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July 11, 2019


Jam-Packed with July Events Broadway on the Boardwalk How Lucy was Saved


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Turning up the heat

Weather with Nor'easter Nick

By Nick Pittman


ot...Hot...and more HOT! If you're not a fan of Summer, boy do I have some BAD news for ya. We are going to be stuck in a pattern that will continue to deliver relentless heat and humidity to our region. Let's do a collective "UGH!". It's ok. I feel your frustration and anguish. A ridge of high pressure will allow for a very long string of days with highs at 90+. We could potentially see a day day heatwave for some of the region. High humidity too. The humidity makes it much

worse! In addition to the heat, we have to start watching the tropics carefully. Not the Atlantic - there's a lot of Saharan dust and wind shear - but rather the Gulf. We are looking at our first Tropical storm of the year, Barry. Don't worry, there is NO impact on our region that is worrisome. 10 days down the road we could see some rain make it up here but the area of real impact will likely be in Louisiana. Looks like El Nino is all but dead - and that was our weapon against hurricane season this year. As water in the pacific cools, wind shear will likely shut down in the Atlantic making the environment more conducive for tropical development. We will watch closely.

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Summer Lovin' with So Much Going On Letter from the editor


t has been a whirlwind of excitement at the Jersey Shore over the last week! Fireworks, parades, and concerts! New businesses, community service, and so much more! What a time to be living here along the Jersey Shore. It's hard to believe that a year has flown by since Ocean Resort and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino opened their doors. The two resorts, who have been adamant about team efforts in Atlantic City since the beginning, put on a tremendous fireworks show to celebrate their one year anniversary. The highly anticipated Wahlburger's opened its doors this week complete with a visit from actor and producer, Mark Wahlberg himself!

The celebrations continued with a five-star parade down the Atlantic City Boardwalk that was kicked off by a $200,000 donation from Hard Rock to five community nonprofit organizations. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, we rolled right into 4th of July weekend. It was wall to wall festivities at the Jersey Shore and July is just getting started. Concerts in the park and on the beach have kept us dancing all summer. Thousands gathered for the 4th of July concert on the Somers Point beach while The Billy Walton Band took them dancing and singing into the night. The night finished off with

Celebra�ng Life at The Southern NJ Shore

Office - (609) 788-4812 Publisher - Bob Fertsch (609) 334-1691 Executive Editor - Cindy Fertsch (609) 705-5323 Business Development Mike Yanniello

a beautiful fireworks display over the Ocean City bridge. Galloway's Fourth of July parade pulled out all the stops. "Wow" is all there is to say about the fireworks throughout the area. My daughter and I enjoyed our fireworks over the ocean with our toes planted in the sandy Ocean City beach. This Saturday is Ocean City's Night in Venice, a boat parade and celebration of shore living throughout the island. OC Pops continues to offer great entertainment at the Music Pier while OC Theatre Company will present Mama Mia in July. Broadway at the Boardwalk returned to Kennedy Plaza this year with emcee Deena Blizzard. The Jersey Boys continue to perform at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino through July 21st. FUNTASTIC Tuesdays on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City is also a wonderful time for the whole family with balloon making, live music, face painting and princesses strolling down the Avenue.

And of course, the fabulous shopping! So many fun activities, so little time! Business is booming at the Jersey Shore and for the first time in a while, “Help Wanted” signs have popped up everywhere. No doubt we are busy, but be sure to carve out some time to dip your toes in the ocean, take in a show and a good book on the beach or whatever makes the summer feel special to you.

Peace & Love, Cindy

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Columnists- Charles Eberson, Jeff Whitaker, Marci Lutsky, Krystle J. Bailey, Dina Guzzardo Raymond Tyler, Tammy Thornton, Dean Randazzo, Steffen Klenk, Nancy Adler, Ryan Gerace, Harry Hurley, Donald B. Kravitz, Joe Massaglia, Christina Sciarretta, Pete Thompson, Mike Lopez Ocean City edition cover art by Kristina Young, Peace of Wood Mainland, Coastal edition cover by Tom Briglia, photoGraphics.


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JULY 11, 2019

Food Contests at Local Farmers Markets experience we will never forget. If you are a pie baker, there are two peach pie contests coming up for you to enter. The Margate Community Farmers Market contest will be held on Thursday, July 18th. Pies need to be registered by 9:30 and judging will begin at 10:00. If you only think of blueberries when you think of

By Marci Lutsky


as anyone ever said that you make the best peach pie or the best salsa? If so, you should consider entering one of the many food contests happening this summer at area farmers markets. It’s a really fun experience, especially to do so with kids and who knows, you might just win a really cool prize! Many summers ago my kids and I won second place in the Margate Community Farmers Market peach pie contest and it was an


Hammonton, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the 7th Annual

Grilled Cheese Crab Cake Co.

Fun, Casual Dining H d S i l di Homemade Soups including Our Famous Cream of Crab Crab Melt - Guy Fieri's Favorite! Triple D Melt, Salads, Half-Pound Burgers Create Your Own Grilled Cheese D SECON and Mac & Cheese N O I T LOCA N E Party Trays & Platters

Hammonton Peach Party will take place on Saturday, July 27th which includes a peach pie contest. If baking isn’t your thing, no worries. The Ventnor City Farmers Market will host their

annual salsa contest again this year, with judging taking place on Friday, July 26th. There are different categories to win and awards will be $50 market certificates. Salsa recipes are endless so this is a really fun one. I’m thinking of entering a

CIRCLE LIQUOR STORE Rose Season is Here! Choose from 120 different Rose's from all over the world. From dry to sweet, light to rich and everywhere in between. The perfect summer sipper!

FU CASU N, DININAL G As Seen On On As Seen

Cheers To Summer!

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JULY 11, 2019

peach salsa for this one. So how do you go about preparing to enter one of these contests? The first thing you need to do is find out the rules. You want to make sure you follow all instructions so you don’t spend hours preparing only to find out you skipped an important step. Next you need to test out recipes. You want your recipe to stand out but not be too far outside the box. When my kids and I won second place in the peach pie contest, we went with a recipe that we had been making for years with apples, just swapping out the fruit. The secret to our recipe was the most delicious and f lak y homemade crust. You also want to consider presentation. Most farmers market days over the summer are extremely hot so make sure your recipe is visually appealing and will stand up to

JULY 11, 2019

contest day and enter it. Recipe tasters are easy to find and let them know you would like honest feedback. If you enter one of these contests,, good luck and I would love to hear how it went! Marci Lutsky is a food blogger at Vegging at the Shore, www. and can be reached at veggingattheshore@

the heat. Find out what time your dish needs to be on the t a b le fo r judging and don’t be late! Most importantly, if you decide to enter one of these contests, have fun with it! Winning is always great especially when it involves a gift certificate but it’s the

experience that you will remember. So dust off those cookbooks (or browse the i n t e r n e t) to find the best of best pie or salsa recipe. Recipe testing is highly recommended . Don’t just make something for the first time on


Hermit Crabs: Nature's Mobile Homes

Taking Care of Our Crabby Friends

By Steffen Klenk


hile visiting the Jersey Shore, you’ll want to bring home something to remember your experience; a memento of all the fun times had while visiting our beautiful beaches. Many shops along the boardwalk sell hermit crabs as pets that you can buy. Before you invest in making this important purchase, you should have an understanding of how to care for these creatures and the care they require.

Wild hermit crabs grow in various shapes and sizes, expanding anywhere from a few millimeters to two feet in length. You are bound to notice hermit crabs crawling along the beach, or climbing high along a seabed. They have been noted to live up to thirty years in their natural environment. With the most optimal conditions, hermit crabs can live anywhere from six months to a year in captivity. One of the most unique features of the hermit crab is its shell. These small, circular structures protect their fragile ligaments while maintaining the amount of moisture required for their survival. One interesting fact is that

they do not grow their own shells; they get their shells from other crabs, gastropods, and snails.

Hermit crabs use a molting process to grow and develop. For a period of one to two months, the crab will hibernate deep into the sand, at which point it will form a new exoskeleton. Once this process has completed, they will seek out a new shell to call home. Hermit crabs will also use their shells for added protection against a large number of predators including fish, snails, and blue crabs. Before bringing your new hermit crab home, be sure it is set up with the proper environment. Make sure it has an enclosure that is about the size of a ten gallon aquarium. Its home should be equipped with an air screen and plenty of deep sand. Hermit crabs love to exercise, so ensure that they have plenty of room to climb and areas to hide in. Hermit crabs are a community of social creatures that live in large colo-

nies in the wild. Your pet hermit would love to have several friends with him. It’s best not to have no less than two crabs per cage. Fluorescent and dome lighting will help keep temperatures at optimal levels for Sheldon to survive; make sure to install a thermometer to monitor conditions. They rely on 70 degree temperatures and a relative humidity of 75 percent. Fresh water is critical for the survival of your crustaceous friend. They use the fresh water to replenish, drink and bathe. Avoid tap water; distilled water is required, as tap water is poisonous to them. They also require salt water that can be mixed from specific aquatic stores or purchased online. Hermit crabs enjoy a diet consisting of fresh, natural foods. They have a sweet tooth and enjoy apples, pears, and even applesauce. To ensure good health, they need to be given plenty of nourishment rich in calcium and supplements. This, again, can be found online or at an aquatic store. Baby food also works best. Avoid all processed foods. Buying painted shells may seem harmless and fun to look at, but it will also create an unsafe environment for your crustaceous friend. Over time the paint can easily chip off and get inside their food or water dish, which could cause hazardous effects. Make sure you have a variety of shells for your crab to choose from in its natural form. With the proper amount of love and care, your hermit crab can live a long, healthy life. It is important to take care of the creatures we choose to share in our lives.


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JULY 11, 2019



Summer Heatwaves Events & Happenings are Coming em t s y rS ? u o Is Y ADY



Whatever it takes.

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Yoga Classes at Absecon Lighthouse ▶Thursdays ▶ at 6pm 31 S. Rhode Island Ave. Atlantic City Absecon Lighthouse will be open every day July through August from 10am-5pm, and Thursdays until 8pm, with the last climb ½ hour until closing. Adding to the excitement is Free Yoga on Thursdays incstucted by the Orange Loop’s Leadership Studio. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat). Visit for more details. Margate Movies on the Beach ▶Thursdays ▶ at 8:30pm Decature Ave. & the Beach in front of Lucy the Elephant Catch the Margate Wave every Thursday for free movie nights. This Thursday, July 11th, catch a screening of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. Don’t miss Bumblebee next Thursday, July 18th. Pre-movie activities start at 8pm. Rain dates are Friday. Visit. for more details. Smithville Car Cruise ▶Friday, ▶ July 12th from 5-8pm 615 E. Moss Mill Rd. Smithville A car cruise at Historic Smithville is a simple, great place to hang out with fellow car enthusiasts. Just drive to the side parking lot of the Village Greene near the red covered bridge. Cruise on down to Smithville and hang out. Second Friday at Noyes Arts Garage ▶Friday, ▶ July 12th from 6-8pm 2200 Fairmount Ave. Atlantic City Join Noyes Arts Garage as they gather to celebrate the opening of their most recent exhibitions, Souls of Black Folk: Lavett Ballard and 100 Faces of War. Also, enjoy live music from Danny Keiser, refreshments, guest artists and craft vendors. Second Friday at Ocean City Fine Arts League ▶Friday, ▶ July 12th from 6-7:30pm 711 Asbury Ave. Join OCFAL for this month’s opening reception, Jersey Shore. Awards will be presented during the evening. Light refreshments provided.

Atlantic Christian School Community Yard Sale ▶Saturday, ▶ July 13th from 8am-2pm 391 Zion Rd. Egg Harbor Township This giant yard sale features some two dozen vendors, with something for everyone; furniture, housewares, jewelry, toys, baby to adult clothing, and more. Food and drinks will also be sold, with the proceeds benefiting the ACS senior class. Bargain shoppers will find something to smile about. First Tech Challenge Southern Outreach Scrimmage ▶Saturday, ▶ July 13th from 8:30am-5pm Atlantic County 4-H Center 3210 Route 50, Mays Landing Want to build robots? Want to compete with robots? Come experience both at our FTC Southern Outreach Scrimmage for any child grades 7-12. Everyone is invited to come out and see what FTC is all about. Food will be available to purchase for lunch. This is a full day event; plan to be there the entire day to get the full experience of an FTC competition. For more information about the FIRST organization, First Tech Challenge, Atlantic County 4-H Robotics Club or to register, please visit Space is limited. Call Barb at 609-703-1549 with questions. OC Historical Museum Antiques & Collectibles Fair ▶Saturday, ▶ July 13th from 9am-2pm 1735 Simpson Ave. Shop some of the best known antique and collectible dealers in the region selling china, glass, furniture, vintage collectibles, postcards, jewelry, textiles and more. For more information, call 609399-1801. SatArtDays at Noyes Arts Garage ▶Saturdays ▶ at 11:30am 2200 Fairmount Ave. Atlantic City The Arts Garage is happy to bring Saturday Art Classes to the Atlantic City community. These

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JULY 11, 2019

Open Daily!

Celebrate Our Birthday



Saturday, July 13 12-4pm Parade - Character Meet & Greet Free Face painting and more!


....keeps the spirit of childhood alive in an entertaining and educational atmosphere. We invite you to relive your childhood while introducing the innocent themes of wonderment to an entire new generation. Your children’s - and grandchildren’s - memories will be with them throughout their lifetimes!



