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HARLEM NEWS “Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 24

No. 2

January 10 - January 16, 2019


The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum Celebrates the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. see page 9

The Inauguration of Letitia James see page 10

Fresh Food Box in Harlem see page 5

COMMENTARY: A More Diverse Congress, a More Perfect Union? see pages 6



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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I will be the first to say that I have not gotten around to those resolutions yet. It is always easier to plan than to execute. It all looks good on paper. However, old habits are hard to break. On page 12 you will find 5 tips to help you shed those pounds. I have read all of them and they are part of my resolution list (smile). In 2019 Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. is committed to continuing to provide “Good News You Can Use.” We will continue to present individuals and organizations doing positive deeds in our community. We will significantly increase our social media activity so please visit our website, facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram pages. We also want to hear from you with input regarding our editorial, distribution, etc. You can email your opinion to us at: harlemnewsinc@aol.com. Pat Stevenson Celebrating over 24 years Publishing



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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

Dressing Women For The imporTanT momenTs oF Their Lives



HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS New York City Department of Education Notice of Disclosure of Directory Information Dear Parent/Guardian, Current or Former Student:

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is helping the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Health Department) begin a research study. The research study is about health and educational impacts of the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster on students. The study will include students in school during and after 9/11. DOE will give information about parents, guardians, former students and current student to the Health Department. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy and confidentiality of students. The law allows DOE to share student directory information, which includes the information listed below. You have a chance to say you do not want DOE to share your directory information. Whose information will DOE be sharing? DOE will share information about students in certain areas that were enrolled in school at the time of September 11, 2001 or those first enrolled by 2006-2007. The areas are: • •

Lower Manhattan Upper West Side, Manhattan

• •

Northwest Brooklyn Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Flushing, Queens

What directory information will be shared? DOE will share: • • • •

Student, parent and guardian names Parent/guardian relationship to student Phone number, email & home address history Student’s sex and date of birth

• Whether student was born inside NYC or NY State • Spoken and written language(s) • Any schools/educational institutions of enrollment • Enrollment time periods Who will receive the directory information and how will it be used? The Health Department will receive the information. Contractors will be hired to help the Health Department conduct the research study, and the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) may receive the information. No one else will have access to the information. Contractors will help get updated contact information by searching various records available to them. NSC may help get updated school information on students after high school. The Health Department will use the information to reach out to individuals to learn if they want to be a part of the research study.

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

How will your information be protected? DOE and the Health Department will have written agreements to require those who get the information to protect and secure it. Individuals will not be allowed to sell, use, or share the information for any advertising, marketing, commercial purposes, or for any purpose besides for the research study.


What do you need to do? 1. Do nothing: you or your child’s directory information will be shared with the Health Department. 2. Fill out this form if you do not want your directory information or your child’s directory information to be shared with the Health Department, and return it by February 15, 2019 to: Attn: 9/11 Opt Outs Room 310 New York City Department of Education, 52 Chambers St New York, NY 10007

I DO NOT WANT Directory Information to be shared with the Health Department. Student’s First Name:

School (current or last school attended):

Student’s Last Name:

Student Date of Birth & Student ID Number (if known)

Parent/Guardian Printed Name: Signature–students age 18 and over must sign for themselves: Date:

—Return by February 15, 2019 if you do not want to share your or your child’s directory information—



Fresh Food Box in Harlem


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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

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HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS COMMENTARY: A More Diverse Congress, a More Perfect Union? Karen Bass (CA) spoke of chal-

lenge, struggle, and optimism and

many ways our nation has at-

of the free, but this Congress of-

tempted to self-correct, from

fers freedom possibilities. It offers

the passage of the Emancipation

not help but think of the poet

the possibility of fixing the Voting

Proclamation to the Supreme

Langston Hughes, and his poem

Rights Act, even as the Supreme

Court Brown v. Board of Educa-

Let America Be America Again.

Court has attempted to erode vot-

tion decision declaring “separate

he 116th Congress, sworn

Written in 1935, the poem was

ing rights, even as at least two

but equal” to be “inherently un-

in on January 3, is the

first published in Esquire Mag-

elections were stolen in 2018,

equal.” Clyburn talked about the

most diverse our nation

azine in 1936. Though Hughes

those of Stacey Abrams in Geor-

Great Society legislation, another

has ever seen. There are more

did not consider it one of his fa-

gia and Andrew Gillum in Florida.

of our nation’s attempts at self-re-

women – 102 – than ever before.

vorites, it captures the duality of

This Congress offers freedom

pair, and he concluded by saying

More members of the Congressio-

our nation, the marked difference

possibilities in resisting the in-

that, “America does not need to be

nal Black Caucus – 55 – than ever

between our nation’s soaring es-

sanity of a “wall” that the Great

made great again, she is already

before. Indeed, a former Con-

tablishing rhetoric and the stark

Negotiator (and purported author

great. Our challenge is to make

gressional Black Caucus intern,

reality that many experience. In

of The Art of the Deal) swore that

that greatness apply fairly and eq-

Lauren Underwood (D-IL) is part

the words of Malcolm X, it is the

Mexico was paying for. Not. This

uitably to all of our citizens.”

of the incoming first-year class.

difference between the American

Congress offers freedom possibil-

Can this diverse new Con-

At 32, she is the youngest Black

dream and the American night-

ities in its efforts to preserve the

gress make our nation fair for

woman to serve.

mare. Here is what Langston

Affordable Health Care Act and to

many who have never experi-

Hughes writes in his poem:

By Julianne Malveaux


This Congress includes the

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

Clyburn went on to list the

No freedom in this homeland

As I listened to them I could

focused on possibilities.


