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Paint Me Purple: Makeup & Fashion Event By Diane Lytle

A FUNdraiser for Domestic Violence Awarness: Saturday, May 4, 2013 6:00p ~ 8:00p 2900 E. Parks Hwy Grandview Inn & Suites Wasilla, Alaska DermaGlow will be hosting The Paint Me Purple Makeup & Fashion Event at the Grandview Inn & Suites in Wasilla. A night of makeup, fashion and fun! Help raise awareness to domestic violence in Alaska. Alaska’s statistics on violence against women are among the highest in the nation. DermaGlow is helping to raise awareness to this epidemic with a makeup & fashion event featuring beautiful models transformed into works of art symbolizing strength, power and beauty with the help of talented local

hair artists. There will also be a fashion show by Lulu E. Bebe Fashion Boutique featuring spring/summer fashions. Proceeds going to Alaska Family Services; the only nationally accredited domestic violence/sexual assault shelter in Alaska. DermaGlow is excited to have the supporting sponsors of many local businesses who are helping to make this a successful event; Alaska Integrative Media & MOVIN 105.7, Lulu E. Bebe, Grandview Inn & Suites, Jill Anderson Hair Design, Haley Moore from BBella Hair Design, Andrea Woody and Danelle Johnson from Country Cuts, Heather Davis Nails, Colleen Huston with AK USA Mortgage, Make A Scene Alaska, Interiors By Mae, Rose DeRaad with D’s Screenprinting, Ryan Sage Photography, Big C with Sizzle North Entertainment, and many local talented models. With supporting donations from Sky Trekking Alaska, Mad Stork Kennel & Kelly Maixner, Northern Comfort Shoes, Dr Michaels at Alaska Dental Associates, Paradise Tan, Amanda Brannon Artist, Regis Hair Design of Wasilla, Thanks A Latte Coffee Hut, Makar Eye Clinic, Alaska Toy Rental, High Frequency Wireless, House of Bread, Allen & Peterson, Alaska Audio Video Integration and Shamrock Septic Special appearance from Amie Haakenson with ANTSO (America’s National Teenager Scholarship). This is a 12 and over event. Tickets are $50 per person. $25 per student with ID (student tickets available at DermaGlow or at the event). Tickets include appetizers, drink ticket, gift bag, & door prize drawings. There will be a silent auction at the event featuring local business donations to help raise funds for this worthy cause. Tickets can be purchased at eventbrite. com (http://paintmepurple.eventbrite. com)

Keep up with the latest on our Paint Me Purple Makeup & Fashion Event Facebook page PaintMePurpleMakeupFashionEvent About DermaGlow Alaska LLC DermaGlow LLC. was founded in 2007 by Aesthetician Diane Lytle to create a high end skin care clinic specializing in acne control, pigmentation disorders of the skin, age management, full body waxing and body treatments, professional makeup artistry and lash artistry with TheLashChickTM, a trademarked technique exclusive to DermaGlow. DermaGlow includes a team of highly skilled Aestheticians, Makeup Artists and an RN who deliver the best in quality and service, and all of whom are specialists in their own techniques as well. DermaGlow is a regular contributor to giving back to the community and helping with local fundraising events,

as well as hosting their own events to benefit local organizations such as their annual Make Me Pink Makeup & Waxing Event each October for Breast Cancer awareness, and their Toy Drive in December for children in need. Makeup Artists at DermaGlow have been featured in print media, and as MUA for local photographers, as well as photographers throughout the lower 48 states. DermaGlow Makeup Artists also have experience in full body prosthetics and special effects makeup artistry, to include air brushing and body painting. All skin care products and makeup at DermaGlow are natural based, paraben and cruelty free, and contain the highest levels of active anti-aging ingredients for immediate results from the leader in peptide research technology DermaQuest Skin Care Inc. To learn more about DermaGlow visit http://www.dermaglow-ak. com or http://www.thelashchick. com


Diggin With Loi Spring Maintenance

By Loi Ricker

Ah, finally the warm spring sun holds the promise of a warm summer and beautiful yards…we hope. Inspiration from magazine covers and lower 48 publications lend a hand, but do they really explain how to achieve the themes in the photo, here in Alaska? I have spent most of my adult life working towards this very goal. Over the past 3 decades my experience is extensive and through this I have learned that its all inclusive; maintenance, & beautification support the beauty of landscape design. Spring Maintenance Timing; On the average, complete by May 10 Tools; Sharp pruners, large and small leaf rake, spring rake, leaf bags, burn barrel or fire pit, Watering can, 5 gallon bucket, garden hoses, wheel barrow, a push broom and sprinklers. Power tools that really speed up the job are a small roto tiller, leaf blower & pump (for applying liquid fertilizer). Hoses, and a spray nozzle will be needed to wash walks, driveways and decks.

Step 1 Instructions; Lawn areas, garden beds, and hardscape areas like decks, patios and driveways should be cleaned up and detailed in the removal of dirt, leaf, twigs and all matter that does not belong. Our yards take a hard punch from winter and the harsh elements especially wind, breaking branches, blowing in leaf and dirt. Next, prune & fertilize perennials and ornamental (imported) trees and shrubs. Supply’s liquid and granular nitrogen fertilizer, granular lime. Pruning is easy, first remove the dead wood, next simply prune off the damaged tips down to the next healthy bud. Some shrubs such as potentilla & spirea require sheering at least 2 “. Cultivate or til garden beds to prepare for liquid fertilizer and summer plantings. Use liquid nitrogen fertilizer on all perennials, and landscape shrubs/ trees this will activate growth cycle and maximize summer performance. Perennials, remove all brown dead growth prior to fertilizing. For a super green lawn, simply apply granular nitrogen and lime (lily miller) at the same time. Follow up with a 1 hour water and watch it grow!

It is always nice to invest in quality tools that will last. Take good care in properly storing tools to enjoy the reunion with them every spring and summer. Goal; Site clean up essential to the overall health and active growth of all ornamental foliage, lawn and flowerbed areas.

> Loi Ricker is a landscape designer, garden consultant and grower. Send email inquiry’s to

Member of



Apr 2012

Refreshments! Door prizes! Share Your Ideas! Bring the Family! Vote for City projects you want to see funded

City of Palmer

CAPITAL PROJECT FAIR Thursday, April 25, 2013 4 – 7 p.m. at the MTA Events Center

Everyone is invited to the annual Capital Project Fair! Capital projects are on display for public input and informal voting. Also on display are posters designed by some very talented Palmer schoolchildren to tell you how they feel about their City. Poster contest winners will be announced at the Fair. Our elected officials from the State and City will be represented at the event, so come, vote and share your views for our future! You’ll see interactive displays and information about how your City operates. Staff from all City departments are available to talk with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend, meet with your neighbors, and tell us what you think!

Where will the adventure take you?

Go to to learn more and enroll or call your local IDEA Office at 357-4850

A few of the benefits of joining IDEA * computer, printer and free tech support by certified techs * internet and e-mail account * student allotments for school supplies and lessons * local office with friendly staff, library, and resource room * IDEA is the largest statewide homeschool program with over 3,600 students enrolled. * IDEA is fully accredited and provides caring certified teachers to assist parents with student progress. * Because IDEA is a public school, IDEA is completely free! Enrollment for 2013/2014 is OPEN now!

IDEEAA alID u n n A l a h u t 5 n 1 n e A TThhe 15th airisisoonn Fair m lu u F ic r m r u lu urricu CC 2266tth d h at aan h t d 5 n 2 il h r t p 5 2 A il Apr Anertein r in eCnetn C n a g n E a e g E tah e h tt orraaggee. ho Ancch


Community The 6th Annual By Rosanna Brandon and Laura Pinnick “Alice In Wonderland” Theme At the Chris Stringer Memorial Gymnasium Park Ave, off KGB Rd Friday, May 3, 2013 6PM to Midnight Back by popular demand, everyone’s favorite DJ, from Sizzle North & Movin’ 105.7, “BIG C” Photos $5.00 pp on CD paid @ Prom

This affords the students the opportunity to work together, foster communication and cooperation between the various programs; and form life-long friendships and memories. Students take pride in planning, coordinating and carrying out a large-scale activity within the community. In addition to the annual Prom, the Valley Homeschool Prom Committee hosts an annual Prom clothing exchange program; allowing students with limited funds the opportunity to obtain new and gently-used formal attire. Additionally, the Prom Committee offers reduced ticket prices

in exchange for students donating food items to the local Food Banks. The students are involved in giving back to the community, which has so generously supported their efforts over the years. The Valley Homeschool Prom Committee would like to express sincere appreciation to all of those individuals and businesses which have so generously donated their time and funds to this organization for the past 6 years.

The Mat-Su Valley has shown an incredible sense of community as they have worked hand-in-hand with the Valley Homeschoool Prom Committee for so many years. The Valley Homeschool Prom Committee looks forward to many more years of continued community cooperation as we continue to work together in developing leadership and management skills for our youth. More info: Contact Laura at 232-1282

April 2013

The Valley Homeschool Prom Committee is a non-profit organization which has been operating in the MatSu Valley for the past 6 years. The committee is made up of volunteer High-school students and parents who choose the home-schooling experience. These volunteers work tirelessly to provide an experience that home educated students would not otherwise be a part of. For the

The Valley Homeschool Prom Committee consists of students from each of the various homeschooling programs within the Valley; as well as many who are independently home educated.

$30 Per Person or $25 with a 3 item donation for a local Food Bank. ID Required. No admittance after 9PM. Tickets Sold @ Door


Valley Homeshool Prom

past 6 years, this committee has encouraged students in learning and leadership opportunities as they are involved in all stages of planning, fundraising, budgeting, coordinating, and carrying out this incredible event. Many leadership and management skills are taught and reinforced through students’ involvement with this organization.

Apr 2013




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Children and Dogs

What should your child know to treat a dog appropriately?

Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue

- Do not ever allow your child to tease a dog. Teach gentle and relaxed behavior around dogs.

By Angie Lewis, Vice President

Having a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience for a child. The benefits are obvious: - the child’s self esteem is enhanced - caring for a dog can encourage responsibility - children who live around dogs have increased health benefits - a dog’s presence may increase the likelihood that a child will get more exercise - having a dog can foster empathy in children The key to fostering a good relationship between a child and a dog is to provide training for both the dog and the child. Parents must be willing to teach both the dog and the child to have safe and positive interactions. Decide if you want a puppy or an adult dog. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. Puppies require a great deal of time and energy. They also require socialization in order to become well adjusted adult dogs. Puppies are fragile and children need to be monitored when interacting with these little ones. An adult dog may already be trained and socialized and will therefore require less of your time initially. However, an adult dog may have some personality quirks that may require more intensive training.

What breed of dog is best? Very small dog breeds can be a bit temperamental and may become easily frightened. Larger dogs are sturdier and may become frightened less easily. If you have really young children, a dog that is very large may knock your child over easily. Be thoughtful about getting a herding breed, because these types of dogs might want to herd your children. Keep in mind that a dog’s temperament is shaped by both his experiences and his past experiences.

- Being calm around a dog is best – running and screaming may cause aggression in dogs, particularly dogs that are new to your home. - Teach your child not to stare into a dog’s eyes because this may cause the dog to feel threatened. - Tell your child not to startle a dog when he/she is sleeping or eating. - Many dogs do not like to be climbed on or sat on. - If you have chosen a puppy, remind your child that this dog is a baby and must be treated gently and safely. It is probably wise to wait until your child is over six years of age before you get a puppy. Stick to dogs that are over two years old for younger children.

What should your dog know to interact appropriately with your child? - Always monitor interactions between young children and dogs. - If you have a puppy, make sure that he is properly socialized. That means exposing him to a variety of other dogs, people, and situations. - If you have a puppy, do not allow mouthing that becomes too exuberant. Puppies learn about their world with their mouths, just like human babies, but do not let it get out of control. - Make sure your puppy is comfortable being gently handled, so that he will allow his body parts to be touched without becoming upset. Praise him when he allows these types of interactions. - Most importantly, get training, for both puppies and adult dogs that have not had training when younger. Training a dog or puppy will certainly promote better interactions between your child and dog. Make sure to bring your whole family to the training classes – everyone needs to reap the benefits of learning how to handle a dog appropriately.

Meet Charlie! By Angie Lewis

Charlie is just a big puppy at heart. He is approximately 1.5 years old and is of Lab/Great Pyrenees descent. Charlie loves little dogs and will play with them gently; he does need to have monitored introductions to larger dogs, particularly German Shepherds and black dogs. He would do best in a home with older children, just because of his size and playfulness. Charlie would benefit from additional training and lots of outdoor fun. If you are not able to adopt Charlie, please consider fostering him. He is currently without a foster home.

Birch Tree Tapping Workshop Contributed by Deb Blaylock

Saturday, April 20, 2013 10 a.m. to Noon or 1 to 3:00 p.m. (AFTERNOON SESSION IS REPEAT OF MORNING) Workshops will be held at: Palmer Center for Sustainable Living (Matanuska Experiment Farm) 1509 South Georgeson Drive, Palmer Learn to tap birch trees for sap in this hands-on class.

• Select good trees • Tap the trees and care for them, • Collect sap and cook the sap down for syrup. The sap is a good spring tonic, too! Wear clothing for going outside.

A memorial fund has been set up for the families of Trooper Tage Toll and Pilot Mel Nading by Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).

 Trooper Tage Toll’s family: 
 Tage Toll Memorial Fund
 Wells Fargo 
Account # 1018256758 

 Aircraft Pilot Mel Nading’s family: 
 Mel Nading Memorial Fund
 Wells Fargo 
Account # 1018256766

 When making donations to the memorial fund accounts, be sure to let the teller know that the account is a memorial fund. If doing a bank transfer, the custodian of the account is Anneliese Cooper, President of Alaska COPS.

$10 per person. Handouts and taps will be provided. Those interested in adopting or meeting Charlie will need to send a completed adoption application to Kristie at klent@ or call 745-7030

Register & pay by April 18: call 745-3360 or register & pay online at: SPECIAL ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH 8 to 14 who come with adult – FREE

By Peggy Compton

Health, Home and Family Development (7453677,

at Jitters in Eagle River A local group of Valley ladies (we call ourselves Gallery Gals) Patty Halley, Tracie Tompkins, Peggy Compton and Sharon Allen are featuring an art show at Jitters in Eagle River.

Art display runs through the month of April.

the Wasilla Soil and Water

WSWCDConservation is hosting a week ofDistrict: local Conservation awareness. Each day a different resource topic will be Jan. 17th -

highlighted. Check the WSWCD web site @to www. Ground Floor Introduction

Alaskan Gardening to participate & explore. There are

numerous FREE materials available for pick up @ the Jan 24th -

WSWCD Office located theSample North ForkMY Building 42 Reasons Whyinto Soil!on Bogard Rd in Wasilla. Jan. 31st -

Call LynneLiving Atkin, Admin 357-4563 X 109 with Asst Salmon: Shoreline &for Restoration 9:30 amStewardship – 2 pm Mon-Thurs details. Opportunities for Landowners FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Chuck Kaucic at 357-4563 X 103

Apr 2013

Please stop by and see their colorful art while in Eagle River.

January Schedule for the Winter

Conservation Series hosted by April 28 through May 4, 2013

Gallery Gals

Valerie Barber, Director, UAF Forest Products Program (746-9466, Julie Cascio, Cooperative Extension Service.


We will show you how to:

Memorial Funds for Trooper, Pilot



Alaska Assistance Dogs

Helps Kids By Denise Petrash

My oldest son has high-functioning autism (HFA), diagnosed a few years ago at age 7. My husband and I entered into the world of special needs as unwillingly as any parent does, but with determination to help our son. One of our first tasks was to find therapies that would aid him in learning to navigate what, to him, is a very confusing and overwhelming world. Some attempts didn’t help him very much. But I can say without hesitation that one completely positive therapeutic experience was working with Alaska Assistance Dogs, through Stone Soup Group. Now, Carole and Dodd Shay would be reasons enough for every child in the program to have a wonderful and enriching experience. They are deeply kind and always ran their dogtraining classes with formidable patience. Their experience and professional training are top-notch, forging a great connection with every kid that I saw them interact with. In reality, though, they were merely the icing on the cake: the real therapists that the kids came to see were the dogs. If you have autism or another special need, you might have trouble relating to people, difficulty understanding all the strange demands that humans make. You might struggle with having even the briefest of conversations with your peers, unable to decipher all the subtle unspoken messages, tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. If you tried to talk with someone, you might find that they think all your special interests are bizarre, or that the way you see the world is so different that a “neurotypical” kid can’t relate with you. You might have a lot of sensory problems, making the way certain common things sound or feel might make you cringe with real physical discomfort - even things that don’t usually bother most people, like someone shouting or the texture of denim. You might feel that everyone around you

except your family thinks that you are “weird”, “stupid”, or even worse things. And then, you come work with the Shays’ dogs. From bouncy puppies with zero training, to placid and experienced dogs that were there more to “train” the kids than to be themselves trained, the dogs give in abundance what can be so difficult to get from people. The dogs come to you with simple needs and plain requests. Their communications are direct and usually very easy to decipher. They give you the chance to demonstrate different skills that you and your dog have successfully been working on, before both peers and adults. You can talk to the dogs about anything at all, and they never judge or condemn. You might find yourself striking up conversations with other kids – something you never do because it’s so fraught with missteps and negative feedback. The dogs are a perfect common ground and unifying experience. You might find yourself calmed by being with these magnificent, gentle animals, or discover that you are pushing yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t consider (ugh, dog drool!) just because it’s part of getting to work with the dogs. Perhaps most importantly, in the open, happy faces of the dogs, all you would see is generous, loving acceptance. You give them treats and petting, and they give back love and more love. Over the course of several multi-week sessions with the Shays, I got to watch my son and many other kids (some special needs, some not) work with over a dozen different dogs that the Shays were training for their non-profit assistance program. Each and every session presented my special needs kid with opportunities to grow, and I saw him and the other children transformed in the ways I listed above. It’s hard to capture in words how inspiring, challenging, and healing these dogs are. I know that theoretically we were training them (and they did leave us with a few more skills mastered!), but more so I think they were training us: how to give, how to share, how to love.


Welcomes you to enjoy great music, businesses, and people... Palmer. Kitchen Classes by Mary Helm

At Non-Essentials on April 26th & 27th:

Claus M. Naske to speak to Palmer Historical Society

Contributed by Sharon Benson

Ninoyu is the East Anchorage High School band director and percussion specialist. Students age 7-18 are invited to improve their technique in percussion while learning new musical styles and developing lasting

The camp will include two opportunities for performance: a final student/faculty recital and inclusion in a marching percussion ensemble in the Colony Days Parade in Palmer. For more information visit:


Public is welcome! Refreshments will be served and door prizes awarded. Please join us!

