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Wasilla Family Loses Home, Dogs In Fire

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ON THE INSIDE By Josh Fryfogle Folks have expressed great interest, and some concern, about the changes to our print format.

What does the future hold for Make A Scene? We are excited to have this new section, The People's Paper, in addition to our 7-year-strong Make A Scene Magazine - two ways for our community to communicate.

By K.T. McKee Wasilla residents Mandy Cross and her fiancé, Freddie O’Connell haven’t always had an easy life since first getting together 14 years ago.

They’ve been homeless in Los Angeles in their younger years. O’Connell then suffered a traumatic brain injury and PTSD after being beaten with a baseball bat by four thugs in L.A. And in 2008, a moose crashed through Cross’ windshield, leaving her with a broken neck, a shattered knee, and a broken ankle. But all that pales to the recent loss of their home and six of their beloved dogs in a fire that caught them completely unaware as they headed home with children Eli, 14, and Alex, 8, and Cross’ mother from a fun night in Anchorage at the Luis Palau Love Alaska evangelical event June 7. “As we hit Northern Lights to head home, we received a phone call from a couple neighbors who told

us about all the fire trucks and sirens on our street and something about the dogs,” Cross, a Mat-Su Health Services Case Manager about to give birth to her third child, wrote through a private Facebook message June 11. “When we left home earlier in the day, we had fed all of our dogs, kenneling eight and leaving two loose upstairs and two downstairs. This is really hard to write about as we considered each and every one of them a part of our family and now our family has lost six of its members to run free in the fields across the Rainbow Bridge.” Now, as they pick up the pieces and do what they can to preserve as much normalcy as possible by making sure the boys get to their summertime activities, Cross and her family have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from friends and strangers alike. Cross’ mother, Sue Ann Kelly, was the actual owner of the greyhounds and whippets that’d been trapped in crates when the electrical fire broke out in the kitchen on E.

Fireweed off Bogard. And even she has found some silver linings. “As tough as this has been, it could have been far, far worse,” Kelly said. “There were a couple of miracle escapes that absolutely should not have been possible. A neighbor on the scene immediately after the fire crews arrived got the remaining dogs out and took them home with her once they had been checked out by an absolute angel from Animal Control. She also drove me around until 4 am, searching for the one Whippet unaccounted for. Angel Nick (from Animal Control) called first thing in the morning. He had our last dog!” And although they thought Cross was going to go into early labor Saturday night because of all the stress and heartbreak, baby Naomi is holding tough as her parents and grandmother collect donations of dog kennels and children’s clothes coming from all over the Valley through Facebook exposure and recent media attention.

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“There were a couple of miracle escapes that absolutely should not have been possible.”

The People's Paper gives local community members a chance to share what they care about, in print. It also gives your public servants an opportunity to report to you, their constituent. Politics, charity, social issues, religion, practical matters that matter to most. This is beneficial in two ways. On one hand, this new section creates a space for these types of topics, and on the other hand, Make A Scene Magazine is given room to focus on arts and events. When we first started printing non-arts, nonevents content in Make A Scene Magazine, there was some concern from our readers. There was concern that this might take away from what Make A Scene Magazine was all about. It's been several years, and that content has been growing, now to a point that it needs it's own vehicle. Make A Scene Magazine can return to it's roots. Sure, The People's Paper is a little more serious in content. A little more down to earth than Make A Scene Magazine. But it's the imagination and creativity, reflected in the pages of Make A Scene Magazine, that drive it. The motive force is still the same - to give average people the ability to express themselves, seriously, artistically. It's a serious world out there, filled with serious issues. You look outside your circle, your sphere, into the community, and everyone has struggles. We can't ignore the outside world. The People's Paper is a better way to acknowledge these types of things. But remember, no matter how serious things seem on the outside, we're still Make A Scene On The Inside.

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Warriors’ Notebook:

Bear Camp

By James Hastings, Alaska Healing Hearts Recently Customs and Border Patrol Officer Asst. Area Port Director (AAPD), Jeffrey Lisius discovered

Alaska Healing Hearts (AHH) simply by fate. He saw the Organizational logo on a Staff members truck and pulled over to learn what they are about.

The AHH is a national organization that offers year-round outdoor recreational opportunities for America’s brave service members and their families. Rehabilitation activities include fishing, hunting skiing, rodeo, dog sled tours and various other outdoor pursuits. Being an avid outdoorsman and hunter as well as a navy veteran Jeff jumped at the chance to help in any way possible. After doing some research Jeff met with James Hastings, Director of Operations for AHH and 22 Year retired Army Veteran. Mr. Hastings stated that AHH was always looking for help and that they would love to have an additional hunter to assist. On Tuesday June 2nd Jeff reported to the AHH 2014 Bear Camp head quartered at the Alaska Harvest Bed and Breakfast in Palmer Alaska. The next four days would be “life changing” according to Jeff. On June 3rd, 4th and 5th Jeff acted as hunting guide for warriors that had been hand selected to participate in the 2014 Bear Camp. The warriors all had been severely injured in battle either in Iraq or Afghanistan. One warrior while on foot patrol in Afghanistan was in the warriors words “blown up” by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).. He suffered a broken back multiple lacerations and a traumatic brain injury that left him deaf in his right ear. Another warrior was riding in a Humvee when a hand grenade landed next to him. The detonation destroyed the bones in his right arm, blew of most of his chin and left pieces of shrapnel in his legs. Yet another warrior was shot in the head while serving in Iraq. For three straight days Jeff guided a warrior leaving camp early in the day but returning each time with a warrior and a freshly harvested bear. On the third day the warrior guided by Jeff harvested the largest bear of the year and he did it with a bow.

The bear was huge, measuring over six feet five inches and weighing over 350 pounds. Official measurements have not been taken but the bear very possibly could make the Pope and Young record book. Jeff passed along the following observation. “Every warrior in camp this year was a survivor of injuries I cannot even imagine. They all spoke of war, the loss of friends and the damage that had been done to their bodies and lives. They are all still dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and have a very long road to recovery. That all changed once they harvested a bear. Then the talked turned to the hunt and the experience of being in the Alaska bush. We shared stories of past hunts and how the times shared in hunting camps are among our most favorite memories.” Jeff continued, “The reality is that this was just a brief change and they will each continue to struggle with the demons that they carry. Every day 22 American service members are lost to suicide, and substance abuse.” When asked about his experience with AHH Jeff stated “At the end of bear camp these brave warriors all thanked me and I got several invites to visit them in their home states for a hunt. They each acted as if I had done something spectacular. I told them and I will tell you they did more for me than I will ever be able to repay. This past week changed my life and in no small way made me a better man. It was an honor to walk with these heroes.” One warrior was overheard talking to a Director. The warrior stated “This was the best and most effective therapy I have received since returning home”. At the end of Bear Camp AHH James Hastings honored Jeff by informing him that AHH was making him an AHH Pro Staff hunter. Jeff Lisius asks that everyone remember AHH when you are looking to support a very worthy cause, and further encourages everyone to get out and volunteer their time to a cause they believe in. Alaska’s Healing Hearts may be reached via Facebook, Email at , or visit their website at www. where you can also make donations online via PayPal.

The Alaska Veterans Museum


Update On The

37mm Japanese Anti-Tank Gun By Suellyn Novak, President, Alaska Veterans Museum

as mention in our newsletters and on the annual meeting Thank You sign!

We hope to have this gun, on indefinite loan from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, on display by the end of March, 2014. Volun-teer of the Year John Peck is building a base and is working with Brian from Capitol Glass to design a glass case to keep visi-tors from coming into contact with the rusty, bent metal. Capitol Glass has graciously agreed to give us vastly reduced rates to bring this gun to the public

Well done and thank you very much!! This gun will become our front window showpiece, re-placing the current Military Dog Mushing exhibit.

The Alaska Gun Collectors Association awarded us $1,000 to-ward the materials. God bless both of these organizations for seeing the value added to have this gun from Attu on display and for interpretation to the public. A plaque on the base will reward these generous donors, as well

The 37mm gun on the ground on Attu. (USAF Photograph provided courtesy of John Cloe)

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Meet Jade

Adopt A Dog Through Alaska Animal Advocates

By Angie Lewis, President, Alaska Animal Advocates Jade is slow to warm up to people, but when she does, she will snuggle with you like no other! This young Chihuahua, just three years old, loves car rides and will be an awesome co-pilot. All one needs to do to win her love, is to be patient and understanding and Jade will be your partner for life. To learn more about this sweet gal, or to meet her, call Donna from Alaska Animal Advocates at 315-5050

Socializing Your Puppy By Angie Lewis, President, Alaska Animal Advocates A critical period of socialization for a puppy happens anywhere from eight to 16 weeks of age.

