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Make-up Designory // 2021 // issue N°12

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NYC Spotlight WIld ower - Spring 2018 Look Step-by-Step Looks

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MUD Cares The Swahili word for ‘angel’ is Malaika

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People of Berlin Product Showcase Made in the USA

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Make-Up Designory // 2015 // spring-summer // issue N°6

Venetian Daydream Interview Michael Key

The Fascinating World of Make-Up Artistry

A simple and hilarious guide to etiquette

Mind Your Manners

The Man Behind IMATS Interview

Tips for Women of Every Hue

A Perfect

the Voice

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MUD // Spring Summer // Look 2016


Make-up Designory // 2015-2016 // fall-winter // issue N°7


Eryn Krueger

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Make-Up Designory // 2015 // spring-summer // issue N°6

Welcome to the city of angels.



Make-up Designory // 2016 // issue N°8

LA Woman

Color You Beautiful

Bridal Editorial

MUD ART Make-Up Designory // 2014-2015 // fall-winter

MUD ART Make-Up Designory // 2013 // spring summer

artist, teaching everything from beauty to

modern time, make-up has

special make-up effects, then as a cosmetic

been a mainstay of society.

company expanding on the professional needs

There are few non-essential

of a make-up artist to the everyday need of the

commodities that have lasted

consumer, MUD has developed alongside the


needs of the artist.



millenniums have.


like many

ways, through the thousands of years that

Today Make-up Designory continues to meet

make-up has existed, not much has changed.

the education aspirations of make-up artists

Make-up is still made from pigments and

and beauty professionals worldwide with



training opportunities at over 100 locations

substance the color while vehicle is what is

worldwide. To meet the needs of those we

used to blend, apply and move the material.

train and the actors and clients they serve,

Pigments, charcoal, beeswax and mud were

MUD continues to define and enhance our

some of the earliest ingredients used to

professional line of cosmetics. For us, the

provide color to the skin.

word “professional” describes the quality of





the product and the diversity of tones and use Archeologists have found evidence of early

that the product offers to the artist, beauty

make-up use in every continent and every

professional and consumer.

early civilization. Early paintings of the ancient Egyptians show dramatic eye treatments on

There are many ways to work with MUD as a

men and women. Compacts have been found

company. Building on the revolution in make-up

in present day Egypt that date back more than

education that MUD has led we are now

6,000 years. The Earliest Chinese Dynasties

committed to expanding that knowledge to the

used flowers from which to derive color. For

thousands of beauty professionals worldwide.

Shakespearean theater, make-up was used

From individual skills that require little training

on stage to transition actors from person

to transformation of beauty professionals into

to character and often from man to woman.

make-up artists, MUD is finding new and

During the Elizabethan era, foundations were

innovative ways to bring quality, technique and

used to lighten the skin. While basic ingredients

products to all. Versatility does not end with the

have remained constant, so has the use and

product itself. Versatility and diversity can be

need for make-up. Then and now make-up is

shared with our clients and customers. With the

and was used to enhance, conceal and to tell a

shrinking of traditional retail comes the need and

story. And, of course today, no film, television

opportunity to find ways to bring customers into

or theater production is complete without

our spaces. No better way exists than to provide


our clients with quality services, treatment and the products that go with them. Versatility is

MUD Instructional Specialist

Vanja Djuran Interview with

Garden of Dreams

Joel Harlow


Be True to Yourself with Marc Scoleri

FX Step by Step CREATING

Jim Henson’s

Worldˇs Make-up School MUD Fall / Winter Look 2015



Step by Step:

Highlight & Shadow

Eyeliner: The Eyes Have It

MUD Alumni Shine at the Miss USA Competition ®

MUD Cosmetics

Artisan of the Eyes

Mud Art N 12 o

rom Egyptians to Aztecs to


People of New York Magic of Make-up Emmys®

People of Antwerp Product Showcase MUD Talks



Maja Kešelj, Petra Švajger and others // cover photo: Peter Giodani // product photo: Peter Giodani, Petra Švajger, Maja Kešelj // make-up: MUD team // editors: Francine Reich, Dina Vobič, MUD USA



Make-up Designory // 2015-2016 // fall-winter // issue N°7





MUD ART 2019 // publisher: Make-up Designory, Inc. // production: Singular visual communications // creative and art director: Maja Kešelj // MUD image photography: Peter Giodani // graphic design:


Create a Face Chart

with a MUD Lead Make-up Artist

It is here with the professional make-up artist

only limited by our imagination and growth only

and their need for and use of make-up that the

by one’s knowledge. Create, experiment and

story of MUD begins, but certainly not where

learn. Explore MUD’s education, our locations

it ends. First as a school for the make-up

and products.

Innovation Starts With Education

Never too late for a career change

new concept of

MUD studio


N 12 Mud Art o


MUD’s NEW vegan and cruelty-free brushes have a new look and feel! With Italian made Dermocura® bristles these synthetic fibers achieve the same level of performance and durability found in natural bristles. MUD’s commitment to quality and perfection continues with these exceptional new brushes.

Dajana Ljubičić, Fashion Designer



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Berlin, Germany Vienna, Austria Ljubljana, Slovenia Gent & Antwerp, Belgium Rome & Milan, Italy Sevilla, Spain St. Petersburg, Russia


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Graduates Spotlight Sean Conklin Jessica Reyes-Pacetti Our story: Cat Paschen & Nico Gonzales Make-up Designory at the Grand Theater of Cádiz “I was in love with HIM, now I am in love wth HER” Mike Orphanides

No Apologies Amor d'água You Glow Girl Bridal

N 12 Mud Art o



Graduate Spotlight MUD graduates from around the world go on to careers in the cosmetics field, film, television, fashion and stage. Each year we highlight a few of these graduates and their extraordinary achievements. While we are honored to have been chosen by them to help get their careers started with skills, techniques and strong curriculum and professional etiquette, we know that it is their individual drive and talent that results in the stories and careers of which we are so proud. Since the last issue we saw eleven MUD graduates receive nominations for Emmys and fourteen graduates receive nominations for the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Guild Awards. Most impressive of all is the knowledge that grads from around the world continue to grow in their chosen field of Make-up Artistry and that they have given us all something of which to be so proud.

Ashley Joy Beck Since graduating from MUD in 2008, Ashley’s career has included work for Cirque du Soleil, teaching theatrical make-up to performers on board Princess Cruise Ships, and a number of high-profile assignments for red carpets, magazine features, music videos, and branded YouTube videos. She is currently working on A Little Late with Lilly Singh (NBC).


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


Michelle Radow

Alexis Oakley

After graduating from MUD in

Michelle received a 2019 Emmy

2017, Alexis has built a thriving

nomination for her work on Sharp

career as a celebrity make-up art-

Objects (HBO) and is currently working

ist. She spent most of 2019 trave-


ling on freelance assignments and

Amanda Peet and Christian Slater.

has worked with Jessica Alba, Ra-

She has worked primarily on television

chel Platten and Avril Lavigne —

miniseries and film projects after

including a fun assignment with

graduating from MUD in 2005, and

Lavigne for a late night show in

leads a close-knit team as a Make-up

New York City.

Department Head.





Gina Ghiglieri This 2003 MUD graduate and 2019 Emmy nominee is currently working as Key Make-Up Artist for The Unicorn (CBS) as well as American Idol, for which she has been nominated for a Guild Award. Gina’s work on the main make-up team for The Voice, has also earned Emmy nominations for the past three years.


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o




Sean Conklin CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MUA EMMY NOMINATION. Sean Conklin is a freelance make-up artist and graduate of Make-up Designory. Most recently, Sean was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the HBO TV Show, “Legendary” for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup For A Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Program (Non-Prosthetic) – 2021.

Beyond his recent Emmy nomination,

of MUD products, designer for MUD’s

has helped garner millions of views and



seasonal campaigns and has been

countless online fans worldwide. When

television and print with professional

an International Brand Ambassador

Sean’s not on-set you can find him at

credits that include American Idol, BET

educating and training MUD partners

Make-up Designory teaching his craft to

Award Show, VH1 Honors Award Show,

around the world. His work as a featured

future make-up artist.

IPSY YouTube Videos, and numerous

artist on MUD’s official YouTube channel




WB spots (Where L.A. Lives), HGTV spots (Selling L.A.) MTV's Next, TV Land's She's Got the Look. and various infomercials and feature films. From catalogs to magazines, Sean’s work has been featured in Lands’ End Catalogs, LA Weekly, Flaunt and Elle magazines. He’s worked with notable entertainment



Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Rhianna, Fergi, Brittany Spears, Brie Larson, Chris Brown, Marcia Cross, Jason Alexander, Adam





Manheim, Jane Kaczmarek, Justin Kirk, Jason Priestly, Alanis Morissette and Giovanni Ribisi. Sean led a team of MUD make-up artists behind the scenes at the 2014 & 2015 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA competitions. His commitment to perfecting his art and years of dedication implementing MUD’s brand philosophy earned him the role of MUD’s Lead Artist. He is an active contributor to the development


Mud Art N 12 o


Jessica ReyesPacetti Make-up artist Jessica Reyes-Pacetti is no stranger to breaking news. She is a regular feature backstage at KTLA 5 News Los Angeles (a CW affiliate), where she has worked since 2009. After graduating from MUD’s Los Angeles Campus in 2005, Jessica has established a thriving business that includes freelance work on weddings, as well as film and television credits on some of today’s hottest shows.

When Jessica first discovered her pas-

Jessica quickly parlayed that confi-

day a week on the evening news was a

sion for make-up, she had no idea that

dence into a bustling career working

great start to my career. I joined the un-

she would one day become a regular

as a freelance make-up artist for televi-

ion and have gotten to meet a lot of fun

backstage at the nightly news. Why?

sion shows like Dancing with the Stars

and amazing people.” She adds: “TV

She was only eight years old. “My aunt

(ABC) and Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC), in

make-up is very different than print or

was staying with us

red carpet make-

and I would ask to do

up. When you are

her make-up every

in the studio and

night,” she says. “After three months, she [said], ‘You can’t do it anymore. You’ve used up all of my make-up.’” theless, was






Jessica. After high school,



her to work at MAC and study at MUD, where she graduated in 2005. Jessica start





My advice for someone startingout in make-up is, don’t give up. Don’t not take a job because it’s not paying that well, or because it’s far. You have to just put your name out there and you have to keep going.

Make-Up helped




lights on, all the make-up


pears. My motto is, the more the better.




glamorous makeup where it stands out. Blended eyeshadow is a must and always lashes.” In addition to her work Jessica


KTLA, runs


freelance business doing make-up for

me with my basics.

weddings. She par-

When [I left], I had such confidence be-

addition to working with celebrities like

ticularly enjoys giving stressed-out brides

cause I knew people would look at the

Nick Lachey. Her break at KTLA came

a moment of calm confidence when they

MUD name and know that I came from

about after her father, a cameraman, in-

sit in her chair and realize everything is

great training. I felt I was taken more

troduced her to the main make-up artist

going to be OK.


at the station. She says, “Working one N 12 Mud Art o




When I made the decision to attend Make-Up Designory, I never thought I would end up opening a company that creates and sells generic prosthetics, let alone meet my future husband. However, both of those things did in fact end up happening. From the moment Niko and I met at MUD, we shared the same passions for creating and anything make-up related. Shortly after we graduated, we became obsessed with the art of making prosthetics and found the process Aequally fascinating and challenging - each step as important as the next to achieving the perfect pieces. What started out as an obsession to master the process of creating prosthetics eventually turned into our business. However, our company was not created overnight - it evolved slowly over time starting from our beginnings at Make-Up Designory.

