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December 21 - December 27, 2017


Kwanzaa Celebration see page 12





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GOOD NEWS YOU CAN USE! Happy Holidays!!!

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

Harlem, Queens , Brookly

Denny Moe’s “Cuttin g For A Cure” page 14

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Holiday music is in the air, on the TV, in businesses and all around us. For me, the Holiday music brings back memories of holiday seasons in the past when I was younger. I have such fond memories of my teen years on our block in St Albans Queens when everyone would decorate their homes. I especially remember when I was younger living in Savannah, Ga. surrounded by a huge family. I thank god for allowing me to have so many wonderful memories. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year as you create some new memories.. Again, have a safe and happy holiday and remember to do some of that shopping and dine with small businesses in your community..

Pat Stevenson Celebrating over 23 years Publishing




The New York Hillbillies Annual Christmas Party

The NY Hillbilies members (l-r) Lynelle Granady, MD, Marcella Maxwell, Dolores Poindexter, Karen Selsey, Lise Hunter, Esq., Joy Cooke, Renee Bluford, Kyndell A. Reid, Esq. Sylvia Sandrige, Edith Matthews, Nola Whiteman, Clotilde Stenson, Gail Burroughs, Pat Gatling, Esq. Photos by Margot Jordan


Marcella Maxwell, de Stenson and Nola Dolores Poindex- Whiteman. ter, Sylvia Sandrige, Karen Selsey, ClotilHarlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

he New York Hillbillies held their annual Christmas Party Luncheon recently at the Surf Club in New Rochelle, New York. The New York Hillbillies is a social club founded more than 80 years ago in the 1930’s by people who lived on Harlem’s famed ‘Sugar Hill.’ This is an annual invitation-only holiday celebration where members invite their friends. The event was hosted by the current president Kyndell A. Reid and members; Renee Bluford, Gail Burroughs, Joy Cooke, Patricia Gatling, Lynelle Granady, Lisa Hunter, Edith Matthews,




GOLDEN KRUST FOUNDER LOWELL HAWTHORNE DIES AT 57 By Howard Campbell (Westside Gazette/NNPA Member)


he funeral service for Lowell Hawthorne, the CEO of the iconic Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill was held on December 18 in the Bronx, New York. Hawthorne is survived by his wife, four

children and grandchildren. At 57, Hawthorne was living the American Dream. Originally from rural Jamaica, he migrated to the United States in the 1980s, served on the police force and attended

college, before launching the ultra-successful Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill restaurant franchise with relatives. But 120 outlets in nine states and respect among his peers were not enough to prevent Hawthorne from taking his life on December 2 at the Golden Krust factory in the Bronx, New York; that’s the borough where the first Golden Krust opened in 1989. As investigators search for the truth, the tributes for Hawthorne rolled in. From the Prime Minister of Jamaica to members of the Jamaican diaspora

in the U.S., he is remembered as the immigrant success story. “My condolences to the friends, family and employees of Jamaica-born Lowell Hawthorne, CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill. He headed the largest Caribbean franchise chain in the US, with more than 120 stores,” Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness tweeted. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, also saluted the businessman. He tweeted, “We are shocked and saddened by the death of Lowell Hawthorne.” Hawthorne and Gold-

en Krust’s remarkable rise was covered extensively in West Indian publications and mainstream magazines like Forbes. He was credited for helping to bring Jamaican food such as jerk and curried goat into the American mainstream. However, the establishment’s staple product was the patty, a meat-filled mini pie that has been popular with Jamaicans at home and abroad for over 50 years. In many interviews, Hawthorne said his main goal was to make the patty as big as the Big Mac by 2020. Most of Golden Krust’s

restaurants are in New York City where there are massive Jamaican and West Indian communities. Hawthorne and his team have 30 outlets in South Florida, where it is estimated over 300,000 Jamaicans live. Wayne Golding, an Orlando-based attorney, is president of the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board’s Southern United States, which represents Jamaicans living in 13 states. He described Hawthorne as “a Jamaican diaspora success story that made us proud and provided a model worthy of emulation.”

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

239 Lenox Avenue NY NY 10026 212-678-6200


Hours of Operation: Monday - Closed

Tuesday-Friday Lunch/Brunch 12:00pm - 3:30pm Dinner 5:00pm - 10:30pm

Saturday Brunch 9:00am - 4:00pm Dinner 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday "All Day Brunch" 10:00am - 6:00pm

A husband and wife owned restaurant and a personal calling for Chef Carlos Swepson. Blvd Bistro cuisine gives a nostalgic feeling of the classic cuisine of the South from a French trained chef. "Our brunch is our main attraction and top rated by customers and several print and tv media. Our guests have called the Jumbo Shrimp and Grits the best they ever had."



Harlem Holiday Windows 2017 By: William “Tony” Rogers President Harlem Tourism Board


he Harlem Holiday Win-

erdashery, 245 Malcolm X Blvd;n

undergraduates from Fashion In-

dows project is an ex-

Harlem Shake, 100 West 124th

stitute of Technology’s inter-dis-

cellent example of how

Street; Settepani Restaurant, 196

ciplinary Visual Presentations

local businesses, artists, civic

Malcolm X Blvd.; Valerie’s Sig-

and Exhibition Design (VPED).

organizations, educational institu-

nature Salon, 163 Malcolm X

Each window will reflect one or

tions , The public sector and Har-

Blvd.; Whole Foods Market Har-

more of the following Harlem

lem residents can come together

lem, 100 West 125th Street; and

Celebrations; Christmas, Three

around the holiday season to

Corner Social, 321 Malcolm X

Kings Day, Hanukah, Loisa, Ra-

jointly create a cultural economic

Blvd. All members of the Harlem

madan, Kwanzaa and Harlem

development project where every-

Tourism Board.

Week. The sponsors for this year’s

ner Social, The Harlem Tourism

guides and business professionals

ange President of Artcrawl Har-


HHW project are: ArtCrawl Har-

Board, The Manhattan Branch of

also played a meaningful role in

lem and VP of the Harlem Tour-

this year’s holiday project are

theme was suggested by high

lem, The Mount Morris Park

NAACP, The Manhattan Borough

this Community celebration. The

ism Board. Each year the project

Grandma’s Place, 84 West 120th

school students from the Schom-

Community Improvement Asso-

president’s office and The Harlem

Harlem Holiday Windows project

has grown and this year’s is the

Street; Harlem Coffee Company,

burg Center’s immersive teen cu-

ciation, the Harlem Community

Community News.

was developed three years ago


151 Lenox Avenue; Harlem Hab-

rator’s program and executed by

Development Corporation, Cor-

one can benefit. The participating business in

The theme for this year is “Harlem Celebrations.”

Many of Harlem’s artists, tour

through the vision of Jackie Or-

Harlem Holiday Windows will be up until January 2nd I invite you to come out to see the wonderful results of a community working together; you can visit www.harlemholidaywindows. com or call 212 866-7427 for additional Information. Photos by Hakim Matlaq and Debora Clark Fairfax

Come in and let us help you find the health insurance plan that’s right for you.

