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VOL. 12 • NUMBER 24 • JUNE 13, 2013

WHAT WILL IT BECOME? Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills will be auctioned off at the end of June, and elected officials and civic leaders are crossing their fingers the See Story on Page 8 space becomes senior housing or a medical facility. Anna Gustafson/The Forum Newsgroup

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Forest Hills Honors a Patriot

Ceremony to Unveil Thomas X. Winberry Way at Metro and Ascan By Patricia Adams Just short of the two year anniversary of his passing, Thomas X. Winberry was honored in his hometown of Forest Hills on Sunday morning. Winberry’s service to his country began in the US Navy, where he served in the Korean War. After his discharge, he joined the American Legion and continued in that service throughout his life. A crowd of about one hundred family members, friends, community leaders and elected officials gathered to honor the former NYPD officer, American Legion Commander and patriot. And as the ceremony got underway, Council member K aren Koslowitz started what was to be an extended line of praise and thanks for the Forest Hills fixture. One by one they remembered his devotion to the community and his staunch support of veteran’s rights. They cited commendations from the NYPD—a total of 15 over twenty years on the force-- and his prowess for organizing the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade and annual

Virginia Winberry accepted a duplicate of the sign in her husband’s memory, shown here with Council member Karen Koslowitz.

Thanksgiving turkey drives. Assemblyman Andrew Hevesiwas one of the first to speak of his friendship with Tom Winberry —“He personally welcomed me when I first took office and I have to say that after having the privilege of working with him for years, the Memorial Day parade and 911 remembrances are just not the same,” said Hevesi. “ I would like to thank his family for

Patricia Adams/The Forum Newsgroup

Assemblyman Hevesi breaks the string on a stubborn paper cover, drawing laughs from the crowd. It took two ladders and three sets of hands to finally unveil the sign.

sharing him with us. This is a great honor for a great man.” “Tom was a fantastic man. When you look at Tom Winberry’s picture what you see is what you get--he was always smiling,” said former senator, Serf Maltese. “ In all the years I knew him, I never heard Tom Winberry say an ill word of anyone.” Tom Long, current commander of American Legion Post1424,

spoke of his predecessor. “Tom was a member of the Legion for 30 years. He was a commander for seven. Tom was a great guy. He was a doer, a leader, a commander.” Long also praised Council member Koslowitz whom he said was truly responsible for getting the day organized and seeing it through and asked the crowd to join him in a round of applause.

Ready for Beef and Beers:

Before moving off to reveal the sign reading Thomas X. Winberry Way, his widow Virginia spoke a few words about her beloved husband. She was accompanied by her children Debbie, Dottie and Patricia at the ceremony as well as several grandchildren. “Thomas was a true patriot. He served his country in the navy, his city in the police department and his community with the many civic projects he started as Commander of the Continental Post. And of course he was my knight in shining armor. I know he’s looking down on all of us and smiling.” The crowd then moved from their seating to assemble at the corner of Metropolitan and Ascan avenues for the official unveiling. Waiting patiently to see it for the first time, those in attendance got more of a show then they had planned. The paper refused to come off and a total of three men and two ladders were enlisted to get the job done. In the end it was Assemblyman Hevesi who managed to pull enough of the paper off to finally reveal a gleaming new street sign--Thomas X. Winberry Way.

O’Neill’s Prepares to Open its Maspeth Doors By Anna Gustafson Spreading his hands towards a room abuzz with construction work, George O’Neill said he is counting down the days until his Maspeth restaurant - O’Neill’s, a community mainstay that has had Mets players tend bar and held fundraisers for the spouses of police officers killed in the line of duty - reopens within the next several weeks. “I can’t wait to see everyone - all the friends, all the customers, everyone,” said O’Neill, whose 53rd street restaurant was

destroyed by a fire in May 2011. “People are excited. Car after car will drive up to the restaurant and people will ask when we’re reopening.” The O’Neill family hoped they would be able to reopen the establishment, located at 64-21 53rd St., on June 14, but the city has yet to give its final stamp of approval. Once the city inspects the building’s sprinkler system, which is expected to happen within the next couple of weeks, the much beloved eatery will, once again, be open for business. “It really is a neighborhood place - it’s a big part of the community,” said Tara O’Neill

Anna Gustafson/The Forum Newsgroup

Tara O’Neill Pyle, the daughter of George O’Neill, is looking forward to celebrating the reopening of the community mainstay O’Neill’s in Maspeth around the end of June or beginning of July.

Pyle, George O’Neill’s daughter and the wife of Danny Pyle, who runs the restaurant alongside his father-in-law. “People here consider it a landmark.” Originally opened by O’Neill’s father, also George O’Neill, in 1928 under the name the Plateau Tavern, the restaurant has gone on to become a wildly popular hangout spot for everyone from neighborhood regulars to members of the 1986 Mets team that clinched the World Series. “They ran out of their locker room and to O’Neill’s, and people came in and said, ‘Wait a minute - are those the Mets tending bar?’” laughed O’Neill, who got his start in the kitchen while serving in the Army in the mid-1950s. Throughout the years, as the Plateau Tavern evolved into O’Neill’s, the establishment would do more than flip burgers and serve up cold beers - they held fundraisers for countless causes, including to help individuals foot medical bills and for widows whose husbands were police killed while serving their city, and they sponsored countless sports teams, from Little Leagues to softball and basketball. Perhaps more than anything, O’Neill’s has been a place synonymous with community with people coming together to celebrate the good - the bridal showers, the weddings, the births - and to support one another when hospital trips leave paralyzing medical bills or when loved ones die. And this, O’Neill said, is the way his father wanted it - he would have wanted to know that, while a blaze devastated the restaurant, people throughout Queens and beyond - have since clamored for its

George O’Neill’s restaurant has been in their family since his father opened what was then called the Plateau Tavern in 1929.

reopening. Thousands of people, including a bevy of elected officials, have joined a Facebook group for O’Neill’s, and the restaurant owner said not a day goes by that someone does not ask him when the doors to his eatery will once again be flung open. The newly renovated spot will be able to seat more customers than before – the addition of a new catering hall will hold about 300 people. And, O’Neill said, it will boast what he calls “the best food in New York.” “I’ve always been interested in serving the best food, and we’ll have the best chef,” O’Neill said. “We’ll have the best beef, the best seafood, the best everything.” residents remembered Thomas X. Winberry on Sunday at a street renaming ceremony in his honor. Family, friends and community THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 3

Sikh Man Gunned Down in SUV Police search for answers in hit style attack

Robert Stridiron, Richard York/The Forum Newsgroup

Sikhs gather in the streets surrounding the incident as they try to piece together the events that brought violence to the streets following a religious celebration.

By Patricia Adams A 26-year-old member of the Sikh community was the only passenger of four shot in the face while riding in the back seat of a late model Mercedes SUV on Sunday evening around 6. The victim, identified by hospital sources as Rinder Singh, was transported to the Level One Trauma Center at Jamaica Hospital in critical condition. At least one bullet struck Singh in the face shattering his jaw and causing a large hole in

Police guard occupants of the SUV, believed to be the in-laws of the injured man. It is thought the man pictured here was driving and his wife in the passenger seat.

the cheek. According to doctors, medics at the scene were unable to identify an exit wound. He was semi-conscious when he arrived at the hospital, was intubated upon arrival and in grave condition. The shooting took place when a car pulled up next to the vehicle carrying Singh, as it headed toward 101st Avenue on 116th Street. The gunman opened fire and shot what several witnesses described as a rapid succession of four to five shots.

