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HARLEM NEWS “Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 23

No. 8

February 22 - February 28, 2018

Marketers Kuhne, Gandy and Pendelton Promoting Blacks in Theater see page 18

Blacks On Broadway see pages 12-16

Oprah at the Apollo see page 25

Senior Task Force Stepping Up see page 10


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News Yo u Can Use” - Ju

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GOOD NEWS YOU CAN USE! In this issue we are featuring

more than 170 Black actors this

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News Group,

Urbanology 20 Church 22 Literary Corner 23 Games 24 Wellness 25 Classified 26

identified 30 shows employing


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Blacks on Broadway. We have

Afro-C uba Kilmer n Film Show na Park in the Br t Joyce COMM onx page UNITy 5 CA

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Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Harlem, Queens , Brookly

Denny Moe’s “Cuttin g For A Cure” page 14

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– & Juliet Romeo ank Riverb Free at Park page 10



No. 29



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the scene crew. The Harlem Com-

years ago when we started this feature there were less than 30 Black actors working on Broadway. It is our hope that by presenting these actors, our readers will go out an support these shows. I am hopeful that by seeing so many Blacks on Broadway you will be motivated to go see several or all of these shows. Please let me know if this feature does motivate you to go to Broadway. Email me at (see pages 12-18) This is our final “Black History Month” issue. Our Black History continues to show the strives that Black people are making, especially our Black actors in theaters, in films and on TV. Black Panther this past weekend was the highest grossing film with a predominantly Black cast, producer and behind munity Newspapers, Inc. Publications and other black-owned newspapers continue to record our Black History making people and events of today, as well as remind our readers of our past history and accomplishments and lessons. You can see our past issues On-

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We salute and acknowledge the innovations, accomplishments and culture of African-Americans. From scoreboards to boardrooms and from concerts to congress, you are making differences that can be felt every day. Toyota salutes those who are driven to succeed because determination can lead to elevation.

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

During Black History month, we remember the past in order to create a prosperous future.

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LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB NOT ONLY FOCUSING ON THE WELLNESS OF THE EARTH, BUT YOUTH FINANCES TOO! The workshops are moderated by two 13-year-old, team leaders, LINDA DERRY and HALEY PERSAUD. Guest Speakers have included; Ridgewood Savings Laurelton Branch Bank Officers, Maureen Thompson and Florencia Prince-Roberts, Amiel Carty, Financial Advisor for Halfway Tree Wealth Solutions, LaToya Benjamin, a global leader visionary, and Delicia Davis, author of Dear

C Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

ISTA 4 CLEAN WATER INC. is a not-for-profit,


501c3, Environmental Organization committed to heighten the awareness of

the polluted state of our oceans and waterways, and endangered eco sys-

"Dental health, like success, is not a des na on but a con nuous journey"

Dr. George Williams W Dental 706 St. Nicholas Ave. New York, New York 10031

Open Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Call us today: (212)939-9399

tem. Their global initiative, “C.I.S.T.A. GIRLS leading the way to save our planet”,  are girls, 10-18 years old that volunteer for environmental projects, such as beach clean-ups, flower plantings, environmental spelling bees, and library presentations  to educate the community on how to build a stronger relationship between themselves and the environment. They even have their own QPTV Show that airs every Monday at 9pm and Tuesdays at 4pm via Fios ch.34 and Spectrum ch.79. CISTA GIRLS IN THE BLACK is a new initiative that enriches the mission of the CISTA GIRLS  and invites youth 10-18 years old to participate in the “financial building blocks for life” by teaching them through a series of workshops the importance of building assets and credibility, and utilizing resources to expand entrepreneurship and money management.

Diary Books. The programs are the brain child of the president and founder, Sandi Pope, who strongly believes that today’s youth needs to be active in the wellness of the environment, their health and wealth.  To be a guest speaker, volunteer, or sponsor, you can contact the organization via their website www.cistagirlmagazine. com  or Facebook page:



3 Reasons Why Hiring Older Employees Is A Smart Decision


n the 2015 movie The Intern, Robert DeNiro starred as a 70-year-old widower who returns to the workforce as an under-appreciated and seemingly out-of-step intern working for a young boss played by Anne Hathaway. Initially, Hathaway’s character can’t quite relate to this baby boomer who ditched retirement out of boredom, but by the film’s finale, she comes to appreciate his skills and experience. In real life you’re unlikely to encounter many septuagenarian interns, but it’s not unusual for people to re-enter the labor market or launch new careers when they are well into what was once considered retirement age. And that can be good

for businesses that are willing to take advantage of all those decades of hard-earned experience, says Andrew Simon, a partner in Simon Associate Management Consultants (www.simonassociates. net) who himself is in his 70s. “Starting a new career after 60 is not for everyone,” Simon says. “But it can be rewarding for those with energy and commitment levels that are high, and who are willing to learn new skills and keep up with the constantly evolving technology.” The question is whether businesses will balk at hiring workers who, in many cases, are old enough to be the parents of the people supervising them. Sure, there are downsides, Si-

mon says, but the upsides can be tremendous when it’s the right fit for the right person. He says a few things businesses should keep in mind as they weigh whether to hire older workers include: E x p e r i e n c e counts. Baby boomers come to the table with a whole set of experiences, including 30 or 40 years of interpersonal people skills that make them more adept at dealing with unique situations or different types of people. “On the flip side,” Simon says, “some of them could lack the technical skills that we take for granted in today’s workforce. So, be careful what you are asking them to do.” Self-motivation.  The odds are older employees

will be self-motivated. “If these potential workers would like to join an organization or start a new career after 60, they probably like the idea of work,” Simon says. “They need to do something every day. Perhaps they view their job as intellectually stimulating.” You do need to make sure of their motivation, though, he says. If they’re just working for a paycheck, that might not cut it. Different age groups have their own behaviors. Baby boomers often have a very different set of values than millennials. “Different things motivate them,” Simon says. “The culture of an organization is very important and can be tricky. You want to make sure these older

workers have an opportunity to thrive in your new environment.” While it’s best to avoid stereotyping the generations too much, in general, baby boomers tend to be productive, loyal to the company, willing to put in long hours to get the job done, and prefer to have conversations in person. “Companies that pass on hiring older workers risk missing out on people who could become some of their most valuable employees,” Simon says. “Age shouldn’t be the issue. Instead, as with any hire, the issue is what skills and experiences each of these people can bring to the workforce.” About Andrew Simon Andrew Simon, a partner in Simon Associate

Management Consultants (www.simonassociates. net), has had a 50-year career as a senior executive. He founded and ran Questar Assessment Inc., the fifth largest K-12 summative assessment company in the U.S. As a serial entrepreneur, Simon also developed and ran businesses in real estate development and did start-ups inside larger corporations, such as Citibank, Bankers Trust, Norcliff-Thayer and Lederle Labs. Earlier in his career, he was part of a team that launched L’Oréal into the consumer-products arena. Simon also is a trained and certified Innovation Games® facilitator and has conducted more than 50 client engagements using Innovation Games methods.

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Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018



13 Month CD*

5 1/16/2018 10:51:41 AM



The Office for Civil Rights Needs to Listen to Teachers Like Me on School Discipline

By Tynisha Jointe

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018



s a school-based social worker for over eight years, I know firsthand how punitive discipline practices impact students both in the short and long term. In the short term, students are often harshly punished-missing valuable instructional hours and, more often that not, fasttracked to special education services. I’ve also seen long-term impacts in which students begin to view themselves as bad, aggressive and hopeless. Currently, school discipline policies encourage staff to move from “What’s wrong with this student?” to “What happened to this student?”. Many of our students come to us with traumatic experiences that often manifests in public behaviors. And while traumatic expo-

sure is not an excuse for inappropriate behavior, it can set the stage for a conversation that works to support the whole child. Like all skills, positive behavioral skills also need to be learned. In Chicago Public Schools (CPS), students learn these skills through evidence-based social and emotional learning techniques and restorative practices. Beyond the need for students to learn these skills, it is imperative that we as educators check our own personal and professional biases as it relates to the students we serve. While most people come to the profession with the desire to educate children, we often do not consider how our personal experiences shape how we approach children and their families. We may let assumptions, preconceived notions or even ignorance guide our engagement or instruction. SPEAKING TRUTH TO SCHOOL DISCIPLINE AT THE OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS Right before the new year, I, along with fellow Educators for Excel-

lence, had the chance to share my experience on school discipline guidelines with Candice Jackson, the Acting Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). I had 4 minutes-and I poured my heart into each and every second. While I didn’t feel like I represented the voice of all Black educators-or all educators for that matter-I was able tell my story, and share my experiences and hopes for how we discipline children of color. I expressed hope that we would one day see the classroom as a shared space for learning and not one for adults to control children. I expressed faith in their leadership to continue to protect students through federal guidelines. Lastly, I shared my greatest hope: that we as adults check our own biases and realize how they impact our work. While I understand that most teachers come into the profession wanting to teach children but as we should know by now you can’t teach them if you can’t

reach them. So I say to you fellow educators, your voice and story matters! As you grow in your profession, be open to having courageous conversations with colleagues and administrators about how we educate children. Reflect on your current practices, challenge yourself to be a student and allow yourself to learn from them. Seek to understand their traumas and adjust your approach accordingly. I know none of this is easy and we may backslide in moments of frustration but you’re human and it’s OK. Just commit to being your best, and giving your best to your students. At the end of the day, our children are our future. So lets nurture them today. This piece originally appeared on EducationPost. org. Tynisha Jointer, LCSW, ME.d, is a Chicago native and product of Chicago Public Schools. Jointer is passionate about educating all children, staff and school leaders around developing a holistic approach to support student achievement.

