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International Students On the cover: Junior Form Class Leaders Chinese Dance Group; Cultural Concert Music; Flute ensemble Dance; Never Ending Stories Deadline for Term 3 Quarterly Week 6: All articles and photos (JPEGS must include student names) to Communications Manager, VOLUME 8.No2

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Mount Albert Grammar School Alberton Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland 1025 T (09) 846 2044 F (09) 846 2042 E

School Contacts

Deans 2013


Dean of Year 9 Boys

Mr Philip Kotze

Dean of Year 9 Girls

Katie McColl

Dean of Year10 Boys

Mr Andy Belson

Dean of Year 10 Girls

Ms Va Anisi

Deans of Year11

Ms Helen Sutcliffe

Mr Kerry Baker Deans of Year12

Mr Martin Wright

Ms Jess Lythe Deans of Year 13

Mr Adam Simpson

Ms Natasha Phyn Attendance Officer

Mrs Ellen-Jane Waetford

International Dean

Mr Ian Cole

Senior Dean (Responsibilities in senior school academic monitoring) Mr Greg Cave Academic Dean (Special responsibility for the Academic Institute) Mr Warwick Gibbs Homestays required: We welcome applications from caring Kiwi families within easy travel distance of the school to provide short-term or longer-term homestays for our international boys and girls.If you have a spare bedroom and are interested, please contact Mrs. Corinne Brewer, Homestay Co-ordinator, Tel: 846 2044 extension 8187, email: 2

Student leadership


For all advertising enquiries in the Quarterly please contact Tim Kay Director of Advancement Ph (09)815 4034 or Mobile 021 6366803

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Enrolment Details 2014



Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Albertians and the Wider Mount Albert School Community Term 2 was a fantastic term for the School. This term’s Quarterly provides a very good summary of many of the events that have taken place and the ongoing successes of our students. I am constantly amazed at how well our students perform but am also constantly reminded that behind every success are a number of influences, particularly the influence and effort of a dedicated hardworking teacher. In a recent article in “ The Spectator”, Fraser Nelson highlights the importance of great teachers. He highlights the work of Eric Hanushek, an academic at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, whose research has found that “the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher is one year of learning every year.” Having four consecutive years of high quality teaching, he says, can eliminate any trace of economic disadvantage. While there are good arguments for funding students in schools according to their socio-economic status (i.e. decile weighted funding), the publication and use of deciles does very little for the students or the schools. Decile rating is an indication of the socio-economic status of the community that the school is in. Being poor does not stop you from being aspirational, having high standards, striving for excellence, or attending a successful school. I have witnessed parents dismiss the possibility of their children attending schools just because they were low decile. They are sadly missing the point. It’s the quality of education that matters most and, as those of us in education know, attending a high decile school is no guarantee that you will get quality. I attended what would be today regarded as a lower decile school. We did not have that label 30 years ago. No one referred to us as a “ lower

decile school” then but they probably would today. We did not think of ourselves as from a low decile school or inferior in any way. Our parents might not have had the means to provide us with advantages that money can buy, but they had high expectations of us, as we did of ourselves. The key for us at school was that we had really good teachers that had high expectations of us in all areas of our lives, from appearance to schoolwork and sport. They did for us, what Hanushek’s research showed him. I was delighted to appoint Estelle Sarney into the position of Community Liaison/ Communications Manager. As the school has continued to grow in size the complexity of our communications and liaison with our community has increased. We want to be closely connected with our past, present and future stakeholders and currently we have only limited ways of achieving this. We also want more feedback from all sectors of our community particularly, but not exclusively, from current parents and families. The students get plenty of opportunities at school but I think we can do more to engage with parents. Estelle’s first task is to review what we currently do and move us forward into a more frequent, two way, and probably mainly electronic communication. An important part of her job will also be working alongside the newly appointed Director of Advancement, Mr. Tim Kay, in terms of reconnecting and engaging past parents, grandparents and students. Tim has been appointed by the School Foundation to lead our “ Advancement Office”. Chris Long, our inaugural Development Director has moved to the Sports Department after doing an outstanding job establishing a solid platform from which Tim can grow the Advancement Office. The Government funding that we receive is

The Headmaster, Dale Burden

adequate for an adequate education. Just being adequate is not the MAGS way. Therefore, in order to provide the educational opportunities we want for our students, we must find alternative sources of revenue. Payments by current parents by way of donation are a big help to the school. The reality of a free education sits out there with the tooth fairy and Father Christmas, so therefore the School Foundation has been set up to bridge the gap. You will be hearing a lot more about the School Foundation and the Advancement Office. Tim comes with a stellar record in this area and we are all looking forward to working with him. During mid August, the Education Review Office (ERO) is in the school. Our last ERO report was excellent and we have improved a lot since 2010. The nature of the review has changed since 2010 with the focus now being on the ability of the school to “ self review”. So ERO will want to know what we know about our school. The ability of a school to effectively self-review is reflected in the cycle of ERO visits. I have always held the belief that a large, complicated school like ours, really should be reviewed every three years irrespective of how good they are at self-review. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments to make about the ERO visit or the school in general. Per Augusta Ad Angusta

Proudly sponsored by Anne Duncan Real Estate Ltd. MREINZ LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT (REAA 2008)


TERM 2.2013




New Staff

Community Liaison/Communications Manager

Advancement Office Tim Kay has been appointed the Director of Mount Albert Grammar School's new Advancement Office, which aims to help the MAGS Foundation raise $10 million by the school's centenary in 2022. Headmaster Dale Burden says that to achieve MAGS's goal of becoming the best secondary school in New Zealand, it has a strategy to develop facilities and grow its scholarship programme for both staff and students. The Advancement Office will develop a world class fundraising programme that will enable the school to be representative in all aspects of society. Foundation Trustees chairman Tim Goulding says the Advancement Office will create a capital base through the development of an endowment fund and bequest programme, major gift fundraising, and launching an annual giving campaign. “Mount Albert Grammar School is wealthy in the sense it has a highly professional, dedicated and well resourced teaching staff. It is also wealthy in the sense it has the support of a school community that devotes time, enthusiasm and energy to complement the vitality of life at MAGS,” says Mr Goulding. “Now we must develop within our school community a culture of philanthropy, which will enable us to provide even greater opportunities for our students through scholarships and facilities.” Tim Kay has more than 25 year’s experience in the not-for-profit sector, and has worked at King’s College for the past nine years as its Director of Development and Community Relations. He founded Variety - the Children’s Charity, worked for the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind as its Special Events and Sponsorship Manager, and has been a fundraising consultant for a number of children’s charities including the Child Cancer Foundation, Heart Children NZ and Koru Care. “There is a huge amount of goodwill toward the school among its community, which should not be taken for granted. One of my priorities will be to build on that goodwill,” says Mr Kay. Realising MAGS’s aim to become New Zealand’s premier school of choice will require resources beyond its current capabilities; the MAGS Foundation will provide an enduring solution to the school’s continuing financial needs. Mr Kay said the establishment of an endowment fund would be a core part of future investment in the school’s infrastructure. Mr Burden said the education needs would continue to grow rapidly in the 21st century, and MAGS must be in a position to respond. “To support a school is to encourage excellence and leadership in society,” says Mr Goulding. Mr Kay and the Advancement Office will enable the school community to invest in New Zealand’s future by investing in MAGS.


Estelle Sarney joined the school on August 12 in the new role of Community Liaison/ Communications Manager. She comes from an extensive career in journalism, reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. She launched the New Zealand Herald’s HeraldHomes, Weekend, and Living magazines, and most recently was Assistant Editor at the Herald on Sunday. She has two children at MAGS, Jed in Year 12 and Laura in Year 9, and, in a voluntary role, is Secretary of the school’s rowing squad.At MAGS Estelle will refine and maintain communication networks both within the school and out to the MAGS community and the various organisations we work with, with a view to developing opportunities for students, staff and the school as a whole. Contact her at

Teaching Staff Gordon Smith has joined us in the Physics Department after teaching in South Africa for 8 years. Jane Uys has joined the Science and Biology Departments as a Senior Biology teacher. She too is from South Africa where she has taught for some years. Lana Marsom has joined the PE Department while Paula Smith is on maternity leave. Lana is also helping with the Netball Academy Ioana Schwalger has been teaching in the Art Department while the Head of Department, Daniella Aleh, has been recovering from her accident. We thank Ioana for stepping in at short notice and l welcome Daniella back this term.

Farewell Libby Markham from Social Sciences has gone on Maternity leave Michelle Farmer from Agricultural Science is on leave for the term Jo Beck Head of Media Studies is leaving at the end of the first week of Term 3 to teach in Japan with her family. Sandra White from the Finance Office has left and we wish her well.

Support Staff Please welcome our new Finance Officer, Lyn Cliffin, who started in the Finance Department at the beginning of July. Her email address is


International This term we have 98 International Students, from China, Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India, Malaysia, Russia, New Caledonia, Iran and Chile.

New Students this Term

Aaron Wang and Christine Park

Joung Jun Kim

Left to right, Ignacio Jensen, Da Jing, Kiichi Ishida, Trapoom Amdaeng, Haiyang Yu and Dechpong Lojanaroj We had six students join us this term; Dechpong Lojanaroj and Trapoom Amdaeng from Thailand, Haiyang Yu, Da Jing and Shuliang Cui from China, Ignacio Jensen from Chile and Kiichi Ishida from Japan.

Food and Culture Evening

Yiming Li, Rita Feng and Mila Feng

A highlight of the international school year was this (3rd) annual event, held in June in the School Hall, attended by all international students and many local student helpers, together with many guardians, homestays, Board members and staff. This was the largest and most successful evening since the rst such evening. Over half of our International students appeared on stage, mostly for the  rst time in their lives – 52 in total, including the International Choir of 25 members. Students presented 18 separate items. One rock band featured Indian, Chinese, Korean and PNG students. This event has expanded to include input from the Music Department (Choir), the Maori Department - the Karakia Mo Te Kai (prayer) was performed by recent Chilean arrival Ignacio, our  rst Maori Performance student), as well as the Arts Prefects (stage management).

