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APRIL 2012

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GREETINGS SOUTH MELBOURNE The team and I are proud to deliver this latest issue of 3205SouthMelbourne. It is a great privilege to feature The Atlantic Restaurant at Crown, while just celebrating their first year since opening in March 2011, and snaring the highly sought after, Crown Retailer of the Year award last December, this premier dining establishment is indisputably amongst the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne, with world renowned Chef Donovan Cooke at the helm in the kitchen. We also unlock the door on the ‘not so well kept secret’ cocktail lounge, The Den, which lies beneath The Atlantic and is the perfect basement venue for a pre or post dinner drink or memorable function. ‘The Block’ returns to Channel 9 this month featuring South Melbourne properties and Scott Cam gives us an insight into the 2012 series. Please enjoy this latest issue of 3205South Melbourne,

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Lisa Quittner Editor -

IN THIS ISSUE: Riding the Tide of Success Fleurage Perfume Atelier Street Scene - Part 2 Scott Cam – The Block 2012

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The C Care Teens program is a new C Care initiative that brings a wide variety of sports and other activities to teens, every fortnight held over the weekend.

bringing out Dovid Tsap (USA) in partnership with Raph Brous, who use skateboarding to mentor kids, find a common interest, and relate to them on their level.

Its objective is to create a support network for the local community kids and allow them to express themselves in a safe and innovative environment.

C Care is about bringing together volunteers from all backgrounds and contexts, to blur the lines of social division and empower individuals in distress or in need of support.

Rabbi Shlomo Nathanson has been instrumental in implementing the C Care initiative for all community members by

For more information on C Care: W P 9636 3321

RIDING THE TIDE OF SUCCESS By Lisa Quittner Under the direction and foresight of restaurateur –turned businessman, Hatem Saleh and Tony Schiavello, co-founder of the Schiavello Group, Atlantic Group [V] dominates the restaurant, function and catering scenes of Melbourne. Managing Director, Hatem Saleh began his career with years of hands-on restaurant experience. Through hard work, observation and determination, combined with exceptional visionary prowess and the natural ability to manage people, this young entrepreneur breathed life into his first restaurant in 1994, Atlantic, located in St Kilda. By 1999, Hatem identified a gap in the market for function and event space options that were capable of catering in excess of 500 people. It was at that time the then derelict Shed 7 became available at South Wharf. Atlantic, the event space, was soon after established, followed by Sumac and Alumbra. The State Government announced plans to redevelop South Wharf in 2006, issuing notice to compulsorily acquire the land where Atlantic Group [V] had been successfully operating for 7 years. Saleh’s growth strategy had almost overnight turned into a survival strategy. As fate would have it, Atlantic Group [V] won a highly competitive tender to redevelop Central Pier just 2 months later. In partnership with the Schiavello Group, a carefully considered and balanced approach was implemented for the redevelopment of the 7500SqM area, with respect to upholding the historic heritage of Central Pier while bringing to life their combined vision for a cutting edge future in hospitality. Today Central Pier is lauded as the destination for the biggest and best events in Melbourne. The eclectic mix of venues, which include Peninsula, Sumac, Sketch and Maia, formerly known as the Atlantic event space, along with an authentic Italian eatery, Va Bene, the popular Woolshed Pub, and night hotspot Alumbra now bring over a million visitors to Central Pier, annually. The partnership between Saleh and Schiavello, also a Director of Atlantic Group [V], is built on friendship and solidarity, their mutual vision and combined business and hospitality expertise have proved to be a winning formula, making even the most ambitious of goals, a successful reality. Ceasing to rest on their laurels, plans

are now underway to open an Artisan Bakery at Central Pier by mid 2012. In just over 4 years, Atlantic Group [V] has won a staggering 19 prestigious business and industry awards, including the top honour in the catering industry, being named as Australian Caterer of the Year. Hatem, himself, was a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. Following on was the launch of an outside catering arm, Atlantic Group Catering, which in 2011 won the prestigious contract to cater The Hill Marquee at the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011- 2013 for over 1600 guests each day of the 4 day carnival. The opening of The Atlantic Restaurant at Crown has been met with delight by seafood aficionados, with world renowned Chef Donovan Cooke at the helm in the kitchen. The restaurant opened in March 2011 and is not only the largest at the Crown complex, but also boasts an Oyster and Champagne Bar and The Den, a sublime New York styled cocktail bar in the basement. Executive Chef Donovan Cooke was the Chef de Cuisine at Derby Restaurant & Bar in the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley Clubhouse from 2004 before returning to Melbourne in late 2010 to take an ownership stake in The Atlantic. Donovan, with a long list of international accolades behind him, had previously opened Melbourne restaurants Ondine, for which he was named Chef of the Year by The Age Good Food Guide, and Est Est Est, which won three stars, six months after opening its doors.