34 E. 125th Street Monday to Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm or call 1-855-275-4306 (TTY 1-888-542-3821) 7 days a week, 8am–8pm

Free portable charger (while supplies last). Mention code: NYC One per household, without obligation to enroll in a plan. Plans are offered by affiliates of Healthfirst, Inc. © 2017 HF Management Services, LLC



Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

New Location Now Open in Harlem






Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

By Dr. John Warren (San Diego Voice and Viewpoint/NNPA Member)


he African Americans who have convinced themselves that one vote doesn’t matter, should take a very close look at what happened during the recent special election in Alabama. In spite of the endorsement of President Donald Trump and the extremely conservative White voters who supported Roy Moore, Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate won the United States Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Jones was the first Democrat elected to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate in 25 years. How he won is very important to African Americans across this nation. Exit polls showed that 98 percent of African American women who voted supported Jones and 93 percent of African American men who voted chose the Democratic candidate. The Jones’ victory by 1.5 percent clearly shows that, without the Black vote, Jones wouldn’t have won the special election. Equally important is the fact that

this degree of African American voter participation in an off-season special election, demonstrates what we can do, when we choose to get involved. African Americans cannot allow “voter suppression” tactics, like additional photo identification requirements, to deter us from going to the polls. According to Nonprofit VOTE, “In all but two states, voting age citizens convicted of a felony are barred from voting for some period of time.” In Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah, the voting rights of returning citizens are restored au-

tomatically once they’re released. In Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia, ex-offenders are forced to petition the government to have their voting rights restored. African Americans are disproportionately affected by voter suppression tactics and laws that deny ex-felons the right to vote; that’s why we should be focused on “voter registration” and not candidate endorsements at this stage of the game. We cannot allow apathy and indifference to take the place of the hard won battle for voter participation on the part of African Americans. Just as we rallied and voted for President Barack Obama, we must rally and vote against the policies and political candidates promoted

by the Trump Administration. We have to do whatever it takes to defeat those who would continue to support a system of economic inequality dressed up as tax reform that ultimately harms the majority of Americans. Jones’ victory in the special election in Alabama demonstrates that Black votes matter and that Black voters cast crucial votes in elections, where White voters are decidedly split; that’s the real lesson. We make our victories and define our value. Let’s not let others do that for us. Every Black vote counts and can make a difference in the Deep South and across the nation. The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint is a member publication of the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Learn more about becoming a member at Dr. John E. Warren is the publisher of the San Diego Voice and Viewpoint and a contributing writer for the NNPA Newswire specializing in intergovernmental affairs.

Vol. 22, No 51 December 21 2017

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Home Buying In Harlem Be Prepared to Buy Now


by Rev. Charles Butler


s the year comes to an end, the question remains who can afford to buy in Harlem? This is a question and a major concern for all prospective first-time home buyers. There seems to be no solution. Even the grant programs providing financial assistance to first time buyers are not offering much money. Many families do not qualify for any assistance because the income guidelines are extremely low. One possible solution is to enter New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) lottery programs. Over the last few years the number of housing lottery programs have declined but for the fortunate few who are selected this is still probably the best way to

overcome the escalating home prices in Harlem. You can go to their website hpd and be placed on the lottery notification list. That way you will be informed about upcoming housing lotteries throughout the city. Neighborhood Restored Homes is another very popular program where first-time home buyers can find bargains. They are able to obtain foreclosed homes, renovate them, and resell them at a reduced price. The only problem is the properties are usually located in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens. This program has been so successful that they usually sell out their housing inventory within weeks. There are plans for some additional homes to be placed on the market next year. If you want more

information, go to Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. (HCCI) will be having a lottery in which three three-family brownstones in the Marcus Garvey Park area will be for sale. The selling price is far below market! That’s the good news. You can go to the for more information. These programs, like the others, have income guidelines and other eligibility restrictions that must be met in order to qualify for a home purchase. If you are interested in attending the workshop or have questions regarding the home buying process, contact Rev. Dr. Charles Butler at (212) 281 4887 ext. 231 or email at



“WE MAKE THE DEALS HAPPEN!” 212.368.4902 212.368.4903 1 5 2 4 A M S T E R D A M AV E . , N .Y. , N Y 1 0 0 3 1

Revolution Books

About the world... For a radically different world. 132nd and Malcolm X Blvd

Great Books:

by Jonathan Gould

DeniƟve account of beloved singer’s life and music.


by Bob Avakian

From the talks and wriƟngs of the revoluƟonary leader Bob Avakian. “You can’t change the world, if you don’t know the BAsics.”

Sing, Unburied, Sing

by Jesmyn Ward

Searing novel spins poeƟc tales tying slavery and Jim Crow to now.

is Y T L A E R LEMOR ason! e S s i h t y l r Fami u o Y d n a ge Brokera To You & t n e anagem R

nt, M


te Dev eal Esta

Great Last Minute Gifts:

treet 145th S t s e W 167 039 k, NY 10 r o Y w e N 4 81-271 (212) 2 o www.lem

Great Events: Saturday Dec 23, 12:30pm Beasts Made of Night with author Tochi Onyebuchi

An unforgetable fantasy adventure novel that explores the meaning of jusƟce and guilt. Ages 12 and up.

Revolution Books in Harlem

day joy

g holi sendin

437 Malcolm X Blvd @132nd St.

212-691-3345 ★ ★ @revbooksnyc Open 7 days a week, noon to 9pm, through December

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

OƟs Redding: An Unnished Life




HARLEM CALENDAR OF COMMUNITY EVENTS Dec 24, 10am-3pm (Weekly Event) Gospel Brunch featuring Vy Higginsen’s Gospel for Teens Choir and Red Rooster’s famous soul food brunch. Reservations are encouraged. 310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th and 126th) 212.792.9001

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

Dec 30, 2pm and 7:30pm Kwanzaa Celebration: Regeneration Night. Featuring: Abdel R. Salaam’s Forces of Nature Dance Theatre and Les Nubians. Since 2006, the Apollo has established an annual show to celebrate this holiday tradition on one day of the Kwanzaa holiday. The Apollo’s celebration is a joyful evening of dance and music honoring the principles of Kwanzaa— family, community, and culture. Tickets: $20; Premium $35. Apollo Advantage: $14. Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. (212) 531-5305


