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The class of 2011 said goodbye to Hall Mead in style on Tuesday 28th June at Stockbrook Manor. It was a great evening with everyone joining in the dancing and celebrations together. Mr Morgan and Mr Hughes took control of the dance floor with their silky moves and Mrs Parons was seen lurking at the chocolate fountain. All staff agree that this Year 11 were a lovely group of people and we look forward to a positive set of results in the summer. We wish them every success for the future and thank them for their valuable contribution to Hall Mead School.

This has been an exciting year for Hall Mead with our best ever GCSE results, excellence in the arts and sporting arenas and some fantastic community work but it was also a year tinged with sadness at the passing of Mr Smith. The world of education has seen some rapid and dramatic changes and we are all aware of the cuts in public sector funding. In order to meet these challenges in the most proactive and flexible way, Hall Mead will become an Academy from 1st August 2011. We hope that the new freedoms and autonomy this change will bring will enable us to make some exciting developments in school and best preserve our strong ethos. We eagerly await the next academic year which will of course feature all the excitement of London 2012 and the arrival of our new intake who were the successful entrants from over 900 applications! I wish you all an enjoyable summer and thank you for your continued support.

Simon London - Headteacher

Farewell to Mrs Lappin and Ms Fordham Two stalwarts of Hall Mead School will be heading off into retirement at the end of this academic year. Mrs Lappin has taught English at Hall Mead for 19 years, whilst Mrs Fordham has worked for 8 years teaching Maths in the school. Both teachers have legendary reputations and they have helped countless students achieve great results in their subjects. They have also done their bit in keeping Mr London on his toes!

Carol Lappin

We are immensely grateful for all they have done for the school and wish them both a long and happy retirement.

Head Boy ~ Head Girl After a rigorous and intense application and interview process, Cameron Gilmore and Esther Coppeard were appointed Head Boy and Girl respectively. In recognition of the high calibre of this year’s candidates we also nominated a Deputy Head Boy and Girl to which Jack Panteli and Rebecca White were appointed.


Ann Fordham

Saint Omer Trip Well it’s been a busy few weeks in the Languages Department! In late June we teamed up with the History Department and took 37 Year 7’s to St Omer in Northern France. We left early one Tuesday morning, travelling by ferry and then coach to Château d’Ebblinghem. We were lucky enough to be staying in the beautiful Le Manoir, nestled in the French countryside. Although we were all a little fatigued from our journey, we still managed to squeeze in a French lesson before dinner. The students were encouraged to use as much French as possible and to our delight we heard them asking for more water and bread in the language! Wednesday was our history day, so we travelled to Ypres in Belgium, to see an exhibition called In Flanders Fields at the Cloth Hall Museum. The students learnt about WWI and watched a number of harrowing films about the terrible injuries people received in battle. In order to bring some of the images to life, we then went to Hill 62, where we walked through some of the trenches and saw for ourselves just how terrible conditions really were. After the museum we visited a famous cemetery and we were all struck by how many people had died and how young they were. That night Mr Hales gave the students a history lesson and it was clear that everyone was moved by what they had seen and heard that day. To lighten the mood, Thursday was centred around food! We visited a chocolate factory and learnt about how it is transformed from cocoa beans to truffles. Naturally the students stocked up afterwards in the factory shop! We then travelled to Boulangerie Escoeuilles (a bakery), where we witnessed how bread is kneaded and then baked in the oven. The baker described a typical day and we were amazed by how little sleep he gets each night! He then gave each student a brioche to sample, which is a sweetened bread roll. Back at the château, everyone had the opportunity to try a snail in garlic butter with their dinner. Although some weren’t keen, Sophie Ingram managed to eat five! We were very impressed and she won a prize for being the most adventurous eater! All in all we had a fantastic trip and the students clearly enjoyed themselves. We are already organising a visit for next year.

