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By Gerald Rillstone



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Community and helping others are a driving force for 93 year old Karori resident Garth England who has been delivering for Meals on Wheels for almost 30 years. Still fully independent and able to drive Garth is a quietly determined man who will carry on as long as he can serving the community. After three decades of delivering for Meals on Wheels he still feels there is a bit of mileage in him yet. Garth was a familiar face for the nation back in the 80’s as the weather man on TV 2 and has lived in the same house in Karori for 41 years. Continued on page 2. Garth England still dedicated to helping with Meals on Wheels in Karori at 93 years old. Photo Gerald Rillstone.

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Thursday October 14, 2021

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Garth still going strong at 93 Continued from page 1. During his long career in the Meteorological Service he spent 11 years in Fiji and 16 years in Auckland before eventually settling in Karori. “I was the first one from the Met Service to go on to television. That was way back in 1981 to 1986. We did it for five years and then Jim Hickey and Penelope replaced us,” Garth says. He had had no training prior to going on television and found it a bit worrying to start with. “When we were in Auckland on TV they gave us two minutes initially and then whittled it down to 90 seconds to present the weather for the whole country so it was very frustrating.” Garth and his wife Angela, who passed away in 2016, had three children and since living in Karori has been involved with the Karori Lions club and is now an honorary member. He also dedicates a lot of his time to Karori’s Saint Mary’s Anglican Church and was the Bishop’s Medal of service through the church 2020 for a wide range of activities, as a member of the choir, to delivering food, to cleaning the church before Christmas and Easter

Garth England remains committed to doing his bit for his community at 93-years-old and enjoys every second of it.

services. He also received one of the top Lions Club awards, the Melvin Jones Fellow award for dedication to humanitarian services. “Giving of course is not everything. We must care too and as an emergency driver for meals on wheels I noticed how impor-

He taonga, he mokopuna It’s all about the kids

Family Works RESOLUTION SERVICE Relationship breakdowns, family separation or divorce is one       Parents or guardians may disagree on things such as day-to-day care, the children’s cultural upbringing and contact arrangements. Family Works’ Resolution Service can help you reach agreement on parenting arrangements, without needing to go to the Family Court. It’s less stressful for everyone, especially the kids.


To learn more call us on

0800 RESOLVE (0800 737 6583) or visit:

tant for some lonely recipients that the daily contact with those delivering their midday meal is and how they appreciated the chat,” Garth says. One of his favourite quotes and one that guides him, Garth says, is from Stephen Grellet 1773–1855.

“I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow-creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Its COVID vaccine crunch-time. I recently hosted meeting which included Getting back ato normal and not local property developers and having to constantly be looking over representatives from the City and Regional our shoulders for theforvirus means Councils. The background the meeting was the us need ensure all people in getting alltovaccinated, endinvolved of story. providing more housing in our electorate, This weekend is Super Saturday whether it be those building them or those where all the focus goes on getting regulating and permitting that building, the population vaccinated over understand the issues which govern the the 90% mark at the least, theeveryone lowest number ability to build houses agrees we wecan need.realistically be at to feel like we can reopen without the fear our There are essentially of health system will two be types overwhelmed. development; greenfields and brownfields. This week I spoke with all of the Greenfields means building on currently Medical andland, Vaccination Centres undeveloped typically ex farmland on in the to understand the best theelectorate edges of current urban areas, where infrastructure sewers,vaccinated. water supply andAll options for like getting other essential services exist are their Medical Centres are don’t vaccinating usually built by the developer. own patients and will arrange a time if Brownfields you call. There are two Vaccinating development means rebuilding Centres insites, the and Johnsonville Mall and on existing there has been considerable in recent times one at the discussion Khandallah Presbyterian around how should be Church in much theintensification Khandallah Shops allowed in existing suburbs, especially who will take walk-ins, but would changing of height limits to allow for more prefer you book a time through the apartments. ‘Book my Vaccine’ website, or ring Both have their advantages andwill be able 0800282926 where you the Regional Council in are todisadvantages; choose a time and venue. They particular see their role to prevent more open every day. Newlands Medical Centre can take walk-ins, depending

on demand, and other Medical runoff and other ending up in our Centres like material Wadestown and Ngaio harbours, especially the Porirua harbour in will fit in people who call ahead. For the case of development north of those in Tawa, there will a walk in Johnsonville and Newlands. Thebe Wellington City Council are concerned that the existing centre at the Linden Surgery in Hinau infrastructure cannot handle the pressure it Street on Saturday. comes under when new housing areas are If you read this and think it doesn’t developed. Existing infrastructure is aging apply to you because you and and needs upgrading across our city, as your family are double-vaxed, can I ask evidenced by recent pipe failures. An you to take on a task of finding advantage of intensification of existing areas meanspeople more people, more or know two whotherefore you know ratepayers to paynot for those upgrades. for any of, who are vaccinated reason and pass this information Developers of course need to make a profit, on to them. What seemscosts to ashelp and wish to keep their compliance to people is the pointing low persuade as possible. Many believe Resourceout Management Acttravel, is too cumbersome. We as there will be employment, and government for our part have undertaken to entertainment restrictions in future rewrite that act. for those who can’t prove they are The feedback was good, but the success will vaccinated. Atsufficient the moment be when there are affordable there are notoconsequences, thanmy the houses meet demand. Thatother is certainly goal as your MP. increased risk of becoming seriously affected by the virus of course, That, and of course having a vibrant and but that will change. For accurate functioning Johnsonville Shopping Centre we information can all be proudof of. all COVID vaccination related issues, go to the Covid19. website. There’s plenty to be getting on with. This is a job for the team of five million, of which we are all members. Thank you for your help.

Thursday October 14, 2021

Great Kereru Count only the start of bigger things While the decade-long Great Kereru Count may have come to an end, Predator Free Karori’s Kate Fitzgerald knows it will continue to have an impact for years to come. “One of the major impacts of this citizen science project has been getting the understanding and knowledge out there to New Zealanders how crucial this beautiful big bird is to our native forests. “They are the only bird species left in New Zealand that can disperse the large seeds of native trees such as karaka, miro, tawa and taraire. “Without them it would have a disastrous impact on the regeneration of our native forests and of course how tragic for us as a country to lose these precious taonga of the skies.” Kate says The Great Kereru Count has clearly increased numbers of the bird over the years. “I started doing the Great Kereru Count (GKC) in 2016 and got a grand total of three over a 10 days period. “Fast forward to 2021 and I only managed to get one dedicated GKC walk around Karori during the GKC and I counted 70

kereru over 70 minutes. “This just shows how the results of backyard trapping groups, reserve trapping groups, Zealandia and Predator Free Wellington combining is having a huge impact, eliminating the threat of the kereru predators.” Kate says the importance of increasing the number of birds is getting through to North Wellingtonians. “Yes, there is so much positivity and excitement that we see/hear from our community about the return of our native birds. “You only have to look at social media posts about karearea’s feasting on rock pigeons down on Lambton Quay, and the excitement that generates with the Wellington community of a natural predator returning to our urban areas. “Trapping communities in North Wellington are starting to see results and there is no doubt that as native trees get planted, trapping is widespread. “Our native birds will move up these corridors from our suburbs and populate new areas. She says her efforts will continue with gusto. “We keep asking ourselves if


inbrief news Free entry to Te Papa exhibition Wellington City residents are eligible for free entry into the Surrealist Art exhibition at Te Papa on October 18 and 19. Tickets are available on Ticketek. For more information visit the Wellington City Council’s Our Wellington website.

Wrights Hill Fortress Open Day cancelled

Predator Free Karori’s Kate Fitzgerald says the Great Kereru Count has been a huge success over the past decade and she hoped it was only the beginning of better things.

there continues to be momentum within our own community, as a contributor to Predator Free Wellington. “So, (partner) Jamie and I will likely continue our own counting of kereru in the years to come, even if only for our own inspiration.