During this time, a puppy learns to become part of society – both dog and human. This means, that by the time a puppy is about four months old, he has learned how to interact with different animals, people, and places. This will make him more accepting of different experiences in his life. Once this time period has lapsed, it becomes more challenging to help your dog be trusting. Socializing your puppy is very important to help him become a well-mannered part of your family and to be a safer, more enjoyable pet. When a puppy is well socialized, he is comfortable in a variety of settings and therefore demonstrates little or no fear aggression. These dogs are less stressed and live happier lives than those who have not been socialized. The best way to socialize your puppy is to expose him to a variety of people, animals, places, sounds, sights, and situations. Of course, you need to make certain that your puppy has received his entire series of puppy vaccines first. Talk to your veterinarian about this. Before your puppy’s vaccines are complete, invite people to your home to meet him, rather than taking him out to different places. A good start for at home would be handling exercises. Treat your puppy

gently, but expose him to having his body touched, such as with grooming and cutting nails. Once your veterinarian has given the okay to take your puppy out, think about the type of environments and handling that your puppy might experience in his lifetime and then expose him to these. Watch your puppy for signs of stress or discomfort and do not allow him to become overwhelmed. Follow these socialization sessions with praise, treats, and love. If your puppy seems to be frightened of the new environment, modify it for him. So, if you have your pup in a park, crowded with rambunctious children, have him stand further away at first. Or find a quieter park to introduce your puppy to being outdoors. Puppy classes are a great way to help socialize your puppy. These classes are often called Puppy Kindergarten and help with many other issues revolving around having a puppy – such as house training or stopping destructive behavior. Socializing your puppy is a very important part of helping him to become a well adjusted, happy dog.

6/30/2014 7/31/2014

This will give him the greatest opportunity to grow into a dog that is comfortable in a variety of environments and with many different types of people and animals. Now go have fun with your pup!

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The People’s Paper

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A Tribute To

In 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower appointed Mary Louise Milligan director of the Women's Army Corps and in 1961, President John Kennedy reappointed her. In 1961, she married Elmer E. Rasmuson, the president of National Bank of Alaska.

Mary Louise Rasmuson By Suellyn Novak

June 26th, 2014 1:30 PM Cyrano’s Playhouse 2:00 PM Alaska Veterans Museum Refreshments will be served Donations at the door will be gratefully accepted On June 26, two exhibitions open in downtown Anchorage to honor the late philanthropist Mary Louise Rasmuson.

“Eye on the Colonel: The Military  Service of Mary Louise Rasmuson” opens at the Alaska Veterans Museum. Mary Louise was an armed services pioneer who served as commandant of the Women’s Army  Corps for six years. Also opening is “The Living Legacy of Mary Louise Rasmuson” at Cyrano’s Off-Center Playhouse. This exhibition showcases her extensive contributions to the arts, including the pivotal role she played in the creation of the Anchorage Museum in 1968.

MARY LOUISE RASMUSON RECEIVING THE RANK OF COLONEL IN 1957 - Mary Louise was an armed services pioneer who served as commandant of the Women’s Army Corps for six years. PHOTO provided by ALASKA VETERANS MUSEUM

Opportunities Ahead - HB 278 Opens Doors By Representative Shelley Hughes What’s the best thing that has happened in the last nine months?

Hint: it’s coming to a close and it has to do with young people. You guessed it – the education of our students in the Mat-Su school district. Our hope is that students will be prepared to take the next step as they face the challenges of adult life. We share that responsibility across our communities. Parents play the biggest role, with teachers, coaches, and mentors also providing a major influence. Many students are additionally blessed with the good impressions of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. Churches and other organizations that work with youth, employers that give students their first chance at a job, and other community members who intersect students’ lives at key points – such as a police officer, business person, or an elderly neighbor – help shape and prepare our students. As a legislator, my goal was to contribute to the process and ensure educational opportunities are available to pave the way for future adult success. I am proud to announce that on May 13, 2014, Governor Parnell signed House Bill 278 into law – cementing a major step forward in offering the best possible education for Alaska’s youth. Alaska’s Education Opportunity Act provides much-needed incentives that increase school choice, while simultaneously increasing funding for public classrooms across the state. The bill also equips students with the resources they need to truly prepare for college, to pursue a trade, or enter the workforce straight out of high school. HB 278 is a testament to the State of Alaska embracing the future of education and the importance of providing our students with the greatest possible opportunities for success,

whether it is through traditional public schools, charter schools, independent residential schools, or trade-oriented learning environments. By granting incentives for building charter schools and increasing funding for residential and correspondence schooling – two variations of schooling that have proven very successful in Alaska –it ensures that parents and students have access to a variety of school settings. Parents across the state called for more school choice, and the legislature answered. To the elation of students across Alaska, the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam (HSGQE) has been removed and replaced by a requirement to take the SAT, ACT, or WorkKeys exam. This is a valuable transition because it implements testing that will help students advance in life after high school. Our students truly are the future, and in order to provide them with the skills

necessary to compete in the modern job market, we’ve expanded Science and Math curriculum by extending a pilot program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (referred to as STEM) into Middle Schools to promote these subjects to students at a younger age. With an increasing number of post-secondary options in Mat-Su, such as the Mat-Su College, Alaska Bible College, Charter College, and Wayland Baptist University, there’s no better time than now for our high school graduates to be prepared. Of course not all students go on to attend college, and it is our duty to provide learning and hands-on job training through vocational programs. With Northern Industrial Training in our backyard, we need to ensure our students are ready for this and other trade programs. I believe that HB 278 addresses this need. So many large-scale

infrastructure projects are coming down the pipe in our state; we need to take the necessary steps to ensure that Alaskans will be the first to fill those jobs. So as the school year comes to a close, let’s realize that the most important activity that took place in Mat-Su was the education of our young people.

I would like to cheer on all our students and say congratulations to the recent graduates. We hope the best to them for their future – it’s our future too, as they will be the backbone and leaders of our Alaskan communities in the coming years.

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What To Know Before You Go To College By Mari Jo Parks, Career Guidance Counselor Are you a recent high school graduate about to go off to college?  Are you a parent about to send your daughter or son off to college? 

There is so much to know:  What should you pack?  What classes to take? How much money will you need the first week? How to access your financial aid? It is a most exciting and frightening time all at once.   Hint What to Pack: Now is a good time to start gathering all the items you will need for your college dorm like coffee mug, can opener, flip flops, scissors, flashlight, surge protector, and so much more.   Mari Jo Parks, Career and College Coach, is starting a new series “What to Know Before  You Go to College”  It will include information about Classes to Take, Selecting a Professor, Ways to Save Money, How to Deal with Your Roommate, Things You Will Need to Take for Your Dorm room and much more. E-mail Mari Jo at to get on her mailing list.  She can answer questions personally as well.   One of the first things you want to do is Select Your Classes.

There are many factors that can help. First, understanding that everyone has to take core classes or General Education Requirements in English, oral communications, writ ten communications, humanities, math, natural science and social science. Knowing the requirements helps you plan your schedule. If you know what you are majoring in then a list of your required courses will be available from the department.  If you do not have a copy of these requirements that should be one of your top priorities. Usually you can get the list from the university/college’s website. 

be a better. Another suggestion is to try something new and different, perhaps Introduction to Theatre or a foreign language. Your freshman year is a time to try new things. Another important point to keep in mind is to not overload yourself with hard courses all at once.  Try to spread out the tougher courses over a few years. 

If you are not good at math but need to take a course, then select your other classes in areas you are more comfortable so you can spend extra time on the math.   Remember your grade point average matters more than ever if you are on scholarships.  But do not hesitate to call the department                 at your college to request the copy.  Lastly, research your professors so REMEMBER ALWAYS YOU ARE PAYING you know which ones match your FOR THIS EDUCATION AND THEY ARE learning style.  You can talk with THERE TO HELP YOU!!! people who have attended the college.                  If you do not know what you are majoring Or you can go to  in, which is perfectly ok, then you can go It will let you see what feedback students to the General Education Requirement have provided on various professors.  list at your university/college.  When you select your courses keep in mind what Be sure to  see what reasons the students you think you might want to major in.  provided for the rating they gave, certain caliber of student would rate a professor If you are thinking about being a teacher highly for providing “easy A’s” or would then taking Academic Writing About rate a professor poorly for expecting Literature would be a good choice.  If you students to work and challenge are thinking about a degree in Political themselves. Science then Persuasive Writing might  

Who’s Running The House?

