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January 25 - January 31, 2018


NYS Assemblywoman Inez E. Dickens Speaks at POWHER Breakfast see page 4


Thirty Touro College of Pharmacy Students from Global Health Class Visit United Nations see page 12

Harlem Mourns our beloved “Mayor of Harlem” - Leslie Wyche see page 3


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Vol. 14

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News Yo u Can Use” July 17 - Ju

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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

Harlem, Queens , Brookly

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GOOD NEWS YOU CAN USE! I have been publishing community newspapers in Harlem for 23 years now. In that time I have met and gotten to know many people who are movers and shakers in the community, as well as many business owners and residents. I do not just report Harlem News, I have lived in this community for more than 20 years. There have been a lot of changes in Harlem in the past 2 decades. Two decades ago we had just a couple of banks in the community. Now we have dozens. Two decades ago we had just a couple of restaurants in Harlem. Now we have more than a hundred. We have lost many in the past two decades who have fought for the betterment of this community. We have lost many who truly cared about this community and Leslie Wyche was one of them. We will miss you Leslie - R.I.P.

Pat Stevenson Celebrating over 23 years Publishing



Harlem Mourns our beloved “Mayor of Harlem” - Leslie Wyche has “Four Cardinal Principles” and they’re Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Leslie embodied the qualities of our Cardinal Principles from the first day he became a member in our Fraternity until his transition to an Ancestor on Friday, January 19, 2018. He was a man that brightened up the room when he entered. I’ll never forget our fifty years plus friendship that continued to develop over all of those years.

by Pat Stevenson


You Rest in Perfect Peace” Lloyd Williams, president of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, said “Leslie Wyche was a truly unique Harlemite. We worked together on many civic, political, cultural and community issues and initiatives. He was a strong supporter of HARLEM WEEK and an active member of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce. The “Mayor of Harlem” will be truly missed and we will salute Leslie during HARLEM WEEK 2018.” Brother Zachary C. Husser said, “Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated

his humor, his stylish dress, and the way he introduced himself to women. Les was a character, but he lived to make Harlem a better place for residents! As of our press date we did not have details about arrangements. Follow us on facebook and we will give you those details as soon as we have them.

Leslie Wyche – R.I.P.

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

ast week Harlem lost one of its warriors – Leslie Wyche. Leslie contacted me when he was in the nursing home in the Bronx and asked if I would start delivering papers to the nursing home. That was Leslie. Even during his illness, he continued to want to keep up with what was happening in his beloved Harlem. Everyone in Harlem knew Leslie Wyche. He proclaimed himself “the Mayor of Harlem” and he became known as such. Leslie knew everyone who was doing anything in Harlem. He was the “go to” person if you wanted to know who was who and where things were happening. He seemed to know about and appeared at just about every event that was important. Leslie worked for Inez Dickens when she held the City Council position. He was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity and 100 Black Men. Assemblywoman Inez Dickens said

“The Village of Harlem has lost its Mayor – Leslie Wyche. He knew just about everyone and all knew him. Always with a smile, Leslie could be regularly seen walking his Harlem streets. Time of life stole him from all of us too soon. Leslie will be missed.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about the passing of Leslie Wyche. “From one mayor to another, I am grateful for all the work Leslie Wyche did for his community,” Mayor de Blasio said via Twitter. “We will miss you, Leslie.” As President of the Founding Chapter of the One Hundred Black Men, Michael J. Garner Said “ our beloved Member and Brother Leslie Wyche served as 3rd Vice President for many years with professionalism and conviction. We will miss his advocacy and there will be a void as we move forward within our organization. So on behalf of the One Hundred Black Men, “Well Done our Faithful Servant and May

Les Wyche was given the name “Mayor of Harlem” because of his commitment to helping anyone in need as he worked for several Politicians in the Harlem Neighborhood. His title was earned because of the completed deeds and folk in Harlem loved Leslie. I’ll never forget Leslie Wyche and I’ll preach about the goodness of his heart at every opportunity I get. I’ll miss our great times together, but I’ll never forget




NYS Assemblywoman Inez E. Dickens Speaks at POWHER Breakfast by Lil Nickelson


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

n Thursday, January 18, 2018, the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce (“NYWCC”) held a POWHER Breakfast from 8:30am to 10:30am at Home Sweet Harlem restaurant located at 1528 Amsterdam Avenue. The restaurant was filled to capacity with women business owners. NYS Assemblywoman Inez E. Dickens was the keynote speaker. NYWCC’s breakfast series invited elected officials, entrepreneurs and influencers to have a powerful discussion around how the city and state of New York are committed to helping entrepreneurs launch, operate and expand their businesses. NYS Assemblywoman Inez E. Dickens of the 70th Assembly District is a life-long resident of her district, as well as a tireless fighter for basic civil and human rights, social justice, wage equity, inclusion and diversity. This was an opportunity for attendees to learn about the opportunities that the state of New York has for small business owners and to voice their questions, comments and concerns. Assemblywoman Dickens has always taken an active role in economic development, supporting small businesses with a focus on minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) and strengthening New 4

York’s celebrated village of Harlem. MWBEs remain Inez’s focus for political and economic empowerment for minorities. NYS Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie recently named Inez chair on the subcommittee on Micro Business. Assemblywoman Dickens came to the microphone speaking the truths she has learned from her experiences in the world. “Quiet women seldom make history. We must continue to work hard, to knock on doors, stand up and fight for our equal place at the table. One finger gets you nowhere, but with five fingers you can form a fist and we will fight.” Dickens informed the group that until recently, small purchase level that don’t require you go through the bidding process was at $5,000 to $20,000, however, after much lobbying with state legislators that no-bid level has been increased up to $150,000. Quenia Abreu, President of the NY Women Chamber of Commerce

added, “We must be connected politically on a local level first because politics and economic power go hand in hand. It’s important for minority and women-owned businesses to get certified as MWBEs so you can lobby state and city agencies to increase their share

of contracts awarded to MWBEs at the threshold levels set by Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio. Go on the internet to discover what products and services are being purchased by their agencies. Stop by the offices of your locally elected

officials or at events like this and introduce yourself and your business to them to let them know you are interested in doing business with the state and city. Start cultivating relationships now for the present and the future.

Even if what you are selling right now isn’t on the list of goods and services that are presently purchased, still get certified now because things can change in a blink of an eye and you want to be ready.”