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Unlimited Rides Beautiful Grounds with Plenty of Shade Special Events throughout the Season Free Parking rty!

ay Pa d h t r i B hild's c r u o y t os Let us h 646-0103


See operating hours at 6415 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

↘Continued from 10 classes are open to children of all ages, free to all and all supplies and materials included. To sign up, please e-mail Emily at emily.sramaty@stockton. edu, stop by the Arts Garage or call Emily at 609626-3805. Gilda’s Club Dragon Boat Festival ▶Sunday, ▶ July 14th from 8am-6pm Lenape Park 753 Park Rd. Mays Landing Get your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers together and join Gilda’s Club South Jersey for their 4th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. This festival features competitive dragon boat races, delicious food from local vendors, a beer garden featuring local breweries, and health and fitness expo. Our “Party on the Lake” is a great day for expert and novice paddlers,

spectators and anyone who wants to enjoy a summer day at Lake Lenape. Learn more at Atlantic City Movie Under the Stars ▶Sundays ▶ at 8:30pm Gardner’s Basin 800 N. New Hampshire Ave. Catch a screening of Lego Movie 2: The Second Part either at Gardner’s Basin this Sunday or at Bartram Avenue (beach block) on Thursday, July 18th. Movie begins at dusk. We encourage you to bring a chair or blanket and your own snacks. More information is available at Senior Dancing Society ▶Tuesdays ▶ at 7:30pm Somers Point Fire Co. 1 447 Bethel Rd. Admission is $10 and includes light refresh-

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ments. There are some line dances along with social dances, and dance mixers each week. For more information and directions, contact Rita Voli at 609-408-3619. Potluck Picnic for Peace ▶Thursday, ▶ July 18th at 6pm Peace Pilgrim Park 500 London Ave. Egg Harbor City PeacePilgrim100 and Friends of Peace Pilgrim will be celebrating American sage’s 111th birthday with a Potluck Picnic of Peace. Peace Pilgrim, who was born in Egg Harbor City in 1980, relinquished her personal identity and started a pilgrimage for peace at the Rose Parade in 1953. Come celebrate with her followers at a free picnic with acoustical music from Pat Lamanna. Bring a covered dish to share, a chair or blanket and a musical instrument. Birthday cake and tea will be provided. Visit for details. Funny Farm Rescue at Hamilton Mall ▶Friday, ▶ July 19th from 2-4pm 4403 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing Swing by to meet Tucker, the megaesophagus puppy, and Adele, the Famous Diva Chicken, along with some of their other rescued friends when Funny Farm Rescue makes a visit to Hamilton Mall. Lucy the Elephant’s Birthday Party ▶Saturday, ▶ July 20th from 10am-8pm 9200 Atlantic Ave. Margate The Save Lucy Committee will host Lucy’s 138th Birthday Party. This year, we will be going “Back to the Beginning” as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Save Lucy Committee, formed in 1969. Come enjoy a fun-filled day of games, rides, activities, food and much more. This is one party you won’t want to miss. Free parking will be offered at the former Tow Lot at Benson and Monmouth Ave. as well as free Jitney shuttle service departing every 15 minutes. Visit for more details. EHT Under the Stars Movie Night ▶Saturday, ▶ July 20th at 8pm Robert J. Lincoln Amphitheatre at Tony Canale Park Catch a screening of The Incredibles 2. Free admission.

Farmers Markets

Atlantic City Fresh Market ▶Saturdays ▶ from 1-5pm Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall Fresh Markets delivers a highly curated series of farmers and makers markets to the Jersey Shore and beyond. Visit atlanticcityfresh. com for more details. Brigantine Farmers Market ▶Saturdays ▶ from 8am-12pm 15th Street & Reserve Blvd. Join Brigantine Green Team every Saturday for their Farmers Markets featuring fresh local produce, artisan items, contests and children’s activities. Rain or Shine. Bring your own bag. Visit for updates. Galloway Green Market ▶Thursdays ▶ from 4-7pm Historic Smithville 615 E. Moss Mill Rd. Smithville Stop by Historic Smithville every Thursday all summer long for fresh produce, seafood, prepared foods and so much more. The Galloway Green Market was started by Go Green Galloway and is celebrating its 3rd season of bringing locally grown food and unique products. Come support your local farmers and businesses. Margate Community Farmers Market ▶Thursdays ▶ from 8:30am-12pm Behind Steve & Cookie’s Monroe and Amherst Ave. Visit margatefarmersmarket for updates. Ocean City Farmers Market ▶Wednesdays ▶ from 8am-1pm Ocean City Tabernacle Grounds Corner of 6th St. and Asbury Ave. Sea Isle City Farmers Market ▶Tuesdays ▶ from 8am-1pm Excursion Park JFK Blvd. & Pleasure Ave. Ventnor City Farmers Market ▶Fridays ▶ from 8:30am-12pm Holy Trinity Parish Atlantic and Newport Avenues Visit for updates.

ART ON ASBURY Sponsored by Ocean City Fine Arts League

A unique gallery featuring fine art from local artists. Art & gifts for everyone in all mediums.

711 Asbury Ave. Ocean City 609-814-0308 Open Daily


Roofing &Siding “We want you to be our next referral!” 636 West Ave., Ocean City, NJ 08226 (609) 938-0250 NJ Lic# 13VH04548400 JULY 11, 2019

Free Summer Concerts

Jazz on the Beach ▶Thursdays ▶ at 7pm Kennedy Plaza 2300 Boardwalk, Atlantic City Join the Chicken Bone Beach Heritage Foundation for their Jazz on the Beach summer concert this Thursday, July 11th, with performances by the Carmen Lundy Quartet with Lee Smith and the Odean Pope Quartet. Next Thursday, July 18th, don’t miss the Jason Marsalis Quartet. Somers Point Beach Concerts ▶Fridays ▶ at 7pm William Morrow Beach Bay and Higbee Ave. Blues Foundation Hall of Famer Joe Louis Walker and The Deck Band hit the beach this Friday, July 12th. Next Friday, July 19th, don’t miss multi Big Easy & BMA Award Winning Singer-Songwriter Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone. Rhythm in the Park ▶Fridays ▶ from 7-9pm Robert J. Lincoln Amphitheatre at Tony Canale Park, Egg Harbor Township The EHT Rhythm in the Parks Summer Concert Series continues this Friday, July 5th, as Duck and Cover perform hits from the 60’s and 70s. Folk rock band Thriving Seas bring their mix of original music and covers to the stage next Friday, July 19th. Sea Isle Concerts at Excursion Park ▶Saturdays ▶ from 7:30-9:30pm JFK Blvd. & Pleasure Ave. Don’t miss the Dirty Dozen Band playing your favorite R&B and Pop hits this Saturday, July 13th. Absecon Concerts in the Park ▶Sundays ▶ at 7pm Heritage Park 699 Blenheim Ave. The City of Absecon Concerts in the Park continues this Sunday, July 14th, with a performance from the band Juicy, playing the best oldies, R&B and classic rock. Free admission. Please bring your own chair or blanket. Food will be available for purchase at the concession stand. Somers Point Children’s Concert Series ▶Mondays ▶ at 6:30pm William Morrow Beach Bay and Higbee Ave.

Get your dancing shoes on because the party is starting this Monday. Popular children’s DJ Dave is coming to Somers Point to mix it up for the kids. Mardi Gras AC ▶Wednesdays ▶ from 7-10:30pm Kennedy Plaza 2300 Boardwalk, Atlantic City Mardi Gras AC rolls on this Wednesday, July 17th, as one of the best reggae bands in the world, Third World, performs at Kennedy Plaza, supported by Marcella Simien and Her Lovers. Classic rock star Gary U.S. Bonds hits the boardwalk with Heather Hards and the Lil’ Mama Band next Wednesday, July 24th. Atlantic City Boardwalk Summer Concert Series ▶Next ▶ Friday – Sunday from 6-9pm Kennedy Plaza 2300 Boardwalk, Atlantic City Join Atlantic City for free outdoor concerts next weekend. Don’t miss Shorty Long & the Jersey Horns next Friday, July 19th, Triple Rail Run on Saturday, July 20th, and Screaming Broccoli on Sunday, July 21st.

Atlantic City Events

Jersey Boys ▶Now ▶ – July 21st Sound Waves at Hard Rock Tickets are $39 Winner of the 2006 Tony Award for Best Musical and the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Musical Show Album, the show follows the rise of four boys from Jersey who took the world by storm, and now they’re returning to the state where it all started. truTV Impractical Jokers ▶Thursday, ▶ July 11th at 8pm and Friday, July 12th at 7 & 10pm Borgata Event Center Tickets start at $55 Q, Murr, Joe and Sal, aka The Tenderloins, will be performing their live show consisting of unseen videos, storytelling, and stand-up comedy. Get ready for plenty of laughs as the “Cranjis McBasketball World Tour” hits the Borgata. Ages 16+ Suggested.

Lionel Richie ▶Friday, ▶ July 12th & Saturday, July 13th at 8pm Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena Tickets start at $85 Lionel Richie is best known for his mega hits such as Endless Love, Lady, All Night Long, Stuck on You, Hello and Dancing on the Ceiling. His discography of albums and singles are second to none and part of the fabric of pop music. Richie is one of only two songwriters to achieve the honor of having #1 records for nine consecutive years. Citizen Cope ▶Saturday, ▶ July 13th at 9pm The Music Box at Borgata Tickets start at $60 Citizen Cope’s music is commonly described as a mix of blues, soul, folk and rock. His compositions have been recorded by artists as varied as Carlos Santana, Dido, Pharoahe Monch and Richie Havens. Tropicana Fireworks ▶Saturdays ▶ at 10pm Join Tropicana for a dazzling fireworks show that will light up Atlantic City’s skies. Foghat ▶Friday, ▶ July 19th at 9pm Superstar Theater at Resorts Tickets start at $35 Foghat’s live performances show why the band is still around today. Constant touring is part of their DNA and the band just loves to play. Their love show is as intense as ever with the incredible energy and musicianship that one would expect and hope for from a seasoned band with such a long musical history. Atlantic City Blackjacks ▶Sunday, ▶ July 21st at 4pm Boardwalk Hall Tickets are $10 The Atlantic City Blackjacks play their final home game of the regular season next Sunday as they face off against the Baltimore Brigade.

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SURF CAMPS & LESSONS SURFBOARD RENTALS 1118 Boardwalk, OC 654 Boardwalk, OC 720 Asbury Ave, OC


JULY 11, 2019



- Complete Cardio Equipment - Tremendous Selection of Free Weights -4 Olympic/Crossfit Platforms -Rogue Equipment -Various Strength Equipment -Expert Trainers Available MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS Day Pass - $10 1 Week - $40 1 Month - $60 10 Day Pass - $80 Longer Memberships Available

OPEN Mon-Thurs 5:30am-10pm Friday 5:30-8pm Saturday 6am-8pm Sunday 6am-6pm 908 ASBURY AVENUE


(609)545-8732 Ocean City's Complete Gym 14

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Love at First Stitch Needlecraft Group ▶Thursdays ▶ at 6:30pm Atlantic County Library Egg Harbor City 134 Philadelphia Ave. Open to adults and teens. If you crochet, knit or do any other type of needlecraft, this is your club. Learn and practice your craft in a fun, welcome environment. Family Fun Movie Friday ▶Friday, ▶ July 13th at 2pm Atlantic County Library Galloway 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Suggested ages 6-16. Enjoy a different children’s film this Friday afternoon. Light refreshments provided. Please advise staff of any food allergies. Storytime University ▶Saturdays ▶ at 10:30am Atlantic County Library Pleasantville 33 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Open to ages 3-6; children must be accompanied by an adult. Miss Debbie uses the latest books and some old favorites to help introduce new vocabulary and reinforce learning. Children and their caregivers will enjoy stories, songs, rhymes, and movement while building language and literary skills. Peace, Love & Coloring ▶Saturday, ▶ July 14th from 11am-3pm Atlantic County Library Somers Point 801 Shore Rd. Create a colorful, flower-power-themed notebook. Make one for yourself and make one to donate to support the Atlantic County Library Foundation. Checkmates Chess Club ▶Saturdays ▶ from 12-4:30pm Atlantic County Library Ventnor 6500 Atlantic Ave. Exercise your mind. We welcome all to the challenge of playing a friendly game of chess with others. Paper Bag Space Helmet ▶Saturday, ▶ July 14th at 1:30pm Atlantic County Library Pleasantville 33 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Open to ages 3-11; younger children must be

accompanied by an adult. Registration requested. Make an awesome and colorful space helmet. Read and Play Baby Storytime ▶Mondays ▶ at 10:30am Atlantic County Library EHT 1 Swift Dr. Suggested for ages 6 months - 2 years and their parents. Registration required. Bring your child to enjoy songs, puppets, fingerplays, simple crafts, snacks & of course, books. Please advise staff of any food allergies. Summer Crafts ▶Mondays ▶ and Wednesdays at 1pm Atlantic County Library EHT 1 Swift Dr. Suggested for ages 5 and older. Registration required. Children and their guardians are invited to enjoy creating a weekly summer craft. This week’s craft theme is Red, White and Blue. Please register for each event separately. Grief/Loss Support Group ▶Mondays ▶ at 5pm Mental Health Association of Atlantic County 4 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Suite 8, Galloway Individuals affected by the loss of a loved one due to addiction/substance use disorder will meet Mondays from June 3rd – July 8th. The meeting is facilitated by a peer who received training and experienced this type of loss. For more information, call 609-652-3800. Gathering Wool ▶Tuesdays ▶ at 10am Atlantic County Library Ventnor 6500 Atlantic Ave. Open to adults. All levels of experience welcome. Would you like to learn how to create original handcrafted blankets, scarves, sweaters and more? Join the group to stitch, loop, craft & chat. The Every Third Tuesday Book Club ▶Tuesday, ▶ July 16th at 1:30pm Atlantic County Library Galloway 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Open to adults. Love to read? What does everyone love to do after reading a great or downright stinky book? Talk about it. How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners ▶Tuesday, ▶ July 9th at 2pm Atlantic County Library Brigantine 201 15th St. S Open to all ages. Registration requested. Come

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JULY 11, 2019

and work on various crochet projects. Crochet hooks and yarn will be provided if you don’t have them. Lego Club ▶Tuesdays ▶ from 3-5pm Atlantic County Library Galloway 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Suggested for ages 6 and older. Gather with other LEGO lovers to build something and show the rest of the group. We supply the LEGOs, you supply the imagination. Nerdvana Family Board Game Night ▶Tuesday, ▶ July 16th from 4-7pm Atlantic County Library EHT 1 Swift Dr. Open to all ages. Everyone is welcome to our board game nights presented by local store Nerdvana Games & Comics. A Universe of Movies Film Series ▶Tuesdays ▶ at 5pm Atlantic County Library Ventnor 6500 Atlantic Ave. Suggested for adults and interested teens. Celebrate our galactic summer reading theme with a collection of modern and classic science fiction titles and out-of-this-world documentaries. Furry Buddies ▶Tuesday, ▶ July 9th at 6:30pm Atlantic County Library Galloway 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Suggested for ages 6-14. Registration requested, but drop-ins are welcome. Read a story to Cody, Erin or Freedom, therapy dogs who love sharing

stories with children. Learn about the benefits of reading aloud to a therapy dog. Women with Disabilities ▶Wednesdays ▶ at 3pm Atlantic Center for Independent Living 4 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Suite 7, Galloway Women with all types of disabilities meet to network, find support and discuss common issues and topics. Call Marissa at 609-748-2253 ext. 321 for more information. Welcome Warriors ▶▶ Thursdays at 6pm Denny’s 242 E. White Horse Pike, Galloway Welcome Warriors is an all-veterans meeting on topics such as employment, adjusting to civilian life, relationships/family and more. For more information, call 609-652-3800 ext. 308 or Chad Juros Family Fun Magic Show ▶Saturday, ▶ July 20th at 2pm Atlantic County Library Galloway 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Open to all. Internationally recognized magician Chad Juros mixes a blend of magic, juggling & comedy along with lots of audience participation for an enjoyable afternoon of family fun. Classes in Art The Ventnor Cultural Arts Center is holding Classes in Art year-round. Workshops range in pottery, watercolor, oil & acrylics, pottery, pastels, jewelry making and mosaic. Classes are $20 each. Beginners welcome! Pre-registration is required. Call 609-823-7952 or visit for more information.