She will be teaching alongside Mr. Barry Johnson and Ms. Erika Ninoyu. Johnson is an active drumset artist and teacher in the valley.

Classes offered include: African drumming, Brazilian percussion, Japanese Taiko drumming, drumline, percussion ensemble, and technique development in drumset, snare drum, mallet instruments, and much, much more!


Claus immigrated to the US from Germany and left Goslar in the ninth

The 2013 Percussion in the Valley Summer Camp will be taking place in Palmer from June 3-7. The camp is organized by PIV artistic director, Dr. Meggie Aube. Aube is an experienced percussion performer and educator in the valley, working in all percussion mediums with students from age 7 to 70.

friendships through music. Students at all ability levels are welcome and no previous experience in percussion is necessary. Sessions will be divided into morning classes for students age 7- 11 and afternoon classes for students age 12-18.

During World War II,the Naske family attempted unsuccessfully to flee Stettin, Pomerania in advance of Russian troops. In 1954 the German population was evicted from the province. His family walked across Germany to Goslar, in the Harz Mountains, where Claus attended school.

In January 1957, Claus moved to Fairbanks to attend the University of Alaska, graduating with two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in political science and history. He went on to earn his Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, returned to UAF as faculty in 1969, then went on to earn his doctorate from Washington State University in 1970. Naske is one of Alaska’s most prominent Historians. He is the author and co-author of numerous books on politics and the history of Alaska. His book “Alaska: A History” is widely considered the gold standard work on this state. Claus will sign copies of his latest book “ Alaska: A History”, third edition 2011.

Percussion Camp in Palmer

Pages 19-22

Claus-M. Naske, a Prominent Alaskan Historian, will speak to the Palmer Historical Society on Wed., April 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm at the Palmer Public Library about his immigration to the US from Germany.

grade to start an apprenticeship of agricultural management in Palmer, Alaska.

Check Out the Who Let The Girls Out Event!


Downtown Palmer 745-2258 Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm

- Fiesta! Street tacos & pica de gallo - Cream liqueurs - “There’s Beer In My What?!” - Soda Jerk Style syrups - Raclette

10 Visit 2013 Apr

Quality of life With the basics covered, we can then free ourselves and give attention to other important issues. We enjoy a good quality of life here, but can make it better. Park improvements and expanding our network of trails is one possibility. Using the Menard RAFFLE TICKET PRIZES: Memorial Sports Center to its potential by making it a more significant revenue generator and building a new library in town should be priorities as should a larger post office. Beautifying our city is important as we want to project a good image to the world. Lots of landscaping including grass, trees and bushes go a long way. We 1st prize: AR15 5.56 (.223) - CMMG with rail and expandable stock should encourage more community Sponsored by Arctic Ammo, Wasilla volunteerism to improve parks and 2nd prize: .338 Win Mag - Savage 116 Trophy XP w/ Nikon 3-9x40 Scope trails and for other beautification Sponsored by Sportsman’s Warehouse, Wasilla projects. Aesthetics are important to 3rd prize: 12 gauge - Weatherby PA459 black tactical w/ pistol grip any town’s appearance and appeal. Sponsored by Husky Realty, LLC, Wasilla Revenue $25 per ticket or 5 tickets for $100 To pay for improvements, revenue of course is needed. Instead of increasing taxes, we should expand our economic Tickets can be purchased at Arctic Ammo, Sportsman’s Warehouse or Palmer base by encouraging more business Elks Lodge growth. The more business activity, the **Must be 18 or older to win. Must pass a federal firearms background check** more wealth created for city coffers. To accomplish this, we need to maintain a business-friendly atmosphere of low taxes and limited regulatory controls Street. From that property, my dad and bureaucratic oversight. It should be and I developed what is now Kohring easy for one to set up a new business. Subdivision. Lucille was a two lane We can then encourage its growth by By Vic Kohring, dirt road, with a car passing every ten keeping government roadblocks out of minutes. Now, it’s a major thoroughfare the way. Exempting small businesses Former State Representative and one of the most heavily traveled from the sales tax during the first year streets in the city with thousands of cars is one idea. Tax credits is another as is I was inspired to write this article by daily. waiving business license or other fees my father, a man of vision who believed and reducing paperwork requirements. strongly in Wasilla and it’s future. I Funding essentials Government needs to be limited and dedicate these words to his memory: Years later as a legislator, my colleagues not burdensome. Land use regulations and I advocated fully funding “core should also be fair and permits easy I moved to Wasilla in 1976, the same essentials” defined as roads, schools to obtain for developing property month I graduated high school. The and public safety, while keeping an eye and building homes and commercial town had a population of less than a on the bottom line and being frugal with buildings. In the long run, we all benefit thousand hearty souls. A true frontier the public’s money. Let’s continue in this as the economy expands and the size of town with lots of promise. An exciting vein by focusing on road improvements, the economic “pie” is increased. time. A quiet, friendly community where decent schools and adequate police you never locked your doors and moose and fire protection to keep pace with Tourism everywhere. It now bustles with nearly population growth. Lucille and Main Emphasizing tourism is a natural 10,000 and no end in sight. A vibrant Streets should be widened, the Parks for Wasilla because of our beautiful place bristling with huge potential and Highway upgraded to improve traffic surroundings and recreational a great place to raise a family. My folks flow and extra lanes added to Knik- opportunities. Building a train station purchased 8-1/2 acres in ‘76 along Goose Bay Road. Widening intersections in town can make us a true destination “Airport Heights Drive” inside the city and adding street lights are also needed. point, drawing increased visitors to the limits and later renamed Lucille city with money to spend. Let’s stop

Fundraiser for Alaska Assistance Dogs

A Vision for Wasilla

waving hello at people who pass by on trains without stopping on their way to Denali National Park or Fairbanks. They should spend part of their money here too. A train station could serve as a center for bus service to take people to various points around town and immediate area. Building on the “Home of the Iditarod” theme would be a good selling point as would Wasilla’s unique and rich history. I envision millions being spent at local businesses during the summer months when the tourist season’s at its height. Giving a priority to winter sports could also keep dollars flowing year-round. A downhill ski resort in Hatcher Pass would be great for Wasilla and the same for cross country ski and snowmachine trails and facilities. Let’s give people more reasons to visit and spend dollars here. Airport The real potential crown jewel of our economy is the airport. Wasilla can be the hub of a vigorous air industry if we build the right facilities. To start, a modest terminal should be built and the runway improved. Commuter air travel to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula would further grow our economy and increase commerce. And it would serve as a means for people to easily commute to Anchorage and better access rural areas. A small seaplane base at Jacobsen Lake, part of the airport’s original master plan, should also be considered. It’s about time we took advantage of the airport’s potential. While I may no longer be an elected official, I still can contribute to the betterment of my community through voicing my opinions and supporting proactive, pro-development candidates for office. Wasilla continues to be a city of great promise. I cherish this town, a place that has provided wonderful opportunity for my family. We’ve enjoyed strong leadership and have accomplished a lot through the years. But we can do even better with a clear, bold vision for the future. Vic Kohring represented Wasilla in the Alaska State Legislature from 19952007 and previously served as chairman of the Wasilla Planning Commission

A New Market in Wasilla By Scott Suit

Wasilla Market May 23 – August 31 On Parks Hwy, Next to Fred Meyers, Wasilla A new market has arrived in Wasilla! The Wasilla Marketplace was established in 2012 to help promote all Alaskan crafts and products, as well as create a new shopping hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

By Suellyn Novak The 8th of May 2013 marks the 68th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day and the 11th of May marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Attu. To mark these historic events, the Alaska Veterans Museum and the Russian American Colony Singers have again paired up for a number of events. Governor Parnell will be issuing a proclamation. 1) May 8, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, a studio event having High School National History Day students and UAA students asking questions of WW II veterans at the UAA Public Communications studio. 2) PBS screening of the documentary Alaska at War 3) Public concert at St Patrick’s Parish Hall on Muldoon Rd at 7 PM May 9, 2013. Advance tickets $20 pp at the Alaska Veterans Museum or at CenterTix; $30 pp at door. This concert will feature historical narration and photos of WW II in Alaska and have music, dances by Alaska Natives and Sudarushka, the Taiko Drummers and more. 4) Reading of Governor’s Proclamation, ceremony and laying of wreath at the Alaska Siberia Airway (Lend Lease) Monument in Fairbanks at 11 AM on May 11, 2013. Then a driving tour of Ladd Field.

On March 23rd, my family was at a school event my father started for his students to do some small acts that they used for a statewide competition. He wanted to show the school and the student’s parents what the kids are capable of. After the show, he, my mother, my little sister, and a boy my mother was watching, began to drive home in their Prius down Bogard Road. At around 11pm they were hit by a car that was unsafe for the road conditions, and pretty much t-boning the driver side. My father was the one driving at the time. Luckily everyone is alive but my dad, who is a highly loved teacher at Wasilla High School, is still in the hospital. His wrist was shattered in 6 places on the right hand, his knee and tibia split on his left leg, and his left heel shattered. My little sister, who was also in the car, broke her tibia on both legs in both in the same spot, and my mother shattered her right wrist. There was also a little 5 year old in the car, little Austin is still in

I am starting this fundraiser in hopes to cover all of their medical bills that insurance wont cover, and to also cover the adjustments we need to make on our house(ramp for our split level home). Any extra funds will be used to get another vehicle for our family, because now we no longer have a reliable one. After that if there are any remaining funds, it would be spent on some vacation time for the parents, and any other non necessities to comfort the family. Thank you everyone for your time, and even if you cannot donate; pass the word. Keep the little boy in your thoughts and prayers, and please, drive safe. My father had a small heart attack on Saturday, April 6th, and was rushed to Anchorage. Dad is now back in Mat-Su Regional. You can donate to this family by logging on to their fundraising website: projects/repair-the-joehnks


5) Public concert at Alaska Centennial Center (Pioneer Park) at 2 PM on May 11th.

By Justin Joehnk

After this past week of contacting the other driver’s insurance company, we discovered that the person had the lowest coverage possible, so it won’t even cover one of the surgeries (my father needs 3, and my mom needs 1). It also won’t cover the costs of medical, the helicopter ride my mom and 5 year old were lifted out with, or the cost of them having to stay at the hospital for over a week.


Other vendors include Mommas Grizzly Grub, a featured vendor on the food channels “The Great Food Truck Race”, and well known Alaskan vendors such as the Salmon Grill, and Valley Tie-Dye. We are sure to have whatever you’re looking for here at The Wasilla Marketplace. See you this summer!

(Anchorage & Fairbanks)

the hospital, in critical condition. Once we find out more on him, and I get approval from his mother, I will post a separate fundraiser for that family.

Our scenic location on Wasilla Lake is a great place to relax, and helps to make your shopping experience more pleasurable. We will have many different entertainers perform, from singers to an appearance by the Wild Bird Sanctuary; each Saturday promises something different. Come start your day with Mammoth mini-donuts, and shop for fresh produce at Babbling Brook produce.

May 8-11

Local Teacher, Family Injured In Collision Fundraiser


Our mission is to provide the public with quality entertainment and great shopping experiences, as well as encourage the pioneering spirit that helped build our town. Located on the Parks Highway, the market will be open every Thursday and Saturday this summer. Starting May 23rd and going through August 31st, the Wasilla Market is bursting with vendors, and is sure to have everything you could want. From food to fashion, jewellery to farm fresh produce, we have it all!

Alaska World War II Remembrance Days



12 Visit Apr 2013

Community Palmer Colony House Makes History! By Sheri Hamming

The Campbell House - Est. 1935 The Campbell House on S. Inner Springer Loop in Palmer, an original Matanuska Colony 1935 farmhouse, has recently been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Campbell House joins 15 other colony properties already on the register. State Historic Preservation Officer Judy Bittner states that it’s a rare example of an intact frame-built home from the colony period that has historical and physical integrity. In 1935 the Matanuska Valley was selected for colonization as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal program. A government corporation was organized for sending the settlers to Alaska. The corporation was financed by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). Two hundred and two families were chosen based on their heritage, their farming abilities and related skills from Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. This relocation project was governed by the Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation. Two journeys of the St. Mihiel two weeks apart brought the colonists into Seward, then by train to Palmer. The colonists first settled into a ‘tent city’ in down town Palmer near the train depot. Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) sent workers from California ahead of the new colonists to start clearing and building the tents. The tents were not completed by the second

shipload of colonists so families had to double up for a time. On May 23 1935 a drawing was held to determine which Quarter sections each family would be given. Each roll of paper drawn contained the legal description and the tract number. Each family was given at least 40 acres with a house, barn, chicken brooder and funds for improvements. Payments would start in September 1940. New camps were then located in outlying areas closer to the newly drawn ‘sections’ or ‘quarters’. George and Onabelle Campbell with their two children, from Mio, Michigan drew Quarter 54. They and their two young sons moved into the house in 1935 but left the colony after one winter. William and Lulubelle Bouwens and eight of their 11 children moved to the farm in 1938 after fire destroyed their house on Lot 53. The colony house has remained in the Bouwens family until 2011. It took one year to restore, preserve, and submit the newly named Campbell House for the National Register of Historic Places. The Campbell House is the only Colony House in this area that is available to the public as a Vacation/Event rental, thereby allowing this unique national history to be shared with the public.


Communications & Amateur Radio Contributed By Don Bush Alaska is constantly having various emergencies across the state. Some you hear about and others, due to the nature of Alaskans, you don’t. We are pretty self-sufficient and proud of it. But have you ever thought about, the next time you have a situation in your area or neighborhood what happens if my cell phone does not work or the phone is dead and I cannot contact anyone to let them know I’m ok or need help? Borough Emergency Services, Police and Fire Departments and State Troopers have an excellent system for communicating, however at times the nature of the emergency, such as earth quake, flood or fire can take out these Commercial Communications Systems. Cell towers can be overloaded to a point that no one can make a call. Phones lines can be disabled by the nature of the situation and loss of the internet happens on a regular basis. The professionals work very hard trying to improve their systems to make them as dependable as possible, but Murphy’s Law and Mother Nature is very unforgiving and when an emergency occurs you may need a backup. Amateur radio, better known as Ham Radio, has been around since the first communications was developed. In a majority of the cases it was a Ham Radio Operator that may have developed the current communications systems in use today. And no the internet did not replace or do away with

Ham Radio, we hear that a lot. Ham radio is alive and well and becoming more and more popular. What is Amateur or Ham Radio? Well everyone knows what CB was and other radio on the market today are the FRS or GMRS Family Service Radios. These are radio systems that everyone can use with only the GMRS models requiring a family license. These radios are short range radios and normally not monitored by Emergency Services or other groups to listen for folks calling for assistance, in some areas REACT may monitor Channel 9 or 11 on the CB, but being short range radios you don’t always have someone who can assist you. Ham Radio comes in various shapes, models and capabilities. They can get very technical, but to make it easy to understand you have long range and short range voice radio and you have digital radio. Ham Radio Operators can talk all over the world as well as space. We can build our radios or buy them off the shelf. The major difference from radios available to the general public is we need a FCC Radio License. These license start out with basic radio and electronic knowledge and rules and regulations to our Engineer class license. In Alaska it does not cost to get your license. You can contact your local Amateur Radio Club and check on classes and when and where the testing to get these licenses may be held. We have study guides and sample test available on the internet to assist folks in obtaining the class of license they desire to obtain. Each class of license, Technician, General, or Extra have different requirements and capabilities depending on what you would like to do with your Ham

Continues on Page 13

‘Emergency’ Continued Radio. The entrance level (Technician), allows you to talk on FM radios, mobile, portable or handhelds (walky-talkies). The next level (General), allow you to talk on long range HF radio on various frequencies around your state, lower 48 or the world. The highest level (Extra) give additional frequencies and all privileges associated with Ham Radio.

A Gulag Mouse Contributed By Annia Wyndham

and poets. This production of A Gulag Mouse has been in development for close to one year, after the director was handed the script by the playwright at the Last Frontier Theater Conference in Valdez last summer.

After a violent act of self defense, Anastasia is thrust into the harsh reality of life in Stalin’s GULAG where she and her fellow inmates struggle for power in a powerless situation. A Gulag Mouse is filled with suspense and black humor born out of one of the darkest realities of modern history. Will these five women choose to live or merely survive? How far are they willing to go to answer that question?

Now you can plug in an extension cord to it and make sure it is outside, then connect what you want to power from it, but use the corrected rated extension cord so not to cause a fire, again talk to a licensed electrician or your power

The cast features Morgan Mitchell, Danielle Rabinovitch, Tamar Shai, Jill Sowerwine, Aaron Wiseman/Wayne Mitchell and Annia Wyndham.

company. But if all that fails or is not available Ham Radio Operators, are prepared for most challenges you will in counter during emergencies. If you are interested in radio communications come to one of our meetings, currently we are meeting the last Saturday of the month at 12 noon in Fire Station 65 off Seward Meridian. Check out our website for other contact information and upcoming classes or events. One of our main fund raisers will be held at the Wasilla American Legion, just north of Wasilla May 11th from 1000 to 5 PM. We will have equipment for sale, door prizes, seminars and demonstrations going on all day. Remember when all else fails call a ham.

MATURE CONTENT: violence, language, and suggestive stage images; A Gulag Mouse is an Adult Drama, please plan attendance accordingly.

Apr 2013

After extensive historical research, character development and improvisation sessions, a vigorous and intense rehearsal schedule, stage combat classes, and months of preparations, this strong and unyielding story will finally be performed at Out North Contemporary Art House in a three-week run.

When there are extended power outages, some phone systems will fail, but if you have a battery powered or a phone that is plugged into an AC outlet, remember it will not work when you lose power. Check garage sales for the old push button phones, they work without AC, as long as your phone line is working. Cell phones batteries will need to be charged from time to time. There are portable battery power charges to assist you in that. Be very careful using portable generators, do not connect them to your house wiring without using a licensed electrician.

TossPot Productions is proud to present an unapologetic and daring evening of theater in their first fully staged work. A Gulag Mouse is written by Arthur M. Jolly and directed by Arlitia Jones. TossPot Productions is a group of artists committed to bringing compelling stories to the people of Alaska. We are made up of playwrights, actors, directors, designers, botanists

train to become more proficient and improving our systems. Here are some things you can do to help yourself during emergencies. Stop by your local fire departments and pickup pamphlets and info on preparing for emergencies. Attend your local Emergency Preparedness Fairs to pick up useful information and training.