Vol. 23, No 8 February 22 2018

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Home Buying In Harlem Be Prepared to Buy Now



by Rev. Charles Butler

he home buying process has always been difficult to complete. You cannot afford to be intimidated by rising home values or higher interest rates. You must stay focused on doing ‘whatever is necessary’ to complete the process. An analysis of recent successful home buyers revealed some interesting common characteristics among them. As prospective first-time buyers, this information could be beneficial. (1) They had adequate savings. This should not come as a surprise. Depending on what type of property you are buying, you will need approximately $20 - 25K or more for the down payment and closing costs. Have the personal discipline to eliminate wasteful

spending. Stick to your budget. Make financial sacrifices. For example, consider taking a weekend vacation rather than two weeks. Most of these buyers had a stable and solid income. This is now extremely important because banks are only lending about 2 ½ - 3 ½ times your annual income. So, the more money you make, the more you will be able to afford. However, for low to moderate income buyers, you may have to put an even larger amount down, in some cases 25-30% of the purchase price! (2) They had a solid credit history. In today’s market, very few lenders will offer you a mortgage with a weak credit score. Most banks are requiring a minimum score of 660 or

higher. Remember the higher your score, the better interest rate you will be able to secure. As you prepare for homeownership, continue using your credit wisely. High outstanding credit balances can severely reduce your loan amount. (3) They had a trusted and experienced team of professionals assisting them through the process. Start assembling your team now to work with you. Take your time getting referrals from friends and your housing counselor. Put together a solid plan of action and stick to it. If you are interested in attending the workshop or have questions regarding the home buying process, contact Rev. Dr. Charles Butler at (212) 281 4887 ext. 231 or email at



“WE MAKE THE DEALS HAPPEN!” 212.368.4902 212.368.4903 1 5 2 4 A M S T E R D A M AV E . , N .Y. , N Y 1 0 0 3 1

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

OVER 4 MILLION WEEKLY WINNERS ©2017 New York Lottery. You must be 18 or older to purchase a lottery ticket. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. For help with problem gambling, call 1-877-8-HOPE-NY or text HOPENY (467369).


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HARLEM CALENDAR OF COMMUNITY EVENTS Feb 22, 6:30-8:30pm Bethann Hardison’s groundbreaking career as a fashion model has been the impetus for the ongoing journey she’s set out on to ensure an industry that reflects the diversity of beauty found in the world. Hardison is a documentarian, entrepreneur, and advocate. She will join Harriette Cole an indepth one-on-one conversation about her life. This program is presented in collaboration with DREAMLEAPERS. Founded by lifestylist and media personality Harriette Cole, DREAMLEAPERS is a platform designed to help people access and activate their dreams. Free. Event located at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Lenox Avenue. For more information, call (917) 275-6975

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Feb 25, 10am-3pm (Weekly Event) Gospel Brunch featuring Vy Higginsen’s Gospel for Teens Choir and Red Rooster’s famous soul food brunch. Reservations are encouraged. Red Rooster 310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th and 126th) 212.792.9001


Feb 26 6-8pm Join Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer in celebrating

Black History Month with African-American activists at Upstairs at the Apollo, 253 W. 125th St. RSVP at blackhistoryapollo. Now until Feb 28 WedFri, 11am-4pm, Sat Noon5pm Community Works, New Heritage Theatre Group in partnership with the Harlem Arts Alliance & Harlem Hospital Center invite you to SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY: ART OF HARLEM. A remarkable showcasing of the talent of 13 emerging and established artists. Mural Pavilion at Harlem Hospital Center, 512 Lenox Avenue at 136th Street. For more information call 212-459-1854. Now until Feb 28 To celebrate deep roots and ancestry from before the Civil War, Chef Ed Brumfield pays tribute this Black History Month with a selection of his favorite dishes from this era. Throughout the month of February, chef will offer one special dish each week, including this Smothered Yard Bird & Biscuits served with broccoli rabe and spiced peanuts. Week 3: smothered yard bird & biscuits, collard greens, spiced butter (starts 2/15) Week 4: huckleberry pie, vanilla ice cream,

apple 2/22)



Feb 28 6-8pm Meet Mandy Bowman. Mandy’s mission is to support as many Black-owned businesses as possible. The Official Black Wall Street app helps her and others do just that. The app lets you find Black-owned businesses, alerts you when you’re near one, shows you reviews, and gives you directions. Thanks to Mandy, now it’s easy to support small business owners and help our communities thrive. We’re celebrating community builders. You know one. Everybody does. They’re the people who go above and beyond to build better neighborhoods. They give their time, and reinvest in their communities. They’re people like Mandy Bowman. Join us and Power 105.1 as we celebrate Mandy and her contributions to the community. Solomon & Kuff (2331 12th Avenue at 133rd Street) Feb 28, 7:30pm Amateur Night at the Apollo. A brand-new lineup of contestants competes for the chance to perform during the March 14th Show Off and move on to Top Dog on May 16th. It all leads to the chance of winning the title of Super Top Dog

and a cash prize ($5,000 in the Child Star category and $20,000 in the Adult category) on November 21st! Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. For tickets, call (212) 531-5305 or visit Tickets start at $22. Mar 2, 7pm YouTube “Meet & Greet” KittyRose and Friends. Starting off for Women’s month will be a full exhibit of art from some Dynamic Women Artists. We will also have LIVE Painting and you will get to take some pictures with me. We are going to tape a session of just Chit Chat amongst us all some cocktails, some food, some good music and some merch. At ImageNation RAW Space Galleries, 2031 Seventh Ave at 121st St. Mar 6 7:30pm Lena Horne at 100: Featuring Candice Hoyes and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards. Vocalist Candice Hoyes and tap dancer/choreopgrapher Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards debut a night of music and dance inspired by the life of Lena Horne. Hoyes draws from rare cinema, musical theater, jazz and soul for a dramatic experience while Sumbry-Edwards draws from her extensive Broadway and film experience to create a celebration

of Horne¹s early years as a Cotton Club dancer. Tickets start at $20. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue. For tickets, call 212-281-9240 Mar 9, 7:30pm Harlem Stage and National Black Theatre Present “Mothers of the Movements” A Two-Part Series Paying Tribute to Iconic Black Women Pioneers Including Dr. Barbara Ann Teer, Abbey Lincoln and Ella Baker. Part 1, Mar 9: Longtime Abbey Lincoln collaborator, Marc Cary will re-imagine the seminal album, “We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite,” with Terri Lyne Carrington, Reggie Workman, Sameer Gupta, Edmar Colón, and other surprise guests. Part 2, Mar 12. The National Black Theatre will present “The Black Woman: She Does Exist,” an evening of newly commissioned work that was inspired and in response to seminal texts written by Black women artists and activists of the 60’s such as Dr. Barbara Ann Teer, Ella Baker, and the women of SNCC. These new works are being created by the next generation of vital Black women voices; writers Mfoniso Udofia, Chisa Hutchinson, Ebony Noelle Golden and ensemble. Seeking to strengthen the bonds

between past and present, and in addition to the newly commissioned work, NBT has gathered pioneering Black women legends of the theater community to perform the original texts. Tickets start at $20. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue. For tickets, call 212-281-9240 Mar 9 – Mar 18 Fridays, 7PM, Saturdays, 7PM and Sunday, 3PM HSA Theatre Alliance Presents Macbeth. Following up its successful presentations of Euripides’ MEDEA and Trojan Women, the HSA Theatre Alliance takes an important step forward in tackling one of Shakespeares most popular tragedies. After general Macbeth, loyal to King Duncan, receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become king himself, Macbeth is overcome by greed and ambition. Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Alfred Preisser. Assistant Direction by Josiah Fluker-McInnis. HSA Theater, 649 Saint Nicholas Avenue. 212-926-4100 All listings on this calendar are free of charge. To add your listing, please email 50 words or less in the format above to Deadline is Friday prior.

55 West 116th Street (Bet Lenox & 5th) NY, NY 10026 1872 Lexington Ave (Bet 116th & 117th) NY, NY10035 1838 2nd Ave @ 95th, NY, NY 10128 For more information call: 212-876-8800 email: website:


Columbia University Celebrates Black History Month


The first major exhibition devoted to Arthur Mitchell celebrates the life and accomplishments of the New York City Ballet’s first African American star, and the founder and longtime director of Dance Theatre of Harlem. On display through March 11.

The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery Columbia’s Lenfest Center for the Arts 615 W. 129th St. (Enter on West 125th Street, just west of Broadway) 212-854-6800

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Michael D. Harris, Aspirations + Inspiration, 1985. Limited edition print, 30 x 22 inches, detail. Arthur Mitchell Archive, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University.

Harlem’s Ballet Trailblazer




Community Board 10’s Senior Task Force Stepping Up! By Hazel Rosetta Smith (Photos by Hubert Williams)


f I were trying to sum up what happened at the event held in The Gallery of the Harlem State Office Building on February 14, 2018, which coincidentally was Valentine’s Day, it would have to be, a whole bunch of love was shared with Harlem seniors. From the welcoming pleasantries at the sign-in desk to the services rendered by Marquis Harrison and students from the

Frederick Douglass Academy, kudos are appropriately given to Manhattan Community Board 10 under the leadership of Cicely Harris and especially to CB10 Senior Task Force Chair, Deborah Gilliard for an uplifting and encouraging job well-done.   Co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, the theme of the three-hour presentation of facts was aptly


titled FOR THE LOVE OF INFO! A Senior’s Informational Forum.   With an accounting of over 18,000 adults ages 60 and over living in Central Harlem, it was comforting to hear that the CB10 Senior Task Force board and members are committed to helping this diverse population age with dignity.  Their intention is loud and strong to bring awareness and advocacy to specific senior issues. Master of Ceremonies,



Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018



SOUNDTRACK ‘63 Remixing the sights & sounds of an era

SAT, FEB 24 2018 / 8:00 PM TICKETS $50 - $85

CREATIVE DIRECTOR CHEN LO MUSICAL DIRECTOR ASANTÉ AMIN | @ApolloTheater Leadership support provided by

In person at the Apollo Theater Box Office By phone call Ticketmaster 800-745-3000 Online at For Groups Call (212) 531-5355 | #Soundtrack63Apollo