“homeland of the free.”)

move us to Medicare for all. This

enced our nation in the way it is

first Native American woman,

“Let America be America

colorful Congress (the pictures

supposed to be? In the words of

two Muslim women, openly gay

again. Let it be the dream it used

tell it all) offers a sharp contrast

Langston Hughes, “It never was

representatives, and others. Much

to be. Let it be the pioneer on the

to the dismal (as in grey and navy

America to me.” We’ve come a

of this diversity was displayed at

plain Seeking a home where he

suits) set of Republicans, over-

long way since he wrote his 1935

the ceremonial swearing-in of the

himself is free. (America never

whelmingly white and male, and

poem, but we still have so much

Congressional Black Caucus, an

was America to me.) Let Amer-

overwhelmingly staid.

to do. After these last two dysto-

inspirational event that preceded the official swearing-in on Capitol

ica be the dream the dreamers

It’s not about MAGA (Make

pian years under the leadership of

dreamed— Let it be that great

America Great Again), it’s about

President Genital Grabber (let’s

Hill. There, as I listened to speech-

strong land of love Where never

MAF, or Make America Fair.

just call him GG), this new Con-

es by the top Congressional Dem-

kings connive nor tyrants scheme

This is what Congressman James

gress offers us many possibilities.

ocrats – incoming speaker Nancy

That any man be crushed by one

Clyburn shared when he spoke at

May they manifest!

Pelosi (CA), incoming Majority

above. (It never was America

the ceremonial swearing-in. He

Julianne Malveaux is an au-

leader Steny Hoyer (MD), and

to me.) O, let my land be a land

opened with the words of French

thor and economist. Her latest

incoming Whip James Clyburn

where Liberty Is crowned with

historian Alexis Tocqueville, who

book “Are We Better Off? Race,

(SC), I was awash in hope and op-

no false patriotic wreath, But op-

observed when visiting this coun-

Obama and Public Policy” is

timism. These leaders, along with

portunity is real, and life is free,

try: “the greatness of America lies


outgoing Congressional Black

Equality is in the air we breathe.”

not in being more enlightened

com for booking, wholesale in-

Caucus Chairman Cedric Rich-

(There’s never been equal-

than any other nation, but rather

quiries or for more info visit www.

mond (LA) and incoming Chair

ity for me, Nor freedom in this

in her ability to repair her faults.”


via www.amazon.

Vol. 24, No 2 January 10 2019

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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

● Mist Harlem (46 W. 116th St): Th starting at 8pm- Live Music; Fri, 10pm-2amLive Jazz ● Lenox Sapphire (314 Lenox Ave): Th starting at 7-11pmLive Jazz ● Chez Lucienne (308 Lenox Ave): Fri & Sat, 7-10pm- Live Blues ● Savanna Raes Harlem (2070 ACP Jr. Blvd): Fri, 9-11pm- : Live R&B and Soul ● Maison Harlem (341 Saint Nicholas Ave.): Sun 5-8pm, Live Jazz Vocalist Lady Leah ● Red Rooster (310 Malcolm X Blvd) Starting at 7:30pm- Sun (Live Jazz), Mon (Live Funk) Tues (Live Blues)


Jan. 10 6:00- 8:00pm New Year Forecast in the Orisha Community. Annual discussion with Yoruba traditional leaders who will interpret La Letra del Año for 2019. Through divination, Babalawos in Cuba gather at the start of the year to predict and determine La Letra which is intended to serve as a blueprint for the coming year. CCCADI, 120 E. 125th St. FREE Jan 10 7:30- 9:30pm Discussion on Democratic Ideals and Racism. An Examination of the Cradle to Prison Pipeline, around the creative response of artists as they witness, experience and analyze the collective trauma of being Black in America. The discussion

will feature Frances Pollock (composer), Imani Mosley (dramaturg) and Wendel Patrick (project advisor for Stinney) in conversation with Angela Glover Blackwell, Board member of Harlem Stage. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Ave. Tickets: $10 Jan 11-13 The Little Mermaid Based upon the original story by Hans Christian Anderson and adapted by HSA Theatre Alliance member Geneva Foster-Narvaez, experience Andersen’s process of creating the classic story of a unique girl who dreams of love beyond the surface. Harlem School of the Arts, 645 St. Nicholas Ave. Jan 11: 7:00pm, Jan. 12: 3:00 & 7:00pm and Jan 13: 3:00pm. $20 Advance | $25 Door | $15 Students and Seniors. Jan 11 9:00pm Chip Shelton Peacetime Ensemble Chip Shelton’s shining and varied repertoire of originals and standards effortlessly incorporate straightahead-jazz, samba, afro-cuban, reggae, soul, and more; always leaving his fans and new listeners wanting more. Bar Thalia, 2537 Broadway at 95th St. FREE Jan 11 10:00pm Apollo Music Café: Revive Night Featuring Freelance. Music of Harlem based collective Freelance with

