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T he NHS only contributes 15% of our running costs .

We currently have just 10 beds

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The front cover image is of Eastbourne Pier, taken during Airbourne 2010 by Chris Elliment from Willingdon. Please keep sending your ‘REFLECTIVE’ photos for future issues. Email majda. The winner of o the next issue front cover competition will win a Family Ticket to Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum (www. Bentley is located 7 miles north east of Lewes and is signposted from the A26, A22 & B2192. Ticket is valid until 31.12.11 for a single family visit for 2 adults and 3 children. The winner will be notified by May 2011.

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Dear Reader As Editor of Reflections, I am so eager to tell you about the wonderful work of St Wilfrid’s Hospice, because; As a member of staff here, every single day, I see the difference we make to patients and their families, and; As a member of our community, I am so very grateful to every single individual and business that gives, supports and upholds our local Hospice. In addition to providing specialist care for adults with incurable illnesses and supporting their families (see pages 7, 8 and 9), St Wilfrid’s also plays a vital part in the communities it serves. Our network of seven shops is a fantastic source for a bargain (see page 21) and there isn’t a month without an event raising awareness and vital funds to keep St Wilfrid’s going (see page 22).

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I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy 2011. Majda Majda Pehlic, Editor Tel: 01323 437428 Email: Follow me on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: 3


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47 Cornfield Road, Eastbourne BN21 4QN Telephone: (01323) 412512 Fax: (01323) 411611

231 Seaside, Eastbourne 01323 639446 Also at: 138 London Road St. Leonards-on-Sea 01424 44346 Hill House, Mutton Hall Hill, Heathfield 01435 865599 104 South Road, Haywards Heath 01444 452222

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Familylodge Guest House

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Dear Supporters of Reflections we are As we prepare this edition for the outcome waiting with baited breath mission to build the of our application for per Broadwater Way in new hospice on land off y passionate about Eastbourne. We are all ver have had so many the new hospice and we but we have been encouraging comments submitted the plans disappointed before. We patients, staff and on Friday 27 August and to wish the plans luck. volunteers got together

Hospice patie nt have their fin s, staff and volunteers gers crossed that planning permission w ill be given!

etings, of early consultation me We have held a number from Great Crested e researched everything hav and y nit mu com the involved ff and volunteer travel Bronze Age remains to sta ssible Newts to archaeology and ended our plans where po listened to views and am ted mit arrangements. We have sub e plans we hav concerns and opinions. The ’s ple peo er oth a on e and ts tak to day patien erb facilities for families and sup h wit ce spi Ho bed 20 -of are for a staff in end -life can train other healthcare we ere wh g win ion cat professional edu new Hospice will r 800 people each year, the ove for es car tly ren cur wing care. The Hospice us to cope with rapidly gro ce that number, helping twi rt po sup to t. us den ble evi ena hospice is daily Devonshire port. The need for the new sup list cia spe r ou e for urn tron Duke of tbo Eas Pa demand r and cil ou un Co ith ty Coun Kara w onshire cussions with East Sussex hess of Dev We have had detailed dis and the Duc rest groups. We have inte l cia spe and ple peo as lots of local people. Borough Council as well the hospice from so many a real willingness to help by ed rag ou enc y ver n bee an access road does not currently have and st Tru ent tlem Set rth wo resolve ce is owned by the Chats and the Trust’s agents to The site for the new hospi cil, the Borough Council un Co ty un Co the m fro cant support to it. We have had signifi the site. ating an access road into cre the complex issue of t to Eastbourne. The ns in their most recent visi pla the see to ce spi ho see the Devonshire visited the Wilfrid’s, I was excited to The Duke and Duchess of saying “As the Patron of St sal po pro the y and to rt mu po his sup e to serve the com nit Duke was delighted to add ential facility will continu ess s Thi ce. spi Ho bed ch needed 20care St Wilfrid’s provides”. detailed plans for the mu for the superb specialist and dem g win gro the et will at last be able to me are spice a reality. The plans uired to make the new Ho req g hin ryt eve eyes on ne r do e you p we hav Please do kee We are very hopeful that g on 26th October 2010. etin me e itte mm en Co ing e d at a Plann bition is to be abl to op expected to be considere crossed! Our heartfelt am s toe and ers fing r ou t Hospice we are all s. We have all go h time as we have a new the local papers for new suc til Un ry. rsa ive ann h hope you will vember 2013, our 30t very best quality care. I do the h the new Hospice on 28 No wit s ilie fam ir the and hard to provide patients . continuing to work really ions really heart warming ect Refl of tion s in this edi find the stories and article s.