James C. O’Neal, United Nations Representative of International Federation on Ageing (IFA), presented agencies and guest presenters:   Bridget G. Brennan, Special Narcotics Prosecutor;  Didi Sanchez, Columbia University Medical Center with  Priscilla Liriano, Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease (CEAD) and  Izri Martinez, Department of Neurology;  NYPD Officer Dawn Waller, 32nd Precinct Community Affairs;  Reggie Nance, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP);  Verna Arthur, Department for the Aging;  Crystal McKay, New York Public Library;  Hazel Dukes, President of the NAACP New York State Conference;  Assemblyman Al Taylor, 71st District; Catherine Christian, Chief of Elder Abuse, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office;  Clement James, New York City

Fire Department; New York State Senator Brian A. Benjamin; and Manhattan Borough President, Gail Brewer with Lori Williamsand Athena Moore, Director of the Northern Manhattan Office. Attendees were given a sunshine tote bag with pertinent printed information and upcoming community announcements.  The NYPD Crime Prevention Division gave a blue Senior Safe tote bag containing a Crime Prevention Book with a collection of safety tips for seniors, plus an emergency siren/light beeper worn on the wrist and an anti-signature pigmented pen for signing checks to secure a signature from being lifted by thieves who steal mail.  Ideal Home Health gave pouches with emergency aids, Homes and Community Renewal gave hand sanitizers.  The Office of the Special

Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York submitted an outstanding brochure on abused pharmaceutical substances that showed tablets and capsules in actual size, shape and color along with prescribed milligrams. Hazel Dukes rendered an urgent recommendation that we come out to events like this forum to keep abreast of what is available for older people and to get the kind of information on where and how to get it.  “When we know better, we do better.  Instead of staying at home watching a soap opera like  As the World Turns, we should come out and find out, what’s turning for us.”  And, I say AMEN to that! [Hazel Rosetta Smith is a journalist, playwright, director for Help Somebody Theatrical Ministries and former Woman’s & Managing Editor for The New York Beacon News.  Contact:]




Experienced Porters & Handymen

L&T Attorneys & Accountants

Full time/Part time Contact: Lamont Baker 718.509.4636

Forward resume to:

Professional Service Vendors Suppliers

Administrative/Secretarial • Excellent computer skills • Software proficient in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher • Writing skills • Good communication skills Forward resume to:

• • • •

Carting companies Electrical supply and repairs Plumbing supply and repairs Household appliance supply & repair (MWBE Certified preferred)


Located between W. 134th & W. 136th Streets from Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. to St. Nicholas Ave.

117 affordable housing units in 13 buildings Featuring: Studios, 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms “Strategically located in the heart of Harlem”

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Contact: Cleston Lord 212.862.8299




30 Productions on Broadway Are and Will Employ Blacks! by Linda Armstrong

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018



“Beautiful” is playing at the Stephen Sond-

Nell Benjamin and direction and choreography

It has a book by Kyle Jarrow, music supervi-

Jelani Remy as Simba; Adrienne Walker as

“Hamilton” is playing at the Richard Rod-

by Casey Nicholaw. Rick Younger will play

sion, orchestration and arrangements by Tom

Nala; James Brown Orleans as Banzai; Bonita

scribe 2018 for Blacks on Broadway!

of the career of songwriter Carole King. It has

gers Theater at 226 W 46th St. It is a musical

Mr. Duvall; ensemble members will include

Kitt, choreography by Christopher Gattelli and

J. Hamilton as Shenzi; Joshua Dubose—Young

ecord breaking is the best way to de-

heim Theatre at 124 W 43rd St. It tells the story

Patton as swing.

In 2018, Blacks will be on stage in

a book by Douglas McGrath, words and music

that focuses on the life of Alexander Hamilton.

DeMarius R. Copes; Curtis Holland; Kamille

musical production conceived and directed by

Simba at certain performances; Kenneth Aikens

30 Broadway productions, which will include

by Gerry Goffin, Carole King, Barry Mann and

It is the brilliant, energized, phenomenal brain-

Upshaw and Zurin Villanueva. Brittany Nich-

Tina Landau. It is based on the TV series. It fea-

as Young Simba at certain performances; Nala

22 musicals and 8 plays! Wow, how amazing

Cynthia Weil, with choreography by Josh Prince

child of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who did the

olas is swing.

tures Jai’len Christine Li Josey as Pearl Krabs/

Hamilton as Young Nala at certain performanc-

is that?

and direction by Marc Bruni. “Beautiful” has

book, music and lyrics. It has choreography by

“Once On This Island”, playing at Circle

Ensemble; Robert Taylor Jr. as BFF/Plankton

es;  and Chondra Profit Ardrey as Sarabi. En-

Some of the productions have been go-

Blacks in numerous roles. Salisha Thomas plays

Andy Blankenbuehler and direction by Thomas

In The Square Theatre at 235 W 50th St., has

dancer/Sardine Corps/Ensemble; Allan K.

semble members include Aisha Mitchell; Bongi

ing on for some time, like Disney’s “The Lion

Ensemble/Lucille/Shirelle; Paris Nix plays En-

Kail. The musical combines history with mu-

book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, music by Ste-

Washington as Larry the Lobster/Ensemble and

Duma; Bravita Threatt; Brian C. Binion; India

King”, which celebrated 20 years on Broadway

semble/Drifter; Jay McKenzie plays Ensemble/

sic, rap and hip hop and it is splendid. African

phen Flaherty and tells of a doomed, forbidden

Brynn Williams as swing.

Bolds; Christopher Freeman; Donna Vaughn;

recently. Other productions have not begun as

Drifter; Kerissa Arrington plays Ensemble/Shire-

Americans are in quite a number of roles in this

love set in the French Antilles archipelago in

“Summer”, a musical about Donna Sum-

Gabriel A. Croom; Jamal Lee Harris; Lawrence

yet, but when they do, they will showcase Black

lle/Janelle; Yasmeen Sulieman plays Ensemble/

incredible production. Michael Luwoye stars

the Caribbean Sea. It stars Hailey Kilgore as Ti

mers, will play at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

Keith Anderson; Lisa Lewis; Lindiwe Dlamini;

talent, such as Condola Rashad starring as Joan

Shirelle; Nasia Thomas plays Ensemble/Shirelle/

as Alexander Hamilton. Daniel Breaker plays

Moune; Isaac Powell as Daniel; Phillip Boykin

at 205 W 46th St beginning March 28. It has a

Mdu Madela; Christopher Freeman; Michael

of Arc in “Saint Joan.”

Little Eva; Caliaf St. Aubyn plays Ensemble/

Aaron Burr; Bryan Terrell Clark plays George

as Tonton Julian; Kenita R. Miller as Mama Eu-

book by Colman Domingo, Robert Clay and

Alexander Henry; Joel Karie; Kimberly Mar-

There’s so much information to share, so

Drifter; Dashaun Young plays Ensemble and

Washington; James Monroe Iglehart plays Mar-

ralie; Norm Lewis as Agwe; Darlesia[l1]Cearcy

Des McAnuff, direction by Des McAnuff and

able; Jaysin McCollum; Ray Mercer; S’bu

let’s get started. “A Bronx Tale” playing at the

Swings are Jessie Hooker-Bailey, Kris Roberts

quis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson; Joanna A.

as Beauxhommes Narrator/Storyteller; Rodrick

choreography by Sergio Trivillo. The score will

Ngema; Nhlanhla Ngobeni; Ntomb’khona

Longacre Theatre at 220 E 48th St. has a book

and Melvin Tunstall.

Jones stars as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds;

Covington as Beauxhommes Narrator/Story-

feature over 20 of Summers’ songs. She was an

Dlamini; and Phindile Nyandeni. Swing mem-

Lexi Lawson plays Eliza Hamilton and J. Quin-

teller; Emerson Davis as Little Girl; Alysha

icon who broke barriers. There are three versions

bers include Angelica Edwards; Kenny Ingram;

of Donna in the musical and they will be played

Mathew S. Morgan; Kyle Lamar Mitchell; Jacqueline Rene; and Natalie Turner.

by Chazz Palminteri, music by Alan Menken,

I am thrilled that the beloved Rodgers &

lyrics by Glenn Slater, and direction by Robert

Hammerstein musical, “Carousel” is coming

ton Johnson stars as Hercules Mulligan/James

Deslorieux as Andrea/Storyteller; Tamyra Gray

De Niro and Jerry Zaks. It is based on the mov-

back to Broadway. It will be choreographed

Madison. Ensemble members include Sasha

as Papa Ge; Alex Newell as Asaka; T. Oliver

by marvelous Black actresses: LaChanze will be

ie of the same name that Palminteri also wrote.

by Justin Peck, directed by Jack O’Brien and

Hollinger; Rickey Tripp; Donald Webber Jr.;

Reid as offstage Storyteller; Aurelia Williams

Diva Donna; Ariana DeBose will be Disco Don-

It tells the story of growing up in the Bronx in

play at the Imperial Theatre at 249 W 45th St.

Justin Dine Bryant; Erin Clemons; and Sean

as Storyteller, Mia Williams as Little Girl; Tyler

na and Storm Lever will be Duckling Donna.

a neighborhood where you idolized the local

with previews on February 28 and opening on

Green Jr. Swing members include Antuan Mag-

Hardwick as Storyteller; Cassondra James as

“The Book of Mormon” is playing at the

W 44th St. features Janinah Burnett as the Inn-

gangster and racism was alive and well. Chris-

April 12. Now while I adore this musical, what

ic Raimone and Willie Smith III.