The late model Mercedes SUV carrying Rindar Singh as he was shot. Inset photo (bottom right)shows bullet holes and bloodstains on the back of the seat where Singh and his wife of two months were sitting.

Authorities say it was Singh’s father-in-law, who was driving, with his wife next to him in the front and his daughter, in the back seat on the passenger side. The man jumped from the car after pulling over in the middle of 101st Avenue. "He was waving his arms and yelling pretty good," said Rudy Torres who was driving home, when, he too heard the pop of gunshots. "He didn't have any shoes on," said Torres, "and then two guys on the street with the turbans, I heard them tell the cop the guy was

screaming for help in their language." Sources suggest that in-fighting between elders in the Sikh community, and those members who "want change" could be at the root of the shooting. Meanwhile an intense police investigation continues as authorities try to determine if the hit style shooting stemmed from an internal conflict within the Sikh community. Sources said on Tuesday evening that Singh is expected to survive despite the severity of his injuries.

Barbara Sheehan Speaks: On The Loss Of Her Appeal

By Patricia Adams In an exclusive interview with The Forum over the weekend, Barbara Sheehan says she was devastated when the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, Second Department upheld the sentencing decision that intends to send her to prison for five years. Sheehan and her attorneys were hoping that the court would have at least ruled to reduce the sentence, however they voted 3-1 in favor of upholding the maximum term of the sentence. Under the current decision, with good behavior factored in,she would have to serve a total of three years and eight and a half months. Speculation continues to swirl around the sentence, which many consider to be extremely harsh, especially given her acquittal on the much more serious charge of murder. It has been suggested that perhaps Sheehan’s case and sentencing is being used as a deterrent in similar cases—intended to send a message that the murder of boyfriends or husbands where domestic violence is indicated is not an acceptable option. But as Sheehan points out, her case did not involve murder—it was decided by the jury that she acted in self defense and that her actions were justifiable. “And really who would be saying when you are in a live or die situation, 'oh wait, let me not do this because Barbara Sheehan got 5 years,'” questioned Sheehan. “If you are in a position where you are defend-

4 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

Robert Stridiron/The Forum Newsgroup

Barbara Sheehan will have to wait on word as to whether a higher court of appeal will hear her request for reduction of sentence.

ing your own life, I don’t think you are going to stop and think about my case.” The sentencing for conviction on illegal possession of a gun has been hotly debated since it was handed down nearly two years ago. The gun itself belonged to her husband, was legal and, by regulation of the NYPD,it should have been locked up at all times, which Sheehan maintains it never was. Sheehan maintains that

the harshness of the sentence imposed for the charge basically makes no sense. “I was charged with illegal possession of a legal gun and it was proven in court that he was not dead when I picked up the second gun. He was not dead and I still felt threatened.” Sheehan says that she has some consolation because of the fact that she has seen both of her children make successful professional strides in

their careers as well as in their personal lives, with both having gotten recently married. But despite those moments, it still remains increasingly difficult on the children, as well as the rest of her family and friends, that she will likely start serving the sentence next week. The attorneys assigned to her appeal have filed for consideration to have the sentencing ruled on by the next higher court of appeal; however, it is a court which agrees to hear very few cases. In consideration of how she views the support she’s had thus far, Barbara Sheehan says it has been a phenomenal blessing to her. “The support I have had—starting with the community that I live in, my friends and family, where I work—I can’t begin to say how much [support] I have had, and what it means to me.” She says that letters, emails, cards and people stopping her on the street continue to fuel her hopes. While she hopes that the next level of the appeals process returns a more favorable result, Sheehan says that if she must face prison, she will do so with a plan to finish her degree in social work, as well as using some of her time on the inside helping those people with domestic violence issues in their lives. “I’m taking every day as it comes, counting on my faith and trying to preserve my trust in the justice system.” If there is no word from the court before next week, Barbara Sheehan will surrender to begin serving her time on June 21.

In South Queens, Margaret Finnerty Is Synonymous With Service By Elizabeth Daley For Margaret Finnerty, life is South Queens. It’s where she met her husband, Bob, where she raised her kids – Bob and Margaret, where she works and where she has lived since birth. Finnerty  has devoted her life to maintaining and beautifying the neighborhood she knows and loves – especially while serving as president of the Richmond Hill South Civic Association for the 20th time. At her inauguration last week, numerous elected officials and community members showed up to sing her praises, and it was clear: South Queens loves Margaret  Finnerty in equal measure. However, Finnerty said she did not get into community service for the accolades; rather, she felt compelled to take the reins. “I like to be the one that’s leading the charge,” she said. “I am not one to sit back and read about it in the paper.” No stranger to headlines,  Finnerty  often finds her own name in print for the projects she has undertaken, including clipping over $1 million in coupons to help defray living expenses for soldiers overseas, obtaining funds for bicycle police officers in her neighborhood, and creating a memorial for a young man, Kelvin Debourgh, who died when a cinderblock fell on him during tests of JFK’s Air Train in 2002. The memorial is a dedicated signboard displayed in front of John Adams High School, informing passers-

Patricia Adams/The Forum Newsgroup

Margaret Finnerty (right) seen here at recent civic meeting with friend and civic colleague Joann Ariola.

by of upcoming events. While each of these accomplishments have merited news stories of their own, the joy Finnerty  finds in helping others and in spreading good will is also newsworthy. She spoke fondly of a party she hosted to celebrate the efforts of area senior citizens who helped clip over $1 million of coupons to send overseas for soldiers to use in their army stores.

“I made sure everyone got a certificate,” she said, remembering how proud the seniors were. “And you don’t realize how you touch people, sometimes it’s the little things. It’s really made people think about the soldiers that are in harm’s way and how they can help them.” If there is a meeting or an event in her community, chances are, Finnerty  is there. Her

passion for community service is tested every day through her job as a family advocate for parents in school district 27, where she fields parental complaints. “Basically I am like the 311 for this district,” she said. Still, when her work day is done, and even when she has undergone dental surgery, Finnerty considers attending a meeting. She credits her family with allowing her to follow her passion for community service, a passion which may itself be credited for the thing she is most proud of in life: “The way my children turned out. “They’ve learned that life is about giving and helping people,” she continued. So what’s next for Finnerty? She is excited to find out. “I often think, ‘OK, what’s going to happen next,’ and then things fall in my lap,” she said. For now, the civic leader is busy welcoming new residents to South Queens and fielding summer noise complaints, trying to raise the gambling age from 18 to 21 so that students at John Adams High School do not, for example, spend their college funds at the nearby casino, and setting an example for members of her community and the world at large. “People need to come out and get involved, and don’t just leave it to the next person,”  Finnerty  said. “By helping people you never know, maybe someday somebody will be there for you.”

CK Students Honored As Journalists Three students from Christ the King High School were announced as winners of the Brooklyn/Queens Diocese High School Press Awards contest. The contest is sponsored by the Brooklyn/Queens Diocese newspaper, “The Tablet”. Students from parochial schools throughout Brooklyn and Queens are invited to submit columns and photos from their school’s news publications. Pictured from left to right: Mr. John Daxland, Journalism Club and “The Royal Times” moderator; sophomore, Stephen Leback, winner of Best Multi Photo Display; junior, Katherine Mendez, winner of Best Photo; and sophomore, Robert Neidkowski, winner of the Roger Payne Memorial Award for Best Column. (This is Robert’s second win for Best Column.)

