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Portfolio Maja Kurantowicz

Table of contents Project Name:

Duration of Project:

Academic Year:

Urban intervention

5 months


Architectural design

5 months


Alternate realities competition

1 month


Anavalos Hotel & Apartments

2 years (ongoing)

Side Project

6 months (ongoing)

Part 1 Architectural Assistant Placement

6 months

Part 1 Architectural Assistant Placement

2 months (ongoing)

Part 1 Architectural Assistant Placement

Collective dwelling

5 months


Productive landscape

5 months


Art gallery

4 months


Tiny house

2 months


Boat house

2 months


Grotesque digital tile

1 month


St Helens Depot, Warehouse & Training Centre 1 Bedroom Flat Refurbishment St Alban & St Stephen Development Church

Art work

IB Diploma Year 1 & 2

Urban Intervention


Year 3 Architecture 2020 In this project we were asked to design an urban intervention consisting of a museum, residential, and commercial buildings; with a focus on creating public urban spaces and connecting to St Augustine’s Abbey ruins. Furthermore, I designed a new car-free transport proposal for the city.

Section AA

Perspective of museum courtyard



Perspective of residential courtyard

Urban Intervention (continued)





Perspective of roof sitting steps

Section CC

Back elevation of museum

Urban Intervention (continued) Technology & Environment sectional perspective

Perspective of museum entrance

Perspective view of new proposed transport scheme

Canterbury Cathedral Organisation Client Mapping

Architectural Design

Year 3 Architecture 2021

My client for this project was the Canterbury Cathedral Organisation. Ater interviewing the client, I came up with a brief and program to help the organization to accommodate pilgrims and visitors, reduce their carbon footprint and spread knowledge of sustainable food.

Journey to the city wall

Level -1 plan

Level 0 Plan

Level 1 Plan

Level 2 Plan

Isometric Brewery, bakery, kitchen, larder & Pantry



Hall Hostel lobby & common rooms Hostel rooms

Axis of Canterbury Cathedral and pilgrimages

Three main courtyards

Axis of city wall and neighboring buildings

Architectural Design (continued)

Architectural Design (continued)





Sectional Perspective AA

Architectural Design (continued)

Structural strategy diagram

Construction detail section BB

East Elevation

North Elevation

Alternate Realities Competition entry 2020

Participants were required to design an architectural response to an issue that the world is facing – climate change, pandemics, biological warfare, nuclear proliferation, social inequality, etc. The design did not have to be a solution. It could also have been a visual commentary and fall anywhere on the Utopia – Dystopia spectrum.

Alternate Realities (continued)

Anavalos Hotel & Apartments


2019 - Present (ongoing)

I assisted the client and architect in this project by: producing sketches of the building form based on the client’s vision, designing bespoke furniture, and producing landscape and site plans following discussions with the client and architect. I designed the logo and website for the establishment and participated in the selection of materials and suppliers.

Initial sketch of the building form SketchUp models and photographs of bespoke furniture

St Helens Depot, Warehouse & Training Centre

Proposed Site Plan

June 2021 - Present (ongoing)

Alongside the Architect, I participated in all design stages of this project for a national cabling and communications company. The client company has its own in-house building department for this type of work, who we collaborate with, alongside consultants. The project entailed the conversion of an existing old warehouse into a storage/depot, office, and training centre, also providing parking to the north and soft landscaping. Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Section

Proposed Elevations

1 Bedroom Flat Refurbishment

June 2021 - December 2021 Alongside the Architect, I participated in all design stages of this project, which entailed a full refurbishment of a 1 bedroom apartment. I produced all drawings including electrical layout and fire strategy drawing. I collaborated with the client’s representative, contractor and consultants such as the interior designer, building control consultant, and engineer. I also participated in putting together the contract.