There is so much to know: What should you pack?  What classes to take? How much money will you need the first week? How to access your financial aid? It is a most exciting and frightening time all at once.

Power of the Word “NO!” By Susan Magestro The greatest gift a parent can give their child is the word “No!”

This is a word that remains the same in many languages. It transcends through time and is a valuable tool for a youth from infancy all the way to adulthood. Some of the ways “No” is a gift is more apparent, like “No, don’t touch the hot stove,” or “No, don’t run in the street after the ball.” But he word “No” is imperative for ways that parents don’t often realize. Saying “No” is hard. It is a little word that is often met with big tantrums. by youth of all ages. And sometimes, it is easier just “not to say No”, than to endure a tantrum that can go on for hours or even days with teenagers. Yet, by saying “No”, the child realizes they will not get everything they want in life. And that in turn, teaches them the world does not revolve only around them. We have all seen the screaming child in the store that wants a toy and will throw a tantrum until he gets it. For the tired, exhausted parent, who feels guilty for everything from being a working parent to being divorced parents, it is just easier to give in “just this time”. They promise themselves to say no the next time she takes the child to the store. But next time never comes. Once this cycle continues for a while, the family home starts to have a different look. Now when child does not get what he wants, he becomes enraged. This presents as the young child throwing things, hitting a younger sibling, or the parent, refusing to engage and ignores the parent completely. Now let’s progress seven years. The child is now in school. The class the child is in has twenty-five to thirty other students. When the teacher asks the child to do something, the child responds with “I don’t want to”. Or simply ignores the teachers request altogether. The teacher tries everything she knows to engage the child, but this child has now found out that he is powerful. If he doesn’t want to do something he doesn’t have to. When that becomes boring, the child then decided he is going to bother another student sitting near him, or he will walk past another student’s desk and nonchalantly push the desk- top materials onto the floor. That results in the victim student getting upset. As this type of scenario is played over and over again in the classroom and on the playground, additional levels

of professionals are called. Parents are called for a conference to discuss their child’s “oppositional defiance”. The child is put on a behavior plan. Other students start segregating themselves from the behavior problem child. Nothing changes at home and the child becomes more and more defiant. But now he adds another layer to this defiance. He wants what he wants when he wants it, and feels a sense of entitlement since he still does not respect the word “No!” The family home turns into chaos as the child now throws chairs, punches walls, slams doors, curses at parents and siblings. The parents are mortified. They are embarrassed and confused. They are not sure how to handle this now. Their lives feel out of control. Many working parents find excuses to stay at work longer so they don’t have to go home. Or some couples, make a plan to always be home together, so one of them does not have to deal with the child by themselves. As this child enters the teen’s years, they enter another world of education where teachers may have 200 children a day. This teen’s behavior is problematic in the educational setting and impedes other students from being able to learn. More meetings are scheduled with the school counselors, psychologists, and administrators. Plans are put in place. If the child acts out in class, he may be given a “hot pass” to go de-escalate with another staff member. Other students watch this and they don’t want anything to do with this kid. In their eyes, he’s trouble and they don’t want to be part of. Oftentimes, the progression of this scenario plays out with the child telling the parent they don’t want to go to school and will not get out of bed in the morning. The parent is then faced with the decision whether to make that child get up. How do they do this? Ice cubes are a wonderful tool. But secretly, this parent is very afraid this child will hit them or attack them in some way, so they do nothing. It is easier. As time continues, the parents hear a new phrase to describe the child they once referred to as their cherub. This is “conduct disorder”. Parents come to me all this time and ask if there is a doctor that can give the child medication to make the conduct disorder go away. But the truth is that medication won’t fix a child who has a grandiose sense of entitlement. Behavior therapy will help!! But again, for many parents, it seems easier to medicate this away. Oftentimes, these children have problems

with chronic absenteeism and wind up dropping out of school. What do they do during this time? Absolutely nothing. They often stay at home, up all night, and sleep all day. When they get themselves something to eat, they don’t clean up after themselves. They don’t lift a finger to help their parents around the house and expect to be given money whenever they ask for it. Oftentimes, these parents are working several jobs to make ends meet, but to “keep the peace” around the house, they give their child money or cars, in hopes they will change. They do not. The more the parent gives, the more the teen feels entitled. When the parent has finally had enough, and the child has turned 18 years old, they decide they must come down hard for their own sanity and the safety of their other children. So, they ask that child to leave. The parent feels horribly guilty they have to ask their child to leave. The parents feel the child hates them and it is crushing. Where did they go wrong? And intrinsically they are worried, how will their child get by, where will they go? Will their child live on the streets or with friends? They desperately want to ask for help but they have no idea who to call. It’s embarrassing for them to tell someone they are actually afraid of their children. And they definitely don’t want to admit they have a double lock on the inside of their bedroom door so their child can’t “break in” while they sleep. Sometimes, the “tough love” attitude in the teen years is a “wake up call” for the teen and things will turn around. For others, they make a million promises to do better, return to the home, but nothing gets better. Sometimes, it gets worse. When the teen, usually between 18-25 years old at this point, returns home, they still don’t want to work, help around the house, be respectful to his parents, have a calmer temperament. The parents are even more perplexed about what to do at this point because the child is now an adult. The years of this chronic stress and chaos puts a strain on the marriage. The parents start doing more research and are concerned their child might actually have mental health issues. So they decide to take their child to a doctor. Quickly they learn they are faced with a confidentiality problem and HIPPA Issues. Once the teen reaches 18 years old, the parents are no longer “privy” to speak to doctors or learn the outcome of medications, appointments, etc. for their child. The parents learn they should have

“The greatest gift a parent can give their child is the word “No!” This is a word that remains the same in many languages.”

gotten their child medical intervention before the age of 18. The process to get their child help after 18 years old is so exhausting, few follow through. This is called an “ex-parte” order. This involves the parent going to court and getting a judge’s permission to have their child committed to a psychiatric facility for a very short period of time for evaluation. Many parents desperately want to do this, but acquiesce for two reasons. First, after the child is released from the psychiatric hospital they fear their child will come out angrier than when they went in. They fear he child will come after them. And secondly they realize even after the child comes out of a facility, they won’t have any access or assistance to know anything more about about their own child since they are over age 18. I had one father say to me, with tears running down his face, “I have made my peace with God, that I am going to die at the hands of my daughter.” I had another father call me in a panic that his young adult son was trying to smash him in the head with a skateboard. I’ve had a grandmother get pinned against the wall by the granddaughter she was raising. Who are these parents? Who are these families? We’d like to say they are the people that “live over there”. What we really mean is, this must be the parent raising a child alone, working two jobs, lower socio-economic. Wrong!!! I continue to see this cycle over and over again with families in middle and upper class communities. What a cycle. Just say No when they are little and life is infinitely easier! Keeping it real! - Susan Magestro, Criminologist & Interventionist All future columns will have information related to Who’s Running Your House and will also feature a question and answer from a parent who has written me. We will be accepting emails from parents who want to write in with questions. We will answer your questions in this column. The names of those submitting questions will stay anonymous. We will not be able to provide direct personalized responses from each of the emails we receive. Please send your questions to:

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EDUCATION The People’s Paper

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FFA Convention

First Student

Future Farmers of America



PRESS RELEASE from Future Farmers of America Palmer,AK -Members of the Palmer Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter returned from state convention in Fairbanks hauling the bacon. Twentyone of the 25 members participating qualified for national competition. Palmer claimed four first place team events, one second place and one third place. Others placed individually also. Advisor, Don Berberich, is optimistic about the chapter’s future. “As a group these students are mostly underclassmen but they act very mature and have a lot of talent. Our Juniors and Seniors have been excellent role models.” Said Berberich. A highlight for Berberich was finding out his floriculture teams placed 1st and 2nd with sophomore, Gabe Waldhaus taking top individual awards. “Gabe placed second overall last year two points behind team mate Ariel Olson. He trained these teams as much or more than I did.” Berberich commented. Other teams placing first were Agriculture Mechanics anchored by Seniors Chandler Putnam and Josh Gordon. Putnam was second high points individual. Joseph Wallace chaired the first place parliamentary procedures team. Palmer also had the third place team chaired by Gabe Waldhaus. The Agriculture Issues Forum team also placed first. The team was organized by freshmen, Jake Cunningham. The challenge is to present both sides of a controversial topic and let the audience make up their own minds. The Palmer team took on Pebble Mine as a topic and presented it using a skit based around a coffee shop discussion between friends and customers. Team members had to research the topic in detail to be able to accurately answer judges’ questions. Berberich was impressed with the group’s creativity and dedication. “This team has been meeting once and sometimes twice a week preparing. Working with this team has been the most fun I’ve had coaching FFA.” Said Berberich. Other successful students included Freshman, Sidney Howe who placed 2nd in the FFA Creed Speaking event. Freshman, Shannon Foley, placed third in Extemporaneous Public Speaking, a contest normally dominated by upperclassman. Sophomore Austin Nerup was recognized for his leadership potential when he was selected for the chapter leadership medal. The Palmer FFA Chapter would like to thank the Mat-Su Farm Bureau, Northland Pioneer Grange #1, Representative Bill Stoltze and all the people who bought hundreds of cinnamon rolls for their generous financial support.