an expansive sound and encyclopedic knowledge of musical genres and fearless and versatile talent, contemporary harpist Brandee Younger. Apollo, 253 W 125th St Tickets: $22. Jan 12 12:00- 2:00pm Celebrating Hamilton’s Birthday. Celebrating Alexander Hamilton’s birthday! Families will participate in some fun activities including Hamilton sing-alongs and cupcake decorating. For more info, email education@morrisjumel.org. Morris-Jumel Mansion, 65 Jumel Terrace. Free with museum admission. Jan 12 10:00pm Apollo Music Café: Mike Yung and Michelle Brooks-Thompson. Come enjoy soulful sounds of singers Mike Yung and Michelle Brooks-Thompson, a finalist on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice. Apollo, 253 W 125th St Tickets: $22. Jan.14 7:30- 9:30pm Discussion on Theatre-Music-TV-FilmMulti award winning artists LaChanze, Tamara Tunie and Ron Simons share their process and journey in thriving in multiple artistic spaces as artists, creators and producers. Join us for a dynamic conversation around creating your own narrative, using your social capitol and the importance of philanthropy in sustaining culture.

Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Ave. Tickets: $10.


Jan 15 5:00pm Crusader: Martin Luther King Jr. - Exhibition. The exhibition presents an intimate photo travelogue of King’s pilgrimage to India, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance in Oslo, Norway, and his work as a non-violent crusader for civil rights captured by select photographers of the day. Schomburg Center, 515 Malcolm X Blvd. FREE.

Jan 16 7:30pm-9pm Guided Meditation A team of Harlem teachers will offer a period of guided sitting meditation, a walking meditation (including walking outdoors, weather permitting) and a talk and discussion. Suggested starting donation is $10 but no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Email info@nyimc.org to learn more. 2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Jan 15-21 7:30pm The Day Harlem Saved Dr. King PlayMany people vividly recall the exact moment they heard that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Tennessee. But did you know that Dr. King was nearly stabbed to death while visiting New York City in 1958? Williams Institutional CME Church, 2239 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. Tickets: $25, Seniors and students: $18.50. Call 646-488-9576 for more info.

Jan 18 (12pm- 7:30pm) Jan 19 (10am-7:30pm) 7th Annual Black Comic Book Festival Come out to enjoy two days of programming and activities with creators, illustrators, writers, and independent publishers together with thousands of collectors, blerds and nerds. The community event includes interactive panel discussions, a vendor marketplace featuring exclusive titles by Black creators, a cosplay show, and more. Schomburg Center, 515 Malcolm X Blvd. FREE.

Jan 16 7:00- 9:00pm Karaoke Sing Along! Bring that voice out of the shower and onto the stage! Take a step back in time to sing along to Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Hanson and more as we celebrate the hits of the 90’s! Bar Thalia, 2537 Broadway at 95th St.

Jan 19 2:00pm Tell-it, Sing-it, Shout-It! Play Written & Directed by Hazel Rosetta Smith, Tell-it, Sing-it, Shout-It! is a not to be missed Testimonial Gospel Musical filled with excitement, joy, laughter, and soul stirring song. If You’ve seen it before ~ You’ll

love it even more. New Mount Zion Baptist Church, 171 W. 140th St. Tickets: $20. Call 646 295-9364 for further details. Jan 25 6:00pm- 8:00pm Free Paint Night Create your own masterpiece inspired by work from famous artist Oswaldo Guayasamin using various art techniques. Contact LaSharn Cooper at (212) 477-2354 or lasharn.cooper@ parks.nyc.gov for more info. Pelham Fritz Recreation Center in Marcus Garvey Park. Jan 25 & 26 Women of Color Retreat VISIONES 2019 is an intergenerational weekend retreat for Women of Color to radically awaken, heal, empower, and align with their Divine Feminine Spirit using Indigenous, Eastern, African based and rituals of meditation, reflective exercises, journaling, sister-sharing, heart-centering, music, song, movement, and more! CCCADI, 120 E. 125th St. Learn more and register: https://bit. ly/2H815F1 If you have a non-profit organization with an event that is free for the community, you may submit the information with 50 words or less to haremnewsinc@aol. com



The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum Celebrates the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a family day of art workshops, storytelling, music and more on January 20


he Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling hosts its next PLAYDATE on Sunday, January 20th from 10:00AM – 5:00PM, inspired by the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This free day at the Museum will feature art-making, storytelling, music and more celebrating and honoring the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art-making activities for children in the spirit of Dr. King will be focused on “creating a just world.” Portions of visual artist icon and author Faith Ringgold’s book “My Dream of day, concluding with the T:4.92” Martin Luther King” will inter-generational commube featured throughout the nity conversation, Neigh-

borhood Narratives, led by Rev Malika Lee Whitney. Rev. Whitney and special

guests will use the inspiring words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s book “Where