Photos by: John Caballero





“As a parent and a member of the orchestra, I’ve seen first-hand that music, the arts and community advocacy go hand-in-hand. At a time when our society is openly discussing equity and inclusion, and when support for the arts in our schools and communities is constantly under threat, we must find new ways to introduce young people to the power of live music and the art that helps them to learn and thrive. The musicians in our orchestra are committed to strengthening the role that music and art play as part of a healthy, inclusive and positive society.” “Manhattan is home to some of the world’s most talented artists and art institutions, and when we can bring that talent into the community where our students can experience it first hand, everyone wins,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. “I thank the MET Orchestra Musicians for helping our young children experience the power of live music, and for using their passion and creativity to support our public libraries and the work they do every day.” “It is a privilege to welcome Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and

the talented members of the MET Orchestra Musicians to the Harry Belafonte Library,” said Tequila Davis, Library Manager at the Harry Belafonte 115th Street Library. “Our namesake has inspired millions with his music and we are delighted to host this wonderful event, one that combines the magic of melody and reading, nurturing the imagination of our young patrons.” “Music and the arts play a vital role in every aspect of our society and the health of our communities,” said Tino Gagliardi, President, Local 802 American Federation of Musicians. “The MET Orchestra Musicians are not only musicians, they are New Yorkers - parents, teachers and community advocates - who are active in the civic life of our city and who care passionately about making sure our children have access to the arts. Through their artistry and advocacy, they are inspiring our youngest generations to be creative, and showing that everyone can love and take-part in making music.”

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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

embers of the MET Orchestra were joined by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer at The New York Public Library’s Harry Belafonte Branch at 203 West 115th Street in Harlem to perform a FREE “Musical Read-Aloud” for children and families. Borough President Brewer read “Buzzard and Wren Have a Race,” from the book A Ring of Tricksters by Virginia Hamilton and the book Icarus Swinebuckle by Michael Garland, accompanied by an original score composed by Robert Miller, husband of MET Orchestra violinist Elena Barere. This children’s program has been organized by the MET Orchestra Musicians, who are engaging with communities across the city and advocating on issues that touch the lives of all New Yorkers, including a well-rounded cultural education; funding for arts organizations and artists; access to live music and increased diversity and equity in the arts. “We’re very excited to play for kids and families at the Harry Belafonte library!” said MET Orchestra violist Mary Hammann,




I Don’t Know If Oprah Will Run for President, But I Know She’d Do a Hell of a Lot for Education By Erika Sanzi 

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018



prah Winfrey’s name has been buzzing (alongside #TimesUp) in recent weeks with speculation flying wildly from all corners about a potential run for president in 2020. I did not watch the Golden Globes but I did watch a video of Oprah’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award and there is no doubt that she energized the room of celebs as well as many of the millions watching from home or catching the video clips. I was an avid watcher of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for decades. From my high school days all the way through my first six years of motherhood, Oprah was there. Her final episode aired when my oldest son was 6 and I was in what would be the final year of my seven-year stint as a stay-at-home mom. I relied on Oprah. (And Curious George!)

One of the things I most appreciated-and continue to appreciate-about Oprah is the focus she has always placed on education and her willingness to say that we need to do something differently. She never shied away from the controversy of charter schools or teacher tenure because she cared about kids (and common sense) more than the senseless squabbling of adults. I can’t ever remember her reflecting on her life story without citing education as the reason for it all. For Oprah, education is freedom. It is her passion. It is THE THING that she decided would allow her to make the biggest long-term difference with her philanthropic dollars. And let’s remember, it was teachers on stage and in the audience the day she shocked the world and gave every single one of them a car. Presidential candidates rarely talk about education because

experts and pundits (and voters!) tell them that Americans don’t vote on education issues. It’s maddening, I know. But Oprah could change that. At the height of her show, she talked with brutal honesty about the gut-wrenching statistics that surround this country’s Black boys and young men. She celebrated the broken cycles of poverty and dependency as well as the liberty that only education can provide. She spent 26 years on her set being inspired by phenomenal educators and sharing that inspiration with all of us. We met some of the boldest, most courageous and hardest-working educators on her show. I remember running out to buy their books (these

were the pre-Amazon days) after seeing them on the show. But perhaps more than anything, Oprah celebrated people who believed in children-all children. Because she believes that children rise to the expectations set for them. And she knows that children are capable of amazing things even when they are poor and Black like she was, sitting on the linoleum floor and watching Sydney Poitier win the Oscar in 1964. Clark is an educator who has worked with low-income students in rural North Carolina and New York City and founded the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Vol. 23, No 4 January 25 2018

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Home Buying In Harlem Be Prepared to Buy Now



by Rev. Charles Butler

n a few weeks the weather will be getting warm again, but the housing market is already heating up! Within the next few weeks there will be several open houses to attend. Prospective home buyers with pre-approval letters in hand will be in pursuit of available properties in Harlem. From every indication, the competition for purchasing property will be more competitive this year, which will push exorbitant home values higher. The demand for housing remains greater than the available supply, adding to the home buying frenzy. There is no use complaining about getting priced out. If you want to buy in Harlem expect to pay higher prices. Here are a few tips to keep

in mind to be successful in the home buying process: Attend a Home Buyer Education Workshop. The workshop will equip you to understand the process and prepare for unexpected challenges you will face. You will learn how to assemble a team of professionals to assist you through the process. Make sure you are ‘mortgage ready.’ This means having an adequate amount of money saved for the down payment and closing costs. A safe estimate is to have at least $2025K available. Depending on the mortgage product, a typical down payment amount will range from 3-5% of the purchase price. Plus, you will still need money for closing costs. To qualify for a mortgage,

most lenders will want to see 2 years consistent employment, 24 months clean credit history and at least 3-4 active credit accounts. Have your pre-approval in hand. Sellers will know that you are serious about purchasing and will be far more receptive when they have realized you have started the mortgage process. Do your research to determine home values in specific neighborhoods. Most appraised home values in Harlem are high, making sellers reluctant to accept less than the full asking price. If you are interested in attending the workshop or have questions regarding the home buying process, contact Rev. Dr. Charles Butler at (212) 281 4887 ext. 231 or email at



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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018



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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

Jan 25, 8pm An Evening of Respect: Celebrating Otis Redding FT The Dap-Kings. The Otis Redding Foundation is pleased to announce An Evening of Respect: Celebrating Otis Redding & 50 Years of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” on Thursday, January 25th at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City. The benefit show will be hosted by Whoopi Goldberg and feature performances by the Dap-Kings plus special guests Otis Redding III & Dexter Redding, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Jussie Smollett, Paul Janeway (St. Paul & The Broken Bones), Steve Cropper, Warren Haynes, Marcus King, Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble) & more. The event will feature a pre-show cocktail reception fundraiser for the Otis Redding Foundation. For tickets, visit or call the Apollo Theater box office, 253 West 125th St. (212) 531-5305