The evening began with a shared meal of ethnic food, followed by a range of student performances; songs, dances and a speech. Half way through the evening spot prizes were awarded to students and adults and the Arts Competition prizes were presented. This was a remarkable function, enjoyed by all who attended and showing just what talents our young people possess! We warmly thank Oliver Barnett and Matthew Shelton together with students, all of whom were prominent in the organisation and production of the function, Iris Li, Andy Tran, Kabe Aungsupanith, Logan Lee, Nayuta Nagai and Ashish Pamula. Special mention must be made of Aaron Wang and Christine Park as joint comperes for the evening

Louis Long – photography

Art Competition

A rst for 2013, this competition received more than 20 entries from 13 students in three categories – Wet, Dry and


TERM 2.2013




Monica Xia – painting

Eddy Hong – drawing

Digital Media. Westfield vouchers were awarded to winners on stage, at the Food and Culture evening by Board member Mr Eldon Roberts. The winners were: Louis Long – photography; Eddy Hong – drawing; Monica Xia – painting

Gladstone School visit

Nancy Hou and Catherine Zhang with a Year 1 class

Following on from last year’s success and building up the relationship with a leading local primary school, five Year 12 and 13 Chinese students (Catherine Zhang, Ellie Yang, Jessica and Tiffany Zhao and Nancy Hou) spent a day at Gladstone School, one of New Zealand’s largest Primary Schools, in a Year 2 and also a New Entrants (Year 0) class. Ms Jodene de Andrad, Assistant Principal at Gladstone School said what lovely girls they were, how impressed she was with their reports and that she would gladly have more back

next year. Catherine Zhang wrote of the experience: I was very glad to be invited by the Gladstone School Principal to spend a day at Gladstone Primary with my friends Nancy, Jessica, Tiffany and Ellie. While there, Nancy and I were attached to a Year 1 class, with children aged 5 and 6 for a day while Jessica, Tiffany and Ellie are attached to a Year 2 class. This was an unprecedented opportunity for me and we spent a great day with the children there. We got there at 8:30 a.m. and met the form teacher and the children. The teacher was very friendly and kind. The children were very cute, they proudly showed us what they had done in class and told us about their families and their pets. Then we had an assembly with them at 9:00 and the junior students did a performance of a crab-prawn dance in their orange costumes. They also did a chorus performance. That was really wonderful! The school had a prize giving to encourage everyone to do the best at school. At recess, we had fun with them. After one hour we had lunch with the children. They were very lovely and wanted to share their lunch with us. Time flies, at 15:00 School finished and it’s time for us to go. The children were loath for us to leave, 6

so were we. We took a photo with the whole class as a souvenir. This was really an unprecedented memory! I think our visiting was a good experience and would be helpful for us on future careers.

Japanese Brother and Sister Programme On 19 and 20 June 40 prefects took part in a good-will programme with 300 Japanese students visiting New Zealand. Visiting Japanese students at the Auckland Two groups, each of Museum 150 students from the same Japanese school spent just 5 days in the country. Each group stayed on a farm in the Waikato then came to Auckland for the last day of their visit. The organiser, Mia Evans, well-known to the school through her excellent efforts to support children disadvantaged by the Japanese tsunami (a further group of such children will spend 2 weeks at MAGS next term) asked if our prefects could take on the task of showing these children a little of Auckland, with a visit to the War Memorial Museum and then some shopping. Two of the prefects were our Iris Li and Nayuta Nagai and Aaron Wang and Christine Park also did a fine job of hosting our visitors.

Notable students who are an example for other students to follow Christine Park is a new Year 12 student from Korea. She had spent some time in New Zealand in primary school and decided to return to NZ and MAGS in order to graduate from high school. She is an outstanding student, motivated, polite and helpful. She has taken part in a wide range of activities, inside and outside the school: theAuckland Schools’ speech competition; she appeared on live TV in our school’s Mixed Choir, as part of the Maori New Year celebrations - Matariki; she was joint-compere at the Food and Culture evening; she was an Arts competition entrant and designed the Arts competition poster; she has been an Arts volunteer. In her short time with us Christine has demonstrated a very impressive involvement and is a great example to our international students. Eddy Hong is a new Year 11 student and our first ever Chinese Agriculture student. Eddy is a hard-working and polite and cheerful girl. She is an excellent artist and winner of the 2013 dry media Arts award; member of the International Choir; she set up the Art Competition display board Terry Suzuki (pictured here) is a Year 10 Japanese boy, in his second year with us. He has a very good study record and is member of a school rowing crew; was solo guitarist in a Food and Culture Evening rock band; member of the Japanese singing group.


Model United Nations Assembly

Leadership New Prefects On Monday 13 May an assembly was held to award the final Prefect badges for 2013. Callum Elson

Alice Gray  

Georgia Naran

Kenaz Vergis

Molly Henderson Jamie Hucklesby,

Samuel Perry

Luisa Roberts

Nathaniel Wadley

Eikura William

Maori Assembly The first Maori assembly of the term was on 25th July. We had a very well presented and informative presentation from Rachael Tuwhangai about her research into Maori academic success.

Rachael Tuwhangai

Connor Glengarry

Jamie Hucklesby, Thomas Rees, Mehak Janjua, Kuldeep Dalvi, Michael Wang, Meshak Ranjit Singh

The annual Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) gathering was an unforgettable event. More than 300 students from secondary schools across Auckland, representing 98 different countries gathered for this event at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School on June 14th and 15th. Everyone came dressed in colorful costumes, from Japanese sumo wrestlers to Gandalf, and a penguin from Switzerland. The two teams from Mount Albert Grammar School represented Lebanon (Jamie Hucklesby, Mehak Janjua and Thomas Rees), and the Philippines (Kuldeep Dalvi, Meshak Ranjit Singh and Michael Wang). Every country was a part of a bloc i.e. Middle East, Security Council, Asia/Oceana, Africa, Americas and Europe. Breakfast was supplied by Rotary and the negotiations, alliances and threats began between delegates of different countries. As everyone settled down in the auditorium, note passing and lobbying between delegates made for an exciting time. Secretary General Maryan Street, and members of Rotary, were the judges of the speeches on remits that were held after breakfast on the first day. After the first session of debates lunch was provided. Then the next session of debates began. There were six remits discussed. Issues of world politics, the use of child labour, weapons, indigenous peoples’ rights and biodiversity, were debated over the course of the two days. Everyone was enthusiastic and spirits were high, so there were some interesting and very convincing speeches delivered. Some remits were passed, while others were amended, as suggested by various countries. At the end of the second day an appearance was made by David Shearer MP, who spoke of his experiences during his time with the United Nations and answered questions related to New Zealand politics. He then presented awards for the best speeches, costumes etc. Our team representing Lebanon won the Middle Eastern bloc speech. We all left with wonderful memories, made new friends and through this experience we gained a lot of knowledge and confidence. Mehak Janjua


TERM 2.2013




Commerce Department


Business Studies The Year 11 Business Studies students have been involved in two major events so far this year – New Zealand Business Challenge and Market Day. The New Zealand Business Challenge occurred at school but was hosted by the Young Enterprise Trust. It was a three-day practical business experience that involved students working in teams to form a notional company, research and decide on a product/ service, write a business plan and launch it in an oral presentation competition.  As the students were not actually going to manufacture and sell their product their ideas were not constrained by practicalities.  At the end of the three days the students presented their ideas to a panel of judges, similar to the TV programme Dragons Den.  Product ideas included a device that electronically copies notes, a laptop cooling case, a cover to turn rugby boots into sneakers and a sauce bottle that holds a number of different sauces.  The winning team developed a product that would regulate clothing temperature. The students then got to put the skills and ideas they learnt while participating in the New Zealand Business Challenge in to practice when they had to set-up and run a business during interval and lunch on Wednesday 26 June. 

Year 11 Business Studies students pitching their product to Greg Moyle (judge) during the New Zealand Business Challenge

A sunny afternoon on a cold winter day the 29th of May, lunch bell rings and throngs of students converge on the quad…it’s MARKET DAY; Year 10 Business students waiting to sell their products, and put their business knowledge to practice. Year 10 Market Day was the culmination of weeks of preparation and decision-making by different business groups about the marketing of their product using effective Product, Price, Place and Promotion strategies. Students were guided by their teachers, to develop a business product that met a need in the market. Some groups did well particularly in this area by selling hot chocolate, personalised mugswith which to enjoy it, burgers and warm scones. Students were observed on the pricing strateg. ies they used to sell their product: were they pricing to compete with other groups, when did they choose to discount, why did they discount and how did they announce their discounts? Many groups made a significant effort regarding their place (stalls) some using banners and eye-catching posters to attract their customers. Promotional strategies like creative logos and packaging were also clearly evident. Students were encouraged to develop their brand through their logo and packaging. This event is getting better by the year and we cannot wait for the next one.

Accounting and Economics

The Year 11 Economics students have visited Auckland International Airport to investigate the company’s interdependence with other sectors of the economy. They also have been studying McDonald’s as a producer and this meant a trip to the Greenlane restaurant to get a behind the scenes look.  The Year 12 Economics students spent a morning at the Ports of Auckland looking at New Zealand’s international trading relationships.The Year 13 Economics students  represented the school in the Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Challenge, presenting a report on inflation.  The Year 13 Accounting class spent an afternoon at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  There the students were introduced to the corporate accounting world and learnt about specialist roles in accounting related fields.  Much to the delight of their teachers, a number of these students returned with a desire to pursue a career in accounting. 8

Year 10 Business Studies students involved in their market day activities


Social Studies


Foundation 1& 2 ESOL Field trip

Language Perfect Success

The ESOL Department visited the Edmund Hillary Retirement Village on Wednesday 29 May 2013, as a part of the ESOL Social Studies programme. The students organised a Talent Show where they performed a wide range of cultural performances, including a Samoan dance, a Chinese song and an Ethiopian dance. Miss Oki demonstrated her Baton Twirling skills to conclude the show. Students were also involved in volunteer work by serving afternoon tea and talking with the residents. This trip gave students an opportunity to talk, respond and interact with others, using English. Students of Foundation 1 & 2 had a great time at the Village. The ESOL Department is intending to organise more events, where students will further develop their confidence using their English.

Most French classes this year are being enlivened by our new young “assistante” from the mountainous centre of France, Marie Testud. She helps our teachers with speaking practice in class and is also a very useful resource of up to date information about France. Marie will be with us until the end of the year.

Marie Testud.

Foundation Group at Edmund Hillary Village

‘Language Perfect’ is a NZ business, created by two young men who remember learning Japanese at their school and who decided that there should be a computer-based system to make learning more fun for those pupils who like visual media. We have all our Language classes (including ESOL, Maori, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German) using this website. Every year, for 10 days, Language Perfect runs a worldwide competition. Our biggest success has been Daphney Erlano in Year 10 who is currently learning Chinese, but who has also been improving her English Spelling. Daphney achieved 4th place in the World for her effort, receiving a medal for her 1st place in the World in English Spelling, plus an Ipod and a $150 ITunes voucher, for her 4th place overall in the world and a certificate for being placed in the top 3% of the 225,000 competitors who took part. She answered 100,357,000 questions overall. Congratulations to Daphney on such dedication to her language learning. Daphney put Mount Albert Grammar on the world map with other schools from many other countries. Daphney Erlano

Year 9 Japanese Food Experience

Lupe Amaama Mataia performing Samoan dance at Edmund Hillary Retirement Village. Zhe XiangLi serving afternoon tea and talking to the resident at Edmund Hillary Retirement Village.