“Practice makes

perfect and no matter what your dream is, with a little hard work, you can achieve it! Keep practicing your craft, work hard and you will succeed. -Cat


Mud Art N 12 o

HOW WE GOT OUR START (past) Niko and I both graduated from Make-Up Designory’s Master Make-Up Program in 2012. After graduating, we both worked in MUD FX Lab. During our time at MUD, we were responsible for casting all of foam latex, silicone and Pros-Aide transfer prosthetics used for the student kits. Casting so many molds every day really helped teach us the nuances of running prosthetics and helped us become comfortable and confident with the process. After working in the MUD FX Lab, we started working together on short films where we had the opportunity to create custom prosthetics for the characters. With each project we worked on, we learned more and more and got better and better. Soon after we were both chosen to compete on Syfy’s make-up competition series Face Off. Before filming the show, we forced ourselves to practice sculpting, molding and application. This helped us to quickly improve our skills. After Face Off started airing, Niko wanted to bring special make-up effects back to his home island of Puerto Rico. Niko had always been passionate about bringing education back to Puerto Rico since there were no schools teaching advanced special make-up effects techniques at that time. In 2014 we planned and taught our first workshop in Puerto Rico which focused on prosthetic application. In order to give these workshops, we needed to develop a line of prosthetics for the students to use during the class. We created our first collection of generic foam latex forehead prosthetics, as well as, a collection of Pros-Aide transfer injuries. After the workshops the students started asking us where they could purchase our prosthetics. Shortly after, other make-up artists started reaching out to us asking if they could purchase prosthetics for their workshops and classes they were planning. Slowly, more and more of our industry friends and colleagues began asking to purchase our prosthetics for various project. Once we felt the enormous positive feedback and solid professional attention in purchasing our prosthetics - we knew we had something special going for us.

to push ourselves to keep growing our company. It can be quite scary opening your own company not knowing if it will be successful or not. As sales increased, we slowly started expanding our mold collection by adding basic generic prosthetics that any make-up artist would regularly use on set. After a few years of selling our prosthetics at our workshops, small conventions and to our friends and colleagues, we decided it was time to open a website to make it easier for people to view and purchase our collection of designs. We officially launched our website and online catalog in 2018 ( Now, people from all over the world purchase our prosthetics. It is truly amazing seeing talented make-up artists all over the globe creating amazing art with our prosthetics.

WHERE WE HOPE TO GO (future) While we are still a small company, we have big plans for our future! Our goal is to keep adding as many generic prosthetic designs to our line as possible. Our goal for our company has always been to provide film quality generic prosthetics - always keeping the make-up artist in mind. We want the applicator to have the ability to customize and mix and match our prosthetics so they can create the perfect look for the character they are bringing to life.

CONCLUSION Without the education, experience and support we received from the people at Make-up Designory, we would not be where we are today. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us and our company over the years. We hope that any make-up artist who tries our prosthetics has a positive experience using them and can see the extra love we put into them.


The support and encouragement from of

Niko IG: @NikoGonzalezFX

our friends in the industry really helped us

Cat IG: @CatPaschen N 12 Mud Art o


The most significant and best-known carnival in Spain, Carnival of Cádiz, is celebrated at the national level at the Gran Teatro Falla. This carnival lasts a month and after different qualifying phases its finale culminates on the last Friday of February. Many groups from the Andalusian region of Spain and other areas participate in what is known as the "Official

Make-up Designory at the Grand Theater of Cádiz

Contest" comprised of the chirigotas, choirs, comparsas, and quartets. The main characteristics of the carnival in Cádiz

Preparation for the big day

are the prickly criticisms, the droll plays on words, stinging sarcasm, and the irreverence of parody. In total, the contest consists of four phases: Qualifying, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final. These phases allow each group a maximum of 30 minutes to perform, with their own lyrics, encompassing critical and related aspects of the news sung with cynicism and double meanings. Of course, this is always accompanied by music created by the participants or others. Performers usually utilize instruments such as the guitar, the box, the bass drum, and many others. Each year, the groups are represented by a selected theme so their make-up, scenery, costumes, gestures and movements of the members are all indistinguishable. This year, MUD Studio Seville had the fortune to participate by doing make-up for the group directed by Ángel Subiela, “Los Listos (the clever)” who presented themselves to the theater disguised as street mice.

The Carnival of Cádiz, declared an International Tourist Interest, is one of the most genuine and important festivals in Spain, whose roots date back to the 16th century. It is a phenomenon in which groups express feelings for current events disguised with satirical lyrics and music. For a week there are dozens of groups that display their ingenious repertoires through the streets of Cádiz, to the delight of citizens and visitors.

“To get the idea that the group had relayed to us, we started with the realization of the sketches designed by Vanja (MUD Europe Instructor), and we decided to include the two key elements of the characterization of a mouse - the nose and the whiskers, creating a separation effect of the eyes, lengthening the face, and completing the make-up using hair in specific areas, as well as different details (wounds, scratches, etc.) providing greater realism." MUD Studio Seville


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


This year, MUD Studio Seville had the fortune to participate by doing make-up for the group directed by Ángel Subiela.

The city of Cadiz.


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


I was “ in love with HIM,

How did you two get to know each other?

Celine, did you ever see this coming?

Celine: "We met in 2009. I had just finished an eight-year

Celine: "Never. Claudio was southern, sexy and impeccably

relationship and thought of only one thing: travelling. I ended up

dressed. A man with a sense of style, I thought I'd won the

in a hotel in Barcelona on my own (laughs). I got to talking to

lottery. Until five years ago, I had never noticed anything either.

the receptionist who worked there and we immediately clicked.

When he told me, it felt like the rug was being pulled from under

During my next trip to Barcelona – less than a month later - she

my feet. It was a tremendous shock. I saw my entire future with

had invited me to go for a drink with friends of hers. One of those

him fall apart. We were talking about getting married. I didn't

friends was Claudia, then Claudio. And for me it was really love at

know what it meant for us, how – and if - we were going to move

first sight."

on from this. Suddenly nothing was clear anymore. As Claudia

Claudia: "It was no different for me. Sometimes you don't need

just said, I was first told that my boyfriend liked to dress himself in

much to realize that someone is right for you. And so I moved to

women's clothing. That's it. It's was not until a year later that she

Belgium five months later. We no longer wanted to travel back

told me she was a woman in a man's body. We cried, but most

and forth every month. If It feels right, you

of all, we talked a lot. It was heartbreaking

shouldn't think about it too long."

to see how hard it had been for her all her

When did you first notice you weren't a man? Claudia: "My entire life I had felt like the role of a man was not suited for me. But as a child I couldn't immediately put my finger on why I felt that way. I grew up in Uruguay in the eighties. Transgenders weren’t really present, or they certainly didn't come out with it. When we moved to Brazil, a whole new

Claudia and Celine have been a couple for over ten years. And their story is unique to say the least. Not just because Claudia used to go through life as Claudio. But their love is also greater than that of your everyday couple. It's almost tangible how much they love each other. Even though the transformation was by no means easy. Because how do you react when the love of your life tells you that they want to change their gender? 20

Mud Art N 12 o


now I’m in love with HER”

“ The new me just seemed right for everyone.”

life. I had no choice but to give her all the support and confidence that she needed. I was in love with him, now with her."

How did your relationship change? Celine: "We're even closer now than we were before, but that didn't happen overnight. It was a long emotional struggle. I didn't dare talk to anyone about it for

world opened up for me. There I saw shows

years. It's only the past year I've made

with men in women's clothing, they called

peace with it. In the beginning it was hard

them transformistas (drag queens). I found it magical to see how

for me because I didn't see what our future would look like. There

they could transform themselves. It was important to see that

were no examples, we only heard about couples splitting up. The

it was allowed. But for me it went beyond that. I was ten when

Ghent professor Els Elaut of the Centre for Sexology and Gender

I first realized that in my heart, I was not a boy, but a girl. But I

helped us enormously with this. Through her we discovered

didn't dare to say those feelings aloud. I was constantly fighting

that there are many people like us and that we are not that

an internal battle, because as sure as I was of my feelings, I was

exceptional. And more importantly that it was possible to come

also convinced that I was mentally ill. I had to and would continue

out of this as a couple. I am really very proud of Claudia, of the

as I was put on this earth, as a man. I tried as best as I could to

steps she has taken. It is only now clear to me how sad Claudio

fight the feeling of wanting to be a woman.”

was on pictures, especially when you compare it with how happy

When did you first talk about it?

Claudia is now. She also shows much more love than he ever did." Claudia: "When I started my hormone treatment a few months

Claudia: "The first time I ever talked about it was with Celine

ago, a sense of calm came over me. Suddenly I had much more

about five years ago. But then I just said I liked wearing women’s

room in my head for others, especially Celine. Before, I was more

clothes. To me it had been clear a long time ago that I wanted

closed off, living in my own bubble and not open to talk about

to be a woman, but I didn't want to hurt her. I had been hiding

my emotions. Even at parties I kept isolating myself. I didn't have

that part of me for as long as I could remember, so I thought it

the energy to be interested in other people's lives because I had

might be enough to simply put on the right clothes. Even if only

my own problems. As soon as I took the first steps to become

occasionally. I wasn't 100% honest with Celine, but I was lying to

a woman, that changed. I can get bored now, and it feels great!

myself as well. I was so used to doing what society expected of

The feeling of mental calm is indescribable. It is as if there is finally

me that I was just looking for a way in between. A way to please

peace after a very long period of internal struggle. I can finally


focus on her and the love I feel for her.

N 12 Mud Art o


Celine, all of a sudden you're in a relationship with a woman, have you ever been afraid that your feelings would change?

The new me just seemed right for everyone. Maybe because my style hasn't changed? I still like a minimalist look. It's not because I'm a woman that I suddenly dress very flashy, that doesn't suit who I am."

Celine: "A lot of people ask me if I'm a lesbian now, but I don't

Celine: "Initially I was afraid of what she would look like and how

see it that way at all. It's not because he is now a she that we’re

people would look at us. But honestly, I only feel pride when I

talking about a completely different person. She

walk next to her. Even though all

is still the same person I fell in love with, only the

the men are looking at her now

Claudia: "Although I'm not the sexy South American with an accent anymore (laughs)."

Besides love, attraction is also an important component of a relationship. Is that still there? Celine: "Yes, even though I might not have expected it myself. Even as a woman I still find her very attractive. In the beginning I did struggle with it a bit, like when the beard was shaved off." Claudia: "Yes, that was quite the drama (laughs).

“ It's like I learned how to draw again, but on a different canvas. ”

(laughs)." Claudia: "Yeah, that's something new for me too!"

