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BACK TO SCHOOL 2022-2023


WELCOME BACK! Dear MJH Parents and Community, We are so excited to welcome your children back for the 2022-2023 school year! Each new year brings the promise of great personal achievement and growth, and our mission is to push the limits of possibility with our students to help them reach milestones in their learning and in their character that we know to be essential to their future success. We recognize that in order to accomplish this mission, children need support from both home and school. With that in mind, we will continue to work at building a productive partnership with our parents to ensure every student who attends MJH can reach his or her highest potential. As partners in your children’s success, we will do our very best to make their time at MJH enriching and fulfilling and will look for ways to include you in the process. This Back-to-School Guide is intended to be a first step in better connecting you to our school community this year. It includes some great information related to our processes and procedures, links to resources, answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as contact information. This is just one of the many ways we will seek to build a bridge of communication with you this year as we work together for your children’s success. Success in all things, David Slater Principal Magnolia Junior High


Doors open: 6:30AM School begins: 7:15AM School ends: 2:25PM Click here for the Bell Schedule


School Supply List for Core Classes

CHILD NUTRITION A variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet health and nutrition needs are offered for breakfast and lunch daily. Applications for free and reduced-priced meals will be available online beginning in August. You can also visit the Child Nutrition Office at 110 South Magnolia Blvd. Suite 300 or your child's campus to complete an application. A la carte items and snacks are also available to students as well as gourmet items. Parents are encouraged to create a mySchoolBucks account to pre-pay for their child's meals, snacks, and a la carte items. Prepaying for meals helps the Lorem ipsum the dolorstudents sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. and Duis relax. lunch lines move faster and gives more time to eat sit amet odio vel purus bibendum luctus.

mySchoolBucks information can be found here. Lunch menus Child Nutrition website

CAR-RIDER LINE Drop-Off In The Morning Cars are to remain in a single-file line through the turn to the designated Drop-off Zone. Vehicles will be instructed to pull up as far as they are able in this zone to enable the most efficient loading and unloading of students. Signs mark this zone for MJH, and staff members are present each morning to help direct cars to pull-up, as necessary. Students should only exit vehicle doors on the curbside, as cars will be permitted to pass in the left lane. Parents with a son in 8th grade Athletics may also choose to use the Field House DropOff Zone, which is further down the loop in front of the Field House. If it is clear, vehicles may use the passing lane to access this zone directly, but following the Sanders St. loop all the way around with other MJH traffic is mandatory. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis

Pick-Up In The Afternoon sit amet odio vel purus bibendum luctus. The pick-up procedure in the afternoon is designed to account for the number of MIS vehicles that show up with or before those there to retrieve an MJH student. Prior to dismissal at 2:25 p.m., cars pulling into the loop should take the inside lane if they are there to pick-up an MJH student and stop at the traffic cone before the curve. MIS traffic will wait in the outside lane. A staff member will release MJH vehicles from their line at dismissal, while MIS traffic will be held in place. MJH traffic will stay IN THE LEFT lane, which is marked by a yellow dashed center line. Once students have loaded or unloaded, vehicles will follow the loop in front of Magnolia Intermediate and exit via Sanders St. in the opposite direction.

Parents with a son in 7th grade Athletics will use the Field House Pick-Up Zone, which is further down the loop in front of the Field House. It is still necessary to follow the Sanders St. loop all the way around with other MJH traffic.


Click for more information


Bus routes for the 2022 - 2023 school year will be available August 4. You can view your child's bus routes through the Versatrans e-Link system. Click here for instructions. Additionally, you can download the MyStop mobile app which will allow parents to track their student's bus locations and arrival times, as well as receive notifications on delays. Parents can use a mobile device, tablet, or desktop to view this information. You can find the app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Lorem ipsum will dolorneed sit amet, adipiscingISD. elit. Duis Once you download the app, parents to consectetur select Magnolia Username is the sit amet odio vel purus bibendum luctus. student ID and the password is the student's birthday with the four-digit year (ex: October 1, 2005 - 10012005). The app will group all of the parent's children together. At the top of the screen next to the student's name is a drop-down arrow that will give a list of all children in that family.

You can find more information including how to find your bus route, request bus changes, and more by clicking here.


Incoming 7th Graders must submit shot records before the start of new year. All incoming 7th grade students in the State of Texas are required to have two additional immunizations before school starts. If you have an incoming seventh grader this year, please note that Texas requires two immunizations, TdaP and Meningococcal MCV4l, before the first day of school. Shot records can be turned inipsum to the front office at MJH: emailed to our nurse at Lorem dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sit amet odio velto purus bibendum luctus. Any student without an cfolkers@magnoliaisd.org; or faxed 281-252-2125. updated shot record on file will not be permitted to attend class until official documentation is submitted to the school. Dropping off or sending in these records early will help parents and students avoid having to wait in line to turn them in on the first day of school on August 11. For the most current information on school required immunizations, please visit www.ImmunizeTexas.com 6-14-2022-2023-MinReq_K-12.pdf (texas.gov)


By clicking to the left, you can see all of the pages for our sports. Each page contains important information about tryouts, calendars, and contact information.


This link gives you access to UIL policies, calendars, and points of contact. These policies guide Magnolia Junior High policies for both sports and academics.


From this link you can login to the parent portal and access all electronic forms for athletics.


From the link on the left, you are able to purchase tickets for sporting events.

