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Vol. 22

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine 10th Anniversary Gala see page 14

No. 50

December 14 - December 20, 2017


22 Annual Men Cooking for Change at The Harlem Alhambra Ballroom nd

see page 10

Fun Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Kids see page 15

Great Holiday Gifts that Give Back see page 16


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Free copies distributed in your community weekly


, 2014 –July 30

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Vol. 14

Harlem, Queens , Brookly


News Yo u Can Use” July 17 - Ju

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Harlem, Queens , Brookly

Denny Moe’s “Cuttin g For A Cure” page 14

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No. 29


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sit ww w.ha our websi te: rlemnew sgroup .com

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GOOD NEWS YOU CAN USE! Happy Holidays!!! Women in the Black presented another successful “Men Cooking For Change” event. There were dozens of chefs presenting mouthwatering dishes that left a smile on your mouth. (see page 10). This is another reminder to shop with small businesses in your neighborhood this holiday season and go to neighborhood restaurants. There are more than 100 new restaurants that have opened in Harlem in the past decade so you have a wide variety of choices for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and evening entertainment. See a listing of small businesses you may want to purchase items or services from this holiday season in Harlem. (see pages 13-14 Again, have a safe and happy holiday and remember to do some of that shopping and dine with small businesses in your community.

Pat Stevenson Celebrating over 23 years Publishing



Whole Foods This display was inspired by holiday meals and the aspect of togetherness that comes with this spectacular time of the year. Beans and lentils are a staple meal for nearly every holiday, and for some, they even symbolize prosperity and good luck. This fireplace, which is adorned with different types of beans and lentils represents the Whole Foods brand, togetherness, warmth and holiday foods. Display by Lauren Fremgen and Giuliana Buono


Harlem Haberdashery The concept behind this Harlem Haberdashery holiday display is

to showcase the artistic sides of the Harlem Renaissance, Jazz Music and the Strong Community Bond in Harlem. The presentation of a silhouetted figure represents a musician of the jazz era in Harlem. Dazzling with the bursting of lights, it represents the dreams of the people. Keeping culture authentic is one of the main challenges of our time, because trends everywhere have become generalized. Display by Stephanie Lai and Cynthia Chandra

Grandma’s Place This Holiday window is inspired by the elegance of a child’s music box. It represents a frosted winter fantasy environment. Display by Nora Mohamed and Iris Yang

Harlem Coffee Co. The Three Kings represent a story of hope, kindness and bearing gifts

to the Christ Child. This window display adds a contemporary twist to the traditional story of the Three Kings. In this representation, the King’s are delivering the gift of music. Instead of traveling through Bethlehem, they’re traveling through Harlem. Display by Patrick O’Connor and Shona Neary

Corner Social W 126th St

you are here

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Whole Foods Market W 124th St Harlem Shake W 123rd St

Malcolm X Blvd

W 122nd St

W 121st St

cultural celebrations taking place throughout the Harlem community! Inspired by seven Traditional Harlem Celebrations: Three Kings Day, Christmas, Hanuka, Loiza, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and Harlem Week.

Display by Samantha Skopas and Maria Resavage

Settepani This display is titled Sounds of the Season, and is inspired by the music of our holiday celebrations. With familiar symbols and lyrics, we honor three holidays—Christmas, Hanukkah, and Loiza. All around the world, music is the common thread through which we celebrate the things we love. No matter where we are from, music unites us in our joy and brings us together. Display by Katia Michalopoulos and Subin Oh

Valerie Signature Salon

For this display it was important for the design to compliment the brand identity at Valerie Signature Salon. the five pedestals symbolize the roots of Harlem and the multiple cultures that have migrated to Harlem over the years. Display by Asabea Ayres and Alyssa Moreno

Flatiron Sprint Store W 120th St Grandma’s Place Settepani W 119th St

Valerie Signature Salon

“No matter how you celebrate, New York stays connected. ” Imagine its the holidays and you are sitting to have dinner with your family and friends in New York City. Everyone celebrates a different holiday and you’re a unique group of people. This is New York City every day—bustling with people of different holidays. This design features an abstracted Lady Liberty hosting an eclectic dinner party that encompasses the holiday spirit of New York. Everyone’s invited! Display by Joseph Klaus, Alexandra D’Alleva and YooJung Lee

W 118th St

W 117th St

Corner Social sends a message of love and inclusivity for the holidays through the festive display of many different cultural icons, along with symbols of love, unity and peace. "Live In Love" expresses the spirit of an establishment that wants everyone to feel welcome and represented through their holiday display. Curated by Omo Misha

Flatiron Sprint Store

23rd St & 5th Ave

For more information on activities please visit or call 212.866.7427

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Harlem Haberdashery

This year’s theme was conceived by The Schomburg Center's immersive Teen Curator's

Harlem Shake Five shake cups decorated with vintage holiday Jet magazine covers adorn the windows of Harlem Shake. The ornaments and lights bring them to life and all together represent “A Great Day in Harlem.”




239 Lenox Avenue NY NY 10026 212-678-6200

Hours of Operation: Monday - Closed

Tuesday-Friday Lunch/Brunch 12:00pm - 3:30pm Dinner 5:00pm - 10:30pm

Saturday Brunch 9:00am - 4:00pm Dinner 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday "All Day Brunch" 10:00am - 6:00pm

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

A husband and wife owned restaurant and a personal calling for Chef Carlos Swepson. Blvd Bistro cuisine gives a nostalgic feeling of the classic cuisine of the South from a French trained chef. "Our brunch is our main attraction and top rated by customers and several print and tv media. Our guests have called the Jumbo Shrimp and Grits the best they ever had."




Harlem Holiday Windows 2017 By: William “Tony” Rogers President Harlem Tourism Board


he Harlem Holiday Win-

erdashery, 245 Malcolm X Blvd;n

undergraduates from Fashion In-

dows project is an ex-

Harlem Shake, 100 West 124th

stitute of Technology’s inter-dis-

cellent example of how

Street; Settepani Restaurant, 196

ciplinary Visual Presentations

local businesses, artists, civic

Malcolm X Blvd.; Valerie’s Sig-

and Exhibition Design (VPED).

organizations, educational institu-

nature Salon, 163 Malcolm X

Each window reflects one or

tions. The public sector and Har-

Blvd.; Whole Foods Market Har-

more of the following Harlem

lem residents can come together

lem, 100 West 125th Street; and

Celebrations; Christmas, Three

around the holiday season to

Corner Social, 321 Malcolm X

Kings Day, Hanukah, Loisa, Ra-

jointly create a cultural economic

Blvd. All members of the Harlem

madan, and Kwanzaa.

development project where every-

Tourism Board.

The sponsors for this year’s HHW project are: ArtCrawl Har-

Board, The Manhattan Branch of

also played a meaningful role in

lem and VP of the Harlem Tour-


lem, The Mount Morris Park

NAACP, The Manhattan Borough

this Community celebration. The

ism Board. Each year the project

this year’s holiday project are

theme was suggested by high

Community Improvement Asso-

president’s office and The Harlem

Harlem Holiday Windows project

has grown and this year’s is the

Grandma’s Place, 84 West 120th

school students from the Schom-

ciation, the Harlem Community

Community News.

was developed three years ago


Street; Harlem Coffee Company,

burg Center’s immersive teen cu-

Development Corporation, Cor-

Many of Harlem’s artists, tour

through the vision of Jackie Or-

Harlem Holiday Windows

151 Lenox Avenue; Harlem Hab-

rator’s program and executed by

ner Social, The Harlem Tourism

guides and business professionals

ange President of Artcrawl Har-

will be up until January 2nd I

one can benefit. The participating business in

The theme for this year is “Harlem Celebrations.”

invite you to come out to see the wonderful results of a community working together; you can visit www.harlemholidaywindows. com or call 212 866-7427 for additional Information.

Photos by Hakim Matlaq

Come in and let us help you find the health insurance plan that’s right for you.

34 E. 125th Street Monday to Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm or call 1-855-275-4306 (TTY 1-888-542-3821) 7 days a week, 8am–8pm

Free portable charger (while supplies last). Mention code: NYC One per household, without obligation to enroll in a plan. Plans are offered by affiliates of Healthfirst, Inc. © 2017 HF Management Services, LLC



Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

New Location Now Open in Harlem




Young, Gifted, and Black. What No One Told Me About Being “First” to go to College By Brandon Terrell

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017



was reared and schooled in Detroit, where poverty and oppression eloquently danced while violence and crime serenaded the communities. The crime and oppression in my neighborhood drove me to submit a college application that changed my life’s trajectory. I wasn’t going to college to become an adult; I faced mature challenges and struggles long before filling out my college applications. For me, higher education represented an escape from adult struggles. But I couldn’t escape the financial challenges. For first-generation college students like me, the responsibilities designed for mature adults were often delegated to us adolescents. Now that I’m in graduate school, I have some distance and perspective on what first-gens really need to thrive at a four-year college. And, despite some model programs at universities, I fear the current political climate and threatened budget cuts will only make it harder for first-gens to obtain a four-year degree. I know from experience my journey as a first-gen and non-traditional undergraduate college student is devas-

tatingly common. No one in high school or college spoke to me about the financial realities of being a student who couldn’t rely on family for support. FASFA, Pell Grants and loans were foreign concepts. The conversations I had growing up rarely involved college. We talked about who was buying dinner that night or who needed to get a job to help pay bills. Survival was the goal. By the time I applied to college, I had already tangled with life and boxed with oppression, discrimination, stereotypical beliefs, and negative ideologies, all while juggling school, plus a job or two. Life had prepared me for college. But the challenges never stopped coming.  Even as I struggled to pay tuition and buy meals when the food courts closed for the weekends, I often got calls from relatives who needed help buying groceries. Relief started with me. I had no safety net - I WAS the safety net.