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JULY 11, 2019

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The Greater Ocean City Theatre Company Presents Mamma Mia By Donald B. Kravitz


n collaboration with The City of Ocean City and the Ocean City POPS, The Greater Ocean City Theatre Company (OCTC) presents its production of MAMMA MIA! as part of its 12th Season, for 4 performances July 9th, 10th, and 12th at 7:30pm, and


Monday-Friday 9 am-9 pm Saturday 9 am-5 pm Sunday 11 am-5 pm Visit our website and click “Newsletter Sign Up” to receive the latest news on our events and programs. OCEAN CITY FREE PUBLIC


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July 11th at 2:00pm, at the Bill and Nancy Hughes Performing Arts Center. The stunning cast of professional performers from a New York City casting process with be directed and choreographed by Dann Dunn, with an orchestra of professional musicians from the Ocean City POPS directed by Jonathan Kreamer. MAMMA MIA! is the ultimate feel– good show that has audiences coming

back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it’s your turn to have the time of your life at this smash–hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits, including “Dancing Queen,” “S.O.S.,” “Super Trouper,” “Take A Chance on Me” and “The Winner Takes It All,” with an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. Whether it’s your first visit or your fourteenth, see the show that has

Summer eventS Are Out Of thiS WOrld Our


LIBRARY 1735 Simpson Ave.


(609) 399-2434

Registration is required for most events. For more info and registration, call (609) 399-2434, extension 5241.


the whole world coming back for more, because every time feels like the first time at MAMMA MIA! Donald B. Kravitz is an Entertainment & Special Events photographer for national publications including Getty Images & Miss America

July events Mondays Craft Club, Noon-1 pm, Grades 1-5 tuesdays sea stars draMa, 11 am-noon, ages 7-10 “a universe of stories” reading Club, 6:30-7:30 pm July 2 Master Magician Chad Juros, Grades 1-4 July 9 bonk! Drums for kids, all ages July 16 “My Mother the astronaut,” Grades 1-4 July 23 “one Man Side Show,” all ages July 30 “Jurassic Journey,” Grades 1-4 Wednesdays “a universe of stories” reading Club, 10-11 am, Grades 5-9 July 3 Soap-making (limited seating; sign up by 6/26) July 10 “Story, Story Night!” July 17 “return of the reptiles” July 31 egypt workshop, “how to Make a Mummy” (10-11:30 am; limited seating; sign up by 7/24) Wednesday, July 24 “life in spaCe,” Franklin institute traveling Science Show, 3-4 pm fridays seashore story hour, 10-10:30 am. puppets, music & stories suMMer toddler tiMe, 11-11:30 am. puppets, music & stories (parents must stay)

JULY 11, 2019


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Guide to 2019 Night in Venice in Ocean City


The 65th Annual Event Takes Place on Saturday, July 13

cean City will celebrate the 65th anniversary of Night in Venice at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 13. The boat parade and decorated bayfront home contest provide a chance to be part of the highlight of the summer season in Ocean City. Thousands of spectators line the bayfront, and thousands more attend private parties at homes along the route from the Ocean City-Longport Bridge to Tennessee Avenue. The evening ends with a fireworks display over the bayfront at 9 p.m. The parade includes a lineup of stars who will perform shows and greet fans throughout the weekend. Special guests will include the legendary Chubby Checker, Kate Flannery from NBC’s “The Office,” and Caissie Levy, star of the Broadway production of “Frozen.” Former Philadelphia Eagle wide receiver Freddie Mitchell also will be part of the parade. The optional theme is “Celebrate: 65 Years of Night in Venice,” a chance to reminisce about favorite memories from Night in Venice history. Entries for boats and homes are still being accepted online at or by calling 609-399-6111. Deadline for entries is at noon July, 11.

Where does the parade route begin and end? The boat parade begins near the Ocean City-Longport toll bridge and travels along the bayside to Tennessee Avenue, looping in and out of lagoons along the way. Where can I watch the parade? To view the Night in Venice boat parade, grandstands will be set up at street ends along the bay from Battersea Road to 16th Street and also at Tennessee Avenue. These are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Streets include: Battersea Rd., North Street, First Street, Second Street Marina, Fourth Street, Sixth Street, 11th Street, 13th Street, 15th Street, 16th Street and Tennessee Avenue. Tickets are also on sale to view Night in Venice from the Bayside Center (520 Bay Avenue), which will be open with a picnic area, snack food for sale, bleacher seating and entertainment. Tickets are $4 for children (12-and-under) and $8 for adults. A DJ will play music from 4:30 p.m. until the first boats in the parade arrive. Face-painting will be available for children. The band will resume after the parade until the fireworks begin at 9 p.m. Tickets are available at oceancityvacation. com/boxoffice or 609-399-6111.

Where can I park? Free parking and shuttle service will run starting at 4 p.m. Parking will be available at: ●● Ocean City Municipal Airport: 25th Street and Bay Avenue ●● Soccer Field at Tennessee Avenue: Off Shelter Road ●● Ocean City Community Center: 1735 Simpson Avenue Shuttles will drop off spectators at street ends where they can watch the parade and return them to the parking lots afterward. The shuttle also drops off at the Bayside Center. The service is free and will be available until 10 p.m. Parking restrictions begin at midnight Friday (July 12) and continue through midnight Saturday (July 13) for the following locations: ●● Both sides of Bay Avenue between 16th Street and 24th Street ●● The east side of Bay Avenue between 14th Street and 16th Street. ●● West 16th Street, West 17th Street and West 18th Street will have parking restrictions in place. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Violators will be ticketed and in severe cases, the vehicles will be towed if public safety is affected. This is to allow ●●

for safe passage of all pedestrian and vehicle traffic and emergency vehicle access to isolated areas of the bayfront. Can I watch from the Ninth Street Bridge? All pedestrians and bicyclists should use the Shared Use Bike Path and stay to the south side shoulder for viewing. No persons will be allowed to bring chairs for seating onto the bridge. At no time will persons block the free movement of the Shared Use Bike Path. No open alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bridge at any time. Persons are not permitted to walk along the bridge with motor vehicle traffic. Ocean City Police will be present monitoring the bridge while the parade is in progress for assistance. Can I watch online? A video stream of the parade will be available through Facebook Live at Ocean City NJ. The video will be captured from the Bayside Center toward the beginning of the parade route. When and where are the fireworks? Night in Venice will include a fireworks display launched after the parade at 9 p.m. from a barge in the bay north of the Ninth Street Bridge, roughly off Third Street. The display should be best viewed from street ends or the bayfront between

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JULY 11, 2019

the Ocean City-Longport toll bridge and 16th Street. How do I participate? You can register your boat or house online at The NIV Committee is seeking volunteer patrol boats to assist with keeping the parade together, monitoring the parade route, and general safety. If you're able to help, email Michael Hartman at by 4 p.m. Thursday (July 11). Are paddleboards and kayaks part of the parade? For safety reasons, paddleboards and kayaks are not part of the Night in Venice parade. What are some other parade highlights? The Ocean City Theatre Company Show Choir, the Cousin’s Band and Andrew Hink will perform from boats in the parade. The cast of the upcoming “Newsies” also will be part of the fun. What else is happening on Night in Venice Weekend? Tickets are on sale now for the following: ●● Chubby Checker and the Wildcats: Chubby Checker will help kick off Night in Venice weekend with a special concert 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 12 at the Ocean City Music Pier. The rock ‘n’ roll icon will perform “The Twist” and other hits from his legendary career. He will return on Saturday to appear in the Night in Venice boat parade.

Tickets are $25 to $30. Meet-and-Greet with Kate Flannery: Flannery will greet fans before her appearance in the Night in Venice boat parade. The Philadelphia native, who starred as Meredith on “The Office,” will be at the Ocean City Music Pier starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 13.


Tickets ($15) are available for an autograph and a selfie photograph with Flannery. Caissie Levy with the Ocean City Pops: The star of the Broadway version of Disney’s “Frozen” will be the featured performer for this Ocean City Pops concert at 7:30 p.m. July 14. Levy also has performed on Broadway in “Les




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‘MAMMA MIA’ (July 9 to 12): The Ocean City Pops and Ocean City Theatre Company team up to present the popular Broadway musical featuring the timeless music of ABBA. Show times are at 7:30 p.m. on July 9, 10 and 12 with a 2 p.m. matinee on July 11 at the Hughes Performing Arts Center (beach block of Sixth Street). Call 609-399-6111 or visit SAND SCULPTING CONTEST (July 11): Registration is free and the informal, family-friendly contest begins at 9 a.m. at the Sixth Street Beach. Judging takes place by 11 a.m. For more information, call 609-399-6111. ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES FAIR (July 13): The Ocean City Historical Museum invites some of the best known antique and collectible dealers in the region. China, glass, furniture, vintage collectibles, postcards, jewelry, textiles, and more. Free admission for the 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. event at the Stainton Senior Center within the Ocean City Community Center (1735 Simpson Avenue). For more information, call 609-399-1801. 40TH ANNUAL T. JOHN CAREY MASTERS SWIM (July 13): One-mile ocean swim starts at 43rd Street or 25th Street (depending on favorable current) and finishes at 34th Street. Register online at Race-day registration opens at 8 a.m. at 34th Street and the beach. The race will start at 10 a.m.

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Miserables,” “Wicked,” “Hairspray” and “Rent.” She headlined Carnegie Hall with the NY Pops and backed up Rod Stewart during his Las Vegas residency. Levy will appear in the Night in Venice Parade on July 13. Tickets are $45 to $55. Any child dressed in prince or princess attire for the concert will have the opportunity to meet her after the concert for a quick photograph and autograph. The meetand-greet is complimentary with purchase of a ticket to the concert. (Levy will perform “Let It Go” but will not be in costume, and the show will include songs from other Broadway musicals.) Tickets for all events are available at, by calling 609-399-6111, or by visiting the Music Pier Box Office, the City Hall Welcome Center (861 Asbury Avenue) or the Roy Gillian Welcome Center (on the Route 52 causeway).

Sun, Mon, Thurs All-You-Can Eat Crab Legs Tuesday Prime Rib Wednesday Children under 12 Eat Free Friday and Saturday Steak & Seafood Join us for our 3-course High Tea! Every Thursday and Third Sunday of the month at 2pm 719 11th & Boardwalk, Ocean City 609-399-1000


Remembering “Back In The Day"

Appearing at Romanelli's 279 S. New York Rd (Route 9) Galloway (609)652-0179


By Jeff Whitaker


f you are like me, at one time or another you’ve used the phrase “back in the day.” Of course, most of the time, we use it in the context of reminiscing of grander, more positive times. We might hear someone say, “Back in the day, we never worried about ….” You fill in the blank. This past week, a visitor to our area was asking me about Atlantic City “back in the day.” In this case he was referring to the early years of casino gaming and the stretch of time when championship boxing reigned at Boardwalk Hall. I was telling him about a couple of the Mike Tyson fights I had the opportunity to attend and one in particular where (like most of his bouts) was over in under a minute. I remember turning to the person I was with after the opening bell. We were about to discuss some of the finer points to look for and POW!!, just like that, a knockout by Tyson. The fight was over. This person I was talking with remarked about times changing and that the city “isn’t what it used to be.”

It caused me to think a lot about how we can all romanticize about the past. We all tend to pull the “back in the day” card from time to time. And there is a lot about the past in many of our lives that we can look back on fondly. Maybe, it’s just the opposite for you. Maybe you look back grateful that things aren’t as they were “back in the day.” But as I thought about it, I realized that when we were present “back in the day”, no doubt we found ourselves at some point saying, “back in the day” then as well. What I’m saying is we can’t spend so much time living our lives in the past that we forget to live fully in the present. Seasons change, circumstances change. It can be fun to look back on times in our lives that bring us happy memories, that we remember with fondness. But in the process, let’s not forget to make the most of the time we have now. Let’s learn to maximize the hours we are given each and every day. Because I guarantee you that one day, today will be looked back on as a fond memory “back in the day.” Jeff Whitaker is a lifelong communicator and storyteller. He is a certified trainer, coach and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Jeff’s goal is to encourage excellence in individuals and corporations through leadership and communications training. Connect with him at, through The Jeff Whitaker Company on Facebook or @jeffwhitaker on Twitter.

