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Ravinia’s Reach*Teach*Play Education Program Photo by Ravinia / Patrick Gipson

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Letter from our Founder

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Profile: Chicago Botanic Garden

Publisher & Co-CEO Susan B. Noyes Co-CEO Mindy Fauntleroy



Editor in Chief Julie Chernoff Associate Publisher Michelle Morris Art Director Lesley Smith Designer Melissa Johnston

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Make It Better Philanthropy Awards


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Profile: Actor’s Training Center


Give Time, Things, Support


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Make It Better 588 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, IL 60093 | 847-256-4642 GOT FEEDBACK? E-mail TO ADVERTISE: Contact

Profile: Wilmette Theatre


21st Century Nonprofit Fundraising

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Nonprofit Organization Profiles

Carrying forward the best of magazine MISSION STATEMENT The mission of Make It Better is to be the most-trusted, easiest-to-use community resource and magazine that helps you make your life, and the lives of others, better.

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6 \\ guide to giving

2013 Philanthropy Award winners, The Posse Foundation



that most people’s thoughts turn to gifts for those they love— and charitable gifts for those who need extra love and support. ‘Tis the time of year we love at Make It Better, too, because we make your giving easier. Walgreens, our generous Guide To Giving sponsor, is adept at creating win/win opportunities to help you and others, like its vaccination partnership with the United Nations Foundation and its great shopping experiences in the new zero-carbon-footprint stores. Similarly, Make It Better thrives by giving you content, connections and opportunities, which make it easy for you to help others while also helping you and your family. We publish this annual Guide To Giving to showcase this. We’ve worked closely with every nonprofit included and highly recommend them to

you. We carefully vet every Give Time, Give Things, Give Support recommendation and assure you that your gifts will be well used. We’ve proudly built a network with our “Warming Hearts & Hands” program that makes it easy for you to give the gift of new winter outerwear to people in need and feel more connected to a caring community in the process. Just as importantly, this Guide also shares our fundraising expertise and explains how you can help your favorite nonprofit grow. Please learn more by contacting me any time. Welcome. Enjoy. Happy giving.

Susan B. Noyes


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Contact James Boudreau at or visit



recognized as a center for scientific research, educational opportunities, and innovative jobs training and horticultural therapy programs. Our 385-acre campus, featuring 26 distinct gardens and four natural areas, captivates one million visitors annually, enabling people to integrate the positive mental and physical benefits of gardens into their lives. At the same time, we are committed to responding to plant-based issues that affect people close to home and around the world. This living museum, supported by dedicated staff, volunteers and donors,

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CHICAGO BOTANIC GARDEN We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life. continually strives to meet and exceed new goals. The Joseph Regenstein, Jr. School of the Chicago Botanic Garden educates students from young children through adults. The Garden’s Science Career Continuum provides formal opportunities for study, internships, and mentoring for students from middle school through graduate school. The Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center

provides a home for scientists and doctoral students to perform a wide range of plantrelated research. Nearby, the Kris Jarantoski Campus will feature greater growing space and technological sophistication in new nursery and greenhouse facilities, plus a brand new garden and landscape plan. On the north end, designs are complete for the Learning Campus, which includes an Education Center and new garden.

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8 \\ guide to giving

Items being distributed to those in need

Make It Better staff collecting donations



Please join us to give the gift of new blankets or winter outerwear— coats, hats, mittens, scarfs— to homeless and underserved families. We make it easy for you by operating a 100% efficient donation and distribution program known as “Warming Hearts and Hands.”* Donate at and we spend 100% of it on deeply discounted items. We gladly receive unused or handmade: • Coats • Hats • Gloves • Scarves • Blankets

In the past we’ve distributed them at no cost to: • Family Empowerment Centers • Lydia Home • Lake County Haven • Chance Ministries • San Jose Obrero Mission

For more information, please contact us at: Sharon Krone Make It Better Foundation 847-256-4642

DONATE HANDMADE OR UNUSED ITEMS AT ANY OF THESE COLLECTION POINTS: Make It Better 588 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, IL 60093 (847) 256-4642 Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Volunteer Center 520 Glendale Ave. Winnetka, IL 60093 (847) 441-7665 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Step Up Productions November 21 – December 21, 2014 Chicago Dramatists 1105 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642 During run of show, HOLIDAZE

*Warming Hearts & Hands started as a volunteer effort in 2006 in partnership with The Volunteer Center. It's grown to become a 501c3 program through the Make It Better Foundation. Learn more at /make-a-difference.