Jan 27, 3-8pm THE SHED ALL–STARS GRAMMY WEEK EDITION: A DJ DANCE PARTY & JAM SESSIOn. Join us for a special Grammy Week edition of Anu~Sun’s “The ShedAll-Stars.” Ranked one of “New York City’s Top 5 Jam Sessions” by Revive Music “The Shed” is bi-weekly jam session that provides a taste of the neo renaissance happening in Harlem and has come to be a launch pad for emerging talent. If you you’ve ever experienced a night at The Shed, then you know that this is going to be a spectacular jam session filled A-List musicians and special guests. You never know who’s going to roll through and take

the stage. To ensure the you get down and get your party on, we’ve added the electrifying sounds of DJ Stormin Norman of Sundae Sermon and DJ Luna of The Shed and Everyday People to spin you out of control! Our host for the day, Anu~Sun is a Grammy Award winning producer/ engineer. To date, Anu’s credits include work on the Grammy Award winning “Miles Ahead” motion picture soundtrack by Miles Davis and Robert Glasper; as well as, work with Johnny Cash, Bilal, Ro James & Ledisi. Make sure you’re attendance this special day as the music industry elite convene to PARTY in Harlem!!! $10 admission. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue. For tickets, call 212-281-9240 Jan 28, 10am-3pm (Weekly Event) Gospel Brunch featuring Vy Higginsen’s Gospel for Teens Choir and Red Rooster’s famous soul food brunch. Reservations are encouraged. 310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th and 126th) 212.792.9001 info@redroosterharlem. com Feb 2 6-10pm First Fridays:”Afro-Latino Edition” Edition of First Fridays. In honor of Arturo Schomburg’s Afro-Latino heritage and dedication to collecting materials that celebrate the African Diaspora experience, the Schomburg Center and Afro-Latin Project are excited to present the “Afro-Latin” Edition of First Fridays. Enjoy our signature drinks, and groove the night away with a mix of heart-thumping beats and live per-

formance at our popular monthly social gathering! The evening’s DJ IRS will be spinning the sizzling Latin sounds that will infuse the evening with raw energy and edge of New York City’s unique nightlife vibes. The event will be punctuated by a lively performance from Afro-Venezuelan drum group, Tambor Y Caña. We are proud to announce our First Friday partnership with The Afro-Latin@ Project. They produce the Afro-Latino Festival NYC, which is a multi-day summer event celebrating the contributions of Afro-Latinos through networking, cultural exchange, artistic showcases, culinary presentations, and education. Their mission is to provide a positive public space to pay tribute to the African roots of people from Latin America and the Caribbean. Free. Event located at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Lenox Avenue. For more information, call (917) 2756975 Feb 3, 2-5pm APOLLO OPEN HOUSE. STILL, WE RISE! The Apollo celebrates Black History Month with our Open House Weekend. On day one: Still, We Rise! We look at the African-American experiences and the ways we continue to excel – despite the odds. Through imagery, spirituality, culture, activism, and creativity, we created spaces that nurtured our soul and provided environments to develop our talents. We’ll examine and honor this fact during a free afternoon of performances, previews, and presentations by the Apollo Theater and other

New York City institutions and organizations. Free. Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. For tickets, call (212) 531-5305 or visit Feb 3, 10pm APOLLO MUSIC CAFÉ. MATTHEW WHITAKER returns to headline his first Music Café performance. In 2010, Matthew was a winning participant in the “Child Stars of Tomorrow” competition, as part of Amateur Night at the Apollo. A year later, at just 10 years old, he was invited to perform at Stevie Wonder’s induction into the Apollo Theater’s Hall of Fame. He returned to the Apollo for FOX TV’s revival of “SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO” in 2016, where he won the audience over with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s classic “I Wish.” Matthew has been on national and international television, which included an appearance on the syndicated TV talk show “ELLEN!” Door Time: 9:00pm. The Apollo A-LIST advance price is $15 until midnight (the day before) performance. Please note there is a $10 drink/ food minimum. Sign up for the ALIST at apollotheater. org. Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. For tickets, call (212) 531-5305. Feb 4, 2-5pm Apollo Open House. TELL THEM WE ARE RISING: THE STORY OF BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. We continue our Black History Month celebration with day two of our Open House Weekend. The Apollo Theater, Firelight Media, Independent Lens, PBS, and THIRTEEN present a free screening of Tell Them

We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, a documentary spanning 170 years of American history. Filmmaker Stanley Nelson explores the pivotal role HBCUs have played in the ascent of African-Americans and their families – from slavery to the present day. The film also examines the impact HBCUs have had on American history, culture, and national identity. Screening to be followed by a panel discussion moderated by THIRTEEN’s Rafael Pi Roman with professor Jelani Cobb, director Stanley Nelson, actress Simone Missick, and others. Performance by Delaware State University’s Pep Band- the Approaching Storm, and music by The Legendary Chris Washington. Free. Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. For tickets, call (212) 531-5305 or visit Feb 13, 1pm Open Archive: Alain L. Locke and the Harlem Renaissance. Join Schomburg Center librarians and archivists featuring items from our coveted collection of archival materials. Be the first to get up close and personal with selected items and enjoy an audience Q&A with the collection’s curators. Alain L. Locke was a philosopher, writer and educator. He championed all manner of black culture, from the literature to the visual arts. He was the first African American Rhodes Scholar and was a professor of philosophy at Howard University for over 30 years where he taught Ossie Davis. He is known as the architect of the Harlem Renaissance and mentor to

many young artists including Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston. Select correspondences between Locke and his colleagues and his friends are found at the Schomburg. Feb 21, 7:30pm Amateur Night at the Apollo Season Opener. A brand-new line-up of contestants competes for the chance to perform during the March 14th Show Off and move on to Top Dog on May 16th. It all leads to the chance of winning the title of Super Top Dog and a cash prize ($5,000 in the Child Star category and $20,000 in the Adult category) on November 21st! Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. For tickets, call (212) 531-5305 or visit Tickets start at $22. Now until Feb 28 WedFri, 11am-4pm, Sat Noon5pm Community Works, New Heritage Theatre Group in partnership with the Harlem Arts Alliance & Harlem Hospital Center invite you to SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY: ART OF HARLEM. A remarkable showcasing of the talent of 13 emerging and established artists. Mural Pavilion at Harlem Hospital Center, 512 Lenox Ave- nue at 136th Street. For more information call 212-459-1854. All listings on this calendar are free of charge. To add your listing, please email 50 words or less in the format above to Deadline is Friday prior.

