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Mid March 2018


St Patty's & March Events "Mean Moms" Group Forms Upper Twp Hometown Heroes A Second Act For House of Blues


OPEN Every Day 9am-10pm

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Showboat's House of Blues Reopens as The Bourbon Room By Cindy Fertsch


he lights went out on the Showboat’s entertainment arena, The House of Blues, four years ago, but they are coming back on with a new name and a new energy. The Bourbon Room is Atlantic City’s newest entertainment venue. Under the new ownership of partners Brian Miranda, Jason Dobson and Rob Erikson, The Bourbon Room will offer a wide array of innovative entertainment including concerts, shows, bands, social nightlife events, expos, sporting events (boxing/ MMA), seminars (motivational speaking) and much more. The venue will be available for private bookings as well. The partners are a perfect combination with Miranda being the

“numbers guy,” Dobson leading Public was also the the production Relations, Erickson as the Operations manager for this venue when it was the House of Blues. Manager and Brad Adams overseeing Merchandising. “We are setting evWith Hard Rock Casino Reeryone up for success,” said Dobson. sort (formerly Taj Mahal) and Miranda notes that “Step one is getting the staff in place.” The Bourbon Room is now in the process of hiring two hundred part-time employees. Miranda is also one of the owners of Atlantic City’s Wonder Bar and has brought upgrades and revitalization to the establishment. The Bourbon Room’s first premier event is March 24th with ECW Joker’s Wild Wrestling featuring Booker T. Several other events are already booked including a Whiskey Social on March 31st and a full April lineup with Dead Reckoning, Unusual Suspects, Cybertronic, a Silent Disco and much more coming this summer. The Bourbon Room which seats 2,400 people will be under the care of production manager, Paul Fabre who interestingly, Partners Jason Dobson and Brian Miranda

The Bourbon Room Production manager, Paul Fabre, and Partner Jason Dobson Ocean Resort Casino (formerly Revel) opening this summer, the Bourbon Room is now yet another cause for celebration and excitement in Atlantic City. If you would like more information on the Bourbon Room follow them on Facebook and Instagram or go to www.thebourbonroomac. com

& Hats s t r i h S New In Stock Prices valid 1/12 thru 1/17

AMERICAN CHEESE..........................................$3.99 lb GENOA or HARD SALAMI............................$6.49 lb HOMESTYLE OR LITE TURKEY BREAST..........$6.99 lb TAVERN HAM....................................................$6.29 lb PREMIUM BOLOGNA.....................................$4.49 lb LONDON BROIL ROAST BEEF.....................$8.99 lb HONEY BBQ or BUFFALO CHICKEN BREAST....$6.69 lb IMPORTED SWISS CHEESE...........................$4.99 lb IMPORTED HAM...............................................$4.99 lb PROVOLONE CHEESE.......................................$3.99 lb

Tours & Tastings

Now Open Thursdays 4 - 9 with Food Truck Friday: 3pm to 9pm · Saturday: 12 pm to 8 pm Sunday: 1pm to 6 pm Growlers available to fill, or bring your own!

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MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018


Getting Free From Judgment From the Editor


ou’re a hot mess.” A few years ago, that combination of words really hurt my feelings. Over the years, I've learned that those words have always had more to do with the speaker than with me. I've also learned that - unless I figure out how to transform myself into a unicorn, or a plate of tacos - I'll never be able to make everyone happy. Someone will always be ready to make a judgement or

misinterpret our words or intentions, especially if we're challenging the status quo. As long as I'm confident that I'm approaching every day with integrity and kindness though, I've realized that it's none of my business how others feel about me. Although there is a part of each of us that wants to feel liked and included, we can't let the opinions of others keep us from pursuing our own personal truths. We cannot let judgments prevent us from honoring our own dreams and passions. Many dreams seem impossible and silly until they're achieved. Every creator and innovator initially has more doubters than believers. When we pursue our dreams, we run the risk of failing. Don’t let that deter you. As Walt Disney famously said, “The difference be-

tween winning and losing is most often not quitting.” Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Oprah and J.K. Rowling are just a few notable examples of exemplary humans who failed before they succeeded. The key to each of their accomplishments? They persevered. They tried again, and again, and again. As Babe Ruth said, “It is hard to beat a person who won’t quit.” As Shore Local Newsmagazine approaches its second birthday this month, it’s easy to forget the risks and the challenges we've faced. That said, I wish I had a dollar for every person that thought Bob and I were absolutely insane for starting an independent news publication. People will always talk, judge, and create their own stories. Never let that keep you from your dreams. In this issue of Shore Local

Newsmagazine, read about our Hometown Heroes, Daryl and Jennifer DiTropia. They created an entire community program for special needs children where there was none. Also read about Jason Dobson, Brian Miranda and Rob Erikson who are bringing new life to the former House of Blues and bringing entertainment back to Atlantic City. Plus, enjoy all the columns you have come to know and love, by Harry Hurley, Nancy Adler, Jeff Whitaker and many more.

Weather With Nor'Easter Nick

By Nick Pittman


alk about a complete 180 reversal in our weather pattern, huh? Nothing in meteorology happens by chance or accident or magic. You could see this coming from a mile away, really. We set

concerning because it looks to be another large storm with lots of precipitation and wind. Exact track obviously will dictate what we see in terms of snowfall but we will work on that over the next several days. As long as the jet stream is situated to our south, we've got the threat of storminess on the table. Things finally look to head in a more favorable direction by the third week of the month. Blocking breaks down and

Peace & Love, Cindy


the high pressure system in the Atlantic (called the Atlantic ridge) will rebuild. Until then, buckle your seatbelts, we are in for a rocky couple weeks! NorEaster Nick Pittman Chief Forecaster SNJ Today Channel 4 News NorEasterNick@snjtoday. com P: 609.579.4263.


Coming Your Way Every Two Weeks

Celebra�ng Life At The Southern NJ Shore

Office - (609) 788-4812 Publisher - Bob Fertsch (609)705-5323 Executive Editor - Cindy Fertsch (609) 334-1691 Columnists - Charles Eberson, Jeff Whitaker, Harry Hurley, Marci Lutzsky, Michael Smith, Krystle J. Bailey, Seth Grossman, Raymond Tyler, Nick Leonetti, Steffen Klenk, Nancy Adler, Cynthia Coons, Nick Pittman the pattern up for you back in February. Granted the return of winter was delayed, it wasn't denied. We've seen two nor'easters just five days apart and guess what? We will see another one by this weekend. We've got plenty of atmospheric blocking left over eastern Canada and that drives our pattern. The storm coming this weekend is


Food & Beverage Editor - Kimberly Shurig

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Goodness Abounds at the Enlightened Café Vegging at the Shore By Marci Lutsky


o matter when I go to the Enlightened Café in Ventnor or whom I go with, I always leave satisfied with a smile on my face, feeling a little more peaceful. I’ve gone for breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee as well as by myself, with my kids and with friends. It’s always the same, a fantastic

experience that is completely unique to Ventnor. Enlightened Café opened last year on Ventnor Avenue in a huge, open and beautiful space. The front part is a café and restaurant while in the back are meeting rooms. The café is part of the Hansen Foundation whose mission is to offer recovery services to those who suffer from

substance use disorders. 100% of the proceeds from the café go towards scholarships for those who cannot afford treatment. I’ve spoken with Jennifer Hansen and asked how

Extension: 10


the Enlightened Café came to be. She told me that in their treatment programs they teach about healthy living, which includes eating organic foods. They wanted to offer a space for people to be able to nourish their souls in a healthy manner. The menu is extensive and even though I’ve been there a bunch of times, I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. My breakfast favorite is the curried tofu scramble. No mat-

ter how many times I make this at home, it never tastes as good as at the Enlightened Café. For lunch and dinner I’m always torn. I will never understand why more restaurants don’t serve homemade veggie burgers. Not only is the black bean veggie burger at Enlightened Café homemade, but it’s delicious! They serve it on the most delicious homemade bread. My other favorite on the menu is make your own bowl where you get to choose your protein, base, veggies, sauce and add-ons. Let me just say that the rice noodles with marinated tempeh and bok choy in a Thai peanut sauce is what I would gladly eat every day. While the food is all fresh and organic, don’t visit without trying the coffees, juices and smoothies. The turmeric latte is not to be missed. If you asked my kids their favorite thing about the Enlightened Café I can guarantee they would say the hammocks. You can relax in a hammock while listening to live music or reading a book. In addition to live music, Enlightened Café offers open mic night, yoga and meditation workshops, full moon drum circle, astrology readings, support groups, peer-to-peer recovery services and 12-step meetings. Enlightened Café has added so much to our community not just by offering a place to get fresh, organic food. It’s a gathering space for people to nourish themselves while also finding support and enlightenment. You can find Enlightened Café at 6414 Ventnor Avenue and on social media at or enlightenedcafe. If you already have been enjoying the Enlightened Café, I would love to hear what you love to eat and drink there! Marci Lutsky is a food blogger at Vegging at the Shore, and can be reached at

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018


BAGPIPERS & IRISH MENU! ~ SATURDAY 3/17/18 Get Your Irish On! St. Patty's Menu

At The Shore Since '44

Served 3/16, 3/17, 3/18

IRISH STEW A generous bowl of Your Choice of Lamb or Beef Stew Served with Irish Soda Bread $6.99 SHEPHERD'S PIE Ground Beef, Filet Tips, Onions, Veggies, Herbs & Spices Married Perfectly with Yukon Potatoes $10.99 STUFFED POTATO Stuffed with Corned Beef, Sauerkraut Guinness Cheddar Banger Sausage Served Over Gravy $9.99 IRISH HOAGIE Banger Sausage on a Toasted Steak Roll Topped with Sautéed Onion, Peppers & Topped with Guinness Cheddar Dished with Homemade Potato Chips $9.99

IRISH EGGS BENEDICT Toasted Croissant with Corned Beef, Poached Eggs Finished with Horseradish Hollandaise Sauce Served with Potato Pancake $10.99 GLAZED HAM Freshly Steamed Cabbage & Red Bliss Parsley Potatoes, Complimented with Irish Soda Bread $14.99 CORNED BEEF Freshly Steamed Cabbage & Red Bliss Parsley Potatoes, Complimented with Irish Soda Bread $14.99 DESSERT Irish Cream Bash Cake