Storyteller/Flute; David Jennings as Armand/

Eugene O’Neill Theatre at 230 W 49th St. It was

keeper’s Wife and Victor Ryan Robertson as a

tiani Pitts plays the featured role of Jane, the

has me even more excited is the non-traditional

“Hello Dolly!” is playing at the Shubert

Storyteller; Grasan Kingsberry as Beauxhom-

created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It playful-


love interest of C. Bradley Gibson plays Jane’s

casting that is happening. Joshua Henry will

Theatre at 225 W 44th St. It has a book by

mes/Storyteller; and Loren Lott as Storyteller.

ly looks at the teachings of the Mormon faith. It

“The Play That Goes Wrong,” playing

brother Tyrone. Ensemble members include

play the starring role of Billy Bigelow. John

Michael Stewart, music and lyrics by Jerry

“Pretty Woman: The Musical” will play at

features Blacks in numerous roles. Nikki Renee

at the Lyceum Theater at 149 W 45th St., is a

Gilbert L. Bailey II, Brianna Marie Bell, Janelle

Douglas Thompson will play the Starkeeper;

Herman, and original direction and choreog-

the Nederlander Theatre at 208 W 41st St. The

Daniels plays Nabulung; Billy Eugene Jones

comedy written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Say-

McDermoth and Swings—Wonu Ogunfowora

Antoine L. Smith will play Ensemble/1st Po-

raphy by Gower Champion. This musical is a

first performance will be July 20, with an open-

plays Mafala Hatimbi; Derrick Williams plays

er and Henry Shields with direction by Mark

and Christopher Henry Young.

liceman; Rosena M. Hill Jackson will be a

huge, fantastic theatre experience. Ensemble

ing on August 16, 2018. The musical will have

the General; Taprena Michelle plays Augustine/

Bell. It features Ashley Bryant as Annie; Clifton

Disney’s “Aladdin” playing at the New

member of the Ensemble/School Principal; Ah-

cast members include Darius Crenshaw; Tael-

music and lyrics by Bryan Adams and Jim Val-

Ensemble. Ensemble members also include: Tal-

Duncan as Robert and Akron Watson as Trevor.

Amsterdam Theatre at Broadway and 42nd St., of

mad Simmons will be Ensemble/Policeman/

er Cyrus; Carmen Ruby Floyd and Christian

lance, a book by Garry Marshall and J. F. Law-

lia Brinson; Donell James Foreman; Marja Har-

“Travesties” at the American Airlines

course, tells the story of Aladdin, a poor boy who

Heavenly Friend and Anna Noble will be an

Dante White.

ton, along with direction and choreography by

mon; Carole Denis Jones; Darius Nichols and

Theatre at 227 W 42nd St. is a play by Tom

falls in love with a princess, finds a Genie and goes

Ensemble member.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Majestic Theatre at 247

“Kinky Boots” is playing at the Al

Jerry Mitchell. Kingsley Leggs will play James

Maia Nkenge Wilson. Swings include: Randy

Stoppard with direction by Patrick Marber. It

after his love. “Aladdin” stars Major Attaway as

“Chicago” is playing at the Ambassador

Hirschfeld Theatre at 302 W 45th St. It has a

Morse; Allison Blackwell will be Ensemble/Vi-

Aaron; Tyson Jennette; Keziah John-Paul; Jeva-

will have its first performance on March 29,

the Genie in his Broadway debut; Adam Hynd-

Theatre at 219 W 49th St. It is a marvelous

book by Harvey Fierstein, music and lyrics by

oletta; Alan Wiggins will be Ensemble/Senator;

res Myrick and Arbender Robinson.”

2018 and open on April 28, 2018. Opal Alladin

man plays Prince Abdullah; Alicia Charles is an

musical about the women of murderess row.

Cyndi Lauper, direction and choreography by

Robby Clater will be Ensemble/David Morse;

“The Boys In The Band” will play at the

Attendant/Ensemble; Jamie Kasey Patterson is

Kandi Burress plays Matron “Mama” Morton

Jerry Mitchell and it is a marvelously great time

and Darius Wright and Lauren Lim Jackson

Booth Theatre at 222 W 45th St. beginning

“Waitress,” playing at the Brooks At-

the Henchman/Ensemble; April Holloway is an

and ensemble members include Nicole Bridge-

at the theatre. It has a shoe company trying to

will be members of the ensemble.

April 30, 2018. It is a play by Mart Crowley,

kinson Theatre at 256 W 47th St., has a book

Attendant/Ensemble; Kathryn Allison is an At-

water; James T. Lane, Gabrielle McClinton and

reinvent itself, some tall, red high heel boots

“Saint Joan” will play at the Samuel J.

directed by Joe Montello. Michael Benjamin

by Jessie Nelson, music and lyrics by Sara

tendant/Fortune Teller/Ensemble; there are also

Sharon Moore.

and a drag queen. I’ll say no more. It stars J.

Friedman Theatre at 261 W 47th St. The play

Washington will play Bernard.

Bareilles and direction by Diane Paulus. This

“Come From Away” is playing at Gerald

Harrison Ghee as Lola; Jesus Del Orden and

will begin previews on April 3 and open on

“The Iceman Cometh” at the Bernard B.

musical features Natasha Yvette Williams as

Schoenfeld Theatre at 236 W 45th St. It is a

Christian Mullins as Young Lola at different

April 25, 2018. It will feature Condola Rashad

Jacobs Theatre at 242 W 45th St. will have pre-

Becky. Ensemble members include Anastasia

musical that features Q. Smith as Hannah and

performances; Eugene Barry-Hill plays Simon

in the role of Joan.

views of the Eugene O’Neill classic drama on

McClesky; Kayla Davion; Tyrone Davis, Jr.;

Others and De’Lon Grant as Bob and Others.

Sr./Ensemble; Kevin Smith Kirkwood plays

“School of Rock” playing at the Winter

March 22, with an opening on April 26. Denzel

and Law Terrell Dunford. Swing members include Max Kumangai and Dayna Jarae Dantz.

Ensemble members—Amber Owens and Paige Williams and Swing—Damian Chambers. “Anastasia” is playing at the Broadhurst Theatre at 235 W 44th St. It has an amazing

will play Nadya.

book by Terrance McNally, beautiful music and

“Dear Evan Hansen” is playing at the Mu-

Angel/Ensemble, Blaine Alden Krauss plays

Garden Theatre at 50th and Broadway has

Washington will star in the lead role of Hickey.

lyrics by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens

sic Box Theatre at 239 W 45th St. It has a book

Angel/Ensemble; and Stephane Duret is swing.

music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a book by Ju-

Again Disney’s “The Lion King,” play-

“Wicked,” playing at the Gershwin The-

and delightful direction by Darko Tresnjak. Sit-

by Steven Levenson, music and lyrics by Benj

“Lobby Hero” will play at the Helen

lian Fellowes and lyrics by Glenn Slater. It is a

ing at the Minskoff Theatre at Broadway and

atre at 222 W 51st St., tells the story of “The

ting in the audience is like watching a gorgeous

Pasek and Justin Paul, choreography by Danny

Hayes Theatre at 240 W 44th St. beginning

fantastic, high-energy musical about a man ob-

45th St. celebrated 20 years on Broadway and it

Wizard of Oz” in a way very different from the

fairytale staged before your eyes. Shina Ann

Mefford and direction by Michael Greif. Kristo-

March 1, 2018, opening March 26, 2018. It is

sessed with playing rock music and performing

definitely employs the most African American

movie we all grew up on with Judy Garland.

lyn Lloyd play Alana Beck.

a play by Kenneth Lonergan and direction by

at a band competition. He ends up recruiting a

actors, with 39 people. This musical is the story

Teneise Mitchell Ellis is an ensemble member.

Trip Cullman. Brian Tyree Henry will play

group of students to perform and teaches them

of Simba, a young lion cub, who learns life les-

Oh My GOD, can you believe how many


a love for Rock! The musical features Gabrielle

sons from his father Mufasa, the lion king and

Blacks are on Broadway and Broadway bound?

Morris plays Tatiana Romanov. “Angels in America” is returning to

Disney’s “Frozen” will play at the St.

Broadway. The play, by Tony Kushner, with

James Theatre at 246 W 44th St. beginning

direction by Marianne Elliott, will play at the

Feb. 22. It is based on the beloved movie and

“Mean Girls”, a new musical, will play at

Greene as Tomika; Madalen Yarbrough Mills

some other animal friends he meets along the

This is truly an exciting year. Try to make plans

Neil Simon Theatre at 250 W 52nd St. It will

will star Jelani Alladin as Kristoff. Ensemble

the August Wilson Theatre at 245 W 52nd St.,

as Shonelle; Badia Farha as Mrs. Sheinkopf

way. Stars of the musical, based on the Disney

to see some of these shows. I know I am look-

begin previews on February 23 and open on

members will include Ashley Blanchet; Don-

with previews beginning March 12 and open-

and Josh Tower as adult ensemble.

movie, include T. Steven Taylor as Mufasa, the

ing forward to “Carousel” and “Saint Joan.”

March 25, 2018. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett will

ald Jones Jr., James Brown III, Nicholas Ward,

ing on April 8, 2018. The musical has a book

“Spongebob Squarepants” is playing

Lion King; Tshidi Manye as Rafiki; Nteliseng

Go, see, and enjoy!

play Belize.

Noah J. Ricketts and Olivia Phillip, with Travis

by Tina Fey, music by Jeff Richmond, lyrics by

at the Palace Theatre at 47th and Broadway.

Nkhela as Rafiki (at certain performances);




A Bronx Tale

Blacks On Broadway 2018

Janelle McDermoth

Wonu Ogunfowora

Adam Hyndman

April Holloway

Jamie Kasey Patterson Major Attaway

Jay McKenzie

Jessie Hooker-Bailey

Paige Williams

Kerissa Arrington

Shina Ann Morris

Melvin Tunstall

Amber Owens

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett


Caliaf St. Aubyn

Kris Roberts

Paris Nix


Dashaun Young 1

Damian Chambers

Alicia Charles


Gilbert L. Bailey II

Angels In America

Christiani Pitts


Bradley Gibson

Antoine L. Smith

James T. Lane

Gabrielle McClinton

Nicole Bridgewater

Sharon Moore

De’Lon Grant

Q. Smith

Rosena M. Hill Jackson

Kristolyn Lloyd


Burruss, Kandi

John Douglas Thompson Joshua Henry

Dear Evan Hansen

Anna Noble

Come From Away

Ahmad Simmons


Yasmeen Sulieman

Ashley Blanchet

Donald Jones, Jr.

