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Manor Living Volume 38, No. 4

It’s about Life... It’s about Living... A Publication of Magnolia Manor Senior Living


ou will read about some amazing people in this issue, people who have made a lasting mark on our organization, yesterday and today. They’re good people. Loyal people. Faithful people. Every day, they have given sacrificially to make life better for our residents and their families. It seems that Jimmy Buchanan almost grew up here, serving as our Board Treasurer fifty years ago and eventually becoming Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Even today, he is still involved as a member of our Board and provides a quiet wisdom and strength even during the most difficult decisions. His legacy for us is that he is passionately committed to Magnolia Manor and says we are his favorite charity. He inspires us through his example to work every day to be the best we can be.

Magnolia Manor, Inc.

OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2018 Active Trustees Mr. James R. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. Russ Carreker Mr. Ed Collier Dr. Schley Gatewood, Jr. Mrs. Ann Harris Mr. Mark Johnson Mr. Will Peterson, IV Mr. Chuck Reeves Mr. Charles Ray Sheffield Mrs. Edie Vinson Mr. Hal Weathers Mrs. Jean Wheeler Executive Committee Chairman – Mr. Mark Johnson Vice Chairman – Mr. Chuck Reeves Secretary – Mrs. Jean Wheeler Emeritus Members Rev. J. William Dupree Mrs. Betty D. Pope Dr. James T. Trice, Jr. Ex-Officio Members Bishop Lawson Bryan, Resident Bishop, South Georgia Conference Rev. Henry Bass, South Central District Superintendent Dr. Buddy Cooper, Northwest District Superintendent Dr. Nita Crump, Southwest District Superintendent Dr. Rick Lanford, North Central District Superintendent Dr. Wayne Moseley, Coastal District Superintendent Rev. Chris Ramsey, Northeast District Superintendent

Then there’s my mentor here at Magnolia Manor, Ray Edwards. I was still a student in 1980 finishing up at Georgia Southwestern, when under his leadership, Wade Barr and Mac Pritchett hired me. I began working here on the night shift, doing interesting things from 4:00pm to midnight. During that time, he saw leadership qualities in me and gave me opportunities to grow and advance. When he retired after 28 years, he had prepared me to become the new CEO. I saw him make a lot of tough calls over the years while I learned from him. He saw us through some difficult financial hurdles, but he also taught me how to persevere. In my mind, his legacy is that he never gave up as he worked to establish a strong organizational foundation. This foundation has been used to enhance and grow the services of Magnolia Manor. We have two new administrators, Mike Battle at Magnolia Manor on the Coast, and Jeri Ann Faircloth at Magnolia Manor of Macon, who will also make their marks on our organization and the residents we serve. Both are committed to making sure the residents under their watch will have the best care possible. They have already taken ownership of their campuses and are quickly shaping their legacies. Then there’s David Prince, our new Vice President for Information Systems. Fifteen years ago, he came to Magnolia Manor as a student and entry level technician working on computers and printers. He is personable and well-liked by everyone. He is an excellent leader and IT professional. His legacy is still being written, but I know it will in part be shaped for the way he is able to work so well with people. Every January, we wonder what the new year will bring. Our history has shown that Magnolia Manor has always been in good hands, and I’m convinced we continue to have good people who will help us shape the future of senior living. They will make their marks on this organization, leaving a legacy of excellence for future generations. I hope you will take the time to read all about these amazing people and the others who make Magnolia Manor a place to be. It’s about Life, it’s about Living!

Mark R. Todd President & CEO

Cover Photograph: Resident Aggie Crump holding a sketch of the Americus Retirement Center. She traditionally has her home on her Christmas cards...and this is now her home!!

Sarah Cunio, Layout & Design Art Director 2001 South Lee Street Americus, GA 31709


randdaddy could build anything. He was mechanically inclined and had a keen sense of how things worked. Once he even built a machine to shell butter beans. I really liked that invention because I hated shelling those things by hand! But there was one thing he wasn’t very good at: building foundations that didn’t crack. He built the little church we attended when I was growing up. That foundation cracked. Later, he added an education wing to the building. That foundation cracked, too. He poured the footings for my parents’ home when I was six. Yep, that one cracked, too. So, what does it matter? Because after the foundation cracked, all of these buildings settled and developed cracks in the walls, making the entire structure unstable. In this issue, you’ll see that Magnolia Manor is built on a solid foundation that was laid more than half a century ago. That foundation is our calling from God to be in ministry to older adults. This calling defines our mission, vision and values. In the following pages, you’ll read stories of how we fulfill each aspect of our foundational calling. While there are other organizations that provide senior housing and services, we’re very different from many of them. First, we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. That means we don’t do what we do in order to make money. For us, it’s all about making a difference, not making a dollar. Second, we strive to be affordable for the average Georgian. We keep our costs low so we can serve those who can’t afford luxury places. It’s not that we don’t believe they should be served: it’s just not our calling. Besides, if we didn’t meet the needs of the average person, who would? Third, while we are located in some of the larger cities in South Georgia, we’re also in some of the most rural and underserved communities. Again, because we are not concerned about making large profits, we are not afraid to operate at a lower margin so we can reach people who would otherwise be ignored. Fourth, because we are in ministry, we know the importance of holistic care. That’s why each of our campuses has a chaplain and vital spiritual life program. Government funds don’t pay for it: it’s completely supported by donations. And fifth, our calling means that we provide financial assistance through the League of the Good Samaritan to those who, through no fault of their own, can no longer afford to pay for their care. You see, we are a different kind of organization because of that solid foundation laid more than fifty years ago. We’re committed to protecting that foundation in 2018, for the next half century and beyond! I hope you’ll join us in this sacred calling.

Stephen L.Vinson SVP for Communications Cheryl Kennedy, Editor Director for Communications 2001 South Lee Street Americus, GA 31709 229-931-5970

Senior Management

Mark R. Todd, President and CEO

Hill V. Fort, Sr. Vice President for Operations Scott D. Adkins, C.P.A., Sr. Vice President for Finance Diane R. Harrison, Sr. Vice President for Human Resources Stephen L. Vinson, Sr. Vice President for Communications

Mr. James R. Buchanan, Jr.

Mr. Jimmie Buchanan

We serve all through Love and Support for a Lifetime Mr. Jimmie Buchanan is living out the Magnolia Manor mission of serving through love and support for a lifetime. In fact, he’s spent the better part of his life in service to our ministry. In terms of tenure, character, commitment and accomplishments, the value he has brought to our organization, and still brings today, is unmatched. Around the time of our inception, Mr. Buchanan was working for Americus Bank of Commerce. One of the people involved with Magnolia Manor happened to be the bank president, who asked Mr. Buchanan to serve as volunteer treasurer for the newly formed Board of Directors. “He told me I should be able to keep up with the money,” says Buchanan. “It was mostly an overdraft! Many of those early days were spent scraping up enough money to keep the power on.” What might have discouraged others did not discourage him. It didn’t take long for him to fully embrace what Magnolia Manor was about. To this day, it is Mr. Buchanan’s favorite charity. The financial and physical growth he’s seen during the last 50 years in his words has been, “phenomenal!” “To think about all the growth and change Mr. Buchanan has been an active part of is amazing,” states Magnolia Manor President and CEO Mark Todd. “Through it all, he has been a steady, strong leader.” From treasurer, Buchanan became vice-chair of the board. After the sudden passing of Chairman Judge Thomas O. Marshall, Jr., he stepped up to fill his shoes. According to Todd, “Mr. Buchanan was the right leader at the right time.” He would go on to serve as chairman for the next 10 years. “He was always available, and I could always count on him to give great counsel,” explains Todd. “He was a fiscal conservative, and therefore, a good steward of our finances.” Even after stepping back when Mark Johnson became Chairman, Mr. Buchanan remains very active. He loves knowing Magnolia Manor offers a place for older adults who are either ready to be free of the hassle of homeownership or not able to take care of themselves any longer. “I encourage those individuals to join our Magnolia Manor family. It’s a beautiful and friendly place to make a home.” In addition, he believes we are unique in that we are religious-based and have a chaplaincy program. “We have a group of chaplains who do a wonderful job for the residents here, and that gets my attention.” The growth of Magnolia Manor through the years has been exciting for Mr. Buchanan to see. “We are at a point now with staff and locations where we can do a lot of things a smaller organization cannot do,” he states. He believes the future is bright, as plans are in place and underway for campus upgrades and continued growth. He holds a special place in his heart for the people here as well. “The staff, administrators, and senior leadership have a tremendous responsibility to care for the residents,” shares Buchanan. “But, they are so loving and caring. They love what they do, and we could never pay them enough!” Article Continued on Page 19


