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Always good to be back in South Melbourne

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Welcome to the second instalment of 3205South Melbourne for 2013, it’s always a highlight to work on this particular insert magazine. One of the main reasons for this is the willingness and interest from local residents to be involved and this is clearly evident in this issue as two of our contributing writers are locals.


cover image Alli Van Ommen contributing writers Andrew S. Powell, Lisa Quittner, Epicurean of Southbank

In addition, I enjoy revisiting South Melbourne – it just has a charm and uniqueness that isn’t replicated, in my opinion, anywhere else in Melbourne. I know I have referred to this before but once again, I think it’s the union of old world with the now and happening that blends together so beautifully.

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In this issue: Meet Alli Van Ommen


Street Scene – Part 5


Ferrars St Residential Dev rejected


Footy Action at the West End


3205 Dining Review


St Kilda Film Festival


Port Phillip Volunteer Expo


Ali McGregor – Alchemy


Andrew Powell has written a great piece on one of our unsung Australian champions, Alli Van Ommen an Australian women’s water polo champion that has competed for Australia, trained and played overseas, where the world of water polo is sadly more highly regarded, as well as being the first woman to reach 200 games for the Victorian Tigers Women’s Water Polo Team. In addition, Alli has been a South Melbourne resident

as well as running her health and osteopathy clinic in Bank Street. I’m pleased to welcome David Mitchell to this issue, who has provided a great dining review about the Wayside Inn on City Road. Possibly not the ideal hang-out for vegetarians or animal liberationists, but a gastronomic paradise for those who enjoy their meat and game prepared to perfection. On a final note I wish all the Mum’s and Mum’s to be a very special Mother’s Day, hoping you receive the recognition and thanks you deserve for all you do, in whatever capacity someone calls you ‘Mum’.

‘To the world you are someone, but to someone you are the world’ – unknown

Lisa Quittner

SINCE 2003

By Andrew Powell These days, elite team sports bring fame, fortune and opportunities to the individuals involved in them. Well, some elite sports do. Outside the cocoon of Australia’s high flying world’s of AFL, rugby, soccer and cricket there’s a subculture of elite sport that juggle jobs with the effort of playing elite sport.

Not every team sport is professional, not every team sport attracts sponsorship. But every team needs people. Alli Van Ommen has represented Australia and recently became the first 200 gamer for the Victorian Tigers Women’s Water Polo Team. In many sports Alli would have been

broadcast all over the TV and internet for this monumental achievement. Although honoured by her achievement, talking to Alli affirms her passion and commitment to the team and the sport that’s led her to this point. Playing week-in, week-out with early morning training and running her own business here in South Melbourne, Without Limits Health & Osteopathy, Alli has shown more commitment to a sport she loves than many of those earning a living from playing theirs (author’s opinion). It’s commendable that Australia has athletes like Alli but shameful that in Australia support for our elite athletes doesn’t reach all those who have the attitude to make it. Alli started with ‘Flippa Ball’ in grade 3. A love for water but “not necessarily swimming training” and basketball led Alli to beg her mother to let her try Flippa Ball – a kid’s version of water polo much like AusKick would be to AFL. It came as something of a release to be allowed to ‘be creative’ in the water and develop her enthusiasm towards something that was exciting and fun. It’s magical when you see a young person really love something and this must have been recognised

The game has changed since Alli began playing with emphasis on making the game faster and towards tactical play that make it more interesting to watch than many team sports. Alli spent time playing professionally in Greece as part of the European professional water polo league where her skills and knowledge of the game were pushed by the pressure of getting paid for performing the sport, learning as much Greek as was necessary and living in a foreign country.

3205 South Melbourne

Alli Van Ommen A Champion among us

by Alli’s parents who support her love of the sport all the way.

