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November/December 2014

Vol. 31, No. 6

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Industry News/Products 36 • Advertisers Index 62 • Classified Advertising 62 On The Cover: High Point Sanitary Solutions, of Houston, TX, is a full-service janitorial/sanitation distributorship. Left to right are Manager/Head of Sales Scott Uselman, Director of Operations Zulma Soto, CEO Linda Uselman and President Chad Uselman. See story on Page 6.

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President Chad Uselman (left), and his brother, Manager/Head of Sales Scott Uselman are pictured at High Point Sanitary Solutions' home office in Houston, TX.

“Our Goal To Be The First Thought & The First Phone Call When Somebody Has An Issue. I Want Them To Think High Point Can Fix It.” By Rick Mullen Maintenance Sales News Associate Editor


ounded in 1997, High Point Sanitary Solutions, of Houston, TX, is a full-service janitorial/sanitation distributorship serving customers primarily within a 90-mile radius of the greater Houston area. The company is owned and operated by CEO Linda Uselman, her husband, President Chad Uselman, and his brother, Manager/Head of Sales Scott Uselman. “We also have our daughter, Director of Customer Solutions Teri Guinn, and our son, Sales Consultant Chase Uselman, working with us,” Linda Uselman said during a recent interview with Maintenance Sales News Magazine

at the company’s facility in Houston. Indeed, sales must have been in Chase Uselman’s genes as he aspired to be a salesman at an early age. “Chase is our ‘always wanted to be’ sales person,” Linda Uselman said. “When he was in school, he was always the one who won the competition for selling the most tickets for fundraisers. When he was in football, he would win prizes for selling the most booster club tickets.” Another family has also been a significant cog in the company’s success since its inception. “We also have the Lopez family,” Linda Uselman said. “San Juana Lopez is administrative assistant and has three children also involved in the business who play vital roles. Zulma Soto is director of operations and Jane

Ruiz is in accounting. Zulma has been with us since day one and Jane joined us shortly thereafter. Their brother, Max Lopez, is warehouse manager. “Many of our staff members are long-term — some of whom have been with us 17 years,” Linda Uselman said. “We work well together as a team.” Scott Uselman added: “We offer attractive commission rates and we put employees in a position to succeed. In return, they have been very good to us. Our people are what really makes this thing run. We have been fortunate in the past in that we have met people at the right time when looking to augment our staff.” “For example, we had a person here the other day who had talked to somebody and decided we may be the com-



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November/December 2014

“Many of our staff members are long-term... We offer attractive commission rates and we put employees in a position to succeed. In return, they have been very good to us.” — Scott Uselman

pany for which he would like to work,” Chad Uselman said. “One of the things I told him was, ‘If you are too embarrassed to tell people you work in the cleaning industry, don’t come in here.’ There is little glamor in the cleaning industry. We educate and consult people on how to clean. That is what we do. “We have a great group of people and we appreciate them. I think you have to show people a little love, and that is what we do.”

Scott Uselman added: “There is something unique about the way our staff answers the phone. For example, when Zulma (Lopez) answers the phone, the caller can ‘see’ the smile on her face through the phone. I think that makes a big difference when it comes to customer service.” High Point’s product categories include beverage supplies, chemicals, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, foodservice, hospitality, industrial and retail packaging,


liners, matting, paper, waste receptacles, restroom, safety, skin care, tools and hardware. “We are a full-service jan/san house, but, more importantly, what sets us apart is we provide training and consultation,” Linda Uselman said. “When a customer calls with a problem, be it restroom odors, or spotting on a carpet or stone polishing or whatever, we make a visit and fix the problem instead of sending them a product and hoping it works. We take enough products along so that we know that something in that bucket is going to work. This sets us apart.” Chad Uselman added: “Something has been lost, even in the past 10 years. While everyone says they consult and train, what we have seen is there are more and more box movers who just ship a box and hope what it contains solves the problem, such as stone polishing, for example.” When High Point professionals visit a customer to consult, concerning a problem, they often find the customer doesn’t always understand what the root of a problem is and what the solution might entail, Chad Uselman said. This type of consultation and education is much more effective than just receiving a product from a box mover, that is essentially saying to a customer, “Just read the directions, and hope it works.”

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The Road From The North Country To The Southwest


he Uselmans originally hailed from Minnesota where Chad Uselman started a janitorial service in the 1980s. During that time, Linda Uselman was attending school and working a job. On the side, she helped her husband. Scott Uselman also worked with the couple. “In 1991, Scott went into sales of janitorial supplies and equipment with another company,” Linda Uselman remembered. “We were relocated to Texas for my job and Chad got a job with a small company here that sold janitorial supplies and equipment. Things were going well and eventually Scott came down and joined the same company where Chad was working. “They would have probably stayed there forever, except that company was bought by a large corporation.” The Uselman brothers were not comfortable with the new ownership. They felt like there was a lack of training in the cleaning market in Houston; therefore, they decided to start their own company to fill that void. “I got a call from Chad at work one day and he said, ‘How much do we have in savings,’” Linda Uselman said. “I said, ‘I don’t know. I haven’t checked.’” She asked her husband why he was asking, and he told her he and his brother were going to start their own company and needed to know how much money was available to get the ball rolling. “I ran down to the credit union and figured everything out,” Linda Uselman said. At first, the brothers needed Linda Usel-

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November/December 2014 man to continue working her regular job, but she pitched in during her spare time. “At nights and on weekends we would all be in here,” she said. “I would be setting up computers and getting software going — just anything that needed to be done. Eventually, we were all full time. That was in 1997.” Technology Takes Center Stage


ccording to Linda Uselman, High Point’s customer base has expanded dramatically since its founding. Along with that growth has come

she said. “I used to do the IT for the company, but we now have a full-time IT person, Drew Havard. With all the new technologies that have come into play over the years, I just couldn’t keep up with it and still do what I needed to do. “Having a person on staff whose primary responsibility is dealing with the technological aspects of the business has helped tremendously. Not only has he been able to put together training information on our website, we now have online ordering, which speeds things up. Computers are faster and work processing is much faster than it used to be. “Havard, our IT expert, has installed customized software that produces reports that customers can access online, showing where they are spending their money and what products they are using. This is information that cus-

“Our IT expert has installed customized software that produces reports customers can access online, showing where they are spending their money and what products they are using. This is information that customers would have had to track themselves previously.”

— Linda Uselman

Chad and Linda Uselman's children, Sales Consultant Chase Uselman and his sister, Director of Customer Solutions Teri Guinn, are also part of the family-owned and operated business.

the snowballing of technology in the cleaning arena, as it has in modern culture as a whole. “While we remain focused on customer service, education, consulting, etc., technology has been a huge factor in the way the business has changed over the years,”

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tomers would have had to track themselves previously.” “This is something very new,” Scott Uselman said. “For example, let’s say you are the manager of a 90-site school district. You wouldn’t have time to go through every purchase requisition to find out elementary school A is using the right cleaners and the right quantities. Also, without going through the requisitions, you would not know that

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November/December 2014



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elementary school B has not ordered disinfectant cleaner for four months. This software is going to give you a red flag. Why is elementary school B not using disinfectant? Obviously there must be a training issue there or the school is overstocked. With this information, school officials can get to the bottom of the problem.” Chad Uselman added: “The reports go beyond just managing inventory. What it says to the school system is if school C is using three cases of disinfectant and the average is one, where is that extra disinfectant going? “The school system may find that school is using disinfectant on all its floors, which is not desirable. The report might indicate that school is not ordering neutral cleaner, but is ordering way too much disinfectant. Maybe the school is running disinfectant in its scrubbers and putting it in its mop buckets.” “The reports help pinpoint exactly where training is needed,” Scott Uselman said. Chad Uselman added: “Our supermarket customers also benefit from the online reports. Let’s say someone is overseeing 30 supermarkets. A report might show a particular supermarket is using way more sanitizer than the average of the other 29 locations. It sends up a red flag — there is something wrong with that program.” While High Point’s customer base runs the gamut, its largest market segments are, in order, schools or other education units, industrial, general manufacturing, building service contractors, health care, hotels and motels. “We also service restaurants,” Scott Uselman said, “and we have a foodservice certified manager on staff who works with our grocery stores.” Linda Uselman said: “Contract cleaners are a growing segment, because more and more companies are focusing on their core competencies.” Chad Uselman pointed out that the use among companies and schools of contract cleaners sometimes runs in cycles. “At times, customers who have a contract cleaner will decide to go in-house to do their cleaning,” he said. Business Has Been Very Good

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igh Point’s home base of Houston puts it in the most populous city in Texas, as well as the largest city in the Southern states. The city is also the fourth largest city in the United States, with an estimated population of just under 2.2 million people as of 2013 (behind New York, Los Angeles and Chicago), according to The Houston metro area has a population of 6.3 million, making it the fifth largest metro area in the United States, one place behind the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area, according to in a story published in March of this year. “Business has been very good,” Linda Uselman said. “This year has been phenomenal.” Scott Uselman said: “Nov. 17 will mark 17 years in business for High Point Sanitary Solutions. In those 17 years, we have only had two that have been even or have recorded less than 1 percent growth. In all the other years, we have seen significant growth, from 5 to 20 percent. We are very fortunate — Scott Uselman in that respect. “We must give credit where credit is due — it has been a group effort with our staff and our customers. I don’t know what it is exactly, but we just don’t seem to lose our core customers. They find value in what we do for them. We are experiencing double-digit growth this year. The future is looking up.” Economic indicators have show that the Houston area has been booming since the recent recession. According to, in a story published in May 2013, “Houston, the first major city to regain all the jobs lost in the downturn, has now added more than two jobs for every one it lost after the crash. That’s incredible.” Also, according to, “Houston is known as the ‘Energy Capital of the World,’ with almost half of its economic activity driven by the energy industry. Houston is home to 40 of the nation’s 145 publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production firms, including 11 of the top 25 as ranked by 2011 total assets. In fact, nine more among the top 25 have subsidiaries, major divisions or other significant operations in Houston.” Still another large business segment, for which Houston is known, is health care. Houston is home of the Texas Medical Center (TMC) — the world’s largest concentration of health care and research institutions. According to, TMC is comprised of 21 hospitals, 13 support organizations, 8 academic and research institutions, 6 nursing programs, 3 public health organizations, 3 medical schools, 2 universities, 2 pharmacy schools, and a dental school. While the health care segment, particularly hospitals, has been around for many years in Houston, High Point is just now becoming involved in that segment due to its participation in a GPO (group purchasing organization).

“I think health care will be an area where jan/san will be able to push out the box movers.”


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November/December 2014

“Education brings in the ‘why’ do we do it this way, instead of just do it this way or do it that way. When customers receive the education on the ‘why’ to do a task a certain way, they buy into it so much better, rather than just ‘training.’” — Scott Uselman

“We now have a ‘hunting license,’ if you will, for health care,” Scott Uselman said. “The health care segment has been traditionally shut out to us, particularly large hospitals, because they only did business through group pur-

chasing organizations. We are now part of a GPO and that opportunity is open to us. “We have some good educational tools for hospitals. I think health care got caught up in the box movers and for-

got about the cleaning aspect. They forgot about the education that goes behind moving a box. So we are trying to put some value back into their cleaning operations, to help them reduce infections. “I’m excited about the health care prospects with the ability to go to market and work with a group purchase organization. We have the product mix and the educational materials all put together in a package. “We do very well in schools and we expect nothing but growth in the school education market, but I think health care will be an area where jan/san will be able to push out the box movers.” Customer Returns Because Of Service


n reflecting on why High Point’s core customer base has been so loyal over the years, Scott Uselman told a story concerning a large industrial customer. “In the beginning, we had to go after everything with a vengeance, just to make sure we could survive month-to-month,” he recalled. “I worked on one large industrial customer for a long, long time and finally the company gave me an opportunity. Someone at that company had slipped and fallen and company officials couldn’t figure out why. “I went to the facility and found out they were using silicon furniture polish and spraying it all over. The furniture polish was getting on the floor and it was like liquid ball bearings. People were falling right and left. “I asked them, ‘How are you applying the furniture polish?’ It turned out the cleaning lady was not spraying the polish on a rag, as she should. She was spraying the door and excess polish was getting on the floor. When people opened the door and took one step, down they went. “We had a great relationship with that company for years. Then, because it was such a large corporation, it bought its own supply house. The manager came to me and said, ‘I have to use the company that we just bought. Corporate is telling me I have to do this. “Meanwhile, for the next 8 or 10 months, I would get calls from that company every couple of weeks wanting me to solve a problem or to supply them with a product on an emergency basis. “I said, ‘Guys I can’t keep coming out here and solving problems for my competitor.’ The manager said, ‘Give me five minutes.’ Five

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November/December 2014

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minutes later he called me back and said, ‘You are back in as our supplier.’ “It is attention to making sure things are right for the customer that kept us as their supplier of choice and that is really our goal — to be the first thought and the first phone call when somebody has an issue. I want them to think, ‘Scott can fix it or High Point can fix it.’” Indeed, the Uselmans tout the company’s ability to educate customers as one of the most significant ways the company sets itself apart from competitors. “Everybody on the planet in our business talks about how they offer training,” Scott Uselman said. “The word ‘training’ has actually become somewhat irritating to me. I think for our purposes ‘education’ is a better term, because education brings in the ‘why’ do we do it this way, instead of just do it this way or do it that way. When customers receive the education on the ‘why’ to do a task a certain way, they buy into it so much better, rather than just ‘training.’ Everybody talks training. They say, ‘I believe in training.’ Well, some people’s training is hanging a chart on the wall or a DVD. Training does not come in a box, it just doesn’t. I like the word ‘education.’ The educational workshops that we conduct are so much more involved than just a ‘training’ session.” Chad Uselman added: “We put programs together for customers. It may be a customer has a stone entrance he or she wants to keep polished. We not only tell the customer how to polish it, but how to keep it that way 365 days a year. So now that customer has some type of program. We educate the customer on how to mop the entryway, how to properly mat it; all the things that it takes to put together a good program.” Linda Uselman alluded to another important online program that was put together by Havard concerning switching from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) system to the new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). “Because there would be so many people at a facility to be trained in the new GHS program, with some companies having multiple locations, we were able to give people a password to log on our website and complete what they needed to do for the training,” she said. Scott Uselman added: “This program provided a track record of the training that had been done at a particular facility and we tracked that for them. We have a record that this employee logged in at a certain time, completed the training and passed the test. So a company has evidence showing it is in compliance with the GHS training part of the standard. There are different parts of the training that have to be done at different intervals.” “Our customers rely on us to help keep them compliant,” Chad Uselman said.

n recent years, many companies have hopped on the green movement bandwagon. High Point Sanitary Solutions has been committed to ‘green,’ or as is more commonly called these days, cleaning for health and safety, before it became a “bandwagon.” We have conducted several green workshops and, as far as I know, we were the very first to do so in Houston,” Scott Uselman said. “We were talking about green and pushing green before green was a bandwagon.” Chad Uselman added: “Cleaning for health is very big deal as far as we are concerned, and that is really what we are after when we go into schools. We want to make sure the — Chad Uselman students and the staff all stay healthy. That also goes for any building or company we service. Companies want their employees at work and healthy when they are at work. “Our No. 1 rule is to always do what is best for the customer and, of course, for the environment. We always want to start with the most environmentally safe product we can. If that doesn’t work, we can always move up, if we have to, toward a product that is a little stronger. However, for the most part, we have found environmentally friendly products work very well. “When I was contract cleaning in the 1980s, green products were coming out, but they were known as ‘less bang for your buck.’” Chad Uselman said the green movement kind of died out in the 1980s, but unContinued on Page 33

“Our No. 1 rule is to always do what is best for the customer and, of course, for the environment. We always want to start with the most environmentally safe product we can.”

