YMCA Zwerling Ophthalmology Zingara Vintage

The Rockaway Times

piece of heaven hidden across from Manhattan, only a ferry ride or train ride to heavenly beaches that just need a little donation of sand… Ben S. Hidden Open House

Other Than The Sand Dear Editor: With the closing of sections of beach, here’s some free suggestions: walk around Rockaway and try two new bakeries in the 80s and 90s with heavenly croissants, try restaurants, and visit Boarders with all new bikes on 97th Street on the beach or visit them on Beach 92nd Street. The most amazing navy blue, yellow and red bikes for the community to rent. A friend went to 101 Deli and got me the most amazing hero. It could feed two adults, but I ate it all. Rockaway is like a

Page 15

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Dear Editor: A few days ago I saw a notice, apparently the only one posted, at the Beach 149th Street bus shelter. There is to be an “Open House” regarding a "travel path adjustment" for the Q35 and changes in the Q22. No details. No details and not a lot of publicity about the "Open House." No notices about this on the buses themselves or on the timetable signposts at every stop. No one I know who uses the bus regularly had any awareness that the Open House was occurring. On the morning of the meeting, I called City Council Member Eric Ulrich's office. They had not been informed and all their staff were committed to attending other

functions that evening so they couldn't send anyone. Suspicious, I decided to look on the web and to attend. At the “Open House,” a gaggle of MTA staff there said they had reached out, leafleted and put up posters. Strange, no one saw these. The MTA folks said they had informed Community Boards. Too late for me to check on this. On questioning, the MTA folks there admitted they had not published any announcement in The Rockaway Times, a free paper with a wide circulation. MTA reps told me that the poor attendance at the open house should be interpreted as tacit approval of the changes — even though the changes had, until the open house, never been widely disseminated or presented in user-friendly detail. They said that “surveys” had told them the Q22 needed improvements. Of course, if you ask anyone if they'd like to see improvements to anything, they'll say “yes.”

From my personal experience in government and international organizations, this is how you sidestep any possible opposition to whatever you want to do—slip this by and then say you had a meeting and no one seemed to care enough to show up. On inquiry, we're told that at the meeting we can "learn and ask questions about the changes" not the PROPOSED changes. Just “changes.” Looks like they think this is a fait accompli and, having had an “Open House” they could check off one more box. At the “Open House,” I was reassured that I and others would be “only mildly inconvenienced.” I thought that rather patronizing from all the well-dressed “well-bred and well-fed” bureaucrats who had never taken the already inadequate service out here. If you have to walk two to four blocks to a Q35 bus stop now, under the (apparently inevitable) coming arContinued on page 16


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Page 16

WE GET EMAIL Continued from Page 15 rangement, you will have to walk four to six blocks … and there will be no shelter when you get there. If they had, they'd know that walking an extra two blocks in driving rain or snow and waiting 15 minutes for a bus that theoretically should already be there is not a lot of fun. Better get some foul-weather gear. Mildly inconvenienced? Incidentally, I asked a few of the MTA officials (who outnumbered community resident attendees) if they had come to the open house by Number 2 or 5 trains and then transferred to the Q35 and then to the Q22. I got rolled eyes from one and a terse NO from two. The ferries are great but the bus routes are the lifeblood of the Rockaway Peninsula. It's not a lack of passengers, over 4,000 people ride the Q35 on an average weekday, this despite the wretched condition of the ancient buses.

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018 Remember, every time they say they are doing something to improve our lives be sure to look very carefully. Name Withheld Clarification Dear Editor: The quote that was attributed to me in the May 10 issue of The Rockaway Times (The CB 14 Pipeline Article) did not reflect the words I spoke or the spirit with which they were written and delivered. My comments were truncated and words that I did not say were included. I have chosen not to repeat the quote here, as I find it harsh and divisive. Below is an overview of what I actually said at the Community Board 14 Meeting on May 8. After listening to Williams Company representatives at a Community Board 14 Environmental Meeting, I am convinced of the dangers of the proposed pipeline. With its poor track record for safety, I believe that the company cannot be trusted to in-


To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.com

stall and maintain a safe and sustainable project. I view the company’s grant money to local groups as an attempt to gain support for its assault on the safety and well-being of our peninsula. While blaming or shaming those who accepted money from The Williams Company will not serve us, it is important that we name what has happened here. Only in standing together in truth, with our eyes wide open, can we protect life in Rockaway. So that we can have an honest discussion based on complete information, I ask that those with ties to the Williams Company disclose this when they comment on the pipeline and Community Board members involved with the company recuse themselves from voting on the issue. With integrity, courage and heart, we can protect Rockaway from the Williams Pipeline. It was in this spirit that Community Board 14 voted to oppose The Williams Pipeline at the end of

The Rockaway Times its May 8 meeting. When we take action from this place of fierce compassion, the possibilities are as infinite as the waves in the ocean. Jill Lauri Kudos Dear Rockaway Times: Congratulations on another outstanding Summer Guide. The shot from above that captured the entire peninsula was inspired! Great shot. We keep the Guide on a table so all our summer visitors can have a look to see what’s available and going on. Congratulations again on a truly magnificent publication. J. McNally


The Rockaway Times

Page 17

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018


10 02-3 34 ATLANTIC AV VE






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(718) 732-0222 • (516) 798-4242 • zprad.com ·

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Page 18

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times

Rockaway Remembers on Memorial Day

Before the barbecues and holiday parties on Memorial Day, Rockaway took the time to remember why we’re able to celebrate the day. Many came out to pay their respects and show gratitude during the holiday parade and ceremony on Monday, May 29. A procession led by local veterans, families of military service members, charitable organizations and school groups marched down Rockaway Beach Boulevard on Monday, making stops at local veteran memorials like Memorial Circle, where members of American Legion Daniel M. O’Connell Post #272, veterans like Larry Eichen, Councilman

Eric Ulrich and others spoke and expressed their gratitude to those who fought for this country. The ceremony also included special recognition of the late Lance Cpl. Michael D. Glover, who was killed while serving as a U.S. Marine in Iraq and John P. McGonigal, Jr., who was killed while serving with the Army in Vietnam. Both families of the fallen soldiers laid wreaths at their memorial trees on Monday and McGonigal’s plaque, which long had a misspelling of his last name, was rededicated with the correct spelling. Photos by Katie McFadden.

The McGonigal family attended for the rededication of John McGonigal’s plaque. Photo by Ed Gormley.


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The Rockaway Times

Page 19

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Excellence in Education for Young Women since 1936

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 • 100% earned a Regents Diploma with 99% receiving the NY State Regents Diploma • Donated more than 100,000 hours of community service • 120 seniors completed one or more Advanced Placement courses • 161 seniors completed one or more Honors Level courses

The Class of 2018 has been awarded more than $44 million in Academic Scholarships and Grants *

Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Brentwood, NY. Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools 176-21 Wexford Terrace • Jamaica Estates, NY, 11432 718.297.2120 • www.tmla.org ·

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Page 20

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Gift Cards available!

