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U.S. 491 MAKEOVER Potholes, bad spots a thing of the past

By Bernie Dotson Sun Correspondent 


illing and inlaying are being done to a short stretch of U.S. Highway 491 as it goes out of Gallup and near the east and west exit points to Shiprock and Window Rock — and at a cost of $3.2 million, officials said.

The work is not connected to the bigger and more than $150 million four-laning project of U.S. 491 that goes from Shiprock to Gallup. “This is maintenance with that the department planned,” Delane Baros, public information officer with the state Department of Transportation, said of the milling and inlaying work. “We are making a lot of

progress with the project.” Baros said the milling and inlaying work started on April 10, 2017, and will be completed by the end of June. Motorists can see that a part of the highway as it runs from T&R Market, 667 N. Highway 491, to the new Family Dollar, located at 706 U.S. 491 and just after the 264 west exit sign to Window Rock is now black-topped and

Sen. John Pinto

The line of demarcation – the start of road improvements on U.S 491 north, near GasMax. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura

free of potholes and bad rough spots. Prior to the repaving that there were several people that used U.S. Highway 491 on a daily basis, which also is also the gateway eastward from Gallup to Shiprock, that said the stretch of road was chock full of potholes and a lot of motorists deemed it unsafe for cars. 

“I’m just glad they’re doing something about it,” Conrad Yazzie, 49, who works at Rio West Mall in Gallup said. “It was getting bad coming from Window Rock into Gallup and a lot of people got their cars damaged, especially when you got to the Chee Dodge

U.S. 491 | SEE PAGE 9


Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun


NEWS Gallup Council approves LET funds By Bernie Dotson  Sun Correspondent 


he Gallup City Council unanimously followed up on a joint resolution at its June 13 regular meeting that pertains to the fiscal 2018 distribution off liquor excise revenue. City Manager Maryann Ustick told council members that an estimated $1.6 million rests in a liquor excise tax fund, setting the stage for the for the council to go about the business of deciding how the funds would be allocated. Ustick said some $800,000 is earmarked for the Gallup Detox Center. The city owns the Boyd Avenue building that houses the center and the company that administers services at Gallup Detox is called Na’Nihzhoozhi Center, Inc., commonly called NCI.  “It’s greatly appreciated,” Ustick said to the allocated amount for Gallup Detox. “When we combine that with the proposed Behavioral Health Investment Zone funds, we’re almost at contract amount,” she said.  The joint resolution was developed last year based on d i scu s sion s w it h t he McKinley County Board of Commissioners as to how the two entities plan to use the 2017 fiscal year’s projected liquor excise tax funds. According to Tuesday’s resolution, $300,000 goes to the county, of which $200,000 is earmarked for the Juvenile Substance Abuse Crisis Center with a separate amount of $100,000 for McKinley County’s DWI case management program.  And, regarding McKinley County, $200,000 will go toward the in-house treatment program at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center. That



TOURISM TRIP County commish, tourist director team up

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital CEO David Conejo.

Gallup Mayor Jackie McKinney

staffers, he said. “We’ve ha d to cut a l l expenses,” Conejo said. “The fact the we’re running a lot of these programs doesn’t mean we’re impervious to needing help,” he said.  Conejo told Mayor Jackie McKinney that he was a bit uncomfortable that RMCH did not have a say in where the liquor excise tax funds went this time around.  “When you consider ($1.6) million being d istr ibuted throughout the community and one of the largest providers of

social rehab not going to get a dime, I thought, ‘I need to come to the city council and the county commission,’” Conejo said. McKinney responded that the Navajo Nation committed $300,00 to the clinic, but didn’t live up to that commitment. McKinney welcomed Conejo at future (fiscal 2018) talks about liquor excise tax fund distribution.  McKinney said even with the current distribution matrix, the city is still not covered with respect to incurred costs.

program operates under the county’s Jail Authority Board. Ustick told council members that the JAB has recommended a new program whereby program members get to be in a separate pod from the rest of the jail occupants, a situation where intensive treatment will be the focus. Licensed counselors will be hired to provide the treatment, Ustick informed.  “We think this will be another enhancement to the jail overall,” Ustick said.  David Conejo, the CEO at Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services, said that there are various successes and trouble areas at RMCH. He said for the past 18 months, the Behavioral Health Services Clinic operated by RMCH and near Indian Hills has grown to 40 patients and continues to grow. More than 20 people have graduated from the clinic’s extensive work rehab program, Conejo added, each of whom previously work at RMCH and were able to find jobs elsewhere, Conejo said. Additionally, there has been a 10 percent cut across the board with respect to expenses at RMCH, including salaried



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Investing in the arts

Young ladies learn from the best

Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


City, chamber officials go to D.C. TOURISM, MARKETING MAIN POINT OF TRIP 

By Bernie Dotson Sun Correspondent 


fficials from the city of Gallup and the Ga l lup -McK i n ley Cou nt y Ch a mber of Commerce travelled to Washington, D.C., earlier this month to attend the annual IPW — known within the tourism industry as the International Pow Wow. The event, which was locally attended by Bill Lee, executive director at the chamber, and Jennifer Lazarz, Gallup tourism and marketing director, is billed as the largest tourism trade show in North America. It is the travel industry’s premier international marketplace and the largest generator of travel to the United States.  The trip went from June 4 through June 7 for Lee and Lazarz. The chamber has a long-standing professional agreement with the city for tourism and marketing promotion.  “It has been in existence


Jennifer Lazarz for many years and focuses on bringing inter national tour groups and travelers to the United States,” Lee said. “We went as part of a coalition through the New Mexico Hospitality Association. We shared a large booth with Las Cruces, the Space Port, Visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We (Gallup) had more than 30 appointments scheduled with various tour groups and travel agencies from China, japan, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Taiwan and India. In our meetings, we highlighted Gallup

Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun

Bill Lee as a destination for travelers and tour groups — discussing the various tourism assets and events that would be worthwhile for them to extend their stays in Gallup,” Lee said. Out of the 30 appointments, “We feel we will find success with the groups. With more than 20 groups responding positively that they wish to include us as a destination,” Lee said.  Lee said many of the bookings will not come until 2018 and 2019 since “they (interested parties) are booking these trips far in advance. 

“Jennifer and I are working on building tourism itineraries from one to four days which will fit the various needs of the bus tours and individual foreign in-bound travelers,” Lee said. “It was without a doubt a major tourism and marketing venture,” Lazarz said. “We spoke with a lot of different people from a lot of different places.”  Lee and Lazarz estimated the cost of the trip to be around $10,000, with the overall cost split between the city, the chamber and the other participating cities which shared the informational booth at the Washington Convention Center. 

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For Lee the Washington, D.C., tourism and marketing jaunt was the culmination of two consecutive tourism ventures in a short amount of time. A couple of weeks prior, Lee attended the New Mexico Governor’s Conference on tourism function in Santa Fe.

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Chuska Apartments in Gallup expands homeless units Staff Reports


he Supportive Hou si ng Coa l it ion of New Mex ico a n nou nced Ju ne 15, that it’s conver ting 10 apartment units at Chuska A pa r t ment s f rom t r a n sitional housing to permanent supportive housing effective July 1, 2017. The orga nization made the decision to add additional permanent housing units in keeping with its mission to prevent and reduce homelessness through permanent supportive housing. Staff have met with local social service agencies to provide training in the application process and will offer the training as requested. SHC-NM is seeking applicants to fill the units who meet the following requirements: Families that are


experiencing chronic homeles snes s – on ly t he head of household must ver i f y homelessness Head of Household who ha s a physica l or ment a l hea lt h d i sabi l it y (ment a l health diagnosis preferred) C hu sk a c u r r e nt ly h a s five two-bedroom and five three-bedroom units available. Because this is a subsidized program, participants pay 3 0 % of t hei r a n nu a l adjusted income in rent. All utilities are paid. Potential pa r ticipa nts a re urged to apply early to allow time for the verification process. All applicants must complete a homelessness verification and rental application ($32.00 fee). Vera Cardy, service coordinator at Chuska is available to help applicants and service agencies with the process. She can be reached at (505) 863-6131.

Embracing the “Housing First” approach to ending homelessness, SHC-NM prov ides per ma nent suppor tive housing to indiv iduals a nd fa m i l ies w it h behavioral health issues who are experiencing homelessness. Housing First is a nationally recognized “best practice,” that moves people off the street into stable, affordable hou si n g w it h s uppor t ive services to address mental hea lt h, subst a nce abu se, he a lt h , a nd e mploy me nt needs. SHC-NM manages seven mixed income apartment home complexes i n Albuquerque, Gallup, and Las Vegas, New Mexico where individuals and families pay below-market rents. To learn more about the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico visit our website at www.shcnm.org or

The Chuska Apartments complex at 2534 E. Aztec. Photo Credit: Courtesy cont a c t L au r ie F r appier, Director of Development at

(505) 255 -3643 ext. 111 or lfrappier @shcnm.org.

Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


No sign that Russians accessed NM voter systems By Matthew Reichbach NM Political Report

T NM Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Photo Credit: Andy Lyman

Toulouse Oliver will run for full term as SOS By Matthew Reichbach NM Political Report


n news that surprised no one, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver announced Tuesday that she will run for reelection. “From modernizing campaign finance rules to increasing ballot access and voter education in our native and rural communities, we are making swift progress on many of the priorities I set early on,” the Democrat said in her press release. “I look forward to serving a full term for the

people of New Mexico so that we can continue to combat dark money in politics, raise the bar for transparency and accountability in government and cement our sacred voting rights for every eligible citizen.” No other candidate has announced their intention to run. Tou lou s e O l i v e r, a Democrat, won election in 2016, defeating Republican Nora Espinoza. The position is normally contested


here’s no indication that New Mexico’s voter databases were improperly accessed, according to New Mexico’s secretary of state. This comes even as U.S. senators probed the issue in a hearing June 21. We d n e s d a y m o r n i n g , Jeanette Manfra, the acting undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications at DHS, told the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that election systems in 21 states were targeted in a Russian cyber attack. Jeh Johnson said that while interference by Russia “was unprecedented” in “scale and scope,” there was no indication that Russians changed any votes in 2016. New Mexico hasn’t been contacted by a ny federa l aut hor it y of a ny a l leged breaches by Russia during the cycle, Secretary of State Maggie Tou louse Oliver told  N M Political Report. “Secreta r y of State Toulouse Oliver considers election security a high priority, and she continues to work with federal agencies and other states to collaborate on best security practices and her office engages in regular security scans and testing,”  Toulouse Oliver said in

an email last week. While vote tallying was not attacked, New Mexico has an older-technology way of combatting that: full paper ballots. Ballots are filled out by hand and counted by optical scanner. Ballots can be handcounted if needed. Last week, reports indicated  that Russian hackers breached voter databases and software systems in 39 states. The news came from investigators and a classified National Security Agency document obtained by The Intercept. The Russian government denies it was involved, as it has denied it was involved in the hacking of emails from t he Democrat ic Nat iona l Committee and Hillary Clinton ca mpa ign cha ir ma n John Podesta. U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich,

the New Mexico Democrat who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, did not discuss the cyber intrusion into state election systems during his questioning. Instead, Heinrich asked FBI Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Bill Priestap about why Russia sought to interfere in elections and if the foreign power felt they were successful. Priestap offered a nuanced a n swer about whet her Russians believed their efforts were successful. “In many ways, they might argue that because of the time and energy we’re spending on this topic, maybe it’s distracting us from other things,” he said. “But on the other hand,


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Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun


St. Michaels man jailed on assault, resisting charges By Bernie Dotson  Sun Correspondent 


St. Michaels, Arizona man, arrested June 11 by Gallup police on assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest charges, was released from the McKinley County Adult Detention Center June 20, officials said. Aaron Begay, 36, punched Teddie Yazzie at about 5 pm near Camille’s Sidewalk Café on South Second Street, apparently because Yazzie happened to be wearing the color black, according to a police report on the matter.  Begay, whose nickname on the street is “Ghost,” asked Yazzie where he was from, telling Yazzie, “I don’t like the color of your bandana,” the police report reads. Yazzie shrugged off Begay’s remarks, but not before Begay cold-cocked him in the face.  “(Teddy) had redness to the left side of his inner lip,” Gallup


Aaron Yazzie police officer Daniel Brown wrote in the report. Brown recorded that Begay started to run away when Brown asked what happened that things came to fisticuffs. Begay was ultimately located near South Fourth Street and Aztec Avenue when Brown finally caught up with him. Brown recorded in the report that Begay was yelling and swinging his arms when Brown

was trying to get information. He appeared to have been drinking, Brown wrote of Begay’s persona.  At one point when Brown was attempting to secure a handcuffed Begay in the GPD police car, Begay uttered to Brown, “I’ll kick your ass one on one.”  Begay threatened Brown as well as Brown’s family during the detainment process. Begay was released from detention after a nine-day jail sentence imposed by Municipal Court Judge Grant Foutz, according to jail records.


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SOS | FROM PAGE 6 in non-presidential years, but the election was held in 2016 because Dianna Duran resigned from her position as Secretary of State hours before pleading guilty to criminal charges related to campaign finance. The election was to finish out Duran’s term in office. The 2018 race will be for a full, fouryear term in office. Because she is currently fulfilling Duran’s unfinished term, Toulouse Oliver would

VOTER SYSTEMS | FROM PAGE 6 exactly what this committee is doing as far as raising awareness to their activities, their aims for the American people, to me they’ve done the American people a service in that regard.” Later, Heinrich focused on statements by Donald Trump in 2016. “By effectively reinforcing the Russian narrative and publicly saying that our system if rigged, did then-candidate Trump, now president-Trump

be eligible to run for another full term in 2022 if she wins reelection next yea r. The secretary of state, like other statewide elected officials, can only serve two consecutive terms. Toulouse Oliver lost to Duran in the 2014 election. When Duran won her first term in 2010, she was the first Republican to hold the position since 1930. Before becoming Secretary of State, Toulouse Oliver was the Bernalillo County Clerk. Visit: nmpoliticalreport. com become what intelligence officials call an unwitting agent?” Heinrich asked Priestap. After a long pause—over five seconds—Priestap said he couldn’t comment on that. “I don’t blame you for not answering that question,” Heinrich said, to laughter from those in attendance. Upd a t e: Q uot e s or ig inally attributed to Deputy S e c r et a r y of S t a t e Joh n Blair are now attributed to Secretar y of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Visit: nmpoliticalreport. com

Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


Conviction upheld for pediatrician convicted of child porn possession Staff Reports

NN police pronounce SUV driver dead By Bernie Dotson  Sun Correspondent 


L BUQU ERQU E – At tor ney Genera l He c t or B a ld e r a s announced that pediatrician Juan Torres Santos, who was found guilty of one count of Sexual Exploitation of Children in October 2015, lost his appeal to the New Mexico Court of Appeals June 22. Torres Santos was previously a licensed pediatrician in Pennsylvania and in Texas, and was working on his application for a medical license in New Mexico at the time of his arrest. Torres Santos appealed his conviction claiming there was not sufficient evidence he intentionally possessed child pornography and that the district court should not have allowed the Office of the Attorney General to show the jury evidence of the child pornography. T he C ou r t of A pp e a l s ag reed w it h t he Of f ice of


Juan Torres Santos t h e A t t o r n e y G e n e r a l ’s Cr iminal Appeals Div ision a nd upheld Tor res Sa ntos’ conv iction. “I applaud the Office of the Attorney General Special Investigations Division, ICAC Unit, who assisted with the investigation, the Special Prosecutions Division who successfully prosecuted, and the Criminal Appeals Division with whom the Court of Appeals agreed by affirming Mr. Santos Torres’ conviction,” Balderas said. “This case demonstrates there is no higher priority for my office than the protection of our innocent children in New Mexico.”

n investigation continues into a Toyota 4Runner that overturned June 18 at mile-marker 10 and not far from New Mexico 264, according to

a Navajo Nation police report. Sgt. Shane Bennet recorded that the Toyota SUV was traveling eastbound and rolled over. A witness at the scene said he heard a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, telling Bennett that “he heard a loud crash.”

Three females approached the crash scene and one said that she was in the vehicle earlier in Gallup. Bennett’s report stated that fire personnel attempted to get the driver out of the vehicle, but stopped due to the fact that the driver was dead.

Commercial vehicle crash results in fatality Staff Reports


RANTS – New Mexico State Police were called to investigate a single commercial motor vehicle crash on I-40 at mile post 87, at 3:49 am on June 20. The commercial motor vehicle left the roadway, entered

the median and overturned. The driver of the vehicle, Mr. John Valdez, 56, of Desert Hot Springs, Calif. was not wearing his seat belt, and sustained fatal injuries, he was pronounced deceased at the scene. The passenger of the vehicle Mr. Abdelnebi Basyouni, 59, of

Fontana, Calif. was asleep in the cab section of the vehicle, he sustained injuries during the crash and was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. This vehicle crash is still under investigation, and no additional information is available at this time.