ful and peaceful Christma

We all wish you a very joy Warmest wishes


Kara Bishop Chief Executive

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I opened Reflections and wh etry plea. On the very back page a po nquillity”, “Emotions recollected in tra ms to me. A very true statement this see free, e om bec l I hope my emotions wil much to me. an me t tha s As I write about thing ppenings this year, I want to tell Robert about ha dear. I miss so much his concern so stopped one day, You asked for dialysis to be nt away. we I understand now why you ered enough, suff d ha Your once lovely body medical stuff. h wit d rre sca Now battered and ndchildren too, The cat, the garden, the gra still missing you. Would all like to say they are ger around, lon When asked why you are no now underground? How can we tell them you are very heavy heart, my I sing hymns you loved with them and still take part. re sha l stil Wishing we could of which I was so proud, In your wonderful ministry alone and in a crowd. To be your wife and partner, ing love you, love you, say We spent our last minutes ed me too. I loved you so much, you lov s I believe, thi ry, glo in But now you stand ching his sleeve. tou ost alm , nd On Jesu’s right ha ing to see, I saw this one day, I wasn’t try waiting for me. w, But I know where you are no Edith Hollingshurst




Rose She lf Novemb er retired from S er 2009, t Wilfrid’s aft Home Cle H rk. A few er 6 years in pos ospice in away an t m as Hosp o n th s d is now one of ou later she couldn ice at ’t keep r v a lued volu We are th nteers! ri in a milli lled to have Ros o e fantastic n and makes eve back – she is one ry sense of humour! one laugh with her Her poem ‘L in a book ingering Lingeri e’ c before Ch alled BOOK OF D is soon being pub li R ristmas 2 011, pub EAMS which will shed lished by be out We had to U n ited Pres share it w s Ltd. ith you! The thro wing awa y Is no eas y thing. of old underwea r You have to wait ri gh The elasti c’s lost it t up until s ping. You wear it Collecting money for a good cause And then ‘til it’s quite worn wear it so o On a wonderful Eastbourne day me more ut, . You dare May your spirit always be happy not hang it The neig In every beautiful way hbours w on the line. ould all ro On your life journey ar. So gathe ru May you always have a smile That are p those items quietly g As you travel every mile oing grey . If they’re old - go o Always in my Prayers n Chuck th e lot awa , be bold. y! Dennis



worth over £30





























Word Search was created by Peter Jackson Please send your completed word search, along with your contact details, to the editor (see page 3). All correct entries will be put into a draw and drawn at random. Winner will be contacted by May 2011. 6

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Registered Charity No: 283686

RECENT HAPPENINGS Dealing with Patients’ Financial Worries


Our patients and their visit ors can browse the Internet o n their person al laptops or devices via ou r free wi-fi con nection!

‘A beautiful experience…’

Dawn McEnaney,

When we first meet some Customer Lisaison Manager, DWP patients their biggest worry is around financial pressure and as part of holistic assessment we will ask about this and whether benefits are being obtained. Forms to claim for Disability Living Allowance (for adults under 65) and Attendance Allowance (for over 65s) can be quite daunting, but for patients with life-limiting illnesses a system exists called Special Rules whereby a doctor signs a form (DS1500) which is used for patients in this situation. This makes the completion of forms much easier and they are not ‘means tested’ (i.e. they will not look at your savings when working out the benefit). What patients then do with the benefits is up to them, as long as it is contributing to their well-being. It is important that patients do get these benefits as it can have a positive impact on the life of someone facing a difficult situation. Over the past 3 years we have had the great benefit of dedicated support from Dawn McEnaney, Customer Liaison Manager at the Local Department of Work and Pensions. We have benefited from education and support, but more importantly patients have had support from a professional with greater knowledge in this area. Over and above Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance, Dawn advises on bereavement benefit, council tax, housing benefit, employment support allowance, industrial industries and income support. Many of our patients come away, after assessment by Dawn, feeling confident in their financial situation which has a huge impact on how they feel generally. If you are a patient of the Hospice and wish to know more, you can ask to get in contact with Dawn via staff looking after you.