Dec 31, 2pm-4pm Hands On | Kuumba Kwanzaa. Join us in celebrating Kuumba, the Kwanzaa principle of creativity! Engage in variety of special art-making activities, explore

the galleries in an interactive scavenger hunt, and more! Free. Studio Museum in Harlem (144 West 125th Street). 212.864.4500 Dec 31, 6pm New Year’s Eve: Chop and Quench “The Fela! Band.” Chop and Quench, “The Fela! Band”, is comprised of members of the cast and band of FELA! the musical. Individually, the musicians are some of the finest in New York, having performed with The Roots, India Arie, Elvis Costello, and many others. Lead singer Sahr Ngaujah was nominated for a TONY Award for his performance in the Broadway show and has been featured on film and television. As a unit, the band has gotten to accompany performers such as Beyonce, Femi Kuti, and Angelique Kidjo. Known for their straightforward performances of classic Fela Kuti compositions, they have branched out, bringing their own original music to the stage. Chop and Quench performs around the world. They even made an appearance at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in conjunction with the premier of Alex Gibney’s film “Finding Fela”. They con-

tinue to pay homage to the Fela movement with “The ‘69 Los Angeles Sessions,” about a storied period in Pan-African music history. It is their first recording since the Fela! Broadway cast recording. Tickets $45-$125. For more information, call 212.421.3821 Dec 31, 10pm-3am Join 3 of Harlem’s favorite DJs as we bring in the new year Mardi Gras style! The Cecil and Veuve Clicquot presents A Mardi Gras New Year’s Eve Celebration at The Cecil Steakhouse Lounge - 210 W 118th St. 10pm - 3am. Veuve Clicquot providing complimentary cocktails while supplies last. Complimentary Champagne Toast Music by the DJ Jon Quick, DJ Tim Grae, and DJ E-Class. Only a limited amount of 30.00 advance tickets available - 50.00 at the door. Ticket link: HarlemMardiGrasNYE. Jan 3, 9:30am2:30pm COQUI CLUB: Earth, Fire & Wind. Learn, play, explore, and grow at El Museo’s bilingual program for our tiniest visitors. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month as we embark on

an adventure to discover new ways of interacting with art and each other. With time for play, storytelling, museum walks, and art making, Coquí Club provides a fun and active way to explore El Museo and enjoy creative themes together. Program length: 60 minutes. Recommended for children ages 1-4 and their caregivers. No reservations required, first come first served. Dress for a mess! FIRST SESSION: 9:30am-10:30am. SECOND SESSION: 11:00am-12:00pmTHIRD SESSION: 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Free. El Museo del Barrio (1230 Fifth Avenue) 212-831-7272 Jan 5, 6pm-10pm First Fridays:”Beyoncé Vs. Rihanna” Edition. We’re excited to bring you a special “Beyoncé Vs. Rihanna” Edition of First Fridays, our popular monthly social gathering! Celebrating these two amazing superstars whose music embodies the best of R&B, soul, pop, and Caribbean sounds and whose legacies exemplify the best of Black Girl Magic. Guests are invited to mix and mingle in the Langston Hughes Lobby and enjoy our signature drinks while grooving to

beats by DJ Backbr3aka, with our host of the evening Dhalimu from Dhali’s Closet. With our extended hours, guests are also invited to check out our three exhibitions Black Power, Power in Print, and Unshackled Ink. Free. Event located at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Lenox Avenue. For more information, call (917) 275-6975. Jan 12, 7:30-9pm Last Look Mixer. Join us for a festive gathering as we kick off Last Look, a four-day celebration of art and artists from our final exhibition season in our current building. After January 15, 2018, the Museum’s programming will take place at partner sites and satellite locations as part of inHarlem, a set of new initiatives designed to explore dynamic ways to work in the community and take The Studio Museum in Harlem beyond its walls. Learn more about our exciting plans for the future from Museum staff at this mixer. ! Free. Studio Museum in Harlem (144 West 125th Street). 212.864.4500 Jan 16, 7-9pm Ella: ¬A Centennial Celebration will fea-

ture jazz icon Dee Dee Bridgewater and singing sensation Wé McDonald of The Voice fame who will pay tribute to the legendary Ella Fitzgerald in honor of her centennial. This intimate evening includes a pre-concert champagne reception, star-studded performance, and VIP shuttle transportation to the private after party. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue. For tickets, call 212281-9240(212) 281-9240 Now until Feb 28 Wed-Fri, 11am-4pm, Sat Noon-5pm Community Works, New Heritage Theatre Group in partnership with the Harlem Arts Alliance & Harlem Hospital Center invite you to SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY: ART OF HARLEM. A remarkable showcasing of the talent of 13 emerging and established artists. Mural Pavilion at Harlem Hospital Center, 512 Lenox Avenue at 136th Street. For more information call 212-459-1854. All listings on this calendar are free of charge. To add your listing, please email 50 words or less in the format above to Deadline is Friday prior.

55 West 116th Street (Bet Lenox & 5th) NY, NY 10026 1872 Lexington Ave (Bet 116th & 117th) NY, NY10035 1838 2nd Ave @ 95th, NY, NY 10128 For more information call: 212-876-8800 email: website:



Colin Kaepernick supporters create Blackout Sundays By Derrel Johnson


ike many NFL fans of color,

ment, so my grandfather would expect

the maltreatment of black lives be-

chose the fried chicken and red velvet

DJ Jon Quick was conflicted

nothing less from me. He raised me to

come political?

waffle. I was pleasantly surprised by

going into the 2017 NFL sea-

be proud of my race and to actively help my community.

son. He decided to boycott the NFL

What kind of feedback have you

this season, but wanted to do more.

gotten, both positive and negative?

The turntable super hero and event

What do you hope to accomplish



the portion, and I could feel my tummy


smiling as I savored every bite of the

Alyah Horsford-Sidberry: I hope

chicken and waffles. Alyah’s favorite

to encourage more people to protest

is the jerk steak with steamed broccoli

planner, who lists among his clients,

Alyah Horsford-Sidberry: Peo-

because in numbers we can make a

and it was phenomenal. If you are a

Beyonce, BET Networks, and Jay Z,

ple that are protesting the NFL are

difference. The NFL needs to be held

steak eater and want a succulent steak

and Cove Lounge owner Alyah Hors-

happy we are not showing (the games)

accountable for infringing on a play-

with added flavor from the Caribbean,

ford-Sidberry discussed exclusively

and if you’re on a date at least one

er’s constitutional right to protest by

this entrée is for you.

with their reasons for

person is happy we are not show the

deny employment. And I also hope to

For those that are busy six days a

creating Blackout Sundays at Cove

game! Negative impact is many of

further dialogue and activism in our

week and need to wind down on Sun-

my customers and friends don›t come


days without watching NFL Sundays,

Lounge in Harlem in support of Colin


or for those that want to support a

see the game. I total understand their

cially the Super Bowl are huge.

DJ and a venue making a stand, then

and called these black men standing up

right to their position. The upsetting

Can fans who are boycotting ex-

Blackout Sundays is for you. This sexy

and not show the games on their mon-

for the people in the communities they

thing is when they still ask me to show

pect a Jon Quick Event at Cove

venue is also great for date night. Also,

DJ Jon Quick: I was looking for a

itors. That was easier said than done as

come from, I couldn’t allow my Black-

the game knowing my position on the

Lounge for those days as well?

if you are a sports fan not watching

venue to hold a pro-Colin Kaepernick

several black-owned venues were ap-

owned business to support the NFL.