James Brown III

Jelani Alladin

Nicholas Ward

Noah J. Ricketts

Olivia Phillip

Travis Patton

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Salisha Thomas





Blacks On Broadway 2018

Daniel Breaker

Donald Webber Jr.

Erin Clemons

J. Quinton-Johnson

James Monroe Iglehart

Joanna Jones

Hello Dolly!

Antuan Magic Raimone Bryan Terrell Clark

Lexi Lawson

Michael Luwoye

Rickey Tripp

Sasha Hollinger

Sean Green Jr.

Willie Smith III

Taeler Cyrus

Eugene Barry-Hill

J. Harrison Ghee

Jesus Del Orden

Kevin Smith Kirkwood

Rick Younger

Zurin Villanueva

Mean Girls Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018 14

Stephane Duret

Brian Tyree Henry

Once On This Island

Darius Crenshaw

Carmen Ruby Floyd

Lobby Hero

Kinky Boots

Justin Bryant

Brittany Nicholas

Aurelia Williams

Loren Lott

Curtis Holland

Cassondra James

Mia Williamson

DeMarius Copes

Darlesia Cearcy

Norm Lewis

Kamille Upshaw

David Jennings

Phillip Boykin

Emerson Davis

T. Oliver Reid,

Grasan Kingsberry

Rodrick Covington

Alex Newell

Hailey Kilgore

Tamyra Gray

Alysha Deslorieux

Kenita R Miller

Tyler Hardwick



Allison Blackwell

Darius Wright

Kingsley Leggs

Lauren Lim Jackson

Robby Clater

School of Rock

Condola Rashad

Josh Tower

Madalen Yarbrough Mill

Allan K. Washington

Brynn Williams

Jai’len Josey

Robert Taylor Jr.

Ariana DeBose

The Book of Mormon

Badia Farha

Gabrielle Greene


SpongeBob Squarepants

Alan WIggins

Saint Joan

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Blacks On Broadway 2018

Maia Nkenge Wilson

Brian C. Binion

Michael Benjamin Washington

Chondra L. Profit

Marja Harmon

Carole Denise Jones

Nikki Renee Daniels

Darius Nichols

Randy Aaron

Derrick Williams

Tallia Brinson

Donell James Foreman

Taprena Augustine

The Lion King

Keziah John-Paul

The Boys In The Band Tyson Jennette

Billy Eugene Jones

Arbender J. Robinson

Denzel Washington

Christopher Freeman

Adrienne Walker

Donna Vaughn

Angelica Edwards

India Bolds

Bongi Duma

Jacqueline Rene

Bonita J Hamilton

James Brown-Orleans

Bravita Threatt

Jaysin McCollum

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Jevares Myrick

Storm Lever

The Iceman Cometh





Blacks On Broadway 2018

Joel Karie


Joshua Dubose

Nala Hamilton



Nhlanhla Ngobeni

S’bu Ngema

Janinah Burnett

Nteliseng Nkhela


Pindile Nyandeni

Victor Ryan Robertson

Akron Watson

Ashley Bryant

Clifton Duncan

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018 16

Lisa Lewis

Ray Mercer

Opal Alladin



Tshidi Manye

Kyle Lamar Mitchell

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Phantom of the Opera

Michael Alexander Henry

Kenny Ingram


Jelani Remy

Anastacia McCleskey

Dayna Jarae Dantzler

Kayla Davion

Blacks On Broadway 2018 Theatre Listing “A Bronx Tale” Longacre Theatre 220 W 48th St.

“Carousel” Imperial Theatre 249 W 45th St.

“Aladdin” New Amsterdam Theatre B’way & 42nd St.

“Chicago” Ambassador Theatre 219 W 49th St.

Law Terrell Dunford

Max Kumangai

Natasha Yvette Williams

Tyrone Davis, Jr.

Teneise Mitchell Ellis

Missing Photos

“Hamilton” Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 W 46th St.

“Pretty Woman: The Musical”

Nederlander Theatre 208 W 41st St.

“The Boys In The Band” Booth Theatre 222 W 45th St.

“Hello Dolly!” Shubert Theatre 225 W 44th St.

“Saint Joan” Samuel J. Friedman Theatre 261 W 47th St.

“The Lion King” Minskoff Theatre Broadway and 45th St.

“Kinky Boots” Al Hirschfeld Theatre 302 W 45th St.

“School of Rock” Winter Garden Theatre 50th and Broadway

“The Phantom of the Opera”

Majestic Theatre 247 W 44th St.

“Lobby Hero” Helen Hayes Theatre 240 W 44th St.

“SpongeBob Squarepants” Palace Theatre 47th and Broadway

“The Lion King”

“The Play That Goes Wrong”


’’Anastasia” Broadhurst Theatre 235 West 44th Street

“Come From Away” Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre 236 West 45th Street

“Angels In America” Neil Simon Theatre 250 W 52nd St.

“Dear Evan Hansen” Music Box Theatre 239 W 45th St.

“Mean Girls” August Wilson Theatre 245 W 52nd St.

“Summer” Lunt-Fontanne Theatre 205 W 46th St.

“Beautiful” Stephen Sondheim Theatre 124 W 43rd St.

“Frozen” St. James Theatre 246 W 44th St.

“Once On This Island” Circle In The Square Theatre 235 W 50th St.

“The Book of Mormon” Eugene O’Neill Theatre 230 W 49th St.

Lyceum Theater 149 W 45th St. “The Iceman Commeth” Bernard B. Jacobs Theater 242 W. 45th Street “Travesties” American Airlines Theatre 227 W 42nd St. “Waitress” Brooks Atkinson Theatre 256 W 47th St.

“Hello Dolly Christine Dante White

Dlamini Mdu Madela Matthew S. Morgan Lawrence Keith Alexander Kenneth Aikens Jamal Lee Harris Gabriel A. Croom Aisha Mitchell

EE R F A ily fam m! ra prog

Photos by Rosalie O’Connor; Stars and Stripes choreography by George Balanchine Š The George Balanchine Trust


The School of

American Ballet AT L I N C O L N C E N T E R

See excerpts from classical ballets and learn how talented young students train to become professional dancers!

of Ballet Ballet performance featuring faculty member Katrina Killian and advanced students QUEENS


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM



SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2018 2:00 PM

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018 2:00 PM

Queens Theatre

Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture

Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn One University Plaza, on Flatbush Ave. between DeKalb Ave. and Willoughby St.

14 United Nations Avenue South Flushing Meadows Corona Park Reservations for free tickets required, Call 718.760.0064 Seating is first-come, first-served

Repertory Theater at Hostos Community College 450 Grand Concourse at 149th Street Pick up free tickets at the box office starting at 1 p.m. before the show

No tickets or reservations required Seating is first-come, first served

The official school of New York City Ballet | This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and Council Members Daniel Garodnick, Stephen Levin, and Helen Rosenthal, and by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018


for a 4 anges abov d e

17 2018-Harlem-News-Lec-Dem.indd 1

2/16/18 10:27 AM



Marketers and Publicists—Donna Walker-Kuhne, Irene Gandy And Marcia Pendelton Talk About Promoting Blacks in Theatre! By Linda Armstrong


“Smokey Joe’s Café,” “Lena Horne: The Lady

“My first step before I even take the job

Billy Porter, Tarell Alvin McCraney, George C.

roadway and off-Broadway shows do

and her Music,” “Patti LaBelle on Broadway,”

is to make sure that producers (white and non-

Wolfe and many more tell stories that are timely,

not become a success due to fate or by

and “The Wiz.”

white) know the importance of reaching the

topical and address specific lives with universal

accident. Broadway and off-Broadway

In addition to her work in theatre, she was

Black Media. I also enlist the aid of my longtime

appeal. They create the roles that Black actors

shows need great people who know how to

Associate Director of Special Markets for CBS

partnership with Greater Harlem Chamber of

get to play.”

market them to get the most people to come out

Records, working with such artists as Earth,

Commerce and HARLEM WEEK, Harlem

Pendelton added, “The producers of the

and support the productions—buying tickets and

Wind and Fire, The Jacksons, Patti LaBelle,

Arts Alliance. I make sure I have comp tickets

most successful plays/musicals featuring Black

and The Isley Brothers. Gandy was the Press

available during the preview period so I can in-

actors both on and off Broadway invest in mar-—a socially and technology driven

Gandy, over her 50 years in the business,

Consultant for the National Black Arts Festival

vite the word of mouth ticket buyers, ie. Church

keting to black audiences, with a significant push

audience development initiative serving African

has worn other hats. Her accomplishments

in Atlanta and the 30th Anniversary of Harlem

ladies, civic, political, LBGQT and also match

from the playwrights. Dominique Morisseau is

Irene Gandy and Marcia Pendelton. Donna

American and Latino students throughout the

are numerous and amazing. She is the only

Week. Gandy is the recipient of the 1997 Na-

the demographic with my productions,” Gandy

fully involved with the marketing of her shows.

Walker-Kuhne, founder and president of Walk-

five boroughs. The initiative’s primary objec-

Black female member of ATPAM (Associa-

tional Action Network’s “Woman of Excellence


She has inspired other playwrights to become just

er Communications Group, has been marketing

tives and activities center on grounding students

tion of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers)

Award,” the 2007 Vanguard Award from Black

“I start with what is on the page. I ask the

as involved as she is with getting people in the

shows for 30 years. Irene Gandy, a press agent

in the history of contributions of people of color

on Broadway. She is a Tony-Award winning

to Broadway Productions, the 2004 Black Public

questions: What are the themes? The issues?

seats. It is exciting and refreshing to work with

with Jeffrey Richards & Associates, has been

to theater in general and the Broadway tradition

producer on Broadway for “The Gershwin’s’

Relations Society Award, 2013 “Inspire in New

Who are the characters? What do the characters

playwrights in this manner, which often leads to

publicizing productions for over 50 years, first

in particular, as well as proving the viability of

Porgy and Bess” and was a producer for “Lady

York” Award, 2015 Pioneer Award for BLACK

want? How do they get it? Then I look at the

breaking box office records.”

beginning her career in 1968 as a publicist with

young African American and Latino audiences.

