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Welcome from the Headteacher

Spring Term 2012 – Issue 7

Dear Parents and Carers I hope you have had a happy and peaceful start to 2012. I cannot believe that we are fast approaching the exam season and many students in Year 11 have already been busy with early entry in Maths and English and resits in Science. Exams are very different to when you and I were at school and although the current government plans to change things, at present we have a system of almost continuous assessment throughout the year. That was why one of the most pleasing statistics in the recently released School Performance tables, apart from our best ever GCSE and A Level results, was the section on attendance and unauthorised absence. Student performance at school is closely linked to attendance figures and Cedars attendance is extremely high. Mr Steve Palmer Since the last newsletter, so much has happened at school, both in and out of lessons. Obviously the OFSTED inspection took place and as I said in my letter to you in December, it was a fair and balanced report. We are improving rapidly as a school and the team recognised that. We were very honest in our self -evaluation and have a very clear improvement plan. We have also launched our new website. It is a massive improvement upon the last website and I would encourage you to have a look and to feed back any suggestions for further improvements. Miss Carty has done a really great job on this. All of the new staff at the school have really settled in well and I do have some more welcomes to make - to Miss Bennett who is a new Learning Supervisor and to Mr Jones and Miss Cooper who have joined our Learning Support department. Mr Clough has joined the science team. Mrs Orneville has left us on maternity leave and her replacement is Mr McInerney. In every area of the school there have been enrichment activities: in English the Literary evening was a great success; we have had Drama groups in to work with Maths students; A respectful community that promotes equal there have been countless trips and visits, both of a opportunities for every individual to achieve sporting and non-sporting nature; we have students excellence, now and in the future. winning basketball, golf and go-karting tournaments, and so on. I could have easily recreated the Cedars scroll of honour that appeared on the front page of the last newsletter.



Know the difference between right and wrong Value everyone as an individual Promote equal chances for all Show respect, give respect, gain respect Help everyone to be the best they can be Live to learn, learn to live Work together to achieve common goals Be happy, safe and healthy

Can I also let you know that the Old Cedarians have had their final meeting. Over the years they have helped countless students with the financial cost of going to university and they have been a great friend to the school. We have also, as a staff, been examining our aims and values - which underpin all of the work that we do. These are detailed alongside with our vision statement. With best wishes Steven Palmer

English This academic year has seen many new and exciting developments in the English Department. Firstly, we held our inaugural Literary Evening in the Library, where teachers, students and parents gathered to hear favourite readings and some evocative music played by our talented music students. It was a very enjoyable and hugely successful evening. In terms of our extra-curricular clubs, the Debate Society under the auspices of Mrs Smith, goes from strength to strength. The Christmas Debate had Mr Palmer and Oliver Turner in Year 12, unsuccessfully arguing that ‘Father Christmas does not exist’ against a victorious Mrs Johnson, ably supported by Jack Robinson in Year 10. In February, our Year 10s held the ‘Great Valentine’s Debate’, debating whether or not true love was real and this time the teams were the girls vs the boys!! The Film and Creative Writing clubs are both popular and running well - a true testament to Miss Whalley and Mr Gould’s enthusiasm! The Gifted and Talented Literary Club have voted to read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ in addition to their set text, thereby really proving their love of literature. We look forward to the rest of the year with relish! Mrs M Morris Team Leader for English

Maths News Year 12 & 13 Maths Leaders: There are 24 sixth form students who have been working towards their “Maths Leader Award” this year and are nearly at the end of their training. They have committed their own time to the training and have used their free lessons and lunchtimes to help out in maths classrooms giving individual support to students in the lower school. We are very grateful to Mr Manley for taking the students through their training and to have such a positive group of students who want to help others learn. The group task for the Maths Leaders will be to organise our annual Pi Day activities to be held on Wednesday 14  March 2012. (Pi Day falls on March 14th because = 3.14..... think about it!) There will be several games and activities around the school and in the maths block on that day involving the number pi.

Warming up the audience

In January, the ‘Living Learning’ theatre company performed at Cedars. We are very grateful to the Institute of Mathematics for supporting us in the running of this event. Their performance of ‘Love is in the Air’ was enjoyed by two full houses of Year 9 mathematicians. The carefully crafted script blended over 2000 years of mathematical history with quick mental calculations, a great deal of humour and a love story. The students had to solve various problems in order for the story to be completed. The actors took on a variety of roles with simple but effective voice and costume changes.