The Year 9 Japanese class had a brilliant opportunity to experience some Japanese food, courtesy of the Kura Japanese Restaurant. They practised a special greeting in Japanese saying ‘itadakimasu’ before they started eating, and they taught each other how to use chopsticks properly. The students in Year 9 Japanese really enjoyed learning the language as well as experiencing the new cultural aspects. Miss Oki hopes the students will further develop their Japanese skills in the future.


TERM 2.2013




Agricultural Science The Agricultural Science Department educates our students in agricultural principles and provides practical camps on which to hone these skills.

Limestone Downs Station All Year 13 Agricultural Science students attended a farm skills camp on the 3000ha coastal property at Limestone Downs Station, Port Waikato. They drenched, drafted, condition scored, electronically weighed and tallied mobs of ewes and rams. They were interested to witness the conversion of the bottom flats of the station, which until recently have run bull beef, into a dairy unit due to operate this 2013 milking season. On a surprisingly warm April day our students had a lot of fun getting wet and muddy whilst removing and manhandling ballast from the huge newly built effluent ponds.

Cleaning the effluent ponds.

New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays Agricultural students across all year levels attended the iconic New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays. Sixty eight MAGS students, two staff and two parent helpers attended the 45 year celebration of this event, along with 125,127 other visitors this year. New Zealand is acknowledged as a window into one of the most innovative, forward thinking agricultural economies in the world. Our students were mesmerized by the scale and enormity of the occasion, the number of exhibitors and the variety of products.

Taratahi Rural Polytechnic

Kirsty Wilson drenching sheep at Limestone Downs

In May nine Year 11 students visited Taratahi Rural Polytechnic in the Wairarapa where they enjoyed learning how to: chainsaw, ride motorbikes, milk cows, ride horses and electronically weigh cattle.

Kaiel Masters, Alicia Green , Mathew Day at Taratahi

Year 11 students making the most of their opportunities to learn farm skills at Taratahi


Rounding up ewes at Limrstone Downs


Careers The Award is continuing to flourish at MAGS and with it, its profile and awareness. We have recently launched it to Year 10 students and there has been a tremendous response from both the boys and girls with over 115 students enrolling. Congratulations to the following students who have recently been presented with their Bronze Awards: Olivia Cooper, Grace Drummond, Olivia Eagles-Smith, Borna King, Sophie Henderson, Lewis MacKinnon, Anna Munro, Emily Parish, Nicole Roulston, Alexshana Sivarajah, Tiana Teta and James Toohey. Congratulations also go to the following students who have recently been presented with their Silver Awards: Jeremy Barnett, Olivia Cochrane, Lauren Curd, Branna Dawson, Alice Gray, Ursula Lukaszewicz and Don Wu. Congratulations also to Sophie Carter (2011) who was presented with her Gold Award by the Govenor-General at a ceremony at the Council House earlier in May. Sophie is the second student to complete the Gold Award. There are a number of students working towards their Silver Award at present. They will complete their expedition section during Term 3 and this should finish off their Silver so they can move on to Gold.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Silver Award students in the Waitakere Ranges

Good turnout for the Careers Expo

The highlight (and major task) for Careers staff during Term 2 has again been the MAGS Careers Expo. This event was again very popular with students, their families and the tertiary providers. We provide the venue while the providers create an almost festive atmosphere with their display material. We can accommodate only 35 providers in the F.W Gamble Hall and we endeavor to offer the best range of options for students and families to investigate. In 2013 this included six universities, two polytechs, three trade organisations, representatives of the Defence forces and a variety of private training providers in areas as diverse as animation and travel. It has been valuable to receive very positive feedback about the event, from parents and students, as well as from providers. One provider commented that the MAGS Expo is one of the best they attend – because parents come too. We are grateful for the willingness of the whole school community to become part of this event and to make it a worthwhile part of the school calendar in 2013. This is an appropriate time to begin serious consideration of the option choice process, which takes place during Term 3, for Year 11, 12 & 13 students, for 2014. Any students who are uncertain about their subject choices and the effect this may have on their future pathways should make an appointment to go to the Careers Centre, before they submit their option choices. As the option choice deadline approaches the pressure on appointment times becomes greater, so it is helpful if students make their appointments at an early stage of the process. Parents are welcome to attend appointments, which can be made before or after school, if they wish to do so.

World Challenge 2013 to Peru - Bon Voyage!! July saw the second World Challenge expedition from MAGS depart on a 28 day expedition to Southern Peru. At the time of writing there are only 8 days before we depart and the excitement is building! By the time you are reading this, we should be in Peru, most likely at the start of our first trek in Cuzco. Apart from the trekking, there will be time to experience the unique culture of the country and also a week

in which to give something back to a local community when we work with the Sacred Valley Project, which provides schooling for young people in this remote area of Ollantaytambo. This is a unique opportunity for the students to take on leadership roles, budget, be pro-active and in control of their own destiny on a month long expedition.


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 11

The Arts

Drama Term 2 in Drama saw Year 13 students rehearsing their Devised performances, based on a biography, for performance in Week Ten. Year 12s are rehearsing the Greek comedy ‘Lysistrata’ for their class production in Term 3. Year 11 students performed ‘Children of the Poor’ for an invited audience in Week 9. As well, senior students have prepared and sat school examinations on Theatre Form. Year 10s worked on devising a scene with a Matariki theme, performed in a mini Matariki Festival with Maori and Dance students in Week 9. Year 9s prepared scenes based on their own Whanau Stories, and performed in Week Nine. Year 13 students went to see Auckland Theatre Company’s production of ‘Anne Boleyn’ at Q Theatre on Thursday 27 June in preparation for their External examination on live theatre. The production was insightful into the politics of England in the 15th and 16th Centuries, being told in flashback, from the reign of James I. The cast included well-known actors George Henare and Raymond Hawthorne and was directed by Colin McColl. The play, by Howard Brenton, premiered at Shakespeare’s Globe, London, on 24 July 2010.

Salome by Oscar Wilde, year 13 class production Fraser Polkinghorne (year 11, soldier), Aria Whyte (Salome) Thomas Rees (King Herod), Ashen Hanthi (Page)

Rita Feng (Queen Herodias) Thomas Rees (King Herod)

Sheilah Winn National Shakespeare Competition Top Left to Right; Scott Morrison, Matthew Butler, Benjamin Dekker Bottom Left to Right; Alexshana Sivarajah, Alexandra Chaptynova


Aria Whyte (Salome)

Salome (Aria Whyte( Daniel Nisbet – Jokanaan (John the Baptist)

The Arts

Visual Arts Create Me Art Winners “Create Me!” was a design competition open to all Year 9 and 10 high school students from around New Zealand where they had the opportunity to create an individual and unique character concept.They designed a character to be resolved into a digital illustration for a unique t-shirt design or a three-dimensional model by a tutor at Media Design School. The competition was a great way to show students part of the process that goes into designing characters, while also developing their drawing and design skills.There were over 400 entries from around the country and we had some winners at MAGS… Highly Commended Jordan Faaiu 9BRT, James Malone  9BRT. Ansgar Pale 10BGH Finalists Noah Foster 9DWS, William Lever 10CVN, Lauren Middleton 10BNF, Johnson Tigafua 10CLN, Melanie Wilson 10WSN

The Auckland Secondary School Art Competition

Year 12 painting student Kathy Zhang was declared overall first place winner. She has won $000 towards further study.

Real Art Roadshow The huge touring truck belonging to the Real Art Roadshow visited MAGS on the 17th and 18th of June, giving all Visual Arts students an opportunity to get up close and personal with the inspirational touring collection of contemporary New Zealand Art. This is a rare and valued opportunity for students to view cutting edge contemporary artwork without leaving school grounds.

8th Annual Art Auction

Create Me Finalists and Highly Commended students

5th Auckland Triennial A group of 24 motivated Visual Art students led by Year 12 Painting student Jennifer Chen, volunteered to participate in the procession of ‘mood sticks’ exhibition. Along with over 200 other people for the second phase of New Zealand artist Peter Robinson’s artwork for the 5th Auckland Triennial. This artwork was exhibited both nationally and internationally. The students gained a Certificate of Participation and the opportunity to experience the University environment in a fun and productive way.

Visual arts website A new visual arts website was created earlier this year by Mr Bryn Corkery. This was a new initiative to keep parents informed about their students progress and to also give them the opportunity to see the great work that is created by our students in the Art department. To view the website follow the link on the MAGS website.

The return of Mr Peter Rees and Ms Vanita Curin from parental leave will see the return of the 8th annual Art Auction. Keep this date free to attend and support our students in their artistic endeavours!

Sculpture Visual Arts is a new course offering students experience in both Printmaking and Sculpture. Recently the school was fortunate to make use of student teacher, Mr Matt Matt Molloy demonstrates casting in the Molloy’s expertise Sculpture courtyard. Wairere Mafu- Roberts, in Sculpture. Hollie MacDonald and Matia Grace stand His experience by. with sculpture, installation and multi-media practices, and a history working in the film industry as a prop-making technician, helped students appreciate the practical application of skills such as mould making and casting for industry. These processes are used in the film industry, the medical and dental industries, high-end 3Ddesign and even in engineering. The perceived technical complexities of mould making and casting has meant that this technique is not widely taught at New Zealand secondary schools. Hands on exposure to these processes, and access to excellent facilities, has been a real bonus for the class. VOLUME 8.No2

TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 13

Music Term2 was one of the busiest of the year for our department. The orchestra has had the rehearsals every weekend while getting ready for the annual concert “ The Night Of The Classics”. Our choirs have been busy too.

Barbershop Two of our boy’s barbershop groups competed in June and qualified for the National finals that will be held in Hamilton on 23- 24 September. They have been coached this year by two Albertians, Lliam Powell and Felix Worner. We will need to start fundraising for this competition trip. For the first time we have had the barbershop girls’ group competing as well.

SmokeFree RockQuest At the regional competition of SmokeFree RockQuest, our junior student Jenna Ackerman won the most promising female artist. Our duet Cold Fire ( James Donaldson and Mackensie Clayton) performed really well, but did not place.