JULY 11, 2019

The Legacy of Casey Feldman and Our Community’s Ongoing Commitment to Ending Distracted Driving By Ryan Gerace


asey Feldman was a talented, compassionate, and highly personable person that everyone loved to be around. She was an aspiring journalist who always had an eye for a story wherever she went. She was a communication and media studies student at Fordham University in New York City. On July 17, 2009, Casey was on her way to her summer job as a waitress at Bob’s Grill on the Ocean City boardwalk when she was fatally struck by a distracted driver. Distracted driving is something that is unfortunately all too common both here in the United States and all over the world. According to the CDC, approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured by a distracted motorist everyday in our coun-

try. One of the best ways to prevent distracted driving is to put down the cell phone and keep it nowhere near you while operating a motor vehicle. People who use cell phones while driving are 5 times more likely to get into an accident. Now that we are in the age of texting, Snapchat, and other instant messaging platforms, people are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash when typing on their phones. In the moment, it might seem like a quick text to your friend about tonight’s dinner plans while driving is perfectly harmless, but it only takes one quick instance of being distracted for you to be involved in an accident. is a project of the Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation and their mission is “to save lives from distracted driving through advocacy, education, and action.” EndDD has given free talks to over 375,000 students nationwide on the dangers of distract-

ed driving. The have also created a bystander intervention program to teach teens how to effectively speak up when they are in the car with a distracted driver. The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation has done so much good for our community and country since it started for not only distracted driving prevention, but also for students and organizations whose interests and goals aligned with Casey’s. Casey Feldman was a very involved young woman who actively volunteered at a soup kitchen, a women’s shelter, an AIDS clinic, and at a no-kill animal shelter, all while pursuing her dream to become a reporter. She was involved in theater and writing during her high school days and the foundation gives a scholarship every year to a member of the Greater Philadelphia Region Cappies which was a theater club that Casey was a part of. The Foundation also gives grants to the

Providence Animal Shelter and Fordham University’s student newspaper where Casey was the news editor. The Casey Feldman Memorial Foundation continues to give and fundraise for charities, organizations, and students all while seeking to end distracted driving. “I was very afraid that Casey’s short life would be forgotten” explained Joel Feldman, Casey’s father on Shore Local Live, “but today I am no longer afraid of that, there is so much good being done in Casey’s memory.” If you would like to learn more about Casey Feldman and the foundation in her memory, please visit They are always accepting donations in order to fund their efforts and scholarships. Please also visit to learn more about how you can stop distracted driving in your community. Ryan Gerace is a recent graduate from La Salle University with a Master’s in Strategic Communication. Born and raised in Linwood, NJ. He enjoys cooking, baking, and community events.

Current Address: 430 Tilton Rd

JULY 11, 2019


How a Two Block Move Saved Lucy By Eric Conklin


ithout Lucy the Elephant’s current home in Margate, she wouldn’t be America’s oldest roadside tourist attraction. Lucy was scheduled for demolition, but was given a second chance by Margate residents Ed and Silvia Carpenter. The couple founded the Save Lucy Committee and attained rights her home at her current location, two blocks south of her former spot. Lucy – built in 1881 and named “Elephant Bazaar” – had fallen victim to a business deal where her original home was sold for land development. It was originally owned by Lucy’s designer James V. Lafferty Jr., who owned most of South Atlantic City’s land. Lafferty originally developed Lucy as a method to increase tourism in South Atlantic City, now Margate City. With tourist piling into trains and headed to Atlantic City, Lafferty wanted a way to advertise real estate. After spending roughly $36 thousand on construction, Lucy was a success. She was eventually sold to the Gerston Family who kept the elephant open to visitors. With the start of a new decade, Lucy had gotten into trouble.

Lucy had been deemed unsafe for tourism in 1962 because of her corroding structure. Atlantic City had also been experiencing a decline in tourism, do to increase travel by airplane. “They no longer had to come by car to Atlantic City,” said Executive Director Richard Helfant. “They could fly all over, and Atlantic City started on the decline. And along with it went everything else that depends on tourism.” In 1969, the Gertson’s decided to sell Lucy’s location to allow a developer to

raising events such as bake sales raised enough money to keep Lucy at the Jersey Shore. The organization earned status as a 501C3 non-profit organization, meaning

“They [volunteers] had to coordinate with the three utility companies to drop the power lines along Atlantic Ave, because Lucy’s taller than them,” Helfant added.

Lucy on the move

Lucy in bad shape in the 60's build a high-rise condominium. With the deal came Lucy’s scheduled demolition. That’s when the Carpenters stepped in to save Margate’s world famous icon. With the help of other residents, fund

6th annual


For A Cause 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Heritage Surf and Sport 9223 Ventnor Ave #1 Margate City, NJ 08402 25% of Proceeds From Art Sold Donated To Help Fight Cancer In Our Community

it could collect money for fundraising without being taxed. Going door to door, volunteers raised the amount of money needed to cover Lucy’s move. Helfant remembers participating in bake sales for Lucy as a middle-school student. His teacher Julius Woods had been a member of the Save Lucy Committee and encouraged him to participate in Lucy’s fundraisers. With the funds, the Mullin & Renalli Moving Company from Mount Holly, NJ decided to take on the risky task. The company was the only one in the Northeast willing to conduct the operation. “They had an engineering study done to determine if Lucy would survive the move, and they actually didn’t think she would,” said Helfant. “They told the committee that once it went off the curb, it would just collapse to the ground.”

On Jul 20, 1970, the mission was a success as Lucy made it safely to her new home on Atlantic Ave. Doubters in the community were stunned as they crowded the street as Margate’s famous skyscraper defied all odds. Since her move, Lucy has been an ongoing restoration project. She continues to be battered around by age and the forces of mother nature. Margaret Westfield Lucy’s Restoration Architect, recalls being called into action mend Lucy’s tail after a windstorm. “A tent set up for a wedding got picked up in a windstorm and bashed into her tail,” said Westfield. “So, she had a bandage on the back of her tail until we had that fixed.” Helfant says that Lucy continues to attract visitors and that her popularity continues to grow every year. She will turn 138 years old next Saturday. .

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JULY 11, 2019

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Back by popular demand, Broadway on the Boardwalk has returned to Kennedy Plaza this summer

Hosted by “One Funny Mother”, Dena Blizzard, this concert series features performances by the current casts of the hottest musicals on Broadway today


he series runs every Monday night from July 8 – August 26 at 8pm on Kennedy Plaza (Boardwalk at Mississippi and Georgia Ave.) Broadway on the Boardwalk is produced by JudiLudi Productions in partnership with the Casino Reinvestment and Development Authority.

Schedule: July 15th - Rick of Ages, The Jersey Boys July 22nd - Hadetown, Tootsiw, Kingkong, Beetlejuice July 29th - Beautiful, The Carole King. Musical, Hamiltunes August 5th - Wicked August 12th - The Cher Show, Frozen August 19th - Broadway Sings August 26th - Mean Girls, The Apple Boys, Ain't Too Proud

3 Check R


for leaking 3 Check W ind for Air Lea ows ks 3 Check S idin for Damag g es 3 Check S creens for tears






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Dr.Pol Miranda, DC DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC • Gentle, low force chiropractic care

• ART (Active Release Technique) "Your Health, My Passion"

320 Shore Road, Somers Point · 609-653-8300 JULY 11, 2019

All photos by Tom Briglia/Photographics



At Recovery Centers of America, we believe addiction is a disease - not a personal failure, which is why we treat our patients with the love, dignity and respect they deserve. We provide a comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment plan designed to identify and address the root causes of your addiction. It is our mission to work with you to restore your confidence and unlock your potential, so that you can achieve a meaningful life in recovery.

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Senior Moments

The Road to Retirement Heads West

A Senior’s Observations, Opinions and Rantings by Charles P. Eberson


he decision was made and the countdown started in earnest at 100 days. My wife has worked for the local school system for 26 or 28 years (depending on whom you ask). She had a great 19 or so years filled with the joy of working with children and coworkers who have become lifelong friends. Over recent years, the working environment changed and conditions were such that retirement became a very attractive option. She filed the appropriate paperwork, and the countdown began. Time moves the slowest when you want it to pass quickly. However, as the days ticked down from the 30’s to the 20’s, to the 10’s and then finally single digits, the reality of my wife’s

retirement started sinking in and I was faced with some uncertainty. Sure, I was ecstatic that she wasn’t going to be working for a supervisor who should have been removed years ago and that she wasn’t going to adhere to any schedule outside of what she plans for herself, but I knew things were going to change for me. For instance, in our almost 40 years of marriage we have never been alone together for more than a week at a time and even those weeks were rare. Now it was just going to be the two of us 24/7 and that can be a daunting prospect. I know the days of me listening to hear her pull away from the house and climbing back into a big cool bed have probably ended, as well as the hours of binge-watching my shows that she has virtually no interest in. So has the instructional YouTube videos: I have an insatiable

thirst to learn about things which I will probably never use. I am reasonably sure I am not going to have to build a cabin in the woods from scratch, trap animals for food and use their fur for clothing but if so…I am prepared. At the time of this writing, my wife is one week into her retirement and I have seen some positive changes. She is more relaxed and sleeping better. I am better fed. Yelling at pedestrians leaping out in front of our car and at tourists ignoring simple rules of the road has subsided a bit but hey, they deserved it. I see the spark of who she once was starting to burn brighter before the stress started to dampen it. Stress is bad. My mother used to say stress will kill you before whatever it is you are eating and drinking. So, in celebration of my wife’s newfound freedom

we are embarking on a challenging adventure of taking a three-month camping trip across the country visiting many of our nation’s parks out west, i.e. the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and other states along the route. Months of planning, routes, reservations, renting our house for the three months, mail and bill paying are all coming together. Our friends commented that this trip is something they always wanted to do, and we try and encourage them to start planning. Time goes by. To my faithful readers, stay tuned. I am going to chronicle our adventure in this column and have set up a YouTube channel for you to follow. More information to come. Who knows? I might be building a cabin after all. Charles Eberson has been in the newspaper business for over 25 years. He has worked as a writer, advertising executive, circulation manager and photographer. His photography can be viewed at charles-eberson.

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Friends and Enemies in the Garden

By Tammy Thornton


e all have those friends that build us up and make us better. We want to be near them and hope they also benefit by being close to us. Unfortunately, other friends take away so much they leave us weak and depleted. Plants are the same way. Some vegetables and flowers are compatible and help each other in various ways. Companion planting is the practice of intentionally placing certain vegetables, herbs, and flowers near each other for the benefits they confer to their neighbor. Conversely, incompatible plants can be negatively affected if planted too close to each other. Tomatoes and basil are a natural match both in the garden and on the

table. Jersey tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil will make your mouth water when sprinkled with fresh basil. But they are also a good pairing in the garden. Basil is believed by many farmers to enhance the flavor of tomatoes as well as deter Basil and tomatoes make great companions aphids and white in the garden and on the table flies. Lettuce and spinach are normally the growth of the peas and planted in early spring when temperatures are cooler. Plant them under other plants the shade of tomatoes and corn to in the bean extend their growing season. The family. taller vegetables will help protect the Howevlettuce and spinach from the sun of er, garlic and summer, but their shallow roots won’t onions are great comdeprive the larger plants of nutrients in the soil. panion plants for many other Peas add nitrogen to the soil which vegetables since will be appreciated by cucumbers and they deters pests zucchini. But avoid planting peas near such as Japanese anything in the allium family such as beetles, aphids, garlic and onions, which will stunt

cabbage worms, cabbage maggots, and rabbits. Help protect your roses from aphids by planting garlic and onions around them. Or plant beautiful alliums near your roses for a double benefit of their impressive globe-shaped flowers. Plop garlic cloves around your tulip bulbs when you plant them in the fall to deter rodents. Marigolds are rockstar companion plants. If you are a vegetable, you definitely want them to be your n eig h b o r and friend. They deter nematodes, which a re microscopic roundworms that attack tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, lettuce, carrots, and corn. Marigolds also repel cabbage moth worms and, therefore, make good companion Nasturtiums are beneficial in the garden and look beautiful in a salad. plants for cauliflow-

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JULY 11, 2019

Marigolds deter many garden pests er, broccoli, and cabbages. They also deter bunnies. If that’s not enough, besides keeping away bad pests in the garden, they attract good insects such as bees to pollinate your vegetables. Marigolds are easy to grow from seed and, though they are annuals, their seeds can be collected for the following season. We should all have such an easygoing protective friend. Nasturtiums have beautiful colorful flowers in deep shades of red, orange, and yellow. Their flowers are edible and add a peppery taste to a salad. They repel pests in the garden such as squash bugs, aphids, and beetles. Meanwhile, they attract pollinators to your garden and are believed to enhance the flavor of cucumbers and summer squash. Strawberries are fun to grow and delicious to eat, but they don’t always play well with others. Members of the Brassica family such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can have their growth impaired if planted in

the vicinity of strawberries. On the other hand, certain plants can harm strawberries. While plant rotation is often a good gardening practice, avoid planting strawberries in the same beds that have had mint, berry plants, roses, chrysanthemums, or melons. All of these plants can make strawberries susceptible to verticillium disease, causing injury or death to the plants. So choose your friends wisely as well as those of your plants. Consider the advantages of companion planting. Learn how some plants will add nutrients to the soil or defend against pests in the garden. Using your plants efficiently will allow you to grow more produce in a smaller space. And hopefully, we will all strive to be the type of companion that lifts the spirits of others and causes them to thrive. Tammy Thornton is a mom of four, a substitute teacher, and a Sunday school teacher. She is passionate about gardening and cooking, and loves the beach. We would love to heart about your own gardens. Please send pictures, questions, and comments to: shorelocalgardener@

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The Jim Whelan Open Water Festival Makes its Return to Atlantic City

By Ryan Gerace


n Sunday July 14th, Green Whales Inc. is proud to be hosting the Jim Whelan Open Water Festival which will see the return of the 54th Around the Island Swim which will be a 22.75-mile swim race around Absecon Island. The Open Water Festival will also feature the Green Whales 2k and the Pilot Whale Intro to Open Water 400-meter swims as well. This event will take place at the Atlantic City High School Boat House and all proceeds will go to the Whelan’s Whales Swim Program which teaches the kids of Atlantic City water safety and swimming lessons. Originally started back in 1953, the Around the Island Swim last event was in 2006 and the return of this event will feature swimmers and athletes

JULY 11, 2019

from all over the globe. The swim will be started at the 7 am and end no later than 7 pm. The athletes will be swimming around the entire Absecon Island which is the barrier island consisting of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport. This event is returning largely in part because of the efforts of Green Whales Inc. and the communities of Absecon Island. A total of 11 New Jersey Beach Patrols will be assisting with this event including ones from Atlantic City and the downbeach communities. The beach patrol volunteers will be in lifeguard boats following the swimmers around the island in order to ensure their safety during the Around the Island Swim. The festival is named after former New Jersey Senator and former Atlantic

City Mayor, Jim Whelan who was a huge supporter of the Around the Island Swim as he often participated in it during his time with us. In his lifetime, he taught many children how to swim in Atlantic City and taught many of the parents who now have kids in the Whelan’s Whales Program now. Jim Whelan’s legacy continues to shine in Atlantic City and he without a doubt be ecstatic to see the return of the Around the Island Swim after 13 years. Registration for the Around the Island Swim closed in April but, if you or someone you know would like to participate in the Green Whales 2K race happening on the same day, registration is still open and Green Whales Inc. will allow same day reg-

istration for that race as well. The 2K race will also start at the Atlantic City boathouse. The race course will be from the boathouse to a 1K mark north where the swimmers will turn around and finish at the boathouse. If the 2K is also a little bit long for your liking, there will also be a Pilot Whales 400M race which will be a much shorter open water race for people of all ages. The Jim Whelan Open Water Festival is bound to be an awesome day filled with plenty of exciting races, prizes, and more. If you are on one of the many Absecon Island beaches on July 14th be sure to cheer on the racers as they make their way around the island. To find out more about Green Whales Inc and the Jim Whelan Open Water Festival, or to register for a race, please visit Ryan Gerace is a recent graduate from La Salle University with a Master’s in Strategic Communication. Born and raised in Linwood, NJ. He enjoys cooking, baking, and community events.