Do We Go From Here” as the basis to share oral histories, storytelling, poetry, music and hands on activity that demonstrate the human rights vision of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling hours are Thursday – Sunday, 10am until 5pm. Normal admission is free for children up to 8 years of age, $4.00 for children age 9 – 17, students with ID and Seniors (65+) and $7.00 for adults. However, Admission for this and all PLAYDATE events are FREE for all. The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling is a contemporary art museum for chil-

dren rooted in principles of social justice. We strive to strengthen our culturally rich neighborhood with a space where children and their families grow and learn about Sugar Hill, and the world at large, through dialogue with artists, art and storytelling. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect David Adjaye, the Museum opened in October of 2015 as the cultural capstone of the Sugar Hill Project, a multi-use building developed by Broadway Housing Communities (BHC) which includes permanent affordable housing for individuals and families, and the Sugar Hill Museum Preschool.



FROM MLK TO TODAY T:4.92” Photo credit: Marion S. Trikosko





N O W I N P E R F O R M A N C E S • C h o i r B o y B r o a d w a y. c o m Support for Choir Boy is provided by The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust and the Howard Gilman Foundation. Choir Boy was commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club with support from Time Warner Inc.

Photos: Kareem Black




Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019


| #ApolloUptownHall #wnycmlk




The Inauguration of Letitia James By Michelle Deal Winfield


n Sunday, January 6, 2019, hundreds poured into John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York on West 59th Street to witness history. Letitia James a Brooklyn born native, former Council Member and Public Advocate was sworn-in as the 67th Attorney General of the state of New York. The ceremony was regal. Beginning with the Invocation, Reverend Calvin Butts, Imam Ahmed Dewidar and Rabbi Joseph Potasnik provided words of encouragement. Reverend Butts prayer included asking God to keep Letitia James safe and out of harms way. The audience responded by saying, “Amen.” Speakers alternated one-by-one sending well wishes

to Letitia James. They included: Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Representative Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8), Representative Carolyn Maloney (NY – 12), and New York Senator Charles Schumer. Hon. Kathy Hochul referred to Letitia as her sister and said, “As we campaigned together, we became closer.” Chuck Schumer said, “The Attorney General, A.G. stands for aspiring Governor.” There were several artistic performances during the ceremony. The Harlem School of the Arts drew a standing ovation for their rendition of I’ll Rise Up. Evangelist Timiney Figueroa sang the National Anthem and the New York Chinese Cultural Center performed the Red Ribbon Dance.

Loretta Lynch, the 83rd Attorney General of the United States asked Letitia James to raise her hand for the swearing-in. Former President of the Manhattan Borough C. Virginia Fields held the bible during the ceremony. The citizens cheered wildly. They had just witnessed history. The first black person was now the 67th Attorney General of the state of New York. In closing, Attorney General Letitia James paid tribute to her late parents saying, “I grew up in the projects from Brooklyn. There was love. Letitia thanked everyone for their support, “I would not be here without you. As Attorney General, I am committed to protect the rights of all New Yorkers. I am eager to get to work to move our state forward,” she said.

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

Grand Opening



New Restaurant

El San Juan

City Island "on 5th Ave"

• Puerto Rican Food , • Seafood, • American Favorites Breakfast & Lunch 8:30am-3pm (M-Fri) Dinner 4pm- 11pm (M-Sun) Happy Hour (bar specials) M-F 4-8pm

1429 5th Ave


Champagne Brunch


on Sunday 12pm-4pm

b/t 116th St & 117th St

website: www.elsanjuan.nyc


Call for reservations and events 646-726-4222

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Why Community Service Matters on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (SPM Wire) Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be commemorated on January 21. If you are planning how to best spend the time off from work or school, consider volunteering. To honor the life and legacy of King, many communities offer service events that are easy to join for one day. From serving meals to the elderly to interpreting critical health information to new immigrants, there are many ways you can

devote your skills, time and energy to others in need. A national listing of service projects can be found by visiting nationalservice.gov.


This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, consider how you can honor a great man, while helping to build a stronger community.

• Academically rigorous curriculum • An encouraging and safe school environment • Modern Hebrew learning and instruction • Celebrating diversity!


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Manhattan Open Houses *Allied Health Career Pipeline Open House is held at 120 East 149th Street, Savoy Multi-Purpose Rm., BX, NY 10451

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Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019


Accounting & Bookkeeping Basics Active Shooter & Medical Emergency Prep Basic Construction Management Basic Electricity (Residential & Commercial) Basic Property Management Business Administration Management Child Development Associate (CDA) Driver’s License & Commercial Driver’s License Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Tech Construction & Site Safety Courses CPR/AED for Rescuers & Health Care Providers Culinary Arts & Culinary/Cooking Classes DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) F-03 & F-04 Fireguard Test Prep Food Protection (English and Spanish) Industrial Sewing Academy Landlord Tenant Law & Zoning Compliance Locksmith New York City Taxi & Limousine OSHA 10 & 30-Hour Outreach Training Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Consultant Plumbing Basics




5 Tips to Shed Those Pounds in the New Year (Statepoint)

a snack when all you really need

for a while at the start. Doing so

is water. Nutrisystem experts rec-

will help you get a visual of what

aybe you want more

ommend drinking at least eight,

portions should actually look like.