The Magnolias: Cheryl House, Peggy Ham, Joan Anderson, Connie Elmore, Kay Melvin, Rosa Vining.

Vision Our Communities are about Life and Living It’s official:

Magnolia Manor has “Social Media Stars!”

Our Independent Living residents in Americus love to have a good time. They gather quarterly for food and fellowship at the campus Clubhouse and are often entertained by local favorite Jimmie Melvin and his band. Last June, Jimmie suggested to a few of his Magnolia Manor friends (fondly called The Magnolias) that they come up with a dance to the song “Elvira” and perform it at one of their gatherings. Magnolia member Rosa Vining said they practiced only once. Decked out in their red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July dinner, The Magnolias took the stage at their allotted time, and the rest is history. They were a definite hit! The event was captured by staff videographer Cheryl Kennedy, who knew immediately it needed to go on our Magnolia Manor Facebook page for the world to see! To her delight, many people loved seeing our talented residents. Thousands of people have now watched the video. It just so happened the following month, there was a call from the Georgia Health Care Association for submissions for their Terry J. Bryant Media Awards. After seeing the category “Social Media Star,” Kennedy knew she had to enter the Magnolias. Notice came a month later that the first-place winner was our own dear Magnolias! They were surprised by the news and happy to show others how senior living can be fun. Cheryl gladly accepted the award in their honor at the GHCA Activities Directors Conference in Jekyll Island last September. As for the future of the Magnolias? “That was our debut…as well as our swan song!” laughs Rosa. But, due to overwhelming popularity, they have since performed at two other events; and both were very well received! Who knows what’s next…maybe they’ll be featured on “Dancing with the Stars!”


John Wesley



Commitment to our faith tradition

While most readers of this magazine are well aware our founding is rooted in Methodism, what may not be as clear is how that translates into how we conduct our ministry. How are we fulfilling the example set by John Wesley, the original founder of Methodism? What is our relationship with the United Methodist Church? The very fact that one of Magnolia Manor’s Values is a “Commitment to our Faith Tradition” speaks to the importance we place on our Christian heritage. John Wesley took the gospel to where people had needs. He advocated learning more about God, then putting that faith and love into action. This is part of our mission at Magnolia Manor. This year, we have have grown our chaplaincy program. Under the direction of Senior Chaplain John Walker, all our campuses have chaplains meeting the spiritual needs of our residents. Because we have been blessed, we want to give back, and in doing so, keep our faith commitment. That’s why we created the Clergy Formation Group (CFG). Pastors often struggle with burnout, and with finding a safe venue to process emotions or to get support. CFG classes will seek to keep ministers strong by providing a haven for them to work through whatever struggles they may be experiencing, as well as to sharpen their pastoral skills. The desired result means increased pastoral confidence and competence. Ultimately, pastors and their parishioners are strengthened and the kingdom of God is forwarded. All Magnolia Manor chaplains have already completed the first class. We are happy to announce that future classes have been approved by the South Georgia Conference of the UMC and will count as continuing education credit to enhance ministry. Because each class size will be small, pastors interested in participating must apply and be recommended for inclusion by their district superintendent. Those pastors selected to participate will have access to the following: Online class format Intensive class time Individual supervision Pastoral counseling Peer support and encouragement Clergy will benefit from the combined skills of leadership, compassion, and experience of Rev. John Walker and Rev. Michelle Hunter and other members of the group. Therefore, each participant has the opportunity to improve their own pastoral skill set. They will also be given tools to help them

Article Continued on Page 20


Mike Battle, Administrator for Magnolia Manor on the Coast



Dignity, respect, care and compassion for all

A cannonball from the 1700’s rests on his desk, evidence of his love of history. It’s also history…people’s stories…and their lives that brought Mike Battle back to Magnolia Manor as Administrator on our Richmond Hill campus. Mike previously served as the Administrator for the Magnolia Manor Nursing Center in Americus from 1995-1997. A native of Glynn County, Georgia, Mike comes to us most recently as Administrator for The Benton House in that community. Mike is highly qualified for this role. He has a Master of Arts in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University and is a graduate of the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the state of Georgia for 27 years and a Certified Assisted Living Administrator for 16 years. He is drawn to this line of work because he truly has a heart for the people he serves. He is drawn to Magnolia Manor because of its quality ministry. “When people get to this stage of life, they often don’t know what to do,” says Mike. “As an Administrator, I am able to help people find answers and solutions.” Because Magnolia Manor is faithbased, there is an added benefit. “There is an opportunity to share encouragement and truth every day,” he explains, “the truth of Jesus Christ.” He looks forward to providing an atmosphere for our residents to thrive and have the confidence they will be well taken care of physically and spiritually. Mike is enjoying his time getting to know the Richmond Hill residents. “They love living here, and love the community that they have…talking, joking around, playing cards, and just enjoying one another,” he shares. “There’s so much life here!” He appreciates the smiles, compliments, and how everyone has been so welcoming. Moving forward, Mike’s prayer for his residents is to meet their needs and more! “It’s such a beautiful place with a lot to offer,” he says. “I want to make sure it is always appealing to the eye and well-run. I’d like it to be a place where residents feel they get more than they pay for!” He welcomes your prayers for him in his role as Administrator, for his staff, and for the residents and their families, as they all seek to find solutions to sometimes difficult situations in this stage of life. Mike and his wife, Susan, have four children, with one still at home. He enjoys playing and watching baseball with his son, studying history, and searching the beach for more relics to add to the one on his desk.


Angela Watkins, Administrator for Magnolia Manor Marion County with Carolyn Perry (right) and Jacqueline Maddox (left).