55 West 116th Street (Bet Lenox & 5th) NY, NY 10026 1872 Lexington Ave (Bet 116th & 117th) NY, NY10035 1838 2nd Ave @ 95th, NY, NY 10128 For more information call: 212-876-8800 email: website:


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healthy neurotransmitter levels in the brain. They have discovered that a fatty acid called palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), produced naturally by the body as part of a healthy inflammatory and immune response, inhibits the secretion of inflammatory compounds from mast cells, a type of white blood cell. As we age, our number of mast cells decreases, causing our remaining mast cells to work harder. That can make them overly sensitive, activating inflammatory processes linked to nerve discomfort. “By inhibiting inflammatory compounds released by mast cells, PEA promotes the body’s natural response to uncomfortable nerve stim-

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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018



More information can be found at “It’s only natural to think topically or locally when we wish to inhib-




products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, however, many experts believe they can be effective in pain management.






on the piano by young prodigy and best friend Matthew Whitaker, they took the audience into Ella’s world, performing her songs in their own unique, passionate way. It was a thrilling experience. I am short on words and space to describe living legend, two-time Grammy Award winner, Tony Award winner, NEA Jazz Master recipient Dee Dee Bridgewater’s performance. She was simply amazing. She interpreted some of the most beautiful and technically insidious songs made famous by Ella, like “Cry Me A River,”

in 2017 was the recipient of the inaugural Harlem Stage Emerging Artist Award. But her singing career started well before, at age 12, when studying theatre and piano at the Harlem School of the Arts. She is a beautiful young woman who speaks with a feeble, girly-like voice. But when she starts singing, her voice becomes powerful, deep and robust revealing all her inner 10 strength. Accompanied

“On A Slow Boat to China,” “Ain’t Misbehavin” and “Mack The Knife,” in her inimitable style. Her unique mastering of scat singing, imitating horns, piano and even drums and her improvisational ability left the audience breathless. After the show I expressed to Mrs. Bridgewater my admiration for the ease and the love that transpired from her performance and asked if

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

arlem Stage, which has nurtured and favored the creative spirit of Harlem and artists of color for over 30 years, held a special winter benefit ‘ ELLA – A CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION’ to inaugurate their spring season. Sitting in the intimate atmosphere of the legendary Harlem Stage and witnessing this special performance to honor the life and work of Ella Fitzgerald was a true soul-mending experience. Wé McDonald is a Harlem native who became famous in the 2016 edition of ‘The Voice’ and

Ella had a special place in her heart. “Yes, you are right” she said. “My mother was a great fan of Ella and was always listening to her records. I was impressed and tried to imitate her singing and scatting. My mother was always telling me that I started scatting before I could speak. I am deeply honored when I am asked to perform her songs.” Also in attendance were Harlem Stage Board President and famed actor, director and producer Tamara Tunie; longstanding Harlem Stage Executive Director, Patricia Cruz; Managing Director James King

and newly appointed Director of Programming, Monique Martin. Special

guests from other uptown performing arts institutions included Voza Rivers, Executive Producer, New Heritage Group; Stefon Harris of Manhattan School of Music and Eric Pryor, President of Harlem School of the Arts. The aim of this special event was to support Harlem Stage’s fundamental mission to commission and present works by visionary artists of color as well

as to support the thousands of New York City schoolchildren who Harlem Stage serves each year through the Frances Davis/Harlem Stage Arts Education Program.  For more information on Harlem Stage, visit: Connect with Harlem Stage: Facebook; Instagram @ harlemstage; Twitter @ myharlemstage



On the Scene with Derrel Jazz Johnson

Kristaps Porzingis struggles in high-profile matchups


ristaps Porzingis is having an AllStar caliber season thus far for the New York Knicks, but in recent high-profile matchups, the Latvian forward didn’t come away with the win or the better stat line. Lauri Markkanen scored 33 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, leading the Chicago Bulls to an overtime win over the Knicks. Markkanen outplayed Porzingis, who finished with 24 points and 4 blocks in the loss. The following game, KP faced a fellow lottery pick from the 2015 NBA Draft, Karl-Anthony Towns. The #1 draft

pick in 2015 NBA Draft, Towns, almost notched a triple-double, scoring 23 points, grabbing 15 rebounds, and dishing out 9 assists in leading the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 10-point win. Porzingis scored 17 points on 6-19 shooting, grabbed 10 rebounds, and blocked 3 shots in the loss. Last Sunday, KP faced another Kentucky Wildcats big man, Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis had a monster game, scoring 48 points, grabbing 17 rebounds, and also notched 4 steals and 3 blocks in erasing a 19-point Knicks lead late in the third quarter

to win in overtime. Porzingis scored 25 on 1024 shooting and added 5 steals. Heading into the season, we questioned whether Porzingis was a #1 scoring option. He has proven that he is. But the Knicks, with Tim Hardaway Jr missing 20 games, the team was without their second-leading scorer. Hardaway averages 18 points a game and there is not another player on the Knicks capable of duplicating that production. With Hardaway’s recent return (he came off the bench against the Timberwolves and the Pelicans before sitting out a back-to-back

against the Nets) Porzingis will not have to shoulder the offense alone, and should welcome the relief. The Knicks are currently on the road for a seven-game road trip

while the Grammy’s are at Madison Square Garden. Just like the season, the team has been up and down on the road trip thus far. The Knicks return home on Tuesday, January 30 to host the

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018


Nets. Join Derrel Jazz Johnson on the scene! Follow him on JazzJohnson100, Twitter @JazzJohnson10, and Instagram @JazzJohnson1

©2017 New York Lottery. You must be 18 or older to purchase a lottery ticket. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. For help with problem gambling, call 1-877-8-HOPE-NY or text HOPENY (467369).


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Thirty Touro College of Pharmacy Students from Global Health Class Visit United Nations


tudents from Touro College of Pharmacy(TCOP) in New York City visited the United Nations recently as part of a special Global Health class taught at the Harlem campus. “Global health is so important now because it focuses on health problems that defy national borders and thus requires the collaborative efforts of countries around the world to address them,” explained Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah, interim department chair and associate professor at TCOP who teaches the course and organized the U.N. trip. “We offer our course e


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018




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to highlight what pharmacists can do to help solve some of the many challenges facing the world, especially those that are medicine-related. In this way, it is unique among PharmD curricula.” She added, “The course throws more light on the menace of global circulation of counterfeit and sub-standard medicines, increasing resistance of medicines to diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and TB, and problems associated with drug donations following disasters.” The class draws students who are interested in working in global health and others who aim just to become well-rounded pharmacists. Some end up

interning at organizations focused on global health, such as the World Health Organization. “I like [that] it gives me a different perspective about what we learn in pharmacy school,” said second-year student Virleny Garcia. “The class encourages us to think globally and we’re broadening our spectrum of knowledge. Even if you work in a hospital you’re introduced to so many different cultures, you need to be globally competent.” Touro is a system of non-profit institutions of higher and professional education. Touro College was chartered in 1970 primarily to enrich the Jewish heritage, and to serve the

larger American and global community. Approximately 18,000 students are currently enrolled in its various schools and divisions. Touro College has 30 campuses and locations in New York, California, Nevada, Berlin, Jerusalem and Moscow. New York Medical College; Touro University California and Touro University Nevada; Touro University Worldwide and its Touro College Los Angeles division; as well as Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Ill. are separately accredited institutions within the Touro College and University System. For further information on Touro College, please go to: news


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At SelectHealth, we’re proud to be helping so many of our plan members live well with HIV. As a specialized HIV health plan, we’re dedicated to serving the special needs of our community. VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth Medicaid Learn more: 1-866-469-7774 (TTY: 711) 8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday All calls confidential. © 2018 VNSNY CHOICE

ID# D6241 | Rev 08/09/17 | DOH Approved 11/13/17

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

Stock photo. Posed by model.