Awards Five $2000 PRESS RELEASE from Mat-Su Schools Foundation Lindsay Durbin of Colony High was awarded a $2000 First Student Scholarship. Lindsay will be attending UAA working towards a double major bachelor of art degree focusing on Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She has always been involved in the classroom (teacher in training) helping her mom since kindergarten. Lindsay also volunteered to teach kindergarten Sunday school and is involved in Vacation Bible School with her church. Justin Moore of Susitna Valley High all received a $2000 First Student scholarship. Justin will be attending UAF Community and Technical College’s Airframe and Power Plant certification program. He joined the Talkeetna Build A Plane Program and learned how to rivet, wire, sheet metal, upholster, fiberglass, weld and other techniques for aircraft repair. Justin is working on his pilot’s license. He will be attending college to pursue a career in aviation maintenance. Delaney Mitchell will be attending UAA Anchorage this fall and spring semester in South Africa through a UAA partnership program taking courses in international health at the University of Stellenbosch. He will be working towards a medical degree. Delaney participated in the early honors program of UAA at Alaska Middle College, completing his senior year with more than twenty college credits. Zachary Neubauer was awarded a $2,000 First Student Scholarship. He earned an Associates Degree 6 months before he graduated from Alaska Middle College high school with a 4.0 GPA. He will be attending the University of Portland in the fall working on a bachelors degree in civil environmental engineering with a minor in chemistry. Scott Goza of Mat-Su Career and Tech High School also received a $2,000 First Student Scholarship. Scott graduated with a 3.9 GPA in the top 10% of his class. A personal finance class sparked his interest in economics and finance, and he will be working on a decree in accounting at Southern Utah University. Scott was on the school’s Science Olympiad team, was a member of the chess club and did well in Business Professionals of America competitions.

First Annual Knights Cup Golf Tournament Submitted by Colony Football Boosters

First Annual Knights Cup Golf Tournament July 19, Settlers Bay Golf Course. HOLE IN ONE WINS A TRUCK!! Sponsored by Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Wasilla

Our goal is to raise money to help support Colony High School Football Program. All proceeds go to the program for equipment and training needs, gear and travel expenses. In order to meet this goal, we are asking for golfers to please sign up and come play a round of golf. There will be prizes, food, and you could will a truck from Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Of Wasilla. This annual event will be supporting the Knights Football Team and helping us provide assistance to our youth who are active in the football program. Check in 7:30 am, depart 8:45 am Shotgun start 9:00am July 19, 2014 Four player scramble includes: green fees, cart, driving range and banquet lunch rental clubs available upon request Deadline for entry July 12,2014 $500.00 for a team of 4 $150.00 per player Please make checks payable to: KFBC PO Box 3760 Palmer AK 99645 Or Paypal go online to Contact information: Helen Simmons President: Suzy Freeman:

Alaska WildBird Rehab Center Come Soar With Us on Our Monthly Flights By Randi Perlman

Laurel Outterson Awarded Mat-Su Schools Foundation Scholarship

The Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center (AWBRC) continues its series of mini-programs, focusing on a particular theme each month. The themes are designed to loosely correspond with wild bird activity around us, and the programs will capture your attention and your heart, while highlighting each of our education birds on a rotating basis. Our mini-programs are part of the Valley Arts Alliance Second Saturday events, and take place from noon to 2:00 pm at AWBRC’s new home in Houston.

PRESS RELEASE from Mat-Su Schools Foundation Laurel Outterson, Burchell graduate, won a $2,000 scholarship from Mat-Su Schools Foundation. Laurel will be attending the University of Alaska Southeast this fall. She will be working towards her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. Laurel excelled in academics at Burchell. At Burchell she was considered a leader among the student body by being on the Principal’s (4.0) or “A” Honor Roll every semester, in the top 10% or her graduating class, a Peer Helper, and a teacher’s assistant. Laurel was a member of the school’s advanced dance team and a member of the Wasilla High School Varsity and Competitive Cheer Team and was honored with the “Cheerleader of the Year” Award in 2012 at the State Basketball Championships.

May’s ‘Cinco de Flyo’ theme was a huge hit with Rhett, the Red-tailed Hawk, Taku, the Black-billed Magpie, and Skuya, the Great Horned Owl.

Please join us at our next Second Saturday event for our 24th Birthday Bash for Goldie, the Harlan’s Red-tailed Hawk. This is a respectable age for her species, and we are proud to have her as one of our education bird ambassadors.

Please join us at our next Second Saturday event for our 24th Birthday Bash for Goldie, the Harlan’s Red-tailed Hawk. This is a respectable age for her species, and we are proud to have her as one of our education bird ambassadors.The center is located at 12235 W. Birch Road, off Kenlar, between Big Lake Road and Hawk Lane, in Houston. Come meet the birds, tour the center, and enjoy light refreshments. Contact 907892-2927 or visit www.akwildbirdrehab. com for more information.

COMMUNITY Are you a Politician or a PublioServant?

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Announcing “Sustainable Mat-Su”

a new online guide PRESS RELEASE From Envision Mat Su, Liz Robinson & Alicia Clement

making, and more. The guide was created so that users can easily find the information that they are looking for.

A new guide to sustainable living in the Mat-Su Valley is now available at the following address:

For example, wondering which local farmers markets are currently active in the area? Just click on the “Local Food & Products” section on the Menu and select the “Markets” tab for a complete list of markets in the Mat-Su sorted by town.

This guide, created by Envision MatSu, is a community resource for families and individuals interested in making conscientious steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle and working together to create more livable communities in our region. This means supporting local farms and local economies, expanding alternative and public transportation, maintaining a healthy natural environment and quality trails, keeping our homes and properties environmentally-friendly, reducing waste, supporting the development of renewable energy, engaging our citizenry in local decision-

If you are looking for a more specific local product, such as free-range fresh eggs, you can select the “Guide by Product” tab, scroll down and click the “Eggs” subsection, and you will see a list of places you can buy them, purchasing a great product while also supporting a local farmer. This part of the website also features a list of restaurants that use local products, a list of local farms and what they produce, and resources on growing your own food.

You can e-mail or call our office at 376-0150. We look forward to hearing from you! Together, we can create a more livable, prosperous, and sustainable future for our region.

Of course, the guide was created with more than just food in mind. The “Transportation” section shows the resources available for Alternative and Public Transportation in the valley, including bus routes and carpool services, which reduce local traffic and carbon emissions. The “Home & Property Stewardship” section also has great tips on making your home more energy efficient and lists weatherization programs that will help you keep your house safely warm in winter months. Are you interested in recycling, but not sure where to start? Check out the section dedicated to “The 5 Rs” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, & Renew) and see what sort of items can be recycled and which locations accept them, as well as information on renewable energy systems and waste reduction.

The “Care of the Commons” section also has great information about watershed stewardship, trail upkeep, and the conservation of salmon habitat – an important topic for our region. Perhaps you want to become more involved in the wider Mat-Su community. The “Community Engagement” tab shows our community calendar and a list of local volunteer opportunities, along with other resources like community councils and available community meeting spaces. Don’t see the answer to your question or the information you want on this guide? Well, it’s a work in progress, and we need folks like you to participate. Please contact us to ask your question, give your feedback, or add content to the guide!

POLITICS The People’s Paper The Article 5 Con “Over a few short generations, our forefathers traded the First Commandment for the first amendment.”