Carers Message Bolinae mresdsage board

uced an on We have introd oved website. r recently impr ou on for carers ber of one of r or family mem If you are a care ething you m so d you have an s, nt tie pa r ou in a similar are with those would like to sh the message do comment on situation, please board. twedo/ Visit: www.stw es carersandfamili

Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit our website

“My Baptism at St Wilfrid’s was a truly beautiful experience, with a number of friends, visitors, staff members and even some Day Therapy patients joining in. The Jean with Rev John Cheesem Rev John Cheeseman, Vicar an from my own church, Holy Trinity in Eastbourne, performed the service. For some time this was something that I felt I needed to do as part of my commitment as a Christian. I had tried several times to be baptised in the church but never felt well enough. But after a conversation, I discovered it didn’t have to wait until I was well enough or for it to happen in a church, it could take place at the Hospice. We were so grateful for the Chaplain at the hospice, Rev Tom Duncanson for arranging everything including tea, cake and even balloons to add to the celebration. God looked down on us and gave us a lovely sunny afternoon, so we were able to have the baptism service in the garden making it even more special. I’m so happy that I’ve finally done it and in such a beautiful way. I feel so much more complete.” Jean Morton, was an inpatient during August.


Recently I attended a course “Reminiscence in Hospice Care”. The course was held in an old theatre dedicated to education at the back of a charming 1960s replica store, in Blackheath. To begin the day, a basket was passed around to everyone and I was amazed by how each individual reacted differently to it and how many varied memories were evoked. It certainly loosened tongues all round. This was followed by a table full of memorabilia, including everything from an old flat iron to ration books and barley sugar! Tales of times gone by were told, and many forgotten events spoken of, at times with much emotion. There was laughter and a few tears, all expressing personal memories. Since the course, I have collected all manner of old and interesting items which have been received favourably in the Day Therapy Clinic. There seems nothing better to get memories flowing, than an old story told in a safe environment, spurred on by an item picked from the table. It has enabled some people, who find talking difficult, to find their voice. I am in the process of collecting memorabilia from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Any ideas or contributions will be gratefully appreciated. Heather Parry, Health Care Assistant 7


Our Services We provide skilled and compassionate care and support for anyone over the age of 18 with an illness beyond the point of cure, such as cancer, neurological disease or organ failure. Our care considers the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the patient and their family. For example, we help treat symptoms such as pain or sickness, provide treatments such as physiotherapy, and offer bereavement counselling to patients and their families. We do this in patients’ homes, nursing homes or here at the Hospice, whilst working in partnership with other healthcare professionals. We focus all our care on improving the quality of life for patients during their illness and at the end of life. We aspire to be as flexible as possible to ensure patient choice is met, and our services are three-fold: • Day Therapy Clinics • Hospice at Home • In-patients Patients are referred to us by GPs, Hospital Consultants, District Nurses and Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Above: A painting by David Hazell, a patient in our Day Therapy Clinic. The Power element is the power of the cancer; The Strength of the cancer sufferer to overcome the illness; The Fire is the ultimate winning through to re-birth.

6 Septemb er

Words cannot describe … My lovely husband Philip Thomas was a very fit, slim, non-smoking, tee-total, 44 year old. Mid-March 2010 he was still running his gardening business and believed he had cured his headaches with medications, and that his sciatica would hopefully not get worse. By the end of March 2010 he was paralysed from the waist down and was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive tumour growing in his spinal cord.


To The Nu rsing Team , It is rar e to find excellence, and almos rarer com t unheard passion, of to fin work peop d love in the le do. In the care g father Da iven to m vid Gazza y late rd, you ma them all, t naged to c o great ef ombine fect. Fro he was ad m the mo mitted an ment d we walk in every a ed in to v spect of c isit him, are, St W superb. ilfrid’s ha s been We simply cannot th ank you a work, and ll en the kindn ess in it, h ough. Your the awful as into some thing posit transformed with bette ive and lef r memorie t us s. What y simply, as ou do, is q good as it uite gets. Yours Sinc erely,

Nick Within eight weeks, he died from the tumour destroying his body, as it grew so very fast. During the weeks leading up to his death, Philip spent a week in Hurstwood Park and a week in the Eastbourne DGH. The medics did everything they could for him.