So Ham Radio can be a hobby or a service. Currently in the Matanuska Valley we have 5-600 licensed radio operators, Alaska has approximate 4000 operators. Our Amateur Radio Emergency Group (ARES) is made of operators that volunteer to provide Emergency Backup Communications. Matsu ARES has a complete mobile Communications trailer that provides every type of communications that may be required during disaster or emergency operations. We have had this on display at the Borough Emergency Fairs around the community and at the Borough Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Fire Station 61, during exercises. Our web site at www.kl7jfu. com or has pictures of our operations and systems.

So what can Ham Radio Operators do to assist you during emergencies? Check with your neighbors, you may have a Ham living very close to you. Ham Radio Operator equipment does require commercial means, most of us use battery or generator backup systems, solar or wind power to allow us to continue to operate our equipment. We have mobile equipment we can work from our vehicles and portable equipment we can set up anywhere to communicate. We can send your relatives or spouses messages over our systems to let them know your status. We can contact Emergency Services or other agencies to let them know that you need assistance. We have our own email system that does not require the internet. We have mapping and GPS capabilities, in some cases we can run phone patches for you, connecting to your party like the old Alascom Ship to Shore radio patches, but to other Ham Operators near the party you want to talk to. Several of us go thru Emergency Training to allow us to assist the First Responders in assisting you. And all of this is by volunteer operators and at no cost to you. Your local Hams have provided all types of assistance to Borough Emergencies services, Red Cross and Hospitals and we continue to




Aida Write-Up By Stan Harris

Palmer High School is presenting Elton John’s,” AIDA,” as it final stage production of the year. The play opens May 2nd and runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, through May 11th. After Elton John and Tim Rice teamed up for “The Lion King”, they found they liked working together and decided to team up for another Broadway Show. The plot of Aida has a bit of the flavor of Romeo and Juliet. Egypt has just conquered it neighboring country of Nubia and taken many of its population as slaves. Among the slaves is Aida who is the daughter of the King of Nubia. Her identity is unknown to the Egyptians and she is given to Amneris, the daughter of the pharaoh by Radames. Radames is the head of the Egyptian army and betrothed to Amneris. He is also the some of Zoser the evil prime minister who wants his son on the throne. The plot gets complicated when Radames and Aida fall in love. Needless to say there is lots of drama, intrigue and romance. The music of Aida is classic Elton John and Tim Rice. The musical opened on Broadway in 2000 and ran for over 4 years,

winning all the major awards for Broadway plays. The music is an amazing mix of rock, reggae, African and mid-eastern sounds with powerful ballads thrown in. The show calls for strong voices and strong dance. We feel very fortunate to have the voices to bring it to life. In the dance department we got lucky twice. We have a number of cast members with strong dance backgrounds and others who are gifted athletes. We also are fortunate to have a very gifted choreographer. Miranda Harris is a Palmer High graduate and a professional dancer and choreographer in San Francisco specializing in Afro-Fusion and Brazilian dance forms. She just happened to be in town for the time of our production and consented to choreograph the show. This production is a team effort: Grant Olson - Director Stan Harris – Musical Director Sara Guhl – Accompanist Rod Mehtens -- Set Design Tami LeCheminant, Denise hardy and Erin Lamb – Costumes Nichele Henry – Make-up Kathy Sage – Publicity This is a special production. The quality of the cast is superb the show will take you on a musical and emotional rollercoaster. It is powerful.

Ivory Moose Productions Making Music in AK By Michael Howard

So it’s 2013 in Alaska. Our tourism industry is still benefiting from the Sarah Palin phenomenon, and I’ve lost track of how many new reality TV shows are filming up here. You may have also noticed Alaska’s music scene bustling with new energy. It’s an exciting time for me and Ivory Moose Productions to be hosting live music in Alaska. Here’s what I see happening right now: Firstly, we’re on a cycle of another wave of talented and ambitious musicians. Every 10 years or so, a new crop of musicians comes of age and make up the scene at a point in time. Alaska has plenty of success stories that continue to inspire future generations of musicians who will take the driver’s seat on the next wave. Similarly, and the next ingredient in Alaska’s burgeoning music scene, is the maturation of the state as a whole. Take a look around at the number of new boutique stores, specialty restaurants, micro-breweries, and the like. Arts and music thrive in a strong economy, and new developments happen once we have the full spectrum of pieces in place to support something new. The key pieces that have come together to support the rush of new musical energy in Alaska are 1) musicians that create a new sound and offer a fresh “product”,

2) a market of music patrons that is supportive of that new product, and 3) venues that understand that product and create a space where the product can be showcased in an appropriate environment. My last observation is the role the Great Recession of 2008. Soon after it hit, waves of talented 2030 somethings from around the country flocked to Alaska as they followed job opportunities. These hip new Alaska residents brought with them their tastes, interests, and also their hobbies like design, art, and photography. These young people actively support the music scene as they search for recreation and social events. They’re also the ones who contribute to the health of the scene by making the bands’ websites, snapping the photos, and helping organize the communities and events where music thrives. I began operating Ivory Moose Productions in 2012 to help book and promote new touring acts from the Lower 48 looking to tour Alaska. This year Ivory Moose has already hosted the alt-folk duet Strangled Darlings from Portland, Oregon, and in April we’ll be hosting an Alaska tour for the prestigious Mountain Stage New Song Contest 2nd place winner Jeffrey Martin. It’s loads of fun to get new music up here and introduce them to The Last Frontier and all our supportive, and often quirky, Alaska friends.

We’re looking forward to lots more great music on the horizon.


Maybe, but we did it anyway. by Diann Haist

That is on the order of rewarding art buyers with first right of refusal so to speak. I’m sure this is still done in some areas for which we are thankful, but my observation tells me it’s not a standard operating procedure in many other areas. In this new world of internet promotions, facebook, twitter, et al, most artists’ promotions seem to be quicker and so much less expensive. But, and that ‘but’ is my opinion only,

Consign 49 Event By Jaclyn Wirtanen

primarily investment buyers; stock brokers, attorneys, businesses enjoying art whilst receiving a tax incentive, and lovely private collectors who grace their homes with aesthetics for families and friends to enjoy. I confess to being fortunate enough to have consistent collectors and my dealings with agents and galleries have been of the highest calibre, and we became friends.

Well, in this time of ‘economic uncertainty’ (so news media tells us), we have created and opened an old-fashioned, brick and mortar art

gallery. Crazy? Maybe, but instead of complaining, we decided to do something about it.

art appreciation in our small part of the world. In the meantime, please visit the Haist Gallery if you get a chance to see what we have been doing. If you would like to be on our private invitation mailing list, send snail-mail address and email address through www.DiannHaist. com ‘contact the artist’. We respect everyones privacy and never ever use or sell or give out this information to anyone, ever, period. You can also sign up for the newletter on that site to receive periodic news of events and other goings-on. Works can still be purchased through as well, so no stops, only expansion! You may also follow us on facebook www.facebook. com/DiannHaistFineArt and twitter @diannhaistart

Alright, Ladies! Get ready to bust out of cabin fever mode and straight into Spring cleaning mode!

donating all items that don’t sell and are marked “Donate” to a local charity here in Palmer. for more info!

A new community event is happening in Palmer April 19, 20 and 21. This consignment event, the first of it’s kind for adults in Alaska, is a semi-annual consignment event where you can earn 65- 80% cash for your items!

This event is powered by volunteers, so clean out your closets, price your stuff, and get out there and volunteer! Volunteers get to shop first, and earn a higher percentage of their items that sell. Consignor and volunteer registration will be open until April 17! All consigning, volunteering and entering of items into inventory is done online via the Consign49 website-

As for your items that don’t sell? You have the option of tagging your items “Donate,” and Consign49 will be

Haist Gallery, Northway Mall, 3101 Penland Parkway, Anchorage, Alaska 99508 Phone:(907) 903-9997 Hours: 12 to 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Mondays

Apr 2013

a bientot, til next time, Diann Haist

Now though, I am reading on this same internet that many art galleries in general seem to be closing at an alarming rate. Hmm - artists are

We will be putting back in the courtesy of inviting people to private showings before opening an exhibition for public appreciation. We are getting back to basics and reconnecting with people. Set up as primarily a showcase for my own work, with a separate space large enough to teach classes and do workshops, through our gallery, along with the other wonderful galleries in Alaska, we will attempt to revitalize

3-day Consignment EventEverything for her and her home! Fri Apr 19- Sat Apr 20 9am-9pm Sun Apr 21*Specially marked items 1/2 price!* 9am-5pm @ Train Depot Downtown Palmer Registration for Spring consignors open til Apr 17. Registration for Fall consignors opens after Apr 22 for more info!

On a personal note, over the years collectors of my work have been

taking the bit between their teeth and self-promoting - which of course we have always had to do anyway, but this time it also involves the selling and garnering collectors. Full time job.


Dang, I am so old-fashioned! The art world has changed, the way collectors buy art has changed (so we are told), and general public openings seem to be the order of the day, such as First Friday exhibition openings. I love the First Friday openings of course, but ‘back in the day’ when art was selling steadily through reputable galleries around the world, collectors and potential collectors were invited via snail-mail to private showings before the exhibition was opened to the public for viewing.

wouldn’t real collectors still like to be invited to a private showing? I know I would, and yes, I do sometimes buy other artists work when I am flush and my works are selling well. Spread the wealth and enrich your living with others’ creative energy.




Alaska Junior Theater presents:

Hitler’s Daughter

by Monkey Baa Theatre Company Saturday, April 27, 7:30 PM Discovery Theatre, ACPA Tickets $11-$24 Military Discount Available! Call Centertix for more information at 263-ARTS. If Hitler had a daughter, would she have been like her father or would she have stood up for what she believed to be right? See Australia’s Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People in Hitler’s Daughter, an evocative play adapted from Jackie French’s award winning book. In this gripping play, four Australian

school children sort through the questions of morality, delve into monumental events in history and examine their own perceptions of good versus evil. A simple game of storytelling leads to a compelling story about Heidi, the disfigured daughter of one of the most feared men in history. Experience this spellbinding journey as one student begins to question his own history and searches for answers to right and wrong. As the play progresses, the children consider ways to overcome the wrongs of the past and create a new way for the future. Monkey Baa’s riveting production, Hitler’s Daughter, makes a positive contribution to Holocaust education and racial intolerance. Adapted from Jackie French’s award winning book, Hitler’s Daughter addresses issues that are deep and universal. Contact AJT’s office to check out a copy of this book now.

Apr 2013



Passive and Rammed Earth Homes in Alaska

May 4 6:30-8:30pm Wasilla - Agate Inn $10 for ACAT members, $20 for nonmembers, Additional fees for CEUs Dan Duame, Executive Director of the Aleutian Housing Authority (AHA), will discuss the genesis, design and progress for two prototype projects aimed at developing high performance affordable housing models for replication in the Aleutian region.

These models are both being designed to meet Living Building Challenge and Passive House standards (which includes net-zero energy). One is a super-efficient home in Sand Point. The other is a home being built in the Butte exploring the option of utilizing the high thermal mass benefits of Stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) for all structural elements of the building, a construction technique never before tried in Alaska. RSVP required. Registration required. MORE INFO: or 907.299.1982

Spring Concert - "Heroes and Icons" - May 10th, 7:30PM Teeland Middle School

$5 Adults/Seniors & students FREE

Mat-Su Concert Band

“Semper Paratus”, “The Marines’ Hymn”, “The U.S. Air Force”, and “Anchors Aweigh”.

By Zaz Hollander

You can’t salute our heroes without march master John Philip Sousa. This concert features Sousa’s “The Black Horse Troop”, a 1924 composition written in honor of a cavalry troop in the Ohio National Guard. The band will also perform “Where Eagles Dare” by Ron Goodwin.

Salutes Heroes

The Mat-Su Concert Band presents its spring concert - “Heroes and Icons” - at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 10 at Teeland Middle School. The concert includes an intermission. There will be a small admission fee at the door. Tickets are $5; seniors and students get in free. Tickets are available before the concert. The band will present a special performance of “The Year 1812” also known as “The 1812 Overture”, the masterpiece by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky that combines stirring brass fanfares with rippling woodwinds and thunderous percussion. From the iconic category: “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables” featuring vocal soloist Ashley Wedge, the band’s concert mistress and first chair clarinet. Wedge, music director at Wasilla High School, puts her own powerful stamp on this raw yet touching ballad. The band will also perform a medley from the musical “Miss Saigon” by “Les Mis” composer Claude-Michel Schonberg. “Armed Forces Salute” allows the band to recognize all branches of our military with selections from “The Caisson Song”,

Several iconic European masterworks round out the program: “Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks” by Richard Strauss; “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral” from “Lohengrin” by Richard Wagner; and an Alfred Reed arrangement of “Gypsy Dance” from “Carmen”, composer Georges Bizet’s famous opera. The Mat-Su Concert Band got its start in 1984 as the Mat-Su Community Band, formed by Matanuska Music owner and longtime band member Hank Hartman. Other directors have included Neil Long and Phil Munger. Current director Gleo Huyck is a retired music educator and private instructor. Under Huyck’s baton, the band performs a wide-ranging selection of challenging music. The band this season numbers more than 60 amateur musicians who assemble every Monday night for rehearsals at Teeland. For more information or to join the band, visit, send an e-mail to or call Gleo Huyck at 746-0628.

Neil’s Lock & Safe

Read our online edition anytime.

Positive & Encouraging Community Info & Events No Staff of Writers + Community Submissions = The People’s Paper



Apr 2013


Floating Art!

By Carmen Summerfield

consider organizing a “ Floating Art” event in Wasilla this summer. And so after several meetings and planning sessions, the Valley Arts Alliance has scheduled a “Floating Art” event on Wasilla Lake at Newcomb Park on Saturday June 22, from Noon ‘till 4pm. So what’s you idea of Art—that— FLOATS? Do you have an idea, thought, message, or feeling that you would like to communicate (or “float”) to other people through art? If so, bring your floating art to Wasilla Lake on June 22.

Imagine a large globe made from plastic water bottles and floating in a large river. I saw such a thing last fall when I was on a ferry crossing the IJ river in Amsterdam (see my picture). This floating globe of the world is moored in the IJ river between the Amsterdam Central Station and the EYE Film Museum, and is made from thousands of plastic bottles that artist Peter Singer collected around Amsterdam.

We’ll start launching the art at noon, and it will stay on the lake until 4pm, to allow for judging. It will be a festive afternoon with music, and a station for kids off all ages to make a small floating art piece. No advance registration is necessary, and it’s FREE.

30 Paintings in 30 Days! By Karen Mattson, Artist

presented its own set of challenges! Our small dining table was converted into a mini art workspace. The palette, paints, brushes, and water had to fit the space, since working large was out of the question. Plus, remember, the painting needed to be finished in one day… Time was set aside each day. Some days the painting would take most of the day, and other days, the painting process flowed so well, there was little laboring.

At the beginning of the year, a fellow artist posted she was challenging artists all over the country to paint a “painting-a-day” from January 2nd – 31st; then post them onto our blog, Facebook page or on her site, if we wished. It sounded like a great winter pastime! Doing a painting a day sounds like a daunting task, but like anything else, once a goal is set, everything seems to fall into place. At the time, we were on vacation in our motor home. This alone

The majority of the pieces were painted in acrylic on wood panel, but several were watercolors on Arches 140# paper. I only considered one painting a reject…. At the end of January, I had 30 small original works of art. Several will be used at local galleries this summer.

See more of my art at: or 907) 244-7774

Artist Singer calls his creation the Wereld van Zwerfvuil (‘World of Litter’) and it was on display in the river to bring awareness to the amount of plastic on Amsterdam streets and throughout the world. Look close at this picture and you’ll see Alaska at the top! I was mentioning this floating art piece to Elsie Ledoux and Randy Robinson at the Valley Arts Alliance Wearable Art and Runway Fashion Show in February. Elsie remarked that she had entered a piece of floating art at an event in Anchorage years ago, and Randy suggested that the Valley Arts Alliance might

Save the date—Saturday June 22— and plan to pack a picnic and enjoy a fun art afternoon by Wasilla Lake.

If you have any questions, please contact me: Carmen (at) or go to our website:

> ‘Orange Poppy’ by Artist Karen Mattson

Ap r i l 26t h & 27t h DOWNTOWN PALMER

W Arctic Ave Blueberry Birch


W Cedar

E Dahlia Ave



! n u F r e m l a P n w Downto BROUGHT TO YOU BY: A Special Thank You to Denise Statz for organizing WLTGO, 3 Years Running!

ny Way


S Colo




S Bail


S Cobb St


E Fireweed Ave

W Fireweed

ny Wa y



E Elmwood Ave



W Elmwood




S Diamond St


Evergreen Ave

Glenn Hwy


Palmer-Wasilla Hwy

S Alaska St

S Bailey

W Dahlia

S Valley Way

S Cobb St

Glenn Hwy

W Dogwood

From Anchorage


1. The Gallery 2. Madd Matters 3. Fantastic Fibers 4. Dalrymple Law Office 5. NuKreationz 6. Garden Gate 7. Moosehead Saloon 8. NonEssentials 9. Fireside Books, 10. Circling Path Tai Chi Studio 11. Koslosky Center: Vagabond Blues, Sidekicks, Stamp Cache and Active Soles 12. Tammy Bruce, Edward Jones

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides 13. Valley Hotel & Caboose 14. AK Cell Repair, Palmer Deli, Hot Hot Chocolate, Paradise Tanning, Shane Lamb Studio & Healing Path Therapeutic Massage 15. Silvertip Design. 16. Backcountry Bike and Ski 17. EnVee 18. Rusty's at Dahlia Street 19. ExCel Physical Therapy 20. Palmer Museum 21. Palmer Bar 22. Midnight Sun Yoga Sudio 23. Cover Ups 24. Eagle Hotel


Wild & Scenic Film Fest 2013 By Jeremiah Millen, Executive

April 2013


Director, Envision Mat Su Envision the following possibilities. A charismatic chef from New Orleans transforms a broken Baltimore school food system into one of the most innovative and productive programs in the country. Three friends with missing limbs attempt the first successful all-disabled ascent of Yosemite’s iconic El Capitan. These stories are examples of some of the many inspiring stories included in this year’s lineup for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Palmer at the Historic Train Depot on April 25th and 26th. Envision Mat Su is proud to host the festival again this year and have expanded it to include two days due last year’s sold out crowd.