“We’d also get in behind other species-specific initiatives. “For example, tracking-tunnels and we’ve also started making a few weta hotels (from money raised by Karori West Brownies - thank you!) and will help our community get into this stuff as well.”

Wellington’s historic Wrights Hill Fortress is cancelling this year’s Open Day on Labour Day, October 25th because of the current COVID- Level 2 restrictions. Society Chairman Mike Lee says it’s regrettable, but the group wants to make sure everyone is kept safe and well. Level two restrictions mean that social distancing would be necessary, and the Society is unable to control or manage this. However, the Society plans another Open Day on Tuesday, December 28th, between 10am and 4pm, only if Wellington is at Level 1 again. Admission fees are $20 for a family, $10 for an adult, and $5 for a child under 15. Bookings are not necessary and self-guided tours take about one hour. Cash only please. Mr Lee says unfortunately this is the third cancellation, over two years, caused by COVID 19 restrictions. Please refer to our website for further information. or 04 4768.593.


Getting you set for the Great Outdoors!

Cr Sparrow announces resignation from City Council Councillor Malcolm Sparrow has announced his resignation from Wellington City Council, Mayor Andy Foster has confirmed. Cr Sparrow is a third-term city councillor representing the Takapu/Northern ward. He is Chair of the Council’s Regulatory Processes Committee. Mayor Foster says he has accepted Cr Sparrow’s resignation

Councillor Malcolm Sparrow.

with a “great deal of regret. “Malcolm has been an excellent councillor and has ably represented the city’s northern suburbs, especially Tawa. We will miss his calm and measured input, especially around the Council table.” Mayor Foster says the date of Cr Sparrow’s resignation is within 12 months of the next triennial local election – which means, under the Local Electoral Act 2001, that the

Council is not required to hold a by-election. The Mayor and Councillors will, however, have to decide whether or not to appoint a person to fill the vacancy. Mayor Foster says this decision has to be made at the 28 October Council meeting. The Council will also have to consider the impact on the Tawa Community Board where Cr Sparrow is a member appointed by Council. Phone (04) 477 6911 2 Centennial Highway, Ngauranga

Greg O’Connor MP for Ōhāriu Here for you Get in touch My office is open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

04 478 3332 2/18 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville, Wellington /GregOhariu

Authorised by Greg O’Connor MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington


Thursday October 14, 2021

The Diwali Festival of Lights is going online this year due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Showroom: 29 Hutt Road, Thorndon BLINDS FOR YOUR HOME AND OFFICE

Wellington’s 2021 Diwali Festival going online The Diwali Festival of Lights is going online this year due to current COVID-19 restrictions. In line with other major events around the



FREE measure and quote Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm JUST DEDICATED TO YOUR SATISFACTION Ph: 04 472 9920 -

This is because of the current level two COVID restrictions and the uncertainly of what level Wellington maybe on at that date. The Society wants to make sure everyone is kept safe and well. The Society will be however opening the Fortress up if we are at level one, on Tuesday December 28th 2021. The hours will be from 10am to 4pm. Admission fees are: Family Pass: $20 (2 adults+3 children under 15) Adults: $10 Child under 15: $5 (CASH only: no EFTPOS) Bookings not essential. Self- guided tours take about one hour. Enquiries: Mike Lee (04) 4768 593

country, the difficult decision to cancel the live event and go online was made so it could still be celebrated in a safe and responsible way. In its 20th year, Wellington’s annual local Indian and South East Asian communities’ most vibrant cultural celebration will be sharing performances and messages online. Mayor Andy Foster says difficult decisions need to be made during these challenging times for the well-being of the whole community. “Obviously this is hugely disappointing for all of us, the organisers, the stallholders and performers, and the thousands of Wellingtonians who flock to this event every year. “But we commend the organisers for taking this approach, adapting quickly and providing an alternative to ensure the community can still celebrate this annual festival in a safe way.” Further details about the online Diwali celebrations will be announced in mid-October, and while regrettable, the

decision was one that had to be made says event producer Murali Kumar “For this year, we will still keep the spirit of the festival alive, working towards creating an online celebration showcasing some of our diaspora communities’ cultural repertoire.” The current uncertainty around the COVID situation has led to the announcement to cancel this years’ event on the waterfront, says Council’s City Events Manager, Suzanne Tamaki. “Diwali is all about communities coming together, so we’d like to encourage everyone to still get involved by tuning into the online performances once details have been confirmed. “We look forward to this vibrant, social and culturally connecting event returning to the capital next year.” Diwali festivals are known as the Festival of Lights. This ancient Hindu festival symbolises the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and the renewal of life.






and Kits September Thursday 30, 2021 Events Parties, orthy Science h Kenw

Ts and Cs apply. See website

Friday 9-14

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Dr Sara

Monthly Bus Service

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Next Next Bus bus

19 th Wed 20th October December 2021 2018 This private bus service has been operating for 17 years. Sponsored by Harbour City, Guardian and The Wilson Funeral Homes.

DEPARTS FROM: (Outside New World)


Harbour City Funeral Home 1:00pm

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day 9-16 Satur Friday Today



r 7, 2021 y Octobe Thursda

on Passis take t fligh Page ndia to Zealabirds e coupon nt off on for nativ Melissa A 50 perce ed a passi for artist has sparkeco sanctuary s the walk and the ns of sa walk Boardman ed Melisher illustratio s to Wilton-bas n to it come ‘Draw when is titled personal birds. native exhibition about her how much Her latest and is all ndia and Zealandia’n to Zeala 2. connectio it gives her. on page inspirationContinued has used n Broadma and Zeae birds ns for her Melissa Wilton’s ion for nativ illustratio pass uce her smallest to prod . landia ition Zealand’s , photonew exhib ND: New u/rifleman BACKGROUtitipounam bird, the by Melissa. graphed

Thursd ay Sep tember 23,



gton 473 8696 Ph: 04 e, Wellin SSBDF  Terrac 2, 85 The FBOE"VSPSB5F

2021 Toda y 11-17 Frida y 10-1 7


Satu rday


Courtenay Place (Main Bus Stop)


Karori opposite The Wilson Funeral Home, (142 Karori Road, Karori)


Karori Library (Outside the Postshop) 1:45pm

Fare: A donation to Wellington Free Ambulance would be greatly appreciated.



Future leaders ,

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938 0721 or 027 595 4448


il i f

t Servicing All Brands

t Double Glazed Units t Repairs/Replacements and Maintenance t Full InstallationService t Low Pitch Skylights

Phone : 0800 858 687, 04

e and Hir ndry KPC Lau vices Ser : kpclaundry.c lean

own boss s Be your hours t e your weigh s Choos and lose sGet fit 100k future sEarn t in your sInves

W NO LL -654 CA080 0 454

mow www.Jims


& Laundry


ndry Lau hire g  Linen eanin  Drycl and pickup ery  Deliv Wolllens  mercial ls Com mote els and Hot 010 4 2375 to 4pm 0 9am    Sat + Sun:  to 7pm, ri: 8am Mon-F

including the flashings (roof flashings

Former Onslow College Harward-Jones knows his student Dan involvement in Youth Parliament has shaped who he is now. Ohariu MP Greg O’Connor for nominations from people is calling 18 to represent the electorate aged 16 to Every three years, about next year. New Zealanders experience 140 young as Youth MPs and Youth Parliament Press members. In Youth Parliament Gallery 2022, Continued on page 2. Ohariu MP Greg O’Connor Youth MP Dan Haward-Jones.with 2019 Applications for 2022 are now open.