By The Federal Father A constitutional convention could be a glorious thing, someday. I fear that my warning will fall upon many hostile ears. For the best criticism of calling a convention calls into question an idol of popular conservative Christianity. This is such a vast, delicate, and explosive subject that the brevity required of such a public entreaty as this leaves me wondering the best way to present the case. I will need to paint some background with a broad brush and leave the details for you, who are daring enough to set sail and depart from the realm of politically allowable opinion, to explore and shine your own light into the caverns of history. One of the greatest myths in the conservative political movement is this one: If we just educate the voters about this topic or that conspiracy, the public will rise up, change the system, and return to an earlier, better America. This is the myth of salvation by law. It is combined with the Greek myth of salvation by education. Put them together, and you have the doctrine of society promoted by Socrates, who got himself executed for his trouble. We all love romantically to clump those revolutionary leaders of the 1770’s into a single cast of ideal Christian saints. While people of that era were far more Biblically literate than we are today, that kind of  unanimity was no more the case then as it would be from any gathering of parasitic politicians today. There was actually a particular branch of humanism that perverted their thinking. Influences from Newton to Locke and others of European enlightenment created a flavor of religion that prevailed

in the hearts of our deified founders. The label that best covers the lot of them would be theistic rationalists. This was the age of reason. Of man’s reason. Our real Christian founders that we should admire were much more prevalent in the colonies 100 years before the revolution. Conservatives get hostile today when they hear people say that this is not a Christian nation. Read the charters and founding colonial documents. They are textbook covenantal documents. Covenants with the Trinitarian God of the Bible partaken with men who planned multi-generationally to expand His Kingdom is this great new land. Sadly that birthright was sold in 1787 for the god of humanism, man, and his reasoning. Over a few short generations, our forefathers traded the First Commandment for the first amendment. They quit building on the shoulders of their fathers who rested at the feet of Jesus, to build a new empire with their pride.  This new god was identified front and center in the post revolution documents as “we the people.” The source of law and sovereignty is always identifiable as the god of a society. Just a little more background to cover. The war was over in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris that was initiated by the fourth president of those united states, Elias Boudinot. Yes, the fourth president. Washington’s first term started 6 years after the war had ended, in 1789. There were several presidents before Washington. The people just fought off a king. They did not want a powerful executive. There were of course, governing documents for the colonies in place at the time they declared their independence from the crown and parliament. And the Articles of

Confederation, the constitution of that time, which legally bound the colonies together through the war until a mysterious reset button was hit in 1787. The Articles, as imperfect as they were, were effectively the law of the land for a decade. The liberty that was seen in the colonies during this time made a band of power hungry sociopaths desperate for a coup. Hamilton and his banker friends pushed for a convention to supposedly make some specific small amendments to that constitution.

apple pie, and unconstitutional military establishments in the list of things beloved by Americans.

Well, Hamilton was able to convince Washington to attend a convention which was an effective necessity for it to be called. Delegates were sent with specific instructions from their states. The doors were locked behind them. Oaths of secrecy were taken. Patrick Henry washed his hands of it, “smelling a rat.” And against their current constitution, it was tossed away and an entirely new document presented.

Why would anybody think that the general public, which doesn›t understand economics, and which loves free goodies, would somehow autonomously be able to put together a constitutional convention that would produce an amendment that really would balance the budget, which would mean no more federal deficits, ever? The public doesn›t want it.

We are all familiar with the great sounding letters of propaganda that is the “Federalist Papers.” Almost no one is very familiar with the Christian voice of warning and opposition to “this new proposed government”[Hamilton’s constitution], The Anti-Federalist Papers. Read them in sequence, firing volleys back and forth and the picture becomes clearer. If you›re not that ambitious, at least read the letters from The Federal Farmer. Whose bold warnings all came true, to include civil war. Again today we hear a call for a convention with a short, specific list of amendments. But this time within a society very much further from the God of the Bible. I’ve gone too lengthy already, but will look at one of their propositions, a balanced budget. How does anybody in his right mind believe that there can ever be a balanced budget, given the fact that Americans love federal deficits. Federal deficits are way ahead of mom,

Any attempt by any political party at any time to get a balanced budget means that the goodies would have to be paid for. The moment the goodies have to be paid for, the question is this: how? By raising taxes? Let›s hope not. By printing money? Let›s hope not. By cutting spending? The American public will not tolerate it and has never tolerated it.

The public has never wanted it. The politicians don›t want it. Nobody wants it, other than a handful of Austrian school economists. Furthermore, what we really need is a reduction of the federal deficit to zero. We need to go back to 1837 in this regard, and much further if we’re talking founding covenants. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve System. We need to abolish the income tax. We need a whole lot of things. A constitutional convention is not going to give us any of these things, for the simple reason that the public does not want any of them. The public wants free goodies. The public wants to be left alone. The public wants free sports on TV. The public wants free schools. The public wants to get paid to take their kids out of government schools... Why in the world would anybody believe that a hundred million households could put together a constitutional convention? This is not

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The People’s Paper POLITICS

The People’s Paper  politics  PAGE 8

“My campaign has

allowed me to glimpse the lives of the people I want to represent in the State Senate.” By Pat Chesbro, Candidate for Alaska State Senate Seat F While recently walking in my district neighborhoods, I was shocked to

learn about the struggles of several local community members. All, in one way or another, were struggling with health care issues. One is a member of that group caught in the Medicaid gap. Our state chose to reject the free federal program to cover health care for those too “rich” to qualify for Medicaid and not wealthy enough to pay for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. This

Walking to Learn

voter works, has a disabled spouse, and cannot access the healthcare system. Another neighbor, a senior, is struggling to pay rent and the $20 cost for each day of her medications. This senior has a small pension from a deceased spouse, Social Security, and qualifies for $18 of food stamps. What can $18 buy at the grocery store today?

So what can/should we do to help these Alaskans who are just trying to survive? We can support Medicaid expansion (remember that it is totally paid for by the federal government… our taxes at work for everyone except Alaskans.) We can invest in ways that help our seniors survive when they are beyond their working years.

job of government in a democracy is to protect and empower. We appear to be failing in that goal for these folks, and probably many others. It’s time to put people first again.

The other person caught in a health care trap is a 20 year old who has a chronic condition. Though her medication and doctor visits are covered, this young person cannot get a job for fear of losing this lifesaving benefit. Her income would ease the strain on her partner who is looking for a second job to keep them afloat.

We can investigate ways to help young people earn a living while accepting our help with chronic health care situations.

Join me in my campaign to make government responsive to the needs of Alaskans.

My campaign has allowed me to glimpse the lives of the people I want to represent in the State Senate.

I once heard Wally Hickel say that he preferred the Alaska that was rich in spirit to the Alaska that is rich in money. The “rich in spirit” culture demanded that we take care of each other. The

Are They Really Telling The Truth? By Verne Rupright, Mayor, City of Wasilla Recently a business friend of mine,

I will call him Zeb, told me about an encounter with a locally elected state politician. I do this to protect Zeb’s identity knowing full well how “some” of the self- proclaimed “political elites” gossip about folks out of favor with them. Certainly, I don’t want to get Zeb into that pile of mud. It seems that the politician, herein known as “Politico”, came into his shop with a greeting and chit-chat. (Better known as “schmoozing” the hoi-polloi). During the conversation the Politico asked: “How are you voting this year Zeb?” Zeb replied: “Anarchy!” Now you must understand that the Politico represents the State government. Politico is also a retired government employee and currently employed by government and working on yet another taxpayer

funded retirement. As such, Politico is the “government” and depends on the whole system holding together. Notably everything Politico has, is and has been is completely dependent on this hodge podge of government things staying intact. Well what do you suppose Politico said to Zeb when confronted with Zeb’s desire to vote anarchy? Did politico say: No, Zeb, you’re wrong and then explain why we need organized government and how good it is for Zeb. Nope. Or, perhaps say something like: Yes Zeb, it needs some fixing and I and my colleges could use your help. Nope again! Politico replied: “I’m with ya Zeb! I couldn’t agree more!” Really!?! That’s a completely contradictory statement and couldn’t be more confusing. Politico is who and what Politico is and is what Zeb’s for doing away with. Anarchy, as Zeb articulately exclaimed, speaks volumes. Anarchy refers to

a society without publicly enforced government. Actually, ‘anarchy’ is synonymous with ‘civil war’ or a ‘lack of government.’ Heck, every Alaskan knows who President William McKinley was, (you know that big mountain named for him hereabouts), and we know how he ended. Yep, that’s right with a shot or two in his carcass in 1901, by you guessed it, an anarchist from Detroit named Leon Czolgosz who believed that McKinley was running a corrupt government. So it should make one wonder just a couple of things. Such as, doesn’t Politico know which side people in the political profession are really supposed to be on or is it Politico doesn’t know anything about history? Heck, we would all hate to think Politico gave Zeb permission to blast away. However, without being too strident and irreverent, (remember folks in political office all want to be looked at when they enter a room and really do like attention), could be Politico was just “funning old’ Zeb.” Again, it is the

The Hispanic Vote;

season to agree with everyone such as I have heard all too often. You might ask what’s that? Well for starters I could proclaim that we are all for pink-eyed, red-tailed, top hat wearing, alligators in zoot suits being at the top of the political ladder and guess what? Lots of Politico’s would exclaim: “I’m with you, I am just like you, and I’m one of you!” WOW! Really? What happened since the last time I saw Politico in a different room full of people who hate the old’ gator and ya’ know, Politico again was just like them and one of them, too. It does indeed get confusing. Just go ask the “Tea Party” folks. They went from tin foil hats one year to political heroes the next and no doubt back to tin foil hats again. It is quite a circle the Politico’s spin. My reaction to that as you may guess is “well said.” I get it. But you know the politico.