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Valarie Lopez jailed Man found dead in car ID’d on drug charge Staff Reports


allup Police Depa r tment ha s released the name of the man found deceased in a car June 20. GPD Capt. Marinda Spencer said Saied Alassi, 38, was parked in front of a relative’s house on the 500 block of South

By Bernie Dotson Sun Correspondent


Mentmore fema le remained jailed June 20 after being taken i nt o c u s t o d y o n bringing contraband into a jail facility charges, officials said. Valerie Lopez remains behind bars and without bond on a separate charge from Cibola County, officials said. Lopez, 27, appeared before 11th judicial Court Judge Lyndy Bennett June 12 for an arraignment after being arrested in Gallup on May 5 for a probation violation charge.  A trial date has been set for Nov. 28 after Lopez pleaded not guilty in front of Bennett for the contraband charge. The disposition of the Cibola County no bond charge was not immediately available.  Lopez was jailed in early May on the probation violation. But when she was being

U.S. 491 | FROM PAGE 1 Elementary School near T&R Market.” Baros said the name of the firm doing the repaving work is Braiser Asphalt of Albuquerque. Of the milling and inlaying work in the process of being done, Baros said it’s being done with 3.5 inches of hot mix asphalt.  “This is strictly for maintenance,” Baros said. As far as the (DOT) receiving complaints about the bad conditions of the particular part of U.S. 491, Baros, who works out of DOT’s regional office in Grants, said she wasn’t aware of such complaints.  Striping is part of the work to be done, also, Baros said. That part of the project is coming along, she said.  P rev iously ca l led U.S. Highway 666 and referred to as the “Devil’s Highway,” due to

Ford Drive. His family reportedly made the grim discovery. At this juncture, Spencer is not clear on whether he lived in the home. Spencer said police were called to the scene at about 1:50 pm where they found the unresponsive Alassi in a maroon, four-door sedan.   “The preliminary

(investigation) doesn’t show any signs of foul play,” Spencer said. Detectives, and on-scene investigators from the Office of the Medical Investigator sea rched t he veh icle for clues that may be tied to the man’s death. His body was transported to the OMI in Albuquerque for an autopsy, Spencer said.

Valerie Lopez booked she forgot to tell jailers about a plastic baggie that she had on her person, according to jail paperwork. Lopez told guards at one point about the plastic bag, “You can just throw it away.” The plastic baggie contained a unspecified amount of methamphetamine, according to jail booking papers. the inordinate amount of fatalities on the road, U.S. 491 is set to be reconstructed and fourlaned from Shiprock to Gallup in a matter of months, officials have said. The four-laning of 491 is already complete as far south as Naschitti. Baros noted that the U.S. 491 four-laning project is still underway. Sen. John Pinto, D-Tohatchi, along with area New Mexico legislators, Patricia Lundstrom, D-Gallup, and George Muñoz have been instrumental in moving the four-laning project along over the years.  Pinto, 92, called the milling and inlaying part of 491 a plus for people utilizing the businesses that line that part of the highway. Pinto is the longest serving legislator in the history of New Mexico and has been out front on the four-laning issue for years.  “Yes, we are making progress,” Pinto, 91, said. “A lot of progress.”

Various officials prepare to transport the body of Saied Alassi to Albuquerque for an autopsy. He was found deceased June 20. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura

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Gallup drug offender to go to trial on Nov. 28 By Bernie Dotson  Sun Correspondent 


Gallup man took his chances at trying to escape from police last month, and now wants to take another chance at a formal trial to possibly do away with some criminal charges, according to court papers. Isaac Padilla, 23, took Gallup police and officers from the Middle Rio Grande Valley Task Force on a high speed car chase May 3 after the cops and task force members pursued him on suspected drug charges. Padilla was arraigned last week on felony drug and aggravated fleeing charges, records show.  The police agencies were watching a residence on East Princeton Avenue where some suspected drug dealers were believed to be staying and doing business, records show.

Isaac Padilla The police saw a silver Ford Explorer enter a back alley and saw a female and Padilla at the location during the surveillance. Padilla jumped in the car and took police on a chase through several north side streets, at one point trying to hit a police car involved in the chase to avoid capture, police

records show. A Gallup police officer subsequently spotted Padilla near West Jefferson Avenue and Maloney heading toward Walmart, a police report states. “The vehicle then came to a stop on the wrong side of the road a nd all of the occupants jumped out of the vehicle and began running,” reads the police report on the incident.  Padilla was taken into custody at the Home Depot, according to the police report. Upon being questioned by Gallup Police Lt. Rosanne Morrissette, it was discovered that Padilla possessed a paper stuck to his ankle which contained 1.1 grams of methamphetamine.  Padilla didn’t admit to a judge anything regarding the matter and a trial date is now set for Nov. 28 before 11th Judicial Court Judge Lyndy Bennett.

Embezzlement, perjury part of 22 new charges against ex-state senator By Joey Peters NM Political Report


his week, a gra nd jury charged former state Sen. Phil Griego with 22 new criminal counts centering mostly


NAME: Jerald William Chee AGE: 44 BOOKED: 6/3/17 NOTES: Open Container

2/16/17 NOTES: Open Container NAME: Delicia Begay AGE: 18 BOOKED: 5/20/17 NOTES: Open Container

NAME: Ryan Kim Tsosie AGE: 37 BOOKED: 5/27/17 NOTES: Open Container NAME: Victoria Lynn Pinto AGE: 25 BOOKED: 2/16/17

NAME: Nathan Begay

NAME: Myron Joe AGE: 26 BOOKED:

NAME: Franklin Arthur AGE: 40 BOOKED: 2/11/17 NOTES: Open Container

NAME: Veronica Bedonie AGE: 33 BOOKED: 2/11/17 NOTES: Open Container

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AGE: 29 BOOKED: 5/25/17 NOTES: Accident

on embezzlement and perjury for allegedly using campaign money for personal use and lying about it. In total, Griego faces 19 new

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If you live east of 2nd Street to Verdi Drive and south of Highway 66 to the boundaries of Philipina Avenue and Country Club Drive, please join in on AREA 4 of the Residential Community Cleanup on Saturday, July 1, 2017. This includes the following areas: downtown, Roosevelt School, Ford Canyon, Pinon Lane, Robin Lane, Aspen Lane, Sunset Drive, Piano Avenue, Boggio Drive and Ridgecrest Avenue area. Place all unwanted junk, bulk items, appliances, and furniture curbside away from all obstructions (trees, cars, mailboxes, fences, utility meters/covers, etc.) by 8 a.m. and City crews will dispose of items that day. Please separate metal and tires from other debris. PLEASE DO NOT PUT OUT HERBIES as they WILL NOT be emptied. Residents hauling their own refuse to the Gallup Transfer Station will be subject to fees.

For more information, please contact the City of Gallup Solid Waste Division at 863-1212 or visit the City’s website at: www.GallupNM.gov NEWS



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Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


OPINIONS Robert Roche: Infrastructure Investment Key to New Mexico’s Growth internet infrastructure would create. But we have yet to see meaningful progress. That’s a shame, because when we invest in our infrastructure, we invest in our future, we put our state in a more competitive position, and we open the door to job creation in New Mexico. I have learned this from more than 30 years of business and real estate development experience

By Robert Roche


ast month, I joined business and community leaders, policymakers, and academic experts in Washington, D.C. for Infrastructure Week. Over and over again, there was bipartisan consensus on the economic opportunity investment in our transportation, energy, and


spanning the globe.   Earlier this year, one of my compa ny’s subsid ia ries, Gallup Land Partners, LLC., (GLP), completed Phase 1 of the  Gallup Energy Logistics Park. The Park represents a major initiative to drive economic growth and development in Gallup-McKinley County and provides the space, resources, and infrastructure

that companies need to grow along a BNSF-certified national rail network. This project was built in partnership with the Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation, and with the support of the City of Gallup, McKinley County, and Governor Martinez’s office. 



Today welcomes Cancer’s New Moon, as Gemini’s steps aside. The Cancer Sun is shining brightly, as of June 21. This really marks the beginning of Summer. You may feel nostalgic and ready for solitude. It’s wise to rest and reflect. Collect your thoughts and consider your options. Madame G recommends you pull up YouTube and listen to Lofi live—it supports concentration.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.22)

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You’re longing for the next step. Is this it? You may not always have the answers and it’s not always the right move. However, you can succeed if you put your mind to it. You have the power over your mind, emotions, and tongue. Don’t scare yourself with outlandish imaginings. Use your power of concentration for good, help a friend, your spouse, or friend. Stay calm.

Use this time to your advantage. You don’t need to know everything at this moment. Your task is to sit down and contemplate the pros and cons. What do you really want? Maybe you thought your life was headed down one path and then it rapidly went another way. Don’t fret. This is life. You’re on the path to discovery and joy. Who knows all the wonders you’ll discover. Good luck!

You’re on the right track. This is certainly a good start. However, the dragon in you may have shouted too loud too often. Eventually even the mice loose fear of the cat with no teeth or claws. And in fact, the sharp points may not be necessary. You may have more allies and friends than you realize. This may get you further to the top than you first imagined. Who knew?!

You’re heading on an adventure. You may be headed out of town, in a book, or through self-discovery. Whatever it is, take the chance for exploration further. Don’t hide behind the way its always been. Look at yourself anew. What’s missing? What would you like? Your heart is speaking to you: listen carefully. It says love yourself, forgive and move on. That’s all there is.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Life is such an interesting journey. You never know what you’ll find. It’s never too late to complete the tasks you’ve always wanted or to be who you’ve always wanted to be. The charming part—it’s all part of the fun. You may meet a chipmunk and a pair of lizards who visit you in the barn. Say, hello! And let them on their way. It’s a joy to discover new things. Do it.

What’s in your heart? You hardly know. You’re ready for some adventure. It’s hard to know which one is right to choose. What is the right path? There is no right or wrong. You’ll make the best decision you can. Live it with all your heart and grasp the next adventure that says: hell yes! with both hands. You’ll be so glad you did. You’re choosing better problems. Great job!