Photo Courtesy of Christ the King HS

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 5

An Open Letter of Thanks Dear Editor: The members of the Lindenwood Alliance would like to thank the following local businesses for participating in our Summer Shutdown Meeting: Tuscany Deli of Lindenwood Shopping Center, Stephen Sirgiovanni of Gio Distributors (Stella Doro) and GNG Wine and Liquor of Lindenwood Shopping Center. Through your generosity, our members were treated to delicious food, refreshments and door prizes at our June 10th, 2013 meeting. We encourage all our residents to support the business that support the efforts of our organization. Our Summer Shutdown Gathering would not have been as large a success without your participation. Margaret Mead said it best: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” Joann Ariola Lindenwood Alliance Chair

Muni-Madness Dear Editor: Please add me to the list of annoyed drivers! Are you good at solving mysteries!? Who was responsible for converting from relatively convenient parking meters to muni-meters!? Was it the same folks who put in bike lanes in Howard Beach and elsewhere for all those invisible bike riders!? Or was it the NYC people who devised the new voting machines and the cumbersome process of recording votes because the old way was just too simply efficient!? Ain't it fun to get out of your car (especially in inclement weather) and walk (sometimes) yards away to feed the muni-meter... and then walk (sometimes) yards and yards back to your car and carefully place the receipt on your dashboard while your butt is out there exposed to oncoming traffic? Ever do the above? Came 6 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP •

back to your car after feeding the muni-meter and found an expensive parking ticket on your windshield because when you closed the door, the receipt flipped from the breeze (created by the closing door) and the traffic person couldn't read your receipt!? Dave Shlakman Howard Beach

Queen of Rage Dear Editor: The liberal media has only 18 months left to, “lower the boom” on the tea party’s favorite cheerleader: Michele Bachmann. After only 5 months into her 4th term as Minnesota’s 6th CD Rep. Why is she quitting politics? Could it be the feds are investigating her presidential campaign finances? She said no! In time, we will know. “Queen of Rage” is what the cover of Time affectionately called Michele. While a charming lady, she has a very limited legislative record. Let’s review what our taxpayers got for their investment of $177,000 per year salary, plus perks and pork! Oh yes, we can’t forget – she will get a $23,600 retirement check per year, long after she is forgotten on the hill! Michele stated that she sponsored 58 bills. However, only one was voted on by the house – 38 times! Her big legislative fame was that bill… repeat Obamacare! Michele recently said, “the repeal is back on the table.” Is she crazy? Thanks to the Roberts Supreme Court decision: Obamacare is the law of the land! Ms. Bachmann missed a “golden opportunity to score big” with her Minnesota voters. After the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, killing 13 people, she should have gone on the house floor and announced her support for the American Jobs Act. Billions were in the act to repair or replace bridges/tunnels/roads. Folks, let’s have some fun! Michele made several “gaffes” 1) On the house floor: I call for the house to investigate the “non-Americans” in Congress. Obama spent $200 million per day on his trip to India. June 13, 2013

2) Campaign trail gems: she said, “After our founding fathers drafted the constitution, slavery was no more in America.” (Lincoln emancipated the slaves in 1863! And you call yourself a republican?) To an audience in New Hampshire, she praised their colonial patriots for taking on the British in Lexington. (Lexington is in the commonwealth of Massachusetts!) To a group of voters in Waterloo, Iowa, she boasted that our “local hero,” John Wayne, was born here. (That was John Wayne Gacy, a convicted criminal! The movie star John Wayne was born about 30 miles southwest of Waterloo.) Speaking before another Iowa group on August 16, 2012, Michele urged them to join her in singing “Happy Birthday” Elvis. (That day was the 45th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death!) Michele will always be remembered for her campaign chant which she “bellowed out” at every rally… Obama is a one term president! A closing question. The court of appeals for D.C. consists of 11 justices. Since there are 3 vacancies, Obama nominated three persons to serve in those positions. What grounds do GOP senators have to call Obama’s action an attempt to “pack the court?” Is there a Forum reader who would please give me a justifiable answer? Speaker Boehner sad, “Where are the jobs?” Well John… here are three of them! Anthony Pilla Forest Hills

Untrustworthy Deviant Dear Editor: When Anthony Weiner committed his sexual acts he should have been arrested, as would anyone else doing likewise. He then went on to lie about doing this, attempting to blame some “phantom” out there, and then finally formed the words, “I did it.” He lied! He lied and that is more grievous than that horrific act. He has lots of money, which he will lose if he doesn’t try to run. We are being surrounded

by deviants in our city, state and government circles. People, wake up to this sick fact! Children are groped and we scream about that; the same for adults being preyed upon at the workplace. Yet it’s possible that this deviant and liar may be mayor! Patricia Whalen Richmond Hill

Misery Loves Company Dear Editor: The old saying is: “you can judge a person by the company they keep.” Standing shoulder to shoulder with Democratic New York State Speaker Sheldon Silver was New York State Assemblymember David Weprin. Silver was holding a press conference explaining how he was dealing with the recent scandal concerning former Kings County Democratic Party leader and former State Assemblymember Vito Lopez. The scandals surrounding Lopez including repeated sexual harassment of female staffers for years, along with steering millions of dollars in member item pork barrel spending to his favorite local Assembly district organizations. The scandals are so bad that even the liberal New York Times as well as the New York Post, New York Daily News, Staten Island Advance and several other upstate daily newspapers called for both Lopez and Silver to step down from their respective leadership positions. Weprin is an ever-faithful lapdog and apologist for Speaker Silver. He joined a dozen other members in offering their moral support to Silver at his press conference. Weprin learned how the game in Albany is played from his late father - former Democratic State Assembly Speaker Saul Weprin. David the apple didn't fall far from Saul - the tree. How can Weprin survive on a base yearly salary of $79,500 for a part time job? He has a family and college tuition for his children. The majority of Silver's loyal flock, have lulus for chairing dozens

of useless committees and subcommittees. These are up to $41,500. This can result in a salary of $121,000 per year. This is supplemented by dayto-day meal expense accounts and reimbursement for travel three hours each way to and from Albany. Silver rules the State Assembly with an iron hand. He controls whose bills come out of committee to a full vote, lulus for chairing committees and subcommittees, funding for member item pork barrel projects, staffing, mailings and district office budgets. Silver also controls the Democratic State Assembly campaign committee which provides funding to the handful of members who actually have to run competitive races against Republican opponents. There is even more to the problems of some of our members of the State Legislature. Upon retirement, too many of them and their employees join the thousands of infamous State Street Albany lobbyists. Subsequently, they return to the Capital on behalf of their new employers for client "favors". Albany lobbyists, just like in Washington, play a behind the scenes role in assisting members and staff of the State Legislature to insert favorable language into bills. This is buried in the fine print contained within the hundreds of bills and annual adopted State budget. This is known as a quid pro quo. The 2013 State Legislature Session Calendar covers a six month period from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013. There are 129 available weekdays. Most ordinary New Yorkers will be working 125 days while Silver's chamber is scheduled to be in session only 66 days. Even with all these perks, Weprin still needs to continue his law practice, which pays far more than what he earns as a State Assemblymember. Real change will only come to Albany with the departure of Silver along with Weprin and other members of his loyal flock who continue to stand by as scandal after scandal unfolds on their watch. David Weprin is a proud member of the Queens County Democratic Party clubhouse. How many more fellow members

—It could become a ghost town That’s what Peter Mahon, president of the West 12th Road Block Association, said the implementation of the BiggertWaters Act of 2012 could do to Broad Channel. Now that the Federal Emergency Management Agency released another round of preliminary flood insurance maps on Monday, it is becoming increasingly clear just what kind of future could be in store for coastal communities in Queens and in places across the city - and country - with the implementation of the new proposed maps and the impact of the BiggertWaters Act. And it’s one where the term ‘ghost town’ could very well apply time and again. The act, which a number of policy makers have admitted they did not read before voting on it and did not understand what kind of financial ruin it could spell for residents - especially those who have accumulated mass amounts of debt from Hurricane Sandy, ends subsidized insurance rates for property owners who are remapped into more dangerous flood zones. This means spikes in their insurance premiums of about 20 percent until will follow in the footsteps of former Queens Democratic State Assembly members Alan Hevesi, Brian McLaughlin, Anthony Seminaro and others who have been indicted and had to resign in shame? Larry Penner Great Neck

Threat to Society Dear Editor: The term "Big Brother" created in the 60s by my generation has come to have true significance during the Obama administration. On 12/15/05, Sen. Barack Hussein Obama can be seen on video railing against government overreach and intrusion into the everyday lives of Americans. Of course, at that time, George Bush was president, and Obama already had his eye on the presidency. It's interesting to note that his criticism of his predecessor, be it government spending or the war on terror has brought increased irresponsible spending and greater intrusion into our lives under his inept leadership.