Alyah Horsford-Sidberry: Absolute-

the NFL, you can still get your sports

weekly event. As much as I️ love pro

proached but they refused to not show

“I am not going to stand up to

DJ Jon Quick: The feedback, ac-

ly! There will be a Jon Quick Event

fix with college and NBA basketball,

football I just felt uncomfortable sup-

the games. (DJ Jon Quick did not want

show pride in a flag for a country that

tually, has been great. A lot of people

at Cove Lounge. We are collaborating

which is most definitely shown on

porting it this year as I strongly believe

to say what venues.)

oppresses black people and people of

have praised Cove and myself for host-

now! It’s going to spectacular!

Blackout Sundays.

color,” Colin Kaepernick.

ing such an event on Sundays during

I sampled some of Alyah and

To keep up with Jon Quick and

This statement stirs my emotions.

football season. I️ had asked several

Jon’s favorite items on the Cove

Blackout Sundays, visit blackoutsun-

Alyah Horsford-Sidberry: Ini-

My childhood was heavily influenced

other venues to host this party, only to

Lounge menu because I honestly You can also

ally just can’t bring myself to watch

tially I was personally inspired to boy-

by my Grandfather, a Marcus Garvey-

be told they didn’t want to hold a party

couldn’t decide what to order. Appe-

follow Jon Quick on Instagram @

the NFL these days because of the raw

cott because the NFL blacklisted him

ite, who actually moved his family to

so political in nature. My response has

tizers like the lobster mac and cheese

djjonquick and Cove Lounge @cov-

deal Colin is receiving. I wanted to a

because he peacefully protested the

Africa for a while during that move-

always been since when did protesting

and island wings were tempting but I

eloungenyc. Visit

place for like minds would be able to

flag. Then when the President of our

anymore because they say they need to

Why did you create the Black-

link up and have a good time. I also

country decided to influence the NFL

out Party in support of Colin

wanted a spot willing to stand with me



in his protest and I find it appalling the way the NFL is treating him. As a black man and football fan I️ person-

What inspired you to boycott NFL games?




Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

Russell Playing/Educational Cards Email: Call or text: (347) 261-6683





Linda Humes and family member with photographer Tau Battice


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

ore than 300 guests attended a special reception at Harlem Hospital Center on Sunday, Dec. 10, to open the Spirit of Community: Art of Harlem exhibit, the visual art component of the award-winning “harlem is. . .”  exhibition created by Community Works. Barbara Horowitz, founder and president of CW, announced an expanded partnership with Voza Rivers of New Heritage Theatre Group, and Harlem Hospital Center. The hospital has become the permanent home for harlem is . . . exhibits that will open in March 2018. In addition, a 30-foot timeline of Harlem’s history has been permanently installed in the Mural Pavilion. Rotating art displays 10 will continue. 

The exhibit features 13 inter-generational artists whose work captures the special spirit of this iconic community. It is curated by Barbara Horowitz and co-curated with artist Élan Cadiz-Ferguson. Featured artists include Henry Adebonojo, Tau Battice, Elan Cadiz, Bryan Collier, Sophia Dawson, Ronald A. Draper, Delano Dunn, David Vades Joseph, Dindga McCannon, Ruth Morgan, Ademola Olugebefola, Lina Puerta and Shawn Walker. The artwork is proudly being displayed alongside noted visual artists of color of the WPA whose murals grace the Pavilion. The Spirit of Community exhibition continues through Feb. 28, 2018, and will be open

and free to the public Wednesdays to Fridays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays, noon to 5 p.m. The Harlem Hospital Mural Pavilion is at Malcolm X Boulevard and 136th Street. Community Works and New Heritage also are establishing a Harlem is. . . Legacy Fund for contributions to maintain and grow the permanent exhibition. For information, email

Voza Rivers and Barbara Horowitz in front of the historic Harlem timeline

Audience @public program for Spirit of Community: Art of Harlem Exhibition







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Kwanzaa Celebration


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

wanzaa 2017 begins on Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 and ends on Monday, January 1, 2018. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States and in other nations of the West African diaspora in the Americas. The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture, and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift-giving. Kwanzaa has seven core principles (Nguzo Saba). It was created by Maulana Karenga and was first celebrated in 1966–67. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in 1966, as the first specifically African-American holiday. According to Karenga, the


name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, meaning “first fruits of the harvest,” although a more conventional translation would simply be “first fruits.” The choice of Swahili, an East African language, reflects its status as a symbol of Pan-Africanism, especially in the 1960s, although most

of the Atlantic slave trade that brought African people to America originated in West Africa. Kwanzaa is a celebration that has its roots in the black nationalist movement of the 1960s and was established to help African Americans reconnect with their African cultural and historical heritage by uniting in med-

itation and study of African traditions and Nguzo Saba, the “seven principles of African Heritage” which Karenga said, “is a communitarian African philosophy.” Kwanzaa gained mainstream adherents starting in the 1997, when its founder stated, “Kwanzaa was not created to give people an

alternative to their own religion or religious holiday.” Many African Americans who celebrate Kwanzaa do so in addition to observing Christmas. The seven principles of Kwanzaa, or Nguzo Saba (originally Nguzu Saba— the seven principles of African Heritage), which Karenga said, “is the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world.” These seven principles comprise Kawaida, a Swahili word meaning “common”. Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa is dedicated to one of the following principles: Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define and name ourselves, as well as to create and speak for ourselves. Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and to solve them together. Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together. Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community to restore our people to their traditional greatness. Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Imani (Faith): To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. Kwanzaa celebratory symbols include a mat on which other symbols are placed: a Kinara (or candle holder), seven candles, crops, corn, a unity cup for commemorating and giving thanks to African Ancestors, and gifts. Supplemental representations include a Nguzo Saba poster, the black, red, and green flag, and African books and artworks – all to represent values and concepts reflective of African culture and contribution to community building and reinforcement. Corn is the primary symbol for both decoration and celebratory dining.




by Eunice RamseyParker, DPM, MPH Clinic Administrator, Foot Center of New York

WHAT IS A PODIATRIST? imply put, a podiatrist, or a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), is a doctor who specializes in


the diagnosis, care and treatment of the foot and ankle. Podiatrists are doctors who, after obtaining their undergraduate degrees, have attended four demanding years of school in podiatric medicine (the same length as other doctors), followed by three years as residents (in hospitals). During the four years of podiatric medical school, podiatry students undergo rigorous training, including an intense focus on the anatomy of the

foot and ankle. As residents, they are trained to perform surgery and specialized podiatric procedures. As professionals, they may further specialize in sports medicine, podiatric orthopedics, wound care, diabetic foot care, pediatrics or surgery. Podiatrists are uniquely capable of caring for this critical part of the body. Your feet enable you to stand, walk, run, or dance for your entire life, and have to be cared for as much as any other body

part. Healthy feet are not only a key to success in the many jobs that require walking or standing all day, but are key to overall health. If your feet hurt, you can’t walk properly and your whole body seems off. Remember that old children’s song, “The foot bones connected to the shin bones, the shin bones connected to the thigh bones,” etc.? It’s true! Everything’s connected. Common complaints such as heel pain, bunions,

warts, or flat feet for example, can have the effects discussed above; they can cause pain, change the way you walk, make your usual shoes unbearable, or prevent you from standing at work. A podiatrist will not only treat these ills, but help patients learn how to care for their feet, recommend shoes better suited to the patient’s feet and needs, or perhaps recommend inserts, (orthotics) or physical therapy. Doctors of podiatric medicine will work tirelessly to save the toes, feet and

legs of diabetics. They can also save lives; it was a podiatrist, Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who was the first to provide life-saving medical assistance to Rep. Steve Scalise after he was shot and severely wounded at a baseball practice in Washington in June. Dr. Eunice V. Ramsey-Parker, DPM, MPH, is Clinic Administrator of the Foot Center of New York at 55 East 124th Street between Park and Madison Avenues. Learn more about the Foot Center at

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Elders Getting Their House in Order – Legally!

