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news summer 2012

EVENT « THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FASHION SHOW BY GALERIES LAFAYETTE » THIRD EDITION 02 EDITORIAL > Tuesday 18 September 2012 at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann > Saturday 22 September 2012 in stores across France 04 LIVE SHOW CASTING IN PARIS > Coco Liscia Casting Director > Sébastien Cambos, Deputy Fashion Editor of the magazine Glamour

> Le Backstage : L’Oréal Professionnel, Official Hairstylist

06 SHOW THEMES  4/7 Fashion : >2 City Slicker, « workwear  rules » Tea Time, « time for fantasy » Cocktail Time, « pictures beautiful ladies » Night Owl, « all black ensemble »

news summer 2012

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FASHION SHOW BY GALERIES LAFAYETTE  / THIRD EDITION >T  uesday 18 September 2012 at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Saturday 22 September 2012 in stores across France


he third edition of the World’s Biggest Fashion Show is coming to the Galeries Lafayette stores on 18 and 22 September! Head to the giant runway for a show featuring thousands of fashionistas at 7pm Tuesday 18 September at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and on Saturday 22 September in fifty stores across France!

Fashion 24/7 is the focus of this year’s autumn style event at Galeries Lafayette, which is aimed at all fashion fans.

Fashion 24/7 by Galeries Lafayette, brings you fabulous fashions around the clock! Everyone can get their fashion fix anytime, anywhere… Log in, check out the latest trends and buy the best labels in just three clicks!

The countdown has begun for all fashion lovers who want to be part of the third edition of the World’s Biggest Fashion Show! Register now at !

The countdown has begun: Follow Fashion 24/7, the third World’s Biggest Fashion Show, non-stop on… another highlight of Paris Fashion Week!

For the first time, wannabe participants with the hottest looks will be invited to a casting for the Paris show on 10 and 11 September. A panel of judges made up of fashion professionals like Coco Liscia, director of top Fashion Week shows, will pick 400 people who will have the unique chance to strut their stuff on the runway in Paris on 18 September.

Other major addition in Paris this year is on the day and live streaming of the World’s Biggest Fashion Show on the homepage of the Galeries Lafayette website. 3

news summer 2012



or the first time, Galeries Lafayette is asking the shortlisted participants for the Paris show to come to a huge live casting on 10 and 11 September,

attended by Corinne «Coco» Liscia, casting director for the biggest interna-

>  Sébastien Cambos, Deputy Fashion Editor of the magazine Glamour

tional fashion weeks.

Every month Sébastien Cambos, 31, puts his chic pop style in print in Glamour. He

The candidates with the right look who have sent their interpretations of one

brings to the judging panel a keen eye and a passion for statement fashion and

of the four themes – City Slicker, Teatime, Cocktail Hour and Night Owl – to will show off their style to a panel of industry professionals: Corinne Liscia, Sébastien Cambos and a fashion expert from Galeries Lafayette. Their mission is to pick the 400 hottest looks. With their official invitation from Galeries Lafayette in hand, all the lucky people chosen to take part in the World’s Biggest Fashion Show will be in the expert hands of the hairstylists and makeup artists on the day and enjoy the fashion show to the full! Just one rule: no diktats, but a natural flair for fashion, attitude and a passion for style…

people who dare to be different. Over the huge two-day casting, he will spot the participants who will light up the runway with their own unique look during the third edition of the World’s Biggest Fashion Show!



he show begins backstage, with the army of hairstylists and makeup artists, lessons in runway walking and rehear-

sals. The models for a day are about to experience the backstage buzz behind the scenes

>  Coco Liscia, Casting Director Casting Director for the most incredible Fashion Weeks, Corinne aka Coco has staged castings for shows by Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi (including putting 100 models on the Great Wall of China), Etam, Alexandre Vauthier, Céline and Vionnet, to name just a few of her collaborations.

of a fashion show. Adrenaline is flowing, stomachs are churning and hearts are beating fast… Everyone is working hard to make the show a success!

>  L’Oréal Professionnel, Official Hairstylist L’Oréal Professionnel, the «Parisian House of Hairdressing», is giving thirty or so of its most talented hairstylists the job of teasing the tresses of the 400 models for a day in Paris in just a few hours! As an official partner of Paris Fashion Week, L’Oréal Professionnel has joined Galeries Lafayette in this mass celebration of fashion.



news summer 2012

>  Studiomakeup Finally, for their makeup the models for a day will be in the expert hands of the Guerlain and StudioMakeUp teams.

SHOW THEMES 24/7 Fashion >  City Slicker When we hop out of bed in the morning, we pull on the clothes to start a new day: « workwear » rules and masculine elegance are being rewritten and transformed into an all-purpose charm offensive: reefer, safari or over-sized jac-

>  Samsung, a partner in technology

kets, flat caps, trench coats, andro-chic officer coats and masculine materials.

Design and innovation are in its DNA, and so it’s only natural that Samsung, the leading manufacturer of consumer electronic goods, has joined the World’s Biggest Fashion Show this year. With its range of connected products — smartphones, tablets, notebooks, televisions and digital cameras — Samsung will capture some incredible experiences and make the show the most high-tech fashion event of the year! Find out more by visiting Samsung’s Facebook page. (



news summer 2012

>  Tea Time

>  Cocktail Time

In the afternoons, everything stops for tea… except glamour. This is a time for

Picture beautiful ladies on the arm of handsome gentlemen! For a fantasy cocktail

fantasy, offbeat arty looks, unlimited prints and a touch of fur or embroidery

party, embody the quintessentially 1960s take on perfection… This blow-dried living

mixed to create a delicious infusion of luxury and pop art! On the red carpet,

doll has a wardrobe of flower prints or silk and satin pastels to clink drinks in style.

hair is left loose rather than scraped back and matte red lipstick preferred to gloss. Artists, this is your time to shine!



news summer 2012

>  Night Owl Dark is the night, here there is no light. Drama and mystery are the order of the night for heroines in leather, lace, feather and fishnet worn as an all-black ensemble until dawn, from dinner to bed.

Galeries Lafayette press contacts Marjorie Rousseau / +33 1 42 82 82 92 National press: Déborah Némarq / +33 1 42 82 32 83 International press: Virginie David / +33 1 42 82 30 18 Regional press: Samantha Breitembruch / +33 1 42 82 84 55

Patricia Goldman Communication press contacts Valentine Fabry / +33 1 47 53 65 67 / +33 6 80 13 51 75 Xavier Boudry / +33 1 47 53 65 68 / +33 6 62 30 55 76


's Werelds grootste modeshow Lafayette  

Op 18 september organiseert Galéries Lafayette in Parijs de grootste modeshow ter wereld en iedereen kan meedoen

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