Integrity through excellence

For Magnolia Manor residents and family members, as well as those interested in making a move here, quality scores and ratings are especially important. To be competitive among other longterm care organizations, it is necessary. What matters more than the data and the score, however, is how those numbers reflect our quality of care and its impact on the people we serve. With the help of a generous grant from the St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation last year, we are making strides in both numbers and impact. “Regulations maintain that we have a quality improvement program,” states Magnolia Manor Senior Vice President for Operations, Hill Fort. “That continuous program is individualized for each building, as well as organization-wide in order to affect the residents in a positive way at each location.” Magnolia Manor has taken this a step further by developing a process which can further impact our five-star rating system. Each of our five skilled nursing centers is now rated Five Stars in quality measures. The St. Marys Foundation grant of $100,000 over a two-year period gave us the means to achieve such a goal. The St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. is a supporting organization to the St. Marys United Methodist Church and was established in January 2001. It is a non-profit, Christian organization, which makes grants to non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organizations and ministries, which are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. “We became familiar with their Foundation through our campus in St. Marys and have developed a great partnership with them,” explains Fort. “They know who we are, and what we are all about. We greatly value them and want to apply their grant to sustainable projects that make life better for our residents and make our ministry more competitive for the future.” With the funding provided, we were able to partner with LeaderStat, a consulting firm, to offer development of policies, infrastructure, and intensive training for our staff. For example, a quality measure would be to decrease the use of psychotropic medications used for treating adverse behaviors. Such medication is not necessarily good for geriatric patients. Through the creation of Performance Improvement Teams made up of staff who have regular contact with residents, we developed ways to decrease the use of drugs. The Teams work in their respective buildings to develop effective non-medical interventions, then report to committees who monitor and evaluate numbers and progress. Each Team also shares feedback and coaching along the way. All that information is submitted to an executive steering committee, which is then given to senior leadership. “It’s a very structured way to problem-solve,” says Fort, “and it’s a way to use data to positively

impact people.” Article Continued on Page 19


Jeri-Ann Faircloth, Administrator for Magnolia Manor on the Coast



Healthy mind, body, and spirit

Having a healthy mind, body, and spirit often begins with a positive attitude and something as simple as a smile. New Magnolia Manor of Macon Administrator, Jeri-Ann Faircloth, is a firm believer in smiles. Meet her and you’ll see she wears hers well. Her compassion for seniors not only shows on her face, but comes from her heart. Jeri-Ann is new to the Macon area, but not new to the healthcare field. She joins us most recently from the East Alabama Medical Center as the Foundation & Volunteer Coordinator, and was formerly with Phoebe Sumter Medical Center as a Senior Patient Representative. It was there she first developed a desire to care for others, especially seniors. Jeri-Ann is an Americus native and a 2013 graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University with a Masters of Business Administration, as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration in December 2010. Additionally, Jeri-Ann was selected as a 20 under 40 by the 2016-2017 Opelika Chamber of Commerce. “This position is a perfect fit,” says Jeri-Ann. “I look forward to learning more about the staff and residents, in addition to the Macon community. We have a hidden jewel here at Magnolia Manor, and I’d love to see more involvement between the community and our residents. This is their home, and I want them to take pride in their home and what’s going on.” She sees opportunities for residents to participate in our fundraisers and other community partnerships, not only to help them stay active and involved, but so those in the area get to know how wonderful our residents are. “Once people get to know them,” she explains, “they will fall in love with our campus as well. By them being out and about, they are creating an awareness of who we are.” Another aspect of who we are is our faith component. Jeri-Ann finds this to be a definite plus. “In the world, faith is pushed out. Here at Magnolia Manor, it’s welcomed. That tells me the organization has its priorities in the right place.” She is comforted knowing she can encourage worship and prayer with residents and her staff. No doubt she will also be encouraging those around her to put on a happy face, as she believes smiles are contagious, and there is joy to be found in all circumstances. Jeri-Ann and her husband, Garrett, have been married for seven years and have a one year old son, Wells. In addition to spending time with her family, Jeri-Ann enjoys the outdoors, water sports and serving as a volunteer with the Heart of Georgia Emmaus and Chrysalis walks through the United Methodist Church.


David Prince, Vice President of Information Systems

The Annual Low County Boil in St. Marys raises funds for campus improvements



Creative change and constant improvement

What is IT? “Information Technology,” includes anything involving computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, and technical support. Other than the personal interactions with our residents, so much of what we do is computer based, so this is a critical department in our organization. Recently promoted to the helm of that department is David Prince, Vice President for Information Systems.

A Sumter County native, David joined Magnolia Manor in 2002 after completing his IT studies and graduating top of his class from South Georgia Technical College. He later obtained a computer science degree from Troy University and is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Leadership/Organizational Development. Technology changes quickly, and David has seen huge changes in the 15 years he’s been here. “When I started, none of our buildings – locally or remote – were connected in a network. My main job was as an entry level technician, repairing computers, printers, etc.,” explains David. “I slowly learned telephony, and after a year, we started implementing a network tying all the buildings together.” His current goals for the department are to stay ahead of the curve with the ever-moving IT field, particularly in the area of cloud services. “We are trying to move our main clinical software, American Health Tech, offsite,” says David. “This will allow accessibility even if our building is without power, or worse. Eventually, moving email to a cloud based service will provide the same type of reliability and redundancy as well. We are also trying to improve our ability to provide faster technical service and training for our users on the equipment they use.” It’s clear that David has the necessary technical skills and vision to manage such an important part of an organization. What makes him stand out is his warm and friendly personality. Even with the complexity of what he does, he is always happy and engaging to all. “I like the people where I work, our residents, and the atmosphere,” David states. That’s hard to believe for someone who on a daily basis has to deal with something “not working.” It is important to him and his department to stay current, and most people don’t realize the work that goes on behind the scenes. According to David, “We spend time before and after hours devoted to handling the day-to-day responsibilities, in addition to researching and testing new software, threats, and new technology that benefits Magnolia Manor.” He has a lot on his plate, but David still finds time to work out, shoot a little basketball, read, and study Holy Scripture. We are thankful for his talents and gracious nature and look forward to the future with him in his new role at Magnolia Manor.


Ray Edwards

Tribute Ray Edwards

June 16, 1937 – October 28, 2017

One of the most faithful and instrumental leaders in Magnolia Manor’s history passed away last October. Ray Edwards served for 28 years, going from a part-time switchboard operator, administrator, executive director, and ultimately to President/CEO. Edwards studied Farming and Agriculture at ABAC, then received his BS in Business Administration from Georgia Southwestern. It was his degree from North Texas State in the Study of Aging, one of the few degrees of that type at the time, that positioned him to become a leader in the healthcare field, and a foundational part of the growth of Magnolia Manor. Current President/CEO Mark Todd states, “I would consider him to be my mentor. He was a big influence as to why I’m in this field. All of his influence, from the financial to church relations and other aspects, shaped my early years of being in healthcare.” Edwards involved him in the day-to-day operations, including conversions about decisions and how they were made. “He was very decisive and straightforward,” says Todd. “I greatly admired his strong will.” Magnolia Manor was only 10 years old when Edwards took over. There were struggles and hard times. “Back then, they would be waiting on donations to make payroll,” explains Todd. “It took strength and fortitude to strive and eventually thrive through all of that. It helped us grow.” Edwards was instrumental in getting us started in offsite campuses, first with Macon, then at Richmond Hill. Edwards deeply loved the Manor and considered them family. “He knew how to interact with staff,” says Todd. His Administrative Assistant, Joann Sheridan, worked directly with Mr. Edwards from 1992 until his retirement and recalls fondly how much he thought of his employees, no matter what position they held. She shares one particular example: Mr. Edwards’ office had wool, almost yellow carpet for years. Celestine, the housekeeper, would always give him a hard time about the carpet. She would ask, “When are you going to replace this carpet so I don’t have to see it anymore?” They would laugh because since he was so frugal, she knew it would never wear out, and he would never replace it. When the decision was made to renovate the Pitts Building, this included replacing the carpet. Mr. Edwards asked the contractor to save him a piece of the carpet. I thought it was so he could remember it. When the time came for the Employee Banquet, which he always seemed to enjoy planning, Mr. Edwards brought a piece of the carpet to me with a special request. He wanted it placed on a plaque with the inscription, “To the Queen of Clean” and he presented it to Celestine at the banquet. I was told she displayed it proudly in her living room to show guests in her home. Article Continued on Page 20


We serve all through Love and Support for a Lifetime

Article Continued From Page 4

His love for our organization is deep. “Magnolia Manor means so much to me!” he shares. Mr. Buchanan, you mean so much to us. Thank you for your years of service. It’s a truly amazing commitment from one individual.