HERO Police Car Unveiled at HEROtini Tasting


he HERO Campaign held a HEROtini Tasting on Wednesday, July 3rd at the Atlantic City Boardwalk, giving the public an opportunity to sample a variety of mocktails in one, central location. Eight participating establishments were in attendance, and their drinks were as delicious as they were diverse, which included everything from the pina colada-inspired “Bocca Bulldozer” (Bocca Coal Fired Bistro) to a turmeric seasoned “Cuddles on the Beach” (Dock’s Oyster House). Patrons were encouraged to stop and sample the free beverages, and vote for their favorite in the HEROtini Challenge. One visitor, Pam of Bel Air, Maryland, who often serves as a designated driver, appreciated the opportunity to have a non-alcoholic option beyond the usual choices of soda, water, or tea when dining out with friends. “It’s nice to be included,” she remarked as she sampled “The Pineapple Express” from Knife & Fork. “And this one is very good… it tastes like a real cocktail.” Hosted by the Tropicana, the tasting took place at the boardwalk pavilion across from the casino, and was buoyed by both the July 4th holiday

Sponsored by the With the goal of significantly reducHard Rock Hotel & Caing (if not eliminating) DUI incidents sino, the Atlantic City in Atlantic County, The HEROtini Police Department was Challenge is a donate-to-vote contest, proud to add a special the results of which will support the HERO-wrapped vehicle campaign’s Holiday HEROES Safe Ride to their fleet, and help Program, providing free and safe rides promote the HERO Camhome locally for patrons of participaign’s message of safe pating establishments over the 2019 and sober driving. holiday season (from Thanksgiving Eve Volunteers representing HEROtini participants Knife & “Our hope is that when to New Year’s Day), to prevent drinking Fork, Dock's Oyster, Linwood Country Club, Harry's individuals see this car paOyster Bar, Gregory's, Bocca, and Tropicana and driving. trolling the streets every The HEROtini Challenge lasts until crowds, and the Tropicana boardwalk day, it’s a reminder of the importance August 29th, and more events to help promote individual entries will be held screens, which featured images of of having designated drivers,” exthe 32 HEROtini mocktails, and their plained Deputy Chief James Sarkos, throughout the summer, including The HEROtini HERO bartenders throughout the who worked closely with mid-day event. Attendees included ElBackyard Bash the H ERO dorado Resorts Senior Vice President at Gregory’s Campaign to Steve Callender, as well as members of Bar this Friday, complete the the Atlantic Police Department, who from 6-10pm. project. “We To vote for were on-hand for a special reveal that are all about your favorite proved to be the event’s highlight. having fun in “We want to thank Steve Callender HEROtini, visit Atlantic City, and his team, and all the bartenders www.herotini. but everyone HERO Campaign Chairman & CEO Bill Elliott and establishments represented at org. For inforhas to do it and ACPD Deputy Chief James Sarkos pose in the tasting event for promoting the mation about safely. Trag- front of newly unveiled HERO-wrapped police car upcoming HEROtini Challenge and our goal to events, or to save lives by preventing drunk and imedies happen paired driving,” said HERO Campaign when people drink and drive, and we follow along with the HEROtini Chalchairman Bill Elliott. “We encourage hope that when you see this car, it’s a lenge highlights, visit herocampaign. reminder to be safe, be sober, or get a everyone to vote and donate for their org, or the HERO Campaign’s Facedesignated driver.” favorite HEROtini.” book, Instagram, or Twitter platforms.

Help the HERO Campaign promote designated drivers!

VOTE for your favorite HEROtini Mocktail ®

@ 31 area bars and restaurants are competing to WIN the Great HEROtini® Mocktail Challenge 2019. Funds raised will support the Greater Atlantic City area’s first Holiday HEROES Safe Ride Program, providing free and discounted rides home during the 2019 end-of-the-year holiday season. The establishment that raises the most funds will be crowned the winner on August 29th at Linwood Country Club. Benefiting the

Headquartered at Stockton University


JULY 11, 2019

Views from the Shore By Brian Cahill of Shore Medical Center


just decided to scrap the column I originally planned for this week. Not because of writer’s block or a lack of stories to share. It was because I recently witnessed something truly incredible at the Mainland Recreational Association in Linwood. Hundreds of children, ages 4-18, swam seemingly endless laps to raise money for Shore Cancer Center. In fact, children on the MRA swim team have been swimming laps and raising funds for Shore Medical Center for 37 years. After seeing these swimmers in action, I spent some time talking with them and their swim coach to find out more about this event and its impact on our community. The event that took place on July 5 is known as the Carole Schiavo Kids Swim for Health. It’s an annual event sponsored by the Auxiliary of Shore Medical Center – the hospital’s original fundraising organization. It began in 1982 as the Kids for Kids Swim-A-Thon, which originally funded special pediatric projects at Shore Medical Center. The first year, swimmers raised $8,500, and

JULY 11, 2019

to date, the group has raised nearly $300,000, with proceeds now going toward cancer care at Shore. In 1989, the event was selected as one of the top ten fund raising ideas in the United States by the American Hospital Association Two years ago, the Auxiliary of Shore Medical Center recognized the MRA’s long-time commitment by presenting them with the New Jersey Hospital Association Partnership in Volunteering award for continuing the tradition and motivating young fundraisers to support healthcare in their community. Upon accepting the award, MRA swim coach Michael Schiavo said, "I am very proud to be a part of something that has impacted so many people for the past 37 years. As a coach, it is really fun for me to watch the kids embrace the challenge and responsibility of the Kids Swim. They learn a lot about themselves, and the longer distances motivate them to train harder and improve their performance. This event gives kids an opportunity that they would never normally have." I asked some of the participants why they swam in this year’s event, and their answers were the perfect blend of determination, innocence and compassion: Megan Pruitt, 11 of Linwood swam an incredible 164 laps. “I like to swim and wanted to help and raise money. I just kept going until the two hours was up.” Blake Levinson, 7, of Linwood, swam 36 laps. In addition to swimming, Blake’s a base-

ball player whose favorite player is the Phillies’ Rhys Roskins. “I swam today to have fun and raise money for charity.” Leah Nirenberg, 11, Linwood. “I have been on the swim team for a long time, since I was six years told. I swam today to help the people

who are sick at Shore Medical Center, and also because I wanted to do something fun with my friends.” Owen Eissler, 5, Northfield. This first-time participant proudly swam 13 laps. “I wanted to help people have some fun before I start Kindergarten.” Abaigh Heffernan, 11, Linwood. “I have been doing this event since I was six years old, and today I swam 188 laps to help the people at Shore. We got the option to do it again this year so I said ‘Why not?’ Max Roesch, 8, Northfield. Max’s mother was actually taught by Coach Mike so the Schiavo family influence runs deep. This is the third year in which Max participated. When asked how he prepared to swim 36 laps, he said, “I

just jumped into the pool and went for it!” Anabelle Perez, 8, Linwood. “I went to my dad’s friends’ houses and offices and signed up eight people to sponsor me. Today I swam 102 laps and raised $210 for people who are sick and need to get better.” On July 16, there will be a pizza party at the MRA to celebrate all of the swimmers and to announce the total laps swam and dollars raised for cancer care at Shore. Congratulations to the participants, their families, Coach Schiavo, and the Shore Auxiliary on another successful event. The Auxiliary of Shore Medical Center is Shore’s original fundraising organization. The Auxiliary is made up of dedicated volunteers who work throughout the year on initiatives that include the hospital gift shop, thrift shops, golf tournaments and other community events. Since the Auxiliary’s inception in 1940, the Auxiliary has donated more than $12 million to Shore Medical Center. For more information on the Shore Auxiliary, call Lisa DiTroia at 609.653.3969 Brian Cahill is the Director, Marketing & Public Relations for Shore Medical Center in Somers Point. He is also a Board Member for the Somers Point Business Association, an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at Stockton University, and is founding member of Somers Point-Community First, a local volunteer organization.


Today’s Number One Rock And Roll Recording Artists To Perform At The Atlanticare Concerts On The Beach In Somers Point


he AtlantiCare Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point have had an astronomical, historical first four shows in our 27th season this year. At the same time, our friend, Devon Allman has launched the 50th Anniversary Celebration Tour of the Allman Brothers Band Legacy with his phenomenal new Allman Betts Band while recording a historic album at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studios where the Allman Brothers did some of their greatest work. This album, “Down to


the River“, is now the number one rock ‘n’ roll album in the United States. These two meteors will collide at one of the most memorable and explosive events in the glorious musical history of Somers Point on August 23, 2019 when the Allman Betts Band performs an incredible

free concert fo r South Jersey at the finest, most unbelievably fantastic free concert series in southern New Jersey. Now with Greg Allman’s son, Devon Allman leading; Dickey Betts’ son Duane Betts co-writing, playing guitar and doing vocals and

the incredibly talented Barry Oakley Jr on bass, this is the living legacy of the Southern Blues Rock phenom known as the Allman Brothers. For the next 9 Friday nights through September 6th and a special Labor Day Sunday concert September 1st you can experience the greatest small town concert series on the Beach for FREE at the AtlantiCare Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point. When something is this great in life you just roll with it! Let the Good Times Roll!

JULY 11, 2019

Enjoy Your Cold Carbs By Nancy Adler


few weeks on my radio show, a caller was asking about resistant starches. We discussed briefly what they are and how they work in your body. The topic was great! So with that, I would like to share exactly what resistant starches are with all of you. Resistant starch is a unique type of fiber with impressive health benefits. However, only a few foods contain high amounts of it. Furthermore, the resistant starch in food is often destroyed during cooking. Most of the carbs you consume, such as those in grains, pasta and potatoes, are starches. Some types of starch are resistant to digestion, hence the term resistant starch. Resistant starch functions similarly to soluble, fermentable fiber, helping feed the friendly bacteria in your gut and increasing the production of short-chain fatty acids . Studies have shown that it can help with weight loss and benefit heart health, as well as improve blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity and digestive health. Interestingly, the way you prepare starch-containing foods affects their

starch content, as cooking or heating destroys most resistant starches. However, you can "recapture" the resistant starch content of some foods by letting them cool after cooking. Yes! Put your pasta in the fridge and eat it for breakfast! Although there is no formal recommendation for the intake of resistant starch, many of the studies showing health benefits used 15-30 grams per day. Oats are a good source of resistant starch, providing around 3.6 grams per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of cooked oatmeal flakes. Letting your cooked oats cool for several hours or overnight could increase the resistant starch even further. Rice is another low-cost and convenient way to add resistant starch to your diet. One popular preparation method is to cook large batches for the entire week. Doing this not only saves time but also increases the resistant starch content when the rice is left to cool. Brown rice may be preferable to white rice due to its higher fiber content. Brown rice also provides more micronutrients, including manganese and magnesium . If prepared correctly and left to cool, potatoes are a good source of resistant starch. It's best to cook them in bulk and allow them to cool for at least a few hours. When fully cooled, cooked potatoes will contain significant amounts of resistant starch. In addition to being a good source of carbs and resistant starch, potatoes contain nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C. Remember not to reheat the potatoes. Instead, eat

them cold as part of homemade potato salads or other similar meals. When a client asks if they can enjoy bananas on their weight loss plan, I tell them only green bananas. They are another excellent source of resistant starch and fiber. Additionally, both green and yellow bananas are a healthy form of carbs and provide other nutrients such as vitamin B6 and vitamin C . As bananas ripen, the resistant starch transforms into simple sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose. Therefore, you should aim to buy green bananas and eat them within a couple of days if you want to maximize your resistant starch intake. Cooking and cooling other starches will increase their resistant starch content. As with the sources discussed above, it's best to heat them and then allow them to cool overnight. This can be applied to most of the sources discussed in this article, such as rice and potatoes, as well as pasta. One time-saving technique is to prepare a large batch of pasta, rice or potatoes on the weekend, then cool them and eat them with vegetables and proteins for complete meals during the week. Nancy Adler is a certified nutritionist and practitioner in Linwood. Her office is located in Cornerstone Commerce Center, 1201 New Rd. Learn about her practice at (609)653-4900 You may listen to Nancy every Sunday at 2 pm Nancy Adler Nutrition LIVE! NewsTalk 1400 WOND


eLVis aND the PoPs July 13

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July 27 & 28

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Hometown Hero: Donald Campbell

By Beth Wade


onald Campbell is the director of the Atlantic Center for Independent Living Inc., where staff offer support to individuals of any age with any type of disability. In his role, he serves as a powerful advocate. On a local level, he has worked with individuals whose housing was at-risk. With his help, they were able to avoid homelessness. Campbell also has been instrumental in establishing a disability advocacy group in Atlantic County. Not only that, but he also started a support group for individuals who live with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a group of disorders that affect connective tissue supporting the skin, bones, blood vessels, and other organs and tissues. Campbell works to create change locally, but he hasn’t stopped there. Campbell also advocates on national level. Currently he’s involved with a push for the passage of the Disability Integration Act, which would ensure that every state provides the same options for long-term care. If passed, those with a disability would have the choice between home-based/


community-based supports and institutionalization. In some states, public and private insurances only offer institutionalization. Campbell is working to ensure all individuals with disabilities have the same choices for quality support in their community. The need for more support is vast, and is often not talked about enough. People like Campbell make an important difference in this fight for equality. Whether he’s writing a letter to the editor, making phone calls to legislators, giving an interview to a reporter, or meeting with a representative, Campbell is passionate about issues that affect his peers. One day, Campbell says, he thinks he may get involved in serving in a public office. Campbell’s easy-going way and welcoming smile win over people in an instant. He uses his humor and charm in multiple ways, whether he’s fundraising for a good cause or trying to raise awareness and change minds on behalf of those who live with a disability, like himself. He was born with Cerebral Palsy. In his case, it affects his speech, fine motor skills and mobility. Donald Campbell is an example to others as someone to constantly strives, adjusts, and remains resilient. Recently, he explained his secret to success like this: “I like overcoming things. I see everybody else accomplishing things, and I say, ‘Why not me?’”