By Hazel Rosetta Smith


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

f you think you know all there is to know about the laws that apply to elders, you are sadly mistaken. In such a time as this, the focus must be on what you can do to document what you need and what you want, while you can. An ELDER LAW WORKSHOP was recently hosted at The Abyssinian Baptist Church by The Golden Life Ministry, headed by Dr. Marcella Maxwell in partnership with City Bar Association.           


A packet of pages distributed included: A Guide to Advance Directives and Estate Planning, published by the Cancer Advocacy Project of the City Bar Justice Center located at West 44thStreet, NYC; information on City Bar’s ELDERLAW PROJECT for needy seniors with free legal services for life planning; sample pages of forms for Power of Attorney, New York State Healthcare Proxy, New York State Living Will and Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains. Kyle S. Edmonds, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law, conducted the two-hour workshop explaining legal rules of order, responsibilities and options for seniors seeking a clearer understanding of what is obviously complex life planning documentation. In the time allotted, Attorney Edmonds tapped into ar-

eas, some of which included: A  Health Care Proxy to designate an agent to make health care decisions when the individual is unable to make such decisions.  Two witnesses are needed.  It is advisable to submit a copy of the proxy to your primary care physician for filing and to keep a copy easily available; the Living Will, a decision-making document intended to be clear evidence of the individual’s end-of-life wishes regarding health care; the Power of Attorney is permission

given to the person (agent) chosen to handle financial commitments and disposal of property with full authority.   The document must be notarized. These applications and others should be discussed between elders and family with inquiries directed to an attorney to assist in getting the “house” in order.            Attendee Ingrid Newton commented, “What a blessing to hear and learn about ways I can properly prepare for my transition to glory.”  With a smile, she

said, “I’m not saying I’m ready to go now, but I do want to know my paperwork is clear and precise and in legal order.” Attendee Elsie Mitchell added, “It was an informative day for me. I woke up looking forward to receiving a wealth of information and it turned out to be more than I expected.  Time well spent.”           Attorney Edmonds’ admonition spoke volumes; oftentimes we don’t address the importance of taking care of business before the need is

upon us.   Seniors don’t intentionally plan to fail, but we fail to plan. It was an eye opening two hours for me, as I came to recognize my tendency to procrastinate in areas of personal planning and documentation as the years swiftly pass.  We cannot forfeit the opportunity to set the record straight, designate and decision make what is in all actuality our own responsibility.  Dr. Maxwell is confident that other programs and workshops will be forthcoming to keep our elders abreast of what is available, how to activate and participate.  Touché! [Hazel Rosetta Smith is a journalist, playwright and director of Help Somebody Theatrical Ministries and former Woman’s Editor and Managing Editor of the New York Beacon News.  Contact: misshazel@]


TUES • DEC 26 2PM & 7PM Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017 15



The Power of Gratitude have learned to recognize.

by William A Rogers

of gratitude will be very important. Gratitude comes with the rec-

you along of obedience to certain

things. Then you will transmit

thankful the mind of the universe

ognition that we all were born with

A very common cause of de-

laws. Gratitude will lead your

these forms or mental images to

is sending you a message. Ev-

special gifts. It is important to uti-

pression is the inability to recog-

mind out along the ways by which

the formless, and the common, the

ery day we have something to be

lizing them wisely. Remember, no

nize our blessings. We become

things come and will keep you in

poor, the squalid and the mean will

thankful for. Getting up is probably

matter who we are or what we have

depressed because we focus on

close with creative thought.”

come to you.”

the most important one. As the uni-

or don’t have, we all have some-

depressing things. Things that

It matters not, the difficulty of

So if you are reading this di-

verse moves into a new frequency,

thing to be thankful for. I wish a

we don’t want. What you think

your situation. You have the ability

alog and you are depressed, be

the ability to embrace the feeling

very happy holiday season to all.


about often will manifest in your

to change it for the better. We were

often write about the power of

reality. When we focus on the

born with that ability and that is a

gratitude. It came to me in my

things we want in our life, with

reason to be thankful and a reason

meditation that I should revise

faith and without fear and doubt,

to embrace the feeling of gratitude.

this article about the power of grat-

we have the power to make it a

One of the laws that Wattles was

itude. Perhaps someone out there

reality. The more we practice

referring to was the law of attrac-

needs to read it.

and understand this blessing, the

tion. Your blessing of thought

greater our ability will be to have

manifestation can work against


you if are not aware of it. Like all

If you are reading this article, you are blessed. No matter what

universal laws, they work whether

your social or economic situation

In his wonderful book, The

might be, your situation is still

Science of Getting Rich, Wallace

better than thousands throughout

D. Wattles sums up the above

Wattles warne that “The mo-

the world. We often take our bless-

thought by writing: “If it is a new

ment you permit your mind to

ings for granted. My grandmother

thought to you that gratitude brings

dwell with dissatisfaction upon

used to say, “Thank God for an-

your whole mind into close harmo-

things as they are you begin to

other day. Thousands did not get

ny with the creative energies of the

lose ground. You fix your atten-

that blessing today. But you did.”

universe, consider it well, and you

tion upon the common, the poor,

Having gratitude is a way of giving

will see that it is true. The good

the squalid, and the mean; and

thanks for the many blessings we

things you already have come to

your mind takes the form of these

you believe in them or not.

Answers to Puzzle on page 20

Herbs Are Nature’s Medicine...