“Looking at recent census data, the Hispanic population in Alaska is over 40,000, or about 6% of the general population.”

Does it Matter in Alaska? By Erick Cordero Giorgana Looking at recent census data, the Hispanic population in Alaska is over 40,000 or about 6% of the general

population. It is a low number when compared to the national average of 16%. However, when it comes to elections in Alaska, every single vote counts and Alaskans know that one or two votes can make the difference.

National candidates have spent considerable amounts of campaign funds reaching out to the Hispanic population. From social media, to radio and TV ads; they have pulled all the stop signs trying to get the Hispanic vote. For example, in 2013, gubernatorial candidate from New Jersey, Chris Christie, received 51% of the Hispanic vote after a big effort from his re-election campaign to reach out – almost 20% higher support than that of his previous election. Connecting with and appealing to Hispanics, a pool of over 23 million eligible voters according to the Pew

growing trend among Republican and Democratic candidates on the national stage. The majority of Hispanics in the country are U.S. born or naturalized citizens, permanent residents, or refugees. According to the Pew Hispanic Research Trends Project, about 48% of Hispanics are U.S. born. A survey by that same agency showed that Hispanics are more socially conservative on issues like abortion, but more liberal on issues like same-sex marriage. The results also indicated that U.S. born Hispanics (30%) identified themselves as liberal in contrast with foreign-born Hispanics who identified themselves as conservatives (35%). The majority of Hispanics in Alaska are concentrated within the Municipality of Anchorage; over 22,000 according to the most recent Census numbers. It is difficult to pinpoint how many Hispanics are eligible voters in Alaska, but despite that, some Alaskan candidates have tried to reach out to that community during campaign season. Previous attempts by candidates have included ads directed to the

Hispanic community in Anchorage through Telemundo; one of the major Spanish-language television broadcasting stations that can be viewed in Anchorage, or by participating in one of several forums that leaders in the Hispanic community have hosted over the years.

U.S. Senate campaigns went without success, but it is possible that these campaigns will also reach out for the Hispanic votes. Democrat incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Begich has, and will continue, to reach out to the Hispanic community in Alaska in his re-election effort.

Former U.S. congressional candidates Diane Benson, Ethan Berkowitz, Gabrielle LeDoux and Sean Parnell participated in one such event back in 2008. Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski have also made it a custom to participate in Hispanic-sponsored events when they are not working in their Washington D.C. offices.

Does the Hispanic vote really matter in Alaska? Despite the low numbers of Hispanics living in Alaska, and the low turnout in elections, recognition every single vote counts has made it a fruitful demographic target by candidates. As seen by previous and current campaigns that have attempted to attract the Hispanic vote, and the increasing local polling trend in the Hispanic population, it would not be a surprise to see more campaigns reaching out to the Alaskan Hispanic community.

During the Anchorage mayoral race of 2010, one of the candidates used large signs in Spanish that featured a local Hispanic community member to show his or her support of that candidate. State Representative Gabrielle LeDoux had a Spanish version of her website during her State House race. In the current campaign cycle, the Mead Treadwell U.S. Senate campaign has plans to organize events with the Hispanic community. Attempts to contact the Dan Sullivan and Joe Miller

Erick Cordero Giorgana is one of the founders of the Hispanic Affairs Council of Alaska. He is an Alaskan Journal of Commerce “Top 40 Under 40” winner and former two-term member of the School Board for the Mat-Su Borough School District.

The People’s Paper POLITICS Stevens Death a Conspiracy?

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By Vic Kohring This summer marks the fourth anniversary of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens tragic plane crash. I remember the shock I felt when first hearing the news in August, 2010. My first thought, as with many, was that the government silenced Stevens, since his convictions had been thrown out the year before following the discovery of key evidence concealed by prosecutors, which likely would have exonerated him and paved the way to fully expose the “Justice” Department thugs criminal acts. Could it be yet another conspiracy and cover-up by the government? If Stevens had lived, he probably would have taken legal action to seek damages against his perpetrators, potentially blowing things wide open and resulting in numerous indictments and jail terms. True justice would have meant knowing they were incarcerated in a prison work camp for years in a blistering hot location such as the place near Death Valley where they locked me up following my sham trial.   I’ve often wondered if I would have met the same fate as Stevens had my case also been permanently

dispensed, positioning me to pursue damages and further exposing the prosecutor’s illegal conduct. It certainly would have been tossed if the judge presiding over my case was Emmit Sullivan, Steven’s judge and a decent man, as the acts committed against me were more egregious. My attorney believed the evidence concealed by prosecutors was only the tip of the iceberg and that most was destroyed. Instead, I suffered with the vindictive “Judge” John Sedwick, who fought me tooth and nail, regardless of the prosecutors conduct which was ten times worse than with Stevens and clearly justified dismissal. But it was possible I would have ended up dead as well, as the Feds are capable of anything. If they are so shameless and immoral to lie and cheat in court without hesitation and frame innocent people, I frankly wouldn’t be surprised they would conspire to permanently silence an individual to avoid public embarrassment, especially if it kept their own pathetic hides out of prison. To this day, there remains doubt as to the official stated cause of the accident, leaving open the possibility that there may have been a sly, evil hand involved in Stevens death. On May 24, 2011,

THE ARTICLE 5 CON Continued how constitutional conventions have ever been put together. They have always been put together by small groups that want to overthrow the government. That was true in 1688, the Glorious Revolution. That was true in 1787, Hamilton’s coup. That was true in 1789 in France. The list is almost innumerable. People who are well meaning members of a tiny minority political faction believe that, somehow if they could just get a convention called, the public would rush to them and embrace their position. Why do they believe this? There is a reason why they are in a tiny minority position. It is because people don›t believe them. People don›t understand them. When people do understand them, they still don›t believe them and don’t want to. To balance the budget, the government would have to shut down Social Security, Medicare, and disband the unBiblical military empire that resides in almost every country on the globe. The voters will not accept this.

Media by the People... ...For the People

We live in a society which loves bailouts. Everybody wants to pass on the cost of his failure to somebody else. It is basic to modern politics. While the growing numbers of liberty minded voters may no longer really believe in political salvation, they do believe in national safety nets. They don›t want any national safety nets taken down. So, they are never taken down. The safety nets are steadily becoming straitjackets, and the public doesn›t care. It is a question of eliminating the safety nets in order to eliminate the straitjackets. The public prefers the straitjackets. We will be ready for the convention after Darby and Scofield’s pessimistic doctrine of retreat to statism finally runs its course through the church and Christians again take their God and His commission for us seriously. Resource page and discussion at

The People’s Paper

nearly a year after the crash, USA Today published an article entitled, “NTSB: Ted Stevens plane crash remains a mystery.” It discusses how the reason is still unclear and that the National Transportation Safety Board has been left without proof. An official is quoted, “...we do not have significant evidence to support any theory.” One scenario the article notes, which is the subject of speculation, is that the pilot intentionally crashed the plane. Also consider the allegations surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination and the connections his case had with forces within the CIA who feared JFK and vigorously opposed him on political and policy grounds. If the government really wants you, there’s no escaping - even if you’re a powerful U.S. senator as with Stevens or president of the United States. Moreover, had Stevens lived and pursued the Justice Department, it no doubt would have benefited my case since my attorney believed even greater illegal acts were committed than was originally determined. So the government had reason and could very well been motivated to eliminate Stevens as a way to cover-up criminal misdeeds. As with the martyred

president, the full truth may never be known. Chances are, the government had no role in Stevens death and the crash was an unintentional, tragic accident. But a conspiracy falls within the realm of possibilities considering the track record of the Feds. If our government seeks out and kills U.S. citizens living abroad with drones who are simply suspected of collaborating with terrorists even though no definitive proof exists, who knows? If a high-level bureaucrat publicly threatens the life of Edward Snowden over leaking classified documents revealing that the government is engaging in mass spying on its citizens, again, who knows? Not many people openly talk about the reasons behind Stevens death and the fact that the Feds may have played a role. But I’m certain a large number to this day quietly believe it may be true. Vic Kohring is a resident of Wasilla

“This summer marks the fourth anniversary of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens tragic plane crash.”