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November/December 2014


An Seminar

By Harrell Kerkhoff Maintenance Sales News Editor In today’s business climate, the old way of doing things to stay relevant as a company is antiquated. Incremental change is no longer good enough to survive, let along thrive. This has required leaders to radically shift their thinking, according to The Beacon Group President & CEO R. Douglas Williamson, who presented “The Art of Strategic Thinking” during an educational session at the recent ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2014 in Orlando, FL. Williamson discussed how company leaders can combine their strategic intelligence, with their contextual intelligence, in a suite of leadership competencies that will position them to be front runners in today’s new order of business. This “new order,” in large part, was brought about by the Great Recession that started in 2007. “Business always has been, and will continue to be, about choices. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes we make bad choices. Prior to 2007, you could pretty much get away with making (average) choices. Now, the quality of your choices needs to be better,” Williamson said. “The tolerance margin for error is less, and the stakes are higher.” For business leaders, today’s strategic thinking process is different, and far more critical, than strategic planning. In fact, due to an uncertain business climate, many strategic plans are useless. “It’s important to think about the way you need to run an organization, and the way you need to think about strategy, given the world that we are living in today. We have never seen this world before,” Williamson said. “If you are leading an enterprise, or putting together a sales or business plan, you have to do a better job at the input end of the equation in order to remain relevant in this world. The input end centers around how best to imagine and think about your business and opportunities.

“Ask yourself, ‘At this moment in time, do I need more planning or do I need more thinking?’ Do you honestly believe that you can plan the future when the future is as uncertain and turbulent in business as it is right now? I will argue that planning is NOT what you need. Planning is a science in a predictable world. Strategic thinking is more art; and the environment that we are working in today requires you to become an artist.”

R. Douglas Williamson

It’s A Different World When it comes to today’s business, the old adage is true — life used to be simpler. However, according to Williamson, when looking at the long economic and business history of North America and around the world, “The train is going in one particular direction. There is no reason to believe that this train is going to do a U-turn and return to the old ways.” Williamson discussed the evolution of business reality, stating that the way of conducting business from the end of World War II through the 1960s was quite simple. “There was a more rationale environment in place back in those days. Business remained pretty predictable through the 1970s, when you could still use a ‘sane’ business plan,” he said. “The complexity started in the 1980s to the point where we are now, in 2014 — a very irrational market with tons of ambiguity. “If this premise is correct, and everything you have learned about how to run your business in previous eras is outdated, you need to ask: ‘What does this crazy world look like? And, what is the appropriate response given this crazy world?’” To thrive in today’s business climate, it’s more important to improvise, according to Williamson, such as what great jazz artists do, compared to the go-by-the-book philosophy found with classical musicians performing a piece written by Ludwig van Beethoven. “Look at the business environment that we are all now in. It’s important to adjust. You may not like it, or be able to master it, or be comfortable with it, but the current environment dictates the music (jazz) — in this case, the music of business,” Williamson said. “This is one way to understand the difference between strategic thinking (jazz) and strategic planning (classical music).” When it comes to today’s business climate, dealing with complexity is a way of life. This brings several truisms to contemplate: The world is not a simple place; no one wants to be led by the simple minded; turbulence is a permanent new reality; and, leaders must be able to make sense of things. “Complexity is going to remain with us. If you are not able to think in laser beam clear terms through all of the complexity, you are not likely to be able to make good choices and decisions. You will make bad decisions slowly, rather than brilliant decisions quickly,” Williamson said. “It’s important, however, to not get freaked out by the complexity from a mental standpoint, but be able to simplify what you see around you and create a story that is digestible.” In today’s uncertain and ambiguous business climate, he added, it makes no sense to spend a lot of time collecting facts to prove a particular point, when the uncertainity around any particular point is so huge. “You can spend 40 hours next week trying to build the perfect plan, or the perfect business case, and collect all the facts you think you need to support your argument. In real-

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November/December 2014

ity, all you have done is waste at least half your time,” Williamson said. “Now, I understand that is scary, because it’s not the world that most of us grew up in. But, you have to understand the context of our times.” He added it’s impossible, when running a business today, to lock down absolute perfection.

“If being right is what you are all about, then being right is a prison. It’s a prison of the mind. You can’t operate a business in an ambiguous market when you have to be right all of the time. You will lock your-

self into a mental model that is a prison,” Williamsons said. “We now live in a business world that has evolved. The new mind-set venturing forth goes into uncharted territory.” The classic breakdowns in business occur when there is a breakdown in skills, processes, structure and/or strategy, Williamson said. However, the biggest failure in business comes when the quality of the thinking about a proposition is not good. “In today’s market, where everybody can find free information over the Internet, hire good people and buy blueprints, the one area that you can control the most, over your competitors, in your market space regards the quality of your original thinking. The rest of these are commodities,” Williamson said. “Thinking is not a commodity. It’s the one area where you still have room to create unique advantages for your business.”

According to Williamson, breakdowns in strategic thinking occur when a company sets its hurdles too low, when the point of view about an opportunity and the competition is too narrow, when the scope of ambition is too cautious, and/or when the nature of change is incremental or transactional.


(liquid) (powder)

Circle 5

“You could survive in the 1950s through the 1980s by setting low hurdles, but this is not the world we operate in today,” he said. “When your hurdles are set high, your point of view is wide, your scope is ambitious and the nature of your changes is transformational — all of a sudden different options present themselves.” He added, “The most important part of strategic thinking is how to best frame opportunities that are in front of you. If your frame is too small, then all of the potential opportunities outside of that frame aren’t even in your wheelhouse. If you frame it larger, then all of sudden more opportunities emerge. It’s true that these opportunities may come from the fringe and bring with them additional risks, but they can also bring more reward.

“Shrinking ambition in order to better digest it is a tendency among many business people. Unfortunately, every time we shrink ambition, we lose something in terms of the upside,” Williamson said.

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November/December 2014

A Brawl Is Brewing As different economies continue to come out of the Great Recession, which Williamson said brought unparalleled pain and destruction for many small- and medium-size companies, a “brawl” is brewing among survivors in the global business world. “Do not assume that a return to growth in the economy means things quiet down. In fact, it’s the opposite,” Williamson said. “The minute confidence goes back into the economy, we are going to see unbelievable turbulence in the corporate and business environment. “Why? Too many businesses have to make up for too much lost time. It’s going to be a foot race among those who can quickly seize new opportunities. This is a premise, and I don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s a point of view.” He added that the best time to plan for war is during peace.

“There is a saying in my field, ‘You pick up bad habits in good times

Where Are Your Customers Buying Their Ozone Equipment?

and good habits in bad times.’ So, the question for business people is, ‘What have you learned, and how has it altered your thinking?’” Williamson compared the upcoming business landscape to the “hurry-up offense” in football. “The really dominate players in every sector — from jan/san to high-tech to health care — are going to be running this type of offense. That is why planning isn’t as important as having a quarterback and wide receivers who are able to improvise at the line of scrimmage,” he said. According to Williamson, he is not alone in this way of thinking about the future. There are major organizations that see similar challenges and opportunities ahead. “Are (these organizations) going to be 100 percent right on everything? No. Are they going to be 80 percent right? Yes. Are they going to be directionally perfect? Probably,” he said. “The great businesses of the future will suck up all the intelligence they can find about the external environment, because that is what they need to ensure they will remain relevant. If your company fails, God forbid, it will be because you didn’t think about your business in the right way. “The bottom line is, the future just doesn’t happen to us. All of that mess (from the Great Recession) was predictable. If you had looked at basic economic trends, you would have known things were overheated. The very few people who said, ‘Be careful,’ didn’t get listened to. This failure led to carnage.” The Generalist Is Back In today’s complex business world, there is strength in numbers. However, those numbers must include the right kind of thinkers. “The world has changed. It is no longer about the depth of a person’s experience. Rather, it’s all about the breadth and diversity of his/her experience,” Williamson said. He added that the shelf life of a specialist is getting shorter. When

building a winning team in business, it’s more important to find people who possess “an experience repertoire.” This is going to be of more value to a company than someone who has a deep resume of just selling certain products or doing certain things. The Rainbowair Activator Series of Ozone Generators feature powerful, compact units designed for big jobs and quick turnaround. Rainbowair products have been used internationally for over thirty years in a wide range of applications including ,.+,!.05)*#!)!*0Č. !0%(%*#Č"%(%05)%*0!**!Č.,!0(!*%*#* ü.!Ē ý++ .!/0+.0%+*3+.'ċƵ/'+100$!NEW Activator 1000 Mobile Station for easy storage and portability. All Rainbowair models have a 5-year warranty and 15-20 year life expectancy. For more information on our full line of ozone products call:

1-877-64-OZONE(69663) Circle 82

“The good news is, the generalist is coming back. Having those broad generalists onboard is now more important,” Williamson said, “This should be to the advantage of small and medium-size businesses. Most people in these companies are, by nature, generalists. This is only good, however, if they can properly think about the future.” According to Williamson, there are certain forces and pressures in place that can influence a business. This includes new and existing competitors, customers, suppliers and companies that serve as complementors. One of the greatest

s n o i t u l o S g n Cleani y n a p m o C e v li o lm a P e from Colgat o t g n i n a e l C e c Hard Surfa e r a C d n a H g n Foami

Colgate-Palmolive Company has the right solutions for your professional cleaning and personal care needs. Our high-performance products make cleaning easy and deliver consistent results. From floor cleaners, degreasers and bathroom cleaners to dishwashing liquids, sanitizers, foaming liquid hand soaps and more. Look to Colgate-Palmolive Company for all your cleaning solutions. Call 1-888-276-0783 to speak to a customer service representative.

Circle 12

24 forces and pressures placed on a business, however, is what he referred to as “organizational blinders.”

“Be wary of the things you believe to be true. Be wary of traditional thinking. Be wary of the ‘yes’ people in your organization. Be wary of anything that looks like a blinder, because there could be one or more people out there who have a different view,” Williamson said. “The way to navigate turbulence today is different than in the past. The old approach to weathering a storm will not work. “There is an evolution in thinking. For example, the traditional business view is to not attack your enemy, while the new view is to attack your enemy and go right into its wheelhouse. Be brave enough to knock them off their pedestal. Do not, for a minute, believe you can defend your space (in business). What you can do, however, after properly thinking it through, is become hyper-competitive and go right into the face of your competition.” He added the new view of business also states: n Everything is in motion and flux; n Learn to take advantage by moving quickly; n Embrace full frontal hyper-competition; and, n Create disequilibrium and change. In running a business, Williamson said both operational and strategic leaders are needed. Operational leaders are skilled at managing currently invested resources to help gain market share and profit. Strategic leaders, on the other hand, are skilled at identifying and selecting future markets in which to invest resources for future growth. “Being an excellent operator will not create the same advantages as 10 years ago. The real differentiating advantage comes from the strategic side of the equation,” Williamson said.

November/December 2014 He added that those who follow the “strategic planning” path to the future are taking the stance that they are smart enough to figure out the future. Meanwhile, business people on the “strategic thinking” path recognize that they can’t figure it all out and admit their imperfections. To compensate, “they must operate more like a jazz quartet.” This involves a new way of thinking about business, and not being afraid to disrupt the marketplace.

“If you can put the ball into play when your competitors least expect it, you will then have an advantage. You can either play on the defensive side of the field, or go to the offensive side with the hurry-up offense,” Williamson said. “Ask yourself, ‘What does the environment require of us as an appropriate response. Can we project into the future? Can we connect the dots? Can we get to the opportunities first? Can we overcome the hurdles?’

ISSA/INTERCLEAN attendees took advantage of educational and motivational seminars.

“The biggest hurdle you, as a business person, have to overcome is cognitive. Don’t become an organization wedded to the status quo. Find ways to outthink your competitors.” To help with this, it all goes back to business leaders surrounding themselves with the right kind of thinkers.

“Old-way thinkers aren’t going to help you today. You need some really ‘off the wall’ thinkers to at least test your way of doing things,” Williamson said. “Remember, you can have a real brave idea and then taper it back, or you can have a pipsqueak idea that doesn’t go anywhere. I would ask you to think big, go crazy, and then taper it back if you must. You are still ahead of the alternative.” Williamson recognizes the fact that it’s hard for a lot of small- and medium-size business owners to have a wealth of advisors. However, there are still people to be found who can help a company make “strategic thinking” business decisions. “It’s possible to have an advisory council in place. This can be a loose network of people who are able to help you think about the future. If nothing else, spend two hours on a Sunday researching one of the future society organizations that can be found on the Internet, or start reading a different magazine or website to exercise your brain. This can all help improve fresh thinking.” Thinking differently about business, for example, can lead to significant changes when putting together an annual sales plan. “I think there is a series of metrics that we tend to use too much when it comes to something like a sales plan. This includes market share, which I feel is retrospective,” Williamson said. “What is new in business is predictive metrics. If you read about data mining and analytics, it’s all centered on predictive information. Instead of focusing only on

share of market and year-over-year sales growth, what business people should be more interested in concerns their share of opportunities.” As for the years ahead, Williamson sees a period of great ambiguity and uncertainty in the business world. Victory, he said, will go to those who can think about, reimagine and redefine the scope of future opportunities. “I choose to see this as an unbelievably exciting time to be in business. I can’t imagine a more opportunistic time, provided that companies are built for the kind of ‘whitewater’ that is ahead.” The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based leadership and strategy development firm. It has clients spanning a cross section of industries and geographies. Visit for more information.

Great ISSA Show!


Thanks for visiting us in our booth. Please look to EES Industrial for our new product launch January 1, 2015!


• Cleaners • Industrial Products • Disinfectants • Herbicides • Insecticides





Dan Ritter and Dale Stover, the founders of Amrep, have joined up with other industry leaders to form a NEW Aerosol Source for 2015. The new company is called EES Industrial, LLC and will specialize in private label aerosol and liquid products for the janitorial and industrial markets. They will provide low quantity private label opportunities and fast shipments of high quality products.