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

By Zakiyyah


MEN’S HEALTH - The next series of articles will be dedicated to male issues. The biggest problem that men have are usually the result of their lack of health care monitoring earlier in life. Take for example, the progression of heart disease: “If you don’t get your cholesterol checked when it’s going high when you’re 20, and don’t get your blood pressure checked when it’s going high when you’re 30, and maybe your blood sugar’s getting a little high when you’re 40, what do you think is going to happen when you’re 50?” We will begin to look at herbs for the top five killers of men: cardiac herbs (for hypertension and stroke),

urinary tonics for the prostate, pulmonary herbs for the lungs, and herbs for cancer, and depression. THE PROSTATE - The prostate gland can become inflamed (prostatitis), enlarged (causing a sensation of fullness in the rectum) or infected, causing backache, impairment of sexual potency, frequent and/ or burning/discomfort/pain upon urination, recurring flareups and sometimes a slight discharge or blood in the urine. It may also cause acute urinary retention (a sudden inability to urinate) which requires a visit to the emergency room. We will begin to discuss the herbs used to treat a variety of these symptoms: Gin-

seng, fenugreek, parsley, oats, pumpkin seeds, kelp, melilot, bee pollen, buchu, juniper, echinacea, golden seal, chaparral, sarsaparilla, wild yam root, yellow dock, yarrow, mullein. . . . MAKE NATURE’S MEDICINE YOUR OWN This information is to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis nor as a substitute for medical supervision. To pre-order my book:; phone: 347-407-4312, email:; website:, blog:



THE ADAMS REPORT© ‘Tis the Season!


is the season to be . . .generous. I love this time of the year. Memories of past holidays with family and friends flood my mind. There are visions of huge festive meals and gifts piled high underneath the Christmas tree, the giggles of delight and squeals of discovery . . . . and a warm and cozy home with loving parents. Then there are the daily images on the news, of men, women and children standing in long lines waiting for a holiday meal or bags of food. All very disconcerting when commercials aired throughout

By Audrey Adams

television programs are urging us to buy, buy, buy! Look for economic indicators to be released by the government to let us know that if we don’t spend money this holiday season, that the economy could suffer. Tell that to those without jobs or those who lost their homes and

are on the street. My goodness, they would have you think that you and you alone will rescue the economy if you spend your hard earned money during these few weeks of madness! Oh, if only the good tidings would last year-round! What seems to be true though is that the holidays always seem to bring out the generosity of the human spirit. Organizations host holiday dinners for those less fortunate, gifts are collected for the children of the less fortunate and for a few short weeks life gets a little better for them. What about the rest of the

Foot Pain? Diabetes? FOOT CENTER of NEW YORK 55 East 124th St.

(between Madison & Park Aves.)

Wednesday 8 am - 7:30 pm

Medicare, most Medicaid HMOs, and other insurances accepted Full-Service Physical Therapy Center

Expert staff diagnose and treat foot ailments including: Sports Injuries • Foot Pain • In-toeing • Out-toeing Flat Feet • Ingrown Toenails • Walking Problems Heel Spurs • Bunions • Hammertoes 55 East 124th St. btwn. Park and Madison Avenues, NYC Call 212-410-8158 for an appointment

ber the less fortunate during the holiday season; then you can surely find it in your heart to remember them the rest of the year. Be as generous as you can every season because poverty never takes a holiday. Think about it. See you next week. Visit my website, and checkout my online radio show, Talk! with Audrey for a series of interviews that will inform, motivate and inspire you. Audrey Adams is the host of TALK! with AUDREY, a weekly radio and television show about issues

that empower women, featuring entertaining, inspiring and interviews with experts and authors from the health, fitness, financial, and travel industries. In New York, listen to TALK! with AUDREY every Monday at 5:30 p.m. on WPAT 930 AM and watch every Friday at 6:30 a.m. on RNN . . . FIOS Channel 6; RCN Channel 16; Cablevision Channels 19, 48, 6 and 19; Direct TV Channel 48 and Comcast Channels 13, 19 and 713. For more information and on demand content visit TALKWITHAUDREY. com ©The Adams Report

1400 5th Ave. (entrance on 116th Street), NY, NY 10026


The premier physical therapy clinic in the heart of Harlem! We are committed to providing dignified, personalized care! Programs:

• Back and Neck Care • Sports Medicine • Osteoporoses • Balance • Total Joint Replacements

Treatment Protocols: • Prevention and Education • Close Chain Stabilization • Weight Training • Home Exercise Programs

Conditions Treated Include:

Sprains/Strains/Muscle Spasm • Fractures • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Whiplash Back Pain • Plantarfascitis • Weakness and Instability • Tendonitis/Bursitis Total Hip/Knee Replacement • Neuropathy Post-Operative Rehabilitation for: Knees/Shoulders/Elbows/Ankles and Feet

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 am - 4 pm

year? Their needs are still the same. They still sleep in homeless shelters, under bridges, in cars and go without food and other life necessities; needless to say, money is scarce. They won’t be shopping until they drop! Living from day to day takes up most of their time. So, while you are enjoying your holidays, remember that life doesn’t really change much for people who struggle everyday just to survive. Be thankful that you enjoy life’s basics. Be thankful for your health. If you can find it in your heart to remem-




Spiritually Speaking


By Bro. Bill De Fossett –Radio Personality and host of The 3G Experience radio program on WHCR-90.3 FM (

he victory of Doug Jones in Alabama is a real-life example of how important it is to vote! Rev. Kris Erskine, was a guest on The 3G Experience last Thursday. As a Pastor in Alabama, he was proud of the way Black voters came out in support of the Democratic United States Senate candidate. Happy Birthday to First Lady Robin Howell-Bryant on her birthday. First Lady Bryant is the beloved wife of Bishop James Bryant, Pastor of Universal

Temple of Spiritual Truth. Mother Arnetta Crawford and the Union Grove Baptist Church will celebrate the re-naming of Hoe Avenue to Rev. Dr. Fletcher C. Crawford Way on January 7, 2018 at 2:30pm. Pastor Vernon Williams and the Perfect Peace Ministry held a Toy Drive last weekend at Cecil Steakhouse. Never too late to give to our kids! A celebration was held at Tabernacle of Deliverance last weekend for Rev. Joseph T. Bright, Jr, who is 83 years old. He has been

pastor for 43 years and is still preaching and leading. This was followed by a celebration in honor of Rev. Charolette Williams-Holley, Pastor of Mt. Bethel Baptist Church of Harlem. Donna Canton was a guest on The 3G Experience last Thursday speaking about the Elder Keith Branch and Company recording session in Brooklyn last weekend. She gave away free tickets to this event. Rev. Keith Branch and the Branch Singers present-

ed a live recording session at New Life Cathedral at 110 Junius Street, Brooklyn, on December 16. Ticket giveaway by Donna Canton on The 3G Experience, Thursday morning 6-10am ( Archbishop Robert Rochford is the Pastor. Donna, the baby sister of our transitioned brother and friend George E. Canton, Jr., has continued the legacy of her brother and those of us who were part of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship Choir!

We were talking about the Ministers in Harlem and the Bronx that are “Generation Builders.” Seeing Rev. Henry Bolden at the home going for Rev. Fletcher Crawford started the mind ticking. How many of that group of preachers are still pastoring and/or still here? Let me give you a hint - Rev. D’Eugene Rodgers, Pastor of Solomon Temple Baptist Church, is the youngest of the group. Rev. William L. Watkins, Jr. and Rev. Henry Bolden are the oldest. I encourage your input on this discussion. Internet prayer/ study and

lecture series are available to us on a daily basis. There is no need to feel disconnected. Just turn on your computer or your device to stay connected to the Word. The New Republican Club of Harlem presented a Christmas Meet and Greet session at the New Amsterdam Musical Association. The session was held at 107 West 130th Street. Pastor Jack Royster is the leader of the Republican Club. Thanks to all of you that view The 3G Experience on Facebook Live and Follow the 3G Experience every Thursday from 6am10am. Watch/listen on Facebook Live or www. Send mail and other comments to Bro. Bill, PO Box 446, New York, NY 10039.