Completing college required a survival balancing act; maintaining my GPA, bridging gaps back at home, and navigating collegiate bureaucracies while carefully responding to microaggressions and prejudice in majority white spaces. Spectators would classify the underlying factor of our motivation as “grit” or “determination,” but for many first gens, our motivation is simply survival. We have no choice. Missing an assignment, being too tired to attend a bio lecture after working more than 30 hours a week, failing a 300 level course, or even missing a tuition payment created a slippery slope back to the environment that suffocated dreams.  But we are a population colleges and universities cannot afford to lose, as we represented 36 percent of students seeking a four-year degree nationwide in 2012.  Politicians, educators, social workers, counselors,

and administrators must address the intersecting social and cultural challenges that precede our applications, accompany us to college, and follow us even after securing a degree. Access to college and financial aid is not enough to secure a better quality of life for students coming from low-income backgrounds. The gap is widening, with only 14 percent of the most economically disadvantaged students earning a bachelor’s degree, according to a 2015 federal study. We need a different support system to thrive in college that includes mentors, help with living expenses and travel costs, tutors, flexible schedules, and emotional support from other students who feel isolated, but are coping with similar struggles.  We need to stop talking about college attainment in simplistic ways. It takes so much more than grit. Brandon Terrell is currently attending graduate school at Eastern Michigan University after graduating there in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He also works at the University of Michigan as a program assistant for the community health department.

Vol. 22, No 50 December 14 2017

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Home Buying In Harlem Be Prepared to Buy Now


by Rev. Charles Butler


t this time of year, it is easy for prospective first-time home buyers to get distracted by the ‘spirit of the season.’ Holiday shopping can be a financially dangerous time for first-time home buyers. Don’t go overboard with shopping for gifts. This season can throw you momentarily off course. You must fight to maintain your focus throughout the entire home buying process. Here are some suggestions to help. (1) Explain to family and friends that you are planning to purchase a home and will have to cut back on the gift giving this year. This will be a tough decision, but necessary if you are to become a homeowner. Remember

that you are on a mission. Don’t let the holiday season impede your home buying progress. Don’t get caught in the shopping frenzy madness. (2) If you must buy some gifts, use your monthly household budget to anticipate how much you can spend and stay within your budget. Look for items on sale. If you have any special arts and crafts talents, make some gifts. You want to aggressively save as much money as possible for your home. The more you can save, the sooner you will be ready to buy. Eliminate all wasteful spending. (3) Use reminders to stay motivated. Calculate your projected purchase date and place it on your mirrors,

the refrigerator and carry it around in your wallet or purse. Picture your dream house or apartment.Visual images can be a powerful tool in making your dream become a reality. Remain positive throughout the process. Each step will bring you closer to your goal. Take aim at your target. If you are not shooting at something, you probably will not hit anything! Before you realize it, another year will be gone, and you will be in the same situation, wondering what happened. If you are interested in attending the workshop or have questions regarding the home buying process, contact Rev. Dr. Charles Butler at (212) 281 4887 ext. 231 or email at



“WE MAKE THE DEALS HAPPEN!” 212.368.4902 212.368.4903 1 5 2 4 A M S T E R D A M AV E . , N .Y. , N Y 1 0 0 3 1

Revolution Books

About the world... For a radically different world. Great Books by Jesmyn Ward

A searing, urgent novel set in Mississippi... spinning poeƟc tales... connecƟng slavery and Jim Crow with the present. 2017 Nat’l Book Award.

The New Communism:

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The science, the by D. Buchhart strategy, the and G. O’Brien leadership for an He merged poetry actual revoluƟon, and jazz with highand a radically new society on energy art. Presents Basquiat’s life the road to real emancipaƟon with beauƟful images of his work. by Bob Avakian

The Annual Holiday Open House at Rev Books— Where the Whole World Comes First

Sat, Dec 16, 11am-9:30pm

Unique books & giŌs for the holidays Readings and performance 11 to noon—children’s reading and program 5pm—Special remarks from Andy Zee, spokesperson from RevoluƟon Books 7:30-9:30pm—Party with d.j.

Great Gifts Revolution Books in Harlem

437 Malcolm X Blvd @132nd St.

212-691-3345 ★ ★ @revbooksnyc Open 7 days a week, noon to 9pm, through December

day joy

g holi sendin

is Y T L A E R LEMOR ason! e S s i h t y l r Fami u o Y d n a ge Brokera To You & t n e anagem R

nt, M


te Dev eal Esta

treet 145th S t s e W 167 039 k, NY 10 r o Y w e N 4 81-271 (212) 2 o www.lem

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Sing, Unburied, Sing





Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Dec 13 and 14, 7:30pm UPTOWN NIGHTS. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah presents Stretch Music X Afro New Orleanian/Black Indian Music Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah returns with two nights of genre blind music that will Stretch jazz music’s rhythmic, melodic and harmonic conventions to encompass a range of cultural influences from his own native New Orleans to West Africa and the Caribbean. Join us on a sonic journey that creates a bridge to liberation and freedom with some of music’s most daring musicians and improvisers. Tickets start at $20. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue.


Dec 15. 16. 17 (See times below) HSA THEATRE ALLIANCE PRESENTS “HARLEM HOLIDAY LIVE!” Celebrate the holiday season with a multi-disciplinary performance by the HSA Theatre Alliance, Dorothy Maynor Singers, HSA Dance Ensemble and HSA Dance Junior Ensemble. Production Direction by Alfred Preisser. Written by Josiah Fluker-McInnis. Cho-

reography by Aubrey Lynch II, Leyland Simmons, Brianna Reed, and Tracy Johnson. Musical Direction & Arrangements by Rob Baumgartner. Vocal Direction by Yolanda Wyns. Fridays, 7PM | Saturdays, 3PM & 7PM | Sundays, 3PM. $20 Advance | $25 Door | $15 Students & Seniors. Harlem School of the Arts (645 Saint Nicholas Avenue) 212-926-4100 Dec 16, 1:30pm Schomburg Ed: Going Way Back with Big Daddy Kane. The Schomburg’s Hip Hop History Project’s first installment of “Going Way Back” will feature Grammy award-winning rapper Big Daddy Kane. The event will celebrate the legacy of hip-hop culture with artists that introduced the genre to the masses and offer a rare opportunity to fresh insight into to the origins of Hip Hop music. Big Daddy Kane will kick-off the 30th-anniversary celebration of his debut album “Long Live The Kane”, discuss Afro-masculinity, his novel, and the influential “Dark Gable” persona. This discussion is produced by the Schomburg Center Junior

Scholars Program and Billboard magazine’s first rap editor Havelock Nelson. Youth ages 13-19 have priority seating. Free. Event located at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Lenox Avenue. For more information, call (917) 275-6975 Dec 16, 8pm HOLIDAY JOY: A Gospel Celebration featuring: Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, and the Greater Allen Cathedral Choir. Hosted by Liz Black. The Apollo stage is set for a night of soul stirring Holiday gospel music featuring multi-platinum superstar and five-time Grammy Award-winner Yolanda Adams (“Open My Heart”, “The Battle is the Lord’s”) with Grammy Award-winner Donnie McClurkin (“We Fall Down,” “Stand”). With their stunning voices, dazzling energy and unshakable faith, Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin promise to lift your Holiday spirits and bless your Christmas season. Tickets start at $35. Platinum Tickets include a pre-performance meet & greet with Yolanda Adams.

Premium Tickets start at $85 and include a glass of champagne or Coke product. Apollo Theater, 253 West 125th St. (212) 5315305 Dec 17, 10am-3pm (Weekly Event) Gospel Brunch featuring Vy Higginsen’s Gospel for Teens Choir and Red Rooster’s famous soul food brunch. Reservations are encouraged. 310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th and 126th) 212.792.9001 info@ Dec 31, 2pm-4pm Hands On | Kuumba Kwanzaa. Join us in celebrating Kuumba, the Kwanzaa principle of creativity! Engage in variety of special art-making activities, explore the galleries in an interactive scavenger hunt, and more! Free. Studio Museum in Harlem (144 West 125th Street). 212.864.4500 Jan 3, 9:30am2:30pm COQUI CLUB: Earth, Fire & Wind. Learn, play, explore, and grow at El Museo’s bilingual program for our tiniest visitors. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month as we

embark on an adventure to discover new ways of interacting with art and each other. With time for play, storytelling, museum walks, and art making, Coquí Club provides a fun and active way to explore El Museo and enjoy creative themes together. Program length: 60 minutes. Recommended for children ages 1-4 and their caregivers. No reservations required, first come first served. Dress for a mess! FIRST SESSION: 9:30am10:30am. SECOND SESSION: 11:00am-12:00pmTHIRD SESSION: 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Free. El Museo del Barrio (1230 Fifth Avenue) 212-831-7272 Jan 5, 6pm-10pm First Fridays: ”Beyoncé Vs. Rihanna” Edition. We’re excited to bring you a special “Beyoncé Vs. Rihanna” Edition of First Fridays, our popular monthly social gathering! Celebrating these two amazing superstars whose music embodies the best of R&B, soul, pop, and Caribbean sounds and whose legacies exemplify the best of Black Girl Magic. Guests are invited to mix and mingle in the Langston

Hughes Lobby and enjoy our signature drinks while grooving to beats by DJ Backbr3aka, with our host of the evening Dhalimu from Dhali’s Closet. With our extended hours, guests are also invited to check out our three exhibitions Black Power, Power in Print, and Unshackled Ink. Free. Event located at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 515 Lenox Avenue. For more information, call (917) 2756975. Jan 16, 7-9pm Ella: A Centennial Celebration will feature jazz icon Dee Dee Bridgewater and singing sensation Wé McDonald of The Voice fame who will pay tribute to the legendary Ella Fitzgerald in honor of her centennial. This intimate evening includes a pre-concert champagne reception, star-studded performance, and VIP shuttle transportation to the pri- v a t e after party. Harlem Stage, 150 Convent Avenue. For tickets, call 212-281-9240(212) 281-9240

55 West 116th Street (Bet Lenox & 5th) NY, NY 10026 1872 Lexington Ave (Bet 116th & 117th) NY, NY10035 1838 2nd Ave @ 95th, NY, NY 10128 For more information call: 212-876-8800 email: website:



2018 Diamond Resorts Invitational unites stars and fans for a great cause by Derrel Jazz Johnson


the Brian Gay invitational four years ago,”

“Last year was my first time there,”

little more here at the Diamond Resorts than

iamond Resorts International®

Flaskey said. “The reason we did it was we

Swindell said. “I even got up one of the nights

any of the other events. When you throw in

brought the star power to Las

wanted to raise money for the local hospital

and played some acoustic songs. It was kind

the concerts and everything with it, honestly,

Vegas during Floyd Mayweath-

in Orlando called the Florida Hospital for

of unannounced just because I was having

I haven’t seen a better event ran anywhere

er versus Conor McGregor fight weekend

Children. And because of the great support

such a good time and everybody with Di-

than what goes on at the Diamond Resorts

for a media day to announce the 2018 Di-

we got from the celebrity community, it real-

amond takes care of you how it should be.”

events. I haven’t seen one any better.”

amond Resorts Invitational™ golf tour-

ly took off like wildfire.”