127 Riverside Drive • Cartersville, GA 30120 CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-473-9467 Circle 18



November/December 2014

Like its predecessors, ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2014 again succeeded in being a week where key leaders and decision-makers in the commercial cleaning industry converged to take advantage of an efficient and informative way to find new opportunities and strengthen business connections, according to attendee and exhibitor feedback. “It is the one venue each year that facilitates an extraordinary number of business meetings with our distributor partners and end customers from all over the world, while giving us the opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their business,” said John Swigart, president, Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.

14,000 Attend ISSA/ INTERCLEAN Show In Orlando he exhibition, coproduced by ISSA, and its trade show partner Amsterdam RAI, at- Convention Seminars, four other industry groups held their annual conventions during the tracted 14,123 registrants to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, week: the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI), Building Service Contractors Association International Nov. 4-7, to view the newest products (BSCAI), IEHA, and the newest co-location partand services available from the show’s 685 exhibitors. ner, Cleaning Trade Equipment Association According to ISSA officials, not only were (CETA). decision-makers from the industry’s top dis“This was a great show for us, and we made tributors, building service contractors and large contact with many quality customers,” said Curpurchasing organizations present, but also more tis Braber, a show exhibitor, president of BE than 800 such organizations were represented Pressure Supply, and vice president of the CETA that hadn’t participated in the event last year in Board of Directors. “Many of our fellow CETA Las Vegas, NV. Pavilion exhibitors said they experienced such a Of those new firms, 374 were distributors great customer turnout that they are already plandrawing from the Southeast region, from outning to expand their space for 2015.” side of the United States, and also from vertical The International Window Cleaners Associamarkets, such as the office products, industrial tion (IWCA) also hosted safety workshops for and foodservice sectors. Their top reasons for the first time during ISSA/INTERCLEAN. attending were to access product lines, market This year’s events at the trade show culmiintelligence and executive education, according nated with a doubleheader of keynote speakers to ISSA. plus industry awards on Friday, November 7. The chance to connect with these new parChampion basketball coach Rick Pitino kicked ticipants and sectors was not lost on this year’s off the day’s activities, and at the close of the exhibitors. exhibition, renowned boxer Sugar Ray “This was a fantastic opportunity for us,” Leonard headlined the ISSA Excellence said Joyce Dudenhoffer, marketing director at Awards Luncheon. Haviland Corp. “We were well positioned to More Show Highlights show off our products and meet with our cusn Sixteen percent of visitors hailed from 71 tomers. In fact, we closed with more leads and countries outside of the United States; connected with more distributors and wholen The exhibition featured leading suppliers salers this year at Orlando than we did last year from 27 countries; in Las Vegas. The show was a great success.” n ISSA revealed its new Value of Clean® Pictured are outgoing ISSA President, Fritz Gast, left, with new President Alan Tomblin, In addition to the exhibition and ISSA’s Safety tool, which helps connect cleaning to reduring the ISSA General Meeting.


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November/December 2014

duced risk and liability and is free once companies join or renew membership for 2015; n Attendees of the ISSA Infection Control sessions, which were added to the schedule to address recent outbreaks, received a special Infection Control Response packet to use with customers (visit; n Many of ISSA’s more than 20,000 LinkedIn group members turned out for an in-person meetup Thursday near the ISSA Resource Center; and n More than 4,000 unique viewers logged in to to watch live excerpts from the event. Archived footage and interviews can be viewed at Tomblin Introduced As New ISSA President


ighlights of each year’s General Meeting at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America include the honoring of award recipients and the introduction of new and outgoing ISSA Board of Directors. The 2015 Board includes new ISSA President Alan Tomblin, of Procter & Gamble. The president’s post is a one-year term. Tomblin succeeds Fritz Gast at the post. During his address at the General Meeting, Tomblin thanked past members of the ISSA Board of Directors, as well as previous ISSA presidents, for their years of service and contributions to the cleaning industry. “I have had the privilege of serving with some outstanding past ISSA presidents. It’s allowed me to see how people lead, and attack complex issues and opportunities, with different styles in order to get the right outcomes. You can learn a lot from our industry’s very best,” Tomblin said. As incoming ISSA president, Tomblin said his first goal is to help the association successfully achieve its mission: To be the leading resource for information, education, networking and commercial opportunities, as well as the leading voice in government and the community for referrals within the cleaning industry worldwide. Tomblin also spoke of ISSA’s strategic plan, which he said helps the association advance

New Charlotte Products Ltd.™ Program

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Circle 20

Over 14,000 attended 2014 ISSA/INTERCLEAN.

technology, focus on the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show, stress the need of cleaning for health and unite the worldwide cleaning industry. “We have to continue to innovate, renew and reinvent ourselves in order to survive and prosper,” Tomblin said. “I hope to use the talent of (the ISSA Board of Directors) to renew our strategy, and prepare us for the very fast approaching future. “I’m confident that with the ISSA staff, a strong membership and an outstanding board, we are going to have a fantastic 2015 and beyond.” Also during the General Meeting, outgoing ISSA President Fritz Gast stated that the business of cleaning has positively influenced many people associated with ISSA. “If you think about it, (the industry) has put a roof over our heads, food on our tables and helped us educate our children. It’s provided us with a good way of life,” Gast said. The challenge, he added, is working in today’s changing business climate. This includes long-term relationships that used to be based on handshakes and mutual respect that are now much more elusive, and finding and keeping good employees, who, he added, are the heart of all organizations. “The impact of government regulations, and certainly technology, has also created a constantly changing marketplace that creates new dynamics we are all trying to figure out,” Gast said. “Yet, the importance of cleaning in our lives is more important than ever. That is why I believe, and I think everybody here would agree, that ISSA is more essential than ever. I’m so proud of what this organization has accomplished in the past 15 years. “We now have the largest show in the cleaning industry, and one of the top 75 trade shows in the country. The one area I feel we have been very shrewd about is the value-proposition provided to all stakeholders in our industry. This has gotten better and better, and will continue to do so.” Gast added that ISSA’s strategic planning process creates goals and imperatives that help guide the association’s board of directors. He also called the past year as ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel ISSA president, “Probably the most memorable year of my life.” Opening the General Meeting was ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel, who stated that the association continues to grow. “I’m really proud, in the light of the many mergers and acquisitions taking place in our industry, that ISSA membership has grown from 6,400 last year to 7,000 firms today,” Garfinkel said. “I am also happy to state that it was a record year regarding the number of new products introduced at ISSA/INTERCLEAN. This is something every business needs to do every year.”

Circle 81


November/December 2014

Garfinkel added that the new website was unveiled at the show, and that several other new ISSA programs and products are now in place for the benefit of membership. This includes the use of the ISSA Value of Clean® tools and information, which are designed to promote cleaning as a necessary investment for better health, a better environment and a better bottom line. Speaking at the General Meeting as well was ISSA Foundation Board Chairman Roger Parrott Jr. He stated that for 2014, the ISSA Foundation awarded 55 scholarships, totaling more than $177,000. According to Parrott, the scholarships were made possible through contributions from ISSA member companies and individuals. Applications can be found at

Also during the General Meeting, Ids Boersma, managing director of RAI Exhibitions, was awarded the Jack D. Ramaley Industry Distinguished Service Award. Innovation And Customer Service Award Winners Announced For 2014 inners were announced regarding the 2014 ISSA Innovation Award Program during the ISSA Excellence Award Ceremony on November 7.


This year’s ISSA Innovation Award Program featured more than 50 products and services from manufacturers and service providers throughout the cleaning industry. Products and services were entered in five categories: Cleaning Agents, Dispensers, Equipment, Services & Technology, and Supplies. Industry distributors, wholesalers and facility service providers voted to determine the award winners. “The ISSA Innovation Award Program was a great success from the start, with a lot of enthusiasm from participants and voters alike,” ISSA Director of Sales Anthony Trombetta said. “We congratulate the winning entries, and look forward to featuring more new and exciting products in next year’s lineup.” The 2014 ISSA Innovation Award Program category winners are: n Cleaning Agents — 3M Commercial Solutions Division/Scotchgard™ Resilient Floor Protector; n Dispensers — Tennant Co./Orbio® os3 System; n Equipment — Kärcher Commercial/BR 35/12 C Bp; n Services & Technology — CleanTelligent Software/Bidding and Estimating; and, n Supplies — Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc./Full Cycle™ Floor Pads. Also, the 2014 ISSA Innovation Award Program Visitors’ Choice Award Winners are: Kärcher Commercial for the BR 35/12 C Bp; NSS Enterprises, Inc., for the e-Force Burnisher; Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc., for the Quick Cart; Spartan Chemical Co., for CompuClean; and, Ultimate Solutions, Inc., for the i-mop. Meanwhile, 10 exhibitors earned Best Customer Service Awards from ISSA. Award winners were voted by their customers as providing the best customer service among the nearly 685 exhibitors during this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America. Distributors, building service contractors and in-house service providers who attended ISSA/INTERCLEAN used the show’s mobile app to cast their votes. Awards were based on which companies’ staffs best met their needs, answered questions, offered solutions or provided outstanding interaction. This year’s winners were: 3M Commercial Solutions Div.; A.R. North America, Inc.; ABCO Products Corp.; Advance; CleanTelligent Software; Expanded Technologies Corp.; J & M Technologies, Inc.; ProTeam, Inc.; Rep Toolkit; and, Step1 Software Solutions. Next year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show is scheduled E-MAIL: SKY168SYS@AOL.COM for Oct. 20-23, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit WEB: SKYSYSTEMSCOINC.COM 2014 Sky Systems Co., Inc. — Maintenance Sales News Editor Harrell Kerkhoff contributed to this article.




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High Point: Continued From Page 16

“Change is always going to be there,” Chad Uselman said. “We’ve seen flooring manufacturers that bring out floors that don’t require finishes — they just need to be cleaned. We’ve seen new types of systems that don’t require any type of chemicals whatsoever.” According to Scott Uselman, High Point was one of the first companies to explore electro-charged water cleaning systems. “About 7 years ago, we had this little model of electrocharged water and people asked, ‘What is that?’” he said. “I told them this is going to be the future of cleaning, but it is not ready yet. Give us a few years to perfect it and it will be. Today we are getting closer. In fact, we are now testing another system. “We have been laughed at many times. Back when times were tough in 2009 and 2010, schools budgets were cut 15 to 20 percent. School managers came to us and asked, ‘What can we do?’ We responded by doing some things that other people thought odd.” For example, terrazzo floors are found in many schools in the region. The Uselman’s suggested the schools quit spending money on floor finish. Scott Uselman said, “We told school managers, ‘You

derwent a resurgence in the late 1990s. “By the mid-’90s, green products were getting better. Cost was about the same as traditional products and results were more equal at that point,” he said. “Today, in many cases, we find the products, as far as cleaners are concerned, work better and leave less residue.” Scott Uselman told of an incident that highlighted the fits and starts of the green movement in the early 1990s. “In 1991, I worked for a janitorial supply distributor in Minnesota. I remember one of the first weeks I was there, a manufacturer brought out its brand new green set of aerosol cleaners and brought in samples for everybody to take home and try,” he said. “The glass cleaner worked great — no problem with the glass cleaner. There were other products, too, including a furniture polish and oven cleaner. “One of the guys at the next sales meeting said, ‘I took that oven cleaner home and I used it for shaving cream.’ Some green products really didn’t have the punch that we needed back in those days. The technology wasn’t there. The technology is there today; therefore, we can be green and still get the cleaning done.” As environmentally friendly products have advanced in their efficacy and pricing is not as much of an issue as in the early days, the popularity of the products has risen. “Many more customers are becoming conscientious about the environment,” Chad Uselman said. “If they can go green and it works for them, they definitely don’t have a problem going that way. Bottom line is people want a program that works.” The increasing popularity and demand for green products has given rise to the phenomenon of “greenwashing.” “Greenwashing has become High Point Sanitary Solutions is a full-service janitorial/sanitation distributorship prevalent as more and more primarily serving customers within a 90-mile radius of the greater Houston area. people are hopping on the green bandwagon,” Scott Uselhave beautiful old terrazzo floors. Why don’t we strip the man said. “Companies with the smallest shred of green in floor finish off the floor and polish the terrazzo? That floor their products are touting them as environmentally is going to hold up so much better than the coating you put friendly.” on top of it. You will never have to strip it. You will never He said greenwashing has watered down the green have to buff it and the floor will look great all the time.’” movement in the eyes of many customers and has caused While High Point took a huge hit on floor finish sales, much confusion. the company stayed true to its credo of always putting the “I think many people get confused easily over what is customer’s needs first. green and what isn’t,” Scott Uselman said. “People want to “When managers took our suggestion to school boards, be green, but there is still a lot of confusion about how to they looked like heroes,” Scott Uselman said. get there.” According to the Uselmans, High Point was the first Scott Uselman said proponents of environmentally company in Houston, before green was popular, to implefriendly products and cleaning for health and safety have ment cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. figured out that exposing people to the movement at a “We were the very first company to institute a hydrogen young age is key. peroxide cleaner throughout a whole school district when “When people are educated about green at a young age, people were saying, ‘Green doesn’t work as well. You the concepts will just be a part of their being when they won’t like this. It can’t do all that,’” Scott Uselman said. become responsible adults,” he said. “People who have “Well, it did work and it spread like wildfire throughout gone green tend not to go back to traditional products and the districts. We went from implementing hydrogen pertechniques, in fact, most of them are getting greener.” oxide cleaner in one school district to 17 schools and universities in about three or four years. Now, if you look at What Is Best For Customers Drives Business these school districts, many of them are still using hydrogen peroxide and they won’t go back. It changed the way ccording to the Uselmans, change in the cleaning they clean from traditional chemicals. industry is an ongoing process and High Point “In addition, the school district that first used peroxide constantly seeks to be on the forefront of new cleaners was the first to try our electro-charged water protechnologies and innovations. gram here in the city.”