Matariki Twenty of our choral singers and their director Mr Su’a were invited to perform over two days at Maori TV studio as part of the Matariki celebrations. That was screened live on Saturday 22 June. To watch this online, go to: S01E001/matariki-magic?utm_source=brightcove&utm_ medium=button&utm_campaign=share%20this%20video

The Boys’s Barbershop MAGS Q

Girls barbershop quartet, “ The Lionesses” (from left to right): Laurena Roquero, Phobe Ross, Gina Holden, Cecelia Mafileo

Chamber Music Our Chamber Group MAGS 5 musicians (Phoebe Ross, Katie Budgen, Lydia Denby, Eric Liu and Joshua Taylor) performed exceptionally well at the National Chamber Trust Competition. They had great feedback from the judges, and will performed at our annual concert on 9 July at Raye Freedman Theatre in Epsom, along with the Jazz band, orchestra, a variety of soloists, choirs and quartets.

Good Morning Albertians from 2006 performed on the Good Morning program last term. They were Ivan Luketina-Johnston (Dux Artium 2006) and Benjamin Sinclair (who now teaches jazz and woodwinds at MAGS). Every week at our formal assemblies, music students have performed and provided entertainment for the rest of the school.

The rock band musicians are all Year 13 Music students: David Harris, Nathaniel Wadley, Harley Werder, James Morton, Alexander Johanssen-Pugh


Jenna Ackerman

Mackensie Clayton, JamesDonaldson

The Arts

Dance Term 2 saw students involved in a number of different assessments for choreography and performance. NCEA level one students completed their solo choreographies and Year 12 students experimented with contact improvisation for a duet performance. Junior school students are working hard on items for the Junior Bytes concert to be held in August and likewise the year 13 students are preparing ensemble and duet performances for the Arts Alive concert . Highlights of the term have been the Youth Dance festival and the level of interest from dancers in MAGS Got talent and any opportunities to perform. Olivia Cochrane and Ruth Lever in Olivia’s dance Fearful Symmetry

Brosnan Ackerman, Michael James, Brooke Moody and Riley Bourne in Eikura William’s dance Judgement

YOUDANCE Auckland Youth Dance Fetival On the 6th and 7th of June MAGS Dancers participated in the 2nd annual Auckland Youth Dance festival concert at Centennial Theatre. This festival showcases work from Auckland Secondary Schools and Youth companies. This year 18 schools and four companies presented a variety of outstanding student choreography and performance. Ruth Lever, Eikura William and Olivia Cochrane were chosen to present their level 3 choreographies, all three getting excellent reviews from the industry professionals who were reviewing their work. Items from the festival will get another opportunity to be seen in the Secondary Colours show that is a feature of the TEMPO Auckland Dance festival later in the year. Many thanks to YouDance delegate Olivia Cochrane and Arts committee members and volunteers Brosnan Ackerman, Don Wu, Brittany Skinner and Sydney Vari and Art assistant Nathan Kara, for their support and assistance with the festival.

IDENTITY Dance Crew Fundraising Concert

MAGS Mega Crew in rehearsal in the (old) school gymnasium

Coming In Term Three MAGS GOT TALENT Students have been competing for a place in the final to be held at the Arts Alive concert on AUGUST 14th at Centennial Theatre . Auditions will be held at lunchtimes and students will have a chance to vote for their favourites.

To support Albertians Andrew and Joshua Cesan and Cameron Cranston who are all members of the New Zealand Champion Hip Hop crew IDENTITY, the dance committee organized a fundraising concert to raise money for the crews trip to represent NZ at the World competition in Vegas this August. There was a great turnout for two lunchtime concerts and students raised over $700 to help the crew. Identity, MAGS Mega Crew, Excess and TDS Mega Crew performed in the concert and it was great that MAGS Mega Crew team finally had opportunity to perform in front of their peers. We wish the boys the best of luck in their bid for worlds!

JUNIOR BYTES and ARTS ALIVE Concerts 13TH and 14TH August Please plan to come and support these concerts . The very best of Dance Drama and Music will be showcased. JUNIOR BYTES is Tuesday 13thAugust and Arts Alive (and MGT final is the 14th). Tickets are available from the finance office.


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 15



Cross Country School Cross Country The School cross country races were held over two days. The boys’ races were on Tuesday 14 May. The girls’ races took place on Thursday 16 May and the cross country is part of the inter-class competition. The Champions were: Year 9 Girls Year 10 Girls Intermediate Girls Senior Girls Nicole Kearney Jacqueline Hand Rebekah van Dort Elizabeth Lyon Year 9 Boys Year 10 Boys Intermediate Boys Senior Boys Andre Munro –Wilson Charles Dunn James Stacey Tim Lund

AKSS Cross Country Twenty-two athletes were selected to represent the school at the AKSS Cross Country Championships, which were held on Thursday 6 June at St Kentigern College, in mild winter conditions with very good underfoot conditions considering the recent wet weather. The Junior Girls lead the way for the MAGS team in the first event. Jacqueline Hand finished in sixth place, which was the best result of the day for a MAGS athlete with Sophie Tse in 16th place and Nicole Kearney in 20th place resulting in winning bronze medals in the three-person team event. Hand, Tse and Kearney were joined by: Dillyn Ward in 21st place, Grace Jale in 32nd place and Emma Donald in 38th place who won silver medals in the six-person team competition. The Junior Boys’ team was lead home by Martin Lyon in 39th place followed by Andre Munro-Wilson 49th and Jack Morrison 54th who finished 7th in the threeperson team competition and they were joined by Matthew Brenan 75th, Junior Girls’ start line, AKSS cross country


James Hellriegel 77th and Liam Price 79th who finished in sixth place in the six-person team competition. Rebekah van Dort lead the way for the Intermediate Girls finishing in 24th place, followed by Elizabeth Lyon in 35th, Nicole Lawrence 45th and Ella Neighbours in 69th place. James Stacey was the first Intermediate Boy home in 40th place, followed by Charles Dunn 43rd, Liam Jordan 44th, Milan Bonkovich 48th and Cale Paul in 57th place. There were no MAGS Senior Girls in 2013, however Jeremy Broutte was the sole Senior Boys entrant and finished in 59th place.


Sports Round Up


Winter sport is midway through the season for most sports with most Premier teams focusing on winter sports tournament week and national tournaments held during the September/October holiday period. There are 115 teams entered into AKSS Competitions compared to 102 teams in 2012. Along with new summer sports being offered there has been a significant increase in boys’ rugby league and in girls’ participation especially in basketball, hockey, lacrosse and squash. Cheerleading, Gymsports, Distance squad (XTerra Series and cross country), Mountainbiking, Wrestling, Baton Twirling and Special Olympics events are just some of the sports on offer at MAGS. The Sports department welcomed Chris Long into the Assistant Sports Director role, during Term Two.

Our Premier Badminton team is rebuilding as we have lost three players from last year. Under the leadership of Vivian Washington and Taylor Marston the team have been improving their performance every week. There have been some closely fought games. The players are still working out what doubles combination works best. Vivian and Taylor have been excellent ambassadors for the sport and the school. They have spent a lot of time coaching the team and giving lots of encouragement. As well as the Premier team, MAGS has a further ten teams competing in AKSS Badminton competitions and they have been competing well in their grades. The C1 Open team is currently top of the table, C Girls are in 3rd place, A1 Open, B1 Girls and C2 Open are currently in 4th place.

Athletics Aaron Booth wins gold at the Oceania Combined Events Youth Octathlon in Tahiti Congratulations to Senior Boys’ Athletics Champion, Aaron Booth, who has returned home with a gold medal following the Oceania Combined Events Championships, which were held in conjunction with the Oceania Area Championships from 5-7 June in Tahiti. Aaron competed in the U18 Youth Octathlon and won seven of his eight events scoring a personal best total of 5231 points. He had an outstanding meeting recording personal bests in: shot put, long jump and javelin. His first equal height of 1.91m in the high jump was his highest scoring event earning him an impressive 723 points for the event. His results were (Points earned for each event in brackets): 100m 1st 12.15 (622) 400m 1st 54.38 (624) 1000m 1st 2:59.27 (671) 110m Hurdles 2nd 15.57 (670) High Jump 1st = 1.91m (723) Long Jump 1st 6.32m (657) Shot Put 1st 13.01m (668) Javelin 1st 50.49m (596) Aaron finished 745 points ahead of his nearest rival, which was a tremendous effort over the two days of competition, especially in an out-of-season competition.

Basketball The Premier Girls’ Basketball team had a good start to the season, however in their two most recent games against North Harbour schools they have had very close tight battles and lost both games by just one point. They are currently in fourth place on the table after seven games. The Premier Boys’ Basketball team has made a strong start to the season in the Open grade with a record of four wins at the time of writing. Those have included two close wins over Michael Park and Dilworth College at Dilworth. In the Dilworth win 61-57, several players stepped up at various times in the game. Those players who made big plays included Daylee Lafaele, Raymond Subritzky and Reuben Porter. The team has been working hard as a unit to continue to improve and build towards the goal of winning the Open grade and advancing to the Auckland championships. A great individual achievement by Reuben Porter saw him selected to attend the Nike Asia Pacific Team Camp in China. This is held for the top age group players from the Pacific and included NBA coaches who were there to lead them in training and games. The U15 A boys’ team is currently undefeated so far this season. Led by Yr13 student coaches Kahi Wilson and Milos Stojanovic, they have advanced to the top four where they have beaten their first opponent St Peter’s College 31-18. If they finish in the top two they will advance to the Greater Auckland Championship tournament in August. The U17 A boys’ team has been working hard as a group under coach Allan Kimiangatau. They have improved quickly during their competition and have pushed some of the older more experienced teams right to the final minutes. Several boys from this team are working towards competing in the BBNZ Junior Premiership tournament, which will be held in Rotorua for teams from across the North Island. The U19 A boys’ team currently sits in third place in their competition with only one loss. This team is a keen


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 17


group who plays hard and represents the school with pride and upholds the MAGS values. Year13 student Judge AkuiNgavaevae also coaches them.

MAGS Cheerleaders The Mount Albert Grammar School Cheerleading team took part in their first competition of the year on Sunday 23rd June at the Rock and Cheer National Championships held at the North Shore Events Centre. The girls competed in the School Division level 1-2 against Rangitoto College, Marist College and St Mary’s College. They performed brilliantly and came 2nd just missing out on a tie for 1st place, which will have given them a real boost of confidence and we look forward to seeing them perform in the next competition.