“We are t

Cyru his s s tells tory

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t Custom Units any size/shape t Free Quotes t Repair and Replacement Roofing

938 0721 or 027 595 4448

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And th



ich is no

By Jacob Page

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Licensed Building and Roofing

Practitioner - LBP

By Jaco b Pag e New has hadlands Coll The his story ege student Cyrus scene 14-year- told by TVN old burs Dah TVN in Februar t on Z’s Attitudel Z’s Brea y the natio an acce kfas after Eve ssible swin t show to appearin nal fundraiseg on the fi ntually $43 g. for open rst of man ,000 was ed in y acce May. ssible raised and Continu swings was ed on page Cyru 2. s Dah his life l, with show story sharMum Kris abilitieswhich high ed on . Cyrus has TVN in the lights Z’s Atti had commun people tude with ity. dis-



Read the Independent Herald News online at

Nico Willisla

List MP

base nicola d willis.

in W N



Newtown Library

04 817

11-15 Sund ay 11-15


(56 Onepu Road, Kilbirnie)

for details. Photo credit

Phone: (04) 587 1660

9-15 Sunday

By Jacob

Island Bay (Medway Street)

Sunday 11-15




Thursday October 14, 2021

Te Herenga Waka student joins Emerging Innovator programme Holly Gooch, a Master of Educational Psychology student at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, will join the KiwiNet Emerging Innovator programme to progress a project to help twice-exceptional secondary students. Twice-exceptional students are those identified as gifted, with strong ability in some cognitive, creative, and/or cultural area, while also having a diagnosed disability. Holly is the first person in the University’s Faculty of Education—Te Whnau o ako pai to receive this award from KiwiNet. “Often these students don’t get diagnosed accurately because either their gift hides the fact they have a disability or vice-versa, so they don’t get the support or challenging opportunities they need,” explains Holly. “The tool I’m developing is designed to help teachers, parents, and teens identify those who need a full assessment by professionals to determine whether they are twice-exceptional.” Holly is the parent of a twice-exceptional teen, and has worked extensively in high schools with gifted and talented and twice-exceptional teens. “I could see the challenges these teens and their whnau face. Many of these challenges and barriers are unnecessary, so I wanted to do something about that.” The pilot is completed for this screening tool, and Holly has also created a tester YouTube channel to explain twice-exceptionality to educators and parents.

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connections and better understand how her idea will fit into the market and have real-life impact. Her application was championed by Lisa McLennan, a senior commercialisation manager at Wellington UniVentures—Te Paewai. “This is a sought-after programme that helps emerging researchers to reach their fullest potential in terms of future impact. I saw Holly’s work being promoted by ADHD New Zealand and its relevance and creativity inspired me—I contacted her the same day to talk with her about it,” says Lisa. “I was delighted to hear that Holly blew the 20-strong panel away with her skill, vision, and knowledge. Wellington Univentures has nominated several reseachers across different disciplines to join the programme and I have seen the incredible transformation as they gain confidence and self-belief in their own capacity, and I know Holly will make the most of this experience too.”

Police investigate suspicious fire Police investigating a suspicious fire at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington are seeking help from the public. The fire was reported around 3am on Friday 1 October at the rear of 18 Kelburn Parade, following three minor explosions being heard. The fire spread from the ground floor to the second floor, leaving the building significantly damaged. This building had been the target of some graffiti damage in the weeks leading up to the fire, and Police are following




“If schools in New Zealand can screen for twice-exceptionality, these students can be identified for extra support, ensuring they have the opportunity to realise their superpowers instead of underachieving or becoming mental health statistics. By definition, these students are out-of-the-box thinkers, with a lot to offer our creative economy, and they’re well placed to tackle challenges like climate change and pandemics,” says Holly. Holly will begin a PhD in Education next year to develop an online group programme for these teens, which will “empower and equip them with the skills to be able to take the lead in creating better learning and work environments for themselves, wherever they are”. The Emerging Innovator Programme provides $10,000 in funding to help Holly develop her idea into a business. Over the next 12 months, Holly will gain commercial mentoring, build industry


Plus 500 Days Interest Free Defer Payment


Holly Gooch, left, a Master of Educational Psychology student at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, will join the KiwiNet Emerging Innovator programme to progress a project to help twice-exceptional secondary students.


inquiries relating to this. Around the time of the fire, a vehicle was seen stopped nearby, and a motorbike was also seen and heard leaving the area. Police would like to hear from anyone with information in regards to the fire, or who has information relating to the graffiti of the building. Also, if anyone saw any pedestrians in the area shortly before 3am on 1 October, we want to hear from you. If you can help, contact Police on 105 and quote file number 211001/7254.




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NEWBOLDS JOHNSONVILLE 6-8 Broderick Road, Johnsonville We’re Local, We Care!

478-4988 s Easy Customer Parking

SUMMER MEMBERSHIP Join Miramar Golf Club and you will find a vibrant golfing atmosphere exists among members and a warm welcome is extended to visitors. Summer membership $695 to 3rd April 2022 (The end of daylight savings)


-)2!-!2,).+3 '/,&#/523% 1 Stewart Duff Drive, Miramar Ph: 801 7649 %MAILMIRAMAR GOLFCONZ7WWWMIRAMARGOLFCLUBCONZ


Thursday October 14, 2021

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: Have you watched the currently popular Squid Game?

Eric Soper

Glenda Wills

Helen Blackburn

Terrie Green

Tim Woods

Vince Weaver

Yes I have. It gets a bit addictive.

No. I have never heard of it.

I have heard of it but I don’t know what it is about.

Yes I have binge watched it over a few weeks.

No, I have no idea what it is.

Yes. I have heard about it but haven’t watched it.

Local arts scene gets boost from creative scheme The South Coast Arts Trail, the Glamaphones Matariki show, StarJam’s end of year concert, and PARK(ing) Day 2022 are just a selection of the wide range of projects to receive funding from the recent round of the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS). The biannual funding scheme, a partner-

ship between Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand, supports projects that reflect the diversity of the capital’s culture and traditions, gets young people participating, have broad appeal and community involvement, and encourages engagement in the arts. The CCS panel allocated $65,854 in this

round, which was awarded to 20 recipients that met the grant criteria (see full list of recipients here). The wide range, variety and diversity of this round’s recipients shows how the capital is a hub for culture, creativity and talent says Mayor Andy Foster. “Our partnership with Creative New Zealand, reflects both our commitments to supporting arts and culture from grassroots to professional levels – especially during these challenging times for the community. “It also compliments our Aho Tini strategy focusing on supporting the access, inclusion, visibility, and success of the city’s artists and arts organisations. “All our research and feedback demonstrates the high value Wellingtonians put on the arts and culture community and activities. We will continue to invest and advocate for it for that reason, but also to maintain the appeal, vibrancy and diversity of the capital for locals, businesses, and visitors alike.”

The CCS panel is made up of individuals working in the cultural and arts sectors in the city, and have knowledge and expertise in music, ng toi ori, Pacific arts, theatre, visual arts, and/or craft/object art. Team Leader Funding Mark Farrar says there are numerous ways the creative community can receive funding for their projects. “The next CCS funding will open next year, in the meantime there are a lot of Council funding opportunities available for all sorts of projects, organisations, and initiatives that add to the cultural fabric of Wellington. “We encourage anyone who may not have applied before to visit our funding section and see what’s available and whether they fit the criteria for a grant.” The Arts and Culture, Social and Recreation, and Waste Minimisation Seed Funds are all open for applications until 20 October 2021.

Be part of something special Nursing with Enliven Working with Enliven means you’ll support the elders in your community to live happy, healthy lives. Enliven homes are fun places to work and we want caring, kind, creative, and energetic people to join our team in Wellington.                  and fun, inspiring work environments.

Join our team! visit: to see our latest listings or email

Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) a partnership between Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand, supports projects that reflect the diversity of the capital’s culture and traditions.