JULY 11, 2019

Brigantine’s Beacon


he Brigantine Lighthouse was built in 1926 by the Island Development Real Estate Company to attract people to Brigantine Beach Island, the newly popular beach town nicknamed "the Twin Resort of Atlantic City". Their slogan was "come to the lighthouse". It was never an operating lighthouse but it did serve other purposes for the resort. In the 1930's the Brigantine Lighthouse became the town’s police station. The tiny building could accommodate the city’s few officers. If they had a call, they'd turn the light on which would alert officers to return to the station. The steel door of the holding cell is on display at the Historical Museum located just 100 yards away. The lighthouse also served as a gift shop and in the 70's was the original

location of the Historical Museum. The lighthouse fell into disrepair in the early 1990s. A group of volunteers and construction companies answered the call, refurbishing the building in 1995 and again in 2013. The lighthouse has survived numerous storms including the Great Storm of 62 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.




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1 Hour Bay Cruise

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June 10 to September 8

JULY 11, 2019


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1 Hour Ocean Cruise

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All cruises depart from Historic Gardner’s Basin, next to Atlantic City Aquarium

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Goodnight Mr. Michael Ramsey “You Finished Your Race…”

By Raymond Tyler


n the Bible...Paul said in 2nd Timothy 4 verse 7. “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” I rarely quote scripture (I’d rather live the word) but in remembering Atlantic City football/track and field coach Michael Ramsey...the words are so very fitting. Travel back with me to the year 1982, my freshman year at ACHS. The Atlantic City High School seemed so big and I thought it was going to be impossible to navigate physically, emotionally and socially. The first teacher I met was Frank Campo, my home room teacher who would go on to become the school’s athletic director (trust me my Mr. Campo

stories are coming.) Mr. Campo may have been the perfect teacher for me personally to meet first. The second teacher I met was Mr. Michael Ramsey. As a rule everyone said you don’t want gym first period. And don’t want gym first period. However, having Mr. Ramsey be the second teacher I met at ACHS and my very first class teacher at ACHS was a blessing. I never really thought about how much of a blessing until I had to write this and to Mr. Ramsey’s family and friends I am sorry this should have been written sooner. Mr. Ramsey was as a gym teacher... all the things I want to be as a man, a man of color and an educator. His smile immediately put “freshman” Raymond Tyler at ease. More importantly, he was the first gym teacher I had that did not look at me as just an athlete or a “kid with athletic potential.” Mr. Ramsey looked at the students in his charge as children becoming young men and women. Mr. Ramsey saw and spoke to us about developing our “potential,” as scholars and members of our community. Mr. Ramsey saw his role as not just finding the next football or


track star but helping us as students prepare for what was coming after highschool...not just what was coming up for 2nd period. God Bless all of my high school teachers. Even the ones whose classes I never pa s s e d . And one particular teacher, I battled with everyday I was in her class. I have to say the teachers, the staff, our Vice Principal Mr. Dennis, all seemed to care about making sure we were preparing for what was after highschool and not just ready for tomorrow’s lesson plan. Maybe it was just in my head but I felt that the teachers were getting me ready for the next phase of life from the moment of Freshman orientation to the time I put on my gap and gown. After freshman year gym, I would continue to see Mr. Ramsey over the years in the hallway passing classes or on the occasion he would fill in for one of my other gym teachers. After graduation, I would mostly see him at the football games and he would ask about my family. (I would ask him questions ...making him teach for free.) In the ACHS of the 1980’s, so much of the whole culture revolved around basketball. If you were a black

student, you really could not escape basket ball. I loved Mr. Ramsey’s approach to it. When he had to teach it. He set it up in a way so that the goal was to win... but in order to had to truly think and work as a team. Mr. Ramsey set up his basketball “class” so that the tools you took from his PE class could be used in any “team dynamic” from the gym to the board room. Mr. Ramsey also bucked the basketball culture of AC by wanting to expose his students to as many different sports and physical activity as possible. It’s cliche to say that a person’s passing leaves a “hole” in the fabric of a city or system. In the case of Coach Michael Ramsey that cliche is very true. Very few people have fought the the race of life, as well and uniquely as Mr. Ramsey and none of them did so with the smile or the class he displayed. You can connect with Raymond Tyler via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram @ RaymondTyler2018.


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JULY 11, 2019

Galloway community rallies to bring Sadie home Family desperate to find lost dog

By Meghan Stamelos


une 14th is a day that I will never forget. It’s the day my dog, Sadie, went missing from my home in Galloway, NJ. Sadie is more than just a dog, she’s been my best friend for 13 years. I went to college in Florida, which meant I was very far away from my family and all my comforts of home. One day, I went to Target and saw a sign up at the Pet Smart next door saying they were doing adoptions. I walked in, and saw a litter of dogs that had a big sign asking for donations for their medical bills. They were a litter of Pitbull/German Shepard mixed dogs that were abused badly by their owner. The animal rescue owner had saved the puppies and now they had an uphill battle filled with vet bills and recovery. I will never forget when I first saw Sadie. She was the runt of the litter, and had taken the brunt of the beatings. Sadie had a broken rib and was malnourished and had worms. She was in the worst shape by far of any of the dogs. She had been hiding, but when I walked up she got up and came over to me. The owner of the rescue had a surprised face because she said she hadn’t seen Sadie (“Baby

Zoey” at the time) get up once. It was at the moment Sadie walked over to me, I knew I had to take her home. I

nursed my girl back to health, and our journey through life together began. Sadie has been by my side through it all: college, moving back to New Jersey, getting married, buying our first house, getting her sister Chyles our Golden Retriever, having my son Declan, building our new house, and everything in between. Sadie has been my constant in life. She comes to work with me every day, and I never can move my chair because she’s always right at my feet. However, for the past three weeks I’ve been able to move my

chair because my constant shadow is missing. Every day for the past three weeks has seemed like a bad dream, and I just want to wake up. Sadie had wondered off through an opening in my fence that was down temporarily while work was being done in my yard. Sadie is a very timid, skittish dog, so when she wondered off and someone tried to stop to try and help, she got extremely scared and ran. The problem is, she ran far and to an area she is not familiar with and this was right at the time when it gets dark. My husband, my son Declan, and I spent the next endless days searching for her. When we couldn’t find her, we hired a lost dog recovery company Missing K9 Search and Rescue who has been advising us on how to find Sadie. A large part of how we will be able to bring Sadie home is by having as many people as possible aware to keep an eye out for her. I started a Facebook group called Find Sadie! With the hashtag #findsadiedog and through the power of Facebook information

on Sadie has been shared thousands of times. My local community has banded together to help find Sadie. People who have never met me or Sadie have been out searching for her, have dropped off baked goods, had signs made for her, and have put their lives on hold to try to help find Sadie. The past three weeks have been the hardest in my life, but I’ve also been given so much hope because of all the people standing behind me. All that seems to surround us in the news is how bad people are or how our country is in a bad place, but what I’ve learned in the past 3 weeks is just how amazing people are and how complete strangers will step up to help someone in their time of need. I know Sadie will come home, and all it takes is one set of eyes to see her and call me at 609-513-1058 or the Galloway Police Department, to bring her home. Sadie is about 40 lbs and is tan with white on her chest. Sadie has lupus, so she has a noticeable nose that is very pink rather than black and at times has what would be described as “cuts” on it. If you see her, please do not chase her but rather call me or the Galloway Police Department. I need my best friend home.


Chris mas In July

MBCA’s Annual Summer Mixer & Silent Auction Join us at The Deck at Golden Nugget for a Christmas in July celebration to benefit the MBCA Scholarship Foundation.

Tuesday, July 23 rd from 5pm-8pm @ The

at Golden Nugget

Food | Cash Bar | Live Music Casual Christmas color finery. Christmas accessories welcome!

Purchase Tickets Today - $45 per person


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JULY 11, 2019

Lisa Sodano Receives July 2019 New Jersey’s Heartland Hero Award

From back-to-school to holiday gift drives, Lisa Sodano works throughout the year to support children and families throughout New Jersey’s Heartland who find themselves in need. In recognition of her tireless efforts, Sodano was named New Jersey’s Heartland Hero for July of 2019.


odano is the administrator of Loving Families In Need Matter (Hope For the Disadvantaged). She created the organization to support families through a series of events staged during the course of the year, including a backto-school drive that provides backpacks filled with school supplies to students who would otherwise go without. Her biggest and most successful event of the year is her Annual “Gift Giving� Christmas Party, which provides presents for over 300 kids in the community. Sodano’s organization is 100% supported through donations from local

residents, businesses and sponsors. Through Hope for the Disadvantaged she puts together essential living bags that contains hygiene supplies, food and day-to-day living necessities for those less fortunate. She does everything in her power to solicit donations to improve the lives of people in need, despite suffering from a medical condition that at times leaves her ill and hospitalized. Even during those down periods, Sodano draws on an inner strength, making calls from her hospital bed and working online to ensure she gets the donations and sponsorships needed to provide help and comfort to others.


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Hidden Gems of South Jersey In Search of Cape May Diamonds

By Tammy Thornton



on a much larger scale a couple of weekends later. But the mystique of Cape May Diamonds always stuck with me. Last weekend, I decid-


efore my husband and I were engaged, he took Beachcombers Dru Nordmark from Baldwinsville, NY, and me to search for Diane Nordmark from Quakertown, PA, search for Cape May something I had never heard Diamonds of, Cape May Diamonds. It was a chilly fall afternoon, and we looked for these ed to take ry. During World War I, a shortage small smooth stones for a our younger of steel led the US military to order while. Since we had already children the construction of small fleets of Cape May Diamonds after they to Sunset talked about marriage, I had ocean-going concrete ships. Though have been polished and faceted. Beach to they were not built in time to be used a feeling he might “pop the learn more about Cape May Diaquestion” soon. Knowing he was a in WWI, they were eventually completkidder, I thought he might whip out monds. Located near Cape May Point, ed and used but found to be lacking a real diamond any time. So despite Sunset Beach is at the southernmost Mon - Wed, eat-in only. Expires 7/31/19 Excludes Holidays. the cold, I hung in there waiting for tip of New Jersey, and the best place Cannot be combined with other offers. my rock. Was I ever confused when to find these “diamonds”. Aptly Sun-Thurs 1pm-11pm • Fri & Sat 1pm-12am we left the beach, my hand still bare, named, Sunset Beach attracts many and no ring in sight. I should have photographers who make the journey 9210 Ventnor Avenue, Margate • (609) 822-4759 known he had something planned past Exit Zero to get a great shot of the sunset from this beach located on the Delaware Bay. This particular hot day, we were more focused on looking for cool pebbles. The beach is covered with interesting small stones, but Cape May Diamonds are unique. Originating in Delaware, they are actually pieces of quartz that have traveled over 200 miles down the Delaware River. The journey tumbles caPe may convention hall the quartz pieces and smoothes them into little pebbles. They don’t look Hit after hit all summer long like anything special at this point. Cape May Diamonds as they look on the But when professionally tumbled and beach before being polished. July 17 august 7 faceted, they are quite convincing to Jay and Jay siegel’s tokens the amateur eye. Gift shops at Sunset in efficiency. In 1926, after being de“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” the americans Beach and throughout Cape May sell commissioned, the S.S. Atlantus was “Come A Little Bit Closer” jewelry made with the “diamonds”. about to be used in the construction august 14 If you make the day trip down of a ferry dock for ferries from DelaJuly 24 the stylistics the Garden State Parkway to Sunset ware and Cape May. But a June storm “You Are Everything” herman’s hermits Beach, you’ll find it has a bit of histocaused the ship to break free of her starring Peter noone 7 DAYS A WEEK 4-7PM

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JULY 11, 2019


moorings and become lodged in a sandbar. Attempts to free the ship were futile. Over the years, it has sunk even more. It remains 150 feet off of the coast of Sunset Beach and has the appearance of a breaching whale.


your right, you will see the World War II lookout tower, built in 1942. Open daily for willing climbers, Fire Control Tower #23 was a major part of a Delaware Harbor Defense system known as Fort Miles. If you are lucky, you will leave Sunset Beach with some semi-precious stones, a nice tan, and some knowledge of local history. You may even see dolphins at sunset. Enjoy your treasure hunt!

Fire Control Tower #23 Back on the beach, a flag-lowering ceremony is held each evening from Memorial Day to Labor Day at sunset. All the flags flown and lowered are from the caskets of war veterans. This ceremony has been held since 1973. As you leave Sunset Beach, you will pass more local history. Just to

Tammy Thornton is a mom of four, a substitute teacher, and a Sunday school teacher. She is passionate about gardening and cooking, and loves the beach. We would love to hear about “Hidden Gems of South Jersey” ideas from our readers. Please send your ideas and comments to:







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Earth, Wind, & Fire At Hard Rock Casino: Playing The Legendary High Energy Hits!

By Gary Simmens


arth, Wind & Fire (EWF) took the stage with their 12 members and was high energy from the start. They came out swinging with major hits like "Feelings,” then "Sing A Song" and "Shining Star" for a fast start that got the crowd up and cheering quickly. The sold-out concert started 20 minutes late. The band played a solid 2 hours and 27 minutes without an opening act, so the crowd was pleased they got their money's worth. The hits kept flowing and the concert seemed to fly by so fast, with the hits from "Getaway" to "Jupiter" to the popular "Serpentine Fire.” Next was "Evil,” featuring a bass solo from Verdine White, who smiles more than any other musician I have seen. You can

tell he truly loves what he does. Phillip Bailey sang lead vocals on most of the hits. Bailey’s son is also in the band now, on percussion and background vocals. Phillip Bailey also played the kalimba, which is a small handheld African thumb piano, giving a unique sound which became central to much of EWF’s music over the years. The soulful, funky, pop, R&B blend of success has kept EWF on the charts and hearts of millions for almost 5 decades now. Although EWF started in the early 70’s basically as jazz musicians, who played also soul, funk, gospel, blues,and jazzy styled rock and dance music, which somehow ended up becoming a great blended award-winning recipe for top-selling pop and rock ballads and fast-paced dance songs that were always lining the top of the charts as major hits. EWF is now close to entering its 50th year of performing. Maurice White founded the band in the early

70's. He was also the older brother of current Earth, Wind & Fire member Verdine White (the bass player), and former member Fred White. He served as the band's main songwriter and record producer, and was co-lead singer along with Philip Bailey. Unfortunately, the beloved Maurice White passed away too soon from

The Taste of Italy is in Northfield

Parkinson's disease at 74 years old on February 4, 2016. Ralph Johnson, another former drummer and singer in the band, has spent the last decade doing a great job singing more and helping some on percussion. The current drummer is a young, talented, accomplished player named John Paris. He plays his large expanded beautiful custom DW set, and also sang the lead on one song and did background vocals


Are you tired of the bland flavors of fast food, but too tired to cook? You don’t have to break out the pots and pans for a delicious, authentic meal. Just dine at Capri Pizza & Grill for wide variety of Italian dishes. Our owner is from Naples, Italy and has been creating delicious dishes for almost 50 years. You haven’t tasted pasta until you visit us. The pasta at Capri is cooked to perfection and topped with thick, creamy sauces.