Why Start Another Church in Wasilla? By Pastor Bill Little So, Pastor Bill, why start another church in Wasilla when it seems like there is one every corner? Good question. There is actually not a church on every corner. In fact, Alaska is one of the most “unchurched” areas in North America. Which is a fancy way of saying, there are not enough churches in comparison to the population. We started Journey Church in April of 2013 on Easter Sunday, just over a year ago. We began with a couple of ideas and a big vision. We started with only me and my wife, a couple of people we knew from the area, and clear understanding God was in control. That idea is central to understanding the beginning steps to starting the church. We wanted the church to be a “nontraditional church” for the “nontraditional people” of Wasilla and the Mat Su Valley. Having lived in Alaska for over 15 years I understand the uniqueness of Alaska and its people, although, the “valley” is a completely different place than other areas in the state. By non-traditional I mean non-traditional in who we are trying

to reach, how we will reach them, and how we will “do church.” We are just a “Simple Church.” Everything we do from the message, music, and website, to reaching out to people in need is done in a simple way. We want everything to be casual; clothes, relationships, meetings and the like – Carhartts for services are fine. We want to be comfortable and approachable – meeting a half hour early on Sunday for coffee and doughnuts (I can’t wait for Krispy Kreme) and to catch up with each other and their Journey. Our meeting times are flexible based upon the needs of the people we reach. We even have an “Internet Church.” We send out a daily devotion to approximately 700 people five times a week. The devotions reach over a dozen states and several countries around the world. Our local facility is conveniently located next to Miller’s Ice Cream and coffee stand in the Crossroads Center at the corner of Bogard and Seldon. We knew from the beginning there are people here in the valley that do not go to church for a variety of reasons, and we wanted to meet them and get

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The People’s Paper

What is ALEC? By Neal Lacy, Candidate for Alaska House of Representatives, District 10 The American Legislative Education Council or “ALEC” is lobbying operation disguised as non-profit charity. ALEC and its corporate partners realized that is easier to change laws at the state level than the nation level. Federal laws effect us all, but state laws have a greater effect on your day to day life. ALEC boasts 2000 members of state legislatures and Alaska has its share. ALEC corporate members run the gambit of most all large for profit corporations, there is not enough space on this page to list them all. ALEC has yearly meetings that bring state legislators and corporate entities together behind closed doors to write legislation and then it’s purposed at the state level. ALEC has prewritten legislation for most areas of our existence and most of the time this legislation is proposed verbatim. This only thing a legislator has to do is insert the word Alaska in the empty box. ALEC’s influence has been felt in Alaska in the form of privatizing public education. This movement is not about providing a quality education for our children, but to make profits with no accountability. Another gem of ALEC legislation that was purposed and passed this session by Wes Keller is the Federal balanced budget compact. Basically what this bill does if 38 states pass this, it forces a constitutional convention. This bill is like opening Pandora’s Box. This is just a ruse to change other aspects of our constitution. I invite the public to do some research on ALEC, start by watching Bill Moyers documentary called “The United States of ALEC”. The bottom line here is, if Alec is writing legislation it’s bad for Alaska and its citizens.

Alaska’s statehood was predicated on the fact we did not want corporate interests ruining our fish resources. We I was a kid growing up in Alaska, the slogan was ‘We don’t care how they do it outside”. It is clear our state is run by outside interests. You can change this trend by voting this year. Neal Lacy is running for House District 10 which is currently held by Wes Keller. Neal Lacy is a long time valley resident who attended Wasilla High School, taught at both Wasilla and Colony High Schools and was elected to the Mat-Su School Board

I’m DEATH on Pebble Mine By Maggi Mae Dag nab it, Josh, you got this old lady’s ire up – you got it up BIG! I’m ‘DEATH’ on the Pebble Mine. We the people cannot run away or turn our back. This is the Last Frontier. Unlike the exodus from Ireland (the potato blight), we can do something about the Pebble Mine. We the People must not be silent. I don’t want my backyard dirtied up. How about you? Yes, 30 years from now it will be the generations after us that face with cleanup. Every living person in Alaska will pay, hugely. Is not the North Pole issue a great reminder? As I rock my chair on my deck looking out on Lake Seymour, I’m thinking the deadly waste pool is half the size and as deep, oh my! I’m so thrilled General Dynamics pulled out, I still have hope! Pray folks, I do. He said we can move mountains. Together, the Lord is our power source. Get to it! I need you.

How To Read a Press Release Not to be confused with researched reporting, press releases are written from the point of view of the politician, organization or entity to which the content of the press release pertains. PRESS RELEASE Definition: An official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.

Questions? Call us at 907-373-2698

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Koch Brothers Will Spend $125 Million on Elections

Dan Sullivan Raises More Campaign Cash From Ohio Than Alaska— Again.

PRESS RELEASE from Alaska Democratic Party

PRESS RELEASE from Alaska Democratic Party

Kochs refuse to invest in Flint Hills refinery while trying to buy Alaska Senate seat

Sullivan reports less than 200 Alaska donors – Begich reported over 1,500 Alaskans

ANCHORAGE: The Koch Brothers have pledged to spend at least $125 million trying to buy elections including Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat. The “unprecedented” amount comes as the Kochs declined to invest in the Flint Hills refinery, instead shuttering the facility and eliminating 80 Alaska jobs. The Koch Brothers already have spent $2.5 million on attack ads in Alaska. Their attempts to dodge cleanup costs for sulfolane pollution from the refinery have drawn criticisms from local elected Republicans and Alaska’s governor. “The Koch Brothers’ outrageous spending on attack ads is a punch in the gut to the Fairbanks community they abandoned by closing Flint Hills and laying off 80 Alaskans,” said Mike Wenstrup, Fairbanks resident and Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party.  “We know the Kochs could spend to clean up the sulfolane pollution or keep Alaskans on the job, but instead they’ve chosen to try and buy Alaska’s Senate seat and Alaskans won’t be fooled.” What if the Koch Brothers Invested $125 Million in Flint Hills Instead of Attack Ads? ·      $125 million could pay 80 workers’ wages for 15 years, assuming workers earn $100,000 annually. ·      $125 million would pay for half of the projected clean up costs for sulfolane pollution that is contaminating North Pole’s drinking water.  A judge already said the Koch Brothers are responsible for cleaning up the pollution.

ANCHORAGE: U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan reported campaign contributions from fewer than 200 Alaskans in his first quarter campaign disclosure, a startlingly low number indicating his overwhelming support from Outside groups. Sullivan’s Ohio fundraising, $103,575, once again topped his Alaska total thanks to his hometown friends and relatives. “Sullivan’s heavy reliance on cash from Ohio casts doubt on whose interests he would serve,” said Kay Brown, Executive Director of the Alaska Democratic Party. Sullivan’s first fundraising numbers barely reported more than 100 Alaskans. Notable Ohio contributors to Sullivan’s campaign include the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Ohio State Senator Tom Patton, and another one of Sullivan’s brothers. Sullivan received six Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions worth $27,500 from Ohio. Sullivan’s father, brother and RPM business associate have already directed over $100,000 to a Super PAC running ads on Sullivan’s behalf. His multimillionaire father and brother can make limitless contributions to this group. The Huffington Post reported that contributions from Sullivan’s brother, father and a former RPM board member make up 80% of the money contributed to the pro-Sullivan Super PAC.