Heading to Pie Town? If not why not? You may think life is all about the big adventures and those are great. However, the little ones like taking a small day trip or walking through your yard are full of possibilities. Stop limiting yourself and your dreams. Become more than a predetermined idea. Release the shackles of childhood tyranny and cut loose. Dance!

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)

Take these moments of quiet, for rest. Embrace the solitude. It’s a gift not a curse. You’ll soon be on the hunt for your other half, driven to seek, learn, and discover. You just need a moment to think and pick out the next destination on the globe. Are you headed to Madagascar or Mars? Who knows with you, whatever it is you’re going to do it with everything you’ve got. You can.

You’re not a wuss. Everyone is afraid to make a fool of themselves. It’s hard when you’re laughed at. Life hack: if you’re afraid of water skiing in front of everyone because you think they’ll make fun of you. Just get up and give it your best shot. If you fall, stand up and give a bow. True grace is falling on your ass and standing right back up with aplomb. Take a bow!

Where do you go from here? You may think the only way down is straight, but you may be wrong. You could be spiraling. You may be soaring. It’s often hard to tell. Your gut knows. Listen. If your heart is telling you to listen and you keep ignoring it—you’ll run into problems. This may all be right and still be all wrong or vice versa. Don’t give up. You can do this.

What do you know? If you discover that you know very little—you’re in good company. It’s up to you to forge ahead and make a new path. This is how you do it. Open yourself to the possibility that life is not always what you imagine it to be. You may have found favor in one area and lost it in another. If one person cuts you down another is praising you. So what?

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You’re ready! Whatever it is, you’re more than ready. The only obstacle at this point is you. You may talk yourself out of it. You may insert the seed of selfdoubt so strongly you’ve named it—Herbert. It’s a cute name for a malicious disease. Cut it out. Be ruthless. You’re worth it too. You’re capable. And greatness is in you. Madame G suggests you wake up and do it.


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun


INFRASTRUCTURE | FROM PAGE 12 Thanks to both private investment and public support, we’ve constructed 11,000 feet of new rail lines which will allow energy and other companies to connect to more customers, thereby opening northwestern New Mexico to more growth. Over the past five years, Roche Enterprises, Ltd., the parent company of GLP, has invested more than $40 million (USD) in the area. Investments like these are critical to our state’s competitiveness, making it more attractive to new businesses that will build, relocate, and create jobs here in New Mexico. The people of New Mexico are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.  We just need the tools to get the work done.  Although New Mexico appears to have a comprehensive incentives package for infrastructure and new business development, in practice these programs were not impactful to us. Instead, we had to rely on private investment and hard work.  The Gallup Energy Logistics Park is just one example of a shovel-ready project that is perfectly positioned to create new business opportunities for companies looking to relocate to New Mexico and provide new job opportunities for New Mexico workers. There are similar infrastructure

EMBEZZLEMENT | FROM PAGE 10 felonies and three misdemeanors. This adds to the nine previous corruption counts Griego was charged with last summer by a district court judge in Santa Fe. Attorney General Hector Balderas’ office is prosecuting Griego. The new charges include 13 perjury counts, each of which are fourth-degree felonies, for lying on several of his campaign finance reports between 2012 and 2015. He also faces two separate charges for filing false campaign reports in October 2015 and April 2016, both misdemeanors. On top of this, Griego is charged with five counts of embezzlement for spending more than $9,100 of campaign and political action committee money “for his own use” between 2012 and 2014. He OPINIONS

projects ready to move forward all across the country— from new rail tunnels in the Northeast that will help commuters get to work more efficiently and safely, to new transmission lines in the Great Plains that will put cleaner, more affordable electricity on the grid. However, to get these critical projects off the ground, we need not only the capital, but also the political will. Republicans and Democrats must come together, in Santa Fe and in Washington, D.C., to ensure robust funding for infrastructure. By investing more heavily in our nation’s infrastructure, we can regain our competitive edge, improve traffic safety and resiliency, and attract new businesses – all while creating jobs. The success I’ve seen with the Gallup Energy Logistics Park is the success I want to see across New Mexico and across the country – from Gallup to Carlsbad, from Seattle to New York City. I urge our elected leaders to put American workers and businesses first by making additional investments in our nation’s infrastructure. Robert Roche is Chief Executive Officer of Roche Enterprises, Ltd., the parent company of Gallup Land Partners, LLC and Gallup E n e r g y L og i sti c s Pa r k , LLC.  Follow Robert Roche on Fa cebook,  Twitte r  or on RobertRocheBlog.com.  also faces one fraud count for wrongfully using $2,000 from his senatorial campaign account in June 2012. All of the allegations of embezzlement are felony charges. Only one criminal charge against Griego details how he allegedly misspent campaign money, and that’s a limitation on campaign funds expenditures charge for his Aug. 15, 2015 spending at an Alex Safety Lane auto repair shop, a misdemeanor. Griego, a longtime state senator and Santa Fe city councilor, resigned from the Legislature in March 2015 after using his legislative position to personally profit off of a sale of a state building. After he resigned, Griego continued to spend his campaign money. Griego is scheduled to go on trial in October. Visit: nmpoliticalreport. com

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Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017



By Babette Herrmann Sun Editor


uring this time last yea r, Ga l lup ha d Gilbert “Gilly” Parra. He was shaving and chiseling heads of hair into artistic masterpieces. Whether a tribal design, or more elaborate – a Sylvester the cat and Tweety bird design, or bringing notice to autism, Parra was a barber for the ages, and a unique treasure to his family, friends and clients. Diamond Cuts on Gallup’s south end was his hub, and at 24, he was living life on his terms, according to his loving mother, Lisa Romero. She recalled, trying not to choke up, that her Gilly was a

Master barber Gilbert “Gilly” Parra. Photo Credit: Courtesy

On a head of hair, Gilbert “Gilly” Parra makes Sylvester the cat dreams come true by finally capturing Tweety bird. Photo Credit: Courtesy strong-willed child, and somewhat unconventional. “He was a firecracker,” she said. Parra had some good sense mixed with the usual teen rebellion, graduating from a military high school at 16, and becoming a barber by the time he was 18. He was all about detail, Romero said, wearing the sharpest clothes and churning out artistic masterpieces on heads – design concepts that often began on scratch paper. “It took a long time, but his customers loved it,” Romero said. “He had a big clientele.” He had plans to leave the Gallup area to join his son and daughter in Phoenix. He wanted to be close to his children and explore life as a barber in the Valley of the Sun.

But, those dreams, aspirations for something bigger and better ended abruptly July 22, 2016. As he drove into Albuquerque with Madalyn Warren, 17, in the early morning hours of that fate-filled summer day, he hit a semitruck trailer, struck a guardrail, and rolled several times, according to media reports. He was driving Warren’s SUV and neither Parra or Warren were wearing seatbelts. They died on impact. Romero said the memorial for the duo is near the Junction 25 (9 miles) and Santa Rosa mileage sign on eastbound I-40, near the Atrisco Vista exit. And how she found out about her son’s death was heart wrenching.

Gilbert Parra supported various causes, such as autism awareness. The word autism is spelled out on this head of hair. Parra also worked his barbering magic on breast cancer survivors, making house calls. Photo Credit: Courtesy

News of their deaths began flooding social media mere hours after the accident. In turn, one of Parra’s friends called to offer Romero condolences and to find out more details about his death. She was at work, and she fought back tears as she reminisced on the horrible news. It was a bad dream, but she held out a glimmer of hope as

Parra’s vehicle was still parked in his driveway. After several hours of phone calls, and intense emotions, New Mexico State Police officials confirmed that Parra was deceased. “Father’s Day was hard,” she said, pausing for moment. “He was a very good daddy.”


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Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun

Gilbert Parra took the top prize during radio personality “Johnny B’s” barbering contest in 2014. He won for a haircut done on his brother Salvador. Photo Credit: Courtesy COMMUNITY

Gallup, gallupArts receive $300K ‘Our Town’ grant By Bernie Dotson  Sun Correspondent 


he city of Gallup, in partnership with gallupArts, received a $150,000 ‘Our Town’ grant last month from the National Endowment for the Arts. The grant was matched by $150,000 in contributions from local government, institutions and organizations, officials said. The $300,000 grant total will fund a creative placemaking project in downtown Gallup. It will support a community-based, collaborative design process to re-imagine Coal Avenue as a signature “event street and commercial hub, gallupArts officials said.  Starting in early 2018, grantfunded public programs will engage artists, neighbors and business owners with arts organizations, community planners, consultants and city governments to capitalize on downtown Gallup’s creative assets. 