Maybe your impeccable make-up has something to do with that, too? Claudia: "Absolutely! Makeup gives me strength and confidence. In the beginning it felt a bit weird, but maybe that was because of the beard. The

I'm glad you're still in love with me. It could be

first time we followed a workshop

that those feelings changed as the transition

at MUD, my focus was on

progressed. I was a bit afraid of that."

getting rid of my stubble. I was

Celine: "Me too. Of course, there have been times when doubt

still in transition, had short hair and was getting laser treatment

struck. In the beginning it was a huge search for our identity. It

for the beard. The online reviews of the MUD workshops were

was as though we had to reinvent ourselves as a couple. We

all very positive and I felt like getting started right away".

were no longer a man and a woman. I was afraid that everyone

Celine: "We couldn't have imagined a better reception. Niki,

would try to pigeonhole us, unfortunately that does still happen

our make-up artist at MUD, was very patient and sweet. We are

often. I had to learn to let that go. After all, it's not about what

still wildly enthusiastic about her skills, both socially and with a

someone else thinks, but how you deal with it yourself. At one

make-up brush".

point it was clear to me - yes, I want to keep fighting for our relationship."

How did your family and friends react?

You took two workshops. What did you take out of this?


packaging has changed a bit."

Claudia: "I learned a lot about make-up - from skin care to


Claudia: "Very well. You always assume the worst and think

the use of color - and it only made my life easier. When I look

everyone is going to be difficult and you will have to defend

in the mirror now, I can say that I look good. It has given my

yourself all the time. But the people around me seemed to be

self-confidence a huge boost. Make-up doesn't always have to

mainly concerned with how difficult it had been for me. So it was

be exaggerated, it's a tool to emphasize how you want to show

an incredible relief that everyone was there for me and still loved

yourself to others. For a transgender that is very important.


At MUD I also learned what suits me and which colors make

Celine: "How can you be against someone who just wants to be

my look stronger. It's like I learned how to draw again, but on


a different canvas. Now I see things I didn't see before which

Claudia: "Thank you, but I understand that it's not easy to deal

made me get to know myself better on the outside as well.

with such a change. I thought my father might be angry. But he,

Make-up showed me that my dream to look feminine was

too, had a hard time with the fact that I had never told anyone.


He thought I was very strong. My sisters immediately saw me

Celine: "We found it important to learn how to eliminate

as their sister and instantly used female pronouns. In my wildest

blemishes in a natural way. We both don't like it when make-

dreams it couldn’t have panned out any better than it has. I

up is laid too thick on the skin. Nobody likes to wear a mask.

realize that it's not always that easy for other transgender people.

Those days are behind us."

Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


Mike Orphanides Mike Orphanides is one of the most famous make-up artists of all time in Cyprus. He is currently the Chief Make-up Artist of the Beauty Line stores and has climbed the ladder of success through his passion for women’s beauty and fashion in make-up trends. His career has reached the highest level and still continues to be inspired with the changing beauty needs and ideas of today. He is well known and respected in the industry more than 20 years of experience. Celebrities love and admire him for his passion, his excellent work and his adorable personality. Today Mike Orphanides has gone a step further by opening MUD Studio Cyprus. Mike has joined the international group of certified MUD instructors, to spread MUD international curriculum and his knowledge and exeprience to young enthusiasts who want a bright future in the make-up field.

Tell us, how did you enter the world of beauty. Mike: I've been a make-up artist for the past twenty years now, but I was already in the industry long before that. It was a life changing decision to become a professional make-up artist! The unforgettable Giannis Angelakis was my first teacher. After that, I went to study at the Italian fashion school PAN-SIK, where I specialised in professional make-up. The next step was, lecturing and teaching diploma in Intec Therapies. When I came It was a life changing decision to Cyprus I started working for Christian Dior. My transfer to the Beauty Line stores was a big deal. I've been Chief Make-up Artist of the Beauty Line stores for 18 years, and that was only the beginning. I have worked with Make-Up Designory and I am a MUD Faculty Certified Instructor.

Many celebrities in Greece say you are their favourite make-up artist. How does this make you feel? Mike: I have worked with many celebrities, maybe all of them. It was truly an honour collaborating with people such as Anna Vissi, Zeta Makripoulia, Helena Paparizou, and Marinella. It was


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make-up artist. I had to study a lot and work really hard to be able to that.

How did you manage to be so successful in Cyprus? Mike: Any success is a result of hard work. I never thought I knew everything; I am still learning. I studied a lot; this is why I evolved. Throughout my work in Beauty Line I had the chance to attend several seminars from worldwide brands. MUD helped me enter a whole new world in this industry. The one complements the other.

“ Creating my own beauty school was something I have always wanted. ”

What are the common make-up mistakes? Mike:




usually don't choose the right colour,

good teacher. A teacher needs experience. MUD came at the right

recognized as a make-up artist around the world. Finishing with

time when I was ready. It was like karma. The way they teach, and

the knowledge they gained, they will be able to continue their

how the lessons were structured was what led me to my decision

studies abroad.

that MUD should finally come to Cyprus.

and it looks lighter or darker than it

What is the mission of the MUD Studios?

should be.

Mike: At Make-Up Designory we provide students from around the

What are the three products people can have a complete make-up look with? Mike: Concealer, mascara, lipstick.

world with a rigorous education in the intricacies of professional

Mike: I am a workaholic and a perfectionist. Even when I come

make-up artistry for film, television, fashion, theatre and retail.

home, I’ll have to do something, like organizing my closet. You will

Who would you recommend the school to? Mike: MUD Studio Cyprus is for everyone who wants to make their

shows my friends are watching. If it's to

“ MUD helped me enter a whole new world in this industry.”

What are the trends for the new season?

Mike: I think the most memorable job I’ve ever done was being

Mike: There are going to be a variety of trends as always. The

make-up tutorial with a make-up artist

the supervisor for hair and make-up at the Olympics in Athens.

one that stands out for me is Graphic Eyes. Retro meets futuristic.

could also approach us and wish to

These were some of the greatest moments.

Eyeliner, glitter, big lashes. Winged eyeliner that makes the eye

expand their knowledge and gain a

impressive and majestic. Matte red lips are so in right now, and

recognized diploma all over the world,

with minimal make-up they really stand out in a bold way.

which will open the door for them to work in Cyprus but also

dream come true and become a professional




course, anyone who has done a

Mike: I am inspired by many things with an edgy aesthetic. I am inspirited by travels, places, the sea, fashion, books, people.

What's your favourite product in a make-up line?


never see me watching TV. Not even the

What was the most memorable job you have ever done?

What inspires you?

How did you make the decision to bring MUD to Cyprus?

Who is Mike Orphanides when the lights go down?


Tell me a few words about the diploma from MUD.

Mike: Creating my own beauty school was something I have

see a movie I prefer going to the cinema! I believe in rewarding all those who worked to create it. I like going out a lot, going to good restaurants, bars and cafes with nice aesthetics. I have a thing for aesthetics! I do not like things that do not match. When I was younger, I could control it, but now I refuse to be in a place that doesn't suit me. I have many friends that I care to see very often. I love traveling.

You have traveled a lot. You had plenty of opportunities to work abroad, yet you chose to live in Larnaca. Mike: My job requires me to travel a lot. Beauty Line requires me to travel all over Cyprus. I feel really good coming back to

always wanted. I have been teaching for years and I am delivering

Mike: The diploma awarded is Professional Make-up Artistry

Larnaca. I love my city. I love it because I see the Mediterranean

make-up tutorials on a weekly basis. My role at Beauty Line stores

directly from Los Angeles (it's like studying there) with knowledge

and the Greek sky! I love it because here I breathe in million of

Mike: Red lipstick! I think it's sexy and legendary. The best

is intertwined with make-up training. However, I do not think that

of Beauty Essentials, Bridal Make-up and High Fashion

years ago. I love it because it hosted my family after '74, it raised

accessory for a woman.

being a good make-up artist necessarily means that you are a

Make-up Trends. Automatically our student is registered and

me. I love it because is my city!

Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


an honour that they chose me to be their personal


make-up artist. Over two decades ago, MUD set out to change the face of make-up education. At first the goal was modest and focused on the make-up education needs of Los Angeles. Over time the goal expanded, and MUD created a campus in New York. Today, Make-up Designory operates two main campuses: Los Angeles and New York City. The main campuses contain everything that MUD offers through its various educational programs. From short courses to extended multi-month programs, MUD Main Campuses have courses in beauty, hair, fashion, prosthetic application, and prosthetic lab work. The schools are state licensed and accredited by a national accreditor. They are recognized for veteran’s benefits and financial aid for those who qualify. Make-up Designory LA and NY are also approved to accept foreign students. Once there, students will find educational support, housing support and career services. While MUD education started with the schools in Los Angeles and New York, it did not stop there. Make-up Designory knew that in order to reach the growing desire for make-up education, the company would have to expand beyond its two locations. Through MUD’s Partner Schools and Studios, MUD education is offered on a global scale. There are more than 100 locations offering MUD education, and that number continues to grow. MUD Studio courses are born from the classes offered at the main campuses and are hour for hour the same. These courses are offered in the same fashion at both MUD Partner School locations and MUD Studios. MUD Studios are stand-alone facilities that teach a variety of courses in make-up artistry. Beyond education, the facilities sell the MUD line of cosmetics and offer make-up services as well as private lessons. MUD Partner Schools are largely found in the United States. These schools represent an educational partnership between Make-up Designory and the host school. The MUD Studio classes offered at the Partner Schools are no different than what is offered in the MUD Studios. The difference is that the student typically takes these courses in conjunction with traditional studies in beauty such as cosmetology and esthetics. Regardless of where taken, all the courses offered in MUD curriculum are taught by experienced, professional artisans each of whom has completed a MUD teacher training program and been certified by MUD. MUD provides students with practical, real-world skills in an academic format designed to maximize the learning process. Whether a student chooses the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty, Make-up Designory prepares students to begin their journeys as make-up artists.

Where to study?

make-up artistry, with a focus on the needs of both the experienced and beginning


Make-up Designory is dedicated to provide education in the techniques and craft of

LA Campus MUD’s first campus was built here in 1997 by make-up artists, for make-up artists, and Los Angeles seemed like the obvious place to start. LA is the entertainment capital of the world, and studying in the birthplace of modern film gives students great networking opportunities as well as the inspiration of learning next to some of the biggest production studios in the world.

NY Campus If not Hollywood, why not Broadway? If you’ve always wanted to live and learn in the city that never sleeps, MUD’s New York campus will give you the opportunity to go to school in the East Coast hub for beauty, fashion, theater, film, television, and art. MUD’s New York campus first opened its doors in SoHo in 2005, eventually moving to its current location in the Financial District in 2014 and growing over the years to include nine classrooms, offices, and a student store. Conveniently located, the campus occupies the fifteenth floor of the historic American Express building near Wall Street, Stone Street eateries, and the Battery Park Waterfront area.

MUD Studios MUD Studios offer the MUD Studio slate of courses that focus on individual aspects of make-up artistry. The first MUD Studio opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2011, though there are now more than fifteen studio locations worldwide in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Central America.

Partner Schools MUD Partner Schools transform cosmetology and esthetician institutes into well-equipped make-up schools offering certified MUD courses. As a part of their training, students can benefit from the same MUD Studio courses that are offered in MUD Studios worldwide.