In the kebab shop - Kebablyon

“It was very funny” “It taught me bits of history” “Maths really is fun” “It made me laugh, especially when one person was playing two parts in the same scene” “I can work out the Fibonacci sequence” “You had to be quick on the mental maths questions to get points” “Some of the characters were very good especially Fabio” “I can now remember how to do Pythagoras”

The actors in full flow

Maths Joke: Q: How does a mathematician induce good behaviour in her children? A: `I’ve told you n times, I’ve told you n+1 times...’ Mrs D Adams Team Leader for Maths


Professional Instructor Student Rates Discounts on block booking Assistance with theory test Pass Plus Registered For further information phone

Alan on 01525 373155 2

Creative Arts Drama The New Year started off with some great practical work on Thursday 5 January when a visiting theatre company, Scene Productions came in to run a two hour workshop on Berkoff’s ‘Metamorphosis’. The students involved were mostly Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students who are studying this challenging text and theatre style for part of their AS course. They were joined by several of our gifted and talented Year 10 students who threw themselves in (literally at times!) with great vigour. Well done to all involved for a fantastic afternoon’s work. We are hoping to arrange a trip to see Scene Production’s own adaptation of the Kafka classic in March. Speak to Miss Howse or Mrs Shapter Wheeler for more details. This will be aimed at Year 10 and Year 12 Drama students. It was a real pleasure to see our students working together so positively and supportively, encouraging one another with maturity and enthusiasm. On the first of February all the sixth form Drama and Theatre Studies students gathered for a truly inspiring piece of theatre at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London. We saw ‘Love Song’ by Abbie Morgan which was adapted and directed by the renowned physical theatre company Frantic Assembly. The story follows a couple from the beginnings to the end of their relationship and questions the nature of time and legacy. The audience are treated to a feast of filmic images through the use of projection and sound with the memories of the couple literally dancing about the stage. There was a split of opinion which led to much healthy and interesting discussion on the long train journey home about what it all meant and why some were leaving sobbing and others left cold. For more details ask our sixth form Drama students to show you their filmed interviews - before and after the play! Let’s just say I will be interested to read the coursework following this trip; we have a few hard hearts and a few real softees amongst the Drama sixth form ‘family’ this year! Hopefully, many of you will have seen our school musical ‘Disco Inferno’. The production rehearsal had some challenges with changes of cast and with my period of ill health in January, much of the final direction, as well as all of the choreography, has been down to our excellent new colleague Miss Howse. Miss Howse and Miss Pattinson have worked incredibly hard and pulled off a brilliant show. I am proud to be part of a great Creative Arts team who are so dedicated, giving up so much of their free time to offer these extra curricular opportunities to our students.

Reviews: ‘like love itself, Lovesong can take your breath away’ The Observer “...only the hard of heart will remain unmoved” The Guardian

Many thanks also to the wider staff, in particular Mrs Lock, Mrs Newcombe , Mrs Dowden and CSA parents who support with administration, publicity, costume and props. Without our wider school community, these events would not be the success they are.

GCSE Drama The final hurdle is now approaching! The date for the practical exam is March 20 and students are in the process of polishing their excerpts for performance. Parents, carers and friends will be invited to attend open dress rehearsals; the dates for these are to be arranged but those involved will be bringing a letter home with the details for this. Once the exam is over, that is 100% of Drama GCSE done and dusted! All Drama lessons following this date will be used for revision for other subjects.

AS Drama and Theatre Studies The first part of the performance exams took place on February 29, which was for the Drama class only. Parents, carers and friends are invited to the performance of the student group pieces. These are to take place on May 9 at 6.45pm in the Raven Theatre. There will be three group performances covering a wide variety of theatre styles and genres: Jim Cartwright’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’, Lorca’s ‘Yerma’ and Charlotte Keatley’s ‘My Mother Said I Never Should’.


Creative Arts - continued We have some very talented young people in Year 12, so please come along to support us. It’s a free night out at the theatre! Each group performs an excerpt but, as it is an exam, we have to leave time in-between each performance for the examiner to mark. The evening is likely to finish at 9.30pm. We look forward to seeing you. Students who are studying GCSE Drama should come along, particularly if they are interested in taking Drama and Theatre Studies for A level. It would also be great to have English Literature students supporting (and the Spanish students too!), however all are welcome. Good luck to everyone with exams coming up. Remember we are here to support you, with extra rehearsals or extra essay questions. You know where to find us! Mrs H Shapter Wheeler Team Leader for Creative Arts