The grant ties into Gallup’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan and Cultural Master Plan and will result in the creation of architectural and engineering plans that will make the actual construction of an event street on Coal Avenue a shovel ready fundable project, Rose Eason, executive director at gallupArts, said. Gallup is one of 89 cities across the United States to receive an Our Town grant. gallupArts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving Gallup and McKinley County. It is also Gallup’s state-recognized local arts council. As the primary arts presenter in northwest New Mexico, gallupArts mission is to foster creativity, culture, commerce and quality of life in Gallup and McKinley county through the arts.  “This award is the culmination of many hours of work by dedicated individuals in our community,” Mayor Jackie McKinney said. “After years of planning and dreaming, we

5th Annual Veterans Job Fair



he R io We s t M a l l was once again host t o t he 5 t h A n nu a l Vetera n s Job Fa i r

June 21, in hopes of f indi ng employ ment not on ly for loca l vetera ns, but a s well to the public. The event


Downtown Gallup at Coal Avenue and Third Street. Photo Credit: Courtesy now have the funding avenue to enhance fantastic arts and artists from around our area.” Eason said a Coal Avenue “street event” has tremendous potential to stimulate redevelopment and transform downtown into a community-oriented arts and cultural hub and energize Gallup’s creative economy,” Eason said.

“gallupArts could not be more enthusiastic about partnering with the city and community to create a new vision of downtown.” gallupArts operates around a two-pronged approach: The organization works to grow the region’s arts-based economy by creating opportunities for artists to show and sell their

works. It also provides thousands of people opportunities to engage with the arts through community-based programs, Eason said. Created by Congress in 1965, the NEA is an independent federal agency whose funding and support gives Americans the opportunity to participate in the arts.


many of the players are friends of Parra. “It’s going to be crazy packed,” she sa id. “ T hey (friends) all want to memorialize him.” In addition to the softball action, a DJ, jumper for kids, and mechanical bull round out the fun activities.

Why a fundraiser? Parra’s 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son currently reside with her, and she wants them to attend college. So, a fund has been set up to help make that a reality. To donate, or for information on the event, call Lisa Romero (505) 879-9715.

Romero said that prior to his death, Parra took the trip of a lifetime with his children. They were supposed to go to Disneyland California, but were entranced by the beaches and crashing waves, and never made it to the popular amusement park. “He was very outgoing and sporadic, especially with the kids,” she said.


THIS WEEKEND’S TOURNAMENT Although Romero’s heart is broken, she has vowed to keep her son’s spirit alive by hosting a softball tournament June 23 -25 at the Gallup Sports Complex. Spots filled up fast, and

Check out our FREE access community website! Theresa Zuni speaks with a veterans. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura COMMUNITY



s want p! r e d a e R us u to pick at r


or EM

r gre today fo s u L I A

l deals!

specia ates and

(505) 728-1640

gallupsun@gmail.com | www.gallupsun.com Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


Highlights from Lions Club Rodeo June 15 PHOTO BY HAWK SEGURA

Wooly fighting back.

Former bull rider, Charlie Sedillo, shows his self-portrait on a Lions Club Rodeo poster.

Female junior bull rider.

Here’s the fence cowboy.

Bronc rider preparing for a wild ride.

Junior bull rider goes down for the count.


Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun



Amaya Sanchez and Alexia Lujan direct the kindergarten through second graders on their routine at the GHS Bengal Girl Dance Camp June 15 at Gallup High. Photo Credit: Ryan Hudgeons

Anissa Garcia and Jaylyn Sais directing their girls as they perform their routine at the GHS Bengal Girl Dance Camp Thursday at Gallup High School. Photo Credit: Ryan Hudgeons

The Bengal Girls perform last after they coached all of the previous performances. Photo Credit: Ryan Hudgeons

Mia Carbajal (front) Cammy Villalobos (left) and Madisen Martinez (right) perform a trio turn during their routine for the sixth to eighth graders at the GHS Bengal Girl Dance Camp at Gallup High June 15. Photo Credit: Ryan Hudgeons

The Pre-K Tinys preformed first at the GHS Bengal Girl Dance Camp June 15 at Gallup High. Photo Credit: Ryan Hudgeons


Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


VETERANS | FROM PAGE 15 was held from 10 am to 3 pm with over 26 employers on hand with local businesses show ing their suppor t for veterans. Ve t e r a n s Helpi n g Ve t e r a n s , o r g a n i z e d t h e event along with help from, t he Rio West Ma l l, Sma l l Business Development Center, Millennium Media, I n c . , S a f e w a y, C o m f o r t Su ites, Wa l ma r t, Ba sha’s, Gu rley Motor, A lber t son, R ico Aut o Complex , a nd many others. Brot her s i n A r m s dba Veterans Helping Veterans, a non-prof it orga nization,

began as a group of veterans who wanted to give back to the veteran community. Dav id Cuella r of Vetera ns Helping Veterans, was quite plea sed w ith the tur n- out this year in hopes of helping vetera ns f i nd jobs a nd to non-veterans. “I think it’s a good turnout, a lot of veterans here a nd employer s too. We’re getting a steady stream of veterans and non-veterans look i ng for jobs,” Cuel la r sa id. “It’s good to see a l l these employers come out a nd show suppor t for our veterans.” Lend i ng a ha nd in th is smooth operating job fair in Director Cynthia Jar vison.

Wells Fargo Bank reps Cinthia Valdez and Garret Waltz speaks with a potential applicant. Photo Credit: Knifewing Segura

Job Vacancy Announcement Gallup Housing Authority is accepting applications for the following positions:

Housing Clerk This person serves as general secretarial support and as a file clerk for the Gallup Housing Au-thority Housing and Management department and reports to the Housing Manager of Gallup Housing Authority.

Administrative Assistant - Maintenance This person serves as administrative, clerical and secretarial support to the Maintenance Department of Gallup Housing Authority and reports to the Maintenance Manager of Gallup Housing Authority. It is highly recommended that interested parties obtain a copy of the job descriptions to determine minimum qualifications, required experience and to get a better understanding of the duties for each position. Job descriptions and applications may be obtained at the address given below or by email to: patricia.patterson@galluphousing.com Closing date for submission of applications: Completed GHA applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Friday, June 30, 2017 at the Main office of the Gallup Housing Authority located at 203 Debra Drive in Gallup, New Mexico. Applications must be submitted in person or by email to: patricia.patterson@galluphousing.com Incomplete applications will not be considered. Resumes submitted without a completed GHA application will not be accepted.

Gallup Housing Authority is an equal opportunity employer. We’re here to help manage the financial things in life. So you can focus on the finer things. Life itself, is rich. And at Pinnacle Bank, we want all of our customers to have a chance to experience it fully. We’ll work hard to satisfy your banking needs. Because banking here is just a means to getting back to living here. GALLUP 107 E. Aztec Ave., 505.722.4411 Walmart: Maloney Ave., 505.863.3442 • 1804 E. Aztec Ave., 505.722.0300 0416_NM_HOTAIRBALLOON_4C_5925x2.4894_AD.indd 1 18 Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun

nmpinnbank.com 3/23/17 1:45 PM

S he help e d i n g a t her i n g employers from around the Gallup area and outside the area as well. She says the overall response of employers wa nting to show their support for the veterans has been overwhelming. “ The Ga llup SBDC wa s responsible for ta k ing a ll t he reg i s t r a t ion s for t he employers who a re set up here today,” she said. “The response has been very well from the employers here and hopefu lly we w ill do that with the job seekers too.” P a r t o f t h e Ve t e r a n s Helpi ng Vet er a n s orga n ization, Stephen Tobey, a n A r my vet h i m sel f got t he idea while in Albuquerque, visiting a similar job fair. He said that he thought it would be nice to offer this in the Gallup area, not only for job opportunities, but to show support to veterans. “I was with, Dan Sanchez, for mally of SBDC, a nd we both loved the idea of bringing it here to Gallup,” Tobey said, “The response for the job fair seems to be really good, we have a lot of good employers here.” Employer s from H i lton Ga rden In n were ready to talk to potential applicants. H i lt on Fo o d & B e ver a ge M a n a ge r A d d ie Mo nt oy a said the fair makes her job easy in finding applicants to enter the hospita lity business. She hopes to hire as wel l a s let t i ng t he publ ic know about the fairly new hotel. “ We l l I ’ m h o p i n g t o s prea d awa rene s s of ou r hotel, maybe get some more people coming in,” she said. “I’m look i ng to h i re r ig ht

now for ba r tender s, ba nquet food staff. Our banquet staff we utilize all year long, so we sometimes have banquets up to over 180 people, so it’s good to have a banquet staff. So far we passed out a lot of applications and hopefully we get some good applicants.” K iv a Mu n n, a cor po rate recr u iter for L ag u na Development Corp., said it’s always a pleasure to come out and support events like this. She hopes to hire more job seeker s for Rout e 6 6 Casino and Dancing Eagle Casino. “We had three hires la st yea r so we’re ba ck a ga i n, hoping to double that number this yea r at lea st,” Mu n n s a id. “We a l so love to suppor t the vetera ns a s well.” United States Army Staff Sergent Brendan R. Lee says this fair gives him the opportunity to recruit applicants with the same mind-set of the veterans. “I’m re s pon sible for recruiting in the Gallup area, so i f folk s a re look i ng to join the Army I’m the guy to talk to,” Lee said. “I already have a couple of applicants. Primary things to consider if joining ... you have to be physically fit of course, medically fit, also morally fit, and basically, you can’t have a lot of law v iolations. We offer over 150 jobs depending on your scores from tests to find out what you’re qualified for … so come check us out.” For more information on Veterans Helping Veterans contact David Cuellar (505) 879-3333. COMMUNITY