The talented country singer discussed

Later that night, Diamond Resorts

nament. Guests included Major League

Flaskey continued discussing the evo-

the experience further. “When we get to use

guests were treated to a very intimate concert

Baseball pitching great “the Rocket”

lution of the tournament. “The event is now

our talents for a good cause and to be around

with Cole Swindell. Fresh off a tour date in

first country music concert that included an

Roger Clemens, retired National Hockey

a PGA Champions Challenge Season event

people that you admire, I mean I’m sitting up

Phoenix, Arizona the night before, Swindell

amazing dinner spread with cocktails flow-

League superstar Mike Modano, young

and the cool, unique nature of the event is

here with Roger Clemens, that’s unbeliev-

performed an acoustic set with a handful of


country music superstar and Diamond

that you have a celebrity division and you

able to me, I felt like a kid, Swindell said. “I

bandmates and gave brief introductions to

To inquire about one of the Diamond

video that

Resorts Celebrity Ambassador Cole Swin-

have a professional division and they each

remember walking up and seeing all of these

his seven-straight #1 hits to the people who

Resorts properties, like the cozy and con-

highlights the Diamond Resorts Invitation-

dell, celebrity golfer and Golf Channel

compete for their own separate purse,” said

professional athletes that I idolized and their

may not have been familiar with his music.

venient apartment-style Polo Towers in Las

al made it a no-brainer for me to make my

personality Blair O’Neal, and country mu-


all playing golf.” Cole also added that he is

Some of the songs performed included “You

Vegas where I stayed, located across from

way down to Orlando for 2018’s first major

looking forward to headlining the event this

Should Be Here”, and my new country mu-

T-Mobile Arena, visit https://www.diamon-

golf tournament. With the holiday season

year and he is bringing the entire band!

sic favorite “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey.”

upon us, consider the 2018 Diamond Resorts

sic artist, former pro golfer and Diamond

After, Flaskey led a question and an-

Resorts Celebrity Ambassador Colt Ford.

swer session with the talented group of five,

Glavine, and Clemens, and dozens more. If that wasn’t enough, the event will be featured on NBC Golf channel. the sizzle

one thing was consistent from everyone; the

The tournament is so well run, it’s just

On a personal note, that memorable

The Diamond Resorts Invitational golf

Invitational for the golf lover in your life. It

The press conference, which was held over

Diamond Resorts Invitational is a phenome-

a great experience and a blast. It’s one of the

weekend in Las Vegas will be one I cherish

tournament, which has raised $2.3 million

will be an experience that will last a lifetime!

a delicious brunch at Planet Hollywood atop

nal event. Here is what the stars had to say

favorite weeks that I look forward to play-

forever. One the morning of Mayweather vs

for Florida Hospital for Children since 2013,

What are you waiting for? Visit http://www.

the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Ve-

about the tournament.

ing,” O’Neal said. “I’ve played on all the

McGregor, I played golf for the first time on

will take place from January 10 to January so you can

gas Hotel and Casino, began with Diamond

“I remember a couple of years ago you

tours all around the world, really and playing

one of the Las Vegas courses with some of

13 and features many 50 and over players,

be a part of the 2018 Diamond Resorts Invi-

Resorts International® Chief Executive

guys came to us and said ‘look we’re going

in the Diamond Resorts Invitational has been

the Diamond Resorts family. After covering

LPGA stars, and celebrity golfers. Some of

tational. See you in Orlando in January!

Officer Mike Flaskey, who created the Dia-

to take this to a new level’, and that’s what

an amazing experience for me.”

not only Mayweather vs McGregor but the

the stars confirmed for 2018 include Nation-

Watch the press conference announc-

mond Resorts Invitational™, discussing the

you did at Diamonds Resort and it gets

“As far as the overall experience, and

championship game of Ice Cube’s BIG3

al Football League legends Marcus Allen

ing the 2018 Diamond Resorts Invitational

origin of the charity golf tournament.

better and better each year,” Clemens said.

now, having the senior tour players, having

Basketball League, I woke up the next morn-

and Brian Urlacher, National Basketball As-

featuring Roger Clemens, Mike Modano,

“Thanks for the invite and I love it that all

some of the LPGA players, it’s unbelievable

ing to attend the brunch. Finally, the intimate

sociation legend Ray Allen, Major League

Cole Swindell, Blair O’Neal, and Colt Ford.

the fans come out.”

the access that you have,” Fort said. “It’s a

concert featuring Cole Swindell was my

Baseball legends Greg Maddux, Tom

“The Diamond Resorts Invitational started out as a weekend fundraiser called

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Russell Playing/Educational Cards Email: Call or text: (347) 261-6683




22nd Annual "Men Cooking for Change" at The Harlem Alhambra Ballroom By Lil Nickelson


n Sunday, December 3, 2017, Women in the Black held their 22nd annual

“Men Cooking For Change “

foodraiser at The Harlem Alhambra Ballroom located at 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd from 3pm to

a Harlem-based entrepreneurial organization created to educate, train and support women business owners. Women in the Black is committed to educating and equipping women with the skills and resources necessary to start, build, lead and grow successful small busi-

entertained by a DJ and a R & B soloist who had the audience singing along like we were her background singers. Some of us even got up to do some line dancing to work off that food too. Four men of distinction were presented as Man on a

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

(l-r) Timothy Greene, Princess Jenkins, Musa Jacksn, Harriet Rosebud, Daryl Miles, Colby Simons Jenkins


8pm. The event showcases VIP chef demonstrations and hundreds of mouth-watering delicacies presented by top chefs, caterers, bakers and restaurants. Women in the Black is

nesses in their communities primarily in the New York metropolitan area. While we noshed our way around the room sampling everyone’s food and beverage offerings, we were

(l-r) Chef Benjamin Montogomery, previous King of Wings Winner with 2017 “King of Wings” winner Chef Garrett Mason.

Mission honorees this year. They were: Douglas Hamilton Caranda-Mitchell of Serengeti Kitchen for “Restaurant of the Year.” Bob Law National Radio

(l-r) Chef Chester Walker, Chef with Best Poultry Dish.

Host & Political Activist Musa Jackson, Harlem Ambassador, owns a successful Harlem-based event production and brand strategist company. Jesse Taylor, “Chef of the Year.” A few women and men food and beverage entrepreneurs were in attendance to show off their products like NYC’s Best Dressed Cupcakes with her alcohol-infused cupcakes, The Eggroll Queen with her vegetarian egg rolls, Kamoni Ice with a special blend of rum alcohol and passion fruit juices and the lady with the moist roast turkey with peaches. There were over a dozen male chefs at the event who entered into the competition to showcase their

Daxter Barnett, “King of Chefs” and Seafood category winner

culinary artistry. The following chefs won with their award-winning dishes: Garrett Mason won King of Wings with Sweet & spicy wings served with coconut rice. Louis Jenkins won in the Beef category with Roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes. Chester Walker won in the Poultry category with Chicken Rasta pasta dish. Dexter Barnett won in the Seafood category with Fried catfish bites with sauce on a mini cornbread loaf. J. Rose Catering won in the Vegetarian category with Kale & cabbage medley in smoked oil. Cuzin’s Duzin won in the Dessert category with mini donuts covered with

(l-r) Chef Eric Berry “Best Macaroni dish” ” winner

assorted syrups and glazes. Ed Berry won in the Salad category with Macaroni salad. Jacob Restaurant won in the Pasta category with Baked Macaroni and cheese. Crowning the King of Chefs out of these eight categories wasn’t easy because some people were voting for more than one gentlemen; the food was just that good. In the end though, Dexter Barnett was crowned “King of Chefs” for his seafood dish. He was crowned the best of the best and received a six-foot trophy for bragging rights until next year and his photo in our newspaper. Congratulations King Chef Dexter Barnett, Chef/Owner of D. Myles Chef & Catering.

(l-r) “King of Chefs” Dexter Barnett, Princess Jenkins, “Best Dessert” Chef Todd James of Cuzin’s Duzin.







$20 - $35



In person at the Apollo Theater Box Office By phone call Ticketmaster 800-745-3000 Online at For Groups Call (212) 531-5355

Visit or download the app to view THE 2017 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE. And don’t forget to follow us for the latest events, more gift ideas and holiday inspiration.