DISCO INFERNO From 9 - 11 February 2012 students from across all years took part in the school’s production of Disco Inferno. The story told of a young man working in a nightclub who was tempted by the devil’s worker - Lady Marmalade - to sign his soul away. In exchange he would become rich and famous, however as with all stories, the happy ending was not to come from this. The show went down a storm with fantastic performances from all involved including Ollie Axon, a Year 12 student taking the lead role. Audiences found themselves in stitches at the sight of a camper than camp Harvey Eldridge of Year 10 playing the promoter Nick Diablo and Oli Hutton of Year 13 strutting his stuff in a skin tight top, mini skirt and high heels as the lovely Lily! The drama, the singing and the band were superb; it was truly a celebration of 70’s Music with even a guest appearance from Jimmy Saville who looked mysteriously like Abi Woods in Year 10... Each night saw the audience say it was the best show we had done, with many audience members from the Thursday and Friday nights returning for more. This was a particularly team building show with the teachers and students joining together in order to put it on stage. We would really like to thank both Elethea Haesler and George Soave for their leadership and help. Miss S Howse, Miss S Pattinson, Mr A Williams and Mrs H Shapter-Wheeler

Music Young Drummer of the Year 2012 On February 5 this year, a truly dapper looking Mikey Ciancio competed in the Young Drummer of the Year in Leamington Spa. Mikey performed a solo improvised piece, created a drum track to a piece he was sent two weeks before and the final performance was an ensemble piece that he only heard three times before performing with the band. He was outstanding and clearly the winner on the day although the judges were foolish and didn’t agree! It was a tight finish and he was only beaten by a hair’s breadth and was told so by the judges after. Have a look at Mikey’s Youtube account “mikeycianciorocks” to see just how good he is!

Kev Field ADI Driving Instructor Using the unique LDC system of teaching.

Your local specialist school uniform shop


1, 11/2 and 2 hour lessons available.


Beaver, Cub, Scout, Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Uniforms Dancewear, Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes and Jazz Shoes Telephone Orders: 01525 373030 Mail Orders & Shop: 63 North Street, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1EQ On-line Orders:

Discounts when courses booked. Mobile No: 0750 777 2822

Shop opening hours: Monday 9am-5pm; Tuesday 1pm-5pm; Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday closed all day; Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday 10am-4.30pm We accept VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, DELTA, SWITCH AND SOLO


Music - continued Milton Keynes Young Musician of the Year Iona Manley in Year 12 reached the final of the Young Musician of the Year for the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes area and competed on Wednesday 22 February. She beautifully performed the 1st movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto, one of the most famous (and challenging) works in the classical music world. She played with grace and poise, a truly mature performance - a level of playing that is beyond her years.

Ego Trip Ego Trip are made up of Ollie Smith, Mikey Ciancio, Courtney Askew-Conti in Year 12 and an ex-student called Adam Murphy. They have received much attention in the short span they have been formed - including a BBC Three Counties Radio interview, an increasing fan base and extensive gigs. They recently performed at the Launchpad gig in Slapton, a new venue for upcoming talent and have recently been interviewed on BBC Three Counties and Diverse FM. Their EP is out soon, buy it from iTunes and go to a gig! Miss S Pattinson Team Leader for Music

Seville 2012 Our group of forty Year 11s and five teachers set off from Cedars at 4.30am on Thursday, 9 February in a temperature of -8ºC. Nine hours later we were in the centre of Seville, basking in the sunshine and a temperature of 19 ºC. We didn’t see a single cloud for the next five days! On our first full day we visited the old Moorish city of Córdoba. Some students used our visit to the Mezquita to take photos to use in their GCSE Art coursework on the topic of ‘Extraordinary’. Mrs Quick had given out her ‘Quick’s Food Challenge’ with a list of forty typical Spanish foods for the students to try out during their stay and many made inroads into this whilst we were in Córdoba, as it has so many fantastic ‘tapas’ bars in its narrow, white-washed streets. On Saturday we stayed in Seville. The students enjoyed some free time before we met up to visit the bullring museum. They now have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of bullfighting possibly more detailed than some of them wanted! As they had done an awful lot of walking we treated them to a tram ride back to the bus station. The next day we headed off to the coast, stopping off en route to try ‘churros’ dipped in hot chocolate. After a tour of the old, walled city of Cádiz in the morning, we then spent the afternoon on the beach for a spot of R & R.