Thursday October 14, 2021

Already fully vaccinated? Shot!

If not, now’s the time to get the job done. Get vaccinated today, this week or on Super Saturday. Do your bit so we can all get back to doing the things we love.



Thursday October 14, 2021

Thursday October 14, 2021

Next Generation Real Estate.

Opportunity Galore? YIP! 67 Clifford Road, Johnsonville 3



What more could you ask for? Here is a solid 1920s 'Bungalow' style home sitting amidst its original quarter-acre (in this case1003m2) section. It is ripe for development or upgrading - a rare opportunity in this sought-after suburb. Similar-sized sections a few doors down now host three or more separate properties and options include retaining the original house and building to the front - or re-developing the whole site. Planning permission would need to be sought but there seems to be


considerable potential on offer here. Just 500 meters from Johnsonville School, the house itself has typical period features with wooden joinery and well-proportioned rooms. Tender 3:00pm Thursday 28th October 2021

Linda Huynh, Team YIP 027 586 6046

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

Sunday 1:15 – 2pm

7A Lyndfield Lane, Newlands

Sunday 2 - 2.45pm




35 Mauldeth Terrace, Churton Park 5



Easy Living On One Level

Big & Bold In Amesbury School Zone

Are you looking for a modern, three bedroom, low maintenance home

Family and friends are sure to be impressed with this super double

that is conveniently located - being near shops, schools and excellent

glazed, centrally heated 310sqm home, designed for an extended

local amenities but is also close enough to commute to the CBD? How

family who loved to entertain. Jarrah flooring features throughout

about being adjacent to a park with tennis courts and a children's play

the hallways, family room, kitchen, dining room and bathrooms, and

area - perfect for taking dogs for a walk and having all the garden you'll

a big kitchen with polished concrete bench tops and great storage.

ever need - right on your doorstep?

Close to No.1 Bus Route and Amesbury School.

Price By Negotiation Team Churton

Team Churton

Aleisha Price

Price By Negotiation

027 389 3311

Marie Joubert

Gillian Cross

021 0247 0636

021 457 782



Thursday October 14, 2021

Next Generation Real Estate.

49 Cedarwood Street, Woodridge




21 Mitchell Street, Brooklyn



Showstopper? YIP!

Simply Stunning!

Woodridge has a long-standing reputation for beautiful homes and this stylish family home is no exception. Everything has been beautifully & tastefully customised by the family, whist still retaining full practicality and functionality. This home is an absolute showstopper and is set to be featured in an upcoming issue of Haven Magazine.

Here is a rare gem that our owners have loved, enjoyed and upgraded over 25 years to create a wonderful family home. But it is now time for them to move on - creating a superb opportunity for some lucky family to spend this Christmas in this very special property. When it was built more than 100 years ago, the site was carefully chosen for its spectacular city and harbour views, its privacy and its convenience being so close to the centre of bustling Brooklyn, with its Bohemian and Village-like atmosphere.

Tender 3:00pm Wednesday 27th October 2021

Shannon Crawford, Team YIP

Deadline Sale

027 665 2501

1:00pm Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Anita Corlett & William YIP

Mike Luputiu

021 022 56795

027 488 3650

1/55 Gordon Street, Avalon



10 Te Kiteroa Grove, Churton Park



First-Home Belter? YIP!

Hidden Gem? YIP!

Struggling to find that first step onto the property ladder? This may be the one for you! Located just a short drive away from Lower Hutt central, this stand-alone, three-bedroom cracker has your first-home needs well and truly covered - modernised kitchen & bathroom, separate toilet, a flat yard to kick a ball or play with the family pet, off-street parking and much more besides!

After 40 years of happy memories, our vendor is off to pastures new and this cracker of a property awaits its new owner. Located in a family-friendly cul-de-sac at the Johnsonville end of Churton Park, 10 Te Kiteroa is a end-unit with a gorgeous garden and character to spare. Set over two levels with bedrooms above, this home exudes warmth and character.

Tender 3:00pm Wednesday 27th October 2021

Tender 3:00pm Thursday 21st October 2021

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP

Clint Fitzgibbon, Team YIP

021 0885 0406

021 0885 0406

Anita Corlett & William YIP

Anita Corlett & William YIP

021 022 56795

021 022 56795

Thursday October 14, 2021


Next Generation Real Estate.

Dressed to Kill? YIP! 75 Dress Circle, Newlands 4



With a top Newlands location, an easy care section and more space than you might imagine, 75 Dress Circle is a home that deserves your attention. Built over two levels with a garage and study/4th bedroom on the ground floor, the main accommodation is on a single, elevated level where there are fine views of Wellington Harbour. The entranceway stairwell opens up to a large, open-plan space with soft, freshly laid carpeting and a galley-style kitchen which, like the living space, benefits from the views. Great design allows entertaining


whilst preparing delicious meals and there is excellent indoor-outdoor flow to the north-facing patio area - for summer BBQs and parties. This area is the beating heart and soul of this this attractive family home. Tender 3:00pm Thursday 28th October 2021

Shannon Crawford, Team YIP 027 665 2501

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

102 Helston Road, Paparangi




89 Black Rock Road, Newlands




Classic Beauty? YIP!

Live in and Rent out? YIP!

Superb opportunity in sought-after Paparangi location - a beautiful 1950s weatherboard family home that has been modernised to cater for contemporary living. All it needs now is a lucky new owner. Single level living at it best! This classic home is perfect on those rainy Wellington days when you want to come home to a stylish and relaxing home.

Here's a great opportunity to enter the sought-after Newlands property market and get some assistance with paying the mortgage. An official home and income - 89 Black Rock Road is conveniently located for all the schools and amenities of Newlands and Johnsonville and is handy to the State Highway - just perfect for commuters to the CBD.

Tender 3:00pm Thursday 21st October 2021

Tender 3:00pm Thursday 21st October 2021

Shannon Crawford, Team YIP

Linda Huynh, Team YIP

027 665 2501

027 586 6046

Anita Corlett & William YIP

Anita Corlett & William YIP

021 022 56795

021 022 56795


Thursday October 14, 2021

Next Generation Real Estate.

Lovely Leona? YIP! 14 Leona Way, Paparangi 3



Tucked away and private yet close to the schools, shops and amenities of Paparangi, Newlands and Johnsonville, this is a beautifully modernized 1960s 'Beazley' home, set within a generous, west facing section with fabulous gardens and its own chicken coop! Inside it is warm and welcoming with open plan design and superb wooden floors, whilst large windows let the light flood in. The modernized kitchen is perfect for entertaining and the bright, modern decor gives the property a fresh and young appeal. The 'Beazley'


design provides excellent separation between living and sleeping areas and a garage below has plenty of storage space. Superb for young families, the garden is both private and secure - perfect for kids and pets. Tender 3:00pm Thursday 28th October 2021

Shannon Crawford, Team YIP 027 665 2501

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795


Sunday 17 Oct 2021




14 Leona Way


11:00am - 12:00pm

31 Rochdale Drive

Churton Park

11:00am - 11:45am

7 Admiralty Street

Crofton Downs

11:00am - 12:00pm

10 Te Kiteroa Grove

Churton Park

11:00am - 12:00pm

32 Bracken Road


11:00am - 12:00pm

67 Clifford Road


11:00am - 12:00pm

21 Mitchell Street


11:00am - 12:00pm

15 Maraval Crescent

Grenada Village

12:00pm - 12:30pm

65 Hawtrey Terrace

Churton Park

12:00pm - 12:45pm

89 Black Rock Road


12:00pm - 1:00pm

There is a sense of style and character that they built into homes 100

75 Dress Circle


12:00pm - 1:00pm

years ago - craftsmanship combined with warmth and a feeling of being

49 Cedarwood Street


1:00pm - 2:00pm

'home' that you sense the minute you walk in. 330 Adelaide Road has

8/30 Bauchop Street


1:00pm - 2:00pm

these attributes in abundance and has a definite 'I could easily live here'

62 Churton Drive

Churton Park

1:15pm - 1:45pm


7A Lyndfield Lane


1:15pm - 2:00pm

Tender 3:00pm Thursday 21st October 2021

73 Stewart Drive


1:15pm - 2:15pm

35 Mauldeth Terrace

Churton Park

2:00pm - 2:45pm

330 Adelaide Road


2:00pm - 3:00pm

102 Helston Road


2:00pm - 3:00pm

1/55 Gordon Street


2:00pm - 3:00pm

6 / 23 Trafalgar Street


2:30pm - 3:00pm

Gareth Robins

10/2 Pohutakawa Street


2:30pm - 3:00pm

021 234 2314

47A Rose Street


2:30pm - 3:30pm

330 Adelaide Road, Newtown




Classy Corner Classic? YIP!