N 12 Mud Art o

29 29


MUD Campus

Los Angeles, California Learning in LA-LA LAnd MUD’s Los Angeles Campus

MUD Insider ...

is near some of the biggest production studios in the world.

or individual courses, learning the basics of beauty, character, or special make-up effects for film, television, fashion and retail. They’ll also get access to career advice, a robust alumni network and perspectives from working make-up artists, who share their insights about the latest innovations in the craft. Los Angeles has long been the heart of the entertainment industry and the birthplace of modern film.


comprehensive make-up programs


Make-Up Designory is located in beautiful Southern California with a short drive away from the wonderful beaches of Malibu. Being in the heart of Downtown Burbank, the campus is only minutes away from highly established production studios including Disney, Warner Bros. and NBC. Burbank is named after Dr. David Burbank, a real estate agent who famously built a ranch house where he raised sheep – which is now the Warner Bros. backlot! The MUD campus was formally a department store and an auto service center, oil stains can still be seen on the stripped floors.

Our students can choose from four

and Warner Brothers Entertainment

The less debt you have and the more

in 1923 helped to shape L.A. and

you save prior to coming will ease your

continues to influence film and

transition. Be realistic and be prepared.

entertainment today. It’s no wonder

Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods

that over twenty years ago MUD

reflect the many countries and cultures

began in the very same city. Our

of their residents. In these vibrant areas,

students come to study for a variety

students and graduates of MUD find a

of reasons, from cosmetic sales

place to call home. For convenience, some

to weddings and entertainment,

students live near school in Burbank or

but film and television are in the

surrounding areas such as Glendale. For

backdrop of all we do.

others, the lights, history, and eccentricity

Funding Your Dreams Financial preparation cannot be stressed enough. L.A. is a large and expensive city. You will need enough money to pay for school, housing,

of Hollywood beckon. Those seeking a calmer experience choose the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhoods of Studio City and Sherman Oaks are centrally located with easy access to the Westside, Downtown, and Hollywood.

Award winning artists regularly visit the campus to speak to students, telling them their story and giving them the opportunity to have one on one conversations. “The Godfather of Make-Up,” Dick Smith, would regularly check out the MUD Shop and FX supplies, while MUD has had the privilege of hosting Louie Zakarian from Saturday Night Live, Dave Elsey, Eryn Krueger Mekash and many more.


transportation, and living expenses.

Make-up Designory Los Angeles 129 S. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502 818-729-9420


1912, Paramount Studios in 1914,


The start of Universal Studios in


N 12 Mud Art o



MUD Insider ...

job board you can use to find opportunities as a make-up artist. With so many schools and universities in the city, you might find yourself working on student films, theater productions, or fashion shows while growing your network. It is not uncommon for MUD students to build relationships with established make-up artists

Our Campus is just steps away from

who visit the school for professional development

Wall Street, Stone Street eateries and the

lectures. After graduation, graduates will be able

Battery Park waterfront area. Students can

to search a wide variety of opportunities to gain

choose from four comprehensive programs

experience in fashion, film and television, theater,

or individual courses, learning the basics

cosmetic retail, or personal make-up artistry.

effects. They’ll also have access to career

Funding Your Dreams

advisement, a robust alumni network

New York’s Financial District is one of the

and ongoing MUD Talks with established

cleanest, safest and most sought-after

make-up artists. If not Hollywood, why not

neighborhoods in the city. It even has its own

Broadway? If you’ve always wanted to

Downtown Alliance security guards who assist the

live and learn in the city that never sleeps,

NYPD in keeping the area safe, and are always on

our New York campus will give you the

hand with friendly tips on where to go or what to

opportunity to go to school in the East

do in the area. Metropolitan New York City is one

Coast hub for beauty, fashion, theater, film,

of the most expensive places to live in the United

television, and art.

States, and demand is high for available housing.

Get inspired by NYC

Students need to plan ahead, in order to ensure that they have given themselves enough time

Few places on the planet offer as much

to secure acceptable housing. When beginning

vibrancy, activity, culture, and opportunity for

the housing search, please note that there are

up-and-coming make-up artists as New York

many easy and accessible public transportation

City. MUD graduate Tamia Haddock says it

commuter options to and from the island of

best, “This place truly cultivates the artist, the

Manhattan. The city, outlying boroughs, and

creative, the individual. There is inspiration

communities across the river in New Jersey are

everywhere and so many communities and

well served by a number of subways, commuter

hubs to support the arts—from MUD to the

train and commuter bus lines. MUD has put

Film Academy.” Ready to be a part of it?

together a list of resources where you can begin

Bring your big dreams to the Big Apple, and

your search for housing options. If you need

get inspired by all the city has to offer.

housing assistance, please speak with MUD’s

Finding Work Most full-time MUD students choose not to work traditional hourly jobs. Some balance part-time jobs on the side, and many actively

Student Services Administrator for a list of the most current options available. Find more information on our Website:


of beauty, character or special make-up

New York received initial accreditation in 2008 and is continually working with ACCSC to bring excellence to their students. The New York campus is located amidst the bustle of the world’s most renowned fashion designers, theaters, and network studios including ABC, CBS, ESPN, CNN and HBO just to name a few. Throughout all this growth and expansion MUD continues to always put their students first.

Make-up Designory NY 65 Broadway 15th Floor New York, NY 10006 212-925-9250


Bring your big dreams to the big apple

wish to work while in school. We operate a private


New York, NY

MUD Career Services gladly helps students who


seek freelance gigs for weekends and evenings.


MUD Campus

In 2005 MUD expanded nationally opening their New York City branch. What began as four classrooms in a loft in SOHO has grown to occupy the 15th floor of the historic, 21-story American Express building in the Financial District. The New York City branch now offers eight classrooms, administrative offices and a student store. MUD’s branch campus in


N 12 Mud Art o


MUD Studios around the world represent both art and inspiration. MUD is a place where make-up comes alive and becomes a bold expression of one’s self.


Learning and innovation is combined within the walls of each Studio. There, students can take individual courses or programs, which combine courses to meet the students’ educational and career goals.



Location (distance to

Photo Studio

Nail Studio

City Center)


Housing/ Support

Mud Art N 12 o

Restaurant/ Food

Career Service and Advisory

Coffeplace & Snacks

Computer Room



MUD Studios provide singular classes to students outside of the U.S. in topics varying from Beauty Essentials to Bridal Make-up. Evening and weekend Studio Courses allow artists with previous training or experience in make-up artistry to gain additional skill sets on a part-time schedule, earning a certificate of completion at the end of each class.

N 12 Mud Art o


MUD Studio

Berlin, Germany Berlin is a vibrant, exciting city with so many varied and distinctive neighborhoods and iconic history all STUDENT WORK

around. You can discover people, culture, life styles, world views, religion and, of course, great food at all levels and from every corner of the world. Berlin offers a very diverse art and nightlife scene that contains everything - from inspiring to outlandish. Berlin


is an excellent place to test the openness of your mind and heart, to be inspired by the declining palaces of by-gone eras as well as the shiny new


technology of modern Europe.

MUD Insider ... MUD Studio Berlin is known for its eclectic mix of students who come from all walks of life, expressing their various

MUD Studio Berlin Oderberger Str. 48 10435 Berlin, Germany


styles of creativity. Düsseldorf As a result of strong relationships between famous make-up artists and MUD Studio Berlin, we are are also located in the west of Germany. Here we also offer our certified education especially focused on

the local market in this area. Here you find a tight knit network, built out of expertise and local knowledge.


+49 (0)30 23906900


Mud Art N 12 o

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37 37

MUD Studio

Vienna, Austria It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter – Vienna is always worth a visit! The Austrian capital has had the world’s STUDENT WORK

highest quality of living for a decade 10th time in the row, but what makes Vienna so special? East meets West! Austria’s capital is located in the heart of Europe and offers a perfect mixture of culture and lifestyle. Rich in history, art and music, Vienna is a city full of


attractions that will keep you inspired and feed your cravings for culture.

MUD Insider ... At MUD Studio Vienna we offer our educational courses in English and German to accommodate a wider


range of students. We offer services to our trusting clientele from everyday occasions to events such as the Vienna Ball Season.


Our Studio is located in Vienna’s City Center, which is the ideal place for MUD graduates, make-up artists, and current students to mingle and MUD Studio Vienna


Opernring 9 , 1010 Wien Vienna, Austria

We are involved in projects with Vienna Life Ball, Vienna Fashion

Award, Women of the Year Award and



several fashion shoots.


Mud Art N 12 o

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39 39

MUD Studio

Ljubljana, Slovenia Due to Slovenia’s geographical position, being centrally located in Europe - just a short flight from most European STUDENT WORK

countries, and its beautiful landscape and stunning architecture, Ljubljana is the perfect base to attract students from all over Europe.

MUD Insider ...

MUD Studio Slovenia houses one

in 2011 as the first MUD Studio in

classroom, a video and photography

Europe, and it is MUD´s European

area, administrative offices, a MUD Shop



MUD Studio Slovenia was founded

and its very own restaurant! “Zbornica” is the newest addition

along with valuable connections

to the Studio and is located in a

and professional support for our

peaceful green park right behind the

business partners. Current students

classroom. Although the restaurant

and graduates can access complete

is open to the public, students

administrative assistance as well as

receive a special discount and enjoy

private career services.

the relaxing setting where they can


A charming little restaurant called First class education is offered

socialize, connect with other make-up Learn from the best and benefit from

artists, or grab a bite to eat or a cup

years of experience.

of coffee on their break. MUD Studio in Slovenia is MUD´s


creative center in Europe. Graphic design, photo shoots, and advertising campaigns for MUD are developed MUD Studio Slovenia Rimska cesta 13, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia, Europe

here. Students and Studio partners are involved with projects in the fashion, theater and the television industries.

+386 1 6200 348

MUD Art Magazine is created and


produced “in-house”.


Mud Art N 12 o

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41 41

MUD Studio

Gent, Belgium Gent is the capital city of East Flanders that’s known for its beautiful

MUD Insider ...

architecture. It’s also the largest student city of Flanders which makes Kortrijksesteenweg 1110, 9051 Gent

This location is where everything +32 9 279 53 59

Students receive first class education ultimate support.

and was founded in 2012.

Belgium, Europe

student lounge and a retail corner.

while wholesale partners are given

for all of the MUD Studios Belgium

comes together that is necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of all MUD Studios in Belgium.


MUD Studio Gent houses a classroom,

MUD Studio Gent


MUD Studio Gent is the headquarters

it vibrant from morning until night.


MUD Studio Antwerp, founded in 2015, is the second studio in Belgium. Graduates can come here to fine tune their skills and take advantage of what


MUD Insider ...

MUD Studio

Antwerp, Belgium

our facility has to offer. STUDENT WORK

Antwerp is known as the city of diamonds and has one of the biggest harbors of the world. Grote Pieter Potstraat 1, 2000 Antwerpen

It’s a metropolis where fashion and beauty come together, making it one of the most

Belgium, Europe

popular cities in Belgium.