Following weeks of trauma and suffering, and coming to the realisation he could not be cured, the relief for Philip and myself was enormous, when he was admitted to St Wilfrid’s. It cannot be described in words and I cannot imagine how we could have coped during the last nine days of his life, without the care and attention we both received from St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Jane Thomas, Widow

The Power of Touch As a Complementary Therapist I am aware of the power of touch. Massage can express, and frequently opens up, channels of communication. In July, I was very humbled to work alongside a patient’s daughter, supporting her to massage her mother. As their eyes met, I could see they were as one - it is difficult to convey in words that wonderful instant. The daughter was an inspiration with her creative thoughts, enthusiasm and showed a natural talent for massage. I will treasure this precious moment for the rest of my life and I am sure the daughter will too. Anna Peters Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit our website



Maria receiving her 3 years of service award at the Volunteers Party 2010

Making a life by giving back “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they would continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, ‘Did you bring joy?’ The second was, ‘Did you find joy?’ One way of bringing joy is to give back to others, to give back a little from your heart. Give some of your time, volunteer to a worthwhile cause and you will make the world a better place. I started volunteering at St Wilfrid’s Hospice three years ago, when one of my closest friends came here for respite due to terminal cancer. My first assessment was that it did not feel like a place of death; it felt like a place of love. As a volunteer, I have received so much more than I could possibly give. I cannot deny the suffering and sometimes the horror that surround death. But alongside this suffering, I feel that I have been enriched and that I have known moments of incomparable humanity and depth. People, who are at the end of life or have lost a loved one, need someone to talk to about their concerns and fears; active listening can be a tremendous gift to the dying, and maintaining a compassionate, non-judgemental perspective

will convey unconditional love and a healing balm for all. Help the Hospices conducted a survey in 2006 and found that the financial value of volunteers to hospices was over £112 million. This means that if hospices paid people to do the work done by volunteers, their costs would increase by nearly a quarter. Even if you are not giving direct support to patients or families, anything you can do that saves or makes money helps the Hospice to spend more on care and to make a real difference to patients and families. The word “Hospice” comes from the Latin “hospitium” meaning guesthouse. It was originally described as a place of shelter for weary and sick travellers returning from religious pilgrimages. Today, the hospice philosophy is to provide support for the patient’s emotional, social and spiritual needs, focusing on comfort and quality in the final phase of terminal illness. It is about transforming the experience of dying: the real issue is not dying well but living well until you die! In serving the dying, we can all learn to be the open door that welcomes, accepts and comforts travellers making their final journey. We are all on this journey together so we might as well support each other. When we give, it is like sprinkling stardust: wherever it lands it brings forth light and joy! Maria Jenner, Volunteer

Looking to Volunteer?

become an ambassador for St Wilfrid’s, contact us on 01323 644500 or email

Worth their Weight in Gold... When I joined the Hospice, it took me less than a week to realise the importance of volunteers! They give of their time and experience willingly, enabling the front line staff to carry out their duties and freeing up their valuable time, so that they can do more. I have introduced five volunteer Ward Clerks, each working one day a week. These ladies have proved invaluable, with each having to learn Ward protocol and procedures, and each rising to the challenge. If truth be told, we have learned together. Although they are my support staff, my role is to support them in return, and so the concept “Teamwork” is the only way to describe our relationship. As Clinical Administrator, I work across all three areas of our service: Hospice at Home, the Inpatient Unit and Day Therapy Clinics. In each of these areas volunteers have a huge impact on giving us the opportunity to achieve so much more than we would without them. Thank you to all our volunteers. Lisa Tanner, Clinical Administrator Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit our website

Our Youngest Volunteer

Eight year old Cameron Schultz is registered as our youngest volunteer and continues to raise funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice through his own ideas and initiatives! In addition to collecting money at flag days and fundraising events, Cam, with the help of friends and family, continues to fundraise through sponsored reading, walks and coffee mornings. 11


Open Gardens 2010 raised over £17,000.

nity Commu athfield’s e ! H 1 t .2 a 8 0 w 5 n Sho ing £1 A Fashio an amaz ach, d te ra e en pro Centre g h tation Ap ated in S all the clothes wit c lo , lo a H d . e ir li a p h dels’ ld sup d the mo Heathfie le ty s s n esig SJ Hair D

Heathfield Carnival 2010 was opened by BBC Newsreader Kaye Forster. Pictured Harley Davidson 1066 Chapter as part of the procession.

Celebrity Football Match: Eastbourne United FC vs Celebrities included players from: Emmerdale, Shameless, Hollyoaks, Waterloo Road, Pineapple Dance Studios and Big Brother.

Our first JUNIOR JIM JAM WALK took place this summer. Pictured Rachel (13) from Willingdon Community School, taking part.


01323 644500

Morrison s store in Seaford is funds for raising v St Wilfrid ital ’s Hospic wide cam e as part paign by of a UKthe supe £1 millio rmarket n for hos to raise pice care .