REGISTERING AND HANDBOOKS Registrar: Elida Perez email: eperez@magnoliaisd.org


Click the link on the left to find all items needed to register or withdrawal a student. There are also step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish, to help with registration.


From the link on the left, you can fill out Magnolia ISD’s Self Serve Help Desk form. Many registration issues will be directed here.


This link takes you to the Magnolia ISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. Both a available in English and in Spanish.

DYSLEXIA AND 504 Dyslexia Program Specialist for Magnolia ISD: Sarah Harcrow email: sharcrow@magnoliaisd.org

504 Coordinator for MJH: Holly Robertson email: hrobertson@magnoliaisd.org


By clicking the link to the left, families can access all district information about Dyslexia testing and services.

504 PAGE

On the district’s 504 page, link to the left, families can find information about the 504 process and resources.


Special Education Department Chair:

Karey Dristas email: kdristas@magnoliaisd.org


By clicking to the left, you can find several links to help families with all aspects of Special Education services from identification information to evaluation services.

PARENT COMMUNICATION In order to ensure message and phone calls are delivered, please make sure to keep your information up to date in your Parent Portal. You can opt-in to our text message notification system by sending "Y" or "Yes" to 67587. Click here for more information. Self Serve is a way for parents/guardians to access his/her child’s grades. If you have not already signed up for parent self serve, there are chromebooks available in the cafeteria during Mustang Stampede for you to do so.

VOLUNTEERING (H.O.S.T.S) Helping Our Students & Teachers Succeed

Interested volunteers can use the link below to sign-up for our Helping Our Students & Teachers Succeed (H.O.S.T.S) program. Fill out the H.O.S.T.S form to participate in opportunities to assist the Magnolia Junior High community. Once you've completed the H.O.S.T.S registration, make sure to click on the next link below to submit background check information if you haven't previously done so with the district. H.O.S.T.S Volunteer Form Please click HERE for district and campus volunteer and visitor information, as well as the link to complete a volunteer background check.


ATTENDANCE Attendance Clerk: Tiffany Sanders email: tsanders@magnoliaisd.org


You can email doctors notes and other excusals directly to tsanders@magnoliaisd.org within 5 days.


For questions about tardies and discipline steps, please contact Debra Goodrum at dgoodrum@magnoliaisd.org.


If there are issues with incorrect absences, try contacting the teacher first, this allows for quicker resolutions of the record.

SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS To help you keep up with the goings on here at MJHS and within the greater Magnolia ISD family, here are some links to our social media:


District: @magnoliaisd Campus: @magnoliajuniorhigh


District: @MagnoliaISD Campus: @MagnoliaJrHigh


District Website Homepage Campus Website Homepage

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Where do I go on the first day of school? When 7th grade students arrive on the first day of school, they will need to report to the big gym in order to pick up their official schedule. If it is prior to 7:10, then students will remain in the gym until released to go to 1st period. What do I do if I don’t like my electives and want to change? Beginning on Wednesday, August 17, students will have an opportunity to request a change to their first semester electives. There will be a form available in the AP office for students to pick up before or after school, during passing periods, or at lunch. The form must be returned by the end of the school day on Tuesday, August 23, to be considered. Please note that the counselors work very hard to accommodate change requests, but our electives fill up quickly and not all requests are able to be made. When is my lunch? Lunch is determined by 5th period classes and students will find out what lunch they have on the first day of school. All students will report to 5th period where teachers will tell the class what lunch they will have. Do we use lockers at MJH? While the junior high does have lockers in most hallways, they are not for student use. Students will carry what they need from class to class in his/her backpack. When can I use my cell phone? Students are able to use their cell phones during the passing periods and at lunch. During class times, all cell phones should be put away in a student's backpack. Students are not allowed to use their cell phone during class including taking it to the restroom. Earbuds must also be put away except during lunch. When are tutorials offered? Tutorials are offered every morning before school from 6:40-7:10. Each core subject will post which teacher is available each morning. Students are able to attend tutorials with any teacher, it does not have to be his/her own. Can I bring a drink to school? Students are able to carry a water bottle with them to school, but it must have a screw top. We do not allow Yeti type cups or cups with straws as they can spill too easily. There is a bottle refill station located by the cafeteria between the 500 and 600 halls.

MJH CONTACTS Principal - David Slater dslater@magnoliaisd.org 7th Grade Assistant Principal - Michel Jackson mjackson@magnoliaisd.org 7th Grade Counselor - Jenny Fontenot


8th Grade Assistant Principal - Jason Hawkins jhawkins@magnoliaisd.org 8th Grade Counselor - Kelan McCullen kmccullen@magnoliaisd.org Academic Coordinator - Amanda Dunn adunn@magnoliaisd.org 504/Assessment Coordinator - Holly Roberston hrobertson@magnoliaisd.org Special Education ARD Facilitator - Amanda Burks aburks@magnoliaisd.org Campus Registrar - Elida Perez eperez@magnoliaisd.org (habla espanol) Girls’ Athletic Coordinator - Janet Chandler jchandler2@magnoliaisd.org Boys’ Athletics Coordinator - Brian Venghaus bvenghaus@magnoliaisd.org Band Director - Emily Hicks ehicks@magnoliaisd.org Choir Director - Lucas Phillips lphillips@magnoliaisd.org School Nurse - Christina Folkers cfolkers@magnoliaisd.org Attendance - Tiffany Sanders tsanders@magnoliaisd.org