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Valentine Collection 2023

Our Mission Why Magnolia?

Magnolia Design Co’s mission is to uplift, empower, and encourage everyone to design and share fun, beautiful crafting creations, while building relationships and opening doors for personal growth and financial opportunity.

We bring the love back to crafting with our unique assortment of crafting supplies We offer a specialized formula of Chalk Paste, Permanent Inks, Reusable Adhesive Silkscreen Stencils, DIY Kits, Surfaces, Accessories and much more! Come discover the possibilities.

Oh Hello...

As the wintry weather draws near, warm up with these chic designs that will ignite inspiration and encourage your creativity to catch fire. Our new catalog welcomes you to share the warmth and happiness of Valentine’s Day! This season is all about making it with love and knowing that the snuggle is real.

This catalog is filled with pages of color and design that bring fun and easy DIY projects to life using our specialized permanent inks, chalk pastes and reusable silk screen stencils.

Magnolia Design Co is bringing the love back to crafting, giving you the flexibility to create your heart’s desire. So, whether you shop with us, join us or host a party, we are delighted to welcome you to our Magnolia Design Co family!

Boho Rainbow 8.5"x11" $14 49 Sweet Baby 8 5"x11" $14 49
Forever and Ever 5"x7" $949 Xoxo Y'all 8.5"x11" $1449 Better Together 5"x7" $949

Talisa Lindsay, Magnolia Influencer

My favorite thing about Magnolia Design Co.: No matter where I am in my season of life, I like that I am able to take Magnolia with me anywhere in the US and that I can work it as much or as little as I need to for my busy life I also love how diverse it is for my home décor and gift making ideas

A few of my favorite items are the Tacky Towel, the MDC wax that is made from beeswax, the paintbrush squeegee 5pk brushes (they allow you get in those small places) and the new DIY kits. So I can keep my creativity going.

Crafting for me releases the stress of life. So, in reality it is cheaper than THERAPY! The bonus of it all is the wonderful people that work hard behind the scenes and the support they provide

Heart Duo 13"x13" $1849

Spread the Love 8 5"x11" $14.49

Fleur De Lis 8 5"x11" $1449 Loads of Love 5"x7" $949 Valentine Minis 2023 8 5"x11" $1449 Valentine Words 12"x18" $2349
Season Everything 8 5"x11" $1449 Rolling Pins Valentine 12pk 12"x12" $1849 Love Bug 5"x7" $9.49 All You Need 8 5"x11" $14.49
God Gave Me You 8 5"x11" $14.49 Awesome to the Core 8.5"x5" $8.49 Conversational Hearts 8 5"x11" $1449

Love Pattern 12"x12" $1849

Hearts Pattern 15"x15" $26.49

Love is in the Air 8 5"x11" $14.49

Charlene Bare, Magnolia Award 2022

My name is Charlene Bare and I have been with Magnolia since 2019 I found Magnolia when I wasn’t even looking Since I’ve joined the company, I have accomplished way more than I ever thought I would It’s safe to say that I have made some lifelong friends This is a company that I truly feel like cares about you and wants you to succeed, no matter which way your journey takes you I really love that we get to run our business in the way that suits us I love how easy our products are to use and I love making a believer out of someone when they tell me that they’re not crafty. Then, I let them just try a mini stencil, and they are blown away! I love how it makes everyone feel like a pro Chalking just gives you a sense of instant accomplishment and gratification I love that feeling

Sign of Love 5"x7" $949 Wild About You 5"x7" $9.49 Mini Pattern Arabesque 8 5"x11" $1449 Book Words Faith Hope Love 5"x7" $949
Typewriter 12"x12" $1849 You'reJustMyType 5"x7" $949 BushelandaPeck 8 5"x11" $1449 OwlAlwaysLoveYou 8 5"x11" $1449
The Snuggle is Real 12"x18" $2349 Fear Not 8 5"x11" $1449

Fleur De Lis Pattern 15"x15" $26.49

Michele Buycks, Founding Creator

As a parent, I've been able to take times of stress and uncertainty and create something beautifulbringing joy not only to myself but so many others too!

This same mindset has helped my sons hone in on their entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance.

My advice: Take the world around you as your canvas! There are countless opportunities to show off your creative side, whether it's upcycling salvage items or selling Magnolia Design Co productswhile becoming self-made business owners.

Don't be afraid to explore every available route out there and join in on all the wonderful fun ahead with others by being yourself and sharing what makes you special!