Steve Vinson, SVP for Communications and Jimmie Buchanan

Integrity through excellence Article Continued From Page 12

Since beginning in June of last year, Fort says, “It’s gone great. We’re already seeing positive outcomes in our five-star rating as we’ve seen gains in our quality measures. Four years ago, all of our nursing centers were one-star rated. Today, we are either three, four, and five-star rated in each of the components measured. We have come a long way. Consistently, we want to become better, be transparent about our numbers, and let staff, residents and their family members share in our success.” As part of this quality initiative, Magnolia Manor of Buena Vista was rewarded for their hard work by being nationally recognized as a Silver National Quality Award recipient.

Marion County Administrator Angela Watkins with Silver Quality Award

“As we become more expert at the process, it will sprout new projects and new levels of success,” say Fort. We are thankful for the seed money from St. Marys Foundation for laying the groundwork for future achievements.

Tribute Ray Edwards Article Continued From Page 18

“It’s a hard business,” states Todd. “He was the person for the job. For him, it was always about making things better. I hope he knew how much we appreciated his part in it all. He was the keeper of the legacy of the Methodist flame we’re founded on. He nurtured it and made it stronger.” Ray Edwards is survived by his loving children, Joey Edwards of Plains, Georgia and Laura Edwards of Jacksonville, Florida.

Madeline Edwards, Mary Strohsahl, Ray Edwards at Retirement Center, Americus, GA late 90’s

Commitment to our faith tradition Article Continued From Page 8

relate better to older adults and the unique struggles they face. Putting our faith heritage and love into practice though education and support confirms John Wesley’s tenets live on….and are a major driving force in what we do every day at Magnolia Manor.


campus improvements

Giving In Action...

The familiar parable of the Good Samaritan is a lesson in compassionate giving. Jesus told the story of a traveler who is robbed and left for dead on a dangerous road. A Priest and a Levite pass by, offering no assistance. It was a common Samaritan who came along to offer aid. Jesus used the parable to teach us to show love and compassion for anyone in need. This is to be done no matter what our status, whether we know them or not, and to do so without expecting anything in return. The League of the Good Samaritan, Magnolia Manor’s benevolent fund, is our way of showing Christian compassion to those older adults in need. Our founders made a commitment that no resident would ever have to leave if, by no fault of their own, they were unable to pay. It’s through the generosity of individuals contributing to The League that has helped us keep this commitment for over 50 years. An amazing SIXTY PERCENT of our residents receive some kind of financial assistance. We try to be affordable for the average Georgian, so our services are more like monthly rent than purchasing a home or signing a long-term lease. The difference between what we receive as payment for the average resident versus the actual cost of care per day is $6.14. That means a gift of $60 will cover almost TEN DAYS of that shortfall for a person who is struggling to make ends meet. Our mission is to serve residents through love and support for a lifetime. Without YOUR help, we can’t provide that love, care, and support our residents desperately need. We invite you to join with us as we answer God’s call. Please give to The League of the Good Samaritan.



Marion County – Silver Award Celebration

Moultrie Age Beaters –

Christmas Concert

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St. Simons – Light the Night

Events Richmond Hill – Rock Hunt

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National Assisted Living Week

Macon – Magnolia Golf Classic

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Chairman’s Invitational Fall Feather Classic

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Hazel Rathel, in her room at the Retirement Center

Feature We are pleased to share a special article that came to us by surprise. Kathy McCarty from First Baptist Church in Americus recently asked Magnolia Manor resident, Hazel Rathel to write an article about her home. “Every time I am with her,” says Kathy, “she is bragging about how wonderful it is to live at Magnolia Manor. I think it needs to be published where everyone can see how much Hazel loves where she lives.” Thank you, Kathy for encouraging Hazel to put her thoughts on paper and for allowing us to share it with others.

“A Place to Live Becomes a Home” By: Hazel Rathel, Resident of Magnolia Manor Following the example of a friend of mine, I decided to present to my family a “Gift.” The gift was to make a decision about where I would spend my final years. They would not have to make the decision and then have to enforce it. This senescent nonagenarian would still be in control. Yes, I admit that it was the “control” that was foremost. Now, this was not done alone as I spent much time in prayer talking with the Lord about it. I did a good bit of research on the three closest facilities and was graciously offered tours, lunch and friendly answers. The selection was the one I was closest to through the years. My dear uncle and my father-in-law were here for a period of time. My husband and son had worked here for some time, as well as many friends. To me, it had a fine reputation. In 2002, I moved into Magnolia Manor. I lived in the Edgewood Apartments until I decided I wanted something smaller. I then moved on to the Garden Apartments and no longer needed a carport. The time for me to move on to Assisted Living, I resisted because I still enjoyed the birds, the roses and planting flowers. Within a short time, I became ill and knew that it was time I made my own plans, calling Lydia Romero. Lydia was absolutely perfect with no pressure, she explained it to me. My answer, “Show Me!” When she showed me the area I wished to see, that sealed the deal. Now, I wish you to know that this is what keeps me here and does the most to make it “Home.” It is the “Caring” attitude of everyone. I now have a Home bird feeders outside my window and plants flourishing nearby. Thank you, Lord, for my home where I continue to see evidences of people Caring for us ... really Caring.


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Moultrie – Fish Fry for Public Servants

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St. Marys – Low Country Boil

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Americus – Superhero 5K


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In Memory of ...

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Grace Allmon Albritton

Doris Bryan Bell

Charles (Guy) Blasingame, Jr.

Reggie & Mary Comer Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hatcher

Ms. Vivian Anderegg

Nancy Kinnebrew Bell

Anna Pollock Bliss

Dr. Sam Adams Mr. & Mrs. Greg Austin Linda & Wade Bartlett Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Tony & Lou Chase Susan & Luke Flatt Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hunter Jr. Frank & Carolyn Joiner Ms. Betty Pope Kay & Charles Reeves Bill & Mary Claire Reeves Rush & Rush, CPAS, PC Mr. & Dr. T. Edwin Tharpe Mr. & Mrs. Tim Vinson Mrs. Vernon Warren Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

Mr. John Davis Mrs. John Goodrum Tina Hanley The G. H. Wade Family Reunion Mr. & Mrs. Tim Vinson

Alice Chaphe Alsobrook Ms. Carol Chaphe

Aubrey Alsobrook Dr. & Mrs. Jack Rowe

Amanda Auer Mrs. Claire Gordon

Nellie & Bud Autey Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Joiner

Rev. J. David Aycock Mrs. Polly Aycock

Florine Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Wade Bartlett

Martha Baird Dr. & Mrs. Frank Lowrey

Norma Bakley Mr. John Bakley

Sara Bakley Mr. John Bakley

Sarah Fleming Barbre Frankye LeMay

Geraldine Abel Barnes Dr. Richard Barnes

John R. Batts

Virginia Besley Ms. Janet Besley

Dana Blair Harold Austin Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Mrs. Jean Carswell Mrs. Anne Friend Hulme & Janet Kinnebrew Vickie & Sam Lott Ms. Betty Pope Kay & Charles Reeves Mrs. Melba Reeves Bill & Mary Claire Reeves Nancy Roberts & Family Charles Ray & Rita Sheffield Ms. Barbara Simpson

Sarah E. Boatner Lois, Carol, Lynda, & Ashley

Our Parents Rev. & Mrs. John Brodess

Jule Brown Mrs. Mervin Brown

Jeannette Buchen Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Buchen

I. F. (Bud) Carter Mrs. Laverne Carter

Anthe Capitan Dr. William Capitan

Shirley L. Carden Mr. Stanley Carden Sr.