Seville 2012 - continued As this was very much a study visit we encouraged the students to consider the environmental problems of the region and what solutions have been or should be put in place. Each evening they had a two-hour ‘lesson’ during which they wrote presentations on the city they had visited that day as part of their preparation for their forthcoming Controlled Assessment on the environment. Despite being one of the noisiest groups we have ever taken, they were delightful company and threw themselves into all the activities on offer. They were a credit to Cedars and to their parents and carers. In case you were wondering, the winners of ‘Quick’s Food Challenge’ were those well-known local gourmands Greg ‘Goyo’ Gilmour and Josh ‘José’ Morgan! Mrs Lock Team Leader for Modern Foreign Languages

Berlin Study Visit It was my privilege to accompany 20 students to Germany’s capital during half term for what is now an annual event. We left school at 04.00, flew Easyjet to Berlin Schoenefeld airport and were taken by coach transfer to our hotel, part of the excellent ‘Meininger’ chain, located within walking distance of the landmark TV tower in former East Germany. For the duration of our 5 day stay we travelled on the U-bahn system and, (ignoring sub-zero temperatures) managed to see most of what German has to offer: the Reichstag, the Jewish memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and Potsdamer Platz. We also took the opportunity to travel to Oranienburg, site of the infamous Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. I hope that particular day was both thought-provoking and educative. I trust that all students enjoyed the venture. Their behaviour was at all times exemplary. I was particularly impressed by everybody’s willingness to converse in German, both with each other and with native Berliners. I am indebted to my two lovely colleagues Ms A Pionchon and Mrs C Hopkinson who accompanied us (once more) on the trip. Berlin has something for everybody, yet most particularly for serious students of German as well the 20th century historian Mr Whalley Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Design and Technology New Department Logo Following our annual Year 9 logo competition, we are proud to announce this year’s winner is Esmé Beaumont of tutor group M1. Here is her logo design. Watch out for it over 2012 as we will use it on correspondence and literature. Well done Esmé!

Coursework Deadlines

GCSE Subjects


Graphic Products

29 March

Resistant Materials

29 March

Systems and Control

29 March

Did you see us the LBO?

Textiles Technology

30 March

Food Technology

28 March


23 March

Health and Social Care

29 March

A-Level Subjects



30 March

Yr12 Product Design

29 March

Yr13 Product Design

16 March

On Tuesday 24 January we featured in the schools’ section of the Leighton Buzzard Observer showing off our exciting and much loved new Year 9 project: Bloodhound SSC. The project gets teams of students designing and making CO2 powered racing cars and competing on grounds of engineering, speed, quality and innovation. The LBO came down to witness race day for class 9g2 where a representative of the Bloodhound land speed record project also visited and spoke with the class about opportunities in engineering. In the next newsletter we hope to be telling you about how our work is being viewed globally on the Bloodhound website!

This is the crucial time of year in which our KS4 courses see major coursework projects come to an end. The table below indicates present deadlines for subjects affected by coursework; please support your child by keeping them aware of the importance of timescales.

Rexam Beverage Cans We continue to seek the involvement of industry and last term we made important links with Rexam who manufacture aluminium drinking cans in Milton Keynes. Our Year 11 Industrial Technology students went on a factory tour to see mass production close up and learn about a major world organisation. As well as providing opportunities for our engineering students to visit this impressive facility, Rexam are also looking to set up an apprenticeship programme where our best engineers could be offered places on Rexam’s renowned apprenticeship scheme. This is an outstanding development and one we are very proud of. We will update you on our progress in the next newsletter! Rexam are also keen on developing our curriculum and assessing scope for possible investment into our infrastructure.


Design and Technology - continued Design and Technology Sponsorship Drive 2012 Last year we made huge efforts to raise funds for the department; funds that are badly needed to upgrade and replace old machinery with modern and efficient equipment like laser cutters. The economic climate was not conducive to gaining financial assistance, although we did establish some vital links that will help us improve the quality of our coursework projects. In 2012 we will continue to seek funding and help and in recent weeks we have secured donations from Pledge chairs in Leighton Buzzard and from academy funding through the school. Pledge has given us £500 towards our laser cutter which, along with internal funding, puts us very close to our goal of £11,000. We’d like to thank Pledge for their kind donation!

Think Packaging UK Design Competition 2012 Just before Christmas we were delighted and privileged to welcome Matthew Bogust, owner and Creative Director of the international packaging design company Think Packaging. Matthew was in the UK for 4 weeks and was interested in linking with a school to promote his company and to encourage the next generation of paper engineers and graphic designers. Having been aware of our impressive links with industry, Think Packaging approached us with the opportunity to run a design competition for our Year 10 Graphics students. Some 40 students took part in a challenge to apply graphic detail to a cracker packaging net, the best design work would be photographed and would appear on the popular and international web site. The work was judged over the holidays and Matthew commended the quality of the work submitted. The winner was Charlotte Swann, whose work stood out as being artistic as well as clearly communicating the product to a specific consumer. Her work is pictured here. Photos from the event, of our students and their work can be found on the website: Thanks to Matthew for his involvement with Cedars!