£7,026.04 was raised by 12 individuals taking up the challenge of Brighton Marathon 2010. Thanks to Karen Clarke (St Wilfrid’s Hospice’s very own Patient Services Director), Caralynne Ledingham, Rachel Hollingdale, Beth Hall, Kerry Curtis, Julie Gilbert-King, Mani Gilbert-King, Nicola Jepson, Robin Pope, Lyne Boenke, Graham Westrope & Adrian Darcy who took up this challenge! Hairport and Inner Beauty Body Works in Terminus Road, Eastbourne held an open therapy day at the Afton Hotel on the 18th July 2010, raising £450.

JIM JAM WALK 2010 raised over a staggering £30,000 and more sponsorship is still coming in. Pictured, Actor Scott Maslen with some of our staff and volunteers.

Mrs Jan Marley and family organised a sponsored walk raising £187.

Jazz Up & Wined Down was very popular with The Big Kahuna entertaining the crowds.

Long Man Morris Men raised £180.59 this summer.

Registered Charity No: 283686


collect elping to deed to h e n o ry u to eve ar and in Thank yo irbourne this ye on. A t a a donati money ho made w e n o every

Our annual ‘Walking Wardrobe’ fashion show raised over £3,000. The event was sponsored by Goldwell and The Eastbourne Arndale Centre, featuring clothing from M&S, BHS, Animal, Bon Marche, plus boutiques Topaz and Posh & Decks and St Wilfrid’s very own Hospice Shops. The hair was styled by hairdressing students from Sussex Downs College.

Eastbou rne annual fr Town FC raised £20 ee for loose match day by as 0 at their king spe change! ctators

Eastbourne Lions Club raised £714.60. A group of Firefighters from Eastbourne Community Fire Station continue ro raise funds for St Wilfrid’s.

On 21st August, at the Fabric Shop in Horam, the family of the late Jane Sherwood celebrated her memory by holding a fantastic event including a raffle, cakes, an auction and other wonderful activities. The event raised a phenomenal £2,550.

Willingdon Golf Club raised £1,126.00.

Mrs Winifred Bew (90) at St Clements Court in Eastbourne makes marmalade and sells it to her neighbours. She buys the ingredients out of her own pocket and the money from every jar sold goes in the collecting box for St Wilfrid’s.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice shop in Terminus Road has been receiving beautifully knitted baby clothing, from mystery knitters! Thank you all – whoever you are!

For the second year running, local businesses recently took to the playing fields in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice, raising over £500. Cornfield Law LLP, a local Practice of Solicitors, organised a rounders match and a cricket match in support of St Wilfrid’s, inviting other businesses to participate.

Thank you also to these companies for their Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit website continued support.


Autumn/Winter 2010

New designer boutique Now open

Exclusive stockists of

Hunter, Lyle & Scott, Joules, Beaver of Bolton, Liberty Freedom, Cath Kidston, British Tweeds, Fulton of London & Johnstons of Elgin Coming soon - Pringle & Barbour 42 Cornfield Road, Eastbourne 01323 644421

Chase Veterinary Group 89-91 Seaside, Eastbourne Open 7 days a week Tel: 01323 639331 (24hr) Acacia Villas, 357 Seaside, Eastbourne Tel: 01323 412673 85 Green Street, Eastbourne Tel: 01323 749961 Summerfield Lodge, 24 Eridge Road, Tunbridge Wells Tel: 01892 515885 Emergencies Eastbourne


01323 639331

Emergencies Tunbridge Wells



01323 644500

01892 515885

Registered Charity No: 283686

Call 01323 760 008

Sheppard E.A.R


33 Wellington Square HASTINGS TN34 1PN Tel 01424 439825 Fax 01424 435286

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Structural Design Specifications Engineers Reports CAD Facilities


tax advisers

FUNDRAISING THROUGH CHALLENGES 2011 Virgin London Marathon We are delighted to announce we have secured a place in the Virgin London Marathon in April 2011! As many of you will know places are very limited in this famous run and we are very lucky to have finally got one. This place is being put out to tender to the highest bidder so for your chance to secure this place, take part in this well regarded event and raise vital funds for St Wilfrid’s at the same time, please email your bid to Bids will reflect a sponsorship target that you set yourself, but please be realistic about what you expect to bring in because if you are the highest bidder you MUST meet the target you set yourself. For more information please contact fundraising on the email above or call 01323 432180.

2011 Brighton Marathon We have places available in 2011 for the Brighton Marathon and the Brighton Half Marathon. These places are limited and are going fast so if you would like the opportunity to take part in the second ever Brighton Marathon please contact us on 01323 432180.