Ruby Carlisle Mrs. Virginia Atkins

Cliff Carswell Mrs. Jean Carswell

Mrs. Doris Batts

Pat Beatty Mike & Nancy Faust


Tributes In Memory of ...

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Rickey Carter

Doris W. Daniel

Mrs. B. L. Durden

Mrs. Laverne Carter

Ms. Kate Noury

Mr. Keith Hagen

Carol Faye Cartwright Compton

Peter John Daughtery

Ray Edwards Ms. Barbara Billings

Ms. Janet Cauthen

Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Cochran Rev. Virgil Lee Mrs. Richard May Derek & Charlene McAleer Dr. John Rice

Joann M. Chalker

Sandy Davidson

Sam & Jana Powers

Clyde G. Cauthen

Mary Marie Farrell

Ms. Patsy Knotts

Rev. & Mrs. Tom Dent

Ms. Cheryl Clay Mr. Raymond Crosby Directors, Officers, & Staff of First Chatham Bank First Glynn Bank S. Green Kaye & Don Kole Mr. & Mrs. John Lientz

John Bruce Colston

Lillian Espy Dial

Jewel & Allen Farris

Ms. Kathy Chalker

Mr. & Mrs. John Davidson

Dr. Jay Cliett

William Dent

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Buchen Rev. & Mrs. Wesley Kaylor Jr. Mr. Keith Lamm Ms. Pam Law Mr. & Mrs. Keith Peterman Mr. & Mrs. Lamar Reeves Bill & Gay Sheppard Rufus & Debra Short Ms. Helen Slaughter

Mr. & Mrs. Lynwood Comer Mrs. Elaine Schofield

Marion Conley Mr. John Conley

Elizabeth A. Cook

Reggie & Mary Comer

Ms. Fran Peters

Frank & Susie Dorsett

Frances Feagin

Mr. David Dorsett

Rev. Jerre Feagin

Joe Earl Doster

Ernest Flowers

Mr. & Mrs. David Doster

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ellenberg

Lois Brooks Doster

Barbara Fort

Mr. & Mrs. David Doster

Mr. & Mrs. Hill Fort

Sidney W. Doster

Ernest Fussell

Mr. & Mrs. David Doster

Thomas Comer Doster Mr. & Mrs. David Doster

Ms. Ruth Cook

Patricia G. Downs

Ralph Cook

Dr. Sam Adams Betty Jones and Larry Jones & Family

Mrs. Janice Sheppard

Helen Coopman Ms. Danell Moore

Eileen Dozier Ms. Laverne Horton

Mr. & Mrs. William Bird Becky & Morgan Fordham Susan & Clint Fouraker Mrs. Betty Fussell Ms. Susie Fussell Ms. Ernestine Gattis Mr. Thomas Holman James & Jennifer Murphy Becky & David Ragsdale Mr. Buddy Russell Allethea Wall JoEllen, Ike, & John Waller Mr. & Mrs. Julian Webb Jr.


In Memory of ...

Norton Futch

Fred Hernandez

Mrs. Barbara Futch

Joy & Laverne Carter

Harold Lester Gammon

Kay Hiers

Mr. Donald Gammon

Mr. Alfred Hiers

Peggy Glover

Mildred & Harry Hite

Mrs. Alice Froelich

Ms. Sue Hite

John Golson

Marie Holtz

Ms. Jocelyn Laskowski

Mr. Jim Holtz Mr. & Mrs. Carl Schneider

Cornelia Harris Greene Alan & Louise Mackey

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Charlie Gibbs & Anita Huff Gibbs Lou & Candy Riccardi

Cornelia J. Greene Mrs. Bertha Loman

Elizabeth Huggins Mr. & Mrs. William Huggins

James R. Griffith, Jr. Shannon & Ward Preston

Hilda Inman Wynnton UMC

Zoe Gunnels Mr. & Mrs. Robert Romano

Estelle Jarrell Mrs. Hazel Partain

Doris (Dee) Harden Ray & Betty Crenshaw

Anne Hughes Jobe Mr. & Mrs. John Crow Jr.

Mervin Harpe Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Chandler The Chandler Family The Grant Family Ms. Chevin Ellis George & Betty Ellis Mr. & Mrs. John Hinson Rev. Julia Pettyjohn Jennings Ms. Debra Sams

Donald E. Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harrison

Charles E. Hart

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

Mary Johnson Mr. Jim Johnson

Sara & Howard Joiner Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Joiner

Rona L. Jones Dr. Frank Jones

Vicktor Jones Ms. Charlcie Jones

Virginia Jordan

Mrs. Lucile Garrison Ron & Joyce Gregory Ms. Laverne Horton Mack & Linda Martin Ms. Seleta Rogers

Beatrice Kelley Ms. Montine O’Quinn

Dr. Billy Key Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Cochran Robin & Frank Lowrey Mr. & Mrs. Wes Wheeler

William & Dixie Kobs Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Albritton

William (Bill) Lashley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lashley Jr.

Cora Law Donna & Danny Andrews

Julian & Florence Layfield Mike & Jan Odom

Mary Ledbetter Mr. & Mrs. Harry Entrekin

Belva Lee Mrs. Patricia Stovall

Margaret P. Lee Mr. & Mrs. William Harris

Claudia D. Leonard Mrs. Alice Froelich

Mrs. Sam Leonard Mrs. Alice Froelich

Rush & Rush, CPAS, PC


Tributes In Memory of ...

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Euel & Yvonne Lloyd

Doris McCrary

Catherine Morgan

Mrs. Nancy Fox

Ms. Martha Brown Reggie & Mary Comer Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hunter Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lashley Jr. Rush & Rush, CPAS, PC

Mrs. Peggy White

Shirley Loflin Mr. & Mrs. Harry Entrekin

Mary Earle Mackin Reggie & Mary Comer Mrs. Elaine Schofield

Alpha Maddox Mr. & Mrs. Carlton Garner Mrs. Gladys Pitts

Frances Freeman Maginnis Sean Oleary

Viola Main Ms. Linda Cox

Edmund & Anne Mallette Gross Mrs. Lucy Gay

J. I. Maloy Mrs. Ruth Maloy

Betty J. Martin Msgt. Jerry T. Martin

Elizabeth Matthews Mrs. Judith Bryan

Robert C. McCoy Ms. Arlee McCoy

Bill McCall Ms. Kay Hipp

Ellen McNeill Dr. Sam Adams Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Mack & Linda Martin Mr. & Mrs. Carl McCrary Rush & Rush, CPAS, PC Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

John Ansley McNeill

Herschel Morris Mrs. Flossie Morris

Carole Mott Mr. & Mrs. Greg Austin Ms. Betty Pope Kay & Charles Reeves Bill & Gay Sheppard Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

The Parents of Jacquelyn Mullis Mrs. Jacquelyn Mullis

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

Elizabeth Murray

Robert McNeill III Mrs. Rebecca McNeill

Ms. Karen Abel Mrs. Nancy Dicerbo Ms. Mary Rogowski

Susie A. McTier

Matthew & Gladys Murray

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Rowe

Norene E. Milburn Ms. Kathy Chalker

Doris Cook Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Charley Johnson Mr. Lester Watson

Eric & Elizabeth Moore Ms. Marcia Vinci

Hazel Moore Mrs. Claire Gordon

Catherine & Dick Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Ben Harris

Mr. Matthew Murray III

Joseph V. Neff Mrs. Pat Neff

Johnnie & Zelma Neill Mrs. Gloria Bailey

Lee O’Quinn Ms. Montine O’Quinn

Jesse Owens Derek & Charlene McAleer

Aurora Owolabi Dr. Iyabo Oyeniya


In Memory of ...