Call for Reservations MONDAY FROM 4PM $2 Pints



WINGS (13) $6.50 (35) $17.50 (60) $30.00 Scampi, Southwest, Top or Tail JACK’S CRABBY POTATO Potato Skins Filled With Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Tomato Bruschetta, Finished with Cheddar Jack Cheese Served Over Mornay Sauce $10.99 STROMBOLI Your Choice of Philly Cheesesteak, Caprese, Proscuitto, or Long Hots & Broccoli $8.99 HOMEMADE PIZZA Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Veggie, Pepperoni, Margherita $8.99 BEEF TACOS With Shredded Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato $6.99 SHRIMP TACOS Beer Battered Shrimp in a Flour Tortilla with Lettuce, Avocado & Pico De Gallo $9.99 MUSHROOM IMPERIAL Roasted Cremini Mushrooms Stuffed with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Baked Golden Brown & Served Over Mornay Sauce $10.99 SURF & TURF One Angus Beef Mushroom Slider with Provolone Cheese, One Jumbo Lump Crab Slider with Lettuce & Tomato, Dished with Fries $10.99 CHEESE PLATE Aged Provolone Cheese, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Olives, Roasted Long Hots & Crackers $8.99

MINI CRAB CAKES Fried Golden Brown Service with Curly Fries & Cole Slaw $12.99 LOBSTER ROLL Lobster Meat Mixed with Celery & Peppers Served on a Brioche Roll with Lettuce, Dished with Curly Fries $12.99 SCALLOPS IMPERIAL Stuffed with Our Jumbo Lump Crab & Lobster Imperial, Served Over Mornay Sauce $14.99 SHRIMP FAJITA WRAP Succulent Grilled Shrimp with Tri-Color Peppers, Onions, Cheese Blend, Tomato Sauce with Lettuce & Tomato on a Wrap Served with a Side of Chips & Guacomole $9.99 SURF & TURF Center Cut Sirloin Steak Served over Mashed Potatoes Drizzled with Red Wine Reduction & Seared Jumbo Scallops with Bernaise Sauce, Dished with our Veggie DuJour $16.99 PEPPERCORN TUNA Black Pepper Encrusted Tuna Seared & Served over Broccoli Slaw with Soy Sauce, Pickled Ginger & Cusabi Sauce $10.99 LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE $11.99 KOBE MEATLOAF Homemade Meatloaf with Sauteed Mushrooms, Shallots & Jumbo Lump Crab Meat Madeira Served with Mashed Potatoes & Veggie DuJour $14.99

~ SUNDAY 4/1/18 9AM TO 2PM WEDNESDAY FROM 4PM $3 CORONA, CORONA LIGHT, MODELO $4 MARGARITAS $5 Mugs CHICKEN QUESADILLA Flour Tortillas Filled with Grilled Chicken Breast, Onions, Cheddar Jack Cheese & Tomatoes, Folded & Sprinkled with Cheese, Offered with Sour Cream, Guacamole & Salsa $10.99 CHICKEN EGG ROLL Served with Salsa & Guacamole $9.99 BEEF or FISH TACOS With Shredded Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato $6.99 Beef/$10.99 Fish FAJITAS Marinated Chunks of Beef or Chicken, Sauteed with Fresh Sweet Peppers & Spanish Onions, Served with Sour Cream & Salsa $11.99 JUMBO LUMP CRAB QUESADILLA Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, Tomato, Onion, Black Olives, Spinach & Cheddar Jack Cheese $12.99 CHICKEN POT PIE Served in a Bread Bowl, Sprinkled with Cheddar Jack Cheese $8.99 JACK’S BELLY BUSTER Beef Battered Cod Served with Curly Fries & Cole Slaw $11.99 In HOUSE ONLY – NO TAKE-OUT OR DOGGIE BAGS WINGS (13) $6.50 (35) $17.50 (60) $30.00 Scampi, Southwest, Top or Tail or Stinging Honey Garlic

THURSDAY FROM 4PM $2 Pints $3.50 Pints SHORT RIB Angus Short Rib Sauteed with Mushrooms & Shallots in a Sherry Demi Glaze Sauce with Mashed Potatoes & Veggie DuJour $12.99 KOBE MEATLOAF Homemade Meatloaf with Sauteed Mushrooms, Shallots & Jumbo Lump Crab Meat Madeira Served with Mashed Potatoes & Veggie DuJour $14.99 BEEF STROGANOFF Bite Size Filet Mignon Sauteed with Shallots & Oyster Mushrooms in a Worcestershire Sauce, Served over Egg Noodles $12.99 PRIME RIB WRAP With Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Swiss Cheese & Horseradish Sauce Served with Au Jus & Roasted Long Hot, Dished with Boardwalk Fries $11.99 ANGUS SLIDER Served on a Toasted Roll with Blue Cheese Crumble, a side of Tabacco Onions & Drizzled with a Port Wine Sauce, dished with Boardwalk Fries $10.99 FILET TIPS CHEESESTEAK With Sauteed Cremini Mushrooms, Sweet Onions, Banana Peppers & Mozzarella Cheese on a Toasted Baguette, dished with Boardwalk Fries $11.99 PHILLY PORK Roast Pork with Broccoli Rabe, Sharp Provolone Cheese & Roasted Long Hot, served with Boardwalk Fries $11.99

Lunch Specials Served Daily 11am-4pm • Sunday Breakfast 9am-Noon 800 Shore Rd. Somers Point

(609) 927-3663

Call Ahead for Take-out

FR. ANTHONY’S PASTA DINNER SUNDAY, March 18, 2018 • 1:00-7:00 pm Enjoy Pasta w/ homemade tomato sauce & meatballs, Caesar salad w/ homemade dressing, desserts, silent auction, and much more! Tickets at a discounted price are on sale now after all the weekend Masses and at the Parish Office Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm (Adults $10, Children under 12, $5). The day of the event at the door: $12 Adults, $10 Seniors, $6 Children. For more information please call 609-646-5611.


BERETTA MOLLA PARISH 1421 New Road, Northfield

Events & Happenings Atlantic City Restaurant Week Sunday, March 4th – Friday, March 9th.Restaurant Week is a six-day celebration of the culinary scene in Atlantic City, March 4-9, 2018. During Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer a multi-course meal for the fixed price of $15.18 for lunch and $35.18 for dinner. Gift cards are available now.For more information and list of participating restaurants, visit http:// Artist Retrospective at Claridge Now – Sunday, March 11th Noyes Gallery at the Claridge 123 S. Indiana Ave. Atlantic City. The Noyes Gallery at Claridge spotlights the talent of local artists Steve Kuzma, John Lugara and Valeria Marcus. Over 20,000 feet of work painted from published illustrations, the Statue of Liberty, comprehensive local sea and landscape paintings and more. Don’t miss this showcase.

Enlightened Café Open Mic Fridays from 7-10pm, 6414 Ventnor Ave. Ventnor. Open Mic, Open Stage ~ to all musicians looking to spread good vibes through music and community. Jam with others, or go solo. Every Friday night from 7-close. Noyes Arts Garage Second Friday Friday, March 9th from 6-8pm, 2200 Fairmount Ave. Atlantic City. This month we will feature the live music of Brenda Bass, as well as stunning photography by a guest artist, and a very special book release and signing by local author, Indra Owens. At Second Friday Receptions, we gather to celebrate the openings of our newest galleries. Also enjoy: Live music, Wine tasting courtesy of South Jersey Wine Friends, and Refreshments. Gen Fitness Open House Saturday, March 10th from 10am-12pm, 57 W Laurel Drive Somers Point. Join Gen Fitness for an open house and learn about the importance of hydration. Come check out the gym and meet the owner. Honey Tree Natural Food Store will be on hand and see a demo from The Water Guy. Guided Nature Tours Saturdays from 10am-12pm Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge 800 Great Creek Rd, Oceanville. Come join us for a guided tour of the refuge that covers natural history of the area and some of the wildlife that can be seen at the refuge. Tours are FREE and family friendly. Tours last between 1 1/2 hr to 2 hrs. Binoculars are available to borrow. Donations appreciated.

Kidabaloo Saturday, March 10th at 12pm Boardwalk Hall Tickets: $15 Join Lizzie Green from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn at Kidabaloo, a fun-filled day for the whole family! Enjoy superheroes, princesses, moon bounces, Magician Chad Juros, a circus, live animals, petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, games, crafts, live entertainment and more! Get the kids out of the house and in to Kidabaloo! VIP offer includes Guaranteed Meet & Greet with Lizzie Greene including a professional photo that you can download, signed photo, lunch and early admission starting at 11:00am to Kidabaloo. Atlantic City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday, March 10th at 1pm, Boardwalk from New Jersey to Albany Avenues, The 30th Annual St. Patrick's Day parade begins at 1pm just north of the Garden Pier and the Boardwalk ending at Albany Avenue and the Boardwalk. Easter Bunny Arrival Garden Party Sunday, March 11th from 11am-2pm, Hamilton Mall 4403 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, Welcome the Easter Bunny with balloon animals, face painting, an art bar, and a dance party.


MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

Stephanie Segal Miller Watercolor Class Sunday, March 11th from 3-5pm Noyes Art Garage 2200 Fairmount Ave. Atlantic City Enjoy the wonderful world of watercolor in this fun and relaxing class. Beginners and explorers welcome. Bring your own photo or work from a still life. Class fee: $30 Class fee includes: ▶Instruction ▶ from Stephanie Segal Miller ▶Free ▶ parking in the attached Wave Parking Garage Bring your own supplies or supplies provided for just $5 extra. To register or for more info, email Stephanie Segal Miller at with the subject "Watercolor Class." Mainland Regional High School Presents: Roger + Hammerstein’s Cinderella Thursday, March 15th – Saturday, March 17th Mainland Regional High School (MRHS) students will perform Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella on March 15-17, 2018 at the school, 1301 Oak Avenue, Linwood, N.J. The show is open to the community, and proceeds will benefit the high school’s drama program.Show times are Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m., Friday, March 16 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 17 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students (8th grade and under with valid student ID). To purchase tickets, visit or call 609-904-2013. ACUA Rain Barrel Workshop Saturday, March 17th from 10am-12pm, 6700 Delilah Rd. Egg Harbor Township. Join us for a hands-on workshop where you'll construct a rain barrel to collect and reuse rainwater in your yard. Learn the tips and tools of maintaining your barrel, using rainwater and more! Tools and supplies will be provided. Cost is $20. Please register at Sea Isle City St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Celebration Saturday, March 17th at 3:30pm, 83rd to 63rd Street & Landis Avenue. The 28th Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is always a favorite, thanks to many shamrock-clad enthusiasts and plenty “Wearin’ of the Green.” This event is rain or shine. Scullville Fire Company Spring Fundraiser Beef & Beer Saturday, March 24th from 3-7pm, 1708 Somers Point Rd. Egg Harbor Township, $20 per ticket. Food, beer, wine and soft drink included. Live music! 50/50 raffle and Chinese auction will be held.