and the spectacular fresh fish displays. The restaurant allows for both collective dining and more intimate and private affairs. Private dining rooms are well suited for a special occasion or an important business lunch and the stunning outdoor section is perfect for taking in the views of the water along the promenade. Attention to detail in the interior of the restaurant is reminiscent of the famous New York meat packing district and the hustle and bustle of the fish markets of New York and Chicago. The décor is infused with marine hues of the ocean, dark woods, steel beams, custom made carpet, draped rope light fixtures and maritime souvenirs create a warm, yet elegant ambiance. The Champagne and Oyster Bar is the place to go for a relaxing midafternoon bite, supper or for a drink at the bar and is open daily between midday and 1am. Guests can choose from an assortment of menu items but most cannot go past the various types of oysters on offer from salty to creamy from $30 per dozen. Beneath the restaurant lies The Den, a dark, cosy, and unique New York

inspired basement bar fitted out with comfy couches and chairs, a simulated fireplace, glowing bar and array of quirky ornaments handpicked by Hatem from provinces across China, add to the feel of The Den. The bar is stocked with selected rare whiskeys, vodkas and other spirits from the finest international distillers along with a list of cocktails and nightcaps inspired from New York to London. The Den really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated, it’s the ultimate meeting place to chill out and enjoy good music, a great atmosphere and a fabulous cocktail until 3am daily. It is clear that the success of Atlantic Group [V] lies in the attention to detail, the ability to anticipate the market and ultimately, the strong partnership and astute leadership of Hatem Saleh and Tony Schiavello as innovative and progressive thinkers that will continue to direct their team of exceptional staff, which now exceed 400, to further success and exciting new ventures. The Atlantic at Crown - Open 7 days P 9698 8888 W

The Atlantic Crustacean Celebrations are held on the last Monday of every month. $145 per person for a 5 course dinner, plus matching wines of $70 per person. WIN tickets for 2 to this popular event on Monday 30th April valued at $430 by emailing your details to

In December of last year, just nine months after opening, The Atlantic Restaurant was awarded Crown Retailer of The Year 2011, a testament to the calibre of Donovan Cooke as Executive Chef and the business management driven by Hatem Saleh and Tony Schiavello. The Atlantic is true to its philosophy of “From Ocean to Plate” providing diners with a celebration of seafood and unparalleled quality and freshness. New menus are inspired each morning based on the best selections of fish, seafood, quality cuts of meat and poultry that are available. Every dish that leaves the kitchen is overseen by Donovan, ensuring nothing less than the definitive dining experience. The central focus of The Atlantic restaurant is Donovan’s open kitchen

Executive Chef, Donovan Cooke

The Atlantic at Crown

APRIL 2012


BE TRANSPORTED BY THE SCENTS OF FLEURAGE PERFUME ATELIER By Rebecca Howden There’s a scene in the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (an adaptation of the novel by Patrick Suskind) in which a retiring perfumer discovers a fragrance created by a young olfactory genius. The scent transports him to a lush, mystical world in his mind. Surrounded by luscious flowers, a beautiful woman leans in and kisses him on the cheek and whispers in his ear. When he opens his eyes again, the change in him is visible the scent has moved him, altered him in some way. This is what Emma Leah believes fragrances should do. Working out of a cosy, beautifully decorated atelier on Park St in South Melbourne, Leah creates natural perfumes that she hopes will transport customers in a similar way. “Perfume is something that’s intimate, something that’s on the skin when you’ve got nothing else there. This is something that’s mixing with your body,” she says. “We want to go back to the lost art of perfumery, for people who feel passionate about fragrance and can’t find the rich perfumes that used to exist.” Emma Leah and Robert Luxford opened Fleurage Perfume Atelier in 2007 to fulfil their vision of bringing back the sensuality, romance and authenticity that they felt was lacking in the mainstream contemporary perfume industry. “Whenever you talk to people about perfumes, they talk about the classics - perfumes that were made close to 100 years ago now,” Leah says. “That’s not to say there aren’t any good modern fragrances out there, because there are. But the actual style of perfumery that makes us think of perfume, the romantic, ancient French art, people sitting there with beakers and droppers and making beautiful things – that has been lost.”