8-ounce glasses daily.

You may also consider eliminat-



perhaps lose

3. Slow down: It takes 20 min-

ing some of the guesswork with a

weight and keep it off for good.

utes for the “I’m full” signals from

program, such as Nutrisystem, that

Whatever your goals, a new year

your stomach to reach your brain.

offers pre-portioned, nutritional-

means a fresh start to become the

When you inhale your food, it’s

ly-balanced meals.

best version of yourself.

much easier to eat more than your

5. Reduce stress: Stress can

Here are five tips from Nutri-

body really needs. One review of

cause your body to burn calories

system experts to get your scale

23 studies found that fast eaters

more slowly, which could lead to

moving in the right direction and

were about twice as likely to be

weight gain, according to a study.

support your long-term health.

obese, compared to slow eaters. To

Plus, stress increases hormones

1. Skip “diet” drinks: Of

help slow down, take smaller bites,

that stimulate appetite, and the

course, you know not to order the

chew 10 to 15 times and put your

foods you’ll crave for comfort

regular cola with your meal, but

fork down between each bite.

tend to be high in fat and sugar.


want to

you figure the lower-calorie diet

4. Don’t eyeball portions: “The

Help manage stress with deep

version is an okay choice. Not

super-sized meals at restaurants

breathing, meditation, exercise,

necessarily. One recent review of

have given us a skewed view of

hanging out with friends or listen-

research found that artificial sweet-

proper portion size,” says regis-

ing to music.

eners often used in diet drinks may

tered dietitian for Nutrisystem,

not be as beneficial for weight

Courtney McCormick. Even if you’re tracking your

drinking them regularly may be

food intake with an app or food

With these tips for the new

linked to an increased body mass

that diet soda, it doesn’t have to be

part of your body needs water to

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journal, overestimating portions

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McCormick’s solution: Mea-

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as hunger -- prompting you to grab

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2. Drink more water: Every

FOOT CENTER of NEW YORK Expert Foot Care For You & Your Family

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But if you can’t stop dreaming of


More tips on jump-starting your weight loss goals can be

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Talk together thrive together

You can help someone who’s suffering by talking, listening and being there. Learn how you can help,

visit nyc.gov/nycwell

Sign up for low or no-cost health insurance today!

Call 311 Text CoveredNYC to 877877 Visit nyc.gov/GetCoveredNYC

Get free in-person enrollment assistance in your language. Open Enrollment in New York continues through January 31. Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019





THE ADAMS REPORT© 10 Spiritual Must-haves for 2019


ince this is the beginning of a New Year and resolutions are the order of the day, I thought it would be good to consider a different kind of list, of spiritual must-haves, to apply to all seasons to come. Perhaps if we all adopt some basic principals we can improve the quality

of our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with on a daily basis. Drum roll please . . . In 2019 resolve to . . . (1) Respectyourself and others. By respecting the differences that make each one of us unique, we have an opportunity to experience the rich mosaic that life has to offer. It sounds simple: Accept a person regardless of race, religion, creed, color or country of origin. (2) Feel compassionwith an open, loving heart. Hate is contagious, but so is love. It is within each of us to think and feel with love. Set aside your own interests to allow your spirit to hear unspoken pain and heartache. Respond with kindness, understanding and humility when asked to un-

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

Answers to Puzzle on page16


derstand and comprehend the seemingly impossible. (3) Develop understanding, and be gentle with yourself and others. People’s life experiences help shape their personality. No two people share the same perspective on anything even if they experience it together. Make room for others and their experiences. (4) Begin to value time, yours and everyone else’s. Life is short, too short to waste it procrastinating. When you think about it, it takes a great deal of time to procrastinate! Why not do something instead of putting it off? Ultimately you save time because you are freeing up energy to pursue other opportunities. (5) Have a prayerful spirit. Take time each day

to meditate or to pray for the welfare of the world and its people. The universe needs your support. (6) Commit to at least one kind acteach day. How much time does it take to reach out and brighten someone’s day? To quietly acknowledge that the world doesn’t revolve around you? To realize that we all have to look beyond our own pain and circumstances to help others? To know that by taking time to be kind we are helping someone else heal? (7) Work toward inner peace. I think it was Jasmine Guy’s character, Whitley in an episode of A Different Worldthat I found particularly significant who said, “Relax, relate, release!” I found myself repeating those three words (with a chuckle, I might add), but never really practicing the intent. Well, it’s a new day! Let go of the turmoil that threatens to bog you down, and move forward in peace, knowing that a higher power has everything under control. Know it from the very center of your spirit. Even as negativity and turmoil surround you, you can wear a spiritual armor stronger than any

protection human beings can devise. (8) Release your creative energy! Do you secretly want to be an artist, but haven’t pursued it because you feel silly or that you don’t have the time or talent? Who cares! This is about exploring your interests. Following your passion could lead to a new job or hobby or become a source of self-expression and joy that flows through to other areas of your life. You will be a more joyful person. (9) Find the courage to release the child within you! This one is a tough one, because we have “grown up”, and being grown means a certain amount of seriousness is in order. Nonsense! Lighten up! I am not suggesting that you put on blinders, but that you let yourself be awed by the wonder and sheer majesty of life—and by the divine sense of humor we experience every day. (10) Exercise free choice. Choose something you feel you need in order to make a difference in your life in 2019 and go after it. Know that it’s all up to you. Nothing and nobody is dictating your path of action.