For tickets, call 609-927-2588 or e-mail bscrofani@

Atlantic City Events Kansas Friday, March 9th at 8pm, Borgata Events Center, Tickets start at $39 Phone: 609-3171000 Kansas is an American rock band that became popular in the 1970s initially on album-oriented rock charts and later with hit singles such as "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind".

ENERGY WINDOWS, DOORS & MORE (609)823-6034 • (609)703-8332 Northfield - Cherry Hill - Chonshohocken




Foreigner Saturday, March 10th at 8pmBorgata Event Center, Tickets: $55, Phone: 609317-1000 Foreigner is an English-American rock band, originally formed in New York City in 1976 by veteran English musician Mick Jones and fellow Briton and ex-King Crimson member Ian McDonald along with American vocalist Lou Gramm. Daughtry Friday, March 23rd at 9pm Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars Tickets start at $40 Phone: 609-348-4411 Multi-platinum band Daughtry takes the stage at Circus Maximus Theater on Friday, March 23rd. Frontman Chris Daughtry is popular for his run on "American Idol" and had tremendous success with his namesake band shortly after. The self-titled debut album released in 2006 and reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album was certified quadruple platinum and named the best-selling album by Billboard in 2007. It spawned the hits “It’s Not Over” and “Home.” The album sold more than a million copies in less than six weeks. The song “It’s Not Over” was nominated for a Grammy in 2008.




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* Up to 82 U.I. Capping Extra. Grids Optional. Lic.# 13VH04584700



Spring is Right Around the Corner!

Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival Friday, March 23rd – Sunday, March 25th Atlantic City Convention Center Tickets: $60 Phone: 609-412-9056 The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival will return for its 13th year to the Atlantic City Convention Center, March 23 - March 24, 2018. This year the Festival is excited to welcome The Descendents, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Pepper to their main stage. This year’s Hops Trot 5K will take place Saturday March 24, at 10:30 AM in conjunction with Session 2 of the Festival. Tickets are $60.00 in advance and can be purchased online or at Joe Canal's Discount Liquor Outlets in Northfield or Egg Harbor Township.

↘Continued on 10 Pleased to announce partnership with

• Natural & Organic Products • Health Food • Vitamins • Personal Care Pleased to announce partnership with Miracles Fitness 2300 New Rd, Northfield Show up for a drop in class and get a Honeytree discount! Stop by for FREE tours & 1 day Gym Pass

New American Cuisine Wed. Nights – Live Jazz Award Winning Wine List Extensive Beer List Private Rooms Available for 10-200 Guests

March is National Nutrition Month Take $5.00 OFF your $30 select purchase!

3/16 Tilton Fitness member appeciation day. Stop by our table for free samples!

March Events

331 Tilton Rd., Suite 26 Tilton Shopping Center Northfield

3/24 Nutrition Workshop 1-3pm Food/Water Demo and free samples. Michelle of My Nutrition & Wellness, Chef Sal and Raw-Vegan Maria. Contact for seating.

HoneyTree is a distributor of Ionized/Alkalized Water Systems. Call or Stop in For Demonstration/Consultation

3/29 Stockton Wellness Event 10-4pm in Galloway.

Honeytree available for nutrition questions, free samples

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

(609) 641-6524


↘Continued from 9 Community Events Yoga Programs Saturday, March 10th & 24th at 9:30am Atlantic County Library 40 Farragut Ave. Mays Landing offers older teens and adults “Yoga for Life” on Saturdays, March 10 and 24 at 9:30 am. Registration and a $5 fee are required for any session. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a towel or mat. Please do not eat three hours before the class. Janet Hahn leads the program. Lego Club Saturday, March 10th & 24th at 10:30am Atlantic County Library 1 Swift Ave. Egg Harbor Township holds a LEGO Club on Saturday mornings, March 10 and 24 at 10:30 am. Kids of all ages are invited to come make LEGO creations. Second Saturday Crafternoon Saturday, March 10th at 2:30 pm Atlantic County Library 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Galloway will hold weekend crafting for kids on Saturday, March 10 at 2:30 pm. The programs is free and suggested for ages 8-14. Registration is required. Join us for arts, crafts and cool stuff. Monthly Movie Night Tuesday, March 13th at 6:30 pm Atlantic County Library 801 Shore Rd. Somers Point hosts monthly family movie nights on Tuesday, March 13 at 6 pm. Ages 4 and up are welcome, and pizza is served during the movie. Please advise the library staff of any food allergies. The movie is rated PG; call the branch at 609-9277113 for the movie’s title.

3.14 = Pi Day: Taste-Test Challenge Wednesday, March 14th from 1-4pm Atlantic County Library 6500 Atlantic Ave. Ventnor is holding a Pi Day Taste-Test Challenge from 1-4 pm on Wednesday, March 14, in honor of the mathematical constant. Albert Einstein's birthday is 3/14. Einstein was very smart, so he probably enjoyed pie -- and you will too. Sample slices of pie and vote for your favorites. Note: This challenge will last only as long as we have pie, so come in early for a slice of fun. Please advise library staff of any food allergies. Exploring the Bug Life in our Backyards Wednesday, March 14th from 7-8:30pm Estell Manor Park 109 Route 50, Mays Landing. Join Lynn Maun and Julie Akers to explore the insects (and other "bugs") that can be found right in our backyards. They will discuss the importance of pollinators both large and small, the relationships between predators and prey, and the decomposers that do the clean-up work. For more information, please call 609-625-1897 St. Paddy’s Day Sing Along Thursday, March 15th at 5pm Atlantic County Library 306 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. Galloway welcomes all to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday, March 15 at 5 pm. Enjoy lively music a sing-along with Grandfather Joe, as well as a performance by award-winning Irish dancer Francesca Bishop. Family Movie Night Thursday, March 15th at 5:30 pm Atlantic County Library 1 Swift Ave. Egg Harbor Township invites all to its family movie

night on Thursday, March 15 at 5:30 pm. Come bring the kids to enjoy a family-friendly film and popcorn. Please advise of any food allergies. Little Learners Craft Class Friday, March 16th at 10am & 1pm Warren Fox Nature Center 109 Route 50, Mays Landing. Open to 3-5 year old preschoolers accompanied by an adult. Transform everyday objects into works of art. Time permitting; children will have the opportunity to “show and tell.” Please specify morning (10am) or afternoon (1pm) session when registering. Please pre-register by calling the Nature Center office at 609- 625-1897. Saturday, March 17 12 -2 PM at Fusion Church, 701 New Hampshire Ave., Somers Point Limitless Easter Egg Hunt for special needs children. Questions or information email SPC. Forum for Women Veterans Saturday, March 17th from 9am-2pm All Wars Memorial 1510 Arctic Ave. Atlantic City Women Veterans face unique challenges in navigating the transitions from military to civilian life and navigating the VA health care system. This event is an opportunity for women veterans from all years of service to come together, to hear from women who have navigated the challenges, to understand what resources are available today, and share the camaraderie of others. Lunch will be served. (Free) Childcare will be available, but please pre register your children. To register, please visit forum-for-women-veterans-tickets-42533643272

The Godfrey Funeral Homes Stop into any of our locations for your free Funeral Planning Guide

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Established 1896

Ocean City

Egg Harbor Twp.

644 South Shore Road Palermo NJ 08223

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4008 English Creek Avenue Egg Harbor Twp. NJ 08234

John K. Baltz, Manager NJ Lic. No. 3715

Sallie J. Godfrey, Manager, N.J. Lic. No 3898

Herbert L. Godfrey II, Manager NJ Lic. No. 4362

(609) 390-9699

(609) 399-0077

Established 2017 (609) 241-6460

Personalized To Your Needs. Traditional & Cremation Service Pre-Need Arrangements. Available 24 hours. In-Home Arrangements

Serving the Communities of Cape May & Atlantic Counties William C. Orr, Director, N.J. Lic. No. 4896 Michelle R. Orr, Director, N.J. Lic. No. 4804


Yoga at the Library Saturday, March 17th at 10am Atlantic County Library 1 Swift Ave. Egg Harbor Township offers yoga to adults and teens on Saturday, March 17 at 10 am. The program is free, however registration is required for each session. Exercise at the library with local instructor Linda Schwartz. Orientinteering Saturday, March 17th from 11am-3pm Atlantic County Park in Estell Manor 109 State Highway Route 50. Are your children learning to read a map in school? Put on your hiking boots, pack a trail lunch and head to the Estell Manor Park for a three mile orienteering course through the woods. We provide the instructions, maps and a loaner compass. A basic course for the beginner and an intermediate course for the experienced or more adventurous are offered. Please specify course when registering. Children under 13 must have an adult with them. Standard tick precautions are recommended. Free but must register in advance, please call the Nature Center office: (609) 625-1897. Classic Movie Saturday, March 17th at 2pm Atlantic County Library 40 Farragut Ave. Mays Landing treats all ages to a classic movie on Saturday, March 17 from 2-4 pm. Step back in time and enjoy an old favorite. Free Rabies Clinic Sunday, March 18th from 9-11am Atlantic County Animal Shelter 240 Old Turnpike Rd. Pleasantville Please have cats in a carrier and dogs on a leash. Proof of previous rabies vaccination is needed for a 3 year vaccine. For more information, please contact Kathy Kelsey at 609-485-2345. Pleasantville Page Turners Tuesday, March 20th from 1:30-3pm Atlantic County Library 33 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Pleasantville holds a monthly book discussion on Tuesday, March 20 from 1:30-3 pm. The branch invites all adults and teens to come together to discuss literature. Chess Club Tuesday, March 20th from 4-7pm Atlantic County Library 801 Shore Rd. Somers Point will hold a chess club on Tuesdays, March 6 and 20 from 4-7 pm. All ages are invited to receive a lesson from U.S. Chess Federation member Dylan Clark, or just come and play. Zumba Class Tuesday, March 20th from 5:30-6:30pm Lake Lenape – East Catering Hall 753 Park Rd. Mays Landing. Get ready to party yourself into shape. These energizing, easy-to-follow, Latin dance moves will burn calories and get you into shape for the spring. Program is free. For more information, please call 609-625-1897. The Art of Haiku Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm Atlantic County Library 40 Farragut Ave. Mays Landing hosts published haiku poet, Erin Castaldi, to speak on the power of haiku poetry on Wednesday, March 21 at 7 pm. The program is open to adults and teens and registration is requested. Come learn how haiku can help one find solace by encouraging creativity in a new way. If you have an event or know of an event you would like included in this listing please email

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018



Doctors Glenn and Todd Prager • Implant Dentistry

• Root Canal

• Dentistry for ALL Ages

• Pediatric (Kids)

• Teeth Whitening • Oral Surgery

Dentistry • Fillings & Bridges

We Offer a Wide Range of New Technologies, such as Digital X-Rays.