Who Let The Girls Out

5K Run

By Vera Hershey Valley Women’s Running Team (VWRT) is happy to be part of the Downtown Palmer Merchants Association’s Who Let the Girls Out Version 3 being held in Palmer on Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27. The run will start at the Palmer Downtown Pavillion. We are especially excited about putting on a new event open to both runners and walkers alike—Who Let the Girls Out 5K—on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. Our goal in putting on this race is to bring new runners into our club and encourage women to embrace a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Envision Mat Su is a non-profit valley organization whose mission is to actively engage Mat-Su residents and other Alaskans in the conservation, restoration, enhancement, and stewardship of our region’s most valuable resources—our unique communities and natural assets. The festival is the largest traveling festival of its kind and is meant to inspire local residents toward community action and unite communities by exploring positive solutions to address pressing environmental issues. The family friendly event features 22 unique films, local artwork and food and live music from talented musicians such well-known Alaskan artist Melissa Mitchell. Tickets on sale now at: www. We hope to see you there for this exciting community event!

VWRT is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide an educational and recreational running program for women of the Mat-Su Valley. Our goal is to encourage women to set and meet personal goals and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of running. Our season starts in April and ends in August, with an extended season to September. Many of the women use this as their training for competitive racing in Alaska and many enjoy the pinnacle of running— a marathon—or a destination race in the lower 48. It will be a thrill for the VWRT Race Committee to meet their vision of 200 happy runners racing through Palmer and sprinting to the finish line, proud and fulfilled that they met their personal fitness goal.

WHO LET THE GIRLS OUT SCHEDULE Cover Ups, 2012 Bill Bivin Small Business of the year, annual Estate Sale begins at 9am. Come find some treasures at Cover-ups, for an amazing array of repurposed furnishings and “Alaska Chicks,” the valley’s hottest girl gear! EnVee on Arctic, will host a variety of home-based women entrepreneurs including Do Terra, Paparazzi Jewelry, Sentsy, Pink Zebra and Princess House. Make your way to EnVee to stock up on a new spring wardrobe - 50% off sale! Healing Path Therapeutic Massage “Massage in the Mall” chair and foot massage from 10 am – 7 pm, with drawings for free 20 minute massages at Noon, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm. Revitalizing chair or foot massage for 1$ a minute. Call ahead (715-8748) or walk in for the next available spot! Healing Path will feature Denver artist Judy Davidson’s “ The Crown Jewels” organic and casual jewelry. On Friday evening (26th) Pam and Carrie D McAllister of Celestial Dragon Massage will provide chair massages at the Eagle Hotel for runners and walkers finishing the 5K! What a treat for those tired feet! HOT HOT Chocolate in the Downtown Palmer Plaza. The chocolate possibilities are endless – and Cindy is planning to push the envelope with a WILD CHOCOLATE event from 2 – 3:30 pm.

Midnight Sun Yoga Studio celebrate Belly Dancing with J Woodward, Hot Yoga, Zumba more. Sat classes are just $5. at Midnight Sun will include M Abada, with doTerra Essential henna body art by Raven’s Ele and leatherwork by B. Flower Unlimited.

Museum and Visitors Cen will celebrate SLOW ART and Arkose Brewery from 3 – 7 pm Come and gaze and discuss lo s.l.o.w.l.y. while enjoying a sam Arkose Brewery’s fine beers! S for door prizes and enjoy.

The Palmer Bar is the place for margaritas & manicures - enjoy the beautiful glass art of Star Dust Designz, a burger or a steak. Hurry to get your lucky hand for the poker run a Palmer Bar or NonEssentials!

Moosehead Saloon feature Photos by Barbie Wagner, By t Spirit Photography, from noo 6 pm. Hair and make-up by Sh Fire Design! Enter to win a pe photo shoot valued at $150. M than 10 home based businesse presenting their varied produc check back for door prizes all

Edward Jones financial a Tammy Bruce will help you “Balance in your Budget” - fre focused seminars from 10 am pm at her office at 642 South Suite 108 Knowledg and depen Tammy is great loca resource on financial matters.

Shane Lamb Gallery Learn the techniques to achieve vibr light-filled paintings on glacia Create a masterpiece and find inspiration to continue your a

nter d m. ocal art mple of Sign up

DanaLyn Dalrymple offers 30-minute ESTATE PLANNING sessions, free of charge, at her cozy law office on Cobb Street between Silva Insurance and Fantastic Fibers from 10 am to 2 pm. Downtown Palmer Deli good food, music and a comfortable and relaxing place to refresh yourself! Enjoy a gelato and visit with the many friends that stop by.

NuKreationz on the corner of Bailey and Evergreen welcomes you to come and paint your pot – create your own piece of pottery and learn about the many possibilities available at NuKreationz! The Gallery in the Keybank Mall, is filled with fine art and beautiful gifts. On Fri evening, take the horsedrawn carriage to the Gallery - Chip Brock, Realistic wildlife artist, will display his work from 3 – 7 pm. Sat the Gallery welcomes jewelry artist Vickie Kleuver as well as birds from the Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center.

The Homeless Actors of Mat-Su and BOLD announce the dinner theatre performance of “BIRTH” and a silent auction to benefit the Alaska Birth Network as part of “WHO LET THE GIRLS OUT”; April 26th (6:30 pm) and 27th (1pm and 6:30pm) at the Downtown Palmer Plaza. The play, written by child advocate Karen Brody, captures the truth about the childbirth crisis today: that the medical community is

3rd Annual Palmer Spring Classic The Palmer Spring Classic started as just a simple Randonneuring style road bike ride in the Mat-Su Valley and now draws riders from all over the state who enjoy the sunshine, dry roads and beautiful mountain views available only in the Valley this early in the season. A Randonneuring Ride is a selfsupported road bike ride, not a race, in which riders must complete the course (check-point-to-checkpoint) in the time allotted. Riders can travel alone or with a group, but must be self-sufficient. The Palmer Spring Classic starts at 9AM April 27th in Historic Downtown Palmer in front of Vagabond Blues Coffee Shop and continues north towards Sutton. Riders can choose to complete the 50K, 100K, or 200K course. The

Tickets are $30 per person, $25 for seniors and students and can be purchased at Nonessentials in Palmer or by calling HAMS at 3764252 or e-mailing akhams@yahoo. com. Check out our facebook and website too!

ride will finish in Palmer at Turkey Red Restaurant where participants can enjoy a meal and a brew. Everyone is a winner! The Alaska Randonneurs, Backcountry Bike and Ski, and Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers are proud supporters and organizers of this yearly event. For more Randonneuring events visit The registration, bib pick up, and payment begin at 7:30 AM , April 27th at Vagabond Blues Coffee Shop. The ride starts promptly at 9 AM. Entry fee is $25 cash or check. Ride details can be found at www.backcountrybikeandski. com/events/palmer-spring-classicofficial.

April 2013

Paradise Tanning in the Downtown Palmer Plaza introduces their new “red light therapy” designed to ease fine lines, undo sun damage and brighten spirits!

Vagabond Blues Stop for a cup of coffee, a bowl of soup and catch some great local music…as well as beautiful and functional pottery by local artist Marta Zegzdryn of Mex Alaskan Pottery.

Homeless Actors of Mat-Su

n rant al silt. d the artistic

Stop by the Stamp Cache to find an array of stamps to create a personal and prized card, calendar, treasure box or goodie bag. Sign up for classes available at the Stamp Cache in the Koslosky Center.

Madd Matters Welcomes Alaska Bird Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, giving you a chance to enjoy the birds, meet the caregivers and understand the service they provides. Then enjoy the dance of Gaia Tribal Dancers!

By Christine Lloyd,

failing most low-risk pregnant women. “BIRTH” is performed as part of a global activist theater movement know as BOLD, uncovers the secret lives of women in labor as they confront coercion in hospitals and uncover “my body rocks” strategies for obtaining a positive birth experience.

advisor u find ee m–1 Alaska 8. geable ndable, sa al .

Fantastic Fibers celebrates a Fiber Art Show with fiber artists stopping in to demonstrate amazing possibilities and inspire your own fiber fantasy - from drop spindle spinning to weaving and the art of hand painted yarn, needle felting and machine knitting.

Silvertip Design In addition to their own locally designed and crafted T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bags and an array consignment items Silvertip Designs will hold felting workshops and host Klondike Candy – brittle and chocolates locally produced, universally loved!

Play at Turkey Red


es Glam the on to hear ersonal More es cts day.

Garden Gate Enjoy the stylish and playful array of beautiful items and visit the sales table at Garden Gate’s new location - corner of Evergreen and South Alaska. Bluff View Design’s Nicole Marsh will share her handcrafted jewelry wine bottle cheese trays and wine charms.

Side Kicks Gifts - SPECIAL SIDEWALK SALE Sat from 12 – 4 Sidekicks hosts a book signing and visit with Cory Williamson, author of newly released Warriors Are Made. Sat from 2 – 6 local prophetic painter Cherise Hyslip and friends will share some smaller acrylic paintings and inspire you! Win a Willow Tree piece signed by the artist!

at The !

endeavor with the Painted Ladies’ Karen Whitworth! From 10 – 12 noon Creative Chickadees and from 1 – 3 pm Luminous Light Filled Flowers. For more info and to claim your spot stop by or call the Shane Lamb Gallery at 746-3343, classes are $45 - all materials included.


o will Jenn and Guests Maria l Oils, ement



Stamp Cache

and stop by the restaurant or bar for a - classes at Circling Path Tai Chi Studio located bite and a little socializing. Then on Enjoy mimosas and muffins at 10 am, immediately North of Fireside Books Sat enjoy an authentic Italian dinner, join Leahat Wagner celebrates World Tai Chi and Qigong DayScenic Filmthen Wild and Festival the Palmer Depot NuKreationZ Art & Gaia Tribal Dancers, and Meggie Aube, of Foundroot Seeds for a and you can check out Zumba Fitnessä, April 25th-26th Palmer’s Doctor of Percussion for an Creativity Center garden party and fabric Latin based dance aerobics. Try it out evening of fun at the newly renovated, making on the deck for fun and exercise - free classes and HAMS Dinner flower Theatre at Turkey Red smoke free Eagle Bar. at Rusty’s with music by demonstrations throughout the day. April 26th-27th Diana Z and Gaia Tribal AK Cell Dancers, and guests Fireside Books Running Repair in the including Grey Owl Team Come dressed as Emily Valley Women’s Downtown Farms and Alaska Naturals. You can Dickinson or Walt 5K Timed Run/Untimed Walk Palmer Plaza pre-register for wine tasting at Rusty’s Whitman to enter the April 26th is hosting a at 1:30, 3, and 4:30. Music will continue look-alike contest, and into the evening with grand prizes for the texting competition slated for the 26th a chance to win fun Palmer Spring Classic and 27th at 3 pm each day. This single WLTGO event awardedBike at 8 pm! prizes. elimination competition could win you a April 27th fabulous “boost” speaker/amplifier. Valley Hotel and Caboose Lounge NonEssentials welcomes food maven Wild at and Scenic Festival at the Palmer Depot Wild andof Scenic Palmer Depot - breakfast allthe day, fabulousFilm local ice Mary Helm for a series classes onFilm Fri Festival NuKreationZ Art & NuKreationZ Art & Excel Physical Therapy and cream treats including fireweed honey and Sat - making spring foods FUN! April 25th-26th April 25th-26th Creativity Center Creativity Center Ehmann Outdoors will provide milkshakes, at the 24-hour Valley Hotel From street tacos and pico de gallo to HAMS Dinner Theatre at Turkey HAMS Dinner Theatre at Turkey Red several hoursRed of class and practice, “all and the Caboose Lounge! Local to the “Theres Beer in my WHAT?” and a things fishing” Morning of the 27th, core and loved by all. chance to grill raclette, enjoy a varietyApril of April 26th-27th 26th-27th from 8 -12pm, they will be in front of new recipes! Learn to make soda jerk Valley Women’s Team the steam locomotive on South Alaska Active Soles InTeam the Koslosky Center, Running Valley Women’s Running style syrups and cream liquors. Becky to help Walk with casting, reeling, choosing provides quality Walk footwear to support Kingry of Fairbanks will share new 5K Timed Run/Untimed 5KaTimed Run/Untimed your26th active lifestyle with specialsApril on 26th and setting up your rod and more. Then cleaning and home care product…organicApril from 12-3 pm they will be at the EXCEL fabulous and functional SMART WOOL and effective, H2O at home is a greener Physical Therapy offices (#19 on the during WhoClassic Let thePalmer Girls Out.Spring Bike choice. Classic Palmer Spring Bike map), to teach you to tie flies that will Stamp April 27th April 27th bring ‘em in!! Eagle Hotel Fri evening the 26th - the Rusty’s at Cache Dahlia Street Watercolor place to be after the 5K run. Join the with Suzie Althens at 10 am (geraniums) runners, watch the awards ceremony and 1:30 (pears). Pre-register - $30


April 26 & 27, 2013 April 26 & 27, 2013


Events all day!!! All around Palmer Town

Friday, April 26th & Saturday, April 27th

 

Chair massage $1/minute Downtown Palmer Plaza Call for dates or pick up schedule at the door - 715-8748

GHT TO YOU BY U O R B all day!!! Events all day!!! Events

Vagabond Blues Rusty’s at Dahlia St. MUSIC All Palmer Town All around Palmer Town 2 pm – around Nici Pepper 12-2 pm - Diana Z – Outside SCHEDULE: pm LuluApril Small April 2 – 3:30 Gaia Belly27th Dance 26th 27th & Saturday, April Friday, April 26th Friday, &3 Saturday, Sidekicks Other Venues Include:

   Chair massage $1/minute Downtown Palmer Plaza Call for dates or pick up schedule at the door - 715-8748

Palmer Downtown Deli  Moosehead   Palmer Bar

4 pm Corey Bjerken

5 pm - Meggie Aube

3:30 – 5 pm - Boogie Willis


5-6 Devynn Maclure

Friends of Downtown Palmer Merchants Association

6 pm - Lucky Me - Alani Claire TO6 pm T Cheryl TO YR Jeff T Y H H O O G G U BY U U U O O B Johnson 7pm - Gerygone andY Twig Risley 7-8 Amy Beth Eagle Hotel & Bar BR B Chair massage $1/minute Downtown Palmer Plaza Call for dates or pick up schedule at the door - 715-8748









INFORMATION: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Non-Essentials CONTINUED: 982-3363 • Cover Ups 746-4739

Stamp Cache 

April 2013

April 26 & 27, 2013

Sidekicks Gifts

Experience the

3rd Annual Machetanz Arts Festival! By Felicia M. Desimini Mat-Su College Campus May 28, 29, 30, 31 June 1

From 5/28 – 5/31 come experience one of two four-day featured artist workshops! This year our festival committee invited another nationally recognized artist to instruct our attendees, as it has in the past. This year, our featured artist is oil painter Dean Larson, who

The cost of this workshop is $250 for 4 days of instruction. Supplies are not included, but a materials list will be sent to registered attendees mid-May. Also this year, the festival expands to include a second 4-day featured artist workshop; Palmer’s own Karen Urroz, stained glass instructor at Mat-Su College, who will facilitate a mosaic workshop, in which participants will create a finished 16 x 20” piece of art of their own design. You say you don’t have your own design? Karen will assist you in the design process. She is a popular instructor at Mat-Su College, and is known for her enthusiasm for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Karen’s workshop, too, is open to the public, ages 16 and above.

The public is cordially invited to experience 21 additional workshops on June 1st, as the second component of the festival. Again, this portion of the festival is open to the public, ages 16 years and up. This is a one-day event of affordable hands-on art making workshops, with 14 artist/educators from the State of Alaska. The purpose of this day is to introduce, enhance, and transform public awareness for hands-on artmaking. Say you can’t draw a straight line? Our instructors will show you how to take advantage of that. Try your hand at making an Athabascan brooch with Native Alaskan artist, June Pardue. Or perhaps you always wanted to paint in watercolor, but were afraid to try! Have no fear, we have a workshop for you. Perhaps you want experience the ancient Asian art of Sumi-e’ brush painting, or using pastels, or seeing if oil painting is the right fit for you. The Machetanz Arts Festival offers 21 ½ day and full day workshops for beginners and more advanced artists. Professional artists, too, can hone their skills and develop new ideas and gain strengths at the festival. Halfday workshops are $25, and full-day workshops are $50. At these prices, you can’t go wrong!

Be sure to register for our 1-day workshops online at: http://matsu. a la sk f/machet a n z-a r t sfestival-workshops/ To register for our 4-day workshops, visit four-day-workshops/ and follow the instructions for UAA online. Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact Felicia Desimini, Festival Director, at 7459755. Her e-mail is fdesimini@matsu.


Mat-Su College offers the valley a little jewel of a festival, The Machetanz Arts Festival, in which Art and Community come together! This year marks the 3rd Annual event, in which the community is invited to experience a two-part reasonably priced, art-making festival that honors the legacy of Fred and Sara Machetanz, well-known throughout the valley, Alaska and beyond for their art, books, films, and philanthropic endeavors.

grew up in Palmer and studied under Fred Machetanz. Dean is associated with the resurgence of the American Realist Movement. His exceptional work is diverse, as he is equally adept at painting (and teaching) landscapes, cityscapes, interior domestic scenes, still-lifes, and portraits. Dean Larson’s workshop is open to the public, ages 16 and up. This workshop is helpful for the beginner as well as the more advanced student, as Dean will demonstrate his entire process from start to finish.

> Register now! Classes are filling up quickly!


The Red Barn Thrift Store

All KindsTHRIFT of Furniture, STORE Tools, Kitchenwares, Housewares, Turned Bowls, and more! All Kinds Furniture, Tools, Check out our ToolofRoom! Kitchenwares, Housewares,

Great Gifts for Christmas! Turned Bowls, and more!

Check out our Tool Room!

Come Check Us Out! Bring this ad in on April 26th & 27th and receive 10% off your purchase 907-745-5050 - 1100 S. Colony Way, Palmer Open Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm





Apr 2013


*FREE to all registered aƩendees—space limited!

For more information contact Felicia Desimini or 907.745.9755

@MachetanzArtFes UAA/MSC is an EEO/AA employer and educaƟonal insƟtuƟon.

Perspective Is Reality By Grover Neely

I’ve decided there is an opinion available, not heard nearly enough. It happens to be mine. 27 Years Performing High Altitude Music throughout Alaska. I hope you’ve heard of me, If not actually heard me. “I’m the Marine Corp of Music” I eat, breath, toil and fight Music, It’s everything I am.

After 27 years, this is a Deep Psychosis… Don’t worry my Ego is long and strong, I’m on a Left Brain, Right Brain swirl.