Update on Superstorm Sandy Damaged Libraries they hit market rate - a rate that is determined by the FEMA maps. An analysis of the effects of Biggert-Waters by the Extension Disaster Education Network found that an owner of a property built in a flood zone at four feet below the expected flood level currently pay a $1,410 annual premium - which would skyrocket to $9,500 within five years. So what does this mean for South Queens? While FEMA downgraded some parts of the borough so they are no longer in the most dangerous flood zones - Broad Channel, for example, is no longer in Zone V, the most flood-prone and expensive zone - it has incorporated numerous neighborhoods, such as Howard Beach, into flood zones. People are bracing for the time when they will have to dig deep into pockets that, for many, are already empty. Legislators have been scrambling to address the impact of Biggert-Waters, attempting to at least slow the impact of the act, but it seems pretty clear that immediate action is needed if residents are going to be able to afford to stay in their homes. Already, people in neighborhood’s like Mahon’s in Broad Channel are debating whether they should stay or go. And that is a tragedy. People should not be forced to leave the homes they have lived in for decades, that their families have owned for generations, There has been no greater threat to our way of life as it has existed since our birth as a nation than the presidency of Barack Obama. He has now brought us the greatest intrusion in history against ordinary Americans NOT under suspicion of criminal or terrorist activity by his administration that could not have been accomplished without the media and sycophant citizens like Tony Pilla. The Obama administration is livid over a leak that our government is spying on virtually all citizens without probable cause that a crime has been or is about to be committed. This week we were informed that Verizon subscribers for years have had their phone calls scrutinized, but not listened to by the government. Really? This week we were also told the government through the National Security Agency (NSA) PRISM Program now has access to emails, websites visited, photos downloaded chat content and even credit card purchases. How did we get to this point in America? We're told it's all in the interest of keeping us safe from terrorism, yet days ago Obama assured us the war on terror was winding down now, as

just because their government has failed them. Residents should not have to pack up and leave, praying that their home will not fall victim to a block full of foreclosures. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment that stops FEMA from using its budget to implement BiggertWaters. We applaud the House for passing this, but now it’s time for the Senate to act. And the city needs to act to better mitigate potential flooding. The mayor on Tuesday outlined a laundry list of items he hopes will make the city better prepared for flooding, including installing a wetlands restoration project to weaken waves along Howard and Hamilton Beaches, and elsewhere in Jamaica Bay, as well install bulkheads in places like Rockaway, Howard Beach and Broad Channel. These need to be done immediately. There’s a reason people rebuild houses that were destroyed by Sandy. There’s a reason they dip into retirement funds, into college savings, to make their houses inhabitable again. That reason is these are not just houses. These are homes. These are places where you got married, where you watched your children grown up. These are places with history - and it’s your history. And that is something that should not be taken from you.

this intrusiveness is ratcheted up. It's a non sequitur! He has masterfully manipulated people based on the human nature of greed and selfindulgence to insure his most radical plans for transforming this country into some socialist experiment occurs on his watch. But here is the ray of sunshine in this darkness, leaks! Little by little somebody, or a number of somebodies are revealing the tyranny that has become endemic under the president like the PRISM Program. Names are being named at Congressional hearings on IRS abuse because of political philosophy. The Cincinnati IRS conveniently thrown under the bus is pushing back blaming Washington. Anyone skilled in conducting investigations will appreciate the slow but steady push towards the source of the rot in Obama's administration. Once people are squeezed and face charges someone will talk. How close this gets to the White House is yet to come. ARE YOU LISTENING TONY PILLA? John T Urban Howard Beach

Renovations and Closings

It has been several months since Superstorm Sandy. Queens Library has been working hard to help the community rebuild, while continuing to provide the educational and informational support that you value. We will be here for homework help, job skills training, education for adults and children, ESOL classes, and the best in entertainmentwhile repairs are being made. I want to update you on the status of rebuilding the stormdamaged libraries. We have come a long way, and expect to be see all the waterfront community libraries as good asnew very soon. • Queens Library at Peninsula (92-25 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Rockaway Park) will require extensive re-building. The NYC Department of Design and Construction will be doing the construction. The fully-repaired library is expected to re-open at the end of 2014. In the interim, there is a modular building for lending materials and for computer access. A second, mobile library is going to be installed for programs and workshops. That should be on site this summer. When construction is complete, Rockaway Park will have a completely renovated and re-decorated library with a new collection of books, videos and other materials that will serve you for a long, long time. • Queens Library at Broad Channel (16-26 Cross Bay Boulevard) re-opened this pastwinter. “Wider-fi” is providing wireless Internet service within a few blocks of thelibrary, to better serve the community. • Queens Library at Howard Beach (92-06 156th Avenue) has been operating at full strength since shortly after the storm. New flooring was recently installed. We look forward toward a bright future together, as a community. Sincerely, Thomas W. Galante, President and CEO

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Set For Auction, Parkway Hospital Could Become Senior Housing - Officials

The Parkway Hospital building in Forest Hills will be auctioned off on June 28.

By Anna Gustafson There are indicators that the large beige building set amidst weeds on 113th Street in Forest Hills once housed a 251-bed hospital, but they, like the blue awning outside what was once the emergency room, are quickly fading. There are the outlines of the white letters that once spelled out “Parkway Hospital” on the facility that was shuttered by the state in 2008, and it is not hard to remember the ambulances that once screeched to a halt in the entranceway - now marked with large “No Trespassing” signs. Now, however, instead of ambulances, there are scraggly plants taking refuge in the shade of the entranceway, and the windows that hundreds of patients looked out of are boarded up. It has become, residents agree, an eyesore and a constant reminder of a hospital that

bred fiscal mismanagement and corruption. Parkway’s former chief executive officer, Dr. Robert Aquino, was sentenced in 2012 for bribing former state Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) to keep his hospital open. But, civic leaders and elected officials hope that, come June 28, that could begin to change - when the 70,000 square-foot Parkway Hospital building, located at 70-35 113th St., will be auctioned off at the Queens Supreme Court in Jamaica. The building’s buyer must also take on the building’s outstanding lien of $14.86 million. And while elected officials and civic leaders said they have not been informed as to who the potential buyers could be, they said the zoning, and the building itself, can only lend itself to certain types of facilities - including medical offices or senior housing. It could, of course, become another hospital - which some argue is much needed in a borough where four hospitals have closed over the past five years - Park-