With Leah’s many years of experience working with natural essences and oils and Luxford’s background in design, the pair saw a real opportunity to revive this lost art, to provide people with something special and intimate. “There was a space there for us to do something really gorgeous, beautiful and important to the art,” Luxford says. “It’s an extremely rare discipline, and we researched and collated and collected all sorts of materials and historical documents that give us the genuine confidence that we are doing what was done 70 or 80 years ago.” Classic, luxury perfumery is all about botanical essences, not synthetics - taking what’s already beautiful from nature and blending it to create something that reminds us of love, happiness, comfort or sensuality. Wearing a beautiful scent should make you feel special and invigorated, Leah and Luxford believe, and so should the experience of selecting a fragrance. “You don’t go into a discount undie warehouse and find the lingerie that makes you feel special and wonderful and that you’re going to share with your intimate partner,” Leah says. “It should be something beautiful, and you should be treated well.”

keep the tradition alive. “We have no doubt there are many talented perfumers out there - but where can they get the information from? Where can they find the raw ingredients and the knowledge to be able to put these things together?” Luxford says. “It’s not an industry that has a university qualification,” Leah adds. “It doesn’t have a standardised set of learning - it doesn’t even have a standardised set of information. It’s tightly held and very secretive, and it can be very difficult to find mentors in the industry. But we have access to all the knowledge and information, and we want to share that.” Fleurage Perfume Atelier 280 Park Street, South Melbourne Ph: 9036 0326 E: Visit:

People often struggle to describe or even fully understand what it is they are looking for in a fragrance, which is where the perfumer can play an important role. “As a perfumer, you’re dealing with people’s innermost, most secret lives,” Luxford says. “Simply by asking a few really well thoughtout, innocent questions, you can get people to reveal all sorts of fabulous things about themselves. Then Emma can take that to create something that really matches what they’re looking for. It’s really almost like magic.” It’s a kind of magic that Leah and Luxford want to pass on. Fleurage Perfume Atelier runs workshops and short courses to teach the art of perfumery and


Families spilled out across the street to celebrate the sunshine and see what offers were available from shops, stalls and entertainment. Yarra Trams flung freebies to the four winds and delighted many kids with a goody bag. Discounted goods and special offers were rife as it was proof that there’s life just a stone’s throw South of the CBD.

Singers of Gospel were a highlight. Although it’s not my scene there was serious entertainment value and an obvious love of performing. A nice juxtaposition occurred when quite by chance the gospel on stage had some seriously noticeable people promoting the Bohemia Cabaret Club in amongst the crowd in front of the stage. I wonder what the choir thought as a scantily-clad burlesque beauty appeared within view…then an obscenely tall gentleman in a top hat followed by yet another burlesque beauty (slightly more covered up than the first).

Food, drink and entertainment ran all day with something for all ages and tastes. The Melbourne

A day that was wonderfully eclectic and totally reminiscent of South Melbourne.

Open for business! That message was loud and clear on a hot, sunny Sunday that saw people take over Coventry Street between Clarendon and Cecil.


APRIL 2012


SOUTH MELBOURNE STREET SCENE PART 2 - PARK STREET BY ANDREW POWELL Despite its proximity to commercial zones and being within a brisk but not hugely daunting walk of the CBD, Park Street retains a sense of calm that defies its geography. Tram route 1 cruises along the majority of Park Street, snubbing either end to take passengers either toward the beach or to the City. Along it you can see wealth & poverty, residential & commercial, traditional & contemporary, corporate & small business, mass manufacture & artisan craft. It is by nature a street of contrast. Look at Park Towers, a high rise community housing facility opposite a green square with beautiful terraces and an electricity sub-station. Where Park Street touches Albert Park, wealthy families and “dinkies” live in townhouses, terraces and stable conversions opposite derelict buildings paused ready for renovation. Sanctuary is Montague Park Foodstore providing quality food for everyone. Here a village-like atmosphere and no-need-to-leave contentment exist. Whereas, 6

the other end of Park Street greets St Kilda Road. A splatter of offices, apartments and café’s service the workforce from Monday to Friday and vegetate at the weekend, holding its breath until Monday comes again. The rare beauty of a traditional shopping strip houses a travel agent, launderette, architect, galleries, the Australian Tapestry Workshop, cafés and restaurants including the famous Melbourne “short” chain, Chimmys, for amazing artisan breads and the perfumery. Fleurage Atelier Perfumery offers not just retail but, if it’s like Armadale, an avenue for learning with workshops. The strip adds value with a clothing boutique, Lulamae, a bookkeeper and the imposing reception at Furphy Media. Estate agents scatter along the street, a cycling shop whose stark façade made me think it was closed but seldom is. A dentist, General Practitioner, MCG Computers, a lighting store, post office and Snap! Printing add to the mix as does the exceptional Contemporary Arts