Spring ďŹ&#x201A;owers on sale now

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5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;X7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Storage Room - $99.00 a month, plus tax A whole room too much? Try our box storage Starting at $3.50 per month, plus tax All customers protected up to $2,000.00, additional protection available

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The Rockaway Times

Restaurant Owner Has Tip For Governor By Terence Tubridy

(This is a copy of a letter sent to Governor Cuomo) Members of the New York State (NYS) Legislature recently received a sign-on letter from advocates seeking the elimination of the tip wage/ tip credit in (NYS). That letter contained a significant number of misrepresentations about this issue and a number of alleged â&#x20AC;&#x153;factsâ&#x20AC;? that are not supported by objective data. On behalf of businesses and employees across NYS who would face serious economic consequences if the tip credit is eliminated, we urge you to consider the following points and facts: There is no â&#x20AC;&#x153;subminimum wageâ&#x20AC;? for restaurant workers in New York State. Every single employee â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tipped or nontipped â&#x20AC;&#x201C; is required by law to receive the legal minimum wage. If an employee does not receive the legal minimum, the employer is breaking the law and the issue is one of enforcement, not the law itself. If this issue is about preventing wage theft, then policymakers must ensure that the NYS Department of Labor has the resources needed to enforce the law. Tipped restaurant servers in New York State are not among â&#x20AC;&#x153;the poorestâ&#x20AC;? workers in New York. Restaurant workers around the state have testified at the Labor Departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tip credit hearings about the middle-class lifestyle theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re able to enjoy due to their employment as tipped workers. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re happy being compensated under the current system and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want it to change. The reality is that a NYC Hospitality Alliance survey of 486 city restaurants, which employ nearly 14,000 tipped workers, found that those servers earn on average $25 per hour. Claims that restaurant workers in other locales with no tip credit are better paid than those in New York are

blatantly false. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, waiters and waitresses in New York have an average wage higher than their counterparts in six of the seven states with no tip credit. Bartenders in New York have an average wage, higher than their colleagues in five of the seven states with no tip credit. And the data seems to indicate that restaurant workers in New York receive substantially more in tip wages than those in all of the no tip credit states â&#x20AC;&#x201C; more than 50 percent higher than our closest rival. Workers fear that eliminating the tip credit will result in drastic changes in restaurantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; business operations and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll suffer as a result â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with good reason. Many restaurant workers who have presented testimony to the Department of Labor expressed concern about the economic consequences theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll face if the tip credit is eliminated. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen restaurants opt out of the tip credit system and take various steps to adjust to the increased operational costs, only to revert back to the tip credit system after receiving pushback from their employees and customers. The research shows that imposing such a substantial wage increase on businesses will force them to reassess their business operations in order to become more efficient and to adapt their operations to adjust to significantly higher wage levels. And there is evidence that eliminating the tip credit reduces the employment and hours of tipped workers. New York hospitality businesses are already feeling economic impacts. After the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 50 percent tipped wage hike on December 31, 2015, Labor Department data showed that employment growth in the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full-service restaurants fell to less than one-third of its averContinued on page 22

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RESTAURANT OWNER Continued from Page 20

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age over the previous three years. NYS also had a net loss of more than 270 full-service restaurants—after consistent growth in prior years. In NYC, the damage was even worse; a rising tipped wage reduced robust full-service employment growth averaging 6.7 percent down to barely one percent. From 2012-15, there was 23 percent growth in the number of full liquor and beer and wine licenses in NYC. From 2016-17 – after the 50 percent increase in the tip wage – that same growth dropped to 1.5 percent. The suggestion that harassment cases are lower in states with no tip credit is not true, nor supported by federal data. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data covering a time period similar to the report that made that claim shows 1.8 percent of sexual harassment claims in New York came from the restaurant industry, compared to nearly four percent in California— New York’s closest equivalently-sized state without a tip credit. The advocates of eliminating the restaurant tip credit claim it’s responsible for workers being susceptible to sexual harassment, but inexplicably claim that they don’t want to eliminate tipping. Even if New York eliminated the tip credit, employees would still rely on tips for income, therefore, according to the advocates’ logic, these

The Rockaway Times workers will still be trapped in an economic system where they can be victimized. If they truly believe there is a correlation between tipping and sexual harassment, then why do they say they want to preserve the tipping system, rather than abolish it? Sexual harassment and exploitation of workers is unconscionable and illegal. New York State and New York City recently mandated anti-sexual harassment training for private employers, which should act as an effective tool to address this abhorrent behavior that impacts our whole society. NYS regulators and policymakers must take all allegations of wage violations and/ or workplace harassment seriously and ensure workers are treated lawfully by their employers, co-workers and customers. But to seek to address these issues through the elimination of the tip wage/ tip credit – no matter how well intended a proposal – does not make sense from an economic or public policy perspective and is not supported by the facts. We look forward to working with the NYS Assembly, NYS Senate, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Labor to ensure that our state’s workers are treated fairly, and our critically important hospitality industry can continue to play its long-time role as a major job creator and economic engine across New York. Thank you. Terence Tubridy is a managing partner In Good Company Hospitality and an owner of Bungalow Bar in Rockaway.


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Beach Block 128thSt. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 car parking.


ROCKAWAY PARK UPPER BELLE HARBOR 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, all new Pay all utilities..

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Happy Summer Everyone is happy! Summer is here! One of the things I realized about this is that people are happy to see other people. Neighbors on the block, people lingering outside a local store, etc. Connecting to others, catching up, spending a little time. Winter is isolating, people go away, we rush about outside to get out of the cold. Warm weather comes and the smiles and the greetings and the plans to meet abound. The sense of community and belonging is very comforting and we are very fortunate to have it.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

After reading “The Lazer’s” column last week: “Tribalism,” and thinking about the above, I recall a book I read twice, Tribe, by Sebastian Junger. The basic premise is: Inherent in our beings is a need to be close and to have purpose in our lives. There are many references in the book, two stand out to me. One is Native American tribes and the other is teams in war. In Native American tribes, there is an enormous sense of community; from my understanding, everyone has a place and a purpose. It has been reported

that there are instances when individuals who were captured by a tribe and lived within that community for a while, when reunited with their families in other U.S. territories, actually went back willingly to live within the tribe. Mr. Junger refers to some veterans as being lost when they come back to their families. They miss and long for the closeness they had with their team members and the very important purpose they had every single day. This far outweighs danger and fear and any other negative aspect of war. These observations are amazing to me and underline the need for people to connect, feel needed and belong. When cities become populated with large buildings, the sense of community goes away, along with the small grocery stores, specialty shops, local eateries, and the like. There are some “neighborhoody” places in Manhattan such as in the area surrounding Hudson Street, for example, where people who

live there can shop and dine in the local places and know the people around them. It is comforting because it talks to our inner beings. Who is it that said, “No man is an island?” (Had to look it up, John Donne). No man or woman is an island, not only because we are reliant on each other for basic life needs, but also because our minds and hearts flourish with the human interaction — intellectual, social, emotional, psychological. So, we live in this community and it is a pleasure every season of the year because even though we see more of each other in warmer weather, we know we are all here (or will be back) and that is comforting. And if stuff happens, no matter when, no matter what, there are those who will be there. Have a happy summer and enjoy all around you! May you be happy. May you be free. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.


