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BH Teves

3, 5774 / December 6 , 2013

Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District Candle-Lighting: 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 4:04 Shabbos Ends: produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program 5:08 Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY

This Newsletter is sponsored in honor of the engagement of

Naama Kellman to Nathan Green



On the 8th day of Chanukah, most classes presented a song, skit or presentation to fellow students and parents. It was a full house, nice to see that we’re really outgrowing the “back upstairs room”. The kids did a great job making their own costumes, memorizing their lines and putting themselves into it with bright and warm positive energy. It was so nice to see! See pictures on pages 3 and 4.

Mazal Tov to MHDS alumnus Efraim & Menucha Rubin on the birth and Bris of their WINNERS: Indeed, everyone is truly a winner newborn son, named Kasriel Sholom after for generously supporting Jewish education. Menucha’s paternal grandfather. Rabbi Rubin See full list of prize-package winners on page 3. pointed out that the baby’s Hebrew initials This year’s totals to benefit the school are close spell “Kosher!” The Bris was this past Tuesday to $14,000. The Split-the-Pot was our highest in Crown Heights. Much Nachas! ever, at $880 to the winner (Bev Shor), how appropriate for the 8th night of Chanukah! As CHANUKAH DAYS 5-8 AT MHDS Rabbi Rubin put it, “On the 8th night we are In addition to regular Jewish and General MAZAL TOV KELLMANS firing on all cylinders, the full array is lit, we’re Studies classes this week, being the second half On their daughter Naama’s (MHDS alumna) not waiting around for what is next!” engagement to Nathan Green. Much Nachas! of Chanukah (we were away on break MENORAH LIGHTING: Before the prize WELCOMING for the first half drawings, Rabbi Rubin invited 8 people (see with Thanksgiving) GUESTS page 2) including board members, MHDS it’s been a fun few Chaim is visiting this area alumni and community friends to come up days of hands-on from Israel for medical and each light a candle in the Menorah seen all learning with treatment, Kindergartners -lit above, led by Ephy & Nurit Carmel. Mr. various classes welcomed him right into Carmel shared a very heart-warming and baking Chanukah their classroom & hearts. inspiring Chanukah story from his experiences cookies (Mendel in Nursery pictured holding This embrace was natural in the Yom-Kippur War (see page 2). his bag of Chanukah sprinkles cookies), from(actually not the focus of GREEK CHANUKAH DINNER: The dairy scratch Latkes, and even doughnuts, too, from photo it was cropped tasty batter to sprinkled confectionary sugar! Greek food was especially delicious. Shmuel from). Refuah Shlayma! Kochman put out a feast, and made the rich, thick Greek yogurt (for the Tzatziki salad MAIMONIDES dressing/dip) from scratch at Nathan’s 404 Partridge Street Kitchen. The Spanakopita with feta & spinach Albany NY 12208 in phyllo dough was delectable and a big hit. Plus there were other traditional Greek foods, like rolled grilled eggplant with feta and tomato sauce, tasty Fassolatha soup & more! KIDS PROGRAM: Special thanks to the Bnos Chaya HS girls for running a half-hour entertaining and educational Chanukah trivia game for kids with surprising wrapped minipresents (see page 2) and also for help with selling the last-minute tickets.

LAST NIGHT OF CHANUKAH 5774, HONORED TO KINDLE THE 8 LIGHTS AT MAIMONIDES AUCTION Ephy Carmel (who in addition to an engineer and warrior is also a Chazzan) led the blessings and kindled a candle, followed by his wife Nurit (a longtime Hebrew teacher and also active at Beth Tephilah), MHDS alumni Daniel Seda (now at Albany High, always happy to come back and visit), Simmy Morrison (now in at Yeshiva in Miami), and Janessa Ilfeld (formely Belsky, of this area, also a MHDS alumna, now living in Elad, Israel), followed by Rabbi Moshe Mirsky (of Beth Israel, also on MHDS board, and Maxine Morgenbesser (School President, and parent of 4 proud MHDS alumni).