5 Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller (Statepoint)


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

stroller is one of the most essential pieces of baby gear, typically needed right from the start and used for several years. However, with so many stroller varieties available and a wide range of features to consider, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your family. Erin Varano, brand marketing director at trusted baby and children gear manufacturer Graco, offers these five key questions to consider when buying a stroller: Does the Stroller Meet Safety Standards? Look for a stroller that has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to ensure it meets current safety


Choose a stroller that can grow with your family.

standards. Also, do your research beforehand to make sure it hasn't been recalled. Avoid this question by buying from a reputable retailer. Does the Stroller Have an Adjustable Seat? Newborns need seats that recline to a near flat position until they have head control and can sit up on their own.

Even for older babies or toddlers, a reclining seat is a plus for comfort. Make sure to check that the seat’s recline mechanism is easyto-use and firmly locks into the recline position. How Versatile is the Stroller? Single strollers with the ability to convert to a double are useful as

well as practical. Look for a stroller that can grow with your family, such as the Graco Uno2Duo Stroller and Travel System. This new stroller is out-of-thebox ready for one child, but simply extends to accommodate two children. “We designed this stroller with a 5-inch extension

so that it can easily transition from a single stroller to a double,” says Varano. “The extension adds room for a second seat and offers a platform for toddlers to ride along. A second seat or infant car seat gives parents added functionality with a total of 22 ways to ride.” As an added benefit, the stroller features a multi-position reclining main seat that can convert to an infant bassinet or pram. This stroller is now exclusively available at Babies“R”Us. Can the Stroller Accommodate Your Car Seat? An infant car seat and a stroller that come together are called a travel system. Buying a travel system is the simplest way to ensure stroller and infant car seat compatibility. However, if they don’t come together, you can often buy an adapt-

er that connects them. Keep this in mind as you choose these items. Is the Stroller Easy to Maneuver? Look for front wheels that swivel. This swivel action will make it easier to turn. Again, head to a store to test this feature out in person. You should be able to easily push the stroller in a straight line using one hand. Brakes also play a part in maneuverability. You want brakes that are easy to operate even if you are wearing open-toed shoes. Finding the right stroller for your family requires research and testing. Investing the time beforehand and keeping key features topof-mind during your search will make the process less overwhelming and hopefully lead you to your perfect stroller match.



How Digital Technology is Helping Patients Manage Chronic Pain (Statepoint)


igital apps have long existed to help people lose weight or track exercise, and now, developers are providing new hightech ways for those living with chronic pain to track key measures of their conditions -- providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges patients face. For Elizabeth Newman, a 57-year old Chicago native, chronic pain is a way of life and a challenge she shares with more than 100 million Americans. Newman’s chronic pain started after an accident that resulted in a herniated disk and nerve damage that affects her legs and arm. She also

has seven fused vertebrae, a spinal surgery that more than 400,000 Americans have every year. While millions of Americans rely on medications such as opioids to treat their chronic pain, Newman has started using a new mobile app to help tackle some of the complexities of living with chronic pain. The app and website Newman recently discovered is called PainScale, which offers digital tools that modernize how we understand and communicate about pain. The app gives users an opportunity to track key measures such as pain levels, medication use, treatments and activity levels. It also provides general infor-

PHOTO SOURCE: Elizabeth Newman, 57, uses a phone app to help manage chronic pain.

mation about treatment options and how to connect with a pain specialist in the area. Patients can share information from the app with their physicians who may decide to use the informa-

tion to tailor a treatment plan and assess what may not be working with their current approach. “Using PainScale has motivated me to track my pain more

consistently, which gives my doctor a better understanding of what I am experiencing, rather than relying strictly on memory. That helps us connect in how we manage it,” says Newman. “Every day I read articles on the app and bookmark those that I find helpful so that I can stay upto-date on information about my condition and learn about new approaches.” The free app, which was developed with support from Boston Scientific, provides a range of tools, including a customized daily newsfeed that is personalized to each user based on his or her pain diagnosis, as well as the opportunity to learn about

treatment options, exercises, medications and nutritional tips that may help improve quality of life. It also allows users to connect and share their treatment experiences and gain insights on how others have managed their pain. For more information and to download the app, visit Digitizing the traditional one to 10 pain scale that physicians have relied on for decades to characterize patients’ pain is simplifying the way pain is tracked to keep up with the 21st century. If you are suffering from chronic pain, talk to your doctor about new resources and treatment options that may be available.

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018 15



Blockchain Technology

by William A Rogers

mining. Don’t allow the hype about bitcoin

vate sectors. I wrote a statement in the

to get to me; but I am very happy about

credit cards that will not be controlled

produced many ways to use information

to mislead you. Blockchain technology

conference program that “the greatest

the interest. We all know about Bitcoin

by banks or credit card companies;

technology, there will be many creative

is what makes the bitcoin and any other

form of discrimination in the informa-

and other types of Cryptocoins but just as

blockchain technology will eliminate

ways developed to use BT as a tool to

type of crypto coins work. This is a very

tion age will be the lack of access and

20 years ago I thought it was important to

the middleman.

transfer goods and services. This will

exciting time. BT will, in time, have the

understanding of the use of information

understand the game changing power of

In the near future, blockchain tech-

be a two-part article. Next week, I will

effect on the use and exchange of cur-


IT, I believe it is just as important to now

nology will not only be used for digital

give more details about how blockchain

rency as IT has had on how we use and

become aware of the future game chang-

cash transactions: just as creativity has

technology works with a focus on crypto

exchange information.

