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MagnoliaDesignCo SpringCollection2023


MagnoliaDesignCo’smissionisto uplift,empower,andencourage everyonetodesignandsharefun, beautifulcraftingcreations,while buildingrelationshipsand openingdoorsforpersonalgrowth andfinancialopportunity


Webringthelovebacktocraftingwith ouruniqueassortmentofcrafting supplies Weofferaspecializedformula ofChalkPaste,PermanentInks, ReusableAdhesiveSilkscreenStencils, DIYKits,Surfaces,Accessoriesandmuch more!Comediscoverthepossibilities


Introducingarevolutionaryconceptintheworldofdécorandcrafting! Ourproductsincluderemovablechalkpastes,self-adhesivesilkscreen stencilsthatarereusable,permanentinks,andone-of-a-kindsurfaces, allowingeventhosewithlittleexperiencetocreateprofessionallooking pieceswithease!Ourself-adhesivesilkscreensmakethecrafting processsimplerthaneverbefore Withcleanlinesandaprofessional aesthetic,youcanmakestunningprojectsinnotime!Withminimal messinvolvedduringcleanup,ourreusablestencilssimplifyyour creativeexperience.GetcreativewithMagnoliaDesignCo.andturnany surfaceintoaworkofart!


Ouradhesivesilkscreenstencilsprovidesharpedgesandprofessional results.Thesestencilsaresimpletouse,easytocleanandcanbeused againandagain.What'smore,youcancombineseveralstencil designstogiveyourprojectsadistinctlookoftheirownthatcomes straightfromyou

LoadsofLuck 5"x7" $949
Shenanigans 8 5"x11" $1449
OldRugged Cross 12"x18" $2349

BunnyPatterns 12"x18" $2349


WelcometoMagnoliaDesignCompany-wherecreativitynever ends!MeetStacyNicholas,FoundingCreatorandMamaof3.She hasbeencreatingprettymuchallherlifeandfellinlovewiththe originaldesignsMagnoliahastooffer Theartofcraftingissoeasy andversatileanyonecandoit,withhelpfromMagnolia!Stacyaims toshoweveryonehowtheycancraftalongwithherthroughlive videos,andprovidetipsonhowtoincorporatethiscraftintoother projects Withateamthatisalwaysthereforguidance,comejoin theamazingjourneyatMagnoliaDesignCotodaybypickingup yoursqueegeeandcraftingaway!

SpringMinis2023 8.5"x11" $1449
SheisStrong 8 5"x11"
FiligreeLeaf Pattern 15"x15" $2649
SnuggleBunny 5"x7" $949 BunnyHappyEaster 8.5"x11" $1449

CindyJarvis, RookieoftheYear2022

MeetCindyJarvis.Shehas beenaCreatorwithMagnolia DesignCompanysince October2021,andlovesevery bitofit.MagnoliaDesign Company'sstencilsand surfacesfirstcaughther attention,butthepeopleshe hasmethaveenrichedherlife muchmorethanexpected ThankstoMagnoliaandher existingsocialmediabusiness, Cindyhasbeenabletoquit herfull-timejobandwork exclusivelyfromhomedoing whatsheloves!Additionally, it'sgivenheranopportunityto growherleadershipskillsas sheleadsateamofCreators, fromhobbyiststobusinessbuildersalike.Cindyisso gratefultoGodforbringing thisamazingcompanyinto herlife

5"x7" $949
BeStill 12"x18" $2349

Vonda Atchley, Promoter

Vonda Atchley loves all things Magnolia Design Company! What began as a simple desire to craft has turned into a passion, thanks to the company's incredibly easyto-use products Vonda became ready to share her crafts with more than just her friends and with Magnolia's Creator Program, she has been able to do this for what she loves doing - crafting!

Vonda is grateful that the projects require minimal time yet, are still so satisfying and fun. Joining Magnolia also gave Vonda the chance to transition from sharing with old friends to sharing and crafting with new friends. Vonda enjoys how Magnolia's programs provide her with project opportunities and support to make this journey her own

TrueLove 8 5"x11" $14.49 EasterLilies 11"x11" $1649
12"x18" $2349
Cottontail Farms
Scandinavian Easter 8 5"x11" $1449 Little Hare and Roses 15"x15" $2649
They That Wait Quads 11"x11" $1649 Even the Waves 8 5"x11" $1449 Rolling Pin Spring 12pk 12"x12" $1849
FloralWelcome 15"x15" $2649
12"x18" $2349
VegetableGarden 18"x18" $2949 EveryGift 8 5"x11" $1449
Flower Market 12"x12" $1849 Bloom Where You're Planted 8.5"x11" $1449
Bloom Where You're Planted 8 5"x11" $1449 Just Breathe 8 5"x11" $1449
Spring Words 12"x18" $2349 Spring Subway 8 5"x11" $1449 Hello Spring 10"x10" $1549 Porch Sitter Spring/Summer 12"x18" $3949
Your Choice 8 5"x11" $1449 Coffee Definition 5"x7" $949 Canning Season 5"x7" $949
BlessOurNest 15"x15" $2649 Lemon Pattern 15"x15" $2649 Welcome 12"x18" $2339