Anita Corlett & William YIP 021 022 56795

Thursday October 14, 2021

Plastic in waterways criticised by regional council With the clean-up of plastic found in the Tauherenikau River in August nearing the halfway mark, the focus for Greater Wellington now turns to stopping rubbish being dumped in waterways across the region. Greater Wellington deputy chair and Wairarapa Councillor, Adrienne Staples says while the dumping occurred on private property, its consequences affect the wider community and highlight the need for greater community awareness about the problem. “I appreciate that this rubbish was not dumped deliberately along the river but rather as a result of high rainfall, however the outcome is the same. The Tauherenikau is a real taonga (treasure) for the Wairarapa so I’m calling on everyone in the community to take care of their rivers, routinely advocate for the sustainable and environmentally conscious disposal of waste, and hold each other to account when people mistreat our waterways and wildlife,” says Cr Staples. In the Wellington region the responsibility for the management of waste is shared between city and district councils. Greater Wellington always encourages the environmentally sound disposal of waste, which is crucial to supporting regional sustainability. The plastic found floating in the water and entangled in driftwood needed an excavator and a dump truck to pick up the larger pieces of plastic, followed by an expensive, time consuming, manual clean-up of the remaining

The focus for Greater Wellington now turns to stopping rubbish being dumped in waterways across the region.

smaller pieces. “The real cost is on the environment and our communities. To add insult to injury these clean ups take away valuable time from our flood protection teams who have more important tasks in protecting our communities and businesses from future flood events,” says Cr Staples. Caring local community members offered to help with the clean-up but had to be turned away due to the specialist training and numerous risks involved with water based work. Despite the good work so far, the erosion of the river berm, where plastic had been dumped and buried, needs more attention. Significant flood protection work is underway on the private land, alongside work to protect the affected berm to ensure no further rubbish enters the river.

Get into NZ’s Hardest Working Range of Cargo Vans.


House Price Changes? YIP! Hey everyone! Hope you are feeling ok after that earthquake we had, scary stuff! It is a literal reminder to have everything organised and prepared should the ‘big quake’ hit. This week I want to discuss the potential market impact of the interest rate increases from the perspective of first home buyers, sellers, and investors. s&IRST(OME"UYERS: I’m constantly hearing buyers wishing for the market to drop / crash to make things easier. But the reality is, if the market was to follow a downward trend, then banks will not be as keen on giving out mortgages or will tighten deposits / income requirements. So, it will actually make it harder for buyers. In my opinion, the best situation first home buyers can hope for, would be a flattening out of prices, which will give them time for their deposit savings to catch-up. s3ELLERS:If you are selling, you will mostly likely be buying something else. So, from a seller’s perspective, the market will forever stay relative. If the market goes up for your current home, so will the next house you are buying. Yes, there are some market differences between areas, but the impact of this will stay relative regardless of the market. s)NVESTORS: If the market was to flatten out or drop (ie; no big capital gains), then you will need to focus on positive cash flow (where your rent more than covers all costs associated with owning the property). Else there would be no point owning a property that isn’t going up in value and you are losing money every week. It is time to review your calculations and see if you need to increase rent or sell (to reinvest in better opportunities)

At the end of the day, it is ALWAYS more important to time your lives than to time the market. If you are unsure about the outlook of the market or how that may impact on your plans, get in touch. Oh, and also, if you would like a FREE health check on your rental portfolio, more than happy to have a look at that too. Love to hear from you.

Written by William YIP Your friend in Real Estate 021 106 9997



With only 1.9% Finance over 48 months. We have G10 Cargo Vans from $29,990 +GST & ORC, V80 Cargo Vans from $32,990 +GST & ORC and the ALL-NEW Deliver 9 from $41,990 +G4503$. OFFER ENDS3TU%FDFNCFS 2021 OR WHILE STOCKS LAST.

Hutt Valley LDV

Ph: 04 568 2151

2 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt Finance offer available to approved applicants of UDC Finance Limited only and excludes all lease and fleet purchasers. Available on new 2021 LDV G10 Cargo, V80BOEDeliver 9 models only. 1.9% P.A. finance fixed for the term of the loan. Loan terms of up to 48 months with no balloon payments. No deposit required. $105 establishment fee, $10.35 PPSR fee, and Dealer origination fee of $399 apply. The GST component of the loan (if any) is repayable in the third month of the loan. UDC Finance Limited lending criteria, terms and conditions apply to any loan. Offer valid until 3TU%FDFNCFS2021. Vehicles must be registered byTU%FDFNCFS 2021. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Any accessories shown are optional extras.


Thursday October 14, 2021

What’s cool in the

Wairarapa The nursery at Aston Norwood

A sensory visit to Dursley Garden A visit to Dursley Garden is like stepping back in time - and a rare opportunity to visit a garden that’s over 100 years old in Aotearoa. %     '(') " *   +   it became Dursley Garden in the 1930s and has lovingly been tended by Judith Callaghan since 1972. Judith welcomes garden visitors throughout the year, either in groups or         /  %           4     season to season. The large nature of the garden means

           featuring at any one time - from roses and         and hellebores in winter and spring. Dursley completes the picture with delicious Devonshire Teas at $7.50 and Luncheons at just $15. But visitors are asked to ring in advance for catering purposes. Opening Hours are through spring and summer are 10am-6pm. 1899 Te Ore Ore-Bideford Road, Masterton Judith can be contacted on 06 372 4804. Adults $5 each, children under 12 free.

Superb Jewellery

:  *  #;    Cafe at Kaitoke, in the foothills of the Remutaka ranges, our unique Garden Centre and nursery will awe and inspire you. More than 200m "        <=> #           #      that will thrive in your back yard. We now have 

   $ # #   

 $ Japanese maples and new roses available. ?


    # $         < maintaining gardens. We also have a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable gardening practices. This means minimal spraying, reduced use of plastic, and most importantly letting nature do the hard work for you. Our hidden, one-of-a-kind, Garden Centre is meant for everyone to get inspired         "  4     E U   300 metres past Kaitoke Bridge.

Indulge in Victorian luxury at The Royal

Accommodation and Restaurant

The Royal Hotel is historic, and beautifully renovated to create spaces full of character   #   #     of facilities. The hotel marries NZ Colonial and Victorian architecture and the unique industrial and military history of Featherston, with soaring ceilings and ornate detailing throughout evoking mystery and sophistication of times past.

In terms of natural sights Featherston is near the shores of Lake Wairarapa, and the #       $   #   is Palliser Bay. Palliser Bay is one of the region’s natural highlights with an historic lighthouse, native fur seals and the Putangirua Pinnacles, which provided an eerie backdrop in Sir Peter Jackson’s The Return of the King movie.