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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Ask the DOC

By Peter Galvin, MD

The Thyroid Gland The thyroid gland is located in the anterior mid-neck. The thyroid is the control center for the entire endocrine system. The gland releases mostly thyroxine, known as T4, and small amounts of triiodothyronine, or T3. Iodine is necessary for production of thyroid hormone. In the western world, the most common source of dietary iodine is iodized salt. Low levels of dietary iodine can cause the thyroid to become enlarged, a condition called goiter. Lack of iodine in infants causes severe mental retardation, a condition formerly known as cretinism. The release of thyroid hormone is controlled by the hy-

pothalamus, which is located in the midbrain. Using a feedback loop, the hypothalamus releases thyroid stimulating hormone, or TSH, when it detects low levels of T4 and shuts down TSH release when it detects high levels of T4. In 1835, an American physician, Robert Graves, described a syndrome with a high metabolic rate, enlarged thyroid gland, and exophthalmos (bulging, protruding eyes). This syndrome, called Graves’ disease, is an autoimmune disease in which, for reasons still mostly unknown, the body make antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. In Europe, Graves’ disease is known as


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Basedow disease after the physician who described it in 1840. Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, another autoimmune thyroid disease, like most autoimmune diseases are much more common in women. There are also genetic factors for both diseases. Graves’ disease is often treated with radioactive iodine, which often causes the thyroid to become underactive, a condition known as hypothyroidism. Likewise, Hashimoto’s causes hypothyroidism because the thyroid inflammation, or thyroiditis, it causes makes the gland eventually “burn out.” Symptoms of an overactive thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, include weight loss, nervousness, palpitations, excessive perspiration, muscle weakness, atrial fibrillation and other tachycardias, tremor, enlarged thyroid gland, smooth, warm skin, and frequent bowel movements. Hypothyroidism, also known as myxedema, can cause weight gain, weakness, fatigue, coarse, cool, dry skin, husky voice, swelling of the hands, face, and legs, memory loss, constipation, mus-

The Rockaway Times cle cramps, and aches and pains. Besides the clinical picture, hyper and hypothyroidism can be easily diagnosed with a blood test. Basic thyroid function tests, or TFTs, include levels of T3, T4, and TSH. In addition, other thyroid tests including anti-thyroid antibodies can be performed depending on the situation. When performing TFT testing, it is important to check to see what medications, if any, the patient is taking, as many medications may cause elevation or depression of thyroid hormone levels. Medications that can alter thyroid function and TFT testing include dopamine (L-dopa), lithium, sulfonylureas (Bactrim), dilantin, aspirin and other salicylate compounds, furosemide, propranolol, and amiodarone. As unfortunately many medical specialists do not provide feedback to the patient’s primary care provider, if you are seeing your primary care provider for thyroid testing, be sure that he or she is aware of all medications you are taking. Please direct questions and comments to editor@rockawaytimes.com

The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

 By Beth Hanning

HALF DAYS Recently I saw a video from the Today Show about a mom ranting about halfdays at the end of the school year. I have never heard of her before but according to her website, she has been featured in many magazines including Reader’s Digest and US Weekly. She goes on and on about how the half days are so terrible. One reason, she states, is that if the kids did not have school she could sleep until noon. She goes on to complain about

how difficult it is to get the children up in the morning and drive them to school. I usually never comment on things such as this because I do not want to get into a Twitter fight with people I do not know, but I had to comment : “Don’t send them! It’s obvious schools need the days. This lady sounds like a lazy parent. ‘Why do we have to get up so early?’” Now obviously, school districts do this to get the days in that they need to, which

is required by the state law, and keeping the little ones at this time of year for a shorter day is beneficial, because both the students and teachers are DONE. Also, I believe at some schools, the teachers work on class lists for next year, supply lists and other clerical work. And does this video blogger, Whoa Susannah, not remember how fun half days were as a child? I went to St. Francis de Sales during the glory years when we had a half day EVERY Wednesday. It was the best day of the week for us. We went for pizza after school, or if you were lucky, like my spoiled sister, you went to McDonald’s. Also, those June half days were so fun in school. We watched movies, played games and had field days. The SFDS kids now have beach parties! How fun to go to the beach with your class. I know it is hard for moms who work, including myself, but we always worked it out with other moms and

relatives. This blogger mom seems to not even work fulltime since she is the mom driving the kids to school and saying she could sleep until noon if the kids did not have school. So if you do not like the half days and the hours some kids go to school on the last day, here is my response: DO NOT SEND THEM! Don’t let them have fun with their friends and let them sleep until noon. What do you think about half days? I would love to hear.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

FROM THE ROCKAWAY WATERFRONT ALLIANCE RWA BRINGS NEIGHBORS TO LOCAL LONG ISLAND FARMS Last year, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (RWA) started the RISE Farm Share initiative. Intended to combat the lack of healthy food options in Rockaway, especially in the communities on the eastern end, the RISE Farm Share operates like a magazine subscription. Members of the Farm Share buy their shares at the beginning of the season and pick up their fresh produce on a weekly basis. Farm Share members receive the highest quality fruits and vegetables that are picked that day, or just a little bit earlier, at a low cost. This money goes directly to the farmers: they get the money when they most need it (at the beginning of the season) and can then offer produce to members at wholesale prices. Response to the program last year was positive and uplifting. Though the organization faced some challenges, RWA is excit-

Daniel S Mirkin OD Mirkin Vision

ed to kick-off the Farm Share again this year on Wednesday, June 6. In preparation for the start of the program, RWA took a trip on May 19 with Farm Share members, potential members, and the participants in their youth programs to the local Long Island farms

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that provide the produce for the Farm Share. These are Briermere Farms (fruit) in Riverhead and Sang Lee Farms (vegetables) in Peconic. Both of these sit comfortably within a 100 mile radius of RISE, which is the distance many people consider to be the ‘local’ zone.