November/December 2014

ness here, and they do it on such tight margins that the service aspect is lost. “However, we are starting to hear from people who are saying, ‘What are we doing? We have no service.” “People are buying equipment over the Internet and when it breaks they are calling local companies for service,” Scott Uselman said. “The local companies are telling them they can offer service, but their customers are first in line. As a result, more people who have purchased equipment online are realizing the $10 they saved initially doesn’t mean anything when the equipment breaks and they can’t get timely service.” Chad Uselman said: “People want the cheaper price on the Internet, but the cheaper price doesn’t mean anything when the customer receives the box and the equipment isn’t working right. In such cases, the customer may have purchased the product from a company 1,000 miles away. When asked for service, the customer is told to take it to a local service center. When a company’s scrubber goes down, it needs service right away. “When somebody buys a floor scrubber from us, we go out and do an in-service. People only remember about 10 percent of what they hear. Therefore, we like to deliver the scrubber and do the initial in-service, and then, for larger, more complex equipment, we will go back two, three or four weeks later, after the customer has had a chance to use the equipment, and go through another inservice. During the second visit is when we really get the good questions. “We want to make sure the customer is maintaining Left to right are Customer Service Representative Lewis Hightower, Director of Operations and operating the equipment properly. We want to make Zulma Soto, Administrative Assistant San Juana Lopez, Accounting Manager Jane Ruiz, sure that piece of equipment is the asset that it was inand pictured below, Warehouse Manager Max Lopez. tended to be. “For example, we went into a mall a few weeks ago and Not all changes in the gins, according to the Uselmans. “Competition coming from companies that have no in- there was a great big riding scrubber sitting in a corner. cleaning industry are positive. The infiltration of vested interest in true jan/san, but are able to move a box, The people in charge of cleaning the mall couldn’t get it so-called non-traditional has hurt our industry and has certainly hurt margins,” serviced and they didn’t know how to run it, because it box movers into the in- Scott Uselman said. “Margin compression has been phe- was just shipped in from somewhere.” High Point Sanitary Solutions has implemented several dustry and Internet com- nomenal.” Chad Uselman added: “With the Internet, we are seeing unique and innovative practices over the years, one of merce have had a negative impact on mar- people from Florida and the East Coast trying to do busi- which is its delivery operation. “As far as our deliveries go, when we first started our company, our original TM location, about a mile down the road, was situated next door to a delivery service,” Chad Uselman said. “The delivery service became our main mode of transportation getting our products MAKE IT YOUR OWN WITH: from our warehouse to our customers, and it worked well. It worked well for us and it worked well for them. “We started to benchmark with other companies and found out our delivery costs were significantly less.” Today, High Point has about 25,000 square feet of warehouse space. Scott Uselman and Havard have used computer technology and established zones Available in 3 Styles: in the warehouse to make sure the pickSlot Pocket ing operation goes smoothly and effiRound Keyhole ciently. Square Keyhole (shown) Looking into the future, Chad Uselman said, “I see nothing but great things happening in the Houston market. I see our biggest gem for the future is the health care sector.”



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Available in five colors:














D Circle 27





Contact: High Point Sanitary Solutions, 301 Garden Oaks Blvd., Houston, TX 77018. Phone: 713-694-8300. Email: Website:

Circle 83


November/December 2014

From Queenaire/Rainbowair:

Generate New Business With Ways To Eliminate Odors Jan/san distributors looking for extra sales should follow their noses. Foul odors can lead to more business. Potential customers are seeking effective ways to eliminate foul odors. The Rainbowair 5401 MS (Mobile Station) ozone-generating unit can solve the problem. The unit comes complete with an auto kit and maintenance kit. It includes alcohol wipes, cleaning brush, 25-foot extension cord and a professional mobile work box. According to Queenaire Technologies President Susan Duffy, the Rainbowair 5401 MS is great for helping distributors find extra business with customers located in peripheral markets. “When people see ozone generators, they either think of fire and flood restoration, or products that are designed to elim-

inate foul odors in hotels and apartments,” Duffy said. “However, distributors should know that ozone products are also great for such places as car dealerships, schools, nursing homes, day care centers, pet stores, funeral homes, automotive detail shops, hair and nail salons, laundromats and even tractor trailers used to transport food. Ozone has been found to kill certain types of bacteria growing on food, thus eliminating unpleasant food smells. “There are places distributors drive by everyday that can use an ozone-generating unit, such as the Rainbowair 5401 MS. End-users find that these units quickly pay for themselves, and they provide high margins for the distributor. If a distributor walks into a facility and encounters a foul scent, this could mean an-

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Only Warsaw Chemical brings you this product lineup and these customer benefits: • Complete product line • Complete private label/ brand program • Product use & sales training seminars • Full quality guarantee – all products

• Low FOB shipping requirements • Green Time™ Product Line meets DfE • Marketing support • Custom blending

Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. P.O. Box 858 • Warsaw, IN 46580 USA Tel: 800-548-3396 or 574-267-3251 • Fax: 574-267-3884 •

Circle 52

other opportunity for a sale.” The Rainbowair 5401 MS has been particularly popular with car dealers looking to eliminate unwelcome smell found in new and used vehicles. The product is packaged as a mobile work station and includes everything needed to properly deodorize a vehicle. It also has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Other potential end-use customers for the Rainbowair 5401 are realtors. There is nothing easy about selling a house that smells. “For the realtor, the Rainbowair 5401 is paid for after just one home sale. There are also opportunities for the distributor to sell plug-in ozone units for homes that feature ongoing odor issues due to pets, etc.,” Duffy said. “Ozone is often referred to as nature’s own purifier. It makes up approximately 20 percent of the air being breathed everyday, and has been used over the past century to purify water and eliminate a wide range of odors,” Duffy said. “Ozone is not used as a re-odorant, but rather totally destroys offending gases, reacting with con-

Circle No. 97 taminates in air, water, and on fabrics, walls and ceilings.” Visit for more information.

Rubbermaid Debuts New Products At ISSA/INTERCLEAN The four new category offerings, debuted during ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2014, included the Maximizer™ mop, vented Brute®, Slim Jim® Step-On container and Executive Series™ Quick Cart. “At Rubbermaid Commercial Products, we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop innovations that will positively impact the way our customers do business,” said Kristine Sickels, vice president of marketing. “For more than 45 years, we have led the industry bringing revolutionary products to market with the ultimate goal of helping people to maintain safe, healthy commercial and institutional environments. These new products continue to offer solutions to our customers and businesses around the world.” Rubbermaid’s release said new products exhibited included: n The Maximizer Mop — Never before shown, the mop’s design covers 30 percent more floor surface coverage compared to traditional mops while weighing 25 percent less; n The vented Brute — Known for its Circle No. 98 durability and reliability, the Brute refuse container features new venting channels that make removing liners up to 50 percent easier and is available in a range of sizes; n Slim Jim Step-On Containers — Officially launching in February 2015, these commercial-grade refuse containers maximize space efficiency with a slim profile and a 20 percent smaller footprint; and, n Rubbermaid’s Executive Series Quick Cart — Part of RCP’s Executive Series line of product is the durable mini-cart solution that allows users to maintain areas discreetly and efficiently. The X-Cart, also in the Executive Series family, features an intelligent, lightweight design, enabling the cart to be highly maneuverable and compact. Its 220-pound load-bearing metal frame collapses to save space. Circle No. 99 The brand also showcased its HYGEN™ line, which offers launderable microfiber cleaning solutions and a disposable microfiber system. Both are proven to remove 99.9 percent of microbes, including C. diff.* Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), is headquartered in Huntersville, NC. Since 1968, RCP has offered technologies and system solutions for food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom and safety products. RCP is an ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer. Visit for more information. *Based on third party testing with water only. The product can be used with a wide array of cleaning solutions. EPA EST. 90650-NC-001

Circle 54


November/December 2014

SCA Showcases New Tork Products At ISSA/INTERCLEAN SCA, maker of the Tork® brand of Awayfrom-Home professional hygiene products, introduced new products, line extensions and service offerings during the 2014 ISSA/INTERCLEAN® show. Tork innovations included the newly reformulated Tork Premium Foam and Liquid Skincare Products, and a new line of Tork Elevation Foam Dispensers. The company also previewed its waste-reducing Tork Advanced High-Capacity Coreless Bath Tissue and the brand’s Premium Soft Multifold Hand Towels. SCA also previewed its Tork EasyCube intelligent system. Sensor-equipped washroom dispensers provide maintenance staff real-time information through a user-friendly web app, which will be available in 2015. “At SCA, our customers expect us to bring new innovations that will have a positive effect on their bottom line,” said Cheryl Rickert, washroom marketing director for SCA’s Away from Home Professional Hygiene business in North America. New Tork offerings include: n Reformulated Tork Premium Liquid Skincare & New Premium Foam Skincare Solutions— The company’s gentlest skin care offering, formulated to keep hands clean and soft throughout the day. The products are dermatologically tested and contain skin caring ingredients, a good choice for sensitive skin or frequent hand washing. These products provide a quick lather, for easy cleaning and rinsing. Products are offered in fully collapsible, easy dispenser refill bottles that work with the Tork

Elevation skincare dispensers. Each foam bottle contains 2,500 doses which reduces the number of refills needed. It’s kinder to the environment as shown by its environmental accreditation; n Tork Elevation Foam Skincare Dispensers — Designed for an elegant washroom experience, the new Tork Elevation Foam Skincare Dispensers are a complement to the full line of Elevation washroom products. The dispensers’ sealed refill bottles and single-use pump provide easy maintenance, while reducing any potential cross-contamination. The dispenser’s high capacity one liter bottle and LED indicators, which signal when a refill is needed, can reduce maintenance needs. Also available in an automatic model. Soap dispensers were developed to make the restroom less hands-on with touchless dispensing options; n Tork Premium Soft Multifold Hand Towels — A high-end alternative to standard washroom towels. Embossed with the signature Tork leaf design. QuickDryTM technology and one-at-a-time dispensing. The Tork Free Trial offer is available for these high-end towels; n Tork Advanced High Capacity Coreless Bath Tissue Rolls and Dispensers — The brand’s most efficient washroom solution, reducing waste and maintenance expenses while improving the guest experience. Packaging reduces storage space requirements. Eliminated the corrugated packaging, traditional cores and inner wrappers. Each EPA-compliant roll made from




recycled fiber content contains 900 sheets of 2-ply tissue. Easy start tail seal. The Tork High Capacity T7 Coreless Bath Tissue dispensers are designed for washrooms with limited space. Easy maintenance, refilling and use — good for higher traffic washrooms as well as environments where efficiency and reduced cost are priorities. Rolls are protected so there is less waste, improved hygiene and reduced pilferage. The reserve roll remains protected until the first roll is completely gone, ensuring hygiene. Translucent cover makes it easy to see when a refill is required; n Tork CARE — Tork CARE focuses on four key elements: consult, analyze, reassure and educate. The Tork CARE program ensures customers are getting the right products for the right situation at the right time, according to the company. To learn more about Tork CARE, visit; and,

n Tork EasyCube Dispenser — The Tork EasyCube intelligent system, comes with a data-tracking sensor that transmits refill data and traffic trends to a Web app.

Circle No. 94 Through a color coded status system, managers can track and analyze the refill needs of washroom dispensers and anticipate a building’s hygiene and cleaning needs. Visit

Select Care™ Hand Cleaners From Warsaw Chemical Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. offers Select Care™ Hand Cleaners, Warsaw Chemical’s first industrial hand cleaner line created using totally natural, renewable ingredients. This line of hand cleaners is VOC compliant and features concentrated, water activated formulas that were developed with soy, d-Limonene and walnut shell scrubbers for extra deep cleaning. Select Care Hand Cleaners dissolve heavy soils, such as grease, tar, resins, paints, adhesives, carbon and inks. This line includes Citrus Select and Soy Select Premium Industrial Strength Hand Cleaners. These cleaners utilize renewable natural resources, helping to conserve non-renewable resources such as petroleum. Biodegradable soy oils, detergents and walnut scrubbers are also used. The Select Care line is enriched with skin softening ingredients and aloe to prevent hands from drying out.

Circle No. 95

For more information contact Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. Phone: 800-548-3396. Website:

Solvent nt resistant Cleans oil, grease, and grime Combines versatility and economy

HEADQUARTERS 800 Hampden Avenue St. Paul, MN 55114 1.800.328.2282 651.645.5721 651.646.1876 fax

Bro-Tex Inc

Circle 8

WISCONSIN DIVISION 4907 S. Howell Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53207 1.800.548.2338 414.481.6655 414.481.0085 fax

Circle 32

Maintenance Sales News


News From Spartan Chemical Spartan Presented With The Industry Service Award At The 2014 BSCAI Annual Convention

Spartan Chemical Voted 2014 ISSA Innovation Visitor’s Choice

Spartan Chemical Company was awarded Spartan Chemical Company was awar- the 2014 ISSA Innovation Award Program ded the Building Service Contractors As- Visitors’ Choice for CompuClean®, Cloudsociation International (BSCAI) Industry Based Custodial Maintenance Management Software System. Service Award on Friday, Nov. 7, 2014. During ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North The award is presented in recognition of long-term service to the association and America, Spartan was selected as one of five Visitors’ Choice award winners for its for providing significant service or contriMSN AD 1/30/14 1/30/14 10:04 AM Page 1 bution to the building service contracting cloud-based cleaning maintenance manageindustry through one or more of the fol- ment software (CMMS). lowing: • Raising the recognition level of professionalism in the building service contracting industry; • Raising the awareness level of the building service contracting industry; • Contributing to industry viability; and, • Supporting the industry's point of view in governmental and/or environmental concerns. Eligible for the award are: consultants, government organizations, associations, companies that provide services or products to the industry, and organizations. Spartan was recognized at the 2014 BSCAI Annual Convention in Orlando, FL. The company was represented by Frank Trevisani, director building service contractors and Ryan Leadingham, manager building service contractors.

This year’s ISSA Innovation Award Program featured more than 50 innovative products and services from manufacturers and service providers throughout the cleaning industry. Products and services were entered in five categories: Cleaning Agents, Dispensers, Equipment, Services & Technology, and Supplies. Industry distributors, wholesalers, and facility service providers voted. Compuclean was selected as the ‘Services & Technology’ favorite. Spartan was presented with the award during the keynote presentation on Friday, Nov. 7, 2014.

CompuClean®, Spartan’s Custodial Maintenance Management Software offers workloading and staffing estimation, process documentation and standardization, quality assurance monitoring, inventory management, capital equipment tracking, and more. Now, CompuClean is offered as a cloudbased service. Access CompuClean from any web-enabled device. Other benefits include: enterprise level security, complimentary upgrades, free training and data migration assistance. Visit for more information.

Neutralize Damaging Ice Melt with

Formula 900 A Highly effective ice melt neutralizer.

Prevent unnecessary damage to resilient, non-resilient floors and carpeting.

Spartan Chemical Promotes Roemer To Vice President Of Supply Chain Management

No matter how hard you try, some of that ice melt compound that's on the bottom of your shoes is going to make it inside. The residue is unsightly on hard surface floors. On carpets, you may not see it, but the damage can be even worse. The most commonly used compound is calcium chloride in small white pellet form. It has two characteristics that are very relevant - it's alkaline and it loves water. Calcium chloride pulls moisture from the air and leaves a moist, oily film on carpets and hard surface floors, which serves to attract additional soils as people walk across the damp entryways. Ice melt can remove (strip) floor finishes and penetrate (stain) floor coverings. It can also cause the slip resistance of hard surface floors to be compromised. The best way to prevent this floor damage is to use Formula 900 .

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., has announced the promotion of John Roemer to vice president of supply chain management. Roemer began his career with Spartan in 2007, in the purchasing department. In 2012, he was promoted to director of supply chain management and continued in that position until his most recent promotion.

John Roemer

He has a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration degree, majoring in transportation and logistics, and marketing from The Ohio State University. Prior to his employment at Spartan, Roemer worked for L’Oreal in distribution and manufacturing for over three years.