Specialising in jewellery and watch repairs Masterton Showcase Jewellers 176 Queen St, Masterton Phone: 06-377 7183

22 Revans St, Featherston 06 - 308 8567

Showcase Jewellers in Masterton’s Queen Street are more than stockists and advisers on beautiful work. They specialise in repairing your precious Jewellery and watches, and most often do that on a same-day basis. Often a quick repair can be done while you enjoy       


that convenient! When buying new jewellery from us we understand that sometimes you may change your mind about a purchase and that’s okay. We issue a store credit if you need to return an item. All Showcase stores are independently owned.Showcase Jewellers are members of JWNZ

Matador Motel - central to everything!

Carterton is situated just an hour and a quarter north of Wellington City and is located in the centre of the Wairarapa district. The Matador Motel is the only motel in Carterton and provides 11 modern fully self contained units, including two access units. A comfortable and quiet setting within an easy 5 minute walk to the town centre. You can see the sights or just Let us make a memorable            a great time around the BBQ. In the evenings if summer for you!     you’re not heading out to one of the many bars

     " #"   

         look forward to. ##$  %& Your hosts Colleen & Barry welcome you Close to:'"  ( &"  with an aim to provide clean, comfortable re)" * "   *      "        +- #&"

 *  central Wairarapa.


6 & 7 November 2021 Tickets on sale now

P: 06 379 8058 E: 187 High St North, Carterton 5713

FOR YOUR ADVERTISING Contact or phone 04 587 1660

Thursday October 14, 2021


What’s cool in the


Wairarapa gardens on show this spring

Spring at Te Rakau Sanctuary – see the Shining Cuckoo

The birds are getting very active at Te Rakau Bird Sanctuary with warmer weather and lonEnjoy a weekend exploring gorgeous gar- and country and a 40-year-old garden re- ger days stimulating breeding behaviour. The call of the Shining Cuckoo can already be heard dens in the Wairarapa on 6 & 7 November. claimed from farm paddocks. 2021 celebrates the Wairarapa Garden Tour’s so the little grey warblers will be exceptionally The self-drive Wairarapa Garden Tour will showcase gardens in and around Masterton. 11th anniversary. The self-drive event is a busy if they end up rearing cuckoo chicks. Te Rakau Cabins & Bunkhouse provide a The route stretches from north Carterton  <         ~|$    peaceful retreat 35 minutes from Martinbor    { |  ?$   } < Wildlife Centre. %          #  "  ough or Featherston and close to Lake Onoke, bush. A ticket provides entry into 13 private gardens. Eight new gardens join the line-up available in selected gardens with plants and Ocean Beach and the Remutaka Forest Park. this year. gardening treats to buy along the way. The 2021 tour will feature contemporary The event can proceed at Covid-19 Alert designs for urban and rural spaces, dry-loving Level 2. Should the event have to cancel, tickplantings, an expansive formal rural garden, ets are refundable. #   #    #  More info

The Cabins and Bunkhouse are ideal family or group facilities within a wildlife haven with    4  "      on the doorstep. Or just relax and talk to the friendly farm animals or feed the eels in the lake. The Cabins and the Bunkhouse can be "$                 is the same for both.Te Rakau Birding is Wairarapa’s pre-eminent birding tour operator.

Stonehenge Aotearoa

Martinborough Music Festival Martinborough Music Festival brings four top quality chamber music concerts to Martinborough from 29 -31 October 2021 at the Martinborough Town Hall, featuring some of New €   4     \ Please note these are new dates, as the original concerts were postponed due to Covid-19. Seating will now be by general admission because of

social distancing requirements. There will be no numbered seating and patrons will be seated in ticketing bubbles. For tickets and concert details visit, Stay the night and experience some of Martin"   #   $  U   %#    \ for more information.

Phone: (06) 377 1600 | 51 Ahiaruhe Road, R.D.2 Carterton Web:

Celebrating Matariki at Stonehenge Aotearoa Matariki, the most famous cluster of stars in the sky, is associated with legends and important meanings that go back thousands of years around the world. Here are those legends and meanings with special emphasis on the Maori traditions. In addition, we explore the physical nature of these stars and, weather permitting, observe them in our night sky. This presentation is hosted by Kay Leather

on 6 November at 7.30pm. Prices are: Adult $20.00; Senior $15.00; Student $5.00. You can visit the henge anytime we are open, which is every day from 10am-4pm, without having to make any appointment. A map of the Stonehenge Aotearoa structure and a short audio-visual explaining how the stones work are included in the visit. Phone 06 377 1600.



Museum of Sheep and Shearing is a must-see! If you want to know what’s made New Zealand a great agricultural country you can learn so much about by visiting the National Museum of Sheep and Shearing in Masterton. The complex is housed in two authentic old wool sheds trucked in from local farms, plus a newly constructed gallery building – full of sheep farm gear, including shearing and wool handling equipment. X   4      "    < tory of sheep farming and its importance to

our nation. For many years NZ was said to [    "$\]%     are held about spinning and weaving on Wednesday mornings and by arrangement. See the history of spinning from ancient times and our collection of spinning wheels. See out shop with its wide range of wool garments, footwear, sheepskin rugs, lanolin   $    < nirs. We are a visitor attraction of international quality.



PHONE 06-378 8008

The ultimate do-it yourself Pick’n’Mix.


Choose from an extensive variety of lollies from all over the world c*JGNA<AF?QGMOAL@L@=H=J>=;LKO==LLJ=9L c!DML=F>J==9F<KM?9J>J==GHLAGFK9N9AD9:D=



A Gardener’s Paradise, where inspiration meets immediate action Get all your planting done now so you can enjoy it this spring. Deciduous specimen trees, fruit trees, cherry blossom trees Japanese maples, native trees and shrubs, decorative bushes, hedging and ground cover. Thousands of plants all ready and acclimatised for your back yard! Get inspired and get gardening but first, get here!


State Highway 2 at Kaitoke Ph: 027 716 8186 | Email:



Thursday October 14, 2021

Top karter switches to Best Bars Karting top gun Rianna O’MearaHunt will make the switch to circuit racing this season when she joins the most competitive field ever in the Best Bars Toyota 86 2021-2022 Championship. The 20-year-old Wellington racer will join The Heart of Racing as part of its three car team run by International Motorsport. O’Meara-Hunt is one of the country’s top karters and has raced with distinction in the class for 12 years. She represented New Zealand in 2019 at the ROK World Finals in Italy and has a history of impressive achievements on her karting CV. She was the first junior woman to win a Rotax Max Pro Tour state title in Australia and the first junior woman to win Rotax Max Challenge events in New Zealand. Last season she took victory in the Senior ROK class of the North Island Championship. She was selected as New Zealand’s representative again in 2020 for the ROK finals in Italy, but was unable to attend due to the pandemic. The young racing star is looking forward to traveling for competition again once it is safe to do so. "With my plans to race karts in Europe being postponed due to COVID-19, I am looking for a fresh and exciting challenge. The TR86 championship looks to be a super-competitive series this year and it has become a proven pathway for racers to learn great race craft while providing a solid

foundation to start any race car journey. “I love travelling to warm locations where I can mix motorsport and the opportunity to water ski, snorkel and swim, so it’s never good to miss out!” she said. “While motorsports takes up most of my time, I am really passionate about health and fitness in my free time.” Off track, Rianna has completed her diploma in the industry gold standard NZ Institute of Health and Fitness Personal Training course. Her high level of fitness will certainly aid in her transition from karting to race cars in the upcoming championship. We got a glimpse of her potential at Hampton Downs during her only test day thus far, where she laid down some very promising lap times in her Toyota 86. “I have only driven one day at Hampton Downs so I am really just starting to understand the basics of car handling and control,” she added. “Coming straight out of kart racing without ever competing in a race car event, or even seeing most of the tracks, the learning curve is massive - I’ll be a rookie in the field for sure! Luckily, the experience of racing with IMS has been amazing. They are very patient and went through a lot of data and video with me to get me as comfortable as possible in the car. That being said, I hope I can get a few more days training with them before the season starts. “I am determined to maximise