About 30 adventurers braved the cold and the rain to check out the farms. RWA Executive Director Jeanne DuPont spoke for a little bit on the ride there, fully explaining the benefits of a Farm Share for Rockaway communities and giving the group a preview of what to expect when they got to the farms. Some of the benefits she mentioned include: healthier diets, volunteer opportunities, and exposure to new kinds of produce and recipes for cooking. The group’s first stop was Briermere Farms. Last year, farmer Clark and his two children took the crew on a hayride around the fields. This year, the weather did not allow for the ride; so instead, farmer Clark took them inside the barn for a look at his digital family photo album! You could hear “Oohs” Continued on page 31

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

FROM THE ROCKAWAY WATERFRONT ALLIANCE Continued from Page 30 and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ahhsâ&#x20AC;? from the crowd as Clark showed us his baby pictures and his kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; baby pictures, including cameos from farm animals. As he scrolled through the pictures, he also talked about farming practices. While Briermere Farms is not organic, since pests are a much harder problem to deal with when it comes to fruit, farmer Clark did let us in on some little known, more natural processes for protecting plants as they grow. One involved using bands tied around plants that release pheromones, which discourage pests from damaging the plants, and another involved selecting certain apple trees to grow shorter trunks and larger apples, so that more trees overall could be planted. Before leaving Briermere, attendants stopped by the market out front to pick up a variety of delicious goodies. These

included fresh fruit juice of all flavors, and wonderfully smelling pies baked just that morning. Then, it was off to Sang Lee Farms just ten minutes away. Saturday, May 19 was Sang Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s open house, and so on arrival, there was live music from a local band as farmers handed out samples of vegetables, dips, juices, and even stir-fry! The group took some time to try the samples and buy some food from the market to eat lunch before a tour of the farm started at 2 p.m. Though the rain picked up and the temperature seemed to be dropping steadily, most of the group was able to make it through the trip. Farmers, Fred and Lucy, talked about the history of the farm, which began with Fredâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father and uncles after World War II, and about the process of becoming organically certified in the early 2000s. Fred and Lucy took us into the greenhouses where they can grow produce that is not in season, like tomatoes, thanks to the higher

temperatures. Outside they even picked some asparagus directly out of the ground for us all to try! Even the young kids on the tour were having a great time tasting different treats and learning about a profession that, most of the time, many people living in cities do not think about as a rewarding lifestyle. One of Fred and Lucyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main points was that â&#x20AC;&#x153;farming is as important now as it ever was, and it actually calls for creative minds that can solve

problems in the ever-changing world that is the 21st century.â&#x20AC;? On the way back home, before everyone fell asleep after a long day, community members expressed just how much they enjoyed the festivities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What a wonderful day of exploration and learning,â&#x20AC;? Daris Garnes, Farm Share member and volunteer, said. Many people were going home with one or two bags full of healthy treats for their families, and others even took out their cell phones to sign-up for the Farm Share as they returned to Rockaway. Rockaway Waterfront Alliance would like to thank the staff at Briermere and Sang Lee Farms for their hospitality and partnership as it heads into another year of Farm Share fun. For more information about the Farm Share, please email info@rwalliance. org. To sign up for the Farm Share, please go to www.rwalliance.org and click on â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;RISE Farm Shareâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; under the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Key Projectsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; tab.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Friday, June 1, 4 p.m. CITY HALL RALLY FOR BEACH OPENING City Hall, Manhattan Local elected officials and others hold a rally and press conference to demand the city and state work together to open the beaches as quickly as possible. For more info call John Cori at 516-5098957. Friday, June 1, 6 p.m. LEX GREY AT CARACAS Beach 106th Concession Live blues and classic rock.

ners), music, raffles (50/50 and prizes), and more. Saturday, June 2, 12 p.m. AMERICAN LEGION STORYTIME Peninsula Library 92-25 Rockaway Beach Blvd Special storytime with the O'Connell Post 272 of the American Legion. Children will be able to interact with veterans and enjoy fun picture books, followed by a craft. Saturday, June 2, 1 p.m. ROCKAWAY BIKE PARADE RISE Center 58-03 Rockaway Beach Blvd Decorate your bike and join in on the fun with the RWA. Parade leaves at 1 p.m. and heads to Beach 17th Street. Register at rwalliance.org.

Friday, June 1, 6 p.m. THE KNOBS AT THE WHARF 416 Beach 116th Street Live WLIR era rock. Friday, June 1, 7 p.m. BREEZYGRASS 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW Bungalow Bar 377 Beach 92nd Street BreezyGrass celebrates 10 years! Make reservations early. Saturday, June 2, 11 a.m. IT’S MY BARK DAY FUNDRAISER Freeway Dog Park Beach 83rd and Rockaway Freeway Help ARF-ARF raise funds with a day of doggie musical chairs (prizes for win-

Saturday, June 2, 3 p.m. WINE WITH SUE Riis Park Beach Bazaar Wine With Sue and DJ Tommy Turbo live. Saturday, June 2, 5 p.m. FDNY VS NYPD FUN CITY BOWL MCU PARK, Brooklyn 1904 Surf Ave See the FDNY battle the NYPD in a football game for charity. See www. brooklyncyclones.com for tickets.

Saturday, June 2, 7 p.m. BLAC RABBIT PRE-TOUR LAUNCH Rustwoods 9702 Rockaway Beach Blvd See Blac Rabbit perform live before they go on tour. $15 at the door. Saturday, June 2, 9 p.m. THE BEASY BAND AT THAI ROCK 375 Beach 92nd Street Live music. Saturday, June 2, 9 p.m. BROOKLYN BARDS AT ROGERS 203 Beach 116th Street Live Irish music. June 2 & 3, 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ROCKAWAY IRISH FESTIVAL St. Camillus Parking Lot Beach 100th Street Two days of Irish music, vendors, food and fun presented by AOH Division 21. $10 at the door. Sunday, June 3, 10:30 a.m. BLESSING OF THE FLEET The Wharf 416 Beach 116th Street Watch as a fleet of boats are blessed to begin the boating season. Thursday, June 7, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. 7TH ANNUAL YOUTH SUMMIT Far Rockaway Educational Campus 825 Bay 25th Street Raffles, food, music, educational workshops, performances and more. All teens welcome. Presented by FRANC.

The Rockaway Times Thursday, June 7, 7:30 p.m. ROCKAWAY BEACH CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEETING Knights of Columbus 333 Beach 90th Street See rockawaybeachcivicassociation.org for agenda. Saturdays, 8:15 a.m. YOGA ON THE BEACH Beach 108th Street Join for this free yoga class led by Helen Kilgallen. Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. FREE ZUMBA Far Rockaway Educational Campus 8-21 Bay 21st Streeet Free zumba class with Lisa G. Tuesdays, 8 p.m. OPEN MIC Connolly’s Beach 95th Street Bring your voice or instruments for open mic hosted by Squid. Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. COSMIC SALT AT WHIT’S END 97-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd Live music every Wednesday. Thursdays, 8 p.m. OPEN MIC Healy’s Pub 10807 Rockaway Beach Dr. Bring your voice or instrument and show what you got.


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Far Rockaway native Marcy Kornegay was one of the lucky contestants to have a shot on the game show, The Price is Right, in an episode that aired on Monday, May 29. And we’re told luck was on her side. Kornegay won $24,000 in prizes, including a Park & Sun—Blue Sky 1100 Foosball Table and a 2018 Deep Blue Metallic Mini Cooper. Want to watch Marcy win big? Check out the episode at www.cbs.com/shows/the_price_is_right Photo from FremantleMedia North America.