$ Mon-Fri - 9am-6pm Sat - 9am-2pm

New Patient Welcome Package Includes Examination, X-Rays, Cleaning & Oral Cancer Screening (Regularly $265)

Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Coupon Only. Expires 4/15/18

Call to schedule your appointment today!


43 Bethel Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244 (ShopRite Plaza) Most Insurance Accepted Including NJ Family Care Emergency Walk-Ins Welcome

Hometown Hero: Daryl & Jennifer DiTropia By Cindy Fertsch


bowling, dance, floor hockey and track and field. The DiTropia’s also team up with Special Olympics and participate in both the Winter and Summer Games. Most recently, the Upper Township Challenger Chargers Floor Hockey team won the State Championship, beating the undefeated Bergen County team. They brought home the gold medal winning the Division 5 at the NJ Special Olympic State Games. The Upper Township Committee presented each player with a Resolution in recognition of their accomplishment. “I was so proud of them and the Resolution was just another

exclamation that they did an amazing job, “ said Daryl. The Upper Township Challenger Sports Program is a

hen Daryl and Jennifer DiTropia’s young son was diagnosed with autism, they knew they had to create opportunities for him to socialize and engage with other children his age. They eagerly signed him up for the Upper Township Soccer league. Everything went great during the practices, but not-so-great at all, during the games. Daryl and Jen saw that they needed something different, an Adaptive or special needs soccer program. co But there were none to be found in Upper ed recreation Township or even anywhere in a tri-counprogram that enables ty radius. That didn't stop Daryl and Jen children and young though. They knew if their child needed adults age 5 (kindergarten) this, there must be others that and up with intellectual and/ would benefit from it as well. or developmental disabilities From that, Jen and Daryl DiTto enjoy the benefits of team sports participation. ropia formed UT Challenger Sports League. The UT Challenger Sports That was 2008 when their Program is broken down into son, Cameron, was six years fun filled skill-building activold. They began with a soccer ities designed to fit the inditeam consisting of 20 special vidual player’s needs and in an needs athletes and 20 volunadapted game. The player will teers. Now, ten years later, be paired up with a volunteer Challenger Sports is a staple in The Upper Township Challenger Sports Floor Hockey Team won the “Buddy” to shadow the player the community and offers not New Jersey Special Olympics State Championship and received a and offer encouragement and only soccer, but also baseball, Resolution Award from the Upper Township Committee. support when needed.


Jen and Daryl’s son, Cameron is 16 now and is thriving at the Ocean City High School, doing better than his parents ever thought was possible. He is on both the Cross Country and Track and Field team and is doing very well academically as well. He looks forward to getting his drivers license and going to college. The sky is the limit for Cameron now and his parents credit it to the excellent education and teachers

Cameron has had, along with his experiences through Challenger Sports. “I think Challenger Sports was a great stepping stone for Cameron to learn how to be part of a team,“ says Daryl. Sign ups are going on now for UT Challenger Baseball. You can follow them on Facebook which has a link to register online or go to

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

Miss America Visits Local Schools

CIRCLE LIQUOR STORE "Celebrating Our 79th Anniversary"

In-Store Wine Tastings Every Saturday 1 to 4

WALKING DEAD WINES have Come To Life! Blood Red Blend or Cabernet Sauvignon

Reg. $21.99 Sale $15.99

Tastes amazing, with some really creative flourishes. The bottles has unique augmented reality labels that come to life when viewed through a smartphone. Each bottle is sealed with a collectible cork featuring Walking Dead artwork.

Open 7 Days a Week 9am-10pm

1 MacArthur Blvd., Somers Point, NJ 609-927-2921 • Delivery Available to Ocean City, Somers Point & Linwood

photos by Donald B. Kravitz MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018


We're All Irish On St. Patrick's Day

By Steffen Klenk


arch 17th is the most important day on the Irish calendar. While this day resembles luck and fortune, wearing anything with the color green and drinking your favorite pint of beer, it also has a very significant meaning. St. Patrick’s Day is regarded as one of the most important holidays in Ireland and throughout Irish culture. Celebrated every year on March 17th, this day honors the life of Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland. Born in Scotland, he was credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland during the 5th century. He learned about the various customs, traditions and language before teaching religion and becoming a bishop. Patrick died on March 17th, 461. The earliest celebrations of St. Patrick’s life date back to the ninth century, but it wasn’t until the early 1600’s when a more formal holiday was adopted. March 17th has since been considered a holy day, and is marked by many celebrations worldwide. In Ireland, the day begins with a traditional church service, followed by a day

of parades and food. Last year’s celebrations in Dublin drew an attendance of over 100,000 visitors from around the world. Originating in 1771, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia is one of the oldest parades in the country, and takes place the Sunday before March 17th. Festival goers and onlookers will line the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as the parade makes its way to Penn’s Landing. More than 120 bands and 150,000 marchers will take part in New York’s annual parade, a tradition that dates back to 1762. This year’s Atlantic City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, taking place on Saturday, March 10th, is expected to draw big crowds to the boardwalk. Grand Marshalls Sharon Essl and Joe Crilley will lead the procession from Garden Pier to Albany Avenue. The city of Chicago has taken a unique twist to the holiday. Every year, the Chicago River is decorated with over 40 lbs. of green dye. This process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Tens and thousands of people will flock to Chicago for this year’s festivities. Many commonly mistake leprechauns as bringing good luck or fortune. In folklore, the leprechaun is a small fairy with a beard. Short in stature, these mischievous creatures would end

up playing tricks, deceive people. Shamrocks, or three-leaf clovers, are common symbols for the Holy Trinity, but Americans commonly get this confused to the four-leaf clover. Four-leaf clovers stand for faith, hope, love and luck. Legend believes that finding one is a symbol of good fortune, but your odds of looking over one are slim. Only 1 in 5,000 clovers have four leaves, making them exceptionally rare. Traditional foods such as pink bacon, savory roast chicken and potatoes are about as Irish as you can get. Corned beef and cabbage is a popular dish enjoyed by Irish Americans. Irish potatoes are another treat that becomes popular around this time of year, but don’t be deceived by its name. While they may look like potatoes, these sweet treats originated in the

Philadelphia region and are actually made of coconut and cinnamon. Traditional Irish music is often comprised of ballads, drinking songs and laments performed in an accompaniment of instruments such as the flue, fiddle and bagpipes. are performed for audiences far and wide. Many of today’s modern bands have been influenced by traditional Irish songs, bringing a new twist to the Celtic sound such as Celtic fusion. The Coors, Gaelic Storm and Lunasa have acclaimed success worldwide for their unique sound. Nearly forty percent of Americans will take part in a day of celebration on March 17th. On this day, many will attend church to honor the Patron Saint Patrick. Party goers will enjoy a round of Guinness and attend social gatherings; others may decorate their homes and plan a special meal with their family and friends. Whether you are of Irish decent or not, St. Patrick’s Day has become a worldwide celebration of Irish history and culture that will continue to be celebrate for generations to come.




ROOFING - SIDING- WINDOWS - DOORS NJ LIC. #13VH01492600- PA LIC. #PA082127 - DE LIC. #1998205023


MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

Ocean City Events ‘ALL OVER THE PLACE’ EXHIBIT AT ARTS CENTER (through March): South Jersey artist Lolly Grilli brings her exhibit “All Over the Place” to the Ocean City Arts Center March 2 through March 31. A “Meet the Artist Reception,” free and open to the public, will be held Friday, March 9, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Her work will be for sale and ranges in price from $95 to $300. “My subject matter can be ‘all over the place,’ but are images that I’m attracted to and inspire me,” Grilli says. “My hope is that my paintings are easily relatable, speak to the viewer in some way, and if they should adorn your home, are like the background music to your life.” BOOK SALE AT OCEAN CITY FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY (March 10): 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the atrium outside the library at 1735 Simpson Avenue. Hosted by Friends and Volunteers of the Ocean City Free Public Library. Info at Shop specially-priced books, audio items and more.

THE GREAT EGG HUNT (March 24): The first of two massive egg hunts on the beach between 11th and 14th streets. For children ages 7 and under. Starts at 2:30 p.m. For more information, call 1-800-BEACH-NJ. THE GREAT EGG HUNT (March 31): The second of two massive egg hunts on the beach between 11th and 14th streets. For children ages 7 and under. Starts at 2:30 p.m. For more information, call 1-800-BEACH-NJ. COMMUNITY EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE (April 1): A traditional non-denominational service by the sea takes place 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday. Speaker is United Methodist District Superintendent Brian Roberts. Music by: Jeff Seals, piano; Jack Melton and Laura Olivero, trumpets; 7th grader Treasa Hayes, soloist. Participants include Mayor Jay Gillian, Sr. Joelle Thren, Pastors Mark Bruesehoff, Terry Lothian, Elizabeth Mallozzi, Larry Oksten,

All The Wooden Way


he fifth and final phase of a multi-year Ocean City boardwalk reconstruction is now complete. Walkers, runners and bicyclists have been detoured since October while the portion between 10th Street and 12th Street was demolished and replaced. The work is part of a five-year project to completely replace the boardwalk between 5th Street and 12th Street. The sec-

tions of decking were assembled off-site and then lowered into place by crane. It is made from southern yellow pine with a thickness of 3 inches, much thicker than traditional planks. A new pavilion near 12th Street is being built.