THE GREEK DAIRY FEAST A CHANUKAH STORY FROM ISRAEL’S YOM-KIPPUR WAR Have you seen Ephy Carmels’ serialized story in “The Jewish World” newspaper about his experiences in the Yom-Kippur War? Featured in commemoration of 40 years since 1973, it’s certainly worth a read. After lighting the Menorah he shared with us one short story, especially appropriate as we remember the valiant Maccabees fighting against the odds, as he recalled the Israelis were, especially at the start of that war. He was commander of a unit that was stationed near “Kilometer 101” near Egypt. After weeks of fierce fighting and losses, they were still in ambush mode at Chanukah time, keeping Egyptian forces from reaching their trapped Third Army. Morale was low, the war was dragging on, no agreement was yet reached, when Chabadniks reached their unit (on the front!) with Chanukah treats, an uplifting message from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and 2 coins that he sent for each soldier. Ephy got emotional recalling that experience, and the spirited feeling they got, even though most of the soldiers were not at all religious. They lit a unique Menorah… see this week’s “Jewish World” for how that Menorah was fired upon and how amazed they were to return & see…

Thanks to R’ Shmuel and the Kochman crew for going all out to make this Chanukah dinner unique and special. In addition to the buffet each table was set up with salad, stuffed grape-leaves, the made-from-scratch Tzatziki dressing/dip, Pita, Chumus and Feta. Far-Right is the Spanakopita (etc..) on the buffet (phyllo dough, spinach, w/ feta) and above right are hundreds of sugar -glazed chocolate doughnut holes from Mt Pleasant Bakery (Schenectady) for dessert.

KIDS TRIVIA GAME HS Girls led a Chanukah trivia game for a half-hour (6-6:30pm) and these kids are happy to display some of their prizes!

RAFFLE-AUCTION WINNERS Everyone is a winner for supporting education!

29 PRIZE PACKAGES! Pictured above is some of the display, and kids taking a closer look at that Lego Package (new for this year). On left Rabbi Rubin introduces the formal part of the evening with the Menorah Lighting, Ephy Carmel’s story and the Drawings, emceed by Rabbi Mendel.

On Thursday, the 8th day of Chanukah, the spirit continued! Most of that morning was skits, songs and presentations by various classes, with the whole school and families in attendance. Some grades also went later to sing at Daughters of Sara, pictures of that in next week’s MC.

A) LAPTOP Beth & Lewis Gray B) UR COVERED (WIG) Kudan Family C) DIAMOND DAZZLE Maxine Morgenbesser D) iPOD5, JEM+OtterBox Salo & Johanna Steper E) HOME IMPROV Josh & Rebekah Wildman F) DRESS-UP Yisrael Frenkel G) SHABBOS PACKAGE Vicky O’Brien H) GOLF Vicky O’Brien I) SLEEP Menachem & Faige Andrusier J) MITZVAH Ben Zaientz K) PHOTO SHOOT Wildman Family L) TABLET PLUS Jay Portnoy M) HOUSEWARES Larry Teitelman N) STAMP & STEP IT UP Kaufman Family O) WOOD TOYS Gray Family P) BED & BATH Vicky O’Brien Q) RELAX Soochie Kievman R) OUT & ABOUT Vicky O’Brien S) GAMES GALORE Debbie & Sid Stark T) SARATOGA GETAWAY Kaufman Family U) SUPER CLEAN Sharona & Avremi Backman V) BREAKFAST Shayna & Ruvain Kudan W) LOVE LEGOS Rubin Kids (Saratoga-Albany) X) CAMERA Ted & Sussanah Levin Y) HEALTHY TREAT Vicky O’Brien Z $5 / FIND UR WAY Lawrence Teitelman ?) MYSTERY #1: $150 Grocery gift-card & $100 at Debbie & Sid Stark ?) MYSTERY #2: Case of Wine from University Wine & Liquor & 200 “Raw Revolution” Bars Michael & Diana Fenton SPLIT-THE-POT record $880 (for the 8th night of Chanukah!) Bev Shor