New BTEC in Fashion & Clothing to launch in 2012 The A-Level Textiles course will no longer be offered at KS5. Instead Miss Ford, our textiles teacher, has been working on an alternative course with much greater emphasis on practical assessment. We will be offering the BTEC in Fashion and Clothing from September 2012, as a direct equivalent to A-Levels. It puts greater emphasis on design, creativity and practical expressionism and is likely to be a popular addition to our curriculum. Please speak to Miss Ford if you’d like to know more about the course and how to join us in future.

The Engineering Education Scheme In the last newsletter we told you about our pilot launch of the EES, a team project with industry to promote engineering and advance the skills and interests of those pursuing careers in this vast and essential component of the UK economy. Over the past few months our team of four Year 13 students has been working on a fantastic solution to holding and stowing iPads on business seats in large passenger aircraft. The team are now embarking on the production phase of the project ahead of the Celebration and Assessment Day in late April. If this project proves successful we will be looking to continue it next year. Thanks to BE Aerospace for their continued support on this project and to the department as a whole. Mr P Simmonds Team Leader for Design & Technology


Young Enterprise The Young Enterprise year continues with the students in both groups working hard and learning lots of new skills whilst building their businesses. At the Trade Fair at Milton Keynes on 19 February they competed for customers with 90 other Young Enterprise teams from Beds, Bucks, Herts and Oxfordshire. This is always an exciting event and one at which the opportunities to learn from what others are doing are innumerable. The members of Spark are busy every lunchtime in the Textiles room, customising hoodies for various school trips, clubs and personal customers. I have purchased two hoodies myself for a special family occasion which is coming up shortly. Quantum Feito has decided to promote events and produce dvds/cds to commemorate them. They are currently pitching their ideas to the Prom Committee at school as well as various other event organisers in the local area. All of the students involved have developed many skills and have a much more realistic idea of what the world of business is all about. Mrs A Newcombe Link Teacher

Spark Spark would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our great team, consisting of Matt Masters and Becca White, our Managing Directors. Katie Tiltman, Emily Glass, Zoe Hillmer, Matt Barton, Emily O’Riley, Amy Jest, Stephen Fuller, Megan Douthwaite, Ben Butler and Jess Herbert, have all specialised in their own departments to bring Spark together. We have had many bright ideas but decided to raise money for our final idea through selling handmade wooden ornaments which managed to sell really well around Christmas time, at Christmas fairs and trade fairs. We now specialise in personalised hoodies, which we are offering to students and teachers going on school trips, as well as for clubs and events. For £20 we offer a choice of colours and sizes with your choice of name on the back and in small font, the club/trip name and date on the front. We have recently finished the orders for the Seville trip 2012, and are now currently working on the Madrid trip orders, which we are still taking! So if you are interested ask one of the members of Spark mentioned above. We are also offering personalisation for people or clubs who already have hoodies or other items of clothing; we are currently working with the cadets to personalise their hoodies for just £5! We hope our company will make it through the area finals where we will have to present our idea, almost like the well known TV show Dragon’s Den! This has been a great experience so far, learning how to manage a company and how to make personalised hoodies! We will be offering these services for the next year and hopefully we will keep running after Young Enterprise has finished! If anyone has any other queries you are welcome to ask one of our team members! Zoe Hillmer Marketing Director - Spark

Quantum Feito Quantum Feito is made up of 15 group members and we are one of the two Cedars Upper School Young Enterprise teams. When we first came together we each contributed £10 for shares and discussed ways in which we could raise money to get our main business up and running. We had to register our company and make sure that we were properly insured.





• Office in Bell Alley open 24 hours at the weekend

10 cars - 20 drivers

• Wheelchair friendly • 4, 6, 8 seaters available • Standard rates • All cars and drivers are fully insured • Even though we specialise in airport, station, corporate contracts and school runs, we have cars available for all occasions

15 Bell Alley, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1DG • 01525 450450 9

Young Enterprise - continued We raised this money by going to a number of school Christmas fairs, where we provided a variety of products for example, personalised baubles. Now that we have raised the money to start our business we have decided that our future plans are to provide both a service and product. We will be organising music events for the public; the target age is between 16-25 years and this will be an ideal opportunity for up and coming bands to show off their talent. Another product is to provide a dvd for people that attend their school prom, showing highlights of the evening with the added opportunity to be able to record personal messages to share with the rest of their guests. We have started contacting schools and already have one interested in our product. As a team we all feel that this opportunity of being part of the Young Enterprise scheme is a great way to get an insight to the business environment. It has helped us be independent but also work well within a team. Alicia Padilla Allen Company Secretary - Quantum Feito

Library & Resources Centre What’s been happening? We have just completed our Year 9 induction process which started back in September with a general introduction to the Library and what we offer to students at Cedars. Following that we explored the exciting world of fiction and have just finished a series of four sessions on research skills. The students are now just putting the finishing touches to a piece of independent research on an aspect of nineteenth century Britain whereby they can demonstrate the skills they have learned in these sessions. You would think that by now Year 9 students would be fed up with lessons in the Library, however, one group pleaded with their English teacher to bring them back as they enjoyed it so much!