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10 \\ guide to giving

Each year, in honor of National Philanthropy Day, we announce the winners with a live-blogged roadshow. Please watch this year on November 14 through your social network.

Winners earn compelling fundraising content—videos, articles, connections—which brings to life their missions and proves that donated dollars are well spent. They also receive expert advice on how to use this content to improve their fundraising and grow their own network. We celebrate them at our annual spring gala—an Oscars-like, red carpet star moment.



This year, we also will celebrate the 2014 winners at our November 18th party in honor of the launch of our new site, the fifth anniversary of our magazine and new Chicago footprint. Better yet, this year’s winners will also earn proceeds from the Shop For Good section of our new site for an entire year. Categories this year include: Athletics Education



Every child deserves a good education, a safe, loving home and adequate health care. Every adult honestly trying to overcome difficulties and succeed in life does too. Many Americans believe this and want to help. They pay their blessings forward by starting or supporting nonprofits which help to accomplish these bold goals.

Human Services

We love to identify, elevate and amplify nonprofits demonstrating best practices—as well as create connections and opportunities for collaboration. The more funders and effective nonprofits learn from and help each other, the faster every child and well-intentioned adult gets the help they deserve.

Audience Choice

We started the Make It Better Foundation and our Philanthropy Awards to grow a network of venture philanthropists and social entrepreneurs as judges and sponsors of the awards (similar to the Academy of Judges for the Oscars) and to provide rocket-fuel support for the nonprofits they select.

To learn more about our Philanthropy Awards, please contact: Mindy Fauntleroy Make It Better Foundation 847-256-4642

Most Improved Fundraising Award Social Justice

Please watch for the winners on November 14 through your social media, come to our party November 18, and look for ways our work can help you make the world a better place.

Check out last years winners at

(Left to Right) Mother’s Trust, The Posse Foundation, Northwestern University Settlement House, Y.O.U., Garfield Park Conservatory, Midwest Palliative Hospice & CareCenter, Literature For All Of Us, Beyond Sports Foundation, and Bernie’s Book Bank.

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a reputation as one of the premiere acting schools. When seeking young talent, directors from Chicago’s Shakespeare Theatre, Goodman Theatre, and Steppenwolf know where to look for exceptional talent. Many ATC alumni have gone on to pursue successful acting careers. ATC accepts donations throughout the year, which fund scholarships. One ATC scholarship student enthuses, “Scholarships have been immensely beneficial to me on a personal and professional level. I can’t thank ATC enough for continuing to support me in my future through these scholarships. I am proud to call the Actors Training Center my second home.”

For more information, contact 847.251.8710 112 Central Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091

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EMPOWER WOMEN AND ELIMINATE RACISM YWCA Evanston North Shore 847-864-8445 | YWCA Evanston/North Shore works to end violence against women and children, combat racism and empower youth through sport. The organization offers a variety of volunteer opportunities including direct service with clients through the crisis hotline, the court advocate program and the violence-prevention education program. All of the volunteers who work directly with clients have to complete 40 hours of domestic violence training and 10 hours of observation. The YWCA also has an “Adopt a Room” program where organizations, clubs and individuals can adopt and maintain shelter rooms for women and children at Mary Lou’s Place. The organization is looking for volunteers who have special skills in special event coordination, childcare, legal services and administrative support. Please contact Trimmy Stamell at 847-864-8445 for more information or visit


wilmette theatre AS ONE OF THE ONLY independent community theatres in

the northern suburbs, the Wilmette Theatre is successful because of the support from its donors. As an entertainment anchor for the community, the theatre has earned a place as a respected non-profit since its formation in 2011. The “little theatre that could” has accomplished remarkable things since opening its doors 100 years ago and needs your support so that it can continue to engage residents of all ages in the arts through classes, movies, concerts, live performances and art experiences. We hope you can share with us in making history happen. For more information, contact 847.251.7424 112 Central Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091

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14 \\ guide to giving


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ADOPT A FAMILY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Catholic Charities 847-782-4210 | The Catholic Charities Christmas Gift Program, which last year provided gifts for nearly 15,000 of Lake County’s neediest citizens, is in dire need of donors again this year. This adopt-a-family program primarily matches children and limited-income seniors with donor families who want to make a difference in the lives of society’s marginalized population. Thieves recently broke into the program’s storage facility and stole all of last year’s unclaimed gifts earmarked as this year’s starter inventory. Anyone wishing to purchase gifts for a family this December can call Jim Wogan or Barbara Campbell at 847-782-4210 or e-mail Generic gifts and/or gift cards to replace the stolen items can be dropped off at or mailed to the Catholic Charities Bernardin Center at 671 S. Lewis Ave., Waukegan, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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guide to giving \\ 15