So, there you have it. Of course, if you make these ten must-haves a part of your life, the world won’t change overnight and neither will you. But I promise you that you will set the wheels of personal—and collective—change in motion. Think about it. Visit my website, TA L K W I T H A U D R E Y. com and checkout my online radio show, Talk! with Audrey for a series of interviews that will inform, motivate and inspire you. Audrey Adams is the host of TALK! with AUDREY, a weekly radio and television show about issues that empower women, featuring entertaining, inspiring and interviews with experts and authors from the health, fitness, financial, and travel industries. In New York, listen to TALK! with AUDREY every Monday at 5:30 p.m. on WPAT 930 AM and watch every Friday at 6:30 a.m. on RNN . . . FIOS Channel 6; RCN Channel 16; Cablevision Channels 19, 48, 6 and 19; Direct TV Channel 48 and Comcast Channels 13, 19 and 713. For more information and on demand content visit TALKWITHAUDREY. com ©The Adams Report

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Herbs Are Nature’s Medicine...

By Zakiyyah

HERB TIP for the NEW YEAR t is cold and flu season. If you are seeking natural, herbal remedies, you probably already know that most herbs are not ‘tasty.’ Most are bland, many (those that are best for us) are really bitter tasting. REMEDY: mix them with honey (use a raw, natural honey) and you’ll never experience the horrible taste! For colds, to eliminate mucus congestion and coughs, ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN, use equal parts of the herbs coltsfoot, yerba santa, wild cherry bark, mullein, and ¼ part echinacea. These are very

common and available at most local botanicas or herbs stores. Mix together and grind to a powder (you can use a simple coffee grinder) and mix with honey to a paste consistency. If you warm the honey it will soften and the powdered will be easy to mix in; then the honey can be by the spoonful (it will chew like peanut butter) and will be sweet so you don’t really taste the bitter herbs. Simply take by the ¼, ½ or full teaspoonful as necessary. Or add to a cup of boiling water and viola, ready-made sweetened tea! It works really well in aiding the body to reduce asthma and other


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Featuring The Pain Free Method By Egoscue When: Tuesday 12/11/2018 & 01/15/2019 Where: Ki Energy Wellness Center 13 W 122nd St, New York, NY 10027 (Between Lenox Ave. & Marcus Garvey Park) Time: 6pm-8pm Do you have ACUTE or CHRONIC PAIN of the SHOULDER, HIP, KNEE, NECK and BACK? Does this pain come and go or never go away? Have you been ignoring this pain? Well the time is now to learn why it is there and what to do about it. The body works as a unit and if you are not treating it as one you may be missing the solution to your problem. If not properly addressed, this may lead to increased pain, potential surgery and most importantly the inability to do what you love most. REDISCOVER YOUR BODY'S DESIGN. RESTORE ALL YOUR JOINT FUNCTION AND RETURN TO HEALTH! Come join us for a lecture workshop on THE EGOSCUE'S PAIN FREE METHOD and learn simple and effective ways you can regain control of your health and get the life back you deserve to live. For over 40 years, The Egoscue Method has been helping people all over the world to BE FREE FROM PAIN and improve the body's physical state through the use of Postural Alignment Therapy. The 2 hour workshop will allow people to experience The Egoscue Method in action. Space is limited, Call Laura (917) 749-7244 Visit www.egoscue.com for more information. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019


chronic respiratory ailments . . . MAKE NATURE’S MEDICINE YOUR OWN This article is for information purposes only, to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or cure, nor as a substitute for medical supervision. To pre-order my book: booklaunch.io/ zakiyyah/theenergeticsofherbs; phone: 347-4074312; to request my FREE “online” Newsletter, send an email to: theherbalist1750@gmail.com. Website: www.sacredhealing7. com, Blog: www.herbsarenaturesmedicine.blogspot. com.




HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS see answers on page 14

STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: FACES AND PLACES ACROSS 1. Fraternity K 6. ____Jeeves.com 9. Civil rights icon 13. Think tank output 14. Like a dim star 15. What pigeon did 16. *Up on compass 17. Shakespearean fuss 18. Did like goo 19. *On a novelty button 21. Decline 23. Galley tool 24. “Workers of the world, ____!” 25. ____-Air in L.A. 28. Way off freeway 30. *Pain scale faces, e.g. 34. “-zoic” periods 36. “____ ____ good example”

38. Xe 39. Hokkaido native 40. *Face in a text 42. Crescent 43. *Like Jason’s or Freddy’s face 45. October birthstone 46. Genealogical plant 47. Capital of Taiwan 49. “Tosca” tune 51. Blunder 52. Chopper blade 54. One of Indiana’s quests 56. *On a prankster’s face? 58. *Like one at a haunted house 61. Selected 62. Water snake 64. Prejudiced person 66. Macho men 67. Pastrami holder 68. South American camelid 69. *Like one in front of Taj Mahal? 70. Create with cloth

71. George to George W. DOWN 1. Reunion bunch 2. #17 Across, pl. 3. Make waves 4. BBQ spot 5. Masonry unit 6. Not home 7. *Like one at a funeral 8. Familiar 9. *Face on Mount Rushmore 10. Do like goo 11. “As ____ on TV” 12. Put two and two together 15. Cerebral part 20. Clear the board 22. Doesn’t mix with water 24. To the required standards, 3 words 25. *In Beauty’s magic mirror 26. “The Goldbergs” sibling

27. Hawaiian veranda 29. Memorandum, for short 31. Accustom 32. Not a gregarious one 33. *On a snob’s face 35. *One receiving something unexpected 37. A bit cracked 41. Hipbone-related 44. Monarch bodyguard 48. I in T.G.I.F. 50. Fit for farming 53. Deed hearings 55. Whale’s lunch 56. Sound of relief 57. Opening page 58. A whole bunch 59. “Goodness gracious!” 60. Top of the Capitol 61. Repeated Cuban dance step 63. Needle hole 65. Makes feathers stick

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019



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Worried? StreSSed out? depreSSed? depreSSed There ere are answers in this boo book. BUY AND READ


T h e M o d e r n S c i e n c e o f M e n Ta l h e a lT h

by L. Ron HubbaRD May you never be the same again.

PRicE: $27

church of Scientology Harlem community center 228 East 125th Str | (212) 828-1825 harlem@scientology.net • www.scientology-harlem.org





REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor


ne plus one is two.

It’s simple: all you have to do is add or count, easy-peasy, a trick you probably learned shortly after you could talk. One plus one is two but as you grow up, you’ll notice that math can get funny and, in the case of the new book “Blended” by Sharon M. Draper, one plus one might suddenly become more. Eleven-year-old Isabella Badia Thornton has two homes. It’s not like she’s rich or anything. It’s true, though, that one house is like a mansion and

the other is really small, but the first one is her Dad’s house and the second belongs to her Mom. Isabella has a bedroom in each home because her parents got divorced when she was a little kid and it’s been a mess ever since. What she doesn’t like: the “slicing in half every seven days” thing when her parents exchange custody at the mall. Ugh. What she loves: her tall, funny, cocoa-skinned dad who bought her a baby grand because Isabella is obsessed with playing piano; and her beauti-

ful, blonde mother, who noticed Isabella’s talent back when Izzy was almost still a baby. Isabella would never choose between parents but sometimes, standing with one foot in two homes, between two races, is really, really hard. Her friends are super-understanding and her parents’ friends are cool. Her BFFs, Heather and Imani, let Isabella vent. Her Mom’s boyfriend, John Mark, has sunburned skin, tats, and a big truck and he makes Mom happy. Anastasia, Isabella’s Dad’s “lady friend” is

REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor “I’m not tired!” That’s what you might say when it’s time for bed. You want

to stay awake for awhile. Who can shut their eyes when fun might be happening? You’re not


elegant and sweet and Isabella Darren, Anastasia’s college-age son. So it’s not like she doesn’t have people who love her, right? But when you’re eleven years old, there’s a lot to figure out. Other kids can be jerks at school, and do dumb things. Adults can do equally stupid things by making decisions without asking the kids who are impacted. Racial issues occur, even when they definitely shouldn’t. And when bad things happen to good kids, it’s nice to know who you can always count on. It can be assumed that author Sharon M. Draper was a little girl, once upon a time. Can we assume she remembers it keenly? Because in “Blend-

by Sharon M. Draper likes

ty-free, and relevant now. Give it to the girl who needs a sharp story; for her, “Blended” is a good one. “Blended” by Sharon M. Draper c.2018, Atheneum Books for Young Readers $16.99 /

“Stop That Yawn!”

by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Yawn oozed down on Never Sleeping City . On the sidewalks, circus animals yawned and nodded off. The ice cream man took a snooze. The city’s baker stretched and opened his mouth wide. Gabby started to panic! “Quick!” she yelled. “Grit your teeth, seal your lips, we have to stop that –“ But it was too late. The Yawn spread all through the city, up and down the streets, into shops and opera houses and into Never Sleeping City ’s city hall. Gabby rang bells, she shouted, but the