Wellington’s Rianna O'MearaHunt is one of the country's top karters and has raced with distinction in the class for 12 years.

this opportunity, to learn as fast as I can, to absorb as much from the team as possible and most importantly, to improve in a race car every time I go out on track. With IMS and The Heart of Racing behind me I know I am in great hands. “Every driver wants to get out there and win no matter their experience level. For me it’s no different but I need to accept that this is just the start of my race car journey so this will be a massive year of learning, absorbing and

soaking up as much knowledge and wisdom as I can from the talented and experienced people around me so I can build a solid foundation. “I would love to be racing at the pointy end of the rookie field as soon as possible through the season. I am really looking forward to working hard behind the scenes with such an amazing group of people and I am proud to race in support of the Starship Foundation.” Once the big debut weekend at Hampton Downs is complete, the

championship moves to Pukekohe three weeks later over the weekend of December 3-5. The series pauses for its Christmas break before heading south to Cromwell for the Highlands weekend on January 1416 and then move to Christchurch for the Ruapuna weekend on January 21-23. Three weekends later it’s back to Hampton Downs on February 11-13 for the New Zealand Grand Prix meeting before the season finale at the Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, Taupo on March 25-27.

GARDENING THIS WEEK Going to seed: By Wally Richards Plants have one objective in life and that is to reproduce. Reproduction is mostly done by seeding but can be also achieved through division, suckering, cloning, producing bulblets or pups. The desire to reproduce is their strongest attribute which can make gardening very difficult at times. There are two basic forms of plants. One is called annuals because they germinate, grow, flower, seed and then die. The other type are perennials which live for a number of seasons or in the case of some trees thousands of years. There are some in between such as bi-annuals which for our purpose here we will not worry about. Perennials are fairly straight forward, they live, they flower, they produce seeds, they may produce offsets, suckers (new plants from their root system). All while they live for more than one season. They can have their foliage removed and survive to generate more foliage, unlike an annual plant which if their foliage is removed the root system dies. It is the annuals that we are going to talk about because as far as I am aware they only reproduce naturally by seeding. They can in some cases be grown from cuttings. Nature if a bit of

their foliage falls onto a suitable bit of dirt they could produce roots and become a clone of their parent plant. Seeds will not germinate in nature till the conditions are right which means temperatures in both soil and air along with adequate moisture. If the temperatures are right in summer but it’s too dry to germinate nothing happens till the soil moistens up sufficiently. A day of rain changes the moisture level and the seeds lying dormant germinate, which includes weeds). Two possible events may occur then; one is that further rain or your watering follows and the plants/ weeds grow up tall and strong and when maturity is reached they produce flowers and seeds. The other possibility is there is no more rain and the soil dries, the plant/weed has only grown a few inches and it will realise that it is becoming too dry and immediately mature, flower and set seed before it dies. This is where you will see lots of baby weeds in dry areas flowering their hearts out to seed before they wither in the dry conditions. Their seed falls on to the dry dusty soil to wait for the next moist time to germinate and start the cycle all over again.

From this we learn that annual plants, or ones we call weeds, when they encounter stress or checks in their growing they will feel that their lives are threatened and go to seed. We call this ‘bolting’ and you will see the term bolt resistant, which means the particular species will tolerate a bit of stress before going to seed. When it comes to non fruiting vegetable plants we want them to reach maturity without going to seed prematurely. So our cabbages, lettuce, silverbeet, celery etc will produce good plants to harvest and eat. If left after maturity they will eventually go to seed. What we don’t want is the same plants to go to seed before they reach maturity. Some vegetables are very prone to bolting unless the growing conditions are perfect from the time they germinate to the point of maturity. If we are growing our own seedlings for planting out and we nurture the plants from germination to planting out by giving them adequate direct sun light, sufficient moisture for sustained growth and we prick them out without damaging the roots after ‘hardening off’ and provide the young plants with good growing conditions we have great success.

If we fall down and the plants get into stress then later on they will likely go to seed. We call this a ‘check’ in their growth. It could have been caused by becoming too dry, too hot, too cold, too soft and insufficient direct sun light. Hardening off is very important; when grown in a glasshouse where everything is controlled the foliage of the seedlings is soft and if shoved straight out into the real world they are likely to die or suffer stress. To overcome this, spray them with Vaporgard to protect the soft foliage and they can then be hardened up quickly. A day before planting out spray

the seedlings with Vaporgard over and under foliage. This acts as a stress guard and reduces transplant shock, protects the plants from the elements and reduces moisture loss through foliage. Instead of lying down, your plants will sit up and start growing much quicker in their new situation. If you place Crop Cover over them with hoops you will protect the plants from birds, cats, insects and the elements. They will grow just about twice as fast which means you will be enjoying your own home grown vegetables much sooner. This allows you to re-plant and have more harvests during the growing season.

Thursday October 14, 2021



AERIALS Get your TV reception problems fixed by our experts. Free TV reception tests on your system to ensure you have the best possible picture available using our professional test equipment.


Big Brands. Better Prices.

WE COVER THE GREATER WELLINGTON AREA Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Kapiti areas. We have over 15 vans on the road. FREEVIEW DIGITAL/SATELLITE TV We can provide you with local and around the world television and radio stations with no monthly charges. WHOLESALE / RETAIL SALES Aerials, satellite dishes, receivers and accessories TV1, TV2, TV3 and TV4 Not only do we provide a full warranty, but we also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results!


7 days, Mon - Sun. 8.30am to 6pm

Parmco - FS600-Gas

499 5353

Phone 0800 67 33 77



For A No Obligation FREE MEASURE & QUOTE

7 Strathmore Ave, Strathmore Park, Wellington

Ph: (04) 388 7969 E:

Wake up to LIFE with Slumberzone Beds... Refreshed & Energised!


BRENDA Sales M: 021 640 152

Ph Tee 021 029 80877




C l e a n e d

Home computer & device problems? Call me! All brands supported One on one instruction Prompt affordable service

Need Help?

027 578 1871



Plumbing. Drainlaying. Roofing and Spouting. Blocked drains. Burst pipes. Repairs and Leaks. Black Dux Qest pipe replacement. Maintenance. Kitchens. Bathrooms. Replacing hot water cylinders. Phone 027 4574 999 or 970 2409 Email:





Call: 04 234 8760


Relax & get

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Experienced painter/decorator. Int/ext Weatherboard, rotten timber repairs. House washing/water blasting, Plastering. Paper hanging. Free quotes


LBP Qualified for: Alterations, Additions Refurbishment, Repairs Ph Allan Johnstone:

191 Thorndon Quay Ph 04212 4845

Transformed Painters Ltd



973 1239 027 450 3239



David & Maria’s


Kitchen, laundry and small appliances for home. Providing Big Brands Online with old-fashioned service Free shipping to main NZ centres









FURNISHERS LTD Restorers of Antique and Contemporary Upholstery

Clare Newton Smith Salesperson


Whiteware, appliances, furniture & recyclables

WN 027 442 4775

Free quotations Ph Sam on

or 477 1375

021 0252 7361


Call in the experts


Call me now - Your property is my priority!