Time Trial Race 3 – 23rd June The girls featured on the scoreboard! Their time may not have set a course record, but it was a personal best for this team. The time was 36.22 and they placed 15th in their grade. The boys’ team posted a time of 27:54 and finished 24th in their grade. That is minutes faster than the best times posted by the junior and senior B boys’ last year and not far off the times of the senior A boys’. Three of the team members were juniors. Time Trial Race 4 – 7 July It was a huge step forward to be able to enter three teams in this race. Bad luck to Logan for his puncture and a huge round of applause to Finn for holding on with the senior boys’ team. The junior boys’ worked really well together and are well matched in fitness and ability. Their times will continue to improve. The girls are also enjoying the benefits of training and riding together. The senior boys’ time was 26:05 and they were in 16th place. This time compares really well with the Senior A boys’ times from last year. The Junior boys’ time was 29:00 and they were in 25th place. This is the best time posted by a junior boys team in the last two years. The girls’ time was 35:04 and they were in 15th place. This time is over a minute faster than the last time trial.

Distance Squad X’Terra Series MAGS Cheerleading Team

Cycling Time Trial Race 1 – 19th May The boys’ team of Jeremy Broutte, Logan Crook, Thomas Gant, Henry Russell and Rasmus Jacobsen posted a great time of 28:53 and came in 26th place. Three of the riders are juniors and Jeremy and Rasmus were in their first event. Their time and place represents a great start to the season. The girls’ team of Kate Wislang, Jenelle Chitty and Alex Thompson rode a strong race. Injury and unavailability meant they had only three riders and did not post an official time. They rode with great spirit and determination. Time Trial Race 2 – 9th June The boys’ team recorded a good time in really difficult conditions. Their time was 29:37 and they were 28th overall in the senior boys race. All the riders were eligible to ride as juniors so their efforts suggest the future is good for MAGS cycling. Four riders started in the girls’ team and had high hopes of recording their first official time. Unfortunately, one rider crashed and could not complete the course.


The Distance Squad Team

The Distance Squad is entered in the 2013 X’Terra Trail Series event for the second year. This series consists of off-road trail runs, ranging from 5 km to 21 km+. Locations include Riverhead Forest, Shakespear Regional Park and the Hunua Ranges. These events are typified by extreme hills, mud, sand, rain and bush. Mount Albert Grammar


School has entered two teams in 2013 and both are already achieving excellent results after three races out of six. These races are run against adults and competing against teams including professional athletes and coaches. After three races, MAGS Distance 1 are in third place (out of 22 teams) and MAGS Distance 2 are 8th. There have been some outstanding individual results for our students in the Under-20 age group and we are placed very highly in the series after three races. Nicole Kearney has placed first in all of the races to date, as has James Stacey who has won all of his events. Nicole Kearney 1st U20 short course Elizabeth Lyon 2nd U20 short course James Stacey 1st U20 long course Sean Donald 1st U20 short course Andrew Battley 2nd U20 short course Flynn Letford 3rd U20 short course Matthew Brennan 4th U20 short course Sophie Cooper 5th U20 mid course

Ben Shuttleworth

For Monty the year set off really well with him being included in the New Zealand A team, who played Jordan at North Harbour Stadium. The squad was a young one including two year ten players. Despite their youth a good start was made and MAGS topped the Premier league table for four weeks before experiencing their first loss of the season away to Auckland Grammar School. With important cup and league games to come after the Grammar game the season will certainly be shaped before the mid term break. The boys are also through to the semi-finals in the Knock Out competition where they will play old foes Auckland Grammar School. Junior football continues to be strong at MAGS with the 13A

Cameron Hogg

Football The school has 20 football teams entered into various grades this season. With 13 boys’ and seven girls’ teams, football continues to be one of the most popular sports at the school. Unfortunately, with Auckland notching up its wettest May since records began 54 years ago, it was a frustrating start to the season with many of the social teams having their games deferred or cancelled. The good news is that both the 1st XI teams had a strong start to the season, with the girls’ and the boys’ team leading their respective league tables. The First XI Boys’ team had a pre season without New Zealand School representatives Cameron Hogg and Cameron Sinclair who were touring the British Isles and Nike Cup representatives Liam Jordan and Ben Mata who were overseas in Turkey, plus New Zealand Under 17 representative Monty Patterson.

Steff Jones and Anita Killlip

Tessa Naden and Millie Goddard


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 19


Boys and the Junior A girls topping their table and the rest of the teams in the top half of their tables. Girls’ football at MAGS goes from strength to strength with the Junior B girls competing in the Premier Div. 2 round and they have made it through to the top four play offs.

Hockey Three boys’ and six girls’ teams have been entered into AKSS competitions in 2013. The 1st XI boys’ and girls’ teams are playing in the inaugural Supercity competition, which features the top eight teams (boys’) and top nine teams (girls’) from the Greater Auckland region and is a double round robin competition. Both boys’ and girls’ teams have struggled to foot it with the Rankin Cup teams, however they are both aiming for their respective second tier tournaments in September. The boys’ 1st XI is very young and has six Year 10 players this year who are making great progress in this very strong competition. Two wins against Avondale College and Macleans College in round one will be the minimum expectation in round two from the Albertian coaching team of: Head Coach, Arun Panchia, Tom Guy, Matthew Cranston and Jono Sinclair. The girls’ 1st XI team has been struck with serious injuries and despite this set-back they are improving their skill base each week. The Under 15 junior boys’ team qualified for the A grade after three games of grading. Although the team is finding it hard they are competing well defending excellently as a team and providing scoring opportunities up front. So far they have managed losses to Auckland Grammar School and King’s College but have ground out a hard fought 4-2 win against Kelston Boys’ High School. The 2nd XI Boys’ team is competing in the Central/ West division. They have recorded four good wins and have the one loss to Dilworth School 1st XI. The progress they are making and the number of goals they are scoring bodes well for the next Dilworth clash in the second round. They presently sit second in the table. Girls’ hockey at MAGS has seen interest from both experienced and novice students.  At the junior level there is a scope of talent.  The U15 West team are doing exceptionally well by being top of the table after the first round.  At senior level there are three teams, which are seeing varying success.  The 2nd XI after the first round saw them re-graded and has started well with a win in the second round.   The 3rd XI is a team of year 11 students who played as juniors and now understand the demands of the grade they are in and are looking to attack and gain more points in the second round.  The 4th XI are doing well by sitting third in their grade after the first round.  This is a great result as this team has a number of senior students new to the game of hockey. Overall, girls’ hockey players in the lower grades are enthusiastic and eager to enhance their skills and knowledge of the game.


Lacrosse The senior girls’ team defended their Auckland title, beating Diocesan 7-3 in the final. They go into the National Secondary Schools’ Championships as the team to beat on August 24-25 in Cambridge. The school has increased its support for Lacrosse this year by importing two new portable goals and a supply of lacrosse sticks, which resulted in the number of girls’ teams doubling Amelia Scharting from two to four. Amelia Scharting and Briar Tippett will soon leave with the New Zealand Women’s team to compete in the World Cup in Canada.

Mountain Biking Auckland Secondary Schools’ Mountain Bike Race Two – Riverhead; The second Mountain Biking race in the series of three took place on Sunday 26th May in Riverhead Forest. Almost 100 riders from secondary schools around Auckland, plus some guest riders from Tauranga, lined up on a cold and sunny morning to race on the notoriously muddy Riverhead tracks. The riders had to complete a number of laps of a 7km circuit. Each lap involved deep mud puddles, slippery tree roots, a dismount to get over a fallen tree, a steady winding uphill section followed by a flowing but potentially treacherous downhill, then a bit of gravel road and the muddiest rutted track back to the start/finish. MAGS riders included Finn Welsford-Ackroyd and James Kirkham in the Intermediate Boys’ race doing three laps; Jeremy King in Junior Boys’ (two laps) and Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd, a Junior Girl doing one lap. As the riders completed each lap and rode through the start/finish area it was clear there was mud and chaos out there, with many returning with broken bikes and others giving up out of sheer exhaustion. Those who rode carefully and tactically, and actually finished the race, had an enormous sense of achievement. Well done to the MAGS

Sport riders who all finished their respective rides! Results (adjusted after taking out guest riders): Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd, Junior Girls, 2nd Jeremy King, Junior Boys, 9th Finn Welsford-Ackroyd, Intermediate Boys, 5th James Kirkham, Intermediate Boys, 15th Auckland Secondary Schools’ Mountain Bike Race Three – Woodhill Forest The third race in the series was held on June 30th at Woodhill Forest. The 5km course started with a loop through part of Combo, then up the well-named Uplands, down the treacherous and also well-named Tree Hugger, up Link, then the lap finished down part of Big Mama’s Tail. Senior riders did four laps, Intermediates three laps, and Juniors two. The familiarity of the tracks and a perfect Woodhill surface (not too sandy, slightly damp) meant fewer mechanical failures or fall offs, so competition was high. Isobel Welsford-Ackroyd did a speedy two laps coming in 2nd place as she had in all three races, resulting in a silver medal for the overall series. Finn Welsford-Ackroyd came in 9th in Intermediate Boys, getting a good 5th place for the series. James Kirkham had a great race, coming in 11th in Intermediate Boys. Jeremy King came in 18th for Junior Boys.

competitive in their grades. The Junior 5 team graded well and is in the same competition as the Junior 4 team. Intermediate (Year 10) teams: The Intermediate 1 team is undefeated- and they are winning by large margins. Intermediate 3 and 4 were both undefeated in the same grade until they played each other. Intermediate 4 won this intense battle. Intermediate 2, 5, 6 and 7 are performing well recording more wins than losses in their respective grades. Senior teams: The Premier and Senior 1 team remain undefeated and are winning their respective grades. Senior 2 and 3 are performing well and are near the top of their grade. The Senior 5 team graded well, which resulted in being placed in the top section. Senior 4, Blue and Gold are making steady progress with close, competitive games. Representative teams for the different regions have been selected. Congratulations to the following players: Auckland Y9 (1); Alaimaluloa Toetu’u, Jazmin Tamapeau, Lahaina Upu-Toparea, Sam Leilua, Tyler Love, Voula Leota Auckland Y9(2); Calais Huru, Phoenix Toparea, Elizabeth Beaumont Papakura Y9(1); Paige Witehira, Ashlee Campbell Auckland U15 (1); Chellcey Jones, France Bloomfield, Kasey Price, Monique Kost, TeUranga Royal Waitakere U15 (1); Skylah Ieriko, Angenita Lousi, Elle Temu Auckland U15 (2); Felicity TeAhuru-Kakahi, Hale Huru, Leilani Folau, Raipoia Kawhia, TeAo Frandi, Victoria Pone Waitakere U15 (2); Chontel Elia-Peters, Ana Moi Auckland U17 (1); Alanis Toia, Anipa Sisi, Chiara Semple Destiny Grace, Holly Fowler, Maia Wilson, Lavinia Lousi, Luseane Lousi Auckland U17 (2); Aniva Sesega, Kayla Kiss Auckland U19 (1); Ashi Ponini, Shekynah Clark, Meretini Fuimaono Auckland U19 (2); Ripleigh Le Pou-Evaga College Netball Champions: MAGS Successful in their Title Defence