Our Magnolia Design Co transfers are easy to use rub-on transfers that release onto a wide variety of surfaces allowing for a multitude of décor, furniture and multimedia uses. Simply peel, rub-on and transfer our beautifully detailed design to transform your next piece into a work of art

'Take Flight' 85"x11" - $1199 'Birds of a Feather' 8.5"x11" - $11.99 'Paris Antiques' 85"x11" - $1199
'Distressed Compilation' 12"x12"-$13.99
'Once Upon A Time' 85"x11" - $1199 'Scraps and Roses' 12"x12" - $13.99 'Easter Song 12"x12"- $13.99

Chalk Paste is the ideal way to add your own unique touch to any project! This watersoluble crafting paste goes on wet and dries hard, leaving behind a smooth finish that won't smudge or smear. Plus, it can easily be removed from nonporous surfaces with water Get creative by layering our paste, adding glitter while it's wet, or even writing on it once it's dry!


AlmondLatte CanaryYellow MagnoliaGreen Chocolate MintGreen ArmyGreen SpicedPumpkin Azure Clementine GlitterBlack MustardSeed CoalBlack BabyPink OldGloryRed GlitterCopper CoolGrey GlitterGold BearGrass OldGloryBlue Pansy BlueIce Daffodil GlitterRed IrishCream BrilliantWhite PeppermintLeaf GlitterRoseGold PurpleLace CandyApple PeachyKeen SugarPlum 3ozJars$11.99
FrenchRose DuskyBlue

You can easily create custom apparel and accessories with our permanent inks

Perfect for making unique gifts, you can use the ink to decorate towels, hats, t-shirts, and even pillows. You can get creative with ceramics like mugs too! With just a household iron, heat press, or oven, you can heat set your inked design and transform your items into one-of-a-kind work of art.


GreyOwl FuchsiaRose AmethystOrchid VibrantOrange BerryBlue GlitterBlack MagnoliaGreen VividCerulean WineBerry MangoMojito GlitterCopper GlitterGold PumpkinPie BrilliantWhite GlitterRed CoalBlack Cornflower GlitterRoseGold GlitterSilver EmeraldGreen ChocolateBrown RubyRed SeafoamGreen Turquoise
Chocolate OrangeTiger MustardSeed CoalBlack
SamplePackets PermanentInks ChalkPastes 10pksSingleColor:$21.99 10pksSingleColor:$25.99 SpringVarietyChalkPack:6pk$15.99 Azure,Daffodil,Pansy,MagnoliaGreen,TiffanyTeal,SugarPlum SpringVarietyInkPack:6pk$15.99 FuchsiaRose,VibrantOrange,VividCerulean,MagnoliaGreen, PineappleYellow,AmethystOrchid
Pansy BrilliantWhite CandyApple MagnoliaGreen
CoalBlack BrilliantWhite CandyApple FuchsiaRose AmethystOrchid VibrantOrange VividCerulean MagnoliaGreen
LargeInk Mat SmallInk Mat Angled Squeegee Handled Squeegee $16 99 $13 99 $9 99 $13 99 Accessories The tools to help you create beautiful DIY projects Stencil Scissors $11 99 StirSticks (24-Pack) $3 99 WaxingCloth 3" $3 00 Wax28Oz CelebrationPieces StencilCleaner TackyTowel BackingSlips(12-pk) $7 99 $3 99 $2 97 $999 $899
FineMist Sprayer PermanentInk Markers(8-Pack) Ink/PasteCombo Pen(8-Pack) HeatGun Self-HealingCuttingMat 18”x24” ChalkPens (8-Pack) $16 99 $13 99 $13 99 $21 99 $13 99 $25 99 Tassel Maker $12 99 MiniSqueegee Single-Green $2 99 MiniSqueegee 4pk-Red $7 99 MiniSqueegee Single-Pink $2 99 q g 24pk-Pink $31 99 MiniSqueegee Single-Red $2 99 Small Squeegee MiniSqueegee (24-Pack) $2 50 $31 99 Shirt PlacementKit $10 99 Apron $13 99
Surfaces Turnanysurfaceintoaworkofart 10”x10”Square Chalkboard 11”x14”BlackNONMagneticBoard 11”x14”Farmhouse Frame $799 $1899 $1999
$2099 $1899 $2399 $1999 $3099 $2099
$2699 HexagonQuads-5” (4-pack) ShiplapBoard5x7(2-pack) ShiplapBoard9"x11" ShelfSitters (4-Pack) $1499 $999 $2399 $2499 RoundMDF12” RoundMDF15" MDFCelebration Board-8”x18” $1199 $1599 $1899 RoundMDF18” $1999
Board 12”x12”DarkStain Chalkboard 5”x5”Quads(4Pack) 11”x14”NON-Magnetic
Board 14”x20”Magnetic Board 5”x7”Double-Sided Boards(2-Pack)
9”x12”Double-SidedWood BoxFrame-Single 7”x18”Double-SidedWood BoxFrame-Single 11.5”x5”HangingSigns (2-Pack) $1899 $1999 $2099 CoastersSet4”x4”(4-pack) $899 3”WhiteChalkCircles (12-Pack) 3”BlackChalkCircles (12-Pack) 10”BlackChalkboard Round 10”WhiteChalkboard Round 18”WhiteChalkboard Round 18”BlackChalkboard Round $1299 $1299 $1099 $1099 $1999 $1999 12"x18"Double-Sided WoodBoxFrame-Single 115"x115"Double-Sided WoodBoxFrame-Single WoodHousesDouble825”x675”(2-Pack) $1899 $1899 $1899 ColoredEggs 3.5"12pk $1399 MDFMasonJar128” $1199 RectangleMDF7”x18” $1199
(3-Pack) PillarStand-White 16.5”x8.5” PillarStand-Blue 16.5”x8.5”
-3.75”x6”,20mmBeads NestingTrays (2-Pack)
175” WoodDoorTags13”x8” (2-Pack) White5”x7”Boardand BaseKit(6-pack) $1199 $9.99 $2299 $1099 $2299 $35.99 $9.99 $3999 $1499 $3599 $20.99 RollingPins-7” (4-Pack) Canvas ToteBag $799 Wristlet $699 $999 -375”x6”,20mmBeads $10.99 CuttingBoard21”x11” $2199
Black5”x7”Boardand BaseKit(6-pack) CowHeadBeadedGarland
18”x18”CanvasPillow Case (2-Pack) LumbarCanvas PillowCase-12”x24” $1199 CanvasYardFlags12”x18” (2-Pack) $14 99 MiniTags5"x3"(3-Pack) $11 99 Skillet-2PK $1199 HangingBanner9”x12” $1399 BannerRefills9”x12”(2-Pack) $899 HangingBanner -12”x18” $1999 BannerRefills12”x18”(2-Pack) $999 PennantBanner11”x16” $599 PennantBanner7”x11” $499 Garland Banner $799 CuttingBoard 21”x11” $2199 Apron $999 CupChalkboard Duo $1099 FauxBookstack (7”x3.5”x4.25”) $1499 $1699
BeadedWoodRound 10" PillowWrap (2-Pack) 39.5"x8.25" ChalkboardTags (12-Pack)4.75"x2.25" $12 99 Bunny Beaded Garland $1099 MiniMasonJar12pk 4"x2.5" $1299 WoodBunny Trio65" $16.99 BeadedWoodFrame 9"x11" $19.99 $1699 $15 99 BeadedCarrot DIYKit $1099