Brighton Half & Full Marathon Package

It is recommended that people participating in a full marathon aim to complete a half marathon 2 months prior to the full one. With this in mind we are offering runners the opportunity to sign up for both the Brighton Half in February 2011 and Brighton Marathon in April 2011 in one package.

Brighton Marathon

Participation in the second annual Brighton Marathon with a marathon representative to support your training schedule and cheer you on at the event in April 2011. Reg Fee £50 Min. Sponsorship £395

Brighton Half Marathon

Participation in the Brighton Half Marathon with a marathon representative to support your training schedule and cheer you on at the event in February 2011. Reg Fee £35 Min. Sponsorship £195

June 17th – 20th 2011 On June 17th – 20th 2011 St Wilfrid’s Hospice and it’s stalwart supporters will embark on a one-of-it’s-kind cycle trek to raise vital funds for the work of the Hospice. This long weekend challenge links Paris to Eastbourne Pier, covering around 320km in just three days and encompasses the pretty countryside from Paris to Dieppe before cycling the Cuckoo Trail across our catchment area from Newhaven to Eastbourne. For more information or to register for this bespoke trek please contact fundraising on 01323 432180.

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PERU – THE ORIGINAL INCA TRAIL The Inca Trail is by far the most famous trek in South America and is rated by many to be in the top 5 treks in the world. In just 26 miles (43km) it manages to combine beautiful mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle and, of course, a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels. The final destination of the trail just cannot be beaten: Machu Picchu, the mysterious “Lost City of the Incas”. In May 2012 St Wilfrid’s Hospice, in conjunction with St Clare’s Hospice in Essex, St Nicholas Hospice in Bury St Edmonds and North London Hospice, are offering people the chance to trek this beautiful trail and discover the wonders of South America in a 10 day adventure. With 2 years to train and fundraise we hope that many of you will be keen to take up this exciting venture and challenge yourselves in this hard but rewarding trek. For more information please contact fundraising on 01323 432180.

Most types of donations can be enhanced with Gift Aid*, which will enable us to reclaim 28p tax for every £1 you donate at no cost to you. Please ensure that you get the names and addresses for all your sponsors, so that we can take advantage of Gift Aid. We can also claim gift aid retrospectively, so if have donated in the past but haven’t yet completed a gift aid declaration, we can claim back the tax on all donations made in the last six years. It will also cover all future donations, unless you tell us otherwise. Gift Aid declaration forms are downloadable from our website GiftAid *If you are a UK tax payer, for every £1 you give we can increase the value of your gift by an extra 28p from the government, making your donation go even further. This means that £10 can be turned into £12.80 at no extra cost to you. We can only claim this tax back if you complete your postcode and sign the form. By signing this form I declare that I pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that the charity will reclaim on my donations in that tax year. This donation, all future donations and any donations in the past 6 years will be treated as Gift Aid donations. If you pay income tax at the higher rate, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment return if you want to receive the additional tax relief due to you. Please notify us if you want to cancel this declaration, or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.


WHAT ARE YOU LEAVING TO THE NEXT GENERATION? Life is much like a ladder: the older we get, the further up the ladder we go. None of us know how long we will be on that ladder, but most of us know that what we leave in the future will help others to achieve a better life. Take a look at this ladder and think about the legacy that you will leave for future generations who live in your community. Start reading at the bottom from number 1 up to number 8.

8. There is comprehensive assistance on the website but if you would like to speak to somebody directly, please feel free to contact John Summers, our Trusts and Legacies Officer on 01323 437429 or email

7. Find out more about leaving a legacy to St Wilfrid’s on our website:

6. Last year 36 people left us gifts in their Wills. These gifts are so important to us. If we know that you are planning to leave us a gift, it helps us to plan ahead and, importantly, it enables us to say ‘thank you’ and involve you in our plans.

5. Legacies are about the future and they offer a convenient way for people to support us when, perhaps, day – to – day financial pressures make it difficult to give a substantial gift in their lifetime.

4. Nearer the top gives a clearer vision of the world and allows us to see the values of life and needs that future generations will have to face.

3. Have you ever considered how wonderful it would be to leave such a legacy in our age and our community?

2. Recently we have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and much has been said of the legacy of peace that was given to us all, by the actions of others.

1. When we look around the town or village in which we live we often see those things that past generations have given that we might enjoy to day.