Listen follow your Heart, accept no criticisms, send the posers and haters packing. Stay on the trail of Music. “Love Music and Music will love you back” If you can help others with your Music, then you’ve made it, your there. Best yet “you don’t have to be everybody’s everything, just someone’s something” When It’s Stronger Than Meant To Be, It’s Fate, Destiny Falling, God Willing Check me out at for my resume and at reverbnation. com for my music CD’s: ‘Spiritual Plane’ ‘Air Attack’ ‘Perihelion’ coming soon For Bookings or CD’s call 907-841-6574

The Free Concerts Continue!

Marching Band, Gerygone, Paul Holmberg, Oh My! By Brian Shimek, Mat-Su Salvation Army Assistant Let’s fast-forward to next Saturday night. Got plans? Please, tell me, are you: Underage for the bar scene? Less interested in the bar scene? Intrigued by a new concert venue? Longing for an open mic night? OK with listening to excellent local talent for …. Free? Really, it’s true. Some of the best talent in the Mat-Su is playing at the Palmer Salvation Army every Saturday night. The doors open at 8:30, music starts at 9:00pm, and yes, it is free. Performances are family-friendly, and the venue is drug- and alcohol-free. Technically, free means by donation - $5 suggested. The proceeds are divided between the musicians and the Salvation Army Social Services. Any of the groups would be worth $7$10 for a paid concert, so donating is a pretty good deal. I always feel as though I’m hosting NPR’s Pledge Week when I promote donations and tips, but musicians ought to be paid something for their work and talent.

In the coming weeks, we look forward to hosting rock bands Thrown Away Thoughts (4-13-13), The Quiet Cull (4-20-13), Paul Holmberg (4-27-13), and Grover Neely (5-11-13) in the coming weeks. Additional bands may be joining those on the schedule, and Gerygone and Twig as well as No Wake + guests are looking to schedule dates. But wait! What about choice D! Where’s my open mic night??? Most months, the last Saturday will be open mic (3-30, 5-25). Sign-ups will start at 8:45pm, with amazement beginning at 9:00pm. April 27 would have been, but it was the last chance to book Paul Holmberg before the summer. In the meantime, work on your voice, strumming, picking . . . all talents are welcome. Call ahead for questions on equipment: 745-7079. Check out some of our artists! On check out: Gerygone and Twig; The Quiet Cull; Thrown Away Thoughts; Grover Neely; patsean (for No Wake) and Say Surrender. Marching Band Solo is on facebook, and Paul Holmberg is at

Do you know an artist who wants to play? Have them contact us:.

Palmer Salvation Army located at 209 W Evergreen St, Palmer. 745-7079.

Apr 2013

> High Altitude Musician: Grover Neely

As of yet, the stage has hosted guitarist/vocalists Robin Howard and No Wake, local rock band Batterdown, and our new favorite folk group Marching Band Solo. The house was nearly brought to astonished tears by Robin Howard’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

improvisations, and personally, I think Pat Wake (of No Wake) would be more than adequate to open for Arlo Guthrie or any other artist of equal caliber. Marching Band Solo impressed us all with original compositions, three-part harmonies, and banjo picking that grooved. Watch for them around the valley in the coming months.


I broke out at the Girdwood Forrest Fair and I never looked back….People always ask “Dude how’s the music business” I say “Dude if it was a business I would have been out the second month” I’m not as dumb as I look HA! HA!

Now here’s the drop … find an instrument, find it again and again, every chance you get.





Jan 2013


Five Entertainers Added to Fair’s 2013 Concert Line-Up

The Alaska State Fair is pleased to announce Halestorm, Brantley Gilbert, Tenth Avenue North, Aaron Tippin and Brian Regan are confirmed for the 2013 AT&T Concert Series. Tickets go on sale today, Monday, April 1. All shows take place at the Kendall Toyota of Anchorage Borealis Theatre during the 2013 Fair, which runs August 22 – September 2. Friday, August 23: Halestorm. Two #1 rock singles (“Here’s to Us” and “Freak Like Me”), a Grammy, an album debut at #15, and sold out U.S. and UK tours – those are just a few of the credits earned so far by the Pennsylvania quartet and female-fronted rock band, Halestorm, beloved for their monster riffs, euphoric choruses and pure rock and roll attitude. Show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30 for general admission and $55 for reserved area. Fair admission additional. Convenience fees apply. Please note there is no seating at this concert. Saturday, August 24: Brantley Gilbert. Singer/songwriter Brantley Gilbert shares his true-to-life testimony of

Great Alaska Aviation Gathering

its 16th year and a century of flight in Alaska By Tamar Ben-Yosef The Alaska Airmen’s Association’s Great Alaska Aviation Gathering will take place Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5. Alaska’s premier event for flying enthusiasts and families as well as the

heartache, trials, triumph and success through rock-infused country songs like “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and “Country Must be Country Wide.” He’s also penned songs made famous by country superstar Jason Aldean, including the #1 “My Kinda Party.” Show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $35 for general admission and $50 for reserved area. Fair admission additional. Convenience fees apply. Please note there is no seating at this concert. Tuesday, August 27: Tenth Avenue North. The Dove Award-winning rockers of Tenth Avenue North bring a modern pop sound to the contemporary Christian music scene with fan-favorites like “Worn,” “Losing” and “You are More” off their three studio albums. Show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25. Fair admission additional. Convenience fees apply. Limited chair seating available in the reserved area on first-come, first-served basis. Wednesday, August 28: Aaron Tippin. Aaron Tippin isn’t called the “hardest working man in country music” for nothing. In his more than 20-year career, he’s sold more than 5 million records, earned multiple certified gold and platinum albums, and seen more than 30 singles on the Billboard Hot Country chart, including “You’ve Got to

Stand for Something,” “Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly” and “Kiss This.” Show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $40 for reserved seating. Fair admission additional. Convenience fees apply. Saturday, August 31: Brian Regan. With a “perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality,” Brian Regan delivers side-splitting, family-friendly stand-up comedy. As one of the premier comedians in the country, Regan visits more than 80 cities each year – often performing to sold-out audiences. He released his latest album, All By Myself, in 2010. Show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $35 for general admission and $55 for reserved seating. Fair admission additional. Convenience fees apply. These performers join the previously announced concerts, including: Thursday, August 22: Foreigner Sunday, August 25: Bill Cosby Monday, August 26: Love and Theft, with opening act featuring John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Friday, August 30: 3 Doors Down Monday, September 2: Phillip Phillips

The final concert is being finalized, and will be announced on the Fair website, blog and Facebook page. Fairgoers can also sign up to receive email or mobile concert updates on the Fair website. Ticket Information As of 12:01 a.m. on Monday, April 1, tickets for all announced concerts are now available at alaskastatefair. org; convenience fees apply and Fair admission is additional. Tickets may also be purchased using the free ETIX iPhone app, available at the app store or on iTunes (please note that only “best available” seats are available through the ETIX app and convenience fees apply). Fairgoers may also get tickets at the Kendall Toyota of Anchorage Borealis Box Office on the fairgrounds during the Fair; no convenience fees charged for tickets purchased at the box office. As Fair admission is additional to all concert ticket prices, fairgoers are encouraged to take advantage of moneysaving offers, such as the 2013 season pass and admission six-pack. Both are available now for purchase on the Fair website and through ETIX (season passes must be ordered by Wednesday, July 31). For more information, please visit, alaskastatefair

state’s largest aviation tradeshow, the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering is held at the FedEx Maintenance Hangar at Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport and offers free admission to the public. Nearly 300 exhibitors will showcase state-of-the-art aviation technology, products, safety, innovations and more. The show will feature more than 70 indoor and outdoor static displays of a wide range of aircrafts, including sport, general aviation, experimental, commercial, corporate and military. Attendees are in store for a special treat with this year’s featured historic

aircrafts – a vintage Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero used in World War II; and a restored 1931 Fairchild American Pilgrim, a workhorse of an aircraft on loan from the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. Adults are sure to appreciate the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering’s historic exhibits, knowledgeable speakers, breadth of vendors, and more; but it is also an ideal event for families.

friendly scavenger hunt. There will also be many cockpits to explore and aweinspiring flight demonstrations to watch. Both FedEx and UPS, world leaders in shipping and transportation, will offer tours of their larger-than-life company aircrafts. “This tradeshow is the Alaska Airmen’s Association’s largest community outreach program, and it provides us an opportunity to educate the public about the crucial role aviation plays in Alaska and its importance to the state’s

Children will enjoy this aviation extravaganza with fun, educational programs provided by the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska and a kid-

Continues on page 31

The Fate of Felony Flats By James Madison

As many of the residents of the MSB have heard by now, the State has bought the land at Mile 49 of the Parks Highway that the ghetto known as “Felony Flats” resides upon in order to widen the Parks Highway. The owner of the land and “cabins” (which is what he calls the run-

down shacks) wants to move them to properties in Big Lake and Willow. I can’t speak for the residents of Willow, but I can say that the overwhelming majority of property owners in Big Lake do not want a “Felony Row” anywhere near us. Recently at a Borough meeting, a list of signatures of residents of Big Lake, along with an argument against allowing such a thing, was presented to the assembly. Our illustrious Borough Mayor stated that he’d like to see “affordable housing in the Borough, to allow people to enjoy the scenery...” blah blah blah.

Classroom & Behind the Wheel Instruction

Classes Begin: April 8th, May 22nd, June 17th Invest In Your Teen’s Driving Future, It Pays Dividends For A Lifetime


Call to register: 283-9518

To be clear, I have nothing against lowincome persons. I am against a crimeridden, infested slum, and slumlords, who prey upon the disadvantaged. I don’t want another “Felony Row” anywhere. The moniker “Felony Flats” is not the result of a name randomly drawn from a hat. “Police blotters and trooper dispatches have long been dotted with accounts of visits to the Mile 49 cabins -- for assaults, “the usual human drama

stories,” theft, drugs, alcohol and at least one homicide,” said trooper Lt. Robert French, who has worked in the area since 1996.” Anchorage Daily News, 2012/10/13/ See also http:// lats/article_2f35efda-0e9d11e2-9113-0019bb2963f4.html I strongly urge ALL residents of the MSB to contact your representative and Mayor Salmon, and tell them it’s time to end predatory practices upon the disadvantaged. NO MORE FELONY FLATS!

The Perfect Meeting Space— Scrapbooking & Quilting Clubs Business Meetings, Parties and More Big Lake’s Newest Meeting Facility 1000 sq. ft. with full kitchen facilities, south side East Lake Mall. A variety of catering options available.

Lakeshore Entertaining & Event Management (907) 230-0935


Manny’s Driver Education

Mr. Mayor, I propose a solution: allow the slums to be built on your private property in KGB. It’s clear that you don’t mind, as long as you can shout “NIMBY!”



Apr 2013



Jan 2013


My Downward Spiral By Kimberly Bustillos

Art is a difficult concept for some. The reality of how difficult it can be became apparent to me while reading last month’s issue of Make A Scene magazine. I was appalled when I read Greogory Gusse’s article saying that I had reached my apex years ago. The negative intent of the comment and the use of my name in his article to publicly bully me were unnecessary. Unfortunate as it is, there will always be people willing to put others down. I’ve always been an ambitious person and found that there is no lack of people on the sidelines willing to pull

Mission Accomplished By Kellie Coulson

Several years ago, a couple of missionaries stopped by my house. I’d just gotten the babies down, I was sick, my husband was working shift work and wouldn’t be home for two more weeks, and their knock sent the dog into an uproar and chaos broke loose. I went to that door in a STATE! I was furious and GAVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!!!! Then I looked at them-- 19 years old, young men out to save souls, and I felt terrible and apologized. I started to shake hands, then told them that I was sick.

me down the moment I give them a chance to. So I do what any young gal would do and avoid them. It has made my life a better place, and has given me the freedom to experiment and improve my art based on my own expectations. This has not always been the case though, especially when I was first venturing into the art community. Coming out of the closet and exposing myself as an artist was a very scary process for me. Weeding out the people who choose to have a negative impact on my art career has been difficult to say the least. However; I can honestly say that as an Alaskan artist who has painted around the block a few times; we are fortunate to have many more flowers than weeds when it comes to finding the perfect art buddies. Having fellow artist to learn

from, bounce ideas off of, and devise plans of complete nonsense that will never amount to anything, has played an irreplaceable role in my life. They have built my confidence and understood me when no one else does (really, the need to collect dirt, shiny objects, and kitchen appliances because it will “improve our art” is not understood by many). Although the peer pressure of buying the newest gadget or trying the newest technique has made me somewhat of a hoarder and miser to society; I’ve found that artist camaraderie can be some of the best inspiration possible and get me through my worst learning blocks.

have an amazing support group of family, friends and fellow artists who understand what art is really all about and who are a constant reminder that art is really what we make it to be. I have come to the conclusion that I have no intent of ever following the path of least resistance, and my art is no exception. Because of this I will always have people trying to pull be back down to ‘ordinary’, and I’ve accepted that. The purpose of my art is to visually interpret my passion for life. It has led me to where I am today; a wife with four kids who is attending full time engineering school and running a drywall company.

So much of where I am now is a direct result of the amazing friendships I’ve made with other artists. Luckily I

Apparently it is not everyone’s definition of what an artist should be, but it is mine.

They understood, they came from large families, too. They didn’t think me a freak for being pregnant with my fifth child. Their moms had days like mine, I was OK. I liked hearing it from a couple of guys-- they both wanted big families and they knew what they were getting themselves into! One of them told me that if that day as the worst day of my life, that I’d be ahead of most people, even their fellow churchgoers.

number, someone from their women’s group would call.

and they were doing it for me, not their religion, and it was legal and inexpensive.

They asked me if there was anything they could do for me and I smiled weakly and asked what they could do - nothing could be done and my husband wouldn’t let me go to their church even if I wanted to. One of them asked if they could bring me dinner. I was like, “Really?” They asked for my

Three came over. One chatted with me while the other two helped my eldest daughters fold clothes. They brought me food. They even had chocolate. I was shocked at it all, but their church members don’t eat chocolate! One of the ladies said she bought it for me because most people love chocolate

One of the ladies called and I told her how awful my life was at the moment I was sick! I was tired! My husband was up on the Slope and something always happened when he left. My mom was on the other side of the world, and I had two babies in diapers with another on the way.

I learned several things that day - one was to be forgiving like those young men had been to me. Then to help where I could. Then on the chocolate - to meet people where they were, not where I thought they should be based on my personal ideas. Of the people who know me, they know that I have not always followed those maxims, but having had that happen to me, I know how to be that way and I struggle to reflect that - sometimes more on some days than others.

Roundup More Toxic than Declared

An Urgent Matter Of Human Health By Rebecca Goodrich

Robin Mesnage, Benoit Bernay, and Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini discovered the single most toxic agent, POE-15, isn’t always disclosed in the pesticide ingredient lists. The scientists say this chemical is “actively toxic to human cells, and must be regulated as such.” This is of importance to Alaskans in the wake of new state DEC regulations that, as of March 7, allow state agencies to spray pesticides on state lands without first applying for public comment or any other review process. These widely used compounds are labeled “inert” if listed at all, and consumers think they are safe to use. The recent discoveries show that Roundup-type herbicides “can affect all living cells, especially human cells,” noted the team, in the article published in Toxicology, a respected scientific journal.

Pituitary hormones control sexuality and reproduction; growth, especially in childhood, and the thyroid, which in turn affects body metabolism. Sexual ratios of offspring were also affected.

I can separate my skin from the meat from the bones to wipe the dirt off from in between.

In the male rats, “liver congestions and necrosis [tissue death] were 2.55.5 times higher.” Males also suffered “large, palpable tumors” at a rate four times higher than rats not exposed to Roundup-type formulations.

He drinks the dark brown flavor that’ll coat the tongue of both of us to say, “sunshine isn’t anything like this”

What they discovered is “a matter of great concern for public health,” and emphasize that all authorizations of Roundup-type compounds “have to be questioned urgently.” Indeed, the scientists state that “the toxicity of all pesticides has been very significantly underestimated.” In a press release on February 21, 2013, the three scientists stated, “regulatory assessment rules have to be fully revised,” and call for release of all industry testing information to the public. All quotes from Toxicology: http://, and

By Shaina Melin

I have a lizard living inside my skull and he’ll use his eyes over mine anytime.

direct me to the light, i ask it is the filth that covers you within I had brushed that off, i tell him But no, he says It is the filth that covers you within I can seperate my skin from the meat from the bones to see a film of sun stuck color shining on the filfth in between. I have a lizard living inside my skull he has a way with his mouth that bites the teeth of mine Always in my spit I can taste the heavy old lick that had slipped on the tongue of both of us so in weight I’ll tell him, I remember the sun when it was the only thing I ever saw on the ground in the rocks where I was taken The lizard re-adjusted his jaw to better fit over mine then contemplated True, and the light never was brighter than on the dirt in the air that day I was too young, I added You are old now, he finished- and crushed me in his mouth

Apr 2013

In addition to studies done with rats, tests were conducted on three human cell lines, to note changes at the cellular level. Female rats developed large mammary [breast] tumors, with the pituitary gland the “second most

‘Sun Stuck Color’


Scientists in France at the University of Caen recently tested complete Roundup-type herbicide formulations, not simply the glyphosate labeled as the “active” agent by chemical manufacturers.

disabled organ.” The pituitary has been called “the master gland,” as it regulates hormone secretion.






To have your non-profit organization included in this free community resource list, please email your info to:

Feb 2013

Visit SENIORS Palmer Senior Citizens Center, Inc.

The priApry mission of the Palmer Senior Citizens Center, Inc. is to assist individuals age sixty or older, individuals of any age with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders, individuals of any age on the Medicaid Waiver program and other eligible individuals in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough remain as independent as possible in the least restrictive environment possible and out of expensive nursing homes for as long as possible. Services include: congregate and home delivered meals, transportation, adult day services, care coordination, senior employment, family caregivers support, information / referral, chore services, senior housing, chore services, Better Choices Better Health classes, HELP program, activities and volunteer opportunities. 745-5454,

Alzheimer’s Resource Agency of Alaska

As Alaska’s resource on Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Agency of Alaska (ADRAA) is committed to providing information, education and services for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (ADRD) and their caregivers. We have served Alaskans since 1984, and today we help more than 5,000 people annually. As a non-profit statewide organization, we provide family consultations, care coordination, in-home services for frail elders & individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and education programs to family caregivers and health care professionals. We are your resource for information and can refer you to services in Alaska or the contiguous U.S. Sam Meneses, 746-3432,

Valley Charities, Inc; dba Turn-A-Leaf Thrift Store

Provides medical equipment to all income brackets in the Valley; provides clothing and household goods to Valley residents that are economically disadvantaged. John Rozzi , 376-5740

Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. (WASI)

A Health and Wellness Campus for Seniors on the Go! The goal at WASI is to assist and refer services for Seniors 60 and older so they can live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Some of the services provided are: Meals: Family Style Meals Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Center. Meals on Wheels home delivered meals. Housing: Independent Housing for low income and Aprket rate individuals. Optional Assisted Living Services Transportation: Partnership with MASCOT Bus $.60 per one way ride. Dr. visits by appointment Other Activities: Cards, Wii, and Painting at the Center Blood Pressure Checks Club50 Fitness Center, Strong Seniors Program ($5/8 weeks) Shopping Trips and other outings Valley Performing Arts Theater Visits And much more… call 376-3104 opt.2 for more information. Dennie Jaques , 376-3104

Mat-Su Area Partnership (MAP)

An organization of non-profit agencies in the MatSu Valley. MAP holds a monthly meeting on a Thursday at the Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla.