Media, who produce and distribute educational material in a variety of formats and boast 1.2M hits on YouTube on their website. In contrast Sony Music seems to nestle inconspicuously near the Caroma Dorf Concept Centre and the Health Services Union. A few pubs dot the landscape along the route but none seem to be at home on Park Street. They remain loyal to other streets they face as they rest on corners of Park Street and add to its uniqueness. Over the road from Sony Music is where you can get laundry done, have some clothes altered or go to a men’s hairdresser who claims to be able to fix any bad haircut! Offices disguise themselves amongst houses and vice versa and as the tram leaves Park Street to head to Sturt Street a semi-derelict, graffitied corner building is all that blots the view of parkland, kindergarten, houses and apartment blocks from the tenants at Biz Motel. Visit Park Street, sample life from A to Z.


RETURNS WITH A SOUTH MELBOURNE VIEW Scott Cam offers 3205South Melbourne readers a sneak peak into the highly anticipated return this April of one of Australia’s favourite TV Shows. By Lisa Quittner The 2011 series of ‘The Block’ was amongst the highest rating television shows of all time, everyone seemed to be talking about the show, what do you think made ‘The Block’ such a massive hit that just resonated with audiences of all ages? The Block has a great format that’s really easy to follow. We don’t try too hard and I think it’s that laidback, homespun formula that Australians really relate to. Plus, we had a particularly fantastic cast last year. They were a terrific bunch of characters, with very colourful personalities. The kids, especially, love all the crazy challenges that we put the contestants through. Will this series of ‘The Block’ follow a similar format to the last series, can viewers expect some ‘spanners in the works’ thrown in to challenge the teams even further? The format is essentially the same as it has been since the first series back in 2003. Four couples are each given a set budget to renovate a rundown property. Whoever sells their property for the most above its reserve at auction is the winner. But of course every year we raise the bar to make the renovations more challenging than the year before. This year, will see the biggest and most grueling renovations ever undertaken on The Block. We’ve also got a number of tricks up our sleeves to keep the contestants on their toes and make sure there are plenty of surprises for the viewers. The 2012 series features South Melbourne properties, how did you find these properties and what criteria where you looking to fill?

Our producers are always on the look-out for properties that will fit the bill for the next series. We have real estate agents from all over the country contact us with details of properties they think might be suitable. Funny story about this year’s houses – it was actually Giaan Rooney who spotted the for sale signs out the front when she was driving by. She immediately called our Executive Producer who snapped the houses up within 24 hours.

The one thing I will say is that if you come to The Block auction with the intention of purchasing, you will almost certainly snare yourself a bargain. These houses are without doubt the biggest and best properties that have ever featured on The Block. I’d say that there will be a lot of interest from both astute real estate investors and those seeking the very best of inner-city living. For those inspired by the show, what are your top tips for renovating? The golden rule is to check your budget and know your limitations. You also need to make sure you have a plan and don’t change it. If you are getting multiple tradies into your home, make sure you learn some of the lingo so that you can communicate what you really want done. That way, you avoid confusion and potentially costly mistakes. Your home is your biggest asset, so you want to make sure you do it right the

first time. And if you’re doing it with your other half, my advice would be to try not to have a stink! At the end of each day have a beer and a chardy. On a serious note, with renovating older homes and the deadly affects of contact with asbestos particles, what are the key things to look for when buying a house with a view to renovate? Remember to look at the main trades work, like plumbing and electrical, and be aware of asbestos issues. If you do discover asbestos, make sure you always get a qualified asbestos removal company to do the works. When it comes to the important stuff, leave it to the experts.


I assume there will once again be a good mix of personalities and creative styles, can you give our readers any insights? This year’s contestants are a tremendous group of people that I know Australia will fall in love with. We’ve got couples from Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia. In a first for The Block, we’ll see our first team of brothers this year. We’ve also got a mother/son team and a father/daughter combination. They’re a diverse bunch or personalities who all have quite distinct styles when it comes to interior design. In light of the auction outcomes last season, do you anticipate the South Melbourne location will be as, or more sought after than Richmond, due to the amenities, proximity to the city and beach as well as the historic and yet cosmopolitan appeal of the area for potential buyers? Last year two of the houses sold on auction night and the other two sold in the days immediately after. One house sold for its reserve price, the other three sold for between $15,000 - $72,000 above reserve. In what is a pretty flat market, I’d say that was a great result.

APRIL 2012


South Melbourne Insert APRIL 2012  
South Melbourne Insert APRIL 2012  

In this month's 3205 magazine, its a greatprivilege to feature The Atlantic Restaurant atCrown with world renowned Chef Donovan Cooke at the...