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BH. Sivan

15, 5774 / June 6/13 (!), 2014

Candle-Lighting: Community Newsletter of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capital District 8:16 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Shabbos Ends: produced by Rabbi Mendel & students in the TNT (Torah ‘n Technology) Program 9:27 Maimonides is accredited by the NYS Board of Regents & is a beneficiary of UJF-NENY

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Shirley Kanofsky Shaina Leah bas Dovber & Gittel May her memory be a blessing By her Family & Friends DON BELL’S MONEY$AVERS SCHOOL PICTURES DAY On Monday before Shavuot, Michoel Caras of CarasmaticDesign came to school to take individual, class and school photos (see above). The deadline for digital files ($10, or $50 max per family) is this Monday. All photo orders include class photos and school photo. While not everyone is pictured, its been a long time since we took professional school pictures.

MAZAL TOV BACKMANS The Bris and Pidyon HaBen were held for Shmuel, the newborn son of MHDS alumnus Yaakov and Chana Backman. Mazal Tov to Zeide & Bubbe Backman & the whole family!

MAZAL TOV GOLDSTEINS Formerly of Albany, then Monsey, now Cleveland on the engagement of Bassy to Chaim Rosenstein of Oak Park, Michigan. Bassy’s mother, Morah Rivka Goldstein was a dynamic teacher at Maimonides in the 1980’s.

MAZAL TOV SCHREIBERS Pinchas & Yehudis Schreibers are formerly of Saratoga and Albany (Shabbos House) and now live in Hartford CT. Their daughter Chanie is engaged to Mendel Abraham of Johanesburg, South Africa. Mazal Tov!

THANKS AGAIN FOR DINNER Thanks to the honorees, participants, volunteers, Journal sponsors for making this year’s dinner a success. The funds raised help close some of the significant gap between tuition and operating budget, as we near the end of the school year. Jewish day-schools of even larger size in major metro areas rely on community support in addition to tuition, how much more so for our small school!

Don Bell of RPI came to school to speak to Mrs. Shirley “Shaina Leah bas Dovber” Kanofsky middle & HS about his financial tips. He was a sweet, sincere & genuine Jewish woman designed games, wrote a book & worked with a Troy illustrator on cartoons to teach teens and pillar of Yiddishkeit in Glens Falls. She financial literacy. He spoke to our students passed away this week after a valiant battle about the difference between needs and wants, against cancer and the talked about smart spending, he also told them funeral was on Thursday. how much of what is most valuable in life She was a close friend of doesn’t (directly) cost any (or much) money Rabbi & Mrs. Rubin for many years, who called her and in that spirit see inside this and next MC Newsletter about amazing recent school trips “an inspired and inspiring and attitude on Madison Ave and in Thatcher person.” Condolences to Park, that didn’t cost much financially but her beloved husband Sid and family. This picture was were valuable, memorable and enjoyable experiences for both students & teachers! taken of Mrs. Kanofsky at the Maimonides Dinner in 2006 for “Rashi 900” when she was RABBI RUBIN ON PAGE 524 honored among the Educator Awardees. Her grandson Dr. Avi Shabbat (now in Houston) is There’s a lot of buzz about the new biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe by Rabbi arranging to divide up Mishna in her memory. Joseph Telushkin. Rabbi Rubin will lead a discussion on the book and 8TH GRADE TRIP TO BOSTON the Rebbe at the Barnes & Nobles Mr. Shmuel Kochman chaperoned our 8th in Colonie Center on July 9th. graders on an exciting trip to Springfield and Turns out that Rabbi Rubin’s novel Boston MA earlier this week. They had a interpretation of Rabbi Yosi ben Kisma “A wonderful time. Hopefully to have report and Rabbi Against Outreach?” in Pirkei Avot is photos for next week’s MC newsletter. quoted in this book on page 524.


MAIMONIDES 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208

5 BUTTERFLIES RELEASED Mrs. Hoffman’s enthusiastic Kindergarteners have been monitoring the progress and transformation, and this week joyfully released five butterflies into the school’s front yard. In the ONE HOUR, EACH THURSDAY process they learned a lot about patience, These boys stayed after school for an hour observation, and how metamorphosis works. each Thursday afternoon to study a little extra with Rabbi Shimon Andrusier. They met almost every Thursday without fail, and after a 13 SUGYOS & 20 BLATT year’s time completed “V’yadayta Moskveh” We are proud of our older students’ Talmud accomplishments this year! 7th grade Talmud on the power of parable, growth in learning & understanding over time and with effort, and (aka Gemorah) learned 13 Sugyot (themes, the many layers of concealment in creation sections) in tractate Sukkah, and 8-9 grade that we can peel away at and gain deeper Talmud learned 20 insight and spiritual appreciation. They took pages completing the first chapter of tractate this photo after their last session this Thurs. Shabbos. The students have a good grasp of the Talmud they learned, they were enthusiastically invested, and have acquired many skills throughout the year. Rabbi Rubin and 8-9 Talmud class will make a Siyum on that first chapter at the school’s year-end BBQ this coming Wednesday afternoon. MINERALS IN EVERYDAY USE