+32 3 226 32 22

MUD Studio Antwerp is our second studio in

Belgium and is located in the heart of Antwerp.


MUD Studio Antwerp

It houses one classroom and a student lounge.


Mud Art N 12 o

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43 43

MUD Studio

MUD Studio Rome Viale Giotto, 3, 00153 Roma

Rome, Italy

Italy, Europe +39 0645763132

Rome is such a magical place, like a

museum with an open sky! Live among

the remains of the Roman Empire, civilization. MUD Rome feels more like a boutique than a make-up school with

MUD Insider ...

its stunning architecture. It’s central

The activities to do during your stay in Rome are countless. There are entire books

location makes it easy to get to by train.

about touring in Rome! You can enjoy the most renowned museums and archeological

Apart from being such a culturally rich

sites such as, The Vatican Museum, the ‘Fori Romani’, the Colosseum, the Galleria

city, Rome is popular for its robust film

Nazionale… Hanging around in the center, passing by the Fontana di Trevi, Piazza

industry, frequently hosting international


the cradle of European contemporary

Navona, Campo de Fiori or Piazza di Spagna will literally take your breath away!


and American productions.


Visit the ‘Quadrilatero della Moda’ with the finest shopping in Via Montenapoleone. Or for a more casual scene, shop in the Corso di Porta Ticinese area. Visit gorgeous nature spots such as Como Lake or Liguria Coast on the Mediterranean Sea (115 km). Spend your evening on the Naviglio Canal for cocktails or visit Cavalli´s or Armani’s private night clubs.

Milan, Italy


Enjoy the finest Classical or Modern Art during your stay in Milan.

Milan is considered the Fashion Capital of the world, so what better place to study make-up than MUD Studio Milan? The studio is located just five minutes from the famous Duomo Cathedral and surrounded by shops and cafes.


MUD Insider ...

MUD Studio

The studio teaches in English and Italian and has two classrooms, MUD Shop, a relaxing MUD Studio Milan

lounge area and a dedicated staff to welcome

Via Soncino, 1, 20123 Milan,

you. One of the classrooms is equipped with a

Italy, Europe

working photo studio. Enrolling at MUD Studio the partnerships we developed with modeling

agencies, fashion photographers and stylists,

production companies, and perfumeries we

provide unique job opportunities for you.


Milan makes you part of our team. Because of +39 02 3659 8968


Mud Art N 12 o

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45 45

MUD Studio

Seville, Spain MUD Studio Seville opened in 2019 and is located in one of the best cities in Southern Spain. Seville is famous for its STUDENT WORK

flamenco dancing and scent of orange blossoms. Make the most of your time in this amazing city while studying make-up. The studio is perfectly placed on one of the




most popular shopping streets in the city.

MUD Insider ... Enjoy beautiful weather year round, while exploring shops and eateries

San Eloy, 11, 41001 Seville Spain, Europe

surrounding MUD Studio Seville. With opportunities in fashion and photography, students will gain


MUD Studio Seville

experience while practicing their craft.


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o

47 47

MUD Studio

St. Petersburg, Russia Steeped in mysteries and legends, St Petersburg welcomes you to another world belonging to some of the most dramatic periods in European history. STUDENT WORK

A vision of the “Venice of the North” with more than 300 bridges, exquisite cathedrals, palaces, and gilded domes makes it impossible not to feel the city’s appeal and charm. MUD Studio St. Petersburg is aiming to bring high educational standards to Russia’s


rapidly developing make-up industry, introduce a new fundamental approach to the learning process, and boost tons of creative energy.


The first MUD Studio in Russia offers a salon experience while teaching make-up artistry. Here time stops and your ideas come to life.


After you have created your masterpiece you can take pictures in our photo studio. Our studio also offers a Brow Bar, which is highly sought after service in St. Petersburg.

MUD Studio St. Petersburg Botkinskaya Street, 15-1, office 18-H


194044 St. Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 380 88 30


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o

49 49

MUD Studio

Sandton, South Africa Johannesburg is South Africa’s business

unity. South Africa is the rainbow nation where people from all backgrounds enjoy the warm

MUD Insider ...

African sun.

First MUD Studio in South Africa – opened in 2015. Located in The Wedge Shopping MUD Studio Sandton

Shop 27, The Wedge Shopping Centre 255 Rivonia Road, Morningside,

province, where the hustle and bustle each

Sandton, Johannesburg

day has a soulful entity that expresses indi-

+27 663943114

viduality, yet hums the underlying tune

Centre, in the chic suburb of Morningside at the summit of the bustling Rivonia Road. The name Sandton resulted from combining the names of two suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston.

of a culture that celebrates the country’s



Cape Town, South Africa

of the city. Boats are in and out of the busy harbor heading for Robben Island, the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela, which is now a living museum.

MUD Insider ... MUD Studio Cape Town opened in

MUD Studio Cape Town

2016. Cape Town is affectionately

Cape Town is a port city on South Africa’s

Shop G16, The Signature,

known as the “Mother City” and was

southwest coast, on a peninsula beneath

4 Liddle Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town

appointed the best place in the world

the imposing Table Mountain. Slowly rotat-

+27 608954557

top, from which there are sweeping views

to visit by the New York Times in 2014.


ing cable cars climb to the mountain’s flat


MUD Studio


MUD Studio

lying to the east of the city centre, encompassing


upmarket mall developments. The suburb was

Pretorius, a leader of the Voortrekkers who named it after his father Andries Pretorius and chose a spot on the banks of the Apies river to be the new capital of the South African Republic. Brooklyn is a well established suburb

MUD Insider ...

and takes its name from the surveyor James Brook.

MUD Studio Brooklyn was born as a Retail


Pretoria was found in 1855 by Marthinus

established on an old farm called Uitval in 1902

outlet in the Brooklyn Mall Pretoria in 2016 MUD Studio Brooklyn Shop 215, Brooklyn Mall, Corner Veale & Fehrsen Str. New Muckleneuk,Pretoria East

and quickly grew into South Africa’s third campus in 2018. Pretoria is also known as the Jacaranda City because of over 50,000

+27 671062029

Jacaranda trees that lines the streets and

carpet the city in purple every October.


South Africa

high-end residential properties and several


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o

51 51

MUD Studio

Mumbai, India

MUD Insider ... MUD Studio Mumbai, launched in early 2018, is conveniently located at Bandra which is considered as Mumbai’s fashion hub and is a noted suburb.

and has two large classrooms with a

Bandra, one of India’s and Mumbai’s

professional photo studio and a MUD

premiere locations. It is a province

Shop, regularly adorned by make-up

popular for fashion and style with a

artists and students.


The school spans across 2500 sq.ft MUD Studio Mumbai is located at

influential personalities involved in

The classroom invites students,

Bollywood, sports, and politics in

make-up artists and customers to

India. Most roads and places in

visit the studio for more information

Bandra were given English names

on various activities, services and

during British rule. They have been

counseling sessions for a beauty

renamed over time but many are still

career. The studio also offers

popularly known by their old names.

workshops, open house, master

Prominent educational institutions

classes, shoots and many other

are located in Bandra, welcoming


lavish locality and is home to many

events for students.

students from across India with



places of interest for tourists.


MUD Studio Mumbai 1st Floor, 893, Notan Chambers, Turner Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai- 400050, INDIA +91.9764997384


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o

53 53

MUD Studio

MUD Studio

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Manila, Philippines





The country’s official tourism tagline is “It’s more fun in the Philippines”, and definitely, with 7,641 islands, what could be more


fun than white sand beaches, beautiful

“Guate”, our city is the capital and

nature parks, delicious culinary delights,

home of the Icaro Film Festival where

and superb shopping destinations in every

independent films produced in the area


are debuted. Guatemala was awarded as “Iberoamerican Capital of Culture”


in 2015. Our country is rich in culture, architecture,







Philippines is located, is the jump-off point


to other incredible destinations in the

development. We have the distinct

country. Students can have their weekday

advantage as the only professional

makeup classes at MUD Studio located

make-up academy with international certifications in the area.

MUD Insider ...

at the posh Shangri-la Mall, and on the

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia,

beach after hopping on a 1.5 hour flight

MUD Studio Manila has built a new

to Palawan Island -- consistently voted as

home in the thriving city of Manila at

Best Island in the World.

weekends, sip their piña coladas by the

the high-end Shangri-La Mall which houses brands like Saint Laurent,

The only MUD Studio in Southeast Asia,

Loewe, McQueen and Gucci. The mall

MUD Studio Manila has two spacious

has over 500 shops, a supermarket,

classrooms, a retail corner, a brow and lash

a department store, six cinemas, and

bar, as well as a photo studio and lounge.

MUD Insider ...

numerous cafes and restaurants.

MUD Studio Guatemala City is

MUD Studio Manila is a creative hub,

centrally located and is the only

where MUD graduates can come to

MUD Studio Manila

MUD Studio in Central America.

collaborate with teachers, refresh their

1015-1016 Lower Ground Level

International MUD educators visit the

skills, and sit down with clients. With

East Wing

MUD Studio Guatemala City

studio to conduct Special Make-up

its extensive business network and

Shangri-La Plaza Mall

2do nivel Roof Top de

Effects courses. Located near other

proactive team of beauty experts, the

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

influential schools such as Universidad

Studio has established its dynamic


Francisco Marroquín, Ixchel Museum

presence in the country’s fashion,

of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing,

design, advertising, and film industries.

Oakland Mall +502 2336-5535

and Universidad Galileo.




+632 79688755

Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


Larnaca, Cyprus Cyprus is an island rich in history and culture, and full of wonderful experiences. It offers beautiful beaches and extensive historical and archaeological sites. It’s a small country but the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, situated in the north eastern corner of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. This beautiful island is blessed with a warm, sunny climate with the major days a year. *The sandy beaches and the crystal blue water seems like a paradise to the visitors.

MUD Insider ... MUD Studios Cyprus was founded in Cyprus in 2019 in a small picturesque town in Larnaca. Our students can enjoy the beautiful weather of Larnaca since we have almost 10 months of summer. Larnaca is a city with a tradition in art since it has given birth to many artists. You can cycle around the streets with old traditional houses MUD Studio Cyprus

and get the vibe of the history of the

TIME Private Institute

place. You can walk the city on foot

Eleutherias Avenue 71, 7102

and enjoy endless walks by the sea.

Aradippu, Larnaca, Cyprus Tel: 24400767

It’s a city that inspires you to create. Our students have the opportunity while studying to participate in the

various artistic paths of the place.