John Sheldon and Marcia Stanford. All are invited to attend. DUELING PIANOS SHOW AND EASTER FASHION PROMENADE (April 1): In a longstanding tradition, families are invited to dress their best for the annual Easter Fashion Promenade. The Philly Keys will return to Ocean City with their hit dueling piano show to start the festivities at noon Sunday, April 1 in front of the Music Pier. Judging for the Promenade starts at 1 p.m. Prizes will be awarded for various categories, and the Easter Bunny will be on hand to visit with children. GIRLS WEEKEND (April 6 to 8): The event features hotel and bed-and-breakfast packages, dining offers, shopping discounts, a popular fashion show, prizes, yoga and wellness classes, craft projects and demonstrations at various locations throughout Ocean City. It provides a great reason to escape to the shore early in the season and to see what Ocean City’s downtown retail district has to offer. For a detailed

schedule of Girls Weekend events, accommodations and participating businesses, call 609-399-1412, visit the Girls Weekend blog at www. or check out the Facebook pages “Downtown OCNJ” and “OceanCityNJVacation.” Tickets ($20) for a Fashion Show Kickoff at Glazed Over Studios (704 Asbury Avenue) at 7 p.m. April 6 are on sale now at City Hall, the Route 52 Welcome Center, Ta-Dah (1040 Asbury Ave.) and the 7th Street Surf Shop (720 Asbury Ave.). ‘DEFYING GRAVITY’ (April 7): Kelli Rabke’s “Defying Gravity” show is part of the third annual Girls Weekend. The show stars Rabke, a Broadway star and Bergen County mom of two young children. Rabke will weave tales of motherhood, music, and the misadventures of life and love. She performs 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 7 on the Ocean City Music Pier. For tickets, visit, call 609-399-6111, or stop by the City Hall Welcome Center or the Roy Gillian Welcome Center on the Route 52 causeway.

Construction moved along quickly

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018


Planning Your Garden By Nick Leonetti


ow that March is here (and, boy, did it come in like a lion) spring is just around the corner and on everyone’s mind. Last year, I gave gardening a go, and it worked. Well, it kind of worked. I planted green bean, carrot and radish seeds. The green beans and the carrots turned out to be a bust, but the radishes flourished and tasted delicious. This year, I am going to make a conscious effort to be even more proactive, and I am determined to grow a colorful array of veggies to impress and, most importantly, feed family and friends. After doing research and talking with some seasoned-pros on the subject, the soil seems to be initially the most important ingredient in getting quality, organic edibles. Therefore, composting plays a major role in creating healthy and nutrient-rich soil for the plants to thrive in. Com-

posting sounds intimidating, though, especially for a novice like me; however, it’s actually quite easy to do! Below, the reader will find some easy and fun ways to get the perfect compost. According to the EPA and GreenScapes, the first thing a person needs is a bin to amalgamate carbon-based materials and nitrogen-based materials. The bin should have a closed-top, in order to keep out the curious neighborhood wildlife. It’s also interesting to note many communities provide composting bins to residents, free of charge. But what are nitro ge n and carbon-based m a te r i a l s? Well, think about it this way: brown is for carbon and green is for nitrogen. Carbon-based materials are things like paper products, dead leaves, twigs and small branches, and even used-potting soil.

$20 Prime Rib Thursdays 4:30-Close

Open Sunday-Thursday 11:30 to 9:30 Fri & Sat 11:30 to 10


Nitrogen-based materials, on the other hand, are grass clippings, food scraps from vegetables and fruits, coffee ground and tea bags. So, instead of bagging your grass clippings and throwing them in the trash, or jamming up the garbage dis-

posal with fruit and vegetable peelings, start stockpiling them in your bin. The general rule of thumb is to add three-parts brown materials to one-part green, and bury the nitrogen-based materials underneath the carbon-based materials. As the pile breaks down, something really neat happens: it grows warm. So warm, in fact, that when it’s cool out you may even see steam rise off of it. This means it’s working. When everything at the bottom begins to turn dark and monochrome, the compost is ready to be used. It is important to note that every time you add to your pile, make sure you turn over and “fluff” what’s already in the bin. Why go through all this trouble, though? Why not, for example, take a ride out to Walmart, buy a bag of Miracle-Gro, and save yourself the time and trouble it takes to do all this? Simply put: it’s just better this way – better for the plants and better for you. Anything done organically is going to be more beneficial for everyone and everything. And there are also added bonuses. According to Sue Marx, the treasurer of the Sustainable Township of Hamilton (STOH) Green Team, “It keeps the food waste out of the solid waste stream, provides gardens with nutrients, and it utilizes what nature gives us.” In other words, it’s the cycle of life doing its thing right in your backyard. Also, for the thrifty spenders out there, it saves money! Instead of buying

a bag of Black Gold compost from the hardware store, you’re spending zero dollars, and the result is the most nutrient-rich humus a person can find. Your plants will love you for it and so will your wallet. Regardless of all this, composting still may seem formidable to some. Luckily, the STOH is here to help. On May 5th at Oakcrest High School in Mays Landing, there will be a Green Fair. From 10:00 am to 2:00 pm there will be a plethora of demonstrations and events to help educate the general public on how to be mindful of the environment and get the most out of it, as well. They will be collecting e-waste (electronic products) and rigid plastic, a demonstration on how to correctly compost, and a Q and A session with Dave Yeager, a member of the Green Team. There will also be document shredding, food trucks, a plant sale by the students, and road cleanups in the morning. It will be a day of green and organic education and, more importantly, fun for everyone. In his classic The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture, author, poet, and environmental activist, Wendell Berry, discusses our steady estrangement with the land. With produce being grown from a petri dish more often than the ground nowadays, this text is more relevant than ever. Berry elegantly explains how good farming can be not only beneficial to healthy living, but it has the potential to be a spiritual experience, as well. And I do believe more people are realizing this, and local groups like the STOH Green Team are setting the example. Young people, like the students at Oakcrest, are getting involved, too, which is even more good news. They are showing us all that it’s not that difficult to take the land back and have fun doing so. Therefore, if you have a backyard, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the soil and all the treasures it holds. This summer, try it out. Grow some stuff.

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

Where Does The Time Go? tively pursuing your goals and where you want life to take you. I’m all for that. However, too many times it’s easy to get caught up in the future so much that we forget that life happens in the

By Jeff Whitaker


don’t know about you, but the fact that we are adjusting our clocks again is a bit scary. I say that because it’s just another indication to me of how fast time just seems to slip away. I say ‘seems’ because in reality, time is moving at the exact same speed it always has. It’s time. But as I get older, it seems to move faster. Seasons that seemed to drag on and on, come and go in an instant. Sundays turn into Mondays and all of a sudden it’s Friday. I come across pictures of my family and what is timestamped four years ago, seems like a flash in the pan, only yesterday and I ask myself where it all has gone. I’m all for laying out goals and looking forward to tomorrow. In fact, in this column I often write about the importance of thinking through a plan, putting it down on paper and then ac-

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

present, in the here and now. And if we are always looking at the horizon, we miss what’s right in front of us. There is a song on the country music charts right now titled “Five More Minutes”. It chronicles a person's life and the various times during their life that they stop in the middle of a monumental or life altering event and realize the moment they are living in is about to go

away forever. At that moment, they ask for just five more minutes. I think time is a lot like oxygen. If you have plenty of it, you can easily take it for granted. But when every breath become a struggle, you begin to realize how valuable it is. We’ve all heard the advice that we need to ‘manage our time’ more efficiently. But I choose to look at it this way. It’s not so much managing but being acutely aware of time. I don’t know about you, but for me the challenge is to be so present in the moment that I don’t miss out and regret what I might otherwise miss. We all are given 24 hours or 1440 minutes every day. The question is, are you making the most of the time? It’s a gift we can never reclaim once it's gone.

Put Some Spring In Your Step Climb to the Top of NJ's Tallest Lighthouse Great Exercise! Outstanding Views!

Open everyday from March 22 through April 9 for Spring Break, 11am to 4pm

Jeff Whitaker is a lifelong communicator and storyteller. He is a certified trainer, coach and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Jeff’s goal is to encourage excellence in individuals and corporations through leadership and communications training. Connect with him at, through The Jeff Whitaker Company on Facebook or @jeffwhitaker on Twitter.


Basics of Consignment

By Marci Lutsky


his may not come as a surprise, but having kids is very expensive. When my twins were born we were so grateful for all of the gifts and hand me downs we received because we needed a lot. Between the swings, strollers, clothes and toys, our house was bursting at the seams with stuff. What do you with all that stuff once your kids outgrow it if you don’t intend to have more children? There are many options and one that’s very popular is consignment. I’ve done a mixture of things over the years once I am sure that we are done with something. I don’t buy expensive clothes for my kids. My son only wants to live in “comfy pants” and my daughter is not picky (yet) when it comes to fashion. Most of the time I pass clothes along to friends. I like seeing our clothes go to good families where they will be appreciated. If you want to sell your outgrown or

no longer used items, you have several choices. There are countless online yard sale sites where you can list what you are selling. There are pros and cons to going this route. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to give a percentage of your profit to anyone else. If you are selling a high chair for $50 and someone agrees to pay that, the money is all yours. The downside is coordinating with buyers. I’ve heard stories about people not showing up when they were supposed to, making this process often times frustrating. I’ve had luck selling bigger items on yard sale sites that I know are in demand, like bikes and high chairs. Most of the time when I post an item for sale, the person who responds is someone I know. If you are selling to someone you don’t know, it is recommended that you meet in a public place unless this is not possible for bigger items like furniture. If you don’t have the time or patience for yard sale sites, I suggest consigning your items. There are a lot of questions to ask when it comes to

consignment. What kind of items does the store accept? Some stores only accept higher end items. Do you need an appointment to drop off what you want to sell? How much will you get from what is sold and how much will the store keep? Do they only accept seasonal items? What happens to items

if they haven’t sold within a certain period of time? We have a bunch of great consignment stores in our area. Fievel and Louise in Linwood is one to check out. Owners Elizabeth Goldfarb and Lindsey Passante have created a special little nook in the back of Central Square where you can find a mix of gently used higher end items mixed in with new accessories. They accept items from newborn to size 14, with the big sellers being 12 months to 4T. They give sellers 40% of what the item sell for and at the end of the season, consigners can either get items back that haven’t sold or they will be donated to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. Fievel and Louise does a fantastic job of posting items for sale on social media which helps your items sell faster! You can of course go the old fashioned route and have a good old yard sale. If you find yourself doing spring cleaning and making piles of stuff to get rid of, hopefully these suggestions will give you guidance on the best ways to make money on your no longer used items. Marci Lutsky is a local mom of seven year-old twins and can be reached at