Oh Hello 12"x12" $18.49 Steal My Heart 12"x18" $2349


Our Magnolia Design Co transfers are easy to use rub-on transfers that
surfaces allowing
furniture and multi-media uses.
peel, rub-on and transfer our
Glittering Red Glittering Gold Glitter Paste GLITTERING CHALK JARS: 3 oz - $1199 each Sample Paste SAMPLE PASTE PACKETS 10PKSINGLECOLOR$21.99each Glittering Black Glittering Copper Glittering Rose Gold Sample Inks SAMPLE INK PACKETS
$25.99each 8.5"x11" - $11.99 each
release onto a wide variety of
for a multitude of décor,
beautifully detailed design to transform
next piece into a work of art.
Irish Cream Almond Latte Purple Lace Mustard Seed Candy Apple Red Raspberry Lime Green Old Glory Red Canary Yellow Army Green Azure Sugar Plum Old Glory Blue Living Coral Chocolate Brown Olive Baby Pink Coal Black Spiced Pumpkin Magnolia Green Maroon Cool Grey Bear Grass Orange Tiger Tiffany Teal Pansy Blue Ice Daffodil Mint Green Hot Coral Mulberry Brilliant White Peppermint Leaf Chalk Paste CHALK JARS: 3 oz - $11.99 each
Permanent Inks INK JARS: 3 oz - $13.99 each Amethyst Orchid Brilliant White Chocolate Brown Coal Black Berry Blue Emerald Green Fuchsia Rose Turquoise Vivid Cerulean Wine Berry Magnolia Green Mango Mojito Pineapple Yellow Ruby Red Seafoam Green Glittering Black Sparkling Silver Glittering Gold Glittering Copper Glittering Rose Gold Grey Owl
Stencil Cleaner Tacky Towel Large Ink Mat Small Squeegee Small Ink Mat Backing Slips (12Pack) Mini Squeegee (24-Pack) Apron Angled Squeegee Handled Squeegee $7 99 $16 99 $2.50 $3 99 $13 99 $31.99 $13 99 $2 97 $9.99 $13.99 Shirt Placement Kit $10 99 Wax 28 Oz $999 Accessories The tools to help you create beautiful DIY projects Celebration Pieces $899
Fine Mist Sprayer Pryography Pen Permanent Ink Markers (8-Pack) Stencil Scissors Paintbrush Squeegees (5-Pack) Ink/Paste Combo Pen (8-Pack) Heat Gun Self-Healing Cutting Mat 18”x24” Chalk Pens (8-Pack) $16 99 $13 99 $12 99 $11 99 $10 99 $13 99 $21 99 $13 99 $25.99 Tassel Maker $12 99 Stir Sticks (24-Pack) $3 99 Mini Squeegee Single- Green $2 99 Mini Squeegee 4pk- Red $7 99 Mini Squeegee Single- Pink $2 99 q g 24pk- Pink $31.99 Mini Squeegee Single- Red $2.99
Surfac STENCILS + SURFAC 11” x 14” Magnetic Board 10” x 10” Square Chalkboard 12”x12”DarkStain Chalkboard 5” x 5” Quads (4Pack) 11”x14”BlackNONMagneticBoard 11” x 14” NON-Magnetic Board 14” x 20” Magnetic Board 11” x 14” Farmhouse Frame 5”x7”Double-Sided Boards(2-Pack) $7.99 $20.99 $18.99 $2399 $18.99 $1999 $30.99 $19.99 $2099 12"x18" Wood Tray $2699
3” White Chalk Circles (12-Pack) 3” Black Chalk Circles (12-Pack) 9”x12”Double-SidedWood BoxFrame-Single 10” Black Chalkboard Round 10”WhiteChalkboard Round 7”x18”Double-SidedWood BoxFrame-Single 18”WhiteChalkboard Round 18”BlackChalkboard Round 11.5”x5”HangingSigns (2-Pack) $1299 $1899 $1299 $1999 $1099 $1099 $1999 $1999 $2099 12"x18" Double-Sided Wood Box Frame- Single 115"x115"Double-Sided WoodBoxFrame-Single WoodHousesDouble8.25”x6.75”(2-Pack) Natural Edge Wood Rounds 3” (10-Pack) $1299 $18.99 $1899 $1899 Painted MultiColored Hearts- 12pk $1499 Side Sitting Heart Duo $1799 CoastersSet4”x4”(4-pack) $899



Cow Head MDF175”

Wood Door Tags13” x 8” (2-Pack)