Willie Paschal

Harold Austin Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Dr. Rosie Burroughs Tony & Lou Chase Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Comer Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Fitzhugh Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hunter Jr. Rev. Julia Pettyjohn Jennings Robin & Frank Lowrey Mr. Douglas Paschal Ms. Betty Pope Sparky & Allene Reeves Luns Richardson The Scipio Family Andrea & Russell Thomas Edie & Tim Vinson Wes & Jean Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

Carlton Patterson Mrs. Sandra Patterson

Gay Pridgen Mr. Henry Pridgen

Peggy Forehand Pritchett Mrs. Patsy Watson

Joe & Ella Proctor Mrs. Lucy Gay

Rosa Pryor Ms. Laura Williams

Pearlie Pyles Mrs. Vesta Porter

Ann Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Dan Reeves

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Jewell Davis Reeves

Lois Cordell Rumph

Dr. Sam Adams Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Brittingham Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hudson Frank & Carolyn Joiner Hulme & Janet Kinnebrew Ms. Pam Law Mr. & Mrs. Mack Martin Mrs. Lutrelle Perry Betty Pope & Family Kay & Charles Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Dan Reeves Ms. Joan Rogers Rush & Rush, CPAS, PC Mr. & Mrs. Ken Singleton Wallace & Pat Slater Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Stalvey Margie & Bobby Strange Mrs. Wadean Thaxton Mr. & Mrs. Tim Vinson Rev. & Mrs. W. Raymond Wilder Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr. Patsy & Jim Winter

Joy & Laverne Carter

Mildred Rentz Ms. Vivian Anderegg

Lois Roberts Jolene & Art Tanner

Myrna Roberts Jolene & Art Tanner

Sarah H. Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hanson

Bertha Rogers Mr. John Bakley

Bill & Pearl Sadler Mr. & Mrs. Roy Manoll III Mr. & Mrs. Roy Manoll

Pearl G. & William R. Sadler Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sadler

Mary Jane Sangster Mr. & Mrs. William Griffin

Callie Fletcher Satterfield Dr. Sam Adams Ms. Elizabeth W. Bearden Mack & Linda Martin Kay & Charles Reeves Bill & Mary Claire Reeves Mrs. Wadean Thaxton

Ruth H. Siler Mrs. Patricia Simpson

Irma Singleton Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singleton

Rebecca Slappey Mr. John Pryor Jr.

Estelle M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Strange Jr.

Mary Dean Smith Mr. & Mrs. E. Kay Stafford Jr.

Norma Knuth Smith Dr. & Mrs. Randall Smith

Justine Rogers Ms. Seleta Rogers



In Memory of ... William Rogers Stamper Dr. Sam Adams Gradine Boyett Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Jones Mr. & Mrs. Loveard McMichael Ms. Seleta Rogers Mr. & Mrs. David Smith Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Stalvey Mr. & Mrs. Earl Williams Jr.

Marianne Stevens Allene & Ceegie Haugabook

With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Zona Thomas

Lucile Weed Witt

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Buchen

Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Donja Tripp

Faye Verdon

Frank Wohrley

Ms. June Little

Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Robin & Frank Lowrey Mrs. Blanche Palmer

Rev. Connie Walker Rev. & Mrs. John Walker

Marianne Walls Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singleton

Lovie Marie Wolff Morven UMC

Athalaine Wommack

Rev. Asbury Walton

Mrs. Mary Ann Brasington

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stewart

Mr. George Bryan Dobbs Mrs. Eleanor Walton

Amalia Wood

Patsy Stewart

Bobby Wells

Leonard & Evelyn Stewart

Verna Dodge & Patricia Magby

Gerald G. Stokes, Sr. Mrs. Alice Stokes

Larry Stuckey Rev. & Mrs. W. Raymond Wilder

Annie Laura Sweat Mrs. Sylvia Sears

Lonnie Sweat Ms. Laura Williams

Donna Tabor Nina & Dean Terrell

Robbie Tanner Jolene & Art Tanner

Dr. Glynn Taunton

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Wood Mrs. Pat Neff

Mrs. Marguerite M. Wood

Claire Westbrook Ms. Ann Westbrook

Jean Worthy Ms. Betty Worthy

Laura White Mr. & Mrs. Dan Reeves Mrs. Peggy White

Kerrie Wicker Derek & Charlene McAleer

Bill Williams Ms. Kay Hipp

Dorothy C. Williams Dr. Patricia Williams

Dot Williams Ray & Betty Crenshaw

Jimmie & Joyce Buchanan Ms. Barbara Simpson

Mary Alice Williams

Rev. John D. (Jack) Taylor III

Albert & Gracie Wilson

Buddy & Sally Stuckey

Donald S. Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Tate

Ms. Eloise Wilson

Mary B. Wright Mr. & Mrs. B. E. Day

Tributes With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

In Honor of ...

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Annie B. Hayes Sunday School Class

Billy Catherwood

Frances Harris

Wade & Pat Bedingfield

Ms. Kathleen Guido

Ms. Ann Sutton

Fred Arnold

Bruce Colston

Betty Heath

Eastman Methodist Men’s Club

Mr. Dennis Glowacki

Ms. Laverne Paul

Doris Batts

Mary Virginia Cox

Bill & Ginger Hodges

Mr. Alfred Lamb

Servants of God Sunday School Class Mr. Walter Vollenweider

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bennett

Caroline & Emma Cramer

Sue James

Mom & Dad

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Peterson

Miss Mary Green

Rev. R. T. & Haley Beverly

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Davis

Denise Kilpatrick

Allene & Ceegie Haugabook

Mrs. Harriett Smith

Betty & Ray Crenshaw

Jesus’ Birthday

Jewell Dent

Sheila Kirkland

Rev. & Mrs. Jarrell Lillard

Ms. Ann V. Harris

Mrs. Laverne Carter

Rev. Eddie Braswell

Joan A. DeVries

Our Lord

Dr. Mack Allen

Mr. Bob Johannsen

Mr. & Mrs. James Sosby

Ruth Brisbois

Laura Duke

Mr. & Mrs. William Huggins

Mr. & Mrs. Dave West

All Independent Living Residents of Magnolia Manor Magnolia Manor Independent Living Council

Rev. John & Connie Brodess

Rev. Bill & Sue Dupree

Reggie & Mary Comer

Reggie & Mary Comer Mr. Samuel Edwards

Magnolia Manor Staff in Americus

Ray Edwards

The Staff of Magnolia Manor

Betty J. Burnsed Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Oliver

Rev. & Mrs. James Hamlin

Mable Cannon Mrs. E. Queene Bryant

Barbara Futch Buddy & Sally Stuckey

Shirley Carden Mr. Stanley Carden Sr.

Lucile Garrison Frankye LeMay

Lorraine Carswell Mrs. Amanda Fasnacht

Dorothy Moore Germain Ms. Marcia Vinci

Joy Carter Mrs. Laverne Carter

Bonnie Evridge & John Giles Betty & Ray Crenshaw

Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Donja Tripp

Epworth Sunday School Class

Unit I Nursing Staff of Magnolia Manor Mr. & Mrs. Julian Webb Jr.