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ drains the brain RATING: « OF 4


RUNNING TIME: 150 MINUTES By Glenn Kay For the Sun


f you’re a big fan of this series of features, then you will be pleased to learn that you’ll get exactly what you were hoping for from the fifth installment, Transformers: The Last Knight. Sadly, this particular reviewer isn’t an enthusiast. Instead, I found that despite the nonstop action and noise, the movie wasn’t particularly exciting. In fact, it had a really difficult time keeping my attention. As the film begins, viewers are told that there is an ongoing battle between the leftover robots and the human organization known as T.R.F. (Transformers Reaction Force). These well-armed, technologically advanced soldiers are out to capture or destroy all the transformers. Apparently, they’re doing a really terrible job because the robots appear to be just about everywhere blowing things up. This is particularly apparent within a small, blocked off area of Chicago where several pop up

Bumblebee, top, fights off a Sentinel in a scene from “Transformers: The Last Knight.” Now playing. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures out of the blue. As if that isn’t enough to fill up the quarantined zone, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) comes driving in and assists Izabella (Isabela Moner), a young orphaned girl still living in the area. There’s more absurdity when, via a lengthy f lashback, we learn that transformers have been on the planet since the time of King Arthur. Apparently, during this period they created an all powerful weapon. Through time, a hidden society has kept the transformers a secret, even though the robots are revealed to have fought in and effected

the outcome of all recent history’s major events. With the creator of the transformers, Quintessa (Gemma Chan), on her way from space to destroy the Earth, the heroes seek out this magic power. Of course, the T.R.F. also want the weapon. They make a deal with evil transformer Megatron to get it for them first. He agrees, but only if they release his captured Decepticons (one of whom is in prison for a bank robbery). Sou nd s pret t y st upid, doesn’t it? This is just a sample of the many head-scratching elements making up the


Services Include:

Mobility Assistance Meal Preparation & Eating Household Services Hygiene/ Grooming/ Bathing

Be cared for by GRACE with a staff that Cares 505-863-5898 Fax 505-722-9165 1613 S. 2nd Street • Gallup COMMUNITY

story. It is complete and utter nonsense. And in general, I’m okay with nonsense as long as it’s fun. Unfortunately, there isn’t much here that entertains. The human performances are as broad as can be (after all, they have to compete with the visual effects). And as for the Autobots, the verbal jabs are about as subtle and funny as being beaten over the head with a plank of wood. When most of the dialogue, banter and character development consists of, “I will f-you up,” and, “Let’s kick ass,” it doesn’t really matter what is happening onscreen. There’s literally no one here to relate to or cheer for.

The one thing that the movie has going for it are some impressive visuals. As expected, the special effects are quite good. Towards the climax, the characters travel to the bottom of an ocean to find a lost spaceship. The large craft’s design and appearance is striking. One can’t argue that great care hasn’t been taken with making the film look spectacular. Although if one does see it in IMAX, its appearance still manages to suffer. The film constantly changes aspect ratio from 1.43:1 to 2.00:1 with each fast-cutting shot. I can see complete scenes being filmed in different formats, but it actually becomes distracting to cut back and forth dozens of times within the same scene. As for the climactic battle, it goes on for so long that it eventually becomes tiring. I know, everyone enjoys a different sort of popcorn entertainment and for some the impressive effects of Transformers: The Last Knight will do the trick. However, for me the movie is similar to nonsensically banging your head against a wall for two and a half hours; it’s loud, repetitive and just ends up hurting your brain (or at the very least, gives you a splitting headache). Visit: cinemastance.com 207 WEST COAL GALLUP 505.863.1250 www.elmorrotheatre.com Facebook @elmorrogallup


JUNE 16-29

Weeknights @ 7pm Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm, 5:30pm, 9:00pm Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for June 23, 2017 By Glenn Kay For the Sun


ello, it’s time for another look at new releases arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. There’s another intriguing mix of big studio fare, indie features and old titles making their high definition debuts. So if you can’t make it out to the movies this week, be sure to give one of these titles a try!

BIG NEW RELEASES! Altitude An FBI agent gets demoted to a desk job a fter going rogue during a hostage negotiation. O f cou r se, while flying to her new position, she is seated next to a thief and the plane is hijacked by a criminal organization. The lady must fight back to save the passengers and take down the bad guys. This low-budget action/ thriller hasn’t gotten too many reviews yet, but the ones that have appeared have been muted, describing it as competent but unmemorable. At least it features a few familiar names like Denise Richards, Dolph Lundgren, Jonathan Lipnicki and Greer Grammar. Death Pool - This low-budget horror/thriller involves a psychologically disturbed pool cleaner in Los Angeles who can’t control his urge to drown beautiful women in the water. Apparently caused by childhood trauma, the individual tries to avoid working near any liquids, but when he finds himself out of cash and in need of a job, he takes one at a pool and starts up his deranged hobby. There are currently no reviews available for this title, so don’t expect too much. The cast includes Sara Malakul Lane, Randy Wayne and Shawn C. Phillips. Everybody Loves Somebody - A successful professional woman in LA who has given up on love decides to attend a family wedding south of the border and asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she runs into an old flame at the ceremony, leading to plenty of miscommunication

and comic complications. The press were quite positive about this Mexican, foreign-language film. While most admitted the setup was anything but unique, they complimented the breezy charm of the piece and suggested that it played things differently enough to entertain. Karla Souza, Jose Maria Yazpik and Ben O’Toole headline the film. Hearing is Believing Rachel Flowers is the subject of this documentary. The 23-yearold musician was born premature and lost her eyesight, but that hasn’t stopped her from starting a career as a musician. The film tells her story (scored to music written and performed by the artist) from a promising young student at the Southern California Conservatory of Music to the present day. It also includes interviews with musicians like Dweezil Zappa and Keith Emerson. This one is premiering on disc and through streaming formats, so interested parties will just have to take a chance on it. Life - The highest profile release of the week is this sci-fi horror picture about a group of astronauts floating above the Earth on the international space station. When they come into contact with a strange new life form, they come under attack and must determine how to stop the creature from getting to the planet below. Notices were generally good for this creeper. A few complained that it borrowed too heavily from previous pictures in the same vein, but most felt that the A-list cast and impressive production elevated the material and delivered the shocks. It sta r s Ja ke Gyllen ha a l, Rebecca Ferg u son, Rya n Reynolds, Hiroyuki Sanada, Olga Dihovichnaya and Ariyon Bakare. Railroad Tigers - The latest from Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong period piece that features the actor as a Chinese railroad worker who helps freedom fighters get food to citizens as they fight against invading Japanese forces. One imagines there will be plenty of stunts and action involved. Sadly, reviews were not as strong for this foreign-language production. Many wrote that there were some impressive moments with the fighting atop a speeding train, but felt that the movie lagged overall and

20 Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun

felt a little too goofy and inconsequential given the seriousness of the history behind it. It also features Jaycee Chan (the star’s son) and Zitao Huang. S o u r Grapes Wine enthusi a s t s w i l l be interested in this documentary about a counterfeiter who managed to trick numerous collectors into buying all kinds of fake vintages through the auction market. It’s told from the perspective of a wine producer who discovered that the person was selling his product from a year in which they hadn’t produced anything and follows the winemakers efforts to expose the truth. Critics praised the film, calling it a great story that interestingly depicts how a charlatan managed to fool some wealthy, profiteering drinkers with too much money on their hands. This Beautiful Fantastic - This independent UK/USA co-production is set in London and follows a young woman who dreams of being a children’s book author. However, one area of her life that she doesn’t excel at is her garden. When her landlord forces her to take care of the problem or face eviction, she must contend with her cantankerous, competitive neighbor, who is exceptional and maintaining his foliage. Reviews were strong for the comedy/drama. Some thought it was too cutesy for its own good, but more members of the press suggested that it was enjoyably sweet and whimsical. It stars Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Wilkinson and Andrew Scott. Wil son - Based on the Daniel Clowes graphic novel, a lonely misanthrope gets the shock of his life after meeting his estranged wife for the first time in many years when he discovers that he has fathered a daughter. The eccentric attempts to meet with and establish a relationship with his teenage offspring. The press were split on the results. About half commented that the character was difficult to like and that the film became overly sentimental, while others enjoyed the titular misanthrope and thought that the

star’s comic timing was excellent. The cast includes Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Judy Greer.