Mid-Valley Seniors Inc

Mid-valley Seniors has 3 senior housing units 18 apartments and serves a congregate meal Mon-Fri at 5.30PM Soup and salad bar main meal served at 6 Pm. Home delivered meals served daily fresh Mon-Fri, weekend meals are frozen. Transportation Department for doctors appointments in the Valley Wasilla and Palmer area, Mon-Wed-Fri 9.00Am -3Pm.

Shopping trips, and pharmacy stops, Tues – Thursday 9Am -1Pm Come up to the Center for activities or dinner,24 hours in advance notice. Lorie Rounds, 892-6114

FAMILIES & CHILDREN Alaska Family Services

Alaska Family Services is a multi-dimensional non-profit that has over 20 programs serving the Mat-Su Valley. Major areas are: domestic violence, behavioral health, WIC, family support, and residential for youth with emotional issues. Donn A. Bennice, Ph.D. 746-4080

LINKS Mat-Su Parent Resource Center.

We provide support and assistance to families with disabilities. LINKS provides support and trainings, parent to parent connections to mentor, information and referral, and access to library materials. These services are provided through one-onone assistance and individualized workshops for small or large groups. Our vision is to ensure that every parent and family who has a child with a special need has access to information, education, outreach, and support in a culturally competent environment and to empower then to be advocates for themselves, their children, and their families. New location on the Palmer-Wasilla Hwy next to North Star Bakery, across the street from MSSCA. Amber Parker, Admin Assisiant. , 373-3632

Family Promise Mat-Su

Provides a shelter for families without housing. We mobilize community resources and local congregations to provide compassionate care through shelter, meals, and case management to families without housing. Guest families are housed in area church buildings at night for a week at a time...moving to new host church on Sundays. Applications are available on our website. 357-6160,

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place child advocacy center is a child-friendly, neutral facility where professionals from many agencies involved in the evaluation, investigation and treatment of child abuse meet to coordinate and bring their services to the child and their family. We provide child forensic interviews, medical exams, linkage to mental health providers, follow-up support and referrals throughout the investigation process. Referrals to The Children’s Place are made through law enforcement and Office of Children’s Services. The Children’s Place, 357-5157, www.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska

Strengthens our communities by providing mentors to all children who need and want a caring adult role model – special friends who can help them expand their horizons, realize their potential and enrich their futures – changing their lives.

Alaska Center for Resource Families

Provides support, training and education for foster, relative and adoptive families caring for children that have been abused and neglected. ACRF also helps support the Mat-Su Grandparents Support Group in collaboration with Links and Volunteers of America. For more information about foster care and adopting children that are in the OCS child protection system visit our website or call 376-4678. 376-4678,

Pillows for Kids Foundation

We provide little pillows of support and little scholarships for local children to participate in brain-training activities such as art, music, gymnastics, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, skating, horseback riding, and Aprtial arts.. Mentors and community members contact us when there is an identified need to keep kids, preschool through college, connected with good activities in our community. We plan to publish a book and CD/DVD of Evan’s “Little Pillow” song (copyrighted) soon. Currently, we are selling washable, decorator pillows of all shapes, sizes and colors for kids and adults as a way of creating

funding for the scholarships. Valerie Koivunen

The Moose Boosters Wrestling Club

A youth development organization that provides aid and funding to low income recreational facilitates and athletes at the high school level. Funding supports athletes who participate in wrestling programs while meeting academic standards. Michelle Heun 355-7099

Set Free Alaska

Brief description about non-profit: Our children, friends, co-workers; there is someone we know who is struggling with addiction and destructive behaviors. It is the goal of Set Free Alaska to provide excellent, individualized services to our clients. Set Free Alaska is a Christian outpatient substance abuse treatment center that uses a mind-body-spirit approach to recovery. Our programs are designed to assist people in gaining freedom from the bondage of addiction and destructive behaviors. Set Free Alaska realizes that cost can be a huge deterrent to people seeking and receiving the help they need as well as a huge relapse trigger. Our assessments are based on a sliding fee scale. It is the goal of Set Free Alaska that no person be denied the services they need due to lack of financial resources. Our offices are open Mon-Fri 10-6 and we are located on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway across from the AT&T Sports Center. Philip Licht, Executive Director 373-4732,

Big Lake Community Clothing Closet Donated by local Alaskans, Big Lake Community Clothing Closet provides quality clothing to people in need, at no charge. Clothing and footwear for people of all ages is available. Also, assorted household items as they are available. This unique program helps people locally.

Matanuska-Susitna Valley. we strive to promote a supportive attitude toward visual arts in our Alaskan community. We welcome beginners, students, part-time and professional artists who focus mainly on twodimensional art mediums and want to connect with other creative people and gain more exposure locally. Throughout the year, we inform our members about opportunities to show their work, participate in group events, view other local artists, and enroll in workshops. During the school year, we organize regular sessions for painting together and host monthly artist demonstrations on the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 4 - 8 p.m.; Room 212 at Mat-Su College. Aprch 7 @ 6:00 p.m., Charles Gause will be the guest speaker. Membership in the Valley Fine Arts Association provides many diverse opportunities for artists. Check our website calendar at www. for upcoming events.

Mat-Su Community Chorus, Inc.

As Musical Ambassadors of The Valley, The MatSu Community Chorus has provided quality vocal music, in its various forms, for the benefit, education and enjoyment of its members and the surrounding communities since 1970. Our membership is open to the public, inviting all who wish to add their voice in song. We offer complimentary performances at public celebrations and deliver formal concerts twice a year. We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, currently with twenty-two members and we are looking towards expanding the organization to better serve the community. With the support from individuals, businesses and other civic organizations we are able to grow our group by bringing the community together through music and to continue our standard of excellence. We meet September through May on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm in the Choir Room at Wasilla High School. Nan Potts 745-8788

Alaska Celtic Pipes & Drums of Eagle River

Christy M. 775-3238

Alaska Celtic Pipes & Drums of Eagle River, under the leadership of Pipe Major Aja Stewart and Drum Sergeant Bryan Gonzales, are actively recruiting pipers and drummers, as well as those interested in learning Great Highland Bagpipes and Highland Drumming (snare, tenor, bass.) We would like to extend a cordial invitation to anyone who would like to learn to play bagpipes or drums, to FREE lessons with our Band. We are a grade IV competing, family-oriented pipe band established in 2005, and beginners of any age are welcome. Alaska Celtic Pipes & Drums are very active in supporting the community in which we live. Our purpose is to advance the rich cultural heritage of Great Highland Bagpipe music, and to have FUN doing it! ACPD provides free instruction in piping and drumming, with Band practice to follow, every Friday evening at 5:00 and 5:45 pm at Eagle River Presbyterian Church, 12836 Old Glenn Highway, in Eagle River . Those interested in lessons, or in becoming members of ACPD, please contact the Band by email at or by telephone at (907) 376-5060. The band’s website can be found at

The ARTs

Mat-Su Concert Band, Inc.

Donations are accepted, to further the program. Any money donated helps pay the rent for our location at 2955 Big Lake Rd., Big Lake, Alaska. Financial donation could also be mailed to the Big Lake Community Clothing Closet, PO Box 527069, Big Lake, AK 99652. Hours of operation: Tues. 9 am – 1 pm, Weds. 11 am – 3 pm All donations of quality clothing in good condition can be donated at the above address during regular hours of operation. We are a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductable. Tax ID available to donors. Check us out on Facebook. Co-Administrators Stephanie O. 892-5450

Radio Free Palmer

Radio Free Palmer is community radio serving the Sutton and Palmer communities as KVRF 89.5 FM and online at On air since 2011, KVRF’s mission is to foster community involvement. Currently we produce great local shows on topics from health to mushing - and the list of programs is growing. Online we add important community events such as the Borough Assembly and School Board Meetings. Listen to Radio Free Palmer KVRF 89.5 for more community-centric news, music, sports, music or come volunteer to to help bring great radio programming to the valley. Mike Chmielewski, COO 745-8951, and on Facebook and Twitter

Valley Fine Arts Association

VFAA was formed to teach techniques, and encourage fellowship among visual artists in the

Our mission is to promote, plan, support and conduct educational and cultural activities and opportunities for the benefit of the citizens and residents of Alaska. We do this by providing an outlet for the many talented musicians in and around our area to perform and a venue for the public to come and enjoy with us our music. Rehearsals are every Mon. from 7 to 9 p.m. at Teeland Middle School. For more information, contact Gleo Huyck at 746-0628.

The Whirling Rainbow Foundation

Grandmother Drum International Peace Project The Whirling Rainbow Foundation is an international spiritual and educational non- profit organization which honors and celebrates the diverse cultural and spiritual paths of the human family. The foundation cultivates the universal teachings of inner peace, loving compassion, wisdom and understanding at the core of every culture and

spiritual tradition. We are starting a Global Peace Sanctuary and Sustainable Community in Palmer. The GrandMother Drum International Peace Project travels the world as the international voice of the Whirling Rainbow Foundation. As a symbol of the heartbeat of love that connects all nations and all races, the seven foot, crystal inlaid GrandMother Drum holds local and global events promoting peace and unity through the universal language of music, dance, cultural and healings arts. White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) Executive Director

Valley Performing Arts

We’re celebrating 36 years of Quality Live Theatre! VPA performs seven plays a year from September through May. We welcome actors, volunteers, program advertisers and play sponsors to join in supporting VPA, the Valley’s oldest live theatre. The VPA Summer Theatre Arts Programs take place June through August and are for youth 6-11 and 1217. The VPA Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony is held each June and Annual Fundraiser in October. Purchase your tickets online or from our office. Check out audition dates and show times on our website. VPA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. 373-0195,

Valley Arts Alliance

The Valley Arts Alliance is a group of like-minded individuals who have joined together to encourage, sponsor, facilitate and support artistic expression. We are a place for both new and established artists of all types—painters, sculptors, musicians, and those involved in the performing arts—to network and to experiment with new ideas and media. We work with local libraries, schools, museums, art councils, and music and art groups to create more venues for the arts, and to help promote art related events.


Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue (ADPR)

Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue is an all volunteer, non-profit organization formed for the purpose of rescuing homeless dogs and puppies. We have rescued dogs throughout Alaska, including various Bush communities. These rescued dogs are placed in foster homes, where they are socialized, vaccinated, dewormed, and taken to the vet to be microchipped and spayed or neutered. It is our goal to have an animal sanctuary, so that all adoptable dogs are given an opportunity to find their forever homes. We encourage individuals to volunteer for this very worthy cause. 745-7030

Alaska Assistance Dogs (Aad)

AAD provides service dogs to Alaskans with special needs (physical, physiological & mental health), and incorporates therapeutic programs into service dog training. AAD works with special education students at school, provides teen mentoring in community training venues, offers domestic violence/PTSD support groups, FASD/ Autism programs, and provides service dogs and support groups for veterans with PTSD and their families. Therapist on staff, and all trainers are certified by the founder of the service dog concept, Dr. Bonnie Bergin. Carole J. Shay, Lpc.

Meadow Gates Farm Sanctuary

Meadow Gates Farm Sanctuary has provided shelter and care for unwanted pet rabbits since 2001. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation. Rabbits are taken in when space is available. They are evaluated for behavior and personality, spayed/neutered, then adopted to new pet homes. Bunnies not able to be adopted are maintained permanently at the sanctuary. Responsible adult volunteers are always needed. 907-357-6437,


The Sertoma Club - Wasilla

We host the Mat Su Polar Plunge raising funds for non-profits in the Matanuska Susitna Valley,

Our vision is to establish the Mat-Su Borough as a model recycling community for Alaska. We are open for residential recycling Wednesday through Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 11-3pm. Businesses can call ahead for hours. Your permanent community recycling center is located in our new green building at 9465 E. Chanlyut Circle, next to the animal shelter at the Central Landfill. Volunteer opportunities available., 745.5544

We have a wonderful club of volunteers! On a weekly basis you’ll find a Mat Su Sertoman at the Food Pantry, Wasilla Senior Campus, Valley Charities, helping Special Olympics and the list goes on and on! Our goal for 2011/2012 year is to raise more than, $25,000 in polar plunge funds. You can pledge or sign up to jump! Just visit our website for more information.

Valley Residential Services (VRS)

Join us every other Thursday at 5:00pm at the Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill. Our next meeting is August 25th. We always have new speakers and a great time. See you there!


Take of Pounds Sensibly Non-Profit Weight Loss Support Group Three (3) Chapters meet weekly in the Valley. Kathy Miller - 376-9571 or write to

Our mission is to educate and provide opportunities in our community to reduce, reuse, and recycle for the long-term good of all.

Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates (AABA)

Educates and supports foster, adoptive, kinship care, step, grand and guardianship parents and professionals who care for children with emotional mental health issues, such as Attachment Disorder. AABA provides workshops, e-mail/telephone support, resource/referral information, selfadvocacy, AABA web-site www.akattachment. org, RAVEN Respite, newsletters, brochures, lending library, and Mom2Mom/Dad2Dad parent support group. For more information: Laura Wagner 907-376-0366

Aviation Continued...

Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. We offer two food programs to residents of the Mat-Su Valley. We operate a community-supplied food pantry, accepting cash and food donations from individuals and groups and supply clients with food for nutritionally-balanced meals to help people get back on their feet. We also administer distribution of TEFAP government commodities. TEFAP is (The Emergency Food Assistance Program). This is a needs-based program, which may be accessed monthly by any client who meets the governmentestablished-qualifications. Food distributed is based on availability and instructions from USDA. In case of emergencies such as fire or earthquake in the valley, the Food Pantry of Wasilla also cooperates with other organizations and government agencies to render assistance. Eddie Ezelle, 907-357-3769 Main 501 E.Bogard Rd., Wasilla


North America Outdoor Institute

The North America Outdoor Institute (NAOI) is a not-for-profit community outreach organization providing outdoor safety and environmental awareness education programs for the general public in an effort to save lives from preventable outdoor injuries and deaths. Debra McGhan, 376-2898 ,

Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats

Alaskans for Palmer Hay Flats is dedicated to conserving the natural and cultural resources of Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge through public awareness, recreation, education and enhancement projects. Healthy, outdoor recreation in a safe, beautiful setting is what APH helps provide to all users. 357-8712,

Alaska Frontier Trappers Association

The Alaska Frontier Trappers Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the ethical and lawful practice of trapping Alaska’s fur bearers. We work to educate fellow trappers, children and the public in general about trapping as a necessary wildlife management and research tool. Our monthly meetings usually include a guest speaker and/or a demonstration and fur handling information. Meetings which are held at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Palmer Library. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Information for purchasing raffle tickets is available on the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering website, and tickets can also be purchased at the event. There are only 8,500 total tickets available, so participants are urged to purchase them early. The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering would not be possible without the support of such generous sponsors as: FedEx Express, UPS, Alaska CargoPort, Shaman, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, National Business Aviation Association, Mirror Studios, SprocketHeads, Denali Brewing Company, Airline Support, Lynxs Management and Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. For more information about the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, including a full conference schedule and details on discounted airfare,

Wasilla Soil & Water Conservation District (WSWCD)

The WSWCD is a non-profit formed in 1948 to assist landowners & land managers with conservation & development on land through technical assistance, projects & education programs & services. WSWCD is an active, yearround community-based organization; a nonregulatory agency; a strong partner with various government & non-profit agencies/groups; a credible, knowledgeable advocate for conserving soil & water resources supported by the time & energy of neighbors & volunteers dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities. Our priorities are: Salmon enhancement & restoration; Soil, forage crops & manure testing; Stream & lake bank stabilization; Water quality & instream flows; Arbor Day activities & tree planting; Invasive weed assessments – land & water; Trail use & salmon stream crossings; Cooperator & community conservation needs; Public information, involvement & education. Chuck Kaucic, District Manager 357-4563 X 103

hotel and rental car rates for exhibitors and attendees, visit www. About the Alaska Airmen’s Association The Alaska Airmen’s Association is the largest state general aviation group in Alaska. A non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, the Alaska Airmen’s Association’s sole purpose is promoting and preserving aviation in Alaska. Established in 1951 as an Alaskan Corporation, the Alaska Airmen’s Association is led by a volunteer board of directors, 10 of which are elected by the membership, and four appointed regional directors. The association currently has 2,500 members. More information about the Alaska Airmen’s Association is available at

Feb 2013

talks on flight safety and exploring the Last Frontier by plane, and a group of Alaskan aviators keen to celebrate the anniversary will be in attendance with their restored historic aircrafts as they kick off a summer-long barnstorming of the state. “Alaska presents pilots with endless opportunities,” said Hanson. “The ability to fly freely across the state gives residents and visitors a chance to enjoy the vast, untouched wilderness and experience Alaska in a way that isn’t possible with road travel.” Alaska Airmen’s Association will once again be giving away an aircraft at the end of the gathering. Raffle tickets are available now to win a 2007 Aviat Husky A1B, 180HP on Wipaire Amphibs, donated by Alaska Airmen’s Association member Marsh Carter. A second prizewinner will receive a set of 31-inch Alaskan Bushwheels.


economy,” said Dee Hanson, executive director of the Alaska Airmen’s Association. The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering is celebrating its 16th year; but 2013 also marks a special occasion as the 100th anniversary of aviation in Alaska, which began with the inaugural powered flight taking place in Fairbanks in 1913. Throughout the last century Alaska has grown to be the “most flying” state in the country, with more pilots and aircrafts per capita than any other state. In honor of this momentous anniversary, Dirk Tordoff, a historian and film archivist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, will give a talk titled, “Celebrating a Centennial of Flight in Alaska.” Two highly regarded Alaska bush pilots will also present

The mission of the Food Pantry of Wasilla is: “To provide persons who reside in the Matanuska Susitna Valley with needed supplemental food supplies. Food Pantry of Wasilla distributes goods to its clients in a manner which gives dignity to all.” All distributions made by the Food Pantry of Wasilla shall be made notwithstanding any person’s race, color, sex, age, handicap, religious affiliation, or national origin.