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018




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The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Far Rockaway Projects Awarded Funding Through PB For the 2017-18 Participatory Budgeting (PB) cycle, Councilman Donovan Richards’ office dedicated $2 million of its capital discretionary funding in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget to empower local residents to decide how their tax dollars get spent in the community. After months of community and delegate meetings, 5,914 voters selected the winning projects from each side of the district, including the Laurelton, Rosedale and Springfield Gardens and Far Rockaway. The winning projects selected for Far Rockaway include Bethel Mission Loving Day Care: Smartboards and iPads - $80,000; O'Donohue Park: Picnic Grove and BBQ area $320,000; PS 43: Library Tech Upgrades - $250,000; PS 104: Laptops for Learning & Ser-

vice - $150,000; Village Academy: Smart Boards Upgrades - $150,000 and PS 42: Auditorium Improvements - $50,000. “I’d like to thank everyone who got involved to ensure that Participatory Budgeting succeeded once again, especially the students and faculty of our local schools,” Richards said. “It is crucial that we engage our youth in the political process and prepare them to be the future leaders our city needs and deserves. This year’s process was a huge success as we brought in more than 5,914 votes resulting in some big improvements for our local schools, day care and O’Donohue Park. I’d like to thank all the District 31 residents who participated in the process, especially all of our voters who came out to have their voice heard.”

Picture Perfect Facts You Probably Don’t Need  Dole and Chiquita banana overthrew the democratically-elected Guatemalan government and installed a dictatorship. This is where the term “Banana Republic" originated. 

destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city. The Spartans replied with, "IF." Philip never attacked Sparta. Each spike on the Statue of Liberty's crown represents one of the seven continents.

 Puma and Adidas were founded by brothers who originally  "State of Rhode Island and ran a shoe company but they Providence Plantations" is split apart. officially the longest name of any state in the Union.  When Germany was invading

The Rockaway Times Photo Contest semi-finalists made their debut on the boardwalk and at the ferry landing last weekend. Take a ride down the boardwalk and you’ll find the Top 30 photos in various boardwalk locations like Beaches 116th, 98th, 67th, 59th, 32nd and 19th, plus an additional 18 photos that we thought were poster-size worthy as well, but are not in the running for the $500 grand prize for the contest. Congrat-

ulations to all of the semi-finalists and thanks to the Parks Department for helping with the public display. Stay tuned for more information about the next round of judging this summer.

Poland, 724 Poles defended  Mars is an average distance of their position against 40,000 142 million miles away from Germans. They were able to the sun. Where Earth is only successfully stop their ad93 million miles. vance for three days.  The dog who played Toto in  LeBron James was featured on "The Wizard of Oz" actually the cover of Sports Illustrated received a higher salary than at just 17 years and 50 days old. many of the munchkins.  In the 4th century, as he was  Pierce Brosnan was contractually forbidden from wearing a campaigning against Greek full tuxedo in any non-James city-states, Philip II sent a mesBond movie from 1995-2002. sage to Sparta that read, "You are advised to submit withFacts from Sean McVeigh, facout further delay, for if I bring tologist. my army into your land, I will


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Page 36

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Life With Our “Artistic” Child By Kami-Leigh Agard

Donkey of The Decade — Autism Speaks! Rockaway Times readers, personality-wise, I’m soft and not confrontational, I tend to just accept whatever will be, will be. However when it comes to my daughter and other individuals on the spectrum and their families, this is when my vicious alter ego emerges. When I saw a post from a member of the Rockaway Beach “Artistic” Families

support group (RBAFSG) on our Facebook page, the beast in me poked it’s head, and I had to let it free. On the Facebook page, one of my dearest fierce autism moms, posted an advertisement from the well-known and for some, controversial organization, Autism Speaks, that was to put it mildly — extremely hideous and offensive.

GET SPOTTED! T-shirts available online www.rockawaytimes.com ·

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The ad, which she saw on a bus shelter, depicted a 3-D animated illustration of a childlike boy with its head buried in the sand like an ostrich, while bug-eyed insects were surrounding him, looking confused. The caption — “I Don’t Like Looking People In The Eye.” Well folks, if I was there at this bus shelter with my fellow RBAFSG member, who I also consider a kindred spirit, not only would I have torn this ad down, I would have shredded it to pieces. She posted, “This is AWFUL. This is why I will never give a charitable donation to Autism Speaks. This ad appears on bus stops and other public spaces throughout NYC, including in Rockaway, and I can only imagine the cost of this campaign. That money could have gone to research, education, community organizations serving the autistic community, etc. Instead we get this. First of all, I know many shy people, who are not autistic, find it difficult to make eye contact. Secondly, how does this ridiculously broad and negative statement — accompanied by a bizarre, distorted graphic image — further understanding, compassion, or inclusivity for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Why not instead stating, “It is difficult for me to look people in the eye.” At best, this ad is ineffective and misrepresentative. At worst, it is counterproductive and offensive.” Folks because I am a lover of learning everything that sometimes feels like going on a treasure hunt and coming up short, making you angry at yourself for being so curious, I became even more incensed when I read about this campaign and saw other advertisements. This ad campaign by Autism Speaks done in conjunction with the well-respected, Ad Council (remember the McGruff The Crime Dog and Smokey the Bear?), and orchestrated by the advertising agency, BBDO, was launched in 2015. On November 5, 2015, the headline in trade magazine, Ad Week was “Ad of the Day: BBDO Turns to 3-D Stop-Motion Animation for These Lovely Autism PSAs — A whole imagined world.”

The Rockaway Times The only adjective that is correct is “imagined.” Another print ad with the same 3-D imagery depicted the same boy, now on a canoe in some sort of lonely wilderness stated, “I Didn’t Talk For A Very Long Time.” Number one, I am shocked that the Ad Council endorsed this. Not many people know, but one of my first media jobs was with the Ad Council, and I witnessed how they used to rip apart these public service announcements, presented pro-bono by prestigious agencies like BBDO. For weeks, we would reconvene, until they got the message right. Countless hours of research would go into it. My daughter is not representative of every child on the spectrum. Yes, sometimes she does not look you in the eye and is nonverbal, but let me tell you — her periphery vision could outsmart the FBI. The little boy in the ads is cute, but what’s up what these buggedeyed insects. You’re telling me that this is how the general public views my daughter and other children on the WIDE spectrum? My dear friend made a good point. Is this how Autism Speaks is using public money donated by the general public and corporations to raise autism awareness? Preposterous! What about using that money to help families who are trying to get specialized care for their children? Like when you’re on the bus or subway, the MTA says, “If you see something, say something,” well our Rockaway community is saying something to Autism Speaks. As one of my other fellow autism warriors sharply said, “Maybe Autism Speaks should think before they SPEAK!” I talk about autism to open doors into the reality of our lives as caregivers, build understanding, tolerance and growth of our “artistic” children. Share your thoughts by emailing ourartisticchild@outlook.com or check out the Rockaway Beach “Artistic” Families support group Facebook page. We have a chock full of events coming up!