HONOR A LEGACY Barbara J. Timmer Family Foundation (312) 371-6566 | barbarajtimmerfamilyfoundation. The Barbara J. Timmer Family Foundation has been established in honor of mom, wife, sister, grandma and friend, Barb Timmer, who was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) on October 5, 2011 and lost her battle with AML on November 7th, 2011. The purpose of the foundation is to raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia Research Foundation while remembering Barbara’s love and legacy. You can help raise awareness by supporting their annual walk in September or by donating items for their raffle. Monetary donations can be made on the organization’s website and raffle donations can be sent to The Barbara J. Timmer Foundation at 219 Austin Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068. For more information please visit GIVE MORE FAMILIES ACCESS TO ART THERAPY Music Institute of Chicago 847-448-8307| The Music Institute of Chicago (MIC) is one of the largest and most respected community music schools in the country. The school’s mission is to provide lifelong engagement with music through education for people of all skills and age levels. The school carries out its mission by providing music education for individuals whose opportunities are limited,

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and by supporting the growth of music therapy for individuals with special needs through the Institute for Therapy Through the Arts (ITA). ITA uses integrated arts to help children, adults and families improve functioning related to psychological, developmental, cognitive and physical factors. The school uses monetary donations to help broaden access to musical instruction and clinical services in creative arts therapy. To make a donation or to learn more information, please visit the school’s website ( or contact Sally Braybrooks at 847-448-8307.


PREVENT THE SPREAD OF EBOLA Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach (708) 496-3900 | Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach is a medical surplus recovery organization based in Chicago that has stepped up to address the worsening Ebola crisis in West Africa. In the last several years, Mission Outreach has worked with the Archdiocese of Chicago ( and Rotary International ( to establish relationships with medical facilities in Nigeria. Through these connections, the organizations have been able to transport life-saving supplies to facilities struggling under Nigeria’s impoverished healthcare system. Mission Outreach is asking individuals and companies across Chicago for financial donations that will help transport supplies and protective gear to medical workers in Nigeria. Individuals and companies can make financial donations at

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Family Service: Prevention, Education & Counseling NFP Responding to community needs since 1930, we offer professional counseling for all ages, senior & caregiver services, Latino & youth programs, and income-support case management. 777 Central Ave. Highland Park | 847-432-4981

Lambs Farm Helping people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives—and connecting with the human spirit in us all. 14245 W. Rockland Road Libertyville | 847-362-4636

The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Auxiliary Board The UCCRFAB raises unrestricted grants to support cancer research programs at the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation. 5841 S. Maryland Ave. MC 1140, Room H212 Chicago | 773-834-1899

Trees That Feed Foundation TTFF plants trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment. By providing over 50,000 trees from TTFF supporters to communities throughout the Caribbean, we have already helped reduce hunger. Join us. 1750 Harding Road Northfield | 630-308-8228

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Hunger Resource Network An all volunteer charity dedicated to alleviating hunger by helping meet the needs of food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters throughout Chicago and Illinois. 3025 Walters Ave. Northbrook | 847-272-1700

Have Dreams Serves individuals with autism ages 16 months through 27 years through a wide range of after-school/ weekend programs and adult transition, Vocational and Life Skills programming. 2020 Dempster, Evanston 847-905-0702

A Safe Place We provides services to survivors of domestic violence and their children that supports them in their efforts to transform their lives after domestic violence. 2710 17th St. Zion | 847-731-7165 ex.105

EcoMyths Alliance EcoMyths Alliance uses humor to make the public conversation on eco-friendly living empowering and rewarding. We show kids and families how to Green Their World. 825 S. Waukegan Road, Suite A8, #173 Lake Forest | 847-858-5525

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Les Turner ALS Foundation The Les Turner ALS Foundation is Chicago’s leader in research, patient care and ALS education, serving approximately 90% of people with ALS in the area. 5550 W. Touhy Ave., Suite 302 Skokie | 847-679-3311

Literature for All of Us Brings the rewards of reading and writing to teens living in underserved Chicagoland neighborhoods through innovative literary arts programming. We open worlds by opening books. 2010 Dewey Ave. Evanston | 847-3869-7323