Valley Community for Recycling Solutions (VCRS)

VRS provides special needs housing to individuals who experience behavioral or developmental disabilities, low-income levels or those who are homeless. VRS currently has 168 properties in the Mat-Su Valley with special programs to assist with rental assistance and we can assist with linking individuals to social service agencies who can assist with life skills programs. (907) 357-0256 ,

Food Pantry of Wasilla


Alaska. February 2011 we saw 85 jumpers raise almost $20,000 which was then given to the Food Pantry of Wasilla and Turn A Leaf Thrift Stores. The Food Pantry provides emergency food supplies to families in need. Turn A Leaf has a medical lending equipment program which is now organized with software purchased with funds received. Both were grant recipients from the Mat Su Sertoma Club. Grant applications for the 2012 Mat Su Polar Plunge are located on our website: www.



Apr 2013

CALENDAR SUBMISSION 10th of month by 5PM Email information to: UNBEETABLE summer concert series At Bistro Red Beet 5031 E. Mayflower Ave. Palmer/Wasilla Highway May 2, Diana z May 16, Marian Call June 13, Kevin Worrell July 4, Emma Hill July 25, Tom Begich 7pm Ticket Price: 10.00 Ticket Reservation: call 376-1400 or email Intimate concerts – limited space – reserve now! Palmer Public Library Events: Mon, Apr 15th 7pm: FRIENDS meeting. Thurs, Apr 25th: Capital Projects Fair. 4-7pm at the MTA Events Center. Sat, Apr 27th: Lights Out program. 6-9pm. Movie night featuring, The Avengers (rated PG13). Fri, May 10th: Independent Film, The Dynamiter. Show time is at 7pm. Fri, May 3rd to Sat, May 4th: Annual Book Sale. 10-2pm Mon, May 20th 7pm: Final FRIENDS meeting of the spring. Mon, May 27th: CLOSED in observation of Memorial Day. Regularly scheduled programs in May will observe a break for the month and will resume in JUNE as part of Summer Reading Program. Stay posted for more info! Family Promise Budgeting Class Apr 17th & Apr 24th 1:30pm-2:30pm Family Promise Mat-Su 561 W. Nelson Avenue, Wasilla AK Free N/A FPMS and Mat-Su Valley Federal Credit Union 907-357-6160 “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” Apr Aires Sun, Apr 28 1pm-4pm First Congregational Church 2610 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Free No ticket needed First Congregational Church 907-272-8363 Chicken University Thurs, Apr 25, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Learn the fundamentals of selecting birds, building coops, feeding, hygiene, getting hens to lay and, believe it or not, chicken psychology. To Register :

districts/matsu 745-3360, e-mail: matsu.ces@alaska. edu Classes instructed by Steve Brown, UAF-CES Agriculture/Horticulture Agent Advance registration required, Maximum Class Size: 40 FREE! Class Location Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA Building) Meeting/Conference Rooms (downstairs), 480 Commercial Drive Palmer, AK 99645 Mat-Su Cooperative Extension Service Fri, May 10, 2013 9 am – 3:30 pm $15 per class per individual Preregister online at: Explore job responsibilities involved in babysitting, learn how babies and young children develop, Discuss bedtime and mealtime routines, activities to do with children, and basic safety and emergency considerations in this class for middle school students. Like us on Facebook: https://www. Alaska Junior Theater presents Hitler’s Daughter by Monkey Baa Theatre Company Sat, Apr 27, 7:30 PM Discovery Theatre, ACPA Tickets $11-$24 Military Discount Available! Call Centertix for more info at 263-ARTS. Passive and Rammed Earth Homes in Alaska May 4 6:30-8:30pm Wasilla - Agate Inn $10 for ACAT members, $20 for nonmembers, Additional fees for CEUs Flotilla 3-3, U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary presents “Paddlesports America,” 3-hour safety seminar for novice canoers, kayakers and other paddlesports Two classes: Tues, May 7, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, or Sat, May 11, from 9 am to noon. Suite 115 of the UAA Chugiak-Eagle River campus, 10928 Eagle River Rd., in Eagle River. To register and pay the $25 fee in advance, go to the Type in the key word “Paddlesports” A Gulag Mouse Fri, March 22 - Sun, Apr 7, 2013 Fri-Sat at 8pm-10pm, Sun at 3pm-5pm Out North Contemporary Art House 3800 DeBarr Rd, Anchorage, AK 99508 $15-20

TossPot Productions & Out North Contemporary Art House 907-279-8099 Consign49’s Semi Annual Consignment Event Fri, Apr 19- Sun, Apr 21 9am-9pm Fri-Sat, 9am-5pm Sun Train Depot Palmer Alaska Free! 907-715-8580 Birch Tree Tapping Workshop Sat, Apr 20, 2013 10 am to Noon or 1 to 3:00 pm (AFTERNOON SESSION IS REPEAT OF MORNING) Workshops will be held at: Palmer Center for Sustainable Living (Matanuska Experiment Farm) 1509 South Georgeson Drive, Palmer Wear clothing for going outside. $10 per person. Handouts and taps will be provided. Register & pay by Apr 18: call 745-3360 or register & pay online at: 8 to 14 who come with adult – FREE Valerie Barber, Director, UAF Forest Products Program (746-9466, Julie Cascio, Cooperative Extension Service. Health, Home and Family Development (745-3677, jmcascio@ Great Alaska Aviation Gathering Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5 9am-5pm FedEx Maintenance Hangar at Ted Stevens International Airport 5800 Lockheed Ave‎ Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), Anchorage, AK 99502 Free Alaska Airmen’s Association 907-245-1251 Alaska Assistance Dogs Fundraiser May 3rd Palmer Elks Lodge #1842, music by the Carhartt Brothers silent auctions and raffles For further info email Cris, Cris4ten@ UAA Concert Board presents comedian Mike Birbiglia Fri Apr 19, 2013, 7:30 PM Williamson Auditorium Cash Mob Palmer Apr 18th Caboose, Behind Valley Hotel Gather after work Special Cash Mob Menu available. 3rd Annual Who Let the Girls Out? Fri Apr 26th, Sat Apr 27th, All Over Downtown Palmer Sewing classes with Mary Mulari.

Residence Inn Anchorage Midtown 1035 35th Avenue, Anchorage Take a pullover sweatshirt and transform it into a stylish cardigan. Learn sewing tips and shortcuts Sun Night Blues Jam Sun, Apr 7-14-21-28 8PM-11:59PM Blues Central at Chef’s Inn 825 West Northern Lights Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99503 Free Blues Central 907-272-1341 Fri, May 17, 2013 morning class 9 am to noon, afternoon class 2 pm to 5 pm Sat, May 18, 2013 morning class 9am to noon, afternoon class 2pm to 5 pm Hands on classes $125; lecture class $75 American Sewing Guild’s Alaska Sewlutions chapter Kathleen Meggitt for registration form and more info Hitler’s Daughter by Monkey Baa Theatre Company Discovery Theatre (Sat, Apr 27th, 7:30pm) $11 - $24 Alaska Junior Theater Call 263-ARTS or visit Bird TLC’s 25th Anniversary Auction Fundraiser Egan Convention Center Sat, Apr 27th, 2013 5:30 – 10:00 pm Tickets are $60 per person. Tables are $1,000 and seat 10. Tickets can be purchased on our website at 907-562-4852 or visit our website at Pulse Dance Company Audition Notice Sat, Apr 27, 5:00 - 6:45 pm UAA Dance Studio (PSB room 162) $10 class/audition fee Fitted clothing, water, and ballet slippers or socks Health Fair Sat, Apr 28th, Palmer Senior Citizens Center 8 am – 1 pm. Wham, Bam! It’s A Poetry Slam! Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry, 3800 Museum Drive in Wasilla Sat, Apr 27, 7 to 9pm $5.00 entry fee for info New Dances 2013 Apr 12 – Apr 21 Fri/Sat 8:00 pm; Sun 6:00 pm UAA Fine Arts Building, Mainstage Theatre

Free parking is available $12/$15 at, or 7864TIX All seats general admission Homeschool Prom Apr 19 Kendall Ford, Wasilla 8-11 pm Tickets $40, $50 after Apr 1st The 6th Annual Valley Homeshool Prom “Alice In Wonderland” At the Chris Stringer Memorial Gymnasium Park Ave off KGB Rd Fri, May 3, 2013 from 6PM to Midnight Back by popular demand, everyone’s favorite DJ from Sizzle North & Movin’ 105.7, “BIG C” Photos $5.00pp on CD paid @ Prom $30 Per Person or $25 with a 3 item donation for a local Food Bank. ID Required. No admittance after 9PM Tickets Sold @ Door More info: Contact Laura at 232-1282 Native Jazz Quartet Tours Alaska 6/15/13: TBA, Sitka, AK Quartet (opening concert: Native Jazz Workshop) Today’s Woman Show Menard Sports Center 1001 South Mack Drive Wasilla Fri, Apr 19, 2:00-7pm Sat, Apr 20, 11am-6pm Sun, Apr 21, 11am-5pm Free Admission D.AMM. STRAIGHT PRODUCTIONS, INC. PH:907-344-1007 Matanuska Susitna Orchestra Spring Concert Palmer Train Depot Sun, May 5, 2013 at 3:00 Free Friends of the Palmer Public Library Kite Festival May 11 on the green behind Rusty’s. Free Family Fun Event. Alaska Design Forum presents Lateral Office (architect, Toronto) Anchorage Museum auditorium (7th ave entrance) Mon, Apr 22, 7pm - 8:30pm $10 general admission, $5 w/ student ID Alaska Design Forum

Enjoy a hearty bowl of chili and a heaping spoonful of music Every Tues 6:30pm-8:30pm Starlight Ballroom, Anchorage Senior Activity Center 1300 E. 19th Ave., Anchorage Music is free; chili and other refreshments available for purchase. Anchorage Senior Activity Center & Hurricane Dave Craft Bazaar Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5 Sat, 10am-5pm Sun, 10am-4pm Valley Artists’ Guild Arts and Crafts Bazaar, Free North Bowl 3250 Palmer Wasillla Hwy Wasilla, AK 99654 Valley Artists’ Guild 907-315-2840 AK Tues Night Fights Every Tues through Apr 30, 2013 Doors open 6:45pm Show starts 7:45pm Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center 1001 S Mack Dr $16.00 - $35.00 Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Store Outside Your Door Alaska Plants as Food and Medicine Symposium May 24 – 27 Aleyeska Resort Anchorage Folk Festival Jan 17 at 7pm until Jan 27 at 10:30pm 11 Days of FREE musical performances and workshops Over 150 Musical Acts, 55 Workshops, 10 Dances, Folk Week and lots of Jamming! Guest Artists: Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers Cahalen Morrison & Eli West When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder? Written by Mark Medoff Directed by David Edgecombe WHEN: Apr 5 - 21, 2013 Fris/Sats at 8:00 pm, Suns at 3:00 pm WHERE: UAA Harper Studio Theatre, Fine Arts 129 TICKETS: $10/$15/$17 at www.UAAtix. com or Discounts available for groups of 12+, call the UAA box office at 786-4849 for more info. Wasilla Market May 23 – August 31 On Parks Hwy, Next to Fred Meyers, Wasilla

Matanuska Susitna Orchestra Spring Concert Free Palmer Train Depot Sun, May 5, 2013 at 3:00 Friends of the Palmer Public Library

Palmer High School Presents Elton John’s “AIDA” final stage production of the year May 2nd - May 11th. Thurs, Fri, and Sat

Chili & Jam:

Alaska Theatre of Youth Upcoming

Events Enroll online www. or or (907) 338-4901. Glee! Camp May 28th – June 1st (Mon-Fri 9am4pm, Sat 10am-4pm) Ages 8–18, Tuition $250 At UAA Fine Arts Building – Harper Studio Theatre Summer Youth Theatre Conservatory June 10th – 29th 9am–4pm, Mon-Fri (8am-5pm program supplements available) Actor’s Conservatory – Ages 8-19, Tuition $495/session (Ask about sibling discounts and scholarships.) Fairy Tale Program – Ages 5-8, Tuition $295 (Mon-Thurs 10am-12pm) The 2013 Percussion in the Valley Summer Camp June 3-7, in Palmer Organized by Dr. Meggie Aube. Students age 7-18 are invited Classes offered include: African drumming, Brazilian percussion, Japanese Taiko drumming, drumline, percussion ensemble, and technique development in drumset, snare drum, mallet instruments For more info and to register visit: Alaska World War II Remembrance Days 8-11 May 2013 (Anchorage & Fairbanks) 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Attu May 8, 2013,10:30 AM - 12:30 PM PBS screening of the documentary Alaska at War May 9, 2013, 7 pm Public concert, St Patrick’s Parish Hall on Muldoon Rd Advance tickets $20 pp at the Alaska Veterans Museum or at CenterTix; $30 pp at door. Dances by Alaska Natives and Sudarushka, the Taiko Drummers and more. Birch Tree Tapping Workshop Sat, Apr 20, 2013 10 am to Noon or 1 to 3:00 pm (AFTERNOON SESSION IS REPEAT OF MORNING) Workshops will be held at: Palmer Center for Sustainable Living (Matanuska Experiment Farm) 1509 South Georgeson Drive, Palmer ‘Birth’ Play at Menard Center and Turkey Red The Homeless Actors of Mat-Su silent auction to benefit the Alaska Birth Network Apr 19 and 20, 7pm and 6pm respectively Menard Center’s Wasilla Women’s Fair Apr 26, 6:30pm, Apr 27 1pm and 630pm Turkey Red during the “Who Let The

Girls Out” event. Tickets $30 per person, $25 for seniors and students Purchased at Nonessentials in Palmer or by calling HAMS at 376-4252 or e-mailing

Teeland Middle School. Tickets are $5; seniors and students get in free Tickets are available before the concert.

Claus M. Naske to speak to Palmer Historical Society Prominent Alaskan Historian, about his immigration to the US from Germany Palmer Historical Society Wed., Apr 17, 2013 at 6:30 pm Palmer Public Library

Free Community Concerts Palmer Salvation Army Every Sat Night 8:30 pm $5 suggested donation

Come shop AK’s 1st Semi-Annual She-Sale! 3-day Consignment Event-Everything for her and her home! Fri Apr 19- Sat Apr 20 9am-9pm Sun Apr 21*Specially marked items 1/2 price!* 9am-5pm Train Depot Downtown Palmer Registration for Spring consignors open til Apr 17 Registration for Fall consignors opens after Apr 22 for more info! City of Palmer 2013 Project Fair MTA Events Center Apr 25, from 4 – 7 pm Light refreshments served, and door prizes Alaska Junior Theater presents Hitler’s Daughter by Monkey Baa Theatre Company Sat, Apr 27, 7:30 PM Discovery Theatre, ACPA Tickets $11-$24 Military Discount Available! Call Centertix for more info at 263-ARTS. 3rd Annual Machetanz Art Festival Mat-Su College Campus May 28, 29, 30, 31 June 1 Paint Me Purple Makeup & Fashion Event A FUNdraiser for Domestic Violence Awarness Sat, May 4, 2013 6:00p - 8:00p 2900 E. Parks Hwy Grandview Inn & Suites Wasilla, Alaska Tickets Available at paintmepurple. $50 general admission/$25 student w/ ID/$250 table 6 Admission includes hors d’oeuvres, drink ticket, gift bag, door prize drawings Silent Auction and much more! More details at PaintMePurpleMakeupFashionEvent Proceeds to benefit Alaska Family Services Mat-Su Concert Band Salutes Heroes “Heroes and Icons” 7:30 pm Fri, May 10


StrongWomen - Palmer Mon - Wed - Fri 11am - 12 pm Mat-Su Cooperative Extension Service 809 S Chugach St.., Ste #2, Palmer, $5 for a two month session Julie Cascio 907-745-3360 hhfd/strongwomen/ Palmer Public Library’s Events Every Tues at 10am: Baby Lap Sit Every Tues at 11am: 2 year old Story Time Every Wed at 2pm: Open Room for Preschoolers Every Thurs at 10:30am: 3-5 year old Story Time Fri, February 8th: 7pm. Foreign Film, Hospitalite (see library website www. cityofpalmer/library for synopsis) Mon, February 18th: 7-8pm. Friends of the Palmer Library Meeting Sewing Circle Meets the first and third Wed of the month 1-3pm, Free Mat-Su Senior Services 1132 S. Chugach St. Palmer 745-5454 Caregivers Connection Last Mon of each month 1-3pm Free Mat-Su Senior Services 1132 S. Chugach St. Palmer, AK 99645 745-5454 sueann.smithatmat-suseniorservices. com NuKreationZ Art & Creativity Center Tues-Sat Noon-6pm Art gallery, classes and workshops Make your own pottery Palmer Museum New Hours Wed-Fri 10am-5pm Sat, 10-2pm Free Admission Art Exhibits & More Mat-Su Community Chorus Rehearsal Thurss @ 7pm Wasilla High School All vocal ranges welcome No auditions necessary, unless 18 years of age or younger Mat-Su Concert Band Rehearsal

Musicians Welcome Rehearsals are every Mon. 7 to 9 pm Teeland Middle School. For more info, contact Gleo Huyck at 746-0628 Learn to Skate 60 minute class for ages 3- Teens Curtis D Menard Memorial Center Class schedule and registration forms are available online: Wasilla Strong Women Strength Training Mon * Wed * Fri 10-11 am * Year Round Program * Call Sharon 376-4434 Tues * Thurs 4:00 pm. Call Peggy 715-6338 Lower Level of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 501 E. Bogard Rd. Improve balance, strength, stamina and fight osteoporosis. $5.00 per 8 week session.

Every Tues at 11am Baby Lap Sit Every Wed at 2pm 3-5 year old Story Time Every Thurs at 10:30am Foreign Film Every Second Fri at 7pm Schwabenhof Live Music Every Fri & Sat 9pm until… Sun Blues Open Mic Jam 9pm Tues Dart Night Fairview Inn Music Talkeetna Every Thur at 9:30pm Open Mic. Every Fri at 8pm and Sat at 10pm Live Music.