Enter for a chance to win one of five $100 Shop Harlem Gift Cards Visit to register. | @ApolloTheater Holidays at the Apollo sponsored by

| #KwanzaaApollo

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017


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Shop Harlem Businesses during the Holidays RETAIL BOOKS AND TOYS GRANDMA’S PLACE C h i l d r e n ’s Books and Toys 84 West 120th St 212-360-6776 www.grandmasplaceinharlem. com SISTER’S UPTOWN BOOKSTORE AND CULTURAL CENTER Bookstore/Café/ Retailer 1942 Amsterdam Ave 10032 212-862-3680 Sisters Uptown Bookstore


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

EMERY ROSE SALON 1888 Park Avenue (b/t 128th & 129th streets) 212-692-4900 IMENA SALON 1916 Park Avenue (b/t 130th & 131st streets) 646-209-6382

HARLEM YOGA STUDIO 44 West 125th Street, #3 (Fifth & Malcolm X) 917-538-0457 “ HARLEM BERRY BEAUTY LOUNGE 16 East 125th Street) 212-831-8765 12

CATERING/SPECIATY FOODS HARLEM MASTERS Barbershop 633 Lenox Avenue @ 141st St 646-388-0450 HARLEM NATURAL HAIR Naturl Hair Salon 751 St. Nichols Avenue 212-694-6593 MADISON AVENUE HAIR STUDIO 1961 Madison Avenue (b/t 125th & 126th streets) 212-987-8292



COOKING ADVENTURES 1937 Madison Avenue (b/t 124th & 125th), Lower Level 646-682-7769 cheftoniscookingadventures. com

BABA FASHIONS African fabrics and tailoring 1945 Madison Ave 212-722-4051

JROSE CATERING Catering and Events 287 Edgecombe Avenue #3B 646 355 4020 “Book your party, wedding, or meeting and receive free decor and dessert”

BOLA INTERNATIONAL African Fabrics and Outfits 2 West 125th St NY 10027 212-831-7199 GEMINI BOUTIQUE (BRAS AND

OMO SADE AFRICA SKINCARE & COSMETICS 2084 Lexington Avenue (b/t 125th & 126th) 212-996-6300

TEARDROPS OF ELEGANCE BEAUTY SALON 2232 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd 212-491-6432 SWORD CLASS NYC 1944 Madison Avenue (b/t 124th & 125th streets) 646-580-9532

CAROLYN L. MATER COOKS Lovelykitchen58@gmail. com 929-359-7028 caterer EGG ROLL QUEEN “A bite not forgotten” Vegan, Caribbean, Asian, Mexican and Southern Roots Egg Rolls. Call 917-3780283. SHADEESHA'S SWEET N A V Y B E A N COOKIES


354 St Nicholas Ave 212-866-7980 HARLEM ART CAFE Art Gall e r y Custom Framing 17 East 125th @ 5th Ave HARLEM’S HEAVEN Hat Shop 2538 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (@W.147) 212-491-7706 Facebook: Harlem’s Heaven Fan Page

“ B E S T



20 East 125th Street & 2217 Frederick Douglass 212-987-9385



SPRINKLE SPLASH BAKERY 1590 PARK AVENUE (INSIDE LA MARQUETA) JESSIE’S NUTTY CUPS Handcrafted at HBK Incubates at 1580 Park Avenue Online shop at: LADY LEXIS SWEETS 1931 Madison Avenue (b/t 124th & 125th) 212-534-0330 LADY LOVE Lingerie, Hosiery, Sleepwear 44 West 125th St NY 10027 212-678-0824 LOLA’S HAIR Hair Extensions and Hair Products 52 West 125th Street 646-833-7029 NICHOLAS VARIETY 5 East 125th Street @ Fifth 212-2893628

800-7646106 www.sprinklesplacom THE BROWNSTONE Contemporary Women Lifestyle Boutique 24 East 125th Street Harlem, New York 10035 212..996.7980 www.thebrownstonewoman. com  URBAN GARDEN CENTER 1640 Park Av e n u e (under the viaduct from 116th to 117th) 646-872-3991 WILD OLIVE MARKET 10 East 125th Street (b/t Fifth & Madison) 646-9985829 www. facebook. com/WildOliveMarket

SHOP SMALL WYNN OPTICS Eye Glasses and Contact Lens 167 Lenox Ave @ 118th St 629 Lenox Ave @ 141st St 212-491-1500 YARA INTERNATIONAL FABRICS African Fabrics 2 West 125th St NY 10027 212-831-7199 HARRIET ROSEBUD HATS w w w. h a r r i etrosebudhats. com 917-736-3490

CHERI 231 Lenox @ 121st St 212-6624374 Dinner, Tapas and Sangria Jazz Brunch on Sundays CREPE MASTER 2029 Fifth Avenue (b/t 125th & 126th) 646-869-2684 HARLEM SHAKE 100 W 124th St, New York, NY 10027 2162 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10029 office (212)222 8300 cell (646) 508 5657 Fb: Harlemshakenyc Twitter: @harlemshakenyc HOT POT UNDER DE TREE Jamaican Cuisine 2839 Frederick Douglas Blvd 212-2343505 Sunday Brunch Special $22 JAHLOOKOVA NATURAL ORGANIC 1962 Madison Avenue (b/t 125th & 126th) 917-475-1056 jahlookova and

RESTAURANTS CHARLES COUNTRY PAN FRIED CHICKEN Soul Food Restaurant Takeout and Dine in. 2416 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 132th 212-281-1800

MANNA’S (4 LOCATIONS) Soul Food Buffet and 212-749-9084

70 W 125th @ Lenox 2353 8th Ave @ 126th 486 Lenox Ave @ 134th 54 East 125th St 2 5th Ave

MISS MAMIE SPOONBREAD Soul Food Restaurant  366 W.110th St (btw C o l u m bus&Manhattan Aves) 212.865-6744  SISTERS CARIBBEAN CUISINE 47 East 124th Street (b/t Madison & Park) 212-410-3000 UPTOWN VEG & JUICE BAR 52 East 125th Street (b/t Madison & Park) 212-987-2660 h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . com/Lady-Lexis-Sweets180125918752655/timeline/

SERVICES 145TH ANIMAL HOSPITAL Animal Hospital 454 West 125th Street NY 10039212-2343489 BEST GRAPHICS PRESS INC Printing, Copying and Internet Cafe 1648 Amsterdam Avenue (212) 281-9440 email us: info@

CHARLOTTE ANDERSON LAW OFFICE 212-537-6827 charjrisdoc@ DIRECT PRINT 77 East 125th Street (b/t Madison & Park) 212-9876003 LIKE A CELEBRITY, LLC Professional Service 244 Fifth Avenue 917.512.6192 w w w. L i k e a C e l e b N Y C . com MIA’S BATHHOUSE FOR PETS Dog + Cat Service & Products 247 West 145th Street (212) 694-8607

VISION WORDS Online site that sells Motivational Sticky Notes East 125th Street #129 NY NY 10035 917-415-1018

This listing is being presented by the Harlem Community News, Inc. in conjunction with the 125th Street BID to promote shopping with small businesses in Harlem during the holidays.

MOE’S HAIR HUT 52 E. 125th St, Suite #3 646-692-4128

Shop with these small businesses and others in your community during “Small Business Saturday,” November 25th and throughout the holiday season.

DREAM DEEPLY HAIR (347)454-4830 Hairstylist & Hair extension distributor Hair bundle deals starting at $120

ART, CULTURE AND EVENTS TYSON HALL Fine Artist East 125th Street #129 NY NY 10035 646-382-3616 w w w. Ty s o n

REGINA FLEMING PHOTOGRAPHY Weddings, Babies, Maternity and Events photos and portraits www.reginaflemi n g p h o t o g r a p h y. c o m 212 234 2626

SPA BOUTIQUE 2GO 69 East 130th St 212-234-4769

25% Off

SUDSY WATER LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANERS Laundry + Dry Cleaning Services 2394 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. 347366-8079 website - www.SudsyWater. com

NEW YORK KI ENERGY CENTER Stress Management 13 West 122nd St @ Marcus Garvey Park 646 3296727

For more information and additional businesses visit our website at: www.

If you are a small business owner in Harlem and want your business listed on our website, email us at




Spending with these businesses is an investment in your community. Many of these business owners and their families are neighbors in your community.

Harlem Community News, Inc. is a small business. Owner, Pat Stevenson is a resident of Harlem. Harlem Community News, Inc. is a certified MWBE business listed with NY City, NY State and the New York/New Jersey Port Authority.

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

FUN WATER “Fun Water is energizing people across America and helping feed children in need. Find out how to be a part of this project or how to get a free product of fun water to try! 2 grams of sugar, 20 calories, reduces stress, and promotes cellular energy! www.funwater. org Facebook: FunWaterProject Twitter: Instagram: @fun.water





Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine 10th Anniversary Gala


arlem community leaders and Touro

All proceeds from the Gala will go toward

help TouroCOM educate minority doctors and

that everyone receives quality health care and

College of Osteopathic Medicine

funding additional scholarships for URMs.

address health disparities by serving the under-

Touro is on the road to making that happen.


They are committed and we renew our com-

(TouroCOM) founders and their

To rousing applause, Dr. Hazel Dukes,

supporters packed the Schomburg Center for

president of the NAACP New York State

“I decided that I would be a voice for Tou-

Research in Black Culture in Harlem recently

Conference, who is both a founder of the Tou-

ro and tonight, 10 years later, I’m still commit-

Following Dr. Dukes, Dr. Alan Kadish,

to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the school’s

roCOM-Harlem Community Advisory Board

ted to make sure that…our board will continue

president of Touro College and University sys-

opening in Harlem and their joint efforts in ed-

(CAB) and was honored at the event, renewed

the same legacy,” Dr. Dukes said. “Health is

tem, reinforced the message. “Disparity cannot

ucating underrepresented minorities (URMs).

the CAB’s commitment made 10 years ago to

wealth and we are committed to making sure

be allowed to continue. We need to continue to


David Dinkins, Former Mayor, New York City; Dr. David A. Forstein, Dean, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem campus

Kenneth Steier, DO, Executive Dean, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine; Geoffrey E. Eaton, President, NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch, Former Chief of Staff to Cong. Charles B. Rangel; Walter J. Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Full Spectrum of NY LLC; Patricia E. Salkin, J.D., Provost, Graduate and Professional Divisions, Touro College and University System; Dr. David A. Forstein, Dean, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine; C. Virginia Fields, President and CEO of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLC), Former Manhattan Borough President, 1998-2005; Michael Hardy, Esq, General Counsel, EVP, National Action Network; Hazel Dukes, President of the NAACP New York State Conference, member of the NAACP National Board of Directors, member of the NAACP Executive Committee; Dr. Alan Kadish, President of the Touro College and University System

Geoffrey E. Eaton, President, NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch, Former Chief of Staff to Cong. Charles B. Rangel, Community Affairs Board (CAB) Honoree; Hazel Dukes, President of the NAACP New York State Conference, member of the NAACP National Board of Directors, member of the NAACP Executive Committee, CAB Honoree; Dr. Martin Diamond, Founding Dean of Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine; C. Virginia Fields, President and CEO of the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLC), Former Manhattan Borough President, 1998-2005, CAB Honoree; Walter J. Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Full Spectrum of NY LLC, CAB Honoree; Michael Hardy, Esq, General Counsel, EVP, National Action Network, CAB Honoree

work together to make sure all citizens have

Community Advisory Board being honored:

equal access to excellent health care, as our

Dr. Dukes; the Hon. C. Virginia Fields, pres-

graduates have provided, and that they have

ident and CEO, National Black Leadership

role models,” the president said. “We’ve done

Commission on AIDS, Inc.; Geoffrey E. Eaton,

a lot but we need to more. We want to make

president, NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch;,

sure students are not inhibited from studying

Walter J. Edwards, CEO of Full Spectrum of

medicine because they can’t afford it.”