And what are we planning? The Library will now be open for the whole of the lunch break on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can offer students a pleasant working area where they are welcome to use the Library facilities to read quietly, do their homework, use the computers or, on Wednesdays, take part in our Games Club. We will continue to close on Mondays and Fridays between 1.35pm and 2.00pm. Mrs A Woolfson, Mrs M Perrot & Mrs E Corbett


PE Department News Cedars sports teams have been training hard and performing extremely well since Christmas, continuing their success from the start of the year. We have had tons of success recently, demonstrating just how much talent Cedars students have. Over the last few weeks we have entered many tournaments and events.

Cedars Sporting Achievements Cross Country The South Beds Cross Country Championships were held at Cedars on Thursday 26 January where 34 Cedars students competed. The outstanding performances on the day were: Amalia Edwards 1st and Adeya Edwards 2nd in the Junior Girls and Katy Casterton 3rd in the Inter girls competitions. Cedars Junior Girls, Inter Girls and Inter Boys all won the team event. The Bedfordshire Schools Cross Country Championships took place on Wednesday 8 February in the snow. Fourteen Cedars students qualified and competed across all of the age groups. The outstanding performances on the day were: Amalia Edwards 2nd and Adeya Edwards 4th in the Junior girls, Louise Lightfoot 4th in the Senior girls, Jordan Clay 7th in the Inter boys and Billy Mead 6th and Stephen Fuller 9th in the Senior boys competitions. All of the mentioned students have been selected for the Bedfordshire team to compete at the English Schools Championships in Somerset on March 17. This is a huge achievement.

Y9 Boys Basketball District winners and 2nd place in the County Finals

Indoor Girls Hockey 2nd in the U15 County Indoor Hockey Tournament hosted by Cedars on Tuesday 21 February

Y9 Girls Netball Winners of the U14 District Netball Tournament hosted by Cedars on Wednesday 22 February U14 Netball Team

Y9 Girls Hockey Winners of the U14 District Hockey Tournament host by Cedars on Monday 27 February

Y9 and Y10 Girls Football Winners of the District Football Tournament at Vandyke on Tuesday 28 February

Y10 Netball 2nd in the U15 District Netball Tournament hosted by Cedars Wednesday 29 February

Y11, 12, 13 Girls Football 5th in the U18 District Football Tournament at Vandyke on Wednesday 29 February

U16 Boys Dodgeball

U15 Netball Team

The Cedars U16 Dodgeball team represented the District at the Schools Winter Games in Bedford on Thursday 1 March. After closely fought games Cedars came 3rd, an excellent achievement.

Press Officer Competition Jenny Curtis won the Young Press Officers competition prior to the Bedfordshire Winter Games and represented the county at the event where she was required to take photos and write a report on the day. This report will be published in the local paper. Huge congratulations and well done to all students. Mrs H Douglas, Mrs N Dunning, Miss C Walker, Mrs M Cullen, Mr J Bishop, Miss S Carrington and Mr T Stonehouse


U16 Boys Dodgeball Team

House News - Hosted by Orinoco House We have decided to change the format of our newsletter input so each time only one of the Heads of House will write a piece. They said it would be in alphabetical order so I confidently agreed to this plan assuming that Mrs Calloway would be first as Head of Danube. However, I find myself in the frame as Head of Orinoco with a surname starting with B. Well you know what they say about assumptions. We decided we would bring you details of which tutor groups across the school have noteworthy achievements and each time we will focus on who has the best record for attendance, achievement points and the fewest number of lates recorded. These are all things along with competition results which we count in the House Shield competition. I am very proud of the fact that Orinoco has won the house shield twice out of the three times it has been awarded but I know the other houses will give us a good run for our money. I would like to welcome Mrs Dunning who has taken over as Head of House of Zambezi. Her feet haven’t quite touched the ground since, but I am sure she will make a real success of the job and Orinoco benefits from having Miss McIntosh come to us as a tutor. Figures from September 1 - 27 January Attendance