The Rockaway Times

Page 37

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018






ENTERPRISE & HERTZ Rental Cars Available


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Page 38

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

John Rechy's ‘Pablo!’ Black Magic Realism By Marilyn Macron

Author John Rechy is best known for his groundbreaking 1963 bestseller, City of Night, which burst on the scene with its bebop prose sketching the street life of a young, sought-after but elusive 'youngman' on the

make. It has been said that much of the book is autobiographical. City of Night was Rechy's literary debut, but it wasn't his first novel. That was Pablo!, which has finally been published 70 years after 18-year-old Rechy wrote it. The title character - the only


To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.com

person named in the book - also appears to share autobiographical details with the author. In magic realism, the fantastic and magical is interwoven with reality. Although magic realism could be considered as stemming from Franz Kafka’s 1915 Metamorphosis, in which the harried clerk, Gregor Samsa, awakens one morning as an insect, the term was not coined until 1955, where it was used to describe the writings of several Latin American authors, including Gabriel García Márquez and Jorge Luis Borges. Elements of magic realism include, in addition to the occurrence of the fantastical in a real-world setting (living ghosts, a beautiful girl levitating to the heavens while folding laundry (One Hundred Years of Solitude), are myths and folklore, and a controlled sense of the mysterious. Pablo! fits firmly into this category, but with its dark-

The Rockaway Times ness carves out its own new niche—call it “Black Magic Realism.” Using the archetypes of the man, the boy, the woman, Rechy shifts time and place to tell the tale of the mysterious boy with the longing eyes and lithe body who cannot love, the sorceries of his mother, the disquieting effect he has on those whom he meets, and the Mayan girl who obsessively seeks him just as the weeping moon seeks its lover the sun in Mayan legend. A girl turns into a flower, faces laugh and taunt without moving, a body leaves its head to wander during the night with animals that are restless souls of the dead, these and other magical elements occur in an otherwise realistic setting. Mayan beliefs clash dangerously with Catholicism throughout the novel. This dark tale is a magical black diamond of a tale that cataclysmically shatters into glittering shards of mirrored glass.

The Rockaway Times

By Kami-Leigh Agard

Here comes the Rockaway Groan, (succinctly coined by Rockaway Times Publisher, Kevin Boyle)! With the summer finally here and The Rock heating up with an eclectic lineup of live music, theater and arts — why leave Rockaway in the summertime! This is the place to be! LIVE MUSIC: Friday, June 1 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Leaving the office, and looking to let loose in a primal party? Well, make a beeline for Caracas as Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers blaze you with their sensually soulful old school blues and classic rock. Trust that you will be levitating in their supernatural musical fire, as you indulge in Caracas’ delectable food and drinks. Caracas, Beach 106th Concession Friday, June 1 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Get your weekend pumping with The Knobs band at Rockaway’s tucked away bay treasure, The Wharf. From AC/DC to Zeplin — The Knobs will take you down memory lane with all your favorite alternative/classic rock. 416 Beach 116th Street (behind the gas station) Friday, June 1 7 p.m. Americana/ Bluegrass favorite BreezyGrass is celebrating 10 years together, and they’re inviting everyone to come out to their show. Make your reservations at Bungalow Bar to enjoy dinner while helping this longtime local favorite celebrate. 377 Beach 92nd Street Saturday, June 2 & Sunday, June 3 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Go Irish at the 6th Annual Rockaway Beach/Breezy PointIrish Festival! With an unforgettable lineup of bands — Girsa, Shilelagh Law, Bangers and Mash, Unforgettable Fire U2 tribute band, the Gobshites, Hair of the Dog, The Canny Brothers Band and The Jeff Con-

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

lan Band — don’t be surprised if you leave singin’ with an Irish brogue! This AOH-sponsored event is welcome for all — bring the entire family! Just note no coolers or beach chairs. Adults $10 and kids under 12 are FREE! With unlimited children’s rides, face painting, and awesome music — get ready for two days of craic! St. Camillus R.C., Beach 100th Street & Shore Front Parkway

views, an appearance on the Ellen Show, and not to mention a massive world tour ahead. But these brothers, Amiri and Rahiem Taylor, are coming to none other than Rustwoods to play for their beloved Rockaway community before they go on tour. This is a world epic event you don’t want to miss! Tickets are $10. For more info, visit Rustwoods Facebook page. 97-02 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Saturday, June 2 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Head up to Riis, as one of Rockaway’s longtime favorite bands, Wine with Sue, rocks Riis with your favorite party rock covers. They have been winning over crowds with their dead-on covers and wild live shows for over a decade! But don’t take our word for it…come on down and see for yourself. Also with DJ Turbo spinning, this will be one evening where you will dancing your bum off! Riis Beach Park Bazaar: 16702 Rockaway Beach Blvd.

Saturday, June 2 7 p.m. Check out the beautiful bayside views at the BayHouse while singer/songwriter Rorie Kelly serenades the crowd with acoustic rock as you enjoy a filling meal. 500 Bayside, Breezy Point

Saturday, June 2 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. It’s Saturday night and time to FREAKOUT! Don’t worry about wearing shoes — with popular band, High Time, performing their wild sounds of the Grateful Dead and more, and grandly opened by psychedelic-progressive-rock band, Chaibaba, pumping their heavily funky and groovy tunes, your feet will literally be on fire! Low Tide Bar, Beach 97th Concession Saturday, June 2 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Be blessed as you receive healing cosmic vibes with Laraaji at Caracas. With his guitar open-tuned style conjuring cumulus clouds and body-melting drifts, you’ll feel as if you leaped into the Dead Sea — emerging clean, fresh and anew. Caracas, Beach 106th Concession Saturday, June 2 7 p.m to 9:30 p.m. Blac Rabbit has gone viral with over a million YouTube

Saturday, June 2 9 p.m. Head to Thai Rock and float on a cloud of orgasmic euphoria as the BEasy Band tickles you with their jazz rhythms and melodies that will send you home enveloped in a thick fog of pleasure. Count on solid rhythms, floating leads, and melodies that you will never forget. 375 Beach 92nd Street Saturday, June 2 9 p.m. If you didn’t get enough of the Irish tunes at the Irish Festival, head to Rogers Pub, grab a pint and sing along with the Brooklyn Bards as they play throughout the night. 203 Beach 116th Street Sunday, June 3 6:30 p.m. Wine down your hectic weekend at Thai Rock this Sunday with the Ancient Jazz Quartet. With Kevin Batchelor on trumpet, Earl Appleton on piano, Simon Chardiet on bass and none other than Mike Severino on drums — this is one night where all your cares will be washed away with soothing soulful jazz and classic standards. 375 Beach 92nd Street Tuesdays 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Connollys’ ever-popular Open