N.Y., LLCC and Michael A. Hardy, Esq., Gen-

The festive evening included appearances

eral Counsel, EVP, National Action Network.

by numerous high profile leaders in Harlem

TouroCOM founders honored were Dr.

and NYC, including former Mayor David Din-

Bernard Lander, OBM, founding president

kins, former Gov. David Paterson, and the five

Touro College; Martin Diamond, DO, founding

original members of the TouroCOM-Harlem

dean; Sheldon Sirota, DO, OBM; Thomas J. Monahan, M.A., past executive secretary, NY State Bd. Of Medicine; and Jay Sexter, Ph.D., founding CEO. After a cocktail reception with jazz music provided by The Phil Young Experience, the awards program opened with a 10th Anniversary Video. Alumni shared how their education made them want to serve local communities and help the underserved. Founders talked about how the CAB helped the school succeed

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

in its mission to serve those in need.


David Paterson, Former New York Governor and Distinguished Professor of Health Care and Public Policy Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine; Dr. Alan Kadish, President of the Touro College and University System



SHOP HARLEM Shop Small Businesses throughout the HOLIDAY SEASON

Fun Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Kids


Shopping for a gaming console? Seek out family-friendly options that offer opportunities for age-appropriate or educational gaming. Some consoles even provide parental controls, so monitoring use is easy. Camera Fun Little cinematographers and videographers may enjoy the Kidizoom Action Cam 180, a 180-degree rotatable camera that takes photos and videos with fun features like slow and fast-motion. It comes with accessories needed to mount it to a bike, skateboard and more while taking action shots. The all-weather, water-resistant case allows for use up to six feet underwater, perfect for swimming and splashing. For even more fun, kids can play one of three included games. Drones Kids have always loved flying toys and with the technological advancements in drones, they can be had at all price points with a wide variety of capabilities. For beginners, you’ll want to consider durable drones with easy controls. Just be sure to look into local rules and regulations to be sure you’re flying in appropriate places that aren’t

restricted. Handheld Smart Devices With quality content and robust features similar to those found in parents’ smartphones, KidiBuzz lets children message over Wi-Fi to a parent-approved contact list. They can also push the talk button and send quick voice messages. Through the kid-safe web browser, users can visit popular pre-approved websites, and can also download Android apps. It’s also a multimedia player for listening to music and watching videos. Kids can explore silly stamps, frames and photo effects and use them to capture pictures and selfies or make their own videos with the 180-degree rotating camera. The device includes more than 40 learning games and apps and its bumper and shatter-safe screen means kids can take it virtually anywhere. Make this holiday season the most exciting one yet for kids, with great new tech gear that engages, informs and entertains.

Bola Intl Wynn Optics


The Brownstone

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

ooking for some kid-friendly tech gear this holiday season? Here are some on-trend gift ideas, featuring engaging content for kids. Wearable Tech Wearable tech is a great choice for energetic kids, as it seamlessly integrates innovative technology into their active lifestyles. For even more value, consider devices that combine fun with learning. For instance, with the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2, they can take pictures and videos, play games, tell time and more. The durable watch features a sleek design that includes 55 customizable watch faces to help kids learn to tell time, as well as two cameras that allow children to capture everything from action videos to selfies that can be customized in the Silly Yourself app or made into new watch faces. Kids can also use the watch’s motion sensor for active play challenges or to track movements. The watch features an assortment of innovative games, including Monster Catcher, which uses augmented reality to help kids find and capture virtual monsters in the real world. Gaming Systems

H&M Art




Great Holiday Gifts that Give Back


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

he holiday season is all about giving. This year, consider combining thoughtful gifts for loved ones with charitable efforts that benefit the larger community. There are many great ways to do so. Here are a few. Give Books and Donate Shopping for a bibliophile? Along with the gift of a book, consider honoring your gift recipient while promoting literacy and a love of reading in the wider community. Libraries often have programs that offer gift givers an opportunity to donate a book in someone’s name. Or, you may consider donating books or a magazine subscription

PHOTO SOURCE: LifeStraw The Follow the Liters program brings needed clean drinking water to students globally.

to a homeless shelter or school. Give Clean Water Unfortunately, these days, safe tap water is not always a given, no matter where one lives. With the incidence of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes on the rise that may displace fami-

lies and create uncertainty about water quality, consider gifting something essential -- safe hydration on-the-go. Refillable water bottles that feature built-in filters can give recipients access to safe drinking water from virtually anywhere. Those from LifeStraw re-

move 99.999999 percent of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella) and 99.999 percent of waterborne protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), while reducing chlorine, organic chemical matter, bad taste, and odor. For kids, LifeStraw Play is a good choice and will offer parents greater peace of mind. It’s the first water bottle with a two-stage filter designed for children. The 10 oz. bottle is dishwasher safe, and its sturdy leakproof design makes safer drinking convenient at home, school, on camping trips or during emergencies. For adults, consider LifeStraw Go with two-stage filtration that

ensures safe hydration during travel, at home, in the office, at the gym, and outdoors. For those thinking charitably this season, consider that for every LifeStraw product purchased, one child in a developing community is provided with clean drinking water for an entire school year through the company’s Follow the Liters program. As of now, Follow the Liters has provided safe drinking water to 633,000 students at 1,000 schools, and plans to reach one million students by early 2018. LifeStraw products are available for purchase at specialty retailers and online at www.lifestraw. com.


Give a Local Experience When shopping for a loved one or friend who seems to have everything, planning an experience may have a greater, longer-lasting impact than a gift card, video game, or flowers. Consider giving tickets to an art gallery, a play at a nearby theater, or a local museum. Many of these venues are non-profit and donate revenues from ticket sales to charitable foundations. At the same time, you’ll be supporting your local community. This holiday season, you can spread cheer to loved ones and beyond with thoughtful gifts that make the world a better place.

Odds of getting enough sleep?

Odds of winning Take 5?

1 in yawn.

1 in 9.

©2017 New York Lottery. You must be 18 or older to purchase a lottery ticket. PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. For help with problem gambling, call 1-877-8-HOPE-NY or text HOPENY (467369).


PUB: Harlem Community News

Mech Size: Sinlge Mech



Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Those with Active Hobbies (Statepoint)


t’s the gift-giving season and rather than give generic presents to everyone you love, consider thoughtful items that will make their lives easier and hobbies more fulfilling. Travelers Travel lovers on your holiday shopping list? Frequent fliers will appreciate customized luggage tags that will make spotting bags a cinch. Add comfort to all those redeye flights with a memory foam neck pillow. Newer models even offer features like pockets for smartphones and built-in earbuds. Runners / Dogwalkers Not everyone is exploring the neighborhood in the dark, but runners and dogwalkers often are, espe-

PHOTO SOURCE: (c) Tierney/

cially when days are short. Consider brightening their way to make adventures safer with a headlight. For bright light of up to 180 lumens, the Energizer Vi-

sion HD headlight is an affordable, practical stocking stuffer. To light the path for both owner and pet on those wintry nights, the headlight features three light modes

Apple Bank Money Market Account

and pivoting functionality to direct light where one needs it. It’s also weather resistant and drop-tested up to 1 meter to stand up to harsh conditions. Run-

ning at sunset or at sunrise, an innovative smart-dimming feature provides users with maximum run-time to brighten hands-free activities at any time of the day. Yogis There are many great gift options for those who love yoga. Consider a personalized yoga mat, which you can design through an online site that lets you upload any image you want to create a meaningful gift. Select a picture of a beloved pet or a rendering of their favorite piece of artwork for a truly unique yoga mat. Or, help them take their practice to the next level with a gift certificate to a studio offering advanced classes, such as hot yoga or aerial yoga. Outdoor Adventurers Give the gift of light to


your favorite outdoor adventurer with an Energizer Vision HD performance metal light with Digital Focus. The one-press digital focus easily transitions from a full spotlight to a full flood light to help with fireside cooking or setting up the campsite. For hiking and climbing, the aluminum alloy exterior makes it a durable choice. Its impressive run-time, paired with powerful light output and a natural daylight color, make this flashlight a must-have gadget for those whose adventures include any kind of outdoor excursion. More information can be found at This holiday season, thoughtful gift-giving can add light, comfort and personalized fun to loved ones’ busy lifestyles.


APY* for balances of $2,500 and up**

Visit our 125th Street branch today! 124 East 125th Street (at Lexington Avenue) Faith Williams Vice President, Branch Manager 212-360-7532

Established 1863 · Member FDIC

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) disclosed is effective as of 9/5/2017 and may be changed by the Bank at any time. **For the Apple Bank Money Market Account, interest earned on daily balances of $2,500 or more at these tiers: $2,500-$24,999: 1.25% APY, $25,000-$49,999: 1.25% APY, $50,000-$74,999: 1.25% APY, $75,000 or more: 1.25% APY. There is no interest paid on balances between $1-$2,499. $100 minimum deposit required to open account. $2,500 minimum daily balance required to avoid $10 monthly maintenance fee. A combined $3,000,000 maximum deposit per household applies to the Apple Bank Money Market Account. A household is defined as a family residing at the same address. Fees may reduce earnings. Funds used to open accounts cannot be from an existing Apple Bank account. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. apple bk - HARLEM NEWS - MONEY MARKET - EFF DATE 9-5-17.indd 1

9/1/2017 3:14:42 PM

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Great Rate & 100% Liquid!