There’s a theme that comes through from talking to Alli, she left home at 19 to come to Melbourne from Tasmania to study osteopathy at university and it seems the drive and passion to learn has encouraged her achievements. Like all the great athletes, Alli’s attitude is that not achieving a goal is not an excuse to stop the pursuit of that goal, it’s a reason to do better. Her advice to all those wanting to try water polo “…be careful. It’s addictive…” Alli’s practice in Bank Street has very few pointers towards such a notable career in elite sport. Its proximity to the vibrant, energetic hub of Clarendon Street is also within a brisk walk of MSAC. Her practice is growing and her addiction for sport continues. Without Limits Health & Osteopathy – 130 Bank Street, South Melbourne Ph: 9077 3673 Web:


We fit with your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. With us, you can workout when it’s best for you - day or night! Our clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Please call Karolina on 0416 092 950 or register interest in the foundation memberships by emailing us at Find us on facebook

MAY 2013


3205 South Melbourne




Part 5 MARSHALL STREET By Andrew Powell Marshall Street - I reckon this will be the shortest street to feature in any magazine. And I know what you’re thinking… No, it isn’t much of a strenuous walk to stroll the 39 metres it takes to get from one end of Marshall Street to the other. But for those of you that do there is something quite magnificent and charming that makes this more about ‘Emerald Hill’ (the old suburb that became South Melbourne) surviving in the modern surrounds than the street itself per se. If you watched the amazing ABC television series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, in one episode you watch the determined Miss Phryne Fisher (a part made for Essie Davis) stomping

purposefully past a large factory wall with stunning signage painted onto it. Faded with sunlight and less vibrant than any colour you’d see today it held a mystery that matched the ongoing tale unravelling over the hour of wonderful entertainment brought about by a great cast of actors, a script that bobbed and weaved and surroundings that, although strangely familiar, strongly illustrated a time long since gone. Have you ever had that feeling? You know you know a place or name or word and whatever you do your brain doesn’t let the synapse through and you’re left with a muddle of thoughts? The only clear one being that although you’re certain whatever you were trying to remember isn’t a mystery

Residential development at Ferrars St rejected by Council A development proposal for a 49-storey residential building at 134-142 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne has not been supported by Council, adopting a cautious approach to decisions pertaining to the overall development of Fishermans Bend.



Mayor Cr Amanda Stevens says it is crucial to get the decision right for this first application in Fishermans Bend, which could set a precedent for future

planning decisions in the precinct. “This is the first major development proposal lodged in this significant urban renewal area and we need to ensure it sets a standard and provides an exemplary environment for a new community,” she said. Major traffic implications, pedestrian and vehicle conflicts, overshadowing and wind effects were cited as the key grounds for concern, particularly

to you in spite of being left without the answer. Some people are able to forget it and move on. Some people, me being one of these, stews on it. It may be when I’m least expecting it but I know the answer will come eventually when my brain is feeling less rebellious and more co-operative. The image I had of Phryne Fisher in front of that painted advertising on the side of a factory-like building stuck in my head. I wouldn’t say it caused sleepless nights but it did start to prey on my mind that I might be losing mine. Then it hit me…a small unsuspecting lane that runs behind South Melbourne Town Hall. Blink and you’ll miss it. It’s there. I was sure of it. I went out to re-create the image in my head from the television.

It was a determined walk that led me down Park Street towards Clarendon Street. As soon as I hit Ferrars Street I began to question myself again though. Was it worth having a coffee at Zappa’s to stimulate the brain? No… As soon as I saw the front of South Melbourne Town Hall it reminded me that the police station used in the TV show had a very close resemblance to the Town Hall so it wasn’t beyond the realms of imagination that other locations used in filming would be in the immediate area. Pass the terraced houses, numerous parked cars and around the crescent to the back of the Town Hall and there it is, Marshall Street and a piece of history.

given the area has been earmarked by the state government for a new, much needed primary school.

to deliver a strategic framework for Fishermans Bend in order to reach a positive planning outcome for the area.

Council will now write to the Minister for Planning as the responsible authority for the area and who will determine the application, requesting that he refuse the proposal.

“Whilst Council supports change, we are looking to learn from Southbank and Docklands to ensure the area provides an environment that is sustainable for the families of the future.We feel it’s premature for any planning permit to be granted until detailed planning controls and a Development Contributions Plan are finalised,” she said.

“Detailed planning is essential to ensure we create sustainable and liveable suburbs where people can enjoy a high quality environment,” said the Mayor. “Council is committed to continue working closely with Places Victoria and the state government

It is expected the strategic framework for the Fishermans Bend area will be completed in June.