NINE PARSHAS WITH RASHI Rabbi Simon’s 7th grade Chumash class covered nine (9!) Torah portions this year, from Bo to Pekudei, learning nearly all the Rashi commentary as well (some of which is quite detailed and extensive, like in Beshalach & Mishpatim). They were focused, diligent and determined to finish the whole Book of Shmot/Exodus, and they did!

MANY HS YEAR-END PROJECTS As we near year-end, the HS Girls worked on several projects vividly expressing some of the subjects they learned in the last quarter (perhaps we will feature pictures of a selection of their fine works in next MC Newsletter):  They read and discussed Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust memoir “Night” with Mrs. Gray and in addition to writing journals after each chapter, each created a 3-D project using key lines and quotes from the book.  For Morah Nechama Laber’s Sichot class, they did projects on the many paradoxes they learned this year, and the balance and reconciliation between extremes or (seemingly) opposing themes like body vs. soul, humility vs. arrogance, individual vs. community and harmony in relationships.  For Navi with Morah Dini, they each chose a historical Jewish monarch or period from Melachim (Kings) II, and depicted it in 3-D, cartoon or display or manuscript form.

Mrs. Sahay’s science students looked into mineral components of everyday materials, like vacuum cleaners, camera-bodies, lipstick, paint, coins and more to see what minerals are used, and what properties those minerals have that make them desirable for those products and specific product components. The mineral’s durability, conductivity, weight, flexibility, appearance, heating level and of course cost are among the many factors considered. It was also interesting to realize how much man-made material is actually made using natural resources.


6th/7th grade made their own yearbook this year, complete with photos, memories, pages like quotable quotes, in 10 years, what font says you best, & more. They put coordinated effort into it, and were proud of their work!

Last Friday we had a Middos Fair at school, where grades presented projects on specific areas of good character traits, including the 3 class projects shown above: (Top) Go beyond the Letter of the Law, go the extra mile. Grades 2&3 documented what they worked on in class and at home to do extra Mitzvot beyond the norm & expected. (Middle) Judge Every Person Favorably. Grade 6/7 prepared a nice video on this subject, interviewing students and faculty about how they would react to specific life situations. The middle poster above depicts some of that video’s messages in text as well. (Bottom) “What’s Mine is Yours, and What’s Yours is Yours” happily doing things for others without selfish motivation. Morah Dini posted good deeds her students did for others (cleaning up someone else’s mess, giving up a seat, sharing a pencil) on little hearts.




If you shop on Amazon by this Sunday, Fathers Day, June 15th, use this link http:// Maimonides gets $5 just because you started at this link. It’s easy!

Parents! Please check page 4 for updated yearend information at school, including the BBQ (time and suggestion donation), Moving-Up Day (and parent volunteer presentations) etc.

THE DALLAS COWBOYS 7th graders were learning the Parsha this week, about the giant grapes the spies brought back to frighten the Jews about the giants in the land, so Rabbi Simon shared with them his sisters’ reaction to the time the Dallas Cowboys Football team stayed at her hotel, and how much food they consumed in one sitting, it was actually a little frightening!

THE BREAKFAST BOOKLET Mrs. Maher’s students are doing a fun booklet about the benefits and importance of good breakfast eating each day.

WHERE M.H.D.S. MIGHT HAVE BEEN ON MORRIS STREET: Now part of the College of St. Rose Complex, this building (or the one that was adjacent to it - now a parking lot) was considered for our school for a short time before we moved to Ohav.

STAGE DOOR, ACTORS ONLY... Behind the Theater.

THE SHIMSHON TAPE Morah Clara’s 4/5 grade Navi students listened to a dramatic audio-story tape about the life of Shimshon (Samson) which they learned about in the text. It was interesting to hear it told as a story.

THE ALEPH-BET PARTY Morah Dini’s Kindergarten celebrated an AlefBeis Party in their classroom as they complete a year of familiarity and enthusiasm for the letters and begin reading short words.

PICOTTE RECITAL HALL AT THE MASSRY CTR FOR ARTS The building was closed since students were on break, but the officer on duty opened the classy recital hall for us, we’re pictured here on stage, we tested the phenomenal acoustics, saw the rich wood paneling and quickly guesstimated the number of seats in this recital hall.