BEYOND THE PAIN at Harlem’s Kennedy Center

By Hazel Rosetta Smith


HSCC - Central Harlem Senior Citizens’ Centers, Inc., funded in part by NYC Department for the Aging, currently sponsors three centers: KENNEDY at 34 West 134th Street; ST. NICHOLAS at 210 West 131 Street and BEATRICE LEWIS at 2322 Third Avenue. Each location is staffed with a diverse crew and hosts its own variety of programs and activities for their membership. For the past few months,

my schedule has allotted time to revisit the Kennedy Center where I first became a member in 2002, under the directorship of Rita Carrington, who has since retired. Kennedy is now under the tutelage of the Executive Director of CHSCC, Inc., Ralph Dumont, MSW. My return was to attend BEYOND THE PAIN, a class facilitated by Sonia Joy Robinson Dyer. Miss Sonia Joy is a woman of stature with a heart devoted to serving in God’s vineyard. I am a longtime witness to the good works of her caring character and loving hands. Saturday mornings, Sonia Joy is engaging with the young people of the Abyssinian Church’s Blue Nile Ministry cultural and spiritual training. Come Sunday, 7am, she is the first to arrive at Abyssinian to The Praying Band, where her soul-filled prayers are bless-

ings to those in need of healing. Thursday evenings, Sister Sonia is on duty with the church’s Exodus Ministry to uplift and provide community information to those recently released from incarceration. On Thursday mornings, 9am to 11:30am, Kennedy Center is the place to find Sonia Joy encouraging a committed group of seniors to aim BEYOND THE PAIN by keeping the mind and body actively engaged in living the best life possible for as long as possible. Attendees range in age from 62 to 96. Miss Sonia says “The goal is to invite each person seated around the table to share their ROSES (the good in their life) and the THORNS (those trials and tribulations that need to be addressed and worked out). It opens an opportunity to share collectively so that individually we will recognize that our cir-

Standing (L-r) Loretta Johnson, SONIA JOY ROBINSON DYER, Elizabeth Evans, Lucy White, Ruth Jones, Carolyn Carter, Lorraine Millender - Seated (L-r) Josephine Colter, Mary Harwell, Augustine Peterson, Laura Garey

cumstances are similar and our desire to be healthy and happy is the same. Prior to the class, the gathering begins with breakfast, i.e., eggs, sausage, grits and muffins and often includes some of Miss Sonia Joy’s native-born Jamaican specialties: Ackee (tree fruit) and Callaloo (vegetables) with Codfish. Baked yams and fried escovitch fish would show up unexpected.

A senior center can be a valuable home away from home that provides daily activities for those who can now set their own schedule after the constrictions of a 9 to 5 job. The center setting may not be your choice, but it is offering more than sitting at home watching the tube. Meeting other retirees, affordable lunching, playing games like Dominoes, PoKe-

No, card games, Bingo and billiards is time-worthy fun. Pertinent health, mind and body activities include: blood pressure screening, meditation, chair yoga, tai-chi, Staywell, Movement Speaks Dance, Basketball Seniorifics, tango, Zumba and Line Dancing. Take a class and learn something new. Whatever you do after retirement, it is lifesaving to think of it as a new beginning and a chance to enjoy places and activities that time never afforded before. Live, laugh and enjoy every moment. You deserve it. [Hazel Rosetta Smith is a journalist, playwright and director of Help Somebody Theatrical Ministries and former Woman’s Editor and Managing Editor of the New York Beacon News. Contact: misshazel@]

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Still detectable?


81% of SelectHealth members have complete viral load suppression.* At SelectHealth, we’re proud to be helping so many of our plan members live well with HIV. As a specialized HIV health plan, we’re dedicated to serving the special needs of our community.

*2016 Viral Load Suppression Results: New York State Department of Health Office of Quality and Patient Safety © 2017 VNSNY CHOICE

VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth Medicaid Learn more: 1-866-469-7774 (TTY: 711) 8 am – 6 pm, Monday – Friday All calls confidential.

ID# D6241 | Rev 08/09/17 | DOH Approved 11/13/17


TUES • DEC 26 2PM & 7PM Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017 19



Winter the Water Season Nervous System (ANS). The ANS

Stress caused by negative emo-

ative emotions of winter, and the

way to reduce stress and negative

the negative emotion of winter is

influences many body functions,

tions can cause an imbalance in

negative energies of fear and anx-

emotions and remove toxins from

Fear. People will tend to urinate

including heart rate, digestion,

the body, separating the mind and

iety will weaken the SOEFs that

the Kidneys and Bladder. If you

more during the water season and

perspiration, respiratory rate and

spirit from the body. The scientific

surround the Kidneys. Ki Energy

would like additional information

Mercury is the planet that influenc-

sexual arousal.

definition for this state of being is

treatments are very affective in

on this subject send an email to

positive entropy.

bringing balance to the body by


reviving negative entropy energy.

com or call 646 329-6727.


Ki Energy treatments as well as many other forms of Taoist en-

The Kidneys are the Yin water

ergy balancing techniques such as

he season of winter will

organs; they filter all the fluids, re-

Tai Chi, Acupuncture, and Chi Nei

begin Thursday, Decem-

moving excess water and toxins.

Tsang have been used for centuries

ber 21. Taoist wellness

Kidneys can only move about six

to bring balance to every vital or-

strategies consider winter to be

cups of liquid per day, including

gan including the Bladder and Kid-

the season of the element of wa-

what is already in the body as well

neys. Scientific research in Quan-

ter. There are five elements; Fire,

as what you drink. If the kidneys

tum Physics has identified energy

Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.

get overloaded with toxins due to

fields that surround all material

Ancient Taoist sages, created well-

drinking too much during the hol-

forms in the universe. These fields

ness strategies for each of the five

iday season, it can cause an ener-

are called “Subtle Organizing En-

elements and use their uncanny

gy imbalance in the body that can

ergy Fields” (SOEFs).

understanding of the relationship

weaken the Immune System. The Bladder is the yang water

it energy of the human body is in balance, the SOEFs that surround

During the winter water sea-

urine (which is not waste, it is fil-

each vital organ are energized, pro-

son, the two vital organs that at-

tered blood.) The bladder channel

viding all the necessary energy that

tention should be given to are the

has a relationship with most body

the vital organ needs to be healthy.

kidneys (yin organ) and the blad-

functions. It runs close to the spine

The scientific definition of this

der (yang organ). The positive

and can influence the Sympathetic

state of being is negative entropy.


Fear and anxiety are the neg-

When the mind, body and spir-

organ that receives and eliminates

between the human body and the

Ki Energy Treatments during the winter months are a helpful

emotion of winter is Gentleness;

es the solar energy of earth during


by William A Rogers

Answers to Puzzle on page 24

Herbs Are Nature’s Medicine...

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

By Zakiyyah


HEALING OUR EMOTIONS with HERBS and CHAKRA BALANCING 7th CROWN CHAKRA – Final Part 4. One of the herbs suggested in last week’s article for a calming tonic for ailments of the mind, emotional disturbances and nervous disorders included valerian. Valerian is best known for its tranquilizer and calmative effect, making the herb a popular sleep aid and anxiety fighter. However, it has also been used in connection with menstrual cramps, headaches, muscle spasms, nervous restlessness, stress, and stress-related digestive disorders. There are energetic compounds found in the root that

may increase gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) within the brain, which is what causes us to be able to fall asleep easier and remain sleeping for longer periods of time. Valerian root minimizes the time it will take to sleep, lengthens the rest period, and decreases restlessness while asleep. The root and rhizome are the parts used for medicinal purposes, which contains flavonoids, mucous substances, tannins, resins, sugars, starches, fats, manganese, calcium, choline, and B vitamins, with the most active ingredients being found in the fresh root. Combining it with its sedative effect makes it effective in relieving headaches (es-

pecially stress headaches) migraines, arthritis and muscle pain. Valerian has also shown promise in treating shingles, sciatica, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, panic attacks, and peripheral neuropathy. . . . MAKE NATURE’S MEDICINE YOUR OWN This information is to help you balance your natural healing energies and is not intended as diagnosis nor as a substitute for medical supervision. To pre-order my book:; phone: 347-407-4312, email: theherbalist1750@; website: www., blog:



THE ADAMS REPORT Holiday Stress Management 101


eeling frazzled post-Thanksgiving? Well, join the party. It seems as though life goes into hyper-drive long before you’ve polished off the last of the leftovers!  And now with just a little more than three weeks before Christmas, hyper-drive doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the intense flurry of activity during the holiday season. There is a long list of things to accomplish because it isn’t just the holiday that creates a major “to do” list, it’s also the realization that a new year is on the horizon shortly thereafter . . . I don’t know about you, but at times I feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the tasks at hand! Why is it then that even though you know it’s coming that it seems near impossible to prepare for it? I wish I had the answer, but of course, I had a few thoughts . . .

By Audrey Adams Is the pressure real? Is it self-imposed? If you are solely responsible for creating a pleasurable holiday environment for everyone in your immediate family, then perhaps it’s time to delegate. Give up the notion that you and you alone can do it all if you want some relief. You’re thinking that it works in theory, right? Okay, I hear you, but I also offer that if you keep all the details to yourself, you don’t allow others to add their creativity to the pro-

cess. It just may be that they will help to enhance a “long-standing tradition” with a memorable component. Be willing to pass on the responsibility for maintaining tradition to another and in doing so, relieve some of the pressure. Food and meal preparation is another area of potential stress. I can remember waking up one Thanksgiving morning expecting to smell the scent of the turkey, stuffing, cakes and pies in the air. Well, I ran downstairs to see what was up. My father sat reading the newspaper and my mom was reading a book. When I asked about dinner, they told me that they decided not to cook this year! How dare they, I thought; parents always cook holiday dinners. They hadn’t even bought the makings for dinner. I panicked and after I got over it, I took matters into my own hands and rushed out to buy everything so that I could have

Foot Pain? Diabetes? FOOT CENTER of NEW YORK 55 East 124th St.