The Staff of the Mattie H. Marshall Center Mike & Nancy Faust

Mary Laura Martin Mrs. Rachel Hurst

Dot McClain Avalon Ladies Bible Class


Tributes With grateful appreciation for those who support our ministry

In Honor of ...

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Laverne C. Saunders

Rev. John Walker

Mrs. Barbara Mitchell

Dr. Sam Adams

Leslie UMC Perry First UMC

Carole C. Moye

Ken & Lehanne Singleton

Nancy Miller

Mr. Thad J. Wallis

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singleton

Eleanor Walton

Harold & Mavis Odom

Eugenia Smith

Mr. Woody Beck & Ms. Ginger DavisBeck

Mike & Jan Odom

Reggie & Mary Comer

Jeri W. Odom

Willie O. Smith

Katie Faye Webb Mr. & Mrs. Bill Preston

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Odom Jr.

Reggie & Mary Comer

Nell Brannen Olliff

Cass & Novella Spell

Dewey & Suzanne Rozar

Judy Reynolds Cory & Jackie Bellamy

Juanita Wilder

Mrs. Dianne Brannen Adams

Tanja Ortiz Ms. Jacqueline Strom

Ann Owsley Rev. & Mrs. John Walker

Kristy Petori Ms. Jacqueline Strom

Doris Phillips Ollie Darsey Sunday School Class

Jewell Davis Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Phil Guest

Roberta Robards Ms. Reba Robards

Reverend Dr. Jerry & Gina Roe Reggie & Mary Comer

Seleta Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jernigan

Mary Jane Sangster Rev. Mary Ann Braswell

W.C. & Faye Webb

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pool

Bill Stribling Servants of God Sunday School Class

Lynda Sweat Ms. Laura Williams

Helen Tanner Mrs. Lucile Garrison

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Terry David & Harriette Haygood

Annie W. Tripp Mr. Lonnie Duke

Mrs. Dean Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Tillman

Mildred Tyler Karen & Schley Gatewood

Rosa Vining Mr. & Rev. Carlton Wilson

Steve Vinson Butler UMC

Rev. Ray & Juanita Wilder Mrs. Joan Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carl Reggie & Mary Comer Dr. & Mrs. David Edgar George & Betty Ellis Mr. & Mrs. J. Marion Franklin Barbara & Earl Gammage Ron & Joyce Gregory Allene & Ceegie Haugabook Dr. Frank Jones Sunshine Key Mrs. Ruth Maloy Mrs. Barbara McLendon Mrs. Lutrelle Perry Mr. & Mrs. Jim Replogle Mrs. Harriet Smith

Kitty McCall Williams Ms. Kay Hipp

Lillyan Wilson Mr. & Rev. Carlton Wilson

Roger & Faye Wilson Mr. Jeff Wilson

Donations General

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Mrs. Dianne Brannen Adams Mr. Scott Adkins Advanced Disposal AGGeorgia Farm Credit Albany First UMC Aldersgate-Fellowship Sunday School Class AllCare Home Health Ms. Toni Altenburg America’s Swimming Pool Co. Americus First UMC Americus Salem UMC Mrs. Joan Anderson Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Jack Armstrong Ms. Joanne Arnold Mr. George Arpin Mr. Wallace Arthur Jr. Ms. Danita Ashe Mr. & Mrs. Mashuq Askerzada Atlanta Sand & Supply Co. Bainbridge Men’s Fellowship Dr. & Mrs. Robert Baird Ms. Sandra Baker Dr. & Mrs. Michael Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Barker Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bartosh Mr. & Mrs. Charles Beaty Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ardis Bennett Ms. Bridget Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Don Berg Bethel Brick UMC Ms. Margie Bickerstaff Ms. Barbara Billings Mr. & Mrs. Roger Black Ms. Julia Blackwood Mr. & Mrs. Michael Blansett Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bledsoe Ms. Stephanie Bledsoe Mr. & Mrs. Darwin Bohler Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bolin Mr. D. Vance Boone Mrs. Anne Bradburn Mr. Donald Broome Ms. Suzanne Broussard Ms. Anna Brown Mrs. Carole Brown Mrs. Janet Brown

Mr. Niikki Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Bruce Mr. & Mrs. James Buchanan Jr. Burgess Flooring Burks Sunday School Class Mr. Charles Burnett Butler UMC Camden Bicycle Center, Inc. Camden Family Connections Camden Oral Surgery, PC Camden Pharmacy, Inc. Camedia Mr. Dean Campbell Mr. Stanley Carden Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carl Carquest of Kingsland Ms. Joanne Carr Ms. Lilly Mae Carter Cedar Grove UMC Chad Brock Enterprises, Inc. Ms. Kathy Chalker Christ UMC Citizens Bank of Americus Mrs. Mary Clark Ms. Sally Clark Mrs. Sue Clark Clark Enterprises, Inc. Marcia Claxton Ms. Mona Claxton Ms. Cheryl Clay Clinic Drug Store, Inc Coastal Construction, Inc. Coastal Greenery, Inc. Coastal Hearing and Balance Center Ms. Geraldine Colbert Mr. Ed Collier Mr. John Collier Mr. Jose Contreras Mr. & Mrs. Kelton Cook Cook Industrial Electric Company Cooks Union UMC Ms. Cynthia Cox Dr. John Cranston III Creative Catering & Design Mr. Charles Crisp Ms. Cappy Cross Mrs. Bea Crouse

Cumberland Hospitality Mr. Ken Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Zach Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Roy Daniel Jr. Mrs. Adela David Mr. & Mrs. John Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Horton Davis Mr. & Mrs. David Dengler Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia DeSoto UMC Dexter UMC Ms. Patricia Donaldson Driver’s Propane Ms. Janet Dubois Dudley UMC Ms. Shawness Dunn Ms. Bonnie Eastling ECP Distributors, Inc Ms. Sarah Edgemon Electronic Systems & Design, Inc. Elizabeth Chapel UMC Ms. Charlie Ellis Ms. Rosemary Ellison Epworth UMC Ms. Susan Eskedor Estate of Louis J. Spears Mrs. Susie Etheredge Mr. Robert Everett Fellowship Baptist Church Ms. Rebecca Fergusan Ms. Muriel Finken Firehouse Subs First Presbyterian Church Ms. Ellen Folmar Mr. & Mrs. Hill Fort Ms. Ann Franklin Ms. Becky Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Frank Frasca Fraternal Order of Eagles Friendship Bible Class-Climax UMC Mrs. Alice Froelich Mr. & Mrs. Brad Fussell Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gainous Gammage Print Shop Dr. & Mrs. Schley Gatewood Jr. Ms. Molly George Georgia Cochran Sunday School Class


Donations General

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Mr. Karl Gill Mrs. Sandra Lee Goembel Ms. Shelly Golden Mr. & Mrs. Randy Gowen Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Adam Graft Ms. Peggie Grantham Ms. Tiffany Gray Mr. & Mrs. Michael Green Mr. Raymond Green The Honorable Hardy Gregory Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Grott Mr. Buzz Hall Mr. Ellsworth Hall III Mr. George Hall Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hall Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Halstead Ms. Hilda Hawk Hawkinsville First UMC Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hayes Heartland EMS, Inc. Ms. Carol Hein Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Henderson Heritage UMC Mr. & Mrs. Larry Higdon Jaren Hill Ms. Jeni Hixon Rev. & Mrs. Carl Howard Mr. Dustin Howard Mrs. Toni Hoylman Ms. Lyn Hrivnak Mr. & Mrs. William Huggins Rev. Michelle Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hunter Jr. Mrs. Rachel Hurst Isle of Hope UMC Mr. & Mrs. Charles Izlar Ms. Carolyn Jackson Jackson Automotive Group Mr. Russell Jacobs Jane W. Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. Tom & Claudia Jefferson Fund Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jernigan Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Jessop Ms. Carolyn Johnson Ms. Sonja Johnson Mr. Edmond Jones