Franklin Cleaning Technology

Great Bend Ks, 67530 •

Circle 23


November/December 2014

Cascades Celebrates 50 Years As A Papermaker As part of a year-long event, Cascades celebrated its 50th anniversary during ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Orlando, FL, last month. Brothers Bernard, Laurent and Alain Lemaire, co-founders of Cascades, and Mario Plourde, president and chief executive officer, have helped the company commemorate throughout 2014 with current employees, retired workers and partners. “In 1964, we breathed new life into an abandoned paper mill in Kingsey Falls (Québec). At the time, we had only a handful of employees, and were making a few hundred thousand dollars in sales. Since then, we have multiplied our number of employees by 500, and our sales by more than 10,000, and we are now 12,000 strong and making close to $4 billion in sales. This growth has been made possible by all of our partners but, especially, by the contribution of Cascaders,” Bernard Lemaire said. Laurent Lemaire said, “We experienced strong growth, particularly in the 1990s, with acquisitions, investments, ventures in new business sectors, etc. At such an exciting time, we could easily have lost

our focus and sense of identity, but our rapid expansion was accompanied by respect for our employees, our communities, the environment and our values." Alain Lemaire said, “Without such motivated and determined employees, we would have had a tough time surviving the economic crisis that rocked the industry in the 2000s. Today, we have every reason to be proud and to celebrate. Not only is our company in good health, but it also sets the example when it comes to environmental and social issues.” Plourde said Cascades’ 50th anniversary is the right time to celebrate the company’s history, and that of the Lemaire brothers. “To fully understand where we are going, we must first know where we have been. Bernard, Laurent and Alain Lemaire are all giants on the Québec business scene and in sustainable development, and we are their heirs,” Plourde said. “It falls upon us to continue building on this legacy, and to carry Cascades into the future.” Today, Cascades produces, converts and markets Pictured left to right are, Mario Plourde, Bernard Lemaire, packaging and tissue products that are composed Laurent Lemaire and Alain Lemaire. mainly of recycled fibers. Visit

From Nexstep Commercial Products:

The Natural Way to Dust...

New Waste Container Line Nexstep Commercial Products has introduced its waste container line. Benefits include: n Reinforced rims and walls for 23-, 32- and 44-gallon containers for increased durability; n Durable external texture for scuff resistance; n High-quality, long-lasting material; n Ergonomic handles for easy gripping and reduced slippage; and n Smooth internal texture for easy cleaning. Circle No. 93 Nexstep’s expanded waste container line offers 10 new products with exceptional strength at different price points. Visit for more information. Nexstep is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar.

Tornado Using Trojan Deep-Cycle Batteries To Power Its Floor Scrubber Equipment

Soft, supple genuine Ostrich feathers dust effectively, by gently pulling away the dust from fine objects, bottles DQGLWHPV\RXGRQ¶WZDQWWRPRYHRUGLVWXUE)HDWKHUV will hold on to the dust until gently tapped or shaken away. Feathers, natures way of fine dusting!

P 800.665.0202

F 204.582.5598

P 204.586.8097

Circle 36

Tornado Industries Inc., manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, will include deep-cycle flooded batteries from Trojan Battery Co., LLC, in its battery-operated floor scrubber products. Tornado is using Trojan’s 30XHS and J185H AC batteries for use in the following Tornado floor scrubber models: • BR 18/11 and BD 20/11 Walk-Behind Scrubbers; • EZ Floorkeepers 20” and 24” Walk-Behind Scrubbers; • BR 22/14 and BD 26/14 Walk-Behind Scrubbers; • BD 26/26 Walk-Behind Scrubber; • BD 28/20 Walk-Behind Scrubber; • BR 28/27 and BD 26/27 Ride-On Scrubbers; and, • BR and BD 33/30 Ride-On Scrubbers. “Trojan’s line of deep-cycle flooded batteries provides Tornado floor scrubber equipment with rugged durability and long life to tackle floor cleaning,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Trojan Battery. “In an industry where unexpected downtime can be

costly, a reliable power source is extremely important, and we look forward to supporting Tornado’s customer requirements.”

Circle No. 92 Founded in 1925, Trojan Battery Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified with operations in California and Georgia. Visit for more information. “In the commercial cleaning business for over 85 years, Tornado® develops products for cleaning professionals, by cleaning professionals to help customers solve facility floor care challenges,” according to the company. Visit .

Maintenance Sales News


ITW Pro Brands Offers Line Of CDC-Recommended Cleaning Products To Combat Ebola Virus “According to the Centers for Disease Disinfectant, Spray Nine Wipes, SCRUBS Control and Prevention (CDC), EPA-reg- MEDAPHINE Disinfect and Deodorizing istered disinfectants used to inactivate Wipes, and SCRUBS do-it-ALL Germicidal non-enveloped viruses can be used to de- Cleaner Wipes,” said Reith. Spray Nine is a cleaner, degreaser, disincontaminate Ebola. “To help organizations protect them- fectant, and deodorizer used in schools, facselves from an outbreak, ITW Pro tories, offices and government settings. According to the company, it Brands’ Spray Nine® multisanitizes in 10 seconds, disinpurpose cleaner and disinfects for viruses in 30 seconds fectant (spray and wipes), and kills 99.9 percent of SCRUBS® MEDAPHENE® germs in 45 seconds. It’s disinfectant deodorizing wipes available as a spray or in and SCRUBS® do-it ALL™ wipes. The wipes have the germicidal cleaner wipes meet correct chemical dilution. the CDC guidelines for surSCRUBS MEDAPHENE face disinfection of Ebola. wipes offer a disinfectant The products were on display combined with an abrasive at ISSA/INTERCLEAN rewipe. The wipes use a watercently,” said company reprebased formula so surfaces resentatives. main wet longer to optimize Lee Rieth, PhD, and direcdisinfecting time. The textor of research and developtured wipe loosens and abment for ITW Brands, says sorbs contaminants. that while viruses like Ebola SCRUBS do-it ALL gerare considered enveloped micidal wipes have an EPAviruses, the CDC has taken registered wipe formula to the additional precaution of Circle No. 94 clean, disinfect and deodorspecifying disinfectants that kill non-enveloped viruses to disinfect ize. The wipes can be used on most hard, against Ebola. That’s because non-en- non-porous surfaces and are safe to use in veloped viruses are significantly more diffi- schools, gyms, airports, grocery stores, shopping centers and other public spaces. cult to kill than simple enveloped viruses. “That level of pathogen-killing power exVisit ists in the following ITW Pro Brands prodfor more information. ucts—Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner &

Bullen Companies Has New e-Clean Products Website The Bullen Companies has a new eClean Products website. The site features individual product information, spec sheets and other information about green cleaning. “In the near future, we will also be releasing detailed product how-to and demonstration videos,” said company representatives. The site is located at The Bullen Companies is a manufacturer and industry leader in the floor care, carpet care, disinfection and odor control markets. Bullen has served the jan-

itorial supply industry since 1939, producing cleaning products under the brands Airx Laboratories, e-clean Products, Clausen Carpet Solutions, Truekleen, Road-Off, and One-Up, along with private label manufacturing.

The Natural Way to Dust...

In Supplies Category

Americo Voted Winner Of ISSA Innovation Award Americo has been voted winner of the 2014 ISSA Innovation Award, under the Supplies category, for its Full Cycle™ floor pads. The floor pads were entered under the Supplies category and voted on by industry distributors, wholesalers, and facility service providers to determine the program winners. The award was announced during the ISSA Excellence Award Ceremony at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America trade show, November 7, in Orlando, FL. “Americo has been making floor pads from 100 percent recycled fiber and water based resins in its binding process for over a decade. With a long history of embracing environmentally friendly manufacturing, earlier this year the company introduced an innovative technology in developing floor pads that have been specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional floor pads,” according to an Americo release. Chief Executive Officer of Americo Manufacturing Company Leonard Shutzberg said, “This is an exciting time for Americo. We are

honored to receive such recognition from ISSA and the jan/san industry. This award shines a light on our Full Cycle™ products that perform to the highest standards while leaving the smallest possible impact on the environment — and that is something that’s a benefit to us all.” For more information regarding Americo’s Full Cycle™ floor pads, visit Americo Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Acworth, GA, is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning products including synthetic and natural fiber floor pads, hand pads, utility pads and floor matting. 100 percent of the polyester fiber used in pads manufactured by Americo is produced using recycled material from post-industrial and post-consumer waste. The binders used are water-based technology. The company’s pads are formulated to rapidly biodegrade once discarded into an active landfill. Americo’s products are sold in over 70 countries as the company enters its 45th year of operation. Visit

Did you know that lambs wool is the original green duster? Natural lambs wool offers exceptional dusting power with a light static charge and natural oils that attract and hold dust until spun free. Extendable, bendable, high & low, a tool for every task, we make them all!

P 800.665.0202

F 204.582.5598

P 204.586.8097

Circle 35



November/December 2014

Brightwell Dispensers: Dosing And Dilution Systems At this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Brightwell exhibited its latest product lines including new items. Brightwell Dispensers Inc., is the American sister company of Brightwell Dispensers Ltd., a global designer and manufacturer of chemical dosing and dispensing systems. Brightwell Dispensers Inc., a family business set up in Kansas in 2011, is headed by Andy Lewis, vice president of sales and the company’s main representative in the United States. The company says Brightwell Dispensers Inc. is responsible for the growth of the Brightwell group in North America. Its premises in Lenexa, KS, have training facilities, chemical testing laboratories, a warehouse and a distribution center. Lewis and Barry Gothard, Lewis’ business partner, also provide full professional service to customers nationwide, offering technical training and help with laundry installations. Brightwell Dispensers was created in 1947 in the United Kingdom by the Brightwell brothers. The company first started as a manufacturer of industrial paste dispensers for hand washing in factories. Brightwell then expanded its washroom product line to include commercial washroom accessories. In the 1970’s, Brightwell was bought by the current owners and family members. Together, they introduced dispensing systems for housekeeping, laundry and warewash environments. Brightwell exports to 85 countries worldwide, supported by a network of distributors and commercial partnerships on all continents.

Brightwell Product Lines “The Brightwell product lines cover all hygiene environments, including washrooms, healthcare, leisure facilities, professional kitchens, on-premise and industrial laundries,” according to the company. Representatives said, “Brightwell works with customers to develop its product lines,

For environments, where water pressure is not always stable or water mains are not easily accessible, Brightwell offers a dosing system called ECOSHOT. It is independent from water mains and doses a shot of chemical between 0.2 oz. (5ml) and 1 oz. (30ml) into a container, ready to be topped-up with water. All three systems work with the same lockable chemical cabinet. A new addition to the BrightLogic line of products is the BrightLogic Diaphram Pump, a laundry dispensing system based on the reliable peristaltic pump. “It offers rate consistency with highly viscous products, this pump can be upgraded into any BrightLogic laundry unit and combined with low and high flow peristaltic pumps for a versatile launECOMIX System ECOMIX Compact ECOSHOT System BrightLogic Diaphragm Pump dry dispensing system. “Unit programming and building up a strong knowledge of industry-specific needs and manufacturing prod- wireless capabilities enable fast setup and efficient maintenance of this system with a lapucts in tune with customer requirements. Bespoke branding and dispenser design are top computer and a free computer software. The new BrightLogic iPhone app has just been launched to allow users to see reporting data and send modified formulas to save on also available. costly site visits,” said the company. The iPhone app is available to download from the App Store for free. Brightwell also offers a line of soap and paper dispensers. The design of the Modular is minimalist, with a clean white or black look; and the Mercury has a combination of black and stainless steel to fit higher-end environments. “The soap dispensers offer maximum chemical flexibility. Users can mix and match pumps and containers for use with foam soaps, liquids, sprays, creams, or disinfectants. “The MultiFlex soap dispenser offers a BrightLogic Laundry iPhone App high degree of equipment flexibility. Using it makes it possible to adapt any skincare product to any customer need,” said repreMercury soap dispenser Modular soap dispenser sentatives. The BrightLogic dispensing systems, “Brightwell chemical dosing and dilution systems enable on-site preparation of cleaning meanwhile, fit a variety of commercial dish solutions from concentrates. Designed to deliver chemicals with ultimate precision, Bright- machines, including systems to dose two products into single-tank and single cycle well’s ECOrange is a one-fits-all line of venturi and dosing systems.” The proportioner ECOMIX has a dilution range from 500:1 to 2:1, and comes with a dish machines, tunnel washers, conveyor dish machines, flight machines and glass patented dilution ring that allows for dilution ratios to be changed without any tools. The new ECOMIX COMPACT is part of the ECOrange chemical dilution equipment and the washers. latest addition to the ECOMIX line offered by Brightwell. It comes with a patented dilution ring Visit that allows for dilution ratios to be changed without tools. Compact in size, it can be installed in minutes. Lockable chemical cabinets, color coding and private label branding are available. for more information. BrightLogic D2

Circle 55


November/December 2014

Marathon Processing Credit Card n Easier Bee Has Never

The bottom line was a monthly savings from Marathon of

several hundred dollars per month. Tom Field Sr. TOMAR INDUSTRIES Freehold, NJ

Contact Deb Bruns at 940-627-8844 for your cost savings analysis. Circle 37

Shown, left to right, are Martin Zaret, vice president of Starco Chemical; Phil Jones, sales rep. for A.J. Letizio; Paul Abdalian, senior vice president of foodservice for A.J. Letizio, accepting the Starco Award for Most Improved Sales by an Independent Sales Agency; Bob Morris, sales rep. for A.J. Letizio; Tony Lau, Starco Chemical sales manager of new accounts/Asian market, accepting the Starco Award for Most Improved Sales Growth by a Starco Sales Representative; and Harvey Wasserman, Starco Chemical vice president of sales.

Starco Chemical Presents Sales Achievement Awards During ISSA/INTERCLEAN At Starco Chemical’s breakfast and sales meeting during the recent ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2014, a sales award was presented to Paul Abdalian, senior vice president of foodservice for A.J. Letizio, who accepted the award on behalf of the company. The Letizio group achieved outstanding sales growth in 2014. Meanwhile, Tony Lau, Starco sales manager of new accounts/Asian market, received a top sales achievement award. Starco Chemical also launched a sales contest for 2015 during the meeting. Visit for more information about the company.

Circle 44

Circle 43

SKM Industries, Inc

Maintenance Sales News


Triple S Elects Board Of Directors At the annual Triple S stockholder’s meeting, Triple S elected its Board of Directors for the coming year. The following individuals were elected to serve as board members: Dr. Aaron Buchko, Jim Chittom, Jr. (Athens Janitor Supply Company), Kenneth R. Crutcher (Kenway Distributors), John B. Earl (John A. Earl, Inc.), M.A. “Butch” Ellis (Lansing Sanitary Supply Co.), Bruce H. Janvey (I. Janvey and Sons, Inc.), Marty Munvez (Chemcraft Industries), Dutch Owens (Gem Supply Company), David D. Rea (House Sanitary Supply Co.), Michael J. Tighe (Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc.), and John B. Treat (Treat’s Solutions, Inc.).