MUD Studios around the world represent both art and inspiration. MUD is a place where makeup comes alive and becomes a bold expression of one’s self. Learning and innovation is combined within the walls of each Studio. There, students can take individual courses or programs, which combine courses to meet the students’ educational and


career goals. 56

Mud Art N 12 o


MUD Studio

N 12 Mud Art o


Beauty Essentials Beauty Essentials Course This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up, with an emphasis on the foundational, must-have techniques required for work in the industry today. Students will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours and highlights, with a focus on eyes and lips. The course concludes with complete make-up applications that range from natural to one hundred percent corrective looks. Course Length: 84 hours


Airbrush Course Airbrushing has become one of the premier methods of applying make-up. In this course, we demystify the tool and show how to properly maintain and care for an airbrush. In addition, we demonstrate the techniques required to apply beautiful, flawless beauty make-up techniques that are required not only by major film and television studios, but also by demanding clients. Course Length: 35 hours

Bridal Make-up

Bridal Make-up Course In this course, students are introduced to the lucrative world of wedding make-up, from initial consultation with a bride and family members, through what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business. Course Length: 21 hours

Sttudio Make-up

Studio Make-up Course This course provides students with an introduction to the world of film and television production, and the make-up techniques required for today’s demanding sets and high-definition cameras. Course Length: 35 hours

High a F s hion Make-up rT ends High Fashion Make-Up Trends Course In this course, students will learn how to work on set and create make-ups that can be used in fashion or editorial. Instructors share insights about how to work with a professional photographer to create unique, memorable imagery. Students will also be given instruction on how to evaluate make-up application and achieve their best results on film and digital cameras. Course Length: 35 hours

Essentials of Hair Essentials of Hair Course This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple blow-drying techniques to creating more elaborate, period-inspired hairstyles. Students will also learn to create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative hair designs, using hot tools and roller sets. The course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, encouraging learning by repeated practice. As part of this course, students are required to complete hair and make-up projects which relate to on-the-job experience. Course Length: 70 hours

Portfolio Develop ment Portfolio Development Course Students are pushed to their creative limits in this fast-paced course by recreating the real world environment in which students will be working. We will guide students as they design and create looks for multiple photo shoots. Students will work with professional models and photographers to create a professional quality portfolio. Course Length: 35 hours

Special Make-up Effects Special Make-up Effects Course This in-depth FX course starts with out-of-the-kit effects that are staples for professional make-up artists. Learn the craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries, aging and other effects. In addition, learn how to apply the latest materials used by prosthetic make-up artists. Our team of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly coloring silicone GFA’s, foam latex prosthetic appliances and Pros-Aide transfers. Course Length: 70 hours

Featured Workshop

The Perfect Brow

For the Pros


The Perfect Brow Kit This professional kit comes with everything you'll need to create perfect, natural looking eyebrows.

Mapping Learn how to evaluate the brows, identify the arch and shape.


Kit includes one each of the following: /

Taupe, Auburn, Rich Brown, Black Eye Pencils


Pencil Sharpener


Brow Fix


Eyebrow Brush #220


Trimming Scissors


Continuity Face Chart Small (eye)


Disposable Mascara Wands (25/pk)


Stainless Steel Palette


Palette Knife


Eyebrow Cream Palette (Ash, Bark, Cinnamon, Straw)




Learn how to properly tweeze, trim, and brush out the brows.


EYEBROW DEFINING SET Take home the ultimate combination for conquering brows. Set includes one each of the following:

Filling Watch a demo showing the proper use of creams and pencils and the benefits of both.

Eyebrows have the power to create expression and character. They complement the eyes by framing them without drawing attention away from your natural beauty. Let our artists guide you through the steps to creating your perfect brows.


Don’t live near a MUD Studio but want to achieve perfect brows? Check out our step-by-step videos that show you how to map, prep and fill your eyebrows like the pros.

Mud Art N 12 o


Eyebrow Cream Refill


1” Refillable Compact


Eyebrow Brush #220



Client Home Care Follow your customized chart to recreate your brows at home. N 12 Mud Art o


No Apologies New Fall Winter Look from MUD Photography: Peter Giodani Make-up: Marusa Val @ MUD


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


MUD's products used to complete the look: // Black Eye Pencil // Galaxy Eye Color // Volumizing Mascara // NEW Aura Lip Pencil


Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


NOT ALL COSMETICS ARE CREATED EQUAL At MUD, we produce our cosmetics with high-quality ingredients, always focusing on the balance between the two primary elements, pigment and vehicle. Pigment gives the product color, and vehicle makes it move. The higher the pigment concentration, the longer the product will last. We don’t use excessive fillers to cut costs, we create our products to last.

Our products are never tested on animals, and quality will never be compromised.

Product availability are subject to change without notice. The actual product and product pacakging may slighty vary from the images shown in the catalogue, depending on the print, the angle of the item is photographed, or due to updates in design.

FACE PRIMER Prep and prime the skin to create a smooth canvas or mix this silky, lightweight primer into products for a sheer, natural finish. Apply directly to the skin prior to foundation or mix into foundation for a creamier consistency.

CREAM FOUNDATION From a sheer natural look to a fiawless full coverage nish, this versatile foundation holds up beautifully under the most extreme conditions. Custom formulated for ultra-smooth blending and ease of application. Ideal for all skin types. Available in compact, rell and palette.


Rečll čts 1.5" Rečllable Compact and a variety of empty palettes

WB 2

WB 3

WB 4

WB 5*

YG 1

YG 2

YG 3

GY 1

CB 2

CB 3

CB 4

CB 5*

GY 2

GY 3

DC 5*

DW 5*

*Available in rečll only

Compact with sponge included FOUNDATION PALETTE #1 Rečllable and stackable palette includes the following shades: WB 2-5, CB 2-5

FOUNDATION PALETTE #2 Rečllable and stackable palette includes the following shades: YG 1-3, GY 1-3, DC 5, DW 5

LIQUID FOUNDATION Rich and creamy liquid foundation contains premium quality ingredients, offering a smooth flawless finish with a luxurious feel. Hydrating with natural aloe vera and shea butter, this lightweight formula evens out the skin while allowing it to breathe. Buildable and easy to blend with a brush or sponge.














Creamy, pigmented correctors are designed to conceal skin imperfections. The ultimate cover-up for scars, blemishes, birthmarks, or dark under eye circles. Use alone or blend with cream or liquid foundations for a fiawless, full coverage make-up.

Rečll čts 1.5" Rečllable Compact and a variety of empty palettes

A finely-milled powder that creates a beautifully soft, smooth finish. So ultralight that it stays on the skin’s surface without settling into fine lines. The silky-smooth formula applies evenly and comes in a spectrum of delicate tones from no color at all to a deep, rich brown. Perfect for setting foundation. A must-have to conquer shine.

Blue Corrector #1

Blue Corrector #2

Blue Corrector #3

Blue Corrector #4

Red Corrector #1

Red Corrector #2

Red Corrector #3

Deep Brown Corrector



CORRECTOR PALETTE Contains all eight shades and is rečllable and stackable


A lightweight, talc-free pressed powder that creates a silky-smooth finish. Use with a brush to set foundation or with a sponge for more coverage. Ideal for touching up make-up throughout the day.

Creamy highlights and shadows are perfect for contouring cheekbones or sculpting dimension into the face. Slim the face and highlight unwanted shadows with these versatile shades.

Shading 1

Yellow Light

Shading 2

Orange Light

Shading 3


Shading 4

Compact with brush included

HIGLIGHT/SHADOW CREAM PALETTE Contains all eight shades and is rečllable and stackable


Pigment-rich pressed powders create natural contours and highlights for shape and definition throughout the face.

Sheer pressed powder bronzers add a warm glow to any skin tone. Dust lightly over the entire face for just a hint of color or intensify application to create more dramatic effects. The perfect finishing touch for any look.

Lemon Cream









Shading 5



Sunshine (shimmer)

Rečll čts 1.5" Rečllable Compact and a variety of empty palettes




Rečll čts 1.5" Rečllable Compact and a variety of empty palettes

Zero (Colorless)


CONTOUR/HIGHLIGHT POWDER PALETTE Contains all eight shades and is rečllable and stackable




Compact with brush included



Endless Summer (matte)

EYE COLOR Rell ts 1" Rellable Compact and a variety of empty palettes



Velvet consistency and lushly pigmented color glides on smoothly and evenly, wet or dry. Developed for lasting results, this silky formula is available in a variety of matte and shimmer shades—from bright and vibrant to soft and natural.


Opal Sky


Dulce de Leche










Spanish Gold






Pink Illusion



Cajun Spice









Pink Grapefruit


Sienna (Demi-Matte)


Smoked Sapphire





Sugared Violet





Tea Tree




CAKE EYELINER A long-lasting, water-activated liner known for its precision and versatility. The make-up experts’ choice that’s perfect for everyday use. Create subtle or dramatic looks effortlessly with this professional quality eyeliner.

Rell ts 1" Rellable Compact and a variety of empty palettes



Rich Brown


Black Forest



This versatile formula is soft enough to line the eyes, yet črm enough to dečne brows. Pencil glides on effortlessly, whether lining eyes precisely or shaping and člling in brows.



Keep brows groomed and gorgeous with this non-čaking gel formula. Use directly on the brows with the convenient brush applicator or apply with disposable mascara wand. Squeezable tube is ideal for pros.



EYEBROW CREAM Create precise, ultra-čne hair strokes and achieve perfect brows with this uniquely formulated long-wear cream that glides on smoothly and evenly. The smudge-resistant formula is a must for natural looking brows.





Rell ts 1" Rellable Compact and a variety of empty palettes

EYEBROW CREAM PALETTE All four shades in a convenient rellable palette. Ideal for students and professionals.


EYEBROW DEFINING SET The ultimate combination for conquering brows. Includes one each of the following: Eyebrow Cream Rell, 1" Rellable Compact, Brush 2 # 20


VOLUMIZING MASCARA Richnpgmetforvadluswb

fersitando- Lgh,pmculw

esult.Brhomaxizndgfv olapictrwsu-mhnd eatingsubldymforv,whc ousevnigy.Sqzabltkrm ofesinaldvryu.p

.Removsailywthncr ,smudge-fr aly ofesinal.Squzbtdrp emovrak-up andevryus.







Versatile pressed powder cheek colors formulated with pigment-rich ingredients for a smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum of shades – from soft and natural to bright and bold – that adds warmth and intensity to all skin tones.


Make eyes stand out in the crowd using these thick dramatic strip lashes.

Short čare lashes are perfect for a natural lift to the outer corners of the eyes. Flares can also be added to sparse areas to create fuller, thicker lashes.



Medium čare lashes are used to create fullness and length to the natural lash line. Adding čares to the outer corners of the eyes gives a "cat eye" effect, adding a touch of drama to the eyes.

These long thick eyelashes are all about drama. They are rich and voluminous for those who really want to make a statement.



Individual lashes are designed for člling in areas of the lash line that are sparse or thin. The use of single lashes allow you to customize how full you want the lashes to appear.

Natural looking lash strips give the eyes subtle enhancement for everyday use or any special occasion.

Rečll čts 1.5" Rečllable Compact and a variety of empty palettes


Warm Bisque

Rose Petal

Soft Peach





Cool Mauve




Rose Beige

COLOR CREME Sheer, non-greasy cheek and lip color adds a fresh glow to the skin. Use alone to create natural warmth or over foundation for a colorful finish. Creates glowing color that appears to radiate naturally through the skin.



This lightweight cleansing oil is designed to dissolve the daily build-up of dirt and make-up. The unique formula is made from a blend of natural oils and Omega Plus for maximum antioxidant protection, thus making it an ideal daily cleanser. Skin will be left feeling clean and hydrated, with no oily residue.

Perfect for adding drama to any natural look, these lashes add length and fullness and can be used to create bolder eyelashes. Combine with a thick layer of mascara to really stand out.