(between Madison & Park Aves.)

Wednesday 8 am - 7:30 pm

Medicare, most Medicaid HMOs, and other insurances accepted Full-Service Physical Therapy Center

Expert staff diagnose and treat foot ailments including: Sports Injuries • Foot Pain • In-toeing • Out-toeing Flat Feet • Ingrown Toenails • Walking Problems Heel Spurs • Bunions • Hammertoes 55 East 124th St. btwn. Park and Madison Avenues, NYC Call 212-410-8158 for an appointment

those that love adding themselves to the crush of holiday shoppers. Last-minute sales and staying up all night to wrap presents are tradition to some, but if it means being tired and cranky Christmas morning then why hold on to that?  If traditionally you have a holiday party at your house for 50 people, why not have it every other year instead? I could go on and on citing examples of potentially stressful situations we encounter each year; but instead I’ll leave it up to you to identify your own areas, or if the pressure is real or self-imposed. Why start the New Year frazzled? Give yourself a break and take time to think of the possibilities that lie ahead. Enjoy reconnecting and celebrating with family and friends. Ease into letting go of the need to control the outcome of tradition. Pass the stress around. Think about it. See you next week.

Visit my website, and checkout my online radio show, Talk! with Audrey for a series of interviews that will inform, motivate and inspire you. Audrey Adams is the host of TALK! with AUDREY, a weekly radio and television show about issues that empower women, featuring entertaining and inspiring interviews with experts and authors from the health, fitness, financial, and travel industries. In New York, listen to TALK! with AUDREY every Monday at 5:30 p.m. on WPAT 930 AM and watch every Friday at 6:30 a.m. on RNN . . . FIOS Channel 6; RCN Channel 16; Cablevision Channels 19, 48, 6 and 19; Direct TV Channel 48 and Comcast Channels 13, 19 and 713. For more information and on demand content visit TALKWITHAUDREY. com ©The Adams Report 

1400 5th Ave. (entrance on 116th Street), NY, NY 10026


The premier physical therapy clinic in the heart of Harlem! We are committed to providing dignified, personalized care! Programs:

• Back and Neck Care • Sports Medicine • Osteoporoses • Balance • Total Joint Replacements

Treatment Protocols: • Prevention and Education • Close Chain Stabilization • Weight Training • Home Exercise Programs

Conditions Treated Include:

Sprains/Strains/Muscle Spasm • Fractures • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Whiplash Back Pain • Plantarfascitis • Weakness and Instability • Tendonitis/Bursitis Total Hip/Knee Replacement • Neuropathy Post-Operative Rehabilitation for: Knees/Shoulders/Elbows/Ankles and Feet

Call Us We Can Help


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 am - 4 pm

Thanksgiving dinner as I remembered it. It was a good thing too, because it was a first for me and my parents were impressed with all that I learned from them each year just hanging out in the kitchen when they cooked. Me too. But what I learned from that experience was that sometimes people take on the responsibility out of habit. The dinner that I prepared was different, I substituted Cornish hens for turkey and canned green beans instead of fresh snapped beans, a purchased sweet potato pie for home made . . . and a new memory was created, along with the story of how my parents sat out Thanksgiving! We still laugh about it. If you have been cooking year after year, eat out or let another family member show off his or her culinary skills. Then there is shopping. There are those of us who shop all year long and then there are




Spiritually Speaking By Bro. Bill De Fossett –Radio Personality and host of The 3G Experience radio program on WHCR-90.3 FM (


he appropriate greeting this season in Merry Christmas. We must maintain the spirit of this season as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Keep Christ in Christmas! Fort Motte Baptist Church, on Willis Avenue in the Bronx, had a coat collection/ giveaway service last Saturday. It corresponded with the first snowfall of the season. Rev. James

Duckett is the Pastor. Rev. Dr. Lester Taylor was the preacher for the Installation Service for the United Missionary Baptist Church Association last week. The installation was held at Convent Avenue Baptist Church, in Harlem. Rev. Dr. Jessie Williams is the Pastor of Convent. Rev. Charles Smith, Pastor of Christ Temple Baptist Church, celebrat-

ed his 21st Anniversary as Pastor last week. Guest preachers for the celebration were Rev. Gloria Bradshaw, Rev. Hiram Ratliff, and Rev. Jamel Moore. Rev. Isaac Graham and the Macedonia Baptist Church ordained six women in the Gospel Ministry last Sunday. Mt. Neboh Baptist celebrated Friends and Family Day. Rev. Johnnie Greene is the Pastor.

Rev. Keith Branch and the Branch Singers present a live recording session at New Life Cathedral. 110 Junius Street, Brooklyn, on December 16. Ticket giveaway on The 3G Experience, Thursday morning 6-10am ( w w w. w h c r. o r g ) Archbishop Robert Rochford is the Pastor. We were talking about the Ministers in Harlem and the Bronx that are

“Generation Builders.” Seeing Rev. Henry Bolden at the home going for Rev. Fletcher Crawford started the mind ticking. How many of that group of preachers are still pastoring and/or still here? Let me give you a hint Rev. D’Eugene Rodgers, Pastor of Solomon Temple Baptist Church is the youngest of the group. Rev. William L. Watkins, Jr. and Rev. Henry Bolden are the oldest. I encourage your input on this discussion.

Thanks to all of you that view The 3G Experience on Facebook Live and www. Follow the 3G Experience every Thursday from 6am10am. Watch/listen on Facebook Live or Send mail and other comments to Bro. Bill, PO box 446, New York, NY 10039.



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W 113 th W St. 112 th St.

Morningside Park


Upon start of treatment. While supplies last!


FREE digital wrist thumb drive

Av e.

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Need Braces or Invisalign?



“We’re Going to Need More Wine” REVIEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer, Harlem News contributor


ere’s to us. A toast to our years together, our friendships, things we’ve done and laughs we’ve had. Here’s to us – together forever. We need to do this more often. We need to stay in touch. As author Gabrielle Union says, “We’re Going to Need More Wine.” When she was still a small child, Gabrielle Union knew how life kept score. She was born in Omaha, but her parents moved the family to Pleasanton, California, about an hour from Oakland, when Union was in second grade. Her father was intent on “keeping up with the Joneses” with the move, but he didn’t quite accomplish that: he’d chosen a “nearly as good” neighborhood, but it wasn’t good enough. For much of her childhood,

Union “felt real green on being black.” She spent junior high trying to fit in with the white girls at school and wishing for a boyfriend; in summertime, she stayed with her grandmother in Nebraska, trying to catch up on “being black.” It was there where she finally realized that “black boys like me.” It took time for her to like herself. As with many girls, Union says that she didn’t know much about her own body, which was troubling, but she learned over time with (and from) her peers. She fought her natural hair and “learned to apologize for my very skin” because she was darker than her mother and sisters. She was told that she was “funny,” when she really wanted to hear that she was pretty. That finally happened

when a white boy went from “JUSTASFRIENDS” to temporary boyfriend, and Union lost her virginity. It was bittersweet – their romance didn’t last long at all - but there it was. Stealing boyfriends, though… that could be problematic. So could marrying a man when you see big issues even before the wedding. So could a TV part, when you’re literally the first Black person to appear on the show. So could working at a retail store, and a man with a gun walks in… I have to say that I didn’t like “We’re Going to Need More Wine” at the outset. The introduction feels awfully familiar, in a forced-friendship kind of way, as though it was trying too hard to make me like it. My advice: skip it. Or read it

by Gabrielle Union

last. Whichever; you’ll like the rest of the book so much better because author Gabrielle Union is worth getting to know on more casual terms, with stories that will make you laugh, sigh, and nod in recognition – but beware. Union writes in a manner that makes you feel as though you grew up in the same neighborhood, but she also doesn’t seem to be someone who holds anything back. While that candor is refreshing, it can also be explicit, profane, and painful to read. And yet – you’ll learn a few things in “We’re Going to Need More Wine”: about Union, about celebrity, surviving, and about responsibility. If that sounds like the book you want to read next, then here’s to you. “We’re Going to Need More Wine” by Gabrielle Union c.2017, Dey St. $26.99 / $33.50 Canada 263 pages

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017 23


HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS see answers on page 20

STATEPOINT CROSSWORD THEME: YEAR IN REVIEW ACROSS 1. Pepsi and Coke, e.g. 6. Batman punch 9. Tit for tat 13. Notable period 14. Opposite of hence 15. Cook-off dish 16. Nile’s mouth 17. Jan. predecessor 18. *A United passenger was dragged down one 19. *2017 solar event 21. *Natural disaster or center of Hollywood scandal 23. Second Testament 24. “Best ____ schemes o’mice an’ men” 25. Is no longer 28. Supermarket section 30. Broadband predecessor 35. Lyric poems

Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017



SUBSCRIBE TODAY! GO TO PAGE 23 Visit our website to learn more: WWW.

37. Commiserate 39. *Album of the Year Grammy recipient 40. Opposite of eve 41. *POTUS 43. Fender-bender damage 44. Kindle content 46. a.k.a. Atlantic Richfield Company 47. Jazz singing 48. Freshman? 50. Chutzpah 52. “Listen up!” 53. Freight horse cart 55. Noisy talk 57. *Late Playboy 60. *Fidget ____, banned by many schools 64. Hindu dance gesture 65. Anything female 67. Ransack or plunder 68. 4-letter word in speech on broadcast TV 69. Three strikes 70. Lucifer 71. *Tiffany to Ivanka and Don Jr.’s kids 72. *Its neutrality was

being threatened in 2017 73. Craftily or cunningly DOWN 1. Surrender land 2. Crude group? 3. Take it easy 4. ____ ____ a play 5. Formed 6. ____ farewell, past tense 7. Bio bit 8. Barista’s creation 9. Blade in Litchfield 10. Solomon-like 11. Friend in war 12. Crusty dessert 15. Esophagus-stomach connection 20. Hidden under a rug 22. “Farm ____” benefit concert 24. Church ritual 25. *January 21 marchers 26. Hacienda brick 27. Asian goat antelope 29. Turkey money

31. Contributes 32. Olden day doctor’s prescription 33. Arm bones 34. *Deceased heartbreaker 36. One who looks down on others 38. Village People song 42. Tissue growth 45. Do this and hope for ransom 49. Before of yore 51. Landowners in the olden days 54. Match play? 56. Land on patellas 57. *”The Handmaid’s Tale” channel 58. Adam and Eve’s garden 59. Drive oneself crazy 60. Cobblestone 61. USS Constitution organization 62. Inherently bad 63. To bank on 64. Executive’s degree 66. Tint



52 CAN DO TIP #24 - 2017 Sleep Tight

By Monifa Maat “The Healthy Motivator” (


y father said there were two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better.” – Marlo Thomas I am delighted to once again join my Harlem News family after a couple of

weeks! Your Healthy Motivator has been hard at work as Project Manager, leading the renovation of New York City’s Southbridge Fitness (& Healing) Center founded by former Ghanaian bodybuilder Martin Addo. Although the results were extremely successful – three weeks’ worth of construction completed in just one week; it also meant that too often sleep took a backseat.