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Registered Charity No: 283686

COMMUNITY SUPPORT With all the current uncertainties around the economic climate, we have enormous challenges ahead to continue to raise the funding needed. We not only need to keep our current services afloat, but also generate sufficient funding to allow us to expand our services in order to meet the ever growing needs. As ever, we continue to seek ways of reducing expenditure and maximising income. This year we are particularly grateful to the many companies who have sponsored key events and activities, meaning that our fundraising efforts have generated more income which in turn has directly benefited our patients.

OPEN GARDENS 2011 & SUCCESS OF 2010 With very special thanks once again to everyone who participated in our Gardens opened for St Wilfrid’s Hospice. The total monies raised from this wonderful scheme amounted to £17,794. We are already scheduling dates for 2011, so if you have a garden that you would like featured in our special gardens calendar do let us know. Gardens big or small will be featured. Why not get together with your neighbours and organise a ‘garden trail’ on a set day?

Friends of St Wilfrid’s Hospice Our friends groups, managed by our area Ambassadors, are establishing people within the community who will arrange events and initiatives together, to raise awareness of the Hospice’s work in their area. These include coffee mornings, cake sales, garden parties etc and identifying potential groups to give talks and presentations to, as well as enrolling further friends in the group. If you consider yourself an outgoing, sociable person with drive and enthusiasm to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice please contact fundraising on 01323 432180 to find out who your Ambassador is and join our fantastic group of friends.

Schools Since launching our Working Together programme to encourage schools to become further involved in the work of St Wilfrid’s Hospice, many schools and students have stepped up to the mark and delivered amazing results. This year we have received £1,983.51 from schools across our catchment area! This is a phenomenal amount to have been achieved by students ranging from Sussex Down college students collecting money. nursery schools to secondary schools. A huge thank you to Ocklynge Junior School, students from Polegate School, Pashley Down Infants, Cavendish School, Sussex Downs College, Stafford Junior School, Bishop Bell School, Hailsham Community College, students from Herstmonceux Primary School, Copperfields Day Nursery, St Andrews School & students at E2E Foyer. A special thank you to Willingdon School who have also taken us on as their year 7 charity of the year for 2010-11 as well as already raising funds for us this year as part of their citizenship course by doing various activities including cake sales and car washing! The enthusiasm of all the students who have participated in fundraising is incredible and we are delighted that so many have taken up our cause with such passion. If you or someone you know is at a school in our local area and would like to assist us in our fundraising efforts or would like to know more about the work of the Hospice, please contact fundraising on 01323 432180.


Several sporting events have been organised to raise funds for the hospice this year. Cornfield Law organised a rounders & cricket tournament and Eastbourne United organised the Celebrity Football match. These events were enjoyed by all who participated and attended whilst boosting hospice funds. We are asking sports teams and clubs if they would like to join in and organise a sporting event in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice. These can be a serious or as fun as you want and anything from football to fishing or swimming to snooker. If this is something that interests you please contact Fundraising on 01323 432180 or email Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit our website


OUR SHOPS Day in the Life of a Woolly Jumper!! What really happens behind the scenes of a busy charity shop? How does my well loved woolly jumper get turned into cash to help the charity? Hopefully this insight into the wonderful world of charity shopping will answer many a mystery. St Wilfrid’s Hospice has 7 charity shops across our catchment area, selling a variety of pre loved items. Our shops raised £522,000 for the hospice last year and is set to hit £600,000 this financial year, but how is that money generated? We welcome donations of all sorts, including clothing, accessories, books, bric brac, linens, haberdashery, media products and furniture items. The teams of trained volunteers, led by the shop managers, carefully sort over 1million items each and every year and only the clean, good quality saleable items are then labelled, steamed, ironed or cleaned, priced and week-coded before being offered for sale on the shop floor. This is an extremely time consuming job but it means that every shop is full of beautifully prepared stock for the discerning customer. Stock remains on the shop floor for a few weeks before either being reduced or moved onto another store, this ensures that the stock remains fresh and enables the shop manager to promote certain stock items. Look out for our ever changing in store promotions!! Most items that are not saleable are sold on to textile merchants or recycling companies to help increase income and reduce the volume sent to landfill. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service with a realistic approach to good value pricing, with the knowledge that your pre-loved woolly jumper is not just a woolly jumper but a valuable item of stock to help raise funds for the hospice.

Seasonal Sensations It’s the time of year to start thinking about purchasing gifts and cards for your loved ones, and by purchasing from our range of Christmas Cards and Gifts you will be helping to give something back to your local hospice. Our competition winning card ‘Alfriston Photgraphed by Derek Blaney Church in The Snow’ is just one card in our range of 15 beautiful designs to cater for every taste. Our Christmas Cards are available from each one of our shops and 100% of the profits raised from the cards goes directly towards the work of the Hospice.