BLASTS FROM THE PAST! If you’re a fan of horror cinema, then you’ve no doubt heard of director Dario (Deep Red, Suspiria). Arrow Video are releasing a new Blu-ray/ DVD combo of his first feature-length film, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970). This stylized murder/mystery is a doozy and one that would inspire a new genre (“giallo” named for the paper that the pulpy books that inspired these types of movie were printed on) and countless imitations. The plot involves a musician who witnesses a bizarre murder and then attempts to figure out who did it, putting his own life in danger. Besides an impressive new 4K transfer that bests any other release out there, it comes with plenty of extras. They include an audio commentary with a “giallo” expert, new interviews with Argento, one of the actors and a film critic analysis. There’s also a visual essay on the director’s work and publicity materials. It also comes with a 60 page book on the production with plenty of images. Shout! Factor y have a trio of B lu - r a y coming your w a y. T h e first is Car Wash (1976), an ensemble comedy featuring Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Duke, Garrett Mor r i s a nd T he Poi nt er Sisters among many others. It’s about a bunch of employees and their misadventures over a work day at the title location. For those wondering, this movie did inspired the hit tune that earned a Golden Globe nomination. This release includes a director audio commentary, new featurettes with the producer and co-star Otis Day and publicity materials. The distributor are also releasing the monster movie, Island of Terror (1966). Set on a land mass off of the coast of Ireland, it features a group of locals (led by Peter Cushing)

on a quest to fight off an attack of an odd, turtle-like creatures that attack humans and eat their bones (leaving a bag of skin behind). The Blu-ray includes a new transfer taken from the original interpositive and features a film historian commentary, trailer and stills gallery. F i n a l l y, t h e y h a v e a Collector’s Edition of the cult flick, The Lawnmower Man (1992). Pierce Brosnan stars in this one as a scientist whose virtual reality software takes on a life of its own, turning a slow-witted gardener into a superhuman being. This two-disc Blu-ray set includes new 4K scans of two versions of the film (a theatrical and much longer director’s cut), a lengthy documentary, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, publicity materials and other bonuses. The Paul Naschy Collection is a Blu-ray set that includes Vengeance of the Zombies (1972), Mummy Rises From the Tomb (1972), Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1973), Night of the Werewolf (1980) and Human Beasts (1980). All of the movies are featured in complete uncut versions. They also include deleted scenes and alternate versions of sequences and a few titles even have audio commentaries by fans and members of the podcast, NaschyCast. If you’re a fan of the actor, you probably won’t be able to do any better than this set. T he Marseilles Trilogy from Criterion includes three feat u re s f rom f i l m m a ker Marcel Pagnol on Blu-ray. They include Marius (1931), Fa n ny (1932) a nd Ce s a r (1936). Besides the new 4K transfers of each title, the set includes numerous bonuses that include a new introduction by filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier and an interview with Nicolas Pagnol, grandson of writer-director Marcel Pagnol. There are also segments from Marcel Pagnol: Morceaux choisis, a 1973 documentary series on the director’s life and work and a short 1935 documentary about the Marseille harbor produced by Pagnol. In addition, buyers will find archival interviews with actors Orane Demazis,


& numerous bags & boxes of items unknown.


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posit. Credit Check and Police



Need a past issue? $1.50 per copy. Note issue date and send check or M.O. to: Gallup Sun, PO Box 1212, Gallup, NM 87305. Subject to availability. HELP WANTED PLACE YOUR HELP WANTED AD IN THE GALLUP SUN TODAY! THE GALLUP SUN IS CARRIED IN THREE COUNTIES AND HAS A FREE, COMMUNITY ACCESS WEBSITE. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL (505) 722-8994 or email: gallupsun@gmail.com DEADLINE TUESDAY @ 5PM Casting Call for elderly people with weathered/charactered/interesting faces for Portrait Photo Workshop. Looking for elderly people with weathered/charactered/interesting faces models to be photographed during a photography workshop July 17-21, 2017 in Santa Fe and Gallup, New Mexico. Please email your name, phone number, where available-Santa Fe or Gallup and at least two photographs – a head shot, and full body shot. Good pay, will need to sign a model release. Shoot lasts about 4-5 hours. Send email with info and photos to: cindylane@eloquentlight.com HOMES FOR SALE Want a getaway! Cabin for sale in the Zuni mountains 20 minutes from Grants, NM 1.5 acres, $78k 505-240-2112 Prime hunting property (elk-deer) 2400 sq. ft. log CLASSIFIEDS

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Unit Number: 456 Name and Last Known Address of Occupant: Marilyn Verney 601 E. Princeton Gallup, NM 87301 Description Property:



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Michael Roper 4501 Sprint Blvd., N.E., Apt. 2202 Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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Cliffs, 4 miles east of Gallup; MOBILE HOME SPACES


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DVD REVIEW | FROM PAGE 20 Pierre Fresnay, and Robert Vattier and a new video essay by schola r Bret t Bowles. Finally, there’s a French television clip from 2015 about the restoration of the trilogy. Great stuff. Kino have a double-feature Blu-ray of Thunderbirds A r e G O (19 6 6) a nd Thunderbird 6 (1968). These are fun live-action kid’s films from the UK featur ing the fa mous crime-fighting marione t t e s a s they stop all kinds of threats to the world.

And Warner Archive have a special made-to-order Bluray for Joe Versus the Volcano (1990). It’s a fable starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Abe Vigoda.

YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS T hunderbirds Are Go/ Thunderbird 6

ON THE TUBE! Colony: Season 2 Incorporated: Season 1 Nature: Forest of the Lynx (PBS) Nature: Hotel Armadillo (PBS) Seven Deadly Sins: Season 1, Part 2 Workaholics: The Final Season

Gallup Sun • Friday June 23, 2017


CALENDAR COMMUNITY CALENDAR JUNE 23-29, 2017 FRIDAY June 23 FREE COMPUTER TRAINING The library is offering free computer training throughout the month. Class size is limited to 10 participants per session. Registration is required, (505) 863-1291 or email: libtrain@gallupnm. gov or visit the front desk of the library. Introduction to 3D Printing Class: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Octavia Fellin Public Library, 115 W. Hill Ave. GET UP AND GAME (ALL AGES) Join us for family-friendly video games every Friday afternoon. 4 pm at the Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec Ave. SATURDAY June 24 SUMMER READING PROGRAM: BRICKS 4 KIDZ Join us at the Octavia Fellin Library Children’s Branch for an afternoon of LEGO building fun with Pat Masters. Family-friendly event for the Summer Reading Program: 1-2 pm. Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec. Free. MONDAY June 26 5TH ANNUAL KIDS COUNT CONFERENCE Join us for the KIDS COUNT fifth annual conference from 8am-3:15 pm. The conference theme is, Opportunity Matters: Advancing the Well-Being of Children, Women, and Families in a New Political Era. New Mexico Voices for Children, which hosts the annual conference, will also present several awards to honor New Mexicans who have worked to make New Mexico and the world a better place for the most vulnerable. Location: Alb. Marriot Pyramid, 5151 San

Francisco Rd NE.




June 15, 2017 1. Revise Project Manual, Advertisement, Page 4, Paragraph 1, Bid Opening Date to read:

MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING WORKSHOP (JUNE 27-28) Learn a deeper level of “Motivational Interviewing” skills. Develop strategies designed to awaken the motivation that rests inside every client. Students will participate in dynamic exercises that will stimulate and challenge them to reach a new level of understanding. This workshop will benefit all levels, from 8:30 am- 4 pm. Instructor: Brian Serna, LPCC, LADAC. Topics: addiction, weight management, mental health issues, and smoking cessation. Call Niles McCall (505) 863-7333. RMCH 3rd floor solarium. FREE. FREE COMPUTER TRAINING The library is offering free computer training throughout the month. Class size is limited to 10 participants per session. Registration is required, (505) 863-1291 or email: libtrain@gallupnm. gov or visit the front desk of the library. Job Search with Technology. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills recommended. Class: 3-5 pm. Octavia Fellin Public Library, 115 W. Hill Ave. MAKER’S CLUB (AGES 6 AND UP) A club for kids interested in science, math, building, and inventing. Each week features a different challenge, project, or experiment. Starts: 4 pm. Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec Ave. Continued on page 23

Place an tribute in the Gallup Sun It will last the whole week and forever on GallupSun.com Easy form to fill out. Starting under $10.* Artistic, customized tributes available. Phone: (505) 722-8994

Email: gallupsun@gmail.com

*Prepayment Required. Cash. M.O. Credit Card.

Sealed bids will be received for the FOUNDATION BRACING and MISCELLANOUS WORK (2 Buildings) project at the Gallup Housing Authority main office, located at 203 Debra Drive, Gallup, NM 87302, until 1:30 p.m. local time Friday, June 30, 2017. 2. Revise Project Manual, Bid Proposal Form, Page 14, Paragraph 20 as follows:


Revised Proposed Schedule: Bid Opening Notice of Award Contract Execution Notice to Proceed Begin Construction Complete Construction

June 30, 2017 July 7, 2017 July 14, 2017 July 21, 2017 July 31, 2017 August 31, 2017 (30 calendar days)

All other specifications and drawings remain unchanged. End of Addendum Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions please contact: Lowry Consultants, Inc., Project Engineer at (505) 259-5915 for questions concerning this project.