St Alban & St Stephen Development Project

November 2021 - Present (ongoing) The church reached out to us for some initial ideas on developing the church, hall, and presbytery. I came up with ideas on extending the front porch and entrance and the church making it more welcoming. I also came up with the idea to replace the church doors with larger double doors and a stained glass window above to let more natural light inside. With the head architect, we redesigned the site plan, and the presbytery into a building of 1 and 2 bedroom flats. I created drawings and visuals which helped convey our ideas to the church.

Architectural exploration of Dover city centre Year 2 Architecture 2020

1. Gothic 16th CE

5. Victorian 19th CE

2. Gothic 17th CE

6. Art nouveau 19th CE

3. Georgian 18th CE

7. Modern 19th CE

4. Victorian 19th CE

8. Contemporary 20th CE

Survey of Dover townhouse

Collective Dwelling Year 2 Architecture 2020

In this project we were asked to design residential flats of different sizes. We were given a number of one, two, three, four bedroom flats to design and allocate on the site. In my design I stacked the flats on top of shops and created three squares, one public and two private.

Perspective of courtyard

Perspective of promenade

Sectional perspective through a block of flats

Interior perspective


Public square with restaurants and Cafes

Parking below a private garden

Riverside walk

Bus stop

Public promenade with shops

English Heritage visitor centre

Productive Landscape Fish Farm Year 2 Architecture 2019

Ground floor plan

Masterplan In this project we were asked to design a productive landscape. In my proposal, In my research, I found out that the fish population in the North sea is dropping drastically. I designed a self sustaining fish farm. In my plan plan , the fish are meant to be grown in the fish ponds. The food for the fish is made out of soy and nuts which are grown on site. The fish mainly feed on microorganisms that live in the ponds, which are fed with composting which is made from cut grass and plants from the site. When the fish are grown they get released into the river and travel to the north sea to repopulate it. In the center of the site I designed an aquarium that teaches the visitors about aquatic life. I also designed a welcome building for presentations, lessons seminars and staff rooms.


Fish ponds

Fish release point

Wooden decks

Welcome building

Tall nut trees

Aquarium Soy plantation

Car park entrance

Night view Sitting steps


Ground Floor Plan

Art Gallery Project Year 1 Architecture 2019

Site Plan Development sketches

Graffiti wall Water Garden

In this project we were asked to design an art Gallery, with exhibition rooms dedicated and catered to the needs of chosen artists. The concept of my design is the crossing of river water through and around the building. Isometric

Parking Fountain park Projection wall

This is a model of one of the exhibition rooms. It was inspired by the crypt in Canterbury Cathedral. I used columns to exhibit sculptures, and created a gap above the sculpture where light was brought in through light tubes. Model of gallery space interior

First Floor Plan

Tiny House Project Year 1 Architecture 2018 In this project, we were asked to design a Tiny-house complex in Whitstable. The concept of my project was community, therefore I created clusters of three or two houses joined together that shared an elevated courtyard.


Sketch model

Boat House Project Year 1 Architecture 2018

In this project I designed a storage for river punts in canterbury, with an office, toilets and other amenities. The concept of the project was based on the views around the site such as the Westgate towers and gardens. In order not to obstruct the views I decided to frame them using my building.

Sectional perspective Development sketches

Grotesque Digital Tile Year 1 Architecture 2019

In this project I designed a grotesque digital tile which, later, was a part of a large mosaic display. After designing the tile in Rhino 6, I used a variety of methods to construct it physically such as: 3D printing, laser cutting, clay modeling and 3D pen.

3D pen

3D - printed

Laser cut


Artwork From IB Visual Arts HL 2017 - 2018

This is a selection of work from my art show at the end of my International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Course.

Triptych photo montage - edited photography, representing the presence of technology in human lives

Mixed media collage, highlighting the neglect of mental health issues in daily life

Artwork From IB Visual Arts (continued)

Pastel and charcoal drawing of hormones under a microscope. The drawing is overlaid with head silhouettes which represent the major effects that hormones have on human emotions. Bubble gum sculpture of Japanese Snow Monkeys hugging, representing the key role of relationships and affection in human life

Clay sculpture, which provides a commentary on plastic surgery and consumerism