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Senior Skills Home Maintenance Property Specialists

Set up your own self-employed business. We find you the work. Semi-Skilled Handy people required doing residential home property maintenance. Requirements: Own Vehicle, Tools as needed. Some of our Job descriptions are; Painters, Gardeners, Fence/Deck builders, Wallpapering etc. We cover all the major and odd jobs needed around the house. For more details Phone: Len 586-7500 or Email: Website:





Thursday October 14, 2021

WHAT’S ON... The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email

Situation Vacant

SUB CONTRACT PAINTERS REQUIRED s Must have own van. s Own gear. sHave a total of 2 people. s Private residential work available. s Have a high standard of workmanship. s Plastering experience would be an advantage. sProgress payments weekly

Phone: Graham Graham’s Painters Ph 021 183 9492 or (04) 564 9202 View the


Clubs vote to keep format for three years Yesterday WRFU’s 20 Clubs and affiliated bodies voted to retain this year’s Premier Men’s competition format for the next three years. This vote was the culmination of a fivemonth review process in which a working group comprising Clubs and Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU) representatives proposed three format options for the Clubs to vote between. Wellington Rugby Football Union (WRFU) Rugby Board Chairman Sunil Surujpal commented that the vote was close. “We know there is a wide range of views

Graham’s Painters Get your House Exterior and Interior painted! ~ Pensioner Discounts ~

E: grahamspaintersnz W: Ph: (04) 564 9202 021 183 9492



William YIP

Your Friend in Real Estate



Come along and see what we’ve been doing this year and, have a say on where we target our funding next year. The trustees will be presenting the financial statements for the year ending 30 June 2021 and appointing the auditor.

Friday 29 October 8am

Johnsonville 477 4025 | Tawa 232 1588

Love Local. Shop Local

Free Event Supported by:

Annual General Meeting


HAMPTON, Peter Wallace: Oct 8, 2021

Public Notice

Speaker: William Nobelen Title of Talk: “A day in the life of the best job in the World” Date: 9.45 am Thursday 21 October Visitors Welcome Enquiries to Alison Kinvig 234 1262

Hutt Mana Charitable Trust gives out over $1 million in funding each year to great community groups, projects and individuals in the Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wellington North.

Death Notices

CARPET & VINYL laid and repaired. Ph 0210634013

Friendship Club of Johnsonville

Licensed Under REAA 2008

Comprehensive professional funeral services from a locally owned business.


Public Notice

BUILDING Consent Approval and house plans. Free estimates provided. Call Doug on 934-1398.

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to the Clubs this evening were an NPC style Premiership/Championship format (supported by one club) and a Premier 1-4 format (with the Premier 1 grade comprising 10 Clubs only, supported by seven clubs). “We went through a comprehensive review process seeking participant, Club and affiliated body feedback. We ran a survey with over 500 participant responses, multiple questionnaires with Club committees, one on one Club meetings, and forums post-publication of both the draft and final recommendations,” said Surujpal.

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amongst players, coaches and administrators and as such a unanimous outcome was always unlikely. Tonight’s vote of 10-1-7 in favour of retaining this year’s competition format illustrates this.” “We know the rugby club is at the heart of our communities and I’m pleased there remains an inclusive competition format that allows all Clubs to participate in Premier Men’s rugby,” said Surujpal. Over 15 competition formats were assessed by the working group, the majority of which was supplied by the Clubs themselves. The other two format options proposed

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Thursday October 14, 2021



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Women’s rugby hurt by Black Fern-less final The New Zealand Rugby Union did the womens game no favours by not allowing the Black Ferns to play in the showpiece of the sport in the country. Canterbury had six players missing for the decider while eventual winners, Waikato were without nine Black Ferns. The Black Ferns head for a tour of Europe next week and therefore were held out of the game.

New Zealand’s best female player, Kendra Cocksedge was reduced to running the kicking tee on and off for the game at Christchurch’s Rugby Park. Essentially you had Canterbury B versus Waikato B and it showed on the field. Yes, the final had excellent defence and the 22-20 finish suggested a close game but the skill level was not up to the surging

standards of the women’s game in this country. If efforts are still being made to convert people into watching the game, and I’m sure it is, few new eyeballs would have been thrilled with what they watched. That does not mean there was not a star or two that impressed. Canterbury flanker Jorja Miller was phenomenal. Long touted as a gifted player

on the rise when I used to work at the Timaru Herald as a sports reporter, South Canterbury’s Jorja was the best on ground by a country mile. Yes, you can blame Covid-19 for disrupting the domestic rugby schedule but the Farah Palmer Cup final deserved more respect than what it got on Saturday. If the NZRU wants the rugby public to take the women’s game

with the same seriousness as the men’s game in the coming years then outcomes like this need to be avoided in the future. I’m sure the 15 Black Ferns would have rather played than sat on the sidelines. Finals must be against the best players, that’s the whole point, New Zealand Rugby dropped the ball and the game suffered as a result.

Johnsonville aim to add more silverware this season

The Johnsonville premier cricket team are aiming for more success this coming season.

The Johnsonville premier cricket team will be in unfamiliar territory this year as they become the measuring stick in club cricket this season. Johnsonville won the coveted two-day Pearce Cup competition last year and made the final of the 50-over competiton. Captain Raki Weerasundara says the team has a settled feel to it with the vast majority of players returning. Johnsonville has signed former Otago Volts contracted player Nathan Smith for the season. The 23-year-old quick bowler is a former New Zealand A player and his availability for Johnsonville looks set to be limited as his Wellington duties take priority but Weerasundara is thrilled to have him around the team. “It’s great for the club as a

whole and he will be someone for the juniors to look up to. “He’s young but mature and he’ll pass on any tips and tricks.” “It’s good to have him for when he is available but not much has changed from last season. Middle-order batsman Hareen Silva is moving to Australia but that is on hold due to the pandemic so he is available until the move can happen. Veteran Hayden Smith is taking time away from the game. Rising star Devan Vishvaka is based in Wellington this summer after studying in Auckland last summer and flying to Wellington each weekend. Raki says the team is aware they can no longer fly under the radar.

“We’ve talked about it and people will come at us pretty hard so we just need to focus on what we can control come game-time.” He says having a settled squad was the key to the success last season and he hoped it would continue this year. The season starts with the twenty20 competition on artificial pitches on October 23. The squad has already had a preseason tournament in Napier. “We lacked a bit of consistency because we have the guys who can really perform so if we can perform as a unit, particularly with the batting then we will be in good shape. “The T20 competition is a good way to blow out the rust and will hopefully help us when we get onto the grass pitches for the start of the one-day competition.

James Preston backs Athletics NZ campaign National senior men’s 800m champion James Preston insists the rich variety of events in track and field is a major reason why tamariki should join their local athletics club this summer. Speaking as part of the Athletics NZ Athletics for Every Body campaign, the 24-year-old Wellington Scottish athlete says he would not hesitate in recommending athletics as a sporting option. The Athletics for Every Body campaign is encouraging Kiwi kids to give athletics a go – a sport which can be embraced by everyone regardless of their ability, size, shape or height. “There are many reasons why youngsters should join their local club from the wide range

of different event groups on offer combined with the competitive head-to-head nature of the sport,” explains James. “For me personally, I always liked the shorter events as a youngster and I was not a fan of the distance events. But because of the variety of disciplines within the sport I was able to change and try different events as I got older.” James first started athletics at the age of eight with Karori Amateur Athletics Club. It was here he was given an opportunity to try a wide range of events before later committing to athletics as a middle-distance runner from the age of 18. He quickly excelled, winning national U20 titles and in 2016

set a national U20 record at the World U20 Championships in Poland. This season the tall middle-distance runner has enjoyed his best year to date, claiming a maiden national senior 800m title and posting an 800m PB of 1:46.52 on the Gold Coast to climb into the all-time New Zealand top ten. In the future, James hopes to achieve even more in his career and he fully acknowledges what the sport has given him. “Competition has enabled me to travel and see the world. “Meanwhile, besides studying towards a career in construction project management, my athletics career has allowed me to develop a different set of skills.”

James Preston competing at the 2021 Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings. Photo: Alisha Lovrich.


Thursday October 14, 2021



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