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What You Eat Affects Your Brain By Nancy Adler


hen most people think of boosting their brain power, they think of learning something new or engaging in thought-provoking debate. As it turns out, one of the best ways to improve your mental health is through your gut. Like your brain, the gut has its own nervous system, which sends information to the brain via the vagus nerve. This helps explain why you might feel queasy when you’re nervous or stressed. Just as the brain impacts the gut, what we put in our gut can impact the functioning of the brain. The Standard American Diet is sorely deficient in omega -3 fatty acids, such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and high in trans fats and saturated fats which have been shown to negatively affect the brain. Since our brains are made up largely of fat and our bodies cannot manufacture essential fatty acids, we have to rely on a diet rich in

omega-3s to meet our daily needs. In studies, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as wild cold water fish (e.g., salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel), seaweed, chicken fed on flaxseed and walnuts, have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and other mental disorders. This is likely because of the effect omega-3s have on the production of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals responsible for our

moods), including dopamine and serotonin. By supporting the synapses in the brain, omega-3s also boost learning and memory . I feel the most important primary source of energy for the brain is glucose, which comes from carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates exacerbate low mood by creating spikes in blood sugar and have been shown to have effects on the brain similar to drugs if abuse . By contrast, complex carbs release glucose slowly, helping us feel full longer and providing a steady source of fuel for the brain and body. Healthy sources of complex

carbohydrates include whole-wheat products, bulgur, oats, wild rice, barley, beans and soy. Understand , foods we eat are broken down into substances that are used to make neurotransmitters and other chemicals that allow different parts of the nervous system to communicate effectively with each other and the rest of the body. Next to carbohydrates, protein is the most abundant substance in the body. The amino acid tryptophan, a building block of protein, influences mood by producing the neurotransmitter serotonin. Sometimes called natures Prozac, serotonin is associated with depression. Lean protein sources, including fish, turkey, chicken, eggs and beans, help keep serotonin levels balanced. Even more important are complex carbohydrates, which actually facilitate the entry of tryptophan into the brain, reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety and improving overall cognitive functioning. Popeye was on to something with a diet high in spinach! Leafy greens such as spinach, romaine, turnip and mustard greens, and broccoli are high in folic acid, as are beets and lentils. Deficiencies in folate as well as other B vitamins have been linked with higher rates of depression, fatigue and insomnia.

Our modern diet is significantly different from that of our ancestors. We can blame busy lifestyles, food manufacturing and the affordability of processed foods, but most of us can make changes to counteract these influences; for example, increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables, limiting processed foods that come from bags and boxes, and cooking meals from scratch. Sadly, the genetic and environmental influences passed down by our ancestors, though far from perfect, were likely better than the ones we’re passing on to future generations. An emerging body of research is showing that the way we eat today not only affects our own health but also that of our children and grandchildren. Nutrition is a key contributor to good mental health, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Dietary changes won’t be sufficient for everyone and are not a substitute for other forms of treatment. Nancy Adler is a certified nutritionist and practitioner in Linwood. Her office is located in Cornerstone Commerce Center, 1201 New Rd. Learn about her practice at (609)653-4900


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Senior Moments A Senior’s Observations, Opinions and Rantings

By Charles P. Eberson


ebruary of last year, my wife and I visited her parents in Delray Beach, Florida. They live in a 55 and over, WAY OVER community and I found that visiting that community for a week provided me with some interesting insights into aging. We just returned from visiting them again and the experience once again was interesting. I look at it from the perspective that at some time in the future, this might be our living situation. Since I am meeting some of these people for the second time, barriers have fallen and I have been able to speak more freely with them. For instance one particular gentleman, Howard was walking with a cane. He didn’t have the cane last visit so I asked him if he hurt his leg. He told me that he has the cane now because it helps his balance. In his youth, he was an Israeli paratrooper leaping into the void supported only by a canopy of nylon cloth. Now he needs the support of a cane. Then there was, Sammy. Sammy was one of the younger residents. He lived in New York City until his mother fell ill so now he has moved into the community to be her caretaker. I saw Sammy every day because my father in law owed him one dollar from a Super Bowl bet and wasn’t paying his debt. The unpaid debt stopped being about the money. It was the game, the spirited repartee between them that was worth

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Charles Eberson has been in the newspaper business for over 25 years. He has worked as a writer, advertising executive, circulation manager and photographer. His photography can be viewed at charles-eberson.

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more than the dollar. But every morning Sammy would stop by and yell, “Arthur do you have my dollar” after which both of them would burst into laughter and the back and forth would begin. I asked Sammy how he liked living where the air always smelled of flowers and the sun was always warm on the skin. He said he hated it. He missed the streets of New York City where he was a cabbie for fifteen years until he had his first stroke which was followed by four more. Every morning Sammy can be seen taking his usual jog around the neighborhood but in due time, Sammy will be moving back to New York. Then there is Norm. Norm is the community’s George Hamilton. He is slim, about six feet tall with blue eyes, white hair combed straight back and skin the color of tobacco. Norm moves around the pool area with the ease of lounge lizard. He stops and chats for a few moments with the residents especially the ladies. Of course as nature will have it, there are always more ladies in these communities than men. Norm’s raison d’etre is to be an escort to these beneficiaries of their husbands life insurance. He gets invited to dances, dinner and for this past Valentine’s day, an evening on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale. Norm is 84 years young. To paraphrase Shakespeare, all the community is a stage and all the men and women are merely players. At least on this stage, the play goes on.

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Recycled Art Contest Will Turn Trash to Treasure


6414 Ventnor Avenue Ventnor, NJ 08406 (609) 594-5283

tlantic County residents are encouraged to get creative with materials they would normally toss into the trash or recycling bin for the 4th annual County-Wide Recycled Art Contest. The contest, is open to Atlantic County residents of all ages, and challenges participants to create unique pieces of art using materials that would normally be discarded. Entries will be accepted at Atlantic County Library branches between Friday, March 23 and Saturday, April 7, 2018. “The contest goal is to heighten everyone’s awareness about the waste we generate, and to get people thinking about recycling, reuse, waste and litter reduction,” ACUA President Rick Dovey explained. The contest is open to all residents of Atlantic County and winners will be chosen in four age categories: 8 and under, 9 to 12, 13 to 18 and 19 and up, as well as one group category. Entry forms and artwork must be received between March 23 and April 7 at the Atlantic County Library System branches (Brigantine, Egg Harbor City, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hammonton,

Mays Landing, Pleasantville, Somers Point and Ventnor). Entries will be displayed at the branches through April 16. At that time selected artwork from each branch will be moved to ACUA where it will judged and exhibited. The artwork will be on display and winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the ACUA’s 28th Annual Earth Day Festival, Sunday, April 22 at 11 a.m. “Working with the Library staff and management has been essential for the success of the contest. Thanks to our partners, we can provide several venues for this great art to be seen; first at local libraries, then at ACUA’s Earth Day on April 22, and finally at the Hamilton Mall during the month of May,” Dovey noted. “Each location gives additional visibility to showcase the skill and creativity of the participants and to raise awareness about recycling and the waste that we produce.” The contest rules and entry can also be found online at Questions or comments can also be emailed to or answered by calling (609) 272-6950.

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"Mean Moms" Connect to Form a New Group By Cindy Fertsch


here is a new mom's club in town called the “Mean Moms of Atlantic County” and it is growing like wildfire. It is the brainchild of Christina Sciarretta. “We are all mean moms at some time or another, whether we know it or not or we just feel like we are,” explains Sciarretta. She began the group on Facebook as a way to connect with other local moms, share events, humor and encouragement. “There is only one rule” Sciarretta explains. “That is good vibes only. We build each other up, not down.” Sciarretta resides in Egg Harbor Township with her husband Andrew and two children Grayson and Avery. She is also a realtor with Keller Williams Realty. Mean Moms of Atlantic County hopes to plan activities both for the moms and the children. Sciarretta already has a lot of ideas including beach yoga, dance, a possible wine tasting for the moms and a coat drive. Their first event will be this Saturday

Founder of the organization,Christina Sciaretta with her son,Grayson and daughter, Avery as the Mean Moms gather to watch the Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day Parade. If you would like to connect or learn more about Mean Moms of Atlantic County go to Facebook. com/meanmomsofatlanticcounty or





609-335-5711 Cell The Courtyard at Galloway 28 S. New York Rd (Route 9) Galloway NJ 08205

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018


Atlantic City's Hometown Heroes Awards


By Raymond Tyler


he night was Friday February 23rd. The location was the beautiful theater at Dante Hall in Atlantic City. The organization Friends In Action paid tribute to over 20 people that Atlantic City great every day because they love the city and people, not for reward or recognition. I have been blessed with a few awards, over the years and I love them all. The award I received at this event was special to me, because I remember Councilman Delgado as a freshman at AC High. Delgado and I sang on the choir. He knew my parents and I absolutely love his mother. I also know a few of the other winners from school including Councilman Marty Small and Arnel Lyles. During those school days their friendships were fun and we all knew we were talented. I don’t think that the same Raymond Tyler that ran the halls of AC High would have thought that years later, I would be accepting an award for helping my city from Mo Delgado as a city councilman, in a pace as stunning as Dante Hall. I truly was proud to be with Mo and Marty


Shore Medical Center Names Christal Hogan-Snow of Absecon its March Guardian Angel of the Month

Councilman Mo Delgado (Left) giving award to Stockton University's Dr. Pedro Santana (right) Anthony Brower (Middle) Photo by Tyler Studios and all the great winners that evening. I do wish that my father Raymond, Sr, and several of my highschool teachers could have been there. I still wonder almost daily if I have made them proud. I was overjoyed however, to be able to thank on stage and share the moment with Vanessa Graber (the station manager at 106.5 WPPM in Philly) , Robert Williams (producer on my radio show) , Ana Moore ( a dear friend and artist manager at MJ records), producers Taina DuCote and Khalida Hunter. It was extra special for me to have my brother Mark there as well. For the complete list of winners and additional photos please visit my site www.