Anna Gustafson/The Forum Newsgroup

way, St. John’s in Elmhurst, Mary Immaculate in Jamaica, and, last year, Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway. But, most of those familiar with the situation said it is doubtful another hospital would open its doors there. “I’d like to see senior housing there, with a doctor or a dentist in the building,” Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) said. “Another hospital is necessary, but it doesn’t seem like anyone will do it.” Koslowitz stressed that senior housing “is definitely needed. “We have a lot of seniors who find it very hard to pay their rent,” she continued. “This would be ideal for some of them to live in a house that’s not far from Queens Boulevard. It gives them a chance to be independent.” Frank Gulluscio, the district manager of Community Board 6, which covers Forest Hills, too said he would like to see some type of affordable senior housing come into the site. “It would only be able to be a community

type facility, like a hospital or senior housing,” Gulluscio said. Since the hospital closed in 2008, a number of elected officials have tried to get another hospital to come into the site, including former U.S. Rep. and now mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who once represented Forest Hills in Congress. And while a number of elected officials, including Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, have said another hospital - or more - is needed in a borough that often battles overcrowded emergency rooms, Forest Hills Hospital Executive Director Rita Mercieca said her hospital, located a little more than a mile away from Parkway, is no longer battling with the overcrowding it experienced just after St. John’s, Mary Immaculate and Parkway closed. Forest Hills, like a number of hospitals throughout the borough, received state funds to help them absorb the patients who would have once gone to St. John’s or Mary Immaculate, and Forest Hills Hospital added beds and created additional patient rooms. “I’m not sure with the way health care reform is moving along that more hospital beds are needed,” Mercieca said. “What’s happening now is a move from acute care to care home. “More hospitals won’t be necessary,” she added. Previously, a court-appointed receiver for Medical Capital Holdings, a defunct investment firm that originally issued Parkway’s mortgage, had proposed that the site become a detention center or correctional facility - an idea immediately slammed by numerous elected officials, including Weiner, state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone) and Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills). No plans for such a center were ever filed, and officials said an owner would be fought tooth and nail if they attempted to erect a detention center or correctional facility at the site - located a stone’s throw from a school and residences.

Correction Officer Found Guilty of Murder Police land conviction after 13 years

A New York City Correction Officer was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting of his ex-girlfriend, also the mother of his son then 2-years-old. At the time of the murder, Clavell was assigned to Rikers Island. Christopher “Noel” Clavell, 48, of Staten Island, shot the victim a total of nine times, once to the chest and eight times to the head in August of 2000. He was a suspect from the beginning but was released after having been questioned. Clavell was a corrections officer for 21 years before he was suspended after his arrest in April 2011. District Attorney Richard Brown said the defendant had “managed to escape justice for nearly thirteen years, but thanks to the hard work of the NYPD’s Queens Homicide Squad and my own Homicide Investigations Bureau and their refusal to let this case grow cold, justice has finally been achieved for the victim and her family.”

8 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

The victim, Barbara Perez, 32, was found on the floor of The Power Factory Gym on 60 th Lane in Ridgewood, where she was working as an assistant manager. She opened the gym at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and was found by a fellow employee around 7:15 in the rear of the gym. He is set for sentencing on June 27 and has been held without bail since his arrest, ironically on Rikers Island. He faces 25 years to life in prison. According to trial testimony, several months prior to Ms. Perez’s murder, she had been involved in a proceeding in Family Court to seek child support from Clavell. He was greatly angered by her attempts to receive child support payments and continually harassed her and confronted her over the court action. Perez reportedly told her family members that Clavell told her he’d sooner kill her than give her any money.

Christopher "Noel" Clavell

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 9

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By Anna Gustafson

New FEMA Maps A Relief For Some, But No Cure For Financial Worries

While some South Queens residents breathed sighs of relief about the preliminary flood maps released by the Federal Emergency Management agency on Monday, they said the new documents are by no means a cure for what many worry will be devastating hikes in flood insurance rates. The proposed federal maps released this week, which replace the previously released Advisory Base Flood Elevation maps that were rushed out right after Hurricane Sandy and still have a lengthy approval and appeal process to undergo before they are implemented and impact insurance rates, remove all of Broad Channel from what is known as flood zone V. Many residents in zone V would have to fork over significant amounts of money to raise their houses - which federal officials say is necessary to protect them in storms - as well as face increased insurance rates because they live in an area FEMA designates as the most prone to flooding. Instead, FEMA placed Broad Channel in the AE zone - which reduces the area’s base flood elevation

- which would dictate by how much residents would be mandated to elevate their homes - from 15 to 10 feet. “The bad news is that this revised flood zone designation, although welcome, is no panacea for the burdensome and extraordinarily expensive flood insurance regulations and rate increases contained in the BiggertWaters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012,” West 12th Road Block Association President Peter Mahon wrote. The Biggert-Waters legislation, approved by Congress last year, phases out some subsidized insurance rates and allows for rate increases of 20 to 25 percent a year until properties reach actuarial status. While supporters of the legislation have said it was meant to make a debt-ridden National Flood Insurance Program more fiscally stable, homeowners in Queens and throughout the country - said the new rates would force many from their homes because they would no longer be able to afford to live there. “This could be a town killer,” Mahon said. “This could turn Broad Channel into a community of foreclosed homes.” While Broad Channel escapes

Photo Courtesy of FEMA

Revised flood maps released by FEMA on Monday place about 500 Queens homeowners 200 more than in previous maps - in the worst zone - meaning they would have to elevate their homes and absorb higher flood insurance premiums. 

being placed in the worst zone, parts of the Rockaways, including sections of Breezy Point and Rockaway Park, does not escape that fate - and, according to the proposed maps, 500 families - an increase of 200 families are situated in areas where they would have to raise their homes and potentially shell out tens of thousands of dollars for flood insurance premiums.

Because of FEMA’s ongoing study of how many people are living in areas prone to flooding - which is expected to increase from about 218,000 in the 1983 New York City maps to about 400,000 in the most recent maps, Mayor Bloomberg on Tuesday outlined a proposal that he says will help to protect the city from future weather events.

St. Thomas the Apostle Students Debut Woodhaven History Film

By Anna Gustafson Bounding across the red carpet, St. Thomas the Apostle School students-turned-novice-filmmakers hugged their teacher, pivoted and turned to face the audience. There, under the lights of Forest Hills’ Cinemart Theaters on Monday night, they smiled at an audience of Woodhaven residents - past and present and clenched plaques commemorating the documentary film they credit with making them realize just how vibrant their neighborhood’s history is. After spending months collecting more than 15 hours of filmed interviews of everyone from Neir’s Tavern’s owners to elected officials and the owner of the famed Schmidt’s Candy, the 28 students in St. Thomas the Apostle’s sixth, seventh and eighth grades debuted their hourlong film, “Woodhaven: Diverse Backgrounds United in One History,” for a crowd of history aficionados and residents thrilled to take a trip down memory lane. “It was really fun to make,” Ingrid Karmazinas, 13, said of the film that was part of a collaboration between the school on Jamaica Avenue and 87th Street and the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society. “I learned a lot, and now we have all of this for future generations.” Other students agreed and said they learned to better appreciate the neighborhood they call home. “I really only knew about the carousel when I first started this project, so I was really excited to learn about the history of Wood-

Anna Gustafson/The Forum Newsgroup

St. Thomas the Apostle students gathered for the premiere of their film on Woodhaven’s history at the Cinemart Cinemas in Forest Hills on Monday evening.

haven,” said Daija Harrison, 12. And that is exactly what Ed Wendell, president of the Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society, said he had hoped for - to inspire younger residents to connect with a past that few knew about. “We’re extremely proud of the work they did here,” said Wendell, whose organization donated copies of a Woodhaven history book penned by area author Vincent Seyfried to the school. “They took a book and crafted questions to our business, political and civic leaders about our past, present and future.” Patricia Eggers, the St. Thomas teacher who worked with students on the film, said she saw an appreciation and love for Woodhaven take root in the students during the filmmaking process.