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throughout the set. The band has had numerous line-up changes over the last 20 years. Other current band members rounding out the current 12 piece group are: Verdine White playing bass, percussion, and vocals; Myron McKinley on keyboards; Philip Bailey, Jr. performing background vocals; B. David Whitworth on vocals, and percussion; Morris O’Connor on guitar and vocals: and finally Serg Dimitrijevic (originally from Russia) on guitar. Also, the great sounding horn section consists of Gary Bias on saxophone; Bobby Burns, Jr. on trumpet and french horn; and Reggie Young on trombone. The whole band was incredible. The sound and stage presence was as excellent as it was back in the 80’s and 90’s. Some of the legendary groups lose a step and sound a little off as the get older, but this was not the case at all with EWF. The Beatles cover of “Got To Get You In My Life,” with a distinctive EWF arrangement that was a huge hit back in the 90’s, earned the biggest applause of the night by far. Other

great hits keep f lowing like "Can' t Hide Love,” “Way of the World,” and the classic l ove s o n g s "Af te r T h e Love Is Gone" and "Reasons," which featured Phillip Bailey’s talented broad vocal range. The concert kept flowing quickly with such other hits of their 22 song set they played to perfection with hits like "Boogie Down,” “Let’s Groove Tonight", and “September.” The encore performance song was their hit " In The Stone.” The crowd left all smiling and content knowing they saw a quality legendary band that still performs as crisp as they did 20 years ago. If you can, catch the talented EWF playing the end of July with a shorter setlist, in New York as part of the event "The Classic East " at Citi Field in Queens, NY on July 30 along with supergroups such as Journey and Fleetwood Mac. The upcoming entertainment in the Mark Etess Theatre at Hard Rock Casino: ●● Lionel Richie on July 12-13 ●● Mary J. Blige on July 20 ●● Three Dog Night on July 25-26 ●● The Beach Boys on July 27


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The Hurley Line:

We Have Reached a Critical Tipping Point in American History

By HARRY HURLEY Political Columnist


e better start paying attention, or, we're about to lose our country as we know

it, forever! Our socialist/democrat/revisionist radicals have been taking very calculated incremental steps ... at times so small, you don't even notice them. Here are just some of the recent examples: Nike recently introduced and briefly launched a beautiful red, white and blue sneaker, the Air Max 1 USA, also known as the Betsy Ross Flag edition. Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick reportedly called Nike and complained that the Betsy Ross Flag is a racist symbol. Without hesitation, Nike contacted all of its distributors and

required them to send back all of these sneakers. A small number had already been released to the public. A pair recently sold online for $ 15,000. The manufacturers list price was $ 120. It is outrageous and dangerous for the survival of our country as we know it, for these radical socialist democrats to get away with revising our history and replacing it with a bizarro world "new" version. In the novel "1984," George Orwell wrote in the year 1949 ... "Who controls the past controls the future. This applies today, like never before. Orwell wrote this as a science fiction novel. Orwell details about a dystopian future, where all of our citizens are manipulated and controlled by a single political party. Orwell describes the reality that is achieved in the future, when information is controlled by a minority of the people, who then wield control over the majority.

Ironically, the dystopian superstate of "Oceania" is controlled by the fictional English Socialist Party. This radical society was being run by an entity known as "Big Brother," a totalitarian government. The question hangs in the balance; Who will be our era's "Winston Smith." Who will be our generation's hero protagonist, to stop the actual radical socialist democrats, who are committed to destroying our country. Also, the notion that The Betsy Ross Flag is a symbol of racism is ridiculous and factually inaccurate. Betsy Ross was a Quaker. They led decent and pure lives and were

abolitionists. The Quakers helped mightily to ban slavery in England. Quakers were instrumental in the "American Underground Railroad" to actually free slaves. For Nike, (because of Kaepernick) to object to the Betsy Ross Flag, by falsely claiming that it is a symbol of slavery, ignores all of the empirical evidence to the contrary. It's a big lie, in order to further a false narrative, in pursuit of their radical agenda. Barack Obama proudly flew the Betsy Ross Flag at both of his inaugurations. Was it "racist" then, or, is it only "racist" now? Here's the photographic (Betsy Ross Flag) evidence above. In Charlot tesville, Virginia, the sworn government voted to remove Thomas Jefferson as an official celebrated holiday. Yes, this is true. It happened last week. This bunch of elected freaks actually did this to our third President of The United States; the author of the Declaration of Independence, and, the founder of the University of Virginia. The radicals are currently winning, while people of good faith sit back and do nothing. This disturbing pattern of radical socialism will intensify during the Democratic Primary election season for President of The United States.

s t e P y l l o J

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JULY 11, 2019

These 25 radical democrat socialist candidates are lurching further and further to the hard left.

They want free health care for illegals. They call them undocumented immigrants. Changing the English Language has been a very big victory for the socialist democrats. They have successfully managed to change the term "illegal" into something else. Isn't calling an illegal immigrant an "undocumented" something like calling a drug dealer an "unlicensed pharmacist?" The truth doesn't appear to matter, the radicals have won a hard-earned victory in this campaign. The madness goes on and on. The San Francisco Board of Education (the taxpayers) are going to spend as much a $ 600,000 to paint over an iconic, historical mural of President George Washington at a public school, which bears his name. It was painted by Victor Arnautoff in 1936. Arnautoff was one of the foremost muralists in the San Francisco area during the Great Depression. The painting is titled The "Life of Washington." This painting depicts our first President as a soldier, surveyor and statesman. He was all of these things and more. The painting is 1,600 square feet in size and has been displayed at George Washington High School for 83 years.

It's time for people of good faith to really get engaged. More artwork and more iconic figures in history are

going to be redacted because of what our radicals refer to as "changing sensitivities." The radicals keep winning in their campaign of revisionist history. They have taken an iconic mural, which was always considered to be educational and innovative, and, now they will succeed in whitewashing it from history by declaring it to be racist and degrading. In just the past two weeks, the socialist democrats have scored major victories in pursuit of vaporizing our first and third Presidents. If American Patriots do not step-up and do something about this, George Orwell's 1984 will become true. Those who control the past will actually control our present and future! Here's one last outrageous example. Last week, in Tempe, Arizona, a Starbucks Coffee Company store employee asked a police officer to leave its store because one person complained about the police officer's presence. The complainant was "uncomfortable" that a police officer was present in the store. Did you ever believe you would live to see something as radical as this to occur so routinely in our country? The radicals are feverishly trying to re-write our entire history. They

The Breakfast Shop AROUND BACK 910 Bay Ave. Somers Point Behind Smitty's Clam Bar


JULY 11, 2019

do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." We are now in the midst of a critical tipping point in American history. Are we up to the challenge? Harry Hurley is the president of Harry Hurley Consulting and Communications, LLC. He hosts the daily talk radio program "Hurley in the Morning" 6-10 a.m., weekdays on Townsquare Media, WPG Talk Radio 104.1 FM & 1450 AM, where he also serves as the senior programming consultant. Harry was elected to both the Philadelphia (2013) and New Jersey (2015) Radio Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Harry Hurley has also been selected (2015-2019) as one of the Top 100 Most Important Talk Radio Hosts in America by Talkers Magazine. Hurley is the inaugural recipient of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association "Broadcaster of the Year" (2019). Hurley is also performing national fill-in, on-air talent work for FOX News Radio on their nationally syndicated platforms. He has hosted various television programs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware and is the editor and publisher of his news and information website,www. Send comments to





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make it look academic and harmless in nature. They say that they are reviewing the legacies of historical figures. They are succeeding in changing the names of buildings and streets of many of America's Founders . The University of California, Berkley has commenced with a project titled the "Living New Deal." The San Francisco School Board President, Mark Sanchez (a thirdgrade teacher) said that "painting it over represents not only a symbolic fresh start, but a real fresh start." They are gleefully destroying priceless art in pursuit of their agenda. They know that once it's gone, it's gone. In its place, they will paint, write new versions of our history. President Ronald Reagan said it best when he warned us about this more than 40 years ago: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to

Show Us Your Rod! The Courtyard at Galloway 28 S. New York Rd (Route 9) Galloway NJ 08205


Atlantic City Prepares for the Legendary Beach Road Trip Weekend

Going Places with Dina Guzzardo


n July 12th – 14th Atlantic City will welcome our country’s most renowned Beach Road Trip Weekends, or as people “in the know” like to say, BRT Weekend which will take place on the Atlantic City Beach & Board Walk at 2300 Boardwalk. BRT is a non-stop adrenaline rush weekend with a cool Caribbean vibe. Born in 2012, it has earned the well-deserved reputation for being the ultimate road trip party that pays tribute the Caribbean culture. The Atlantic City BRT weekend will include 6 uniquely themed events spanning over the weekend that are all-inclusive with free drinks & delicious food that will be different for each event and will consist of a variety of different dishes from the Caribbean & U.S.

The warm up to this epic weekend will start on Thursday July 11th where there will be a boat party that will board at 8pm. The warm up is only 60 bucks and is the perfect way to kick off this legendary weekend. On Friday, Day One of BRT, there is a sold-out check in party from 10am – 3:30pm. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones that registered in time, no worries, your weekend starts with a tropical party featuring the heart pounding island sounds of V Maui Wowi, BonfireShenseea, Voice, and Skinny Fabulous starting at 5pm. This jump up promises to be an experience that you will remember for years to come. Still want to keep the party going until the wee hours of the evening, then the after party is a must do. For an extra 30 bucks you can party all night at BRT’s incredible after party taking place till 3am. Day Two of this glorious weekend begins with Xtreme Wet 'N Wild, Ding Dong Ravers, and Bunji Garlin dropping those hot

MONDAY Madness


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Two Lunch Entrees & Flatbread

$29.99 $16.99 $19.99 $29.99


Lunch only, excludes seafood Exp 7-31-19

sweaty Caribbean beats for you to party all day long. At 6:30PM is the BRT Glow Eruption party featuring the sounds of Squash and 6ix Boss until 11pm with an optional $30 after party available from 11pm – 3am for those of you who don’t want the party to end. Day Three is the day that many BRT party goers look forward to the most. It starts with a Breakfast Party from 9am - 2pm so that you can replenish and strengthen your body in preparation for the festivities that lie ahead. During the breakfast party to will have the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of Mr. Killa & Olatunji followed by the famous All White Party the party where everyone wears all white, which is considered to be the Grand Finale to this wonderous weekend. Many do not want this glorious weekend to end, so to extend the party just a little longer you can attend the final after party for another $30. Attire for this weekend is mostly beachwear since most of the parties take place on the beach. Since most of the events are themed, everyone is encouraged to look up the theme of the party and dress accordingly and

definitely pack an all-white ensemble for All White Grand Finale celebration. So, I bet you are wondering how you get tickets to this acclaimed weekend. Well, there are a few different ticket options. Most people go for the weekend pass. With a Weekend Pass, you'll get entry to all main events including The Welcome "Check-In" Party, V Maui Wowi, Xtreme Wet 'N Wild, BRT Glow, Jouvert Breakfast Party, & BRT ALL White Grand Finale! This ticket not only gets you into these parties, but includes all your food and drinks. Want to power up your BRT experience? Opt for a VIP Weekend Pass which will give you access to all VIP sections for the main events throughout the weekend. You’ll also get to skip all the lines for the main events plus Your VIP ticket includes premium all-inclusive drinks & food at each event. VIP tickets are subject to availability. Ticket prices start at $220 for a 2 day weekend pass and can be purchased via You must be 21 or older to attend this event. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call the BRT team at (561) 880-5043. Dina Guzzardo is the President and Executive Promoter of Dina Media Group LLC. Dina Media Group is an innovative cutting edge media and marketing company that produces and promotes events including; concerts, benefits, festivals, fairs and outdoor markets.