It took some time for many of the


people in my network of family, friends

technology (IT) as a tool for empower-

of those same people would not think

of virtual currency coin, also known as

ment would soon become a major factor

of living or doing business without the

cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology

in personal and community economic

World Wide Web. Information technol-

allows value to be exchanged between

development opportunities not only in

ogy has become the most effective way

two parties without a third-party. BT

Harlem but thoughout the world.

for the world to move information and

technology will authenticate and log any

In 2000, as Director of the Office

data. I am now convinced that Block-

transaction and make it available in a

of Urban and Governmental Affairs at

chain technology (BT) will soon become

public ledger called a block.

the City College of New York, my office

the most effective way for the world to

This might sound complex, but

hosted one of the first two-day informa-

move currency and to trade services and

most people do not know how the in-

tion technology community awareness

objects of value.

ternet works, but they know how to use

ing power of BT.

little over 20 years ago, I be-

and associates to fully understand what I

The bitcoin blockchain is the most

came aware of how the under-

was trying to say about the importance of

used due to the current value of bitcoin

standing and use of information

IT awareness at that time; but now some

but a blockchain can be used by any form

conferences for Harlem residents, “Teach

I received a tremendous response

it. If you have a business that provides

Harlem”. The IT awareness conference

from my recent article on Crytocurren-

a service, it might be wise to explore

was in partnership with Columbia Uni-

cy, I apologize for not getting back to

how to receive the value of your ser-

versity along with organizations and

some of your calls. My website www.

vice in cryptocurrency. Soon you will

businesses in the civic, public and pri- is the best way

begin to see cryptocurrency ATMs and

Answers to Puzzle on page 20

Herbs Are Nature’s Medicine... By Zakiyyah

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018



EN’S HEALTH PT 3 – Prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men. An enlarged prostate is universally considered a result of the aging process in men, caused by an overgrowth of the cells in the prostate, possibly due to changes in hormone levels. Many men over 40, and more than half of men over 60 are affected. Prostate problems are easily treatable if found in early stages. STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME – GET AN ANNUAL CHECK UP (+PROSTATE SCREENING). Another herbal formula to provide symptomatic relief of enlarged, inflamed and/or general prostate

problems include PARSLEY, SAW PALMETTO BERRIES, CORNSILK, BUCHU LEAVES, CAYENNE, KELP and PUMPKIN SEEDS. CORNSILK, PARSLEY and BUCHU will promote urination, soothe irritated tissues and provide marked urinary relief. The SAW PALMETTO has a more direct influence on the enlarged prostate, reducing inflammation, pain and that dull aching throb. CAUTION – do not take juniper berries if you have any type of kidney disease or infection. If any of these conditions are present, see your doctor immediately. Continued long term use of these formulas is not sug-

gested. . . . MAKE NATURE’S MEDICINE YOUR OWN Full disclosure is very difficult in this short space. Always do your own research: Google each herb to discover their full benefits and contra-indications. This information is to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis or cure, nor as a substitute for medical supervision. To pre-order my book:; phone: 347-407-4312, email:; website:, blog:




By Audrey Adams


t’s a new year-and you’re already behind the eight ball. You make the same resolutions again, and again to no avail. Well, it’s time that you took a long, hard look at why you hold yourself back! I’m not talking about the psychological reasons behind your inability to lose a few pounds or to stop smoking. I want to talk instead about the fact that you’re not saving money.

When I was coming up, I remember my dad sitting down to pay the bills each month, and before forking over anything to anyone else, he would pay himself first. It didn’t take me long to understand the concept. It did, however, take me awhile to follow in his footsteps once I started to earn money. It seemed such a simple thing to do ... pay myself first! Needless to say, month after month I foolishly neglected me and in so doing allowed money into someone else’s coffers that should have been and would still be mine had I not allowed it to flow right through my fingers. Others benefited from my largesse, no problem, but I was left empty-handed! I don’t like being empty-handed. So I decided to change that

once and for all ... I started paying myself first! I gave myself whatever I could afford each month, sometimes $10, other times a couple of hundred, but always something.  We can all benefit from investing in ourselves, and I hope that the following suggestions help. · * Have and set monthly and yearly savings goals and develop a plan to achieve them. · * If you do not have a bank account, open one. Money in the mattress won’t collect interest, and sleeping on top of it won’t keep it safe. · * Develop the habit of saving some amount of money each week or each month. Consider writing a check to yourself or getting a money order made out to you! Deposit the money in

Foot Pain? Diabetes? FOOT CENTER of NEW YORK 55 East 124th St.

(between Madison & Park Aves.)

Wednesday 8 am - 7:30 pm

Medicare, most Medicaid HMOs, and other insurances accepted Full-Service Physical Therapy Center

Expert staff diagnose and treat foot ailments including: Sports Injuries • Foot Pain • In-toeing • Out-toeing Flat Feet • Ingrown Toenails • Walking Problems Heel Spurs • Bunions • Hammertoes 55 East 124th St. btwn. Park and Madison Avenues, NYC Call 212-410-8158 for an appointment

talk about his newest book, its called . . . SECOND CHANCE — FOR YOUR MONEY, YOUR LIFE and OUR WORLD. Audrey Adams is the host of TALK! with AUDREY, a weekly radio and television show about issues that empower women, featuring entertaining, inspiring and interviews with experts and authors from the health, fitness, financial, and travel industries. In New York, listen to TALK! with AUDREY every Monday at 5:30 p.m. on WPAT 930 AM and watch every Friday at 6:30 a.m. on RNN . . . FIOS Channel 6; RCN Channel 16; Cablevision Channels 19, 48, 6 and 19; Direct TV Channel 48 and Comcast Channels 13, 19 and 713. For more information and on demand content visit  ©The Adams Report

1400 5th Ave. (entrance on 116th Street), NY, NY 10026


The premier physical therapy clinic in the heart of Harlem! We are committed to providing dignified, personalized care! Programs:

• Back and Neck Care • Sports Medicine • Osteoporoses • Balance • Total Joint Replacements

Treatment Protocols: • Prevention and Education • Close Chain Stabilization • Weight Training • Home Exercise Programs

Conditions Treated Include:

Sprains/Strains/Muscle Spasm • Fractures • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Whiplash Back Pain • Plantarfascitis • Weakness and Instability • Tendonitis/Bursitis Total Hip/Knee Replacement • Neuropathy Post-Operative Rehabilitation for: Knees/Shoulders/Elbows/Ankles and Feet

Call Us We Can Help


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 am - 4 pm

your account at the same time each week or month. · * If you have children, make fiscal fitness a family affair by encouraging them to save a portion of their allowance each week or month. Make sure that they, too, have a savings account, and organize a family outing to the bank together to pay yourselves. · * No matter how tough things get, don’t touch your money once it is in the bank. * • Don’t forget that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice something in order to meet your goal. This could mean taking a bag lunch to work instead of buying a burger and fries, but your goal is more important. As you begin working your plan to save, after a while it becomes fun! You will begin to notice how

much money you’ve been wasting and you won’t be able to justify frivolous expenditures anymore. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life’s pleasures. You’ll simply reevaluate your immediate needs to become fiscally fit! After all ... you’re worth it! See you next week! Visit my website, and checkout my online radio show, Talk! with Audrey for a series of interviews that will inform, motivate and inspire you. This week, my guest is ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI,best known as the author of the international best seller RICH DAD POOR DAD,  “The world has changed and continues to change, yet many of our leaders continue to implement the same Industrial Age solutions to solve Information Age problems.” Robert Kiyosaki joins me to




Spiritually Speaking

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018 18

By Bro. Bill De Fossett –Radio Personality and host of The 3G Experience radio program on WHCR-90.3 FM (

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W1 1 W 1 3th S 12th t. St.