Mic Night is finally back, now hosted by none other than Rockaway’s beloved electric maestros, Squid! If you plan on stepping up to the mic, get there early so you can sign up for the lineup because it gets packed! But fear not, sip on Connollys’ world-famous piña coladas as you vibe to great live music! 155 Beach 95th Street Saturdays 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. At DredSurfer Beach 17th Concession — Bring in the ole’ time days back a yard. With veg straight off de vine, cook-up cornmeal, salt fish and more Caribbean savory delights — washed down with fresh coconut, ginger beer, sorrel and live sweet reggae music — what bettah’ way to kickoff yuh summer — Caribbean style, right on de beach? Come share the vibes every Saturday for sweet summer reggae nights. DredSurfer Grill, Beach 17th Street & Boardwalk OTHER ART NEWS Tuesday, June 5 6 p.m to 7 p.m. Flex your sketching skills with new RBB row business, The Studio Phantasmagoria, at their Open Drawing with Model event. Note that no professional skills are needed, just come, have fun and join in — who knows the provocative masterpiece you may carry home! 92-10 Rockaway Beach Blvd Public Notice: It’s not too late to sign up your children for the Rockaway Artist Alliance’s camp, kidsmART program in For Tilden. This July, the program launches its 19th year of inspiring kids through art and other activites. Open to children finishing kindergarten through 8th grade. Visit www.rockawayartistsalliance. org/campkidsmart or call 718-474-0861 or email: raakidsmart@aol.com to register your child, today! Got info on live music and art exhibitions coming up in Rockaway and Broad Channel? Send it to kami@rockawaytimes.com with the subject line: “Rockaway Good Times.”


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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times

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It looked like a big black bottle or a giant pirate’s jug to us, but the Parks Department tells us it’s a buoy (origin unknown, so it’s still a mystery). Santo Caruso sent us this photo taken at Beach 95th Street last week.

NEW HOTEL OPENS Continued from Page 10 make The High Tide a reality. A lot of improvements went into the space, especially with utilities, the backyard space, and other technical odds and ends. Rambaran credits local landscape artists James Horne and Carmine, local contractor, J. Hoyler Construction, and local Greg Grosseto’s DKT HVAC company for helping to bring everything together. As a local himself, Rambaran wants to do right by the community by undoing the wrongs of the former Playland Motel. As Playland Motel closed, rumors swirled that the rooms were being rented to homeless individuals, which caused an uproar due to the bait and switch. Rambaran promises the new motel won’t be used in such a way. After all, he has a contract with local John Moroney, one of the owners of the new RBQ restaurant, to ensure that doesn’t happen. “We have no desire to ever make that a part of our business. Further, Moroney request-

ed that we formally agree to this so the issue can be finally put to bed. We have a signed agreement between the two parties that confirms this. This hopefully will quell any concerns from the locals about a situation like this ever arising again,” Rambaran said. With the inn having a successful soft opening, Rambaran is pleased with what has materialized. “We had this jumbled mess at first with a dust covered property, but all the dust has been wiped off and cleaned up and it feels great. This is one of the best projects I’ve done locally. I walked through the rooms and thought, this is a great place,” he said, adding that he and his partners are aiming to keep it that way for years to come. “We see this being a functional business that will serve a purpose for daytrippers and locals looking for a place for friends and family to stay. There was a need for this, and we’re here to fill that need for the community and visitors alike,” Rambaran said. For more information, visit www.hightiderockaway.com.

The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018


We might be a little biased but we think some of the best photographers in the world live in Rockaway. We try to print some every week but we got backed up a bit the past couple of weeks so we’ve got extra this time around. Send your photos (limit to 2 per week) to mail@ rockawaytimes.com and we’ll do our best to print them (space permitting). We do receive more than we can print.

By Mike Dougherty

By Margaret Wielkopolan

By Eric V Jahrnes

By Gynnette Lopez

By Suzanne O'Rahilly

By Ken Lavery

By Marilyn Macron


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The Rockaway Times

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

Free Summer Series Community Runs

Spotted: Bermuda

RUNNING NEWS! Starting the 1st week of June The return of the “Summer Series” Tuesday Evenings - starting 6/5/18 (B. 126th St and Boardwalk) 7pm - Kiddie Run and 2 Mile Run and Thursday Evenings - starting 6/7/18 (B 102nd St and Boardwalk) 7pm - Kiddie Run - One Mile - 5K NOT SINCE SANDY HAS ROCKAWAY HAD ITS “COOKIE RUNS!”

Vrroooom, Vrooooooom! The engine roaring on that fiercelooking riding machine didn’t get the attention of everyone in Bermuda but they sure noticed Rosemary McGuire looking so dashing in her spiffy white Rockaway Times tee!

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

From P.S./M.S. 114 Writer’s Club THE SPRING MUSE CALLS FORTH OUR CREATIVE SPIRIT A writer cannot sit silently for spring — Observation! Inspiration! Creation! We hope you enjoy our poems. – Mrs. Diehl’s Writers’ Club of PS/MS 114. DEW DROPS By Giovanna Diehl Milisic Grass, Sturdy soldiers in green Standing tall and still Alongside tulips in gowns of pink and green All held in a tiny jewel Blossoms wake up from a long winter sleep Thanks to that drop of honey in the sky Welcoming all those who have been hidden, deep All held a tiny jewel A sweet symphony A choir of nightingales sing As trickling diamonds fall from the sky All held in a tiny jewel A shower of cherry blossoms Rain down on the earth Creating a soft pink carpet All held in a tiny jewel Mirrors on the ground Reflecting the world’s soul A photocopy of life All held in a tiny jewel And then there is me Watching the tiny jewels Sitting on the green soldiers Watching the planet watching me All held in a tiny world IN SPRING By Ryan Levy In spring, The tulips bloom And I know the orchids Are coming soon Creepy crawlies, Come out of stone cracks The pollen-dressed things Are coming back Splish, splash, The sound of rain The sound of bird melody Is stuck in my brain Golden butterflies, Emerge from wrinkled shells They shimmer in the sunlight, Like the copper of a bell

In spring, The tulips bloom And I know the orchids, Are coming soon I AM A ROBIN By Ellen Zwerling I am a robin in a fiery red coat Ready to whistle the melody I wrote I wake up the tree that I’m sitting in As I keep singing, My fellow robins chime in The sun creeps through the branches The world wakes up! “Tweet, tweet!” We chorus To get spring to wake up THE SPRING SCENT By Nicholas Langella This morning I awoke and outside I went, As the minutes passed, I became aware of a scent It was sweet, it wasn’t sour From the back of my brain blossomed the wordFLOWER ! I looked around and then I noticed Dozens of daffodils, hyacinths and crocus Just yesterday, they weren’t there Today, the sweet smell of flowers is everywhere! It is really an amazing and a wonderful thing This time of year, We all call, Spring! As I awoke on this Spring day There was no more coldness or decay In Winter’s place, a new season has arrived Suddenly, the earth and I, have come alive I AM SPRING By Fiona Fulton I am a butterfly So radiant and fair When I fly above gardens People goggle and stare I am a daisy Still in the ground Waiting for the day I can pop out and be found I am a cloud Looking down on your house Ready to move all the way south I am Spring The reason that Daisy and Butterfly come out to play And why the clouds cannot stay