Day At Emerson’s Bar and Grill” starring Audra

PRIDE NYC and the 2015 Café Mocha “Sa-

actors playing the roles: Where are they from?

Looking back at their experience with

Douglas Turner Ward and Robert Hooks’ Negro

Students get to experience theater outings and

McDonald. She was also co -producer with Voza

lute Her” “Media Legend Award.” In 2017, she

Where did they go to school? What organizations

Blacks on Broadway, Walker-Kuhne recalled,

Ensemble Company.

talk-backs with the cast.

Rivers for the National tour of the South-African

received the following Awards:  “Project 1

do they belong to? I use the information to create

“My experience with Blacks on Broadway

bringing friends. Well, this very important task is something that is near and dear to the hearts of marketing masters Donna Walker-Kuhne,

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

and Inclusion effort.

Through the years, Walker-Kuhne has

Walker-Kuhne is also the co-founder of

musical “Sarafina.” Gandy’s recent produc-

Voice Lifetime Achievement” for outstanding

a strategic plan to connect to groups, organiza-

began with Anna Deveare Smith’s production

worked on 152 Broadway and off-Broadway

Bite the Big Apple NY Arts & Culture Manage-

tions include “China Doll” starring Al Pacino,

achievements and vision to artistic excellence

tions, business and media, etc -- that address the

of ‘Twilight Los Angeles in 1994.’ In my ex-

shows. Gandy has worked on over 100 Broad-

ment Tour, a blogger at walkercommunications-

“Fiddler on the Roof,” “You Can’t Take It With

in the American Theater; “HARLEM WEEK

data,” Pendelton stated.

perience since 1994, there has been a presence

way shows and others by Tyler Perry, Shelly Gar-


You”, starring James Earl Jones and  “Sylvia”

Vivian Robinson Arts and Culture”; and “Life

When asked about their view of the suc-

rett, and David Talbert at Beacon Theater.

co-producer of a Broadway-bound play called

starring Matthew Broderick. She has worked

Changers” presented by WNBA players Teresa

cess for Broadway and off-Broadway shows

These ladies are very involved in this indus-

“Mr. Rickey Calls A Meeting.” Walker-Kuhne

on Broadway shows including “Glengarry Glen

Weatherspoon and Rita Haywood for inspiring,

with Black actors, Walker-Kuhne commented,

Reflecting on her five decades in theater,

try and have taken on additional roles over time.

also manages the Disney on Broadway Diversity

Ross,” “Radio Golf,” “Bubbling Brown Sugar,”

transforming, and empowering others. She cur-

“Blacks on Broadway onstage and behind the

Gandy shared that Black actors have often had a

rently serves on the board of HARLEM WEEK

scenes continue to be a developmental pro-

presence. Reflecting on what Black actors bring

and The New Heritage Theatre.

cess. There are some years when the employment

to a play, Walker-Kuhne remarked, “A richness

In 2008, she became the first female press

of Blacks onstage is significant and some when it

of skill, creativity and spirit. There is a confidence

agent to be immortalized with a Sardi’s carica-

is quite modest. Where is the growth? The plays

they exude and a connection with the audience,


that provide non-traditional casting are not mar-

especially an African American audience that is

Marcia Pendleton is the founder of Walk

ginalizing Blacks to just our stories but allows

satisfying and validating.”

Tall Girl Productions and has been doing mar-

them in other productions as well. I will add that

Gandy shared, “Black actors have the

keting for 20 years. She began her career with

as a member of the Broadway League’s Diversi-

amazing ability to make any character their own,

the National Tour of “Bring In Da Noise/Bring

ty Committee, there is a proactive intention and

whether it’s a classic or a new play.”

In The Funk.” She shared, “I lost count with how

effort to provide access to opportunities in the

Concerning the Black actors currently

many shows I’ve worked on. All the shows I’ve

areas of management, producing and marketing

standing out on and off Broadway, Walk-

worked on have had Black actors, it’s been at

that is purposeful and driven.

er-Kuhne named “Ruben Santiago Hudson,



Walker-Kuhne is co-founder of impactbroad-



least 100.”

BROADWAY TICKETS FROM $89.50! USE CODE: ISLANDDW • 212-947-8844 Circle in the Square Theatre, 235 W. 50th St.

of Blacks on Broadway some years more than others.”

That I find quite encouraging,” Walk-

Condola Rashad, Dominique Morriseau, Lynn

It was so exciting to speak with Walk-

er-Kuhne, went on to say, “’Once on this Island’

Nottage, Jelani Alladin, Hailey Kilgore, Philip

er-Kuhne, Gandy and Pendelton to ask their

is enjoying success with a predominately Black

Boykin, Phylicia Rashad, Brian Stokes, Major

thoughts on marketing and publicizing Broad-

cast. ‘Lion King,’ for 20 years, has been an ex-

Attaway and Denzel Washington.”

way and off-Broadway shows. When asked

ample of diversity and engaging African Amer-

Gandy shared, “For me, Audra McDonald,

about their process when marketing shows, es-

ican performers. ‘Hamilton’ continues to dazzle

Brandon Dirden, S. Epatha Merkerson, James

pecially shows with Black cast members, they

audiences as well.”

Earl Jones, Norm Lewis, David Alan Grier, Lil-

were very detailed in their responses. “I start with

“Black Actors have always had success on

lias White, Condola Rashad, and Cuba Gooding,

the script, develop a targeted marketing cam-

stage. It is reaching the paying audience that will

Jr. I also want to add from a new crop Cynthia

paign with a timeline--this includes promotional

sustain the productions. Now social media plays

Ervio, and Nathaniel Stampley.”

events, church visits, appearances, tabling, group

an important part in getting the word out,” Gandy

sales, theme nights, and press interviews. I create


Pendelton remarked, “Stand-out actors: Michelle Wilson (Tony nominee -- Sweat), John

a toolkit of marketing assets to engage this target

Taking a completely different approach,

Douglas Thompson (Jitney), Karen Pittman

market and execute. I also try to find out about

Pendelton stated, “I think it has more to do with

(Pipeline, King Liz, Disgraced), Leslie Odom, Jr

the cast and their affiliations and speak to them

who is telling the story/who has written the story

(Tony Winner -- Hamilton), Brandon Victor Dix-

personally about how their visibility will enhance

instead of who is featured on stage. August Wil-

on (Tony nominee -- The Color Purple, Shuffle

our marketing and that we will need them for

son, Dominique Morisseau, Lynn Nottage, Joc-

Along, Motown The Musical, Hamilton), Audra

special events,” Walker-Kuhne shared.

elyn Bioh, Marcus Gardley, Colman Domingo,

McDonald, and of course, Denzel.”



The Allied Health Career Pipeline Program Join us at our Open House

If you are eligible, our healthcare trainings are FREE

Open House

Saturday, March 3rd from 10am-12pm 120 E. 149th St., Savoy Multi-Purpose Room, Bronx, NY 10451


Eligibility Requirements: ●

Be at least 18 years of age

Meet income requirements

Authorize to work in the US

Consent to a background check

Take TABE Test in Reading and Math

*Licensed New York State Nurse Aide Certification

**National Healthcareer Association Certification

Call Now! 718-664-2537 email HPOG is a study funded by the federal government which is being conducted to determine how these training opportunities help people improve their skills and find better jobs. During the study, all new eligible applicants will be selected by lottery to participate in these training opportunities. Not all eligible applicants will be selected to participate in these opportunities. This document is supported by Grant #90FX0039 from the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS.

Allied Health Career Pipeline Program 427 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

Healthcare trainings include: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)* Community Health Worker (CHW) High School Equivalency (HSE) with a focus on healthcare Health Information Technician (HIT)** Home Health Aide (HHA) Patient Care Technician (PCT)**




Black Female Inventors Then and Now


by William A Rogers

her husband moved to Chicago after the

pain. Dr. Bath was born in Harlem re-

great deal of promise. This type of laser

age of 20 is the first African American

APP video game. The first grader from

civil war to open a furniture store. Many

ceived her B.A. in chemistry from Hunt-

technology has shown a 100% cancer tu-

female to interface fashion with technol-

West Philadelphia presented her full ver-

of her customers lived in very small

er College and her Doctoral degree from

mor regression in mice and my one day

ogy creating electronic textile making

sion mobile game at the University of

apartments. Mrs. Good invented a fold-

Howard University’s Medical School.

replace the need for chemotherapy.

clothing with intelligence at her work-

Pennsylvania’s Bootstrap Expo in 2012.

place in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

We are who we think we are, never allow

ing cabinet bed, which could be convert-

Marie Van Brittan invented the first

The future is bright for African

ed into a cabinet desk when not in use.

close circuit TV security system in1969.

American female inventors and they are

At the age of 7 Zora Bell became

This was the forerunner of the Murphy

Born and raised in Jamaica Queens Mrs.

getting younger. Maddy Maxey at the

the youngest person to create a mobile

and sofa bed.

Van Brittan and her husband Albert

s we come to the close of

Mariam Benjamin was the second

Brown who worked as an electronics

Black History Month and be-

African American female to receive a

technician installed the first home audio

gin the celebration of Wom-

U.S. patent in 1888 for inventing the

and video security system in their home

en’s History Month in March I thought

Gong and signal chair. This type of chair

at 151-58 135th Avenue Jamaica, New

it would be a good idea to write about a

allowed for hotel guest to push a button

York, their address is listed on the patent.

few of the many Black female inventors

to request waiter service. This invention

Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green became

then and now. Many of the inventions

was later adopted by the United States

an orphan at an early age she was raised

that we often take for granted were creat-

House of Representatives. Ms. Benja-

by her Aunt and Uncle. Dr. Green lost

ed by black inventors. There was a time

min’s invention became a precursor to

both her aunt and uncle to cancer. Her

when the U.S. patent office would not

the signaling systems used by airlines

aunt refused to be treated with chemo-

recognize inventions created by blacks,

that allow passengers to reach flight at-

therapy and she watched her uncle suffer

allowing whites to take credit for black

tendants for service.

from the side-effect of chemo until he

inventions. Women inventors not only

Dr. Patricia Bath was the first Africa

had to deal with racism but they also had

American women to receive a patent for

This experience motivated Dr.

male chauvinism to contend with.

a medical purpose in 1988 for her inven-

Green to become a distinguished phys-

fear and doubt keep you from being all that you can be.