“They gained a great pride in Woodhaven,” Eggers said. “It really placed them in history, and it’s going to help them hold onto history.” Students trekked all around their neighborhood for the film, learning about people like Margie Schmidt, who makes chocolates for her Jamaica Avenue store in the same fashion that her family has done for the 85 years that Schmidt’s Candy has been open, and places like Neir’s Tavern - one of the country’s oldest bars where “Goodfellas” was filmed. They spent time with Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village), Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) and state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach). They filmed the Forest Park carousel’s operator and spoke to Maria Thomson,a longtime civic leader in Woodhaven.

“As bad as Sandy was, future storms could be even worse,” Bloomberg said during a press conference. “In fact, because of rising temperatures and sea levels, even a storm that’s not as large as Sandy could, down the road, be even more destructive.” The proposal announced on Tuesday, a 430-page document, would cost about $20 billion, the mayor said, and would include such initiatives as fortifying infrastructure like the city’s power grid, to studying the feasibility of surge barriers across the mouth of Jamaica Bay. Additionally, Bloomberg said he aims to have the city work with the U.S. Army Corps to construct a dune project along the Rockaway Peninsula. The mayor also proposed implementing bulkheads - which are typically made of stone and concrete and hold shorelines in place - in such places as Howard Beach and Broad Channel. As part of the same initiative, the city would repair bulkheads on the Belt parkway that failed during Hurricane Sandy and repair and improve bulkheads from Beach 143rd Street to Beach 116th Street along Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway.

And it wasn’t just the students who got something out of the film - those in the audience said they were inspired by the young filmmakers who captured on tape a time long gone - but which many remember well. “The biggest thing then was to go play out on the street - everyone did that,” said Eilish Higgins, who graduated from St. Thomas the Apostle in 1973 - the same class as Schmidt. “I was the oldest of five, and my mom would throw us out of the house and say, ‘go play,’ and we’d play scully and war and ride our bicycles.” Linda Dougherty, now the principal of Our Lady of Mercy in Forest Hills, said the film was particularly poignant for her because she landed her first teaching job at St. Thomas the Apostle. “I remember I’d take the bus down Woodhaven Boulevard, and I’d walk down Jamaica Avenue and all the shops were so wonderful,” Dougherty said. “This is so wonderful for the students to connect with the past and with history, but in a contemporary way,” she continued. “When you know something about your neighborhood, it gives you a sense of pride.” That sense of pride was more than evident when the film ended and the applause died down. As the students began to filter out of the theater, Daija Harrison and her friend, Linda Lozada, 13, yelled, “come to Woodhaven!” “It’s not like any other town,” Harrison said, smiling.

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 11

12 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

Thousands Hit Forest Hills For Arts Fair Tens of thousands of people flocked to Forest Hills last Sunday for the 13th annual Festival of the Arts. The event, sponsored annually by the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce, drew close to 60,000 people to Austin Street, where there were more than 300 arts and crafts exhibitors. To add to the fun, there were food vendors, merchant sidewalk sales, and free children’s entertainment at the day-long fete. Chamber of Commerce President Leslie Brown said on her organization’s website that she and her members were thrilled to once again host the increasingly popular event. “I like to think of our members as being part of a family working together to keep Forest Hills the great place it is for shopping, dining, being pampered and entertained,” Brown wrote. Photos by Elizabeth Daley

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 13

I'm not going anywhere. Fast. After last week’s discussion in this very space about my decision to step away from the Editor-in-Chief position at this newspaper, I thought I had made it very clear that I would in fact be handling other duties at the paper, including acting as the publisher. Apparently, I was misunderstood and have to say that I am very touched at the amount of response I got from people who thought I was stepping away from The Forum all together. I could not believe the flood of phone calls, texts and emails as well as being stopped on the street or at meetings by folks who thought I was taking my leave from my beloved newspaper. While by bones sometimes feel too old to continue the constant grind, I can assure you that I am in no way, shape or form dissolving my workload at The Forum. I am merely changing direction and focusing on things that I hope will make The Forum an even better

newspaper. Let me reiterate what absolutely capable hands I have placed the role of editing in. I would never have made such a change without the absolute assurance that Anna Gustafson would handle this position with tremendous talent, integrity and uncompromising ethics that are necessary to do this job as it should be done. Together, an entirely new team at The Forum will continue to bring you the hyper local coverage that sets us apart from our competitors. Week after week, The Forum continues to build on its reputation of being on top of what is so important to each of our readership communities. So many times we have landed stories that are not found in the pages of our competitors simply because we have earned the trust of our readers, as well as residents, police officials, elected officials and civic organizations. While we continue to publish issues with smaller page counts that other papers, it is

14 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

because each of our editions focuses on what is extremely local. We will not change our niche approach to publishing, however in the upcoming months, we will be adding a variety of features to our editions that we feel our readers will have great interest in. Moving forward we hope to bring you many pieces that you will enjoy, focusing on health, style, entertainment, dining, travel and hobbies. We also plan on greatly enlarging our online presence to include video coverage and a host of other features we know you will find both informative and enjoyable. The Forum has long enjoyed the distinction of being a truly local, community publication. And it is with both pride and pleasure that we intend to remain focused on that same course even though we are growing and will soon be presenting a larger newspaper to our readers each week. As always we will continue to base our weekly selection of material on that which is most needed by each and every community

we serve. We also look forward to your feedback and concerns. Whether it’s focusing on your supermarkets performance, the condition of your streets, crime or where to get the best pizza in town, we will continue to serve you in the most reliable fashion possible. Again I would just like to say how wonderful it is to know that you place such value in the work we do here and how great it is for me to know that you hold my work in particular, in such high regard. Be assured that I have tremendous degree of appreciation for the faith and respect you have demonstrated both for this newspaper and for me as well. As we continue to offer you the coverage you enjoy and deserve we are very thankful for the opportunity to do so and treasure our role in the communities we serve. Thank you for your vote of confidence and for continuing to hold The Forum in the regard that you do—your community newspaper. –Pat Adams

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1. What TV cartoon character wrote on his school chalkboard. "I will not aim at the head" and "My name is not Dr. Death"? 2. What cat and mouse launched a cartooning career for William Hanna and Joseph Barbara? 3. What animated characters are known as Smolf in Stockholm? 4. What Muppet advised: "Never eat anything at one sitting that you can't lift"? 5. Who created the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Answers from last week's trivia: 1: USA. 2: James Earl Jones. 3: Clint Eastwood. 4: Benjamin Franklin. 5: Ground Rice

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 17

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Legal Notices Notice of Formation of iAG Energy Services LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 5/3/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 147-24 77th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11367. Purpose: any lawful activity. Notice of formation of Broadfeet Management, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with Secy. Of State of NY (SSNY) on 03/30/2011 Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC. SSNY shall mail process to 39-15 Main Street, Suite 301, Flushing NY 11354. Purpose: any lawful activities. EAST COLUMBIA PROPERTIES, LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 4/22/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Thaddeus Paluszek, 2-49 149th Pl., Whitestone, NY 11357. General Purposes.