WHY START ANOTHER CHURCH Continued to know them on a personal level. There are people who fish, hunt, dog sled, snow machine, ski, hike, gold pan, RV, and countless other activities in what I like to call, “God’s Chapel,” Alaska. I like to spend my time in the “Sanctuary” at the Russian River. We want to be different in a Jesus sort of way. We want to help people. But, being a small group and on a limited budget, we have to be mindful of our limitations. Yet, we help everyone we when to opportunity arises. This past summer we did an outreach at Wasilla Lake – Journey at the Lake – and fed over 1000 people hot dogs and drinks. We plan on doing it again this summer, if the weather holds. We’ve gave away a few gifts, gave away Thanksgiving baskets, handed out some winter gear, helped some folks find jobs, prayed with a bunch of people, and supported various other ministries in the area. We’ve started a Facebook Page called “Wasilla Needs.” Where members can post needs they have and meet people’s needs with resources of their own. At present we have numerous people signed up and networking with others for assistance. One day I envision a “One Stop” helping center where people can come to find help, hope, and healing, for all their hurts, habits, and hang-ups all in one place.

sent our folks to our neighbors to introduce ourselves and get to know the people around us. And yet, there is still much more to do. Our big picture vision – some have called it BHAG, Big Harry Audacious Goals – is to build relationships with as many of the people who live around Journey Church and then go further out to meet as many people as the Lord leads – telling them the message of the Bible FORGIVENESS. And that forgiveness is free from Jesus, but not automatic. Are we there yet? No. That’s the part about God being in control. We’ll have to wait on Him for the help with growing the church; its people, its influence, and its vision. That is sometimes the hardest part – waiting. But rest assured while we may be waiting, we are not sitting on our hands – we are busy doing God’s work until He comes. So stop by and have a cup of coffee on us or better yet contact the church and let us know you’re interested and we’ll set a place for you for dinner on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. for “Dinner and a Bible Study.” Or join us for services on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. We’ve got a place just for you. And, we want to hear about your JOURNEY!.

We’ve held a Valentine’s Dinner, a seminar on depression, a couple of “Block Parties,” a Veterans Dinner, gave away Bibles, videos, and other books, and

Conservative Patriots Group Invites You By Steve St. Clair, President/CEO Conservative Patriots Group Are you tired of the Government picking winners and losers? Are you tired of watching your traditional values be trampled on by those in government? There is a way that you can fight back to preserve the traditional values that were instilled in you by your parents and grandparents. It is not going to come easy, and we have one heck of a fight in front of us. But we have two options: (1) Concede defeat, do nothing and accept the fact the good old days are gone, never to return. With this option you will see an increase in taxes, decreases in your rights and further violations of our constitution and bill of rights. If this is the role that you see yourself involved in, I hate to say it but you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

yourself on the topics / candidates, and do the same for your friends and family. Attend town halls and meetings with candidates and ask the hard questions that you have. By getting involved you become part of the solution and help create real CHANGE that Alaskans can be proud of. Conservative Patriots Group Inc. is one of only a handful of For-Profit political corporations in the state of Alaska and we are very in tune with what is occurring in Juneau and D.C. We need your help to stop the progressive agenda that is plaguing our nation and state. You can help in many different ways; you can become a member of CPG, you can make unlimited financial contributions.


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Super Bowl Champion Seahawks

to Bring the Lombardi Trophy to the Mat-Su PRESS RELEASE from United Way of Mat-Su On July 8th, Mat-Su youth will have an opportunity to participate in the 4th Annual Play 60 event at the Menard Sports Complex with team members from Super Bowl Champion Seahawks and Sea Gals. A wide variety of fun physical activities for ages 6 to 15 are planned including many drills similar to those the pros use to stay fit. The event is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All participants will receive a shirt and lunch. Play 60 is a program intended to encourage people to be active for 60 minutes a day. It is one of national initiatives that grew out of the 40 year partnership of the National Football League and United Ways as they have worked together to advance health and education for America’s young people. However, it was the Mat-Su Sea Hawkers fan club that reached out to the Seahawk organization four summers ago to bring players and cheerleaders to the Valley.

Wasilla Family Loses Home

COVER STORY Continued Cross and O’Connell, who plan to be married next spring, are staying at the Best Western at Lake Lucille with the two boys and are keeping busy with meetings with insurance agents, inspectors, cleaners, fixers, and friends.

The combined efforts of the Mat-Su Sea Hawkers, Mat-Su Health Foundation and United Way of Mat-Su are making this event possible. To register your child for the Play 60 event visit: click Play 60 on the top right side

“We have been contacted by the Red Cross, but have received so much help from so many other directions, we’d rather not use resources that may be needed by families without the friends and families we are so blessed to have,” Cross said.

Two other special opportunities are being offered for fans to dine and visit with the Super Bowl Champs, as well as, see the Lombardi trophy. Tickets for a dinner July 8th are available through the Mat-Su Sea Hawkers. Then on July 9 a group of 12 lucky winners will breakfast with the Seahawks.

“Church families, dog people, Scout and soccer friends, families, and complete strangers from across the country have blessed us with everything from donations of cash and gift cards to a streaming supply of dog food, crates, baby items, clothing, etc., via a page set up by Freddie’s sister.”

For tickets and information contact United Way of Mat-Su 373-5807.

At this point, Cross said they are salvaging what they can and looking forward to a new home that will have plenty of room for the dogs to romp and play.

Ribbon Cutting For Alaska’s first Regional Resource Recovery & Training Park

The new 23,600 square-foot building, renovations, and new equipment were made possible by the generosity and foresight of the following partners: U.S. Dept. of Commerce Economic Development Administration, the Alaska State Legislature through the Dept. of Commerce & Community Economic Development, the Mat-Su Borough, the Rasmuson Foundation, the Mat-Su Health Foundation, and

The facility was the first commercial industrial building in Alaska certified at the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold level. The design of the renovation and the facility itself were both done by Wolf Architecture. Construction of the main structure was done by F-E Contracting, and the current renovation by Wirtanen. The new baler is a Harris Badger, a 2-stroke horizontal auto-tie baler fed by an in-floor conveyor, and significantly increases the capacity of the recycling center. The drop-off renovation will allow operation to continue despite adverse weather conditions while handling a greater flow of residential customers safely. VCRS is focused on capturing resources from the waste stream and making them available for new products and economic development, locally and beyond. VCRS is a community-based, non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation

working in service for the longterm good of all. The organization is committed to working with local businesses and entrepreneurs to keep the resources recovered through its program available for economic development throughout the community and the State of Alaska. VCRS moved into the new facility in December of 2010. With the completion of the recent renovations and the acquisition of the appropriate equipment, VCRS will be able to achieve the waste diversion goals set in 2005 by engaging commercial and industrial customers and ensuring that every resident in the Mat-Su knows there is a community recycling center in the neighborhood. The Community Recycling Center is now ready to dig into the waste stream. For more information, call Mollie Boyer at 745-5544 or email

“I still have nine days left before my official due date and my little girl keeps moving and letting me know she’s fine and not quite ready to make her entrance in the world,” Cross said. “God is good and it has been one awesome ride so far. Every time we fall down, there is someone or something to cling to, to pull ourselves back up on, and then somehow we all join together and make the trip even better for those who are there. It’s not what we lost through this tragedy, but the people and the friends and the knowledge that this too will not end the journey.” In addition to clothing for the boys and other household items being dropped off in the entryway of Northgate Alaska Church on Tait in Wasilla, a fundraising site has been set up through: Thrift store gift cards also are appreciated.
















REPAIR 373-2669

comt ronic salas m

Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS) will hold a ribboncutting to celebrate the completion of Alaska’s first Regional Resource Recovery & Training Park. VCRS is located at 9465 E. Chanylut Circle, on 11 acres immediately west of the Animal Care building off 49th State Street near Palmer. The ribbon-cutting will be held in the newly-renovated, completely enclosed, residential drive-through area, followed by tours of the facility to include a visit to the processing floor where participants can view the new baler in action.

the support of many individuals and businesses within the community and around the state.



She also hopes they can remain physically close to her mother. Being separated even for this short time has been hard on them, she said -- especially with the impending birth of her daughter.

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Palmer Hay Flats Summer Festival 2014

At Reflections Lake

“It is because of this rich diversity of habitat and wildlife, and its all around natural beauty, that many Alaskans from all walks of life and recreational preferences make the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge one of the most important and cherished recreation areas in Alaska.”

PRESS RELEASE from Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats Saturday, July 19
 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

 Reflections Lake, Knik River Access exit off the Glenn Highway at mile 30.5 Join us for a full day of summer fun at Reflections Lake in the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge. This year we have invited local artisans and vendors to participate along with exhibitions by Sahara Storm Studio and Circus Arts and Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center. We will have music from noon to 1pm, a face painting booth and a new wooden toys painting booth for the kids to participate in. And of course we will have canoes and kayaks to rent for a day of paddling fun on the lake. A wonderful way to spend a summer day at YOUR local Refuge.

The Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge is 45 square miles of wetlands, forest, lakes and tidal sloughs located 30 minutes north of Anchorage and within close proximity to over half of Alaska’s population. Ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, moose, muskrats, salmon and many other birds, mammals and fish call it home. Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats (APH) is dedicated to preserving this stunningly beautiful and valuable recreation area for all Alaskans to enjoy. It truly is an Alaskan treasure.

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