Finn Welsford-Ackroyd at Wellsford

Netball Twenty teams have been entered into AKSS Netball competitions in 2013. The first three weeks of the season was grading rounds. The majority of the MAGS teams made the top section of their grade with many entering the same grade as the team above them. We have also had a few MAGS vs MAGS games over the last three weeks. Progress midway through the season is as follows: Junior (Year 9) teams: The Junior 1 and 2 teams are undefeated (both in same grade), which is similar to last year, both teams are winning convincingly and may end up going for the top award again. The Junior 3, 4 and 5 are very

Mount Albert Grammar School Premier Netball team used the College Netball final as a team building exercise to really test their ability to push on in a game. Co-Coach Paula Smith, back from giving birth to daughter Mila, wanted the team to work hard on defence to take ball, and show patience on attack to get good ball to the shooters. The final against Tu Toa was a repeat of last year where they won by 12 points. The team has some individual stars but this game was going to be won by hard graft by everyone. The quarter scores were 12-5, 9-6, 11-6,13-7, which demonstrated the MAGS team built on each quarter. The final score was 45-24. The MAGS defence end was relentless making Tu Toa work hard for every goal and at times frustrating their opposition into errors. MAGS made one change due to injury to Destiny Grace in the mid-court and young Year 11 mid-courter Alanis Toia came on and opened up the game to further enhance the flow of ball through the court to our shooters. Ashi Ponini


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 21


Netball Champions with Coaches and Physio had a good game, taking ball in her first final for MAGS at Wing Defence. Tu Toa definitely were there to win the match and there were some solid performances from their shooters. However Holly Fowler was in outstanding form and took ball on a regular basis. Her combination with Jamie-Lee Price was impressive. Maia Wilson, Chiara Semple and Meretini Fuimaono showed their shooting ability with some impressive long shots. Shooting statistics: Maia Wilson 88%, Chiara Semple 70% and Meretini Fuimaono 87% (4th quarter). Co-Coach Te Aroha Keenan stated this was a great start to the season. This was a great spectacle and both teams need to be commended for the way in which they played the game, each outing against Tu Toa is difficult and you need to have prepared well. As captain of Tu Toa Renee Te Riini said: “We are sure we will meet again further on in the year at NZSS, and we will be ready for that”. Keenan’s reply: “so are MAGS, bring it on”.

Rugby First XV ;At the time of going to print we are preparing for their home semi final against Auckland Grammar. Captained by Joshua Goodhue, the First XV thas lost only once this season, to De La Salle. The team culture is getting stronger each week and the players have embraced the challenge of striving for continued improvement. The team is looking forward to the tough games ahead as they work hard to achieve a top four finish. The team won the Grammar School Jubilee Cup narrowly defeating Auckland Grammar School 9-6 and Joshua Goodhue was presented with the Eddie Wilson Memorial Cup for the Player of the Match. Close victories over Sacred Heart College and Kelston Boys’ High School mean the team is tracking well.

Orienteering 2013 North Island Secondary Schools’ Orienteering Championships Congratulations to Year 9 student Theresa Boyd for her success at this event held at the Auckland Botanic Gardens and Woodhill Forest during the holidays. Theresa placed third out of 42 competitors in the Junior Girls’ Long Distance Course (3km); fourth out of 52 in the Junior Girls’ Short Sprint Course (2km); and second in the Intermediate Girls’ Team Relay where she was part of a composite team of three (with girls from other schools). The best boys’ results included Y13’s Oliver Brooks and Jarrod Wilson coming 11th in the Senior Boys Team Relay and Y11 Andrew Battley finishing in the top third of competitors in the Intermediate Boys Short Sprint Course.


1stXV versus Sacred Heart

2nd XV; Coached by Brandon Dewes and Brad Mika and captained by Chris Lu’au. This team is working hard to build good depth in behind the 1st XV. The 2nd XV train with the 1st XV and have an outstanding attitude where the players value the game time they get, and work hard to put pressure on the 1st XV players. Highlights of the season so far have been good


1st XV versus AGS

wins over St Peter’s College, Sacred Heart College and Kelston Boys’ High School. Under 15 Colts; Coached by Ofisa Tonu’u and Eroni Clarke and captained by Isiah Papali’i. The Colts team has a big season in front of them with Mount Albert Grammar hosting the National Under 15 tournament at the end of the season. Expectations are high after winning the under 14 title last year. The team is back on track after an early season defeat by Sacred Heart College, however had recent wins over Auckland Grammar School and King’s College. 14 Blue; Coached by Richie Folomu and assisted by John Tetini and Dave Young the U14 Blue are currently undefeated this year and are top of the table in the 14A competition. Good wins over Auckland Grammar, St Peter’s College and Kelston Boys’ High School have given this team a lot of confidence. The players are training hard and focusing on getting better each week. 14 Gold; Coached by Tane Hapimarika and Tony Sprangers and assisted by student Coaches and First XV players Blake Hohaia and Allen Sia, this team due to cancellations and bye rounds has made a slower start to the year, but they are now back on track. They play in the 14A competition and a narrow loss to the MAGS 14 blue team recently has this team motivated to work hard and improve. 4A; Coached by Dick Mickleborough and assisted by student Coach Connor Brown, this team has had a difficult start due to cancellations and bye rounds, but they have hit the ground

running since the competition started and have got off to a good start picking up wins in the first two games. They play attractive 15-man rugby and are learning some old school traditional values from their coach. 5A; Coached by Ron Murray and Ray Brewer and assisted by student coach and 1st XV prop Mike Kelly. This team is currently undefeated in the 5A Competition and recently drew 15 – 15 with a very strong Sacred Heart team and won against St Kentigern College. This team is already showing continual improvement with improved performances happening each week. This team is well-organized and committed. 6B; Coached by Grant Howlett and assisted by student coach and 1st XV hooker Leif Schwencke. This team is currently undefeated in the grade and playing some very attractive 15man rugby. This team love to give the ball plenty of width and have scored some high level tries. The boys are enjoying their rugby and learning from an experienced Coach. 7B; Coached by Carlton Lee Thomas and assisted by student Coaches and 1st XV players Malcolm Kohere, Mosese Fotu and Joseph Keresoma. This team is under 52 kgs so these boys play the game fast and with no fear as everyone is the same size. Trainings are well attended and the boys are enjoying playing open rugby while learning new skills every week. This team is also undefeated in competition games so far this year.


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 23


Rugby League The Rugby League season, although shorter than other sporting codes, continues to produce some outstanding games among the three registered teams in the competition. Although the Under 15s season has concluded, the overall enthusiasm amongst players has been nothing but encouraging and satisfying, especially with a number of newcomers to the sport of Rugby League. The Under 85kg grade was successful coming first in their pool and crossed-over with Pakuranga College in the semi-final, which they lost in a tight battle 10-14. This team has improved dramatically over the weeks, building its team culture and confidence amongst individuals. Steve Price and his coaching staff, continue to steer the 1st XIII towards its campaign goal of becoming Auckland Champions. In what is described as a competitive and fierce competition, MAGS have successfully made it into the top six Rugby League Schools in Auckland, which is a good effort considering there were 18 Schools at the beginning of the season. Following this competition, only four teams will move onto the semi-finals. The Premier Team has encountered some tough opposition but MAGS is a school that is distinguished with certain armour when it comes to physical sports. Pride, discipline and composure are what this team carries in every game and every player believes in that philosophy.

Rugby League versus Kelston Boys’ HS Congratulations to the following boys who have recently been selected in representative teams: Connor Taurua Purcell - New Zealand Maori U17, Delaney Chaney-Puata - NZ Maori U15, Connor Taurua Purcell and Rueben Porter in Auckland Under 17 team.

Squash Premier Boys; Training is paying off for the Premier boys team, which is currently unbeaten in its division. The team is relatively inexperienced with the highest player, Erik Scharting just into the D2 grade, and the rest of the players are in the E


grade. Four of the boys are club members, but they all play other sports and are fully committed to the MAGS philosophy of getting involved. They are a pleasure to watch every Friday at 4pm and they are always very competitive and always show excellent sportsmanship on the court. Senior A Boys; At this point in the season, Senior A Boys are still seeking that elusive team win despite some impressive individual performances. A number of games have been won or lost by a mere point, with the end result not always reflecting the quality of the match. Senior B Boys; Have played five rounds in a demanding competition. They have won half of their games and have enjoyed the experience. This is placing them about mid-way among the competing teams and has been ably led by Sean Donald. Junior A Boys; The Junior A Boys’ Squash team has endured a tough start to the season. The team of Year 9 players brand new to squash which show promising signs for the second half of the season and moving forward to next year. The team competed at the Auckland Intercollegiate champs and came up against a number of senior aged players. Junior B Boys; This team had an unsettled start to the season but they have some keen and enthusiastic players that are improving with the coaching that they receive at the National Squash Centre on a Tuesday after school. Premier Girls; It is a great start to the year for the Premier Girls’ Squash team, who are currently placed 2nd after 4 games. Our three Year 10 players - Celia Hext, Natasha Findlay and Rosa Henderson, have made a great transition into the Premier Grade. As there are only three players in the team they have to play every week and have shown great commitment and enthusiasm. They recently competed in the Intercollegiate Champs in Division 1 and finished in 4th place - they had two players who joined them for this competition from the Senior B Team. Senior B Girls; This team has played some strong teams in this division, the girls are taking on the challenge with their heads held high, playing some wonderful squash, they are always keen and committed. Millie Mo’unga and Ella Neighbours, who was recently promoted to the Senior B team from the Junior B1 team, also played with our Premier girls in division 1 at the Intercollegiate Competition on the North Shore. Junior B1 Girls; The team are currently unbeaten and the players, although novices, are quickly developing their skills. All the players have a natural athleticism and are enjoying the physical challenges of the games. The one disappointing aspect of so far, has been the number of opposition teams who have defaulted. Junior B2 Girls; The Girls’ team comprises six enthusiastic members from years 9 and 10, some of whom are new to squash. It was good to see them improve their game and extend their skills further as the season progresses. Daphney Erlano captains the team and it is currently placed second in their division.