As of the writing of this article I am still catching up on hours of lost sleep. It puts me in the mindset of a story a close friend told us over the holidays about the time they had to travel by car for a business meeting after a particularly hectic week and they were extremely exhausted. Next thing they knew they were traveling down an embankment but woke up in time to come to a screeching halt

fighting common infections such as cold or flu? Are you overweight or obese? All of these questions pinpoint sleep as playing an important role. Sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system, hampering your ability to fight common bacterial infections and viruses that contribute to cold and flu. Sleep also helps the body maintain a healthy balance of hormones that makes you feel either full or hungry. Lack of sleep causes the hormone that makes you feel hungry to go up (ghrelin) and the one that

makes you feel full go down (leptin). As you can see, sleep is a heavily underrated treatment for much of what may be ailing us. This coming year let us make a commitment to get more sleep. Plain and simple. Monifa Maat is a MindBody Corrective Exercise Therapist, Author of Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow®, 18 mind-body bed exercise techniques for flexibility, strength & balance. EMAIL: / WEB:


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

seconds before hitting a steel pole. We know the acute effects that lack of sleep can cause, which include vehicle crashes and other accidents, but what about the cumulative effects that can lead to other serious chronic conditions? According to NIH (National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute) lack of sleep can affect not only how you feel from a physical standpoint during the day such as sleepiness, brain fog, and fatigue – it can also affect your overall body functions that control such things as your organs, digestive system and mental health. Sleep & Chronic Disease Sleep is involved in the healing and repair of heart, blood vessels, and your nervous system. Sleep deprivation has been shown to cause oxidative stress to both the liver and pancreas, which helps control how the body reacts to insulin (the hormone that controls blood glucose (sugar) in the body. Health experts and medical researchers are increasingly associating lack of sleep with increased risk of Type 2 diabetes. The National Sleep Foundation reports that “without long, deep periods of rest, certain chemicals are activated that keep the body from achieving extended periods in which heart rate and blood pressure are lowered” which over time can lead to high blood pressure and a greater chance of cardiovascular problems. Are you constantly



HARLEM COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS ADOPTION Loving family from Europe, looking to adopt a baby into home filled with happiness, security, unconditional love. We whole-heartedly welcome a child of any race/ ethnicity. Please contact Chantal, Geoffrey and big brother Noah, through our NY adoption agency! 1-914939-1180


Wheels For Wishes Benefiting

Make-A-Wish® Metro New York Call: (917) 336-1254 * Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or financial information, visit


line Only Ending Novem- ber 8 @ 10AM at NYSAucAUTO 800-243-0061 DONATIONS AAR, Inc. & HAR, Inc. Free Donate your car to Wheels info: For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish. We offer free towing and your donation is 100% tax deductible. Call (855) 376-9474


Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

Correction Officer Trainee


• • • • • •

*Free Vehicle/Boat Pickup ANYWHERE *We Accept All Vehicles Running or Not *Fully Tax Deductible

$40,590 hiring rate $42,695 after 6 months $48,889 after 1 year PAID time off GREAT benefits Retire after 25 years AT ANY AGE

Harlem Community 1 col.

Apply on-line today or download exam information and applications at: Additional information about the position of correction officer is available on our website at


phone and email. email resume and info: or call 212-996 6006. HELP WANTED

AIRLINE CAREERS Start Here –Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. COLLECTABLES $CASH$ PAID INSTANTLY Call AIM for free informafor Pre-1975 Comic Books, tion 866-296-7094 MORTGAGES Vintage: Star Wars; Transformers/GI Joe Action WE PAY OFF Your Debts Figures; Video Games-Sys- From Credit Cards To tems; MagictheGathering/ Mortgages. Minimum Pokemon Cards - CALL $5,000- $500K. Put Cash WILL: 800-242-6130, In Your Pockets. No apbuying@getcashforcomics. plication fees. Must be com open accounts. 347-349Harlem Community 1 col. 4168 HELP WANTED LEGAL NOTICE

Advertising Sales Manager. Some training. Must enjoy meeting new people. Some outside cold calling, most inside

Notice of sale of property that the undersigned will sell to satisfy the lien of owner at public sale



City Laborer

Police Surgeon

Performs common unskilled laboring work requiring physical strength. Moves, lifts and carries items of various weights and sizes. May utilize hand or power-driven equipment in the performance of duties. May be required to operate motor vehicles in connection with the performance of duties. Requirements: There are no formal education or experience requirements. Visit and select “New York Police Department” from the agency listing to apply.

Candidate selected will determine the fitness for duty of all members of the service who are sick or injured; follow the member’s course of treatment; and endorse authorization for medical services from private practitioners. Requirements: a valid license to practice medicine in the State of New York plus valid Board Certification issued by the appropriate American Specialty Board in any specialty area required by the Department.



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Responsibilities: designing, instructing and monitoring fitness programs and monitoring Contact us today for details! the health and safety of those participating in the programs. Conducts fitness assess518-464-6483 ments; prescribes an individual course of training exercise for each participant sessed and conducts periodic re-evaluations. Requirements: CPR & First Aid by Red Cross or equivalent. Bachelor’s in a related ” reject any/all bids by competition bidding an Use sale, C u “Good News You Can Use” s Yo d New field plus 4 year’s full time experience, or as“Goo on December22 2017 cancel or adjourn sale sociates in related field plus 6 years’ experiVisit and select “New at 9am located at 972 to resolve this claim call ence. York Police Department” from the agency Nassau Road, Union- 516-485-8600. listing to apply.

Prevents gas, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps caused by consuming lactose in dairy foods.

Published Weekly




wspa ity Ne


The Harlem Commu


EWS N M E HARL pers,



April 9,



15 15, 20

Vol. 15 No. 22

May 28, - June 3, 2015

nity Newspapers,

Inc. Connec ting Harlem,

Queens, Brooklyn and The

Vol. 15 No. 8

ry 24, 2015

Vol. 15

Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation

mber d cil Me Coun kens an er Inez Dicly Memb mb Asse ith Wright Ke rating CelebSHEROES ng Unsu page 15

16 page

10 page


NY Greater, Links ter Chap rated Celeb en of “Wom on Spirit cti Distin ards” Aw 6

Former Model B. Smith Seeks Greater Awareness of Alzheimer’s

sinc mnew /harle mnewsinc @harle

see page 5

The Network Journal Honors Karen Witherspoon page 14

page 10



/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc


ity N




s, In

c. C onne ctin g Har lem, Que ens, Broo klyn

“Go od N ews You Mar ch 5, Can - Mar Use” ch 11 , 20

and The Sout h Br onx MU







Rang “Ran el Kick ge s 30 -D l Reso Off ay Ch lutio allen n, to Heal Promot ge e thy page Habits” 17

Wanted to Buy


page 8

/harlemnewsinc @harlemnewsinc





BP Adams Thanks Volunteers for Part icipating in Hope 2015 Survey of City’s Homeles s page 5

New Mid Block Signal Crosswalk, and Markings to Improve Safety for Children and Families

page 16


500 $600 Guests Raise ,000 d at Blac k M the 10 en page Gala 0 11

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

page 14



dale NY 11553 John REAL ESTATE Doe Fennick Rickets m UPSTATE NY LAND! 5 e rl a Dwayne Phillips Garfield mH ama VACATION nts fro nt Ob Studey Preside NTS B F EVE acre tracts! Waterto 41 d O R re A o COMMUNITY CAL Stone Sherrie Hill HonDo-Y CALEND ENDAR OF EVENTS COMMUNITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS RENTALS IT MUN COM reen Gray Deon Andrew front, old Dell Eric Smart Bob King farmland, country bldg OCEAN CITY, MARY907 E. 211 Street Bronx lots! Liquidation prices. LAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. NY Lot#1910 Owner re- Terms. Call serves the right to bid at 888-905-8847 NewYork- Full/ partial weeks. Call page


for FREE brochure. Open BR 5% ON NEWdiscount- use daily. Holiday Resort Ser- baseXrent S vices. 1-800-638-2102. code NYPS17. Ends Online reservations: Sept-01-2017

February 19, - Februa

. 15

page 7


“Good News You Can Use”


In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues”

South Bronx


No Vol. 15

ay Holid Billie ted Into Induc ollo Ap me of Fa Walk 12


The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx


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The Harlem News Group Inc. will publish “only” positive news and information. Our mission is to deliver “good” and informative news to our readers focusing on health, education, housing, business and employment opportunities. We look for and publish results, not problems. We promote businesses, opportunites and events DON’T MISS ANOTHER ISSUE happening in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to providing our readers with valuable information they can use to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and our communities.


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The Harlem Community Newspapers, Inc. Connecting Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx

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February 19, - Februa

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In Memory of B.B. King - “Why I Sing The Blues” page 7





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Vol. 15 No. 8

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Macy’s Celebrat es Black History Month - “The Style of the Soul Era” page 11

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Men Who Mentor: Dr. Bob Lee’s “Making The Grade” Foundation page 14

NBA All Star Weekend Invades New York City page 12

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14. 2017

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Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14, 2017  
Harlem Community Newspapers | December 14, 2017