BERLIN EXCHANGE Grüsse aus Berlin! We have just returned from an amazing week in Berlin:- Mrs. Warren, Mr. Clarkson and Mrs. Boulahlib and 10 students from years 7-9. We all had a great time! We spent 3 nights in a hotel with great facilities and 4 nights with our exchange partners from the Paulsen Gymnasium in Berlin. We really immersed ourselves in the history and culture of this fascinating city. We saw so many sights including the Brandenburg Gate and the Alexanderplatz. We did so much including visiting a chocolate shop, a science museum and the Checkpoint Charlie museum to explore the history of the wall and its impact on the city and we still managed to fit in lots of shopping! I also have to admit to eating one or two of the famous German sausages!! The experience of staying with German families was also very rewarding and many friendships were forged. Everyone made us feel very welcome. We are looking forward to them coming to England in September and returning the hospitality. Some quotes from the group:Jamie “I had the time of my life”. Matt “The chocolate shop was great” Rhianna “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime”. Neave “So happy that I went” Kieron “I thought the food was great”. Charlotte “I made loads of new friends” Grace “My family were really nice and made me very welcome” Esther “I was nervous to start with but the family soon made me feel welcome” And a final comment from Mr. Clarkson “Where’s George??” Mrs Warren


MORRIS MEN On Wednesday 4th May, Year 7 had a visit from the Mayflower Morris Men of Billericay, a Morris Group who have been going since 1973. At Hall Mead we do much work to help pupils become aware of the range of cultures in our country, including holding a Bollywood Day for Year 8 and celebrating Black History Month and Chinese New Year. This time, we decided to introduce pupils to an English tradition that goes back for hundreds of years; Morris Dancing, including the Mummers Play. The Mayflower Morris Men came in at the beginning of the day and pupils watched a comical performance of St George and the Dragon, followed by examples of the different dances performed all over the country. These included stick dances, sword dances and the one we are most familiar with, the handkerchief dances. As the performance went along, pupils were told how what they were seeing related to English history, culture and tradition. Following the main performance for the whole year group, a small group of pupils took part in a workshop where they were taught to do a stick dance and a sword dance (using wooden swords!). Sam Weir in 7CDK said, ‘It was a fun day learning the new dances and using the sticks. I had heard of Morris Dancing before but didn’t know much about it. I learnt that different villages had different dances and that many of them had died out.’ Clark Durrell, also of 7CDK, said, ‘I was surprised by the Mummers Play as I thought it would be like other plays that I had seen. Instead, it was much shorter and less serious. I found the dances quite hard to learn because there are lots of different steps and you have to be aware of what to do with the sticks and swords as well.’ If you would like to know more about the Mayflower Morris Men, or perhaps even join them, their website is Mr. J. Hales Head of Every Child Matters Faculty

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Closing the Generation Gap: Hall Mead Skills Swap On Thursday 16 th June, the generations came together to take part in Hall Mead’s first ‘Skills Swap’. This event, designed to increase understanding of each other amongst Upminster and Hornchurch’s older and younger residents, involved 12 service users from HOPWA House in Hornchurch visiting the school. For a few hours Hall Mead students shared their knowledge of computing and the Internet with our visitors. With the rise in what is known as ‘silver surfing’, the HOPWA House service users learnt the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of a variety of popular Internet sites. These included You Tube, Google, the BBC i Player and Facebook. Students and visitors worked well together, starting informally chatting over a cup of tea and biscuit, then moving on to business. Once enough had been learnt

for one day, everyone settled in to some entertainment. Music was provided by Jessica Herring, Hannah Wilton, Katie Harper, Charlie Kemp and Adam Wheeler. The visitors were also shown a dance routine by Miss Bailey’s Dance Group. The standard of performances was, as usual, high and the visitors remarked several times on how impressed they were. Jack Mullins in 7WMC said of the sessions, ‘It was a fun time, we were helping people learn more about the Internet and we got to learn about their lives. We challenged some of the visitors to a game of Wii Bowling and they were very good – they actually beat us and got a record. We would love to do it again.’ Stuart Robinson, manager of the Day Centre, said ‘Everyone has had such a great time.