Morningside Park

Cathedral Pkwy (110th St./ Central Park N.) [B,C]



Ce ntr al

Marcus Garvey Memorial Park

E1 M


Central Park

Central Park North (110th St./ Central Park N.) [2,3]



Av e.

FREE digital wrist thumb drive

Av e.

Call us today! 212-419-5236

Pa rk

ter’s Conference last week. Looking forward to the installation of Assemblyman Al Taylor this week! Congratulations to Rev. Al Taylor. We are all proud and supportive of you! On January 26 there will be a Platform Service at the Greater Faith Baptist Church, 845 E. 167th Street in the Bronx. Rev. Helen Wingate is the Pastor. Bronx Community Baptist Church presented a Lady’s Ministry Prayer Breakfast last week at 2074 Valentine Avenue. Rev. David Jenkins and Rev. Sheila Jenkins are the Pastors.


out to Rev. Sean Gardner, Pastor of Eastward Baptist Church in Harlem on the transition of his mother. Some folks think that eulogizing your mother would be difficult. A eulogy is a discussion of the deceased person’s life. Who better than a son could discuss his mother? On January 21, the world witnessed the ordination of Evangelist Kim Williams at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in the Bronx. Rev. Roderick MacArthur was the ordination preacher. Rev. J. Loren Russel was the order of the day at the Bronx Evening Minis-

Len ox Av e.

adviser, actor, producer and humanitarian Danny Glover to discuss economic empowerment and bring important lessons back to their congregations throughout the city. Rev. Lisa Jenkins, Pastor of St. Matthew’s Baptist Church in Harlem is currently travelling in South Africa! On January 19, The New Amsterdam Music Association celebrated Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a forum on jobs, housing and a discussion of gentrification. Pastor Jack Royster was the facilitator of this event. Our sympathies go


church, 881 East 167th Street, the Bronx. The guest preachers were Rev. James Duckett, Pastor of Ft. Motte Baptist Church and Rev. Ronnie Faison, Pastor of Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church. Recently, a group of community and faith leaders from across the city gathered at Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem for the Economic Justice Day conference organized by Mobilizing Preachers and Community. Representatives from the National Action Network, the Harlem Business Alliance and the New York Urban League joined Airbnb

Ce ntr al P ark


hanks to all of you that view The 3G Experience on Facebook Live and www. Your continued support is an inspiration to me. We reach folks across the country and around the world. Follow the 3G Experience every Thursday from 6am-10am. Watch/ listen on Facebook Live or Send mail and other comments to Bro. Bill, PO box 446, New York, NY 10039. On January 19 and 21, Loyal Baptist Church celebrated the 12th Anniversary of their Pastor, Rev. Samuel Trusty. The services were held at the

Need Braces or Invisalign?



“Libba: The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotton”

by Laura Veirs, illustrated by Tatyana Faxzlalizadeh

REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor


Oh, that artwork! Through


herself, but her brother didn’t like

Years later, when Libba was

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s charcoal

That’s what Grand-

anyone touching his guitar. Even

much older, she met a woman from


ma might say when

so, whenever he wasn’t home,

a “musical family” who hired her

Cotton’s story is told so exquisite-

you’re tumbling around and your

Libba went to his room, took up

to work as a housekeeper at a home

ly that it may render you almost

head holds your feet up. The world

the instrument, and played – even

that was filled with music! There

speechless. Chances are, your

sure looks different when your toes

though she was left-handed, and

were “banjos in the bedrooms, pi-

child might not notice but you will.

are on top and you’re looking at

had to do it upside down and back-

anos in the parlor, and bass drums

Be prepared.

things from upside down, and in

wards. To anybody else, that would

in the basement.” All day and all

What your child will find here

the new book “Libba” by Lau-

have been weird but to Libba, “it

night, musicians drifted in and out,

is a story of keeping a dream alive,

ra Veirs, illustrated by Tatyana

was the way that felt right…”

men with names like Muddy Wa-

even when it’s been shelved for a

ters and Woody Guthrie, and Libba

long time. In telling this tale, Lau-

started hearing music again.

ra Veirs’s words dance like fingers

Fazlalizadeh, that’s not the only thing that’s all out of order. Music was everywhere, for Libba Cotton.

Her brother, Claude, hated that Libba borrowed his guitar



but “DANG!” she was good. She

Then one day, when nobody

on frets as she lends lightness

could play well, and she even

was paying any attention and no-

to the story, despite its Depres-

When she fetched water for

wrote songs. That’s how it was,

body would care about how she

sion-era theme. Be sure to read

her mother and brother, she heard

until Claude moved away and

strummed, Libba borrowed a gui-

her Author’s Note, which explains

river music. The axe she used

took his guitar with him. Libba

tar. And she played music.

much more about Cotton and her

to chop wood sang to her. There

did chores and saved money until

Upside down. And backwards.

was a clickety-clack of music in

she was able to have a guitar of her

Before you snuggle up with

If yours is a musical family

the trains as they sped by on two


your child for an inaugural round

or if your child does things a little

And she played. Upside down

of “Libba,” take a few minutes to

different, then this is a story you’ll

“Libba: The Magnificent Mu-

and backward, until time passed

read the book yourself, so you’re

want to read again and again. For

sical Life of Elizabeth Cotton” by

$17.99 / $24.99 Canada

and she stopped.

fully prepared for what you’ll see.

you, for sure, “Libba” is a book

Laura Veirs, illustrated by Tatyana

48 pages

tracks. Libba “heard music everywhere” and she longed to make it

work. that holds up.

Faxzlalizadeh c.2018, Chronicle Books

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018 19


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STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: WINTER OLYMPICS ACROSS 1. Nordic glьhwein 6. *It last broadcast the Olympics in 1988 9. Sigma Phi Epsilon 13. Yokel’s holler 14. Promise to pay 15. Pre-bun state 16. Dug up 17. Luftwaffe’s WWII enemy 18. Provide with ability 19. *Country with most Winter Olympic gold medals 21. *Number of 2018 Winter Olympics sports 23. Dog command 24. Small island 25. Cul de ____ 28. Partial haircut 30. Geek and jock, e.g. 35. S-shaped molding 37. International Civil

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018



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Aviation Org. 39. Best not mentioned 40. Pakistani language 41. *American skating icon 43. College cadet program 44. Crocodile ones are insincere 46. Make children 47. This and the other 48. Praise for a fearless one 50. Dispatch 52. Ornamental pond-dweller 53. Classic sci-fi video game 55. Drag behind 57. *Done on 90m hill 61. “I love the smell of ____ in the morning.” 64. UFO pilot? 65. 1973 Supreme Court decision name 67. “Complete ____’s Guides” 69. Short for incognito