Yawn was everywhere. Never Sleeping City was now asleep. There was just “one place left for her to turn.” There was only one thing Gabby could do. There was just one place left to go, and she would have to take Granny with her! For a book that would otherwise make an excellent bedtime story, “Stop That Yawn!” has a surprising amount of action in it. If you’re a parent who’ll be charged with reading it aloud, take that as a warning. Author Caron Levis tells a great story, but the arrival in and the ensuing

run through the fictional Never Sleeping City could serve to rouse a kid who’s a master at fighting sleep. There’s a lot to see in artwork by LeUyen Pham and while the illustrations are wonderful, they’re busy enough to add to the battle. And yet, if you use your bedtime voice, how could your child resist a tale that so charmingly winds down an active night? How could you bear to miss a bedplane, or a Vegas-like cartoon town, or a giraffe that’s sweetly collapsed in slumber? You can’t, and neither could your 4-to-8-year-old, especially if (s)he can’t sleep without a story. Read carefully, soft and quiet, and “Stop That Yawn!” is a book you’ll never get tired of. “Stop That Yawn!” by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham c.2018, Atheneum Books for Young Readers $17.99 / $23.99 Canada 48 pages

Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

tired, but in the new book “Stop That Yawn!” by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, you might act like you are. Gabby Wild lived with her Granny in Sleepytown. And she was tired of it! All they ever did was sleep, nap, snooze, and lay in bed. Ugh, who needs that? Gabby begged and begged Granny to take her somewhere fun, somewhere there was action and where people actually stayed up all night. Finally, Granny agreed and they packed their toothbrushes. When they finally reached Never Sleeping City , it was glorious. Nobody went to bed early. Nobody went to bed at all! Instead, they sung songs all night that weren’t lullabies, they enjoyed blinky lights, and they had ice cream whenever they wanted it. There was an opera house and dancing and music! It was so much fun! It was so exciting, until Granny looked up to the skies. The moon was quiet and peaceful. Stars were twinkling softly. And – uh oh – she yawned. As quick as a wink, the

ed,” she taps perfectly into the emotions and the figuring-it-out period that almost-teenagers endure today. In getting inside the head of a pre-teen girl, Draper presents a great young character that happens to hate drama. Still, Isabella is a typical kid with bashful boy-crazy moments and fiercegirl classmate conflicts, but her forthrightness and willingness to ask for help could be a boon for any “blended” child in similar situations. Parents might also appreciate that many of Draper’s characters are not assigned a race, which subtly puts the emphasis of much of the plot on the action rather than on the color of skin. Meant purely for young readers age 9-to-12, this middle-grade book is fun, profani-



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The Harlem Commu


nity Newspapers,

The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx

Inc. Connec ting Harlem,

Queens, Brooklyn and The

se” Can U s You 15 d New 15, 20 “Goo - April


“Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 15 No. 22

April 9,

Vol. 15 No. 8

May 28, - June 3, 2015

South Bronx




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Published Weekly REAL ESTATE


February 19, - Februa


ry 24, 2015

. 15

No Vol. 15

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

page 7




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Vol. 15

In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues”


“Good News You Can Use”



500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11

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“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

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We Buy Records 15



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Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation


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Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio allen n, to Heal Promot ge e thy page Habits” 17

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

page 14

16 page

Top $$$ Paid

10 page


NY Greater, Links ter Chap rated Celeb en of “Wom on Spirit cti Distin ards” Aw 6

Former Model B. Smith Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s

sinc mnew /harle mnewsinc @harle

page 5

see page 5

The Network Journal Honors Karen Witherspoon page 14

page 10

page 16



m WEB OUR sgroup.co VISIT ew

/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc

page 8



/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc

Jazz, Soul, Latin, Rock, Salsa 33’s 45’s 78’s




Blac k Mon Histor y th Cont Essay es Cele t and br page ation 13

VISIT w.har OUR W lem new EBSITE sgro :




up.c om


pag e8



/ha @ha rlemne rlem wsin new c sinc

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and Th






The Harlem Commu


NEWS M E L R HA pers,

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ec . Conn

The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx

24 issues $29.95 Mastercard “Good News You Can Use” COMMUNITY



Co rlem

The Ha

se” Can U s You 15 d New 15, 20 “Goo - April


Vol. 15 No. 22

April 9,

May 28, - June 3, 2015

nity Newspapers,

Inc. Connec ting Harlem,

Queens, Brooklyn and The

44 issues $49.95 BVisa ROOKLYAcct N N#EW S South Bronx



February 19, - Februa

ry 24, 2015


Vol. 15

. 15 l. 15 No


In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues” page 7





ity N

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BRO NXNew MAIL to : Harlem News Group, Inc. , P.O. Box 1775, New York, 10027 NEYork WSNY NY 10027 Mail To: Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc.. P.O. Box #1775, FREE

Vol. 15 No. 8

“Good News You Can Use”

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11





s, In

c. C onne ctin g Har lem, Que ens, Broo klyn

“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

and The Sout h Br onx MU







ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk e 12 pag

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation page 14

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio to Pr allen n, ge om


Harlem Community Newspapers | January 10. 2019

The Harlem News Group Inc. will publish “only” positive news and information. Our mission is to deliver “good” and informative news to our readers focusing on health, education, housing, business and employment opportunities. We look for and publish results, not problems. We promote businesses, opportunites and events DON’T MISS ANOTHER ISSUE happening in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing our readers with valuable information they can use to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and our communities.




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