3205 South Melbourne

FOOTY FEVER AT THE WEST END CROWN’S SUPER BOX Footy Fever at The West End is laying its claim on the football season. From siren to siren, every weekend, Crown’s Super Box will be showing the game live, with an expert football panel discussing the highs and lows of the game Australian’s love. Located in Pit 15 in the West End, the mini-stadium will feature all the trimmings of Melbourne’s stadiums without battling the weather, traffic or masses plus a special appearance from The Footy Show’s, Shane Crawford. Recently opened in late April, Footy Fever will run throughout the entire season right up to the Grand Final. The themed room will screen all the games and play host to a Friday night Footy Panel. Guests can also throw down a bet in between mini burgers from The Merrywell’s burger bar. The weekly panel will be hosted by Shane Crawford, Coleman Medal winner Scott Cummings, 3AW’s, Ralph Horowitz and Damien Fleming from Fox Footy.

Following the Footy Panel, games will be screened live on 5m x 5m screens to ensure maximum effect and atmosphere. A state-of-the-art set up and familiar footy faces will complete this experience for fans. The Merrywell’s burger bar will be stationed close to the action on the sheltered balcony, serving their awardwinning burgers no matter what the weather. A range of beer deals complete this perfect football flavoured menu making this mini-stadium hard to beat this football season in Melbourne. A full calendar of the screening schedule is available to assist in mapping your plans. Easy parking, great food and beverage offers plus entertainment and gaming facilities throughout the West End make Footy Fever a great choice for AFL fans. Crown Entertainment Complex – 8 Whiteman St, Southbank Visit: for more information

From left clockwise: Ralph Horowitz, Scott Cummings, Damien Fleming & Shane Crawford

MAY 2013


3205 South Melbourne

3205 Dining Review by David Mitchell Wayside Inn - City Road Style When I think of City Road, my first thoughts are getting the hell out of Southbank and down the road to South Melbourne or up to Richmond. I never have thought of it as an eating or drinking Mecca, but more of a means to an end riddled with places that will give my motorcar a tune up or replace the tyres on my motorbike, if I had one. So it was with great trepidation that I ventured down City Road on foot, past the golden arches on the corner of Clarendon Street and under the M1 into the more industrial area. Still, like an oasis in the outback, the Wayside Inn, stands resolute on the corner of Ferrars Street. Originally this place ended up higher on my “to visit list” after having a great experience at The Station Hotel in Footscray as the Wayside Inn is managed by the same group. When I started following them on Twitter, I frequently would be left salivating on Friday with their tweets about the suckling pig that is fresh off the roast every Friday so it is no surprise that is when I found myself grabbing a stool at the bar with one other, ordering a bottle of Bright Road Pilsner ($9) (from the equally good and relaxed Bright Road Brewery in Beechworth) and greedily ordering suckling pig ($38) before the first bottle of beer was vacated. There is a dining room, an area on the roof (which can be booked for functions) along with tables scattered around the perimeter of the bar area and outside so there is no shortage of seating despite it being lunch with the corporate types jostling for position. Service remained very attentive and cheeky, which reminded me of my old local in Sydney, the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. There is no obnoxious music playing, only the purr of pleasant conversation and on occasion the loud rumble of a motorbike that goes past.



The slaughtered young pig arrived and just looking at it I knew that the kitchen got it right. The meat was not only tender but pale and the skin was crisp. Not crunchy crisp, and along with the great texture of the meat which was gelatinous, made for a wonderful match for the pilsner. Executive Chef Sean Donovan has put together an exciting menu that includes Sher Wagyu from Ballan, Victoria, and grass fed Black Angus from O’Connor, Gippsland Victoria. There is a different “Rotissoire du Jour” so

you are not limited to just ordering suckling pig on Friday, where other options include rabbit, lamb, chicken, duck and sirloin. Besides the food and the impressive selection of craft beers, this pub is catering to locals and given I am one, just barely, I am going to start wandering down weekly just to take advantage of the free pot of beer provided you sign up for the footy tipping competition ($50) which is the bait to get you on site to place your tips. With all of the options for suitable hydration on offer, I doubt I will be limiting myself to the one pot and after nearly a year living in Melbourne, I think I finally found a pub to call my second home. Wayside Inn is part of Good Beer Week this May – Enjoy a five course ‘tongue to tail’ beef extravaganza created by executive chef Scott Donovan. Each dish will be matched with the finest craft beers available. Wayside Inn 446 City Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205 (03) 9682 9119 Web: To follow David or learn more: Twitter: @epicurean3006 Email: epicureanofsouthbank@gmail. com Web:

The celebrated St Kilda Film Festival, presented and produced by the City of Port Phillip, marks its 30th Anniversary as Australia’s largest and longest running short film festival in 2013. A vital showcase for the Australian film industry, the Festival returns this May with an extended ten-day program commemorating its 30th year. The move from six to ten days will allow for the screenings of Australia’s Top 100 and the SoundKILDA Music Video Competition plus retrospective screenings and additional special events. Recognising the need for an arena where homegrown filmmakers could present their craft, the former St Kilda City Council flexed its creative muscle in 1984 to develop what was then a modest weekend-long event. Driven by Councillor

With the appointment of respected filmmaker and lecturer Nigel Buesst to the role of Festival’s Director (1985 to 1990), the event quickly evolved as the nation’s premier short film showcase. Over the next three decades, the Festival became a launch pad for some of the country’s most distinguished filmmakers including Jane Campion (The Piano, Bright Star), Richard Lowenstein (Dogs in Space), Cate Shortland (Somersault), Sarah Watt (Look Both Ways, My Year Without Sex), Adam Elliot (Harvey Krumpet), Clayton Jacobson (Kenny), Nash and Joel Edgerton (The Square) and Kriv Stenders (Red Dog).

3205 South Melbourne

St Kilda Film Festival Celebrates 30 short years

Mary Lou Jelbart, an avid supporter of the arts, the premier St Kilda Film Festival screened exceptional short films and documentaries that could not find exhibition in mainstream theatres.

When: May 23 – June 1 Where: The Palais, The Astor, Forum Hall & St Kilda Town Hall Tickets:

Today, Australia’s Top 100 short films compete for more than $40,000 in cash and in-kind prizes at the St Kilda Film Festival, and filmmakers at various stages of their careers have the opportunity to network and build industry contacts, making St Kilda Film Festival crucial to the health of the Australian film industry. The Festival is also a highlight of the Australian arts calendar, with over 15,000 film-buffs attending the St Kilda Film Festival in 2012.

ALI McGREGOR returns to the Salon with her new show - ‘ALCHEMY ‘ Presented by the Melbourne Recital Centre, Ali McGregor returns for a strictly limited season this May.

Direct from a smash hit season in Edinburgh, the smooth and sultry Ali McGregor’s new show ‘Alchemy’ draws on all of her influences from Opera, Burlesque, and trashy 80’s pop divas for inspiration and working with the finest jazz musicians creates unique hybrids of popular songs, standards and blues. In Ali’s new show expect to hear unique mash-ups and genredefying versions of Madonna, Salt’n’Pepa. Radiohead and Elvis as if they were sung by a 1940’s siren in a Las Vegas club. Ali is one of Australia’s most versatile singers and her incredible vocal range and entertaining and emotive performance style brings a truly individual flavour to some of your most favourite songs. Ali will be accompanied by one of Australia’s finest jazz pianists and arrangers, Sam Keevers and his trio throughout this almost 2 hour show including interval in cabaret mode. Preordered food & beverage packages are available. When: Wed 15 – Fri 17 May, 7pm & Sat 18 May 7.30pm Where: Melbourne Recital Centre 31 Sturt St, Southbank


Port Phillip

Volunteer Expo A free event held during National Volunteer Week and open to anyone interested in learning more about the wide variety of volunteering opportunities in their local community. More than 20 local organisations will be taking part in this first ever Port Phillip Volunteer Expo. Inspirational Guest speaker Khadija Gbla, an advocate and cross-cultural facilitator will present at 5:30pm.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013


2pm – 7pm


Port Melbourne Town Hall - 333 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Tickets: $40 ($30 concession) Bookings: 9699 3333 or

MAY 2013


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Meet Alli Van Ommen - Australian Water Polo Champion