Sarah Goode was the first African

tion the Laserphaco Probe a medical de-

icist. Dr. Green’s ground breaking re-

American female to receive a U.S. pat-

vice that makes use of a laser to remove

search of using laser technology to insert

ent in 1885, born a slave Mrs. Good and

cataracts quickly and nearly without

nanoparticles to kill cancer cells has a

Answers to Puzzle on page 24

Herbs Are Nature’s Medicine...

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

By Zakiyyah



ere are some of nature’s herbs that will help relieve the fatigue that so many people suffer from. Cayenne, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Kelp, Peppermint leaves and Ginger Root will help the body overcome fatigue, physical weakness, lack of strength and increase stamina. This particular combination of herbs will also help relieve depression and emotional exhaustion, low blood sugar, circulation, and intestinal nausea. BLACK PEPPER (rids congestion) taken with ginger and pure/raw honey eliminates excess mucus, eases asthma and other lung congestive disorders: 1 part honey, ¼ part black pepper (ground peppercorns only) and ½ part

ginger (powdered) – take 1-3tsps daily or as needed. Black pepper is a natural antihistamine and stimulates the immune system, strengthens the eyes, improves digestion, and relieves constipation and gas. ROSEMARY is useful for bad breath, coughs, headaches, and bronchitis, when taken as a tea (and asthma when made into a syrup with equal parts mullein and coltsfoot); as a heart stimulant, a liver tonic and to alleviate gas/ indigestion, low blood pressure, menopause, nervousness, poor circulation, Rheumatism, premature balding, dandruff, urinary problems and wounds/sores. Register NOW for my new herb courses starting April 7.

Save-the-Date for the June 1517 Take-Back-Your-Womb Retreat in Connecticut – inquire via email. . . . MAKE NATURE’S MEDICINE YOUR OWN Full disclosure is impossible in this short space. Always do your own research to discover herbs’ full benefits and contra-indications. This information is to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis or cure, nor as a substitute for medical supervision. To pre-order my book:; phone: 347-407-4312, email:; website: www.sacredhealing7. com, blog:



THE ADAMS REPORT© Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

By Audrey Adams


sat unable to take my eyes off of the dazzling performance that was unfolding on the circus stage. Around me, the crowd was squealing and gasping then breaking into appreciative applause. Through the ooh’s and aah’s was the anticipation of yet another seemingly incredible feat that would defy gravity or, at the very least,

seem to be extraordinary manipulations of the human body. Everyone, including me, left the circus’ big tent talking about yet another incredible production. Yes, I sat there on the edge of my seat, like a child, my heart pounding, holding my breath, hands over my mouth, wide eyed, cheering and clapping wildly when the impossible feats were successfully accomplished. During the performance, I began to look at the performers and it was the fluidity and gracefulness of each and every move that really captured my attention. All of a sudden, the circus was more than its individual acts. It made me think about life.      Our bodies are excep-

tional machines! As individuals we are exceptional too. Everyone that was watching the show had one (a body), but few could manage to attempt even one of the acrobatic feats! The graceful athleticism would not have been possible without the performer’s commitment to self-control and discipline each and every day. The feats looked easy because the artist’s strength and power acquired over time made it all appear effortless and totally possible. Imagine practicing and committing each day of your life to fine tuning yourself! Whatever your goals are, you have to commit to practicing in order to develop the skills required to achieve them. You don’t have to

Foot Pain? Diabetes? FOOT CENTER of NEW YORK 55 East 124th St.

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Wednesday 8 am - 7:30 pm

Medicare, most Medicaid HMOs, and other insurances accepted Full-Service Physical Therapy Center

Expert staff diagnose and treat foot ailments including: Sports Injuries • Foot Pain • In-toeing • Out-toeing Flat Feet • Ingrown Toenails • Walking Problems Heel Spurs • Bunions • Hammertoes 55 East 124th St. btwn. Park and Madison Avenues, NYC Call 212-410-8158 for an appointment

AUDREY, a weekly radio and television show about issues that empower women, featuring entertaining and inspiring interviews with experts and authors from the health, fitness, financial, and travel industries. In New York, listen to TALK! with AUDREY every Monday at 5:30 p.m. on WPAT 930 AM

and watch every Friday at 6:30 a.m. on RNN . . . FIOS Channel 6; RCN Channel 16; Cablevision Channels 19, 48, 6 and 19; Direct TV Channel 48 and Comcast Channels 13, 19 and 713. For more information and on demand content, visit TALKWITHAUDREY. com ©The Adams Report

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The premier physical therapy clinic in the heart of Harlem! We are committed to providing dignified, personalized care! Programs:

• Back and Neck Care • Sports Medicine • Osteoporoses • Balance • Total Joint Replacements

Treatment Protocols: • Prevention and Education • Close Chain Stabilization • Weight Training • Home Exercise Programs

Conditions Treated Include:

Sprains/Strains/Muscle Spasm • Fractures • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Whiplash Back Pain • Plantarfascitis • Weakness and Instability • Tendonitis/Bursitis Total Hip/Knee Replacement • Neuropathy Post-Operative Rehabilitation for: Knees/Shoulders/Elbows/Ankles and Feet

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“fly through the air with the greatest of ease!” No matter what it is you want to do, the basic requirements to achieve it, are self-control and discipline. Why not discover your strength and realize the quiet deliberateness of inner power? You will appear to have achieved your “feats” effortlessly with fluidity and grace too. Perfect practice makes perfect. Think about it. See you next week. Visit my website, TALKWITHAUDREY. com and checkout my online radio show, Talk! with Audrey for a series of interviews that will inform, motivate and inspire you. Audrey Adams is the host of TALK! with




Spiritually Speaking

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018 22

By Bro. Bill De Fossett –Radio Personality and host of The 3G Experience radio program on WHCR-90.3 FM (

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W1 1 W 1 3th S 12th t. St.


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Ce ntr al

Marcus Garvey Memorial Park

E1 M


Central Park

Central Park North (110th St./ Central Park N.) [2,3]



Av e.

FREE digital wrist thumb drive

Av e.

Call us today! 212-419-5236

Pa rk

Also, Congratulations to Bishop Designate M. Austin of Bronx, NY on his Episcopal appointment to Secretary General of ECOBAL. Thanks to all of you that view The 3G Experience on Facebook Live and www. Your continued support is an inspiration to me. We reach folks across the country and around the world. Follow the 3G Experience every Thursday from 6am-10am. Watch/listen on Facebook Live or www. Send mail and other comments to Bro. Bill, PO Box 446, New York, NY 10039. Or message me on Facebook or our website at


ing the riches of the music and culture from Limon to the United States. Serious mission-minded folks who would like to join Dr. Harding in this trip should contact her. The Eastern Baptist Association of New York is holding a Pastoral Seminar on February 26 and 27. Dr. Rev. Ouida Harding is the guest instructor. Congratulations to Rev. T.C. Tramble on his selection as the new Pastor of Salvation Baptist Church in the Bronx. This is Rev. Tramble’s first Pastoral assignment. We support him completely and encourage the rest of you to do as well.

Len ox Av e.

ernacle of Deliverance last week. Three local churches, Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah and Tabernacle of Deliverance joined together in this powerful God-lifting week of service. Tabernacle of Deliverance is located at 2890 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Rev. Joseph T. Bright, Jr. is the Pastor. The revival followed the Tabernacle of Deliverance Choir’s Annual Musical. Missionary Sonia Stewart is the President of the choir. Dr. Rev. Ouida Harding is preparing another sojourn to Limon, Costa Rica. This outreach has been beneficial to the development of the church in Limon and shar-


Traveler’s Rest held a “Friday Night Explosion” last week. The well-attended event featured entertainment, food and numerous activities highlighting the youth of the church and the community. Rev. Ronnie Faison is the Pastor of Traveler’s Rest. It’s difficult keeping up with Rev. James Duckett, Pastor of Fort Motte Baptist Church, in the Bronx. He was the guest preacher at a noon day service at Church of the Master in Harlem and then at the Christian universal Temple of Corona. Bishop Carl Holley conducted a revival at The Tab-

Ce ntr al P ark


he terror of Florida’s school shooting is like a storm cloud hanging over us. Out of all the different reports that come from this tragedy – two things should resonate with us here. One is the availability of guns in our community. The second is the “see something, say something” concept. For too long we have not wanted to “snitch” on our neighbor, classmate, church member and certainly family member. Times have changed beloved. When you look at the list of contact this boy had with family and others – something should have been said to the authorities.

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“An American Marriage: A Novel”

by Tayari Jones

REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor


e did it on one knee. One knee, with a ner-

His life was supposed to be with Celestial. He believed that all along.

was her future and her past, but she was still Roy ’s wife.

vous grin on his face and a

They’d met in college: his buddy,

And when Roy got out of prison

velvet box in his shaking hands, ask-

Andre, was her best friend and he in-

7 years early, he hoped to remind her

ing you the Question of a Lifetime.

troduced them, but Roy and Celestial

of that fact.

You’d talked about this day, but it was

didn’t click until years later. They met

There’s a reason that Oprah

still a surprise and now you have plan-

again, dated, and the rest was, well,

picked “An American Marriage” as

ning to do, just the two of you. Or, as

not exactly smooth. He cheated on her

one of her books. Yes, this novel is

in “An American Marriage” by Tayari

a time or two. She’d freeze him out

that good.

Jones, three…

when she caught him, but she knew

The last time Roy Othaniel Ham-

she was his woman.