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Ce ntr al

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

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“Time for Kids: Heroes of Black History” REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor


ho do you look up to? Who is the person you most want to be like when you grow up? The one you go to when you need advice, a kind word, or new direction? Is it a parent who puts your head on straight? Or a teacher that always knows what to say? Do you look up to someone close to you now or, as in “Time for Kids: Heroes of Black History,” is it someone much bigger than that? If you had to make a list of everything that happened in Black History, you’d have to put the year 1500 on the top of your list because that’s where African American history began. On your list, there’d be a lot of names and dates, too, but four names may stand out for you… Born in 1820, Araminta

was a slave because her parents and grandparents were slaves. Called by her mother’s name, young “Harriet” worked hard at everything she did but she was beaten because she was also “rebellious.” It was that rebellion – and fear of being sold – that made her escape from her master. It was freedom that made Harriet Tubman want to help others to escape, too. When Jackie Robinson began playing baseball, there were “rules” that told him where he could eat, live, and even get a drink of water. But Robinson wanted to play ball and so he smashed a few rules to be the first African American major-leaguer. Even before he was born, “Barry” Obama’s mother believed in him: Barry’s real name is Barack, which means “bless-

ed” in his father’s native language. Barry was a good student, and had a sense of humor, but he was teased because he was the only Black kid in his school. That was all just a memory when Barack Obama became President of the United States . And “On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks stepped onto a bus – and into history.” So your child has been given an assignment to read one biography this winter. Just one – but one will turn into four when you’ve got “Time for Kids: Heroes of Black History” on your shelf. The first thing kids will notice about this book is its easy-to-understand narrative and easy-to-read print; it’s just enough of a challenge, but not overly so. Kids will also like the artwork in this book, including

by Editors at Time for Kids Magazine

photographs from different eras in history. The four subjects here are examined with a young audience in mind: each mini-chapter includes a bit about the childhoods of Tubman, Robinson, Parks, and Obama, which keeps the information relevant for children. Parents will appreciate that there’s a glossary and thumbnail bios of other Black heroes for plenty of further learning. Though it can surely be read by anyone, “Time for Kids: Heroes of Black History” is really meant for kids ages 8 and older, especially those who love history. If you know a child like that, you might as well find it now. It’s a book your kids will want to look up. “Time for Kids: Heroes of Black History” by Editors at Time for Kids Magazine c.2017, Time Inc. Books $9.99 / $11.99 Canada 192 pages

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017 19


HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS see answers on page 16

STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ACROSS 1. Hose woes 6. Bag to Coco Chanel 9. Dart 13. Dam 14. *Public health research org. 15. Pageant prize 16. Not slouching 17. Gershwin brother 18. Slide to open 19. *Exertion session 21. *Lack of this can lead to sickness and weakness 23. Partaker’s pronoun 24. E-mailed 25. Employment 28. Homemade swing seat 30. Wacko one 35. Second-hand 37. First rate 39. Crossbeam

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017



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40. International Civil Aviation Org. 41. *Blood pump 43. Military no-show 44. Editor’s insertion mark 46. Affect emotionally 47. Raise the roof 48. Lands 50. “Put a lid ____ ____!” 52. ____ and don’ts 53. Regular attendee 55. *Do it to fruits and veggies 57. *Important healthy lifestyle unit 61. Nonsensical 65. Courtroom excuse 66. Unit of absorbed radiation 68. Words to live by 69. Java cotton tree 70. Hot temper 71. Spot for waterline marks, pl. 72. Gaelic 73. Typographer’s measurement units 74. Speck in the ocean

DOWN 1. A whole bunch 2. Agrippina’s slayer 3. Affirm with confidence 4. GEICO’s mascot 5. Take the first steps 6. Hissy fit 7. *Fresh need 8. Irritate by rubbing 9. Certain Scandinavian 10. Take it easy 11. Pupil’s place 12. Memorial Day solo 15. “You should be ashamed!” 20. Heep of “David Copperfield” 22. Night spot 24. Washington post 25. *Jay Kordich’s favorite drink 26. Extinct Italic language 27. Soul patch or chin curtain 29. Fish eggs, pl. 31. Carhop’s load

32. Chewed 33. Convex molding 34. *Kettle____ 36. “Nobody ____ It Better” 38. Ireland, romantically 42. “____-and-true” 45. Mongolian monetary unit 49. Hawaiian dish 51. *Meditative Chinese exercise 54. Ghostlike 56. Tori, sing. 57. Have it and eat it too 58. Banned apple spray 59. “Loose ____ sink ships” 60. Piercing woodwind 61. 15th of March 62. “Go ____ it on the Mountain” 63. *Get moving and don’t remain this 64. C in COGS 67. *Biceps location



Tips to Reduce Holiday Spending, Without Cutting Back on Cheer (Statepoint)


mid the merriment of the holiday season is a hard reality -- nearly six in 10 Americans don’t have enough savings to afford an unexpected expense like a $500 car repair or $1000 emergency room bill, according to a Bank survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associations International. While 83 percent of U.S. consumers are expected to spend $1,189 this holiday season, an amount equal to or more than they spent last year, there is no reason to enter the new year in bad financial standing if you do some smart planning and spend wisely. Here are some great ways to reduce your seasonal spending, without cutting back on the cheer.

• Know your limit. Figure out how much you can spend on gifts, decorations, etc. Divide the total amount into a pergift limit. If it doesn’t add up, cut back the gift list or consider making a baked item or other homemade gift, or giving a gift certificate for a service you might provide, such as babysitting, car washing or house cleaning. • Shop wisely. Watch for special sale days and coupons. Many online retail sites offer free shipping, discounts and other promotions during the holiday season. After the holidays, look for deep sales on wrapping paper and greeting cards to save for next year’s celebrations. • Spend differently. New ways to pay for items can make the task of budgeting organized and straightfor-

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) Geber86 - Getty Images

ward. Check out specialty e-retailers like Purchasing Power, which is offered by many employers as a voluntary benefit, and gives workers an opportunity to shop for thousands of brand name products they need now, for which they can make manageable payments over time through payroll deduction. With no credit checks, hidden

fees or interest, it’s a service you may find gives you more flexibility over a traditionally expensive season. “It’s not always possible to pay for big ticket items in-full when you need them, whether you’re buying a tablet for your teenager for the holidays or a family vacation package next summer,” says

Festive Tips to Set a Holiday Mood at Home (Statepoint)

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) luckybusiness/

home holiday sing-along. An elegant, compact digital piano such as Casio’s Privia PX-770 is great for this seasonal tradition. Record your performances for posterity using its two-track MIDI recorder. 3. Display greetings. For a festive feel, creatively decorate your home

using your holiday cards with greetings from loved ones. String cards together and hang them in the doorway, decorate the fridge or display them on the mantle. 4. Get into the spirit. Frosty pine, sugar cookies, cinnamon and more. Fill your home with the spirit of

“Secret Santa,” keeping gift-giver identities concealed until the gift exchange. • Spend time together. In lieu of gifts, bring everyone together over the holidays. Have a board game night or a day of service, such as serving meals at a shelter. • Enjoy the season. There are many ways to celebrate spending little to no money. Curl up for a holiday movie marathon, bake cookies or look for free holiday concerts in your local area. Shopping malls and community centers typically offer a schedule of no-cost holiday entertainment. For a better financial start in the new year, spend wisely this holiday season. Smart budgeting and new payment options can make it easy.