Fascinating Facts The latest Charity Shops Survey 2010, published by Charity Finance, shows that St Wilfrid’s Hospice shops are continuing to buck the national trend by showing a 32% profitability compared to the national figure of 20%, and that our year-on-year profit increase currently stands at 35% compared to the national figures of just 6%. This is fantastic testament to all the hard work and dedication shown by the teams of shop managers and volunteers who work tirelessly to achieve these excellent results. Find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice and for latest updates, visit our website

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Contact Details St Wilfrid’s Hospice Shops trade Monday to Saturday from 9am - 5pm. Donations are welcome to shops or fundraising offices: EASTBOURNE 186 Terminus Road , BN21 3BB Tel: 01323 646466 16 Langney Road (Furniture), BN21 3QA Tel: 01323 412745 HAILSHAM Unit 8 The Quintins, BN27 1DP Tel: 01323 846123 HEATHFIELD 29 High Street, TN21 8HU Tel: 01435 860862 SEAFORD 11 Broad Street, BN25 1LS Tel: 01323 892727 POLEGATE 44 High Street, BN26 6AG Tel: 01323 482048 UCKFIELD Vintage Emporium 25 High Street, TN22 1AG Tel: 01825 761539 Fundraising Offices (Eastbourne) 39-41 Upperton Road, BN21 1LN Tel: 01323 432180 If you are unable to deliver items directly to us, please contact us to arrange a collection – call 01323 432180 21


Raffle Tickets

For those of you who look forward buying raffle tickets, we have some treats in store for you in 2011 when we will be launching some new initiatives. If you can’t wait until then, why not attend one of our many seasonal events where tickets will be available on the night for some fabulous prizes and increased odds of winning!

For up to date events calendar, please visit www. Tel: 01323 432180 or email NOVEMBER 2010 Sat 6th Meads Christmas Bazaar St John’s Hall, Meads, Eastbourne Tue 23rd Craft and Bring & Buy Fayre Down House, Warbleton Fri 26th The Big Christmas Cracker Ball Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne Sat 27th Heathfield Christmas Magic Heathfield Town DECEMBER 2010 Wed 1st Lights of Love, St Andrew’s Church Alfriston, 6pm Thu 2nd Lights of Love, St Wilfrid’s Church Pevensey Bay, 6pm Thu 2nd Seaford Christmas Magic Seaford Town Fir 3rd– Sun 5th Eastbourne Christmas Magic Eastbourne Town Tue 7th Lights of Love, St George’s Church Polegate, 6pm Thu 9th Lights of Love, Deanland Park Near Golden Cross, 11.30am Thu 9th Lights of Love, Uckfield Community Hospital Uckfield, 6pm Fri 10th Uckfield Christmas Magic Uckfield Town Fri 10th Hailsham Christmas Magic Hailsham Town Sat 11th Phoenix Choir Arndale Centre, 11am Sun 12th Lights of Love, at St Wilfrid’s Hospice Eastbourne, 5pm Tue 14th Lights of Love, St Mary’s Church Hailsham, 6pm Thu 16th Lights of Love, St Leonard’s Church Seaford, 6pm Sun 19th Lights of Love, Union Church Heathfield Sat 25th Christmas Day Carols Eastbourne Bandstand JUNE 2011 Sun 11th Secret Garden Carlisle Road, Eastbourne Fri 17th – Mon 20th Paris to Pier Pedal Paris to Eastbourne Sun 19th Secret Gardens in Coast Road Pevensey Bay Sun 27th Secret Garden Fineoaks, Cowbeech JULY 2011 Sun 17th Jim Jam Walk Seafront Walk AUGUST 2011 Sun 7th Charity Football Match The Oval, Eastbourne




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The MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS in partnership with local businesses… Across East Sussex, don’t miss these events filled with festive entertainment all in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice! SEAFORD TOWN CENTRE UCKFIELD CHRISTMAS MAGIC HEATHFIELD CHRISTMAS MAGIC SATURDAY 27 NOV 9-6PM 22

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Full orchestration or fine tuning Whether your financial affairs are highly complex or relatively straightforward, Price & Company will bring to them all the right resources and astute professional advice. For over 50 years we have been helping and guiding personal and business clients, combining sound experience with a keen understanding of the very latest accountancy developments. So if you are reviewing your financial arrangements, contact Price & Company. You’ll find we’ll definitely strike the right chord.

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