Year 7 Humanities Castle Competition This year's entries for the Year 7 Castle Competition were undoubtedly the best yet! Over half of Year 7 decided to enter the optional competition to build a castle over the Easter break, which shows the enthusiasm and effort that our pupils at Hall Mead bring to their learning. Mr London was invited to judge, along with the rest of the Humanities department and there were 5 prizes awarded this year due to the high level of entries. Special mention must go to the winner, Neida Zelvyte (7Q) who spent two whole days making her castle out of polystyrene! A work of art!!!!!!


We have been trying to encourage more use of the Internet with our service users so this is an excellent introduction. The pupils have been so friendly and very welcoming. They have mixed in and been great ambassadors for the school. We can’t wait to do this again with the pupils coming to the centre next time.’ Havering has an increasingly older population and, in fact, there are more people over the age of 60 living here than people under the age of 16 and this is set to rise further. It is hoped that in the new school year, students from Hall Mead will travel to HOPWA House to share in the skills of the service users and build a strong bond between the generations. Mr J Hales Head of Every Child Matters Faculty

The Drama department would like to tell everyone that we've had a really successful visit from Roughshod Theatre company who came to deliver workshops at our school as part of Drama lessons making links with PSHE. Year 7 took part in workshops and watched short sketches on the topic of pressure and decision making.

The Drama department also had lots more fun with a workshop from a member of the cast of 'Wicked' coming to visit, a visit up to the bright lights of London to see the musical 'Billy Elliot' and a day trip for Year 9's who start GCSE Drama in September to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. They will be touring the theatre exhibition, having a performance workshop and a costume demonstration. We also recently visited Corbet's Tey school and ran a 'Circus Skills' workshop. We had a lovely day and hope to go back soon for some more workshops with the pupils.

They all had a great time and all took part 100%. Gifted and Talented Year 8 and those in Year 9 who are taking GCSE Drama next year also took part in a longer 2 hour workshop on the topic of power and status. The performers were excellent and the pupils said that they found them entertaining and great fun to work with. Year 10 recently went to London to see the excellent production 'The 39 Steps' as part of their GCSE course. It was a great night out at a really funny show!

Adding to this are the up and coming auditions for next years school production 'The Sound of Music'. It's going to be an excellent show, so make sure that you audition to get your part!! Miss Garred and Mrs Lucas (Hall Mead School Drama Department)

It’s the Law


– written by Sarah Bradd GCSE Law has proved not to be the end for four of us in Year 11. George Barry, Amanda Lock, Mary Reed and myself (Sarah Bradd) have been selected out of 300 applicants, to enrol in the London School of Economics & UCL's ‘Pathways to Law’ programme. This amazing opportunity gives us a great chance to start on our path to become the lawyers of the future!

Congratulations to Matthew Bone, Thomas Walker and Tulsi Patel who won the Interschool Science Competition in June. The boys were selected to represent the school by the Science Department based on the enthusiasm they had shown for the subject. The competition was held at Sanders Draper School and the boys competed against seven other schools in the borough in a range of challenges. They worked incredibly well as a team and were a credit to Hall Mead. They were awarded prizes, certificates and an impressive trophy. Thanks to Mr Shaheed for his help in getting everyone to and from the competition. Miss Ibrahim

This course will support us as we continue our studies after Hall Mead, to help us achieve a better chance of pursuing a career in Law. The course provides us with guaranteed work experience in some of the top London Law firms, helps to develop our listening and debating skills and invites us to attend lectures at the universities during our A-Levels studies. Thanks to Miss Banning who has pushed us to succeed. We are all really excited for what this opportunity will bring!

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JACK PETCHEY AWARD WINNERS September 2010 – June 2011

Sept 2010 October November January 2011 February March April May June

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

James Riley 11CWL Daniel Parrott 11DS Jack Brien 11TL Jack Hurley 11DL Brooke Langton 11TL Katie Nicholls 10TIB Lewis Clarke 10CDC Katie Thornett 11DL Alexander Law 9CB

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Creating a website for Clickstart Creating a website for Clickstart Creating a website for Clickstart Contribution of IT support to others Support to another pupil with challenging needs Outstanding athlete and ambassador for Hall Mead at sporting events Support to orchestra and entire music department Ambassador for Hall Mead at numerous prestigious and musical events Outstanding athlete, great role model to school community

Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ Challenge – 9th June 2011 Congratulations to Esther Coppeard who took part in the Havering final of the ‘Speak Out’ Challenge, pictured with the Worshipful Mayor of Havering, Cllr Melvin Wallace and his wife Lady Mayoress. Esther was one of 18 students, from all secondary schools in Havering, who took part in the challenge run by the Speakers Trust charity with sponsorship for the Jack Petchey Foundation. Although Esther was not fortunate to get through to the national final, she delivered a powerful and emotive three minute speech about beauty, forcing the listener to consider their opinion of what beauty actually is. This was delivered in front of eight judges including Cllr Paul Rochford, Head of Childrens Services and Peter Stremes, Managing Director of Time FM. The scheme is now in its fifth year, promoting public speaking in schools and encouraging pupils to build skills in promoting themselves through the power of speech. Over 600 pupils take part in the initial training in school, with assemblies being used to narrow down to one school representative and reserve for the borough final. The ‘Speak Out’ challenge is currently the biggest public speaking event of its kind in the world – well done to Esther to making it to the borough final and performing to such a high standard. Miss Heinze


Reward Adventure Week During the bank holiday weekend at the end of April this year over 80 pupils from years 7-10, clad in their very stylish pink t-shirts, accompanied Mr Lewis and staff to the Isle of Wight, for the 2011 Reward Adventure Weekend. Pupils were only eligible to attend the trip if they fulfilled at least 2 out of 3 of the following criteria: Above 95% attendance, above average effort and/or representing the school or house in a sports or drama/music event. It was a brilliant weekend for all involved! Pupils took part in a wide range of activities: Climbing, Abseiling, Quad-Biking, Archery, Zip-Wire, Trapeze Jump, Tunnel Trail, Canoeing, Beach Games and the infamous ‘Matrix’/Quadbiking cleaning). Particular highlights included the extremely competitive games of ‘Capture the Flag’, although CERTAIN members of staff had some interesting interpretations of the rules.


end 2011 – Isle of Wight A particular highlight for Mr Maher was Mr Lewis stylishly attempting to jump through a moving hoop.... and failing! Our pupils were all excellent and did the school proud! We were even informed by PGL staff, that towards the end of the weekend, instructors were swapping shifts and fighting over who got to go with Hall Mead, because they enjoyed working with us so much! They’d never seen that before! Well done to all involved! Next year’s trip is already being planned! It ’ll be during the first weekend of June 2012. We’ve booked a PGL Site near Swindon called Liddington which is a new PGL centre in 150 acres of land on the site of a former 4* hotel! If you want to come, make sure you’re doing everything you can to meet the criteria!


PRIMARY MATHS QUIZ The maths challenge took place on the 1st July. Upminster Junior School came first, James Oglethorpe came second and Hacton Primary came third.

Work Experience During work experience fortnight the Learning Support Department ran an interesting and varied programme of activities for a small group of pupils. Ranging from organising, advertising and running a cake sale for Comic Relief (and baking the cakes of course!) to taking part in a training session with players and coaches from West Ham, the Year 10 students had the opportunity to utilise a range of talents and skills. They were also able to experience working in an office environment for St Francis Hospice and a firm of Chartered Surveyors which involved planning journeys and travelling by public transport.

OLYMPIC FLAG COMPETITION By Eleni Tsappis & Emily Sexton As the school’s “Adi-Stars”, we had to design a flag to represent our school in the Emerson Park School Sports Partnership Olympic competition. The prize was £200 for sports equipment in school. The aim of our design was to incorporate the Olympic logo but to unite different nations through the Olympic values. Although we did not win, our design received much praise.