Pillar Stand - White 165” x 85” Pillar Stand - Blue 165” x 85”
Wood Cow Tags4” x 2.75” (3-Pack)
Nesting Trays (2-Pack)
CowHeadBeadedGarland -375”x6”,20mmBeads
$11.99 $999 $22.99 $10.99 $22.99 $35.99 $999 $39.99 $14.99 $3599 $2099 NaturalEdgeWood Ornaments275”(10-Pack) Rolling Pins - 7” (4-Pack) Canvas Tote Bag $799 Wristlet $699 $999 $1299 - 3.75”x6”, 20mm Beads $1099
White5”x7”Boardand BaseKit(6-pack)

18”x18”CanvasPillow Cases(2-Pack) $1799

RedPillowCases 12”x12”(2-Pack) $1399

LumbarCanvas PillowCase-12”x24” $1199

Canvas Yard Flags12”x18” (2-Pack) $14 99

HangingBanner -12”x18” $19.99


18”x18”CanvasPillow Case (2-Pack) $1699

HangingBanner9”x12” $13.99

BannerRefills9”x12”(2-Pack) $8.99

Pennant Banner11” x 16” $599

CuttingBoard21”x11” $21.99 Apron $999

Mini Tags5"x3" (3-Pack) $11 99

Pennant Banner7” x 11” $499

Garland Banner $7.99

Skillet - 2PK $1199
Hexagon Quads-5” (4-pack) Shiplap Board5x7 (2-pack) Round MDF12” Shiplap Board9"x11" TruckwithRailsMDF11”x5” Round MDF18” MDFCelebration Board-8”x18” Wood Tier Tray TruckMDF11”x5” Rectangle MDF7” x 18” Shelf Sitters (4-Pack) MDFMasonJar128” $14.99 $1199 $999 $9.99 $1999 $18.99 $29.99 $999 $1199 $23.99 $1199 $2499 CuttingBoard21”x11” Cup Chalkboard Duo $21.99 $10.99 FauxBookstack (7”x3.5”x4.25”) $14.99 Angel Shelf Sitter11.75"x4.32" $15.99

Rewards Programs


Join our rapidly growing company and make your membership work for you. You can DIY with a discount, create a business through workshops, craft fairs or grow a team With Magnolia Design Co., inspiring others to craft and create is fun and rewarding. Our creators earn commissions selling online, in store fronts and selling finished products. Start your craft business as a Magnolia Design Co Creator and discover what’s possible.

With the easiest membership in the industry, we have options to have completely free quotas and the best part is we reward you for both your purchases and those of your customers! Ask your Creator how you can get started today!

The Creator Membership Benefits:

• Receive an immediate 35% discount

• Personal e-commerce website off retail pricing

• $10.99 monthly website fee

• Earn 25% - 45% commissions on our Quick Start Program

• Build a team and earn additional bonuses & commissions

• NO monthly/quarterly quotas

• Multiple Enrollment Kit options available


Our Customer Loyalty Program rewards our customers for their monthly personal purchases. Customers can earn $10 back for every $100 spent in a month.

• Spend $100 and get $10 back or spend $200 and get $20 back.

• Customer Loyalty Rewards expire after 60 days

*Please note this excludes shipping & tax.

(sample project)

Craft. Connect. Create


Discover a new creative passion.

Each month you will receive a collection of our beautiful products that you’ll use to create an exclusive project, one that is not available as a kit outside of this program We just know you’ll love the versatility and range of items offered at such an affordable price of $22.99 monthly plus shipping & tax.

Whether you’re a new crafter or an experienced creator, each craft club is designed to introduce fresh techniques, different surfaces, and mediums so that creators can take pride in a finished project that’s both fun and functional.

Simplify Your Box

Create Learn

A complete craft kit in every box! No stores, no lines, no fuss – a collection of uniquely designed products and materials for you to create your very own DIY project!

You’ll love receiving your monthly craft club box! It’s happy mail! You’ll find yourself stalking your mail person monthly! ��

You’ll be creating your own projects in no time! Step-by-step instructions are included making it an easy start to finish project.

Learn new creative skills with these EXCLUSIVE Kits. Each kit captures different styles, mediums, and techniques to learn and grow as a crafter Our kits make fantastic gifts too!

Crafting is more fun with Friends!

Earn free and half-priced items when you host a connect & craft class.

You and your friends can make a unique DIY project, learn about new mediums, surfaces, and techniques

Your Magnolia Design Co Creator will help you unleash your creativity and have tons of fun doing it!

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