THE OLD PUBLIC LIBRARY Rabbi Mendel remembered when 1000 Madison Ave was the Pine Hills Public Library (with a heavy oak door, creaky steps, and cozy nooks & crannies to cuddle up with a book) but its now the College’s Presidents Office and Admin Building, and some of the people there had no idea it was formerly the Library!

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR-HOOD Students enthusiastically distributed close to 70 “Love Thy Neighborhood” mini-flyers to people on the street, almost everyone was very receptive and friendly! THE REFRESHED MURAL ON THE WALL OF CVS AT THE CORNER OF SOUTH MAIN AVE Rabbi Mendel remembers riding his bike to CVS as they painted the original mural in 1977, recently refreshed in 2013. Most stores depicted are no longer in existence. Students wondered what they might find and use in a stationary store like “Clapp’s”. Actually that’s where Esty Cohen (obm) purchased her journals for her diaries.

TIERA FARMS - ORGANIC NUTS & COFFEE Most products bear an Earth-K (Rabbi Z. Blech) and Pareve, we enjoyed heavenly cashews, sweet dried mulberries and pistachios. We bought some and sampled some, too. We also watched cold-brew coffee slowly do its descent, the device we watched takes 20 hours!

AT NATALIE’S TAILOR SHOP After buying nosh at Price Chopper, we stopped in to Natalie’s Tailor Shop on West Lawrence. Some students even had clothing there waiting to be hemmed or altered!

ADDITIONAL STOPS & TIDBITS…  We took a photo at the marker where the first passenger railroad began in the United States, between Albany and Schenectady!  We learned that James Madison was the first president to wear full-length pants!  We had a snack and said Pesukim of Torah in Ridgefield Park, where Motti often has holiday rallies.  Community Gardens at Ridgefield Park.  Heard a Chassidic story about a Theater under the matinee at Madison Theater.  We took pictures at the Castle-like (still under construction) Steamer 10 Theater, that was once a firehouse.  At Price Chopper we bought chips and drinks and ate on the lawn of the Steamer 10 Theater near the concrete Turtles.  We pointed out different types of home architecture, historical features etc. we had a map booklet made by Rabbi Mendel with local trivia and information.

at Maimonides and in the Community 6/14: WOMENS SHABBOS SHIUR 4:45pm this Shabbos afternoon given by Sarah Hirsch at her home 16D Weis Road.

presented by 8-9 grade Talmud class. BBQ at 4pm. Parents should be with kids at 3:30 dismissal. Suggested $20 per family to cover costs.