Join our rapidly growing company and make your membership work for you You can DIY with a discount, create a business through workshops, craft fairs or grow a team. With Magnolia Design Co., inspiring others to craft and create is fun and rewarding.

Our creators earn commissions selling online, in store fronts and selling finished products Start your craft business as a Magnolia Design Co Creator and discover what’s possible

With the easiest membership in the industry, we are completely free from quotas and the best part is we reward you for both your purchases and those of your customers!

Ask your Creator how you can get started today!

The Creator Membership Benefits:

• Receive an immediate 35% discount

• Personal e-commerce website off retail pricing

• $1099 monthly website fee

• Earn 25% - 45% commissions on our Quick Start Program

• Build a team and earn additional bonuses & commissions

• NO monthly/quarterly quotas

• Multiple Enrollment Kit options available


• Our Customer Rewards Program rewards our customers for their monthly personal purchases.

Customers can earn $10 back for every $100 spent in a month.

Spend $100 and get $10 back or spend $200 and get $20 back.

Customer Loyalty Rewards expire after 60 days.

*Please note this excludes shipping & tax

Craft. Connect. Create



Each month you will receive a collection of our beautiful products that you’ll use to create an exclusive project, one that is not available as a kit outside of this program. We just know you’ll love the versatility and range of items offered at such an affordable price of $22.99 monthly plus shipping & tax.

Whether you’re a new crafter or an experienced creator, each craft club is designed to introduce fresh techniques, different surfaces, and mediums so that creators can take pride in a finished project that’s both fun and functional.

Simplify Your Box

A complete craft kit in every box! No stores, no lines, no fuss – a collection of uniquely designed products and materials for you to create your very own DIY project!

You’ll love receiving your monthly craft club box! It’s happy mail! You’ll find yourself stalking your mail person monthly! ��

Create Learn

You’ll be creating your own projects in no time! Step-by-step instructions are included making it an easy start to finish project.

Learn new creative skills with these EXCLUSIVE Kits Each kit captures different styles, mediums, and techniques to learn and grow as a crafter. Our kits make fantastic gifts too!

Wanna host a class? We’ve Made It Easier Than Ever! Online Or In-Person We Have Options!
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