hore Medical Center is proud to recognize Christal Hogan-Snow of its housekeeping department as its March 2018 Guardian Angel of the Month for providing passionate and exceptional care to Shore’s patients. The Guardian Angel Program was established to enable members of the community to say thank you to a special Shore caregiver through a donation to the medical center. Hogan-Snow was hired in the housekeeping department at Shore in 2003 after working many years in casino hotel housekeeping. She remained on board when Shore’s housekeeping department was outsourced to Xanitos, a management company that provides hospital housekeeping, patient

transport, and central laundry services to hospitals nationwide. Baylen Botts, Xanitos director, says Hogan-Snow is an outstanding employee, who is “trustworthy, reliable, accountable and conscientious.” Hogan-Snow takes time to get to know the patients and families she meets during her shift, which is evident from this note that accompanied a recent Guardian Angel donation made in Hogan-Snow’s honor: “Christal would walk into the room and give me a smile and comforting words. She showed such warmth and compassion when I sat bedside with my husband,” the family member said. A resident of Absecon, Hogan-Snow is married and has a daughter. She enjoys cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles and is active in her church. The Guardian Angel program recognizes anyone who works at Shore Medical Center and makes an impact and difference in your care. Guardian Angels are recognized amongst their peers and are presented with a special Guardian Angel pin at Shore Medical Center’s annual pinning ceremony. If you, a family member or friend would like to honor a Shore Medical Center Guardian Angel, please contact the Shore Medical Center Foundation at 609-653-3800 or

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Lion King Gets Sensory Friendly By Cindy Fertsch


gg Harbor Township’s Alder Avenue Parents Club along with Alder's Lion King Jr Musical hosted their First Sensory Friendly event for children and families with special needs. The Sensory Friendly Character Luncheon included a character meet and greet, arts and crafts and a pizza lunch. “It was quite a success judging by the smiles, hugs and giggles from the attendees,” said Parents Club President, Jennifer Servis. “Alder's Musical Director, Mr. Kevin McCafferty, was very supportive of this event from the start,” said Servis. The Lion King Jr cast and crew all wanted to be there for both Character Luncheons. “We felt it was best to only have a few at the Sensory


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Friendly event though, in order to be considerate of of our guests. The students who came were amazing and so great,” said Servis. “We had fantastic parents, Dr. Johnson (Alder's ESL teacher), Interact Club and Key Club helping with everything. Through the years as our plays have grown we've been so fortunate to have such an incredible support system.”

The "Elephant in the room" character for the Sensory Friendly Character Luncheon wa s Jamie Parks who is always there to help and lend a hand wherever is needed. In this case it entailed

Jamie Perks and Andrew Ireland (Elephant), Jessica Rosenthal (Student Choreographer), Stefani Jones (Hyena), Jennifer Servis - Alder Parents Club President being part of of the larger than life elephant. With such big feet to fill, he was joined by Mr. McCafferty's former student, Andrew Ireland who is now in high school. Andrew is one of several high school students that donate their time to assist and teach the younger Alder Avenue School students how to develop their talent. Two families got to know one another after learning their boys attend preschool together. One mom shared with us how her son couldn't wait to go home to tell his dad about everything. Her son doesn't spontaneously share often so this was a big deal. “This event was so heartwarming for everyone involved. We hope that this is the start to a yearly tradition,” said Servis “Similar to the one the Parent's Club has hosted before the last play for the general public for the past few years.”

Erin Maegerle (Nala), Aubrey Colbert (Scar), Jordyn Cottrell (Timon), Emily Wynn (Grass Chorus) Lawson McIntosh (Simba)

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MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

St. Patty's Day Plunge St. Paddy's Day Skate Fun for a Good Cause in Somers Point

Saturday March 17

Morning Session 11am -1pm Afternoon Session 1:30 - 4pm

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763 Park Rd. Mays Landing

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unday, March 4, Charie’s Bar hosted the fifth annual Art Elwell St. Patty’s Day Plunge. Participants registered at Charlie’s then were led by Nae Breeks Bagpipers to the beach on Bay Avenue where they took the icy plunge. Elwell was a lifelong resident of Somers Point and a firefighter with Somers Point Volunteer Fire Department Station 1. He lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2008. He is survived by his wife and three children. The plunge was organized in his honor and the proceeds go to the Art Elwell Memorial

Outstanding long term care. Exceptional amenities.

Enjoying the festivities are Adam Elwell, Arty Elwell and Alyssa Elwell. Scholarship Fund that has given out $15,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors of Mainland Regional High School. In Elwell’s honor, the firefighters used the city's ladder trucks to form an arch for the participants to enter the beach. The fire siren went off at noon to start the plunge. After a quick dip, everyone headed back to Charlie’s for lunch, a 50-50 and a Silent Auction.

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018




is a premiere healthcare center offering outstanding long-term care. We feature beautiful accommodations, fine dining and amenities, and an array of leisure activities. Our team of devoted caregivers is renowned for its expertise, warmth, and compassion. Every Call Current Long-Term Care availability; Medicaid and Transfers accepted. er is Entered to Win a $25 Wawa Giftcard!


Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump Investigation is a Band of Merry Democrats

By HARRY HURLEY Political Columnist


pecial Counsel Robert Mueller used to be a Republican. However, he has hired (almost exclusively) only Democrats on his staff that are investigating alleged Russian interference in our national elections. They're all Democrats. Many have made financial contributions to Democratic candidates. Rarely reported is the fact that the Russians have been meddling in American elections for generations. Initially through low tech means and now through digital and other newer high tech methods. There is nothing new about this. All nations do it in one manner or another. Also, there is scarce reporting that the Russians meddled with both Barack Obama national elections of

• Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy

2008 and 2012. Obama and Hillary Clinton knew that the Russians interfered in previous elections and that the Russians were doing the same in the 2016 General election. Yet, they said nothing and did nothing about it. Suddenly, after Donald Trump won The Presidency, they flipped the script and tagged Trump as the one who colluded with Russia to his electoral benefit. For more than a year-and-a-half and to the tune of unlimited millions of taxpayer dollars to spend, they have not uncovered one shred of Trump-Russia collusion. What they have learned is that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were the ones who colluded with Russia. Clinton and the DNC paid millions of dollars for a phony dossier about Trump and Russia. Initially, Washington-based intelligence firm Fusion GPS commissioned the Trump-Russia dossier. The phony document was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. It claimed that the Russian government had been "cultivating, supporting and assisting," Donald Trump for years. Further, the discredited dossier

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made still unproven claims that The Kremlin held incriminating information about President Trump. President Trump has called it, "a pile of Crooked Hillary garbage." Even the 24-7, hate Trump, deranged media admit that the dossier is filled with unverified and error-filled accusations. Even the FBI paid Steele to do research work. Hillary Clinton, The Democratic National Committee and the FBI all paid money to try and hang Russia stink on President Trump. Here's yet another rarely reported item. The key to this whole get Trump scheme was to convince United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself. They well knew that this would mean that close Mueller and James Comey friend Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would become the top authority on all matters pertaining to anything involving Russia. Rosenstein didn't waste anytime. He immediately appointed Mueller Special Counsel, which was exactly what Comey wanted. Comey leaked classified information to his "friend," and admitted under oath before Congress that it was because he wanted a Special Counsel named. As usual, the ends justify the means. Even the immediate past FBI Director played under these dirty rules. Oh, that Comey "friend," is now his attorney. Mueller has not been able to connect President Trump to any Russian collusion whatsoever, so now they are pursuing a potential obstruction of justice charge for the President's firing of Comey as FBI Director. This is also ludicrous because it was Rosenstein who authored the memorandum recommending Comey's firing. In this Bizarro World scenario,

Rosenstein has the ultimate authority about all decisions regarding the Russian probe: Resources, personnel and the final say if prosecutions will be brought forward. Rosenstein is a potential witness in this matter. How can he also be the ultimate decider? Yep, only in Bizarro World. President Trump has tweeted:"Witch Hunt. I'm being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director." To date, Mueller has brought criminal charges against a number of people: Alex Van Der Zwaan, attorney who was an associate of former Trump Adviser Rick Gates (one count of making false statements to the FBI); 13 Russian Nationals and 3 Russian companies charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. some were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud. Five were charged with aggravated identity theft. Basically, for being Facebook Posters; Michael Flynn, former Trump National Security Adviser, charged with one count of making false statements. This is particular suspicious as Comey and the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn, confirmed that he told the truth and wouldn't be charged; Paul Manafort, former Trump Campaign Manager, charged with 32 counts, including: conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, unreported foreign bank transactions, one count of being an unregistered foreign agent and one count of making false and misleading statement to the Department of Justice; Richard Gates, former Manafort associate and worked during the Republican Convention and Inaugural ceremony; George Papadopoulos, foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign for 11 months, charged with: one count of making false statements and

↘Continued on 33

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Gentle low force chiropractic care with bodywork techniques including ART (Active Release Technique), Neuromuscular Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage. MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

Yoga Lessons for Life By Krystle J.Bailey


am not a professional yogi by any stretch of the imagination. I picked up yoga at the beginning of this year as a way of self exploration and expansion of my mind. At the end of the year, I found myself in a bit of a “funk”, if you will. You can probably call it a depression but funk feels a little gentler. Anxiety, depression, and overwhelm are not foreign to me and they were creeping in quickly. I knew I had to take action. Stepping into the yoga studio, I had one foot out the door. The thought of exhaling, relinquishing control, and just being in this moment for an entire hour was terrifying. I knew it was what I needed though. While the 90 degree room and countless sun salutations are making for strong shoulders, the physical benefits of yoga are a bonus. The mental and emotional release I am experiencing through yoga practice is what keeps me coming back for more. It’s important to me that what I am experiencing on the mat, I am also taking

with me off of the mat. Things like opening my heart, exploring my edge, and being present for whatever is there for me in any given moment are just a few of the on mat, off mat takeaways. One yoga practice in particular made a significant difference in my thought process when it comes to life off of the mat. I had been struggling with parenting and feeling frustrated at home. Home wasn’t the setting of this life lesson though. I was in my least favorite yoga pose: half pigeon and I had nowhere to run. The instructor gave us three options. Option one: Run. Flee. Get the heck out of dodge. Well, I could leave but realistically, that wasn’t an option. I came to yoga, I was going to finish my hour. “What are my other options,” I thought. Option two: Be here but be frustrated. Tell yourself all of the reasons why this pose isn’t for you and why everything sucks including the pose and your position in the pose. I did tell you, I hate this pose. This seemed like a viable option. But then she dropped Option three on us: Be here and breathe. Breathe through the discomfort, the doubt, the voices that are telling you that you shouldn’t be here. Embrace all that is - right here and now. Choose to be a yes to this moment and show up for it with all that you’ve got. Option three started to sound like the option I was supposed to pick. Then she said


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something that stuck with me long after that pose. She said, we have these same options in life. Our situation or our “pose” in life is just like our poses on the mat. We have these three options at any given moment and life is a beautiful dance between the three. Lean into life and move toward option three any chance that you get. I’ve been different since. Not only have I implemented this thought process into my everyday life, but I am beginning to teach it to my children when they feel frustrated or over-

whelmed as well. It is my honor to now pass it along to you. Life is a beautiful dance. Breathe through the hard stuff. Embrace what is and let go of the things, the thoughts, and the feelings that no longer serve you. Krystle J. Bailey is a motivational speaker, poet, and author of Nourish: A Journey to Loving and Embracing The Woman Within.