70. Tokyo, in the olden days 71. Impulse transmitter 72. Indian restaurant staple 73. D.C. bigwig 74. Like a rookie DOWN 1. *Olympic participant’s hangout 2. Been in bed 3. *8-time American speed skating medalist 4. Regular visitors 5. Long-billed shore bird 6. Well-ventilated 7. Flapper’s neckwear 8. Spots for links 9. Arial, e.g. 10. Ill-mannered 11. Malaria symptom 12. Subsequently 15. *”Agony of ____” 20. Like anchor aweigh 22. Not well 24. Ezra Pounds’ poetry movement

25. *Which Korea is 2018 Winter host? 26. Come to terms 27. Closet wood 29. Frosts a cake 31. Fence prickle 32. Kindle content 33. Powerball, e.g. 34. *2014 Winter host city 36. France’s currency 38. Shrek 42. Busybody, in yiddish 45. House cover 49. Opposite of pro 51. *Olympic no-no 54. Shrek and Fiona 56. Crane or heron 57. Jainism follower 58. Arm part 59. Isinglass 60. Lowly laborer 61. Rhymes with #60 Down 62. Plural of lira 63. Change of address 66. Lyric poem 68. X


Daredevil: Guardian Devil by L.A. Williams and Quintin Von Wizel


.A. Williams: Summer of ‘17 was a super-hero slugfest at the box office between Logan, Wonder-Woman, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy.  But on TV?  It wasn’t even close:  The Defenders was the big buzz-generator. Quentin Von Wizel: The Netflix series consists

“ain’t nothin’ like the real thing,” so we’re providing some “DD” history for you as we delve into one of his better-known comic storylines: “Guardian Devil.” QVW: A young boy named Matthew Murdock saves an elderly man from an out-of-control truck carrying radioactive isotopes. But this good deed came at a price: the isotopes fall off the truck and splash Matt in the face, blinding him for life. Yeah, that’s right: he’s blind, but I can see the look of confusion on your face. “How can a blind man fight crime?” When the isotopes destroyed his ocular nerves,

and weaponry. Matt takes a vow of revenge on his father’s killers while also getting his law degree. After graduating, Matt and college roommate “Foggy” Nelson open a law office, taking cases for those who cannot afford big shot lawyers. Foggy’s down-toEarth lifestyle is a contrast to Matt’s and keeps Matt on the righteous path. The Ying to Matt’s Yang. LAW: Matt’s contradictory: a Catholic and lawyer by day committing devil-garbed vigilante acts by night. Foggy is straight-shooting, fun, kind-hearted, uncomplicated, and arguably the soul of the book.

QVW: In “Guardian Devil,” a teenage girl comes to the office of Nelson and Murdock, claiming to have conceived mankind’s savior. Soon after, a mysterious gentleman arrives stating the opposite interpretation of the baby’s purpose. Who’s this girl? Who’s this man? How do they both know that Murdock is Daredevil? Is this baby a savior or Anti-Christ? Is a higher power truly at hand? Is this another plot from his enemies? Before long, a knock on the door from long-time friend and lover Karen Page (from 1964’s Daredevil #1) piles more pressure on Matt with a shocking revelation that she has AIDS. And Foggy is arrested and detained for the murder of a client. When it rains, it pours. This story leaves Daredevil questioning his loyalties, his friendships and his faith. It is a thrill ride with an unbelievable twist that will leave you wanting more. LAW: I’m a Daredevil fan, but not a “Guardian Devil” storyline fan. It was published during a period when DD sales were awful and I feel Marvel relied on a “shocking” story to restore the book’s buzz, instead of a great story. And the revealed villain was an ill fit for Daredevil’s abilities...and disabilities. But I liked the premise and it was good seeing characters that hadn’t been in DD in years. More importantly, despite my feelings, the “Guardian Devil” storyline succeeded in reestablishing Daredevil’s popularity in comics, which certainly helped make the subsequent movie and various TV series possible. QVW: Kevin Smith’s writing and Joe Quesada’s

artwork will make most of you Daredevil fans for life if you’re not already due to the amazing Netflix series that is on its second season (with a

third season coming soon.) - L.A. Williams is a former comic book editor. - Quintin Von Wizel is a man without fear.

SUDOKU ANSWERS Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, a totally different incarnation of the original 1970s comic lineup, but the group featured in the current comic. Daredevil was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett (with some tips and pointers from Jack Kirby). The Frank Miller-produced stories from the early 80s gave the visualization of the muck and grittiness of New York City in that period. LAW: Daredevil is the most traditional “super-hero” Defender in that he wears a costume and proactively seeks ways to combat top crime bosses. Since

both his comic and his solo Netflix show debuted years before the other Defenders’, more “Defenders” characters and plots connect from “Daredevil” than from the other shows. And while fans like Quentin and I love seeing the characters we grew up reading kicking behind on screen, like Marvin and Tammi sang, there

they enhanced his other four senses to near superhuman rates. His fighting skills, agility, and superhuman senses make you forget he’s blind. Matt’s father is killed by gangsters after refusing to “take a dive” in a boxing match. Matt eventually trains with a blind martial artist named Stick, becoming a master of hand-to-hand combat



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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

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NY Black Media



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Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

page 7




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Vol. 15

In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues”


“Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 15 No. 8

May 28, - June 3, 2015

South Bronx




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Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation


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NY Greater, Links ter Chap rated Celeb en of “Wom on Spirit cti Distin ards” Aw 6


Former Model B. Smith Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio allen n, to Heal Promot ge e thy page Habits” 17

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

page 14

BP Adams Thanks Volunteers for Part icipating in Hope 2015 Survey of City’s Homeles s page 5

New Mid Block Signal Crosswalk, and Markings to Improve Safety for Children and Families

see page 5


page 16



The Network Journal Honors Karen Witherspoon page 14

/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc

page 8



/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc




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Blac k Mon Histor y th Cont Essay es Cele t and br page ation 13




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In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues” page 7





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Vol. 15 No. 8

“Good News You Can Use”

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11





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“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

and The Sout h Br onx MU







ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk e 12 pag

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation page 14

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio to Pr allen n, ge om


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25. 2018

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ARTHUR MITCHELL Harlem’s Ballet Trailblazer

The first major exhibition devoted to Arthur Mitchell celebrates the life and accomplishments of the New York City Ballet’s first African American star, and the founder and longtime director of Dance Theatre of Harlem. On display through March 11.

The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery Columbia’s Lenfest Center for the Arts 615 W. 129th St. (Enter on West 125th Street, just west of Broadway) 212-854-6800

Michael D. Harris, Aspirations + Inspiration, 1985. Limited edition print, 30 x 22 inches, detail. Arthur Mitchell Archive, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University.


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25, 2018  
Harlem Community Newspapers | January 25, 2018