This year marks 20 years since the Rebbe’s passing, on the 3rd of Tammuz, this year on July 1st. Look for communal event Thursday evening 7/3 at the 6/18: DAVID NESSENOFF SPEAKS Spectrum Theater on Delaware Ave. Doors open 6/15: DAF YOMI SIYUM BREAKFAST 7pm at the Normanside, 150 Salisbury Road in 6:30pm, program begins at 7pm. $7 tickets at door, This Sunday after Shachris at Shomray Torah. Delmar, $12 advance, $18 after June 15th. David, a for advance tickets & family rates call 522-1872 or 6/15: THE TREE SONG IN THE DAF blogger, filmmaker, songwriter and whistle-blower email is best known for exposing Helen Thomas, and he Many are familiar with the “O’ Tree, how shall I speaks on media bias, cyber-hatred and the hand of 7/9: TELUSHKIN’S “REBBE” BOOK bless you?” in Hebrew, and its from the Daf Yomi G-d. Call 866-7658 to RSVP or for info. David us is REVIEW AT BARNES AND NOBLES (Taanit 5) studied this Sunday, plus this tractate is known to be a very engaging and entertaining filled with stories, inspiration, legends. Even if you 7:30pm at Colonie Center Barnes and Nobles, speaker with an important message. Presented by can’t join for all the time, stop by when you can for discussion led by Rabbi Israel Rubin. Bethlehem Chabad with Capital Chabad. some memorable inspirational Talmud Aggadah segments, each understood and appreciated on its 7/7-8/8: CAMP GAN ISRAEL DATES own without having to understand the whole piece. 6/19: MOVING UP DAY - LAST DAY The Gan Israel Day Camp (held at Maimonides) Moving-Up Day will be 9am on Thursday and will run from July 7th to August 8th this year. For school ends (with dismissal) when that program more information or to register please contact Mrs. 6/15: JEWISH TROY IN 1910 does, usually around 10:30 or 11 that morning. A Rivka Kochman: Beth Tephila in Troy is hosting another throwback few classes will present, certificates will be historical experience, this time back to Jewish Troy presented to students and recognition will be made in 1910 (when the current Troy Shul River Street 7/12: ANOTHER DAF-YOMI SIYUM of parent volunteers who helped this year at school. building was built). A theatre in the round will be The current tractates in the Daf-Yomi study cycle presented of an interview with a Jewish lady of the tend to be smaller (and more filled with Aggadah), 6/22: SCOUTS RECOGNITION 1910s. See collections of coins, stamps, campaign so the Siyum completion celebrations (this time on Twin Rivers Council Jewish Committee on buttons, tokens, coasters & postcards as well as tractate Taanis) are more frequent. The new Scouting Awards Breakfast, 10am at Federation’s ritual items. Ages 12 & up only. $5pp includes tractate will be Megillah - all about Purim! luncheon. For more info: Elisheva (518) 894-3491. Golub Center, $8pp or $30 max per family, includes Shofar Awards to adults, Pack 18 Move-up 7/13: G.E. KIDS DAY AT E.S.P. Ceremony, Webelos II Crossover, Troop 33 Court 6/15: FATHER’S DAY BASEBALL Again on Sunday, Noon-5pm at the Empire State of Honor and recognition of all Jewish Religious 5pm game against Connecticut at the Valley Cats Plaza with bounce-rides, crafts, animals, stiltEmblem earners for the past 3 years. in Joe Bruno Stadium at HVCC. Tickets are walkers, unicyclists, music & more. Free admission. reasonable and the stadium is designed so that 6/22: NEXT GEN JEWISH AMERICA wherever you sit you feel close to the action. 7/24: DR LAZ AT SAA-JCC LUNCH Federation Joint Society & NextDor present Barry David Lazerson, PhD, Educator, Musician, Peace Shrage president of Boston’s Jewish Federation 6/15: FATHER’S DAY CONCERT activist, author of “Skullcaps & Switchblades: (CJP) since 1987. He will speak on “What will at “Jennings Landing” (recently renamed Riverfront Survival Stories of an Orthodox Jew in the Inner American Jewry Look Like in 20 Years?” He’s not a Park downtown Albany). Concert 7pm by USO City” will speak at the Albany JCC’s Lunch and prophet but may have some perspective. 7:15pm at Show Troupe and 94th Army Band (concert’s Learn. Contact JCC for cost & other info. Temple Israel, $25pp, $10 under 40. 250 seats. Call appropriateness varies by family, of course) program Federation 783-7800 for more info. ends with fireworks at 9pm. This year observant MHDS END OF YEAR DATES Jews will miss annual July 4th fireworks which will 6/13: Last Day of HS Classes, Regents Prep be on Friday Night. Look up parking information. 6/26: THE JEWS OF ZAKYNTHOS 6/17: 8th Grade and HS Graduation Night Have you heard of it? It’s a small Greek island 6/18: After-School BBQ 6/17: MAIMONIDES GRADUATION where Jews lived from the mid-15th century until 6/19: Last Day of School, Moving Up Day 1953. JCC’s Live & Learn Lunch program presents Join us as we take pride in graduating our 8th grade 6/23: Maimonides Staff Day Mimica Tsezana-Hyman to share her family’s stories & 12th grade students. 6:45pm at Maimonides. during Nazi occupation and a documentary titled The featured speaker, in addition to short speeches “The Song of Life.” $14pp includes lunch (nonby each of our graduating students, is Mrs. Amanda NOT ENOUGH ROOM… members). Call JCC for more information. Toll, a thoughtful woman who taught our HS SEE NEXT “MC” FOR: students yoga & relaxation and spent meaningful 7/2: COMMUNAL SHEVA BRACHOS  Amazing Trip & Wonderful Time at times with them. Community is welcome! Wednesday evening at Shabbos House (please park Year-End Field Day at Thatcher Park 6/18: END-OF-YEAR BBQ AT MHDS at Dutch Quad Gold Student Lot) celebrating the  Lessons from Thatcher Park Nature (by then recent) marriage of Simmy Rubin & After-school afternoon BBQ for school families and  Beautiful Letter from an MC Reader Chaya Tilson. anyone in the community who’d like to join.  More Learning Milestones Talmud Siyum (first chapter of tractate Shabbos)

MAIMONIDES SCHOOL & COMMUNITY (Nursery / Elementary / High School) 404 Partridge Street Albany NY 12208 (518) 453-9363/3434 Founded in 1980, Maimonides is chartered by the NYS Board of Regents and is a JF-NENY Beneficiary “A Beautiful Blend: Torah & Worldly Experience!”

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