Sweet Cheeks

Spark (Illuminator)


Just Peachy

Eggplant (Extra Sheer)

Rose Clay


Mai Tai

Sandy Beach










Lady Bug

Luscious lipsticks in an array of translucent colors complement any skin tone, from ex t ra-light to rich and dark. Ultra-emollient formula leaves lips feeling soft and supple.


SATIN LIPSTICK Luxurious formula with emollient-rich, non-drying ingredients, leave lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte nish. Available in an elegant selection of lush, deep colors.

LIP GLOSS Rich, luminous gloss leaves lips feeling smooth and hydrated with radiant shine. Glides on easily, never leaving lips feeling sticky or heavy. Use alone for a sheer wash of color or layer over lipstick to enhance the shade.

Shine (Clear)

LIP GLAZE Light, emollient glazes deliver a burst of sheer, glossy color that’s smooth and never sticky. Stash the squeezable tube in a handbag for a quick sweep of color on the go or use a brush for more precise application.












LIP PENCIL Richly pigmented pencils are soft enough to shade the entire lip, yet rm enough to line and dene with precision. The long-lasting color glides on smoothly and easily. Creamy enough to mix colors and create your own shade.



CHARACTER/FX WHEELS CFX Wheels are designed for creating a variety of injuries including cuts and bruises environments. These innovative color wheels will help you achieve a wide range of unique character looks. Shades may also be used as color adjusters for cream or liquid products.



Olive Green



CFX WHEEL #1 This combination of colors may be used for cuts, burns and aged injuries such as bruising.

Fresh Bruise



CFX WHEEL #2 These shades are ideal for creating fresh bruises and injuries.



This buildable, lightweight silicone formula applies seamlessly in thin layers with an airbrush, sponge or a traditional make-up brush. Available in 22 shades and developed to match a variety of MUD cream products. Suitable for all skin types.

This set includes all 22 HD Air Liquid Make-up shades and is ideal for students and professionals. Available in one convenient box set.

WB 2

WB 3

WB 4

DW 5


CB 2

CB 3

CB 4

The perfect starter kit for students or professionals who already own or have access to an air compressor.

CB 5

YG 1

YG 3

GY 2

GY 3

Shading 4






Sweet Cheeks


Includes: / Dual Action Airbrush / Airbrush Cleaning Station / Cleaning Brush Kit / HD Air Pro Set

AIRBRUSH 2 KIT Complete with an air compressor and dual-action airbrush, this kit has everything students or professionals need to provide complete airbrush services.


Includes: / Dual Action Airbrush / Air Compressor / Airbrush Cleaning Station / Cleaning Brush Kit / HD Air Pro Set

Olive Green




round liner

Fine, tapered point is ideal for creating extremely thin lines



round liner

Tapered point allows for a precise, even application of cake eyeliner



angle liner

Angled bristles are designed to create precise even lines




Double sided, sharp angled bristles designed to create precise, natural looking hair strokes. Spoolie is ideal for grooming the eyebrows



shadow blender

Small oval shaped bristles are ideal for eye color detail



oval shadow

Flexible oval shape allows for easy color application



shadow fluff

Soft, full oval shape is ideal for blending eye colors



large oval

Wide tapered bristles allow for quick and even coverage



shadow blender

Firm oval shape helps to blend and apply eye colors with control




Soft domed bristles blend and buff out eye colors and correctors




Long textured bristles blend and soften eye colors in the crease of the eye


in every situation, these


precision blender


brushes are made to

Short dense bristles taper to a soft point for smudging or blending eye colors or pencils


shadow fluff

Soft curved bristles blend eye colors and correctors with ease




Long, tapered bristles are ideal for blending eye colors




Dense, soft, short bristles are ideal for creating a smoky eye and blending eye colors in the crease



mini fan mascara

Small, fan-shaped bristles allow for mascara coverage from the inner corner to the outer edge of the eyelashes



angle liner

Fine angle is ideal for applying cream products or liners




Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise lip line


narrow čat

Straight narrow edge is ideal for under the lash line



wide čat

Straight tight edge helps to create and blend lines with precision




Soft fan-shaped bristles are ideal for lightly dusting powder products to the cheeks or removing powder from under the eyes and other hard-to-reach areas


These ultra-soft synthetic brushes are made from a proprietary blend of superior quality fibers and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. After years of refinement to ensure stand-up quality

last and keep MUD graduates and pros coming back for more.

*Natural bristles



cheek contour

Dense bristles are angled for precise, controlled contouring




Dense, dome-shaped bristles are ideal for gently gliding cheek colors, bronzers or illuminators onto the skin




Ultra-soft bristles remove and deposit powder products with ease




Squared, flexible bristles are versatile and easy to manipulate to achieve a variety of character looks



Ultra-fine bristles blend cream and liquid products smoothly and evenly around the face




Ultra-soft and densely packed dome-shaped bristles blend and buff out cream, powder or liquid foundation effortlessly and flawlessly




Ultra-soft tapered bristles are ideal for powdering under the eyes, contouring around the face and all around shaping





4-HOLE PALETTE This conveniently sized palette holds up to four 1" refills for the eyes. Perfect for traveling or carrying in a make-up bag for touch-ups. Refillable & eco-conscious.

Sleek, uniquely shaped compact fits a single 1" refill for the eyes. Great for travel. Refillable & eco-conscious.


UNIVERSAL PALETTE This travel-friendly palette has a free-form magnetic open base that holds a variety of combinations of refills. Perfect for professional or everyday use. Refillable & eco-conscious.

Sleek, uniquely shaped compact fits a single 1.5" cream or powder refill. Great for travel. Refillable & eco-conscious.



This slim and professional palette holds up to ten 1.5" refills for the cheeks and face. Ideal for pros to keep colors neat and organized. Refillable & eco-conscious.

This slim and professional palette holds up to ten 1" refills for the eyes. Ideal for pros to keep colors neat and organized. Refillable & eco-conscious.

35-WELL PALETTE Conveniently store up to 35 of your favorite lipsticks and cream products in this sleek plastic palette. Great for organizing customized colors for easy access, especially when performing services on location.

4-WELL WHEEL The compact wheel is a convenient size with a screw top to secure product. Contains four compartments for cream products and is perfect for custom blending and storing colors.

*Never melt products into palette - always scoop from container.


Empty Palettes 90

This magnetically hinged palette holds up to eight 1.5" cream or powder refill pans and is uniquely designed to be stacked in order to maximize space. The cover is completely removable and transparent so artists can see colors easily. Refillable & eco-conscious.

* Note: Palettes are sold empty. Please see Eyes, Cheeks, Face and Pro section for available refill colors.




Creates the perfect point for lip and eye pencils. Metal blade works smoothly and easily with precision. Convenient cleaning stick helps to remove product from blade and inside sharpener.

These precision-crafted, stainless steel slant tweezers allow for a perfect grip for removing any unwanted hair.



Trim facial hair, brows and false eyelashes with these professional stainless steel scissors.

These professional quality stainless steel shears are perfect for trimming natural or synthetic hair for a variety of character looks.




Create perfectly curled lashes with this professional stainless steel eyelash curler. The specially designed arch creates an even curl without creasing. One replacement silicone pad included.

Create flawless lashes and prevent cross-contamination using individual disposable mascara wands. Universal to any lash type with a flexible tip for easy application. 25 pieces per package.



Stainless steel palette knife is a must-have for removing cream make-up and other products from pots and palettes quickly and easily. Protects make-up from cross-contamination.

These finely grained wooden sticks are ideal for applying false eyelashes. 3 sticks per pack.


SPRAY BOTTLE (2 oz) Keep liquids organized and separated. Conveniently sized for travel and fits perfectly into any professional kit or cosmetic bag.

Reusable, stainless steel mixing palette is a must-have for blending colors and other make-up products.




Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed, disposable professional make-up sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces and density keeps cream products from absorbing into sponge. Use wet or dry for a smooth, even application. Made from natural and synthetic latex.

Professional quality, double sided point tip applicators are a must-have for any make-up application. The firm, pointed tips allow for precise application and blending, giving ultimate control. 200 swabs per canister.




Orange synthetic stipple sponge is best used for special make-up effects. Its coarse and porous texture allows for stippling adhesives, alcohol-based inks and rubber mask grease paint. The large pores are great for creating capillaries, pock marks, bruising, or layering base colors to create realistic skin tones on prosthetic appliances or tattoo cover-ups. This synthetic stipple sponge can also be used to press skin-like textures into oil-based clay prosthetic sculptures.

Black synthetic stipple sponge is best used for special make-up effects. Its porous texture allows for stippling adhesives, alcohol-based inks and rubber mask grease paint. This sponge can be used to create bruises, scrapes and scratches, beard stubble effects and refining prosthetic sculptures.



Clean brushes with ease in this 2 oz. glass jar. The wide opening accommodates larger brush sizes. Comes with a screw cap for convenient storage of brush cleaner.

Create a flawless, matte finish using these soft velour puffs. Specifically designed to pick up and hold powder for an even application. Available in packs of 2 or 10.

Cases & Bags MAKE-UP CASE SET This durable, uniquely designed case is ideal for easy access to all your make-up related essentials. A must-have for every make-up artist, the sturdy set case is perfect for travel. Two clear pouches conveniently store a variety of make-up, tools, bottles and jars.


This durable, uniquely designed bag is perfect for organizing all of your make-up related essentials in one place for easy access. The large center compartment is surrounded by handy pockets for storing bottles and cans. A must-have for every make-up artist.


Transparent durable pouches store a variety of make-up tools, bottles and jars. Keeps supplies organized and fits into Pro Make-up Case or Set Bag. Available in two sizes.

APRON Keep your outfit pristine while working in this comfortable pocketed apron. Convenient back ties and adjustable neck length make it the perfect choice for professionals.



Protect your clients' clothing with this lightweight washable cover cloth. Size measures 57"L x 50"W for maximum coverage.

Note every detail while creating the ultimate make-up using custom designed Continuity Face Charts. The porous paper allows for realistic blending when using make-up or colored pencils. Available in three sizes- small (eye only), medium (half face) and large (full face).

3-N-1 BRUSH HOLDER This custom designed holder boasts three convenient functions, each ideal for keeping brushes organized and protected. Wear it as a waist belt for work on the go, use it as a stand-up holder for easy access to tools or simply roll it up and store your brushes safely. Durable black belt has a protective flap and several pouches to hold brushes and other essentials.



Amor d'água

Photography: Peter Giodani Make-up: Vanja Djuran for MUD

Wet or Dry! From soft and subtle to bold and intense, MUD eye colors won't disappoint. The versatile formula was designed to create lasting results whether used wet or dry.