Women, Wine & Wed Third Wed every month Presented by Lakeshore Studio East Lake Mall, Big Lake 6:30pm $25 RSVP 230-0935

Sahara Storm Studio and Circus Arts Clinics 982-4955 Valley Arts Alliance Meeting Thurs at 11:00am Sophia’s Cafe Neo, Palmer Wasilla Hwy Tammy’s Turf for Tots! For children 6 & under $5 per child Mon - Fri 10am-1pm Tues & Thurs FREE! Menard Memorial Sports Center: 357-9100

Free Hearing Screening provided by Mat-Su Sertoma Club First Sat Every Month 10am-1pm Wasilla Physical Therapy Deana Moore 761-5229

BABY STEPS Walking Program for New & Expectant Moms & Dads Mon & Wed 8AM-Noon Menard Memorial Sports Center 357-9100

Whatever! Teen Lounge Featuring Wii gaming at Palmer Library T-Th, 2-4pm 746-4700

Business Networking International Every Tues 9am Menard Memorial Sports Center 357-9100

Alaska Celtic Pipes and Drums Free piping and drumming Instruction Every Fri Evening, 5-5:45 pm Eagle River Presbyterian Church 12836 Old Glen Hwy, Eagle River

Wasilla Bible Church Sun Menard Memorial Sports Center 357-9100

Wasilla Meta-Rose Library: Toddler Storytime Wed at 10:30am and 1:30pm Preschool Storytime Thurs at 10:30am and 1:30pm Baby Lapsit Storytime Fri at 10:30am Discussion Junction Family Book Club First Tues of each month Wasilla Meta-Rose Library Reading Rendezvous Last Sat of every month. Wasilla Meta-Rose Library Palmer Public Library: Baby Lap Sit Every Tues at 10am 2 year old Story Time

NAOI Outdoor Safety Classes Full schedule of classes online 376-2898. The Crystal Mandala Classes A variety of creative classes Every Sat 2-5pm Palmer Museum of History and Art Open Everyday 9am-6pm Free Admission and light refreshments 725 S Valley Way, Palmer 746-7668 Museum of Alaska Transportation Open Everyday10am-5pm 3800 W Museum Drive, Wasilla 3761211 Mat-Su Central School Enrolling K-12 Homeschool Support & Distance Delivery Education Wasilla 352-7450 Mat-Su College Apply for scholarships now New dance and music classes available spring semester Current employment opportunities Wasilla

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Tragic & Epidemic – Joining Together in the Battle By Cherise Hyslip

AKDC is free to the person struggling with the life controlling issues of addiction, reaching those who would be less likely to receive help. AKDC is a one full year, faith based, live-in recovery program. AKDC is not government funded; it is solely funded by businesses, corporations, churches, and individuals in our community, who have a heart to see hope restored. AKDC is a safe place to receive hope for a better future. Currently the Alaska Dream Center is a men’s only home; however, the need for

The purpose of the Walk of Hope is to raise building funds for our Family Housing Project and the AKDC’s women’s home. Come and join David and the men of the AKDC as we walk, to see the dream of the women’s center become a reality. We will be walking from New Hope Street in Palmer, to Hope, Alaska, a total of 140 miles, through downtown Anchorage and along the coast to Hope, Alaska. This is an eleven day walk, averaging 13 miles per day. We will begin the walk on Wednesday, May 1st, at the Alaska Dream Center located on New Hope Street in Palmer. We will arrive in Anchorage on Saturday afternoon May 4th, walking through Anchorage on Sunday, May 5th. We will arrive in the town of Hope on May 11th. Destination points are detailed on our website. You can join us for any part of the walk. What excites us about this walk is that it will bring our community together with one common goal of restoring hope to those who are trapped in the snares of addiction. If one person gives $1 per mile and they get 10 of their friends to give $1 per mile, that’s $1,400. Just 200 people doing this along with a corporate sponsorship match, and we will be able to build the women’s home. As one woman said “that’s a doable sacrifice of perhaps one less candy bar a week and I’ll be better off in the long run.”

Most of us realistically could not do it without some strength training preparation for endurance. On the Alaska Dream Centers website at www., you can begin training along with us by clicking on Walk of Hope strength training phase I.

How you can be involved: You can begin to help right away by telling a friend and asking them to tell a friend. You can join the men of the Alaska Dream Center, as they walk to see the vision of the women’s center become a reality. There are no age limits to walk; however, adult supervision is required for each minor. Volunteer support teams will also be an important part of the walk, covering areas such as recruiting sponsorship, advertising, registration, first aid, food, camp set-up and break-down, etc. You can call or go to our website to register or for more detailed information.

Apr 2013

Years later, now 26 years old, David met Ron Pratt from This Generation ministries in North Pole who told him about a place called the Alaska Dream Center. Let’s just say this, your life will never be the same, he said. David was brave enough to get the help he needed. David now has experienced the power of supernatural forgiveness and love beyond what we as humans are capable of but with God in our life

We all know someone who has been caught in the ugly snares of addiction, an all too familiar tragedy touching friends, family, and co-workers. At times we feel helpless not knowing what to do. The Walk of Hope is an opportunity to be involved in bringing the hope of recovery to our community. The Alaska Dream Center is an addiction recovery program that is different from most others in several ways.

Out of this need, the Walk of Hope was birthed.

By May, most Alaskans are suffering with cabin fever and ready to get outside in the great outdoors; however, this walk is no small endeavor. Walking long distances in consecutive days is a great goal to begin to work toward. If you are interested in walking in the Walk of Hope now is the time to begin working on your endurance. For most of us, walking a 13 mile day is doable; it’s the 11 days in a row that will be a challenge.

Alcohol remained the only way he knew, to try to forget that night, where his friend who shot him had come to from being obliterated by alcohol and realized what he had done and then took his own life. The next years of David’s life were much the same alcohol taking the lives of his friends and family. He would not even come out of the house or open his blinds in the day. Depression and alcohol was all he knew. More than one third of all fire arm related deaths involve alcohol.

At the Dream Center David wakes at 6:00 am to start his day with prayer and devotions. He then spends time in curriculum such as Breaking Free from Addictions and Battle Field of the Mind. Scripture memorization helps to heal the negative thought process; David can now laugh and enjoy the company of others he is an amazing young man with a bright future. The second half of the day is spent in work therapy such as carving, mechanics, and life skills. The staff at the Dream Center is live-in 24/7 that have a passion to see those struggling with the bondages of addictions set free.

a women’s home and family housing is tremendous. We have received hundreds of calls from women in desperation and it breaks our hearts to say, “I’m sorry, we do not have a women’s home at this time.”


David remembers a loving family when he was very young, but like too many families, they were torn apart by the tragic events of addiction. Alcohol at the age of twelve was behind the tragic shooting he will forever be reminded of by the scars on his face. After being shot in both arms both legs and the head he was pronounced dead. He was being prepared to be transported to the morgue when his uncle asked to see him one more time. It was at this point his uncle discovered he was alive. He was then rushed to the hospital where many hours of reconstructive surgery took place and his life was saved.

we are forgiven and can forgive others even when it feels to difficult to do so.



The Crystal Mandala Ask about our classes on Saturday from 2-5pm

907-892 5562

Eastlake Mall, Big Lake

Tues-Sat 11am to 7pm Sunday 11am to 5pm

Latin Music & Dance

Comes to the Mat-Su Valley by Liz Robinson

Cuban All-Stars have played for packed houses at the Performing Arts Center downtown, and the annual Alaska Salsa Festival, held at the Captain Cook Hotel, is already in its third year. Unfortunately, Latin music and dance fans from Wasilla and Palmer have been forced to drive to Anchorage in order to enjoy this aspect of Alaskan nightlife – until now. As of late March, Eric Lopez, an Anchorage resident, is teaching salsa lessons on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm in Club Hydro, which is part of Wasilla Lake Resort, followed by open social dancing. One reason the resort is interested in sponsoring these lessons is to offer locals an engaging, enriching social activity, with the hopes of building up an exciting Latin music and dance scene comparable to that of Anchorage.

Palmer and Wasilla lack a social dance scene like that in Anchorage, where ballroom, swing and Latin dance fans enjoy a number of dance nights and lessons. Latin dance, in particular, is popular in Anchorage at places like Platinum Jaxx and UAA.

As the club’s resident DJ, Diamond Chisholm, who is part Panamanian, explains, “I’m excited about the Latin night in order to get back in touch with my Latin roots. Also, I’m a versatile DJ who loves Latin music, but I don’t get to play it enough, which is unfortunate because I know it gets people on the floor!”

Anchorage also boosts some highly skilled dancers and teachers, such as Michelle Holland and Chris Alonzo of Alaska Dance Promotions, whose semipro Latin ballroom team travels to national congresses. Latin music artists such as Tito Puente Jr. and the Afro-

While word is slow to spread about this budding scene, supporters are enthusiastic about its potential and the true need for more diverse nightlife in the Valley. As Joe Capo, a Wasilla resident of 12 years of Puerto Rican descent, puts it, “Growing up in New York City, Latin

Make Your Own Pottery! > Workshops & Classes: Art, Pottery, Wheel Throwing, Handbuilding & More > Stop by anytime to glaze your own pottery!

Hours: Tues-Wed: 5-8pm Thurs: 12-8pm Fri: 12-6pm and Sat 10-6

Art Gallery Original local Mat-Su Artists Oil paintings, acrylics, bead work, pottery, fiber arts & more! Creativity welcome! Call for art classes & workshops.

ART & CREATIVITY CENTER music was (and still is) a large part of my life. Though I’ve lived in Alaska for many years, salsa is still like a sparkling glass of champagne that never goes flat.” But salsa is not the only Latin music on its way to the Mat-Su Valley. On Saturday, June 1st, at Mat-Su College in Palmer, world-renowned Dominican bachata and merengue artist Joan Soriano will perform an outdoor concert featuring his six-piece family band. Bachata is a guitar-based genre that centers on love and loss and is sometimes dubbed “Latin blues”. The music is sung in Spanish and uses authentic Caribbean percussion instruments as the tambora, a type of hand drum, and the guira, which is a perforated, cylinder shaped instrument that makes a sound similar to the washboard. This all-ages, family-friendly event will be a first for both the Mat-Su Valley and for Joan Soriano’s band, as it is a new experience and perhaps the furthest north a bachata musician has ever played. Soriano’s booking manager, Jeff Gretz, communicates the band’s enthusiasm for this leg of their upcoming tour, “To see something as remote to the Dominican Republic as Alaska, and to get to play your music there, is truly exciting for them.” Prior to the concert, Alaska Dance Promotions’ team will teach a class on bachata dancing, and they will perform at intermission.

735 S Bailey Street, Palmer 746-2787

Tickets are only $10 and are available online through Mat-Su College. This concert is an extension of UAA’s “Dominican Music and Dance Festival”, also occurring on June 2nd at UAA Anchorage, generously supported by UAA’s Diversity Action Council, Club Council, UAA’s Multicultural Center, and other UAA funding entities. These current and upcoming events are forging new territory for the Mat-Su Valley arts scene and expanding diversity awareness locally through music and dance. In addition, they are providing Valley residents with more options for fun, entertaining nights out. Who knows, perhaps one day the Valley will be the new nightlife destination for Anchorage locals!

roadhouse bakery ● restaurant ● rooms

Private Rooms, Hostel-Style Bunks, Private Cabins & the Museum Apartment Coin Laundry ● WiFi ● Showers Big Breakfasts & World Famous Cinnamon Rolls

Live Acoustic Music Every Second Saturday, 5-7pm

On Main Street ● 733-1351 Open Year Round - Talkeetna, AK


By Donna Turner

Did you know that the best man used to stand beside the bride at the altar? Legend has it that the best man was placed there to continue his protection over the bride throughout the ceremony. Unfortunately, some of the best men took their roles a little too seriously, causing jealousy among the grooms. Thus, the best man was banished from the bride’s side of the bridal party and forever after remains on the groom’s side to this day.

In some cases, the groom actually kidnapped the bride with the aid of his friends. If the bride’s family was opposed to the wedding, the groom’s friends would form a sort of army to fend off the angry mob while the groom made a getaway with his bride in his arms. Of course groomsmen and bridesmaids aren’t the only members of the wedding party. Wedding party history also

includes children. The flower girl tradition began during the Victorian era. The role of a flower girl was to entertain the wedding guests. The sight of a tiny girl carrying flowers with the wedding party helped create a more relaxed and pleasant celebration of the couple’s union. Young boys had specific roles in wedding party history. They usually were used to hold the bride’s train, and they typically dressed as pages with velvet jackets and short pants. They also were used to carry the wedding ring, and this continues as a tradition today. Today the members of the wedding party are typically chosen because of their close friendship and bonds of loyalty to the bride and groom. The bride and groom must be fairly sure of the positive response when they ask people to be the maid/matron of honor and bestman. These jobs involve a considerable commitment. If you are asked to serve, remember that it is an honor to be asked to be part of the wedding party. Refusing the invitation can be very hurtful to the bride or groom or both.

Apr 2013

The matron of honor was once referred to as a senior maid. It was the senior maid’s responsibility to attend the bride for several days before the wedding occurred. The senior maid was also by the bride’s side on her wedding day, ensuring that she looked as beautiful

For centuries and in many cases, both bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed very similar to the bridal couple. It was believed that this would confuse any evil spirits or even jealous suitors who might attend the wedding with the intent of doing harm to the bride or groom. This tradition continues today in a more modern form.

Historically, marriages were accomplished by capture. Hundreds of years ago, the groom to be would kidnap a woman who he had chosen to be his wife. A warrior friend (Bestman) would help the groom fight off other men who wanted the woman. He would hold on to her with his left hand and fight the other men off with his sword in his right hand. This brought the tradition that the woman stands on the left and the man stands of the right during the marriage ceremony. Likewise that the guests of the bride are seated on the left and the friends of the groom are seated on the right during the ceremony.

The Wedding Party: Did you know that the groomsmen in a wedding party were once referred to as the “Bride’s Knights?” The bridal party began with an AngloSaxon tradition. (Between the 5th and 12th centuries) In this tradition, friends of the groom were given the role of guardians or bodyguards of the bride. It was their duty to make certain that the bride made it safely to the wedding and later the groom’s home. The rule was that she arrived at both places with her dowry and herself intact. This is how the term bride’s knights originated. It evolved into bridesmen and later into groomsmen.

as possible. Other attendants, referred to as bridesmaids or brideswomen, had several duties. They might assist the bride in decorating for the wedding, and they typically helped her dress for the wedding, too.


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Apr 2013

Homeowner Hell By Hillary Saffran

“What if I do?” You have started to “what ifing” yourself into a frenzy. The mere process of your real estate venture is beginning to stress you out. This would be a good time for

Self-Care Tip #40 - for Homeowner/Renter Stress:

It’s the time of year when folks start looking to buy a home. School is out in May, and for those who want to sell their home, they have begun to get it ready to show. Spring is here and the home shows have begun. It’s also the time of year when prospective renters peruse new habitats. Welcome to Homeowner/Renter Hell Realtor: first you folks tell me what you can afford, and then we’ll have a good laugh and go on from there - internet joke Why can’t I find a cottage like I’ve seen in the Thomas Kincaid pictures hanging on my dentist’s office walls? I can easily live next to a magical waterfall in a fairy tale forest. Especially if there are no trolls. Hillary Saffran “What if the house that I fall in love with becomes a noose around my neck like a marriage gone wrong?” you nervously ask yourself. “What if I never find a home?”

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Close your eyes and say “I now empty my mind of irritation, frustration, hate and worry.” Visualize each one leaving. Then say, “I now fill my mind with peace, calm, love, faith.” Visualize each one coming to you. Just be sure that you don’t pass out when you close your eyes because the stress of looking for a home has caused you to develop insomnia. Dear Real Estate Agent, I realize that you are looking for a home for me in earnest, but I requested a home with a garage. Please don’t send me information about homes with carports. Sincerely, Home Buyer Dear Home Buyer, Homes with garages in our region are not that plentiful at this time of year. The pictures of the homes that I emailed you have nice carports in your price range with room to build a garage later on. I have a friend who is a contractor. He has more free time to build one since he completed his parole. Sincerely, Real Estate Agent Dear Real Estate Agent, I just found my new home! It’s a lovely log home in the most perfect wooded setting, and still close enough to my work. It’s on an acre lot full of beautiful trees! I love the park like setting, and the price has just been reduced $50,000! Can I see it tomorrow morning? Excited, Home Buyer

Dear Home Buyer, I’m sorry to send you this email but please read the appraiser’s report in the disclosure information. There are carpenter ants rotting the foundation of the home which is wood. Recent codes mandate cement foundations. Sorry. Yours Truly, Real Estate Agent Dear Real Estate Agent, What about your contractor friend? Is he available? Sincerely, Disappointed Dear Disappointed, Even my contractor friend has scruples. Sincerely, Reality Estate Agent Dear Real Estate Agent, I just saw a picture of a lovely home that states it was completely remodeled and gutted in 2006 and built in 2002. Then in small print at the bottom of the page it states that it was really built in 1955. Why would it say that? Sincerely, Hopeful but Bewildered Dear Hopeful but Bewildered, It was probably an innocent mistake on the part of the selling agent. First time I ever saw that happen! LOL Sincerely Slightly Bewildered but Not as Much as You, Real Estate Agent Dear Real Estate Agent, Thank you so much for showing me that home today! It truly was nice, and I loved the property and the laminate floors. However, I don’t think the word “remodeled” refers to the ancient bathroom faucets, sinks and light fixtures. I also noticed that the kitchen counters, sink and oven look like they came out of someone’s cabin from 1940. Please explain. Signed, Concerned

Dear Concerned, When real estate agents advertise a property, they are allowed to be creative. It’s not lying – it’s just a matter of interpretation. “Remodeled” doesn’t necessarily mean “updated.” It probably means “changed”. It’s like using the word “cozy” to describe a small home. Signed, Real Estate Agent Dear Real Estate Agent, Thanks for explaining this to me. I think then that the word “cozy” can have many interpretations, depending on the world view of the reader. So “cozy” can mean 35 illegal aliens riding in the glove compartment of a van, or a 120 sq. foot cabin in the woods that you can’t fit a salmon in. Signed, Beginning to Understand Dear Beginning to Understand, Yes, I think you get the picture. Would you like to become a real estate agent? A Rental Tale It was the best of rentals; it was the worst of rentals. It was the wisest of rentals; it was the stupidest of rentals. It was a believable rental, it was an unimaginable rental. It was a rental of sunshine; it was a rental of darkness. It was a rental of hope; it was a rental of despair. It was a rental of plenty; it was a rental of nothingness. It was the rental of heaven; it was the rental of hell. Welcome to the first day in my new apartment.

> Stay tuned for the upcoming book, “Laughing Your Way Through Hell – Tips for SelfCare While Going Through Adversity” by Hillary Saffran.

> The book is coming out at the end of May.



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