Really, though, author Tayari Jones tells a simple story of boy-

ilton enjoyed a truly happy evening

Celestial also knew the man she

meets-girl-marries-her. It’s a fairy tale,

was about a year-and-a-half after he

married, and Roy wasn’t capable of

modernized; a romance with a twist:

This is a novel that unabashedly

married his wife, Celestial, the only

raping some woman six years old-

Roy idealizes his marriage, while Ce-

plays with your senses of right and

woman (after his Mama) that he ever

er than his own mother. But a jury

lestial is a realist. He’s your basic Nice

not-quite-right. It also plays with your

really loved. It’s true that they’d been

wouldn’t believe her, wouldn’t believe

Guy. She’s been raised to take care of

emotions if you’ve ever been in love

arguing that night – they argued and

him, and would only believe an old

herself and speak her mind. His mem-

– so have a handful of tissues nearby.

made up, argued and made up a lot

woman who pointed a finger … and

ories differ quite a bit from hers, and

“An American Marriage” could bring

then – but things were going well.

there you go: Roy ’s sentence was 12

seeing both sides through their eyes

you to your knees.

They’d even talked about having a

years in a Louisiana penitentiary.

makes their story better. Add a situa-

and right on the edge of hollering.

“An American Marriage: A Nov-

baby on that last happy evening be-

And, oh, they wrote letters, but

tion that hints at the unimaginable, and

fore the police broke down the door

they were apart longer than they

some additional, sometimes irritating,

of their room at Piney Woods Motel

weren’t and eventually, Celestial

characters with influence, and you’ve

and arrested Roy for a rape he didn’t

wanted to – needed to – move on. She

got a book filled with a tale that’ll

$26.95 / higher in Canada


found somebody else, somebody who

keep you dry-mouthed, page-turning,

308 pages

el” by Tayari Jones c.2018, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018 23


HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS see answers on page 20

STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: ST. PATRICK’S DAY ACROSS 1. Salmon deposit 6. Old age, archaic 9. Bagpiper’s garb 13. Hawaiian veranda 14. Big Island flower necklace 15. Helper 16. V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers in the ____” 17. Uno ___ or one more 18. 4 x 4 race 19. *”Water of life” 21. *Shamrock 23. ____ Aviv 24. Rumpelstiltskin’s weaver 25. Wildebeest 28. Mega Bloks competitor 30. *Outdoor St. Patrick’s Day event 35. Starting point on way to riches

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018



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37. Clump 39. Dionysus’ pipe-playing companion 40. *Ireland, once 41. Ox connector, pl. 43. Quartet minus one 44. Put out on a curb 46. *William Butler Yeats, e.g. 47. Cardinal vices 48. Bee’s favorite drink 50. Russian mountain chain 52. Go gray 53. Period of illness 55. Workout unit 57. *These never lived in Ireland 60. *Hibernia 64. Musician’s exercise 65. Flying saucer acronym 67. Cleveland’s controversial chief 68. Villain 69. Decompose 70. Do penitence 71. Parting words

72. Pro vote 73. “Walk the Dog” toy, pl. DOWN 1. Deli side 2. Beaten by walkers 3. Nay sayer 4. Middle measurement 5. Jefferson coin 6. Lined with elm trees 7. “Back To The Future” actress 8. ABBA’s genre 9. Capital of Ukraine 10. Like some rumors 11. Shakespeare’s tragic monarch 12. “Don’t give up!” 15. Olfactory property, pl. 20. Funereal lament 22. Chop off 24. ____ tower 25. *”The wearing of the ____” 26. Evian, backwards 27. Finno-____ language

29. Lump of stuff 31. Refuse visitors 32. Skylit lobbies 33. Faulkner’s “As I Lay ____” 34. Irregular or jagged 36. Religious offshoot 38. *Stout, e.g. 42. Liverpool star 45. Cursor-moving button 49. Wade’s opponent 51. Wiggle room 54. Shylock’s line of work 56. Socrates’ famous pupil 57. Dog command 58. Classic art subject 59. Puts two and two together 60. Itty-bitty bit 61. Call to a mate 62. Unacceptable 63. “Nobody ____ It Better” 64. Flow alternative 66. *British to the IRA



By Maria Grazia Cavenaghi


t is not a coincidence that Oprah Winfrey, the most iconic, powerful and world famous contemporary African American woman (besides Michelle Obama) chose the Apollo Theatre - historically the most representative stage for Black Culture in America - as set

for the new edition of her Supersoul Conversations live event. Welcoming the audience on February 7th Oprah said: “I’m so thrilled and honored to be here today, grazing this historical stage. If you think that Ella Fitzgerald was discovered here as well as Billie Holli-

paranoia that has sparked a national dialogue on race. If you have not seen it yet, you must not miss it. How many of you have seen GET OUT? Yes, he is here, let’s welcome Jordan Peele”. Game changer after game changer took seat on Oprah’s sofa: Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show and New York Times bestselling author talked about his admiration for Oprah’s life achievements. Trevor Noah, South African comedian, producer, actor, political commentator and bestselling author recounted his amazing life’s trajectory. From being ‘born a crime’ as child of an interracial couple in the segregated Apartheid regime to becoming the Host of the Daily Show. Yara Shahidi the young daughter of Black-ish and star of spin-off Grown-ish, who is now an outspoken advocate for educating girls and encouraging millennials to shape their own future and vote. Salma Hayek Pinault, Oscar nominated actress, film producer and dedicated activist who spoke out against sexual harassment

the Heights’ and how Hamilton changed his life putting him into the spotlights of Broadway and on world stages. For more information about Super Soul Conversations podcasts and airing times on OWN: # SuperSoulConversations: Oprah,SuperSoul,OWNTV

SUDOKU ANSWERS Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

day, Aretha Franklin, Patty La belle, Alicia Keys… it’s kind of feels good. Thank you all for being here to experience this. We have an incredible day ahead” The one-on-one conversations that followed with the various guests were intense, in depth and meaningful discussions. Purpose? To flash a light on the circumstances that pushed these ‘ordinary people’ to act in a bold and extraordinary way thus changing forever the course of their own lives as well as having a positive influence and inspiring others. Oprah’s conversations show how we all can strive to live a meaningful life based on values, respect, determination and purpose even during the turbulent times we live in. “Lean out of the hysteria” she said, “don’t lean in, don’t join in at the same level. You have to transcend it” and added “The guests we are going to welcome today are changing the game and forging ahead in their own positive way. So, let’s start with a young talented producer, writer and director of a 4 Oscars nominated film. His thriller isn’t just that…it is a dark, social study. A satire about racial

and violence against women. And then the audience jumped up when Oprah called on stage Lin-Manuel Miranda winner of three Tony awards, three Grammys and an Emmy, composer, lyricist, playwright and star of the Broadway blockbuster Hamilton, for which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. He spoke about his humble beginnings in Washington Heights, his passion for music and lyrics, his first hit, ‘In





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The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx

Inc. Connec ting Harlem,

Queens, Brooklyn and The

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“Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 15 No. 22

April 9,


February 19, - Februa


ry 24, 2015

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No Vol. 15

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

page 7




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Vol. 15

In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues”


“Good News You Can Use”

Vol. 15 No. 8

May 28, - June 3, 2015

South Bronx




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Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation


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NY Greater, Links ter Chap rated Celeb en of “Wom on Spirit cti Distin ards” Aw 6


Former Model B. Smith Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio allen n, to Heal Promot ge e thy page Habits” 17

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

page 14

BP Adams Thanks Volunteers for Part icipating in Hope 2015 Survey of City’s Homeles s page 5

New Mid Block Signal Crosswalk, and Markings to Improve Safety for Children and Families

see page 5


page 16



The Network Journal Honors Karen Witherspoon page 14

/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc






EVENTS page 8

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The Harlem News Group Inc. will publish “only” positive news and information. Our mission is to deliver “good” and informative news to our readers focusing on health, education, housing, business and employment opportunities. We look for and publish results, not problems. We promote businesses, opportunites and events DON’T MISS ANOTHER ISSUE happening in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing our readers with valuable information they can use to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and our communities.


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The Harlem Commu


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The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx

24 issues $29.95 Mastercard “Good News You Can Use” COMMUNITY



Co rlem

The Ha

se” Can U s You 15 d New 15, 20 “Goo - April


Vol. 15 No. 22

April 9,

May 28, - June 3, 2015

nity Newspapers,

Inc. Connec ting Harlem,

Queens, Brooklyn and The

44 issues $49.95 BVisa ROOKLYAcct N N#EW S South Bronx



February 19, - Februa

ry 24, 2015


Vol. 15

. 15 l. 15 No


In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues” page 7





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(for postage & handling) Exp Date

BRO NXNew MAIL to : Harlem News Group, Inc. , P.O. Box 1775, New York, 10027 NEYork WSNY NY 10027 Mail To: Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc.. P.O. Box #1775, FREE

Vol. 15 No. 8

“Good News You Can Use”

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11





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c. C onne ctin g Har lem, Que ens, Broo klyn

“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

and The Sout h Br onx MU







ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk e 12 pag

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation page 14

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio to Pr allen n, ge om


Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22. 2018

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Meet Mandy. Social entrepreneur. Community builder. Join us at a special event. We’re celebrating community builders. You know one. Everybody does. They’re the people who go above and beyond to build better neighborhoods. They give their time, and reinvest in their communities. They’re people like Mandy Bowman. Join us and Power 105.1 as we celebrate Mandy and her contributions to the community. Location: Solomon & Kuff 2331 12th Avenue at 133rd Street West Harlem Date:

Wednesday, February 28


6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. © 2018 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. IHA-5462501

Mandy Bowman Mandy’s mission is to support as many Black-owned businesses as possible. The Official Black Wall Street app helps her and others do just that. The app lets you find Black-owned businesses, alerts you when you’re near one, shows you reviews, and gives you directions. Thanks to Mandy, now it’s easy to support small business owners and help our communities thrive.

Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22, 2018  
Harlem Community Newspapers | February 22, 2018