GALLUP MCKINLEY COUNTY SCHOOLS Now Hiring K-12 Teachers GMCS Signing Incentives 2017-2018 School Year Special Education Teachers (K-12) - $7,500* Special Education Teachers (GATE) - $5,000* Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Diagnosticians, Social Workers, School Psychologists - $7,500* Math Teachers (6-12) - $5,000* Science Teachers (6-12) - $3,000 School Counselors (K-12) - $5,000* Elementary (PreK - 5 core teacher only) - $2,000 *Signing incentives at or above $5,000 will be paid over the course of two school years.

Free Rent in Rural Areas

All new teachers who work in the county and are choosing to live in district-owned housing will be offered free rent until October 31, 2017.

Apply online at www.gmcs.k12.nm.us 22 Friday June 23, 2017 • Gallup Sun


COMMUNITY CALENDAR JUNE 23-29, 2017 Continued from page 22

This week: 3D Printing WEDNESDAY June 28 TODDLER TIME (AGES 2 TO 4) An active and energetic program for toddlers, featuring music, movement, rhymes, and stories. Starts: 10:30 am. Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec Ave.

W. Hill Ave.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT FILMS Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, popcorn provided. Film: Split. Octavia Fellin Public Library, 115

THURSDAY June 29 FREE COMPUTER TRAINING The library is offering free computer training throughout the month. Class size is limited to 10 participants per session. Registration is required, (505) 863-1291 or email: libtrain@gallupnm. gov or visit the front desk of the library. Facebook for Beginners. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills and intro to the Internet or equivalent. Class: 3-5 pm. Octavia Fellin Public Library, 115 W. Hill Ave. BUSINESS AFTER HOURS Join the Gallup McKinley County Chamber of Commerce for “Business After Hours,” 5:30-7pm. This is an excellent opportunity to build important business relationships, keep up on what’s happening in Gallup, and with your Chamber. Light snacks and drinks are always served and there are great prizes to be won. Hilton Garden Inn. Call (505) 722-2228. MONTHLY MEETING Meet with Councilor Linda Garcia at the Northside Neighborhood Association monthly meeting. Call (505) 879-4176. Councilor Garcia will listen to your concerns, compliments, and complaints. 6:30-8 pm, Northside Senior Center, 607 N. 4th St. Crafty Kids (All ages) Fun crafts for the whole family. Starts at 4 pm. Children’s Branch, 200 W. Aztec CALENDAR

Ave. This week: Tic-Tac-Toe Game Boards. ONGOING ARTSCRAWL ArtsCrawl is held the second Saturday of every month from 7 to 9 pm, downtown Gallup. BRAIN INJURY PEER SUPPORT GROUP Meets every Monday from 11 am-1 pm. Facilitator Ken Collins. Discussions designed to help relieve stress for those living with a brain injury. Hozho Center for Personal Enhancement, 216 W. Maloney Ave. Call (505) 870-1483 or (505) 330-1885. CITY OF GALLUP’S SUSTAINABLE GALLUP BOARD Meets on the first Monday from 3 - 5 pm at the Octavia Fellin Library (management room). Community members concerned about conservation, energy, water, recycling and other environmental issues are welcome. Call (505) 7220039 for information. CARS & COFFEE Meet the neighbors and car enthusiasts each Sunday from noon to 2 pm at Camille’s Sidewalk Café, 306 S. 2nd St., Gallup. COMMUNITY PANTRY The Hope Garden offers organic produce for sale from 10 am - noon, Tue – Fri., 1130 E. Hassler Valley Road. All funds go to helping feed local folks. Call (505) 7268068 or when visiting, ask for Vernon Garcia. FRIDAY NIGHT HOOTENANNY Gallup’s longest-running live show! Every Friday night from 7 - 9 pm. Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe, 306 S. Second St. GALLUP-MCKINLEY COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY Wednesdays are low-cost Spay and Neuter Days, at the Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society. For more information, please call (505) 863-2616, or email: gmchumanesociety@gmail. com. Location: 1315 Hamilton Rd. GALLUP SOLAR The nonprofit, Gallup Solar, is hosting free Solar 101 classes about all things related to off-grid solar systems on the first three Wednesdays of each month, 6 - 8 pm, at 113 E. Logan Ave. All welcome any week. No registration required. For info call: (505) 7289246.


GREEN REVOLUTION Through September 9, enjoy: Green Revolution. This Smithsonian Institution “Traveling Exhibition Service” uses recycled and repurposed materials to teach creative ways to reduce waste and conserve energy. Don’t miss this free exhibit full of hands-on fun for everyone at the Farmington Museum, 3041 E Main Street, during regular museum hours. For more information visit www.fmtn. org/FarmingtonMuseum or call (505) 599-1174. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Habitat for Humanity yard sales are held every Saturday, 9 am - noon on Warehouse Lane, weather permitting. Volunteers wishing to serve on construction projects may sign up there or call (505) 722-4226. K-3 PLUS: A SUPER START TO SCHOOL Give your kids a “Jump Start” this summer. Program is available at all GMCS Elementary Schools. For students who will enter Kindergarten and 1st-3rd Grades next school year. Contact your local Elementary School for enrollment information. OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS Overeaters Anonymous 12step meetings. Held every Saturday at 10 am. The First Methodist Church, 1800 Red Rock Drive. Open to anybody who has a desire to stop compulsive eating. Contact info. (505) 3075999, (505) 721-9208, or (505) 870-1483. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KEN HOFFMAN Through July 22, experience the photography of Ken Hoffman. New Mexico: A Meditative State features 25 photographs Hoffman has taken throughout the state. All of his photography is film based utilizing a Chamonix large format camera. Working exclusively in black and white, he develops and prints in his own darkroom. Nothing is manipulated digitally. This exhibition is free to the public with a SUGGESTED DONATION of $3 per person. For more information contact the Farmington Museum at (505) 599-1174 or online at www.fmtn.org/ FarmingtonMuseum.

RECYCLING COUNCIL McKinley Citizens Recycling Council is a local nonprofit working to increase recycling through education, community outreach, and partnership with local government agencies. MCRC meets the first Saturday of the month at 2 pm, at Red Mesa on Hill St. For more information, please call (505) 722-5142 or visit Recylegallup.org. SUPPORT EARLY LANGUAGE AND LITERACY FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS! Gallup McKinley County Schools is currently recruiting pregnant women and teens in McKinley County with children from birth to 5 years of age. There are no income guidelines and services are free to ALL community members. Learn more about this opportunity by contacting BeBe Sarmiento at (505) 7211055. SAVE THE DATE TRUMPETS SHALL SOUND On June 30, The Trumpets Shall Sound at 7 pm. Join us for a concert celebrating the trumpet. Expect to hear historical instruments including: the Norwegian wooden lur, the Baroque trumpet, the jazzy flugelhorn, and the modern trumpet. This will include poems about turtles, pythons, and hyenas. Sponsored by the Church of the Holy Spirit and is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity and the Thai Burma Border Health Initiative. Players include: Mick Hesse and Julian Iralu accompanied by Edie Farm on piano. Location: upstairs at the Gallup Cultural Center. Call (505) 728-8194. Free.

SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING FOR FIRST RESPONDERS On July 25, anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. QPR is designed to help anyone and everyone learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, offer hope, and help save lives. Participants will learn how to intervene with an individual at risk, persuade them to get help, and guide them to the appropriate resources. Training: from 9-11 am or 3-5 pm. Call Savanah Six (505) 722-1660. RMCH 3rd floor solarium. Free.

SHREK THE MUSICAL Through July 29, enjoy an evening of live entertainment under the stars amidst a natural sandstone amphitheater at Lions Wilderness Park Amphitheater. Performances held every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening from June 15- July 20. Shrek the Musical brings all the beloved characters you know from the film to life onstage. Gates open at 6:30 pm. Performance begins at 8pm. Come early to eat dinner before the show or enjoy concessions and drinks. Visit: www.fmtn.org/ Sandstone for tickets or call (877) 599-3331. PUBLIC COMMENT SOUGHT— NMDOT New Mexico Department of Transportation seeks comment for the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) 2018-2023. The program will serve as a four-year plan for the state’s federal aid highway program and will be implemented on Oct. 1. Please visit: http://dot.state.nm.us. NMDOT accepts public comment through Aug. 11. In person comment will be accepted at the following locations: Public Comment on Thursday, July 20, at NMDOT District 6 office: 1919 Pinon Drive, Milan, NM. Final Public Comment in Santa Fe on Friday, Aug. 11 at NMDOT: 1120 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM. Email Rebecca.Maes@state.nm.us. NATIONAL SEAL OF BILINGUAL PROFICIENCY TEST Oct. 7, and Nov. 4: There’s no fee to take this proficiency assessment for graduating high school. High school seniors may participate in the Navajo Nation Bilingual Proficiency test held at the Department of Dine Education Building, Window Rock, Ariz. Call (928) 8717660 for more info. Navajonationdode.org. To post a nonprofit or civic event in the calendar section, please email: gallupsunevents@gmail.com or fax: (505) 212-0391. Deadline: Monday at 5 pm.

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