I am the reason you have fun In March, April, and May SPRING By Isabella Priolo “It’s here, spring’s here, it’s the big day!” Said the little buds ready to frolic and play “What is it, what is it?” asked one little seed “Come on out! Come on out, get ready for the bees!” “Spread the word! Spread the word all around! Tell the tulips to wake up and get out of the ground Our time to bloom has just begun So, let’s get up and have some fun! It’s here, cried the buds, it’s finally here And, this time it’s here to stay Because winter’s gone and now it’s May” SPRING By Alexandra Carbonaro Spring is a beautiful bluebird She sits in a blossoming tree And, tweets lovely spring tunes A sweet, spring symphony Spring is a beautiful bluebird A sweet, chirping delight Adds color to a grey day Swooshing in the air, like a living kite Spring is a beautiful bluebird I listen to her lively tune She makes me calm after a rough day Because it’s spring, and summer is coming soon SPRING-ING INTO ACTION By Tommy Connors I throw a bullet into the catcher’s glove The ball dances and falls The batter chases it like a kid chasing a million dollars “Strike one!” The Ump says, in a lion’s voice... I lift my leg and throw the ball as hard as a stampede of elephants Right to the catcher and the batter misses— “Strike Two!” The Ump hollers like he is using a megaphone… “One more!” My teammates roar I throw my change-up I make the batter chase the ball, Down low, as if he is golfing “That’s the ballgame!” The Ump screams as loud as a

fire truck siren It’s spring and I’m playing the game I love Some people like watching the flowers sprouting But I’m practicing like a maniac Playing the game, I love— BASEBALL! SUNFLOWER By Aydin Akcin I wear my petaled gown My hands are made of green I wear my braided crown I’m waiting to be seen The wind’s my groovy beat I start to dance around I get up on my feet No one’s laying down The tulips start to dance Daffodils dance, too A hyacinth starts to prance around So now it’s up to you… SPRING SEEDS By Tristan Zam I am a seed in the ground Waiting to sprout and be found My leaves and stem dance in the warm breeze It’s the time that flowers don’t have to freeze Soon my petals will fall in the dirt Then, so will my bright green shirt The wind will blow my seed Somewhere else in the ground Waiting to sprout, Waiting to be found SPRING By Emma D’Aniello It’s Spring, It’s Spring As the daffodils say The sky prances with joy While the sun shines the day away The trees are swaying Tied up in bows And bugs are chirping A nice melody ALLERGIES By Thomas Arnold Is it actually warm now? This winter was so cold, I had to wonder It felt like spring was buried When would it crawl out from under? I breathe in deep Then suddenly I sneeze Oh no! I completely forgot I have allergies!


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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times

Rockaway Little League Recap By Alison Kase




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With the seemingly unrelenting rain bringing bad weather conditions in the previous week, Memorial Day weekend and the week leading up to it offered plenty of time for make-up games for Rockaway Little League. We’re hopeful for brighter skies ahead as we head into the second half of our season. We start this report with action at the Pee Wee Senior Division. In Monday’s game, the Zwerling Ophthalmology Orioles won over the Pee Wee Senior ABLE Discovery Center for Children’s Diamondbacks by a score of 11-5. On Wednesday, the Breezy Point Lumber Cardinals went on to outscore the Zwerling Ophthalmology Orioles in a 6-0 final score. Thursday’s game saw the A.O.H. Division 21 Athletics over the AKB Security Rockies in the Rockies in a game-ending score of 9-3. Breezy Point Lumber Cardinals came back for a second game this week, winning over Walsh Management Angels in a score of 7-0. Two other games finished out PeeWee Senior games, the first, ending in a 9-9 tie. The A.O.H. Division 21 Athletics played the ABLE Discovery Center for Children Diamondbacks, and then later we witnessed Rockaway Midshipmen Fearless Z Blue Jays cheer for their win over the Servpro of Northwest Brooklyn Pirates (12-0 Blue Jays). Also worth mentioning, the Breezy Point Lumber PWS Cardinals are enjoying the best record of the Pee Wee Division, winning eight games with only two losses so far this season.

In the older division, Minor Boys, the Storage Fox Diamondbacks won their game over the Allstate Rockaway Park Dodgers in a score of 7-5. What a great contest that was to witness! Thursday gave us another tie, (7-7) between the Belle Harbor Yacht Club Rockies and the Storage Fox Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks came back again on Saturday to win their game over the Walsh Management Angels (7-6) Diamondbacks. For our late Saturday Minor Boys game, the Allstate Rockaway Park Dodgers won over the Class Act Photo Orioles in a 9-5 win. In RLL’s oldest division, the Major Boys, the midweek game held on Wednesday featured the Curran's Meats Cubs versus the Delmar Pizza Reds, with the Reds winning it in a final score of 9-4. On Saturday, the L. Mahoney Real Estate Rockies took on the still undefeated Denis S. O'Connor Inc. Giants, but due to time constraints, the game ended in a 10-10 tie. In the Minor Girls’ Division, the RLL’s younger girls’ softball division, weekend games picked up on Thursday evening with the Elegante Rest/Pizzeria Firebirds taking on the Walsh Properties Eagles, with the Eagles winning by a 13-8 score. Saturday play kicked off with the Rockaway WISH. Clippers against the Laquila Group Hornets, with the Hornets winning 9-6. Finishing up Minor Girls’ weekend play, the Walsh Properties Eagles came off their Thursday win to win once more against the Elegante Rest/Pizzeria Firebirds, this time, 13-10. In RLL’s elder girls’ division, the Major Girls’ Graybeards’ Blazers won against the Knights of Columbus 2672 Wildcats with a score of 13-7 on Monday and the Bobcats finished off the schedule with Lana's Loft Bobcats winning 17-5 over the Lola Star Pioneers. Continued on page 46

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018

The Rockaway Times



Rockaway Word Search - Seen Around


















LITTLE LEAGUE Continued from Page 44


Note to parents: Team pictures are on the schedule beginning May 31, June 2 and 3. Please check your SI Play app for your team’s specifically scheduled photo time. Much care and attention has gone into the timing of picture days, so please make every effort


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to be ‘photo ready’ at your assigned slot. Lastly, RLL’s Annual All-Star Games will be played this Friday, June 1, here is the schedule: at 4 p.m. Minor Boys Game will take place on Field 3, Minor Girls - Field 4, at 6 p.m. Pee Wee Senior game will take place at Field 2, Major Boys - Field 3, and Major Girls Field 4.

The Rockaway Times

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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018


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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018


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The Rockaway Times

Profile for Mike Kurov

The Rockaway Times | THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018  

The Rockaway Times | THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2018  

Profile for makf