Achievement points


Friday Challenge


O9 - 97.4%

M5 - 606

L9 - 40

D9 - 77


O1,O4,O12,M3 and M4 all have 96.5% attendance

M8 - 578

M3 - 50

L9 and M8 are both on 76

M6 - 555

L1 - 53


O2 - 546

Z11 - 58


L4 - 543

O8 - 60




Best House Overall


D7, D8, L10 and O12 are all on 72


Still, there is a long way to the next house cup which will include our Sports Day/Challenge day again this year. This will be on July 13th and we are just starting to plan and look at how we can incorporate an Olympic theme. I am very excited about the range of activities offered by staff this year including sailing. Uniform is a perennial issue for Heads of House and this year we purchased lots of uniform for students to change into when they were not wearing the correct clothing. Despite this being purchased from the famous fashion houses of George and F and F, many students have failed to return them after use. In future we will therefore require students to sign for an item. If the item is not returned within a week we will send out a reminder letter and will not lend anything further. Clearly if then a student chooses to come in incorrect uniform without a valid explanation they will be given an isolation. We will also text a reminder. If the item is not returned we will send you a bill. On the other hand if you do have any items of spare uniform which we can use, we would be really grateful to add them to our stocks. They can be handed in at reception. Our Year 12s have home study now but they will only retain this if they ensure that their attendance stays above 90% and that they have a good punctuality record. We also check their academic progress. I know how disappointed they are if I remove the privilege of home study so it’s worth them keeping track of and avoiding any issues. Ms S Berrisford Head of Orinoco House

Danube House News


We would like to congratulate Busra Okatan for being the first person in Danube to achieve Gold by earning 60 achievement points. Also Brandon Weirs for raising so much money for Help Week all by himself. We have lots of fantastic students in Danube who do lots of splendid things but these two deserve to be singled out on this occasion. Well done to you both. Also does anyone have a fish tank that they would like to donate/ loan/sell to the Danube office as we would like to have some House fish!!! Mrs A Calloway Head of Danube House

Please mention this publication when contacting the Advertisers. It is through their generous and continued support that this Magazine is brought to you at no cost to Cedars Upper School. We hope you will support these local businesses in appreciation of their commitment to the School.

Tel: 01480 455123 12

Lena House News Congratulations to Lena students for having the best overall record for behaviour. We are particularly proud of Harriet Day - L4 - who is the first Lena Student to achieve 60 achievement points and receive a Gold Certificate. The following students received awards in December for achieving the most achievement points at the end of the Autumn Term: Dan Thompson - L8 - 1st Place

Harriet Day - L4 - 2nd Place

Elleanor Beach - L7 - 3rd place

Well done to L4 for achieving the most achievement points in the term. L11 were the Lena winners of the weekly quiz - well done to them. We also want to congratulate Buana Ball who has raised nearly £300 for our Help Week charities with a sponsored bike ride. This term Mr Clough is the new joint tutor for L2. Welcome to the team Mr Clough! Ms H Rowe Head of Lena House

Murray House News Murray House students seem to excel at gaining house and achievement points. At the time of writing, we are the top house with a total of 5,058. Every single Murray student has gained at least one point. We have 119 students who have received certificates, including four Gold for 60 + points (see photo), 29 Silver and 82 Bronze. Our Year 12 and 13 students are included in these figures but recognition is also due for their achievement coming in first place with the house in second place some 250 points behind! During Help Week Murray students raised the most money out of all the houses - a fantastic £391.93. We sold glow stick products and organised a coin trail. This involved students bringing in coins of a value of 10p or less. The coins were laid out by the students on the court lines in the sports hall. Mr Cross with M1 raised the most money and Mr Westoby with M5 had the longest trail. Counting the money was a challenge but in the end £173.20 was banked. We also found 38 coins from various countries including Malaysia, Switzerland and Canada! Miss T Franks Head of Murray House

Zambezi News I have enjoyed my first few weeks as Head of House for Zambezi meeting students and parents. Please see our contact details on the new web site if you have any issues. Well done to Z6 who were the first winners of the Zambezi Weekly Cup. Congratulations to Jacob Turley who has been selected to attend the High Performance LTA Tennis Academy and Steven Moffat who has qualified for Regional Finals in the British Schools Karting Championships. Also many congratulations to Zoe Hillmer of Z8 for winning the club competition for the Ribi & Rotary competition for Young Photographer. The theme was Olympic sport for which Zoe won the Club and Regional sections. She will now be put forward for the Nationals and we wish her all the very best along with our other students. Mrs N Dunning Head of Zambezi House The following students have been selected to play football by the Luton Academy coaches. Well done everyone.