John B. Treat was re-elected as the chairman of the board, Dutch Owens was elected as secretary, Robert F. Langley was elected treasurer and Alan E. Sadler was elected clerk. Based in Billerica, MA, Triple S is a member-owned, national distribution, networking, sales, marketing and logistics company in the facility maintenance industry. The company has 120 member-dealers and three regional distribution centers across the United States. Triple S offers nationwide service to the education, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and government markets. Call 800-323-2251 for information.

DDI System And MITS Partner To Provide MITS Distributor Analytics DDI System, a provider of ERP distribution management software to wholesale distributors, and MITS, a provider of reporting and business intelligence software for distributors, have announced a partnership to offer MITS Distributor Analytics to DDI System’s Inform ERP software users. DDI says with this new option, distributors using Inform ERP can analyze business performance to grow sales, improve operational efficiency, and better manage inventory. “MITS’ Distributor Analytics takes analytical and notification capabilities to the next level. MITS helps unlock the potential of the data available inside Inform ERP,” said Adam Waller, president and founder of DDI System. MITS’ Distributor Analytics includes two reporting tools, covering analytical and ad hoc reporting, as well as 200-plus reports, dashboards and scorecards that are pre-built using data pulled from DDI’s Inform software. The MITS solution, designed for executives and other non-technical users, is browser-based and accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. DDI System Inform users have begun working with key staff at MITS. “We are excited that DDI System has chosen MITS as a Preferred Solution Partner for advanced reporting and analytic features,” said Mickey Lass, senior vice president of sales and business development for MITS. “With their leading reputation in the wholesale distribution market and a commitment to data access and ease-of-use, DDI is an ideal partner for us.”

Visit or follow the company on Twitter @MITSDistributor. Distributors can learn more at or by calling DDI for a demonstration at 877-599-4334.

Spartan’s Xcelenté™ Green Seal Certified Xcelente’ multi-surface cleaner is formulated with environmentally preferred ingredients and fragrances. Green Seal has validated that it complies with the requirements of GS-37, the Green Seal Standard for industrial and institutional cleaners. Xcelenté has a lavender fragrance and phosphate-free formula, for a shiny, streak free finish. “Cleaning ‘green’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise performance or preference,” says John Swigart, president, Spartan Chemical. “Xcelenté provides a great solution for our customers who want to use a healthier, sustainable solution, but don’t want to forfeit safety benefits or a pleasant scent.” Visit

Triple S Board of Directors, from left to right are: top row: Dr. Aaron A. Buchko, Jim Chittom, Jr. (Athens Janitor Supply Company), Michael Tighe (Industrial Cleaning Products, Inc.), and John Treat, board chairman (Treat's Solutions LLC); Middle Row: Ken Crutcher (Kenway Distributors, Inc.), David D. Rea (House Sanitary Supply Company), and John B. Earl (John A. Earl, Inc.); Bottom Row: Alan E. Sadler (Triple S), Bruce Janvey (I. Janvey & Sons, Inc.), Marty Munvez (Chemcraft Industries, Inc.), Dutch Owens (Gem Supply Company Inc.), and Butch Ellis (Lansing Sanitary Supply Company).

Fuller Commercial’s Limited Use Wet Mop Offers Economy, High Absorption, Excellent Performance Company representatives say that the Fuller Commercial Limited Use Wet Mop offers the following benefits: n Manufactured from recycled non-woven material; n Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of conventional economy spun yarns; n Has an absorption rate of 650 to 700 percent, which is significantly higher than traditional spun yarns; n The combination of mass and absorption performance allows the actual weight of material to be reduced by 40 to 50 percent to produce a similar size yarn mop; and, n Economic price point makes it a real “disposable” wet mop. Visit or call 800-848-4901 for more information.

Circle No. 92

Welcome to Transmacro Amenities Providing distributors to hospitality and institutional industries in the Americas with high quality amenity bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. 3920 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Suite. 230, Houston, Texas 77068 800-432-7627 fax: 888-454-4806

Circle 78


November/December 2014

Distributors Offer Insights During ISSA/INTERCLEAN Show By Rick Mullen Maintenance Sales News, Associate Editor

Maintenance Sales News Magazine spoke with three distributorship executives attending the recent ISSA/INTERCLEANŽ North America 2014 trade show in Orlando, FL. The executives spoke about their respective goals in attending the event. Leonard Paper Company Attending the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show representing the Leonard Paper Company, of Baltimore, MD, Account Executive Nick Carroll said, “We are always on the lookout for new products and innovations to separate us from our competitors. There are a lot of new products out there.� When asked about how his company is doing in its sphere of influence in the marketplace, Carroll said, “We’re customer focused in all we do. We are in the fourth generation of fam-


ily leadership, and year after year since 1940 we have increased our business. We believe we are the dominant player in the markets we service as a result.� According to, the company has been in business since 1940, founded by Charles B. Leonard, and many family members remain active in the business on a daily basis. Leonard Paper is a full-service janitorial/sanitation and foodservice disposables distributor in the greater Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area. The distributorship also sells floorcare equipment. The company operates out of an 180,000-square-foot solar powered warehouse and office facility, with a fleet of 38 trucks for its delivery operation. According to Carroll, while the company services a wide variety of market segments, including government agencies, acute and long-term care facilities, as well as schools and universities, by far and away, its largest cusNick Carroll tomer base is building service contractors. “About 65 percent of our overall business is with the BSCs,� Carroll said. “We are all about service. We deliver Monday through Friday, as well as weekends for special projects. In addition, we also offer evening deliveries to customers if desired. “The future looks great. We believe we have the strongest sales team in the marketplace. The training we provide our staff allows us to be consultants. Our customers are truly our ‘partners,’ and we strive to make them more profitable and successful.�

Sikes Paper Company

$8.90 per case*

Sikes Paper Company, of Atlanta, GA, considers itself a “one-stop-shop� for its wide array of customers. The company operates from facilities in Atlanta and Dalton, GA, with a service area that extends from Chattanooga, TN, to Columbus, GA. The company is owned by David Sikes, who is also the ISSA president-elect. “We believe our customers have options; therefore, we offer services that go ‘above and beyond.’ We give customers the opportunity to ‘one-stop’ shop,� said Sikes Vice President/Sales Representative Shawn Benjamin. Benjamin said he attended ISSA/INTERCLEAN to “visit some of our existing vendors to see some of the new things they have coming into the marketplace. I am 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper also looking forward to seeing some old friends I haven’t twY seen in a year. Some of my customers have asked me to t$PSF4J[Fw go out and explore what is new in the marketplace for *UFN]$BTF1BDLDBTF them. Some customers have even made specific re* Minimum quantity applies, while supplies last at this price. quests.� Call for Details The company’s customer base includes office build800.881.4611 Shawn Benjamin ings, contract cleaning companies, hospitals, nursing homes, public and private schools, churches, manufacturing plants and other types of awayfrom-home businesses. Sikes stocks more 5,000 items and offers next-day deliveries, in most cases, with its fleet of 10 delivery vehicles, according to The distributorship’s motto is, “Our job is to make yours easier.� Circle 41 “Sikes is family owned,� Benjamin said. “The president of the company is Greg Truitt, who runs all of our day-to-day operations. We handle mainly paper and janitorial supplies, serving many Class A The One & Only Original office buildings, churches, schools, Cleans grout 2 to 8 times faster hospitals and other health care faciliFits tiles sizes from 1 to 13 inches ties. We pretty much run the gamut of customers.� Accessories available: Extension Pole, The company’s product lineup inReplacement Brush Heads cludes institutional paper and tissue; cleaning and maintenance chemicals; For more information contact: janitorial supplies and equipment; foodservice and break room items; packaging and shipping supplies; and 866-321-6612 s rusheiles safety products. b e l t b justa ds for smaller “Business has been very good,� d a y l a Ful d brush he Benjamin said. “We have a very bright Ad Patent Pending future.� While supplies last

Engineered for Professional Use • • •

Circle 51

Maintenance Sales News


VistaServ Dishmachines Outbreaks of infections, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and diseases, such as the H1N1 flu virus, which caused a worldwide pandemic in 2009, in addition to Salmonella, hepatitis and staph infections often make headlines. Indeed, according to, 2014 is the first flu season since 2009 that H1N1 has been as predominant in the United States. Playing a role in helping to keep businesses clean and sanitized is VistaServ Dishmachines, of Sarasota, FL. Attending the ISSA/INTERCLEAN trade show this year was VistaServ President Michael G. Miller. “My goal in attending the show is to pick up some new vendors, as well as seek new opportunities to enhance our business and help it grow next year,” Miller said. “Business is good and, with the election over, we are really excited to invest in our business and our employees.” Miller said another reason he attended the show was to improve the company’s ability to educate people on the problems associated with cleaning and sanitizing. “The VistaServ team focuses on educating, educating, educating our customers,” he said. The company’s customer service pledge is “a VistaServ representative will contact you and troubleshoot your problem ASAP. If necessary, a technician will be dispatched to your business to remedy your service issues,” according to The company’s motto is, “We know what service means — peace of mind when you need it most!” “We strive to service our customers in 60 minutes or less,” Miller said. “When someone calls us, we prove to Michael G. Miller him or her that our business philosophy is taking care of customers. We are in the dish machine business. We blend and make our chemicals and we outsource some of them. We service restaurants, hotels, country clubs, yacht clubs and churches. We offer a large array of services.” The company offers products for the front and back of the house as well as laundry, to remove microbes in critical areas such as food contact surfaces, medical rooms, childcare areas, etc. Products include dish machines; ice machines; food service detergents; water softeners; waterless concrete cleaner; and an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer and odor eliminator. “People just don’t sanitize enough,” Miller said. “We need to get more people educated about sanitizing and cleaning. It is so important. I’m happy to be in this industry.”

New From Clean Control:

Germ Control Hospital Disinfectant Clean Control Corporation has just released Germ Control, an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant in line with CDC’s, EPA’s and OSHA’s recent Ebola guidance. “There is concern in the marketplace about the right product to be effective against non-enveloped viruses,” says Bill Frazier, national sales director for Clean Control Corporation, the makers of OdoBan. “Germ Control addresses that issue and is also a fragrance-free alternative for those concerned with asthma. “Germ Control is an economical concentrate, at just one ounce per gallon (128:1), it also contains no abrasives, bleach, harsh acids or phosphates.” Germ Control is a cleaner, one-step disinfectant, deodorizer, fungicide, mildewstat and virucide for use on hard, nonporous surfaces in: hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental offices, clinics, households, schools, day care centers and nurseries, sick rooms, public restrooms, travel rest areas, hotels, churches, athletic facilities and locker rooms, gyms, Circle No. 90 spas, shower and bath areas, cars and RVs. *This product has passed the Virucidal* Efficacy of a Disinfectant for Use on Inanimate Environmental Surfaces utilizing Duck Hepatitis B virus and Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) Surrogate for human Hepatitis C virus.

For more information, call 800-841-3904.

125 Years of European Engineering and Quality Now in North America

Durable cleaning tools since 1885

Two New Squeegees from Moerman Americas

Reprinted from the Maintenance Sales News November 2014 eNewsletter. To subscribe, send your email address to Please use the subject line,“SUBSCRIBE.”

30” Profi+ Floor Squeegee Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

High Density, Super Strong Plastic Frame Dura-Flex® Natural Rubber Blades ACME Threaded Handle Socket Dual Splash Guards

Window Squeegee Handle Ÿ Channel and Blades Swivel

and Work at Any Angle

Ÿ Handle Adjusts and Locks with Blade at 0 o Ÿ or 40 o Angle to Glass tm Ÿ Locks Onto ProClean Extension Poles

Moerman Squeegees Phone Number: 1-800-992-0181 Fax Number: 316-267-2930 e-mail address: website: P.O. Box 17082 Wichita, KS 67217

Circle 25

Ÿ In Stock - 24 hour shipping Ÿ Low Purchase Minimums and PREPAID Freight Ÿ Quality and Performance at Industry Leading Prices


Circle 38

D Le on ft ʼt B O e ut !

Maintenance Sales News 2015 BUYERS’ GUIDE

A Directory of Manufacturers of Sanitary Supplies, Master Distributors & Buying Groups

We invite your company to participate in our upcoming Buyers’ Guide. Please complete and return the form below no later than January 9, 2015. (You must return this form to qualify for inclusion.)

Send to Maintenance Sales News, P.O. Box 130, Arcola, IL 61910 USA, or fax to (217) 268-4815. SUBMITTED BY: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY:____________________________________________________ STATE ___________ ZIP______________COUNTRY _____________________

TELEPHONE:_____________________________________________ E-MAIL: __________________________________________________________ WEBSITE: ____________________________ COMPANY OFFICERS: _________________________________________________________________ PRODUCTS: 50 WORD MAXIMUM PLEASE _____________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Product Categories

 100. Absorbents: Oil, Grease, & Water  101. Acoustical Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment  102. Adhesives  103. Aerosols  104. Air Filtration Equipment  105. Anti-Graffiti Systems  106. Anti-Static Chemicals  107. Ash Trays  108. Associations/Societies  109. Automatic Scrubbers  110. Automotive Cleaning Specialties  111. Bacterial/Enzyme Products  112. Bag-in-the-Box Packaging  113. Bar Code/EDI Technology  114. Baseboard Cleaning Machines & Accessories  115. Batteries & Chargers  116. Bedding Supplies  117. Bird Control Products  118. Brooms  119. Brushes  120. Buckets  121. Burnishing Equipment  122. Buying Groups  123. Candles  124. Carpet & Fabric Protective Finishes  125. Carpet Cleaning Chemicals-Brand Name  126. Carpet Cleaning Chemicals-Private Label  127. Carpet Cleaning Wands & Accessories  128. Carpet Drying Equipment  129. Carpet Dyeing Systems  130. Carpet Extractors  131. Carpet Shampoo Machines & Accessories  132. Carpet Spotting Kits  133. Carpet Sweepers-Electric  134. Carpet Sweepers-Hand  135. Carts-Hospital, Janitorial & Maid  136. Catalog Publishers  137. Chalkboard/Blackboard Cleaners  138. Chemical Dispensing Systems  139. Chemicals-Raw Material  140. Cleaning Chemicals-Brand Name  141. Cleaning Chemicals-Private Label  142. Colorants & Dyes  143. Computer Systems & Software  143a. Computer Cleaning Products  144. Concrete Floor Treatments  145. Consultants-Advertising  146. Consultants-Financial

(Please check categories that apply to your major lines only)  147.  148.  149.  150.  151.  152.  153.  154.  155.  156.  157.  158.  159.  160.  161.  162.  163.  164.