2 NURSERY: This picture may not have the whole class in it, but it sure captures their lively spirit, marching forth with their “fiery” torches to vanquish darkness like the Maccabees! KINDERGARTERS: They made these Dreidel costumes and wore them to sing at Daughters of Sara, too. Not all kids pictured, but they are eager to go on stage and perform! They actually spun in these at certain parts of the song…



5 GRADES 3&4: This Chanukah Play was “live reporting from the scene” by anchors and reporters of the Maccabees’ win against the mighty Syrian Greek army. They knew their lines and said them so well!

at Maimonides and in the Community 12/7: RUBIN YARTZEIT KIDDUSH Full-spread Kiddush Shabbos at Shomray Torah by Dr. Yehoshua and Chaya Bracha Rubin for the yartzeit of his father Shaul ben Moshe.

12/12: PAT FAHY AT MAIMONIDES See mini-flyer on page 2. “OU Advocacy” invites parents, friends & community to “Schools in Session” with our newly elected NYS Assembly representative Pat Fahy, 9am at Maimonides to discuss and advocate for State support and better understanding of our educational needs.

12/13: TENTH OF TEVET FAST This unusual set-up has the fast-day on Friday, extra prayers in the Shachris service, special early Mincha (3:45pm at Shomay Torah) with Torah Reading & Haftorah, and the fast ends with Kiddush on Friday Night.

12/13-14: ACAPPELA AT CBAJ CBAJ is hosting Y-Studs accapella group from YU for Shabbos. Friday Night dinner & concert is $15 adults, $10 kids, $50 family. ACappella davening on Shabbos Day. Register online by December 8th.

12/14: HS PIZZA NITE II The first Pizza Nite was a major success, thanks to all for ordering and coming out. Save the date for the second Pizza nite, Sat Night Dec 14th.

12/16: WOMENS BET MIDRASH This month’s topic is the “Tenth of Tevet” and fastdays. The discussion will be led by Raizy Rubin, Monday night, 8pm at Maimonides.


needs. Maimonides Parents are asked to please volunteer for oneshift as this supports our school!


FIRST GRADE: 9 Kids makes a great Menorah! They sang songs, and told the Chanukah story in Hebrew and English poetry and rhyme.

1/11: Chabad 40th Year Melava Malka @ SH (they’re looking for people to share 30 second to 1 minute video clips of what Chabad locally means to them, or a specific memory of an event, teaching, experience etc). 2/9: Annual Womens Spa for Body & Soul (Committee now underway, contact Clara Simon, DL or Leyee Rubin if you would like to be involved). 5/28: Annual MHDS Scholarship Tribute Dinner

GRADES 4/5 NAVI PLAY: Morah Clara’s students wrote their own script, made their own costumes and painted their own scenery of the story of Ehud and King Eglon in the Book of Shoftim. On right Ehud shares his plan with his fellow Jews, while King Eglon of Moab is in his courtroom on left.

GEMORAH POWERPOINTS: Rabbi Shmuly’s 4-6th grade Mishna and Gemorah students each prepared powerpoint slides on the entire Gemorah Shabbos they learned about Chanukah. Rabbi Shmuly selected a slide or two from each student to display and share with the school. Everyone learned something and some of the icons/images were quite clever and funny.

Find out more or call Nechama Laber 833-0704.

12/23-1/1/2014: MHDS DEC & NEW YEARS SCHEDULE Mon 12/23 thru Wed 12/25: Half-Day Hebrew Only 8-11:30am. HS Girls are offering to host (for small charge TBD) an after-school (until 1:30pm) activity day. Stay tuned for details, be in touch if interested. Thurs 12/26 thru Mon 12/30: No School Tues 12/31 & Wed 1/1: Half-Day Hebrew Only Please note that there will be educational activities & experiences planned for some of these half-days.

1/26: JFED’S SUPERSUNDAY This annual phone-a-thon raises funds for the Federation’s allocations to local beneficiaries (including Maimonides) as well as overseas Jewish

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL & COMMUNITY (Nursery / Elementary / High School) 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

RHYMING RAP: 8th graders did a short skit and a their own lively rhyming rap with fast and fun lyrics about Chanukah.

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