St Kentigern College vs MAGS InterSchool Fixture On Saturday 18 May, Mount Albert Grammar School and St Kentigern College went head to head to contest the Jubilee Cup for 2013. St Kentigern College were the current holders of the Jubilee Cup, which was presented for the first time in 2012 during the MAGS 90th Jubilee celebrations, following their victory in the 1st XV Rugby encounter. This year, the two headmasters decided to involve four premier sports teams, making this special inter-school fixture for the coveted Jubilee Cup, a more prestigious event. 

The day started at 10.00am with Girls’ 1st XI Football, then 11.00am Premier Girls’ Netball followed by the Boys’ 1st XI Football at 12.00 noon and ended with the 1st XV rugby match at 2.30pm. Both the girls’ games have been moved from their normal times and venues to accommodate this fixture. Despite passing showers, the playing conditions were very good and the games very competitive: The results were: Girls’ 1st XI Football Won 7-0 Premier Girls’ Netball Won 40-16 Boys’ 1st XI Football Drew 1-1 1st XV Rugby Drew 9-9 Therefore the winner of the Jubilee Cup for 2013 was Mount Albert Grammar School.

Dale Burden with Sports Captains and the Jubilee Cup

Swimming The Auckland Secondary Schools’ Central/East Zone competition was at the Mount Albert Aquatic Centre early in April. The highlights were: Tyler Jerrom, 1st in 50m Butterfly, Daniel Hefford 1st in 50m Backstroke, 2nd in 50m Butterfly and 3rd in 50m Breaststroke, Caitlin Pritchard 1st in 50m Butterfly, 2nd in 50m Backstroke and 3rd in 50m Freestyle, Rima Williams 1st in 50m Backstroke, Katherine Grozev 1st in 50m Backstroke, Hannah Newnham-McGrath

1st in 50m Backstroke and 2nd in 50m Freestyle, Roana Paterson 1st in 50m Breaststroke and Yinhu Cui 2nd in 50m Backstroke and 3rd in 50m Breaststroke. Rima Williams, Morgan Wadley, Caitlin and Charlotte Pritchard won the Girls’ Open 200m Butterfly relay for the third year in a row for MAGS at the AKSS Champion of Champions meeting. Eight swimmers from MAGS gained top three placings. Amelia Eades has a large number of medals to show for her efforts in Swimming. She won three medals at the Dale Burden and Ameila Eades Special Olympics Regional Games and will travel to Dunedin in November for the 8th Special Olympics National Summer Games.

Underwater Hockey This year we have six teams in the Auckland Competition, three senior and three junior. All teams have commenced the season with enthusiasm and commitment. Once again we are fortunate to have the expertise and experience in our coaching team. Many of the coaches are New Zealand players. Logan Kemp Premier, Boys, Leah Chamberlain and Danyon Kemp Premier Girls, Charlotte Van Dyk Senior Open B, Junior Boys Liam Robertson, Sam Schulz Junior Boys and Hannah McCree Junior Girls.The Premier teams have performed with precision and skill so far and are producing some commendable wins. The Junior teams are also winning and improving their performance each week. All teams performed well at the Regionals Tournament held at the beginning of June and four teams qualified for the National Tournament to be held at Westwave in Henderson on 28 September to 1 October 2013. The Premier Boys’ played a hard fought semi final and lost in ten minutes extra time. Congratulations on winning a bronze medal. The Junior Boys’ improved throughout the tournament and must be commended for winning a silver medal. Well done to all the coaches for their dedication and expertise shown with their teams. Congratulations to Sam Nicholson, Alex Paine, Jack Scahill, Marshall Norbitt, David Peart, Daniel Nisbet, Connor Glengarry, Jamie Rutledge, Angus Scahill, Lauren Curd, Ruby Gibbons and Emma Inglis on being selected for the Auckland Under 18 Squad.

Water Polo The Premier Boys’ team finished 12th at the Division 1 NZSS Championships held during the April holidays in Wellington. The Premier Girls’ team finished 3rd and the Senior B team finished 8th in the Division 2 NZSS tournament held in Hamilton. 200m Butterfly relay swimmers


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Bryan Williams Honoured In the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2013 it was announced that Bryan Williams (1962-1967) had been made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) for services to rugby. His rugby playing career had its genesis in Eugene Cheriton’s First XV teams. He also played cricket for the First XI, was Senior Athletics Champion for two years, a Prefect for two years and Victor Ludorum in 1967. His All Black career took off in spectacular fashion in the 1970 tour of South Africa. He played 113 All Black matches including 38 tests, at a time when there were fewer tests than in the professional era. His last game in the black jersey was against the Barbarians in late 1978. He scored a try, his 65th as an All Black. He was named Player of the Decade by a panel of rugby writers in 1980. Bryan’s work as an administrator for the game has been prodigious (not a word he himself would use). He has coached many teams, most notably Manu Samoa, he has been a tireless worker for the Ponsonby Rugby Club and recently retired from his position as Director of the School’s Rugby Academy where he nurtured junior players. He was appointed President of the New Zealand Rugby Union in 2011. Bryan, who is a qualified lawyer and practiced as a sole solicitor, was created a Member of the British Empire in 1980 for services to (no surprise) rugby. His new award is two notches above that. Brian Murphy Archivist

July 2013

ANZAC Assembly The ANZAC Assembly was held at school on Thursday 18 April 2013. The family of Rory Malone (2002) who passed away in August 2012 during his service with the New Zealand Army, came and presented a framed portrait of Rory in his military uniform to join the other 200 plus whom are remembered at the special ANZAC school assembly. The assembly was followed by the first Old, Old Boys’ Luncheon for 2013 held at School House.

Ben Stallworthy

Old Boys arriving for the Anzac Assembly

Anzac Luncheon

Ruby Gibbons and Stan Walker


Greg Taylor and Dick Lawrence

Rory Malone’s portrait

Rory Malone’s family leaving the stage

CORRIDORS Congratulations Underwater Hockey National Age-Group Representatives Congratulations to Albertians’ Cali Manly (2006-2011), Logan Kemp (2004-2008) (Premier Boys’ coach), Danyon Kemp (2008-2012) Premier Girls’ coach and Matt Trevelyan (2008-2012) on making the New Zealand Under 23 Underwater hockey team and Sam Schulz (2007-2011) Junior Boys’ coach and James Rowe (2007-2011) on making the Under 19 Underwater hockey team to play at the 18th CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships from 23 August – 1st September 2013 in Eger, Hungary. We wish them every success. Cali’s team will be hoping to successfully defend their world championship title. World Cup Sevens Portia Woodman (2005-2009) was in outstanding form during the recent World Cup Sevens tournament in Moscow. During the final, after which Portia was named the top try scorer of the tournament, she scored two tries to contribute to the winning score of 29-12 over Canada. Portia scored 12 tries in total at the tournament and her side step and pace were international talking points! STOP PRESS: Portia has made history at MAGS by becoming the first female Albertian to gain dual National Sporting Honours (rugby 7s and rugby), representing NZ in the Black Ferns rugby team who recently won the firsttest vs. England. Portia scored the opening try. She joins an elite group of Albertians: Matthew Ridge (rugby and rugby league) and Sonny Bill Williams (rugby league and rugby). MAGS Congratulates Steven Luatua on his All Black Debut On Saturday 22 June 2013, Steven Luatua (at school 20052009) made his All Black debut in the third test match against France at Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth. The All Blacks won the match 24-9 and won the test series 3-0. Twenty-two year old, Steven is Mount Albert Grammar School’s 14th All Black and the 1121st All Black to represent New Zealand. He is also the 121st Albertian to reach National Sporting Honours and his name will go up onto the Honours Board on the stage in the FW Gamble Hall during the July holidays. The number 21 features strongly in Steven’s list of achievements. Steven was a member of the AKSS winning MAGS rugby team in 2007 and 2009.

The Mount Albert Grammar School All Blacks are: Victor Butler Ronald Bush Dave Solomon Mick Bremner Rod Heeps Ron Urlich Bryan Williams Mark Brooke-Cowden Joe Stanley Matthew Ridge Olo Brown Andrew Blowers Sonny Bill Williams Steven Luatua

1928 1931 1935-1936 1952-56 1962 1970-73 1970-78 1986-87 1986-91 1989 1990-98 1996-99 2010 2013

Waikato University Graduates Congratulations to the following Albertians who have recently graduated from The University of Waikato. Gavin Neville (2005 - 2006) BCGD (Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design) Sarah Hardie (2005 - 2009) BSc (Bachelor of Science) Postgraduate Diploma Recital Those who attended the school’s annual music concert in 2007 will have heard some very fine classical guitar music played by Isaac Yihong Sun (2005-2007). That performance revealed both commitment to music and the promise of more to come. More came on the 1st of July this year when Isaac played his Postgraduate Diploma Recital at the University of Auckland’s School of Music. His first piece was ‘Fantasie’ by Fernando Sor. Isaac handled this challenging work well, confirming the promise shown in his performance at MAGS in 2007.The second work was J.S.Bach’s ‘Chaconne’, requiring extremely articulated fingering to achieve the complex melodies. His final presentation was a work by Maurio Giuliani, ‘Le Rossinane’ which pays tribute to Rossini. This was no easy piece for any guitarist, yet Isaac maintained the integrity throughout some very difficult passages.

Farm Managers

As an addendum to the celebration of the renewal of the Farmlease ceremony at Alberton House on 26 March 2013, here is a list of Farm Managers since the farm was established in 1933.