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017


t’s the most festive time of the year. Be sure to fill your home with the classic scents, sounds and sights of the holiday season in the following ways. 1. Start a Holiday Cookie Tradition. Bring the family together by baking cookies. Not only will it fill the home with a scrumptious aroma, it’s a fun activity that can involve everyone. Let kids get creative and decorate their own batch. In the spirt of giving, make some extras to share with friends, neighbors, teachers, coworkers and more. 2. Sing carols. Carol from the comfort of home. To experience a sense of community, organize an at-

the holidays using essential oils and candles of classic holiday scents. Or, keep it natural and boil cinnamon sticks with orange and cloves. 5. Enjoy your favorite flicks. From classic dramas to contemporary comedies, the holiday genre is eclectic. Set up a home theater and enjoy your favorite films with some hot chocolate under a cozy blanket. To get an upgraded movie theater-like experience at home, check out the projectors from Casio’s LampFree line-up, which offer eliable, brilliant images. At your next holiday party, consider projecting movies silently while playing holiday music for an extra boost of cheer.

Elizabeth Halkos, Chief Operating Officer for Purchasing Power, LLC. “We created this solution to empower people to budget more wisely, and buy the things they need, while avoiding penalty fees and ballooning interest associated with other payment options.” Ask your employer if an employee purchase program and financial wellness benefit like is available to your workforce. Some additional cost-friendly options for the holidays: • Suggest a family gift exchange. Spare the expense and frustration of trying to find gifts for each member of your extended family. Instead, pull names from a hat and find something special for just one person. For extra fun, play



HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS ADOPTION Loving family from Europe, looking to adopt a baby into home filled with happiness, security, unconditional love. We whole-heartedly welcome a child of any race/ ethnicity. Please contact Chantal, adopt@foreverfamiliesGeoffrey and big broth- er Noah, through our NY AUCTIONS adoption agency! 1-914939-1180 TAX FORECLOSURE


Wheels For Wishes Benefiting

Make-A-Wish® Metro New York Call: (917) 336-1254 * Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or financial information, visit

AUCTIONS, SULLIVAN COUNTY. Homes, Land & Seasonal Properties. Online Only Ending November 8 @ 10AM at NYSAuc- 800-243-0061 AAR, Inc. & HAR, Inc. Free info: AUTO DONATIONS


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

Correction Officer Trainee


• • • • • •

$40,590 hiring rate $42,695 after 6 months $48,889 after 1 year PAID time off GREAT benefits Retire after 25 years AT ANY AGE

Harlem Community 1 col.

Apply on-line today or download exam information and applications at: Additional information about the position of correction officer is available on our website at


*Free Vehicle/Boat Pickup ANYWHERE *We Accept All Vehicles Running or Not *Fully Tax Deductible

Donate your car to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish. We offer free towing and your donation is 100% tax deductible. Call (855) 376-9474

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City Laborer

Police Surgeon

Performs common unskilled laboring work requiring physical strength. Moves, lifts and carries items of various weights and sizes. May utilize hand or power-driven equipment in the performance of duties. May be required to operate motor vehicles in connection with the performance of duties. Requirements: There are no formal education or experience requirements. Visit and select “New York Police Department” from the agency listing to apply.

Candidate selected will determine the fitness for duty of all members of the service who are sick or injured; follow the member’s course of treatment; and endorse authorization for medical services from private practitioners. Requirements: a valid license to practice medicine in the State of New York plus valid Board Certification issued by the appropriate American Specialty Board in any specialty area required by the Department.



NY Black Media 2” x 2”



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Prevents gas, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps caused by consuming lactose in dairy foods.

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daily. Holiday Resort Ser- BR base rent discount- use

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Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

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In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues”

South Bronx


No Vol. 15

tion 866-296-7094

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The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx


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Patented and clinically proven.




500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11





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ONX NEW S code NYPS17. “Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

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UPSTATE NY LAND! 5 5% Sept-01-2017 MORTGAGES VACATION to 41 acre tracts! Waterrlem m HaObama RENTALS ro f old nts front, WE PAY OFF Your Debts nt S Studey Preside VENT B d OF E R re A o COMMUNITY CAL D Hon ENDAR OF EVENTS CALENDAR OF EVENTS ALEN farmland, countryCOMMUNITY bldg ITY C From Credit Cards To OCEAN CITY, MARYMUN COM COM MUN Records Top $$$ –We Buy ITY CAL Mortgages. Minimum lots! Liquidation prices. LAND. Best selection of END AR O F Latin, EVE Paid Jazz, Soul, Rock, NTS $5,000- $500K. Put Cash Terms. Call affordable rentals. Salsa 33’s 45’s 78’s Call Al In Your Pockets. No ap- 888-905-8847 NewYork- Full/ partial weeks. Call 201-281-5604 for FREE brochure. Open plication fees. Must be ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk 12

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation


mber d cil Me Coun kens an er Inez Dicly Memb mb Asse ith Wright Ke rating CelebSHEROES ng Unsu page 15

16 page

10 page


NY Greater, Links ter Chap rated Celeb en of “Wom on Spirit cti Distin ards” Aw 6

Former Model B. Smith Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s

sinc mnew /harle mnewsinc @harle

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio allen n, to Heal Promot ge e thy page Habits” 17

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

page 14

see page 5

The Network Journal Honors Karen Witherspoon page 14

page 10

page 16



Wanted to Buy

BP Adams Thanks Volunteers for Part icipating in Hope 2015 Survey of City’s Homeles s page 5

New Mid Block Signal Crosswalk, and Markings to Improve Safety for Children and Families

/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc

page 8


/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc




Se Blac nator J k His eff K le tory Mon in Host s th B reak Bronx VISIT ww fast w.har OUR W lem page ne EBS

Blac k Mon Histor y th Cont Essay es Cele t and br page ation 13




roup E: .com


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The Harlem News Group Inc. will publish “only” positive news and information. Our mission is to deliver “good” and informative news to our readers focusing on health, education, housing, business and employment opportunities. We look for and publish results, not problems. We promote businesses, opportunites and events DON’T MISS ANOTHER ISSUE happening in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing our readers with valuable information they can use to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and our communities.


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Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11





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c. C onne ctin g Har lem, Que ens, Broo klyn

“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

and The Sout h Br onx MU







ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk e 12 pag

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation page 14

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio to Pr allen n, ge om


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21. 2017

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21, 2017  
Harlem Community Newspapers | December 21, 2017