SPORTS NEWS National School Sports Week ~ 27th June-1st July This year the week was designed to encourage pupils to achieve a personal best in an activity of their choice. Year 7 and 8 were given this opportunity and are working hard to achieve these. We also tried to give pupils the opportunity to take part in an Olympic sport which we don’t usually offer. We chose volleyball which was very popular with the pupils On Tuesday 28th June we held a fencing workshop here at school The pupils who took part thoroughly enjoyed the experience. On Friday 1st July six members of the Sports Leadership team held a mini Olympic Games with pupils from Corbets Tey School It was a fun and exciting day for all pupils

involved, and each achieved their Personal Best in one of the activities. Well done to all who took part in National School Sports Week 2011. We also have an opportunity to carry the Olympic Torch as part of the official Olympic Torch Relay. If you can spare two minutes to pledge your support to Hall Mead, please go to the following web address ( or go to the school website and pledge using the link on the home page. Thank you in advance for your support.

Olympic Athlete visits Hall Mead On the 7th June, Olympic Athlete, Rikki Fifton visited Hall Mead. He is a British Sprinter and hopeful for 2012. Rikki spent the afternoon with a select group of 20 Year 9 pupils, teaching them sprint starts, shot putt, long jump and relay. Rikki then addressed the whole of Year 9 in an assembly, where he explained how he became involved in athletics and the trials he has faced along the way. The pupils asked lots of interesting questions and had time at the end to take photographs and get autographs. It was a fantastic day and a real inspiration for all those that took part. We hope to see Rikki competing in the London 2012 games an wish him every success!! Miss Bailey


SPORTS NEWS Badminton And so … we come to the end of our fantastic, successful badminton season, culminating in our girls’ teams gaining four 1st places, one 2nd, two 3rd, one 5th and a place in the National Finals. The results are as follows: Yr 7 ~ 3 rd place Borough League Yr 8 ~ 5 th place Borough League Yr 9 ~ 2nd place Borough Championships 1st place Borough League Yr 10 ~ 1st place Borough Championships 1st place Borough League Yr 11 ~ 3rd place Borough Championships 1st place Borough League Congratulations to all the squads and we look forward to building on all these successes. However, I must end the season relating news of the U16 squad who achieved a first for Hall Mead and in fact any school in the borough and that was to win their way through to the national finals, held at Center Parcs, Nottingham on 3rd April 2011. The standard was extremely high naturally, including our girls, but they certainly had mountains to climb that day. The squad included KATIE NICHOLLS (CAPT & NO 1), PAIGE BEAUMONT (NO 2), HANNAH SCAMMELL, (NO 3) HANNAH COLE (NO 4) and MOLI GENG – who was injured and unable to play – but, on the day, played a vital role, as well as getting the team to the finals. The first match was unfortunately against last year’s champions, and although the opposition, Robert Mays School, won, our girls gave nothing away. Captain Katie Nicholls played the English No 3 singles player and made her fight for every point. Our next match vs Talbot Heath School was equally difficult with our poor captain playing the English No 1!! However, in each of the singles and doubles matches all our girls made their opponents win every point, nothing was given away. Our remaining two matches were much closer, with Hall Mead winning one singles and two doubles. All credit and praise must be allocated to Katie as captain and No 1 singles player, who had the most difficult job of all. She and all the girls gained respect from the opponents, and teams, including some nationally rated players. At the end of the day the girls achieved a fantastic 9th place in the whole of England. The girls and I would like to thank all family and friends who supported them and I hope, expect and look forward to further success next season. Thank you all. Miss Gidley


SPORTS NEWS Netball In March 2011 I received a Jack Petchey Award for my achievement in sport, (nominated by Mrs Morgan). I chose to buy a Netball kit for my team. We have been in the borough finals every year and won three out of the four times. I felt we deserved a reward for our hard work and effort over the years. Miss Bailey has also organised a tournament weekend away in Shropshire in September, where we can show off our smart new look. Once our team leave Hall Mead, the kit will pass down the ages which means it will benefit many future teams who will feel confident when representing our school. Katie Nicholls