1933-1937 (Term 1) W.S. Fleming (part-time) 1937 (Term2) – 1940 (Term 1)S.A. Verrall (part-time) 1940 (Term 2) – 1942 O. Beck (part-time) 1943-1949 R.C. Tilley (first full-time) 1950-1955 W.H. Wenderlin 1956-1985 C. Honeybun 1986-1988 D. McNab 1989-1991 R. Gillett 1992-2000 D.T Doughty 2000 A. Elefiheriou (April-December) 2001-2005 M.D. Roundtree 2006-Present L.D. Palmer


TERM 2.2013

Quarterly 27

A Preliminary List of Albertian Professors

Sir Alan Steward, of Agriculture, Massey University. R. C. J. (Russell) Stone, of History, The University of Auckland. Some Albertians who have been elevated to the rank of Professor, M. B. (Mike) Taggart, of Law, The University of Auckland. J. L. (Jeff) Tallon, of Physics, Victoria University of Wellington. or Associate Professor, are listed below. A few have held other R. H. (Dick) Toy, of Architecture, The University of Auckland. appointments of the same rank. In most cases the position is the current one, or the one held at the time of retirement. Some listed M. W. (Michael) Walker, of Biological Science, The University of Auckland. professors are deceased. If an academic has/had moved into G. F. (Gary) Waller, of Literature and Cultural Studies, City administration the last known teaching position is given. Some University of New York. professors have/had named chairs, these are not given here. Institutions are fully named. If you can add to this list please notify R. J. (Dick) Walton, of Radiology, University of Manitoba. S. R. (Rae) West, of General Practice, The University of Brian Murphy at Auckland. Where liberty has arisen, learning must be cherished – T. G. (Trevor) Wilson, of History, The University of Adelaide. or liberty itself becomes a fragile thing. Lyndon B Johnson M. (Norman) Wong, of Accounting and Finance, The A. J. C. (Andy) Begg, of Education, Auckland University of University of Auckland. Technology. D.R (David) Bell, of Marketing, University of Pennslyvania J. A. W. (Jack) Bennett, of Medieval and Renaissant English, Mr JGS Myles MA University of Cambridge. M. R. (Neville) Bradley, of Philosophy, The University of Auckland. At Mount Albert Grammar School 1941-1945 and 1957-1962 B. J. (Bruce) Biggs, of Anthropology, The University of Auckland. Johnny Myles was a sporting star as a schoolboy and beyond. D. A. (David) Brown, of Geology, Australian National University. (While not an academic giant as a boy he did acquire some High Merit and Credit certificates each year.) S. R. (Selwyn) Caradus, of Mathematics, The University of From the outset he played rugby and cricket. He won the Auckland. Intermediate Athletics Cup in 1942. In the same year he was A. A. (Andrew) Christie, of Accounting, Louisianna State vice-captain of the 5A Rugby team and played for the sixth XI. University. By 1943 his cricketing skill had taken him into the First XI and I. G. (Ian) Culpan, of Physical Education, University of he was captain of the 3A rugby team. On the athletics front Canterbury. he won the Senior Cup. He won it again in 1944 winning the Sir Graeme Davies, of Metallargy, University of Sheffield. 100yds, 200yds, 440yds, 120yds Hurdles and the Hop Step W. L. (Wayne) Edwards, of Education, Massey University. and Jump and in the Inter-Secondary Combined Schools’ Sports W. B. (Warwick) Elley, of Education, University of Canterbury. he was 2nd in the 100yds. Not only was he in the First XI but R. J. (Roger) Horrocks, of Film, Television and Media Studies, that year he was in the First XV also. He was, as well, a Prefect The University of Auckland. and Platoon Commander. I. (Ian) Hunter, of Business History, The University of Auckland. In 1945 he was Head Prefect and CSM of D Company and P. R. (Peter) Knight, of Surgery, McMaster University. again in the top cricket and rugby teams. As to Athletics, he D. (David) Kronfeld, of Agriculture, Virginia Polytechnic and won all the events he won in 1944 and also the High Jump and State University. P. J. (Peter) Lorimer, of Mathematics, The University of Auckland. the Broad Jump. At the Inter-Secondary Schools’ Athletics Sports he won the 100yds in 10.25s which was a record and also A. H. (Tony) McNaughton, of Education, The University of the New Zealand Junior record. He also won the 200yds and Auckland. 400yds and was second in the 110yds Hurdles. R. E. F. (Dick) Matthews, of Microbiology, The University of Post – School he represented New Zealand at the IV British Auckland. Empire Games in 1950 in Auckland in the 440yds, reaching A. (Alan) Maxwell, of Astronomy, Harvard University. I. C. (Ian) Medland, of Engineering, The University of Auckland. the semi-final. (This was the first Games since Syndey in 1938). He was an Auckland Rugby representative and a New Zealand L. H. (Laurie) Milliner, of Botany, The University of Auckland. K. E. (Kingsley) Mortimer, of Anatomy, The University of Auckland. University Athletics Blue. He worked for the Forest Service before enrolling at Auckland M. J. (Mike) Morwood, of Archaeology, University of Teachers’ Training College. He was a Physical Education Area Wollongong. Officer prior to teaching at Normal Intermediate School. R. (Robert) Nola, of Philosophy, The University of Auckland. Johnny joined the staff of Mount Albert Grammar School in P. C. B. (Peter) Phillips, of Economics and of Statistics, Yale 1957 and was here until 1962. He coached the First XV and University. completed an MA in Geography. He was a jovial extrovert. L. D. (Leo) Pointon, of Law, Multimedia University. He left us to teach in Canada and returned to be HOD of Social W. S. (Bill) Rapson, of Chemistry, University of Cape Town. Studies at Hamilton Teachers’ College where he remained until M. S. (Mervyn) Rosser, of Engineering Mathematics, The his retirement. University of Auckland. John Gilbert Stratton Myles departed this life on 28 May 2013. Sir John Scott, of Medicine, The University of Auckland. G. A. F. (George) Seber, of Statistics, The University of Auckland. His funeral was held at St Stephen’s Church, Tamahere, on 1 June 2013, the first day of winter. J. D. (Jack) Sinclair, of Physiology, The University of Auckland. Brian Murphy . Archivist Sir Keith Sinclair, of History, The University of Auckland. Sir Peter Snell, of Sports Medicine, University of Texas (Dallas). (From Tradition and Change, his Record Card, The Albertian C. K. (Karl) Stead, of English, The University of Auckland. and the Commonwealth Games website)



CORRIDORS ALBERTIANS RECONNECTED WITH THE SCHOOL Bice Duxbury (1961-1964) Bice visited Mount Albert Grammar School in April and found it great to come back again and have a look around. Paul Cusdin (1989-1993) Paul visited Mount Albert Grammar School in April. Charles Buckley (1945-1949) Charles visited Mount Albert Grammar School in April. David Griffiths (1946-1948) David visited Mount Albert Grammar School in April.

From the Archives Thanks to Paul Paton, a former teacher here and Archivist at Auckland Grammar School, who alerted us to an auction in which some mounted photographs were being offered. A telephone bid secured them. They turned out to be a treasure-trove from the estate of Mr W.R.H. Martin, Bill to the staff and Froggy to the boys. Bill Martin was Mr Soccer from the start, and all of the photographs include him. He was on the staff from 1926 to 1944 and left to help start Avondale Technical High School (which became Avondale College). The earliest photograph is headed ‘Graduates of Auckland University College’. There is no year date but as the group includes five men who were on the staff here at the time the year must be 1926. Only one, E.M. Blaiklock had a degree before, BA. All the others had started their careers without a degree and not only graduated at this ceremony but went on to further degrees while teaching full time. Blaiklock graduated MA and left to teach at University and became Professor of Classics. S. Blake left soon after he had graduated BA. W.R.H. Martin, who had graduated BA that day, later had MA, DipEd added to his name. R.B. Hardy BCom and HL Towers BSc went on to spend their entire working life here and both improved their qualifications, Hardy an MCom and Towers added a BA to his BSc. Also capped that day was G.G. McLeod BA, who later joined the staff with an MA. He was a wartime prisoner of the Japanese and returned a broken man. Another University photograph is of the Auckland University College Football Club Second Fifteen 1924. The second photograph is of 1940, and the Old Boys’ team were Champion of Champions and winners of the ScottRamsay and Falcon Cups. The third photographs is of 1942 and the Old Boys’ who were winners of the A.F.A. Senior Championship and Champion of Champions, Played 17, Won 12, Drew 3, Lost 2, Goals for 72, Goals against 23. (This image has been exposed to light and there is some damage). There are two photographs of the School’s First XI. The first is of 1930 when they were winners of the Secondary Schools’ Championship and Knockout Competitions, and the second image is of 1939. There are twelve other years represented, four Junior and eight Senior. As well as Mr Martin there are boys of this School represented in the teams. Brian Murphy

This photograph shows Mr W.H.Martin as selector, and Mr R.M. Beswick as Secretary and Treasurer. The team is the Provincial Secondary Schools’ Representatives 1929(Football) , winners of the Skerrett Cup. 1928 Mr Beswick donated the Beswick Shield.

Foundation Trustees “The Foundation Board is fully committed to ensuring that all members of the school community and its affiliate groups work together for the common good of strengthening the vision, values and aims of MAGS in a very real and purposeful manner.” Tim Goulding Tim Goulding Greg Moyle Greg Taylor Grant Wilson Dale Burden

Association Executive List PRESIDENT Ben Stallworthy IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Maelen Tagelagi MINUTES SECRETARY Tim Kay TREASURER Kent Routen COMMITTEE Danica Atkins David Griffin Dale Griffiths Brett Kingstone Aftab Moosa Greg Moyle Brian Murphy Michael Riley Greg Taylor Dale Burden VOLUME 8.No2

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Saturday 1st XI Boys’ Football vs Rangitoto College at MAGS at 12.00 pm

Parent Teacher Interviews 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm

1st XV Rugby vs De La Salle at De La Salle at 2.30 pm

5 Monday Year 9 Information Evening 2014 - Balmoral Intermediate in the FW Gamble Hall 7.00 pm 6 Tuesday





Year 9 Information Evening 2014 - Kowhai and Ponsonby Intermediate in the FW Gamble Hall 7.00 pm

Year 9 Information Evening 2014 - Glen Eden, Pasadena and Wesley Intermediate in the FW Gamble Hall 7.00 pm World Challenge returns from Peru trip

Cultural Group Photographs


NCEA Pathways Evening in the FW Gamble Hall at 7.00 pm

1st XI Boys Football vs St Peter’s College at St Peter’s College at 12.00 pm



1st XV Rugby vs Kings College at MAGS at 2.30 pm

Arts Alive Week - Junior Bytes Concert at Centennial Theatre 7.00 pm



Winter Sports Photographs in the FW Gamble Hall

Arts Alive Week - MAGS Got Talent at Centennial Theatre 7.00 pm



MAGS Parents in the Staffroom at 7.30 pm



Pasifika Pathways Evening in the Murray Nairn Library at 6.30 pm



Academic Council Quiz Night in the FW Gamble Hall at 7.00 pm



1st XI Boys’ Football vs AGS at MAGS at 12.00 pm

1st XV Rugby 1A Semi Final TBC



1st XI Girls vs Pukekohe High School at Pukekohe High School at 4.00 pm



1A 1xt XV Rugby Final at Eden Park

AKSS Grade Rugby Semi Finals



Art Auction at FW Gamble Hall 7.00 pm



AKSS Grade Rugby Finals Day at Marist Rugby Club



NZ Secondary School Winter Sports Tournament Week (2nd - 6th)

3 Tuesday Tournament Week



Tournament Week

5 Thursday Tournament Week 6 Friday Tournament Week



Senior Examinations commence (11th - 19th)



Year 12 Outdoor Education (23rd - 25th)



Year 13 Outdoor Education (26th - 28th)



End of Term 3

At the time of going to print, College Sport had not released all draws for Term 3 Sport. Please refer to our website and note on calendar all sporting events.

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