Name of LLC: Nuanced Solutions LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with NY Dept. of State: 4/22/13. Office loc.: Queens Co. Sec. of State designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served and shall mail process to: c/o Business Filings Inc., 187 Wolf Rd., Ste. 101, Albany, NY 12205, regd. agt. upon whom process may be served. Purpose: any lawful act. NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: SHELLY RIVER LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/10/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 71-12 64th Street, a/k/a 61-42/50 Central Avenue, Glendale, New York 11385. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. Notice of Formation of SINO AMERICAN CULTURE & COMMERCE LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 11/27/2012. Office location: Queens County. Principal office address: 42-09 235th Street, Douglaston, NY 11363. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to Annie Jin, 144-63 35th Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354. Term: until dissolved. Purpose: To engage in any act or activity lawful.

NY PRINTS LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 5/17/13. Office in Queens Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 33-17 73rd St., Jackson Heights, NY 11372, which is also the principal business location. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. 18 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

Notice is hereby given that a license, number 1270984, has been applied for by FMFS of Forest Hills LLC, to sell liquor, wine and beer at retail in a restaurant under the Alcohol Beverage Control Law at 107-16 71st Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375, for on-premises consumption. NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: 3168 35th STREET LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 04/04/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, P.O. Box 575042, Whitestone, New York 11357. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. Notice of Qualification of S & C Robinson Enterprise, LLC. Authority filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/7/12. Office location: Queens County. LLC formed in Georgia (GA) on 6/3/11. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: National Registered Agents, Inc., 111 Eighth Ave., 13th Fl., NY, NY 10011. Address to be maintained in DE: The LLC, 6139 Queen River Dr., Mableton, GA 30126. Arts of Org. filed with the GA Secretary of State, 313 West Tower, 2 Martin Luther King Jr., Dr., Atlanta, GA 30334-1530. Purpose: any lawful activities.

Legal Notices Dave Paek Photography, LLC Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 4/8/13. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 48-21 5th St, #3I, LIC, NY 11101. General Purposes. REGO PARK SOCIAL ADULT DAY CARE, LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 4/15/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Jay Golub, 41-47 48th St., Sunnyside, NY 11104. General Purposes. Notice of Formation of Ludwig’s at the Yacht Club, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/12/2013. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copy of any process served against the LLC to United States Corporation Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. Purpose: any lawful purpose. Notice of formation, HILLSIDE MGSD LLC Articles of Organization Filed with Sec. of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/04/2008 Notice of formation, HILLSIDE MGSD LLC Office location: Queens County SSNY designated for service of process. SSNY shall mail copies of any process served against the LLC to c/o: THE LLC, 4940 Merrick Road # 258 Massapequa Park, NY 11762. Purpose: any lawful purpose or activity. Notice of Formation of DD West 29th LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 05/07/2013. Office location: Queens County. Principal office address: 42-09 235th Street, Douglaston, NY 11363. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 4209 235th Street, Douglaston, NY 11363. Term: until dissolved. Purpose: To engage in any act or activity lawful. Notice of Formation of PBT LATIN FOODS LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 05/9/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Johanna Batista, P.O. Box 750583, Forest Hills, NY 11372. Purpose: any lawful activity. Notice of Formation of 57TH STREET LOGISTICS, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 01/16/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Eric Mautner, 153 W. 27th St., NY, NY 10001. Purpose: Any lawful activity.




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Legal Notices Notice of Formation of RIDGEWOOD STUDIOS, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 03/18/13. Office location: Kings County. Princ. office of LLC: 16-13 Stephen St., Ridgewood, NY 11385. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to Kudman Trachten Aloe LLP, 350 Fifth Ave., Ste. 4400, NY, NY 10118. As amended by Cert. of Correction filed with SSNY on 03/21/13, office location changed to Queens County. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: EAGLE GEOTECH CONSTRUCTION LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 11/19/12. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, c/o Neil L. Fuhrer & Assoc. LLP, 750 Third Avenue, 29th Floor, New York, New York 10017. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

ROSHNI KAUR, LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 4/4/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 35-05 146th St., Flushing, NY 11354. General Purposes.

38-35 Crescent Street LLC Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 11/21/12. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 22-10 Crescent St, Astoria, NY 11105. General Purposes.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF NEW IFETA LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 03/15/13. Office location: Queens County. SSNY has been designatedas agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 30-12 23rd Street, Astoria, NY 11102. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

VERDANT GRANGE, LLC Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 3/27/13. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Ruth Harrigan, 50-45 245th Street, Douglaston, NY 11362. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. Notice of formation of STACKED NEW YORK LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Secretary of State of NY (SSNY) on 04/02/2013. Office location, County of Queens. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: c/o United States Corporation Agents, Inc. 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. Purpose: Any lawful act.

78 METROPOLITAN ASSOCIATES LLC Articles of Org. filed NY Sec. of State (SSNY) 2/28/2013. Office in Queens Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to 17-20 Whitestone Expressway, Ste. 301, Whitestone, NY 11357, which is also the principal business location. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 19

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MENT OF TAXATION AND FINANCE; NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL; CAPITAL ONE BANK; DHANRAJIA HOODITH “JOHN DOE #1- E AND “MARY ROE #1- E The last two names being fictitious, said parties intended being tenants or occupants, if any, having or claiming an interest in or lien upon the premises described in the complaint, Defendants. TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT(S): YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to serve upon plaintiff’s attorneys an answer to the complaint in this action within twenty (20) days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service, or within thirty (30) days after service is complete if the Summons is not personally delivered to you within the State of New York. The United States of America, if designated as a defendant in this action, may answer or appear within sixty (60) days of service hereof. In case of your failure to answer, judgment will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. Trial is desired in the County of Queens. The basis of venue designated above is that the real property, which is the subject matter of this action, is located in the County of Queens, State of New York. NOTICE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF LOSING YOUR HOME If you do not respond to this summons and complaint by serving a copy of the answer on the attorney for the mortgage company who filed this foreclosure proceeding against you and filing the answer with the court a default judgment may be entered and you can lose your home. Speak to an attorney or go to the court where your case is pending for further information on how to answer the summons and protect your property. Sending a payment to your mortgage company will not stop this foreclosure action. YOU MUST RESPOND BY SERVING A

COPY OF THE ANSWER ON THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF (MORTGAGE COMPANY) AND FILING THE ANSWER WITH THE COURT. DATED: December 27, 2012 SCHILLER & KNAPP, LLP BY: __________________________ MAX SMELYANSKY, ESQ. Attorneys for Plaintiff 950 New Loudon Road Latham, New York 12110 Telephone: (518) 786-9069 THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT, UNLESS DISCHARGED IN BANKRUPTCY, AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS IN FORECLOSURE New York State Law requires that we send you this notice about the foreclosure process. Please read it carefully. SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT You are in danger or losing your home. If you fail to respond to the summons and complaint in this foreclosure action, you may lose your home. Please read the summons and complaint carefully. You should immediately contact at attorney or local legal aid office to obtain advice on how to protect yourself. SOURCES OF INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE The State encourages you to become informed about your options in foreclosure. In addition to seeking assistance from an attorney or legal aid office, there are government agencies and non-profit organizations that you may contact for information about possible options, including trying to work with your lender during this process. To locate an entity near you, you may call the toll-free helpline maintained by the New York State Department of Financial Services at to 1-800-269-0990 or visit the Department`s website at

FORECLOSURE RESCUE SCAMS Be careful of people who approach you with offers to “save” your home. There are individuals who watch for notices of foreclosure actions in order to unfairly profit from a homeowner`s distress. You should be extremely careful about any such promises and any suggestions that you pay them a fee or sign over your deed. State law requires anyone offering such services for profit to enter into a contract which fully describes the services they will perform and fees they will charge, and which prohibits them from taking any money from you until they have completed all such promised services.