Karate England Karate Federation ~ Four Nations Championships Tianee Harvey who is on the Cadet England Squad has been given not one but two accolades from the four nations championships held in Sheffield in June. This is the most important karate championship of the year within the professional karate calendar held over two days with the best fighters representing Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England. Tianee left Upminster at 6am and travelled up to Sheffield to get weighed in, she is normally in the minus 47 kgs category but due to growing several inches and putting on a few pounds, she had to go up to minus 54 kgs, a huge difference when it comes to fighting someone a lot heavier. However to the delight of her family and supporters she went on to win the category and claim a gold medal. By this time Tianee was on a roll, she then went into the open weight category meaning she had to fight any weight no mater how much bigger the opponent was. She also won this category making her BRITISH CHAMPION in minus 54 Kgs and also OPEN WEIGHT BRITISH CHAMPION OF 2011. Huge congratulations Tianee, Well done For those interested in training, Tianees parents hold kumite and fitness classes at Hall Mead on Fridays, find out more on

Football West Ham United Community Coach Visit In March four coaches from West Ham’s Community Coaching Scheme visited the school to work with different groups of pupils. The coaches were treated to lunch in the Learning Support department, where pupils prepared and served the food to our guests. During lunchtime the Year 7 football team, who were preparing for their Havering Cup final, met with the coaches who shared some advice and support during the training session. The Year 11s were the next group to benefit from working with the team of coaches. A group of boys and girls were taken through their paces working on practices to improve their skills and technique. The group were very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The coaches finished their visit by leading a talk with next year’s GCSE pupils about the different career opportunities available in the sport. The PE department would like to thank everyone who was involved for their effort and enthusiasm during the day. We would especially like to thank our visitors and hope to work with them again soon.


SPORTS NEWS Football Havering Schools Cup Final On the 24th May our Year 7 team were in the final against Marshalls Park at Hornchurch Stadium. Marshalls Park started the game very strongly and Hall Mead were under quite a bit of pressure for the first ten minutes but the defence were very well organised and Clark Durrell was very comfortable in the Hall Mead goal. As the game progressed our boys began to take control and were unlucky not to be leading at the half time interval. The second half saw Hall Mead turning the screw but just as the breakthrough looked inevitable Marshalls Park scored a goal on a breakaway totally against the run of play. The goal led to a period of sustained pressure by Marshalls Park and Hall Mead came close to conceding a second when a rasping shot cannoned off of the bar. As the game entered the final quarter Hall Mead once again took control and were close to an equaliser when a free kick on the edge of the box was headed off the line by the Marshalls Park left back. Hall Mead kept pushing forward and again went close when the Marshalls Park keeper was forced into a fine save pushing the ball around the post for a corner. This was almost the last action of the game which ended with Marshalls Park winning by one goal to nil. In spite of the defeat our boys put up a valiant effort and were a credit to the school. Hall Mead: Durrell, Barnes, Blakebrough, Davis, Quant, Ellis, Watters, Newson, Lakey, Weir, Ngo, Reilly, Johnson, Mullins Coach: J. Swan


SPORTS NEWS Hall Mead Sports Day Congratulations to all the pupils who competed in this year’s school sports day. There were some very impressive performances throughout the two days of competition and long standing school records were broken. Y9 Boys 80m Hurdles Y7 Boys 800m Y7 Boys 200m

- Alex Law, Chapman 10.81s - Ben Ellis, Talbot 2:26.13 mins - Ben Ellis, Talbot 25.65s

The winners of the relay cup were Chapman and the overall title this year went to Waltham. A special thank you must be given to all the staff helped to make this fantastic event run so smoothly and to all the spectators who cheered on their classmates.

Alex Law reaches new height On Sunday 26th June Alex Law represented Essex Schools at the East Anglia Regional combined events championships. As a team Essex came first and Alex won the individual pentathlon event with a new personal best score of 3029 points. Before the event Alex was already ranked No. 1 in the UK with his previous score of 2938 points which is the Essex County Record. His new score now ranks him as 17th on the UK all time list! He led the competition from start to finish in blustery conditions in Peterborough. Alex set 3 personal bests along the way. His results were very impressive: 80m Hurdles – 11.4 seconds ~ Shot Putt – 11.85 cm (PB) Long Jump – 6.32 cm ~ High Jump – 1.78 cm (PB) 800m – 2.22.4 (PB)

We are very proud of Alex’s achievements and wish him every success at the English Schools Championships in Gateshead and at Crystal Palace where he will be representing Havering at the London Youth Games.


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