Dr. Frank Jones Mrs. Ruth Jones Joycliff UMC JustGive Kelly Tours, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kennedy Mr. Erwin Kiemele Kings Bay Realty, Inc. Kingsland First UMC Kingsland UMW Mr. Stephen Kinney Ms. Nicole Kirk Koinonia Class Mr. & Mrs. William Krenson Mrs. Michelle Laidler Ms. Debra Lane Ms. Syndey Lawson Ms. Terri Lee Lee Street UMC Mr. S. William Lehew III Ms. Darlene Lewis Mrs. Kathleen Littlefield Living Grace UMC Ms. Kathy Livingston Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lomis Ms. Elizabeth Long Long Pond UMC Mrs. Lilian Lopez Ms. Dawn Lott Mr. & Mrs. John Love Dr. & Mrs. Frank Lowrey Mrs. Jacqueline Loyd Mrs. Sara Anne Maffett Magnolia Manor Christian Women Circle Magnolia Manor of Macon Magnolia Manor Yard Sale Mattie H. Marshall Foundation Mrs. Mary Laura Martin Dorothy T. Martin Trust Mr. & Mrs. William Maxwell Ms. Connie McCain Ms. S. Renee McCain Ms. Judith McClellan Ms. Ashley McClung Mr. & Mrs. James McCollum Mr. & Mrs. James McGhin Judge & Mrs. H. Arthur McLane

Dr. Burrelle Meeks Mr. Brian Miller Martin J. Miller Family Fund Ms. Caitlin Mixon Dr. Robert Mixson Mr. Carol Moore Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Neal Moseley Mrs. Jean Mosely Mr. Ray Muggridge III Mrs. Jean Woods Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John Myers Ms. Kathleen Newkirk Ms. Ann Nichols Ms. Susie Norris Oak Grove UMC Oak Grove UMC Oak Park UMC Mr. & Mrs. Ray O’Banion Ms. Jennifer O’Rourke Outback Services, LLC Mr. Nick Owens Ms. Garilou Page Park Ave UMC Mrs. Eliza Parker Mr. Jerry Parker Parker’s Heating & Air Conditioning Mr. Brian Parkinson Mrs. Joyce Parrott Ms. Jamie Patterson Ms. Teresa Peeks Peoples South Bank Miss Nena Perry Perry Crossroads UMC Perry Wellness Center, Inc. Philadelphia UMC Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips Ms. Willie Mae Phillips Phoebe Sumter Medical Center Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Pilcher III Pilot Club of Americus Mr. Russell Pitzer Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pool Ms. Betty Pope Poplar Springs UMC Ms. Dana Price Ms. Gayle Price Mr. David Prince

Donations General

September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

Miss Nancy Pugh Mr. Guntis Purins Mr. Felix Quillope Mr. Michael Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rhyne Dr. John Rice Right Time Home Furnishings Ms. Jennifer Roberson Dr. & Mrs. Don Robinson Ms. Seleta Rogers Ms. Lydia Romero Mr. Steve Romine Rotary Club of Kings Bay Ms. Jessica Roy Mrs. Elizabeth Rush Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Russell Sr. Sam Pickren Air Conditioning & Heating Ms. Lauren Sapp Mrs. Lynda Scarborough Ms. Betty Lee Scott Scott’s Jewelry Ms. Trina Shattles Mr. & Mrs. Martin Shealy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sheffield Jr. Shellman UMC Shelton’s Chapel UMC Mrs. Janice Sheppard C. Byrd Simmons, CPA Ms. Clara Slaughter Chris Slocumb Ms. Cassandra Smith Ms. Deborah Smith Mrs. Joyce Smith Ms. June Smith Ms. Marilyn Smith Ms. Patricia Smith Ms. Phoebe Smith Mr. Tony Smith South Central District Office South Georgia Conference South Georgia Technical College Mr. Matthew Spires Ms. Shelley Spires Springhead UMC St. Marys UMC St. Marys United Methodist Women

St. Simons Island UMC Mr. James Stacy Mr. Michael Stallworth Ms. Franessa Stalter Orville Stanley Endowment State Bank & Trust Company Statesboro First UMC Mrs. Vesta Steedley Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stein Ms. Patricia Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Bob Sternenberg Ms. Sharon Stocking Mrs. Ann Stoddard Mr. & Mrs. Harold Stoddard Jr. Straight & Company, Inc. Blair Strain P.C. Mrs. Matt Sullivan Sunbelt Ford of Americus Swainsboro First UMC Synovus Trust Company Mr. & Mrs. Edd Tanner Ms. Faye Tatum Ms. Lori Taylor Tena Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Russell Thomas Jr. Thomas Chapel UMC Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Thurner TIS Insurance Services Mr. & Mrs. Mark Todd Mr. & Mrs. George Torbert Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tott Mrs. Martha Dean Tucker Mrs. Dale Tuttle Union UMC - Howard Charge United First Federal Credit Union Ms. Susan Vaughn Veterans of Foreign Wars Vineville UMC Rev. & Mrs. Steve Vinson Vista Outdoor Advertising Volume Hair Salon Wadley UMC Mr. & Mrs. John Walker III Mr. & Mrs. Daron Wall Ms. Inez Wallace Luray S. Ward Trust Mrs. Vernon Warren

Mr. Hal Waters Ms. Vivian Waters Mr. Lester Watson Wesley at Frederica UMC Wesley Chapel UMC Wesley UMC - Howard Charge Mr. & Mrs. Jim West Ms. Taylor Whitehead Ms. Mary Grace Whittle Ms. Joan Wilcox Rev. & Mrs. W. Raymond Wilder Ms. Ruby Wilkins Ms. Cecile Williams Ms. Chelsea Williams Ms. Pamela Williams Williams Road Church of Christ Mr. W. Jule Windham WKBX-FM Woodland UMC Woodmen of the World Lodge No. 202 Wright’s Chapel UMC Zach Daniel Farms Zaxby’s of Middle GA


In Memoriam September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

We grieve with hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

Carrie L. Bell Guy Blasingame Sarah E. Boatner William C. Bowen Marie Brogsdale Betty Brokaw Alma C. Camp Venessa A. Carter Joseph Chaney Gladys Clark Carol C. Compton Hedwig H. Cook Pauline Cook Ralph Cook Bennie Copeland Edwin A. Currier Mary E. Davis Charles M. Deriso Clarence A. Downs Richard Eddins Mary M. Farrell Marian V. Freeman Ernest W. Fussell James Galloway

Nancy E. Gregory John W. Goss Annie D. Guthrie Janet Hartman Mildred S. Harris Helen M. Hrabley Willie T. Ingram Virginia P. Jordan William Keltner Billo Kendrick Ellamae M. Kent Virgirie King Samuel C. Kite Sara F. Knox Hugh W. Langford Jeannette T. Long Doris D. McCrary Howard (William) H. McRae Alfred Miller Zola Minter Doris C. Mitchell Betty J. Murray O.H. Owens

Willie L. Paschal Betty J. Prince Doris A. Pugh Eleanor Quast Jewell D. Reeves Doris Robinson Carrie Roland Cordelia Rooks Lois C. Rumph Laura Santos-Fuentes Louise Sapp Edna Sims Lorraine Smith Dorothy Stinson James S. Tapley Mattie L. Toole Ethel Trice Donald Varnum James Walton John D. Wells James White, Jr. Louise Williams Charles Wilson Wylidean B. Wynne


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