Margie Chan-Yip & Associates LLC Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 4/4/13. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: the LLC, 64-61 230th Street, Bayside, NY 11364. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. IEJK Realty LLC Arts of Org filed with NY Sec of State (SSNY) on 6/3/13. Office: Queens County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 26-17 30th St, Astoria, NY 11102. General Purposes. Notice is hereby given that an onpremise license, #1270792 has been applied for by 6059 Myrtle Avenue Corp to sell beer, wine and liquor at retail in an on premises establishment. For on premises consumption under the ABC law at 6059 Myrtle Ave Ridgewood NY 11385. WE COURT YOUR LEGALS!

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 21

CB 10 Talks Parking, Rezoning By Anna Gustafson While Community Board 10 members said at their meeting last week they are pleased the city Department of Transportation is looking into additional parking for the congested 156th Avenue between 77th and 78th streets in Lindenwood, they voted to have DOT officials to take a closer look at their proposal. Residents who spoke at last Thursday’s meeting said they supported the city’s plan to make parking less of a headache in the area, but asked that the DOT implement parallel parking spots along the north side and angled spots on the south of 156th Avenue. Al Silvestri, a DOT representative who attended the meeting, said the city has proposed doing the opposite - placing parallel parking along the south side and angled spots along the north. The city first began looking into creating additional spots - meant to alleviate severe parking problems that residents said they have dealt with for far too long - following a request from the office of Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park). CB 10 members pointed out that the angled parking proposed by the city would be on the same side as residences’ driveways, which they argued could create a logistical nightmare for drivers trying to exit their homes.

“That side of the street has cars that are pulling out,” said CB 10 member Joann Ariola. “You really need to take a look at flipping it and putting angled parking on the other side. That would be much safer.” Silvestri said his department would review board members’ suggestions. Tom Smith, of the city Department of Planning, also gave a presentation on the city’s proposal to rezone approximately 530 blocks in Ozone Park, as well as part of Woodhaven. “This is second place for the largest rezoning of the Bloomberg administration,” Smith said. “It’s massive - just massive. It goes into CB 10 and CB 9.” The city’s proposal - the first of its kind since 1961 which stemmed from concerns from both community boards, elected officials and civic organizations - would rezone the area generally bounded by Rockaway Boulevard, Atlantic Avenue and 101st Avenue to the north; the Van Wyck Expressway and Lefferts Boulevard to the east; the Belt Parkway to the south; and the Brooklyn borough line to the west. “We want to preserve that area’s character,” Smith said. Smith continued to say that the recommended zoning changes would “reinforce the

Female Residents Foil Robbery Attempt At Howard Beach Home

Patricia Adams/The Forum Newsgroup

Deputy Inspector Thomas Pascale has the attention of Lindenwood Alliance members as he relates the story of the latest push-in robbery attempt in Howard Beach.

By Patricia Adams

involved with physically preventing them from entering the house. The two men took off without having the opportunity to steal anything from the home. Inspector Pascale went on to say that the two men walked in from 157th avenue and when they left they walked up to 156th Avenue leading police to believe the men were going to be picked up by a waiting car on 156th avenue. The inspector said that one interesting thing about the crime is that the men were wearing actual FedEx uniforms but they were carrying an umbrella which is not part of the uniform. Police did collect the umbrella at the scene for evidence and are still looking for the two suspects. Police ask that all residents are aware of scams such as this one where individuals represent themselves as employees of delivery services or utility companies. If you see anything suspicious they ask you to call 911 immediately.

News spread quickly through Howard Beach on Monday afternoon, when two fast thinking female residents prevented the robbery of their home, sending the potential intruders away with nothing. Police say the female homeowner receives a lot of packages at her house on 90th street between 156 and 157 avenues, and was at once suspicious when the two black males, wearing authentic FedEx uniforms, did not have the electronic tablet drivers always carry. When she questioned the men as to where it was they said they had left it on the truck. Police believe the thieves timed their attempt to coincide with an actual FedEx delivery in the area so a truck could be seen. The men then tried to get into the house, which is when Deputy Inspector Thomas Pascale says the woman hit them with a phone and her daughter also got 22 | THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013

Anna Gustafson/The Forum Newsgroup

Al Silvestri, of the city Department of Transportation, discusses a proposal to add parking spots to 156th Avenue between 77th and 78th streets in Lindenwood.

area’s predominant one- and two-family residential character and direct moderate amounts of new residential and mixed-used development to locations along the area’s main commercial corridors and near mass transportation.”

Area elected officials and civic leaders have praised the rezoning proposal, and Ulrich has said it would allow for more of the economic development projects that people want to see, such as restaurants, coffee houses and bookstores. “You wouldn’t see something like a Costco or Home Depot pop up,” Ulrich said in a previous interview. The city Planning representative also noted that the study builds upon the WoodhavenRichmond rezoning that was adopted last year. That rezoning covered 229 blocks and also aimed to protect one- and two-family houses while encouraging more commercial development along such areas as Jamaica and Atlantic avenues. Smith said his department is in the “consensus building phase” of the rezoning proposal, which includes attending civic and community board meetings to receive feedback about the plan. Eventually, there will be an environmental review, which will, for example, “make sure schools won’t be overburdened and that traffic would be alright,” Smith said. Community boards 9 and 10 will hold hearings on the proposal, and ultimately it will go to the City Council for a final stamp of approval.

Couple Convicted Of Sex Trafficking

A Queens couple will spend time in state prison for sex trafficking after they were convicted of forcing a 19-and 20 year-old women into acts of prostitution against their will. Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown says that the defendants Hikeem L. Green, 39, and his girlfriend Darcell Marshall, 22, both of 119-02 Springfield Boulevard in  St. Albans have been sentenced to up to 12 years and up to 3 years in prison, respectively, following their guilty pleas to sex trafficking in connection with the prostitution of  two young women – a 19- year-old runaway from Rockland County and a 20-year-old from New York City – against their will.  The DA warned that the sentence should serve as a warning for those who prey upon young women, forcing them into acts of sex for money and engaging in sex trafficking. According to the investigation, Green first took custody of the two women separately by pretending to be a “John” (prostitution customer) and picking them up on “tracks” (known prostitution locations frequented by prostitutes and their customers) in the Bronx and Brooklyn. He then told them that he was a pimp and that they now had to work as prostitutes for him. Green kept the two women imprisoned inside the 119-02 Springfield Boulevard location between October 2012 and

December 2012, during which time he took photographs of both victims and posted them on the adult website directory,, to advertise their services as prostitutes. Numerous men responded to the ads and the victims met with them either at the Springfield Boulevard address or other locations in Queens where they were forced to perform various sexual acts with the men for money, which they had to turn over to Green and Marshall. State legislation strengthening penalties against human trafficking and providing assistance to victims was enacted on June 6, 2007, and took effect on November 1, 2007. Among the legislation’s provisions was the creation of a new class B felony – “sex trafficking” – for perpetrators who profit from prostitution by engaging in sex trafficking; requiring those convicted of sex trafficking to register as sex offenders with the state; providing social service assistance to victims – such as temporary housing, health and mental health treatment and drug addiction treatment; and ensuring that sex trafficking victims are eligible for services from the Crime Victims Board.  Since the enactment of the statute, the office of the Queens DA has convicted eleven defendants on sex trafficking charges.

To Our #1 Daddy Steven

We Love You So Much! To Pop Pop Adams & Grandpa Taly

Happy Fathers Day! Love, Mia, Isabella, Steven Jr, Benjamin & Gabriel

THE FORUM NEWSGROUP • June 13, 2013 | 23

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Forum west 06 13 13  
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