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JULY 11, 2019

Extra Points with Pete soccer after winning their fourth World Cup in France. Back to back too, as Delran’s Carli Lloyd was relegated to a backup role and Megan Rapinoe won the golden boot as the standout star. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but the women certainly made a fan out of me as I intently watched their narrow 2-1



hat’s One Small Step For Man…One Giant Leap For Mankind” – Neil Armstrong, July 1969 50 years ago this month, man first walked on the moon and our country swelled with national pride. Since I last wrote, the U.S. Women’s National Team has won the World Cup for the fourth time. They will be honored with a “Canyon of Heroes” parade in New York City, the way we did for astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins 50 years ago. The Sixers have begun summer league play, while watching the landscape of the Eastern Conference change dramatically. The Phillies take two out of three from the Mets before the All-Star Break, but starting pitching continues to be a problem. It’s all quiet from the Flyers & Eagles right now, but it was definitely LOUD for the Atlantic City Blackjacks in their return home. From the entertainment world, I’m just getting into “Stranger Things” season 3 on Netflix. Also, the quote at the top of the article is timely as several media outlets are honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo program and moon landing. As always though, we begin with sports, and my thoughts for the week that was: ●● The United States Women’s National Team is now a dynasty in

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win over England in the semifinals and then the thrilling 2-0 win over the Netherlands in the Final. “Equal pay…equal pay…” Those chants rang out in France inside the stadium as the USWNT was celebrating their big win. Rapinoe has gone on the record as saying FIFA doesn’t care about the women’s game. Sure, the prize money was boosted for this latest event, but the gap between the women and the men is still enormous. Plus, if it was the men’s World Cup Final, do you think FIFA would have scheduled two other finals in other places on the same day? Brazil beat Peru in Rio de Janeiro 3-1 to win the Copa America final, and Mexico beats the U.S. 1-0 to win the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final in Chicago. Let’s hope moving

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forward the women get the respect (and money) they deserve…! The Sixers are off and running in NBA Summer League action. It’s the first chance for the team to see some of the new guys and how they look. First round pick Matisse Thyebulle looks like a keeper. As does, Zhaire Smith, who’s really a


second year player, but he missed so much time last year, this is his chance to start over. It’s hard to really get a good read on anything out of summer league play, other than you hope the players stay healthy…! I woke up at 5:45a the other morning to two alerts on my phone. One was that there was another earthquake in California near Ridgecrest. The other alert was that Kawhi Leonard had signed with the Clippers and he wasn’t going alone. That second one probably woke me up more than the first, because that’s HUGE news for the Sixers. Lebron James is out of the East, Kawhi Leonard is out of the East, and now the path to the Eastern Conference Finals seems easier. The Clippers,


with Leonard and Paul George, are now the favorites to win it all according to the sportsbooks. The Lakers are actually second, the Milwaukee Bucks are third and the Sixers are fourth. Meanwhile, the Phillies are just hoping to make the playoffs, but despite taking two out of three at Citi Field in New York prior to the All-Star Break, the Fightin’s have a 47-43 record, and they’re 6.5 games behind Atlanta in the N.L. East. The Phillies biggest problem is starting pitching. Aaron Nola appears to have returned to last year’s dominant form with a 0.61 ERA in his last four starts, but now comes word that #2 Jake Arietta has bone spur problems in his right elbow that may require surgery. I spoke with Matt Gelb, Phillies beat writer for The Athletic on my radio show last week and asked him about where the drop-off is in the starting rotation for the Phillies and he answered “pretty much after Aaron Nola”. And that’s my point. Vince Velasquez, Zach Eflin, Nick Pivetta don’t scare any opposing team right now. Jerad Eickhoff has been injured. Triple-A call-ups Enyel De Los Santos & Cole Irvin have not done enough to stay. The MLB trade deadline is July 31st, so the clock is ticking, literally, for G.M. Matt Klentak to make a move. Speaking of moves, it’s a bad news / good news situation for the Atlantic City Blackjacks as they return home and lose to the Philadelphia Soul 50-45 on a last second touchdown. That’s the bad

Dean Randazzo, Realtor New Jersey’s most accomplished surfer, nicknamed the Jersey Devil, always knew he’d do great things! And Now that strong work ethic you've come to know and respect is ready to serve all your real estate needs here at the Jersey Shore! JULY 11, 2019


news as the Blackjacks playoff chances took a major hit. But, the GOOD news is that an announced crowd of 7,104 were at the game. Arena League Executive Committee President Ron Jaworski told Dave Weinberg from the Press of Atlantic City that the Blackjacks “aren’t going anywhere”. The Blackjacks have a BYE this week, and play their final home game of the regular season on Sunday 21st against the Baltimore Brigade. Come on out and support a LOCAL team…! Entertainment now, and I’ll start with “Stranger Things” season 3 on Netflix. No spoilers here, but so far I’ve enjoyed seeing a perfect recreation of an 80’s shopping mall. Signs inside the Starcourt


Mall that have made me chuckle are the neon sign for a “Sam Goody” record store as well as the 80’s versions of signage for “J.C. Penney” and “The Gap”. Plus, R.I.P. “ Walden books”. Finally, I’m a bit of a space race geek. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, there are several programs out there about NASA and our efforts to put a man on the moon.

Watching the old footage of when Neil Armstrong took those first steps made me realize how much of a unifying event that was for the entire world. I wasn’t born yet in 1969, but I sure do enjoy seeing how when we all work together, anything is possible…! I’ll close with my weekly reminder that you can listen to me on the radio each Saturday on 97.3 ESPN from 8-10 a.m. It’s the “Pete Thompson Show” and I’ve been calling it “Breakfast with the PT”, so I

Featuring Seven Full Recliner Seated Theaters and a State-of-the-art IMAX Theatre

hope you’ll tune in and interact with me on the air. Pete has been the local "sports guy" at the Jersey Shore since 2004. After a decade with TV 40, he joined 97.3 ESPN radio to talk Eagles, Phillies, Sixers & Flyers with Mike Gill on "The SportsBash" each day from 2-6 p.m. Pete is proud to be a "voice" for the annual ShopRite LPGA Classic each June, and does emcee work for groups like the National Football Foundation, The Old Grad Awards, and The 200 Club of Atlantic County. You can hear Pete each Tuesday on 97.3 ESPN at 5:30p, and if you see him out & about in the community, he requests that you please say "Hi". Send comments to

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JULY 11, 2019


Detaching from Overwhelm

By Alexis McCarthy


s someone who loves to write, I try to think about the way in which we use our words and how it relates to the way we live our lives because, well, there’s a powerful connection. Something I found myself saying often - whether out loud, or in my head, was - “I’m Overwhelmed.” While this isn’t an uncommon thing at ALL to say, I sat back and thought about the power that I was letting that word have over me. OVERWHELMED. It’s a strong word. Particularly strong when it’s being used in the context of something I’m using to describe myself... You see, when I said the word, or thought to myself I. am. overwhelmed. In that very moment, I took on the emotion of overwhelm, and let it become something physical. No

longer was it just the situation that was a lot to handle. It was an emotion that was going to determine how I acted/reacted to whatever was in my life that was causing me to say that I was “overwhelmed”. So, I took a step back, as I often do, and I reflected on the ways that overwhelm had seeped it’s ugly face into different areas of my life, in ways I was allowing it to, because I was giving it the power of my emotions. It was making me react in an urgent or rushed way, rather than calm. I was stressing out over things that were definitely important, but they were not life or death, nor did they deserve to hold the weight I was letting them hold in my mind. I was being taken out of moments that did deserve that spot in my mind, because the overwhelm was not shaking off when I desperately needed to be able to connect in those times. I was creating a sense of panic in the people I came in contact with because now MY problem processing my feelings became their problem to handle. Needless to say, letting overwhelm control you is not the way you want to

live your life. It’s not the way I want to live do we solve this? We solve it by removing the physical connection to “overwhelm”. By deciding that while the tasks at hand may be a lot to handle and the situations may be “overwhelming”... we are calm. we are steady. we are taking it one step at a time. we are taking back the reins of something that could easily spiral us into another direction if we let it, and we’re telling this “overwhelming” thing where we are actually going to go in our life because dang it, we are under pressure but we are not overwhelmed. We are us. The situation is overwhelming, it’s allowed to be. But we are going to handle it in the way we tell it we will. You may be thinking, “Sure, that sounds great, Alexis, but how do we really make that happen? What does that look like for me?” Well, it looks like pausing to reflect before we react. It looks like organizing our thoughts and getting a real grip on what the situation actually is and what the solutions may be - rather than just looking at how the situa-

tion makes us feel (because, there is almost always a difference between perception and reality). It looks like shutting down from it when we can, and regrounding ourselves so we don’t miss the beautiful things that are in front of us during the times when we would have otherwise not been able to focus on anything besides the “overwhelming” problem! It looks like handling what we can, when we can, with the best of the abilities that we have, and letting go of the things that may not be able to be fixed. When you detach “overwhelm” from yourself it will feel like you’ve pulled a parasite out of your body and you’ve been given permission again to be yourself even when life gives you more than you think you can handle. Until next time, Shore Locals, I am sending you peace, love, and good vibes! Alexis McCarthy is the executive assistant for Rockstar Real Estate and Media Group. Born and raised in Atlantic County, small town living shaped her life, but didn't stop her from dreaming big. She and her husband/highschool sweetheart, Mike, have a 2-year-old son, Levi




JULY 11, 2019

Discover Twisted Dune Golf Club By Sean Fawcett


f you’re looking for a great round of golf and you like playing the Scottish style links golf inspired by The British Open Championship, then Twisted Dune Golf Club is the course for you. Annually recognized as one of NJ’s best public golf courses, Twisted Dune is like no other golf course in the Garden State. True to its name, it is a links style course with twisting landscapes, dramatic elevations, and contoured fairways that is a challenging, yet supremely playable 18-hole design. Architect Archie Struthers moved two million cubic yards of earth to bring this remarkable course to fruition; creating a true taste of the Scottish Coast to the Jersey shore. Deep ravines, towering grass-covered hills, and well over a hundred deep traps and make Twisted Dune’s 7,200 yards, starting out at 4,930 yards, offers a memorable golfing experience for every player of every playing ability. Featuring four par fives at over 500 yards, ten par 4’s, and

four par threes, Twisted Dune GC is the type of course that serious golfers love to play again and again while, with its five teeing levels, allowing for fun and a fair round for every other player, as well. Back-to-back Par 5s ending and beginning the front and backs nine straddle the course’s central lake. The par three 13th, playing over water, and the par three 16th, playing over a quarry cut depression, are other memorable holes at Twisted Dune. They offer several affordable memberships and specials to area and summer golfers with Ladies’ Day (Wednesday) and Salute to Service specials plus a 10 Round Card for just $475. A must play golf course with some of the best greens in all of South Jersey, Twisted Dune Golf Club is a visually stunning golf experience that rewards accuracy and course management. Just minutes off the Garden State Parkway in Egg Harbor Township, Twisted Dune Golf Club is a consistently top-rated golf course bringing the look, feel and challenge of the Open Championship to the Jersey Shore.

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JULY 11, 2019


SUDOKU Solutions on page 57

THEME: FAMOUS DOGS ACROSS 1. One chore, e.g. 5. Not bright 8. *Dog in yoga 12. Impersonator 13. *Marvel Comics' ____ Dogs 14. *First dog in space 15. Bulb holder 16. Auto pioneer 17. Without illumination 18. *Smallest dog breed 20. Play-ers 21. Those who vote against 22. Paul Simon's former partner 23. Medium's seance state 26. Do like ivy, two words 30. *Type of terrier 31. L in NFL 34. Cleanse 35. Priest's Eucharist garb 37. Pilgrimage to Mecca 38. On the fritz 39. Eight furlongs 40. Study of bird eggs 42. Not lager 43. Change into stone 45. Scandinavian country 47. Web robot 48. Plants and animals 50. Partner to greet 52. *Wartime horrors 56. Royal topper 57. What Daenerys Targaryen wanted to do 58. Like tiny print 59. Seizure or sunstroke 60. Between ids and super-egos 61. Sacred image in Orthodox Church 62. Al Capone's nemesis Eliot 63. One of the five W's 64. Aren't, colloquially

DOWN 1. Magnesium silicate 2. Moonfish 3. Bruce Willis' ex 4. Oliver Twist, e.g. 5. Indian metropolis 6. River in India 7. Table hill 8. Thin cigar 9. Rembrandt's medium 10. SNL act 11. David Zinczenko's "___ This, Not That!" 13. Chin beard 14. Filthy dough 19. "I give up!" 22. 1/100 of a hectare 23. *Lady's Bella Notte date 24. China grass 25. Like tower of Pisa 26. *Stephen King's rabid character 27. Native American fruit 28. Throat lobe 29. *"Our Gang" pit bull terrier 32. Call to a mate 33. Girl 36. *Hound of Hades 38. _____ Protocol, climate change treaty 40. "Oftentimes" in poetry 41. Gnostic's intuitions 44. Itsy-bitsy bits 46. Basket-making fibers 48. When it breaks, the cradle will fall 49. Traditional Inuit home 50. Three blind ones 51. Chows down 52. *What Charles Schulz did with Snoopy 53. ____pedia or ____leaks 54. In a little while, to Shakespeare 55. Rock opera version of "La Bohme" 56. "Wizard of Oz" man See Solution on Page 57


JULY 11, 2019


What's The Catch

ad John and son Brad Hurst from Reading, Pa drove all the way to Margate to target flounder with good reason. A four pounder and a two and

a half pound beauty. The four pound fish earned them a $100 gift certificate towards a rental boat. Bet we see them again soon while the bite is HOT!!!--by Robin Scott of Ray Scott's Dock

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Not to be combined w/ any other offers. Expires October 31, 2019

Not to be combined w/ any other offers. Expires October 31, 2019

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Atlantic City event brings community together against violence

In Atlantic & Cape May County By Lynda Cohen


away. “We’ve been carrying out too many young people,” the woman speaking told the crowd. “Too many parents, too many people lost to senseless violence for too long.” Within two weeks, three young people died in shootings. But the deaths didn’t begin with Quran Bazemore, Jordan Reaves and Cecy Robles. Knowing it won’t end with them either is what caused the formation of Monday night’s prayer for the city event.

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wo empty body bags sat on the sidelines of Atlantic City’s Dolphin Field as children played a few yards

About 150 people gathered at the football field in the city’s Venice Park section to mourn those who have been lost in years of violence, and talk about ways the community can help. The community needs to return to the time when neighbors watched out for one another’s children, Shalanda Austin told those gathered. Neighbors no longer will call out someone else’s child, since it’s seen more as an insult to the parent rather than caring, Austin pointed out. “We’ve got to stop being afraid, as a community, to step up,” said Loreal Chrisp, known as ElleVintage. “It’s how you respond.” Her response is to talk to go out into the community and see what they need. She also shares her poetry, using it Monday as a battle cry for those gathered. “This is how I give back,” she said. “This is how I put my love into the community.” The woman who organized the event has asked not to have her name printed, stressing that this is about the community, not any one person.

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JULY 11, 2019

This was needed like medicine when you are ill: “If we keep breeding hate amongst each other, we will not have a solution to solve the sickness.” Mayor Frank Gilliam said he understands firsthand the hate that can fester after a loved one is killed. “My mother was murdered by violence,” he said. “Growing up, I wanted to be an individual who to got back at the individuals that took my mother’s life. So, I understand the frustration that people are going through when they are hurting.” Many in the crowd also understood. "Grandson.” “Son.” “A grandmother.” “A brother and a nephew.” “Five friends.” The list of loss came as people were asked to raise their hands if they had a loved one who had died. “I had my hand up, too,” Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner told the crowd. “Because those are the

people I lost: maybe teammates of mine; maybe classmates of mine. Too many names to name.” Monday’s was the first prayer vigil in what will be repeated at 6 p.m. over the next three Mondays: next in Pleasantville, then Egg Harbor Township and then Mays Landing. Mark-Anthony Rassmann has plans for the next eight Tuesdays focusing on Atlantic City. He plans to have 6 p.m. prayer meets at each of the city’s schools during the remainder of summer. “God is my source and you are my friends and I care about you,” he told the group. “I care about your children. So who’s going to meet me next week at Uptown.” The last will be Sept. 10 at the High School. “It’s not about one individual,” the woman who organized Monday’s event said. “It’s going to take more than one movement for an impact to happen in our city.”

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