 164a.  165.  166.  167.  168.  169.  170.  171.  172.  173.  174.  175.  176.  177.  178.  179.  180.  181.  182.  183.  183a.  184.  185.  186.  187.  188.  189.  189a.  190.  191.

 192.  193.  194.

Consultants-Marketing Contamination Control Products Custodial Garments & Uniforms Dehumidifying Equipment Disinfectants-Brand Name Disinfectants-Private Label Disinfectants-Raw Material Dispensers-Paper Products/Soaps Drain Opener Chemicals Drain Opener Equipment Drums Dusters Dusting Cloths Dust Pans Electric Cord Reels Electric Motors Electrical Testing Devices Emergency Response/Regulatory Services Emergency Spill Kits Escalator Cleaning Machines Filters Financial Services Fire Extinguishers Fire Restoration Products Floor Finish Applicators Floor Finishes-Brand Name Floor Finishes-Private Label Floor Machine Motors Floor Machines Floor Pad Holders Floor Pads Floor Pads-Raw Material Floor Sealers-Brand Name Floor Sealers-Private Label Food Processing Products Food Service Disposable Tableware Food Service Equipment & Supplies Fragrances Furniture Glides Gloves Hand Cleaners Hand Dryers Handles-Mop,Broom, Brush & Telescopic Hoses-All Types Human Resources Hydrogen-Peroxide Cleaners Ice & Snow Removal Compounds Insect & Rodent Control Chemicals & Devices Insurance Services International Cleaning Services Labeling

 195.  196.  197.  198.  199.  200.  201.  202.  203.  204.  205.  206.  207.  208.  208a.  209.  210.  210a.  210b.  211.  212.  213.  214.  215.  216.  216a.  217.  218.  219.  220.  221.  222.  223.  224.  225.  226.  227.  228.  229.  230.  231.  232.  233.  234.  235.  236.  237.  238.  239.  239a.  240.  241.  242.

Ladders Laundry Chemicals Laundry Equipment Lawn & Turf Chemicals Lawn & Turf Equipment Leasing-Equipment Light Bulbs Liquid Filling Equipment Litter Vacuums Lockers/Storage Lodging Amenities Lubricants & Oils Magazine Publishers Magnetic Attachment for Vacuums Marketing Services Material Handling Equipment Mats & Matting Microfiber Mold Treatment/Prevention Mop Treatment Chemicals Mopping Equipment Mops-Dust Mops-Wet Odor Control Chemicals Odor Control Devices Ozone Generators Packaging Equipment Packaging Supplies Paint & Paint Products Paper and/or Food Service Products Paper Products-Office Supplies Paper Products-Towel & Tissue Pavement Patching Personnel Services Plastic Bags Plastic Containers Polishes-Furniture Polishes-Metal Polishes-Plastic Poly Trash Can Liners Pool & Spa Chemicals & Equipment Pre-Measured Chemicals Pressure Washer Pumps Pressure Washing Chemicals Pressure Washing Equipment Pumps & Dispensers Purchasing & Marketing Services Recycling Systems Repair Parts-Floor Equipment & Vacuum Cleaners Restroom Cleaning Equipment Robotic Cleaning Equipment Roof Maintenance Materials Safety Apparel

 243.  244.  245.  246.  247.  248.  249.  250.  251.  251a.  252.  253.  254.  255.  256.  257.  258.  259.  260.  261.  262.  263.  264.  265.  266.  267.  268.  269.

 269a.  270.  271.  272.  273.  274.  275.  276.  277.  278.  279.  280.  281.

 282.  283.  284.  284a.  285.  286.

Safety Products, Equipment & Signs Safety Treads Sales Incentives Sanitary Napkins & Dispensers Scouring Chemicals & Powders Scouring Pads/Bars Shampoo Tanks Smoking Urns Soaps Spill Kits-Chemical Sponges & Chamois Spray Tanks Sprayers & Foggers Squeegees-Floor Squeegees-Window Steam Cleaning Chemicals Steam Cleaning Equipment Stone Restoration Systems Striping Machines-Pavement Surfactants Sweepers-Electric, Gasoline & Propane Sweeping Compounds Technology Services Telecommunication Services Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers Toilet/Shower Compartments Training Consultants, Materials & Programs Upholstery Shampoo Machines & Accessories Urinal Screens Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Vacuum Cleaner Motors Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Tanks Venetian Blind Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals Wall Washing Equipment Warewashing Chemicals Warewashing Equipment Washroom Accessories Waste Receptacles Water Brooms Water Treatment Chemicals & Devices Window Cleaning Accessories Wipers-Cloth Wipers-Paper & Non-Woven Wipers Cheesecloth Wood Treatment-Scratch Remover Wringers

Maintenance Sales News


Survey From Clorox Professional Products, In Cooperation With ISSA, Offers Insights On Bathroom Cleaning “Maintaining public restrooms is certainly a tough job, but it’s also one of the most important tasks within a facility,” said Jennifer Case, associate director of marketing, Clorox Professional Products Company. “Not only do restrooms influence people’s perceptions of the overall facility, but they also play a role in public health. Keeping a restroom disinfected can help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs to building occupants and the community at-large. The survey, conducted partnering with ISSA, allows us to further understand cleaning professionals’ needs so that we can continue to develop innovative products and resources to help make their jobs easier.” Public restrooms can be found in all types of buildings, but no matter the setting, they all have similar cleaning and disinfecting needs. Above all, most cleaning industry professionals (67 percent) rank removing urine stains and odors as the most difficult cleaning and disinfecting task. Other key findings include: n Nearly half of professionals (49 percent) instruct their staff to remove urine stains and odors most often; and, n If all restrooms were self-cleaning, most respondents (61 percent) would love to never clean and disinfect urinals and toilets again. Cleaning professionals rank cleaning up bodily fluids, such as blood and vomit, as more tolerable (43 percent) than removing urine stains and odors (56 percent). When it comes to public restrooms, clean-

ing industry professionals have two important jobs: cleaning for appearance and cleaning for health. Maintaining a visibly clean restroom is important for influencing consumer perception, but harmful microorganisms, such as Shigella, Salmonella, Hepatitis A, E. coli and norovirus, are routinely found in restrooms and are associated with outbreaks of illness. According to survey results, most cleaning industry professionals (85 percent) are fully aware of the importance of this dual relationship of cleaning for appearance and health. The majority (95 percent) also believe that restroom cleaning has an impact on overall public health by helping to prevent the spread of disease. However, this understanding may not trickle down to all employees, as only half of respondents (49 percent) believe their staff is aware of all the risk associated with the spread of germs in the restroom. The survey also found that: n One in five respondents (20 percent) believe that the general public may think their facility’s restroom harbors germs; n Most cleaning professionals believe that restroom handles harbor the most illnesscausing germs and bacteria, particularly restroom door handles (65 percent), faucet handles (38 percent) and toilet or urinal handles (36 percent). Secondary research shows that this is false and that door handles pose the least risk for

germs. The feminine hygiene trash can, which only 12 percent of professionals believe to be germy, has one of the highest concentrations of germs; and, n Cleaning for aesthetics tasks are viewed as tougher than cleaning for health (disinfecting) tasks and only 29 percent of supervisors reported instructing their staff to disinfect surfaces most often. Although only 15 percent of respondents report a lack of education or training as a challenge to performing optimal restroom cleaning, far more (68 percent) say their staff does not understand or only somewhat understands the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. “These survey results underscore some of the restroom cleaning challenges that are often neglected and show that industry professionals may not understand as much as

they think they do,” said Anthony Trombetta. When it comes to educational tools, cleaning professionals said the following: n Almost all (94 percent) rely on product usage instructions to train staff, but 43 percent of those think these tools could be improved; and, n Nine in 10 (90 percent) professionals use restroom cleaning protocols or guidelines, but 45 percent believe these tools could be improved. Visit for more information. About the Survey ISSA and Ketchum Global Research & Analytics designed and analyzed this online survey of 375 cleaning industry professionals. ClearVoice Research and ISSA fielded the survey from May 15-22 and from June 12-30, 2014. The survey has a margin of error of +/-4.9 percentage points. Clorox Professional Products Company, a division of The Clorox Company (NYSE: CLX), offers brand names for the commercial, cleaning and infection prevention industries.

From RD Industries:

Reduce Improper Dilution With Dual-Port Cap Adaptor RD Industries, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems, now offers its dual-port cap adapter. The company says it is designed to draw product to two different dispensers from a single container, reducing the chances of improper dilution and allowing for multiple flow and dilution rate combinations. “Ideally paired with our ASSE-1055B certified SafTfil® Wall Mount Dispenser, the dual-port cap adapter is key for large container dispensing or when looking to reduce the number of bottles or mixing stations in a small work area,” said representatives. Visit

Circle No. 89

ACS Industries Offers The Scrubble® Lint Free Filament Finish Mop Scrubble® Products Division of ACS Industries, Inc., a producer of hand pads, floor pads, mops, brooms, brushes, steel wool and screen disks introduces a lint free filament finish mop. ACS says this product gives floors more shine with no streaks. The specially engineered filament yarn does not absorb the finish, and coats are smoother and more even. The mop is available in narrow and wide band.

Circle No. 102

Call 800-222-2880, or visit

Circle 34


November/December 2014

SCA provides the Tork brand of professional hygiene products and services to customers ranging from restaurants and health care facilities to offices, schools and industries. Products include dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soaps, napkins, and industrial and kitchen wipers.

Americo Manufacturing Company had a busy exhibit during ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2014 due to the introduction of new products as well as the company’s new mobile application coming in 2015. Americo was also awarded an Innovation Award at this year’s trade show in the Supplies Category for the company’s new Full Cycle™ floor pads.

Intercon Chemical drew tremendous interest in PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant from attendees. Distributors were looking for Ebola and Enterovirus disinfectants with extended protection times, fast kill and low toxicity. The SMART DRAINS & FLOORS products were also popular. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Scott Petersen, Jim Epstein, Rich Schroeder, Jory Montgomery, Bob Nichols and Jim Foley.

von Drehle Corp., provides an extensive selection of center pull towel products and dispensers along with jumbo roll tissue, standard bath tissue, hard wound towels, folded towels, household towels, facial tissue and specialty tissue products.

Maintenance Sales News


Bullen Companies, Inc., is a full-line chemical formulator and chemical specialty house. Bullen is known for producing innovative solutions that contribute to a healthy, clean and safe environment. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Vince Smith, Jack Collins, Scott Jarden, Alex Jarden and Bill Huss.

Sofidel America Corp., is a fully integrated paper manufacturer of premium quality tissue and towel products. The company offers a broad range of tissue, towels and dispenser systems for the away-from-home marketplace. Brands include Heavenly Soft速 and Heavenly Choice速.

DDI System provides jan/ san and paper distributors with leading technology and service. The company says this includes CRM, e-commerce and mobile features to create an outstanding customer connection. DDI System increases efficiency, profitability and success. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Rachel Maley, Dan Banks, Travis Bara and Christopher DiNoto.

Nexstep Commercial Products provides a complete line of commercial-grade sanitary maintenance items. This includes wet and dust mops, mop sticks, mop buckets and wringers, janitor carts, waste receptacles and dollies, floor sweeps, angle brooms, corn brooms, microfiber products and squeegees.

RD Industries, Inc., provides self-venting, closed-loop chemical containment and dispensing systems for any size container. The company also specializes in low-cost dispensing options such as portable bottle top units and wall mounted gravity flow systems.

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp., is an ice melt manufacturer best known for its environmentally friendly ice melters such as Mountain Organic, Arctic Eco Green, and Winter Warrior Runway Control. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Shane Weckstrom and Kevin Wice.


November/December 2014

Trojan Battery Co., is a manufacturer of deepcycle batteries for floor machine applications such as floor scrubbers and sweepers. The company provides technical support and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Harvard Chemical Research, Inc., provides carpet care, industrial, bacterial, deodorant and specialty cleaning products. This includes private label items. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Neil Miller and Hassan Hashtroudi.

R&B Wire Products, Inc., is a diversified manufacturer, according to the company, with industry leadership positions in the health care, hospitality, janitorial supply, coin laundry and commercial laundry sectors. The company’s lines include wire laundry carts and health care hampers.

CP Industries produces environmentally safe products that include ice melters, cleaning chemicals and detergents. Private labeling is available. Production facilities are located in Salt Lake City, UT, and York, PA.

Charlotte Products Ltd., is a performance formulator and manufacturer of a broad range of cleaning chemical products. The Charlotte Products team demonstrated two new programs during ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2014 in Orlando, FL. They are the Custom Solutions™ Traditional Product Line, as well as ServClean™, which is a complete product offering for commercial kitchen cleaning. Pictured, left to right, are company representatives Brian Cossette, John Persia, Paul Wildenberg, Jennifer Meek, Jim Flieler and Michael Martin.

Shown, left to right, are company representatives Mark Paulson and Frank Rowe.

Sigma Plastics Group is a custom manufacturer. Among the products the company makes are poly bags, sheeting and tubing. The company provides HDPE and LLDPE can liners in both prime and reprocessed materials.

Maintenance Sales News


Clean Control Corporation provides specialty chemicals for odor control as well as bacterial enzyme cleaners, general purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners and degreasers. Company representatives, shown left to right, Adan Fernandez, Bill Frazier and Cory Hammock reported having a great show with lots of booth traffic. Clean Control Corporation featured a new EPAregistered disinfectant, Germ Control, that meets CDC requirements for Ebola, and a new spray OdoBan product that features BOV (bag on valve) technology so there is no propellant.

ACS Industries, Inc./Scrubble Division provides stainless steel scrubbers, nylon scouring pads, grill cleaning products, mops, brooms, brushes, floor pads, and steel wool and sand screen disks. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Debbie Diamond, Brian Sparks (of Sparks Global Marketing), Jorge Duran, Rory Beaudette, Joe Hampshire and Robert Bryan.

Fuller Commercial Products supplies such items as wet and dry mops; brushes, brooms and hand-operated carpet sweepers; and Texas Feathers dusting products.

Compass Minerals provides ice and snow melting products, including magnesium chloride and deicing salt. The company manufactures the Safe Step速 Pro Series, a full line of ice melters for the professional, available only to the jan/san business segment. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Cameron Murray, Millie Boss, Todd Kipper, Mike Ross and Bob Harper.

QuestVapco Corp., provides sanitary supplies; industrial specialties; and HVAC, foodservice, automotive, property management and restoration products. The company offers short runs, private labeling and contract packaging. Shown are company representatives Jim Quinlan and Misty Hinson.

Queenaire Technologies, Inc., provides a full line of electronic ozone generators to eliminate odors in a wide range of applications. The company is a certified woman-owned business. Shown, left to right, are Nicole Duffy, CFO; and Susan Duffy, president & CEO.