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Family Game Night

By Steffen Klenk


ince I was a kid, family game night has always been a vital aspect of home life. We would share snacks and

laughs all evening long while learning new educational and life skills. With all of the winter holidays behind us and cold weather settling in our region, a lull of outdoor activities is apparent. That means time to break out the chess board or your favorite board game and get ready for an evening of family fun! While board games have been the topic of many scientific and developmental studies, they have been researched for more than a century by psychologists. Playing board games with young children can be proven beneficial for early brain development. Those that play board games can learn all important life and education skills such as math, problem solving, decision making. It can also help improve memory and emotions. There are three basic types of games: skill and strategy, chance and some involve both. The great thing about board games you can play them almost anywhere. Most board games are versatile and do not require electricity. They can become excellent boredom breakers if you end up losing power at home, get stuck at the airport or go on a camping expedition. Even a

MARCH 8 - MARCH 21, 2018

simple game of tic-tac-toe will pass the time at a doctor’s appointment. Some of the simplest of games can teach children patterns, sequences, numbers and color and shape identification. Kids can also learn about basic direction, taking turns and socializing with others. An easy game of checkers can enhance one’s ability to solve problems, communicate and resolve conflict. Players will also learn the practice of sportsmanship and losing graceful-

other players territory are provided as examples. Games like Battleship can produce a feeling of satisfaction. Games offer relaxation from the chaotic environment that surrounds us. Being focused on the board is a welcome respite from the outside world and daily life, and allows players a chance to engage in personal interaction, providing a much-needed break from the glow of our cell phones and computer screens. Science professionals have warned us that the “blue light” emitted from popular electronic devices can interfere with sleep patterns. So, playing a long round of Monopoly or several hands of cards may produce a more restful sleep. Family game night has been a

staple in our household for decades. Quality time with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family has always spurred fun conversations and stories. It’s a great way to create warm memories that will last for generations to come. As adults, we are reminded constantly to make more time for play. In today’s society, games are developed on every skill level and just about every subject of interest. It can be as simple as a card game of War to something more complex like Settlers of Catan (a family favorite). So, while the cold winter weather has us housebound, turn off your TV, break out your favorite snacks and choose an evening of entertainment for family and friends to enjoy.

ly to their opponent. Many anthropologists agree that some classic and modern games are based on the dynamics of war. Scenarios such as two or more side squaring off, trying to win a race, racking up points and for taking the

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THEME: SPRING BREAK ACROSS 1. Out of whack 6. Greek H 9. Goodness gracious! 13. Swahili or Zulu 14. "Was ist ____?" 15. *What speakers do 16. Concluded 17. Chain letters 18. "A Doll's House" playwright 19. *____ Beach 21. Take advantage of an opportunity 23. *Spring Break beach alternative 24. *Resort island in Indonesia 25. Web robot 28. Tangerine plus grapefruit 30. Canine's coat 35. "The Three Faces of ____," pl. 37. Mound 39. Idealized image 40. Polly to Tom Sawyer 41. *South Padre Island, ____ 43. Jason's vessel 44. Intangible storage 46. Jamie Fraser's tartan 47. Hurries 48. Heavy lifting injury 50. "In your dreams!" 52. *"Where the Boys ____," movie 53. Perfect houseplant spot 55. Clinton ____ Rodham 57. *Tough to raise? 61. *Like typical Spring Break traveler 65. *Desired forecast 66. Sylvester to Tweety 68. Show opposition 69. Smoke detector, e.g. 70. Flying saucer acronym 71. Make laugh 72. Same as island 73. School org. 74. Everyone but clergy


DOWN 1. Tucked in 2. Supernatural life force 3. Indiana Jones 4. Cancel an edit, pl. 5. Logic-based puzzle 6. Icelandic epic 7. *Sign of a Spring Break trip 8. Volcano near Nagano 9. Major European river 10. Knife wound 11. Domain 12. Say you didn't do it 15. *In two pieces 20. *____ life 22. *In high demand during Spring Break 24. With two axes 25. *Top destination 26. Immature ovum 27. Pavarotti, e.g. 29. Potato's soup mate 31. Wet nurse 32. Shriver or Sharapova 33. Leaf-eating moth 34. ____ tooth 36. Render speechless 38. Buddies 42. Time on the job 45. Take weapon away 49. Lungful 51. Like medieval European society 54. Reduce pressure 56. Possible allergic reaction 57. Antioxidant-rich berry 58. Misfortunes 59. ____ Madrid 60. Taxi payment 61. Roofed colonnade 62. Red carpet purse 63. What birds do 64. Three pointer 67. Away from the bow

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Trump Investigation is a Band of Merry Democrats ↘Continued from 28 omissions to the FBI. The Mueller investigation has veered far away from its stated purpose. Add to that, it's all Democrats leading the charge does not inspire confidence. For example, look at the lengthy number of anti-Trump text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Here are just a few: Page: "God Trump is a loathsome human." Strzok: "Yet he may win." Page: "He's awful." Strzok: "God Hillary should win 100,000,000 - 0." Page: "I know." Strzok and Page also discuss that Andrew McCabe will help them in their plan to remove Trump if she should win the presidency. This is the disgusting and undeniably partisan atmosphere that most Americans have little idea is taking place regarding this effort to take down President Trump. It's a very dangerous culture that's currently in place at the political top levels of the FBI. Harry Hurley is the president of

Harry Hurley Consulting and Communications, LLC. He hosts the daily talk radio program "Hurley in the Morning" 6-10 a.m., weekdays on Townsquare Media, WPG Talk Radio 104.1 FM & 1450 AM, where he also serves as the senior programming consultant. Harry was elected to both the Philadelphia (2014) and New Jersey (2015) Radio Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He has hosted various programs for local television and is the editor and publisher of his news and information website, www. Send comments to Harry Hurley is the president of Harry Hurley Consulting and Communications, LLC. He hosts the daily talk radio program "Hurley in the Morning" 6-10 a.m., weekdays on Townsquare Media, WPG Talk Radio 104.1 FM & 1450 AM, where he also serves as the senior programming consultant. Harry was elected to both the Philadelphia (2014) and New Jersey (2015) Radio Broadcasting Hall of Fame. He has hosted various programs for local television and is the editor and publisher of his news and information website, Send comments to

Mix and Match: Update Your Home With 2018 Design Trends


re you planning to refresh your home but aren’t sure where to start? Some of today’s most popular design trends encourage mixing and matching favorite home accents within the same space. There is no need to feel limited by fixtures or finishes, according to design expert, Colleen Visage, who is Progress Lighting’s vice president of Product Management. “Homeowners today are not content to have the same look, the same finishes or the same collections throughout the house,” says Visage. “They really want to personalize their spaces.” Coordinating complementary pieces creates a cohesive feel to the home. It can also reinforce a unique style because the ultimate outcome is a custom design. Here are a few ways to master the mix and match trend. ●● Mix Monochromatic Accents: Toneon-tone designs are very popular in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and living areas. Countertops, cabinets and home accents in varying shades of grays and creams can create a sophisticated statement. These tones pair perfectly with gold, brass or brushed nickel finishes. ●● Design with Dual Tones: Mixed metals

or dual tones are on-trend and very popular in home design today. This look can be achieved through mixing fixtures with different, but complementary finishes. For example, Progress Lighting offers fixtures that feature finishes with contrasting accents, such as antique bronze and brass, antique bronze and natural brass or polished nickel with silver ridge -- adding visual interest. ●● Pendant Groupings: Pendant groupings are commonly used in a foyer, over a kitchen island or above a dining room table. These versatile fixtures can be mixed and matched to create a custom cluster design for a statement-making look. “I like to design areas that are so inviting, people don’t want to leave,” says Susan Wilson, designer and founder of Susan Wilson Interiors. “When a home features accents and lighting that work together seamlessly, it makes the spaces throughout memorable and relatable.” Searching for more design inspiration? Visit to view images, collections and project ideas for every budget, style and space. Take your design vision to the next level and personalize your home’s living spaces by mastering the art of the mix and match trend. (StatePoint)



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How Longport Got Its Name


An Early History

ccording to local historian and former Mayor Michael Cohen, in his book “Longport- The Way We Were,� the first recorded private landowner was Thomas Budd, who settled a claim against the Lord Proprietors of New Jersey in 1695. In the claim, he was awarded 1,500 acres of land, of which a large portion was located on Absecon Island. He later sold most of the property at cost of four cents an acre.

Years later, in 1854, Samuel Overshine purchased a parcel of land containing dunes that built-up at the southwestern end of the island for $130. That same year he sold a parcel of that land for $10 to Isaac Barton. Three years later, Barton traded what was known as Lot 32 for a total of $2,000 plus land in Arkansas to James Long. Long kept the property for 25 years and over the years, his property value increased in both value and size. His

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property increased by a little more than a mile in length after accumulating sand from an erosion updrift from Atlantic City between 1870 and 1880. He never came to see the land he purchased, nor did he decide to develop it. Although, he came back to Longport several years later and purchased an entire block of land, between 12th and 13th avenues, where he built a home on the beach. Long named it the “Bide-AWee.” By the turn of the century, the home was sold and became a sanatorium. The building was destroyed by a storm in 1914. Long decided to sell Lot 32 to his friend M. Simpson McCullough in 1882. McCullough, a renowned Philadelphia lawyer, businessman, developer and builder, thought of developing the area

into a “seashore resort.” McCullough purchased the area, which had increased to a size of 250 acres for a total of $150,000. He then decided to name the area “Longport” in honor of the previous parcel owner and his friend. The naturally long port on the bay side also contributed to McCullough’s decision in names. Longport became a good deal shorter between the years of 1900 and 1916, when approximately 180 acres of the 250 that McCullough purchased, moved across the inlet and became what is known as the Ocean City Gardens. This explains why the first avenue of the borough starts at 11th, instead of first, as avenues one through 10 were lost during those years.

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