Ewan Blakely

Nick Walton

George Fidczuk

Zack Crossingham

Alfie Bolden

Will Mullar Key

Jack Gammage

Joe Gillions

Nick Taylor

Brian Chimani

Gianni Cardinale

James Harman

Daitan Thomas

George Zammit

Joe Brinded

Yussef Mohamed

Luke Robinson

Robbie James

George Zammit

Equestrian On Valentines Day, 14th February, Quinton House School hosted the Inter-Schools Showjumping competition at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre. In a hotly contested class of over 100 entrants, Cedars Upper School’s Equestrian Team consisting of Ashlie Powell (Year 10), Olivia Jonas (Year 10), Madeleine Paddock (Year 9) and Kayleigh Pottage(Year 9) took the coveted 1st place in the team placings. All four students rode beautiful double clears over a course of 12 jumps and exceptionally fast jump offs over a course of 5 jumps: Ashlie in 24 seconds, Olivia in 27 seconds, Madeleine in 29 seconds and Kayleigh in 36 seconds. Ashlie Powell also took 3rd place in the individual placings in the 80cm class and 2nd place in the 90cm class. Team Manager, Claire Powell, said “All of the girls rode beautifully over a technically challenging course. This was Madeleine’s and Kayleigh’s first event with the Cedars Equestrian team and both rose to the challenge. All of the girls rode to a high standard in a very competitive class. I also have to give a special mention to Year 11 Cedars student, Eleanor Whitman, who did not have a very successful day but showed brilliant team spirit and rode with great determination and was always smiling. As always I would like to thank the parents who gave their time to help the team on the day, as without them we could not do this” Mrs C Powell Team Co-ordinator

Home Start Home-Start , the family support charity, are looking for caring local parents and grandparents to join their organisation. Home-Start volunteers spare just a couple of hours a week to offer practical support and friendship to families with young children who are going through a difficult time. In today’s society where families are often spread around the country there isn’t the same support network that there was years ago. We recognise that neighbours count and everybody needs a friend. What do Home-Start volunteers get back? If our volunteers are to be believed, then far more than they put in. Our volunteers talk about the personal satisfaction they get from supporting other parents. Many say what a big boost volunteering has given to their self esteem and confidence. Increasingly we find that volunteering for Home-Start enables people to get a foot on the career ladder particularly in jobs in health and social care. The course is accredited by the Open College Network and is informal, fun and informative. Training is free and all expenses while supporting families are paid for. For more information ring 01525 374656 or email Website:


For more information or to book an appointment go to Dear Parents/Carers

RE: Free cardiac testing for any child born in 1995 in the South East Most people are aware that a simple ECG will identify the majority of heart conditions that can cause young sudden death (age 35 and under). In 2010 CRY received funding from ICAP to offer ECG testing to young people born in 1995 in the South East. This testing is part of a research programme that will pave the way for how a national screening programme could be implemented in the future. The reason for focusing on young people born in 1995 is that this is the youngest age CRY currently offers the testing (post puberty). We believe that within the next decade tests will be offered routinely to everyone prior to leaving school. People born in 1995 will have a priority booking for the ECG funded by ICAP. However, one week before the event each screening event will be opened up to any person (age 14 -35) who would like to be tested. Any young person can register an interest to be tested on our website after which they will be emailed whenever appointments are opened up to the public. Testing takes place every 2 weeks at the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London, SW17 0RE. Events will “go live” every few weeks so please “register an interest to be tested” if all appointment slots are booked. Yours sincerely Dr Steven Cox Director of Screening

Wear a Hat Day - 30 March 2012 Wear a Hat Day is organised by the charity Brain Tumour Research, both to raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours and to raise vital funds for research into brain tumours. As a school we would like to show our support so on Friday, 30 March we will be inviting students to wear a hat to school in return for a donation of £1; there will also be other events during the week. For more information and to find patterns to make your own hat, log on to

“It targets. It tones. It’s a total body workout.”

In Support of the Preferred Future


– Cheryl Burke Two-time Champion Dancing with the Stars

Fostering Options is an established Independent Fostering Agency providing foster homes to children of all ages from a number of local authorities across the region.


We are currently looking to recruit Foster Carers for: SHORT TERM – Offering children placement for periods up to 2 years. PERMANENT – Offering placement until children reach independence. RESPITE – Providing weekend and short break placements. Ongoing training and 24 hour support is provided to all carers.

Classes: Linslade Middle School Mentmore Road, Leighton Buzzard Monday evenings at 7.30pm for one hour and Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm for one hour. Contact Hazel on 01908 613378 or Mobile 07738 557059


01908 587 666

Foster child must have their own bedroom

to speak to our recruitment team

with this ad. Restrictions apply

To find out more please ring email:


Cedars School Association

Registered Charity No. 1033660

Stamps and Tokens Please continue to send in the tokens from Nestle cereal packets. A collection box for these and Target Stamps from the LBO can be found in the library and at reception. The latest CSA newsletter can be found on the school website.

Diary Dates For full listings of what is happening at Cedars Upper School including events and trips please visit our website

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