November/December 2014

Cascades Tissue Group is the fourth largest paper tissue producer in North America. The company sells to the foodservice, health care, hospitality, office building, industrial and institutional fields. It offers a broad range of sustainable products.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Inc., is a manufacturer of various types of cleaningrelated items for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Category segments where the company’s products are used include foodservice, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom and safety.

Haviland Corp., specializes in floor and window squeegees, vac and automatic squeegees, gaskets and splash guards, handles, floor scrapers, water brooms, paving and concrete hand tools and applicators. Shown, bottom row, left to right, are Joyce Dudenhoeffer, Randy Wolfe and Lisa Grellner; middle row, Jennifer Wells, Jan Haviland, Patty Lind and Ali Andrews; and back row, Kevin Grellner, Ken Blucker, Joe Kusta and Eric Hagen.

Salt Depot Inc., is a manufacturer of snow and ice removal compounds designed for both consumer and commercial contractors. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Rob Passey and Andy Giannis.

Starco Chemical provides a complete line of powders and liquids used in warewashing, maintenance, housekeeping and laundry applications. It is a division of Diamond Chemical Co., Inc. Shown in the front row, left to right, are members of the Starco Chemical sales and executive team: Barbara Riehle, regional sales manager, Midwest region; Ashley Gilbert, customer relations; Harvey Wasserman, vice president of Sales; and, Martin Zaret, vice president. Shown, in the back row, left to right, are Tom Strnad, regional sales manager, Southeast region; Scott Koenings, regional sales manager, West region; Robert Dattoli, regional sales manager, Mid Atlantic region; Tony Lau, regional sales manager of new accounts/Asian market; and Harold Diamond, president.

Gator Cleaning Products, LLC, provides grout cleaning solutions including The Grout Gator. The item features movable brushes, placed to meet various tile widths, to clean more than one grout line at a time. The product’s beveled brushes are designed to deep clean the tightest of grout lines. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Robert Hill, Cary Hill and Jim Hill.

Maintenance Sales News


ABCO Products Corp. is a manufacturer and marketer of mops, brooms, handles and buckets. The company’s product lines are designed for the commercial cleaning market.

Fullriver Battery USA manufactures a complete line of sealed, maintenance free, deep cycle batteries for electric floor scrubbers and sweepers. The company is also the North American master distributor for Delta-Q Chargers. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Tyson Patterson, Austin Ornelas, Scott Bankson and Dan Dressel.

Zephyr Manufacturing Co., Inc., offers such cleaning products as wet mops, dust mops, brooms, brushes, dusters, handles and more. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Sean Pence, Bob Schneider and R.J. Lindstrom.

Berk Wiper International, LLC, specializes in nonwoven disposable wiping cloths that are sold primarily into the jan/san, medical, automotive, paint, general industrial and health care markets. Shown, left to right, are Ernest Kelly, national sales manager; Jeff Berk, president; Eileen Hupp, sales manager; Larry Berk, CEO; and Bob Lee, vice president of sales.

Transmacro Amenities provides the North American market with amenity lines including Beach Mist™, Dial® White Marble, Good Day™, Dial® Restore, and Pure & Natural®. Transmacro employees understand institutional and lodging distribution. The company has been serving distributors since 1996.

Sky Systems Co., Inc., provides bag-in-box hand soaps, speciality foam soaps, soap dispensers, high speed hand dryers, metered fragrances, aerosol dispensers and urinal deodorant screens. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Randy Su and Nico Huerta.


November/December 2014

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc., supplies all-purpose cleaners/degreasers, restroom sanitation chemicals, disinfectants, hand cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents, floor finishes, carpet cleaners and transportation chemicals. Products include Micro Drum super concentrates and Green Time Solutions. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Ken Jones, John Wiesner, Cindy Harris, Mike Purichia, Kevin Caswell and Harry Myers.

Soundview Paper Co., is a manufacturer of towel and tissue products for the at-home and away-from-home markets in North America. The company specializes in providing products and services centered around the recycled and virgin fiber segments. Shown in the first row, left to right, are John McLean, Maria Torres and Jim Rochford. Pictured in the second row, left to right, are Jeff Miller, Julian Walker, Gene Artz, Steve Ott and Steve Peters.

Morgro, Inc., is a producer of snow and ice melt products. This includes Ice Fighter Plus, Sno Plow, Deep-Thaw and Cal-Melt. Shown is company representative Rick Jensen.

Moerman Americas manufactures a complete line of window squeegees, window washing tools, floor squeegees and other cleaning tools for industrial, food service and household markets. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Marc Roels, Carlee Lesniak and Phil Verne.

EES, Inc., provides such products as urinal screens and blocks, toilet blocks, wall deodorizers, toss blocks and liquids, Bead Bag Air Fresheners and Spray-A-Jell Air Fresheners. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Ben Longley, Clay Woods, Linda Nix, Dan Ritter and Vivian Ritter.

Lambskin Specialties is the manufacturer of the original Dust Wand Lambswool Dusters, applicator pads, polishing bonnets and Window Pro strip washers. The company’s product lineup also includes feather, synthetic and microfiber dusters; squeegees; utility handles; chamois; microfiber cloths; complete floor systems; and high, low, wall and ceiling dusting products. Among those people shown are company sales representatives.

Maintenance Sales News


Spartan Chemical Co., Inc., has been a manufacturer of sustainable cleaning and sanitation products for the industrial and institutional markets since 1956. The company produces products from a state-of-the-art facility in Maumee, OH, and sells both domestically and internationally through distribution.

U.S. Battery Mfg., Co., specializes in deep cycle batteries for electric sweepers and floor scrubbers. This year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN allowed U.S. Battery to meet with, and provide support for, its national and global representatives within the cleaning industry. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Dan Grigsby, Brad Dwan, George Stratis, Dwayne Porter, William Glover, Paul Hatrick and Donald Wallace.

Lindhaus USA provides the RX HEPA two-motor commercial upright vacuum in 15-, 18- and 20-inch widths; the Dynamic two-motor commercial upright in 12-, 15-, and 18-inch widths; the CH Pro 14-inch commercial two-motor upright with three-way switch; and the Activa Pro 12inch single-motor commercial upright. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Michele Massaro, Al Carpenter and Cliff Brady.

Banner Stakes offers a reusable and portable barricade system that provides safety benefits. The company’s solutions reduce liability and risk, while allowing employees to stay in compliance and increase productivity. Shown, left to right, are Steven Weiner, president & CEO; and Wayne Fleshman, director of sales & customer service.

Spartan’s products and services are used in building service contractor, education, health care, foodservice and processing, lodging and hospitality, and industrial markets.

Seko Dosing Systems Corp., manufactures and markets chemical dosing equipment that is directed toward institutional and industrial segments. The company’s equipment provides solutions for warewashing, drain, odor control, laundry, janitorial and housekeeping applications. Welcoming visitors to the Seko booth in Orlando are, from left to right, company representatives Stefano Folio, Bill DeCristofano, Valarie Poliszczuk, Cristian Tesi, Francesco Fiorentino, Ed Thompson and Gabriel Flores.

Kissner Group is an ice melt and salt manufacturer, chemical distributor and plastic manufacturer. It supplies a wide range of high-quality products. The company was established over 130 years ago. Pictured are Lara O’Connor and Tim Orleman.


November/December 2014

Colgate Palmolive Co., Commercial Customer Group, provides dispensing equipment as well as cleaning products such as general multisurface cleaners, dishwashing liquids and hand soaps. The company is a manufacturer of global brands.

Perfect Products, Inc., supplies upright heavy-duty commercial 12 x 16 vacuums, backpacks, wet and dry canisters, mops, dust mops, wands, electric cords and various other janitorial items.

Bar Keepers Friend is a maker of name-brand powder and cream scouring cleansers. Now available in institutional sizes and NSF-reg. formulas for expanded sales and profit opportunities. Shown are, left to right, company representatives Paul SerVaas and Kevin Patterson.

Golden Star Inc. is a full line, vertically integrated manufacturer of professional surface cleaning tools, systems and accessories. Products include wet and dust mops, microfiber pads and cloths, dusters, bonnets, corn brooms, push brooms and hardware.

Dead Sea Works Ltd., c/o K+S supplies deicing and dust control products. This includes MAG速 pure magnesium chloride ice melter that is designed to be safer for people and pets. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Kyle Mazza and David Kugelmass.

Bro-Tex, Inc., is a third-generation, family-owned company founded in 1923, that offers nonwoven, paper and cloth wipers. Its line of wiping products includes DRC and the new Proknit hydroentangled nonwoven and foodservice wipes.

Maintenance Sales News


NPS Corp., is a manufacturer of such paper products as tissue, towels, napkins and wipers. The company offers custom cores, custom sheet sizes, embossing and private labeling. It’s a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Mike Graverson, Andy Hetzel III, Dan Coonan and Eric Bachhuber.

Midlab, Inc., provides Maxim, Nattura and private-branded cleaning products in liquids and powders. This includes all-purpose cleaners as well as laundry and specialty items. Custom-blended formulas and fullservice contract packaging, research and development are also offered.

Clorox Professional Products Co., offers a full line of established brands designed for the commercial industry. The company remains committed to understanding the ever-changing demands of the professional cleaning environment and developing product solutions.

Brightwell Dispensers, Inc., is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced dosing and dispensing systems. The company’s dispensers are designed for laundry, restrooms, housekeeping and warewashing. Shown, left to right, are Andy Lewis, vice president of sales; Suzanne Gardent, marketing manager; and Stephen Woolmer, CEO.

Anderson Chemical Co., is a fourth-generation, family-owned firm founded in 1911. Its DOSE by SURFLEX program offers innovative chemical management equipment and products for general housekeeping and cleaning applications.

Marathon Solutions, Inc., provides credit card processing services for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. The company offers wholesale rates and processing gateway solutions. Shown is Deb Bruns, vice president of business development.


November/December 2014

Chase Products Co., has been a leader in aerosol product development since 1948. Chase manufactures DfE propellant-free cleaning products as well as aerosol cleaning products, air fresheners, disinfectants and insecticides. Shown is Anthony Albazi, professional products division regional sales manager.

Expanded Technologies Corp., is the developer of such new products as the Slip-On® Floor Savers, Wrap Around™ Floor Savers, Slip Over® Floor Savers, Slide-All® furniture movers, felt protective pads, furniture glides, door stops and anti-fatigue logo mats.

Procyon provides cleaning products that are designed to be powerful and yet soap-free, odor-free, hypo-allergenic, and non-toxic with no VOCs and no offgassing. They are made with all natural ingredients.

Norshel Industries is a manufacturer and importer of mops, brooms, brushes and handles. The company is also a master wholesaler for janitorial needs. Shown, left to right, are company representatives Eric Leibowitz, Lisa Capobianco, Howard Durann and Aaron Leibowitz.

Shown, left to right, are company representatives Elsa Fields, Jesse Fields, Ivan Day, Robert Plaster and Jonathan Pearlstein.

SKM Industries, Inc., provides Grout-Aide, a grout and tile cover-up marker pen, as well as bottle style, for renewing grout. Designed for commercial and janitorial use, the product comes with various tips for easy application. Shown are company representatives Ernest Gazda Jr., and Shanta Syal.

Ëkcos Innovations continues to grow as a manufacturer of the ëkcoscreen™ antimicrobial and deodorizing urinal screen.

Maintenance Sales News


ITW Pro Brands is a manufacturer of SCRUBS® wipes, Spray Nine® disinfectants and degreasers, DYKEM® marking products, Dymon® products and Atlantic Mills® disposable foodservice wipers.

Wausau Paper offers a complete line of towel, tissue, wiper, soap and dispensing systems in specific brands. This includes a comprehensive offering of Green Seal-certified products.

The Gift Sales Co., provides such products as toilet bowl deodorants, wall and sewer blocks, bowl cleaners, fly swatters, urinal screens, moth crystals, carpet fresheners, dust pans, bowl mops and caddies, enzyme blocks and bags, and absorbents. Shown is company owner Bill Myers. Perform Manufacturing, Inc., is a Midwestern manufacturer that produces private label liquids and powders, focusing on specialty products. The company also custom blends. Shown, left to right, are company representatives J.R. Crane, Laura Crane, Cam Cravens and Stephanie Davidson.

Draco Hygienic Products, Inc., specializes in OEM manufacturing of towel, soap and air fresh dispensers for the away-from-home market. The company has established manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.

Star Brite, Inc., is a manufacturer of disinfectants, sanitizers, tuberculizide, virucide, fungicide, deodorizers and chlorine dioxide technology. Pictured are company representatives Sara Endorf and Derick Cote.


November/December 2014


SMALL PROFITABLE SPECIALTY CHEMICAL COMPANY AVAILABLE Web-based company can be operated anywhere. Line of proven and profitable chemical products. Includes formulations, product and sales training guides and a First-Class website. Option to self-manufacture or outsource. Owner retiring. Has strong, proven background in the industry and will provide support for an agreed period of time. To be discussed. FOR INFORMATION CALL OR E-MAIL

ĊĀĆćĈĊąĉāćđ2%2(+3!Į%(+1 ċ+)

MAINTENANCE SALES NEWS ADVERTISERS’ INDEX ...............................................5

Intercon Chemical/Clearly Better, LLC ...64

ACS Scrubble...........................................13

ITW Professional Brands .......................27

Americo ......................................................9 ..............................38

Bar Keepers Friend.................................20

Lambskin Specialties ........................40, 44

Bro-Tex, Inc..............................................38

Marathon Solutions, Inc.........................44

Bullen Companies, The.............................8

Midlab Incorporated...............................12

Charlotte Products ..................................28

Moerman Americas Inc. .........................47

Clean Control Corporation......................2

Mor-Value Parts Co. ...............................49

Colgate-Palmolive ...................................23

Ozone Experts..........................................22

Compass Minerals...................................17

R&B Wire.................................................35

CP Industries............................................63

RD Industries...........................................10

DDI System...............................................11

Rubbermaid .......................................29, 32

EES Industrial LLC................................25

SCA Tissue .................................................7

Expanded Technologies ..........................21

Sigma Plastics Group, The .....................44

Fuller Commercial Products

SKM Industries, Inc................................44

(Franklin Cleaning Technology)............39

Sky Systems Co., Inc. ..............................30

Fullriver Battery Mfg. Co. Ltd ..............19

SOFIDEL America....................................3

Gift Sales Company.................................47

Transmacro Amenities ............................45

Grout Gator .............................................46

U.S. Battery ..............................................31

Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc. ...................34

vonDrehle .................................................15

Harvard Chemical Research, Inc..........16

Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc. .........36

Haviland Corporation.............................14

Wausau Paper..........................................37

Infiniti Brands..........................................46

Xynyth ......................................................43

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Since 1982, Intercon has been a broadline manufacturer serving the institutional, janitorial, healthcare and specialty chemical industries. As an industry innovator, we produce the highest quality formulations for warewash, laundry, housekeeping, foodservice, janitorial, floorcare, restroom care, hand care, general cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection.

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