Eyeliner at its best Used for centuries to create definition and to draw attention to the eyes, eyeliner comes in different types and styles. While some applications are used for correction, others are purely for fun and fashion. The possibilities are endless: Precise sharp lines are great for dramatic looks and soft smudges offer a more subtle approach. You can also control the thickness of the line with the amount of pressure you apply and with your choice of brush.

step by step make-up skills in classes taught by true professionals. Regardless of the amount of experience you have, you will leave these courses applying make-up


like a pro. Mud Art N 12 o


Learn how to look your best by mastering

One-On-One Workshop Description: You will work one-on-one with our artist to tailor a look that best suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you want to update your look or play with make-up for the first time the artist will work with you every step of the way to ensure you love your new look. The session begins with assessing your make-up goals, evaluating your comfort level with make-up application, determining your undertone, and choosing which products will best meet your needs. After the consultation, the artist breaks down the make-up process by applying it in steps on one side of your face. As the artist completes a step, you will perform the same step on the other side of your face. This hands-on experience is crucial to mastering the look and duplicating at home. At the end of the session, you will receive a face chart with a breakdown of the look and a list of products used for easy reference at home.

Evening Looks

Make-up Party

Description: Learn facial analysis, make-up selection, and the techniques used by professional make-up artists to create beautiful, youthful looks for any evening engagement. Your instructor will even help you pick the tools and make-up that are suitable for any specific occasion.

Description: Invite your friends to a party where you learn to do make-up while having a little fun. This workshop is the perfect introduction to the weekend. Channel your inner-rock star with a new look and be the center of attention.

N 12 Mud Art o


Flawless Face

Mature Make-up

Business Make-up

From Day to Night

Description: In this workshop, we’ll show you the fastest ways to get flawless results. Our professionals will help you achieve the look you want in less time and with less effort.

Description: The process of applying make-up to sophisticated skin is similar to other make-up applications, but requires far less product. In this workshop, we teach you how to create a timeless look that is subtle and chic.

Description: Learn to apply a make-up that is clean but dramatic, and command the attention of the boardroom without being over the top. Dark brown-toned or berry lip shades and subtle eyes are perfect for a daily office look.

Description: For a busy person on the go, having an easy dayto-night make-up look prepared is an absolute must. Whether it be changing to a dramatic lip or adding darker liner, MUD professionals will teach you the perfect day-to-night look for your face in this workshop.

Teen Make-up

Natural Look

Cat Eye

Smoky Eye

Description: Working with a growing face requires specific techniques, and in this workshop students learn to enhance their natural beauty while correcting imperfections and covering blemishes.

Description: Learn how to design a light, sun-kissed, and subtle look for everyday or even summer social occasions. Here, the eyes are typically kept light, cheeks have a sheer rosy tint, and the lips are a soft flushed color.

Description: Though this sexy feline eye shape has been worn in different capacities for centuries, finding the perfect angle for your face can be difficult. We’ll teach you how to break down your facial geometry so you can learn to make the most flattering winged extension for your or any other person’s face shape.

Description: In this workshop we focus on classic techniques to create the smoky eye because they are the most applicable to the most diverse range of eye-shapes. Properly layering eyeshadows and precisely using light colors for highlights and dark colors for shadows is key to creating a beautiful look.

Mud Art N 12 o

N 12 Mud Art o


You Glow Girl!

r a K olina


All Looks: Primer, Cream Foundation,

All Looks: Primer, Cream Foundation,

Cream Highlight & Shadow, Define Contour Powder,

Cream Highlight & Shadow, Define Contour Powder,

Luster Highlight Powder

Luster Highlight Powder

Eyes: Bronzed Eye Color, Cajun Spice Eye Color,

Eyes: Pink Illusion Eye Color, Cashmere Eye Color,

Volumizing Mascara

Volumizing Mascara

Brows: Taupe Eye Pencil, Brow Fix

Brows: Straw Eyebrow Cream, Brow Fix

Cheeks: Cashmere Eye Color mixed with

Cheeks: Pink Illusion Eye Color,

Pink Grapefruit Eye Color

Cashmere Eye Color

Lips: Primer mixed with Pixie Eye Color

Lips: Primer mixed with Pink Illusion

(or tap it over primer)

and Cashmere Eye Color


r a K olina Eyes: Sedona Eye Color (crease and lower lash line), Pixie Eye Color on the lid, Volumizing Mascara Brows: Taupe Eye Pencil, Brow Fix Cheeks: Cashmere Eye Color mixed with Pink Grapefruit Eye Color Lips: Natural Lip Pencil, Burlesque Lipstick mixed with Primer

Eva Eyes: Pink Illusion Eye Color, Cashmere Eye Color, Vineyard Eye Color, Volumizing Mascara Brows: Straw Eyebrow Cream, Brow Fix Cheeks: Pink Illusion Eye Color, Cashmere Eye Color Lips: Natural Lip Pencil, Burlesque Lipstick mixed with Primer



Eva Eyes: Taupe Eye Color, Spanish Gold Eye Color, Pomegranate Eye Color and Spark Illuminator Brows: Straw Eyebrow Cream, Brow Fix Cheeks: Sweet Cheeks Color Creme Lips: Sweet Cheeks Color Creme mixed with Pink Grapefruit Eye Color

r a K olina Eyes: Taupe Eye Color, Spanish Gold Eye Color and Spark Illuminator Brows: Taupe Eye Pencil, Brow Fix Cheeks: Just Peachy Lipstick Lips: Just Peachy Lipstick mixed with Pixie Eye Color



Creating Outside the Box When admiring a beautiful make-up, our first instinct is to notice the skill in which the make-up was applied. While a skilled application is an essential component to a successful make-up, we might also want to consider how the artist may have used the products to create that look. Being a creative make-up artist is as much about designing a unique look as using products in a unique and unintended way. Make-up artists are trained to be resourceful with the products they have and can create anything when they allow themselves to broaden their imaginations. With all the choices available in today’s market, it is tempting to gravitate towards products that are made for specific functions rather than taking a product you already have in your kit and finding additional uses for it. We decided to put a few of our instructors to the test by challenging them to create two full make-ups by mixing products they would never have thought to use together. The results proved that creativity can be truly boundless if you push yourself to think outside the box. 112



01 // Contour Powder + Cream Foundation = Customized Natural Shading CB 2 Cream Foundation


Apply just below cheekbone

Define Contour Powder


Create your own liquid illuminators by mixing primer with shimmery eye colors, highlight powders and illuminating powders. Modify

02 // Pressed Shimmery Powders + Primer = Liquid Illuminator CB 2 Cream Foundation


your desired intensity - for a sheer wash use more primer, for more concentrated color payoff use less.

Cashmere Eye Color

Luster Highlight Powder


03 // Lipstick + Primer = Cheek Color Mix

Face Primer



04 // Deep Brown Corrector = Eye Color Base Apply over the entire lid

Deep Brown Corrector (DBC)

Apply under the lash line

Apply above cheekbone


Looking for a long-lasting radiant and natural glow but don’t have the right cheek color? Try mixing your lipstick or a combination of lipsticks with primer - for more intensity use less primer, for a sheer wash of color use more.

Apply to cheeks building up layers to desired intensity

Always test the color before applying

Lady Bug Lipstick

Create your own liquid illuminators by mixing primer with shimmery eye colors, highlight powders and illuminating powders. Modify your desired intensity - for a sheer wash use more primer, for more concentrated color payoff use less.


Achieve your natural customized shadow by mixing your contour powder into your foundation. This combo will stay put and eliminates the need for a setting powder.

Cajun Spice Eye Color

Apply Cajun Spice over DBC

Apply Honeysuckle Eye Color on brow bone


05 // 1 Lipstick = 6 Different Shades

Lady Bug Lipstick

Orange Light Cream Highlight

Blue Corrector 1

Deep Brown Corrector


Shading 5 Cream Shadow



Shading 4 Cream Shadow


Blue Corrector 1 mixed with Lady Bug Lipstick



Don’t have the right shades in your eye color collection? Try using Cream Highlight & Shadows with Contour & Highlight Powders. Use the creams as a base and layer the powders over them for an intense, extra long-lasting look.


Light Cream Highlight

5 Multiply your lip colors by mixing your favorite lipstick with a variety of cream colors or other lipsticks. Store your custom shades in a in a 35-Well Palette or 4-Well Wheel. With one lipstick comes unlimited possibilities.


06 // Shading & Highlighting the Eyes Shading 5 Cream Shadow

Orange Light Cream Highlight Apply Shading #5 to the lid

Add a layer of Chisel Contour Powder over Shading #5

Apply Orange Light to the inner lower corner of the eye

Lemon Cream Highlight Powder

Apply Lemon Cream over the Orange Light


07 // Lip Pencil + Primer = Cheek Color Apply to cheeks

Add primer

Smash with Palette Knife to soften up product

Mauve Lip Pencil



Give your cheeks a soft natural glow by mixing your favorite lip pencil with primer and create your very own custom cheek color.

08 // Cake Eyeliner + Brow Fix = Gel Eyeliner Brow Fix


Looking for a gel-like eyeliner? Mixing Cake Eyeliner with Brow Fix instead of water gives you the same effect as a gel liner. The mixture glides on smoothly and evenly and lasts all day. Brown Cake Eyeliner

Apply to lash line


09 // CFX + Lip Gloss = Lipstick Shine Lip Gloss

Don’t have that perfect lip shade? Try mixing CFX cream colors into your lip gloss for that bold pouty lip with loads of shine. CFX Wheel #2


Need to lighten the brows without bleach? Use cream colors to get the same effect without the use of harsh chemicals. Start with the darkest shade then layer with lighter shades.



10 // Lightening the Brows Light Cream Highlight

Blue Corrector 4 (BC 4)

Blue Corrector 1 (BC 1)

Light Cream Highlight

Brush BC 4 into the brows

Add a layer BC 1 over BC 4

Apply Light over BC 1


MUD Studios offer a variety of make-up services for any occasion - from your wedding day to an evening out - you'll leave the Studio looking your best.


Eyes: Black Cake Eyeliner, Luster Highlight Powder, Pomegranate Eye Color Eyebrows: Semisweet Eye Color Eyelashes: 201 Cheeks: Glow Cheek Color, Luster Highlight Powder, Shape Contour Powder Lips: Magnolia Lip Glaze

Eyes: Taupe Eye Color, Pink Grapefruit Eye Color, Luster Highlight Powder Eyebrows: Ash Eyebrow Cream Eyelashes: 201 Cheeks: Soft Peach Cheek Color, Luster Highlight Powder, Sunshine Bronzer Lips: Charm Lipstick


Bridal Make-up Stunning bridal make-up is just as important as the wedding dress itself. After all, your make-up is not only seen in the ceremony, it's remembered forever in your photographs. MUD's Professional make-up artists are here to make you look and feel your absolute best on your special day.

Male Grooming MUD's make-up services don't just stop at the bride, male grooming is also offered. Services such as hair styling, eyebrow shaping and facial contouring are available for the groom.

Eyes: Black Cake Eyeliner, Luster Highlight Powder, Pomegranate Eye Color Eyebrows: Semisweet Eye Color Eyelashes: 201 Cheeks: Glow Cheek Color, Luster Highlight Powder, Shape Contour Powder Lips: Mauve Lip Pencil, Burlesque Lipstick

make-up: creative director: photography: stylist: hair: models:

Tanja Vojnovič Maja Kešelj Peter Giodani Matjaž Plošinjak Jani Anželj Morgana in Žiga Trkulja

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Lip pencils

Aura, Ember & Peony


Fill the lips entirely with this creamy formula and wear as a matte lip color or pair with your favorite MUD lip product.