Leukemia Research Foundation Wilmette-based Leukemia Research Foundation funds blood cancer research worldwide and serves families affected by leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma or myelodysplastic syndromes who live in Illinois within 100 miles of Chicago. 3520 Lake Ave., Suite 202 Wilmette | 847-424-0600

Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach Advances healthcare in 75 developing countries through medical equipment and supply recovery and redistribution programs—effectively bridging a world of abundance with a world of need. P.O. Box 3531 Springfield | 217-525-8843

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Lawrence Hall Youth Services Since 1865, Lawrence Hall Youth Services has been treating and caring for some of the most vulnerable children, youth and families. 4833 N. Francisco Ave. Chicago | 773-769-3500

Equestrian Connection Improving lives by providing therapy programs to all those who need it regardless of their ability to pay. Adopt a rider or horse to help. 600 N. Bradley Rd. Lake Forest | 847-615-8696

Options for College Success Our organization provides support to college-aged (18-30) students with learning disabilities so that they are equipped with the tools to live independently and work successfully. 820 Davis St., Suite 455 Evanston | 847-425-4797

Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance GPC Alliance inspires, educates and provokes exploration in the historic Garfield Park Conservatory for all Chicago and in particular for families on the city’s West Side. 300 N. Central Park Ave. Chicago | 773-638-1766

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KIPP Chicago Schools KIPP Chicago provides a college preparatory education to students in Chicago’s most underserved communities. Over 85% of KIPP alumni have gone on to college!

Rebuilding Together North Suburban Chicago Provides free home repairs to low-income homeowners, with the goal of enabling those served to remain in their homes in warmth, safety, independence and dignity.

1945 S. Halsted St., Suite 101 Chicago | 312-733-8108

P.O. Box 626 Glenview | 847-869-0900

Designs for Dignity Designs for Dignity is a nonprofit collaboration of design industry professionals who donate their time to transform spaces for nonprofits serving marginalized populations throughout Chicagoland.

Greater Organization for the Less Fortunate G.O.L.F. has sent kids to college for 37 years! Through education, we help students end cycles of abuse and poverty in families and communities.

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Suite 9-102 Chicago | 1-800-351-6376

P. O. Box 139 Golf |

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We built Make It Better Media to amplify philanthropy and fundraising— harnessing the digital world’s power to connect and help—because our audience is inherently inclined to do good and do well. We want to help your favorite nonprofit, too. The following strategies and Make It Better’s tools and powerful publishing ecosystem can help you raise more money for your cause. 1. Use emotion and data. Create a short, heartfelt story, article or video which demonstrates its impact. 2. Let your passion show. Explain why you care about the nonprofit. Share your personal journey, which led you to work on its behalf. This will influence others. 3. Tell an engaging story that brings the mission of your nonprofit to life. Use a short video and article to demonstrate how one person, family or community was helped. Make the audience laugh, cry, think and want to take action. 4. Use venture philanthropy language to prove that donations will be well spent. Donors want to fund a mission that works. Use data to prove that—given its mission—your nonprofit makes the most lives better per dollar spent. 5. Harness the power of the Internet to make it easy for anyone in the world to find, learn about and support your nonprofit. Build a website and social network that is search-engine optimized. Include a prominent “Donate Here” button. 6. Use an “online first” content creation strategy. Post content on your site first, than push through other

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appropriate channels—including press releases and social networking. 7. Use crowdsourcing to raise money for your cause. 8. Develop an easy-to-attend fundraiser that is also FUNraising. Create an event that potential supporters will enjoy. Make it easy to attend. Give supporters a wonderful experience and they will give generously to your cause. 9. Attract and keep volunteers by making their work fun and meaningful. People are too busy to lend their time and reputation to a cause that doesn’t educate, entertain and connect them to others in a meaningful way. 10. Be innovative and collaborative. Create win/win, virtuous circles for potential business and celebrity sponsors. The fundraising future belongs to those who create innovative virtuous circles—connecting audience and sponsors to an outstanding nonprofit working on a cause about which they all care. 11. Be innovative and collaborative. Create win/win, virtuous circles for potential business and celebrity sponsors. Reach out to your friends and family to ask them to help via your personal social network. That you care will make them care too. 12. Say thank you—and mean it. Thank supporters the way Chicago votes: early and often. Thank them online, in print and in person, but remember the best thank you of all is still a hand-written note.

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Make It Better Guide to Giving 2014  

Sponsored by Walgreens

Make It Better Guide to Giving 2014  

Sponsored by Walgreens